Newspaper of Evening Star, January 18, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 18, 1862 Page 3
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k f ?i tjQCAL NEWS. Nottc* ?b?Tlnr for many rtri friated i br H"t? of remaining uncalled for la tb? r ?t ort'< + of thU eltr, (order the law aatbor', 0. ? p"hMr*?inn la the Itewarap^r baTln* tfc- la'*?-?t clrrntatlnn within tbe nanal delivery of *v? o?< *,) tbe nroprtetor of tbe Sfr baa at >n?*b frit compelled to decline tbelr further lnaertlon. hecanee of th? gmt apace they bare rome to orr^py and ?f the f?<*t tbat for moatba " * * ? -? km nn m.)i DP n?* or-n inrrm ?" rw-<*ul?Mi. when printing tb? "eta. ?awrt1*iDent? thf iiwfrtlnn of wWrk would hive paid at least m a? d?nhte *i much as tLe law allowed htm for the lew-r !* ?. _ . In addition to thin pcsltlTe pecuniary lota by tb?'r inaertlon a1n?-e tho?e 11?ta nave come to he m larre as the New York city letter Hate, they PI t??* ?ntlrelT?on tbe day oo wb'ch tbev were printed - defeated h'a pnrpoae of irnkln? the S'ar alorava a newspaper?news being ita well-known speciality. __ r AxtanuiTa To-Ni?ht. Taaanra ?The striking play of "Camllle," aa f rv i _ a% a. m ? K_ J ii * < i fniFi yrr-n n iDf or rotor,# tna ior urcv - i uur Ufe'a In Danger " CiraiarVa.?A ?aptt*l bljl of Ethiopian aorjft, dun***. borle?qne?. flnte and Tlnlln aoloc. it* , he. to rmte'nda with the great after pi we, " Tbe "tatoe Low." Cartbbbvxt Ball ?Sixth night of the celebrated negro delineator and comic actor, A. J. Talhot, In a new bill crammed with oddities. Don't forget thla thelaat night of Ward In hta gre't feat on the tori* volanti. AstrniTHCATxa ?Twelfth night of Dan R'ce, and a splendid programme of performance* by the entire amphltbeatrlcal troupe. An opportunity of wltneealn? the nna-coun'able capera of tbem mnlea" should not be mined by any manner of means. umo* Music Hall?New and un'que per. formanc^a by the whole company, ImmenMljr at, / tractive to tbe fnn-lovlng public. Oob FtLLowa' Hall -WymaB, the celebrated * ventrllrqnlst and magician, In maryeloos f??ts of prestidigitation, and with moving and speaking automatons Acaj>wmt ot Mr?ic, Pennsylvania avenne, between Ninth and T??nth streeta ?Open all day, with free concerts at 3 o'clock. LvcTtraz o? Ruv M* Coswat ppois Emakcifa-io*?Last night. Rev M D Conwav, of Cincinnati, delivered tbe aevsntb lecture of the winter rourae before the Washington Lecture Asxrctat'on, st the Smltb?onlan; subject, "The G?>ld?n Hour " The attendance wa* considerably 1*m tt'an npnn previous occasion*, a fart partlv due, doubtless, to tbe disagreeable condition of tb? utrrfh A Ter comparing the population and interests of the two aect1o??? of our cojspt'y. and dl?rn?alng th? coors" of Genenil Hafleck with regard to lave*, the lecturer claimed that Congress ban no rl -bt. In tbe f?ce of the common sense r>f the country, to talk abont deallne with the lnstit??'on of ilaverv as our fathers dealt with it That ?? gnarded bv onr ftth?ri w?? not 'he inst'tnt'nn which to day stabs at the heart of the Government When It wns not sinews of war. a weapon a??ln?t >he country, it was protected, bnt when It assumed its p?e?ent form it became the dntv?f everv msn to wipe not that the ooly thin? which I m. threatens Conpre?? W*s ?Worn to aeenre to th? people of ey?ry Pt?t? ii repnbllean form of govfrnnmt F.minrip->tlnn w?a i military necessity, If Ih# IIf? of but on?(f t>nn->M'?rilii ?nd?rif?rMl, ?* *l*v?rv nnmiMpat?d run? and tbe life of . 1 tb? aold'er '? vrr>??h ?onr>Mhine I* T>e a^nthe'n St*t*a bare pnt th#tr rnnrts Into the herd* of criminal*. and d'atovfdali pnwfr b7 which ?h?v held ,?v I' the el. vr? of even a loyal man w?re to rnir? ?o ojr lines at Hilton Head th?y could not h* dcl'??red op. ; ? there is noeonrt to decide the q<i??Mnn of property or 'h?'? loyalty Wh'n a?>e?*?lnn ?wp( fhr^n-'h the ?onth It destroyed eyrv law ttronjib wh'ch ?he ?ove'nmcnt w>i hound to protect tb* Inatitntlon, and eccee?1on was ?manr1ra l-?n *"** 1th ala. erv untoiu bed th* rcb?la are our rqnala In tl e fl?!d I bey can fl ?tit while th*lr f< w millions of alave* are at work <n tb? fl-Ida.;?|?lrflns? ??" dnr? witbont remuneration The* kn'*** very r*V mid arrihii'C?d*. er?rv hrldjc to he hn'icd, and every afrram to be f-"ded; bnt greater than al th1? w?? ?h? lB>tltullon of alaverv ?a an ?!'v In beatlnvr bark onr rrrora and unhvertlng th- Government The Pres'dent bad been called to b a ri' In tb? WbHe Hnu" by tbe nation to deal with tb'a lnat1?u*1nn aa a wrong and not ?a a riuht, and h? hoped ard prayed that tbe Executive wnn'd an deal with It. Without dea'roving the 11. tha nation will b* returned to ua bound band and 'eot and we shall never dare again to elect a President who tblnka alaverv wrong, nor to caat a vote without tbe fe*r of Inatirrn-.t'on Amerr* might be subjugated by m false settlement of tbla question. There was a strong bill Vefor* Congress (Mr. Trumboll'e); bat * the d'a?nl** wn? like that of walking th? ?1m?tar brdze of Mahomet. If we atep one Inch aside we might aa well atep two vards The only magical word waa, America ahall never again bold ataT a A tax should be levied to com pen **te lorsl iren for the low of tbelr slaves. The biitie of to day wm not a battle for liberty; that had been fought and won ao for as thla continent waa concerned Were It our aon, or oar daughter, or lover, or brother, that was put upon the ueMnn blo^k. or scourged by elave-drlTera, there would be no halting to erueh the Institution, and bid It beea to reaene one of them that John Brown died, we would have bathed bla f et with nr tA?n? and wiped them with our hair. [Applause and Maaea ] V% e abould d?-?*roy tbe Inatltutlon aa a bleaalnjj to tb? !*oa(h Our (to'lt w?a deep and heavy In allowing their p*?pl? to Buffer to long, and we ronat aeek to relieve them o* that which cauaea tbe rurae of tnfannv and ruin We ahould not leave a a'ngle veatige of tbe wrong: In th? country in tbree d<ya aPer a proclamation of freedom waa made, there would he but one army In tbe South, and tbat would be a borre guard The rebel army would be scattered, each man to blah^me, and our troopa would tien be "tiled upon to protect 'hem Inatead of cottlngr tb'lr tbroa'a. Tbe lecturer proceeded to depict tbe benefit* tbat wcu'd accrue to the nation by embracing; thla tbe go'den hour of Ita deliverance, and clo?ed with a denunciation rf the " wintry Inhumanity of our generals" ia holding back the army. SHf aim Com T, January 1? ?No* ?1 A ?9. John 9. Lawrence,appellants,*s iobn Denbre*ns et al . clalmans. Ac , and John S Lawrence, appellant, eg. John Denbreen* et al. The ar^nmeat of tbeae cases was continued by Mr Owen for the appellee*, and concluded by Mr. Donobue for the ?ppelleei No S3 John Clifton. claimant, Ac , appellant, n. Wm H Sheldon. Th? argum'tit of this can** wa? commenced by Mr. Donohue for the appellant, and continued by Mr. Owen for the January 17 ?Hen The*. M. Edwards, of N. H.. lid Mr Weorge M. Couum, of Proo , and Mr F E Blssell, of lov-., wre admitted Attorney* and Coun*ellors of this Court No. 486. Henry E Benaon, plaintiff In error, t* Chas Lcrman. In error to tbe Supreme Court of the State of Michigan. On motion 'f Mr. Hand, of eo?n*e.' for tbe appellee, this writ of error was docketed and dismissed, with coats N? 819. Ogllve, Ar>ile A Co , appellants, "s tbe Knox Insurance Company. Tbe motion rf Mr feookin* for a writ of certiorari was argued by bim in supp rt thereof, and by Mr Oillet in opposition tbareto, whereupon the writ was awarded No 196 Selab Chamberlain, appellant, *. Neweooibe Olereland The motion of Mr Black to intervene and d <ml<* this cauae was argued by blaa in support thereof, and by Mr. Revordy Jo^Mon in ofpoaitlon thereto. No 196 Patrick Mcl^aoablln, plainMtrin error. v? Ja* Swtn et at , garnishee*. Ac Tbe motion t* dismiss this cause w*? arsnMi h? M? I M CuptoU la support t^ereof, ud by Mr. Aloud?r Itt opposition th?ret->. Adjourned until Monday. Fo?itttb rtoH Jvsticb Captobsd? Mr Lee, chief of tbe police I or re of E'mlra, New York, Us* night arrested in this city a man named Robert Turner, who Is charged with making an aaaaalt on OSoor Hunt, of tbe Elmlra police foro* on Monday night, tbe Mtb o' November 1 st, by earning np behind that "(Beer, and felling him wUh a blow oa tbe hack cf the bead with a atone, then striking him several time* when down, leaving him mseos ble After his arrest bstnl^ht b? was lodentlled hv OMee- Lee as one of tbe four m?a arreate i by hi m la Rlirlra laat an inner, on suspicion of knocking down a discharged sarin*, frrm tbe Britlah navr, on bla w?v to li i'?, una r?uo:a/ aim ci eigaiv aouci in KrttUh s?jverpigo* Turner w*? committed to till till tbisavenlau's train zors North, when Mr. Lro will Uks bim on to Elytra. CoBOMSS't I*QVBST ?An Inqatt ?i| held yesterday eveolne over the body of Hooora Plyna, wba died saddenly the day before She ?m wt poor, and oe?>jpied a room la a boot i tk? corner of Potirtb and K t'reets It appears tbat ?be weat 10 bed oa Wednesday nlgbt witb ber bnaoand aad child, and tbat wben the bus bond awoke next morning bs discovered tbat bis wife was dead, wiiw fee I in mediately called in Wi of tbo neighbors Dr A J Borland, after post mrr.'twi examination of tbe body, Stated to tbe Jorv bis opinion thit deeeaiaed cam* to ber dsMtH from b'art dlaeaso, brought on bvexcre?lTe drlnkiag. Tbe Jury reade'ed a verdict is scoordaooe with tbo above facts *li it rn Tina ? Ed tar Star : *om? b-idv Ml at tb* ripeoa* I.f IttUir Bp room ta <n? ! >? OA for tbe exciaa re use of ladt?* w*iefc u a ??-fy alee am gem'-nt, bat what la l> u?- ftf a -cL i room wbtn ?< an permit ad ?b* as* of tt only J tat while tie window bapp?aa i* b? <>fWQ K' r titauara, tfcia evening eever*l l*i'? w?r? obliged to rem tin oat oo the walk b?caaat? tb? door* leading to their window were all w-nrely keked; and tbe (pane wn? crowded ?)tb g?aii?nen I do not think It U fair An OVTMMI i * " #??* ThiCixtk&l rrakdhovti Dnm-Wehiu received a note from Mr Moore, chairman of the committee of Improwmfti of the Board of Aldermen. In which he objeeta to that part of oar report of the proceedings of the meeting on Tfauraday evening in which, immediately after Mr. F1?her la atated to have " characterised the whole thing aa aewlndle." it ia reported that ''Mr Moore defended himself and the committee,'' which, Mr. Moore aava, "every reader woold #. ! ! _ I .4.....* a - sW.A itiuy interpin an implying ion mr jq. aim IUC committee alluded to ba?l something to do with tbe contract or with superintending the conduction of the building.1' Mr Moore himself mvi "nothing could be more erroneous than such an inference," and we do not see how such inference could properlv be drawn, *s the phrase "defended btmself and the committee" fairly Implies " defended th* action of bimaelf and committee in reporting the bill." To prevent any mlcappr*. hen?ion, however, and Id justice to all tbe parties concerned, we cheerfully publish what Mr. Moore saya further In relation to tbe matter, aa follows: "Neither Mr. M. nor that committee had anything to do with thla building until they were recently directed to ascertain and report to the Bo?r4 ita entire coat, which they did, accompanied by a statement of the causes of the excess Of expenditure over tbe appropriation. These eausea were the requirement of additional work a j i m i * >i * * mi pigTiaca ior in idq ipfriaciuoni, or Dy Qfpartures from the specifications, which were deemed nece?sarv by the architect. * The committee, In examining md ascertaining the expendltnres, discovered nothing which led them to uapeet fraud in the award or the execution of the contract, and, finding that the Corporation waa bound by lta term*, they merely reported a bill to pay the expenses which had been Incurred. It was the bill which Mr. M defended, and it was passed with but a single negative vote." BistMsa'a ?We doubt whether an American mercantile bouse ever bad greater success than the branch of A Bi nlnger ft Co's celebrated New York hou<e, established here shortly after the war commenced The sales have probably equalled tbo?e of tbe parent establishment at any period of lta half century's existence, of tbe same duration. No other similar hou?e on this side of tbe Atlantic dealt ao extensively in tbe finest wlnea, liquor*, fears. and condlmenta for tbe table aa tbeira, and tbeir foreign connections?for procuring tbeir stock?are perbapa unequalled In tbla country, owing to tbe length of time they have been in trade H?nee tbe fact that they sell tbe b?>st imported articlea at price* which buyers are ofVn charged for domestic Imitations Tbeir new atore, opposite Willarda', by-tbe by. la one of tbe handsomest Improvements made In Washington In tbe past year. Small-pox Casks ?Mo inv?lids require more constant atteation than those ifll'cted wih smallpox It la ? common thing for pe sons suffering from tbeeffrctaof the fever to eacape from their rV?*mVu?r? 11 ?- ' ?*? ? * > u??i?uv< oj a u?'% * ivarif wo'CHCl ^ OIHI Fllll flUIIUV t' e afreets, spreading thed'seaae in every locality* Not a week *inr?, a voting woman aick with the mall-pox, in Georgetown, escarei from her chamber. and ws? found dead In the s'reet Tbla morning the p~l'ceof the Fou'th Ward waa railed upon to look after a colored wom?n who had b?en rovl??e ths streets last nlj?bt, auff-rlng with this horrid dis ese; ake bad at luat made ber bed upon ? log. on D near Third at , where she waa found th'a mornlne. The ono?t constant attention should b~ t<tveu to fm^ll-prx casta. as well for lb* safety of the ; ublic as for the recovery of tbe patlenta. Carta Firing.?Thurodav *n al creation occnrt-d in the 8*th Ward, between M?rbey Harris, laborer. a> d Mary Ti u'ev. Iriah damxel, which 'Bolffd la the arrest cf tbe pa'tie* ny 0?o-r Ch^molon Tbev were taken h?fnr? In?_ t re Cu'l. v? h?-n M?ry eb rjred Harria with using *bu?lve I?' eiibb* ?owarda her. "not at all lit for ? darent lady to he-r," and be was lined SI W H*rr*? tben charged Mary with an aaaault upon bim with a hrlrk, which If thrown wltb acru ncy. wou'd have probably knocked him inte the middle of next >*e?-k r'o' tM? grave off-'uae Mary waa made to contribute SI 58 Having nrw got ber m?d up, abe charged m. A VVarfen. \ youth with ateallng cblps, and be waa arreat*d hat ahe failed to sustain the charge, and the Juatice dismissed the prlaoner Fourth W aid Station Casks?Btfor* Juttir* Wait*r ?VV llliam Soldier, drunk; firned ov>-r to the mllitury Oacar Dayton, drunk and disorderly; di^miraed Tbom?a Sullivan and John Enrtgbt, fiibtU.g; lined S'2each A. MeGriggan, do ; do SI 91 J*?'Curtla, a boy, petty larceny; locked up all nipbt and dismissed this morning. J E Cooper, violating bark law; fined *J Tbomaa Boland: do. do *3 at ?! />?? drank; lined 81. Richard Riv?rs. drunk and disorderly; brought out for trhl th morning, but behaved ?o rudely that be was put back for trial wben he behaved b^tt^r. Jo?h Calbert, suspic'cus circumstances; dismissed. ArrAias i?f Al*x*nt>bia ?The stockholders of tbe Bank of tbe Oid Dominion, ass?mblrd at their Banking House, on Thursday, and re-elected the following Directors, chosen at the annual meeting of 1981: For the Mother Rank at Alexandria?Wm N. McVeigh, BenJ H Lambert, Daniel F Hooe, Wm G Ca??nove, Geo H Smoot, J.J Wheat, Robert S. Ashby, Benj Waters, John B. Dalngerfleld For tbe Branch Bank at P*t*mhiir?7?& a Pendleton, Jamei D. Johnson, O D. French, Wm. C Charlton, Ju. W. English, Jos. A. Peck, James Adair. Ciiioi or Stbalins Dismissed.?Jamea M nrphy. a soldier, was arrested by the Seventh Ward Patrolman Thursday, charged by Alonjo F Hunt with stealing from a member of hiscompany a military overcoat, which w?i *olrt to him (Hunt) by MurpVy The coat was valued ? 87. The prisoner was taken before Justice Stratton, when it was proved that the coat was taken from the quarters of the company, bv a deserter, who gaveltto Mu'pbyto sell. Murphy w? turned over to the military. T?* OOV1FHMKNT PRISTISG OrTIC* ?We hear Incidentally that the Congressional Printing Committee have unanimously decided to report an favorably upon the petition of the printer* in government employment In this city, for a reduction of their hour* of labor from ten to eight per diem, for ?ix months in the vear And, further, that the superintendent of the public printing will, from to day. require all the employees in the government office to work a> heretofore?ten hours per diem. Damaois ?Yesterdnv. a countryman named Thomas atone wea arretted for driving furiously long the atreeta hi the northern p?t of the city, thereby coming In contort with a carriage bflonglngto Mrs Ann Hrffman, which was demolished. The Corporation case was diamlased by Justice Barnaclo, and the party wna arrested upon a warrant for the amount of damage, and judgment was rendered against him for about 841 by the same justice. Assablt ox a Well-know* Citizen?Mr. Samuel Strong state* that on Tbursday eventng last he was aaaaulted by two Irishmen as be wea grtting oat of a carriage on Capitol Hill. One ft toe men, bswn, eat at him with a knife, and in warding off the blow hia band wm allshtly cut. The n>f n then ran off, but one them was subsequently areated, It 1* stated. OvaacHAKGiits ?Tboa. Brandon, Alored back driver, and Jia Mr Fall, white do .were arrest-d Thursday, for charging passengers in their back a m?re than legal fare The case of Hrandon ?u rnl'd for a farther bearing on Tbnraday next, the 33d Inat , and McFall waa lined f5 56 Dy j ustice Ferguaon. EoiToa Evbkiko Stak ?Sir: For tbe gratification o' mv friends who appear anxlona leat 1 abou'.d be miareDreaentad bv thna> unirmuiBtMi with me, I beg you will say that the Thomas Lvreombe mentioned Id tbe watch returns In your laau* of the 13th Instant, la not 8 Tbotnti ' ircom'* of the Metropolitan Police, 10'b Dls'rlct. It* 8 Thomas Lakcombi. Could'st obt a waiitxr ? Yesterday an Ind'vidua! f'CHog himself aggrieved at tbe refuaal cf a ?t>>rek?eper to take a Treasury note at par In pavmeat for g*ods purchased, applied to Justice Walter for tbe lasue of a warrant for tbe arrest of tbe storekeeper for aueb refusal. Tbe Justice would not lasue a warrant. JoatraiMia Tbocslb ? Jos?-phln*-Naylor waa arrested In tke deventn Ward yesterday and taken befo-e Justice Btratton, when tbecbarge of drunk and disorderly brought agalnat ber waa fully sus ulned and she was made to oey a fine of $1 M, and admonlahed to go and aln no mure. (JO roKVUTBB if the Indian Herb Doctor fells to describe dl*-a?* and tell bl* patients the nature of their complaints or Illness without any lnfo'martoa from tbenn. No charge for conaultatlon. Ofloe. No. ll Washington Building, Pennsylvania avenue U ^hall-fox Casi ? \ colored man named Foot?, a mall-pox patient, waa taken up by patrolmen Brown and Oeddes, Thoraday, while be wai wandering about the strecta of the Fifth Ward, spreading the Infection. He was conveyed to the Waatilngu.a Asylum. Woo.vcho aw Office* ?W. R Plowman, a county oftcer, was severely wounded Thursday night by some sold*era, near the Park One of them stabbed htm with a kalfe. The affair will be Investigated by the military authorities. mmw v.vvawana* a ? uc iviivwiu^ of d a k Bum and disorderly conduct bare bo?n ritapoard ol by Juattoe Call s? P*ter Riley, flood SIM; Jceeph (ilbeen, do 82 94; Mary Jacket, do I1N. PoLict ?Tba patrolmen o%tbe Third Ward vveterdey arrowed Abraham Hmltb. colored, for disorderly conduct; flaed S3 SB Oliver My?-a, do j S3 SB. Tboe. Stone, dlaordcrly; dlamlaeed. Hm ?)MI ''alinch ?From Pbllp k. Solomoo, 334 PrnnMivanla svenoo, we have a calendar for the fear lMt, bandeomeiy printed la eoto<a / ??^? CnriiL gua*DHr>r?i Cask*?Btfort Juttie* Thompson ?Ann McKibben, drank and disorderly; SI 94. Philip Smith, do ; turned over to tbe military. Catharine Coyle, disorderly; SI. Wrn. H. Mortimer, do ; turned over to the milW tary. L. Hopkins, drunk: S1.56. H. J. Hill, d? , din missed. Thomas Mclntire, do.; turned over to tbe military. Pickkd rr ?Last night, the patrolmen of the Third Ward picked up two new leather trunks upon the sidewalk of Pennsylvania avenue. They are at the guardhouse. Cobks, Bunion*, Calostties. Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all d'seases of the feet cured wlthont pain, br Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 428 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourard-a half and Sixth streets. Room 24 up stairs. Office hours from 12 m. to 6 p m. Order* to call at residences promptly attended to. lm* Plkasaut Fttbiiishbd Rooms, with fuel snd gas, with or without board, at 415 E street, between Eighth and Ninth streets. Table boe-d<?rs can be accommodated. lm* I<n>iA Rubber Ivoods. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should b? without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blanket*, for soldiers, f 1 25 each. Rubber Ponchos and Blankets combined, 92.50 each. lti<lU RnKKot Pntta orKi(? av KlirV 9 W oarh India Rubber Leeglns f I per pair. And all kinds of Tt ubber Go"di, including Robber Boots and Phoes, Rubber stoppers for bottles, Doof MaU, Under Sheetings for beds in sickness^ Ac , 4c , at manufacturer's prices, at H. A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pa. ar., between Ninth and Tenth streets. Jan 1-tf Soldixks to the Rbscux ! ?Young men rushing Into the exposures and dangera of a aoldler's life shsuld prepare themselves for the fatal fevers, the dysentery, the sores and scurry, which are almost certain to follow. H olio way's PI Us. used occasionally during the campaign, will Insure sound health to every man. Only 23 cents per box. 214 Thk Iwdias HKBB Doctor, Prom PdnsH* will Hf>crrihp r) 1kpkip? unit t>l 1 bit patients the nature of their complaint! or illness, without receiving any information from them. No charg* for Consultation or Advice. OCR MOTTO We use such Balms as have no strife With Nature or the Laws of Life : With Blood our hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Oar Father?whom all goodness fills, Provides tbe means to cure ail ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? These, these shall spedk with touching power Of change and health to the. Washington Buildings, Pa. avenue, about five minutes walk from Brown's Hotel No charge for Consultation. ja 10-2w? DIED, On the 17th instant, Mrs. ELIZABETH DODD, a(C?-d fc4. re.ictof the ia e Jostpli uwJd. Hit fri?nils and relatives are re?pectfu!'y re Suested to attend her lu era1, ftorn hor cte'rfsicnce, IM<i 7 15 Thiid street east,on Sunday aftcruoon at 2o'oi ck. * In 6eo gotovn, on Fnlay- the 17th iusta^t. EMMA J., bJ.oved wifa of C Striblinc. azed 29 *ear? ai d 2 i hn I i'mla of the famiN are invited to attend her funerai, on Sunday a'teruoon at 3 o'olook, Imna th? residence of her hua and, on Ga? street. * On Thursday, the 16 h insttat. in tie 83th year of n s sit .WtLLSO.x BRANIM Tiie friend* ol t'e family are in?ited to a'tend h's 'utieral. from hia late residence. No. U34 L street, between '8th aud 19 h, at I o'o ock. * On tfl? 18th ineta-it, at 6 a. m. Mra MARIA, wife of NiohoSas B. Van Ziaat, in the73d ye*r vi her a.e Th" friends of the family are requested to *ttend her fune ai, from her late mm lenoj,coiner Ma ?aotiusetta avenue an 1 Twelfth street, on Sarday afternoon at 2 o'oleox, wi hout lurthsr notice. CAMP STOVES! CAMP STOVE?!! CAMP STOVES!!! A large stock on hand, whieh wl' b? ?<>in low. H J. GREGORY. j% 16 >81 Pa. a-erne f^ENKRAL. BURNSIDK'B EXPEDITION vJ will land wi'hin rrnie d stanoe of S W ITH'S Ciotbi; g hu>r?, so that every one in want < f Clothing, Hati and Cap*, om have free access to the People's Oloihinr Store. No. 460 Saventh street, opposite Post cffios. where aii kinds of Clothing cnn he ho:?ghtat iNorthera prions. ja '6 dim DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. The partnership hitherto existing betwe?n f. Kroeger and J. Kakeu ann, l as been this day dissolved.hy mutual consent. f. Kroeger will con tmue tue St. Charles Restaurant in hi* own name. f. krokof.r, J. RAKEMANN. January 15th, 1862. ja 18 31* WFOR THE ARMY. E Have ja*t received. I t steamer Araro. a assortment of martniToent Frenoh Brass Drums (System* Grejo're;) Frenoh Kugles, tor in<antry ow&'rj, and artillery ; Martin Krere's Celebrated riiriontu Md Flntes ; Bra<s Instruments nt all kinis Also, the finest ?ra ltyofVenloe string*. Basson'a Acooraeons and Flutinaa. Together with a larte assortment of latest French Muaio for Bands. Mn?i-> Store rf w. g. metzeeott, 1 ja 16 Corner Fa avtnue and lith ab ODEON HALI ! ODfcON HALL!! T 1 a ? r? *. i no i,nra:e!i sna aeri FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING c&o be had &t WIESENFEI.D 4; CO.'i?. MILITARY OVERCOATS, at Iowe?? ratei. _ ?t W IESENFELD A CO.'S. MILITARY DRE!*8 81) abundance, at WlESENFELD A CO.'S. MILITARY OVER"?HIRT^,of all ?*)? , at WIESKNFELD A CO.'S. ARMY "LANK* TS, Six Poun<1?, ARM v BIiA\KKTS. ftn Pfinrdi ARiuY BLANKKT8, Smx Pound*, at hree Do 1s:i and half, at Threa Dollars and ha f, , at Thres Uoilars aad hall, oan bfi had at V\ IESENFP.LD * CO.'S, od'.oh h il. _J? 16- lw ooii er 4S street and Pa. av. For hookeh's division, mattawoMAN CREEK The steam propeller C. KALPH having been chartered to run on tne abovs r<>uie, in place < f the Telegraph, which " ^ >1- lUrvni r m mitiira m?na r ?? r> a *- a WXfntmfiK mwwvi ^v>i a 1ubuv uwduoi j?????? in oon? quince of the toe. will leave Carter's Wha f, loot of liH st-eet, every MONDAY, VVEDNkfSDAV ana FRIDAY, at 10 o'eoclt. Runnng tin e 3X hours. In a lew days tre Telegraph will be addrd to the line, Tho?e having freight are reques'ed to send it to the wharf ths afl*rn<>< n before as far a' practisab e. to enable the boat to leave promptly to the hoar. For freight or palace apply on hoard, or ' to JOHN rRTTIBONh, Agent, ja 14 6t* 479 9th ?tre*t,(ap stairs.) 90 Ms.'l BUFFALO ROBES! <aa r\ ? r* ? ? WW VVIID nccK A>B PHIIP CXI!1! ARMY GLOVES! Jaitrcoeivedffoni New Yo-k and will be cold it low prtoes at J . PEARSON'S City and Sutlers' Supply Store, _J*J5 4t 491 Eighth at., near Penn. aT. CHARLES S.\ FOWLER fc CO., IMPORTERS, wALTHLI AND R1TA1L D*AL*** F!? CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, FINE CUTLERY. PLATED WARE, ROLL METAL UOODS. BLOCK TIN GOODS, TINCHAMBER SETS JAPA/SNED WAITERS, ETHFRIAL AND SOLAR LAMPS, COAL OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS, Ac. At. ? > * ' " 8?4, Obd Fellow*' Ball. Sitkith bt., Jai-lm,if W?tuntton City. RKADIN8 ALB AND LABKR BIER DfcPOT. ot the celebrated brewery of Mr. h elix, to b? had in la (e and entail quantitiee. Alio, Fickle*, Oakiif, Kick W Onion*, I'epper i'auo-, Vite<ar, and Sour Krout. h? tne barrel ja ion,or in Jar*, at CBARLK8 MAUKS' Restaurant de?3 1m* ourner Pa. axenue ana T' ird *t. BCRNSIOE's Patent For table House* The inventor call# the attention of Sutler* and otner* to this aiefil inven'ion ABoi<eoub* built by thi* Inventor without nail*, ?orew*, or groove*. Balnea and Stable* built in the *ame way. It inbepat op and taken down without injury to the boa>d*. Order* hi be lift with Samuel wise, Baiid?r, No. 846 E Bttost, n*?r Thirtieth, J?1M> WMhioiton. P. C. ^TTcNTION, SUTLERS. OFFICERS AND A larc* atoak otcsk1? i1TOVKS, maauf&otcr nd ami for aal? at S9I Peiuiaylvania avenue, near fnt?f MirtiL dell-tf H. J. GREGORY. f^OLD AND UNCURRENT MONEY PURU

oh??od. B^oie and U. 8. Carienoy Aooounta w.^E7;7-?4oufE t co . Buktri, No. Paan aronao. J% Vim ac-ar Brown'* Botol. CI MHOICE OLD HAVANA RUM. Ul DOTilJohni, MINERVA WINE-aoMobrated Spaniah Wine, VEKliovhl WINE-an Italian Win*, much I aaod aa t tome, CHAMPAGNES, CLARE IS, CORDIALS. Ao., j taIESIS ACAt6n! aa<l VERM1CILI.I. Mnilu^ Max V *rk !? ? -? 1 ' ? ' " * h 1 i I AMUSEMENTS. M THEATER' ITJISS SUSAN DKNIN A9CAMILLE! SATURDAY. Jio'J 18. L ?t Th? p?rform&Qce will eomrarM with the PlAy ol JM CAMiLLfc. ! ? C*mt !e Mm *umn Demo To ooaaliH* with FAroo of YOUR LIFE'* IN DANOER! If QDD FELLOWS' HALL! PROFESSOR WYMAN, V D unr u ti k?nu'n a ai n itf ry i n T\ T C/.l I I\ I uuw 11^ I AI1W ni6AKVi With his Life moving and Buskin* Automaton*, EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK. Admittance 25 o*nU ; ohildreu 10 oenta. tfj~ SeesmaM biUe- jaH-tf J^INO'S AMPHITHEATER. T. Km* Sole Lessee and Msnaeer Associate Mutator P. Whittaker ?Eqnwtnar. M?n?g?r J. Prosperi^. .... ttnsical Director GAL A N IG H T FESTIVAL OF MlRTH AND HUMOR ! . MONDAV NIGHT. Firat nirht of th? Favorit" Clown. JOE DEN3LAND! Fir at night of L. RIVERS! First night of W.FOREST! Firit night of DO CROW! And first night of Til i/ACOHABLI PaNTOXIHX. THE COBBLER'S APPRENTICE ! Admission. Dross uircie ? _w cents, Children under 10 years old 25 ocnU Gallery ? Ressrved Seats 7joeut? Colored Boxes _ sncerU, Colored Gallery . 25 cents Doors open at 7 o'alock; will oommeno* at a 4 uarter before 8. j%J8 RICHARD P JONES. Agent. UNION MTSIC HALL. Coa*?* or Dahd NnfTH STaa*T?, The Model Saloon of Washington. WILL BE OPEN EVERY EVENING. f[7Look at the nsmee? W. A. Chr aty, John Jandia, Kate Hair-ilton, Jenny K'Hworth, J ho Ln"du, W. A- Christy, J'cny vi aworth, Kate Hamilton, John Forb^a, John Furbea, Mary ft Clair, Mary St. Cla'r, Chaa Seyifour, Ohaa Seyir.cur. MASTER BOBBY. 07*Everything New, Original, and Cniane._ni tl.? a i i. 4l: i ul a. iir pvrvuriuair-B i<? cuno:uue migrvpniue wiin THE HOP OK FASHION. W. A. CARlSrY? ?.a* the? Door Kkspir Admission. 25 oenta. A'<FRKD ROBERT?, Agent HE*NEY & FURREY, Proprietor. j?J6_?t WASHINGTON THEATER! MR. B'.AND takes itremt p'ea*ur? in annoonc in? that he ha? mvle arrangements With the prin oipal Artiats o' t>><? ITALIAN OPERA! From the Ivew York Aoa<i?n)y of Mn?ic,for 3 GRAND OPERATIC PERFORMANCES, To take p'.ao* on MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND WEDNESDAY jasuaky '20, 21 and 22, When tie following celebr*t:d Artists will appe^ MISS ISA BE LI, A H'NKLEY, the dirtinuBi'hed Pnma Donna M'MK STRaKO^CH. the ftvorit* C?otr%iU>, S1G HkIGNOLIi til* renowned Tenor. S1G. M ANCUrfl.theem'fl?nt Baritone, telG.S''SIM th ereit Ha??n, MG. B AH 1 Dl, Basso C&ntante HENRY MOLLKNHOUKIt. the celebrated Violoncellist. The entire combination under the musio&i Uiroc tiun of CARL AN8EHUTZ, Conductor Academy of Music, New York. MONDAY EVENING, Jan.IT'th, w. 11 be preaanied Doniz-f's oeiebratei Comii Opora of DON PASQUALE, w'th the fo"o?ing Star ? ?et: Mies Isabella HinkUy ana role she has perform* with 'idme se uooeta) None FUnor B ignali & Kren?a Sunor MMicnsi a>> Doc'or Maiateati Sunor Snsini as (his world reuowi fd cUaiaoier). .? Don Parqual tuesday, January 21?Donimtti's new opera betly,ani the ia?t act of j aVORIta. WF.PNKSDAY, Jar. 22-Roetini'e chef d'ceuvr IL BAEBIEKK I>E SKV1GL1A. Pbick* or Admissiom. To Parflnette an?i Urees circle ?>reti??trr ??h*tr?.... ? ?1.5 Pnv<?o Boxe? $ Part=tt?~? aote if >eat? m&T b? ? for either of the three Op fra .Ni{hts at Mr. Meturott'e Mnoio Store, oom manoiDg ssiun*? moraine nexi.? o o'oct. Do >r? open at 7; pertormauoe to commence at o'olocKy ja l* / 1 EORUE CHRISTY** O OPERA HOUSE. T*!*TH SlRKKT. BETWB1N E ASP F. Open Ever* Night with GEORGE CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS From Broadway. Ntve York, Computing 16 of toe Picked Stabs of Mimstrklsy ! The entire entertainment under the ire,mediate di reoiion or GEORGE CHRISTY. Tkt acknowledged Pioneer of Minstrelsy This Evening, and every evening until furthe notice, will t>e produoed George Christy's grea afterpieoe entitled j He statue lover. Jake,(one of h s beet characters,)?George Christ Other characters by the com (any. The usual n.o acxe ol S'ngicg. Dancing, Bur league Opera, 4o., etc., by tlis wnole company. Admission?Parquet, 50 centa ; fialiery, 25 cents ja U canterbury hall! FIRST P HE SB STATION or th* GREAT RAVEL PANTOMIME, LES AMORS D fi S ALPES WARD in bis skkat Cords VoLastk ! A Matinee every Wednesday and Saturday Af ternooue at 2 o'clock, for L&dies and CMldren witn ^uajititioi of Presents. A superb 928 Sill Dr?(s. rn * All of the Immense Company at every en Wtainm*nt. ja7 U' I H K V? A9HINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, PSNN. A VKNC*,("OUTH *TD?.) No. Si89, Btiyettn 9tk ani li>t4 stt. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Conctrt embraoinj selections from the bd?t o!?*sio music and the most popular operss?rendered in bet?e style than at any oth*-r Am^uisn oonoert saloon. The guesta?and the pubiio are freely invited wilhnil' fi\S? As,#. ?r .iA ma w rsL i.n/\n Its a w ituvu WIIOIH" iwi ount ua,?iimj IOIJ u|rvu ui * log every comfort th'y desire, in addition to th( finest mnsio in Washing tin, they will obtain, 01 call, from the attentive attendant*, decidedly thi best Refreshments for sale in the Federal Metrofr o'is. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja 6-lm Proprietor. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. Fashionable dancing academy al Temperance Hall (in the main halDE #jt street, between 4th and loch. Classes every Jri? TuesJay and F itfay Afternoon and Evening. JIM A I of me iaahion&o.a JLai.oes taught. Pri-MMl vate class's attended to. For circulars, terms Ao? insnire ol W'.M H BA R N ES, at Thompson'! Genua' Furnishing Store, 370 Pa avenue. C. T. B'.KN ES. do ?*? Iw" Prof*??or ?>f Iteming. AM ?*. WtRTHKlMfclR * CO, 4?4 TOM No. 4* '2 and 464 SKVINTH M., TOJ OfpOSlU tkt Post ( JHC4, Offer their atook oi WINIirt, BR AN OIKS, GINS t-URDI AL3, ere., also fieir large aMoitiaent o Sti,AK>, TOBACCO, kANGY GOODS, etc. for saieat YVholcMio Proes. Thfjr keep o nstantjr on hand fine PHILADEL PHiA CKEAM ALK, iu k<ns and bottles, fo bare or family one in general are re ^aeated to iire tnem a oall and examine that splendid atook of g?"ds. 8 WER I HEIMKR Sc CO., 469 and 464 !??-ven'h street. da >1 -9m n?n. Poet 1 Kfioe BAKttfci.f* KXl'KA FL.UCK, I?3U 450 bo* a CHbKSK, lias A.k; * ? 'nnr?u???i ? -- HiKiui new x ors r me ?ui inn. 96 ba>? els and firkins Bool. BUTTKR, # do DHlfuAFPbbB, ao boxes raimn^. 1 ut reoeived and for aale by O. W. AN6ELL, j*? 2w* No. *2 Louisiana aveoee. 486 HCTt^ECO^D AND ^ D fferent Colored Piotare Cord and Ta??eU frum Pttooirsph u> Portrait bus. Picture Kic(i Nula, Jto. Cutip for oaah at JOHN MAR ICR ITER'S, N?. 486 7th at., *11111 doors abov* ja U-?tU*_ Odd Fallows Hall. 'J'O THH LADIES OF WASHINGTON. MRS. M. A. HAMILTON, No 946 Pennsylvania av?., between 12th and 13th it-wu L>. * J ? <* - * um juii rvoiiTN ft b?v fttwrimeai ci nam G|| aoiM boo Mta, 4.0 . and M sus wiahea to oioM^V busine** ia thi? city, she is now sailing at yen r doced ?noaa. Th# 1 adiaa will plaaae call and w htr saw assortment. ja 19 ?oK* i ha ftaoratarT of War direois that bo mow horses bs bought until all bow balongmg to the a?sssait stsxxxZfT. * ?. ?.. alar acd Volniiisar Arm? t? nsllid loths shnu ?rtar from Ut? Meratary of War. CJufcrtorrr.fcWar 9?nl?lH/t's. ftlfTMHOroK, F1NT * CO . IAS Psmkn.VA.wu Avrai*, (MS? Brovm't Houl,) Iitue DKAtTtt on an fart oft, b United M*us? in ?um? to mt O&ew* and feollow* a. Ai*o, Draft* WANTS. ; WANTE D-A cmWBERMAIP and WASH GIRL. Apply at ih# Kbbitt Uodh. WANTP.D?*n fxpwifno^i MAN to uka ohar(? of a 'ieioj room; a.*o two J*ab Waitw*.' ?ith?r or of r*d a pn.r at coraer 1 of 9th and F ?^r? U?Ha"-! don Hru*e j? 1) Jt? U/ANT?P TO R^NT-A nwt, v?ll ftritkid , " HOUSE !t? a rood !oea ity, to a ?it.all fimilT withoa? chUdrrn. Afldrew "Uoorga," 8 ar cffio<>. ' a H 1 * J *M ft* It I f AROE HA.LL. WANTED. jleftrftntly ftwl 1 Lt contrail? 1^-ated on a\en-?. cb , & or e luftae. Addre?a B x No. &9*t, Pott Office. i% In 3'.* i WANTED? A mKotihls ?ourg G!Rf>accua- * t^m?d tr> t?tr? care ?f chi <Jren asd aHa to do plain aewinir: m\i*t bare rood cttf r?f?<?ac??, * ffiy at No. 4S7 1'we fii atrast, two door* fr m Fat it* \MJ ANTKU? By & yoarf man ?ho baa h\d f v~a *? veftr3'expenerca iu ? ooantry atora. a 81 i UATIOM in h# ib*m wh > ha . oan mft?? aaefol. Brat t f r*f*rato? Kir.r. ' Pifftoe addr^i? " W F W.."-iftr Offio<-. ia '?-?* WANTFD TO Fl'KCH ASF?A food HOKSK; maat be k cd and a^urd, ?uit*b'? for an npreu v*i;oa. Apply to B. FENNKR, 346 D ?t? neftrioih jft 17 at* BOARD WANTED? For* rentifmftn ftr.d wif*; 1 A Uo, ?ing'.e rf nt emen; in ft private fftDily, or I where there ar* faw b< ?*rdar?: 'ooation not far from i Fa ftv?nn?, i*>tweeDSd aid M h at a. A<k*re?a Box No 21 Fo?t Office, \Va?hio icton. iftltJt* W/ANTKD-A 9ITUA TION ?a preao^tion * " elerk ard fa eamac in a di ?rora Good rel- i erecce can be giv? aa to qualification, hoa^aty, , 1 a*d food character, Adureas Bo* IU9 P<-?t J\ IT 4t* S ROOM WANTED?Anr private ?*?mlyreaidinf * m tne viomity of the Poet Ofte* kav i f a plea'aat epa^e Noom. on *eo?nd or third <l?or of , oonvrnieut aco'aa. either fuuiahed or onfarnihed, may hear of a doairaM*. prompt-p^vine and p r I m*rent 'enant. I?v addi^F'inr "Qmet." at rfar j tlAne. ma ma location and te m* (whioh raa-t i>e TTiod'nttM He"?r?ticen ?aohanaed. )? ?7-?t 1 WANTED?Su'tarnarxl ^oMier? to know 'hat tuey can bnv C'.MP ST'?VKS %r?i TIN i WARK cheap of H J. GREGORY. 3.1 P'rn . avenne. ^ ^ ja 76 WANTKIi IMMKDtATFLY-One rood BLACKSMITH and H*'pe'f--? <1ohora#?h >e- 1 ire and ironing wagona, at No. 2<5 7th street, ja ?6 3t* \irA\TKP?B? aToun* m*". n*>e ?FAT in a " p ?w m the ( hurck tj tke Eptpkany. for which a <rod price will be paid. AdJreaa "J , Bo* No f 11- j? lS-'f WAN rKD?I adrng rtore.a YOUTH betwe n lb and 20 years rf aee. ?,a*,<hd*,e? must itiva satisfactory referee ? a* to qua fioa'i"ii? and t character. The preference wi'l he m veh to one who hag been engaged in the dror Maine?* mx or twelve mnntha. Address "A B C,' Waahinaton City Pnat Uffioe. j*l lm* IK/ANTED IMMFDI ?TELV, at the U. ? " Navy Yard, \\ aahington, a rmw^er of LAXDSMKN. <1e? lm WANTED?Every peraon to know t?>at I f.m 'n th* markft. rendy to pay c^ah for aM a"ie!ef in the hr.neefurpuhir* !in*. Those leavlnt the i _. *_ ?... _ ' i *. 1 . 11 *_ _ _ it onii vr uu a ?>vrp ui, wui 'iu vrr c? r%. BUCIM?Y, 4'i* Seventh't,between 6anu H ?t?., (-aet *ide,) Dealer in New and Second-ha d F?rniture. iw 16 WANTIiO.? We ?re cow buying SkCuftD- ( HAND .TRNlTURfc.STOVfSar.d BKD i D!N(i. for which we are pit!at the highest 3jwb prices. Families declining noeaepeepinf, or . having a ?urp]BB of furniture, will fiu.i it to their * advantage to give u? a nail. BONTZ * SRfFFiTH. >? Je lS-tf No. 369 *?tb st.. betw. 1 i .a K ate. IT ltOST~ AND FOUN O. ' REWARD-A veryla-geRL' OOHOUND, dark brown o lo ej, black ?p<u? <*, \ run *vi? th?? mornire fron the houn'aw^^ - ofrhe sn<<fr>iim?d The an ve re?aid? ?* will te jrivtn if brent ht h* k CHARl.E?MAbP.?. jal8 3t* correr Pa avenue and Si atr*-1. \f<*TR|CT OF COLUMBIA. Cocvtt . F 0 1/ \Va^hi>gtoi Tovi : Ih-rebt c tif? thm J.ihn ? Uro- <& i hroj? ht '>etore m? **a"?? tra?. a bay MAR K, abontor ln ?r? ort. 14 or 15 hint's iii*'1 harne?? n arV-, I o n l?ft f?et wh 'a. rt Wilnwe my hand iliii >7t,> dvr rtf J tnnary. If2. 1 THO>1ASC DONiN, [SiAt l ? Ju*ti5? of the P?ace for Waikinfiou Courfy, D t lot of CoIdt fci*. JtT" The owner cf the sboy? deicribei mare will e co<u** forward, prove rror^rtt, pay ch*r e?. and t8 k her tvs;. JOHN R CnONION. i, jaI3-nt* S*erg't4th Ward MeV-p'n P<lm*. STRAVKI>?On W?dn*?day. the T5th day tf Jennary. a hay HoR<K, wni e f*? lock f r'mo'tand ii n>i f>nt ?hort tril. sta'on forehead, w th cart years l'b? 1, s'-J ; fi"der w li bo lih?ra lr rewnrdwl t>y rel turrtnc him to JOHN CARKOL' ,op- Tl i rii n posit" th-^ L'nio;' hotel. Garget >w, It* ? CTR AYED-WYd' ?sday evmlrt, !6'h i stasit, a cbett'iUt-ooiured HQR>E. white Mnd t\ Oct: amaiiaizp: marked "C.:" (v'Lacf.ed toT2TO an open wagon oo? t*.riinf pie orawers, A ^ ? liber%' iew*rd wi!l t># riven on hit raiun to J 8. 8 BEGKLOW,3>() Delaware a v. >?l7 3t* F'STRAY?Taken up by the subscriber, on the IVh instait, astray, a sorrel HOK8K c\ with a set of oart harn??son. wrucn tn owner can have hr proticr protert* ar>^^^^z-, pajin* datrajes, by applies to KOB'T JO?N8QN. Government * a 1*?. 17 3t* QQA RKWARI).-Ran away from Pageoftbe O &\l House of Representatives, on gv Tuesday afternoon, between 4an<l 5o c a bay PCM V, with a iong tail,about ftn old. hud on n. Hri In Mid Ht ter A n. pi? tothe iioorkeeper of the douse, or 4<3 *M'th treet. j* 16 St* ,t Q r RF.VVAF D?Strayed ast Tt>?gdsy nnht, O t about 9 o'c oo<t p. in , on? dark ?orrei ?v MARK, and a da:k bar HOKSK, abrut j?J? j 16 har<1?, toth rrarkH L ?>.<* . wi'h attached to their n*ck? Th" above reward will be given rn tn*ir return to B o?n'i lot, near the new Ca?ho 10 Charch, be'w**n H an' 1. jal? \VM. B*BBINGT"N. Q ~ REWARD-Strayed jested*' afternoon, - '&') about 4 u\ Jock, lio n co-ner of Tlurd C\ 'reet and Per.n avenue, a ui'k brown MAKE, witi an old oairi\*e. The rr.are^2-* it> la'Tie in the ri*Ht tore ee; the carriage had an old blanket and bnffsl i to:i? in it The ?b verw 1 ward vi I l>e |inaw their Man to I'rion R? , tectory. corner I him at. ma Fa. av- ja 16 31* flJK KtWAHD.-S&nuMf from the aubaoriDer, on "-a'Hrday nulit, the 11th instant, a r\ darlc *rey GEL1)ING, between 3 ami 4 *L? ' ye\rg old, hind foot white, with s?* of nar ^/ ^ ( 1 ness. inquire at F. HYDEK'S, fceven'h at, I between 1, and M. la 13 6t* LOUT-A bKAL H!vf7, and a FOX-HEAD ' SbAL. attaohed to a riut, witu ooru?v;aa mi Sf> reward will b* given to whoever returns the articles to this o:fice. deg tf ; KDDCAT10NAL. ~^ * f^HBGARAY I ^BTITUTK, , V/ 15 27 aiit) 1529 Spkccb ?*t., Philadelphia. This Insti'ute, conducted tor two y?*ar* past in 9 the city of Pmladelphia fr Madams Chsoa&at a and her niece Madaxb D'Rirvilly. upon he a same pmoiple* as tn- on? in New York, *stab - lish'fl there inlSU, will reopen,after the Christr.ia holiaays.on Monday. January 6th, with iu usual ample auu ciniiicio pru?i"inn ii>r II>S I ?W|W Ol Y? ung i.adi??, nn^er tn* direction of Marine D'Heiviliy Circulars. tad ai teqmsite in forma tion, can be obtained on application to tr.e I'ru ci- , P*1- J ' 7-lm r I VIO' IN JOHN K. 0<ioUALL,Proirnnr?n(i Tntherol i Oio above, temiera hie ?-i w ees to tije put> ic. I erm* , 9i per Isason. i{?i>renn66 10 at.j imsioian in the \ cut. Several of his papi a ?.r? in* the be?t violin , n>ts n the world. Vn- Le Petit O'.e Bu I, * red s Buckley, Ac Ac. Addresa Kullman'* Hotel. Pa. n??r 4H ?tr?ft ?<ett In* I ^CHvVtRlN'3 KUS^iAN 1NV1GURATORT A IU. r.? 4 A ** 1 n euio iriuTiij iui rem ou > A|ar, l/japrpaia, I Dl*?&8*aof the Kidnoy*, AOl 'ity of t> ? et.n a^'t c Co j, Heart burn. oa? < f*. Cortir^p-*-, Pi ea, A eikataa of any kiud and al *? ?om ?ff < v tioat ocnee^uenl up n a ol?order#ri aumvvii or 1 l.ver,and u e peviaiy recomuended for ?oeh ai \ ? changes of e.inaie and water. 1 be Rniaian In vigorator hi? f>r th#ia*tbalf cecinry b'ec very " MMMn iy uctd in Kun'aa d all cvrr hurpe. ' aiift e*?'oia!iy m the army an1 nary. Prio*#', 1 " prepared and told t?y M ti 'H WfcllN No 1 Jl? r bortlt See i d a'rnet, Philade phia. siodNyal1 respectable dru*n?t*. ja 14 eoSt* m rvpaiirtniwo** Muri uirini' . L LEVKTT DentiB* (hranoh cf tfc??tt*b- 1 in nt Ao \U \V*ve If riaoe, tNew Yoth) t ^ ^ won d call the &tt?arou to t ??* who mayfefte*) nrtd hie terwcee. that in to ' rn Kitat ueilites 13 operative Deitia.ry, he 11 in o^mioD of a new and important invention for i the in* Ttio* of Artificial T?e:h on th? priLCip e ot Atmosphericrtts'+rt entires d.fl reut fr m tne o>a it ode, and leourcd by itte-a i atrnt (taote April 6-fi, 1B46. Thia invention la of the ere*teet value, there Iteing le?a plate a?ed to o^ver the roof I ? ot tne mouth, at d w th an inoreaa<d amoant of ' auot'on. Toe puituo are invited to oa 1 and ex- < , amine Bfce m'ns ano oeitihratee from tome of t? e ] , moat prominent and sou nuis c*uUem*a, No. 491 , Tenth ?tr*et we?t near fa. are ja li-eclm* J \\j tfuYB' j ?? E Have received with"; je laet day or two * * tarce atnortneit of BOYB' 8PR1N6 CLOTH INB. embraeinc all etvlej ?f Wnr-prioed, mediaa, , and fine ?uaiitif, whuh w? are afeiani a t verv low MiOM lor CMC. , _ I V. AL.L, BTEPKKNS * CO.. ) SAM 1'a. ?t., betVMD 9th and loth na. | l?g f latelhrmwr *pd KouM'nu.) I -fj AR VKY HAS J ??r KKCK1VED A 1 n tho.aaad CrtBR-^, /?\ a VttTON?. 0\ (s'IERS. b? the Polo- jrtt fmJ mac, to be ?er?ed up ?t hie St ?ti' (Establishment, on C et e?t, at the oia \SV prto?<; Botvithr?"dlnc they ? ' \?noec. eleowhere o #1 50 p-r t>?ehe>. jt IS 1 ' QuAL OIL-v-OAL OIL-COAL OlLl ~ , ? COAL AND FTHKRIAL OItr r At Rksccid fmicm! vwin dim mt* .. ' rorner N?w * !?*? *t. ltd L a Frosted Be?T?f utotfts, for L?diw' tad 6*ota' w**r. , C) Uji, Cui wrM, Vwiin?, ha. u our pro- { , -? *T>M?T * U.OTBUU ! Pa.ft .u?dMiMtbM, SECOND JEDITIOX. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. Th? PiQ.M?ran IimsiTtom Law.? Mr. QrmArf la contributor to Um Mtv Yack Imdtptn.dtmt Bli waahly lawbrntlwi wHt rf irticlea oa the war, Iiimm, Ulereetleeel lav, in<J tbaevcrlaatiaf "atggrr " In the la* number *eealifibteaa the public wl'h hl? Ttr?i ?f thr :?w? hearing on tbe Trent qoentlcw, and qnotea m ?'ithor1t>- ??lr William Scott a?rf Lord?t?w*U," when almoat every Kbotlboy k?iwi tbeie ? W me and tbe aame person. Sorely aometlwea "A Unit learning ta a daagerooa thing " OUR MILITARY BUDGET EXPEDITION KROM SHIP ISLAND ' IONFEDER ATESCHOONER8 CtTT OUT. THE ATFAIR AT PEIVgACOLA Lieut Stephen D. Trencbard. commanding the iteamer Rood* 1 aland, juat from tbe Soutb, mafcea i report to tbe Nary Department,dated Hampton load a. Jan. IS, from wblcb we e*tract tbe fol owing : "Early on tbe moraine of the 1st tnat an expelttton under Com'r 9m!th. with the Hiiihh S'ew London, Water Witch and the captured i team-' Lewta, with a detachment of tea maa, left tbtp Island for Miaalaalppi gonad with a view of suttlng out aome achoonera anchored off Blloxia. Aa on^of tbe ateamera waa aeen returning rlth two or three echoonera In tow, whua tb* Rhode [aland wan leaving, the lmpraaalou oa xxrd tb? Niagara waa that the expedltloa had proved aocseaaful " In the exebanga of ahota between Fort Pichena ind tbe Con fed era tea on tbe lat laat , ah el la from mr batteries were thrown Into tbe uit? yard at Peosacola, aetttng fire to a line of ?tof?-booMl recently built In the rev of tbeoficers quarters. WATT TABS. The Baltimore arrived from Craney Mind last evening, at which place the stesmrt* Harriet Lara ind Y?n><*e were lying. Tbe launches of thaae two vessels were out along tbe Maryland and Virginia shore*, but f jr what purpose tbe oAoara if the Baltimore did not aacertain. Flrloa waa lizard yeaterday, la tbe direction of the batteriea, out no Information concerning lta otject baa beta received Tbe President, accompanied by aeveral memberi of Conpreaa and olber,were expected to go down tbe river on tbe Baltimore, to-day. Tbe King Philip waa tbia morning taking on rargo of a bell. orricBRs and aoLStna a^riam to bb at tibia pom. A circular Juat laaued from tbe army bend* qunrtera haa tbe following notification*: 4Tbe exipencl>a of tbe aervice demand tbat rv. rv (t&e.r and ?oldl?r of tbia Army, abie to do duty, ahculd be at bia poet. Tbe Commanding (ienerai. therefore, d-ruia it n ceaaary to direct tuat. auleaa by rmacin of alckieaa. upon me Ileal certificate, no trivei of abteuce or f'ir!cu^b? shall be printed, at the present time, except In O'g-nt and excptiona! ras?s. wbete the neresMty for tbe Indulgence mint be clearly aet forth In ih? anpl'catlon It ta proper to rem-'k that manv of tbe reasons for wh>cb leaves rf ib-eice and f irloaghs have hereUjfo.e been ^rauUd, caunot now be allowed THE LATEST HY TELEGRAPH % Hascock, Jan. 18 ?lien. Jackson has dl?app tared with Lis whole fore* It ks believe* be baa retlrrd to Winchester. Na rebel force* are known to to in Morgu county. Tte weather la Inclement and variable. The whole river line iaqulet. The War la Mlsstan Folla, Mo., Jan. 17.?The brlgsde whlcb haa left here for the Writ, within the last throe diya, la composed of the Tblrty-fif h and Tblrty-alith Illlnota, the Ninety-fourth Mlaaourl, and Bo* choir s and IZtlTman'a battertea, under command of General Oaterhant Another brigade, under Gen S'gel, will probably leave In a day or two. Gen Sigel will doubt eas aatume the command of the entire division at the proper time. St. Locia, Jan 17?No peraon will hereafter be allowed to leave the city until bia baggage be lntpeeted by an tfl^r appointed for that par pvtc( auu u a uuui mico. Some of oar papers are ventilating the antaerdents of the newly appointed Senator from Missouri. Frsna Cairo and Padacah. Cairo, Jan. 17 ->>Advica from Cape ttlrardaaa state that the expedition which left bere for Dallas and Bloomfleld, returned this morning, bringing twenty-three prisoners, and among tham captain L>av, or Jtff TbompMn1! irajr. Reports from Pdducah ?ay that heavy cuui> adlng wu beard up tne Tennessee river this moraine. Gcrn Grant sent Instructions to all the hospital* here to-day, to be In readiness at short notice. Nothing of importance has been heard from the expedition. From ?all Lake City. Salt Labi City. Jan. 17 ?Governor Dawson left here December 3lst, on account of s personal difficulty H? was pawned, whipped and robbed 'welv* ml es esst Seven desperadoes, who commltM tli* MUlllt ir-f? rMlul *V>~? ?r tbenj, in endeavoring to escape from tbe olccn, were killed. Fran kfitackf J.onaviLLV, Jan. 17.?Tbe Mumfordavllle eorrespondent of tbe Journal of tbta city aaya tbe reb> la are driving cattle lute the pood* aad waterleg ptacea on tbe route of tbe edvenoe of the United Ptatea army, and killing then, ae as to mfcr tbe water unfit for drinking LATB LOCAL NEWS Win PoLicn Ca?ra ?Bt/ors Juttit* S'rattom ? Jotrn Doyle, a soldier, tor robfeie? Mra Clark, wn sent to Jail for court Wb K'dtsoud and F Riley, marines, were arm lad on coropUint r-t M a Clark, eta g d with betrf disorderly, when they ruaiiated oy mrcoainv bar of giving liquor to soldiers Redmond and Riley wf fieni to the marine barracks, and Mrs Clark w*s r?qnM to give ball for her appearance before the court. Kate R.we, a cvpMan, drank #nd disorderly; fined 81.94 ls?ar Tbtirtfon, soldier, drunk and dlaorcer y; turned over to the Provost Guard John VVeiab, arrested on a bench warrant Issued by Judkje Crawford; seuttojsll. , JamasCaratoa* found drunk, and exhibiting evldeaco of harlsf nrd-rgone a severe mouV'ag, was turned over to the Provost Guard. CAn 9n*rr?n s ConniT - Wt Inn bv a recent arrival from Dlxlo that Cant baSar's company, wnleb was compoard at D?aLlot asan bas come to urief The captain was cashiered for cowardice on that eeeotful Sunday at Soil Run, and bla 11 rat lieutenant, Ned Camming*, (i Government clerk here, aoeceeded kin, aa oe acqoltvd himself bandeomety ea ttat day; bet be subsequently got la to dlftcatty wlih aa steer Washing coeiaa, aoa of a foraer mombar et tbe bar here, mod bla command wan tehee away, aad tbe company disbanded, aad aoatterel amoag Kher cor pa Rmim RirLX*?TbU Moraloft, atx aampaaW-a of ibe New V ark dtcb r*rt meat. eacam pod it Good Hope, re?t of tbe Navy Yard, at'cn*4 10 tae Araenal, ? here the* etcbeaded tbetr ai? keta for to held riiaa. The comal lag t+or coaa panlet b>*e been ioppi'.ed with rlftaa mm Om. The regiment t-xpecu to ctom the nmh m4 |oln Geo ttmltb't dlrUloc oa Moa4ay Pmuxt witbovt Licsaes j. J ullwl; *m trrttM by tbe Minlan la iM >mte ?e? Lerdey, charged wlU M-ddllag wltMii Iibmm. ?nd ?u uUi before JmUm Cull, wfee taaA Ids A n.w jsftasttaav-- ?. ' Msa rasru? irxisxzat. F r (c kna Dubmim Orie^uul ikeeefer nwu or n?ii; rati w . 'eMee**11*8 01 "**** iaeer? M e>?|?>wi m *\>a? p-im oily. wiW la plata Acs'** I ru.r.KO, Hi* rm .T-mn?r g-A rtA! IL^ mi u.v.rasv,-. <?fcTrTu*?c7?TT* J?a | p?wUrtOmttjv wwt* ^HAwLB A.ND COUAJLB Muj,m M zsp?r*' w VS>V ** l>^air??JliSark / ' i

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