Newspaper of Evening Star, January 20, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 20, 1862 Page 2
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11 K r > F!?|N? STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: 10*JAY JANUARY WO, IMS. ICT Though llii tab is pt' uted on th?? featm ??m press t? > >? ?i<utb of Baltimore, !u rditWn ts ao .itft %s to rerpire !t t? be put to pre*s at an early boar: Aiirti^ntnem*, tLerefore, should be Mt In before li o'rkck M.; otherwise they uwy may not appear until the next day. Ovm Faia*na at tar various military cam pa end positions will confer a favrr by keeping ua posted u to mcveme ts and :.iiairs tn their vicinities Spirit el the M*raia| Prru. Tne Jmmiltfi*c<r. treating upon 4t The Law of Progress," says: " Tt>ev who. In their hatred of slavery. would -^tinguiai' It In a sea of blood, by arming the slave against bla msster. or who would burv It mder tbe ruin* of the Conatltutton by waging tgainnt it the war which can be constltutlonally waged only against the armed addition, know no* what apint they are of, If bumaultv to the Isveard not hatred to the slaveholder be their constraining motive." The RfHbUrin t?.k?a ?ome pains to characterlie the Aaaociated Pre?s dispatches from Fortrers Monroe as " Falae Telegrams " A Terapeat in a Tea Tot. The New York Tribune make* a great hullabaloo over the alleged grievance of Senator Grimes, because some daya since a domestic or other employee at the Executive Mansion de. cllned to take hla naqpe In to the President when Mr. G. desired him to do so. Thereupon, the Tribune bases an Indignant onslaught upon President Lincoln's alleged exclcsiveness, In which he is efcarged with being perhapa aa Inaccessible a? the Tycoon of Japan, except to a favored few ?snd all that sort of thing; and a very unjustifiable attack ia made. In the same connection, upon Mr NIrolav, the Prts'd-nt s private ?fcretary. Now. we have to say In reply, that every one oi the Triton*'* statements and inferences are utterly untrue. The President when engaged on Important aftira of Sla'e, military or civil, dees as all hi, p-sderessora have necessirily done. He directs that any calling to see bim be informed that for the time being be can see bo one. It seems that Mr. Grimes called to complain to bim that he Lad been refused admittance to the Washington jail by Hie janitor, who. It turns out, by the by, d d not know him personal y. He called on the President when that functionary wis d?reply Immersed In important public business, and received the usual reply in such cases, doubtless Vlx : that as soon as Mr. Lincoln got through with his business In hand, his name would be sent up stairs We believe that all callers are treated alike at the mansion; except ail Senators who have the &n*. preferenee, and the tm-o<T*rs of 'he House of Representatives, who hfcve the next. This has b^en customary it the mansion since Washing totj'g time. The rule is a gocd one, as it is tc J* supposed that such gs-.ti.ncen cail upon mitteri of public bualnt-ss. Had Mr. Gr:mes hen In Lit usual axclable mcod, fat would doubtless have applauded the Preside:^'* plan of Mrs! disposing of the important public business actually in tand, and then 1 (teniug to his personal grievance egainst the janitor of the W asblitffc.n jail. Hut he was lc no temper to be reasonable So he bounced up to the Capital and made a compia<nt in open Senate agelc*t janitor marshal. Executive-mansion s;rrutt?d President, mncb sfter toe insh.on cf the eld fNcrh boatswain : "D?n te Secretaire ef ze >rar>. Sontre ze Board of War, G?d d?n is Preside** des Etats L nis, ar.d goto *?d?1 everybody, by Uar His complaint, a* then and there made, did his temper as little credit, as his judgment; and we doubt act he sincerely regretted U>e occurrence in half an boor afterwards. We know well that when his usual good sense and considerate bearing resumed their Influence ovtr hi. mind, he caauot have failed to regret that the Trtbum has seized A "P?11 really unjustifiable complaint, to build Jm upon It a mountain of lies to the end of creating a ^ fa lee Impression against the President and bis bwiseboid, than whom no private persons in this elty are more considerate In their attentions to si) esllers, tnough the unreasonable persistence of soma peaona there (having axes to grind eapecl. ally) Is not nnfrtquently enough to try the paGeaoe of Job, and the mannera of a Chesterfield. Tli Onu To Nwit.-lhr principal artists o< the Ntw Yoik Academy have arrived this morning in this elty, sad will give their first performance at the Washlngtcn Th-ater to-nlgUt. Tbe sale of seats has been very brisk, and we anticipate a very full bouse Donizetti's highly popular comic oj?era will i* performed, with Miss l?abelld filnkley as Norma, Pig Oiigucil ssE-ntsto, nig Mancusl as Mala! testa, and Sosint will fill tbe importint part it Don Pasquale The east Is an admirable one, and combines the very beet mnslcal tslent at present In America. To-morrow, Donizetti's new opera Betly will be performed; also the last act of Favorlta Wednesday, II Barbiere de Sevlglla, an nneqnailed cast. Piiiokal ? i hat suave awd accomplished gentleman, Mr Max Strakoech. whoke agreeable presence In any community is generally noted a a the premonition of some first-class musleal entertainment, has been for some days in this city. The Cleveland Plalndraler says of the Secretary of War:?"We know Edwin M. Stanton, the new appointee, well. He has more <>f the Bonaparte in his composition than .any other man in America. The army will move on now. even if it goes to the devil " iMToarawT Dxcisiox ?I he Secretary of the Treasury has d^idedthat teas on shipboard prior to tbe paaage of tbe last tariff bill in August, are entitled to enter under the old duties This is an Important decision, Involving a large amount. Lfextras PosirossD ?The lecture of Major Pzbad, advertised for to-night at the Smithso. man, is postponed |n consequence of tbe bad ssrmbe:. F.najiCisL Arrtrti ?From the s7\'. Evening Po? of batu;?t?y : K Money is very raay to-day at 5 6 i*t cent Choice paper ht* been done at 5 w*6 p^r cent Gold is more active to day at H?i v ,|i/j .iJ,,?.>f2r!1*^c^n?eiI,,rk,,tclo,^<1 VtrY But at 112al1ij{ for beet bankers' bills. Very good biii? weso doae as low as tit Quotation, are very irregular sad the demand sUck. The E tngaroo, for Liverpool to-day.takes ?339 OOJI la spocle, the Bremen for Southampton S17 Ott), recking e Wlat ef ?356,000 ' T1* 4ssls?ai.t Treamrer na* received from Wasb??Hi1onsmore of the October 7JU Treasurynotes and another miUlon of the Sifif*'?"!#1 ,l?i* Ue row *ome twenty-one alllions of notes end two millions of bonds ready to hand over to the banks whenever they are ready receive them. 7 ' .kNr C!?,? hM made * call on the banks for t! tAU< P"y*Me on Monday. The stock market has recovered a part of the ^pifuitmtn<> fVu l*? d?V?, influenced by the impression tbst the Committee of Ways and Means may yet ho induced to sdopt the Demand KFavorable news from *cruees Monroe also contributed to tbe improverr,fc*"* i he maiket, however, ia dull tbe hltoh ?a fiaaucial plans of Congress Lav' lng discouraged outside buying Tte principal ,h* ??">h'rs and specalators of tno Boa Kt, chiefly on buyer's options. nave .sfornMiion from a large sbipp a* bouse in ' sr ^iih Bermuda. ! gunboat Rinaldo arrived at tnat P? on tbe ML teet, proceeded to tbe dockyard ^?i.ed and sailed fur St Thomas on the follow! ,^i4eu ?n oaara, who woeid take the ragam, w?st iudia aleaM foi SoatharnDtoa Our lufermation is throogS such a chatiuu tfcit U?tre is no room for s do*o: as to its entire correctneos ?Cowtmtrttml 1 ^ T I i The Louisville JourtA. "We have aseur&ucee of !? character that John c. Brecklnw?s at Bowling Green last weeh. This, ox b* ??<? Honier, of a. t.uX s?..lo4 tc* Halifax as Coufcdorate Comu>'?loners to England ??.d Fran^ " _ ^ of Battuday Jf' Thus ttsuswd soldiers from Camp Chase, mbusOhio, a/onowst Benwood and lit Half T" ff' P?tetson*# Greet and CciaberUnd. Z rtu rl w ..t i h a. I .. OrR WILTTARY RI IHJET. Great Union Victory in Kentucky. ZOLLI COFFER KILLED AND HIS ARMV UTTERLY ROUTED! [Per Telegraph to The nur.J Cincinnati. Jan. -20?Tlifre wai a battle a Somerset, Ky . oa Saturday, between General Shoepf's and General Zolllcoiter forces. lii?t'ng from early morning until dark. G?n. Zolllceff-'r was, It Is reported, killed and hla army entirely defeated The 1??? Is heavy on both aid. s BAI> FOLIC* . There Is about aa much sonnd philosophy la eutMng down the Wages of the firemen when extinguishing the conflagration of one'a house ax !n the proposition to decrease the pay of the officers of the Army at such times as the present. Congress will tlnd ample field for economical experimenting in the salaries of the army of political strikes, fcreat and small, which is now nominally engaged in collecting tbe customs. Their labors ?nd responsibilities hare bren reduced of late by the war perhaps one half, though their number and pay remain as before. navy TABD. '%ere has been no arrival from the lower Potomac since our last report. Preparations are being made at the yard to test tbe strength of the new rifled guns finished there. One of them-a 30-ponnd^r, ha-* been enclosed With heavy timber, and will be flred with constantly-increasing charge* until it bursts. The steamer Baltimore started down the river this morning. AN OFFICIAL CALL This forenoon the oflVersof the regular service, according to their custom in such case*, called In a body on the new Secretary of War, at the Department. Those of the Provoit Guard assembled at the office of their chief, Brig General Andrew Porter, who weut overdo the Department) at their head. A liner bedy of young scldiers we never saw than those thus accompanying him A COKHS' TiON. A day or two since, in contradicting tbe then prevalent rumor of tLe displacement of Adjutant Gener-l Thomas, we Incidentally said th t General liuell stood next to that cither in rank, in the'r corps On consulting the Army Register, we find oursclf mistaken upon that point Coionei E D Townseud ranks secoud lu tbe list cf that particular corps, and General Buell third. THK won DON* BT THE COAST IUBVBY OMCM. During the month of December, 9,079 sheets of maps, charts and sketches have been distributed from the Coast SmveyOffice, chiefly to the A-my, Navy and Government Departments BCTLBR KXPSLLZD The sutler of a re*lrr?ent In Virginia his been expeiied by the Colonel for shaving Treasury notes ?E!"BRAL SCMNER. General Sumner has ecovered, and will rcsurre service in the fi Id this w{??k. AFFAIRS OVEB in* RTVSB Fort Lyon, Va , Jan. 16, 1802 _?v,,A. ? #-. . The following te?lt'nations and "vomotio-? b?'h taken pla^ in tbe <*;? raiment' Cy0,k ,( ?!??<-? T -l- p-w - ?'"-? ??>I5* First Lieut I.. Thompson, of the same con.Daiiv have_re8.fcrr.ed their commissions, and the vac"n' cies have been filled bv the fnllniin?.. vacsnof company L, to captain company Janes Mr' Laugbiln. orderly servant, t.f fl rt ilitenant of company I, - ?Smidth, sfond lieutenant of com 1 pany O. to first lieutenant: Cna* Ackerma.. second sergeant U> second lieutenant S a e aU^ocd changes for the discipline of tbe ^gl T,z,r,isf, 5? i" -"'-vhp jx u e have 'ad i f#U of seme three inr he, of inow eince mv last The weather to-day is verv rnuT with considerable rain ry coldLleut^M. M Jones, of the Morgan Artillery is verv sick at Alexar dria. ?'? ^Most cf the regiments In this vicinity are paid __ _ Richabds Arrsias in Mtssorai.?We take the following Items from tbe Misiourl Republican of the 17th A gentleman from Rolla i?,t night conveys to 5 tail liJrI.Ur>^rUl,.t that a . olumn of 5.000 Infantry were under orders vesterdsv u, march Westward from that point The f,rce is 5* undw ,L* '?mn.snd of Gen Osterbaus J he troops are composed of detachments from *v 8 otti's divisions It was thnnuhr that tbe 36tb 1 Mnols and Fourth iowt innM .*! be I,eluded It l. eenj-eXE3 In^TTltTrw i?r? ~ 1 RoUa that ueh Prlc, hJtntou hl.V.JaS easward from Spring fl* id to told the Fed" al ?.'Cr,n /r,Cl" *'ld VVr"-'ht check, whi'e ArkSias * retfeat W,lh whole army to I'tivate advices fri in Sedalla, In this we learn that the L nl.ed StateTforce, ,t' \*?. ntZ "lUr\ ^V La'" of St'urday , . 1 rr',el tori * captured, numbered about c'f SeS-75 tnlWe" '-m- six mUes wvst of Sfdal a j he prisoners are mostly m^iber, bv c?iP<aL ' 8^cond Cavalry,lately commanded D^ell'sfe^in tbi.P^nt C?nUn*d ,n jfHFr' ';rr,s'" any'/e^tree" l?a the following day tLev SSS"wSTiK,df.TSSl?*l5ss3,i TOey a so to^k and destroyed about 1 :aa) Pl-ad of and pursuing their good work. V' Thr Sbqp*l or an Exbcption in thi Ktaii geiB, which was recruited or rather iinDreaJeli frotii the Irish population of New Orleans T^-o of them were rwently shot for some trlflin* mm sr?w~?ss-.ssriSS >? ?ld I,, i As a sequel to the execution of the two *?Ti^er?'? J bv ord^r of the court martial, I have to record t^t < yesterday morning, the bodtti of two officer? of tk> * Louutana 'cgimtnt te,r* rw*U ictt/i {<,. ,r ' ikrMtseut They were tie omcert of th? H.i ? mi?,KWftt,e?"rd-t the time of the eooT' 1 mission of (he outrage by tbe"Tia#r? i :os:rumenul in bri?i,n/them ?g iab^ j beeped 1 i s C ' says' ReKlmoflt 41 H,Uoa "?d, Port RcjZ ' ?r^Tn%? ! regar? ^ to^ 15^? 8 ^ ?' ta'j eve ry thl ng Vn nt?nt hath not liberty to divulge " 4 loa deP?- i ir: ,0 ,b" a-ma" "< ' ? S ; I^L0' the *Tlcna??n of Romney, removed, which accounts for the waut of transportation ard the necnaliy of destroying tenia sud provisions. I J'MAVbK~ACKK1TN0 W.fl ! * ' ?dwt,: ! SXtSX.fT'SSRi'.i; iasi.ej. n ? s?oU it.iidm, 1 RKWJ. DAMBV. IT fittiit ^Si%i\lL S -U1 i IriofTitoM Jb9 ni#?iioai Iirtft or 1 -Street, bstwsr-n nth ,nd i S. ^i? oi uv.v,!'i,itt"1-"11 >' '?<* ? w. MoK TUOHBh. m. n , n~ ?Ta J o. vAsssoSVTA'ffJi.e p,. p,?. r ?* 1 ^ Lii* of riKSJs a LATE SOUTHER!* HEWI. From late Southern papers we gather the fol- J lowing newt of Interest. The Richmond papers say: TKAITOBS AND ?RKK SKuIOEl j In the Senate, on Thursday Uit. the Prwldeit | also laid before that before that body a common!- I ration from the Executive. dated 15th 1nst , trans- I mlttlng the following letter*, with tb?; remark:? I "Leglslstion la necessary to provide for the casta I referred to In tbeae communications ? Wa* Dbpar?mv*it. Jsn -th. l?ftt. i Hon John Letche', Governor of Virginia:?J f*ir?I have the honor to inform yon that Brig. I Gen. Whiting has telegraphed to tbia Depart* I ment that be haa taken up some eighteen or I twenty negro women and children, residing I within Virginia, against whom the proof of cor- I respomlence with the enemy is too strong t? per* I mit them to rermin in front of our 11 net on the I Potomac They have been sent to the rear of our I army. The husbands of these negro women are I now with the enemy. 1 will thank you to inform me what dspoi'tlon shall be made of these women and children I Thev cannot be permitted to remain In front of I our lines, and there are no accommodations for I them in the rear. Your obedient servant, J. P. Bemjamin, Secretary of War. I War Dep/irment, Richmond, D't 10, 1S61 Sir:?1 respectfully inform you that the follow-1 lng named person*, now coofined In jail here. I have been examined by the Hon James Lyons, as I Commissioner for this Department, and he reports I them ha being, in hi* opinion, traitors that ought I to be hung. This being a matter that concerns the civil an- I thoritles, 1 deem it my duty to give their names, I as follows, vlx; j 1. George W. Aubry; 2 Henry Ault; 3 Henjs- I min Bone; 4. John Bergd&Ie; 5. Aaron VV. McDon- I aid; ft John Alford. I am, respectfully, your obedient servant, J. P. Benjamin. Secretary of War. John Randolph Tockkb, K'u , Attorney General I State of Virginia AN IJSPOBTANT ARRIVAL. The Houston Telegraph of tbe 1st Instant learns I from good authority that a steamer haa arrived in I a Texas port within the past week, under British I colors, bringing 45 tons cannon powder, a large I amount of rifle powder, 700,000 army caps. 5.000 I cannon primers, and a considerable amount of I coffee. dry pood*, bagging, rope, Ac.?Columbus I (fia.) Knquirtr. WAR RTMOB* [From the Richmond Examiner, Jan 17 ] 1 p to a late hour last night the War Depart- I ment was still without any advices whatever of I Gen. Marshall's reported engagement of the ene- I my near Prestonburg, Kentucky There Is an I inclination to believe the report, for the reason I that au engagement with the enemy just in this I vicinity had been anticipated. An express had | been f stabllsljed sometime since from Gen Mar- I shall'* lines to Abingdon, and if a battle bad I been fought, new* mu1 lit have been expected I through tbi* communication at an ea'ly day The report of a naval demonstration against I Wilmington, North Carolina, seems to have been, I at least, prematura. However, the Burnside ex-1 pedl'ion ia certainly off at last. An offlcial dls- I patch from Norfolk waa received by tbe Govern- I ment yesterday, stating that the expedition had I put to sea. Ft is thought not Improbable in offlcial circles ! that the expedition may be destined for Beaufort, ] and de?tgried is a strong reinforcement for op?ra-1 Hons from that point against Charleston and 1 Savannah Nous verrcnt. THE BtAUKr?ARD CONTBOVRBST IS CONGRESS We learn that there has been a sharp and pro- I longed controversy In secret senafon of Congress I on the topic of Gen Beanr-gard's report of the! bittleof Manassas It will be recollected tbst a I Eortion of this report was displeasing to Presideni I avis, wLo we now learn sei.t the document Into I Congress, a'ccmp. nied hy comments of his own I onsomeof it* preliminary psssaires The order 1 eventually taken by Co'-grots was to have the! document published, after expurgating the pre- I lim1 nary portion of It and aif?o the comments of I the President thereon. IA e learn that a number of members urged the 1 publication of the entire report, with the Prea,-1 dent's message, on the ground that Injustice was I done to <>en Beauregard in publishing as his re-1 pert what was not really his report, and for the I purpose of convincing the public that the cen-l troversy, as shown In the pap-rs, sofcr from being I a serious one, was of the most trivial description. I As tbe report, in Its present expurgated form,! has been deprived of iUmatn points of popular I interest and merely narrates what is more than a I thrice told tale?the order and Incidents of the I battle?it would be useless to burden our columns I with It. \ WR MUST PREPARE. j (From the Richmond Whig, Jan. 17.] { Now that nature has so nearly checked all hoa-1 tile operations by either army, from the Potomac I to the Mississippi. It is fitting that we should I take advantage of tbls armistice, consider Weill our sltustlon, and provide for such measures of I safety as may?In case of a reverse to our arms? I keep a cowardly, but vigorous enemy at bay. S So far, tbe only successes sf the Yankees have! been accomplished by their navy. Hatteressndl Port Royal fell through Its agency. To It. they I are Indebted for most of their strategic points In I the Confederate States; but for it. Fortress M on-1 roe and Newport News?on the soil of our own I State?would be ours. With McCleilan's multitudinous army inpoa* I cing us at Manassas, we can feel comparatively I safe, for we know our chances of success there ; I but as to tlit result of tk' Burnudt ptratieal er I pedttion, tee may have misgivings. Wktre is it I to strike us* What portion of our seaooatd is to I be polluted by the foot of such a detected foe ? i W ith our Immense line of sea coast and count-1 less harbors, It would be Impossible to obstruct I the channels leading to our vulnerable points I Kven if we had ships or old hulks, we could ap- I proprlate them to better purposes than a " stone I blockade " Therefore, our only trust is in forti- I Beat ions?not slaughter pens, but emciont, cise-1 mat'd batteries If we were defe.ted at Port I Royal, we learnt a lesson, and must profit by It. I Every line of railroad within our approach, I pouring supplies Into tliedomlnlons of the North, I must tw obliterated; every canal look or dam must I be blow 11 to atoms j Let us turn for a moment to tbe West. Price. I Polk, Marshall and Xolllcoffer have whipped the I cowardly mercenaries at every point. But, in I spite of these chastisements, they are preparing! to launch on the Mississippi an expedition which. I If successful must spread devastation and dismay I tn its progress. It is composed of every infernal I machine The Ingenuity of an infernal race could I invent. Concealed batteries, iron-plated boats, I i suffocating slink-pots are Its instruments. !fCc-| lumbus falls. Memphis must follow. The ckan-1 nrl of the Mississippi must be obstrueted. Flat- 1 boats, steamboats, logs frame houses, anything I which will answer the purpose, must be an- I chored or weighted down, so that neither Yankee I smartness, nor the mighty current of the river, I ' can remove them. This accomplished, their I ! mighty Mississippi scheme is a "bubble." I ' Nor must our arm*, when in winter quarters, I neglect those attentions to drill .and discipline I which are of such vital importance Every atten-1 tton should be paid to the bayonet exercise, for it I is truly tbe " weapon of the brave." When the I bayonet might be made so efficient, its importance I Is incalculable In the last Italian campaign, a I i regimeut of ckatsturs a pud routed th? Austrlans I without firing a gun ' Long-range guns may do I f.>r skii mlsbers, but lor close quarters?with Van-1 kees?tbe bayonet is the weapon Then would I our old Hint locks toll as well as their spleudid I Enfield or Mlnle rifles Our men must be accus I lomed to the bugle calls. When the von* of an I officer is hushed amid the din and roar of battle, I tne shrill, clear sound of the bugle can be beard I giving every order with distinctness and clear- I acss. We must not be too prone to underrate the! ' prowess of the enemy, and however confident ws I an iy be of success in a fair flght, he is exhibiting I ? determination and industry worthy of a bett^ I -ause; and though his army is not composed of I Ihe aauie material as ours, nor are the men in- I ilviduaily actuated by such motives to fight yet I tie will attempt all that mean ambition or merci-1

less revenge oao prompt. I ( DESTRUCTIVE FIRES. j Charlottesville, Jan. 16, lojf o'clock at I 1 sight.?The chimney of the Monticello House I used by the South Carolina Association as a hos-1 1 pital, took fire to-night. One half tf the building I ' *as burnt. The si. k were aU safely removed I The furniture and hospital stores were consider-1 ably damaged, and many were lost. There were I i no casualties. Nashville, Jan. 15 ?The large tobacco ware- I 1 bouse in Heudsrfc^ hy , owned by Kerr A Co , I 1 i>f Liver|>ool. was*burn?d on tbe 4th ln?t to- I iother w:th SttUJO worth of tobacco. The fire I ( was caused by an Incendiary. THE MIL1TABY BILLlft THE SENATE. In accordance with the previous understand-1 lng, the Seuate, on Thurwi ty, went into ?ecret I ' ession for the purpose of considering tbe bill I reported by Mr. DvUglss, from the Committee on I I Military -> (fairs, to raise and organize Virginia's I ]uota of tbe Confederate si my. The following I 1 imendmeut, pendlug at the time of tbe a?hourn-1 1 ment on \V ednesday, the Dlapatoh publishes as a I 1 matter of local inter> at: I I Be it furtk-r enatUd, That pursuant to sn act I i>f tLe r rovislonal Congress authoiiAing tbe enlist- I ment of troops for local defence, tbe governor be I and is hereby empowered sad directed to call for I sot exceeding ten thousand volunteers to serve I within ttra limit* of this State, and to be employed I exclusively In the protection of such localities as I may be exposed to sudden ra.ds and marauding I excursions of tbe enemy. "The troops shall be I designated as "Mlante Men," and shall be or-1 ganlted Into companies or troops, battalions and I regiments, as other volunteers 1b the service, and I bs enlisted for a term not lees then six months. I Tbey shall hold themselves In readiness to march I on the shortest uotioe, and when actually )n ser- I v|e.e In ihe field or camp shall receive the I pey and be upon the s??.e footing in sll respects I as other Uoops, exoept that they shall not be sent I out of tbe State, or beyond thair respective military I departments without their asesint As fcr ?l the troop? enlisting for local defence shall furnish their own anna, rfhd they ahall cod '?t of cavalry, artillery, Infantry, or riflemen, as of the "*"*1 localities and the ability to furnish anna shall Indicate. . A* AOORIS81VB FOIICT , If!? Richmond Dispatch of the nth Inst eay?: The movement of Gen Jackson to war da Rood ~Z ?!. ,be ^orthwert has at length token place, Cand It Is no Imp-udence to write of It. It was pro cted and the column or*anis-d two months a?o. .? iVfd nnt" lBtelV by that delusion which w[th tbe Government and the people of the South.that the enemy were to make a general advance of their troops and risk a battle this wln, ,, "re the troops under Jackaon were placed j if2,e*t^r? where they could be conveniently need eith?r In an engagement with McClellan or on the original aggressive Intention Time having exp.oded the notion of a decisive bsttle at Manaseaa dnrlng this winter, Gen Jackaon has idu* late commenced hfa operations. While we do not choosa to refer to tlum further than to state tuat they are aggressive, we cannot help noticing I ?Ue tbP PeoPI'?f the South have submitted In silence to the defensive policy at tbe f??|VAr!,ment' L" c*rUln ,h?t the majority of thinking people have been opposed to it." FROM FORTRESS MOIROE. . JK"1*0". 10 -The Old Point boat arrived this (Sunday) morning. The letter to the newspaper press makes no reference whatever to the Burnside expedition. The writer probably omits Information on that ubject from reasons of public policy. Seven companieaof the New York Second Regiment went out on a reconnolssance Friday night from Newport News, and drove in tbe enemy's pickets and discovered their poaitlon at a distance of twelve miles from camp. Baltimore, jan. *) ?Tbe Old Point boat which arrived this morning brings no news. -- ^?> YS^THK ANNUAL MKET'NG OF THR 6^TH^OMPANV w M i!LME!tICAN te^E*in ? OMPAN\ will b? ho d flit th^ offioo of tbe Company. No 145 Hro*iwaT, in th* Cit? of >ew \ orlc. on WKUNKSUA> ?s ZKk?fc?T of January instant, at 12 o'okok m 7 i*ia*i-? CAMBKIDGE LIVINGSTON, J*/8 lw ?ecretarr. APOwvri?*EAvRE ??ANCE. COMMISSION i L.fcttSHIP ink Pen y.vaiiia re*nnei t n< w dome a ?re luMness ineiudm* Team. Stock and Fixtares, the "VnSr t? busii ess on acoonnt of 5M^Vh^r?fPU/?' * ROBKKSTON, *1' Washington j% SO-east* French instruction.-a tadv who studied tin French lant'iarein Pari* and taught eiicce?siully ,n a ?r.'oi ?a^,7, ersral t ars, having cor.srierai," e t,me TH7 ?"ER"'NG S IRON SAFF8 pubso >b?'s li&vfl on hand sta'l timrsa ;sxss! ?!?;" " J* "" Mffii)*RV5E'5?iir"" .? gn of Anctioti and Commission Merchant*. -J* * ' outer Tenth and l? at*. CHKAP LIVINO! ' LIVING' ?est* ?!? d ?Dd^ T^ friah baked, at A p uiid. Thwie r6 o ir* io harmVo^hVhiaithV "?**** wul ce;tilc!'do r?'h piesckerscf?TerykADdn^ndnH "wZ'.l' y',' 4*mEleventhstreet, between ana H. Waihw gtor.. |>. c. i% 20.3c DUNKING HMUHK, OF ~?' K8W,ffNT * '1UVCK. _ I*o. 31 4 ""EVIMTH J-UJIT. .. i" "' ""cftsii 1 <i:i "hM p jnjiia cities in i nl * " *""" '? M,,t< "< bvuroareaSi n^.iiB w>rm? o citizens an I io d.?>r? so! i,.la' TttasUfr Curronoj b Joeht and ;-jjr"?i7,V^0.?rn.tv0p,''ncd w^hcn '""ivi, either ' ! ra*',cry Notes 'rCurenor. ja?^,lm_ HWKkNy * HUVCK. pROF. ALtX. ^VOLOVVSKI . PI A* 1ST AND COMPOSER. ,H.f, h'r*ve t0 'r,<or fr!?' <!* au.l theVnHio u u /r with ?o m??ch iiroott ,^3^ 1.3 h\s a,roadr i ;:,:u z-.te? In - rc ;rnoo[Yrr&1 In truoti ons on the I'i&j.o r.n : la ifii s-?? ? l^^h.U RC? m :hod- ,A 1 Who d-sire to I*-oo.rie, in a shf>; 11 m? fi ,-,e singers or e*e? lent perfo: morion me P'*n.? ahouhl avail the*selve? . f h s new system ofmstrnetmi ft K a-r;r^ \03 h k lie'Vfen' n and Hu'cinoU ,n0, Wum NOTICE. ...V . ruld '" P'o fi" 1 in., r-r, persons mdel ted tu^ir a/ cnaiita Trust 1>A dahI W? j r?Z?Tr!t7'~tla* <B?t- b? to f?v^time to .SP^reinember. oa 1 with tbe moaev or niiifMlorii) e(.d<>r*e<t au;ei, at siicrt dale a sot I Of,?? BO longer answer A*?l I Thoee dinefardicg this notice ean look for I jaar> e^rtr 3t,ii Pa" 11 h *od'-th sts , 1 j a *>-eoSw opposite Star (jffior. I "C^'jGS?10 barrels, Forwileat ML,'T,'?R~20 'or bakers' n-e. j Ja 18 st? Corner ad street and Pa av?nne. | ENGLISH, sw^J*TCANB: American! verCM-' rat?rao.n? Iy^0* *e assortment on hand and otfwred anusuaU I M W- 4 BKU" J???s, ' ,m. IB t- f r?u II; *ve" 4 d?t?r8 went of i IChroniole.) Brown's Hotel | J^ICH MILITARY GOODS! "I Presei.tation Swords and faters. n*tM-hCre ^-? he,, A'11" * d Fpivulett-s. ! Double, rrehle. and Single "o* l'at?auts Kmbroiderfd Melu, Sir?rd Knots Ac rhea^ove. witn a co r slete assortment of ever* I denorip'io*) of Militar? (Aod*,ju t r?o?ived I M. W. GALT A BRO.. i J?j*e ier?, 334 Penn. avenue, .. |8 ^ Fwur d(>V;" west of brown's Motil. I _ J* ? l^nropiole | i .. PHRKNOI.OGYI ~ I >. H. ALDKN. PHKE MOLOiiJST, havinr I taken rooms fo. a rl.ort time at 4iO Pennstlvan^a I avenue, wii be prepared.on MONDAY 2nthTnSJ I to rive verbal deaericti' n* of charactor t. cethlr I with obarta. 'o all ? bo desire ' ,*Ul#r I PB'cas-Vf rbil Delineations 80 oenU: one dollar I ext.a t..r Charts. A duo,.urn made on parties^ r; ; al,?on obil<,rM Offio?450 Pennsflvan'aaveiias,north ?ide het^pein n Olloe hoars from 9 a. m. to | |^UCK8K1N GLOVES"? I Ramsbur^-fc Ebert, ! 105 HIGH ^ trkkt, i OEORithTOWN. D, C. \ The only manufaotu'ers of Gennine BL'CKhvin I MVttkVU M/,1 ISAK\ ?*UNr"tTo,SKand M1T1 KNS in the Di iriot. uu I Offioers' Gannnets made to order. i Bnokskin Drawers and Shirts. j4jg j PERHAM^EXCrRSIOIfT" Preni Bsltiaere te New Yerk and ! ? "lMrn ' B**ten, ond return..... ?13.AO I Tioketa for sa e at tlie I NATIONAL HOTEL, i Wbore further partiou ars m*y be Had. i Tim? for leaving Washington expires on 3.?t January. T ick He food to re u n acy day before Maroh 1st. i J% 17-ISt* ' 50,000 S5^l-8.ukD#^S?"iLliSLr2a Distr.otCnr enoy wan'ej/ irw,,ry wot* I KITTEN HOUSE, PANT A CO., i. , Bankers, rear Brown's Hotel. " I j> 17-lw [Sua. Chron | 334 Pa. avenue. | IVTOW 1-4 YOui~VlM? TO BUY OVKrf" I ishins Q. nds. Hais si d Cap?. Ja U-din I L"OR SALE?An independent SUTLERbHip I i "VWdoiac a good ai d (linvine business in a I rplendid !ooaJ'ty. Ap? y on ths preTiises aSo.t Je I rod. north of .jolumb'a " " ? "aHr^n'c ff >OTU>11 ? FENNEK, 34* D ivrrvi, Lwr JM fl. j| j PAMI* STOV es! ~ ~ I ^ CAMP STOVES'! i A larjo stuck ou hand, wbich^w^r?\?id j i?.ifi H ' ?RE?ory,' ! J<t'h >'-il Pa. a?ei'ne . W V II... ? F.UK T*,|i AKATI. I ?? K Have ju?t recetv.-d. I y teamer Ann. . I i*fi? ae?>ruiient of hii<-12uhi Freaoli 4nua I Oruras (System- Greso re.) Krraeb Curiae lor I nlf!by. artillery ; M*rtl* KrW, I Uelei.ra'td i I irione-s aud P uV? Hrsl.? ' I ineuts ??1 aU kiitna Also, Ui hu s ?* i & >rt . f vl I .oe ^trials. Baason', .'c" ?. father with a larce a^ort.n-?t of ^lest h reaeh Mus o for Bands. M u <i ? Mo s of r reB0" I iAl4 ~ W ? mktzerott. ! Corner Pa avenaeand 11 tit st. j J*a a-ar Brown's Hotal. (^HOICE OLD HAVANA RUM. WINB-?(?Ub 'Kf^04L5:,NK-" WASHINGTON. D. C., JANUARY, 1SSS. REMOVAL. A. BIBHSGBR * CO. in n B M OVHD TO Na. *I? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, otfomtb W1LLARDS' HOTEL We invite tbe attention of our friends ud patron* to tbe Card below: Ne. SIB Pbnnsyi.vasia Arnci, > (opposite Wtilard's Hotel,) \ Tbe Subecrlbers, having opened a Branch Establishment In thla City a few months since, and feeling encouraged by tbe liberal patroaage already received from iis frieods and tbe lovers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other articlea In their line, have determined upon a continuance and extension of their business Their assortment embraces FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of varloua age, brands, and districts,) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES. JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac. 0 Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complaints, fever and ague, headache, and the like. * MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS. BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE, AND GERMAN WINKS. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Prloea. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS. SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stock was particularly selected to suit tbe wants of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateurs, Ac. They are lnvltsd to visit the establishment, which 1s under the direction of Mr. Jos. P. Wilson. Owing to tbe fact that they Import moat of the article* direct, and to their manv business facilities, they are enabled to offer their stock Goods st very low prices. Your obedient eervants, A. BINMGER A CO., . Importers of Foreign Wine*, Liquors, fe. Ja 11-tf N*w Voaa and Wasbinoton. EYE AND EAE. No. JiiiT PENNSYSLVANIA AVENUE. OFPOSIT* WILLARD'S HOTEL. Oculist and Aurlst. OR r. A. VON MOStHZISRER, From Clinton Place, Nsv York, has arrived in the oitf and opece* his offices at SST PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where ha c?n be eonsalted on Maladiee of the EYE AND EAR requiring modioli and surgioai treatment. # Dr. Von Moscbzifaaa is the inventor and Introdaosr into the medical praetioe of tbe EPHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate eaeee of DEAFNESS AMD NOISES IN THE HEAD He is also author of the lattps pabliehed ia th New York aai PhUBeiphia hhts treatini on the p-evention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAN NON, ft. Dr. Von M. has tor toe p&tt fourteen years devoted his speeial attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And possesses the testimonials of some ol the beat known puhlio men in the Union, who h?ve been most cuooeefally treated by hia for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. Amongst his letters may bs fonnd the following names: Hons. 6 Pugh and John MoLe?a; Rev, G. G. Mullen, Major C. L. Kilbsrn. U. S. Army ; Right Rev. Bishop Blane ; George Gordoa, Ess , Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Bage, Ee* , President of the Goodhse F. I. Company, New York ; Robert Glover, Esq , Di'eetor of the National Bank Note Compaq, New York ; G. B. Lamar, Esq., President Bank of ths Repabhe, New York ; and many others, amongst whieh are medical mea of well known reputation. Theae letters may be examined at his ofiee, Patierts wishing their family phys-eian to aooompany them to witness operations or for the purpose of ooasult%tion are at liberty to bring them Medioal men will be at alltimee we loomed to witness Dr. Von M's operations, and examine some tf the mstrumsnti he has introdaoed for the fboilitation of Optha)mio<and Aural Sargary. Arti Sola! Eyes inserted without oaaslng any pain to the patient. OAca ho nrs from 8 a. in. to 3 p. in. aad from S to nu Jat lm Dayton's Bakery. rao* NEW YORK. BRANCH No. Eleventh *<., bettreen Q mud H, WASHINGTON. D. G. DAYTON'S PIC NIC A OYSTER CRACKERS, SPONGE BUTTER CRACKERS, BOSTON CRACKERS, WATRR CRACKERS. " SODA CRACKKRS. - WATER CRACKERS, LEMON BISCUIT. - Celebrated" MINCE PIES. Hotal keapars, Heads of Faaalliea, aad Satlara bra invited to try oar exoellent MINCE PIER. TESTIMONIAL. Ciar Soott. Sepc*. iMt. Ma. Datton?S?r: All of as, hath oRsers aai pnvataa, have au freely of yoar Pie*. 1 eaa aaaseieouoasly state that do ama ia aa the mak list from partakint'of them. To tell the trath, wa asa heart-aiok baoaasa are oaat gat eaoagh ol tbeaa They are the oaly real lazary we have had siaoa we left home. R. TUmlbt, Sargeoa. (U~ Dieooant to tbe Trade. i. L. DAYTON, jall-lm Eleventh st, Waahiatrtoa. D. C. BOS W ELL*I ~.V " Medicated Csufh Caady. For COUGHS, COLD8, BRONCHITIS. INFLUENZA, HOAKSBNESS. And all tncipwit ttmgu of Consumption. For *?'a, who'.ataie aad retail, by tSSSSSKtl1 1. a-*. L. UMi. And by DmggieteaSi ? ill? g nasally, la W WP AUCTION RALKfc XWP" ?0?r Au?Un 8+U., p^ THIS AFTER ftooff + TO* MO KILO W ?T MARRHA.LL ? PiQt imiMMt. V^fkgjr?*^ Agp s'!&iaEStor*SiWteiSSS goodS.TIM! **** "rr"^4'a ' lataf daaira&Sa v^Xr* wi ? Wataofall k,n4*. V '<?<> Gaant?*? 800U, Sboaa. W?tob*a a*?itwtlrf, T** ***" Goodt. _J?lQaoat MARSHA! L 4 PAGE, A.M. By GRKEN * ? ?..: HOlSFdOI D PUftNITOBB. OATALtr HOOT?. ?*'* ,?, Dnwtiii *r >* rproTo'^ri'"11 |-h,,a y- J w o oiook A. ?., we in Mi| ? M. . .. ?.C.r?l urntSmi rir^wA, *. ' Mxhocanr f ofca. ClMirt and Tablaa aDd VV aI*?ta?te. J F aa hsr lll? 'T,"4 0"1"?**n7^ 1 r aa tir Bedi, Mio?? atd MittrMMi Cv^U.rook Md fXlM.r Stor^T****** !.*rVLCr*ckw'J Wara. Cavalry Boon n JiV'. T* VukM Notioaa,^^^ k*r** Covoro* S?ri&c ttiroot W1101 ^[1^^ ?tAOr ftrtioifi too oumoroBs Komim im??t 6REKN A WILLIAM*. Aaota ^?^^"A""i*-SrSS: G a^S?JS..48S',??\ "tfSKnfi ^?o ^na* ill Wa Will Mil, at t'a Alclion '* M IB,rol9# ?{6r<x*r>". ssgig"- * <* ssSS'^s!^R "' "? ? ??u>n.. ?? Piokiw u4 So*,. L" ?*"* t*?t?rr. Cattn c Dair? Ch#?.? * tud c*~ w iukT u4 ci=s"it:s2^r Mapftst ., ^*?l?4er*MKr, acd outer G<rntii Liauurr' Morf". *nd ?t ftuSTcfcEtT 1 ftr* TW**f ?Wr. icwKr.!* gin B~-'i i*ii *ri*lot ?ir?c1ar'v': ff'*r*,,t R *** ' WAt.l A BAKMAKD, Awu. aa^n^'Jr!/ tBE AUOKD TO THE ABOVE oJstfsr*" *th* * -*** WALL A H?RNARMieu. WALL A BERNARD \ n ot< dooii TWO MMjr SPRING COVKRKD WA?<?N? at Arcrion ?On Tl'tMOAV Mi'DVINfi gEZSt figsi"'-? * "?"i-?22i TT " TSS CUVt * KD 8PR INe WAGON A. *** WALL A BARNARD. Aoota FUTURB_DATa. " HBt j. C. McGUIRE A CO , Ayctiocaa.a. OCSEHOl.O FURNITURE ANI? Emm AT ATCTION ?Oa TH('R*DA V WOkVi\i; a ?"if *t o? wm BhaJl mmil* ? MfgryiiM Noa 47?\id 4 77Thut?*ptfa itrnt, Vt?Mp Ptt n*t!Ttini tTtio? ud n fn'Srt^ fco?*ehoM .(T'oU th-r"TwS : w.i. nt?M.. ?;fiSr!. ,= J f"? ?" *?cc?L?ii F?~^Vf,rcKs;.8n' c" ,~ *" ?? &';km a*- ? ? ??? * W? B?t,m2 Cottar# 8<d?f?4k. 5 T? t C %nu kiufk M&tLrM*M BM?, Bo -ifr- a d ^ Comforu, Quilts, B.ackMf, A?., Ac., nSShii.n/M ' ?^m *r *? ? : gsasfe^Krjws;c*"fjixs iss*;- "A te'r'^vsr^j"' * Ch H.CIMU4 Oroakary ?rSSr MalQn4' rhansher and Parlor Mtov#?. cT.'.r. Sir *">"? *m....U., J*'7?? 1- C. McGUHK A OCT, A?ef. ALWASHINGTV V MND *>N FOii riALK AND RENT. I F?P* 5SobJTTH? FURM8BED CftPSLW*, /'W^'SHKU BOOM1* v TO 101 VlU Ub*f*l fiuirt?. IB B |,MMnt rV*?*tf C?'to'- at ttar ( fto? KVR ^?5i''~^''"1 #r Board tiMiit And V fi"e*BKD R? , Voojj Th* io>wtioD ia cn? of tb* moat ?iZ...Trr. P m*~ AT2Tti%*K5SiASrarr IraWa Naaiitiar? mthahoaaa. jajS-iJT7 I?'?R RBNT?Flr?t o aa SALOON P? ri na i, a .Bt;.w*&7L ?#iw? CA<1 u 3SA h b#'lTTrn ?k F"s'n?5g?<,yy-?^a?.e>gT iq Houaa <nntainlof 7 room*, with diTn, ro?*m ggS^aas^!# ?K 'tabliahad REpTAURPm.iL T ?t -oBa 1 aid pro* d?>d aitaatad on itr in ** ?;>|i6leh??ina a looaia*?"inr?T b^'waan tba boars ol # and s o'c.ook i*17 w- "*lMC" ??r Sixth atraec P'tfJi'sk F,V? ?KN*-fi 1 VSSSt",.**.'*! ? of . flKMJHUi | UAoa R^rtMVmmed,*le ^ >'7 of tha Poat lar(a Parior and y ami bar, 1)1' log boomi, Kito^u Bnd 8iAh!? Tha ^ Zfl JLitf- c'K?rar?y V^doTZS^.ji FSSiifii'^AJHgt .??rtl??. BR ICR Of Patant Uffioe ^VTr'a^ t' M N ja^l? eJit?"tr#K' ?'r?4lle loteliiffaaaar ORaa. * A (*AKuL*^iH.A.^CK ~T'jl* .proprlator of tha ow i "ttiy irat c'fcaa Ro?al aew of J?lu*T? iaa !Ll^!.W1 ltl"?lr*k?* M tba lat i - / ',1W> proMrtT ou bo tlMbC bo Thf^nMRfi"11011 ionfoc torn at b modoimt# roct. fhi? HoUi U now aomf .ton hM lor rnBr? *a*m ? IfflMd .rofiuU b.aTn#., ThJ <TC" P- .^. B^frajwai to ratira from pak io hu lu-aa i* tba omy u>daoamant to aau,aa haoon.d aot bo?a 5?'*'' in oca mora p'ofitab'a. For farm* ami !K&:JA ?N?I'lSH.irhww daw tf a 5?oEE1?I- ?w ?? ? a^raat, T i?BS?a I#t??raia ' HVwS'.l, I .A?l* **AL upa RIO GLOVER. Vary ****. < fp WW ?< oo.o-ft Alao. a 2C^?a^>oL,?rtar1C^Bit,r0'd*r^- U Ooa prioa only, mart *4 ia a lain ftntaa fiSB^^sswa^jassss ?Jr.f.7Ti7 ^ 7 IT^SEjssfiia''* "*?'* ?. i > ??v * ??"TBK?, 14 w Paar aaai aaaoo Nta-AaC 486 OVAL PICTURE PRANKS. ^ ' 'wwta'rt 'f o?al P>a*ara 1 I */? * W Uta aity, truai l?a baat amwai raa ia Afteaot Pa tera Card Viart- ram? at - . .. J. JB/ RKRITKR'?, tbAaamba' No. 4?a 7t^ a t, I??w. " !?' A R*^ WBCBiBit.DfBu* Dt tk VICB ** ?( ? Rc^d ottuaim aait M rNait-a. at Sr^s.'ig WAX.* ?j/yBHHK^^-^ettaSr b?. bajn_| oya^ad a *Tioa at taa p^a- ? ', y*y*Mdw* ?%.ia-.>^f a ??sj? '""""yfaooi,'1 gygia^v, J ^5^eysy?a,s^F'-t <

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