Newspaper of Evening Star, January 20, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 20, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Nottc* ?AfW having for romnr year* printed tbe V.tu of letten remaining uncalled for In the pr*t olilce of thla city, (nnder the U* nuthor Irtnr their publication la the newtpeper having the largest circulation within the usual delivery of tbe cfflce.) the proprietor of the Star hu at length felt compelled to decline their farther Insertion, because of the great apace they have eosne to oorepv. and of the fact that for months rit he ha? been forced to lay over on each occasion. when printing the llata, advertisement* the Insertion of which would Mw paia at least double as ranch as tLe law allowed him for the letter IW la addition to this positive pecuniary low by tbelr Insertion since thoee llsta have come to be as large as the New York city letter llsta. they tare entirely?on the day on which they were printed?defeated his pnrpoaeof making tbe Star always a mttetpeper? new* being Its well-known peclallty. # AMraKMIWTS To-Nisht. Thbatk* ? To-night Donlxettl'a admirable rwnlc opera, "Don Paaqoale," by the excellent Strakoacb company. cnaiaty's?Benefit of John P. Smith, the popular duviiilm luanoKci t?* ?uc iivu^uh ? uu u orravlon * bill of extra attractiveness baa been prepared Laat night of Christy's capital after plere. "New Vear'a Calla"?Gforge > "Peter ]>av." Don't tell to enjoy the great bill for to* Ifbt. Kim'i AxrBiTHiATia ? Flrat appearance of the new atsra Joe Pentland, Lnhe Rivera, Hernan dez, Gonzalaa, Forrest, and Dn Crow, wltb all the old fhvorltea In a magn'ficent programme of ampbltbeatrlcal performa^cea. concluding with the rich extravaganza of "The Cobbler'a Frolic." Odb Fillowb' Hall ?Marveloua feata of ven tre Icq n'am and prestidigitation, by Wyman, the celebrated wizard and magician. L jr.ox Mcsic Hall.?Attractive performances, concluding with the slde-aplitting afterpiece, ^* ? w? ? tar a * 11 " I Df nop oi r *?oion ?W a. i/armj m A^uwr keeper"?by Kate Hamilton, Mary 8t. Clair, t, Jenny F.llsworth, John Landls, John Forbes. Cfcaa Seymour and Master Bolby. Acadkxt ow Mtrnic?An entertaining free con cert at three o'clock, with excellent refreshments Hall open all dav?between Ninth and Tenthsta., Pennsylvania avenue Ca*ts*bust Hall.?First'appearance of the celebrated Leont Pantomime Company Robert Botlet, Silas Palmer, Willis Armstrong, and other stars, with the Canterbury company In a brilliant bill of pantomime and comicalities to n'ght. " Vol-au-Vent." slack rope performances, snd an entertaining programme cf songs, dances and burlesques. On* Di?ho!?*?t Prist** ?A man named Bigarel said to be from Indiana, where he for merly published a paper, called the Vanguard rame t* thia city aome time since, and succeedrd in obtaining emplpymentattbeGovernmenf print ing oflce. He was noticed to be very diligent, coming early and quitting late; but he was also noticed to earrv a carpet bag with bim, roorninsr ^ and evening, every day. which wa? an unusual thing for a workman to do. One of Bigarel's fel low workmen raised the carpet bag from the floor oa Thuradav last to try the " heft" of It, when he found that It i*aa unaccountably "aoggv " Sus picion was aroused. and Bigarel'a movements were watched. On Friday morning he went early to the elBce, carpet ha* in band, as usual, and the watchman of the building detected bim putting png< aner p*ge or type 'i>?> me nag. tna inr rmed tbe foreman, Mr kngllab. of the fart Th*t gen tleman accused Btgarel of thefr and be did not deny It. It seems that be bad obtained acem fo the depository of new materials, and every evening took to bia boarding t-onse almost enough type to s"t up another Tangntnl Bigart-l's fellow work men searched for his plunder at bia boarding bouse and fonnd under a pile of asbes in tbe yard, and In the alnk, more th in 70? pounds of new ma terial. Bigarel escaped?probably by tbe early train on Friday morning, and hat left in thiaeity L'.a wife, who 1? in great distress at bis bad con duct and bis desertion of her, leaving her friend less and without means CK*TKAL GUAHDHCCfi Cases?Btfere Justice Jfalttr.?Sunday? Lawrence Newton,drunk; line *2.5P. Andrew Hugfcaa, drunk and diaoiderly; do. HI W John Qtbbona, drunk; do. ffi John Connolly. John Zang, Wm Wallace and W. L. wnjrht, do.: turned over to the military. Monday?Geo. A Jonea, drunk; turned over to th* military Mlch'l K"nlg. drunk, lined ftl 58 Patrick M'-Kenna.diaorderlyconduct; d!sn,is*-ii Thoa Broderli k. drunk; turned over to tfce mill tmrr George Darla, drunk and disorderly; fine 13 M W m Pelletr? a, auarlclon of larceny; dts mla*ed Malcolm Rice, drnnk: turned over to the military W H H. Camp, drunk; fine ft 58. Phillip 9el*etxter. do ; do *2. Joaenh Stl&el. d?.; do ' " Fovbti Wasd Station Cases? Before Justice Walter ?Sunday?Geo Donleer, drunk and dla orderly; fined SI 56 Inw Hnjjertv, disorderly do. Jaa. Miller, do ; dismissed Wm Kwlngs, drank and disorderly; workbouae 00 dava. Jno. Cannon, aelllng liquor to aoldlera; dismissed Same for eelltnv without license; workhouse 90 daya Jaa Heatty. flghtlne at Canterbury Hall; fine S3 Dan'l and Susan Dugan. drunk and dis orderly; do. S5 S* each. Wm Houck, do ; do SI 56 Monday?Thos Gaffeny and Jno. Galvln. boys, dlaorderly on the avenue, locked up two hours ru-n ?J?*? m? ?? xrvu i i/u^an, uiuiim o uu ?i IwruCTlTj HII*" VIV VI. Benjamin F Goddard, do ; do. S2. Cornelius Diamond, do.; do. A* Urbkliablb Mbssisseb ?We understand that % letter containing one hundred dol'ara In Treasury notea, was dropped by an Intoxicated soldier In tbe clothing s'ore of Wlrsenfeld A Co , on Saturday. It waa opened, and found. In addi tloa, to contain a most alT-ctlonate appeal to an absent wife and little ones to nae the money for their comfort, and wu from a captain In one of tbe regiments on tbe other side of the river, who no doubt by this time supposas It has arrived at Its destination It will be returned to him to day, when it la hoped he will entrust It to a more careful messenger, snd congratulate himself that It fell In such honest hands a va?>r nixiui .1KDU ?in piWDg alODJJ Pennsylvania avenue yesterday from Four and-a half to Seventh street, (north aid",) the writer encountered no leas thaa atx small-pox conva leaceota loafing at precisely the points where people "moat do congregate;" the half heeled pustules upon their fact* affording rather an un pleasant reminder to those who happened to And themselves jostling them in the crowd If eon vmlescents will not voluntarily keep within doors till danger of spreading the infection is past, rnne wholesome restraint should be placed upon them. Rvkawat.?About 4 o'clock on Friday even ing four horses, attached to a Government wagon. ... ^TfrMX Ik. - Ik- ? "? " J '* a.u ww a i ww ?hv ? ? IU' < "I "CI VI U OUU OCt* end itnrU east Tbe driver vr?? thrown off. bat fortunately escaped without aerloua Injury. Neer tbe corner of H and Thirteenth streets east the team came In contact with a hone, and be wa* knocked down and Instantly killed. The team kept on at a frightful rate of apeed, and croesed Bennlng'a bridge. They were finally overhauled aear Fort Manning by mounted Patrolman Ben son Folic* ?Saturday, tbe following persona, ar rested by tbe day aectlon of tbe Fourth Ward patrol, were beard by Juatlce Walter and their caaea dsp>oe?*d of:?Geo Maboney, profanity and teat dr: vuig: toed SI SOln eacbcaae. Wm Kane, John W. Young, John Sullivan and Michael Horley. for faal dr'.v ag, were fined SI St each Elizabeth Cooaor, aeiling liquor without lieenae; workhouse fiO days. Dan'l Callahan, larceny of ab*ut twelve dollars from aa acquaintance, Jail for coort. COHHITTSD TO Jill VoE StUUIS ?D*?id Kellahan, a soldier, wu arretted by Patrolman Gr?nt on Saturday night, charged with stealing from a comrade a purse containing SIS. Me ?m taken befure a Jostle* and searched, when a S5 Treasury note was fouad In bis shoe, and a gold dollar In hie mouth. He was detected trying to coueeal parte containing S3, which purse waa Idea tiled as the one which had been stolen Kellah*o waa aeat to Jail. Catsa Dismissed. ? Yesterday, Emile Fretd rich, for assault and battery, waa arrested aod taken befire Justice Doon. snd the raae wm d's mlaard after a bearing E 1) Elehiaon, for ob tain'ng irooda br false pretenses, was alao exam ined and diamiaeed by Jus Ice Doon?the evi dence lu neither case joatlfying a commlltal for Tbs Kim or Wsdnudat uit ~\Ve,hiTt been requeeted to stite that at tb? Are on Fif teenth ?tr?rt last Wednesday morning Mr II L Oettler, whoee duty It wm to operate tho Are piJ(a wax early at hia puot. and a aoon aa the Franklin boee-reela arrived be attached the bo?? to tbo plug on the corner of FourteeoUt and L e-.reetn RtLtaaa* Pbmombb*-?One hundred and tbir ty an reteaaed ml liary p ta?n r?, from Rich mond arrived la thla city on Ha urday evening? through Baltimore?and are quartered near tt? railroad depot lo the building known n* the ' ftoidlera' R-treat " Bat few wf then are free from woandi Istiiutim toLawybbb ?Tbeeitenelve law library of the Ute Ueoeiml Walter J one* will be eold by Meaars McOutre 4 Co , at their b*l?a rooms, corner of Tenth ?tr?rt and P notylmni* iniM,ciHUiiKti( UM??n!ii{I1i>'TW o'elo k Catalogue* may be otUia~d at the auction ??U Paaaa^B T?tr* ?On Thu-aday evening, the P-a^ageeC Mr. A. B Waller' houir, N<> MB New ^ orb irmw, between Nn'bMid Tembtto , wai * te?M, and a kmTjr hUck heaver overcoat taken Diaths or PoiDtras ?The following deaths of ?oldl*rs hare occurred ilnce oar last report: William Weekly, company I, 4th Penosylva nla cavalry, at Columbian College. Sergeant TUman Ussum, company 1,4thUnited States cavalry, at General Hospital Robert Peterson, company B, 10th New Jersey volunteers, at camp. Daniel H Orme, company E, 1st Michigan volunteers, at camp A mo# Webber, company K, 7tn Milne volun teers, at Seminary Hospital. John J Davenport, company C, 89th New York Tolnnteera, at Seminarr Hospital. Daniel Shay, company 0,93d Pennsylvania vol unteers, at Seminary Hospital Henry McStone, company D, 3d New York cavalry, at Seminary Hospital Private Bessler, company E, 58th New York Tolnnteera, at camp. John Cowan. 85th Pennsylvania rolnnteera, at Ernpti ve Hospital. Sergeant Andrew J. Addleman, company K, 19th Indiana volunteers, at Patent Oftce. Edward Coyle, company 1, 15th New York vol unteers, at camp. Henry Weber, company B, 23d Pennaylvanla volunteers, at camp. Zscharlah Baker, company C, 104th Pennsylva nia volunteers at camp Anthony Blntle, company K,56th New York volunteer#, at camp. Elijah Bishop, company I, 7th Maine volun teers, at Eruptive Hospital. James Stalker, company D, 22d New York vol unteers, at Columbian Hospital. John Frank*, 49th Pennsylvania volunteers, at General Hospital. John Schooner, company C, 1st regiment Ber dan's Sharpshooters, at camp. Francis Eberenz. company C, 96th Pennsylva nia volunteers, at Tennallytown. George Davis, company G, 23d Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp. Corporal Sylvester Kane, company D, 1st Long Island volunteers, at camp. Walter A. Merrill, company H, 6th New Hamp shire volunteers, at St Elizabeth Hospital William Town, company H, ad regiment Ber dan's Sharpshooters, at camp. vuBiirs r. ornneti, company r,, aw uniiea States cavalry, at Eruptive Hospital. George Ksmm, 49th Pennsylvania volunteers, at Seminary Hospital. Gkobqktow* Poltci Casks ?Thomas Evans, for huckstering without a license, was brought before Justice Fearson, and fined St 44. Marga ret McNeal, vagrant; workhouse 30 days. Jeffer son Garrison, teamster, was arrested on the charge of stealing S55 from Walter Meade, hostler, and was taken before J ustlce Reaver, but the evi dence not being strong enough to sustain toe accusation, Garrison was dismissed Michael May, John Morris, Geo. Johnson, Chas. White, James Fitxslmmons, Thomas Tllman, and Jeff. Thompson, soldiers, arrested for belntr drunk and disorderly, were turned over to the Provost Guard A horse and buegy was found In posses sion of two drunken soldiers, and the team was taken charge of by the police. Fifth Waid Polici Casks?Before Justice Ferguson ?Margaret Daaey complained of Thos Flynn?a fellow emigrant from the Green Is'e?and George Reed, a colored gent, charging them with using Indecent language. They were arrested and taken before the justice, who finding the charge sustained bv the evidence, fined Flynn 91 56, and FWd *3 94 Harry Gladding, a soldier, for displaying a dangerous looking Arkansas toothpick, alias a bowie, In the public streets, wns arrested and turned over to the Provost Guard. Kd Barnes, for depositing nl?;ht*oll in the wrong place, was made to deposit 810 56 to the credit of th? Corporation. B W. Farr, a farmer, fer fast driving, was fined S2 59. A Pc*N* I* TBI tfXITABIAH CHCBCH?Sunday mormng. Jan 5,1302 ?The following impromp tu wai pencill- d by an attendant at the Unitarian churcb on the day mentioned above; his atten tion U> the sermon being somewhat distracted at tbe time by tbe labored breathing of Mr Horace I Greeley, wtio sat fast aaleep and with mouth wide ajnr in a neighboring pew. i'arson Channing, heave!) exploring, 11 'race Grtelev, starting, snoring? Wake up, Horace, though the preacher Caanot charm like brother Beecher. Sixth Ward Police Cask*.?B'for' Justice Cull ?Jacob Newrnth, for selling lager without a license.was made to contribute 960 to the general i illIIV. vi iuc cvrpuratiuiii auu jouii miner, lor IP11 log liquor without a license, bad to deposit 940 to the rredli of the tame fund. Samuel Todd, Amos Reed, and Thomas Johnson, dlaorderly conduct; fln?d $3 94 each. Marv Jane Scott, do ; workhouse 30 days. John Hart, drunk; fine Si 58. Robbkkt ?This morning, about two o'clock, the residence of the Rev. Mr. Morsel 1, at the Navy Yard, was entered by burglars, and goods, consisting of coats and some stiver ware, valued at fifty to seventy five dollars, were stolen. The patrolmen were promptly on the spot; but the thieves had escaped, leaving behind them a shoe maker's hammer, with which, no doubt, they forced an entry Into the dwelling. A Nriiisci?Some person bu dumped a large load of a able manure In E, near the corner of Eighth <reel, which haa been lying there near a week. It la valuable to somebody, but a very great nuisance where It la If the owner will not remove It, the Intendant of the Asylum would no doubt willingly take It away at the request of the Street Commissioner. Thk Coxxor FamiitlJigfosiD or ?Mrs. Con nor, who lives on Sixth street, between F and G streets, In Murphy's row, was arrested on Satur day for selling liquor without a llrena*, and ahe and her family, comprlaing a husband and four children, were all sent to the workhouse for 90 days Rsxovkd?Mrs Greenhow, who for the last five months has been undrr surveillance in her own bouse, has. together with Mr*. Baxter, who recently arrived from Richmond with a military commiMsion for Dr Brown, of Baltimore, been removed to the old Capitol building. Gouiovir thk Rivim ?'This morning the *-flth regiment, New York State Volunteers, left their old quarters at Good Hope, and joined General Smith's division across the Petomac. On Satur day they exchanged their muskets for Enfleld rifles at thearaenal. Postponid ?The flag presentation to the 5fith regiment New York state volunteers, Col. Van VvVck, is postponed until Wednesday, Jan. 22d, at 11 a. m. Th? communication In reference to the con duct of a party of Lancers on Sunday night lacks the signature of a responsible name, which must account for lta not appearing. ?cukvy awd Scrofulous Eeuptiohs will soon rover the bodies of tboae brave men who are fighting their country's battles Night air, bad food, and drenching rains will make sad havoc with the strongest. Therefore, let every man supply himself with Holloway's Ointment; it Is a certain care for every kind of akin dlaeaae Only 35 cents per pot. 915 corns. Bunions, Calosltles. Bad Nails, En lorK'd Joints, and all d'seases of the feet cared without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropo dist, 4*20 Pennsylvania avenue, between Four and-a-balf and sixth streets Room 24 up stairs. Office hours frona 14 m. to 6 p in. Orders to call at residences promptly attended to. jan 15-lm* Pleasant Ftbbishbd Rooms, with fuel and gas, with or without board, at 415 E street, be tween Eighth and Ninth street*. Table boarders can be accommodated jan 15-lm* \V HiTiHcasT, 434 Penn. *nu?, furnishes photographs from miniature tell f? si se His col lection of earn <U vtutt llkensasis embrace all prominent men of the country. Remember, Whltehurst received seventeen premiums In this country, and a medal at the World's Fair at Lon don; also, at the French exhibition at Paris. Bee hla fancy caeaa for holiday preeenta. d? 21-eolm* laatA Rubbbb boosa. India ruMtrlkeeti for protecting children's beda, that M flatly abould ba without; 75 canta web. Rubber Blanket*, for aoldlera, ?1 U eaah Rubber Pone boa and Blanketa combined, 92.A0 each. India Rubber Coata, white of black, S3.90each. India Rubber Legglaa SI per pair. And all klnda of Rubber Gooda, Including Rub ber Boota and ^hoea, Rubber Stoppers for bottiea. Door Mala, Under Sbeetlnga for bed* la eteknena, Ae , Ac , at manufacturers prlcea, at H. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pa. a*., between mmo ana i tnu streets. Jan 1-tX Holdubs to tbb Kucci ! ? Young men ru?h log into the exposure* and dangers or a soldier's lift? should prepare themselves for tbe fatal ferer*, the dyaentery, the sorea and seurvv, which are almost certain to follow. Holloway't Pllla. used occasionally during the campaign, will insure sound health to every man. Only 33 cents per boa *14 Tbb InuR Hui Doeroi, From Canada, will describe diseases snd tell hi* patleuts the nature of their complaints or 1 li nes*, without receiving any lnfo'ma tlon from them. So ckmrgt fir Comultation sr Adviu. oca motto " v ums ?w a a mi um mm am no IVW W Ith Nature or the Law* of Life : With Blood oar bands we never stain Nor poiaon men to rase their pala. Oar Father-wkoei all goodaeaa fllla, Prendre the wm to can all 111a; The simple Herhe beneath our feet, Well used, relieve oar pala complete. simple Herb, a simple Flower, Call'd from the dewy Leo? Theer, theer shall spook with touching power Of change and health to the. Washington Butldtmgt, Pu. avissi, about fivt mimuU* walk Jr+m 5v?ws'i HoUl. No charge for Consultation Jo 10-two RTARMZD. At tha bridet hon"?, Georgetown, D. C., by Father Eehwarnar. MMER STRAUS to Mim ELLEN MonAUI.EY.all ofthunity. [Bait. Sun p'.eace onjy.j * In 6*orf?town. on the 6?h last, br the R?v. Father Aihwanden, AMns DYE to BUHE A., d?a(hter of James H. Wheailey, of Alexandria, Va. ja ?-tt* OIKO. On theSMh mnUrt of tyehoid ferer, ?EOFGI ANNA, daughter of John W. and Martha A. Piti hnth Med 4 rear*. J months,11 days. Her furneral will take plaoe on Tuesday at SH o'oloek, from the re?ideroe of her parents, on a stM between 6th sod 7ch streets. Th? friends and acquaintaroes of the family are invited to attend. On the 19th inst.. PATRICK MoLINDON, of the Pariah of Tallrlish, county of Down, Ireland, in the4'th far of his nie. v The friends of the family ar* invited to attend bis funeral from tha resideuoeof his brother, 444 Sd st, at 2 o'o ook, Tuesday, January Slit. * On the 30th instant, Mrs. ANN QUEEN, aged 77 years, relict of the late Samuel Queen. Her friends and relatives are reepectfnlly re 2nested to attend her fuaera from the reridence of er son, J. L Queen. N?. 3?8 HHh street, between 6 and H sheets, First Ward, on Wednesday aft*r noon, at 5* o'clock. Of ohronia oronp.oa the U'h inst., HARRIET JANR, only ohiid of Richard and Sarah M. Roberts, aced three years and ten months. The friends of the family are reepeotfnlly invited to attend the funeral at the residence of her father, 337 7th st., on Wednesday afternoon, at 3 o'oPk, The litht of cnr home has icone ont, iw uri|uiQO?i uu luncor nppv?rs , The lam?, ala>. in now broken! The oil of affection in tears. * _At the eoldiera home, D. C? on the lSth instant* D D. OUNCAN, formerly of oovpany M. Pennsylvania volunteer?, in Mexican war, axed SO, a native of Cumberland county, Siate of Penn sylvania. On the 19th instant, MARY ELIZABETH, acfd 11 months and 14 days, daughter oi Elixibsth lod the late C&dL Joihn% Rihuon. 'I he friend* of the family are invited to attend the lunerai at 3 o'clook. on to-morrow, Tuesday af erooon, from the reiidenoe of the fain i jr. south weit corner of 7th and K streets. * On the i Jth mst., of ooniession of the lurr?, JACiOB R1VVER, son of Thomas i*. and A. F. Potter, in his 4th year. the relatives and fnends of the familv are in vitod to attend the fan*ral to-?rorrow. Tuesday, at 9 * m , from his fatuers residence, on E street, No. 3T?. January 19th, EI IZAUETH STEPHENS,age 61, wife of the late E iward M*phen*. The friends of the family and of her son in law, W. Seaman Beare, are invited to attend the fnteral at St. John's Church, on Tuesday.2lst, at 1 o'olock. * AAlU^iiMENT^. i~?ANTF. RRITRV H A t. I. Louisiana. Avikus, Btttcfen *h 6;4 struts. NEW COMPANY IJT NEW COMPANY lkonipantomimkcompany! LEONl PANTOMIMK COMPANY! LfcONI PANTOMIME COMPANY! To d>cht, MR. ROBERT BUTLER Will appear a? the Clown in the Laughable Pan ton i ma, VOL-A U V8*T! VOL-A U- VENT! Spien lid oait of oh\raoter? by the member* of the Fxr? t Appe&ranoe of 8 I L A 8 BALDWIN. TKt Best Jutthr n ?A? World.' WILLIS ARMSTRONG. To night, MI3* AMKLIA WEI.L8. 'I he Beautiful Soneatress. in sk3timental AND VaNKKI SoNGg a. J, TALB >TT, The Fthiop1*n Com?*Han, assisted br Dick Fark^r, Mim Kxxa Miles, Mi38 Vernon. M'llr Frank La Fol-k, aud Littl<c Ella One Week Lonjer, WARD on in* Cordr Volantk! Pest Slack-rope Perfmmtr t* America! Notwithstanding the large Company now at the Canterbury, ther?- will le 117* AO ADVANCE J.V PRICES. ^21 Afternoon Performance, tor Ladies and Children, every WKIiNEaUAV and SATliKDAY. v>th q lant'tiesof presents-one& ?upirb 924 Silk l>iess. "'he dress c?n be seen in the window of Messrs. Perry Sc lito. Ail our dresses are bought from this ho una. Doors open,afternoon, at 2o'clock. Admission: Ladies, SOoentc; ohildren. in centa Doors open,evenings, at t \ u'olook. ja 2C-1 w DD FELLOWS' HALL! PROFESSOR WYMAN, VENTRILOQUIST AND WIZARD, With his Life moTini and Speaking Automaton*, EVERY EVENING THI8 WEEK. Admittance 25 oenta ; children 10 cents. 1CT See small btlla. ja Ift-tf INO'S AMPHITHEATER. rv T. Kmc... Hnl? I .*iim inrf Murmur C. Soott. ...? Associate Manager F. Whittaker ..Equestrian Manager J. Prospen? Musical Direotor GAL A N ISflT FESTIVAL OF MlKTH AND HUMOR ! MONDAY NIGHT. First nirht of the Favorite Clown, JOE DENJL.AND! First eight of L. RIVERS! Firat night of W. FOREST 1 First night of DU CROW! And first night of The I avokablj Pantomimic. THE *JOBHL.KR'? AfHRKVI'irP. ! Admission. Dress Cirole lo cents. Children under It years old 25 cents. Gallery ?. .2S oents. Reserved Seats 75oeuts. Colored Boxes. ?.60 oents. Colored Gallery . 25 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock; performances will com mence at a quarter before 8. ja 18 RICHARD P. JONES. A cent. w ASHINGTON THEATER! MR. Bl.ANP takes great p'easore in annonno int that he has made arrangements with the prin cipal Artists of the ITALIAN OPERA! Prom the New York Aoadeiny of Mnsio, for 3 GRAND OPERATIC PERFORMANCES, To take place on MONDAY. TUESDAY, AND WEDNESDAY, 90. 21 and 33, When the following celebrated Artists will appear: MlttU IHtRI.-|.l.i UIMBI O V the di'tinguUhed A inerioan Prima Donna, M'ME 8TR AKOSCH, the favorite Contralto, 816- BKIGNOLI, the renowned Tenor. 816- M A NO USI, the eminent Baritone, blG. S"8INI thf great H&aro, fIG. BAK1DI. Baa?o Cantante, HENRY MOLLKNHOUER, the oelebrated Violonoellist The entire oombination under the muuoal direo tion of CARL AN9ERUTZ, Conduotor Academy of Muato, New York. MONDAY EVENING, Jan. ?th, will be presented Donizetti's oelebratei Comio Opera of DON PASQUALE, with the following tetar Cast: Mim Isabella Hinkley a* (a role she has perform?d with lmmeuU suooess) Norma Pig nor Brig noli as.. Erentno Signor Manouu at. ,. Dootor Malatesta fiijnor Suaini as (his world renowccd obaraoter), ? Don Pasquale TUESDAY, January 21?Doniietti'a new opera, BETLY.and the last aot of FAVORITA. W EDNE8D A Y.Jar. a?Rossini's oheid'?nvre IL BARBIERE DE 8EVIGL1A. Pxicxs or Admission. To Par4setts aixt Dress Cirelr. Orahester Chairs..^..... ? PriTata Boxes. Partette ? ? __ reals may be seoored lor either of the three Op era Nights at Mr. A&stserott's Masie Store, oora mer.oing Saturday mo mint next. 9 o'olook. I)o )rs open at 7; periormaaoe to oommenoeat o'olook. ja 1* ? ^ bORGK CHRISTY'S U jftjtHAaHOVSJTb m i a vi mmm 11 0*1 wlin R AHU X* Open fiver? Nijht with GKORGE CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS PVem Brixidway Jttto York, Comprising 16 of tne PlCKID of MlNtTKILlT ' The en*ir? entertainment under the iir,m.*liate di reotionof GEORGE CHRISTY, TJu *ck%owl*dt*d Pionttr ?f Minstrels* ! This livening, and every evening until further uotioe. vill b? irotluoM George Christy's great afWrpieoee^U \V YEAR'S CALLS, Pet-r Day - George Christy. Other characters by tne oomt auy. The usual a.e ange ot Singlcg, Saucing, Oar lee*ae Opera, Ao., ?o., by thejrnoie company. Admission?Par^aet, 60 oenta ; Gallery. 26 cents. ia 14 W A8HINGTON ACADEMY OF MU9IC. Pni. AvEwr?,(rto0T?8iDi,)No. 989, a ^ 4 i(i> r erenicg a rentarhably fine Fran Conocrt, ing HiMUoni from the beat ola?aie mutio, oat popular oper???retdered n b?t>ar at My oth?r A menoan ooaoert ca oon itjl# than at anj oth?r Amenoaa oooo-?rt saloon. Th# geeeto?end the putilic are freely ?nvid, r it ho a* charge for eatranee,?may reUr upoa hav ng mmi comfort th?j dew re. In addition to tlM ??1 mgt >n, they will obiaii,? oils. ~ mbSIey ROSENTHAL* hneeTmut'o in Waahiagt m, thay wilt oblate, on eftll, from the atteuUve attendants, deoi<iedlt the beat Refreehmenu for sale id th# Knderai M' trop tla. HBNR Y ROSENTHAL, )?(-! Fro?n?u,r, WANTS.

WANTED?A COOK, and a touch GIRL for housework. Iw^nireat this ajo*. ja3P-it* WANTED-A good COOK : a'?n. * colored BOY. Apply to Dr. MIODLKTON. at the Washington Arseaa . ja g>-3t* A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE D??ire to obUin one or two Rooms and Board within a few squares of the Treasi"r. and north of E ?t A dress Box 84 Post OSes, with location and tomn. jljMI \\TANTED? An experienced MAN to tske t? oharge of a fining room; also, two Sub Waiter*, either white or colored. Apply at corner of 9th and P strait*?Herndon House. ja 18 St" A GENTLEMAN -Wishes a FURNISHED BRD-ROOM, (4re and with or without Board in a private family. Terms to be stated by addressing "Henry R Star Office. It* WANTED-Bya young man, a SITUATION in some store or restaurant, where be ooaid make himself generally useful,?or to drive a wagon Address** W. R. thrush th? Post Of fice. ja20 >t? \T|7 ANTED? BOARD.?A genti'man and wife ~~ wish Board in a private family ; two rooms will be repaired?furniture oniy in bearocm; loca tion between 3th street and Capitol. Address "C. B-." Poet Offioe. If WANTED-A good COOK. WASHER, and iRONER (colored) for a family of three. To a competent person good wag's and a steady home will be given. Apply at No. 460 Seventh street, nrar M ja? if PARTNER WANTED, by a gesUeman who has the exclusive right to an artiol* wanted bj ?? / -"iwvi cm uu poi ?vu, ? oi j 101*0 |?ri ii ewurrii, but little o&pit&i required. A business man wilt fiud thi? & seat chanoe to make a fortune Addre **R. P. G , Washington Post Ofli?e. Ot* ? IARGE HALL WANTED, pleasantly and _j oentrallf lo-ated on Pennsylvania avenue, on a long lease. Address Box No. Post Office, ja 18 St* WANTKD?By a young man who ha* had five rears' experience in a country store, a SIT UATION in some resseotable buMn*?s where he o?n malre hiinrelT useful. Hest of r*f?renoe giver. Please addross " W. F W.," star Oflio*. ja '8-3t? WANTED?A SITUATION as prescription clerk and sa'esmar in a drug store. Good ref erence can be given as to qualifications, honesty, and good character, AdtHress "Druggist." Box w ivh. K?et innoe. j%i7 4t* WANTED???ut!erK and Soldiers to know that they can b<i* C\MP STOVES %nd TIN WARE oheap of "H. J. bREbORY, 3H Penn avenge. ja16 ANTED?B* a youn* m*n. one SFAT in a Saw in the Ckvrrh cf the Epiphany, for whioh price will be paid. Addreaa"J," Ho* No. 11. ja 13-tf WAN rEI?? In admit atore.a YOUTH between lb and 29 years of are. Candidates must *iv? satisfactory referenda as to ?aal'fieationa and charaoter. The preference will be riven to one who has been enraged in the droc hiuir^sasix or twelve montha. Address "A B C,' Washington City Post Office. j% 1 Im* WANTED IMMEDHTELY. at the V. S. Navy Yard, Washington, a number of LANDSMEN. de26 tin It/ ANTKf)?F!v*r> nnraon to know lh?t I ?m in " the market, r(*sdj to pay cash for all article* in the hcuKefarniahing line. Those leavinc the city,or having a surplus, will do well to ca'T. R. BUCHLY, 42f* Seventh ?t., between 6and H et?., (ca*t mde,) Dealer in New and Second-hand Fur niture. no 16 WANTED.?We are new buying SECOND HAND FURNITURE, STOVfiSaiJ red DiNS, for which we are paym: the huheat oasn prioea. Familiea deolitung housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a '-ail. BONTZ A 6RIFF1TH, Je lS-tf No. 369 'th at., betw. I anc K eta. LOST AND FOG ND. Found-two package? of papers oii? No. ? 1'ay Roll I'. S. Military jtout* ; the other Pay Kol U S- !V1. R. H Depot. The owner 111 rl*? ti> nn.ll *t thia siffi-'Uk ami t, at tham j?2) It* ^ ? . ? f OST?On Friday la?t, in gHtini; out ??f a car Lj r*?ge at Willa'ds' Hotel, a ady's GOLD WaTOH. A !jber?l rew".rd will taid for it* return to WILLIAM li. FANNING, Polio" Ofii cer, Wiliards' Hotel- ja 80 Ij^Ol'ND?On Saturday morr'ne, an AMOUNT T OF VVie?i;M ! ft Co'* Odfh.n Hall othinx K- on s,corner 4K B?r?*t pni1 I'er.n'a av Th * owner will pieasn 0'>me forward, trove property, an?l pay charges. Supposed to t?elonic to an officer in the nnnr. j% 31* VIM R E W A R D.? Strayed. a dark sorrel ' 3? I" MARE. 4 or 5 jeara < Id, on laat je\, Tnesiay. HiO\d on hipari pretty low to tarda forcshou'der. raarke i C. The fin^er^*2-1 w 1 reoeive above reward cn rt>'urn to Fro?n'a Lot between H and 1 etreets, bel iw new Catholic Charoh. ja 20-3t? WM. BABINGTON. C't)n REWARD.-Ra*> away f'om th* snhiicM O-*' her ft it Morday YELLOW BOY. IS va y^arsot age;ai*>ut5f>et6or 7 iaote'iu hnhf; fflT lender hu lt; alow of apeech; goes by th? DMiie of Pave Keilr. Had on when he left Jk grer cabinet pants and f ock ooat a d vaet ?f - nms material. The above reward will h?? given on hi* return to SAMUEL I). MURPHY, l aurel Factory, on Baltimore and Columbia Turnpike. jaao-lw* O JT KKVVARD.-A very large BLMODHOUND. dark brown oolo-ed, black spots. run away this mornmic from the housf^^^^ of the undersigned The ahove regard ** will be given if brought baok, CHARLES MADE?. ja18 3t* eon:*r Pa aveniie and 3d street. District of Columbia, couwtt or Washington, To wit : I hereby certify that John R Croneau brought l>efore me, as an e?tray, a bay MARK, about 9 or 10 years old, 14 or 15 hands hieh, harneia rrark, fcoth left faet white. wiiuoDBiuj iiaTiu- miv i/(ii u^y oi j ina\rT? THOMAS C DUNN, IS?aL.1 Justice of the Peace for Washington County, D -t-ipt of Columbia \l~J" The owner of the above described mare will come forward, prove property, pay oharse*. and take her away. JOHN H CKONEAN. ja 18-3t* Serg'ttth Ward Metrop'n Police. fcjTRAYED?Wednesday evening, 15th i'Stant, ^ a oheetnut-colored HORSE; white hind t\ feet; small siae; marked "C.;" attached to an open wagon containing pie drawers. A liberal reward wiM Ke given on hia return to J B. BEGELOW, 330 Delaware a*. jal7-St* Fj^STRAY?Taken up by the subscriber, oh the J 15:h instant, astray, a sorrel HORSE with a set of cart harness on, vhioh |K* _1 ,n owner can have by provinc projertv and * paying damages, by applying to ROB'T JOHN SON. Ooveromf nt 8'a fe?. ja 17-8t* 1 CERTIFY THAT L. W. BUTTS, of thecoun ti of Washington. in ih? nittrwt nf rv? ^ lumbia. brought before me, th? " '"""h*r a J nstioe of rhi Peace in and for the said"*-* county, this 16th d?y of January. 1862, aa an estr*T, a b.ood Hay HOR*K; large sue; switch tail; white gai! marks o i each side, under saddle firth; left hind f-ct whits branded with ?he letter () on the left a onlder; he has the scratches in his hind feet. Given under my hand. W. R. fcTRATTON, J. P. The above Horse was fonnd by me on 7th street, oorner of K. The owner is request? I to prove property and take him away, or he vill be sold to payohargec. L. W. BU'I'T^. ja 16 2awlw F st, near ooidh of 8th st I Of f.-A sKAL KING, and a FOX HEAD I i *KAL, attached to a ring, with corneMian set. 95 reward will be given to whoever returns the trtinlu In this niiinn ji"? w EDUCATIONAL \1 K 8. BUK R WILL R ESUME HER t"l -School for Krg!i?h aud French Monday, Jan nary a?th. New York avenue, between iSch and '4th nt? ja 17-d6tA<a*6c pHF.UARAV I ^TIl L' fl:, V/ 1527 amd 1529 Sprvce St., Philadelphia. This Institute, conducted lor two year* past m the city ot Philadelphia hr Madams Cheoa&ay and her meoe Madame D'Hbhvilly, upon "he same prir ciples a* thn one in /Mew York, ?stab liihed there in 1814, will reopen,after the Chrutinis holiday*, on Monday. January 6th, with its utual ample and onmpiete provuion for tt>? education of Young Ladies, under the direction of Madame D'Uervilly. Circulars, and all requisite informa tion, can be obtained on application to tue Priaci gjgj; j^T-lm J. VIOLIN AND VIOLONCELLO OHN K. GOO DA LL, Professor and Teacher of ine noove, tenders hit a rv.oea to thepub 10. lei ma 8> par liaaon. Referea"*a to ?nj mnaioian in the 01 tT. Several of hie paptle *re Bow the beet violin iits in the world. Via- l.e Petit Ole Bu i, Fred. Buckie?, 4o . Ao. Addreaa Kallman'a llotel. Pa. avenue, near <H atr^*t de 21 lm* IrOR HOUiEK'i* DIVISION, MATTAWO ' MAN CREKK The ?team propeller C. RALPH having been chartered to run on the abov* r.* e. ^ in p'toe of the rolecraph, which Duderioi; ( repair*, ma.e nwjeaaat in oonaequtbue of the toe. win eave cail?r'a Wha f, loot ef UK et-eft, every MONDAY. \VEDNEs*l?A V ana FRIDAV, at 10 o'o oek. Runn nt tin e 3H h'ura lb a lew d&j? tre Telegraph will be add'd to the line. 'l'ho?e hiving frcigutare rcqaeeted to aend it ro the wharf the a/Witx-n before as far a* prao ti?ab e. to enable the boat to leave p'oiuptlr to the v? iivi^n* ui i??f? f J "B "' WIi or to JUHN ' KTritf.'NK, Agent, ja li-6t* 4799th nxe*tt(op ata:ra.) RKADlNti ALfc AND LASER BIER Dt POT. oi toe teienratea brewery ot .Hi. Ktuix, to t:? had in la geand amall Quantities. Also, Pioblea, Cacaup. Pioklfd Onion t, Pepper Hauc, Vite<ar, and >jur Krout, h? the barrel aa lou, or in j*.ra,at CHARLKb MADES' Reataurait. deS3 lin* oorn#>r Pa. axanueand Tmrd at (RNSIOrl Patent Portable House. The inventor calla the attention of SotUra and otuera to thia aaetal iutfd ion A UuiMOta e bunt by thia lLventor without na.ia, korewa, or croovea. Uarbfi and Stablea built ia Ike rame war. It &n be put ap and taken down without icjury to t hA hnArHa Orders oan be left with M ,SAMUEL WBE, Buildw. . ? , No. S46 E ?tre*t. n?*rThirte?iith, J* 11-1m W'Mblnatoo. D. C. ^TT^TMW,lum;K^FlCBRSAND A l?r??too*ofCAMP 8TOVF.SL imumfcctored C^at?rMtrk* b91 **?> ?, new deU-tf H. J. eiKeOKY, GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. -? A RxaoLctos repulatin? a police mar titrate, and fixing hi* alary R>?olr*d fry the Board of JJdrrmom and Board of Common Council of the Corporation ef Grorrttom, T*Vl a t AM tK? #1 M* II nr <4ai> 4 laan^.M * J m u?< vu *uv invuw?r i? tfknuwy btai. tnu annually thereafter, there shall be elected one police magistrate. who** compensation ihall be three hundred dollars per annum, payable month ly by the Clerk of the Corporation, aud the above compensation shall be Id lieu of all costs or other charges against tbe Corporation Ret0lr*d, fnrtket, Th*t the police magistrate shall collect all tines and judgments made by him, after the passage of this resolution, and pay them over to the Clerk of the Corporation as col lected, and settle his accounts with tbe Clerk monthly, before the payment of his salary, and upon the failure so to do, the Clerk shall report him to the Corporation, who may declare tbe omee vacant and elect another In his atead Rtflvtd, furtktr, That the police miytatratt, before entering upon hta duties. shall ecerute ? bond, to be filed with the Clerk. In the sum of five hundred dollars, for the faltbfnl tflacharge of the duties of his cfflze; and the said police magis trate shall, In the event of his alckneaa or tempo rary absence from town, have power, and it shall be als duty, to appoint aome other magistrate to act In his place during such sickness or temporary absence. Retolvtd, further, That all lawa Inconsistent with this resolution be, and they are hereby, repealed. [Approved January 4, 1$&2. A RMourriow instructing the committee repre senting the interests of this city before Con press. Resolved bf the Board of Aldermen nnd Board of Common Count il of Ike Corporation of Georgetown. That the committee representing the Interests of this city before Congress be. and they are bereby, instructed to endeavor to have oar charter so amended as to enable the Corporation to collect the water tax levied bv this Corporation, and to enfirce the payment of taxes without requiring the collector for taxes on real estate to search for personal property if found within the town Retolred, That this Corporaton consider the above amendments of vital Importance to the Interests of this city, and they earnestly urge upon our committee to obtain thenu, If possible, this present session. Approved January 4,188i. A R A a ? .* VS VS V* ?UV L?' 'V> 1 . Ktiolvfd by tke Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Utmgttoten. Tbat the Clerk be. aad be is hereby, authorized and instructed to advance to the order of the treasurer of the I nlon Benevolent Society three hundred dollars, for the purcbaae of fuel for tbe suffering poor of thla town, upon the aub?t!tutlon by the Truateea of th? Corcoran Charity Fund an equal amount of caupona of city of Memphis bonds. [Approved January 4,1862. A Resolution In faver of W. H. Fletcher and othera. Resolved fcy the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of tke Corporation of Georgetotm. That the Clerk be and he i* hereby authorized to pay to the order of W H Fletcher one hundred and eighteen dollars and twenty-eight cents, In full of bill dated March 21, 1861; and to tbe order of W. H. Chamberlain, three dollars and fifty cents for bis bill dated December 5, 1^61; and to the order of Jenkln Thomas, seven dollars and sixty cent*, for bill to November 11, 1361. Approved January 4, 186*2 A Resolctiosi In favor of rertain persons therein named R'tolrtd by tkt Board of Aldtrmen and Board of Common Council of tkt Corporation of Irtorgetoien, That tLe Clerk he, and be !s hereby, authorized to pay to tbe order of W R Collins, surveyor, twenty-eight dollara for rervices rendered per bill of Dec. 13, 1861; to tbe order of A. Falconer the sum of thirty-two dollara and fiftv cents, as re; order of N. Callan. clerk of Levy Court; and to the order of P Shoemaker the stim o' twenty-two dollar* and twenty ?tv t cents, as per order "of N. Callan, clerk of Levy Court. AjvroTe<i January 4, 1S62 A RKsoLrTiow In regard to Aqo^duct street. Resolved by the Board of Aldsnnrn and Board of Common Cvuntil of the Corporation of (it vrgetotcn, TLat the Commissioner of Public Bu'ldin^s be respectfully requeued to brint' before 'he commit ters of Congrrss on the District if Columbia the nuuniuci mcri uy authority of Congrfx*. Approved January 4, 1pG2 o DEON HALM ODLON HALL!! The Chfarest acd Beet FALL AND WINTER rL.OTHlNG can be had at WIE8ENFELD k, CO.'S. MILITARY OVERCOATS, at lowe.t r*te?, at WIESKNKELD k. CO.'S. MILITARY DREWS *l'tTM, in a>ondauce, at WiESENFELD k. CO.'S. MILITARY OVERtHIRT^.of all .trlea, at YVIESKNFELD A CO 'S ARMY RLANKKTS.Six PoumU, ARMY BLANKETS, Six Pound., A H M V Rl iVVt'TU u,_ D A m at Three Do la.-a and half, at Three DoUara and ha f, at Three Do iar? and half. can be had at WIESENFELD A CO.'S, Odio.i H?ll. ja 16-lw ootcer 4H street and Pa. av. CHARLES S. FOWLER * CO., IMPORTERS, wholes ILK axe R *T ail DMA L BR* IJ? CHINA, GLAS8, AND EARTHEN WARE, FINE CUTLERY. PLATED WARE, ROLL METAL GOODS, BLOCK TIN GOODS. TI\CHAMBER SETS JAPANNED WAITERS, r?rrTr u r * r a *? ?? ??/->* - ?? r * n ? A4 noAiAL. 4 ;? Lt O KJ L. A A Lif iHTd, COAL OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS, tc ft. 504, Odd Fellows' Hall. Skvihth ?t., Ja 4-1 m, if VYasti-ngtoc City. S. WtKTHKl.MkR A CO, No. 462 ard 464 Skverth St., 4D-* tkt Post ()&C4, Offer their stock oi WlISKS, HRaNDIES, GINS. CORDIALS, eto.. also fceir large assortment of 8KGARS, TOBAOtO, V ANCY GOODS, etc., for sale at Wholesale Prioes. They keep constantly on hand fine PHILADEL PHIA CREAM ALL, ic kets and bottles, for bars or family use The public in general are re quested ta jive them a call and examine their splendid stock of goods. 8 WERTHK1MER A CO., 462 and 464 Seventh strait, de 21-3ra oppo. Post Office 1 Cf* BAKHKI < KXTHA FLOUR, iOU 450 box-? CHEESE. inn firkin? New York Mate BUTTF.R, 25 bai* ell and firkmi BOOL BUTTER, ? do DRIKii APPuLS, 50boxea RAISIN* Just received ana for e?.'e t>r O. W. AN6ELL, j% 8 2ir* No. Si Lomaiana avenue. 486 *lCTV?M??g>486 Diflerent Colored Pietiire Cord and TasstU, frum Photograph lu Portrait Siza, Picture Ru>m> Naila, Ac. Cheap for cash at JOHN MARKRITER'9, N?. 4?6 7th st.t eicht doors above jall-Stii* Odd Fellowa Hall._ RITTE.NHOUSE, FAIfT fc CO , BANKERS, 332 PlSN^TLTiXU AVHtl, (ntar Br own' $ Hot*l.) Issue DRAFTS on a'l parts of the United ftates, in sum* to Hit Ofiioers and Bolaiers. Also, Drafts on London, lrAland, Scotland, Wales, and a.l parts of the Cont'nent of Knrope. ia 2-lm WliUVS' CLOTHIN?. K Have received in thin the last day or tro a large aaaortment of BOYS' 8PRINO CLOTH IN?. embracing ail atiles of low-prioed, medium, and r. e qualities, which wa are spiling a t very low prices for oaan. WALL. 8TKPHKN8 * CO , Mil Pi. St.. between fuh ud 10th atS (Intel lirMwwr ?r.d Republican.' HARVEY HAS JUBT RECEIVED A thousand t/uihels of 6ne?t CHER / ?v RYtrrONb UVS'IBRS. bj th? Poto-<FXl tmJ ni?o. to be aerred up at Ina M auirr Eatabliabment, on C ateet.atthe old prioea ; notwitnaiandloc they tiav?ad vancec. elaewnere .o #1 80 per huahei. ja 18 ?)OAL UlL?COAL OlL?CoAL OIL! COAL AND ETHERfAL OIL At Rscpcsd Paicia! 8. W. </'l;At6HLKNU Coal and Etherial Oil Manufactory, Corner New Jeiaej *v. aud L tl. JalS lm* I) LACK silk velvet. Very?be?t Lyoaa'' I) wide, pure all Silk, fit Drew UiHtM, au-i O aci Froeted Beaver Clouia, for Lathee' and Genu' ww. Cl> tin. c*?? meres, Veannca. fto., at oar pro """V:rry * brother, ja u 6t Pa. a*e. aad Ntau> afaaeC Neck ties and scarfs: ^CAKrrf AND neci TIES! An anparailellad aaeorimeut at THOMPSON'S. In part <>f K. A. Lake ft Co.'a, 4ein Hrn?ti't Hitnl. Job rttiNtffoe. VERY OMonptioB of JOB printjn* ra 4 uired by any body?ottiaena, oivil fancuoranea, arnif ana nan oBoara. luti^rm. ?? u>0 STAR OfFlCK, u> MU?iMt?ry style, ? 01 r?t? for Cm>. mi tf ? w ? IWttM fi0K2b8WS: ?rn:on we lBTtt* all ou!: purvaMMra to uhum tketr eelec root WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. I Pk. *t., between Vtfc ud tttfc ue. IMPl.ii BtelUcaooc ?L<WkS! IctelUteooer ?td Reyb .?m.) A RMY ARMY GLOVES* fcoo Pi. ?*.. J SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCI, P. M. K ixotis ?wn t*8TuwiiT imm id? ioim?wt?k clerk* in the rttce of tb? Auditor for tbe Trw* ury Depertment were removed. Vli?Edward A. Whipple, of Pa., San'l Linton. of Pa , W V. W Wearer, of V? . and L. O SulllTan, of La., the two flrat-named betnf aeeoad-claaa (f 1,400 per annum) and tbe two last-named ftrat-clam ( 1,900 per annum) clerk* OUR MILITARY BUDGET. TBI riCTOlT III KKRTVCKY rOHTItm The War Department bu received the ftollrw iag dispatch : Baltimore, Jan 90, IMS. To Tktmmt A Sett, iuittMl S?rr?Mry / War : We htTr dlapatchea from Cincinnati announ cing that Scboeff killed Zolllcoffer tad routed his army at Somerset <Ky.) oa Saturday The act I oa luted twelve boura. The lost on both atdea vm k??v AS OFFICIAL call After paving their reapecu. in a body, to-day, to the new Secretary of War. the Hon. Edwin M Stanton, the ofleera of the regular nerrice, beaded by Brig Gen Thomaa, Adjutant General US A., proceeded in a body to the residence of Kx-8ecretary of War Cameron, where tbey alao paid their reapecta to that dii'lngulabed gentle mu. TUMTUtn Capt. David Mctiregg, of 6th U S cavalry, haa been detached from nerrice with hia regiment to cncuir uisu iu com raana me b'b rraiiylnBli (volunteer) cavalry, to be Colonel of which (vto* Ctaroman. dSsuiuwd.* he has been appointed by <iov. Curtin A ilnmer will leave New York la a few dsvs for Port Royal, which will afford an opportunity to those desiring to get there arraisa i* tLiitRDiu. Altxaibbia, Jan 2U ?Editor Star Your co* respondent " < ideational' does great injustice to the Provost (iuard here, who have performed their onerous duties with a zeal and discretion deservin? commendation rather than c^Muit It should be remembered that upoa eight rompv niea of one regiment (the 86tb Pennsv. vanis) folks the labor of roard dutv In this rit? ui ? ?? labor!otis taak cannot b*> imagined A* to knep inj; Kunrd for liquor dnlrn?" notorious wcf* rlonlrta''?the plain farta of the case arc that aon? are allowed to aell liquor except licenced dealer*, and guardaare kept th?re. not 41 to protect the dealer* in the sale of ardent spirits," but for tfcc very necessary purpose of preventing soldiers from drinking at tbeae places hot so Alexandria, Jan 18, 18?2.?Editor Ertntng Star: You a*k can It be that Gen Montgomery attended serrlces at St Paul** Church on ftanday laat after being told by the chelating c!ergrroan tbat the u<ual praver for the President would be omitted? I answer?No; there la not a ghost of truth in the statement that be waa so told. The statement rents entirely on secesh authority, and Is consequently untrue CONGRESSIONAL. XXV VI Ith CONGRKV?-Sece?d ftesslea. Mosday, January 40. Sinat*.?Af:er the prenentatlon and refer"nee of (KtUioni, Jte , Mr R'.ce Introduced a bill to incorporate a WatSln^ton and Georgetown rail road company; referred. After the transaction of other bustness of no in terest to the Srnrt reidrrs, they procoeded to Ihe consideration of the usual annual Coaaular and Diplomatic appropriation bill la Committee of Ik Whole, wherein several amendment* thereto were adopted. Hoc?k.?Communication from the Secretary of \V ar In respond to House resolution* of inquiry, relative to ihe railroad survey between Washing ton and New Vork. and the dead horses In the outskirts of Washington, were presented and re ferred. Hon Wm. A Hmll, representative from the Third Coniirt-saional District of Minnourt, ap peared upon the floor and was *worn In Mr. Dawes, from the Committee on Eleetioas, reported a resolution declaring Jooeph Sejrar not entitlrd to a arit in th? ItiK ? D ??? tentative from tbe Flmt Congressional District of Virginia; ordered to be printed and laid on the table for future consideration A resolution allowing Mr. Segar to retain bis seat and address the House upon tbe merits of hi* esse until It be decided, was sgreed to. A bill authorizing tbe Secretary of the Treasury to settle with tbe States for supplies furnished by them to their troops, was referred Alas, a bill to amend an act supplementary to an act to amend the judicial system of the United States Mr Edwards, of N H . cflered a resolution in structing tbe Judiciary Committee to inqulra whether any further legislation la necessary to secure to tbe widows of volunteers who may die in the service the bounty bv the act aoDrorad July 22, 1081. Adopted. Mr. Allen, of Ohio, offered resolution declar ing that no part of the appropriation* bow nude or hereafter to be made, or of the taxes now or hereafter to be raised by act of Congress, shall be lined or applied to the prosecution of a war for the purpose of emancipating slave* In the alaee boldlng States. Laid on the table?yeas 91, nays 37. ??? LATE LOCAL NEWS. Rkfkxhzssibls ?We have noticed several instances In which parties have Interfered with members if the police force who wars Mag only their legitimate duty in preserving order On Haturday an Instance of the aort occurred on Ninth street, where a policeman, la endeavoring to take a drunken and riotous *oldler to the guardhouse waa not only restated br the soldier himself, (wbo undertook to cboke the policeman and to draw a knife upon him,) bat waa inter fered with In the moat outrageous manner by another aoldler, and by a person who ran across the street. The policeman, with great comaaaA of temper, abstained from using any weapons la self-defence, and succeeded In lodging his pris oner In the guardbouae, where the wblaky-crsaed man rightfully belonged, as an act of mercy to himself ? ?-?n ? ?' ? - ?-- ?w" duties of a policeman are oaeroua enough and dangerous enough at the beat Olom MM re%elve encouragement rather than hlndraaea la the faithful performance of their dnties. A* ExcrTiso 8c**??Yesterday afternoon, an affair occurred at the corner of Thirteenth and P streets which occasioned no littie excitement la that unually quiet locality A woman waa takes from there to the central guardhouse for bombard ing the bouse of a Mr with bricks and utoMa. An examination, officially, waa not bad, fee person who made the charge declining to prose cute From the statements made It annears that ?k? prisoner end her butband came f ore Mamscbu s?Mta, the husband being a soldier, probably aa officer, aa hia friend* called blm Major. Blnca their arrival berr, tbe lady suspected bar bua band of improperly visiting tbe bouae la qoea tloa, and by watching blm closely, aba flaaad blm tbere yesterday. Sbe went Into tbe bMM, and was ejected by ber Lnaband, aided by tbe lady of tbe bouse Tbe jealoas wife tbea weal into tbe atreet and gathered bricks aad atoaea and bombarded tbe wladowa, smashing things generally, which caused bar acreat 8 be waa disc barbed upon tbe fall ore at tba oMaUaaat to prosecute. Wouiichix'i Mistix* ?'The operatives em ployed in the nsry-rard held a n tig oe Satur day nig ht. at the Odd Fellows' Hall, .Nary Yard, In relation to tbe proposed increase la tbe hoars of labor, tbe notileanoa of which lneraaas was received last week by the hands If ths oaa w-mplated change takes place ths workasa will be required to go to work oae quarter of aa hoar after auarlae, and to work until soasst Thsra was a large attradancs at the msaMag CaiHiiiAL Corar?To-day, Wb. Wood ley, free nagro, waa arraigned aa the charge of steal ing a roll of cloth from Msasrs Parry h Bra . but was not tried, it bring in tvitaot that fce wu a alaen. Im?c Hail, free negro. Indicted u one o4 the parties In the iwe offence, wu found guilty John Cr >e, free negro, was then put on trial, he also being concerned In the robbery of Me??n Perry 4 Bro Dead ?We regret to he** te announce the deatn, this morning, of Or. Richards, one of oar ablest physicians and mast esteemed rttisens His recant trip to ths Confederate (Males. In quest of his son, will be remberad by oar rseders Be died of pueumoala. ""Ciarcir Covar ?The January bra of thu court oommenoed (his Morning, and the* wsee proceeding with the calling of toe doohet, which will probably taha ay the ttine to-day Dinn'T lira ? Bacon ? Thomas Prion, free negro, was arrested by Patrolman Upsosmh this morning far stesllng a bnwss bam fr~ca John Keasier. in market, and was oommlttod to jail. Henry Caawaadlag at ibaanarte M?d Bu.roma.Jia W InlriHaan ?anim?i?ed at Old Point, W* eeoalng, thai bee** r% nn? id ln? ?U hoard at Norfolk, in the direction of hi

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