Newspaper of Evening Star, January 17, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 17, 1862 Page 4
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y THE FA EIMN*? STAR. LITI HEMS FROM THE SOUTH We Sod in our Wntrm exchanges the subjoined extracts from Southern journals: OBJIlAL PILLOW'* R ISIGXATIOtl The report that Geoeral Pillow had resigned bts command In the Confederate army ia con* Armed by the Memphis Appeal, one of whose army correspondents thns describes the "farewell scene" ? "We formed in open order, that he might pass between our lines, and aa he did so a scene transpired which the pen cannot portray. Since Washington's fsrewell to the army, perhaps, the like has not occurred on this continent. Aa the General rode silently through our ranks with uncoverea n??aa, ma witb tears rolling down bis manly face, that mass of determined brave* became children again. Every eye was filled with tear#??ot a word was spoken?all were too fall to articulate The Oid Guard did not pay Napoleon a more beauHful tribute of regret when he Mde them adieu. After be was placed In tbecara a bunt of applause went up, such as was never heard on the banks of the Mississippi before Cheer after cheer waa given blm, and thus he left us to wend our way to our quarters, solemnly and dejected. call roa troops. Nash vii l?, Jan 2 ?Oen Johnron huaiM apon the Provisional Government of Kentucky fbr 30,000 troops to serve for one or thr?*e years. It is understood that when two or more brigades are mustered into service they will be placed under command of W B Preston, who is to receive the appointment of Major General. [He haa since been appointed, and is to have the command of K W 1 a 1 ?w wgiwcnw ui iuiaiiujr J S E15 FoaciM 15TS AT BOWLISG G RKSN , KT. The correspondent of the Nnahville Banner, writing from Bowling Green. 30th alt , mvs : Vast reinforcements are pouring in at a rate mors rapid than anything that has yet been witnessed. Their Instructions are to be readv far any emergency. A few day* since, the listTennessee, a fuil, brave and splendid looking regiment, reached h-re Just after them came three additional Mississippi regiments. Ye*terday the entire force f om Camp Beauregard arrived. Gen Bowers' entire divia> on. 7.000 strong, are coming, two of the regiments arrived here to-day. They w**e the 32d Mississippi, Col. Benham, and tfce 97th Tennessee The others will follow to-morrow. Gen McCulloagb, the world-renowned Bea , la on his way here with his redoubtable troops, and Gen Floyd and his fores. However, It is stated this evening that b?? had arrived at Gallatin, whrnri! li* wnnlH t?V? nn v.I- 11?? ? ? ? ? ? mm ^ u|/ U > O li HC Ul march for Scottsyille, Ky Cavalry, artillery and bury batteries are also daily coming In large quantities 15DBXNITT TO LOIAL C1TIZ1X*. The Richmond Ex:::.iner says; 4 In the Virginia Senate. Jan. 7, a resolution offered bv Mr Newman wi adopted, appropriating to much of the public d-bt of the State and o'h?r e^'Titles held bv the resident citizens of the United S a t* *nd the District of Columbia as nay be necessary to Indemnify tbe citizen* rf Virginia who are loyal to th?* State for 1?*?'s sustained by tbem In consequent e of any co.ih?ca,lon act of the Congrsss of the United rotate*, or any other act giowing out of tbe war " T4I SITUATiOM OF TP *OCTH CiKOllili SEA BOARD PW..1?* ? - - - ? - " ii? viHimwn tu; rCTjxinaeni oi toe Klcfcmond Examiner, writing under date of January 5, gives the following aa ' the situation of the seaeoard "All accounts seem to agree at to the fact that the Yankee gun boats are admirably managed. They rangeat will up and down the little bayou* of the cosst, and their rflH g >ns are always served with greit p-erls-'on. It was probably the consideration of this yrtat advantage which th?? enemy possesses that has Induced Gen. Lee to tall back from the shore line of tbe main, and to choose his posltivu for a final stand about three miles from the Coosa river. Tbe position of the hostile forces st this time may be briefly stated as fo'lows: ' The ere try. by means of his gunboats, holds command of Broad River and 8t. Helena sound, with all th? intervening islands HistrooDS also occupy tee main land just opposite to PortRoyal ferry, and can now posse** themselves, when-ver they pie*ae, of the rest of the shore opposite to Port Royal Island, making, in ? 11, a tract of about six miles long and a half a m le wide, immediately bardering on the Ccosa River. This tract has been abandoned altogether by the Confederate forces, which have receded about three miles toward the railroad, leaving a strip of rice lands, averaging two miles in width. separating taem fretn the positlcra yielded to the enemy- Thestrloe fields have all all been -flowed' or inundated, by military authority, ro that there now only a few narrow roads by which the Yankees can push forward toward the interior. Should they advaooe, of course tiiey must abandon the support of th? gnnboatv and trust to their own strength upon t?e land " ^ New wat to Msxi a Ltvixo ?Some worthless ahlrk has got up a a,a>em by which he and othera of like disposition'ere enabled to mike a Uvlag In trading recruits, and recruiting ( tH^ers have Just discovered it to be a difficulty and one whlcn Is n?t WW ??ti? ' ?* " .V. f V??iy VTVIWMW . A wli 1 Mf man desirous of serving his country bus become a regular merchantable article?as much so as a barrel of pork, and If recruiting officer* succeed In filling up (belr companies, they have to pay pretty high for It. The men engaged la the business frequent the market* or the hotel*. where farmers and others from the country resort Whenever they meet a person that looks like the right sort of a subject for their purpose*, they accost him very familiarly, and a her talking awhile, walk up to the bar and drlr.k. After being shown around the unsuspecting countryman Is induced to enlist, and signs his name to a mutter roll, under a string of ficticious names. The industrious "recruiter" then "sells'' his man to the highest bidder, receiving In payment from 93 to % ', each. He generally finds a customer in one of the bona fide recruiting officer* stationed here. The busings* Is new, and it pays, as there Is yet but little competition It Is uot In Detroit alone that It Is carried on, for we hear of a captain In Sagl naw who has enlisted twenty m re men than he reanlre* tn an >? * " * " ^ i uf?r ne w?r(H at the cost of tbe Government until be is able to ell oat Several parties have been uptberewitba lew of buying, nut they report that the price la too high, and it is probable be will "come down" after a while In tbe m?: - 'loae the ranks of the Michigan regiment* remaia unfilled; and. while tbia practice is continued, they muat stay so ? Dttril Adverltitr. Tax Complaints >gainst Ou Shiivi!!We observe, *avs tbe L> ?ton Advertiser, that tb** eomplalnta against lien Sherman, commanding oar forces at Part Royal, have gained dishonest strength from a report that Captain Dupont had censured the inactivity of the General. We happen to know, however, that Captain Dupont, in a private letter dated December 30, expresses entire approval of General Sherman's management, and eensi.'es,on tbe other band, tbe ill-j'id^ed outcry raised against tbe latter. It ia toe opinion of Captain Dupont that Charleston and Savannah muat fall But he does not think that the army , aeat oat under Sherman, and intended for another parpose?wblrh has been fully accomplished? was sudictent to enable him, with prudence, to - ??-* ? - - .<ot.ii auoicifnt lorce lot tbe capture of either elty He apeak* with great aatlsfaction of what has baen accomplished ao fur. ai d with confidence and revolution a? to the future ffT* Mr Isaac Tunnell. over 93 year* of age, tad 49 year* cashier for the Farmer*' Bank of the Stale of Delaware, at Georgetown, baa reawd hla poaltlon a* caahler Mr. T. waa the ?at hank caahler la U>a country. TO SUTLERS AND _ RESTAURANTS. Iff tMJketa vary nNnor . CHAMPAGNE ^ . WINE, ft>r ?aJe ebe*# by WM. CORWIN BURGY. f* * No. IfiT Pennsylvania arenas, )at SSSSSton rt Military Boots VM AT W H OLE SALE. WW1 I: n ^ t" hi?w7o?V. MtlS i nob M Catf * * U 4mM _ No. 16 Mirkd * Pan. it.. Mvwd stli uid feh m. 9QQ JOHNSON * N'GLK, OOQ oil . wp iTiii or ?"?' WIMM8. UjUQaS. H > rtJNM C19A*8. FiNM CTHOCm.M.1 *4. # , No. Pt a>f^a*^.t*t*r?M?c^Md Util itrMU, No lOlmlM ,iwKii(, AlnudiU,Tk roarfcnUf^BboiJ1 tltm eo>br??o<1 SpmriUns Hti mnd XMT;-.. ^ if mMthiii iavito* to Civ* B$OWMM* * KlUTINfl. ?>Hltytf 1*? V?. *?*/ 4ti> at. 14 rrim r m uiriTtM 2 ' *< m CoaK?i?!tBt*?i'. s.aa r. i? r:ut> 6l i. ft i * Jif^CSSKSASJw I SICK AND WOCiVDrn ftOLDlRRS IN ( HOSPITAL to tmfermitf with lii ru?J?rtiM / l*? StnaU cf July 19, 1881. At Not pita!, 8torgttow%, Jan 10 3d U. 8. Infantry 15 57th Penn. Volunteer!. 3 3th do Cavalry, 1 1st do Reserve,... 1 1st do Artillery.... 1 31 do do 1 j 3d do do 2 6th do do...(?) 1 SttaVermontVolnnteer* '2 11th do do 3 let do Cavalry... 1 1st do Rlflea....... *i 1st Rhode Island Bat. 1 4th do Cavalry 1 8th do Art. 2 11th do do 9 M Uarr\ rv?K4 PA V rtl fi 1 * Ar\ A A V?U M ? f- mmmm ? w w ? ? w * " ni *I?ICI J "W 17?h New York Vol... 2 4th Michigan Vol 1 ?d do do.... 1 2d, Wisconsin Vol.... 1 5"th do do.... 1 5th do do.... 1 6'id do do.... 1 6th do do.... 3 64th do do.... 5 Kiclalor Brigade.... 1 89th do do....II Cameron Rifles....... 1 3d New York Carmlry. 4 10th New Jersey 1 Sth do do.... 2 McClellan'sDragoons. 4 9th Penn. Volunteers. 1 Capes Battery I 27th do do 4 Sth Irlah Brigade 2 35th do do A 2d D. C. Volunteers .. X ! 36th do do 1 1 49th do do 1 Total 103 524 do do 2 (a) One olflcer At Otntral Hospital, Union Hottl, romtr Bridgt and Washington streets, Georgetown, Jan 10. j Sth N^W York Vol ... 1 l?thV^rmnnfVAliiMi^pn I 17th do do....11 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 i 18th do do.... l 5th do do.... 1 22d do do.... 1 9th ds do.... 1 25th do do.... 1 9th do do.... 1 I 20th do do.... 1 f2d Michigan Vol..... 5 JJd do do.... 2 4th do do 1 ! 35th do do.... 1 2dVVlaconalndo 3 37th do do.... 1 5th do do...... 4 43d do do.... 3 let Minnesota do 1 44th do do.... 2 1st California do 2 45th do do,... 111st Excelsior Brigade. 3 5Uth do do.... 3 21 do do.... 1 52d do do.... 1 3d do do.... 5 51th do do,... 2 4th do do.... 1 55th do do.... 2 5th do do.... 3 5#th do do.v. 2 1st Maryland Vol I 58th do do.... 3 1st Indiana Rifles 1 79th do do.... 3 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 4 36th do do.... 1 Garibaldi Guards 1 2d Peon. Volunteers . 3 De Kalb 1 4th do do 2iNew York Mounted o'.n ao no i 'i 7th do do 2 Kanr'i Rlfl^ 15 8th do do 1 Cameron Rifle* *2 11th do do 2 1st Penn. Cavalry.... 1 12th do do 1 *2d d<i do 5 33d do do 1 4th do do. 1 '29th do do 1 5th do do 2 15th do do 3 Harris' Light Cavalry 4 40th do do 2 l?t Rhode Uland Art. 1 45th do do 2 2d U.S. Artillery 1 52d do do...... 6 4th do do 2 57th do do 4 5th do do 1 ItHthdo do 1 IstNew York Artillery 3 2d Maine Volunteer* . I Mott'a Battery 1 7th do do...%>. 4 Home Guard*, D. C.. 1 i/) \7A?r?#\n4Vnln?i>> 3d '" do"" do.TT" a| Total.. 165 At Hotfifl <u Colombian Colltgt, Wnfktngfm, Jan. 10 4th U. 8. Cavalry .... 1 -2d Berdan Sharpa'rs.. 1 Sth do do 1 l?t New Jersey Cavalry 2 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 2d do Vol.... 1 7th do do,^.... 2 3d do do.... 1 11th do do.,....31 6?b do do.... 1 5'h N. Hampshire Vol ! lit Penn. Artillery.... 1 2d Vermont Voluntwm ! 4th do Cavalry 1 5th do do.... l $th do do 1 10th MaaaachuaettaVol 1 lat do Volunteers. 2 ; 1st Rhode Ialand Art. 1 -2d do do 1 4th do Vol. ft 3d do do 7 IstNew York Artillery 2 5;h do do 1 21 do do.. 1 4th do do 1 Rocket Batt 1 13th do da 1 l*t New York Cavalry. 1 23d do do...... 1 2d do do.... 5 27th do do 2 sth do do....20 3l*t do do...... 1 Harrli Cavalry I 52d do do 9 17th New York Vol... 7 57th do do I 22d do do ... 2 96th do do 1 ! 3rith do do.... 1 104thdo do 1 ! :mn do 9 1st California Vol 'J 43d do do.... 1 8th 1111 nota Cavalry... 2 44th do do.... 1 '2d Wisconsin Vol... 3 54th do do.... 1 5th do do.... 1 tilth do do.... 2 7th do do.... 1 | 77th do do.... 7 1st Minnesota Vol 1 i Anderson Zouaves.... 1 M Michigan Vol 3 ! 1st Excelsior Brigade. 1 id do do 2 '2d do do.... t*4th do do 2 De Kalh N. Y. Vol ... 1 8th da do ? Lincoln Cavalry .V1 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 1 McCleilan's Dragoons 2 Cameron Dragoons... 5 Total.. 174 At Gtntril Hospital, (CirtU,) Washington, Jan li. Engineers lj'24tb New York Vol... 1 1 ITU A .Ull ? i * ? ' * ~" nt w 0, Aiuurrj.n. I Kl miCDlgin Vol 1 2d do do 1 Tcb Maine Volunteer*. 3 3d do do 1 5th N Hampctitre Vol. 6 5th do do 3 Oth New York Vol... 3 let do Cavalry .... 5 2d do do.... 'i id do do 1*2 "id Penn. Volunteer* . 1 4th do do 4 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 5th do do 2 Stanripfl?ld'* Battery, 6th do do 5 New Vcrk Vol 1 1st do Infantry 1,28d New York Vol... 9 2d do do 5 15th do do.... I 3d do do 7 49th Penn. Volunteer* . 1 4th do do 7 45th do do i flth do do 7 Cameron Dragoon*... t Ssth do do 1 ? 10th do do 5 Total 92 At St ElizabttA Hospital, Easttm Brmuk, Jan. 10. 4th Kxcelalor Brigade. 3159th Penn Volunteer*- 1 'id do do.... 1 8th New jferaey Vol.. 1 1st do do ... 1 Excltior Artillery Vol 8 53d Penn Volunteers .13 5'id Penn Volunteers. 5 Stb New York Vol... 1 41?t New York Vol... 3 29th do do,... 1 15th Penn Volunteers. 1 Cameron Rifles 2 id New York Cavalry, a 35th Penn. Volunteers. 1 -th do do.... 1 5thVermontVolanteers 5j57th do Vol I Hrlckel's Art. B*tt. .. 2 04th do do 16 59th New York Vol... 1 8th N. Hampshire Vol 4 iWd do do.... 1 ? 36th Penn Volunteers. ? Total.... 77 1st do Reserve.... 1 At Indiana Hospital (Patent Offic*). Washington, V. C., Jan. 11 19th Indiana Vol 34) 1st Michigan Cavalry. 4 1st Berdan Sharpa'rs.. S Srernfell'a Artillery... 1 M <i~ - ?-? ... ? ili luuuiiii uaviiiry... 1 7th New York Cavalry *2 11th Maine Volunteer* 1 9tu do do... 3 Itb Rhode Island Vol. 1 Ut do Artillery 4 ? 53d Penn Voluntem. 4; Total ...?6 Sick riMiiliai t? tkt Hospital /or ?r?pltt? [Hseasts. at Kalorama, Jan 10. M U S. Infantry 5,10th New Jersey Vol . 1 5tn do Cavalry 4|45thPenn Voluntee a. 1 6th do do..? 3i5w4 do do...... 4 7th Maine Volunteers. 3 <5 id do do 1 llth do do.... 5'Kith do do...... 4 5idVermontVolunt??ra IilWth do do...... 1 14th Maamchus*u Vol. ij li>l h do do 6 lltM.mVnfW 1.IIII i " - ? ???** a wi niNttci J w I9i i'l T aigim uavairy. 1 I ??h do Cavalry. 1 7th Wls-onsln Vol... 1 13th do Vol 2 I9tb Indiana Vol 3 41th do do 2 McClellan Dragoon*.. 1 56th do do 12 Quarter master's Dep't 8 57th do do 2 Civilian 1 77th do do 1 ? 87th* do do 1 Total 81 At Ouurmi Hospxiul AUzandriti, Jan 10. 5th U. 8. Artillery ... 3 15th Penn.Volunteers. 3 2d do do........ J it do 3 8th do Infantry.... 3 531 do do 17 2d do do 1 35th do do 2 3d do do... 1 831 do do...... 1 4th do do 3 29th do do 1 loth do Cavalrr liMth do <t? *> 5th do do 1 40th do do 1 lit do do 1 llth do do 5 LJ S. Engineers t 86th do do 2 37th NvW York Vol... 4 54th do Flf* Zouaves 1 5J6th do do.... l llth do CiwlMLn.. 8 19th do do.... 8 lit do 1 *<th do do.... 3 1st do ArtUl*ry... l IGth do do....34 Lincoln Cavalry...... l 33d do do.... 4 <!d Michigan Vol 16 Wth do do.... 9 1st do do...... l 79it do do.... I i h do do...... 8 27tt do do....29 3d do do lu 331 do do ... 1 l*t Manarhuactta Bat. I 3l?t do do.... I 2d do Vol.Ifi S8th do do.... ? 12th do do.. 7 S4th do do.... l lstMlnn?o?tVol i 3bth do do.... 4 1st New Jersey Vol ... i 14th do do.... 1 ?h do do.... fl 40th do do.... 4 Ith Rhode Island Vol .10 17th do do.... B 1st do Bat.. 1 Wth do do.... S 9th do Art., t itk do do.... * 5th do Bat . l * . 1 #th Maine Volaateen. 9 39th do do....10 4th do do.., Is* do do.... l *d do do l 9th do do.... 1 M do do.""! a 30th do do.... 1 S7th Indiana Vol .....*io I Nth flil AA 1 t?k n - _ ?v. i ?b w<uuuecucui v oi 10 7*th N Y SUte Mil.. 1 6th Wisconsin Vol....It ih do do 8 lit Excelsior Brigade. 1 *i N Y FlraZoaave. 1 5th Wlacooala Vol.... 4 3d NewYwk Artillery 1 3d do d. 7 tfc do Cinirj. I 5th Venaoat Vol II l?t d. d..... I 5th N.wV?>rk Artillery 1 CiOMna Dratotei... 9 Quartermaster'a eta* Hanla Liakt Cinlrf. 1 ploy I lib Illln.U Cavalry... 4 6th N. Hampettr. Vol. 15 106?h Fwp VoloateeralS Ith Connecticut Vol.. 1 ttd do do 10 1st New York Artillery I 57th do do 0 1st Wisconsin Vol.... 1 5*Q d" do 8 ?9th New York Vol... I ? 3Uii?-on fCJd'* 1 73d Pens Volunteer*. 1 7 u f on vk'lunteara. u ? 4tu <to do...... 5 Total............450 JHUlb do 1 At Fifth District Sck?l Horns* Hospital, DromeA of Qsntral Hospital on E strut, Jan 10. Kentucky Cavalry.... 1 Ohio Cavalry, (nut). 1 47th Pennsylvania Vol. 1 3d Michigan Vol 8th Rhode Island Bat. 3 ?M NewYork Vol.... 4 5th do Vol. 1 101th Pean.Volnnteera 1 Jid Vermont Volnnteera 1 3d U 8 Artillery.... 1 8d U. 8. Cavalry 1 D. C. Volunteers I 4th do do 1 / ? 6th do do 1 Total SO Cameron Pragoona... 1 (D* Washington paper* pleeae oopv and wad blua to the War Department. ja 19?3t Boots: BOOTS!! a U U T ??!!! WHITEHOUSE A UNCKl.ES. 949 Pi Avnci A5D S11C (TV Art* York W>oU>alt B<nnek // IJ Have on band, and are daily reoeivinj," 1% larf e lot# of CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS M ARCHING SHOES. mostly of their own manufacture, to be so'.d at the lowest markst rates. ; A o&li from ail dealers solicited. Sutlers liberally dealt with do 24-lm* LADIES'. GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILDKEN'? FURNISHING GOODS, UNDERGARMENTS. Gl OVES. HOSIERY. HANDKKKt HIEFS, SCARFS TIES, CRAVATS, ; LINEN COLLARS, SHIRTS, Ao , Ac. THOMPSON, under Brown's, riean K. A. lake A Co.'s Marble Hall Ba?w. ! IVJOTICE T<> WATCHMAKERS, JEWEL: 11 LER5. A.XD P. DLARS. I f.t J MYERS, of 90 Washington street, Roeton, uhoM their Branch office. Room ? No. to Wa^hingto* Building. Pa aeenue, on Tuesday. December 31st with a (arte 9 stock of Watones, Jeweiry. Watch Mate wit rials, *o., at the lowest wholeaal* pioes. Watoh work done for the trad*. Positively !*o Goods Bat tv /*? TV ft b ? .a -J - ?? * UIV* UV.1B ft! ftHAlL. Uf .y I m M l FKANILia*, SCIENTIFIC t PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 944 fntiii &&?,, north side,) bet. IStil auU i*tu spectacles and eyeglasses, provided witn tha finest H?ri?oopio and Pebble Lenses, and suited with utmost car? for e\ery if",? ye sight, and actual condition of tha visna1 organs. fir8t bl -^l class MILITARY FI EL D-U LASSES, Micropoonos, Compass?*, and Mathematical Instrnrienfa, at the iuwest Eastern prioee. ja tr Hall, Stephen* & Co., I MILITARY ANI) NAVAL. MERCHANT TAILORS. And Dealsua in SWORDS, hASHKS, BELT?. EPAULf-TS. SHOULDER STRAPS. GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, Ao. And evpry arjAty rt HEADY-/KADK CLOTHING, At Reasonable Price*. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 32'i P?rr.8favenas. betwen J< 11 |Intel. A 8 cp'ib.) _9th and loth M?. HIGHE-T PRICE PAH) IN KOI.D FOK r. s TRKASUKY KOTES I of Ui-d.Sereot is*ue?,*ni Notthern Currenoy. Exo arge-ntae pri^oipal e tiei North parable itj i or currency ?ol<1 to suit porcaaeere. RirTENHOL'SE. FANT A CO., Hankers. No. 352 Fenn avenue, ja 2 1m _ near Btjwp'h HotelSMITH 4. BROTHER'S P A L, K CKKAM ALK, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER and NEW YORK BROWN STOUT The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BAR- I LEY MALT and HOPS, and hifhly esteemed by those who have need them. Pnrehaaera are requested to call and examine our superior stock, aaaured that they wil! find the BEST and PUREST article*. | We have at alt times a large stook ready for delivery, in wh"ie, ha f and quarter casks, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS.and F\MILY USE. I which we offer ? the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH 4. RROTHER. Brewera, No. 16S Jt 160 Wast 13th at.. New York City. Orders by Ma> or Exprea-; promptly ajcaoutad. ee {H>m WSIUGhRS & HENRY'S * UT11 \?r. >r/\ ai * ar i\ ? > w ?'"?** ' ? * ? nouiii vj x ^iii? / UQAAil L>K1 A LA* | PRESS, Leaving e%oh oity t wioe a day. Or ten left on slate ; at Gregory's Stove Store or M\rti .'i Franklin Hou?e, ~ IMn'LlAt wilt me-t with prompt attention. w j>8 2w* Oysters! Oysters! THE OVERLA N D OYSTbR EXPRESS COMPANY Still continue to receive <lai y those famous pant'd PAT1XENT RIVER OYSTERS. ^ Restau'acts and private <?milies(i^tt f _ J woold d<> well to nail and try thsin. Those oy?ters are so!?l 3fi hours after they fom* from the water. |L^ uffije No. 4B Market Spaoe, below the Avenue House. Ja 8-?tn T*-., -,T.HK BILLIARD HALL a nr. unaersignoa, havinz purchased from Messrs. M\rr A Fisher trie BilTard Hall at the oorner of Penn. avenue and Eleventh street, and refitted the s%me entirely with new cloth*, balls, <ko., j invites his frieuds ?..d the public generalU to give him a oall. | ja2 eolm JOHN W. KARP. PH1LADKLPHIA PROVISION STORE, 119 PBrf!1stc.vania Avknub, Btttveen 19(4 and y*tk its The undermined, having located himself as above, takes this method of informinc the oitixeiui ; of the First Ward that ho has opened a first-class ! Provision Store, conducted similar to those for vhioh Philadelphia is famoaa. Here can he foun-' at a: I tunes a torre and fre?h stippir of POUI.TRV, GAME. .KEF.MUTfc. - db ft* nrua * ? -?*? a u.i, aui rzvuno&llQ Vt-tifcTAULKSin aea on. Particular attent'on ia called to hta itoak and pnoea of BUTTKH, OHEKMi.&c. Philadelphia Print Butter. Goshen aud Western Reserve. B*ing determined to give ibe atrictoat attention to ihp wants of his customer*, and to keep every . ?,rtio'e in hia line of the beat <ua;itT, and aell at the i owest market prioea, he hopea to merit a ahare of ' public tittrorage. Pamiiiea will b? waited upon daily for ordora. if I required. no 16 THOMAS R WILSON. { WATCH KS. FOLD AND 81LVKK ENGLISH, SWISS I AND AMERICAN I have now on hand a large stock of a'l the moat celebrated Wa'ohea, tnat 1 am aelling at the very lowest prices tnat *<?<*! and reliable time keeaera can rw iin>>rae<i at; and ever; description of fire JEWKLRt rn band; ell new style* received as ; oon as manufactured, and od'ered at the lowest , rates. Silver ware manufactured in my own shoe, i 1 All kinds of MILITARY GOODS oq kand.suoh I as Revolvers, Swords. S**hes, Belts, Bowie j Knives. Pocket Compasses. Ao., *o, Also strong Arinv Trunks and B'd Combined;and many other 1 things uselul and ornamental a: 339 Pennsylvania avenue. n.'Sd tf H. h H'tOI) EjobThinting. VERY OMoription of JOB PRINTING required br any body?oitiiens. oivil functionaries. ] arm* and navy officers, sntlers, Ac.?executeu at , the STAR OFFICE, in satisfactory style, at ov 1 rstM for Pa?h. ? e 4 tf NE NICE K 'SEWOOD CH1CKER1NG PIANO tor ?75. ?i One 7 ootavefoor round corner Hal;?t|B9MS A Dav s Piano for $?v | For sale upon easy terms at the Mnsio Store of i W. G.METZEROTT Sole Acenc for 8teinway and Sou's and Haven? Bacon A Co.'s Piacos. <ie 18 i \f ABSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S 1M PHILADELPHIA DRADQHT ALB. I We have just reoeived a supply oi the above Aie, which we reoommeadjA be of a very superior q^ality. Persons wishn?|TD purchase, Dy making immediate appiiaattoa, oanbe furnished. 1 - A u ma e nnn i a damn, bo 1 Gworgetown. CHOUGHS, OOLDs. HOAHSENE88, Ac. J TYLER'S COMPOUND SYKUP OF OUM ARABIC. This ?lo>.Mut aud popular Conch R?medy ha* b*M ?o Ion* known and PXt?n?ively lf?d that moat peraoca have beoome lamiliar with ita extraordi nary efficacy. It oao b? had at all tha tnneip 1 4ra* ato'ea. at tf a id *> emnta a bottle. mm ? GENTLEMEN'S LIN K.N r.OLL ARB, LINEN VJ COLLARS, LINEN OOl.L\R* !-AboalWO dosan bow in *tore, ail atylee, at abort half t*? utual ? io? for the tame 4pu<i??ail cf oar own manufacture At THOMPSON'S, At B. A. Lake fc Co.'a Marble Hah Bazaar, d?? "-J-- '* ? uumct m??u ? now.

U? U. STRONG. TRUCKS, HASNISSXMIL^TARY GOODS, 263 PKHNkTLVAVlA AT'WVM, South tuU, tilwni \*tk mmd Iki ITT- Trunk*, Harnoaa nod Military E?nif nonts rspni rM at nhorft notion. <fo W It* ?HKK8K! CHEK8Bl" ch,5k?b!! MWtUBlFKSftr??.? ?> fi-jitorrt, * oo*. mmmm Ufura making tiwr WAI.L. STEPHENS * CO., **? Pa. ?? Mpo ttft ltKf. ctt <f ft (In?<?iUrrnvl W ??oh'<0*n.\ A*MT" gloves: ^BMy #lovb#? I ^fltf2ZnS2.SR;, ' w Jp I DENTISTRY. Dll. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DX2MTT10T, NO. S36 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Bhtwhrh 9th a*t> 10th Bt*. I?4 ANi> IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHK0TLAST1 BO UK TEETH. WlTHOVT MXTAL PLATH OH CLAIM. . DR.JB. BJsieEBMOND, . fiv mrmmm ? jtw rera?*60 fwnnitwu MM, to??? 12/4 ?*m( iau (It , (faiiWlM) Calls the attention of the pablie to the following advantages of hie improved ayatem : 1. The Teeth of hfs manufacture vu.MfSV never corode nor change oolor by acids. being three fourths lif hter than tor other, I. No teeth or roota need be extracted, m the artifcoial ooee oan be msortod oyer them. S. The rooU will be made inoffensive, aa never oache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent onee oan be made immediately, thereby preserving the natural expression of the hoe. which ander the old ay item la frequently disfigured. i. This work baa been fully teated over Ave yean by many of the first c herniate and phyaioians of thii oountrr. Dr. has also invented a white undestruotive metal filling, with which the most sensitive teeth oan be ailed without pain, and can build up a ??r (eot, sound tooth on any side roots, whioh will laat through lifetime. The best of references civen?to Dr. V: Mott: Dr. Doremaa, Profeeeor orChemiftry, N. V.; Hon. JudfS Wayne, of tae Supreme Court of Waahington, and thousands of othersCall and examine for yourself. no ? Sm GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM *. I>OVE * CO. XE flow prepared to nxeoite any erders witb Wf ieh they irsy be farored in the PliWMBlNS, ?AS OR S1EAM FITVIM* BUSINESS. JIT* Store on 9th street, a few doors north ef Pa. arecme, where may oe foand a oomaete assortment ef CHANDELIERS and olier?A.wFEaS WATKB FIITIIRK8. teW-lv W?AS FIITBRK8, E Hav* in store, and are dai y receiving, WAS FIXTURE Sot entirely New Patterns and Dmcii and Finish, superior in stjie to anything beretoiore efle? d in this market. We inviteoitiiens general jr tc tall examine our stock of ?as and Water Fix ires, feeiing confident that we have the bMt selected stock in Washington. A. 11 Work in the above Tine intrtited to ear Mr* Will be premptly atten^^d to, MYER8 4k MoffHAIf. ar i-tf 37ft D tt*eel PRIVATE. PRIVATE Fill V ATE DR. LA BONTA Core* a'l Veneri*! Duennas permanently and emekly, without th? use of disvuiting or joleon ouadrug* of an* kind. No dieting or inta. ferano* vith bminesa Coneultatione fr- 9. It is saying quite enough in it* favor, when I ?t L - *: 11 ? ^ i - - ? * ' inav hit prcbubiuo i* tnn wmcn m in ub? in &1I in? New York oitv ho^oiUlt New York City ffoilece and Hospital Testimonials furnished. L%di^s wi?h WhiMud o| the Womb oure<1 ?.nd owed a oon*>umpti ve's (rave by nr treatmrnt. There is rothinc efmiivt or dinntrnable in any part of tie treatment. All cures warranted, or money refunded. Communications in writ n*, with return stamp, promptly attended to. Medioines for t>avelers and others paoked, with full instructions for use, and wa*ranteo. Offio??Roo^ No 8 Was ingto*> Huildmc, Penn, aveniie and Sevsntk st.. WA^hi, ?ton n.?; de 21-ly " WMITrora NF.w : /~\ mVt I ^JGeeatebt Discovert or^xh I x? y**l C strut, orrofit* thtTinaitt. OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell ana ThorougMy Cooked (far superior to a roast I in rt?o minutes, tk< fasttst tim* on rtttnd. Call and see. Trie nnderaigLed reap?>otfaliy informs hie friends in the Dietriot, and visitors to the city, that he has refitted his old and well-enow* establishmekt in a most thorough manner, and has made complete arrangements to furnisn OYSTERS in any trie and id an? quantity. 4Wto50nga lonashaoked per day. 2 too to 3 000 oana of Spioed and Freah bui up nai:y?cans nermeucaily staled. Furnished in the shelf by the bnshei or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters famished reeolarlj through the winter, at Baltimore pnoea, without fear of failare, should oali aad make arrangement* at onoe. Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me. as I furnish an artiole esua: to tne oelebrated Baltimore establishments, at prices just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters. Sardines. Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' F?et, Tripe, Ao. &o.,4o. Also, Picklee, Catsup, Snoces, Braudy Peaches, fco Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Tartlet, Terrapins, Freeh Lobsters, Cod, Halibnt.fto. in nusi, every mine lor sale id the Northern uiarkeU always on band, at reuon&bit prioee. Hotel*aad families supplied Oyster*, delivered without chance tv any part of the Distriot, in s*a*on, if the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from 6 a. m. to 13 at night, every uay, exoept Sunday, when 1 close at 10 o'einok a. m. ja2 tl T. M. HARVKY. INDIA RUBBER GOODS, OF ALL KINDS?FOR THE ARMY. A iarf* stock just reoeiued. JOHN B PUDNKY. 334 Pa av? < back room) or 353 1) st. WOOL CAPS COMFORTERS, GLOVES. 6AUNTLETS. SHIRTS. DRAWERS. *o.. freih good*, at JOHN B. PL'DNEV'8 ?33 D ureet, betwen 9th and Kth. BUFFALO * WOLF ROBE8, LAP ROBF.S. HORSE BLANKETS, and CAMP BEDS, jutt rro-ivod at JOHN B PLDNEY'S 3X4 Pa. av.tbick room) or 333 D street, bet 9th ana 10th. SUTLERS!?Sutler* jou will always find cbe*p and demrftble good* at the Sutler Supp y Depot of JOHN B PUDNEY, 333 D ?t., between ?th and 10th BLANKETS. BLANKETS.?Large atock, by the bale or pair. JOHN B. PUDNEY, de 20 333 D ?tre?t, between 9th and 10th. JjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND 6E(TR8ETOWN. Capital. 777... ?5I00,000. QA** Mmr O itrtti mmd Ltmuima* **?r Bank if W*sk%Hfton. 1NSVRE HOUSES AnTTOTHER PKOPEEWY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. 6?o. Shoemaker, Samuel Red fern, Samuel Cropier, ? William Wilson, Richard Jones. John D. Baro ny, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Thos. Parker. Ri?hard Barry, bTB. Frenoh, Dr.O. W. Darn. No chart* tor Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. A?*L O. Davis. Seoretary. an 3 ?*>?m NOTICE. M H HTJi iffiTC ?? ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY " J his Company offer* to the public" Lue^ualled vactatei" for the Sale and Quick 1'iepatah of Heavy Freights. Paccaces, Valsabies, Money, to. a-a 11 ar it,. n_;?vj ? U>VM *v eeii K?J w VI tuo UUUW PWieit Expreitea to and f'om the North and W*t dopart from and srrwiu Waahington twioe dally, A. 11 Ex?re?sea are >? eharge of *xr*rimu*d mmd r*hitbit Meeaeogera. All Packagee for Til* Boldlera earned at Mona" oar naval ratea. All Gooda for the ao-oalled "Confederate State*" and all Artiolee " Contraband of War7* will be Rsrvam. Onr Expreeaee leave New York at I. ft, and P, M .^arriving <n Waahiatton at < A. M. and ** Express?* leave Philadelphia at 8JO A. M and 11 P. M.. arriving in Waahington at ftJB P. M. and A.M. Expresses leave Baltimore at Oft A. M. and I P. ^arriving In Waahington at g A. M- and ft in Expreeeea for all eointa North and Weet leave WMnmttrn al ISO k M *nH ?? P aa Ami) Bpeoial Coniraots for ifcrr? ^uanUtiea oTir T9tght o&n bo mads on aspiioation to this Oftoo, All Goods oallou for and delivered ft? of hltrt ehartM. E. W, PARDON?, Bnp't Adams' Express, Washington, Aut uat 39.1M1. an tt-n ' OARJtiAWEb. HE 8abeeribar h&vicg made addlttoast* hla factory, mak* nc it now on* of tiie lariMt^Mnv In the lhstrict, wnerr his foot, i ties H^DClS' for manataotnrlna CAKKIAGhS LIGHT WAGONS of ill kirua ounot bo anr pvu-ed. and from his lone ?psn? c? in Us business, he hopes to |iw general sarhfaotion. JU1 kinds of CamagOs and LigktWagoos kspi *V;i REPAIRS neati; dons, and all orders ironitlT to, c"ri^~(^v YT^/" d II tr earner ofFnurtwectb and R ate. I17AI.1 wrttPUBMiM A nn n Hi 7.mnmu"in?i. AND READY-MADB CLOTHIKItS, ||UU?* AMD *? * * vu junta: araasK'Jiafir.f .S8T s?^^Tr^2?jata?rHJfcl* b aold fci % MMinovwHiMthMW fcSio* ]HL hargM tm Qua iti ht ?uk 'iwi* "ftSri ta rat of BmH *h Mhi o! tun ?t j^V- ' -' > # BOa.. JOUUTOR, llflNOKK Am MntmnU tkt ?mi ftinte, amd Ifllhiil ? lit FOR ALL DIBKABESOF IMPRVDBNOK. LIT NO FALSE DELICACY PRE TENT. APPLY IMMEDUmLY. i *** irt/t/uiVTyz), on no cnar9E} IN rROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. VutuM af A* Itlli InWMt, AfwUiM af |k? KM 7* ?nd KU<?> jninan OucurfW, Impeteeer, nl DabUhy, l>t?d?p*t, Imagmm, Cmfrntm ml Mo. I ? _ _- .... m UH awn, iua><my, TramMuifa, Dimnaaa af ?>f m or Gtddlnaaa, Dumm *f IM *4, Tferaat, No?i ar Skin, IfKttm af iba Lmn, ?ta?ict %r b*ili?itm TimkU Dtaardaia uWif Am * Un BtMtt af Ta?b?tbaaa DnUfil u4 PiwhWi Pim Ucu w.-ieh rw4w Nunifi inpaaaibla, u4 daauay Mk lady a. d illad. ^ MEN Eaaar tally wba ba?a ktcwil tfca ncuma af Aalttary tbat draadfal ud daatracu*a battt arbiab aaaaally ta u aoumaly pm thoaaaada af Ta?| Mm af tba mm asakad talaou aad brilliant lataUaet, wba Mffci atbarvaaa ki'i iDirueid Uataoaaf Saoaia* witb iba tbaadan af ala. al?sea *r fUld ta acatacy iba li?ui? lyra, My Mil vitk Ml MoUiut. MARRIAQE. MU1IU PUIOHI, a* Yoaaf Mao MalaaMv rtui, aaiaf a vara af pbyaical waabaaaa, argaata lability, dawrnsiuaa, kc., apaadi!* car ad a wba placaa bunatlf mdar tba car* af Di. J. aay raliftaaaly eacida la bia bar,or a* a raatlaaaa aad aaatdaafly raty apaa bta a kill aa a pt yaieiaa. OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK 8T. lad baad aida rataf frwa Btltuaara atraat, a faw dian fr? tba earnar. Fail oat la ebaarra aajaa aad a?Bba?. kaoan at ba paid aad caouia a nuaf. DR JOHNSTON, Maabar af lb* ftarai Callara af *" IU fTMB aa* af it MM louut d?UlfM In tha talltd Stat**, and th* riaaiar part af vboaa lif* kti b**r *p*at la tlta boapuli af LoBdan, Pana, Philadt phia aad **?h*r*, baa ataetad a*a* of th* maat aauniahiof car** Uiat war* *?*r koava; maoy trccbiad vith na^taf ta th* baad aad aara *b*a a*U*p; *raat ?mwim, CIIU alarirad at taddao aaand*, baahmlaa** with fraqaaat Maaaiaf, attaadad aamatin** vita daranfanaat af mud, vara caxad lama> dtatalj. TAKB PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taanj Mao aad athara wba bar* io)?rad taa?aal?a* by a a a nam pracuca tadtufad la vbaa aiona?a habit fraqaaotly laaroad from aril companiao*, ar at acbael, tba *l*ct* af vbiea ar* nipfetly fait *?*n vbaa aalaap, aad if aat car*d. raadar* aarnifa impaaar* la, aad daauvy* batk aiad and badT, cboald apply ima**diatalv. Thai* ara aocaa of tba aad aad aalutMy *f*cu pradaaad by aarly habit* af roath. 'ut Waakaaaa af tba Back aad Uiabt, Paii.* in tba Haad, Dimaaa* of Bifbt, Laaa aI XaacMi I Pow*r, Palpitation af to* Haart, Dyapapay, Narrow irritability, naruifamaat af th* Dif**u*a Taaauaoa, fiaaara) DtbiUty, Symptom* of Gooaroptioe, it MiKTiLLT.-n* faortal afacta an th* aatad ar* Back ta kl (trllrfart?1.1M ^ ? * ?*1J *a? af Sptnu, Kvil Portbodiort. A??r?ior af Sadat?, lalf-Diairnt, Lo*? W Bolitada. Timidity, ate, ui mm af lit aril* paadacad. NlMOl'l DIIILITT -TbnHniteu oav J?df ?bat to tba caaaa ( chair daclimaf b*aith, leainf lhaar nfar, baea?tof *ltk, pala, nar'oaa and imtcutM, bating a tufilu ipp?imc< ikti tha ayaa, mfb ar lyaptanaaf MHiapDISEASES OF JMFRUDEXCB Who U>? miagvidad Bad iisprodaat tour? af piaaawa kn4a ba bf.i irab^id u>a aaada af thia painfal datui, it taa aftaa bappaua that an ill-tiraad aar.aa of >bin>a af draad af d;acatai7 dattra birr (ram applying ta thoaa wbo, fraa adatatiaa ui raapaetatility, e?o aloe a bafnaad him. faJla iata tba ba*>da of ignorant and daaigmug rrataedara, wba, tacapabla af carta/, tlcb hU pacamary aabatanca, kaap bis v.tieg aanth a/tar month, er aa loof aa taa air all an raa ;u ba abUinad, and in daapair iiiM Din vitb ra-nad baal'-b ta lift attr aia galling diaappoimmant; ar by tut aaa af that daa?!? pan in?Marcmry?haaian tba cauautauooaJ ayaptaaaa af tbia tarriala diaaaaa, aach aa Affacuaaaaf tha Btan.lTiraai. laad. mkir. ? L ? ? *? ?- - i ->>?| w-i ^iviiiiiiui wiui infDUii rtpioilfi UII Q9IU pwti A triad ta hu ufirui|i ky landing klat a tkat mmdlic?Ttr?d eaantrr fr?m *bMi Mirm mm tit'ilw mini DR. JOHNSONS REMEDY FOR ORG ABIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENTT I* tkli rtitl nod impartial ramad} vuhNitf tha wtui ui tmt?4 aa< fell rauarad. Tknaudi ar lk? Ml narrta* and dakiirtaud, wfca ki< last all tafl, baT? k?ia tmmadiatal; ralia*td. All Uapadimaou ta Marrlafa, Pfeyakaa! at Naatal Dtaaaalllutlaw, Lata af rnwHii't Pavar, Rtirm InHMUU. frtakhcr tnd Watkuait at IuuhIn ?f ii ?aai ftirlU kki tmm, All. ?.../< ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS. tn hart tmov'sakd* farad at t4u lc?hm? vttfcia Ui Hit H'HUU r?n, ud tha nirirMi inf*ruutt Barfi Ml tftntiMi h* Dr. Jfhniut, viuimm< fcy u>i riftmn af tka uj nu; mkn p?r**m, much ?f vfctak ?!? appaarad afain u< afaia tmci tka caknc, kaaMt? kia aiaadinf aa a faoiitmac ?f cfearaciat and raapaaaiktlttr, It * xftiad fwaraaua u U>* aliau< Mr li-ly TI1ISSBMA.R. ! Protected by Royal Letters Patent of England, and secured by the Seals of tke Etol* it Pharmacy* dt Paris, and the Imperial College of | Medicine, Vienna. tk1eskj&ar No. 1 la the effectual remedy for rilaxatiob, Srimmatokbhcka and kxbarttion ob tx> btbtkm. tk1lskmar ma.? Completely and entirely eradicate* all trace* of those disorders, for whieh Cnpaiva and Cube be nave genera ly been thought an antidote, to the rum of the health of a vast portion of the popalat OB. TRIESEMAR No 3, la the great and snr? remedy of the cmliaad world for all imenntiee of the system, as well aa leooadary symptom*, obviating the destructive bh of Mercury, aa well aa othe. deleterious mgredienta, and which all the Sarsapanlla in the world cannot remove laiEsfciom Nov. 1.3 and Sarealiketfa oid of taste or smell, acd of all nauseatinc aaalities. They are in tbe form of a lozenge, ud may lie on the toilet table without their use being suspected Sold in tin oaaes at 93 each, or foar 01 eases in one for $9, and in f<7 oases, this saving | admir.i?tere4 by Vaipeao, Lallemand, Koqx-4a., *0. Whn esale and retail hy DR. H. A. B \RKOW. 194 Bleeokrr street, (4 doors from MaoDougal street). New York. i?nn?(i?i?i? ? oeict of remittanoe, l>r. tintow will forward Tneaemar to any aart of the wcr;d. aeeurely packed .a^id addreeaed acoordinj to tbe lnatruoboaa of the waiter. _ Poblnh-d also br DR HARROW, that popular and beautifully illustrated medical wo k, Hnmac Frailty. Price 85 cent*. Trieeesar and Honk oaa be obtained by apeeial authority froan 8- C. FOR 1), WaatniigtoD, 1>. C. deU-Sm LEA ft PERKINS' CBL11RATBD Worcestershire Btnoc. Pronounoed by B EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ?1 of a Letter fro* a to be the I 1 Mutual SiaiJma* "ONLY GOOD #\ Madrae 4HL TV HU BroiKtr BAUCE." KWorwtlr, tod applicable to .. f.,, 2LV# pir EVERY gggr V A R T li'TV ,B lna'fc *"C U- "? VARILT. my opinion, the ?o?t palatable, M Wall aa OF DISH. moit who.eaorne ^WSmmc* that r? made." The above 8AUCE m not only the BMTaad moet PorvLAB condiment known, but the moet Imamh ieml, <?8 a lew drope in Soup, Gravy, or with AM. hot and oold Joint t, Bt*f St?k, Qmwu, ft., impart an exeniaite s?at vWink v^nn* ufaotarers liave in run endeavored to mxui. On the Breakfast, Lmukemi, Dinner, or Table, a cruet conU'nin* "LEA * PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispensable To appreciate the excellent fMitiuj of this deh cious preparation it is only neoessary to parohaee a smsll bottle of the genuine, of a reapeotaol* jr?oer or <<ea many Hotel and Restaurant pro prietors seldom plaoe the Pure Sanoe before their guests. Dot snt-stitutoa genuine Bottle filled with a (pwnmu anjflure. For sale by 6roc*rs and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Sfnare meed 14/4 street, Xrte York, HA)a WIKAIAMIa * - n.ia^j - - - .w .vi ?IP A|ODH IUI IU* UBIIIW pmw, A Stoc^ always is atora.?Alao ordera reoairad for direct ahipmenta from England. CT Bumti nf CotmitrftiiM mmd JdUUWM.^]] ?f ?-ly.?o TOPHAM'S SB JfA* 0FACTO**. ?H 8mm Sniiti Wmimm, D, a *'*" iriiTTi"fcii J 1 CmtS7c2???&^ il L?? PHcm. sBSTK' sarasf ssau'aWBs *rBLk?thatarem*<i???V>ft''' "ito** Bu^rior L?*th?r and Dreaa Tnnka Mi* to f S;:w4^ rt??&aas? ?. VV TKAVKL1N? TaUNKB. XAKRitvtf inrWfSSSii !(??i, 0*rp*< Bmi, 4*., Bisk wm %n wow mUbi Uwt > ? inwt. I CASH NOTICK, N ONMMMt^f Mr h?riM to m Mh lot raSS5s=i,c op or mada to orfar it&t ?} ortwi *T?yJEj&'J?J'K3^*iSWwJr I TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. >am SCHMDVLM. rmirT jivf iiw ifi/nrii. kaasyr^ftit N*v York 9 P. ; H?ro?r ?rg f. M. Morr :i AoccimsoiMio# WMinngtOB 14* i.i. Arriwit liaTti?n Ml a. N* mum WMklMLNpM 11 a. a.; amv* at Bvtimor* tl? p. Phii?.Ji>lpk'? U1 P. ?.; Nrv V ork ie p.?. AMmoc AooommocwoB-.MT* WMfciagUM IM p.m. AmnMMlttaori taor.tu PluEd*iphia ir jii p. m. CT0L.z.C JtTfra? ir?m wuMmicb t p. ? Amw af rkiiaMpM i*Ji p. *.;N*v York 4 a. ? H\rrlat>arg li. i ?u ?onr'aT? at 3 06 ai d 5 r m. only. he 3 p. m. traia fro? eotm^oU tkroiili to n*w York ??ct 4?? danai uivmi. u-, rRWf S fUBi/SSBU umA B&.uicor* 4 OC p. . Arriv* at WaafalattM *? p? m* bear* Nrw York U6r. m? Pkl]gl?4?hi? lejr r BaJCmor* i.? a. h. Amwillaabin?tm Aft ^flare Nrw York at 11 r. Phti%i?lrt 1a l-> fcM . BciUmor* 7J6 a. . ArrlT# ?Tw aaktBf U>r A^ccnuaotfation Tmu laafT Baltimore at I a.. ? and r. u , for Wuhisitoc, arrivo tkort tl II A.I.U4YM. t't mid &? at iJX and 1X> a. u only. PlMlflt THUBS .NT1I4 Waotil(J(U?a ?tt4? 4. m. aad in r. and BalUncro atiJtt a. u<i 4J f. m .Mki diract ooaaoatiOM for Afio*?oUt at u>? JfTiOtlOE. Train. 1m ? iDf too At LM a., pi. A:.d X.40 p. M pumniet Tr&ica Imtiui \\ aa1uc?U>b at tjw a. 11 a. ? i<J ? r.k..*al L?a Umore at ijf aod 7j6 a. f. m-.wli: hop ml*?l Ammmftu mmd ITaMMrfM lRt!*r) J?Kri?i Wat P mm of era ant (at - tM Aetomm*d*t\om Trmmt onto Trftina will 1mm WMhinftM Ab4 Ba ti?or? prem-piit upon emrd ttmt. W. P. HM1TH, d? 17 Mute' of tfm?>ortaii"?. pa,t 1B6S] THE [IMI Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (With It* OOBIfCtOMl IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES DrtfcL', FAHSTV A>D COMFORT : STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! thus MAT Tiiiv* noa PHILADELPHIA TO FITTABIRGM ! Twt of tk?n making rLO?? roMHSCTiona at miiHtle with t'tlu on ttie NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILROAD, and formiBf THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE FROM WASHINGTON A ND. BALT IMOR E f A All Al lB?a IB ?Ka West. Nom-wnr akd Bocti wht. G^Kor Thtoach Tickcte, apply the Ofttt of the Northern ? entral Kail Eon.'i Cva pa..?. Calvert ?totioa, Kkitinor*. Splendid Sleeping Car* on all Nx^kt Tratnt Smoitng Saloon Cars on all Tratru. PROM WASHINGTON. PuMicen vi iuieihtik.n an 6 p. m. trams. a~riTing in Baltimore *:1M a. m. ai^d 6 *i p. m., where close connections are ir a : with traits on the Northern Centra R K.ard arrive in Harris bar* at I p. m. and 1.45 a m.. there connecting with the trains on the 1'canfylrame Central Railroad for all parte of the waet. FREIGHTS. By this rente, freights of all lieaerip'ioas oan be forwarded to aad from aty point on tae Railroads of Otao, Ket tucky, 1 noiaaa. Illinois. W isconsin. lo?a, or Miesoan. ftp hai.road direct ra? rtnci; ran aCentra. Maiiroaaa aoe uwU at Pittaburg wi'b Suam?re,ty wh en uoooi nan be forwarded tc any pert ob the Oh oK MarkiDf em, Kentuokr, Tennxstee. Cucv rar.d. IK mo Miaa leeippi, Wi'cona;n, Miaaouri, Kanaa*. Arkaieae, and Rod Hirer*, ana at CieToiand. tioadaety aati Chicago with ataamera to al Norihwa*torn i akaa. Mercbunte and tbippara the transportation ?f tiieir Freight to tun 'Joaofacy, aan ialy with ooobd^noe on its p?*o> t aoei*. THE RATEr* uF FmEIoH r to and from at y point in the Weat, by t>?? hecnijhama C-otraJ Railroad, mrt al ail timtt at f-rorabl* 14 are tkarttd by utktr haxlroad OrfMM _ Cv B? pa.i"oaiar to iM'k pacts gee "ru Pun. CiMia K R." MaGRAW a KiiONS. Freight * genu. No. @0 Nor'h au>?t, Bi t more, ENOCH LEWIS, eon'1 Sup?rint*t. Altoona, Pa. L L HOUPT Gen'l Ticket Ag't. Piiiadelehia ti H HOUSTON, Gen'l Freight Agent. PMladelpbia )? 0-dly I^OKTUbR.N CENRAL RaILWAY. Tk* Skartul, Omrhtt and But RomIm frmm HeM mort to Ik* WEST. NORTH aNI> NORTHWEST. hmp* SHB IT1KTER SO'SDULB Cbaksi or i iHK. Oiud alUrM'NDAV.Mtk Nowmtw, P?f* ?er Trm.Li will arrive and depart trom Ca.rart station a* fuilowe: TtAiM Noam Leave M ail at t m a. in. Bafltio ExyrtM a p. m. Parkton Aaooiaiaodatioc 4 p. m. ritUbarg aod bamebart fc.xrr?e? WL. Teain* 8orTH Aaiivt Eirkton Aoca>mvioaauoa at I a a nfltio Expreea *? a. mPitubnrt and Barrtabart Expraea 3 p. m. Mail 6 3D p. m. The 6 a. m train fnxn Washington oonneeta with the 8.jP- a. m. train from baumore lor UP Wnt and for BatfUo. Elmira Rocbe?tar, l>j|aw,.w n- ? J-: a w. . - - - .....vwuwiwMwniicin raaa, aad for mw Yorkeity. _ , The SI a. n?. train fVoin Washington sowteti with the S e. m train fr< m Baltimore to **t. Sorth a'd N orliivMt and blmira and Baffaio and o o h ? r. The S p. m. train from Washington oonnaota with the MO*, m. tram from Baltimore tor Pittabarg, Harrishnr* axd the Wc?t and if a direct connection tor Lebanon. Kaetoc A llentova and N ew York via Cehtral Railroad of New Jersey. Try Uua route for New York SrThe only train leaving Be Umareoa Snrday e t e. m. train, tor Harrisburi.Pittsbaif, Cfc?oaco and the Wett. The only train arnvini in Baltimore on f urfiay is th ? a m. train. J AS. C CI, A K K K, no? ly Supfrir:teLCient_ T__ JiOTICfc. TO TKAVtLERS. m. rs roiiBMUir fc eMr&l kt? t| orterad Uia inn. MTTIM botvoeu WifhisftoL, Old Point J*> Monroe) U> he rectitt.oc on axd m.tUMoi A'.tlrtWk inatext, the Bar i in* of atMrnora willTao** Be tnrur* EVERY ttAY ino^ Set d?y) frotr. their vnerf. foot of Ciih b Doefc, et o'oloo* f. m., or imrrodiMfly nfter tha erriveJ of tha Weatainfton Tram. whiah ioarea Washington o oIoqk a in. ?-tf M. N. FALLS, Pt?n. fnn steam weekly mi*tvkw NEW YOUR ANDLIVVRPOOL. ^^^ Lm4ibi aad (aharkiai paaNfra a? vo,. .M Bteaa.iaia Company dispeAeluM Uoir liui powarod C^rd^MuIt iron PtMunahipa ee ( JSW^SSLTyL nvn. urn o? ruiui. Plrrt ..... .1 >* D- to London m Doi.. t?P?rt? M BtMrwi?to D". to UOI.C -IL... M Lk>. to "?? > Do. loHBn.OMia, -r - fiwwn forwdM to Htm BirMklolwT2b*t>' fctf's; XisiEari. bc> ncketa allow r?t*? For fnrUo !?<> ???? -? " oil#*." ""JOB N r6Da L**, Or loQ. A. BKER1NS. AauuHKunN B*ll? MvOudnM, b?t HrbnMt; , a??;ioMntt niim'il IwrSJoM flfif*? v mm r * i . . * ? v i ^lyT^SigF^toSt^TSfca ."* W>TMW a^ ^?I?<,Vi?T*OIUM?Mt |7**^ ^iiwi'tfcilrtl'i^^Vi^!. ^( f-.r^UT * "Ukti r?t ->n bo*rd. ?nrf <>n nn?fu ? 7 rj-rnm p* w?n"u?' I .I'.IJIMIia( BOMOB ?*I1t thff me rrinr: or nu? ' n.i ii oa bo?rt MUlrtaftiac ofikr Aooomr.oc* fcoc at aiLT^. br ??*t ? ?* mabl-ww JxnimtSJmm*loludSrtian J*S2 A ^wmy nu n orr.aot vitfc tku Lis* b* trww Fall Etw iiTrn n4mm ?Mlr. ??* W&cvJtit^sa<sa^s i Tito <!"* ? '!. nMktor* 1! A M frn NuM ?r M>tM> e - * ? h*?K ?i % " ^ mL(nPw No*. *?orlh h t fvt. -Mi " r j

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