Newspaper of Evening Star, January 18, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 18, 1862 Page 4
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THE R* F.MINU STAR. FROM OE1. HALLBCX't DtVItTOH. THE CAIRO EXPEDITION The F?m? ? b? En|a|rd. and It* mb?kl? Dfit<>t(l?n-1k( f'?|r?iitl G?a Hull Advance, Ac ,4c, k-t. The correspondent of the New York World, writing under elite of January 9th, iaja : It haa been a matter of very general surprise tbat so mailj montns nave been allowed to < lapse without any movement from Cairo. 1 Since the unfortunate ^econnoissance to Belmont the operations from this point have been confined to desultory and unimportant skirmishing A vast force has been steadily con- < centrating here for Pome weeks, both naval i nd land. The enemy has been busily strengthening his position around Columbus, and has. on the whole, manifested more spirit than we have, considering the respective means of offense and defense. At length the ears of the country will be gladdened by the announcement Hint a " forward movement" is at last to , take itlaee The principal obstacle to the advance, it is understood, has been hitherto, the preeeuce of the Confederate army of Price in the Missouri territory- That difficnl'y has been easily and runtmari!y disposed of, and nothing hinders 1 the immediate precipitation of the great army ot the West up^>n tho keypoint of the rebels in Kentucky, There is the more neoesdty of 'nis course, as it is will known that Gen. Buell it Already tasked with the advance through central Kentucky, via Bowling Green, onward to Nashville. Gen lialieck has already =o far cleared Mis? un of rebel troops as to dispense with the immense force which has been kept in garrison along the various roads in that btate. Price la at Springfield with some 8,000 to 10.000 troops. Col. Carr. with a large cavalry force, will be heard from before many days. Nothing ii to be foared from that quarter. THE AS JIT AT CA1BO. None of the uoops etiijH jed under Fremont in bb expedition to the suuiuweat have as jet Seen transferred to tbi3 vicinity, though it is reported with some show of truth that nearly 20,000 arc being shipped at St. Lonis for this point. The rurnber of troops now in the dej arttnect ?>f Ciiro may be estimated in round number* w follows:?At Paducnb, 12 000: at Cairo, 15 0f0: at Bird's Point. 7,000; at Fort Bolt, & 000, Mourni City. 3 000, with an available iorce of 5,000 at C*po Girardeau, forty jnt'es further up tbe river. These troops are principally fr m Illinois, though a sprinkling of them are from Missouri. Iowa and the Northwest. The great majority of the t fleers are also Illinoisjins Gen. Grunt, the commander of the district is trout this State, as are also Gen. McClernand, Gen Oftlesby and General Pain*. The men are, for the most part, well drilled, sud. ao far as tnere drill can m ike *b?hi. are efficient soldiers. Probably an exception might be found in the feW artillery which his undergone but very limited practice. Of the efficiency of the commanding officers there is, as usual, great diversity of opinion. It is noticeable, that a very ?m<tll proportion of them aie regular officers. Insomuch as Gun. ilalleok has shown snch a decided preference for officers of the old army ia his appointments heretofore, it is to be presumed that wheu the time shall hare arrived for a simultaneous and decisive movement he will aaeigu to thecomu.and experienced officers, who have served in the more arduous camrmiirn of the Soathwe?t. The patriotism and pluck of the present commander? are undoubted, bat Bail Run huunhappily demonstrated the value of the example of competent and tried offi'^srs >n desperate and critical emergency. TUB 5AVAL FORCES. The aggregation of a respectable fleet ou the Mississippi has already attracted much attention. The fleet consists at present of eight iron-plated guab< aU, one of which ;the flag- ! ship Benton) carries 15 large-sized Dahlgren ana rifled runs. On board of her Commodore Foot? will noist his pennant The Essex, the ! Moond ship in the fleet, carriea some of the heaviest armament in the service. Besides these are the wooden t'un)v?*t? **? _ O -vilUHWU, Tyler, and Conestoga. Ihe fleet of mortar boat*, 38 in nuuioer, still lays on the river shore, in progret-i of mounting The heavy mortars to be us??d on these boat! have not all arrived from Pittsburg, where they were caat, ud it is probable that the oasting of the necessary 260-pound shells will take come days further. These, witb about a d >zen little tugs, complete the naval preparations at this point. There will, when complete, be a total of nearly 200 guns ready to launch forth their deadly storm of iron hail upon tbe rebel fortifications at Columbus. The work of plating the gun bunts is not yet entirely completed They are probably in fighting trim, but await the plating ot some of tue upper works. The I steamer Maria Denning lies aachored in the ( stream abreast of the port a; a receiving lhip, where the marine are kept until they are transferred to their respective gunboats. Two .uvueouu ciup?ujreu in tne service, which are. in all respects. governed by the navy regulations. TBC HOVKMKST I*TO KE.1Tt'?KT. It may be difficult to point out the precise destination to which the coming expedition is directed, but its field of operations cau be defined in general i??rn??. The position occupied by the opposing torces may he described as the two tides of a parallelogram. The national army resting upon Bird's Point, Cairo, and Padurab, is faced by that of the Confederates resting cn Columbus, Hickman, Majfield and Dover, inclosing between them the po rtion of Kentucky west of the Cumber- I land river The fort on the State line near Dover baa of late been strengthened, bat it ia still an inconsiderable work A rebel camp sixteen hundred strong is reported at that point. West of that. ?jma sixteen miles, is camp Beauregard, where the rebels have six thousand troops, at latest accounts. This is on the line of railroad between Bowling ?5reen and Memphis. From tne nature of the preparation it is discoverable that the object of the expedition is to attack a&d capture this force if possiole, and then told the position. This, if successful, i will affectufciiy flank the rebels at Columbus. ana may be very eeriooaly contested by the i robel foroea from Memt-hie, Columbus, and NMbrule. Ita great feature will be, boweTer, to distract the attention of the Confederates ' before Bowling Green, and by drawirg off from their torces give to General Butil a chance j for hi? oouy d* nuiin in Ceu..r*< Kentucky. In order t? carry out thi? plan with trims- < ph? .t ct's, it will require at least twenty i thousand men Report snys that folly mat somber are ordered t# raove.; tbia estimate ia, >owerer probably too high. This must not be eoafcanded with the grand onset by which the pa-wage of the Mississippi ta ti be forced, as the above rej*in? ... - ... mil wo are narcuy id *h?p? to coacentrate our entire strength for that parpott; bat this aut b? regarded as a supporting movement, designed to push our lines mm fifty miles farther south to the TenThf chances ara that a small naval expedition wllljail oc to-morrow or Saturday up the Cumberland river, and engage the catteries tree tod at Dover, driving them out of the position and landing a force sufficient to hold them, transferring a part of the forces now posted at Tadoeah to that notnt. Another, and more nr*tan t?r??e ? -?? * f(? _ ..vwv i ^ VAiaUtVU) Will SOI lili It AH ftp* < pointed signal, dona to Columbus, and. under j the div bMiitd oomtaouore, not cnly ke?p the force* there oo the alert for an attack, bat i ate draw their Ira, aad thereby discover the : position of their batSerie#, their range, calibre, and number of gans This latter will be simply a recoDiiOiaaenca in force, under the immediate ! o^mmaiid of General Grant. A far larger and i tare interesting foree vriil proceed, I am led ( te believe, from Fort Halt, directly by land, to j tkevieiettyof May fie Id. To-day, three or four l large ?'earner* hare been steadily engaged in ferrying over cavalry to the opuc*ite raore? < CoJomjlDie key's regiment of tlftnots eavalry, j with battalion* of two other regimenu. Three . regiments of inftntry?the Twentieth, Twenty- ? first, and Thirty-seventh Illinois infaairy? | have aleo been taken aeroee the river. It is : not antir^l* ?l?- ?* * l~"~ ---?? u? ouui? inikoirj i ex rp? will b? taken bj tbe Tennessee river, or 1 whether a portion will aeaoajpanj the oaralrj aoroaa the counUj. * i bn?. havana KK^y1Nr< ? 4? 3A1 Pn. ?r*nn?. nxtr tin ?t 3 K'1?4*' BUTTER !2 r*"* " t * i cfio.oe i.ntier. Jw received *ad 7 f? < ?kd?p by ' i * ^ _ SICK AMD WOOIfDKD lOLOIIRt IH HOSPITAL. P?UwiU4 im tonformtif with tk* raotmtim / tk* Smatt c f Julf II, 1861. At 8*mimmrf Motjntml, G*org$town, Jam 10 td U.S. Infantry 15 57th Penn Volunteers. 3 Sth do Cavalry 1 lit do Reserve.... 1 1st do Artillery.... 1 3d do do.?*...l Id do do 2 6th do aJT.?(?>! Hh Vermont Volunteers 2 11th do do...... 3 1st do Cavalry... 1 1st do Rifles....... 2 I at Rhode Island Bat. 1 4th do Cavalry 1 sth do Art. 2 11th do do 2 Sth N Hampshire Vol. 6 1st do Artillery... 4 ITthNew York Vol... 2 4th Michigan Vol 1 22d do do.... 1 2d, Wisconsin Vol.... 1 3-th do do.... 1 5th do do.... 1 62d do do.... 1 Sth do do.... 3 Mth do do.... 5 Excelsior Brleade.... 1 -9th do do....II Cameron Rifles ...... 1 id New York Cavalry. 4 10th NewJeraey 1 Jth do do.... 2 McClellan'sDragoons 4 i?'h Penn. Volunteers. 1 CupesBattery 1 27th do do 4 5th Irish Brigade .... 2 35th do do 1 2d D C. Volunteers.. 1 Wth do do...... 1 (9th do do 1 Total 103 svia ao ao st| (a) One officer At General Horpital, Union Hot$l, corner Bridgt and IJptkingtim itre$tt, Giorget&fen, Jan 10. Sth New York Vol ... 1 5th\>rmnntVolunU*era 1 17th do do....11 1st New Jeraey Vol... 1 1-fth do do.... 1 5th do do.... 1 Wd do do.... 1 3th do do.... 1 25th do do.... 1 9th do do.... 1 Wth do do.... 1 I'M Michigan Vol 5 Hd do do.... '2 4th do do I 35th do do.... 1 2d Wiaconalndo 3 37th do do.... 1 jth do do...... 4 OJ A A A n 1 1 -4 ? V? * * UV? ? ? V I .'I 1 U UCVUM1 WU? * ? X M'h do do.... '2 1st California do 2 45th do do.... 1 lit Excelsior Brigade. 3 50th do do.... 3 2d do do.... 1 5*2d do do.... 1 3d do do.... 5 54th do do,... 2 4th do do.... 1 55th do do.... 215th do do.... 3 56th do do.... 2|lit Maryland Vol 1 5fih do do.... ?! 1st Indiana Rifles .... 1 Ttrth do do.... 3 Stockton's \llch. Vol. 4 86th do do.... 1 JOarlbaldi Guards 1 2d Fenn. Volunteers . 3;DeKalb I 4th do do 2; New York Mounted 6th do do 1 Rifle-' 2 7th do do 2; Kane's Rifles li 5th do do...... 2 Camer-n Rifles ...... 2 11th do do 2|lst Penn. Cavalry .... 1 I2ih do do...... 1 ;2d do do ...... 5 2-Jd do do...... 1 |4lh do do 1 20*b do do 115th do do '2 ?ia ao do 3|H ?rrii?' L?lj?ht Cavalry 4 4i;tb do do 3|lit RLode Tiland Art. 1 15th do d? -2 3d U 8 Artillery 1 5<d do do...... A ItU do do 2 STtb do do...... 4 5tfc do do........ t iWthdo do 1 Ut New York Artillery 3 id Maine Volunteers.. 1 Vott'i Mattery 1 ?tta do do 4 Home Guard*, D C.. 1 id Vermont Volunteera 3d do do 2 Total 155 At at Columbian Colligt, Washington, Jmn 10 4th U. 8. Cavalry 1 2d Herdan Sharpa'rs.. i 5th do do 1 latiNewJerteyCavalry 2 id Maine VolaBte?r?.. 1 id do Vol.... 1 Tth do do 3 3d do do.... I 11th do rfn 31 (1th <t.? 1 5'h N Hampshire Vol f|tst Penn. Artillery.2 2d Vermont Volurteen 1'4th do Cavalry.1 5th do do.... 1 rtth do do...... 1 l(*tb MassachuaettsVol ijlat do Volunteers . 2 lit Rhode Island Art. l|'2d do do 1 4th do Vol. 6i3d do do...... 7 1st New York Artillery 2 ;5th do do 1 21 do do.. 1 ?th do do...... 1 Rocket Batt 1 13th do do 1st New York Cavalry. 1 23d do do...... 1~ 2d do do.... 5 27th do do 2 9th do do....20 31st do do...... 1 Harris Cnvalrv I 52d do do 9 17tb New York Vol... 7 57lh do do I do dn ^ An An 1 1 3*?h do dn.... 1 jlOlttarto do...... 1 3?th do do.... sllit California Vol i 43d do do.... 1 8th Illinois Cavalry... 2 44th do do.... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol... 3 do do.... 1 5th do do.... 1 51th do do.... 2 7th do do.... I 77th do do.... 7 l?t Minnesota Vol 1 Anderson Zouaves.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 3 Ut Excelsior Brigade. 1 3d do do...... 2 id ' do do.... 1 4th do do 2 De Kalb N. Y Vol ... \ ^th do do 2 Lincoln Cavalry 1 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 1 McClellan's Dragoons. 2 Cameron Dragoons... 5 Total ...174 At Gtntrnl Hotpital, (Circlt,) Washington, JflH 11. Eni(iDeen 1184th Nw York Vol... 1 UlU.r*. Artillery.... list Michigan Vol 1 2d do do 1 7th Maine Volunteers. 3 3d do do lj r>thN . Hampshire Vol. 6 5th do do 3 #th New York Vol... 2 1st do Cavalry .... 5i2d do do.... 2 2il do do 12 2d Penn. VolunWrs. 1 4th do do 4 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 5th do do 2 Stain ptMd's Battery, 6th do do 5 New York Vol 1 1st do Infantry 1 22d New York Vol... 2 2d do do 5 15th do do.... 1 3d do do ? IMh Penn.Volunteer?. 1 4th do do * 45th do do 1 6th do do 7 Cameron Dragoons... 1 ith do do 1 ? 10th do do 5 Total 92 At St Ehxabttk Hotpttal, Eastern Branch, Jan. 10. i 4th Excelsior Brigade. 3'!W?th Penn Volunteera. 1 .1^ * - i- v. ? ... oi uv i y.u ?cw jpri*-y vol.. l 1st do do ... 1 Rxcelsior Artillery Vol 8 53d Penn. Volunteers .13 52d Penn. Volun'eers. 5 bth New York Vol... 1 41?t New York Vol... 2 Wth do do.... 1 t5th Penn. Volunteers. 1 Cameron Rifles 2 2d New Vork Cavalry. 2 J5th Penn. Volunteer*, l|*th do do.... 1 StbVermontVolunteerf 5 57th do Vol 1 Brickel's Art. B*tt. .. 2 ttttb do do 16 59th New York Vol... 1 8th N Hampshire Vol 4 22d do do,... 1 ? 3?th Penn. Volunteers. 2 Total 77 lit do Reserve.... 1 At Indiana tPattnt O flirt), Washington, D. C., Jan li. I 19th Indiana Vol 30; lit Michigan Cavalry. 4 liit Berdan Sharps'r*.. 8i^ternfell'* Artillery... 1 2d do do 7i3d Indiana Cavalry... 1 7th New Vork Cavalry ?|llth Maine Volunteer* 1 j 9tu do do... ;J 1Ith Rhode Island Vol. 1 1st do Artlllerw 11 ? 53d Penn. Volunterra . 4; Total .....SO Sick rrwwmmg >? tk? Horjntal /or Bruptht IH??a:e$, at Kaloratna. Jan. 10. id U Infantry 5 10th New Jerny Vol.. 1 Mb do Cavalry. 4 46th Penn Volunteers. 1 Mb do do 3 ~sid do do...... 4 I 7th Maine Volunteer*. 3 VJd do do 1 j Hth do do.... 5 S5th do do...... 3 id VermontVolunteera I !fctb do do 1 | 14th McuwaehuaeU Vol. -iUOlrhdo do...... 9 j lit New York Artillery '! 1st Michigan Cavalry. 1 i J:h Cavalry. 1 7th Wisconsin Vol... 1 I3tb do Vol 2 19th Indiana Vol 3 | 14th do do 2 McClrllan Dragoons.. 1 >?th do do 12 Quartermaster'* Dep't 8 i?th do do 2|Clvlllsn 1 ' IVII UU UU, ] ? 57th do do 1 Total 81 At Otiural Hospital, AUxmmdrim, Jan 10. Kh U.S. Artillery... 3 IStta Pen n. Vol an teen. 3 Id do do 3 11 do do 3 nh do Infantry..;. S!53i do do 17 id do do I jtlSth do do...... 2 id do do 1 do do 1 llh do do........ 3|??th do do...... 1 10th do Cavalry 1 Wli do do 3 ith do do 1 10th do do 1 lat do do 1 11th do do...... 5 U 8. Engiueera 1 8teth do do 2 mh N*. w York Vol... 4 51th do Fire Zouaves 1 Mth do do.... 1 11th do Cavalry.... 6 19th do do.... S lat do Reserve.... 1 fr-th do do.... 3 Ut do Artillery ... 1 18th ?t? >? < - ? vavnrytMt<9 I ?? do do.... 4 *i Michigan Vol 16: Ma do do.... 0 ut do do 1 1Kb do do.... 1 5.h do do 8 g* do do....?-M do do lu !??? 2? 1 ' tMaaaarhu*-ttaHat. 1 wTl m? ??.... 1? do Vol.18 M K 2? ??? 9 wth do do-- 7 2,1k i 4o-? 1 ' * Minnesota Vol I Uth 2n do.... i LtNewJeraey Vol ... 1 olh i?"~ 1 5,h do do ? 0 if do.... 4 Uh Rhode laland Vol .10 i Nth il * lrt do Bat.. 1 4?h 20--1 ftth d0 Art- * fid do " ? 5t? do B*? 1 ufh do? 1 S^Malno Voluntwra. i if.f i? do....10 4th do do 3 ? i? ?* ! *? 4? do a UV UQ. . . ? 1 tM <l0 dOta?S?? 3 | fcrtU do do.... I 37th Indiana Vol 10 19th do do.... 1 5ih Connecticut Vol ..1A 0th N Y 8Ute Mil.. 1 ?th Wisconsin Vol....U Kb do do 5 tat Kxcetalor Brlvad*. 1 td N Y Fire Zooavea 1 5th Wlwonaln Vol.... 4 Id NeapYork Artillery 1 3d do do 7 un do Cavalry. 1 5th Vermont Vol 19 at do do.... 2 5th New York Artillery 1 :nmercn Pragoona... 51 Quartermaater'a em. 4arrla Light Cavalry. 1 ploy t ith Illlnola Cavalry... 4 0th N. Hampahlre Vol.13 ufttb Foan Volunteer* 13 4th CoiBwUeat Vol.. I Nd do do 10 latNtw York Artlll?nr 1 7m ?o do 6 lit Wiaconalo Vol.... l th ?-> d.? * **ta New York Vol... I ameroa Bll?* I 734 Peun Volunteer*. I tto Pt-nn. Volunteon , '2 ? th do do S Totel 459 Mb do 4o> 1 II Fifth District Sck?i Horn** Httpital, Jhmtk / (rtn*r*J Httfttml ? S itr?l, Jam. 10. Kentucky Cavalry.... 1 Ohio Cavalry (unat). 1 87ih PennivlvanlaVol. 1 3d Michigan Vol 1 8th Rhode Island Bat. 3 Sid New York Vol.... 4 5th do Vol. 1 101th Penn. Volunteer* 1 ? ' ?? - " * i oJ IT a * --** * - ? su vcruit>ni Tuiumcrn 1 ju \j o- aihiwij & 'idU 8. Cavalry 1 D. C. Volunteers 1 4th do do 1 ? #tl? do do 1 Total.... to Cameron Dragoons... 1 - rrr Wsshlngton papers please copy and seat HQs to the War Department Ja 1??? HOOTS! , BOOT 8%. 1 Brh o J Kill ? WHITEHOUSE & UNCKlTtfi, 34fc Pa. Avwwttk and 311 C Btsbkt.BHI < (TK* y?w York Wr.oltsaie Branch Homu.)WWBJ Have on hand, and are daily reoeiving,* Mb large lots of , CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS A tn MARCHING SHOES, mostly of their own manufacture, to be sold at th? lowest market rates. A call from ail dealera rolioited. Sutlers liberally dealt with. de 8*-lm* LADIES'. GENTLEMEN'S AND CHIL- , DRE.VS FURNISHING GOOD8, UNDERGARMKNTS. Ot.OVES. HOSIER*. HANDKKRCHiEFS, SCARFS. TIES, CRAVATS, LINEN COLLARS, SHIRTS. fto, fro. THOMPSON, under Brown's, dean F. A. I.ak* A Co.'i Marh'ft Hal! Baaaar. NOTICE +0 WATCHMAKER8, JEWELLERS. AND F< DLAR8. S. 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Job printingvery Description of JOB printing r*^aired by any body?citiiena. oivil functionaries, arm* and nary officera, antler*, Ao.?ereonteu at tlioSTAR OFFICE, In aaticfaotory atyle, at low | r?l?irnrr*?h, -o< tf NE NICK K? USE WOOD CH1CKEK1NG PIANO l^r 975. One? ootavefour round corner HaJetlDBBI A Davia Piano for IfTRTl For sale noon mi> term* ?.t th? Mnii* #?Af? ?i " ~\VTG. METZEROTT*'* Sole Acenc for Ste-.nwaj aiid ??<n'a and Mavenf Haoon A Co.'e Planoa. a? 18 MASSE V, COLLINS ft 0.19 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. | W? have juat received a aoppty of theabov* AM, i wn ic ? we recommend to be or a Tory superior I ity. Persona wiahing to purohaae. by maftiag immediate application, can be furnished. 1 ARMY ft SHINN, HOT flWgtUtl. i M>U6US, COLiM. UOa K SENE68, ft*. 1 L' TYLER'S COMPOUND SYh UP OP GUM ARABIC. Thia pleasant aud popular Cough R<Mi>edy baa been m long known and extensively yaed that most persons have beoome taimliar with ita extraordinary efficacy. It oan be had at all theprmoip 1 irug atores. at 3i and 4" cents a bottle. wiU <ini>?a?w* J BNTL EMKN'SLINEN COLLARS, LINEN ' ? UUL1<AK5| LINti^ (;UI.LAK3!-AbNtTH) cli'g#Q now in atore, all at abont half |??e tiotl puce for the saiuo iniK)i-*il ?f otr #w? macufaoture. At THOMPSON'*, At E. A. Lake Jt Co.'a Marb.e Hall fiamr, de SO Ucdor Brown's Hotal. W H- STRONG. TRUNKS, HARNBSSTMIII^ARY GOODS, 9ii PSNHSYLVANIA AT NCI, South suit, b&ttt4*n 12(4 and Utk ttrmtt. ICT Trnnii, HarneM and Military E?ni?m?Bt? royal red at hort? t notioe. ~ d?? ! ' CHEESE: CHEESE.1 CHEESE!!! MiKMS'' Ai.? ..?d ?i aSMff&s * CO., HK^ibKKRjSMWBKE VilCU W?iUTlt* ill OMk r~* ** *" ?? ' e,e^t|^rL?8TKPHEN8 * <X>~ ?# P*. ? ., b*tw*en tth ud 10th ak v aB (lnulb??MMT and Rwihliau.) A *Mf~?LOVES! " A _ ARMY ?LOVES!! ?- N^StjOO.. - / 8. I. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL . In presenting this delicious beverage to the public, It ie not oar Intention to herald It as a quack medicine, that will care all dlK^Mt and Ufoetiooa that human nature to heir to, hat that It to purely a cetabination of moot delicious fruits, dletllled under oar own pineal supervision, having no deleterious or Injurious admixtures so Common with many con pounds forced upon the Public In the shape of Toalcs, Ac. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL will become ooe of the most useful and at the same time healthful beverages that has ever been offered. We take much pleasure In thus presenting It, particularly to Soldiers, who are expooed to change of weather, climate and hardship, as the best lnvlgorator that can be found. SAM'L. N. PIKE A CO. SOLE AGENT IN WASHINGTON. D C., EN1LE DIPRB, / 3?0 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Cincinnati, Octobers#, 19g1. 1 hereby oertlfv thai, in accordance with the law regulating the sale of Alcoholic Liquor* la the State of Ohio, 1 have Inspected 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL, and find it free from poisonous impurities I also believe It to possess high medicinal properties, of a tonic and astringent character Id tee'lmony whereof, wltneea my signature thU Wth day of October, 1801. DAVID O'CONNELL, M. D , Chemical I n? per tor of Alcoholic Llqaora for Hamilton county. 6 N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! No Houwhould should be without It 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! The most he*l'hful and ueeful Tonic extant. 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Have the delicious Beverage at home. 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! la distilled from delicious Fruits end Berries.) ^ 8. N. JAKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Sutler* In the Army (applied on reuonable terms. fi v Bnrno w. 41* A lALi O ARMY CORDIAL! j Every yfflcer and Soldier In the Army should dm the Invigorating Cordial. _ , I 8. If. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! / Not only Ofloera and Boldlen, bat the mmt delicate Lady, will find thla Cordla a uaeful TONIC. 1 1 S. N. PIKE'8 ARMY CORDIAL! [ not a quack medicine, bat the moat healthful and ple&a&nt Beveragr In dm. I 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAT.f I Better than Preach Brandy, Whisky. or any 1 strong Liquor. 1 l . ? !.' ?V? V . ? I S. *. MKE'B ? j ARMY OOEDIAL! ! 1 [f you wUh to top la g?i. health ud ipirlte, j dm thta Cordial. < ( FOR BALE AT THE PRINCIPAL DRUG- j GISTS IN THIS CITT. OR BY r 8. H. PIKE & 00., # ; " lBuiN ITCAMORI STRUT, CINCINNATI, OHIO. i SOLS AGENT IN i WASHINGTON, O. C., ! EMILE MJPBX, I IN PKKIISTbTANIA ATBNVI J I J' 1 iDMrngTBY. ML. CHARLES R. BOTKLER, NO. SS? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Bnvm 9th mb 1*th 9t*. >?-? [^EW AN1> IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHMOPLAST1 antra T E E T H." Withowt Mktax Plats oa Cuirt. ,1. mtmi, bttwen itrA end 13U ttt, IPaMtartea, C& the attention of the pihlio to the foUotriaj advantagee of hie improved ijitcai < l. The Teeth of hie menaftwture vtlA|E3 never eoroce nor okiu< tor by acid*, beim three focrtb* "tator than at? other. X. No teeth or roota need be extracted, aa UM artitc.a. onea eaa b% turned over them. I. The roota wt.i be made inoffensive. aa nevei e aa.f. 4. No tM*>orary teeth are needed, aa petimneiK ones -jaa be made immediately, thereby inwnlpi the natural expression of the (hoe, vfcieh hndei theeld system is fre*sent * A I. This work haa b-eo fully teetK over fve yean by many of the brat oheniria hnd physicians of thii Dr. d. ku aleo tainted a white aodeetraotiTi metal f linc, wit* whioU the mo?t eeceitive teetl oan be fillet without pain, and oan baild i||> Mr teot, sound taoit or any aide root*, whieh will lael thronfH Uietime. The *eel of refereaoee rive*?to Dr. . Motfe Dr Doromut, Profreeor oTChenuetrr, N. 1m J edge Wayne, ofth* Supreme Court of Waafcin?ton, ana thousand* of others. Call and examine for roareelf. ao > > GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM *. DOVE * co. _ I.K New preearea iv exeeete av !!* ! VHI <' ? i"?? b'hvorfd lathe rtntBiNa. ?AS nnm. 11*7" Store en tth aireet, a iew doora north ef Pa W# 8 F1I7I 1KB. E Hare in store, and are an y reoomn*, 111 FIXTURESof entirely New Patternsacd Deaif bi me-* Vanish. sop**ri< r in tyieto^nythiDf heretofon for <J in this maHrot. We invite citisees ceneraJ It to sail and eramine <i?r stook of Pas ud Wits Fix' ?rea, fesiin* continent tkat we have tke too M.ected stock in Washington. 4.1 i Work in tbe *oore ana latraatod lo oar eort Will bo from^llr atter"4"^ to. MYEJL8 * Me#HAH. war Mf ST? D stroei, FRIVAT&. PRIVATB. PHI VATB. DR. LA BONTA Cares all Venenai Diuum remanaotly aac aatokly, without the aaaof diaguauag or poiaon oat drug* of an? kind. No dieting or lnte-feranoa with baaiaaaa. Consultation* fr?e. It ta aaying quite enough m ita fkror, when I aaj that iiit jiaotioe la that which la iiim in all th? Nav V (irlr ritm Ki-^anuU New Vork (fity (fol Ui{9 and Hospital Tsati molt ta Is ftornialie4- . Ltdi's Vtik Whites and Diseases ot the Wornl c?r?d and saved a consumptive's grave by mj trwrncst. Tb??e is rothmc r/flniw or iiiagretablt in an] part of tl.e treatment. Ail en**? warraiit^d, or money refnrded. Communication* in writ.n*. with return stamp, promptly r.ttended to. Medicine* for t<avelers and others packed, iriti foil instructions for use, and warrantao. Offioe? Kw? No. 9 Wa? ington Baildmt, Penn avenue and Seventh st., Washington, D. t. de 21-ly /^\ SOMETHING NEWI^fc. ^if^otutllt Discovert or'^i(^ At 9S1 C itrMt, WMiiM I k?Tkt+'0r.' ' OYSTERS STEAMED la the Sbell and Thoroughly Cooked (fcr aupenoi to a roa?t! in two tkt fmsutt iifu on rtcord. Call and i??. The undersigned reapeotfuliy inform* hiafriendi in the DisUtot, and viaitora to the city, that he hai refitted hit old and wtu-iiovii iitiiliiuhi ib a most thorough manner, and haa mad* complete arrangements to furniah OYSTERS in an] style and id any quantity. ?00 to sop gallons ahuekei per day. 8 ooo to 3.000 oana of Spvoed and Krest put up daily?oana henaetioally sealed. Furnished in the shell by the buahe: or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regalarlr through the winter. at Baltimore erioes without fear of failure, should call and make ar rangetnenta at once. Freight. time, and monej eared by purohaaiug of n,e, aa I furnish an artioli equal to the celebrated Baltimore establish meats at prioes j ust as low. to Canned Meat a, Lobatera, bardinea. Clem* Strawberriea, Tomatocn, Pica' Feat, Tripe, to. Ac.. 4c. Alao, Pioklea, Calaup, Sajoea, Brandj Peaohea, &o. Alao. tiame and F'eah Flak. Tartl*a, Terrapina, Freeh Lobatera, Cod. Hallbat, AO la faot. every tmui for aale in the Northern market* alwaya on hand, at reasonable pnoea Hotela and lamiliea anpphed with Oratora, delivered without charge t- any part of the Diatnot. in a^aaon. if the money ta aent with the order. My eetan iahroentia open from 6 a m. to IS at aicbt. every day, exoapt Saauay, when 1 oloee at 10 o'clock a. ru. ja2 tt T. M. HAEVET. INDIA RUBBER GOODS. OF ALL KINDS?FOR THE ARMY. A larga took juat reoeiued. JOHN B PUDNEY, S24 Pa av.. (back room > or ssa n : v ~ Wm OOL. RAPS. COMFORTERS, 9LOYES GAUNTLETS, SHIRTS, DRAWERS. Ac., fresh joodf, ?t JOHN B. PUDNEV'S 2i6 1> street, betw> en 9*h ar<) K'th. BU TFF4LO ft WOLF ROBES. LAF ROBES. HORSE BLANKETS, and CAMP BEDS, ju't rfo'ived at JOHN B PUDNEVS 3tf? Pa. av.(baok room) or 354 D street, bet 9th art 10th. CJUTLERS!?Sutlers you will always ijxl cheap v* and desirable goods at the Sutler's Save j Depot of JOHN B Pl'DNEV, 3?6 D at., between Hh and 10th Blankets, blanket8.-l*ti* *> *, by the bals or pair. JOHN B. PUDNEY, do 20 385 D ?tro?t, between 9th and 10th. piREME.N'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND 6EOR6ETOWM. Capital. 180P,0??. ff? ? ? ? - ? vNiifwrv htmimm mumm mm., mmt 3mmk ?/ ITuiuiilMk. INSWEB HOU^FS ANOOTHK* FAOPEftTY A? AlNSTLnSS BY F1RK. m?. Shoemaker, S&mae! Radfern, 9tno?l Crof ley. W' jmb Wiiton, fticurd Jooea. Jo: n Lt. Jl?reL?y, Jacob ?id?on, Ao'Jrsw Roi ?f;,, ffwSS: KTWSft-. No charge Tor Police*. JAMES ADAMS, President. Abil 6. Davis. Secretary. MI ?! 1 NOTICE. It ADAMRt K1PRKU ? This Co???nj offers to tne public** lottulJid tcrantacos'' for the Safe ana Quick D>?petoh of deuTy Freights. P achates, Valuables, Money, Ao. ko., to all parts of the United State*. Lie. es6p? to and f'om the North aad Wsst depart from and arriva ta "Washington twioe dally. Ah Expresses are |a charge oTipinwni mmd Ail Paokar^fejMTha Boidiars oarnea at "on ^^S^sssa:sosi?s* wc On* Expresses lee re Nov York at 1,1, aad P. arrmni in Washiagton at A. M. aad Ml u%^^i.rwssas." jjhxt1W\KiasaWT4r ft SS'ii Expresses for all aomts North and West leave wasauiftea at urn jyiM ue P.M.. d%iiy. Dfoviw uvaimna wr '?r|t fOHDIM Of rM|M jan be made on aapuoatiyn to tkia ?> ?. W Mhinrton. Auruat St. MM. atf*M* TCAftlUA?K0. H K ttmbeenber having iwil? Mdiwui to Km Voter j, makinx it now one oi toe IvitoAMkB for L18HT WA6ONS of ail kinda oacoot bo onr toaaed, ana iron 01a lone oxfononoe in too bwiiMi, ho hoaeeto fire general aafeafactioa. AUkindtofCarnag00and Lick! Wtjjwa kopt ,BAH REPAIRS HMflfe d?M. mm* mil ii W"'SS??JSKriS,i ?. AND RBADY-MADB CLOTH IKES, 4MB $MO^^rO ??l* T?* ilgBeiere '* .ras sis*ia st&W^'.sssr *"" ?" Ui**- BB^VWg na? i , DilTIHOII am *iiwii Id ski mm Otrmm, 8mmt Mftttwi K*m.?4f m tk? Wmrld, pok ai.l Disiuuiieeor impb?dk?ick. urr jro falsi delicacy feetent. affly 1mmkduvly. a 9wre waeeaxted. oe mo chae9e, i* feom one to two date. in: Da Mity. miwm. L-u? *, CinVwin af Miu, Lav piitu. Pliptwaaa af tfca Vaarv. TlaMuy. Traabhnaa, Pimaaaa af ?>f*> ar OMtiaaaa. af Ua r Baa4, THraal, Haaa ar *kia, Afaeaaaa af tfca Laa?v *?a?- ,r au ar laaili ifcaaa Tirntia Duar4an artair.f fras ary Baku af Taatk?Uiaaa Blil<W Mi Dawmiaa Prai Itcaa vkack ratdar Marrnfa tapaaalla, u4 tuna) kail Mr w4 lUii , rovrtb meft faliihllT ?ka kt?( HaM da * " ? r iku iSfc mamlkj 'fnp* ' . aukri saw Wnlltaal mul.aet, rt* SSL mktrww kM tcruf ( Iiwim v u iht tku lin ' i?m< ?r *uid m iuuct Ik* lft?, aay * ? j mil MUttM. 1( MAR1IAOM. UIHD PUMOl.M TMB| MM lUr nui, k?.o( mn mf vtUata, HfuM 4?fctiur. IlkmitN, It., IFMW) c?r?4. win pl&e** tiiMi/ an4*r Jb? ??*? tf Df J m*t rtlif Mai? ??fat aklikM M i iwiii-1 u4 MMtwlf rtlf qn Mi tktll u i yhyeiifc. OFFICE If* 7 SOUTH FRKDtMICK ST left ku>4 *U? rnt[ (Van Ik'iUMrtMitii tli? ?ninm Ui urati Fill IK Mtarv* itw tt4 amaMt MM* MM H pmM ?tofl (?uu utaf. ? _ D* /OHtfSTO*. 1 mwniw ctlltp rf Bmiii?, to ill, pii Ul fraa Ml af ik? M? inm Cc tg? h tfc? 0?n*4 uut, u4 ih? ftMtar ptrttf vbaaa ltf? kM t?n ifNt M tk? MniUMaf Im4k, f*blUd?ip*u u>4 alaawb?r?, ku f?c'.a4aam? af tkl MM wuriiki*| IWIW (tal ?tf? fit hmj Mk; imMH witfc nifi?f h tk? kMf u< tri v%?> * ! ; jTTMLt ?ai i a?mi. NKf tknill m I MMn m4i, taafctaibaaa vufc fraeaaat fclwStu ?t'.t d?o HMUBN vuk terkAffMMtM af ttttd, ??r? (U?4 mi <MV' TAKE PARTICULAR JtOTTCM IT?m Bite ted Mar* *W kin m)?r*4 iMnlm bj i attain pracuv* u>?aifa4 u wkm alaaa? fraqaao:? I Innri fraa a*il mtymm, m at icfcaal, tfca Nidi ' A vfcica in aiffctl? fait a?an vbaa aalaap, and if Mt uril, r?*4an ?imti lapaaatHa, u4 <aai>iia M mtm4 m afc ? 14 ?- I ^ ? "WF Ami in aaroa rf tka u4 ul utucWIr ificupMitW kf mrlT kttxti of rcmtt ?ia fi>lnm af tka l?lt ml bin)'*, run* in tka Haad, l>n t ih of Bifbi, Lmi af Mum h?n, Filpuioa <( laa Hiui. Dfipim, Ntndi irni* SI"*. yint.g - iii af tkt Difaatita riiCtMca, &HIH1 MiCtf, Bymj \o>^? of Cmwi r. B., It. Ml*T4LlT ?Tt>? 'aartal ?f? o? tt>? Ml in ta ki drMiH-Lw or Miatr), CmIMm ' Mhi. Oitu?i? af farm. Bail rnit?*i|i. AwWw af Bacjat*. AalfTH* traa;. Lava af Mitada, Ytmiiuy, ate, in aama af tka a?ita Naarort Dnilitt -tWaaaii ?u tka caaai af tkair dacliair.g t-aaHk, Ir?n? M>a> r ? pi kof watk. pal a. aar?o?a ud au.^ciataa kaaiaff a naff MUHH akaai Ika aaaa. uul aa i?hum af DISEASES nr IMPRUDENCE Wbar tba ait|tidi< and inpni!ui<ouryi(pl?uiN Inti M ku lotbtkad Uia aaada af tbia ptnfd diaaaaa, tt taa aflaa bappana that aaMl-tiiaad wmaa(ibaaiaaa itaadaf iim^atr Ititn lia Inb trfl;w( if ikwi via, ftw adaa?Uba aes raapaeiabiluy, taa a lac a %fr?an4 btto. *? la!lk lata tba kti di of i|Miut and daatfutnf pratar<ara, arba, Ikciptkli tt tannf, ilch hta ptcaniary aet<aranca. t?p b\a inftay an'Ji altar laaatfc, at at loaf aa taa avallaat faa oa ba abMur. ad, and It datpatr ! ?? bua vut ramad baa Kb ta aifb I aatr on fair of iiaappai, in ant; a* br lb* aa? af 4fcai daa4j pataai ?Rarcary?haaar, th? ct. luihaeta. iranaat a# tbia j larnbla diaaaaa,BachaaAfacuaatafu>a>aa|Ll%rau.Baa4, *" Ha, be. prarrtMinf vMt fttfbtfai rapirtitv?MI daaib pvta a aanad ta ha dVaadfal aaf *nn|i by saaAmf bist a Jkat w r UN*fira< aauvr fna vbtat bttnii aa mana. > DR. JOHNSOfTS kkmkhy wnu okhamtb WEAKNESS AND IM POTENCY I If Ml not WilMMMI Wl*; littMWrflb ?g?? ^ J in tfiidij (mi u c fil rlfN >ii.?ii<. TtiMi>4i?lk< y aai LM-raal aa4 4*ki:iws?4, Vk? ut .? ? til hapa, l?l r feaaatn?adittaKralta*W. L Alt la^i'iiarau u Marrtafa, Mij?taal aa Maatai Pt?|MI' llMtMM, Uu af fmrnb'i Pratt, Itrtnt imtwitt. TraatVUof WukLMN Kiutuw*l ifca mam Itum .m Umi tfii'.j cirti 41 ENDORSEMENT OF IMS MESS. Tl Til Him T*oo*pm r.inl u ibu mtuiuim vufcl* ! 1 Iti lut rttrs. ud tb? nanaraaa impartaot ar*>Hi f itiwtt ftiitimai kt Dr. Mmm, vdmmH it f j rtptnin af Ut ftptntM Buy Htii mimm, mum mt kltl have rfurtl ifiu ui tjut ktfctt tit* paalK, ka 14m kit mu(iii| u a faoliaman af tkaratui aai rataiaalMMty, la a tafltttL'. ptrutti la tfea aSictad bu l4-ly * TRZESBMAR. PrAltff Im< J? aa>? 1 f n- - "* ? - - - *>???*' ? i ???? C*f i?sa| Mrf ttcttrtd by tkt Seals / I4< Ecoit dt Pkmr. muw d< fartj, lad 144 Jmptrtal CtUtgt 9f Mtdxcx**, Ftnu. TRIEPEMAR Ko. 1 _ , la Um cffMtikl ream; for Kblaxstiow. PfbI KATOKKBOIA Mid fcxHAVITIOK OB TIB ?t*TB*. r TllKHEMARNo.8, Completely and entirely eradicates all trtoMof r those disorder*, for which Copaiva and Cabeba I have genera! It beon thonnht an antidote, to the i mm of the health of a raet portioa of the poyalaI ton, TRIB8EMAR No 9. Is the great and ears resedy of the emlisad wor)4 tor ail linearities of the system, u veil as isioodary symptom*, obviating the destraotive use of r Meronry. s> wen a* othe d?ietpn<.u* lacredients, ? and which all the Sareapariila in the woHd osnnct . rem>ve Tbikscm?i Nos. 1,1 and Sar#alike?e ?lj m.t 1 ?*-> _ .. . VI MM VI DHHKinl tWIti?t. They are in tiie form ( a ioiruf?lMd m; It* 61 U?e tel.ei itt'M witfcoat their ana fcatag mm- \ , *^So!d"in tin ohm at fa nek, or foar |i own ia one for #9, and in 9& oaaee. thae Mni| |l. a* adnuDBtored by Vatpeaa, La.lemaa<J. Hoax. A a.. Ao. Wtio NkJ and retail hy DR H. A. BAKMOW. 194 (4 loon from MaoDon**! ?treet>. New York. lasaMdiataiy oa of renuttanoe, Or. Biskow will forward Trfaoomar to any art of the world, aeon rely packed4o<1 addressed according to the lnstraoOocs of thewritnr. Pablith* d ateo by DR HARROW, that popular and t>*?.utifaliy n.nrtratad medicai wo k, Humar. Krai ty. rrioe ? oenta. TnaMoar au4 Bool i?c be obtained by special authority from ft. C. FOR D, Washington, PTC. deU->? ciumru Worcestershire Sauce. ProaouMd by 25 EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ?1 of a L?t??r fro? II MOicmi emiUmm, %x Mum * ONLY 900D jg\ ]> Hxs Erothit AUOE." M WoroMltr. V gjggj .. p>11 ] EVERY jj OP DISH. I The Bbore BAUCE ia tuX onlr the m?t b*1 moet roTTLxn coWDiunrr known., bat the moot tevmtm ?i ?mU, m b lew droyi ib Sett* Ormmy. or with hot tod oold /(Mil, Ssm*. a tMiiiitt Beat, whioh awarrneapW SSBBoe mbaihctarerr bove in vbib endeoTored to a?n?" Ob the B?kf*rt, Lmmckmm. Dmmm, or Se^eer 7M?, b ermet ooctBicinx ~ LE * A PEERING WUKCK8TK&8H1KE 8AUCE" u imttrnfrnm bie. To ftpyreeute the omlim$ (m'imi of thie * *? riwi >Hp*mioa it u ociy TJ to m"6*4*** ft m?ll bottle of the immm, of a rwpeclfeM* Cr?oer or deft er, u met Hotti as4 Restaur*** pro prietora eeldon plaoe the Pwr? BMoe before their liMti, bet nhetitate ft (tmuM B*tU 61M with ft gwriwi mixture. Pm ?!* k. fi ? * "?? ?* JOHN DUNCAN * Ml*?. Dmim SfMra mmd 14<A ttrti. Htm Terk, BoU WholMalc AfHti for Um UnlMO BttU* \ A Stook *!w?ra ia ator* ?Also ordm rewved ior dir?i ihip?iitB from Rulix1By Jwti <r Q$tmtmfnu mmd lmttmtimt MM | TOFOAB'S BUS VDB /linn rifni vie 499 BITVTI DT&IIVi w auw* ** ** TwswCTL At Lrm frvwi. Mwil'w ( C?noin?wt v:!> platM MUM MOH Wort Fu!v1Mkl| CWVIM fruka U?t are m4? la othM c.Um. A' Qu^cnor L?tt>T mmI Dt*m Truki u4* to V Tnnki oovarwl %c- rqyaifd at itiort nctiM. *<KV? 'rM Of Cti*r{?> tO MTlpMt ?f tH JAM KM 8.TOH *?. I I)rwi"?g<a* P^ajTcg Tr*?k??? ??n ~^.u...T?MV??Ofc 1m CAM NOTICF. N OmniumW ?tr wn* to t+y wk for MBHtMll Oi MBit V* IINkMt. V* Mi fW?M l?T?Ct0?0Br liuiDtHterMb ff^^<VHPfe'?rssr5 Eg?y'm ?Lti?a 'err. ^ ttM lilHIJ, WiLt. PTH'r INI k Otl. tM rM. ftTMM, #tfi uJ H?>> ? . I IntttTk 0?pn* |Urr ?EC*IVED A L< T or f J cz/^U'a'MAt, i

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