Newspaper of Evening Star, January 18, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 18, 1862 Page 2
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1 K rv FINING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: KifTftmY JA5TAKY Id, 1M9. |?7*Tbor*ta Tw* !? printed on tb? fMteat Nn prew In u? tnutb of Balt'mtTc-. it* MHIon U ?> l*nre a? to r^qulr* 11 to be put to prt-?? at aa early bonr: therefore, *honld be sent In b*-fnre 1-2 *>'eloek otherwii?e they may may not appear until the next day. Or* Fn;**Ds et t??e various military ram pa and positions wili confer a fsvor by keeping us posted aa to movements and attain In their vicinities Spirit ml the M*rala| Press. The T*ttl!igenter saya upon the confirmation of Mr Cameron as Minister to Russis, tbst the leading part borne by Csmaron in the rerrnt political history of tbe country, and especially since his connection with tbe Government under the present Administration, will enable him faithfully to represent the purposes snd policy of the nation it tbe Cr>urt of the great snd friendly Power to which he baa been accredited Tbe Rtpmblican thinks the declaratory resolution adopted by Congress in reference to framing a SYStem of taxation, most nnnnrtrne i> nnttinij the public credit upon tbe true basis of tn ade quale revenue OUR MILITARY BUDGET. l!tt?KCT!0!t OF AIXV TKAISS. There wis an extensive inspection of Government teams yesterday They were drawn up in a double row, on tbe wide thoroughfare known as K street, and extended eastwardly from the Circle in the First Ward to a great distance beyond the Northern market-bouse?so far out into a domain of mud that pedestrians were unable to ascertain now far. It Is stated that tbere were on tb?ground SA.0 wagons (four and six-horse teams), 100 rnehorae ambulances, and 73 fotir-horse ambulances Tbe trsms generally ucre !n good condition; bat wbat attracted moat attention was tbe baggage trail of tbe Commanding General and It* stjff Tbe sleek b-?y bora's, finely matched In color ard site, and the uniformity In the wagons aid harness, md" a display which nothing marred, except the wa**t of uniformity In the outward adornment* ef the teamsters. Some wore rape, some hats, and tome a hybrid article neither one nor the other; while their ctata cf every conceivable cut (acd tear) were originally blue, black or gray, but were now toned down by an accu mutation 01 arerrate levers of sacred aoll aad Washington mnd to something tolerably near uniformity Of their nether belongings It la unnecessary to speak, as heavy boots and rolled-up trowsers legs marked them as teamsters. Physically they ara unexceptionable, and It is stated that they are good teamsters; bat tbev would certainly be improved?outwardly at lea*t?by uniforms Commander Gleason, of the U. S. steame. Maunt Vemon. writes (ucder data of the 3ist) Trom off YVUir.!;igt?o, N' C , to the Navy Depart meni. giving an account of tbe burning of the light-ship furtuerly anchortd on Frying Pan thoaU, bat tnen being litted tip by tbe rebels as a man-of-war to c*rry ei^at puns. She had been latterly vv-d as a false light and signal vt-tsel to gjut annoyance to our plant. Cocri'r Gl>sson, on tbe night of the 3oib alt , teat his gig and cut'er under command of Acting Master Henry L. ird AUck All?-n, with Mr John 11. F?ote. coest pilot, to guide them to burn ber, the wind and haz? being favorable. TUey found her anchored under and within earshot of tbe Runs of Fort Caswell, but with no guard on boa?d. Th?y succeeded In board* nsrht-i and %ettl.ig her on &re, so that ?h" was con?umed ere they got bark to ?te Mount Wrnoa They pmicn on 01 it.* rorvi line of Are Ufor* Its guna -ommeoffd to play on thtm, to no purpoan of eourie Hp We b?ar of tb?* death of Col. Hu<h McLe<->d, of ^ Tmt, la tbe Kent -ra> ,, at Dumfries, Va., on tbe 3d Inst. He was a native of Georgia, and pent wom yeara at the West Point Academy, from which he wu dlimiaaed before graduating for insubordination. He weut to Texa? young, and became a man of cona'derable note, though aiwtf* very unreliable and crotchety He waa wiwM* uw cat nr?w uiaumokltia ptr S4. TO 3* EXCEAX6ET) Lieut. Hurt, of tbe ( rctnh) Pittsylvania, Va , Csvauy, Is here, hnv tng been " ' aaed from co.ifiaea>eot In Western Virginia, where be wu made a prisoner. He la u> be aent to Norfolk to bo xeba.:?*-d f ?r Lieut. D. S Gordon, of 2d U. 8. Cavalry, made a prisoner at Bull Run. * AFPOISTID. Tbo President, yesterday, at the request of the New York Congressional d-ifgatlon, appointed Msior A Doubledsy a brigadier general of volunteers AttAlM* iN ALIA.ASDRIA. A l r x a.n lb i a, Jan. 17 ?Editor Star: A writer la y?ur psp*-r cf yesterday made sonne remarks on tbe sale of liquor, Ac , on tb's side of the p.. um?c, and very juetiy, *.oo Tnere la no doubt but tbat lar/e quautltles are datiy brought over by eutlers?uiany cf them, I tm sorry to ujr. resort to all kinds of trlcka to nceomplltb tbelr purpose Tbe kuard bere appears to be of but little use; It la true you every now and tben hear of a seltare of liquor, but after a few days It has disappeared, ai.d but f?-w know where It baa fcone. I ?a*e beard within a few day* of two barrela ha?ln/ been ?old to a rewtiurai.t keeper, but am not able to to-1? what b-rame of tbe money?perhaps those who iold it ran' Tbe U S. did not receive It I am certain Tbe principal drinking * boutea here are kept by n< torioua secessionists, who are protected In tbe sale of ardent spirits by tbe military, a puard being k pt eiiber behind the t*r or In tbe room Does tue U ? Government call out volunteers for sucb a purpose * Occasional Til st. paol'a cucacB *as?m Alxxodkis, l?tu January, 1:62 ?Editor Star: Tue ' ml s on of the prayer tor the President of ?he United Mates at {*' Paul'* church. In thla city on Sunday last, appear* to nave etturded an oppor*un: y for vusatlun writers to waste some superfluous ink I tblnk tt w?s in very bad taste mvself, but eannot believe it at Ibe Re*. Gforge * *u>lth would Intentionally offer an ins-ilt lo my p- rson, and part- ulariy to anyone be would invite k> bis cbarcb It is t: ui tl&t Gen Montgomery waa hiviied to at'?nd the ch<jr?-b, bv)t it u not trttt that be was inf- tb- p >.?r would b? omitted I am no apoK^Xst of G-n >, c'ltgomerfjfrr re ie*-d? none I am in doubt wbetber be would be justified in aotlelai _n wqhmiso of tiae usual forms and prsvers of the church, but I am pretty sore bad ill prayers been offered up for Jeff. Davis, or any of bis rebel erew in bis presence, he would bare noticed tt, and summarily too. A Pkw holduk CewrntxcD.? As anticipated In yesterday'* Stmt, ere adjaurnln* for tbe day. the Hen>t? Jul* eonflrit.rd tu'e nomination of the Hon H,mon COMTOO to the Russian mission The vote upon be question was either aS or 24 to 14 Ilia believed ft-oeraOy that, next to Peuator Trumbull, Be&ator Bayard made Moot vehement opposition to his conflrmatloa. fOnitTic ?The tale ot ae*ta for the theater on Monday nikit !a prepensing In luaauer to In* dleate tbat tbs public Is Inclined to avail itself to tbs fullest rf the opportunity of witnessing operai.o repreardtattoos br trat-claas artists. TV-ssdesniag goid scats % ill do well to apply aaxly. li rnn Alexandria Relief Aaaoelatlon have darlbtf tbe peat week relieved one hundred and ae^v:.*T Nmtllea. comprising more ihan eight ksndred peraooa The an"net diatrlbated etvbrwed i v4l ?*e of neit, 98 J{ buabela of moal. 109 lb?. ?i uouf, and 4 bam* of Sab IJ3"Tb* Senate tf Maine baa pawed an order of Jnqn'ry, la reference to tbe report tb*l pereiteaiM L*a bf-r granted by Uk I'. ?. ttoveramrnt lor tbe pc?**go of Brlilak iroopo over tbe railroad fkwBk P.Ktand to Qoebre. F ukctb& ?Tbe 8*i)at* baa rrjeeted ike noml- j utiau w r u ??? - ? "?11 - ? " ,? - mm. t mm jiariBtl CI nurtn Caruliua. aa4 of Mr Joba Watt, & a L'e uWaaM la Ifte % my tWLhW jriufdiy ew ItBtd tk?ippo.iitaMl 0/ B II. Prneb, fi-q , m Om UilMkr a/ F?kI1e UitMtnea. (JJ* Tl?? MtU'jN'i baa Wttco out tu t&a uppai pmeuvrn a# t?t Mary's eaaatv. Ma/>Ui.d. * Late, and Important, from Gld Point THE BOTTOM PALLING OUT OF THE 9ECESH TUB! OEN'L WOOL NOTIFIES THF? AUTHORITIES AT NORFOLK TO REMOVE ALL WOMEN AND CHILDREN FROM TH AT CITY ! OUR FLEET PREPARE TO ATTACR IT ! THE MINNESOTA AND CUMBERLAND MOVE TO THAT END! A NEW REBF.L BATTERV DESTROYED BY THE GUIfB OF THE RIP RAPS! ? REBELS ABANDON ROANOKE ISLAND ! RUMOR OF THE ABANDONMENT OF YORKTOVVN ALSO! THF. REBELS HURRYING TROOPS TO NORFOLK ! [Per Telegraph to The Star.] Baltimobx, January IS, (from Fortreas Monroe Jan. 17.)?Tbe Old Point boat baa Juat returned ; abe brings 150 more dlicharged Bull-run priaonera. who were wounded In tbat battle Nothing bad been heard of the Burniide expe. ditlon. either at Norfolk or Richmond, up to yeaterday (the 17th) morning. Gen Wool haa sent a notification to Norfolk to move tbe women and children out of that city, aa he waa preparing to aaaault It. Tbe Mlnneaota, Cumberland, and other veaaela nf thA innidrAn in RniHa ?* J-? w. ?-w UIC WftiUK uuwu their ipara preparatory to active operation! The Minnesota dras to move to the innu'h of the Elizabeth river lait night, accompanied by the Cumberland The rebeli commenced a new battery thla side of Sewell'a Point, and were completely shelled out by our jjuni in position on the Rip Raps Colonel Pe^ram a%d other released sec eg h prisoners proceeded to Norfolk yesterday mornlnjj. The rebels have abandoned their works on Reanok* Island, drsigned for the protection of tt?e approachea to Norfolk from the rear. It li rumored here that Yorktown has alio be?*n abandoned?evacuated?by General Magruder. rtecesh troops are being hastily concentratad ?t Norfolk from all neighboring quarters, Including the WUe Legion. affairs ik)eiver. Interesting Atcount of tkt Escape of Ikt Peniaeola. C. S siiamkr stsppiso Stojiks, Potomac River, Jan. 12, 1*61.?Editor Star : At 4 o'clock this morning tbe Pensacola pass d by tb? rebel bitterle?, extending frotn Cockpit Point to tbe entrance to Chapawanuic Cr??ek. A* this baa been expected for ?*oiue tlri,e past, aud was only postponed for tbe i;tst few days on account of tbe prevailing fog and tbe q antlty of Ice li) the river, urt-at lntereai wu? mai .f?*ted throughout the So*nu 'i*u~ n 1- - - ..wj. * ?*- ictiiirois, o;i n ^oiDg the run from Alexandria yesterdav morning, had her top laiit mi?ts struck in order to lighten the sbipaloft as much as possible. i*md was it'fwn on h-r dec k. *nd everything made ready for action In the event of ber having to 11 ht her way thr? uah On arriving at Fairfax Reach ?he anchored, wh?*te she was visited by the Yankee. Harriet Lane. King Philip and other steamers The tug. boat Pusey was placed alongside to port, acd a ranal boat loaded w;tu Lav on h?r starboard >:de, to protect her machinery During tbe night the Yankre enchored close to the buov plared to m'-i; the channel at the entrance to Mattaw^ Creek, and the Freeborn, beloug'. ag to the lower tiotllla, was moored at ?cme distance t??low the batteries Both vessels had light* houted while lhe Penracola wa? passing, is a guide to the slocp-of-war Th se precautions were necessary, in consequence of tb?? PensacoU's heavv drift of water. 1 ue Vaukr-t's ugni served another purpose?as a blind to lUe fncmy, to Induce him to 'ake this ve>.??-l for the Penaacola; and this run di* succeeded to a Clarm At half past 3 o'cloc k this morning the Pen&ac-ola u adr her appearance. accompanied by the Pusey, and ou arriving off Mdtwwoinaa creek she was joined by the At acoKtla, ai d all three vtaafla proceeded down the river. Light* were soon aeen, flu?hln? ever and anon from Cock-pit Polui a-d ?ome distance above, d> wn to shipping Poiut. These were undoubtedly adnata of the Pei.sirola a approach. It would seem, however, that the enemy wait keeping his eye on tbe Yankee, whil* the Pensncola and tenders were crrt-piu? alor.^ stealthily paat the batteries; and the c; per battrry at Cock-pit Point "va^ actually paa^t-d without tue rebels opening tire. At lengtu however, the cbe?t waa dlacovered ; jpon wt ch tha Aral >knl - " .... .?? ua^u, tivuimat pan oi (lieuorkpit Point battery looklD" down the river It was uuw about ten mluuei a/itr 4 Several minute-, now elapsed without any more guns being tired, when a s litary gun opened at Snipping Foii.t. A? loog an Interval of silence again ensutd, to be broken by three more ?hota lu rapid aucceaalon, from tiie i>aai? battery. This waim cefded by several other*. Irom various points ; after which the tiring waa f/om single guns, at lengthy Intervals At about 5 o'clock the Bring ceased?nineteen choti having been tired luail. The lire was not returned by the 1'ensacola, and ahe waa not hit. bQe was well prepared to reaenWany injury sii? might Lave received. The Anaroai.a and ^ Yankee, too, were prepared to ir??n in the flgh"ln order to create a diversion in ler favor. Happily, however, the active co opein'icn of tueae vessels waa not necesairy You will see ftom the foregoing that the whole affair W*a m arnnA * ? ?'?? -"J ? ?11 ?- ? K.?uw buu iur rruriJ, WHO have been gasconading about sinking the Penaacola. havr mtide asse* of th4mselvei Tbe seoeshers are In a sweet temper to-diy; ana to make amends f r 'heir miserable fsiiure on a fji mtdable *loop-of-war they a<e sooth ng their agitated feelings by sending their hardware tf-?r a litt'e row.bout near Mump Ne,k; and while I w Ite th- buiterie*at Snipping Point and Cockpit Point are blaz tig away towards the .Maryland shore, and Into Mattawoman Creek, doing nothing but wcimdlng the impalpabl* air, htgu up in whicb their sli lis are bursting Poor fellows! w uat a ptlv Cti.titbod >re Wyman will not send them a small iteamer within a hundred feet or so, that they might try their band on at short range! Tnetr o d friend, Us Resolute, would do; though I verily believe they would fall to b.t her even at so short a distance. Apropos of tbe Resolute, f-he sent the Cockpit Poiut battery her compllrn?n'* yesterday n|u rnoon. In tbe form ot tu it or four shells. In ieq utal of tl.eir polit* atWntluoi to a vessel that was cruising up Nudum. ge was done on either side ids oaihtif >opened rn the Reliance, paaalng op laat nt^bt, bat at uatnl, not one ahot took tdVci. Tb?y tried their band at ua yeaterday, with the sine ?uct e?a. One of ttelr sheila, However, went clear Into Matt* woman creek, and burat within two huodred yards of tbe Wyandank W R.G. Fi5A5ciAL.?From the N' York Evening Pott of y?iteruay,wa make up tbe following aUtem?*ot of financial affalra in New York : tfoveram^nt atocka are weaker, la aympatby with tbe decline of tbe abare Hat, aome apeculaiiit lota having bem tbr< wn on the market Tb?* .V?UIM<.U iu o9, ?na mp coupons to W. which are the pncea current laat Saturday The on one v market la without change The upp'y od call la rather In eiceaa o! the demand at 0 per cent., and ronrld-rable fouMneaa la done at 5 ;5X per cent on prime f-curltlea. The market for gold n rather weaker to-day. The rate cf premium ta lJfaS per cent., with little deal re to buy at tfce uecllne The alack demand for gold may be attributed Id a great m?a?ure to the abandonment uf the paper money ache me before Congreaa It la quite likely, however, that the rate will remain at about 1M per ccnt. for the prefect. The foreign exchange market la lower for tomorrow'* ateamer. Flrt'-clisaa bill* on London are quoted 113j1I3x. with a moderate inqu:ry. I Ve-y good bills have sold aa low aa 113. T't# Ethmh ??v? I The aale ef 7:30 per eenla at tb?- 8-'b Treasury | baa tore* stopped The Bub Treasury safe la bow ! well filled with government obligations belonglog to the tanks, which for tb* amount are not ! regarded with much complacency with the banks ! They also owe tb* government un millions mere, | which at this lima they are uaable to pav.havlng nothing i ha Secretary can use Ha would gladly I take drmand notra, bat cannot The hesitation to paaa a round Ux bill, has a depreaatng Inflaen-e upon Government St xks, and aa a natural < oa?equ?uce, upon all securities. The advices from Washington thla niornlng.are, Sk?? SW- At/Ml AAA ? ' ..M> > ? uv,M? w u ixmtaa .Vote bill bM been delayed, to give time to perfect tha M i ll), ud tfcat when the OoTrrnment incur* t new financial obligation, It menu* to abow ita intrutioa, to uu< the property of the country and the people f Um wb?l? L'nlou, contribute roundly towards **? W-? lTTTh* hoaaebold effocU ut ibe rebel Genarul HuckiiM wrre aold at public auction at Lottia*1 vllle, Kjr., laac week, to aatlafy tba deaunfia uf tbe city tax rnUec'i<>u. Tue auctioneer aold oal liuck ri'iuak bookraaea. daaka, tnb ea.arnnehMra, chm.i?-r furniture i?d other articl*a. and aiopp?-d wUa tbe iiuaat of tba lax b*d been real.I'd. 8 in- aorapa of carpet and btdiiag rema % d CONfiK ESUWNAL. XXXVIItk COBI6RESS?Secend Keulu. 9sxatx.?After the clow of our report yeaterdlT Mr Browning lntrodnred a bill for the better organization of the artillery of the array of the United 8tatea; which wa? referred to the Coirm It tee on Military Atii.r* and ordered ?o be printed. [Thla bill divides the artillery Into two corps?heavy and light artillery The heavy artillery to conalat of two Brigadier Generals, ten (!olm^lv. tf*n I 'phUnjint rnlnn<.le thirtv 11.4 ... one hundred Captains, two hundred first Lieutenants. one hund'eJ second Lieutenants, and one hundred batteries. The liyht artlllerv to consist of two Brigadier General*, ten Colonels, and ten Lieutenant Colonels, thirty Majors, and sixty batteries There shall be one Major General, who shall be the chief of the artillery of tie United states army. The President to transfer officers from heavy to and light to heavy, as the necessity or the service may r?-qu're ] After an executive seealou, the Senate adjourned until Monday. Horsa ?After the close of our report? The Senate am<Midm?nta to the bill to promote the ?ffiriency of the dead latter office, were concurred Su. " " M r Delano, of Maasachuaetta. from tb? Committee f ?r the Distrlc' of Columbia, submitted a report, in answer to a resolution of the House in yjciuuK wujr i? wa? ii rmupn wrrt1 noi auowfd admission to the District jail without a paw The report Is favorable to tne action of Marshal Lamon On motion of Mr. Fenton, the consideration of the report wm postponed for one week Mr. Fenton ro*e to a privileged question. He desired to know by what rule cf tne House the Marshal of the District occupied a position on the floor of the House Mr Hutchins?Can't be get a pas** Mr. Vallandigham?Perhaps the Marshal has a warrant for somebody. 'I he auiA If wia K<* n" I ~ a- " .HI. UU>J III IUC UUUf keeper to etfcrce tbe rule Mr. Kellogg, of Illinois, did not see any one on tbe flior that was disturbing tbe business of the House, ror did be see it was necessary at that time to make tbe rule particularly and directly applicable to the Marshal. Tbe Speaker hoped the rules would be rigidly enf reed, without respect to perrons Marshal Lamon alter waiting f?w momenta, retired from the floor of the House The bill making appropriations for the const mct:on, preservation und repair of fortifications wn* pnssed Tbe b'U makes tbe following appropriations for the year ending the 30th of June, 1661: For Kort Montgomery. at outlet of Lake Ctiamplaiu. N?w York, #100,000, Fort Knox, at Narrow* of Penobscot liver, Ma'ne, 8100.000; Fort ou Hoi; Island ledge, Portland b-ubor, Maine, 9100 000; Fort Warren, Boston harbor, ftlarsactusetts; #75 000, F rt Wlntarop, Boston harbor, Ma-s.ctiusetts, r-j" iarj; ron ai ae* H.arorrt barter. Massachusetts. ?IOO ?AKJ; Fort at VVllletN Point, opposite For? Scbuylrr, New York, $2uo 0 0; Fort on site of Fort Tompkins, Statin Island, New York, 8.00 (*?; Fort at Sandy Hi.ok, New jTtry, 8300 000; Fort Delaware, Delaware river, f GO 0! 0, Fuft Carroll, Baltimore bar bor, Mary land, #200 000; FyitCalboun, Haupton Ro*ds,Vlrg4sia. 82><?."00; I'o't Taylor, Key West. Florida, 821M 000; Fort Jt-fl'ersou. Garden Kev, Florida, 8200,000; Fort at F.<rt Fi Jut, San Francl-co ?>#v, California, $125,000; Fcrt at A!catrsz Island. S*n VnaHafn bay." California, $150 000; for contingencies of fortification, Including Held works, 5500,000; for bridge trains and e 14m pn*,e for armies in the fit-Id, *-Jj0"t00; for t<o!uud s.-'^e t/alns for armies in the field, 9250.OlO. For the year ending June 30, lc62. For fortifications on the nottLern froutier, ii.r ud ox fortitteatiuus at Oswigu, Niagara, outt^io, Detroit, and Mackinaw, *750 000; for F. rt Montgomery, at outet of L -ke Cham plain, New York, #50 00s*; Fort Kuox, Penobscot riV^r, Maine. %i'J U00; Fort on Hi j< Island Ledge, Pcrtlmd harbor, Maine, 950 000; Fort Wintnrop ai.d txt^rior batteries. Boston harbor, Massamuse U, 50 000. Fort ft H-dford b&tbor, MtisMCbUfeeita, #50 000; Ft rt Adams, Newport harbor, Kbode lnUud, *.30 1)00; hoit Schuyler, K>wt river, Nrw York. WS,ou>; Fort at Willrtt'g Point, opposite Fort Schu>ler, New York, 8-0,01/0; Fort Hi< bmond, Staten I?lawd, New Yoik, *05 Oil); Fort on ?Ue of F<>rt Tompkin*, tttatrii loiano, New York, f5" 'XX), commencement of laanuaieut battery oa Sttte.i island, NVw York. S100 000; new batteiy at F<?rt Hamilton. at the N?rr< w?, New York, flOtlUlU; Fo t A]'.til.u. near Philadelphia, Pa , Hi5,0i,0; new lort opp*i?lte Fort Delaware, on Unaware ?bore. 4400 OtA): Fort Monro*, Hampton K<>ad?, Virginia. 000; F"rt Taylor. Key VVe?t Fion4a ?lll(IUll' 1 - "? " _ , . vi> <i ibuii, vjaia-n ivey, f 0'iaa, '0O.UOU, additional f^rt at the Turtn*:ii*, Kior'u , <l?0 000; f<?*t atS>i'? N!atid. Ci?at oi Mia?l-*tppi, 5>iuo.>v?; cuutlut;?u Ui of turtiflr'.allona, fc 10.1,0110, f-r bridge C> ai na aad equipage, 3i30,(wu A oiii lo provide additional reveuue by taxation, was referred; me Hz.Ho a^journtd uU Mo.d-.y ry-t-PH(EN'X SOCIKTY - * t a ineMiLg ./the I'l oihax tj he u <a t >uL*iay eveuinf. tii* loliowiuc officer* v?r? eiAoted : J. J. hi .?, l'leiuJeiit; I). Oa ltli\n Vice President ; l)aie A ttruanan, f reaaurer ; ana Jamci Kya-, re.retary Thia ?ooiet* will ai et at the Exa'ianf e H^tal next LIN 1>AY c,VL>i.N(>.at7 o clutlc. A f*;l and punctual attendance is requested ii JAMfcS RYAN, g?. nT7? MUTUAL FIRE IN-?t'HAN E COMljj PANV ur 1>. K,.?r<jT Cff.-T.e Annul mt of ths mem'jftra will be h -iu at t ie office of the C'impur on M<>Nl?A* NtXT the* ih inaia;.t. at 1> o'clock- when an eleotioa will te he.d tor seven M *na?er? to serve lor the ensuing jeir. Bi oraer : ja. 17 it CHARLES WlI,S?ON.?eo. y-w??sPIRlTUALI#M.-Mr?. E C. MOKHIH, Ls the cel?br?te r-pinta&i Madintn, is ia this oity anii wil. r* jeiv? those vti<> may desire to in loauga e u:e j>nen< meua SB dup.ajid through h r evrf dvr a-id evening, %t her Rooms, 49 i K st, corner of Filth st. Hours trom 10 a. in. to 10 p. m. ja!7-2t* rse?THK ANNUAL MF.K.T NG OF THE i ^ "*oekhoM?'s of the AMKHI' AN TELEGRAPH i.U.UPANV wi'l bo ua d at th* oflioe of the Company. f\o. 145 Broalwa?, in the City of \*w York. on WEdNLDUAJ, 'he 29th cay 01 January instant, at 12 o oi< ck ni CAMBRIDGE LIVINGSTON, ja 15 1 w* Sreoreiarf. ;T~?LICENCE- POK bU!? SJS Retixttr't OJlce. Jan. M.F62 Natloe is hereby *iv*u thai to'-nsta issued to owners of Dogs expired De ember 3ist. and tt at said lioeces mu-t be icn vfd in o mslitiioe with a<&* othisedeof in teu il**s. j v 16 4t 6AM E Dol :?LAS? -- ?vgin?vi NOTICE TO HUCKCTKR*. J, -f Kttt>ster't (ffi e, Jan. 14, 'WS. Notioe it Hereby t *?n that lio*n?ei laansd to iiuot*t?r? ex n red i>ecemi'?i S'fct, and that fa d lioet mu i t>e reneveJ, id o' mpliauoc wita law, a' ?hi? c(5 je,'n ten ftsys jai4?i SAM. E. LKM.6LA8S, Refiiter, v^r? T M*F GE?S* VIRGINIA I ? y ND THfciC.-The Firat Kefiment of fca'tera V.'g.nia B lead* is e?p-oia Ij >rgai< x?n to provide lortbu-e who hate b.-en driven tbeir h imM and a 1 faci ltie?of trau?pcrt%iion ?ill b? fnrnis'ied from am qua te/a they may be. 1 be hend?u *rtere I* lu Aiexa,?i<tn* T..?? - ?- w - ? ? i a uv v m U??UlO " guard, but for act ve rervio- in Virtinia and l? r.-., id * fi in* up. Kufncoea ah-aid n u M muled by statement* or re prea^'ation* 'o tue ooD'rary. Lull "> F. VVHU^hY, Captain I'O" pan* a, J a 14-#o4t |Fir?>t Ri>tiinwrt K. V tf. J~y?NOTlCK TO TAX PAYE*?. Cullictok's Ornci. ( 1 Wl> .title*. Dfinbf *1, 1*61 ( No'ice ia hrrflb; givm to a.i pernio* iu arrears for (ur>, ?h ther *a?, apeoiol, o' aouiia! tax. that unlesr the same 1* p&ic *t line office before u>e lat dat of '- bruary next the prop rtt on which the tax 1* due will tftea be advei tiecd an i sold, u the lawdueota. .... Tb"*? who wi?h to avoi't the heavy rxpenM of tarwiU *% fttft mwCP* * . *'I I d* 2>-*otFebl Collector. fV^p-THK UNION PRAYER MEETING Will jJ? be heid each ciajr true weak iu tue New Yo k Avt-uas Church, Rev. Dr. Gar>j'a,)coiiune&Jicg at 4 o olook p m? to b? ooatinaed on* hour oa.j. d? ao 11\ EGGS. 1U BBL8 FRFJH BUTTER, SO k?(i for bakers' For sale at ja U } ' Corner >4 e?re#t an4 Pi mw. E WATCHES! NGL18II, PWlBs. ANU AMERICA N WAT' HES, aG ! ' and Si.var Cmn, embracing every maker of cel.-britr. A la>ge aaeorun jut uu hand and offered aanial'T loW M. W. BRO., J?wel!er?. 49% t"?. a?e., 4 c'oor* trevt'of j?l?-8*. tfihiopiaie.] Brown'* Hotel BL ITER, BUT I tH. HUJTtR !-Wf o<r rooMviug tjr eip ei* from Naw Ycrk, We#k'y>i?/Af? GOSHEN BOTTER, re wbi> h we r<.*peotfall j call tk* aLenuon oi* fun* lliM ltd oUon BROWNING * KEATING. Hi Fa-uaj^an!* lT?!<g), bnweeB JtUtW (J7thiM. J^ICH MILITARY 0<K)UBI fT*Mt.uiiOB Hwonia u4 f at ara. Extra fcoa Paatita Utlia aid hpanlattaa. V uu?, I rebla, and Single " o* f?M?Dta, Smbro dar d xe.u, B ??jrd Kaota 4a Tka a' ore. with a coraiet* a aort*aiit of avary daaorlpitai of MUitar* G?-d , ja t r*o<MVed. M. W. QKi T A BKU?

Ja?a;lari, 344 Panru avanna. Four d. o vaat of Irowa'a notal. |k |B n I,' v, i h*rlB< I taken room* lo.-? tfcort Urn*at 4SO fnnnlv?u? I'Miii, wii be pw>p?'?.on O.AtiU uiti. o rtr? verbal dfert jtioni o; ibi.aotor, t ilttti with Csart*, to all ? bo m*f omn. ?a ct??vrr^^Dolia^ahoBBauofBUiaBtdoilaj xtf* lor ok\rt?. A ill-o-wnt mad* rn partiM of or*r in p riori; U*ouue~iUiMt aooorapaay ac Oio? 460 1t*o aavMt*, n >rtb ?id?. batvMaSd a*.d 4* .t?. Oftoe boar* froa *. m. to 9p.m. jalllf' / M VERY LATE FROM THE SOUTH. Rrbrl Arniitt ! Garfield's TkUrjr-Mwc Friwitri ( im p^trih-Thf R?k?l ? ! dler? lidifuat-Wt B.*ck?de the PoUMI. From the Richmond D'*patch and Norfolk Day Book, of Thursday last, we obtain the following tt??na The victory here chronicled U the atampede referred to in the official reports of Colonel Garfield: An Engagement 6* Gen H Mir skill's Foreet ? Dr*p'*ntt HmJ to Hand Conflict?Suetett of the Confederate*?The Enemy on a Buil Run Tramp?r?eo Hundred of the Yankee* "Spiked" ?Our Lost '25 Killed, and 15 Wounded. Bv Telegraph, specially for the Dally Day Book Ltschbcbg, Jan. IS?Intelligence has Joat been received here by the TenneMea train, of a battle which took place a few mtlea beyond Preatonbnrg, Johnnton cwinty, Kentwkv. between General Humphrey Marihall, with 3 &0 men, and the Federal? Iitimh?il?n? ?? ri- ' _ ? ? ... vw ^ 'uv vjrtin ai iflVi* bail wan retreating when be wu attacked. The j enemy came upon him while iu a narrow gorge | The engagement ia reported to baVfe been one of tbe moat desperate tbat baa taken place during the war. Col Moore's regimei.tchargrd tbe enemy A hard-to-band conflict ensued, which lasted half an hour. The Federal* fought gallantly, but finally broke and ran In Bull Runatyle Marshall's force being exhausted and so much mail* r than enemy, fell back to Prea'onburg J be Confederate 1 >* ! twenty-five killed and ftfteen wounded Tbe enemy lout oyer two hundred. Tbe information was brought to Ablngton by participants in tbe battle COL. JOBS a JACKSON &PP0I2ITBD BRIGADI**8111111 RtCHMOXD, Jan 15 ?John K. Jarkaon,Colonel of tbe Fif^ Georgia, and Commandant at Pensacola, ha^been appointed a Brigadier-General He tf not a graduate of "Weft Point," bat an emcienx, exrenenced military officer, and mi warmly recommended by Gen. Bragg for promotion. cottos a*d *coa* g0i5o ifokth j Nasrvillb, Jan. 14.?It baa been d!?tincly at- | certalned tbat considerable quantltlea of cotton and au^ar have recently been set t In wagous through Kenturky to the Ohio river for the North. It was anpposed to bare been atnt from Clarkaville ISCA PKD YANKFE FltlONIll. Two of the Yankee prisoners, confined In thia city, eacaped from priaon on Mondiv One of them waa recaptured ytsterday.? Enquirtr, 15iK THE KkBKL SOLDIBHg ISDIGNAXT. The bill r^pofed 1n the innate by the committee ?n Military Affair*. for ralaine and organici tn ?1-? - ?- ?- *- ? " ? * * ins ?quow OI me confederate sriDY, wa? tak n up y> sterdav, and ?oni? few emendmenta were adopted It will fcerea'ter be considered In secret *e*slon, bat we will endeavor to obtain a copy for publication as soon as It Is perfect* d The volnnteer* In tbe camp* are In a t f hljjh excltemerit in regard to tLe subject, and while Ihey express a willingness to re-enlist, under officers of their own choosing, If 'be State ne*d? their services, tbev ere It dlgnant at tbe prospect of what they term "coercive legislation" OFFICIAL REPORTS. Congress has ordered the publication of Ibe official reports of all ?be bottles, Including tbe rrwirts of Johnston and Beauregird of the battle of July Slat TO BB Ri BUILT. Ii Ibe State Senate, on Wednesday, the bill to provide for the reconstruction of the r<>adi betwem theOrange sn t Alexandria and ManaaB&a Gap rallroxd, and the Richmond and Frederlckib urjf and Potomac nilroad, wa* taken up Seve rsl anri< ndm?nt* were elaborately disc wed, and finally the bill was laid on the tible. FtOM THE POTOMAC?THK PC5SACOLA kVN? THE BLOCKADE. [From tbe FrederickiOurt. Rero'der. Jan. 14 ] On Saturday morning. the Mount Vernor was obaerved to be comtiu tin th? rn? tn?? "m creek, and our mm tbir king she ventured In ratter too near, let nilp the dojja of war at ber, firing two t>bot?. both of wbicb miaaed ber; tbe Mouut Vt-rii- n did not respond. 1 be firing, on morning ja*t before day, proceeded Irom tbe >mtterie* at Kvansport.wbich bad opened on 'h* F'ensacoia aa abe attempted to r.un tbe bU* kade of tbe ti*ttrriea Just before day on' men at tbe upp?r bitterlra beard a a?und of iVam, and commenced firing by mound, rlubtly supposing it proceeded from tbe Pena*cole, wtiicb, bnviug been for me tim- "cornered" in Washington, wai trying to make ber way out Thin wa? kept up all tbe way down aa far aa our guna extended, aome lbirty-nln~ abota in ail b?1rg I'r wn, but '.t is be l?-v~d without au ceaa, j lin-miou aa ane paaf^d Aquia Creek, running ve y awtfllv, and wlttont any aaalatanc* The i mm U ?i? * " ^ in^<ui|Miijrin^ uer oV l"'Var> p?rt liaiteflea, and which w?'re observed joat at they were all getting bv, were douhOw merely an eacort as * precaution a^alnct an r.ccldeut, and fir the pnrpoae of ttndrrliig asiiatance, abould any b.' 'fd^d At the Fenaacoln paaaed the Creek the balterlea gave her two parting ehota, but without doing any damage. The exrute made bv thoee Id charge of the guna for the failure to slrike la that the ateimer waa running very f^at, and that a thick fog waa prevailing at the time Without meaning tc criticiae the blockade, we m'?at be nermlt. fd to ay. that aa for efficiency it la about as next akin to no blockade at all aa could well be. gUCKBKIN GLOVE 8^~ Ramsbu'gr & Efoert, 105 High ltfckxr, GkOhUbTUM A'. D. C. Tho onij maouftotn-era of Gsnnin* BUCKSKIN HLOVKfc. MII.ITARV GAUN TuKTb, aod MITTENS in the District. OffioerR' Gaunneta mvio to order. rn"^>>rin i)raw?f ?n<i t*hirt?. j t '8 Ft It HAM'S EXCURSION. From Biltiaaere to Pf^w York and rrtorn (9.00 Ta Boatoii. and rtt?? ? ?*? *" - , ? - ? ? ? ? Tioke*t lor *a e at tbe NATIONAL. HOTEL. Where j'urther particn art miy tie had. Tiine for .caving Washington expires on ?ut January. Tickets good to re a n any day before M&rob lit. jalT-ff 0 "\| ADAMk H. ta-i b ' c< nmited npon ail effi rt i'l o Life, Love. Courtship.ana iviarr a"?? i ever known t? fail. Ca'l ani sea ter, at No. Twetti??h street. corner of L. ja 17-2." % a o u ?? ?* ? * ? 'I n c. D 1/ " K W 1 L ' H f" ' V} E HER IT J. -o^o" lor Ki clith a-.d Frsnoh Monuay, January ??th, New Yutk4veuu?, betvMn 3'^ and '4th ft_) j* >7 i6&-a?6c FfR >ALK?On? or two hack CARRIAGES, in ruul order. with HortM and Harr e<? e >mi> et?. It qui-e at Mr. K AIM \ '5 atatlfl, back oi tbe Naticnil xio'ei. jal7-2t* ' Cn Arta^WAMiGoLDAMDMLVKR FOR OUjUuU HAi.t.-l'. S. 1'reaeury Note* and Di?ir>ot Cur anoT w*nl?i. K1TTKNHOU8E, FANT * CO., Biukers, rei? l?"?wn'? j*17-lw [Suo. chron | 33 l P?. wecof. NOW 1- YOUR ** 1MB TO BUY OVKKof at?, Paiite an<* V >? ?, at \ew N >ik pria??, at fftllTtt'S, No. 460 8?v nta Btreet. op?o?tt? P.ut (iffioe j> H d.m The branh army it* ?dvanoimj towarda^MI_TH'!*. No. * 60 Seieatu atrtot. lo crt tome 01 ma ?#raat Kv f& n> in lo-unr, I- m nUbioc G oda. H???i d Cap*. j% 16-dlm FOR 3AL.fc.-An ina-M..daa*. r<i. H.EEsHiP now do:n; a gold ai d thriving buaitieaa, in a aplaudul looal"y. A p?'y on lb * p.emias*, about roO? north of t'rlumba C ?Ib<6 ar or of & orcetovs road ; or ro H B FbNNEK, 54* D itr?et, ue*r Iftth. J* 16 8t* S FURNITURE' R\ FURNITURE! Vfll FUHN1TURE! '* Look to T'or Jn"rMt?, Purchaaara of CABINET FURNITURE, and o?! at lion Hail, hern you will tod tba and I ai aaaortrd atook to b# and in Waat iatiu". otit-raciDf u jr oonraivabla ran# y nroaaaary to foratab a boaaa conputa, and at ariooa waioti oeft ooanaati ton. * ko r ELKK * WTLLfON, P(nnnl>an:a aven.i*. hat ath I* 15-aift* ' ' yooud M>d Talrd~Fioor?.*~ TIIK COPARTNERSH P Heretofore ixiitiDf utiuer tu? ntiusof L flovcs t Co, tat this a*? b ?u oiMoiTfei b* aiatavi uoureat. Cwxiis HcTC??L't?-< u nuU>ori??d to Wttli Uw *lfki. wi Um Win. L. RVVCK & OO. J uurr 13.18M J? 1ft ? ,VABHIPf?T<N. J* viiAii V 1* n No flT^ S?\rwil?UUT. The u%?e ?ti ? da* 1 roneda copartner hip. ander the uar o' gwumr St Hctci. lor tne puipoaf o( eooduoiinr aa KicM?|e, Coll etiuB, Land Wariaat, ud oeatrt! Baaiixg Batin Br rrompt and ftithfnl att-nUon to kUMii va bote to merit the oonfideno* aud prort at the "h~? Rial to Hons#, ioiWM?l eornsr D and Ninth strmti. O'BRIEN k i>EHOU, Haerairroae ww H?nv ww |v? |v?> im ovil OK UT6TSKS Ift Oemw m p u?l Natt it*, nrbtrt do ion gat tb* t*?t of LiqiORS atd ^JSk-rej'sssk. ,i#i# * wunmnii, d. c , hkciiTi i*m. removal. ^ A. BIMIIfCER & CO. EA*1 / N?. 519 PENNSTLTANIA ATllfTS, orroairi WILLARD9' HOTEL. We Invite (be attention ot oer friend* and patron* to the Card below: No. 819 Pimnsylva.xia Avmn, ) (<rppot\l* VTiUarft HoUl,)\ The Subscriber*, having opened * Branch Establishment In thi* City * few month* since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from ita friends and the lover* of pare and gennlne WINES, LIBORS, and other articles In their line, have determined upon a continuance and extension of their business Their assortment embraces FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various sge, brands, and dlstrtets,) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WB18K1RS, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, he. Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complaints, fever and agae, headache, sod the Ilka. M a nvi P a STiirnpv a dii?t triv so uwm ? I vn 1 '? 1 . * OOy CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE, AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties aa4 Prlcrt. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO AL90, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, 4c , Ac. The Stock wu particularly selected to autt the wanta of Hotel-Keepera, Sutleri, Reatauratenra, A.c They are InvlUd to vtalt the eatabllahmeBt, which la under the direction of Mr. Joa. P. Wilson Owln? to the fact that they Import moat of the article* direct, and to their many buatneea facilities, they are enabled to offer their stock Gooda at very low prices. Your obedient aervanta, A. BINIRGER * CO., Imports* of Foreign Wintt, LiquTt, ft. Ja 11-tf "N*w VORE a.Id Washikotos. EYE AND EAR. No. 887 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orrosiTi WILLARO'd HOTEL. Oculist and Aurlst. nil F. A VON MUSCHZIUER, * ivu* wuhiuu * WJVI .ic w i urm* IIM rriTM LIB U it> ?cd npenod hi* ofioea at 227 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. where he o*n bs e^ieu'teo on Maladies of the EYE AND EAR repairing meiical and sargloal treatment. Dr. Vo!? Mo*cHzi*Kts le the Inventor ud introducer into the meiual praot:oe of the EPHKHIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the tr?*tme*t of obstinate sum of DEAFNESS AMD NOISES IS THE READ He u also author or the letters published la th New Ycrk aal Philaielphia papers treatint on th? prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OF CAN NON, ft. Dr. Von M hat lor tne past fourteen yean devoted his f pecial attention to the TREATMENT OF TBI JE VIP ANTi CiR An' f ueiwi the tettimomala of tome ol the boat known pnblio man in the Union, who h? ? been m it *?o?eafully tre^tel by bin for tba RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. Am'nic*t hia lettera m*y bs fonnd tba following narnea: Hons. G Pacta and John Mo Lean ; Bar. G. G. Mo len, Major C. U Kilburn. U. 8. Army ; Right Rev. B (hop Blano ; George Gordon, Cm Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Baca, Eaq , Preelden*. of th* GooJhne P. I. Company, New Yo k ; Robert Glover, Eaq , Di'Ootor of tha NaU..l n ?a* *? ? ~ viuii?i D?nt il Vy?'UI P?"'T , HBW 1 Ofl { If. 0? Lamar, K#?i , Preerteat Rack of the Republio, New York ; aid many othere,wnoniat whtoh are medical men cf wall known reputation. Theee lett-r* may ba examined at hia office, j Patie'ta *i?b hi their family phyreiao to actomr'DT tliem tj witneaa operations or lor tbe purpose ol eoasu I ration are at liberty to bring them M'dioal men will be at a'ltimea we loomed to witcees Dr. Von M ' operation*, and examine oire < f the instrument i he ha* introdaoed for the facilitation of Uptkalmio aad Aural Sargery, Arti Acta! Eyea inserted with oat o&naing any pain | to the patient. Oft:* ho ira from 9 a. ra. to a p. m and from S to 5 p. m. Jell m Dayton's Bakery. nok NEW YORK BRANCH, No 466 Eleventh St., b*tnwn O mud H, WASHINGTON. D. C. * 8PON0K BUTTER CRACKERS, - BOSTON CrtACRRRS. ^ " WAI8HORACKLEA. * SOD \ CRACRK*H, - WATER CRACKER*. LEMON BtttCUI C. - CdebrUxfMlNCE PIE8. Hotel ke*Hn. B?di ot PtailtM, ud NUtn art lnntad to tor ov omIMdI?1NCE PIK?. tmstTmonul. 0aut !oon,Sryt,I.Ml. Mi. Dattow? 8? i All of u?, botk oftMn Mi private*, have iU frMly of yoar Pi*. I ui ooa elanMousty itata that so au la oa U? Mok Hoi from partaklafof tham. To toll th? feratfc. w ara haart-aiok btwiM w out got ?no?(k of Ui*?, Tk*r ?re tfc? ?air tml iuary w? ktrt had liMt w? left kM*. K. Ttjwin, Bvi?oa, cr ihMOMt to ti? TltdO. i. L. DAYTON, Jlll-li IM Hwwtli i>, Wxiiiw^k. P Q? BO? v\ ELt'l Medicated OMfh Cmmdy, P*r COUGHS, COLDS. B&oxcBrrrs. INFLUENZA, HOAHSESFbS, And mil irnmfm / Cwumftum. H#? rater T' *' !? Wiw*l. Aail b? Unm?mni i?MnJ>i. )?It ft* H0"" '*?#? , AUCTION SALfctv THIS AKTERlfOOff + TO-MO K ROW FUTURE DAY?. &ZAJ2fJ?K!2LSu I OiwW# #VM m MMI I* ?* G^.'^SSBKvWfflWWS {patent, at will Ml , at t*<? Ancti-n romh Tuiow nnni.M MIrwwiw. UMWnuTwiMl Cuto OtArd, Dm?i ft C*. Hp L^c*r Fr?r* Ptrnli wirt . Ortrw ft Boa*', ftk* ?. Mi|t?l?, M4 0tk*r WMUiw, B?lNPi?tNtkbW>, Pi M* Box-* Kutwr f D?'" Ck#m, Bis? NMkM, Md CMM Wkiaki W< Wuw, we p*:n h(W> Boots IM WoolM J*ock?. Cw? DniMiMr. Muitr. llmlm>Nr, Z???ifr*M?ir,M< oUMr 6*rMaL?Mn. CtMaC^Mi, Moriu ud M Jc ien C:?nt. Mmt> Vn?fir, sm *ww Ct*?r, Fim* J?vaic* Sjiriw n.d CofKM Brud?, CMM 8*r? a*.. OBM ml A <* a Art* lot of tfociri. iiff#ro?t Br*rd?. JA IS WALL A BABNAKI). A?to. * irr WILL BE ADDED TO THE ABOVE a.!*,and anil for te?ou( of tha mmumw. C ?' S*n Maok Ouitlito j* 11 WALL ? ?AH*A?P. A?cti. By WALL A BERNARD \*el oimt*. TWO N*> W PPJtlNO COVH*M? WA?"K8 AT Acctjow-Ui TUI8DAY M^KWIflO. Januar? In W0 wi l Mil, IB trout if lb* Aaol.oa Koori.i.n i#<*e!o k ? T^O NKVV OoVKltD SPRIN8 WAGONS T*'*l Uik i>l? WALL A BA1WABP A?M? By J. C. McGl'IRfc. A CO . A?o lotM.t. HOUBKHOl D PL'RNJ TURK AND ErvscT* at AtrriOK-4>aTHlK9UAYMOKAlM), January a. coir marc nc at .0 n'aket wa ?h*!' ? i MniiJiUM Nv 41# Mi 4TT, waat ?4a Tllf tMlth Street. MVMt PN>|?flttUtt*WMW4 O (trMt. all tM hoassboid ?ffe?U tb*r?ia ; w uai to wrt ^ Mairc.oth go as ud Parlor CJiair*. g M*rble to* On'er and ?ii2? M Mahof?n? Fiteosioa Dimes T?*U, % Two Mahogta* &de mlM or P *U tends, Oak Fr<noa Din ac ?nd Cane-seat Keoepttoa t ?Chair?. _ . 9 Turkuh Red Car*aina. Gilt Coruoa and Sbadee, Grecli C?in iCartain . %u,\* 'op Kr i im Lu raiia^Wwhitaadi, Mahoraay. w*ln?t. and Paired d? Mat.oc*ny. Wa tat, ud Cotca?e B?d?t ads, Hair, Hu- k. and ? o t a and Hiik Maitree*es. F(?iMr B?'?, Bo'?ter? a d Pillowa, ronforis, Qui t.. ll aok?t?, fca. 4 e.. One ^ainttMi tottai* luabtr Haite. Od* kanittoii# O b%n>?i's ard Cai red Ciroalar, Bedstead imeored (roia itpu, - -- ? - WH I Huca. *?. I To??tu?r wi n a injf lui f ^-oo.* MMtui, < h na. t> a*a *4 ekarj W. r*. Oh?imK*r *n"f P?rtn- "Ho***, Cook nc Suitn aad K.I lira Rrqainte*. Tnira cut. j% 17 'a J C MrG> I'K * CO., A acta. A I CHUN CALK OF WOOD L * M) ON WAbHIN?T<>N M. R -T>*a> bao-nar will mi i at Anrapo i Jan tior, o*> s*t? d *. J - .tb k, l&J. 3' ior*< < f rt O' <J La- 4. b ad off oa Um rail road. Wood contract ra ?r? ant ? t > M n't. for nr o i ara a?pj to M. U\MO <. * ?C Paul ?., BaiUwora. jan 15-lt* ???? ? ~s - bull oa urj am? ttfaJNT. oiTf'eVT?Fir?t a>< Sti OON P 'FLOE a"d B* DKOON tm ('it fl ?? , )? | thebe-*?ty e Ca , at ISA fc (tract, & '* < a 9 k 4 r? i m ? ? ??? *?* ? ? ? ? rH'< R'lsntu nui'fs rUK Kfc.NI' IN G <""?RG b ? O vv ?a rum( r??b ? d Hon*? OtBtair in- 7 ronmi wi'Mij a t) I kk ? ?i.a v ct'a ro>n. vi 1 b*r??t*d at .1 a' - . a rood t*> a t, aj p y to A MY UK, n " i A II C B* k or to v b. BAKfcARiN. No. *? t ? inn pronto* a? J i |?UR WAt.K-An old c-Ukl'ihw) RE TAUK- I " ? VT ??i| ?t cfc? a~* ?m? itrd n'tat J ui Pnurlvk ia it > t?, U u t'i| a ?*. ii). i ui? rw%ar?i>i u*> uis bi ( fl *?r of a larce a-?i ocim diau* t *?-?t ? 'rick d?( n*. oi whi?*? t or* it a thraa y *? 1?- aa a"-d wiefc wi 1 ba incUdad in th* a*'* ? ! i>?e ?bor?. For forth* r part'oalar* ?pply >- waaa tb# no?r ol 9 and a 'Viwl a* Sn 58 i^oaitiaca aretaa. a jar sutu ttraat )an ! ' AIBN KLKOANT FRONT R OM. wirn tf<a d. c*n be har1 at No 494 Ttu-U'ath street, tKH <!o-?r from 0. YcnutV pernoitkicrow.orfV for two P^aonr ja 1? COR (AI.E-T*? ??i?? of i??i * < I-**" I" w thia UBI mile of Bo ?? !! and Mkr bun*?-?r Ch*p -I; to be ?od br (lieSi of I DT?*r?. IMS. Kor pa-Hew.*r? irantre '? or adrtreaa THOHaS H'CKEN, Belta villa, PrioM Goor.e'* a-a*?y, Md- J?J? IJOrK'. IN vv 4t?HI.NT?>rf rjTY FO* n :* ALE?The Proprietor of a H i*. la o<tr. o<c'aii>in* about one hundred ro > > . and dome an excellent bu-ioe\? w.ahaa to diipM* of th? earn* in ord r to chat g? hi* bumeeee. Per* ne who oannot e< m-nand a oaabotp tal of tioM fife to tan th"i?a< d do a a r>e-d rot aas j. J A" r. MrGCINK k. CO . ja i<-*t Auotwip and Co^-mmion Mere fan t?. PH?KT!0<V OP A WILL FURNISBKD HOtIJ?E Pf?K RKMT ?Tl?a a^Sroritoerf ara aa'honmad to l?t a p rtion of a KIKMBICD J HOUSE. m t-a mmviKvt* noini j of the poh; Qffeoa Departmen , comprising targe Par or and Chamber, i?| Room Kitohea anc Stable. Trie duunc ro >m hua baa-mert entrance, and *on<i mai? r. fati faet-ry re.'e enceare^ai ad. Atflr to J *3. C. McGv. IRb 4 CO., irtfc and I) alfu'i ? ? j * vi _ ARARR CHANCE.?Th? iroyriftor of tk? City Hot?!, eta) nay first cm Hotel n w open n Ai?xaD<fia V%.,) : <1e-iroua to r?ti from baaib??a. an-t ?ill ??JI, for a fair riec. u ? FIRNiIl RF.. FlXTlRfc.8 and GOOD wl L ofthe bone?. H ulcus wi ! te-inmate on the l?t ofjacaa y 1869. bo: the p r pertr tu ?o foabt b? i?aa?d for a'i iong?r torm at a wod?ra? reit. Thi? Ho:?l ia n?v dome. ?i.a bu lor mat y y?art dooe, a 1 arte and profiting bo?ic??. lbc-o??ir? of th? in4(ni(D?dto r<*tir? from pob'io ban-M la th? only inducement to ?ali, aa he o<>d d not hop? to ?rgaxe in ot? more proiteki*. K?r to. ma aul pat;ou ar? app.r to J AS A. K \G! IrH.rhn n an tno' i'd to Brfotiat?, or to th* und>r?icno<l. >al5-tf b^M'I- HKFLKM>WR?. FAw M FOR BALK?I will Ml or e*ehai?????r o ty property a l-arm <>f J7?> a~rea < f land, Tin rir?i improved, ba'ar.e* in wood,a ti:a *d on* ir. on th? ra lro%4 at B?i'?*ilt? an t twelve n i ?? -11J bom Waahiact n Fri e $? per aor?. A?p'y to ? >?. P'liii.tT j?U 1?* V FUR RhlXT?Two pi?a*Mit koom". n?a*:y f' 'v rr. ati?d, id a lirat-olaaa r?st?enos id *i eorg?- 1 to*n. with boa d. To a permanent t?- art Urmi will b? ECoderate. Ar? rat 1 61 Weat at ,6eorr? town. d? 17 U rOFT TO RENT, aeoond floor *16 K ftr?t. A WTl II ? ha * ? J ? UUW . t* UJ 1'V IHk I lr* l JH the ator< J?t? FOR K KNT? With or wi'boat r*^. ? Mttij f| fun?t?be?i and HITTING ROOM 1 ard a fine BHD ROOM at'aobed. ai No 4A0 Twe'ftu street. rt<l tide. between G aad B a??. The lo alcon ie n* of the mm' pleasant ard oo?v?ment in Wa^Mnjton. * *o. the room* ai* rerj de^ira^le. No ahiMren ia the how?. ja lVtw |_| A.MSO HKMSHKU ROOM*.? 11 Poor HKwm r Faratahed Koorce.euer ?d with ias aau water, and convert'at to tie Paiett and Poet OCae L/eparti.ienta, for rrct. Aff Jl OH Ma?-*'b*Mt;? areine. north ude. bf w*?a ?tb A id Mb eta M0 nEPOT QUA RTKR METER'S OFFICE. I" WteB^e-oR.D C.. Ju.14 k "ft Ssain f aori ?At? will be raoeivao at ttu C aaul lio'a o k in , 19cfc in-ian\ fcr eecui.- ? -oeKat a point to he designated tj the 1> p ? tjuar?a>Ur. near the Reload Depot ia tr. e e>K <*M") K VK TH L>AM? Ct U* ?- HARD W<?OD th wo??4 to !* cat f^ur f t!onr,u. ep't to tha e a ofor ituary ord or mere hat. able w . and to br oorded to rmo taar fe-t kick, the wh oie to Ik delivered on or before the Ka day ol Febra ry. <*?. ?ua bi toe rateoi < i?' ?> e i ana ^ alo kftr eor?a p?r day, tha da.irery to oo niarao? *itfain ftra dwi aitar atgcini U?a a pavaaaat to b* ir.ade *o tha?a ive * o arar? (6?'? ir? iiBAond ?rd?. tfoparjte bid - T? r <9 608) tveutj irl b?n A ad o*>rd- of 'ha wood wil be rao-irad. On d MM'ity *U be r qai ad for tka ia Utal fulfills at of aMd contract Tm ar.aern*r ?d aa. va^to f.inij-alfta> rig t to reject ail lida ikM ar mi fuciu, l>f^i Quariatiaatar. _! U tT g. A rmy. LADIB8RBAL PAilS KID bLOVt? Vary I baat 4uk. tr.ail aiar* ai.c coar.a Al?o a aav aad ?tihah lot of KnbroldariM, at DUf ah* dee anfor fntaer itdm. One y.ioe only, narked ia elatn fie area Pf.RRY 4 BR.JTBKR, Jal4? Pa ?t .end Nink^rat^ K?_ ^.KJ?? LLA1,L>fc- f /.ftdiaa tfraaraa a*d ?-/ H1U. k- Klin U eil VM1I, Ml f wi on o t <la-?d tool* of pr.o??. A'*? <?*T imu sioek ?Toll of Drr ?ood? for k? ood ?uti of loauiM t - ?' k pt r i Mu?hM?r ta*v*T*kMi ?d t|VN 11 mm' m Wtn*v * brother. j?l4?r P?'i iiHMiocNuiit F A rn ~ hi OTIC*. ~ 7 / ?LL Ptraoai k*r?| uoui ta vttk nurwtfoi wii mm *>l' ood Mtf* ?k m t-f D"Ur mr ot.or VIM, if rot titJ ?U) bO la ?? h"C I ?TO A oo loetor to t?nodo. K( B r. H. uKAH M. T . _ rooo'-n.nkir. tub L It fic It B. Portio* hni| o?i<? ifftiutai ?'? WMM yreoeot tooai tor wni'it Jo 11-4.* AQA OVAL PIUTTTK FKAM. b | cr iN tnu ^ Tk* Itu^oinw. *mcrtmrri t/ 0>n F ?<ir? r r?ac? is Uii 7, *ro? tb# teal mmiuJa i^nt mi Ik* < vim oM a i 11? vpknuiiHt vui ba Ai?? tiB'abfr '-t? maH *r No. 4?? Tm ? 1 rt, 11 14 "*IMI w'tiil. ALLMK> F*Uto t Ik VICE IM|>< (U?d PltUftM* ?!( Oi C-MMII Uaa iku Nmt V? k *r;a v, M Uw P#< *V. 1 i? klag f??ra. > . 466 HrTfitti .tr*5i. |?Tfl? fear. k*jt y a >ho? at tM Mr. WW' atra?t Mi tvr?cA , a It" a . > ENII "1 la ki 4 ai Inn^a of iM M&W*' PV^ai 'ir oa p?> > ? ? HMftlri'* Ko-?! iJn-Miix.aai .- itji'iir ? ?- ?-a . | ' XMLOOP. | OOLDIK48 JU.-T hKIVKNU) f& * J .

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