Newspaper of Evening Star, January 18, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 18, 1862 Page 1
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i J . * ? SSHMi Star. V _^jT y 1 V%. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, 1862. N?. 2,78?. * -i Z ? ??? THE EVENING STAR a PUBLISHED EVERT AFTEMJfOOIf, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAB. BGILO1M0S, mw / WWW tM ?* ?. WT W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* rrTed l* package* to? wl?n > ! ywr, or 37 eeali per montk. To mil rabocrlben the prloe Is S3 JO a jw. < <? ??, S* for rti months; tl lor Ifcfta moetnsj ana irr im ipm It threv Months it the rate of 11 eentfc a Week. 81ftgfc copies, owe cairr, In wreppese, rwe cum. jjy AsTiiTininTi should be sent to tbe eflee before 18 o'clock a.; otherwise they may sot appear until the next day. fFo? The ??a*. r PO*BRT?*S MOA.1, bt vrank stitt. Coming tbe dsrk, cold wieter, Coming tbe driving sleet. Coming tbe shawliess shonlders, Coming tbe shoeless feet! Coming th-i chilling snow-storm, Coming the dripping rain, Coming wild hunger's anguish, Coming, fceart-freezlag pain Homeless, and houseless, and friendless, Pell lb the Christian's eye, I draw my raga a bo at me, And lay me down to die. Better to rield the battle ' Better to end the atrife ' Better to die while living, >Than live dying life! Better to atop tbe palaes, Than feel them feebly bent! Better the boeom freezing, Than feel bat lukewarm heat O. whrrr are the Chrlatlan women T The Chrlatian men?where they? Hugging themaelvea In comfort, While tbe weary tarn to clay ' W hen thy Christian head la pillowed, And slumbm woo tbee sweet, Doat thou forget the wretched, W how bed la In the street ? Uncared for and onpitied, Fall In the Cb-istian's eye, 1 draw my rags about me, And lay me down to die' VAYLE VE>"T>'OR, PRIVATE. (cortisubd.J So it eame to pass, that morning after morning. "Vayle Ventnor, Private," might be seen balf-sittirur. half-reclining udod Mrs. Detovan'i own particular lounge in her own particulai firirate parlor. On on? of these mornings Carotta was enlightened. It began in this way, She picked up an old paper, and her eye fell upon tb? two names again in a roll-call? "Vayle Ventnor," and "Jeramiah Jones, Captain " She laughed out with gleeful memory?then told him the whole story; but the telling is toe na>r* to lose To his question, '-What is it so fuany, Miss DeleTan?'- she replied. " Why, you must know that when you first arrived, the day after you pioked op my fan, you remember, I thought you were Capt. Jeremiah Jones." " You thought?bow should you think that?" " Well, you see, when you restored my fap that night, I remarked to Raymond Mays a* you want back to yoar seat that yon were military. The next morning as I was Iookirg orer the list of arrivals, I came upon the twn names?' Captain Jones and Vayle Ventnor;' and I supposed, of eourse, that you were the officer, as I had no knowledge of military dreaa-distinetion, and there was but one military prefix, and I remembered your costume as belonging to pome regiment. Do you see7" "Yes, lsee," he answered, trying not to anile at her straight simplicity. (i f>-* L.- a. J 5- <^ ? ?- ? - uui w uu iu iue wuna ia captain JODCS? Captain Jeremiah Jones7'" she asked, sad dealy. " I haven't thought of the real Captain actually since I discovered my mistakehow funny!"' He returned the next day after his arrival ?you probably didn't see him. He is the captain of my company?a good feliow, and an ^ excellent officer But let me ask aaother question, " How did yoa know his name to be Jeraf miah?" 14 Why, I saw it in a paper?like this," and ha handed the one she held to him?then followed other little reminiaeeneM?th? meatinv on the stairs, etc., till at last Carlotta asked a plump question, coloring prettily all the time : 441 want to know how you came to be serving as a 4 Private'?will you tell me ?" 14 Why mt so especially?" 44 Because Ward says you are rich and aristocratio?Richmond Ventnor's son." He laughed. 44 Yea, it is very true. I am rich and aristocratic, as the saying goes, and Richmond Ventnor's son; but what bu that tc do with it ?" he continued, determined to draw her out. She made her eyea very round at this ; and then repeated the usual objections?the usual reasons why rich and influential men shouldn't serve u ? privatesKaymond May's objeci tions and reasons. He heard her through, r then his whole face changed, aa he turned il toward her, and hi* tight laughing words of a . moment ainee changed to perfect Seriousneai u he anawered: ' Miss Delevan, when the I news reached me of my country's peril, I wat in Paris, at my father's house. A steamer aailed on the next day for America. I made my preparations, and sailed in it. My life had been a student's life; I knew nothing whatever of military drill: but I was able ana strong, from being a good gymnast?so I sel myself to learn my new trade by enlisting as s private at once." But havn't you been serving three months? surely you must have some experience now?" she interposed. "It haa'nt made a good soldier of me yet. At all events, I have much to learn before 1 shall myself be fitted to take oommand In anj I,,mwmr In (Ka mMwHrn* *_KA -.11 .. ? ? -1 ?? uv.llll J V>?lll for ft larger ftrmj, nd because I am unfitted for as offieer, shall I wait ?t each time for i commission1" "Bat 70a would not have to wait, with 70m connections in the military and political world," she s?id; not hall seeing jet his mod esty?his manliness. * Ne, I would not have to wait, it is verj true," he axalaimed, with some saroasm. ^ " Mias Delevan," sitting upright now, and lighting with scorn, UI am sick and ashamed of the shallow advantages of poaition?of th< miserable presuming expectations that gro* out of It. It ia oontinuallj putting men in th? wrong plaoe, and building up gigautie errors? such error* as we are to-day striving to amend It humiliates me to think that to my position in the world do I owe perhaps my advancement. instead of to ay own strength and powers as a man. I long sometimes to throw ofl these 'circumstances,' and for a time- to meet the world faee to faea, and on its own terms. But pardon me for boring you with my theories,' and he sank back upon the 1 ounce acain ItOMM So Oariotta ?u enlightened. Ai ahe aat there in tbe ailenoe aha pondered what the had heeru ThU did not aound like Raymond MtTi; yet Raymond Man wu a brave fellow mdi manly ona. 8ha had never heard any oo* talk lika ihia before, but it atruek an anewering ohord in bar own nature. Of oouraa aha liked him better for it. Ha thought the didn't underatand?that he had bored her with bia earneatneea on what he auppoaed would be a rifse theory to her; for he looked upon her u only a aveeter specimen of the young lady genua, that bloomed In faahionable aoeiety. By-and-by, aha mid, in a dreamy, abeent mancar. aa abe aat, with her obeek leaning on her hand: " I wiah tou would talk in thU way to Raymond Maya. ' " Why to Raymond Mays?" he queetioned ia aurpriae "Oh," still dreamily, thoughtfully, "he ia waiting for a commission. He aaya he don't lika th? aaaoeiationa of a prirato'a lifa? that it ia too hard labor, and too gonoraliiing; and that If ho U goiag to risk hit iifo, ho moans to do it ia a maoaor that ia moat af rooahlo to him," eta. " Poraonal ambition ! that is it; it atanda in ho wj of tho wholo thing. Etory man for htmaolf, inatoad of a grand unit in thoosaada of mon. Bat ara yon anziona for Mr. Mara to go?" and ho looked ot hor rathor cnriooaly 1"! am aaxioaa for all man to go, who oan, aa I told him." "Aa you told him? Bnt pardon ma." "I hart nothing to pardon in that. Bat why ? do yon aak it?" "I waKwpviaad " , "{Surprised* Now I am curious. What is there surprising in that?" "Miss Delevan I wish you would let me aak you a plump question?" "I will." ' Are you not engaged to Mr Maya7" "Enraged to Raymond Mays? No. What pat saen a thought in your head'" "loan hardly tell; bat somehow I received the impression." tl And that ia why you were surprised that I told him I was anxious for all men to go7 Mr. Ventnor, I have never talked very earnestly upon any earnest topic with you, not because I have doubted your earnestness, but beet use I have met so few persons who feel just as I do upon many things that I am shy of speaking. Bat after your avowal a moment ainee, I know won ?:il >..J V T ?!..? ivil mil UUUC13WIUU Ul? WUQli X OBkJ IU3V1 WOIO engaged to Mr. Mays, I oould not wish him to stay behind at thie issue, area awaiting a oo^miasion," ah* eoaeloded, smiling. He looked at her with a new expression. This was fine, and ha told her so. " I don't know," she went on, thoughtfully. " Sometimes I think it is because I haven't been tried in that particular manner Women whose husbands and lovers hava gone, and to whom I have expressed this, say I am unwomanly, or that It is because I have never loved." " It is because you are unselfish," he exclaimed, with energy. '* That is the mistake half the women make. They rarely discern between selfishness and unselfishness, where the heart is concerned. And you. Miss Delevan, are the first woman I ever met who could." The honest admiration with whidh he reftrded her at this point ?u unmistakable, t pleated her t f course, and she expressed it bj saying, simply, " I am glad joa think so." tie gave a quick look into her face. Such a mixture of frankness and reserve, he oouldn't make her out. Musing, he presently said: "Garlotta!" Then, rMOllecting, "Pardon me, Miss Delevan" She waved her hand at him deprecatingly, and interrupted with, "No, no; call me Carlottn. I like people?I?to call me Carletta." What was she about to say? "I like peo> pie?I?to call me Carlotta." lie wished he i knew. ' but say on," she resumed, " what were you gvine to say 10 various "Ob, just a fact which may sound like mere compliment, bat which I assure you is Dot, that before to-day I thought you something iweeter than most yourg ladies; but now you stand to me as a type of what woman ahould i be." . " Oh, that is a great deal to say; but I think you mean it as you assert." "Yea, I mean it, Carlotta; and more?go on as you hare to me; talk out auch sentiments. Be brave and honest and true to whatever convictions you may have, however unpopular they may be. Will you?" He waa very earnest?not gallant as Raymond Mays woold have been?but in hearty # i * vaiucei ivr iuo iraia a Base "I will try," she answered. Then ihe thought, "He called me Carlotta?how sweetly he says it! He is eertainly very fine, and handsomer than t ay moid Mays!" Alas for Raymond Mays! Two or three more days went by, and the band played, and the carriages rolled, and the people took life gaily in soand of the great surging sea at this thoroughfare of fashion. In this time, " Yayle Yentnor, Private,'' became better acquainted with la Carlotta. From the text of that morning they had gone on into the deeper waters of existenoe?had talked finer and freer, and fhna f1iaAAvA?&/l mnAk mwo \*?wwvvawa uiuvu uiv/t O VI OOVU UIUC1 In the mean time Raymond Mays, handsome fellow?mnch handsomer, be it known, than i Vayle 1 entnor?meantime he chafed and fret- I ed inwardly at thii ripen ng acquaintance, and outwardly conducted himself in a most disdainful manner toward the former gentleman. " The girl's head is turned with his wealth( and position," he blustered one night to Ward' Wyman. i " No, no, Mays; b? generous; I don't think that of Carlotta; besides, you don't know Vent nor?you won't know him, that's it. There r never was a finer fellow in the world." Mays sneered and turned away. It happened that very night that he was I present at a club-room, and heard a conversation between Ventnor and another, wherein Ventnor mt* hi* rMnnm anil nnininna !>? ?? much m he had done before Carlotta Defevan. t Still Mays aneered and scoffed. t The conversation wandering off, a lieutenant I of the regular armj suddenly said : i " Here is Mays now who is waiting, and with i better reason than most? Mays was in the Cri' mea. you know." ? " No, I don't know." i - 44 Yes, he was in Europe at the time, and ; joined the allied foroes out of sheer bloodthirstinesa, I believe. Isn't so, Mays? Here, oome t out of your corner, and tell us all about it." i Msys "came out," saying there was nothing to tell, modestly and a little crossly. But Ventnor was so interested, so genial and frank, there was no resisting; so Mays told them " all about it,-' that be knew. " uerge says you were tne best drilled soldier of all the volunteers, Mays," the lieutenant r went on, lt and that you had at one time the ) temporary command of a company." I " Why, I should think it was easy enough k then for you to get a commission,"one said. Mays shrugged his shoulders, and retorted, r " Bah! I haven't influential friends in the I right department, you know." Vayle Ventnor biased forth in the same indignant protest that he had brought forward upon another occasion, and when he had ended there was a determined look around hts firm1 set mouth that told of a purpose. When BayI mond Mays left the club-room that night it > was actually with a friendly nod to Ventnor's r cordial "Good ni*ht A few days more and the furlough would have expired. " Vijle Ventnor, Private," ?u * eoand, hearty man again. There was no excuse now for delay, though the bftnd played "Die Sohonbrunner*' in suoh melting, memorising strains, ftnd the 44 Star-Spangled Banner" rolled through the halls. Whistling the latter lustily to get the former out of his head, he was ruahing up aUira and around ft eorner?that fatal oorner?when awirl! oame ft ailk gown aad it* owner. He epened his arms ib ft flash?into them he took the silk E>wn and all?*11 the pretty, pretty wearer, e gathered her up with little exulting 1 ^ ugh and set her down inside the private parlor; but not until he had said, 44Cftrlotta, t > ? * . . ? ? - ? ne my uarioiia, jou utue aarlingand the had promised she would " So joa are engaged. Oarlotta ?" Raymond May* remarked, a abort time after thif. Tea, I ?m engaged, Raymond." " Well, I give yon mr congratulations. Carlotta, look here.'' He handed her an open letter She read?an appointment to a Captaincy in the ? th Regiment ''Oh, I am *o clad for yen!" ahe exclaimed. u How oaoaa it?" ' It eaae by Vayle Ventnor, Private, though he doac not know my knewlcdge of hie influence " Then he told her of their eeareraatten at the ..J W II *? "* ' BiaviwBi, hu avw aingu; uur IBM M received this appointment, through Governor ?? and Colonel ?, who were both near relatives of Vavlo Ventnor " And now, Carlotta, I hare offered yon my congratulation*, I am going to him for the same pnrpoee, ead to thank him. He deserves his happiness, for he is a good fallow; bat I wish he never had oome bore after all, Carlotta." " Them 71m would never bar* got jour commission," she answered, slyly, " But," bending down, shouldn't I have got Carlotta?" " Ob no, no; we were both too old acquaintances Raymond. You'll like somebody else better than you ever did me " jrOcv. *Kvu?S * fioMJ >* i Ha stoutly denied this possibility; bat all the time he vu adjusting hia belted aaah with infinite aatifaetion, and Carlotta aaid unto beraelf, " I'll riak hia heart while it beata under that uniform." He held out hia hand. "Good-by, Carlotta, I aail to-night." He tried hard to loek miserable, but all in vain. "Good-by." Then suddenly, in a quiet flash of feeling, he "bent nearer. The " gftod-by" waa a kiaa. She laughed. " How dare you, Raymond ?" "For old acquaintance sake,''and beeause next time I see you you will be Mrs. Vayle Ventnor?Private.'' Warlikb Wit, btc.?fFrom Vani$ Fair.] Horse and Foot.?In depriving General A?both of his position, the government hare lost a valuable officer, for, being skilled equally u dragoon and foot soldier, ne en always act As both. Something New for Oar Soldiers.?Shields from California. The Last British Performance.?The American Cossin'. By a Spinster.?People express a great deal of sympathy for women wh? are Unhappily Married....bat how aboat those who are Unhappily Single? A Few Sanitary Suggestions.?"Never," pursues Hall's Journal of Health, "never sit for more than five minutes at a time with the back against the fire or stove." This is a good rale: and should be observed by all persons except those who have neither nreu nor stoves, rersons wno are so tortunate as to possess these articles, would do well to avoid sitting on them for a longer time than that specified aobve. Upon skates, the Jonrnal of Health is particularly strong. "If the thermometer is below thirty," it says, "and the wind is blowing, no lady or child should be skating." We don't know about this. If the lady is "below thirty," and good looking, let her skate, thermometer or etherwise. It she is the rel?t h*r sli*!* Organization o? Portrr's Mortar Flotilla.?The "Mortar Flotilla," commanded by Commander D. D. Pwrter, i* being hurried towards completion with all possible baste, but from Its extent, at least two or three w>eks may elipse before all the vessels will be ready to pro ceed to wa The armament being of a kind rather novel to our navy, has caused s?>me delay in fitting out the first vesselsof the flotilla, bat these obstacles are now overcome, and the vessels are nearly all readv for their guns. The mortar wbien is placed amidships of each craft weighs about 17,000 pounds, and is bored for 13 Inch projectiles, the most formidable known to modern warfare Two store ahips, the Horace Ueale and A Houghton, are to accompany the flotilla, the former aa ordnance rhlp. and the latter as a store ship. But for the delay above mentioned, the second division of the flotilla would have been now a sea, and. in fact, two vessels. helnnaincr tn it th? Adolphua Hugel and Gen Mangbam, which were fitted up at tbe Philadelphia navy yard, have left that post, and are now at tbe Delaware Capes awaiting orders ?AT. Y. Ezprttx. LOVKLL. COL.LES & CO.. WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Street, Mew York, and 31A E Street, Washington, D. C., ( near Will*rd's Hotel.) Having started a branch of our New York eatabli?hm?i.t in Ithia city, we invite t vtltrs, (Jrottrs, Hesiaurantrurs, and Hotel Ketper*, to call ana examiue our sto:k whioh is ?ell assorted and comprised of goods of toe best quality. We Uk? orders for anything in our line, and execute them prompt y jal5 4t Notice to W atcb-Makers. S. fc J. MYERS, 10 WASHINGTON BUILDING, Corner of Pa. avenue and Seventh st. , Juat received a fine asaortment of WATCHES at wboieeale. Gold chains at wholksale; 8.* J. MYERS. 10 Washington Building. WATCH MATERIALS AT WHOLESALE! P. A J. MYERS, 10 Washington Building. watch glasses at wholesale' > s a j. myers. 10 Wa?hington Building. 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He reviews the rights of thcoltisen to pergonal liberty and protection from Ureaaonable seiture or searches, and calls upon the Legislature to Instruct tbe Representatives fram New Jersey in Congress to inquire into the canes and authority for arresting her peaceable citizens. The memorial was referred to the judiciary committee. Ice la tie Mississippi River?Maveai/nt af Trsops Retarded. 8T..Xotris, Jan. 17 ?The navigation of the rlverjjjaatlrely suspended In consequence of the purging ui me ice iwtnif mnr* oriow iu>- cny, extending to a point some distant* above. Troopa are now being tent to Cairo by railroad. Their advance la materially retarded by the Inadequate means of crossing the river. The weather, however, Is moderating again, and the prospects of a speedy opening of the river are fair. Gen Price, member of Congress from the fifth district, left for Washington to-day. Expedition Against Savannah. Niw York. Jan. 17 ?Advicesfrom Fort Royal state that an expedition toward Savannah is supposed to be In progress. Keconnoltering parties have proceeded lieyond Tybee Island with appa ratus for removing obstruction* from the rivers a id creek* south of the Savannah river. It was understord that the lard forces would consist of 10 000 men, and Warsaw Inlet would be tht first destination of the expedition The railway was progressing with success at Hilton Head Island. Later frsm Kentucky?The Federal Trosps only twelve miles fram Colnmbni. Chicago, Jan. 17 ?A special dlspatcn rrom tne army correspondent has been received, as follow*: " 12 miles from Columbus, Jan. 16 ?An additional force with Gen. Grant'* ?faff left Cairo yesterday at 10 o'clock, and overtook Mr.Clernaud, Paine and Cook's command during the afternoon I am not permitted to state where we are going, or in what fcrce. Heavy pickets are placed in all directions. No skirmish yet." The Pirate Sumter at CadiE?Dispatch from Minister Adams Nkw Yokk, Jan. 17 ?The following is a copy of a dispatch received here per steamer Arabia, at Halifax: London, (via Qcxksstown,) Jan. 4 ?Hiram Earney, Collf.tor Niw York: The Sumter has arrived at Cadiz, having burned three vessels. [ilgned.] C. F. Ad.Ms, U. S. Minister. The Csnnecticat Republican CtBTfutlti. Habt?ord, Jan 16.?The Republican State Convention met In tbls city and adopted tbe ticket nominated by the Union convention of last week. Tbe attendance at the convention was not large. The resolutions most heartily endorse the action and policy of tbe President, and call for a vigorous prosecution of the war. Advaace ( Treops in MIsssbm. Rolla, Jan. 17.?The brigade under Gen. Osterbaus left for tbe West within a few days past. Another brigade under tien. Slgel will leave in a dav or two. The whole divlnlon will doubtless be commauded by Gen. Slgel. (J. S. Senator from Mlimrl. St. Locis, Jan. 16 ?Robert Wilson, the President of the State Convention, has been appointed by Got. Gamble to fill one of the vacancies In tb? Senate of tbe (Totted States, occasioned by the expulsion of Johnson and Polk. Arrtst fir Forgery. Boston. Jan. 16.?Daniel B. James bra been arrested at Newburg. charged with being an accomplice of Terrell, the forger. Five thousand dollars of the missing money was found In his possession. The Arabia at Halifax. Halifax, Jan. 16.?Tbe steamship Arabia arrived from Liverpool this afternoon, and will sail to-night for New York. The Ohio Legislature. Cleveland, Jan. 16 ?The Legislature has pasted an act authorizing the suspension of specie payraen's by the banks. Death of Robert S. Oakley. N*w York, Jan 17.?Robert 8. Oakley, president of the National Bank Note Company, died yesterday. L. Towk&s. J. M. Towns. J. B. Towns. L. TOWEK8 * CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, The attention of the buunesa community it reapeotlullT invited to th* New Book and Job Printing hatabliaunient, which hu been fitted ap with new material, in the moat complete n.anner, is now prepared to execute, in aaatiafaotory atyle, every variety of Printing, viz: ttjoks Speechea. Pamphlets, Cards, Ciroulara, Sutlera' Blanks, Ao. Ao. The attention oi members of Conjresa is eapecial.y requested for our facilitiea for printing Speechea, aa we have the largest steam power in the oitT. de 7- law6m jMPORTANT TO L A 1> 1 K S . The an boon bera have opened the etore No. 16 Market Spaoe. Pa av. bet. 8th and 9th sts. aa a fi rsl aIam I .a na a L'an/ia I ) pad a Pas I le J I VIOVW MOW wuu * wuv J MS I USB V a?f? 1/C|>V?> VMII' IBUUI in part of Point d'Alenoon. A ppliaue Meokler and Valenoienne* Laoeq, auoh a* Collars, Sleeve#, Handkerchiefs, Caps*. Flouncing, Caps, Caps, Coiffures and made upgooda of the fineat quality, and at New Yorkpric-ea COHEN fc DUBSELDOIfP, from New York. N. B.?All aorta of Laoea w&ahed. mended, and done ap eqaal to new, at abort notiae. de 28-1 m* THE SUBSCRIBERS beg leare to inform their patrons and the aubno generally of he- ?ing amply supplied with a superior ati ok ol^H FALL and WINTER GOODS. |Q The* also respectful y invite attention of JW their Army andNa?y customers, and thoee^"^ reauirint oatfita in that line, to their superior aualitiea of Sworda, Epauieta. Shorn, der Strap* Helta. Chapeaus, Hata, Caps, Saahea, and Gold Laoea. constantly on hand, which are warranted as repre Whilst tendering thanks for the liberal patronage enjoyed, they will endeavor lo merit aoontinuacoe. F. J. HEIBKR6ER * CO, (Suooessore t<> H. F. London k. Co,) CITIZEN. Hi LIT AH Y and HA VAL TAILORS, 363 Pennsylvania Avenue. oc 16 eoSa 1'HIS IS TO UIVK. NOTICE. That the eabsoriber hath obtained irom the Orphans' Coertof Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters of admini'tattoo on t*e personal eatAto cf 6e>rge O. Brush, late oi Washington oounty, deoea?<*i All aeraons having claims against tne said deoeaaed are hereby warned to exhibit the aawa, with th? vouch* rs thereof, to the nbsoriber, on or belore the fouitb day of January nest; they may otherwise by law be avAinriaH .11 -f 1? I ??-? mm ' ? sivu* VI UWUVUb U1 IUO BdlU Ofl(*lrD? Given under my hand this ronrth day of J\uu nrj. 1862 O. W. ANtSKLL, Ji6-law3ir Administrator. Nkw cloaks, AT LOW PRICFS! Ovin? to the nnnswuaeata r d Cloaks, we have ja?t received another lvi? apply, which have born purchased at vet? reduced punee, and will oe sold aetomshlng tow. Oar stock of KaNCY SILKS and LAl)lKS? DKK?^ WOODS is Kill good, ana will be sold at radncfd erioes. M TAYLOK * CO, ja U-eot SaoosMora to Taylor k. Hatchison. Tri. PliNOt-PliHOB-PUaOt! HIS Moraine received again a supply octave Iomvmxi Pi&no-, among thwn very haousome carved one from ike co:o HM br&ted f/iotory of WTknabu A Co., Balb-fTTVwi more, which 1 will eeil or rent on very aooommo J it.u* terms. Aeeoond ha r. J one of 6 ootavMalso (or aala or to r?nt at my Piaao Room, No. 498 Eleven h street, deSe-ia* P. c. BICHF.N rapb 100 LB?; jtotiMSSSBL-i - A"-W',"""CKl51d * BURCHKLL. j>* . Cor? f UtU ?t. am Vwaoiit a*. FWrTcSfflWcffi nux&?ni- *Ljjs, 1* t Coraw VwmoBt ani UKh ?trft. r. ifesu, Soldier*' Pujl THE HARNDKN EXPRESS CON T ANY Will remit save of FIFTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, F*0* SOLDIERS TO TSXI* FAMILIM. At ft Chan* of TWENTY FIVE CiNTJS. The money should he plaoed is an ENVELOPE and securely tea'ed. Th? fnll mAA r A?a (intlndt%i Pott Cjket, State: alio, $trt*t mud number. in ? larg* city.) of th? person to'whom to b? wrt, MUST BF. LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT TBI EXPRESS FURNISHES THE MOST RELIABLE MEAN;* FOR SOLDIERS TO SEND THEIR MONEY HOME. ENVELOPES AND BTANKS WILL BE FUR-, NISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. S. SMITH. Agent Harnden Kir*", 3d it., second dooj below Pa. are., j?9 1m Washington, P. C. Soldiers' Paj. THE ADAMS EXFRBSS COMPANY will rotwuD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any place on the lines of their Express, At* change of twenty five cent* for any *110 not exaeeding fifty <i?Aar?. ai d a pr p >ruonate additional charge to siaoes reao.ed by connecting Fxpressei. Tb? tnorey, whether Gold or Trtaswy Not**, should be enclosed in ar en*?l< p- a*,<3 securely sealed, and h?ive the full ad !'???,(tr.c uimr town, Koat Ofiioe, and Plate; ar.d in citinc. the street and number.) of the person to whom to b<* sent and tne ainom.t ie?ib y marked tnerron. Kuve upes for this purpes* be had at our offices. To fvn ira'? prompt de! very, ttta ci&rj;e for remit.&:,c? auoutd b* cr<? p- d. AO-kMS KXfKESS COMPANY. Wafkintton. I&u. 9, jaSMm FAIRBANK'S STANDiKD SCALES. WOE 8AXK BT J. P. BARTHOLOW, Bole Agent. Btrdttrc H Agricultural Warehouse, 55? Seventh Street, Between Pennsylvania arenue and tke Comal, pposite e&at end of Centre Market. J* 14-tf _ r|^U MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR BYE. The Beat in the World, Tke Only Reliable and HarmUst Hair Dye Known. Sold by all Drvrflata* also, at Btnirod'a Patent Medicine Store, tp. Patent Office, oor. F A 7th, 6ina'i Hair Store, ?|9*?enn'a ayente, where Ladiea oan tsar* i* ftMuea, ? aeairea. _ Factor*?W1 Barai*r?MlA* 533 Broadway)N. Y. np 3-it ^DAMS' LXPRLSS COMPANY. NOTICE OF~REMOtAL. Th? delivery office of thia company is removed from Third atreettothe larce depot on JJ otreet, between 3d and 3d a La. de 30-tf iWMiHi HARNDEN'S EXPKK8H. (EaTABLISHXO IN 1919.) Beg Uave to inform the pub'io that they have extended their Fxpreaa to Waahincton. and are new prepared to Tranaaort Merchandiae, Bank Note*. 8peoie, Jewelrj, Ao.jto all ja-ta of the MiddU, An* En 11 ana and W*>tern States ani Canada ronnea'HU with the most responsible Kxpremes throughout the oount-y, w* are^n?Med to <ffer unnuaUed faeiin e.? to all who Ay favor os their ra'rouage. For terms at>d further information app'f to K. 8. fcMlTH, Agent. Third et.,34 door below Pa. avenue. ja? 8ni Washmgtoa. P C. / JREAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grmnd men lor " 7th street, to see the new stock of Clothing, just received at SMITH'S, No. 460 7th street. dell lm l|?a.) TO OFFICERS, SUFLKR3, Ae.-For sale, at a moderate pnoe, a New York b?l t four wheeled light covered WAGON, with haodaome levher onsi io .a, 4c, bavicg been nred three times, ooat 183 Also, a New Vorc mate set of uouDte H&n.M-, wita plated nuinga, wnicn nu never beer, used at all. Also, a aet of plain Single Harrosa, quite r.ew, -Apply at 487 SevanUei.iJi atreet, ooruer of 1, for ajdreaa of atabl# IP groom. de ST SOMETHING NEW-SUtEKIOti HULLED O CORN.?Ti e stib-oritxr, having cot tne agency to supply Washii.gton and Georgetown with this delicate preparation of Corn, would rrtpeotfu ly ask of hia friends, and the publie at large, to give it a trial. Alao, Popped Corn, plain and sagarwl. WM BRADLV,Agent, Pa. avenue, between 18th and 1Mb eta. N. B.?Manafacturer ol Marble Manuaa, Mon?menta, Table Topa, Ac. A large aaaorunenta waya on hand. oo 19 8m Heavy wool mose. shirts and DRAWERS,ani arm V SHIRTS, at S?4 Pa. avenue, back roon; cr sbl i) atreet, between ?th and M*h de 4 tf A LL KINDS OP PANCY GROCERIES AND xV Satier'a Goods on hacd at id for aa'e low by BROWNING ft KEATING. da 4 3tawtf Mi Pit. ?mi*. ??r 6th ?t JUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. S. HORINES aupenor OLD RYE WHISKY, tiihtjMri old, warranted. Alao. prims Monongaheia w hiekiea for *aleat 353 P* avenue, by da 4 Stawtf BROWNING ft KEATING. HFOR CHRISTMAS' PRESENTS! AN DKKRCHjKPs, HAN OKERCHIEFS, HANDKF.RCHIKFS!?All rti, 'took now aaequa led, for ladiea and gentlemen?jut the tiling for CbrMtmu Preaente. At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake ft Co.'a Marbl* Hall Basaar, de lhid?r Brown'i Hotel. NE Wi*-N EWS-N K W 8' jvst < >re*bd, NEW YORK OYSTER At\b EATING SA LOON. The nnderalgncd beg reipectfally to inform their frienda and th? puMio gpni rally that^^. /?v the* i are opened their e '*b.,ehn?er t jr^l tm.A on New York a v.. n?ar Uth at. WtmllJr aha!l apart* no pain* to procure for ovr ouetomei tne beat the rvarket oac atford. Parties, fanru tea and entlf ra an oplied at the shorten n >tioe. Our establishment will be open daiIt. Surdaps excepted. de at-lm* DORIAN * SWORD. G BALMORAL BOOTS. OAT Tipped Double eote Ba.n.t.raJ tl ID Calf Kid do do <<o ? Slore Calf do _ |J fo Also, ail other atylee of Ladiee' aad Mieeee' H\ n.oia :>ooi?,the cheapegt and he?t aaeoitment intueeity. T"OPBNTH*L, Ka 11 MuM ? >?7 eo Penn. between tli et.d ?U. r> n Hi.rmo to be loeBtd on trold and Bilrer Wiuker, Jewelry. Gun* and Pietola. Silver Ware, and ?* sbs!.* /COLUMBIA MARKKT. The mbsoriber wouid noit fmpmUi. r mfor? the iimiiof Wm^idiu^tfeatas hayifufpoc ic hi? old ?urtar, vhaie neiAiatult neepioc a I r stmts market in all its brarch^s, u ii UNNM. Be erill be hsprr to greet kit old friends sjitf eaetomrs. N. B ? ood? Mt free of eharf s 16 any part mt j#u ^Kf^*^SrT^"AIlA^D YHB W11KLY STAR. SSyilwIb!^4 *" 11,1 ^#^i rm oofim WfM OPpI??? ??? ??? ? ?>?m 9 ?? Vwcity-1T( (OftaKtMliMMMO** ? ?? II lavarlafcly nMMlk? " WMfclaftoa Neva* M ha Mil Tkt Dmiif Immtmg f Mr tfrmtaat M|MnU]ftkm|ko?l?MMUk7. CystBute Mf(? (la wrmpfwn) au to pwnnl at Um eoutar. InaailaMy altar %a Mm ?ftfce paper. Prloa?THKEE CKNTB. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. f< UM1 l/r V /Vkftl^VlfM - - i i ^ m Compound Fluid Extract Bmohm, * A Forittxt mmd SftiJU Rtmsdf For DiMkM of tho BLADDER, KIDNEY?, GRAVEL, i&4 DROPblOAL SWELLING!* Ttua IfadioiM Imtimn th? pcwr oi ? ti.d woitM the iMotiiRn Into fcaaJtfty mOm, by whica the watiit o* c*Lcnova dopioeniou| , ?nd t 1 mxiTcui MLiUMBiTi art rodtoM. u vail u paik ajid my ummitiok. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV For WtakMcM Artainj from E?o? w i. Habits of DiaMpotoom. ? KvIt Itduoretim or A*bm. Atttmdid with tk* Following Sfmpttmu : IndiiBikRltmn tn kfAr^nn bf>M of^M^morr. * DiSoalt; oMtraaUuiv', Horror of Disease, Wtk^ihSK) Dimness of Visioa. Ptii is the BmI, Oair*rn Lassitude of the Muscular Mjstefa. Hot Hands, Flashing of th? ydy. Dryness of the fk:n, Kraptione on the Fut, rSI LID CorNTSBSltCB. These symptoms, il a owed to go on. wktsk tfcia medicine invariably remove*, soon fo.iowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS. M on* / vkick tk* PatxmU may C?yir?. Who can say t*<a' they are not freaaeatly foi lowed by those"wvdl diseases." "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Man; are &? *> of the aaaae of their raftering, bct nohb will comf?ea. THK RECOK 1>8 ow THE INSANE AflYLUMS And ikt Stl'i+ntioi* U*tukt t>? Cmrumpttmt. iui amplb WitNui ro thi tetth or m Mfunoi. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Kequiree the aid of inmiieine to atreaftihen and Invigorate the SratM* which HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCK) Mt arts' tn &?* A TAUL WILL COKVINCI TBI MOfT BitBPTICAL* FEMA LBS- FEMA LF.S? FEMA LES, OLD OR YOUN9, SINGLE. MARRIED. OE CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. Im Many AJJtctumt Pteuitmr to Ftm+Ui the Extract Bucau le ui.ea ua l d by at, j other rem>kIv mm ivi ('lil.irokit nr ti/>n f rr. en an tw 9 * ? T?' "7 P&itii iiMi.or ttufpr^otiOD of Ci^lowirf RftouboBi. I'.ocnlw ur (>?lurruii ittu of the L'Urat, L.*ueor'h->a or Whitee, ??r?lity. end for fell eom?ifiirta incident to the whether ?r:?ni from Indiscretion, Hat>it? of Dieetpetioa, or is the DECLINE OK CHANGE OF LIFE! BBS ?TMrTO?i* UOVI, NO FAMILY SHOULD BX WITHOUT IT. Tmh* no mor* Mfcttrp. or Unplimtmmt Mtdictn* /or Vnjitatmmt mm iMfirnu Dinmtta. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHV ctrui SECRET UIIK1IES In all their 8ta?ea: At little Kxfeue Little or no Cu& in Diet; Ne moonveuenee And no hzftur*. It oeneea a frequMit dsairc aad five* atrenrth te Urinate, thereby Kemuviag Obstruct! una. Preventing ud Curios Strictures of tbe Urethra, Allaying fsm and loliunmlioi.ic f-e^aeot in the otaea of di?ee?e>, nod ?xpe_i(h( mil Pmjmmm. iHstA.'id, a*d worn out Maiirr. THOVSA.RM trpon THOCItHM WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, ud who have paid ktavy jttt to be eared la a abort time, hare found thry were deeeived, and that the "roiaoN" tiM. by the fee of-sewsr/W anrimttmtf been dried up u. the Sj slew, to braat oat m ac a< ji;. rated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE, mm* n*?r muni rv? vmiiot RDi'hb aifaflecUoiu and disease ofuie* CRLIiAT ORGANS, whether existing in BULK OR riHALI, from whatever oauee one inatinf and bo matter of HOW LONG STANDING Dieeaeee of theee Organ* re*aire the aid of a Drnmc. HELMBOLDS EXTRAV1 BUCHV 18 THE GgfcAT DIURETIC, and it is oerlnin to have the aeeired offset la D'.seaaea/or wttc* it i/ rttwianiW. BTIBBBCB or Til MOST KBIPOBglBLB ABO BBLIABLB 8 ARACTBB wliljfcooompany the raedioiaee. ?" r,c^AV,S3tu?? with FAMK. "PHTSICIAXST PLEASE "HOTICM.WM UAKM "BO BBOMT" OF "l??E*DimjrT? .' HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT MUCHU u oompoaed of Bnehu, CaHeba ud J istwr B?i n?. Mltoted with rrett oare by a oomp?teni 4r?c(iat. PREPARED Iff VACUO, Pr*otio?! tnd Analytic*] Chemist. and Sol# Mm dkutarir of HXLMBOLD S QKNUtNK PREPARATION8 AFFIDAVIT. roreona.Hr u^tnc o#fore me. & AMirau o| the oity of Phil?de.?hi?, H. T. Hiurlu *?o beiag dily sworn, doth say. his ^etvMiuu momUin do narootio, bo anwi, or oCiMr i?itrw?i ^ but IT. hf.lmbold. Aldermaa. Ninth sc. Uon Am*, PUlk PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. Jf. TO S F. M. Frie* SI pw MUt, ?f is tor M. IMlvrtd to ut mMtm, imrtv p*MM trmm bdmbon. A4drw IMki far lufnr?ti>n 1b or bitdmm H. T. ilKUiBOUU. OwM, Depot, 10* Soau TmU hL, tatov Ckastaat, Pluto if h y:!*k4. ^ ^ w 1 -sft fEWAPE or COVNTBEPSIT* 4/r? vnramtcirLED dmalmkm vko Miiniir to tow ~?f torJMtf* to* u u Mnr-rt Bmtkm, m larM^arUk, Bold toy B. S. Wtira. X. 0. #1UUI, 4?n Wajii 8. a rm, ft. B. Kimnu, B. O |AJrl)iU AXIMiin MrMMTWHMkA. uiivovma. .?r?-r *?* * +

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