Newspaper of Evening Star, January 21, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 21, 1862 Page 1
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7 # -- _ # X I M jR I B _ # ^, jj ~ I H^H ^ _^k ^ .*< W _ ~ A A ^ % V?. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 1862. N?. 2,782. r THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY BXCRPTEDJ AT THE STAR BVILDIIM, fcrnr / Ftmnsflrxui* wmi mmd EU?nth it. 91 W. E>. WALLAOH. Paper* erred la paetagcC by carMeft at ft a year, or 37 cents per month. To mall subscribers he price Is 83 50 a fear, ?s ?4nsm,' 89 for six oaths; SI for three months; ui for leas than k three months at the rate of IS cento a week. Slnfle copies. oh> can*; In wrappers, two cnim fcjr Anvsa?isB?i7(T? should be sent to the ^ * Are before IJ o'clock motherwise they may B *r.t ts?*?er enf I the next Any. + TALK UJT HASOE I!* SBff OR L? ASS. ? [From toe N O Crescent, Jan 10 ] Tfm fllff* *r>.? nnpfanttAml* -0- ??? V ff"? ?v U IIVUVI^ C1IVUV ^ VO *V- 1V1* J | j possibly the weather had some influence; the movements were in unison?dull and sluggish. | The strrrn commencing on the 7th, nod whioh a: peared to have ran iti course at the setting of the sun last evening, was the 6rat regular old gray nor he aster we have had this season. I* fceld up sufficiently on the ever-memorable Brh to allow of the parade and inspection of Msjor General Lewis' division of Loai'iana tr<* ps; they cannot, from the good tarn-oat, be termed militia, in years gone by, the old publie Cathedral Square?now Jackson Sons re ?was sufficiently Urge to acoommodate all reviews of the ununiformed troops of oar city. The tarn-oat and numbers day before yesterday w*re of a different character We cannot say how many miles the linesof troops covered The general impression was that if those Yankee regiments hovering alout Ship Island.1 t qa*rtarin{ at Biloxi and Mississippi Ci'y. will ooly eome on, 'hat is. land on the lake shore, west side, anywhere from Isle a 'Pitre to Milneburg and Bxyou bt. John, they might be more tban decimated. Txlkinz of the action of oar Government in several matters, brought op some incidental remarks in rfi*ri to tbe Navy Department ar Richmond. We are asked if it has already degenerated into a circumlocution appendage of the Confederate Government. A e immunisation before as implies that the commanding officers of the Naval Department on this station have had their hands tied, as i{#rere, since the removal of the seat of Government. It i? as plain as the noon-day sun that after the clearing oat of the Hessians from the month of the Mississippi, on the 12th of October laat. the port of New Orleans, the mouths of the Mississippi river, could have been kept open to the commerce of the world by a very moderate eutlay of money. In June lust, tbe Confederate Congress appropriated $800 000 for the defence of this good city of New Orlenr?, to ke applied for naval defence. Tme, there is a nondescript in coarse of erection at the temporary navy-yard above the P city. Bat it i? u;?!pm to say that, after the great 'cccs' of C-m Hollins with the Manassas and other boits, the mouths of the Mi>eiseippi could not have been kept open. Seme Jkf two d< sen of oar publio spirited and infloen4 ti*l merman's iwoc a*cd and p*?id out $60,000 for the R?m or M*nt.ssas. SLe has preved a decided success, and it is now three months icce her invincibility was proved. Our liberal and enterprising merchants would havt> advanced the money to have built two or more nondescripts; but we are a<ked. ' What encouragement have they?" Mr. Secretary MalJory appears to throw cold v. as it were, on all suggestions Twelve or twer.ty gunbonts coatd have been fitted oat in this ci'v since Jaly last, and have bid defiance to the Hefsian navy, so far as the mouths of tit? Mississippi w?re concerned. There waa tome talk about the bill before our Legislators appropriating two millions and a half of dollars for naval purpose*. This sum i? not required to protect New Orleans. If it is a bill to buy up all the old hulks lying at Algiers, it is time for our tax-payers to begin to talk about it. Money can be judiciously expended for the defen?e of Louisiana 1 without pandering to some few individuals. We beg our legislators to pause before passing the two and a half million naval bill. It is almoct on an equality with the ootton loan P kill Thar* anma talk P ?1? . w .. -u 0 >uw %? ? ?w?v vuv acoDiau monmenti in Mississippi Soand; that they have landed en the mainland, and taken possesion of Mississippi City, Barnes' Hotel, Tegarden's Hotel, tbe Court House tod prira'e residences for officers' quarters, and so on, which is no more than we expected, and what we have predicted since July last. We have talked frequently of tbe exposed oendition of tbe sea eo*st, and Governor Pettus will recolIsct we called bis attention to it, and now we eall his attention to theoapitalof Mississippi? the City of Jackson. ?ordok, the Slater Captai* ? Tbe friend? of Qordon, tbe man convicted of baring en - - 1 gaged In the slave trade, and condemned to oe hong on the 7th of February next, are making effort* to procure a commutation of his just sentence. They are appealing to the President to change his punishment from death to imprisonment fur life. We trnat they will not be su:ces-ful. There ia no doabt about tbe guilt of the m?n. He was caught on the Afrioan coast by a United States cruiser. His hip. the Erie, had on board, when he w * captured in her,, eight hundred slave*. He t has bad two trials; on the first tbe jary disagreed, as so many other juries in slaver trials bare done. Oa ihe second trial be was eonTieted; and his is. we believe, the first conviction fur tbe offence in this eonnfr* If i? ? ? ? u 'au" IIy necessary that an example should be made of ibis man If be is bung a moat eff ctive blow will b? atruok at the slave trade, and tbe Infamous wretches who have so long and so brasenljr disfrneed oar port bj thia traffic, will reoeite a fright which will drive them off to safer regions. Bat if, through mistaken feelings of humanity, tbe President should reprieve this case, or change Gordon's panUbment to imprisonment, he will inspire tbe Uvera with n?w bope and courage, and help to drfeat ibe ends of justice. Imprisonment f,.r lite .ill -j? n? ?---? -* ? ...v * ?! gi?v mm u</pci ui csrnpe, 1118 companions in crime will leave do atone unturned to help him, end th <se who know the aneerapulou* m*?n? need to swore the eseape of slave-traders f-om oar prisons in other times will feel at onoe that Gordon's hopes would be fixed ?N. Y Post. A KiirrrcETGovaanoB.?Governor Powell, of Kectuoky, was never ?n orator; hot his conM vereational, story-telling and social- qualities were remarkable. His great forte 1st in establishing a permanent intimacy with every one be met. and tn this way be was powerful ia electioneering. He obewed immense quantitie* of tobaoco, bat never carried the weed himself, and was always begging it of every on* he met. Hi* residence was in Henderson, and in coming up the Ohio past that place I overheard the following characteristic anecdote of L?aarua: A eitlaen of Henderson coming on board, fall into conversation with a pamangar, who mada inqulriea about PoweU. " Li Tea in your plaea, I believe, don't ha'" ? Yea?one of oar oldest citisena." ? Vary aoeiabla man, ain't he?" Remarkably so " ? Well, I thought ao. I think ha is ona of l the moat aoeiabla men I erer mat in all my [V lifa Wonderfully aoeiabla! I was introduced to him over at Grayson Springs last summer, / and ha hadn't been with me tan minutes when ha bagged all the tobaoco I had, got his feet up ia mylep, ?nd tfitmll over me remarkfc ably aoelable JV Arvitii a* Camp Ti?au* - ?>? *? LaU Thirteenth, o spirited little sheet published Ky the 13'h regiment Pernayl*anla voluntecra at Tamsllytosrr, aotrs : New bate?lauat fashion an?1 rr.^et approved etyle?wen dellfr'd to oar regiment bv (Jnclo Sam'tifent, oar Quartermaster, on Tueedtr tod warn on Wednesday on dm parade?much to tbo emueement of tbe boy*, wUo don't like tbo big new bat ell, preferring a little old to It. altboogb outsiders consider It Improve* tbe appoarsnre of on Individual wearlog It Itlaeomewiat peeked In iU six ond n quarter 1Mb crown, wltn a broad brim, tbo right aide looped up with (mm klw>> futkan m tK? l-ft ??* - ? * bogle. with tetter of eoaapwi u4 number of rotftaMat la float Tbe e*een have beaaordrrod to oorehaaoeemewbat similar bats?after my daj. The Thirteenth aays: Four com pan tea fwm oar rarlmeot are data* nurd duty at present: Co L, Capt M?Pa*land, aad Co I.Capt Loom?e, below Great Fall* Co. M. Cap* Fallw od, at Port t feooayltraala, aad Co B, Capt Do*, aeaI L'nloa Areb or John'* Bridge, on tbe Potomac?wbere It aiMebed reatorday Capt Belnl?s of tbe 88th Pe a , la a?atleeed t>etv??? Uaioo Arch ?a Great Phti'a hear tbe Brich Yardi, and a:i> torn oomaaay L Aboct.Exapsacks ?Within the last month 200.(WO knapsacks h-ve been delivered to the Government in addition to previous prrchases of about 700 000 during the past eight months. The oontraots for more than one-half of these knapaaoks have been given to parties in this city, the remainder being distributed between Philadelphia, Wilmington, Del., and Newark, N J. The contract price has ranged from $1 80 to S2 60. averaging about $2, so that the total expenditure for this (ingle article of military equipment has been nearly two millions of dollar*. A more substantial artiole, after the French and Prussian pattern, has been purcbtt?*d for some regiments, at a oost of from $4 te $4 50. Ten thousand of them have been imported, and five thousand more manufactured by Edward Qumbs, of No 5 Murray street, in connection with other contracts. The manufacture of these knapsacks has given employment to the truokmakers of this city at a tiaa wben the sales in their regular business were less than 20 per cent, of ordinary Tears. It is estimated that some 12,000 operatives male and female, have been kept at work in this way directly, while the industry of a large number of others has been incidentally affected. Brass founders, stair-rod makers, wire-drawers and others, workers in metal, whose usual business is completely dead, have turned their attention to the manufacture of brass trimmings for knapsacks, while a large number of others have found employment in furnishing the immense number of buckles and straps required. The demand for canvas, thread, paint, See., has also stimulated trade in these articles, and not less than tenor fifteen thousand dollars have been expended f?r the _ t ? ? t? . * - % * - single arueie 01 wax, wun whicn the thread usfd in sewing ia atiffened. Before the present war, the Government knapsacks were all made in Philadelphia, at (be regular price of $2 72 each ; but competition hag reduced the price to an average of about $2, some contracts having been taken aa loir as $1.89. The large number of knapsacks called for shows that our soldiers are not as careful of them as they might be. A good knapsack ought to last two or three years, and even with such treatment as they ordinarily receive, at least a year. But many regimcnis not six months in the field have bad two sets already, and soma, ufter being supplied by the State, have obtained requisitions on the Government for a new lot, and thrown their old ones away, while still valuable for use.?Netir York Sun. ' tub a?iif??i a* ?tv. morrow Gen. Paine commences putting in force the order issued this morning by Gen. tirant in reference to the people living near Bird's Point. For some time these midnight assassins hare murdered the sentinels stationed in the vicinity of their bouses, robbing them generally of blankets and money. To-day the house of a suspected character was visited, when bo stoutly affirmed himself a Union man and unarmed. A search discovered two loaded rifl?g and the blanket of one of the four men shot night before last. He was taken prisoner, and will be huDg probably. Under the late order every family liviag within a circle of six miles will be brought into ASmnikn/1 ~ * J ? " r . - _v|>. vuv.>u uu psiu ui ucnu u ?i tempting to esoape. Enough of their property will be taken to keep them. Often the murdered pickets hare sot been found until morning. Sometimes a small blue hole in the head alone tells where death's leaden messenger entered, while again a whole charge of buckshot has lacerated the body, tearing it terribly, and canting a pool of blood to flow forth.?Cairo Cor. St. Louts Rep., 13th. Moaa Niw Yobk Tloops Hattebibs tor tbi War ?Tbla morning, the <6lh New York Volunteer Regiment, Colonel Greene, and two artillery corps, under command of Captains Ellis and Von Puttkammer, and numbering In the aggregate more than nineteen hundred men, arrived In tbls city from Albany on the cars of tk. 11 ?a ri i? ? * * iuc nuum mm itanroaa. The Seventh-sixth Regiment number* over 1 000 men, fully uniformed and equipped, but not armed The regiment departed from Alteny under oriera for W ahlntton, but, aa In tbecaae of the Tenth New Hampshire Regiment, (now in >hia citvi tbese orders were countermanded, and the regtmeut was directed to remain for the pie*ent at the Park Barrarka, where the volunteers will receive the amount of pay to which they are entitled Toe artillery co-pa number about oue hundred and Bfty men each, fully uniformed, but no guna have been furnished Al bou^h the regiment and tne batterlea have been ordered to W ashlngton, U la row considered probable that after the men hive been fullya'mea they will b? dtspa'ched to s n.e roir t further south, which th?.y much pret?r.-N Y Pott 16<A. Amtilliby ri>4 PoitT rotil?Tbe Connection* F rit Bittcry "f A til e?y, which la n->W mdf? urdrxi for Port Royiil, will proved on M >nday or T'leadav "**t on hoard tne Clwood Walter, ? ailling ve?ael, which it tilling up for tie p-'rpote I be c?'p< It under command of Lieutenant Porter, number* oae hundred and fifty men, and la In every retp*ct prepared for the Held The battery comprlaeaatx Parrottguna?tlx poundera, with calaona, ba'terv wagon and forije complete, and haa been aapplled with nearly ten tone of ammunition, a coaaiderable portion of which la now 1a ?hla city The coat of the battery, Inol fldi ' !%.? - x>. . ?uo c^uipiuriin ui iii" m^n, was oni hundred thousa- d d?lla'a ?N. Y Evening Pott. . Tm Mas whv Bitiiiid thi Umoj OttixZation in Aki&tMAi K llkd ?On Friday night ust. Mr Edntutidson, the gentleman who revealed the organization ai<d design of the infamous Abolition Jaykawking Society in tb? northern partoftbla sftate, which was recently crushed out, was murdered by tome of the gam; at bla home In Ittrd county. Mr Edmundson wascalied to the door of bis houae about 10 o'clock at night, wh'n be waa instan'lv abot down by guns in the Lao da of ail men (disguised) who were la the yard Great excitement exists In the neighborhood, and vengeance to the death sworn against every Jay hawker who maybe caught. Mr. Edmnndson was formerly a member of our Legislature, ud ? estimable citizen.?LittU Rock Journal, Dot 31 it Thi Aonaass or Cohdolbjicz to Qtraa* Vic* TW-.JJ- -* ? * " ..? ?iu?nrarra 01 conaoience to toe Queeu from British resident* In New Vork baa received about one thousand alg natures Among tbe algnera are a number of America* born citizens, who dealro to ezpraaa their reepect for tbe memory of tbe late Prince Coneort, and their aympathy for tbe widowed sovereign. Tbe addreee baa been beautifully engraved oa parchment, with a narrow and neat black border. 9QQ JOHNSON * NAGLE, OQQ Su?7 IMPJETIR8 or ?tOV wilt MS. LIQUOntt. H1 VAN J CIGARS, FiNS QROCmRlh*, #e.. No. 391 Pi between 9 h ami loth striata Washington, D. C. No. 10 Royal ?t, bhi Kmc. Alexandria, Va. Sola Aimtt for the SPARKLING HOCK and MOSELl.K WINKS of the Hockheim JoLot Stock Co., in H jokheus 1 on the Rhine. Constantl? on hand their oa'ebratod Sparkling Hock and MotelU Cabin tt Wines. CoanotMOare are reepeotfaily invited to give at aoaii. ML notice to ff Rtch-Makcn. i. * 1. MTKll, 10 WASHINGTON BUILDIN?, Co mar / Pa. avtnut and S**ntk tt. J net received a lne M?o;tiaent of WATCHES at vboieeal*. *-*OLD CHAIN* AX *?? - ? ? r? MVif> oauo i VI 8. k J. MYERS. 10 Wa*hLB?loa Bnilding. WAT?? AT Wa?LE?ALE, 10 Wuhiniton Baildiog. W*TCH .^ j.^KOUaAL.' 10 wVhint ton Bai disc* ?. yy TOO^S AJ Whol?*to! J 1<* WMhirctof! ? ildmir j* IS tv* 10 WMbiAfton Vuldiac. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. The Litrit fram Calr*?R'cannolcsaace fa Farce 1 owarda Calambas. Caiko, Jan. 20 ?Gen. Grant and ataff arrived yeate dav morning. Gen Pal nee'brigade reached | tort Jefferson on Saturday ntgbt, and tienerai McClernand's brigade will arrive there to-mor- I row. | he object of the recent expedition wti a reconnoissancelnforceof ill that part of Kentucky in which a portion of the operations against Columbus must necessarily be performed, and also to make, at the same time, a demonstration to sid Gen Buell's right wing. Our forces have been eminently successful. The engineer c>rps under Col Webster have obtained full and accurate knowledge of the country. It li understood ihat Gen Smith has taken possession of the camp furniture and wbat-ver else wag left In Camp Beauregard. The rebels abandoned the place and tied to Columbus General McClerntnd's brigade went to wttbln seven miles of Coivrabus and encamped cq Tbuxtdaynigbtln sight of the rebel watrb flrta Afterward* they visited the towns of MUburn, Lovelfirf*vlllp ?nH RlanH villo anrviivlnir all tliA rna A u as they went. Fart of General Smith's command will return to Paducab to-day. From Gen Banks' Command. Frkskrick, January 19 ?Private advices from Hancock state that Jackson's retirement from Hancock and bis pretended retreat towards Winchester was a ruse, and that without returning to the latter place he returned with 1*2,(JOO men to Romney. General Lander, following out bis instructions. fell back on Jackson's approach. The gecerai court martial and board f-f examination for officers of the division continue their session#. Several Important trials by the former have recently been made, and the charges, If sustained, involve capital punishment. All departments are very busy. The regiments both bere and above, have provided themselves with very comfortable and in many cases luxurious winter Quarters without expense to the gov eminent Supplier of all kinds continue abundant, and the health of the troopscontinue* ?ood. There ia no exalting new* along the river line. It ia estimated that 300 refugee women from Jefl'erson county are now in and around thia county. Many of them left children at home and are grieving to return, but a strict blockade la kept up by Colonels Geary's, Leonard's and Link's commands. Lat?r from Mew Orleans?The Rebels Expecting an Attack?Imperfect Defense af the City. Caibo, Jan. 20 ?A gentleman from New Orleans arrived h^re last night, and reports that when he left citizens were daily expecting that Fort White, commanding tbe entrance of Lake Hon^bartratn, would be attacked and captured by the Federals from Ship Island Th"re were not over flve^thousand volunteers In the city, and not exceeding two thousand more could be raised for the emergency. There are no batteries on the river above or below the city The only defenses against attack from the gulf are two forts on the opposite sides of tbe river towards the mouth. He thl nlra (Iia rnuM vorv oaailv K*? r? v. ?. n V??? * 'W vvw*w ?V? J V. UO. ?J ?/V v?|'VUH *? MJ U mill force_ Later frvm California? i he luaadatlsn of Sacrament*. 9a* Feanci*co, Jan 17?The California Legislature has adjourned till the water subsides ft m Sacramento 1 he whole city has been under wakr from two to eleven feet deep. The people were driven to the second s'ori*** of their dwellings, and were unable tocook their food. Cocked provisions have be?n sent to them from h?re. The weather is still unfavorable. The whole valley has suffered severely, and many millions of property have been de?troyed. Great Flwsd on the Ohis hiver. Cincinnati, Jan. 20?Heavy rains have prevailed here since Stturday night, and in conseqnence we are having a great Hood In the river The water ia now 61 feet, and Is rising at the rate of three Inches per hour. There la now five feet of water on the first floor of the buildings fronting ?U.. A II A _ ? i.ll A. A - V. 1 mr mn, mi iuc inuuistici auuvc are pouring out at fiood height. Lovmvilli, Jan. 20 ?The river is rising here at the rate of three inches per hour, and 1* rapidly co vering the levee and overflowing cellars on the river bank. Deceased. Bcrlisgto*, Vt Jan 19 ? Philo E Doollttle, president of the Bank of Burltng'on, and one of our most estimable citizens, died this evening of paralysis. Tkot, N. V., Jan 10?A profound sensation was caused h?re this morning by the announce* ment of ike sudden death of Charles H Kvllogg, a former prominent business man of this city. Naval Intel igence. Philadelphia, Jan 80 ?The United States sloop-of war Hartford dropped down the river yesterday afternoon, to Fort Mifflin She will bail as soon as she takes her powder on board. &enMt?r Irtn Mis-surt. St. Loris, Jan. 20?John B. Hendsr^on, a DoQ'jlsfl democrat.and s'i unrom promising Union man. has been appointed by Lieut Gov Hall as Senator, In place of Polk, the traitor. RE*AID1N BOLLINGER fc CO 'S OHA MFAOXJa. LEFMAN, KIEFLR A THOMAS3, SOLE AGENTS y for tho UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Dca.nb Strut, Ja4-lro N?w York. oil Military BfWii Kgh| IW| i r Mr if O l & HALE, fgj We have now in it re? 10 oum Calf 8utohed t nam el Let Boot*, 20 tirain ' 32 inoh " '' 40 " ' Quilted Bot. U L. ** SO M - tavalrrMmoh M 150 " " hettvy ooub. ?o'el6al8 inch " SO " Calf ** M 16 iuch " Also, a variety of Calf and Kip Uouii, B >ys'and Voutl^a' Boota, awl 1 adies' iiam.ora?. J. T. WH1TEHOUBE, No. 16 Market t*pao6, de a-lm* Penn. av.. between 8th aud Sth ata. UPHAM'8 HAIR DYE '.-TO COLOR BLACK OR BROir.-V.'.'-Only 38 csnta a box, Three boxes for one dollar. Gray, red or flaxsn hair oan be changed in a few seopnds to a j't blaoir or brown, by nunc Up ham's Liquid Hair Dye, the beat ua ? ? in in* woria. proiiucir.;, the moa enl it is applied, a rich natural Each Rox of UP HAM'S HAiK DYE ) warranted to contain as much hair Avt as others sell for on* dollar'. *old by 8 C. UPHAM, 310 Chesnut atrret, 1'h'ladelphia, and . CAI/VEKT FORD, eorner 11th street and Pa. ave ; in Alexandria, br HENRY COOK fc Oo.. DrogantS. ??? Mnt> T? PIANOS?PIANOS?PIANOS ! A HIS Moraine received atain a supply octave Rosewood Pianos, amouj them a? very handsome carved one from ihe oele MM b rated faotory of W. Knabe k Co., Baiti-'II II' more, which l^rill sell or rent on very aoootnmo datiQB terms. A second hand one of 6 octaves also for sale or to rent at my Piano Room, No. Eleven' h street, doyj-ln.' F O. RIOHENBACH. FOX EXCELSIOR CRACKERS-A fresh sapply of Fox's Celebrated Ex< elaior Craokers just received. We oan suppiy dealers at the loveitriMi. Kl\n Jk iliioi'uui i ? w ui/nvit?.UU| j% 3 Corner Vermont a*. m1 15th gwg? IhR. DUJPONTTJ HUGAR-COATED FKLF MALE REGULATING PILL8 R??<1 the following unsolicited encomi fmgt, ma: JCp ; 4,I cannot commend ?hem too highly." W. r-* MTher are the beat hemale Pilia extent." "f have naed them with oomplete auooeaa." "Would not be without them iron any oonaideratioe." "They operate aaeedilj end effectively." Pnoe #1 8*nt by mail ho i >m ? C. UPHAM,

110 Cbeenat atreet. Ph iadrlpbta, and in Wiikm(ton by 8. C. FORO. corner 11th atreet and Pa. iruM.; ui Alexandria, br HENRY CO<>K * CO? Priiggiata no aa eolf "ap ^ke charts of diet re^KT'vl it ia an Eng-^W^ Uah Specific of ?ixtr-ftve yeara ataci iB|fi|K> and will not harm the moitdel.o&te oon-^^K^ s^a Stt'ffrtTff.T.'i' ftsu Philadelphia, and In Washington bv S. C. FoRD, ea'MT tlth atre?t an-1 Pa a*e; n Alexandra, by HENRY COOK * PP., Dragglete. ae ? eoly T BOTLEKB AND MO-r EBTADKAItTB. J T?T NHrlor CHAMPA8NK WlNB? ' WM. CORWIN BVIOV, K?. ??T Pe?n?ylT*nl? tTflaue, i?? ?MM on Biztii at. AUCTION SALES. By BARNARD A BIJCKh Y, Auctioneers, Georgetown, D. G. TTRUPTKFd' SAI ^-By virtae of % deed of I t'u?t from Wm. \V McNeer,dated April T4, IMl.and nf record, we will off*r at auction on the llth day of Feb'uarr next at S o'clock n m, on the premises, *!] th*t lot cf ground in G'ogeown mown as the easternmost put of lot namb^r one hon 'red a-.d twenty-* ight, (138 ) in Bea i'sadrii'i-m to Geoiget ?wn,fronting U fe?t on Dan" arton street, ind rnr.n'ng back north of the an--"' wlath, Hi feet, with tn* improvements, consisting of a two itory frame hnnae. Terms of tale: One-th rd of the purchase moner to be paid id cakh ; and the residue at three equal nataimen's at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be secured. WALTFR 8. COX, f * Pl.-R'1'li M. Trustor Georgetown Bui.dV As?ocia*n. Ja6 Stawts BAR MA RD A BlICKKY. Axots. Bj BARNARD A BUCKKY, Auctioneers. Utorgetrwn, D. C. HMI8TKES' fAl.K.-Bjr virtu* of a d??d or trust from Jets'* Chiok. datei May 30, 185V and ef record. we will ffVa auction, on tnellth day of February. at S1* o'clock p m., on the premises, that lot cf ground in Georgetown, bounded as fol low*,tit: at ?h* end of twnty-m teet measured ea-t. on the Mouth line of Went street, from tbs rontheaat int??section of Westand Nortn street*, and run me theccs easterly, by and with the south line of \Ve?t street, tw -Hty leet, thnoe southardly, ard paral.el with ta'd North street, eighty six f-et, thenoo we?tw%rdly, and parallel with said We*t street, twenty fe?t, and thenoe north eighty six feet to the beginning, with tbe improvement*. Terms of sale : One-third of the purchase monet to be paid in o?sh, and the residue in three equal instalments, at thro*, six, and nine months, with interest, to be eecured. Ths term* o "aaie mmt be complied with within one week after sale, or th^ property may be reto d, after one ? pegs' notice, at the risk and oo-t of the first purchaser. WALTER S rOX, HI GH CAl'ERToN. Trustee's Georgetown Biiidirg Ass- ciation. j*6-3awt? BARNAKO* BUCKKV,Au"ta. By BAKNAKIJ k BIJCKEV. Anct oneers. Ueorgttoum, U C. TRUSTEES' SALE.?By virtpe of a deed r,f tru*t from B. Hntchins, rtat?d SottemDer 2?, 18S6, and offorrd, wo will otfer't auction on tne ltt i dt* of February. Iffi2.?>n the premises. at 4 'jIo k p m , that part of" lot number nu e?y on\ t9l,>in Heatty * Ha? kics' addition to Georgetown, be;, inning for it? bounds on the south side of frosp xt str<?et, in Georgetown, at a point disi&ot ei foet, me?ured curt, from the w?et co-ner of said lot. and ru ning therce routh and 'a'* !el with the w ?r 1 ne f iaid lot 53 fo-t, n ore or lees to theline < f Mn M?sher's lot thenos ea?t or t*>e .ine of sa d lot 25 fe?t. an1 thence north 5* feet, more or ess, t t'ros,eo* stree'.; thence with Prospect str et ? ) feet ?o the teeiniunc, witti ihe improvement*, oon uting ^ fa two-story frame h >use. Terms of sale: One ri rd ofth?purchase money to I e pa d in c*sh; and tiie residue in th'ee equsi ins'a mento. at three, aix and nine montus, istf res', t?? be stoureo, Tho terms of ea e mu-t be complied with within one week after b?m, or 'he property may be resold at ih? expense aud risk of the purchaser, after one week's notice. WALTER 3. C??X. ui r.m rapkutiin. Truatee* Georgetown Bn'Ii'* A??ocia*u. j% 6 2&?ts BAKN4KU ft. B'CKKY, aue'?. Br BARNARD ft BtJCKKY, Auctioneers. (re rmelOWM D C. TRUSTEES' t*ALE.-?By virtue of a deed of t'Uktfroin Henry Pade, dated April 23,1857, and of reco'd, wo wi'l "flar at anotion, on the Itth da? of Kebruarr. at S*s o'clock p. *1., on the premises, part of lot No. tuhty, in Holm'ad's addition t?? Georgetown, bounded a* follow*, viz : Beginning at *he northwest corner of ?a'd lot. f nd rna mn; *henoe south, along North utreet, forty feet, th?i oe ea?tand at ruht a^ilea with North street, fort? ax feet, iher.oe north for.y feet, and thec.ce wear forty-en leet, to the beginning, with the improvemeuta, oantirting of two two story frame hon*e?. Terin? of aale: One-third cf the purchaae money to be paid in ca?h, and the tendue in threerqua: instalment'. iU tnree,aix, ar.d nine months, with ln'ereat, to be aeourul. The term* of ?aie m ist be complied with within one wrek aa s, or the prope-t? may be resold, attl e ritk and cost of the first purchaser, one week a' notice. WALTER 8 COX. HIGHCAPEKTON, Trustee's Georgetown Bonding A?s<>cia'ion. ja6 Zawts UaRNAKDA BUCKKY, Aacts. r>y WALL A BARN ARB. Auctioneers. TRUSTEEb' HALE?By virtue of a deed of tru?tfrom Charles Williams, cated April 23, 1056, and of record, we will offer at a ction, on THURSDAY, the '3'h day oi February, at 4 o'clock p. m , oath* princes, that jot o> ground in Washingion known and doccrii ed aa the corthtrn part of lot No twenty-six, 1^6.) in saaare No. one hundred, (100,) fronting forty-eight feet on Twentieth at eet.and fifty (eot on M street, wun the improvements, ooiuisung ofa two story frame hot sa. J erms of sale: One third of the purohase money to be paid in ca*h, tb? residne in three equal in staiments, at three, fix, and nine months after dat<>, wit i interest, to be secured The terms of sale mutt be oomplied with wilbin ore week after sale.or th* prnpe. tr may be resold, at tne risk ar d cost of the hist purciasjr, after one week#' notice. WALTKR 8. COX. HUGH CAPERTuN, Trustee'! Georgetown Build'g Association. ja 7 2awis b* Wall 4 barnard. Auetion<ers. Trustee*'? a lk-By virtus ot a of trust 1mm n W. Wa ker, dated February w, '855, *nd of record, ?e wi?l off-r at anoti'm, op F??ID*Y, the 14 h day of February, at 4 o clock p. m , on trie premiso*. th-t'ot of ground in Waani' gton known and descri'wd m lot D, in ssnare No 424 beginning for ita b <u*da on Eighth *t eet, s2 fe?-t Ir. m the northwe.t oorner of fc&id ifu re, and running tiienee south with the line of his, tJj ?r> et 16 feet; ihecoe eiat 63 f. et 8 inoh*s to a 3 feat a'ley. thence north with l tie line r.f kfldailey 18 feet: th noa wost <4 f?et I inehea to the beginiang, with tha i provemeuta. Terms of .aJe- On< tairdof th* purchase money to be fail tn cuuh; and the residue in threa eqaal iast.\ me. te. at three, six and nine months, witn interest, to be seoured. * The Unns of sa'e mu't be complied with within one wek attar sale, otherwise the property may be resold at tin risk and cost of the first purchaser, after one week's notice WALTER 8 COX. HUGH CAFKRiur*. Trustees Georgetown Build's Associa'n. -*)%7 2awts W*Lt? A BARNaRD, Auots. By WALL Jt HAfO ARD, Auctioneers. TRUSTbKfc' SAI^K-Bf virtue of a deed rf tro t from Cynthia B. M?3on and oth*ra,dat-'U taaro* 13,1857. anfl of record, w? w i 1 o er at auotion,on SATURDAY, the 15th day of Fe" rcary. at 4 o o'ock p. m.. on the premises, that lotof rroa- d in Wanninston known as ot No. e nhteen, (18,> in square i>to. ae?etitj three,fit.) wifa the improvement* I'erira of sale: One third of the paroha*e money to be paid in oasn; and the residtiein threetqual instalments, at thre\ six and ninj inonltia alter date, with intf re?t, to he secured. Tne term* of tale must be oomplied with within one week after tale, ?<r the property may be resold at the risk and oost of the fi rat purchaser WALTER H. COX, HUGH CAPKRTON, Trustees Georgetown Bund'* Asboo a'n. Ja7 2awta WaLL & HARM ARD, Aaota. T'HIS 13 TO G1VK NflTirP. th*? th* ?.k_ I aonber hath obtained irom the Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters ofadttwnut atmn on the personal mum ?f Saorge 41. Br*ah. lata ol Wuiuaiiton oouuty, daoea?ed. AH lertoni having claims against the said defined are hereby warned to exhibit the m?, with the vouchers tii?reof, to the subacnber, on or before the fonrUi day of Janaary nest; they may otherwise by law be excluded fros all benefit of the said estate. Given under ay hand this fourth day of Jinn ary, 1862 O. W. ANGELL, j UMawSw Administrator. WfcW CLOAKS. A? low Prices: Owing to the nnu??M danaiid for Cloak s, we have just received another larte supply, whi-h bave been purchased at very reoiioed prices,bd will be sold astonishing low. Oar stock or FANCY SILK* and LADIK?* PK^>h HOODS is atill good, anu will be solfl at radoced prices. M.TAYLORkCO, Jall-aott Hncojiiora lo T*t or * Hntchinr JMPORTAN T T O LADUB, _ The ah'onbers have opened the store No. 16 Market Bpaee. Pa av.. bet. Sth and 9th *ta. a* a first c.&*s Lace and Fancy &?> Cap Depot. oou?istiuc in part of Point d'Aienom. Applijjue. Meoki?c ana Vaienoienne* Lao*s, such as Collars, Sleeves, Hardkerohiefs, Cape*. Fioaneicf, Caps. Caps, Coiffares. and made ap good* of tftefineet anallir, and at NewYorkprioee. CuUKNk ODB8ELPORP. from New York. N. B.?All aorta of Laoes washed, mended, and done ap equal to short notiee. de 36 1 rn* T'HE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to yiform tneir 1 patron*and the pehtie ceuarally wf be *in| ampiy syp_Ued_wiiij_*^sn?ejior sU ok of^*H rAULkoa wirvi bK ?UUim. ? They alao reatsotful y innts attention of WW thau Armj aud *<a?? oaatoiu?ra, and UioW ra*?lrint oatfita inthatTir.e. to tbeir aapsrior aaalitisa or Swordi, Kaaaleta, Khoaidsr Str*?? Belts, L'haseaas, Hats, Cms, Snakea, and Gold Lmm, soMUctiy on hand. which are warranted aa rapra antatf, W hiiattsadsrlnf thanks for tits hbaral patTonafS iLjoyed, thsr will s&daaTor to merit aoontinasasa. v. J. HEIUBR8BR * CO. (?-:ocsasora to H. F. London 4 Co. J Bf TilRX. TAlLO&Bj oo W aota Soldiers' Pay! THE HARNDEN EXPRESS COMPANY Wiii ren it mm of FIFTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, PmoM Soldibhs to thbir Ftifun, At a charge of TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money booid bo plaoed in an ENVELOPE a"d ?ecur?'y lealed. T ie fnl' address, (including Pott OJU', Stat*; ml>o, strut mmd nnma ? ?? __ ?? 1 ec. in a larff cnjr,? of th* person to wtaom to b? Met, must be legibly marked on the envelope. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED j THAT TBI EXPRESS furnishes the most reliable means FOR SOLDIERS TO send their monkv home. envelopes and btanks will be furnished on application to OUR OFFICE. ~K. S. SMITH, Agent Harnden Express, 3d st., second door below Pa. are., Ja9 1m Washington. P. C. Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY 1 VI1.L rOBWi'O SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any place on the Itnes of their Express, At a charge of twenty five cenU for any tsm not cxtf-pftmg fifty do lam. and a proportionate additional charge to pi&ces reached by con . .cting Expresses. The money, whether (i old or Treasury Sot**, 'should be enclosed in an envelop* aid securely i sealed, and have thu full ed ire**,< inc uding town, Post Office, and S?'at% and ;n eitt?-?, tlie street and number.) of the person t? whom to be sent and the amount .e;it> y marked thereon Envelopes for this purpos* n a? b? ha^ a' oar offices. To faci i'a'e prompt del very, tue cuarge for rein it lance sa>>u <i bn pr^ p? d. , AIMMS K X r REfSS COMPANY. Wafkington, Jta. 9,1 ja 9 1 m FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. FOR SALK BY J. P. BARTHOLOW. Bol? A rent. Hardware & Agricultural Warehouse, 35* Seventh Street, Between Pennsylvania atmut anA the Canal, ppeeite e&et end of Ceutre Market. J? 14-tf _ rpo MILITARY OFFICERS AND UTHKR8, BATCHELOR'S GEyUIXE HAIR DYE. The B?st in the World, Tii OHIu fimliflh IM AmW W/lem 1M m* IVnie T\xjM IT T Sold by all Drnrfista; a' BtiaiTON'a Patent Medicine Store, i p. Patent Offioe.cor. F k. 7th, fod ft t Gibbs's Hmt Store, *49 Pens'a avenue. where Ladies can hav* H aephe-1, if deaired. Factor/?81 IJaroaywC. <lau> -33 Broadway) N. Y. oo S-It ^I)AMS' EXPKKSS COMPANY. NOTICE OVUEUOYAL. The delivery office of thi* company ia removed 1 fronn Third at'ect t<> the :arge depot on H ?tre*t, between 2d and SJ sti. de ?-tf Simian nARNDEN'SLXPtl ( h4T?BI.I?lI? IH IS ? .) 1?. irfA r r? li.rnt ?k?. _ wl i'o?r ku iuiviid ?n* %* v iu .nab hi* * tended their Kxpre** t<> V\ aaiiagton. *nd are cow prepared fo Taua-ort .WorchaTidiaa, Bank Nota% Specie. J?*e rj, (&-t? of the Middle, Mew England and HV-fern State* an I Canada Cobdmuiu vith tli? ir<?t 'NiODiib't Fifr?i>?? throngbout the couct j, w- are enabled to iflar un-qualltd facilit e% to ail w?.? may fa*or u* with their pa rouage. For t*rma ard l?*rtb?r iufoi nation app y t?< K s. S>MiTH, a (ent. Third st ,21 door below 1 a. aveous. ja 9 3m Wgfh r<>n? P Ci 1RKA I' ATI K A'"I lUNti.?l>rau?l ma joi VI 7th *t eet, to ?et> the new Block of Ciothinc, juat reoeived at SHlTd'S. No. 4T>0 7th atreet. <1ell Irr ' Kee.t TO 0'*"FlCER?, !SUrL>KS, Ao ?For ui*, at a raiiJpffc*? pnoe, a New York b?ii t fonr wheclaJ^ightcovei*.11 ^ lea her cut110 n, io , ?**d three times , ooat $183 Al?o, a N*%y?rfc. *" < ?f Doable Harues , with rlvea filMn*.. which haa nevcrbaen Psed?ta!l. A!*o. aaet of pitiu Sirfa Harnett, quite new Apply at 487 r^TenW street, corner of i, for a-! *aaa of ataMa and groom- de >1 ^OMKTHING AiW-a.J-FK/OH NULLED & CORN.?Thaai js'iuar. Laving got the agency to auppiy \V aahington * Georgetown with Una ..r /"* _n_M 11 ur . |>? C7jB1W'%SU VI VVI U. ?U?IU V?fWVU HUJ ut of his friends. tnjd th? a?M a at 'a'ge, tc rive it a trial. Alio, Popped Corn, wait acd sum red WM BRADLV, Agent, Pa. avenne. between 18th and lain aia. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, MonamenU, TaL>i? Topi, <Lc. A large assortment a war* 1 on hand. oe l?8i? i riEAVY WOOL COSH, S II I 8 T S AMP *1 0HATVBR8,*n<A]SLM / SHIRTiJ, at ??? Pa. avenue, back roosl; ?t J?M i> street, between 9th and Uith _ de4 tf All kinds of r&wor groceries and Satier'a GooOa oa ^acd aad fur u e low br BKQWMNQ A KEATIVG. de 4 Stawtf M3 P>- avenue, near fith at JUST RECEIVED TKN BBLS.B. HORINE? superior OLD RVK WHISKY, eight jeara old, warrants. Alao. prune Mnnoagahela W hiakiea for tale at 35"i Pa avenue, bv de 4 Stawtf BROWNING A KEATING. H FOR CHRISTMAS PRESE.MTS! ANDRERCHIhFfc, HANDKERCHIEFS, S!?All* rtt, ?too* now an equalled,Tor ladtfea aad gentleman?j??t the tiling ior unrminaa rreaecu. A? THOMPSON'*, At K. A. Lake A Cc.'? M?rM- Hall Buur,. de g> Under Brown'e Hotel. NEW8-NBW?-NFW8! im Ojp*ic*b, SBW YORK OYSTER ASD SATISQ 8A LOOS. , The cnderrisnad tog reapfoiluliy to lmforatkair , frienda and the pnblio generally that^fcs /A the? lave oj.ei.ed their e Ublmhme! lvX IaJ on New York av.. near ISth ?t, a ball spare no paina to procure for oar eoBtomA't the beat the irarket ean afford. Parties, fanu iea and antlers applied at the ahorteat n>tioe. Oar eatabiahmeut will ba opau uai'y. gur.tiapa exoepiou. daat-lm' DORIAN A SWORD. G BALMORAL BOOTS. OAT Tipped DouU? w.a flaimuril -*1 #o < ("all Kid do do do f 2 on 8Iot* Calf do ? Alao, a.l other atyiea of Lad<M and Miaaaa' BalrooaJ Boota.theoheapeetacd K' at aaaoitment in tfc*city. J. MOfENTH *L, ho. 16 Market SMoa. iaT eo I'fsn LTAnnft. !iKt*Mii till krd BLfikta. n/aPqjOi -izSri: ashfe""** " "-' ?* 'sra* 1 COLUMBIA MARK IT, . V/ / MMM.CinHr ?. Tk? rabaeriber wen d most rMfMttnl.y iDioia tteMtueurof Wu.iir.iioitte> k? U** -etBrnec u, Mia old tnartif. wbif# ?eode mi |y? of okwit to My fart ?f tk? city. * J* " C. MALLARD. ?zvm mwBsSl?!z&ir, m 0 ' ' * THE WEEKLY STAH. Tkto ?XMU?t Family iW W?w^iwni MVh4ST Mondat. t oopy, per uiai^M.^.41 99 Fl^f oopl6i>>>? ?? ?>?> >?>!? ^ ^ Vol ^ ? It l?TtrU*ly oemiM tfc* "Wafclftctw N*v?? Mkaaaaii IV M%?M^iavMMi ^ f ^*-^ ^ ttirooj boci ^OHC T'# CT^lDirle eoptflB (la wrapper*) > to ft* cured at the eraiMr, laiwAiiety after tki law ?fthe paper Price?THREE CENTS HELM HOLD'S nnftTf TVhTTa a>?an?? UftALlItfi r KtfAKATlUrt. HMHLT COrfCMNTRATMD" Compound Fluid Kztract Bmcho, A Ptit*? mmd SfdJU ln<r For Dimhm of IM BLADDER, KIDNEYS, 6RAVEL,aaA DROF> SICAL SWELLINGS. Thra Madioia* Inor?m the mv? of Puiow, k^d mcito* tho into MbM, by whioh the wtmi ctimon HyoMUaM , Uid ? I tStlitC?*L I.HtUIMAII ?n HUM u woii a* pais oo iiiruaiuTiilb. HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHV W triune from F.xc?eeea, Habits of Pitpatnia. Earl* Ir discretion or At>?M. Attended ttUk Ik* F?Ucwtaf Sympfmi t Indisposition to Exarfeoa, Lose of Powor, I .of 8 A Memory, DiAoalty of Hreathiac, Weak Nervea, Tremh iat. Horror of D eease, Wakefulness, DimnMi of Vision. Put la the Book, Umveraa Lassitude of the Mascalar Siitem. Hot Hands, Flashiai of the Body, Dryness of the Skin, Kractions oa the Faoo, PAX LID CQrifTUAJICB. These symptoms, ii a owed to (o on, vhieh this medicine invariably removes, soon foilovs INPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC PIT?, J> one o f wkttk tki Pmtimt m*f Keyw*. Who oaa ray fiat they are not frtmsMy fallowed by those "mkwcl disnasbs." " INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION," Mac; are avaro of the eaaee of their saferiac, BUT NOltl will cojttsss THK RK.COKDSor THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the MtlmmeMy Demtkt hi Owissnrtw, IUX mu WITKH TO TUB T1IT1 OF Til UtUTIOH. r" msm&tb'WkisBF*" Re^nirM the t:d of nediotao to atrenfth&a ?a-i Ir.Tifor?t? the SyeMM whioh HKLMBOLD*S EXTRACT BUCHU imrmrimi ty do*t 4 TKIAL WILL COHT1HCB T?1 MOtT Uirntil. FEMALES- FEMA LES?VBMA LE3, OLD OR YOUNG tMNGLK. .VARK'KD, OR CONTKMPUkTINe MAR?!\(?K. In Manf \fttuo*t Ptemltat t? f'tmmi the Kxtract Buoim is une?o*.l d ?i? MiMf remedy, m id Cklo'osia or K?t*otii>o. Irr f u ? ?.f Punfa.ueM , or Hup^rewon ? C?.Un?ft kvuuatiosi. lit i?uk. o: Schirroaa st?ta vf tht L'term, I.eueoTTheft or Whitea, JStermty. *r?c for all ouicpiMDU inoideut U tha sec. ?lt?U>er Kiitiaf UUIU 1 UU1SVI Vkivu, U *111M W1 VI ! Ml* DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! bb ITVfTUlll aboVb MO 7AM?LT SHOULD BI WITHOUT IT. 7U? *o awri Emiimm, M*remr% m P?y.nml MUicim /or Unritarmnt tmd lw?(irnu wmw. UBLMBOLD'5 EXTRACT BUCBU CVUi SECRET DUKilCS tall IMr ItafM; 4tkr>RiMM tile or no cuMige^ia Diet; No mmwlwh It wom a frequ nt desir7T?a gives strength to U rinate, tnereb j Ren <viug ? tot sole s. Preventing aad Cw ring ft trie tare* of tt?? Urethra. Allaying r ain and IfiflamssatioB frequent in the class of diseases. aifi *xpe ling mti fnitmm, ihmtittf, ?u went nu JtsiMr, thousands cror thousand# WHO HATE BEEN THE T1CT1MS OF QUACKS, and who bar* paid ieat-y ft** to bo oarad IB ft short time, unfNk U?r woro dioMf*d,ud that tM "pomom" ku. by the 111 of "?owrfmi tutnmt**tr boon dried up in tbe ijitwn, to brea* oat UUM Irarated form, and FEAHAFS AFTER M AAA J AVE. 0i? HLLMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BBCB* all ajeouom aa J djmiM of tha UE11IAAT O&fliRI, wbetbeT exiatinc la MALE Oil rSHALE, from vhatarer oaoae one inatiat and ao watfr oI HOW LON0 STANDI NO. D1*?a?e? of tbaaa Or ran* r*tiln the aid of a Dtmrie. U&LMVVLD 3 JaATKALI tiUUUU 18 TBE GREAT DIURETIC. and it is oertai d to hfttr* tbe omitm) ifid ta DiMUM/ir w?u? it u r?eomm*?d*d. IT1SUOI OV TWM MOST KB*POM*IBLS Ol KBLU.BLB CaAKACTBB vliEaoaompany the awdieiaee. CERTIFICATES OP CURES. Fro* to ? yew? skadlBf vuh N Soii?Jn5k3AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS PLEASE "NOTICE.' W1 UAXM "BO OUT" OT "IMU9IBVTS." BELM tfOL.D'5 EXTRACT BUCHU is oomyo?d of Baohn, C*N*be and J ddimv ismw. le.eoted wilt p?M aar* try a competed d'MfistPREPARKD IN VACCO, BT H. T. HILNIOLD, Practical and Analytical Cbenust, aart Sole MaaUMtirtr of inn udatt\)qaiirriifi phkpak irinics i?* sm * * * '#f. aft* da TIT. ftnoull; WHV*1 t*fo?* I*-** AMtarau *f Lb? oitj of Ptui*de:viut, H. T. HxLKMUi rM t?iQf dalj nrorn, dott ?r. hla preMrttiooa *oa lain no narooboi *?o m?r?*rr, ?r ouiar la^MMf bM- "* ELMHOI.D. i ? SKt ? I ? . i" PHYSICIANS IM ATTENDANCE * FROM b A. M. TO 9 f M. PrftM 91 ft (Titllwli. ' D?iiv?r?d to My mMtm, MMraiy pMka* b<? ' I ? H. V. HELMBOLJ), Ckimt*, he ware or oovvrvftirKm APD VtiFKinCltLMD MiLHI rko eadMvor to iiMw "W |Mr m" iai OtMr' >1 lit ? OB tM MdMIM (itiujl ty H*lmb*id $ Biwmi Prtfmwt111. m H Mz>r*4t P- h m toiifanlA, old by P. B. Watts. S. 0. tuna. Jm Wax*. ft. c. Fcifc, S. B. bmnmi, B. HUM, D. B. CUU, Livu * I iwa \ajtd all Mftmmm Jwwwlik 4 ' .-j |L" % ^ 'ir? f j,'.' ft.* ^ j ABK FO* DbDOlit uiinoua , I KB AVOID IKramOR kr? IPMW IT -