Newspaper of Evening Star, January 20, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 20, 1862 Page 1
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I P' THE EVENING STAR n PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (8UNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BCILDISSS, 9*r?r / Psaajjrleawte Momu mttd EU*4*tA it. IT W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* rrTfd In packages by carried it ?4 ? year, or 37 cento per month. To mall subscriber* the price la S3 JO a year, *? *dr**c*; S3 for all Months; SI for three mon'hs; and for leas th&i \ three mcntt* at the rate of 13 cento a week. Static co plea, oita cast; in wrapper*, two caitTa. IP* AfiraaTiraxiKTS should be aeat to the a Are before 14 o'clock m ; otherwlae they may aot appear until the next day. THE Bl'RNSIDE EXPEDITION. > 1 List of the Regiments Composing It? Names of the Officer*?Armament of Vesaela. The Cinoinnati Commercial having published ail the dotaila of the Burnride Expedition, there ia no longer any motive for other papers keeping it a secret, especially as it has reached its destination, and is performing ita work by this time. We copy from the Commercial the following details: Immediately after the Hatteras expedition the Government set to work to organise divisions and fleets for further operations of a like character. The Port Royal expedition and its successes followed. Gen. Buraaide was detailed ninety days ago to begin the pre* liminary preparations of another, though its destination and exact character were not dei finitely determined until a much later period. - The early preparations were confined to the ^ purchase and building of vessels fitted for the purpose, in the ports of New York and Boston. Any one who looks at the proportions of the fleet of transports as they lie in the stream, can judge of the amount of labor required to gather together so many vessels all combining the same peculiar characteristics. Much of the time Gen. Burnside was the only man who attended to the details or business of the Division, and it ia only recently that he has had the assistance of staff officers. In fact, his Brigadiers have been, with one exception, appointed within the last forty days, and have been on hand here during the last twenty days. The Brigadier Generals commanding brigades in this Division are as follows : Gen. John G. Foster, First Brigade. Gen. Jessee L. Reno, Second Brigade. Gen. John G. Parke, Third Brigade. These officers are all taken from the regular * army. Gen Foeter is a graduate of Weet Point, served in every battle in Mexico, was wounded at Molino Del Rey, afterwards promoted to a Captaincy, served in the Engineers, and was one of the gallant band of defenders k in Fort Sumter. He is thirty-six years of age. and a very superior officer. G4n. L Reno is a graduate of West Point, of the c! <sa <>f 1B46, and commanded a v battery in the war with Mexico, taking part in IP every battle from Vera Crui to the City of Mexico. He is about the age of Gen. Foster, and is reputed to be an experienced officer. F Gen John G. Parke graduated at West Point in 1850, acd has since been a Coptain in the Engineers. He has seen much frontier ser>ice. having crossed from the Atlantic to the Pacific three times in theoourae of bis explorations. The public can therefore rest assured that this Division is not to be afflicted with acy political Brigadiers. tob troops. As yet only partial and incorrect lists of the regiments of this Division have been published. Indeed, the troops have been arriving up to this evening, and the forces have been augmented at least twenty-five per cent, within the last week, and they now excel by the same proportion the land forces which embarked from here for Port Royal. The following reS'mcnU and batteries compose the entire land ree of the expedition that will embark from this point. I give them in the order of their brigade*: rIRST BRIGADE?GBW. POSTER. Twenty-fifth Massachusetts, Col. Edwin Up/ ton . Twenty-third Massachusetts, Co). John Kurts Twenty-seventh Massachusetts, Col. Horace C Lee Tenth Connecticut, Col. Charles L Russel. Twenty-fourth Massachusetts, Col. Thomas G. Stevenson. sbcoxo brigade oem reso. Fifty-first New York, Col. Edward Ferrere. Fifty-first Pennsylvania, Col J. T. flartranff. Twenty-first Massachusetts, Col. Augustus Morse. Sixth New Hampshire, Col. . Ninth New Jersey, Col. Joseph W. Allen. tbird brigade?gen' parke. Eighth Connecticut, Col. Edward Harland. Eleventh Connecticut, Col.T. H. C. Kingsburg Fi$y-tbird New York, Col. L. J. D Epineuil. Fourth Rhode Island, Col. Samuel Rodman, Jr. Eighth New York. Col. H. Fairehild. Fifth Rhode Island Battalion, Major J. Wright. > Attached to the Division is Battery F, Rhode Island Light Artillery, commanded by , Captain Belgier, who was a member of the Rhode Island Battery at Bull Run. The Battery consists of six 10-pounder Parrott rifled guns. tbb bxpediti05ary vessels * The transport fleet, now in this harbor, comprises every variety of vessels, from the 1,000ton steamer and ship down to the 100-ton schooner. The total number of vessels of all kinds, aside from the naval forces, is 45, and are divided up as follows : 9 steamers, 9 propellers or gunboats, 4 ships, 5 barks, I brig, 17 schooners, and 5 floating batteries The name* of the steamer transports I give below, with a statement as to whether chartered or purchased: Steamer Ginde, Capt. E. E. Vail), pur chased. Steamer New Brunswick, Capt. Winchester, chartered. Steamer New York, Capt. David Clark, chartered. Steamer Northerner, Capt. Mason, purchased Steamer Cossack, Capt. J. W. Bennett, purm. chased. Steamer Eastern Queen, Capt. Collins, chartered. Steamer Suwanee, Capt. Padelford, purchased. Steamer Eaatern State, Capt. John Teale, chartered Steamer Union, Capt. W. H. Chambers, purchased These vessels are all unarmed, and are intended exclusively for carrying troope. Their capacity ranges from 500 to 1,000 men eaeh. the Northerner being the largest and the Snwanee the smallest of the number. The following is a list of armed transports or crew propellers all one class, and intended for the doable purpose of carrying troope and assisting in an attaek. Gunboat Picket, Capt, T. P. Jones, 4 guns? 2 12-pounder Wiard's rifled guns, 112 pounder boat nowitser, 1 12-pounder mountain howitzer | a Gunboat Pioneer, Capt. C E. Baker, 4 guns ?I 30-pounder Parrott rifle gun, 1 12-pounder J Wiard rifled gno, I 12-pounder boat howitser, 1 12-pounder mountain howitier. Gunboat Ranger, Capt. J. B. CMlds, 7 guns fc 2 30-pounder Parrott rifled gunj, 4 12-pounder Wiard rifled guns, 1 12-pounder mountain howitsers. Gunboat Seatinel, Capt Joshua Gouillard, 4 kg guns?I 30-pounder Parrott rifled gun, 1 12T pounder Wiard rifled gun. 1 12-pounder boat nowitser, 1 12-pounder mouotain howitier Gunboat Zouave, Captain William Hunt, 4 guns?1 30-pounder Parrott rifled gun; 212poander Wiard do. do.; 1 12-pounder boat howitier. Gunboat Lancer, Captain N B. Moelej, 4 guns?1 30j>ounder Parrott rifled gun; 1 12pounder Wiard do. do.; 1 12-pounder boat howitier; 1 12-pounder mountain howitier. Guaboat Chasseur, Captain William West, 4 guns?2 30-pounder Parrott rifled guns; 2 6pouader Wiard do. do. Gaaboat Videue. Captain Benjamin Foeter, S g?ne?1 30-pounder Parrott rifled nn; 1 12poaader boat howiUer; 1 12-pounder moun taia howitier I Gunboat Hussar, Captain P Crocker, 4 guns?2 30 pounder Parrott rifled guns, 2 peaader Wiard do Total, nine gunboats, thirty-eigkt.guns f 0 555555"^?2!5!2!!"525!!!l!!!l!!52!!!!!l!55li5JS!^5S55!55!!!S5i55!S5S555^5JJ5^55^JJ55^!!!5i2!^!^!!!!5!5l!5!! * ? f %' k if #j>ti- - ^ -y * fpj *% ?? ? ? V%. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 18G2. N?. 2,781. ????^III .1 Tb? following are sailing transport*, fitted up for carrying troops: Ships Arooan, Captain Kelly, chartered ; I Kitty Simpson, Captain H. Helbuan, do ; Ann I E. Thompson, Captain C. T. Merriman, do.; I Maria Greenleaf, Captain R. Merryman, do. Barka H. D. Brookman, Captain H E. Che- I ney, chartered; \>ltigeur, CaptainN. M Bly, I purchased: John Tracks, Capt. Levi Collin?, I chartered ; Aura. . do. Brig Dragoon, Captain J. Liscouab, pur- | chased. Schooners Highlander, Captain E. G. Day- I ton, purchased; Scout, Captain N. Torney, do.; I Skirmish, Captain W. H Richardson, do. Of th?_above, the bark Guerilla, brig Dra- I coon, and schooneis Highlander, Scout and I Skirmisher, each carry onogun, a 12-pounder I boat howitzer. The Schooner Recruit, Captain George Cog- I geshall, is detailed as a hospital ship, and is I undercharge of Dr. Samuel A Green, Acting I Medical Director of the Division Hospital.? I The Recruit earries one gun. Besides the above, the schooners Plaud^nine, I Sarah M. Smith, Elisa Segur, Glenwood, Griswold, Rotche and Emma, aro laden with provi- I sions and stores, and the schooners Sea Bird, I and Mary H. Banks carry a pontoon bridge I train, and the Colonel Satterly a siege train of I four eight-inch mortars. In addition, the I schooners Sarah Mills, W. A. Crocker. Maria Pike and Edward Slade are all laden with | horses. The total number of guns in the fleet of I transports is 45, all of which, save four, are rifled, with a range of fully two and a half I miles These guns, together with 5,860 rounds I of ammunition for the same. were all furnished I under a contract with Mr. Norman Wiard, the I inventor of the steel rifled cannon, who filled the order in the short space of two weeks, and I and at the economical cost of $60,000. Every I gun is supplied with field carriages, and can I be ased with the same facility on land as upon I sea and are equivalent to just so many pieces of field artillery, The Hotchkiss projectile is the kind of ammunition used. Each troop I ship is furnished with 40,000 rounds of car- I triage, navy revolvers and boarding cutlasses I to repel an attack. VARIOUS DETAILS. There are numerous details connected with I this expedition that are worthy of greater elab- I oration at my hands than jour space will per- I mit. I will, therefore, allude to several of the I most prominent, and for the rest can safely I promise that should the fortunes of war bring I them into glorious prominence, they will be I duly recorded in history to the extent of my I limited ability. Among these details is the I construction and arming of fivo floating bat- I teries. which, though not directly associated I with the land forces or the transports, have I yet been gotten up under the sole supervision I of General Burnside. A good idea of their character is obtained I when I say that they are in every respect sim- I ilar to the strongest and largest boats on the I North river or Erie Canal. They are almost I solid from de?k to keelson, and are divided | into five water-tight compartments They I have but one deck, on which the guns are I mounted, and their working is to be protected I by breastworks of bales of wet hay. The eal- I iber of the gun is ft and 12-pounder, Wiard's I rifled, with a range of 2J miles for certain I execution. Their names are as follows, and I are very indicative of their destructive char- I acter: I Bombshell 2 guns. Grapeehot. 2 guns. Grenade 3 guns. I Roeket 3 guns. Shrapnel 2 guns. From twelve to sixteen men will be required I for each battery, and the whola fleet is under I command of Lieut. Ernest Staples, United I States Navy. I await with anxiety the chron-1 icling of the part ^ear 'n the attack. ROMANCE, VERY NEAR US. Willis, in his last spicy letter from Washington, (to the Home Journal,) thus describes a very charming woman : ' I have had. this morning, a conversatien with one of the most indisputably beautiful and brilliant of our "up-town" belles of a year or two ago in New-York, who is now "following the drum;" and it is curions to see what a development of character?of its dormant resources and capabilities?this lady-fellow-soldiering, or sharing openly and bravely in the fatigues, privations and achievements, of male patriots and soldiers, is likely to produce. Remembering how often my belle-omniscient friend, the "indispensable Brown," had paid his homage to the japenica in that dark hair aa it paaaed in to a ball, I could not but wonder seriously at what might really be the camp utilities of such bright eyes and dainty fingers. I ventured accordingly to inquire with some particularity, and?woman of fine talents and great decision as she naturally is?the answers were both frank and definite. It would instruct and improve the female reader, if I oould literally transcribe her words; but I can only give an outline of them?enough, perhaps, to convey a tolerable idea of what campaigning it, for a lady. I asked whether the mere sewing-on of a button, or correcting a trifling incoherence of cloth or linen, for her young officer-husband or his comrades, wag the extent of her military service. But that was the least of it! Her last job, (before leaving the camp, on her pre- I sent trip of replenishment,) was the menaing of the broken windows in an old house which serves for temporary quarters?setting panes of glass, with knife and putty, like any other respeotable glacier. Ha vine been always aware of a certain mechanical genius of her own, which, of oourse, found no development in gay society, it has been rather a relief to her that there was a great deal of amall carpentering to direct and do, and ahe had found herself equal to most of it, with her own hammer and ohisel. Her influence over the common aeldiers was sometimes salutary?one violent and powerful fellow, who was obstreperously drank and rebellious, a day or two ago, having instantly obeyed her orders, when any farther resistance would have been at the imminent danger of his life But, l. *t of all, she found that her "looks" had the'r conciliatory uses. The Virginia families of the neighborhood, sulky and insulting aa they had been to some ef the 1 Yankee*" who had preceded them, were, to her and her regiment, every-way kind and attentive. Then letter-answering is aV important aervUc among the soldiers; and she bad ettd as ananuenais for them, when their fincere were eold and their hearta heavy. In faet her duties were ao many?(besides the natural feminine-itiet of nursing and stitching) ?that she wondered how they ever oould have done without her' Notice to Watch-Makers. S. A J. MYERS, 10 WASHINGTON BUILDING, Comer of Pa. avenue and Seventh st. J list received a &ae aeeortmeot of WATCHES at waolaaaie. f^OLD CHAINS AT WHOLESALE ? U 8. A J. MYERS. IS Washington Building. WATCH MATERIALS AT WHOLESALE ! 8. A J. MYERS, 10 Washington Building. WaTCH ?L\89KS AT WHOLESALE' ? 8 A J MYERS. 10 Watfaington Bui diug. yy ATCH-MAK E K V TOO^J At Wfeoiesoie 10 Washington Sui.dmg. s we?*Ja IS Tw* |Q Wasoicf ton Bai'dipg. 100 LBS. awl of ? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. The War in Kentncky. Chicago, Jan. 18.?A special dispatch to the Times, of this city, dated twelve miles from Columbus, 16th inst., 9pm, says : A heavy reconnoissance was made this afternoon by Gen. Grant and staff, with Osband'* cavalry, resulting in getting reliable Information of the routes leasing out of Columbus toward* Blandville and other towns. A distance of over forty miles was made In six hours. No rebels were discovered, although at one time the reconnoitering party were within Awe miles of Columbus. A gentleman formerly of Lynn, Massachusetts, reached here from New Orleans last night. He had passes from Georgia to pass the rebel lines at New Madrid and Columbus. On Saturday the rebels were In the greatest pertubatlon on account of the movements of the troops from Cilro The general opinion was that the troops were bound for the Tennesses river. The people in this section expect the direst calamities to fall on them in the coming struggle, but as far as possible take no sides since the Federal troops have been in their midst. Chicago, Jan. 18 ?A special dispatch to the Times, dat^d Cairo, the 18th inst , says : Four deserters from Columbus arrived here last night. They report that there are 40.000 rebe^ troops eneamped at Columbus Mr. Collins, of Boston, also arrivtd last ntgbt from New Orleans, which place he left eight days ago. He escaped by representing himself as a bearer of dispatches from the Belgian Consul, but was detained twodays at Columbus. Hesays the feeling at the South is becoming worse and more bitter every day. [special to the Chicago Trib'ine ] A gentleman from Columbus reports that a United States war steamer fired into a French war steamer which was trying to run the blockade at Neto Orleans. Our steamer tired twelve shots Into the French vea?el The affair created great excitement at Memphis and other places [The true facts in reference to the French war steamer are given below. She was not tired into at all. The De Soto arrived at Ship Island, having In tow the French steamer of war Mlltan, disabled, the De Sttfe having rtrt . kito her at night off the Passes orthe Mississippi river on account of her acting very suspicious manner. It turned out afterwarjtfthat the Frenchman was going Into the river, by permission of the government, to take off several families that were d<>s rous of leaving the territory of Davis A Co. The steamer displayed no lights wheivrfnn into, end ail her actions seamed to prove that she was a stranger trying if our blockade was one of paper or not ] ____ The War In >lisssnri. Rolla, Jan 18 ?The indications are tha't all the troops at this po'nt will move westward, except one or two regiments to guard the post The enemy's pickets extend fourteen miles from Springfl^ld, and Price's forces Is estimated at about 12,000. It is reported that Gen. Mcintosh was coming up from Arkansas with large reinforcements, but the report is not wholly reliable. St. Louis, Jan. 19 ?A report has gained much currency h<-re that tiovernor Gamble has resigned and gone to Washington, and will there await his appointment of Acting Gov Hall to fill the vacancy in the United States Senate, occassioned by the expulsion of the rebel Polk. Arrival ef the Rhode Island Philadk phia, Jan. 18.?The steamer Rhode Island arrived here last evening via Fortress Monroe She had on board the crew of the rebel schooner Venus, captured near Galveston; also the rebel Captain George J. Msbe, of the Louisiana volunteers, captured In Baratarla bay by launches of the steamer South Carolina while he was on a pleasure excursion, having visited his home on furlough. He Is a nephew of the rebel Congressman Conrad, of Louisiana He admits the prevalence of the Union sentiment In New Orleans, though It is not allowed to manifest Itself there. The prisoner will b?sent to New York. Naval Intelligence. Philadklahia, Jan. 19?The steamer Rhode Island leaves here to-morrow for Boston. The sioop-of-war Hartford did not leave yesterday as was expected, but will probably get off to-morrow. Virginia Legislatnre. Whkklikg, Jan. 17.?The bill known as the Pennsylvania Central railroad bill was defeated in the lower House of the Legislature of tne Wheeling government to-day. RENAL DIN BOLLINGER fc CO 'S OHAMPAON33. LEFMAN. KlEFbR A THOMAS9, SOLE AGENTS for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Dda.nk Strut, ja*-1m N?w Vork. ?*l Military Hoot* aii 9W4 A T W H OLE SALE. 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Philadelphia, and in Wa?hicgton bv S. C. FORD, oo ner Ilth street and Pa ava; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK * CO., Druggist*. so 88 soly T? SUTLER8 1? baskets RE8TAURANT8. ^ "^CHAMPAGNE WINE, fo sal* oheap by CORWIN BURGV. i I AUCTION SALES. fir BARNARD A HUCRLY. Auctioneer!, Georgetown, V. C. TRUSTEES' SAFF.-Br virtue of a deed of trust from Win. W McNeer, dated A^ril 24, 1881, and of record, we will off?r at auction on the ltth day of Feb'uarr next at 3 o'clock o. m ,on the premisei, all that lot of ground in Georgetown Known a* the easternmost part of lot number one hundred and twenty-eight, (IS.) in Bead's addition to Georgetown,fronting 14 feet on Danbarton street, and running tack north, of the same width, 12n feet, with the improvements, consisting of a two tory frame house. Terms of sale t One-th rd of the porohase money to be Mid in oash; and the residne at three equal instalments, at ihree.six and nine months, witn interest, to be secured. WALTER S. COX, HUGH CAPERTON. Trustees Georgetown Build'r Associa n. _ja6*awt* DARiMARU ft BUCKEY. Auots. By BARNARD ft BUCKEY. Auctioneers. Georgetown, D. C. 1 RUSTEES' SALE.-By virtue of a de-d of ' trnst from Jess? Chiolr, dMH May ??. 18M, and of reeord. we will ' (far at auction, on trie 11th uay of February, at 3,!4 o'olock p m., on the premises, that lot of ground in Georgetown, boundod as follows, viz : Beginning at lh? ead of tw*rtj-eix leot ni-asored east. on the south line >? West street, from th* southeast intersection of West and North street*, *r <1 mnr.ine thence easterly, by and with the south line of West 6treet, twenty teet, thenoe soutnsrdly, aid paral e! with said North street, eighty six f?et, thence wostwardly, and pa-i'lel with said West street, twenty fe?t, and thence north euhty six feet. to the beginning, with the improvements. Terms of sa'e : One-third of the purchase mone* to be paid in c^sh, and the residue in three equal instalments, at three, six, and nine months, with interest, to be scoured. The terms o."sale must be complied with within one week after sale, or the property may be re*o d, after one v eeks' notice, at uie risk aud cottofthe first puroharer, WALTER S OOX, HI GH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Building Association. ja6 2awt? BARNARD A BucKEV.Auets. By BARNARD ?. BUCKEY. Auctioneers. Georgetown, D C. TRUSTEES' SALE.?By virtue of a deed r.f trust from B. Hutchins, dated September 22, 1856. and of reoord. we will offer *t Auction on the lltii d%? ol Feb'uary. 1S62 on the premises, at 4 o'olook p m , that partof lot number ninety ens, (91,?in Beatty ft Hawkins'addition to Georgetown, beginning for it* bounds on the sonth side of Prospect street, ia Georgetown, at a point disrant 65 fret, measured oast, from the west corner of said lot, and ru ning thence south and para 1c! with the w s* 1 ne f rani lot 53 fe t, n ore or iess. to the line of Mrs Msslier's lot thenoe east on tiie line of sa d lot 25 feet. and thence north 5S feet, more or ess, t - Prospect street; thence with Prospect str -fet 25 feet to the beginning, with the improvements, conMsting of a two-story frame house. Terms of sale: One tiiird of the purchase money to he paid in oash; and the residue in Dree equal insta inents, at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be seoureo. The terms of sa e mu-t be complied with within one week after sale, or 'he propsrty may be resold at the expense and risk of tho purchaser, after one week's notice. WALTER S. COX, HUGH CAPERTON, Trustees Georgetown Bniia's AsKocian. j*6 2awts BARNARD ft Hi CKEY, Aucla. By BARNARD ft BUCKEY, Auctiunee.s. Gt:r*etoim, D P. TRUSTEES' SALE.?By virtue of a deed of t<-uatfrom Henry Dane, da'eJ April 25, 1857, and of recr?rd, we wi'< offer at auction, on the llth day oi February, at 3)* o'clock p. m., on the Pfemloes, part of lot No. cightv, in Holmead's addition to Georgetown, hounded as foi:ows, viz: Beginning at the northwest corner of said lot, and run ning thenoe south, along North street, forty feet, thsnoe east and at right angles with North street, forty six feet, therce north foriy feet, and west fortv-six feet, to the beginning, with the improvements, consisting of two two story frame house*. Term* of sale : One-third of the purchase money to be paid in cash, and the residue in three equal instalment*, at three,six, and nine months, with interest, to be securrd. The terms of Kale mist be complied with within one week afier aa e, or the property may be resold, at the ruk and cost oi the first purchaser, one weeks' notioe. WALTER S COX, ? . HI GH CAPERTON, Trustee's Geirgetown Kuildinr A*socia'ion. j%6 2awts IJaRNARD ft BUCKKY. Aucto. fcy WALL ft BARNARD. Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' ?ALE? By virtue of a de?d of tru-t from Charles Williams, coated April 23, lf56, and of record, we will offer at ajction, on THi, RSDAY. the 13th day of February, at 4 o'clock p. m . on th* premises, that lot o< ground in Washington known anddescnted aa the northern part of lot No tw?nty-sn,(a6,) in square No. one hundred, (loo,) fronting forty-eight feet on Twentieth street, and fifty leet on M street, with the improvemenu, consisting of a two story frame house. Terms of sale : One third of the purchase money to be paid in cash, the residue in three equal in stalments, at three, six, and nine months after date, witii interest, to be seoured The terms of sale must be complied with within one week after sale, or the property may be reso'd, at the risk ai d oost of the first purchaser, after one weeks' notice. WALTER S. COX, HUGH CAPERTON. Trustee's Georgetown Btuki'g Association. ja 7 2awta By WALL ft BARNARD, Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' ^ALE? By virtue of a deed of trust from N W. Wa ker, dated February C, '856, and of record, we will off-r at auction, on FrtlDaY, the Mthdayol February, at 4 o'olock p. m , on the premises, that lot of ground id Washington known and described as lot D, in square No. 424 beginning for its bounds on Eighth street, 52 feet from the northwest corner of said squ-re, and running thenee south with the line of Eighth street 16 feet; th*cce east 63 feet 8 inohes to a 3 feet alley, thenoe north with the line of said alley 16 feet: Ih noe west f3 feet 8 inches to the beginning, with the improvement*. Term* of sale; Ons third of the purchase money to he paid in cash; and the residue in three equal instalment*, at three, six and nine months, with inteiest, to be seoured. The terms of sale mu?t be complied with within one week after sale, otherwise the property may be resold at the risk and cost of the first purchaser, after one week's notioe WAIJER S COX. HUGH CAPKRguN, Trustees Georgetown Build's Associa'n. ja7 aawts VVALLft BARNaRD Aucts. By WALL ft BARNARD, Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE?By virtue of a deed of tru't from Cynthia B. Mason and others, dated Maroh 13,1857. anrl of record, vs u i I o^er at auction, on SATURDAY, the 15th day of Fel ruary, at4o c oak p.m..on the premies, that lotof rrou'd in Wellington known as .ot No. e ghteen, (it,) in square No seventy three, (*3,) with the improvement i. Terms of sa'e: One third of the purcl'ae money to he paid in oash; and the residue ia three equal insta.ments, at thre . six and nin? months after date, with int-rest, to he secured. The term* of rale must be oomphed with within one week after tale, or the property may be resold at the risk and oost of the first purchaser WALTER S. OOX, _ HUGH CAPERION, Trustees Georgetown Buiid'g Assoo'a'n. Ja7 2awts WALL * BARNARD, AucU. "THIS IS TO GIVK NOTICE, That the subhath obtoined from the Orphans' Coortof Washington County, in the Distriot of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal estate cf George O. Brush, late ef Washington oounty, deceased- All persons having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the saace. with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the fourth day thsy ma, otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under ay hand this fourth day of Janu *7-l'?2- o O. W. ANSELL, )?6-iaw3w Administrator. (ViEWCLOAHS, o- , .v AT LOW PKJCKS! Owing U> the unupuiJ dNnand for Cloaks, we have just received another lane (apply, which have been purchased at very reducer prices, and will oe sold astonishing low. Our stock of FANCY S1LK& aud LADIES' DRESS GOODS is still good, ana will be sold at reduced prioes. M. TaYLokft CO, ja ll-eo6t Sucoaeeora to Taylor ft Hutohisoa. |MPORTANT TO LADIES. The Bub*onbera have opened the store No. 16 Market bpaoe. pa av. bet. 8th and 9th sts.. as a first olass Laoe and Panoy Dress Cap Depot, oonnaung in part of Point d'Alencon. Applique.. Meckien and Valenciennes Laoee, anon as Collars, Sleeves, Handkerohiefc, Cape*, Flouncing, Cape, Caps, Coiffarel and made up goods of the finest quality, and at New York prloaa. COHEN ft DUSSELDORP, from New York. N. B.?All sorts of Laoee washed, mended, and done np equal to short notice. deaUm* THK SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform their J. patrons and the public generally of bealso respectfuiy invite attention af wW their Army and Navy oustomers, and those"-" requiring outfits in that line, to their superior euallnee of flwwda, Spaaieu, Shoulder Straps. Bella, Chapeacs. HaU, Ca*s, Sashse. and Gold Laeea' oonatantly on hand, which are warraated as repre "TO st tendering thanks for the liberal pairooage I rwsssi'it'i,8s'',u'^ ' oo 18 eotm Soldiers' Pay! THE HARNDEN EXPRE88 COMPANY Will remit suits of FIFTY DOLLARS AND UNDEH, FftOM SOLDlkES TO TBSIK KiXIUU, At a charge of TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money should be plaoedinan ENVELOPE ud seoure y tealed. The hill addreas, (iniltvitnt Post OJUe, Stat?. also, strut ?d a My- I bet, m largo city,) of the person to whom to be eer.t, MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED TDA.T Till EXPRESS FURNISHES THE MOST RELIABLE MEAN** FOR SOLDIERS to SEND THEIR MONBY HOME. ENVELOPES AND BTANKS WILL BE FUR- I N1SHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. 8. SMITH, Agent Harnden Exprees, 3d at., second door below Pa. are., ja9 1m Washington, D. C. Soldier*' Pay. THE ADAMS EXTRESS COMPANY WILL MtWiHl I SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any place on the lines of their Erpress, At a oha'ge of twenty fire centa for any aum not I exereding fifty dollars, and a proportionate additional charge to place* reached by connecting Fxpreciea. The money, whether Gold or Treasury Kotos, I should be enclosed ir. an envelope a-d securely I sealed, and have the fu sd . -ess,< iuc udinc town, I Po?t office, ar.d State; and in cin^e, the street and 1 number ) of iho person to whom to be sent and I the amount lecib'y marked thereon Envelopes I for this purpose may be had at our offices. To fact itate prompt del very, the charge for ra- I inst ance aaou.d pre rvd. AI? MS KXfRESS COMPANY. Washington, Jar.. 9.1PC2. ja 9-lm I " FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. I TOR SALC BT J. P. BARTHOLOW. I Sole Agent, Hardware k Aprknltural Warehouse, I I 55* Seventh Street, Bet\petn Pennsylvania atenut and tko Canal, t ppoaite east end of < ectre Market. Ja 14-tf _ I rpO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS, I BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYB, I Xhe H?st in the World, I Tko Only Reliable and Harmlott Hair Dyo Known. I i Sold by all Druggiata; also, at BansroN'a Patent i I Medicine Store, c p. Patent Office, cor. F A 7th, and at I GiBSa'a Hair Store, 948 Penn'a avenue, where I I Ladies oan haveIt affiled, if desired. I Factory?SI Barclay?C(lata 3X1 Broadway) N. Y. I oc S-lT I A DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OF~REMOVAL. The deliTery office of thia oompany ia removed I I from Third atreettothe large depot on B street, I I between 2d and 3d sta. da ?-tf I ESS. ??,-?? I J JlI (EaTABLIfHkD IN 1S19,) Beg leave to inform the pub'ic -hat the* have ex- I I tended their Kxprfasto waahington. andatg now I I prepared to T'anarort Merchandise, Bank Not??, I I Specie, Jewelry, Ao.,to ail ja-ta of the Middle, I I Am England and Western Statu anl Canada I I Connecting with the most raaponsible Expreseee I I throughout the country, w? are enabled to offer I I unequalled facilities to all who may favor us with I I their patronage. For terms and further lnfoima- I I Urn apply to E. S. SMITH, Agent. I Third St., 24 door below ?-a. avenue, ja9 3in Washington. D C. I I fREAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand rusii lor I I lr 7th street, to aee the new stock of Clothing, I I just eoeived at SMITH'S. No. 460 7th street. I da 11 Ira i Rep, i I I^O OFFICERS, SUFLERS. Ao.-For aale, at I I J. a moderate pnoe, a New \ork taiit four I I wheeled light covered WAGON, with handaonae I I lea lier euai.iona, Ac, hnving been aaod three | I times, oost $182 Also, s New V ork m^le set of I I Double Haruoa*, with *?aied fittings, Which has I I never been used at all. Also, a set of plain &i..? ? | I Harneaa, quite new. Apply at 4S7 Seventeenth I street, corner or I, for address of ataMe and I groom- 0* " I SOMETHING NEW-SUPERIOR HULLED 1 O CGRN.?'Vhp BubiOiiLxsr, having got the agency I to ajpply Waaniuston and Georgetown with this I delicate preparation of Com. would respectfully I ask of hia friends, and the public at l&rte, to give I it a trial. Alao, Popped Horn, plain and augaraa. I WM BRADLY, Agent, Pa. avanae, between 18th ana 19th sta. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble MonaI menta, Table lope, &o. A large assortment a wan I on hsml. m 19 8m I UEAVY WOOL MUSE. SHIRTS AND H DRAWERS aUaAMV *HIRT?, at 3*4 I Pa. avenue, back roeu; ar 3*6 D rtreet, between I 9th and 10th de? tf A LL KINDS OF FANCY GROCERIES AND I xn. butler's Gooda onhand and for sale Jow by I BROWNING A KEATING. de 4 Stawtf ?3 Pa. avenue, near 6th at fUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. S. HORINE'S I J superior OLD RYE WHISKY, eight years I old, warranted. Alao, prime Monongaheta w hiaI kiea for bale at 353 Pa avenue, by ??? I de ? Stawtf BROWNING A KEATING. U FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! Handkerchiefs, handkerchiefs, I HANDKERCHIEFS!?All aorta, ttock tow nnI Mnailed, for ladiee and gentleaen-jntt the thing Er Chroma. Pre^e. THOMPSON'S, , dME. A. Lake A Cc>. Marble H^Byg^.^ I ]\T E W S-N E WS?N F W S ? I NEW YORK OYV^BR^ANb BATING SA The nnderaigned beg raapecUally to inform their , I friends and the public generally that^^. I tne? lave opened thfir ettablishmentM.^1 f aJ I on New York av.. near 15th st. VVeml|V I shall spare no paine to prooare for our I ouatomeia the beat the market oan alford. Partiea. famines and autlera auppUad at the I ahorteat n -tioe. fur establishment will be open XbL*' ' ' HUM flWOED. 7~i BALMORAL BOOTS. vIOAT Tipped Double eoie Balmoral f 1 ? ' Calf Kid do do do 12? Glove Calf do #3 to Also, a 1 other atylaa of Ladies' and Mi sees' rr^,8001*'"" ""t?wknrst?,,.'~?t ro. 16 MftrkM bMM. ja7 eo Penn. avenue, betweaa?thaadKh ?a. A ISAAC HKRZBER6, ifk 1 #10-080 to be loaaed oa Gold aad SiItst Walehss. ] Jewelry, Gans and Pistols. Bilvar Ware. aad , Weariag Appare-at tne old aUfd, Wo. ? ! C J street, back c? the Nationai Hotel, between <H I and w> sts. de l*-?sa* 1 COLUMBlA MARKET, m aa as vt awev*? vsr sav* ?e? The snbscrfbar woald most respectially lafona the eitisens of WaaaiagUa thai he haa retarnsd to suod saarter, where he lataada Its spin a iratb^aTwifT behappy to'greot hi* ol?T*CriendsVSd'ww^ 'Tp-Ooads at frae of charge te aay fart af I i C MALLARD. "I TEAS?TKA.S?TEAS! ~ ~ SF THE W11KLY STAR. rui umImii r?kBj a4 New? jnrui?aWHng a frosts* tvWt *f lif? 1 reed sb Friday nrilt. Slack oopy, per um mm,ji ? Fin ooplea Tea copies. ? wIt I? it lBvarlakly costal as the " WNswb' feat km made TV DnUf Emmimf Sum olrcaMfe to generally Utrooghotrt the coaatry ty 81n*le copies (la wrapper*) eu to pee cured at tbr counter. lmn'?ed lately after the tame of the paper Price?THEl t CENT?. HKLM BOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? \ 14 HBiHLT CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Bach a, A Powin mn.i SptiJU Rtmtdf For Diiwiii of the BLADDER, KIDNEY'S. GRAVEL, wd DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thru Medicine Increases tae power of Digeetion, and ascites the abm k into healthy aetior. by which the watbbtob ciu-ti?ri depoeitioas , and a;l cm*atcaal BMLABsiuimiT* are recaoed, as well as rais akd inblamiKtiob. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU a_ , J* Weetp Aneint fron Liomim, Habite of Dissipation, Earl* Indiscretion or Abnee. Alltndfd tritklki Following Symptom* Indmposition to i:aer*ou. Lou of Power. of Memory. Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerree, TrembUag! Horror of D mm, WakAK. PimnManf Vimon, Paia id the Back. Universal Laantude of the Muacu !ar System, Hot Banda, Kluahmi of the Body, Dryneea of the Skin, Eruptions on the Faoe, PAILID rorifTKMHca Tbeee aymptoma, il a lowetjto go on, which this medicine invariably removes, aoon foilowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, to on* of wkuk tkt Potimt may K<rp*r* I WJL?,?*n eay ttat they are not free neatly followed by those db sev l eiubabbs," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are a*M at the cause of their suffering, BCT NOWB WILL COHrBSS. THE RECORD8or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tkt Mtlantkoly D'atkt 6? fearemrttea, IUI AMP LB wnilKM TO TUB TBTTH OW TIB aa?BBTioN. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Re*aires the aid of medicine to strengthen and Invigorate the Syatem which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU Mrarii)' fy do** a max. will cobtimcb tbb mobt aaarncaL. FEMA LES- FEMA LES- FEMA LES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many A fiction* Peculiar to F'maUt the Extract Buohu la unesuniied by any other remedy, as in Chloroaia or Retention, Irrtguiaruy I'ainfu:i>*sa,or Scppreaatou of Ouatnaoar* Evacuation a. U-crated or Schirroua atats of the Uterus, Leucorrhee or Whites. Sterility, and for all oomplair.ts incident to the aea. whether ansinc from lndiaoretion. Habit? of Diaaipation, or m the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LlFEi * 8KB SYMPTOMS ABOva. NO FAMILY SHOULD BX WITHOUT IT. Tnk* no mora Eaitam, Mtrewrp or Paplmil Mulicin* /or UnpUaumt ama Haafarnu Di ****** HELMBOLD'S EllJLAC'J BUCHV CBBBS SECRET DISEASES In all their Stagea; At little Expense Little or no change m Diet; No ineoavsoieaee And no azyenrt. It oanaea a fre*a*nt desire and gives strength to Urinate, thereby Removing Obstructions, Preventing and Curing Smotnrea of the Urethra. Allaying fain and lntia-i maMoa, eo frequent in the elves of diseases. ao?l expe lrag *Ud Poxionout. Diimad, and worn out Mai tor. moruMM cron thocaa*? js WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have paid k*avp /*** to be cored in a short time, have found they were deceived, and that the roiaoM" has, by the use of "poior 'ui artrtnttntt' been dried up in the sfsteui, to break ont in an at graveled form, and FEMHAP8 AFTER MARRIAGE. Pee HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BSCHS all affeobons and dissasss of the URINARY ORGANS, whether existing in MALE OR FKXiLE, from whatever cease originating and ao matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diseases of theee Organs re*aire the aid of a DtBBBT1C. HELMBOLD'S EZTEAC1 BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC. and ltisoeila n to iiavs the desired offset in Diseases/ar teaua \t it rsssa?ssadsd. BY1BBBCB OF TBB MOST BBIPCXBLBLB AM* BALI A B LB CBAJLACTBR wili!?ooompany the msdioinm. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From to l? yearr sts^ltai vMh Names known to SCIENCE AND FAME, a "PH YSICIAN*" PLEASE-NOTICE." WB maxb "bo bbckbt" or "IBBBBBIBBTB." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU is oomposed of Buchs, Ci'ete ard Jumper Berriee. selected with great care by a competent druggist. PREPARED IN VACUO, BT H. T. HELMBOLD, Practical and Analytical Cheauet. and gel* Man uiBotarer of HKI.M RQLD'S QXMUIHX PRKPARATIOHB Wi AFFIDAVIT. being dnly swe-n, ioft say This preparations eeetam no narootic, no aarotrj, or other layacao? "N Vi BElJ??OLU Alderman. Nlath sL. above Raoe, Phfla. t' . , > . -id' " T ^ ' PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. ML TO 8 F. M. Price II par kettle, ar Ms for 9*. ^Delive-ed to aay addrses. seearsij peeked (Mm Deyot. ft Soatk T?kk sL. kefow Ptikil Pfoia a a beware of oovrrrsRpmfn AND VNFMJNOJFUID DEALERS js:, g* oM by EX Wans. X. X tiass, itff Son. 8. G. Feu? R R 1*' a mil > R o EAJOB. D. B. CX-ABX. X^MUk^JbaMWi" M. \AND ALLrBB99fm MFMAYWMMM. \ J* u *? ' :--*v ^ . ? V VOX ILXLiLBOLD'b. * ^ itfiwwux OB?Nl fot HflWW- SdMMfotR miATouuromuM ?? .TTT "*"*"" < ,

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