Newspaper of Evening Star, January 21, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 21, 1862 Page 4
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... I 1.1 the r \[\<- star. fFo* Th* Siak. MACE BT W XAGBCOFR KCB?*T?0!?. Sbefcwm'd on rriT sr*x- Mk* t? ??f !I<M? L'ke ? mimr'" <W*m glcw'ny with arlo^do'; And tb? ap?!l tb t ?t?- coat o'er n y *, liU cling" T?? WI?b l?T*'iearlv fn?-rance and tender O d.'intl'v aw e* - a 'b1 r -?-a tba" bloom. When tbea'ar* of nmmrr are he^itlnir, Ei. h ch^rm of be* b?sn'y a>-p> *'f In my aoul, l.lkelnvr in tfc* li*o* Iraf dre-mlna. AH m?-ir-tv Mn^*ra wlib fond?at r?M?r*t. E?ery tlrn ?f H T r^-Mi'y ffalllni;. T' mmir ih?'s?-i?' n tb-* chorda of the paat In r dlni.t aV>?t?rs is fol'lng. Ukethe w!r d of the tomb In the autumn thai T> ?Vb*?. tb?*?cb*a of the lamiwir awaktnz, So iufs ? ' t rrin* b -pet ?f 'he h^urs far ?one Breathe a^aia round U e heart tbaf'a breaking, Bfce tUrpi l? my mil like * m?n>ory of love ? Uke rue ?le rn of a star on t'.* bl'l >w? While th-south roses bloom o'er a?r bosom ol snow, AnA th?- ryrif??<? h?nds l^w by her pillow. O vision n( raptor* ! She pits d 'r?in my ga*? L ? fl d wm ?h-warmth of <u m?-ttm{, A* bu it f b? wt'd gWI?-? of Irun t? tI*w, In Its mjs'cal s^l-ndors and fl feting ' HOl'SfcHol.n H ! CIPK1 / whitewash ro* poofs. The N-jr IL;?r ?h?re J<?an??l say?: "Farmers who are abo>it*to new sbirgle their home*, f herlf iir barns, will w r-H tn h? v? t h#? ehin?!?>? dipped in whitewash with n 'i'tlc salt put in Let the nrx?ore be h :, Lnt!- to tay, mnke your wash with boiling water. dip itr:medi*?ely and lay the 8bin;fr? tbe next day. or after drying a little. We know of a houje shingled in this way in 1347 wi h hemlock shingles. which are *> und now, while houses ctoaa by it have rotten roofs that were shinglod after this was. TO ntlVIST TOOLS FROM RrSTIKQ. Thousaad." ?^f dollars are 1< st each year bj the rusting of plows, hoes, shove's, Ac. Some ? f fhis mizht be prevented by the application of lard and rosin to all steel or iron emplemen ?. T*ke three times as much lard as rosin a nil Tk! I I!-J uiui v i uv ui A U19 VAU UO Oppil^'i wi h a brush or cloth to allaurfaces in danger of rufirg, and they can easily be kept bright, If to< Is are to he l*id by for winter, give them a coating of this, nnd yea will be well repaid. It am be kept f c ? long time, ^nd should alway i be on baud and r?.?Jy for use WISTKB BITTER. To insure a thiok cream, .^d prevent the bitter taste which Winter milk and butter cftcc have. the roi'k should b" "*f or< 'he stove aTtei training, and heattd thoroughly, but vo> boil'd The 0'iuliiy of the butter from milk so trSat?i will be greatly improved.?Agriculturist. TO TPICASSF.* CniCKKW. Boil them f?rty minute* in witer enough barely to cover them. Take off the s^um as f*st ?s it 1 i?c8. fake them up and carve theiu ill tlia w -v. Put ntri of tha wat?r in t*bich th<y were b-into a spider or F.?r tw . chicken* rub a pi too of butter h, lar_'e sr> :'"J * spoonful of fl ur topsthrr, nad srir into the water as it boil3 up A'id ami a gi'l of creaui or milk. L*y iu ihe j ' '*?s f eb'^ken. cover the p?n close, *nl -tT7 th lv ei^ht or ten minutes. P#r-''y cut lice is a decided irnproTcmcnt. OLD F.tSHI05?D IXDIA* BREAD. Fare ai d im?:w cne Is??11 of a lirge ri| e pumfkiL; wl i'e hot. s'ir it into fix quirt? of corn ire-1 I)' this before jour emptying* are quiio t'sjot \Vh*ru v??ur uifeil is c?ol enough 'o imx ?irh your hands. s'ir in your emptyings. wi:h iwii quart* of coarse llmr. and w*ter enougfe to make jour mixture quite moist. Knca'i it thoroughly, put il in a warm place, and iet it rift) until quite light. Ki ei-d it g>iin, put it in two Fix-quart pan?. and bake fcont thre? boars Yr?u will find thic excellent.?Halhe, Bethany, Genesee Co., N. Y., 1861. USEFUL INFORMATION. The gloss shirt co-liars made in factories Is 1ob? bj pr????ure and friction upon curved surfaced" hard pasteftoard. The linen must be preriid upon a h ra, iz. <o.L rurfacc, cr no Sflosa will be prHn^ed. Thos? *bo make it a basinets todrefs !i?en have all tbe necessary k tppliincea to glaze it. All kinds of eotion an l n lii.on cloth c-in begUi.-d by pressure and fricr t:oa beta e a .-aiooth rolleic; thia is th# way ealioo is oaieodered and glazed. PRESERVING MEAT. Takq jrroan I MaeK pepper:?} lb. will dof->r 600 ct* ?? lifle more or Ie?s will do no linrm, ?<prinkl* firs: with pepper u nil q tita b!*ok, then oalt in the U4uei w ;jr I h*.? 'i?ed lliU recipe (or several j<mm. and n?sv?r fiiled to ke p meat sweet. It utiii very niusa to the QiV'ir. likewise. T> be ii<eJ fn hmm nni ihoulJer-. ?./. J. K' ght, Tuto.tsntJiillt, s m Co y r., iau. | ' WATCHKS. vJOl.D AND Mt.VH ENGI ISH, SWlfcS AND AMKKICAN J hare now on h*n?l a la-ge t<>uk of a 1 th- most eeit W? eiieb. tuat I am ???l!ins a' the very lo*?ii priot-s tout arnt ruiiatiie time Keepers can l#e ad rded at; every tieeo'iptain of ft e J fe, I L?K <li a -J; a., new won aa 0i*nuiactur8d, &d offe?eU y thelowa?t rale* &>i.ver ?&r? ma- ulaaturrd io ray own *h..p Allkm?l?of Ml I I Aft * GOOuSna baml-atcs. ri Mevuitfri. S'oriii, Sw m, B?!t*, B >vw civek. t'ouUt i, ut.iiW4f? As . *o. A!tfu?lr< n< A/nn Truoka?fi<i B--U Coiul?i.?e?l; &ii?l many other caeiul itJ urnr.m??ut*i a. 33s I'uni.fy. vama iv'i.u". 11 Jf if II. A HOUl) ABALMOlALCIilRT?. NKW ai d c* uioe MMirtmeuio! ?a'*ct color# a u pat ?r< , if.* q j >1; <a, oct t >u <1 (iiowlcn. In Mi'!, ton a. fi ,e 5 .d aip? ? Co, k a! xll k Ld of F->;ei(0 ami D ine*Uo Itrj 0~od? ;u a.l ino ue/artm nun's uf ;ara ij w\ulz. a> it poo.ivuot at ck ncur> bo tfc ic.ti-n tj pirohaae. Oa-i ice olIj narked in plain bgd'fte; hence, MID c Uitr i? dec?iv?4PLRRY A BRO, Ja7 r Pcdo av-ii.e %ii?j Ninth at. LAl/lKs', <?fc\Tl.t'hbrt's a .N i> CHii.D'(K\^ i IKMrUlMi UO"De, UNDt R a u u ' ? i I'. ?. UYf>. i. Kr.K< HIKFM, r?< II->, CRAVaTS, U.NfcN UUk.L* KJ*. *HIRTy. Ac , 4-:. I H??ftl Pr-O.N, u dor Hrowi's, d* >> K A. J A VI*rM? Htli Ka*iAr. ON IS NICK P? atwuoii CHiCKiiRlNC flANO t-r f7S ? U::?? 7 ect*?e f sr rcord oorner tie! siiSW Jt l)tv ? Pitn*l >rt"^' lfl*Ti Fimie upuii lerrmikitr.e Mdmo More of G.MKIZKHOTT Boie Ageao- for f*t?inw*r and .'on ? Ui haven. Bwb * Co.'i Pi* or is MA?t COLLINl* * CO.'S PrllLAUhiA HiA DKAU'iHT aL&. We )Q~'. T'. ?- ><*1 (I ?Kj?piT Ol Ul? A..,.?6 A,e, whick- we '^coii :o U> ol'jk *f>rj ?Bp!?r?t>r quality. Persons to pur-mast* L-j mating immediate ajp- itton, oa- b? furmsued. A&.N \ A. AHINK. bo 7 (j<mrt>loira. A Ol'BHS. Uiiiu>.dvl-JI.. ^ JVlHR'H CnMPOUyD SYKVP OVOUSt ARABIC. Thi? el#?8aot and popular Cough Kotoedr Lns be*n h. u?of mown and oxi^??ivel j ga*d that mott par tot* i.?v? ami liar with tU extraordiljl.) efboaoy. It cat l* had at *11 tfcu ?ncc.p i 4ru* ?U>re?, at is \i.i 4?* ooou a ooiua. no '< I *KNT!,KMRN'J? LINEN < OLHR9, LINEN vl OtuUKS, UNfc^ OOL.L.AR3I?Atvjnt*0 dosea now ui .tore, alt ttj.ea, at *bo' t half i-.a atual pn?* Jor Uio tamo souda?ail ?f our own maaufcotare At THUMrtJON'S At E. A. Lake fc Co.'e Marble Hall Basw. de 20 BfownS Hot*1. YV * strong. tbuires, h a r nfi&ri "military goods, 31) fBJI*?TIVAM1A ?y?>OK, SituA itdt, i>et wtfM 12:a and m.a strtttt. rr TtLinki, H&rrt?*a v:d MiliU/f E*al?m?t't8 TfBlrBd at i B'?'o?. gg ? IW f^ULtb*.l , CU?*J?fc!l AU OB band ba4 ior mJ? cH?bb tf r. a HASlT>8? k CO . *83 !> !., feeic? pb. bvmbo. _b? 1'itiUuHbtio BBiLiiac K.r."!KIVK? *ND FOR ?AI.E LOW, t?ectr h"e boim W H1 f F, ONION* aad 6t? bbiB uAV \ N A i.KANOtS, by bxown^6 * kkating, il?_ BL"ms* uv rrt* ? BUTTM* !i! 1<*? k*c* 8B#*ae OobMbb bittM, jaat raoMTBd aad fc; ?-< - uiao&p by F. B. HASTINGS A CO. ??> tt .? ? < r? ?l *??>?? p* ??mb . 100 of w '"S;^ * Bl'BCHBLLv )j ? <~*o-iwr U*h yVj^pa V?n?ont %w. uACK TkA f BLACK TEA! w ? oh*?'p 'lia'a-iTB-?ek T? ??? b'?n rec?rred * 4%?. Ai?s>. OtuiC.3 br.*q T** . KIMi k. BHI*CH?tLJU. t Corn#; 1& a twl v?v. V v/I aND O .oaK Mv<|, Wa? ?4 K JJ. i .\JfcjL/4 ?:y. ? k*' ) * I ??pROPOSAL^ ro* STAMPED ENVELOPES. Po#t <'rr:c? Ctpartmknt Jan. IS. last Sl?LKD P?opo#*L? vill h? rwivKl ortil 3 p. rn. OB til* 3ih da? ui February, iS??.fo? fnrni bi ??1 ?? ? "^tvnppd Knrei< * I .otter Sliest* and Knvf!(if?? oo? aid "New?pap?r Wrapper# " wb'oS ihn L>9pn-tm?iit may reqart. during a renxl of four >ear?, oomi.eadni lit April. ISo., viz: STAMPED ^NVP'^PF1*; No. 1,or cctok z?, iJi by inshca, of whit* paper. ^o 2 ?r letter ?>i S\ by 5X irchf*. an* extra !ett*r >ix". 3* y t>jf moiiaa. of white, r>ntl, or c-mn-co o od paw, or in such proportions of either v ma? h* r- qaired No 3 ?>r o(Eo< 1 ? ze S7i ^y >*/(. inchaa. of the ?sire < o org & Ni>. 2 at d uiidet a uke condition at to t1" pri'P' rt o <>' > I * o 4 rr?xt * "ifi ia *is? ft i to bv 9 4 5 inchp?, ol lua aireo >'or No.i. ?i d un le a ikd oondi- ? tior. a* t the rr -BOiti nofrac1! L M .. 1 4 v.. _ -J .L >L.tL. iiui i ' m ? I - ii- cuiu<'- f* ii wi' ri i n? * i I "r or iik e'ntpo-ia-t?iftii,p. v?. s with *jx c-nt, a >d > ??. 4 "I w> he Nr*?ty, twnty-fni;r. m ' f r j cent Rirpi.a. I oiaiy o?.i?l coljr limiiik- to thote cow . io IB J I et er %rd tarn?"1 rveJ^j'St combined. I c( wiuti or b e ^apsr i\ct*ahe<?t> and amp d [ frv !?pfa combine , of white or blu* papr, to h > i tei fiiiimne ?ith the three ornt -limp*. Mimpw1 ne??4aper wr*i>p*r? not I a th*n *by l?2-5 lo e?, a I of h: fl" paier, em o???d ?ith t?e "u- cent po rage *fam , or any other denouana- j t tio-. t? at ii,*t i>? r?a ir <1 Pr-to ais area ?o 1 *v to1 for fa ui'hinectraw or j ro*?ill- h *ni ok ? * r othar* >( c9 ? o ?p?-rnr 1 strentth. for paokkf paro^laofe^el p<-s,ol lette- I *h??r?a d eij*- o,tu 0 ?i h'Led, ?i d &ew p\per "^er*. o'Dta.oine fr. 111 one hundred to nve huLilred e?oh %nd 'or w-t?r-prorf w.olen oa*ea ] 1 r ICilLf tarce a of !Our Li tvrnti h.* iHi.n. ; aand. The "! elopej and wrap;era are ?o be ma^ein the !? = t m&ucer. cf paper of approver qual'tx. maru'ftccured trecni * ior t.?a purpose, anl vith au h water marks n? t o Po?tm??ter Gore al mar air?-ct, in y r> tut *> tumrrrd tor eesiirif. the f?? n.e.- at .f?ct in: he? on th? p tut and o i? end of heiatt' :th?ynn t^eton el nparoaiaoftwen tr five, raeke! ?ur?. ul ih-.r^e tar pv-*inc. and rurnmhed o<mpl*t? i>i all respota. r^aoy foruae tud iii rba.^nL e d'?f&:.'.and in aiuhauamlti<s3 is m*r le r qu rc.i to la toe orders of p?nt "*Btr-s, an-1 m jbi b?deiirai* 1 either at the p aoe or n anufvstur'* or?*'he Prut Office Department, ait e option of t el'osfnu-t r General, to au&ger.t '< ;> autboriz <5 by thelMter tom-p< ot &nd reocive them Au5??r.tof the Department will farniah tbea-ldrcea )<>r eaoh p%ror-;, *(uch la ta b>:*.ted on the box tr the maun'aot jr-r wittiont charge The dies f^,r ?mbo.?atr< tie postage stinip* on the eeveiopes ard w>?[>per^ are to beexecuted tu thsb-ats >if,aiid Hi > are t> be p ov.d d.renewe t, ' an. It- ot in or, er isf ' ha em m?nf r I' e Department al.o re?-< tea tea light of requir irg n?w ?i?: omiiMiop orgt*rnp? ano anr ohangea ol the dtea or color* wi h<n i acdit.ocai chare. BidderR are ?x*eot8! t > furr>is . ta ; pW < f ? <?*aritu bid* ?f tne qu 1 ly th?y n tend to u?e la ! tt^e maLufact re of th*1 fnvrlo.e t ? hfch iney propoa-? to ?d ^ri t in ? ai*o specimens of ihe env f<prUE*'atnp rl, and of I njn I* 10 I ii? Jw Jut pis hint r'.at* tnvtl "rt*c/iAettxi> nni rolom ahov--d*i *?' <* a * IVaMwb or- mii'-d to fitrim-k e\v*l''pis yro r i.d with ritcnt dissolving li*'*,{ indua ing l,.t , p i.p rrr.'i util-'t l*( SfffTtctii' ion )lo subititute th* v in er unv'fd tiVihtp s, in tekele o~ tnpart, 1 as tk'. bepa::min'. may elttl. Irofii a ? a.- - il*i# in vif*u for devic?a otherthan i w*icr mars-, ( r a> o t ona to ?uch marax,) o att i?1 r rot ution a?airt>l c?.u(it...t?uiiK?epjoi in v ? to i ? gul> ltrrd, The contra t wiii ha awarded to ho bidder whm? pripufai. ai.ui u#. r. b? not tie l< w??t. is oonm fe ed molt advar'ta?fi ua to he D<>par'irni , taxir.c itia .i ? ua m* pr o ,'he qualry of in? *%'> p t>9 ai.u hi. t-Lffoir: or a d aH ny to mfufvjt'^r and ? iver niv^'op's i . acaodanc* wi'h 1 tii t rina f:h<8* v rtia t; a d no prop<>?ala I Wl I CUlikiiiertd hi rii&Mn. I rt f ?l^airj a ojn'raot th? mcc???fai hifdfr may b expire. i>> :r j-a?r * did* au'tuLiiut *pe.:!:r i :irr - hereof Th? ? ? f Clie p i" iitdi?< ii.ny r ni&T > <t !>? oonttru d,butro *4i a l.a ie ... t ic >j vico i f liie aiaiiip* wi:l ba adopted H"i ds a. dp cr'pr .' ? rfq'ir e I ror the faithi. feri<> d; * i c>n?rRCt and p*Tin<?r>t? u <W it vti I * ide c qm irly. ' Pi stmaeter ti-n'ira re?'r en t-< nirne f tn? r'ght to?n?al u ?lici.jr?r h? e: ? di co..r tt.atrhr, aarntj or any partner i is fT e for fal * in markoi l ir tlis pii p<i?eif8 eojiftum, \0'J i.e ?i 1 UKI, 1 aayrass a-.oil n it t.mi~|Ar f t?>e eontraot to itnjr party <vii>.'aJe .ii m? i.puiio-, c.t> e o- !*cs q ti M' hrd h ii .1:0 tr g r.O b.a.'er or contract >r flia rl 1 i? n 'h u il tc. a. i. ! th* CO tra't f >r a ai u: 6 '.?> p it rm 'ai'h u ly a; y < f ''a ?t:p atwne. i.r- na.t >'*r rl ?n i>p * of <1 ff-rerit r e a an 1 i fuMAaarr ' - ' *l ** "* " iuj i i ? jru u >". sit b '-rsuunn? ino as &i <?i gji e3\l3CI,M fu 1* ? t ortfi latfc? ... r (iin i f h. r ?t a t-r ^cr.ernl T'e i.'4t nliDi'd h? m 'k*i 'Pr posals for Stawrti t + r-lr.p*S1*iW rijptrs ' v d h ulit # ivodr-s e l to th i hiru / ?- st nt l'o? iii&ater lieuerai, Pott UJ&oa Decartnuui ' M. Bf.AlR. jn 1*> tt4? Postmaster |> U O T D ?> BOOTS!! B O O T *!!! WPITKFOtJ-fc A r?N? Kt.KS Si*4 Pi. AV SIOANb.tll O S*TKBKT.pjHi (T\i >ev> Yor> W o.'ialt CtancK f/wR)fW ri& eon are daily receiving," large iota of cavalry and soldiery boots AMD MARCUK>U fHOES*. mostly of the, r own manafioture, to bo sold at til* 10* est I! a'k*t r%t>*g, A oil lroir all'Je?'eia ei'iioited. So: er^iiiiera.ij dealt with de24-1 m* IVTOTICE T<? WATrHSMIfKBS- JKWKI i! LtR*, A > l? Y dlaks* f*. 4 J MYKK8, of 9") Wa .nrijt 'ii ?treft, K t'on. ?ai*i thair "racah rfjo?, Komi .No. to Ha 1 i* ill 1 n<. I'a a-.-p,. , , oi 'I'mDacein .er 3i*t w th a large J ^lo'tul W aton ?. jav.b.. j. Watch Mata mm* riai?, *e , ii ?he vrh'>l ? p ion*. Wntoh wo * doi ? or th? tr&'ie P'?!TlVaLT .t"> G<??'D? ki'LP OR WoKK 1)1<S (i;K ?. TML. <1? S" lm? B1 I VKAftkXJA, SCltyilFlCf PRACTICAL OtT.CIiN, 44 * feua&??., uoth Oct. I2tn *:ia i?<bstl. HPV.OT*C '.F8 end EVBGI.AS*?F9, provided witfe fa ii fit "? i?eo<iio ai'd Pet>: 1?? L*nsea. and sui'ed witc utmost cir- for *\erv agt*, ? ye !( bt, in l t.o>ua. co..diiioo of ilia vn .a or a is. FIRST CLABfl M!L1TAH\ HELLf-ULASSES, Mtoroscosra, 0<>inp*ec*a, and Mathem*tie?l in trnmruta, at the lowent l'.??tern ?rio? a. jt *9 Xr M ail, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AN1J NAVA!. MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dka' fk? in SWORD:!, i-AhJIl-8, BELT-*, LPAVL?-T8 SHOI LDER 8TKAF3, GAUNTLET?, GLOVES. Ac. And every vari?ty READY-A.ADK CLOTHIX9, at hrA*o!t?BLs Pricks. WALT..PTFPHEN8* CO.. 322 Pennty'vatra averus, between j*ll h. liepuh] 9th and 10t^ ?U. HIGHEST PKICF FA I (> IN GUI D ynR V. S. TREASUtiY NOT&S of th* fi flVeiit is < ?? -, ant Nnuhern Currency. Kxo'ar.fce <n t e pn . i --1 o 'lei North pa}able in cold or ourr" .<ij r?> .? la'* ?>uronaser? liUTKNHO HE. KANT ft CO., iianWe'B No. Peon, avenue, ja 2 lm t;?*r Ifr 'vii'i Hotel. 8M1TH ft ilKOTHER'S F A L K O K K AM ALE, SUPER TOR AMBER A?J?, PORTEH and NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN Al Ed are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARLEY M ALT and HOPS, and highly esteemed by thn*? who have need t..c>m. Furofiasers are re*u?eied to tail and eninine our auperlor ?,ook, axsnred ttast ihey wil.1 fcr.d the BEST and PlREil artioles. W* hare at all times a !?rg? stock ready for delivery. in wit J", ha' and quarter oasis, ?tti table for the TRADE, HOTELS.and FAMILY USE. which wa offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. hMITH * RROTHER. Brewers, No. 1?* A 1?0 Wast I?th st ,New York City. Ord*r? by Ma; or Exsme promptly executed, c? tM-m Oysters! oyster a! THE OVERLA N I) OYJ*TKK EXPRESS COMPANY W! eon?1nee t? revive Jai y tbo?efamona p'antfd fA I IXEM RlVfcR OYeTERS*. ^ Kot'au ut? *uJ private ffcrnilierj^JL /_ J would d>> v?-ll to oa a d try th?ni. ^AU# Thoae oy?teraare ?old J6 uoura after VSEgy they corow from the wat?r. 117 Offl;e No. 49 Market Bpaoe. below the AtbbiH Hogi*. la?-Soi p THE BILLIARD HALL. 1 HK I ndernirned, bavinx purchaaed from Meeara. Marr * F;aher tha B Hard Hall at the oor ner of Pean. avenue ani fc. nventn atreet, ani refitted the BMne entirely with tew ololh*, u*Ua, Ao., invitee hia friend? alid the pablio ceneralU to give him a oall. jat apt .a JOHN W. EARPPHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, I 115) I'BNiieTlVARIA AVinVS, B*twm aid 2"tk its Tha Doder*i(ned, barm a looated himeelf aa takea Una method orii;tormin? thaoibsaoa of the Kirat WardliiAthe ha* open-d a first oi&*e Proviaion Store. oon:ucte<J aimi.V to tboae for *Moa PhUad?lp\ia U ?mnm 2SM|flShMi* i0-'" " Geeh* d W U?i '? fMamiir.fx) atrictMt tttraboc to t ? w?tU of kilioucUhmm. ?nd to ke erorj *".? * ib h? |ice of?i?bft' and??!) iUtta . ' * < **: &??*>>: 1 r?z*x*Trw\t* thereof ? tft*WbU"U9 Tin t* -Tfcltao ttfoc .rfctlr ft* ?.rdt>;?. If fttUjfek - B?k TUOMAB fU WILSON. I # ????to????? m S. H. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. In presenting this delicious brrerage to the public, it Is not our Intention to herald It as a ' quack medicine, that will cure all diseases and | affections that human nature Is heir to. bat that i It is purely a combination of most delicious i fruits, distilled under oar own personal sup*r- ( viaiuu, uatiu^ uu ucicicnvus vi n j jiiuus lUuilitures so common wltb many compound* forced upon the Public in the shape of Tonics. Ac. PIKE'S ARMY CORDUL will become one. 1 of the most useful and at the same time healthful 0 beverages that has erer been offered. VV? take much pleasure In thus presenting it, particularly e to Soldiers, who are exposed to change of weath- [ er, climate and hardship, as the best Invlgorator . that can be found. J SAM'L. N. PIKE St CO. ' SOLE AGENT IN WASHINGTON, D C., * EXILE DIPRE, 1 380 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 1 I I I ClxciSMATt, October 29,1661. i IJketthv certify that, in acrordance with the I law regulating the sale of Alcoholic Liquors la \ tie State of Ohio, I have inspected S. N PIKE'3 ARMY CORDIAL, and And it free from pol- t oaoua impurities. 1 aWo believe It to posse-s hlKh iccdiclnal properties, of a tonic and astrla- I g?"t character, la tes lmony whereof, witness my signature this 29th day of October, 1?61. UAVIV U UUPiafcliL, HI. u , Chemical Inspector of Alcoholic Liquor* { , for Hamilton county. ? I B. N. PIKE'S r ARMY CORDIAL! \ No Houtebould hO'Dld be without it. I f 8. N. PIKE'S ? ARMY CORDIAL! ; i The most healthful and useful Tontc extant. S. N. PIKE'S i ARMY CORDIAL! Have the delirious H^ver&ge at home. I 8 N. PIKE S * t ARMY CORDIAL! la dlatllled from delicious Fruita and Harriet. I i ' I t I 8. N. PIKE'S I ARMY CORDIAL! ? Sutler* In the Army eupplled on reasonably terms. \ 8. n. pike s { ARMY CORDIAL I I J Every Officer and Soldier In tbe Array ahould s uw the Invigorating Cordial. j _ s ] b. n. pike's a r\cv rnnnr a t i ? JU..M.I.LU M. WIVJLfJaiJ i [ Not only OlBcera and Soldiers, but the moat delicate Lady, will find this Cordla a useful TONIC. C [ 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL I Is not a quack medicine, but the most healthful and pleasant Beverage In use. - _ < i S. N. PIKE 8 / a nifir ? ? ? ARM I UUltUlALI A Better tk;n Frraefa Brandy, Whisky, or any ' strong Liquor. r E ? I 8. *. PTKE'S J ARMY CORDIAL I J If you with to keep la good health and spirits, | use thte Cordial. ; ? o FOR BALE AT TBS PRINCIPAL DRUG, f 6I3T8 IN THIS CITY, t OR BY \ 9 B. V. PIKE & CO., \ 18 ?Bd 99 SYCAMORE (TREET, ' a CINCINNATI, OHIO. 1 ; ? 4 BOLE AOBNT m w 1 " ^ -ft WASHINGTON, D. 0., * EMILE DCPRE, SM PBNMTLT4NI4 ATlWUK ill D-IBtM " f V t DKNT1STSY. . DK. CHARLES R. BOTCLER, 33BIMTIST, no. s36 pennsylvania avenuk. bvtwux 9th a!<d 10th sTI. i? 4 <*rtm ^e.?* AXU IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTl BOXB TEETH, Without Mktu Plats o* Ci^sra. DR. R. B PTGESMOND, 110 .Vm T?rV-9?>0 A* inw. bttytrn Btt m%d Wk Ms . ia the &ttrnu<<B of the p?bhe to tlit loll.-wing *Want*i<>* of rm> imaa*at?n?i: m t ? I. The T"?th of tola n ar.ujiw ture wil'Sdh*' lever ooro'e nor ctt-te ooior t>j anj^31" tcida, b?:nx thrae fr?o:th? !i?b?er than ar.j o:hw. t. No lee'h orr-'.'t* need *jt**cted, aa the krtifioial ocea can La ?-*er:ed "Tar I Toe roota ?iU be mace lactTecaiva. an never o acne. *. j\o tempor&-? permanent 'tee ri?r. t>e mvie itrrr edittely. thereby preserving he natara! e*?r*?sion ol the far*. which nuder he old ayatem ie lr?^netit!y diefiyured * Thia work hM been tu;lv tested o*er Ire years ?y nanj of the fir at* and physician* of th;a UtDUT. Dr. S. baa aieo invented a whit* nndratrnotive I natal fi'tlrc. w!uefc ut moat aei.nttve teeth tan be fiilen without r*:n, an>l can bnild up + per eot. ?otied tooth on any tide root*, whioh will mat tiroofh lifetime.

T*e neeiof reierenoee n*#?-to Dr V. Moth Dr. >uremjt?, Profeseor ol Chewuatry. N. > ^ Hon. ladge Wayne, cl tae Supreme Court of Waatamfon, and th' of othera Call and examine for yonreelf. lotto GAS~FITTING, Ac. 4v*m v. dovk * uo. fch Nmw w as? rtara Vilk gr ' > -- ? ? h?nr<^ |fj UlK M.VMBINS, ?AS OR STEAM FITTIN* BUSINESS. I LIT" Store oa mrei, ? ? doon aorth ?f Pa. kronne, irh*r? niar p<? fotzt a epmai-rt* aarortwpnt rfCH ANPKIIK.fcw ?n<J ?(a?r #AS,SThA."!lar* WATER FIXTURES. l?W-h W* A S FIXTURES. K f)w? tn (tore, aud arodsj y roceiTint. 9JS WIXTUKKSo' * Npw P&tt?r*is and D^?:{r.a knd Finish, superior iu ?i j.e to anything heretoior* d in this market. \V> inTiw>ciM*fa? cwgawfl y t<> Mill aad nxamice our atnnk of ttaa and Wetar r:x ?ree, me confidant that ? hare the tMt Mwva 1X1 Vf nruiuriOD. A'.l Work n tbe a!*?v* line intrattod to *?r ear* nil be pwnpty fcUecrlftd to. MYKR8 * Mot RAN. *?r*-tf S7? !> *rre?i4. a? n i v a t e. PRIVATE. PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA H'tire* Ail Verier ai Dise&?*s permanently. and inickly, without the use cf disgusting or p<'isoniQudn.'" of v:* kind. No uietiiiK or inte lerenoe with bu?ine?? Consul tiviors fr e. It in itjin; quit* er.ough 'it its iavnr, when I say but ni> t>>-<i<;t c.< i? thv whicti is in use in ail the Slew \ork<ity ho*?it\ia. N^w V'ork City College ar.d Hospital Testinn>lialM furnished. L'difBwi h Whiten and the Womb uie.l ?nd savul a consumptive'* g ave by rriy irvm lit. Th?m is rotfnn* oJfcAiive or diictsrceabU in any ?art of t' 0 trMHomi. .\u curf-n wa^a- t?f1, or money r'ftr ^ed. OoyKinur ioati"in in writ-ns, wUi return stamp, (roinptly ftiPiirti'i1 t'?. M?dicin<?B for t rv !?ri a*>tl other? pactiej, with all nikiruotion - fo< niiit. ?nd warrant Oflioe? No h Wav initio 11 .a iiot, Tena. kY?D i* a id s-everj ?t., Wasiu-ttoc, 1>. C. dc 2<-1t /^N HOMKTHINK NhW! I flail'-' RKAT lt*T UIMTOVEH Oi ^O^ Ijtft >0^ A S*l *C ftrtil, orpoiit* tKf Tktn n. OySTKKS STKAMEO n tb? i*hell and Thorru<hl* Ooo*ed (fur superior to a roa>t> in two minuet, the fattest tirrn on rtetrrd. '"all aid ?"?, The ondereier.od re.?p?ctfui!y inform* hie friend a the Oiatriot. anil *teit>r*"T" the cit?, ?;:at he bad ufitta! huoi.Dar.d wklhsown ?si iblishmi\t u a moat thorough iitaacr. ar il mad* coiitt'ete arr&TiKeinsuta ti> furn.^h (iVSTEad ir. a ? | **??i in mr ?r * ;*- ***" 1 . ?.... ... .. .j Mi J"' ?a ivlUB rilUCE<*C | Krday. 2 ?w to 3 car.* of ?p>cftd a"* f'e*h , tut up ?ianj?es.n* i.t?> in .ipV't s> aled 1. c the hell I t the tmrtie or t-ar-el. Persous wiriiinc U> ha*e Oysters furnished reeuar!? through th* winter. at lis..t.more pr:ces, ritnout fair of fii'ure, ?bimd ca . and rr.a?c a**m*nj?uts at once Prwietit. lime, and money aved by pitrohaS'Dr of ir?. a? I furr.??H an s.rti":e nuai to the oeiebra'ed Baltimore establishments. it prices just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sa'diaee, Ciams, Straw berries. Tomatoes, Pies' F .-t, Trips. &o. bo., Ac. Also, Piokies, Caleup, PSJoes. Brandy >each8s, &o Also, Gam^and h 'esn Fish. Tur!<s. Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. C.?d. Hslihnt *? la laot. every thir* for ?a,fl iu the North re mar;ets al wa*a o ? hard, at r#nsni)?h'? price* Hotels an t itnruiies suppi?e<1 with c!eivereti wit hout etiarj:* t. any par' of the hictriot, d ?easoc. li the uion<iy is eeot with the order. My e?tah iehnent is open from 5 a m. to 12 at ilrht. every car. except Sandaj, when 1 clote at n ri'nl?w>k a. II!. ]a2 tt T M HUPVBY. INDIA RUHR til GOODS. >P ALL KIND^?FOR THE ARMY. A larg* took justreceiued. JOHN B PUDVV Y, 3iM P* *v . riMimlor .135 U at. LVOOI. r.-Ps* GOMFKI.iv!*, ?L?VES r.Al N l I,E1>, Ml K(S, PRA'VKKH to., fr*rh good*, >t i< H * u PL UNfcV'S 3iti ) a.reet, i e' ? ? " 9 H < - ' th [?UFF I.?? ? WO. F KuBf.S, LA?? K'>RKS, 15 bo KM-: Hi 'NRKI'Sml DAMP BKDS, at c ive DC JOHN ? I'lUNhi'S 3W4 Pa. ,v. t Mck room) or "J5H D a!ree , bet fth ?ai iQ.ta. ^CTI BE !?~ut srs ?ou wil1 * w?j? 6rid ch?-p 3 anil <) ? i-*l(l? r"" '?at 'tie ^iT'er a >?P? i l)*i<it of J H N 11 Pl'uAKV.SSS i) at-V?i?*.< ? til anJ lath I>!,ANKL1>, B uANliK i&?Large ?tjck, by [J the L*ie or pair. _ ? J??HN B Pl'DNEY, <*e SO __ 353 D street, Krt *9*l 9th and 10th. piKKMLN'S 1NSL RANCH COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital tU0ii,Vdt. tfU* $9mtr C strut mmd L**tnmn* ?., nir ??ni </ lo*. NSVK.& HOU8K8 AND*OTHER PHOPERTT AGAINST LOSS BY F1KK. Geo. Shvetnakftr, Sr.mufl! R*Jerri, gamoe! C>opier< William WUeco. RicUini Jou*6, Jots! 1). iiarclftf. Jacob Aaurcv Roth?roil? Tnos. Parlte*. Ri'-.iiard ntirj. B. B. Hr^aeh, Dr.O. W. Davit, No cfcars? .'or Policies. JAM I'M A HAMS. Fretidert. A?*L 0. Davis. Seoietarj. au 9-eoCia MOT AC a. BJIiaagsggsi^tlgi "ADAMS' FXPRESS COMPANY" TphtaCo^fac? o^siato u?* ?>&jiQ" t equalled luvimwiOT 1UI ine piufl ana I^DIOK I'l^faUMl of teavy FreiRbta P.VKfctes, VtUuab.e?, Moi.ej, &o. ,o., to all iiS.rU of the Unttt*d sf.\?ts. Expregnei to at 1 t.'ie ^Jurtu and \V?td?art irom and arrive ii. Vajliiajtoa twioe dally, AH Kxpre???iare )n Aharc? of tzp*rxmc*d mkd tlmbU MeB8t>ni?rB. All PaoKa<e? ioi 'lk? Eoidiera oirriM at "Ml inLr" our mual ratoa. All Go?<J? for the ?o-o*T!M Confederate ,nd all Article* * Contraband of War" will b? tpilD. On Fipr?a?e? leave New Vork at l,f, and I P. A vug is Wa*?iimeton at (A. M. and Ul V'jpraseee teare Philadelphia at 8JD A. M.. and 1 P. >1., arriving In Washington at * to P. M, and A, M. Exprenaea leave natimore at 4 JO A. M. and I P. ^arriving in Waa Lint toe at 6 A. M. and I ? Expresses for all points North and West ieare v&chinitoc at 7.30 A. M. and 230 P M. daily. Special Coutraots fur lanre *uant:ti?a of 1 rolght an be wade on application to this " 'See. All Goods oalled for and delivered frtt of Lxtrt harges. E. W. PAlteTw, Snp't Adams' Express Ct n)^*ar. Washington, Aur^*' St. IK?. an a-tf CAfcHiAtt SiT ~ HE Subscript havini mad- uJdltiini W his Lctory, n.ak'uj itno*oneot ttie 'ai"f e?t??gBtm? u the District, vhera his faonitiesWO*^ ui luar.utaoiuricf CARKlAtfK6 and**?? JGhT WAfcONS oI ail tiris nan not be ear assed, and from his Ion* ex?eriez.oe ia the bust ,^w.- T u? ..vrv? ?V ?I*V rsk.iuwviui., Ail kinds ?f Oftrrwx** ^ Waiona kept VulEPAfRS ceaty dots, &ul all oroon .omptii atU itced tof Second hand Cftrri&fM Uk?o in ueh^cin. for i?* 9AM. ANuKEW J. JOYCt. ?t It *f ocrnor of FourtM" And K ? WALL. stTKFbb^rr ? C(i.. '? M9 fnamvuni Amu, ,,,SJ&AcBA?1,#?A,iL5?AsTAt AN? RKAUV.UADK fil^Tni??? ?OOV? ??IW VJU fflrsss^siissse mMML mue Mr?ily to artier, ?ad wtlJ fBI old ?t ? mieh loTtr ??.? i-,?t am ties" W/L i rH i? & Mtf vTwthafiAi *>r*in ?**. >1 &??u ?*?*. m ?. ert f '7 artwork, wit *!?*, foA,.xn/ # g BP* JOHNSTON, ilTIMORl LOCI HOSPITAL, fiw <WmM< Ui MM Criato, 9m?^ EftenttU R?mtd$ ? lit ftrw, FOB ALL Dl?EAffK9 OT IMPRUDENCE. LST IfV tAl.SK DFLICACY PREfltt. AFrLY IMMEDIATELY. 4 CVRS WAR HALTED. OR HO CHAM9B, IS EKOM OXK TO TWO DAYS. W*>ki -J* tact, auiumra*, tliiilm t* Ifct BU 7* tod BUttc 0?cbtrf??, I?jf no. ?? r?l D?Hlny, H?r. n?n???, uhmw. Uumi, Cmtwmm ml Htu, U>? 8jir?, ^ pua*k rf itt lUtn, ItaMm, Tr?nblit(>, UiineMt ? *tjpi or OiMimm, Oiuim W l*? <1, Thrsu, New ar Uw. AInum aI |?? Lain, CM ' Bavtla?(hwTimWi i>l?rtin trwir.g M Skitwry Yvcih?U.tM Dr??<tf*i art PttiActi** htikh ?kicfc ta^oaMfci*, u4 hw?; fc?U My uc Mint YVCKti MSN L*B?ciyM* ??? k??? fcatau* UK mill ml Ntw VIM. .k.. * * u< liinnciiM UW wNck a^akakf i* an aotirctt} jr??? ih?aat.od* af Tow|Hi?W ifca aaai ittktd alMia u.< ?nU?i?i irtaliacu ?Wa auftrt aOiarvtaa ? Hiniu< lauiu| ItMtM witk Ik* thaedar* af Choc M ?t(< ! MMM; tfea b*?( l^rt, My Mil VMfe II tasldaaca. MAMRUOt. MiUHD Pnwuf,* Yc*bf Mka tMMmflMkj Muntit, kiin| i?>n of ! ihM, w|ull d.ktiny, Jiwsiium, Ac., tpaadtN ekrad. p> c*< bimMir n>4w *>a un if D? ( HSfV aaalj caalda to kit karar u * f?ou?"?*a ui ImKiiU; t?ij ifot bit akiU >i * pliyaicta*. office y? 7 sotrrto Frederick sr. Itfl b.?d ?id? jnsx.f 'r?ti BaliiMN KrML a law *mn trim tk? F?;l ret t? eb??r?? mm tad c inkt?. Uhik *?M k( paid k4 eaataio tump. dr johssto#t, Mtaktraf U>a Rayti Caittft af lirjiMi, kacdaa, m(?tu (ran ana af ikt Mai aauaant Coll tf at I* tkt waka< tuitt, and tbt fiaitar part af vfcoaa lifa h?a beta apart la tht nM|'iula af Lsifaii, Ptria, Pbiladalpkia ui altawkara, ku tftctad atn,i af tht moat aatomafcinf *.art? that wart tar kM?am; man; trncMtd witk nofinf ta tfea hatd and atxa artitn itittp, fraai nartoaantat, tt:r.? tlarrettf at ad lac aoaodt, kaakfatnaaa with (raqatnt biaatipf. ttttedad wmabmsa ??tk M * ... ? ... ? K?~>?u? ?i uii. u, viri CU9V MU9* TAKE PARTICULAR XPTITK. T?>rf Mao u? Mhin tit? it.)*rtd J>amaal?at fey a Mrtaia praetica in *bio ilom?? babit frtqaaotij Itarnad Iran. ??il eer-pirilona, or at tchocl, tha tficu of tbi-s art nlf-hdy htt atan atlttp, ard if aw esrid, rtn.iirt war'Ttft imf-aaaiblaHaa4 dttiroyt Mt mud aid feod?, aiiroid ?f { THtat art a<-ma of tba tad and (ntlancholy tftcu jrr*dactd a? tarit habitt of tooth. Tit: Waakxtta of tbt Back ard Lint*, Paint in tfca htad, Ihmntta o1 bif bl, Loaa of Vikmi Powtr, Palpitation of u>a Ht*n, Djtptfj}, Kirtott irmab<!ity, Ptranftmaiit of tlia D.gattitfe Faocuooa, C antral Dthnttj, Symj to?ri ef Cortunirtion, *c M IHUILI.-TIh f*?rlci a n f c tt on tht mind irt FiMt U fea dra?4ad?I >aa of Mtn.Tj, Co.f'.aloo of 11tat. Ptprtaaiaa f Bpri.t, E?il r'crtuiiiufi, Arlrueii of Social;. tlf-Dltiratt. !,?ti cf 3oi *.u<it, Tiiitdu/, tic, axa torn* of lit* ari'a ffodaecd. NlUfol'l Dlail ITr.?Tho*aa.',4t can r.t? (id jt what It tht c->aaa of ihtir dtciinlfiff haalth, luainf vbair njat. bacatst| vttk, |wli, oariuat a.-.d tr..?ci-taJ h??u f a an. jalar appaaranra -Loin tit ay tt, caofL at ayuptaaa of taoaaapDISFASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan tht t< Hk* imbued ill* ittd* of pamfal dneaee, it tea often kcppei a thai aii ill-urue J anee of shame <>r ilrcad of di?ce?ery Jetare hir? fro a. ip flying to tfcoee ?he, from e doc a tie* ant r#?p?ctr-biltty, cu alone befrieud bta. Ha fai.a lata ti t hrnda of ignorant and ilti (t u.( pratendera, wbe, incapable a.' corui#, Cleti hi* pecuniary ea> stance, keep bio tnlin J rrauL'i aiit ntor ;fc, cr a> locf a* tea laillwt fee Can b? eaUin<d,uiii ia dupir lun hire with rained bealtb la eifk a?ar an :?!!m( diaipf o:ri-raar.;; ar by ?ne ties of tkal deaalj aeieci.?Vsrcury?hxsier it a crueuuiuooaj eyref-toma af tbia t^mtla rtietaae, eueh as Affacueneof tr a Heav^Tkreet, Mead, Skin, 4c., progreeatn^ ari.t frifti'.fai rapidity, till death pau * ...w . ui?i ; ng?ili| hntoUtuiiiti'tm ciicirr (ran. kaartia u* (nttUi nianii DR. JOHXSOWS REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS iiViJ 1MPQTEHCY. t lh a ^tut ud InMrtwt naiilj viikotittfu* nfm Lr? it.t i tmrti arid f?l' ?i(jar raatarad. TkMMod* or tfca a?#-.l :.?mn ar>4 dak- r'taui, kid ;*ai ail Ufi, li'l Mil m:iaifuialr >alta*a?. A.i ?s.p? tl ; Munifl, ? Ma- la Pta^MalUaatiaaa, Un at Fracaau** Pawai. Kaeaaa Irnsakiiitr. Ti-?-'-r iptt Wukotu ?r IixuVh af it* aaaat faa/fW Had ifti ? ?' * F if DO P. SF ME XT OF 1HS PRESS. T*a mi'r Tbcu*4!<ds '?r#4 at isn tcautauM wilkta til liMUfHUnrwri ?nd t^a narcaraia important arri?ai afar u< ?'. ty f?r. J?!>tataa, vuoaaaad ky taa rap*r.ara *f iba and iru;?bai ctraart, na-.icaa al f'K* ti?a fpfutad acd afaMi -a'ara ika paalit, ka a 'aa k'.a alanriir.f aa a gMtlaauo af chtraeiar and raapaaalfc t'.l*. ta a iiff tun; ??-rrc:i?a ta ifca tGicui. Bar 1 ?-ly * jt?. jl ? ?i XVX A. -*rC. Protected by Royal Letters Patent of England, and secured by the Seals of tnt Ecole de Pkarmacie de Pnris. and tke Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. TRIESKMAR No. 1 In the rfivtca. rrn-?H'? f.?r K >lax*T10!I, PrnM A T uRfii-E L. and V XH*r*TIOX O* THE MsIkM. TR1 t-SKMAK No. a. Cofrip ",0!j ,v d e iMy eradicate* all traoe* of t.-ios? rtiiorde-s, for wh cH C< and cubel* nave rcieialf !>9*rt tl.unght a. an'idote. to the r> in of ihe health of a vut portion cf the popula t Ob, TKIOEVAR NO 3. !c the ereit ai.a ?ur? re m?0j of tn? cm.ized v Ag for a! snounti so tl>e ?ytU iu, aa we 1 at ecow* a^j i;np < in , obviatirj the deatruetive nae of ,Mi*rou ?. a wfll a* oth? d?M*rioua in*'?flienta. acd which all the Ha'eatarilla in the Wt??ld <><?bbo4 rem vo* t Noi l. u ?i;0 3 are a.ike devoid of fast< or emeil. ai d of all nauaeatmr qualities. The/are i . t e form of a lo*e: g?, ana may lie on th? t< liet tabie without their um ham* ??? peouvl ! in 'incases a? $3 each. o? four $3 ca?e? !D ormfo 99. sad in 9.7 c?i> e. rhu? tavirc 9? a? au..n i?ter<l iy V s pe au, La emat.d. Koux &c? *c. af a d retail ky 1>R. H A. BAKK??W. 194 bieeck r ttreet, (4 !oor? front MaoDom&l btree'i. New Y? rk. Irrunecia'eiy onr?reiit of remit'ance, Dr. K*kkow will forward Tri-t-e ar to any rart of the wr d. secure y packed.a 1 sdat???ed acoordrng to the inttruotiona of the w iter. d 'lin bf 1)R MAR ROW, that popniar ani b ".utr.i .\ 1 ;ittratel medial wo k.Ucmac f 'ra t?. P-ice oenta. I' iene , ar a .d ii<v s rae b? o''tai' cd by ?: tfiii authority from S. C. F OR U, Waaniugton. I>. C. de l2-3m_ LEA fc' CBLBEIUTID Worcestershire Seuce. Protouno?<l by ?J EXTRACT COWNUIS^EUKS 1"| of a Lattor from ? to bathe II Mtdical tiruUmrnm " ONLY GOOD V at Ma<lrM To His tirotksr 8AutK" - fflS" ow^,. fjgfc? -r.ltftVBrKVFSV ? -*?* that tf-eir S?i?if tVLSY > highly eateernS vtn<L'Tv n India, and i?. ix * i ny opinion, th? n;o^ W^ ?t> b'a, as well &? OF DISH. t-i fe-r- ythe most wnoleaome fc -i U <**" that ra mvle." Thi aho?e S^L'CK ia n?>t onlt the but and moit PorrLiK coro)[KB>T known.buttne moit tconom?, a ) a lew drop* in Schv Gravy, or with hot an 1 ooJil J cut*. Bt'f Stiak, (immi, te., impart an en unite xnt, whioh unprincipled Sauce rr.anufacturera hava in vmn tn ??m%tmfa On tha Ertakfmu, Luxcluon. Dinntr, or Su?9*t TabU, a orn:t oout&'nug " LEA A PERKINS' WORCEST* ilSHIRE SAUCE" i? ludupena*ble. T appreciate the grail**! tualaut of this <Ul\ctciu pr*p?r?ti?4j it ia on.y owtftrr to purchase a km* I; 1 of th* genmne. of a re*pecta'>iegrocer or ''ea v, en n:r.i:j Hotel a^d Hu:murant pro p/ietor* ?e;dom placelhe Pvrg Sauce oefore their gu??>'?. oat eutst.tutea genciue bottlt filled with a tr^Tiovs mixture. For sale by 6r<v-ert acd Fruiterer* everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A bO^S, Unum Squart and 14U ttrttt, .Vm York, 8ote Wh"l?:>al? Agent* for the United State*. A Htrek aiwa?* in atore?Also order* reoeived for direct shipment* from England. \LT Bewrt of CoMMtrrftitt and Jmntwmi.XD *ep S-l T .ro Hi TO PRAM'S Vft i PREMIUM T R V.X K ?f? ?lT?-.T'r iaiiriMTMl, D. O. AiM, Me?*l MetropoutanM?c^niM? lurtitilt, ^SjSSSfiWJSTs^arj'-' LuTflt'Preu, vVe*d Box, mza Pmokim Trvnka. At Lm? Ft%**?. Mmber* of Cor.cre?* *r.a tr*T?ieri will pimm x*uao? ?;J ?tocx t*;oro ?urchMl&( IsewliOT* Tror.Xe ih?t?re r.?<l9 ,n oti^eroiLti. Sumtiw Letter and Urea Truta aUi to #riraa?? <" ar d r?*.r?d u ?b?rl sotoM. Gootia de.ttoreti free of cafcrta to Myto?rtof llrt "J ^vftarVropHA*. II,- T?iWH.IM? ?*AV KLTnB TRUNK S %';?tr<te?12j ie??. ??rr* Bui. ko? vhieb wt irr mow a*' list iiwrriowr-o* WUl "i^Wg * <XK I CASH NOTICE. N Coas*qu?ti0? ?I ?ir fc?Tin? to hi m*h !ot even article o! [oedi we wrohMfc we are forced to r*4tiM onr bnaineea to Caak exel ntvoly, for Uc resect. \V e hare In store a very iarje assortment of R&AUY-MADE CLOTHfN? for mob aod iTS."" SS9 Pa. Mween ttc aad ink tt . ' Int*' A fsssh * letioo. Hair wVlr rtniN or XohaZr^. ^^ s. **?!? ? ? ' ?% ?<>??) ? tk? !ftf?. _ * TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. pUMMU.QftfflUK *"* wiwtmb schbdvlm. ^ N5S!!wS?PjroSuS^5!?!? SSiHrS?jttriHMSrWBhMc Nor > orkTrTm.; Hwni' tri I.IIr. M. itor&lM a HMMlilUna b*M ft Uk?*^- * ? a *. ArrfV# At Btttuaor* Ml ST it. lS V ?! Vn?- ?TI W*MKtN M tl a. arrrv*aj' imp r. Piu*4eipAiA ?nr N?w Vock M r. . ( AfttnOM IWHHDO'lAtloL-.fATt U T.I. ArrlTA At UALn,or? ?**?.?., J fcUACA. fik>r? iww WuMntii $ r. p. A -rVe At HtiUMit ?.< _f. K~ WM p. N'?v YOri it W~H trUt^i 1 a. m. 0*9ai><kyalttWArd A f*. *1 hC ft r M ITMA fr?? *Mt>IBftor tNHMl tfcro**h to N?v York *v*ry oaj dnria? i*? tMt. TRAIN* MOflfiG SOVTri Lfivt Iwyort AtTi. Pi i!*c* f fit* 11JA a. h. b^tukor* ? ? r imnAi^iuiattocua Nnr Joit At l > ^ l.eavtJNaw Yort at H p. Phii%de!phia >> 4- ? ; 4.U. Arnvs at *'aehlE(U>& MliE _ _ Aecompodatioc Traiti i?Tf Ba.'tt?orf at 4. acdtr.x .for Wm4id(Iou, arrlr?U?r? at U 4. H.andTp. X. On MiaJar ? at 4J* and 736 4 m ob1?. PutranrTraii ihtiiii MM.4MU111 Hlf1 4. M. 4.. C ?.(* p. mi i'aliifcore Mr# 4 x an.' 4 o P. , Ml? direct ce&aeotioi 1 (or Aan*?oii4 at the Vnuoi1 etf? Annapotia for Ualtuoor* ud Wm: icftor 4t IM 4. h. 4im5 j ?o r m Paetenrer Train* iwavin? \N Mtnd(toe 4t MO 4. II 4 M . aie ft p. and ft 4 timora ?t ?r aid 7JS 4. X? and 3fr'' P. X. w II iim omit ?l iminwfcl Jvusiton and Wat*tmtltm 1 Jmk/im Wat Paa?Qg*ra moat take tt? Tratnt rnlv f Triune will i#ave Waabinftoa aad Ha tiMfi promptly mpom e+rd IMU. W. P. PMITH. da IT Miuier of Tranaporta'or. Halt. 1 *?6 '21 TH IT 'i"? , ? Pei.niylvania Central Railroad, (with it? owpnt ona) 18 A FIK8T CLA?f* EOl'TE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, tAt ETY A\D COMFORT! O t?/\ ft' *? U . A ' * ? *' ? Diunc. OAb UA D1 r.U A - > V FREE FROM DUST! BAGOAGK CHECKED THROUGH FROM BAlTiMORKI THtu niLi Ttim no* PHILADELPHIA TO FITT?BCRGH1 Two o'tt?m matin* CLOU CONKSCTIOlia AT llllllKM With HIM OB tb? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL R JAD, iid formac THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE ho* J WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE ^ to all pi iuU io the >vbit, noeih-wmi and socth-w*ij. , inr "or Throifk TicktU, apply at the Ofat of a the Northern emral h? ] Roul Ctnr. * p? y,i,i.u;t FtAtioii, IIUttnoK Spl'ndtd Sleeping Cars on all Nt^kt Trains Smoking Saloon Cart on all Trains FROM WASHINGTON. Pa???L?er? w 1 t'.KO 'he 6 a m ao A p.m tra n, a riviuc id Baltimore a:)> a. m. ai.d 6 ? > p. wnereoloee ooDaectiou* air n t withuau?oc the Northerr Centra' K K.aoanveir Hamc V -A - _ ? " m< f. in tM i 43 a m., there ounneotuif with the trama on th? l*t may. rani* Cet'-ra. KaitioaJ fur ait parte of the ?mi FREIGHTS. By Una rout*. freijiu of a. deecnpiona oar. be forwards to and from ar.y poia- on the Ka lr. a t of Oiiio. K?i tuoiT. n-nana 1 unois. YViecocaic. lo?a, or Miasourl.ta hat roid direct roBffiMj van a central Mai .ro*da'ioe ntNta at FiiUt.ur* ?rb M'a.n>r?,!j w 11 oh faoora-aa SB .?-a to ai r p f on tne Oh o. Ma>kio(um. ecuoif. I enne??ee. Cam' rand. Iliiao.a Mia? iteipP', Wi"oor?,n. Mite, uri, Kau>ai, Arka. aaa, and K- d W : vfra; and at CU v- aiid. ?aaiia?ky Mid Cli!c?(o villi at??m?ra to al Ncrih*#?Wf? e*ea. 11 rcliftr'? and *lupp?ra Mitraetinc tM ra exportation of 'ueir Fr?-i?hi t*> una C> miacT.ou .e!y with c> L4jd?boeon ita pert > t auai*. TMh KATE?4 ?;K FkFIuH to and from a: y ?o nt id tu? v e?t. ? y t?>e |'et,n<i Mania C ntrai H*ij"o*d. m all !? < ? ? ? tkargtd tr Otb*r t.aUroui 1 fly" ri * p* cmriu mark pack i(M " via Pur. 41 ClNIR' L H R ' ! MaGKAW a K < j* S. Ff* cht to "?o.-rta itrret, Mi t mora. KNO^K LF.W i?, * ? . 1 Sap srint't. Alioooa. Pa. " L L H'HjPff G-a'l l iok-t At t Pmi ade rM* H. '? HOUSTON, tiea i Frontal Af?nt. KMtac*i ?Li-. IfjtK.M CLMlAL KiilLWAY. Tk* SAnrtttl. (jwuk4ft and Ft't /'Mti/rMi Tiort it, ika v? t T. .NOR 111 A S Li NORTHWEST. fiamwan WINTER SCXBDCLE Cm i*ai or A imb. Ob * d wlsr S*l'N DA * ,2?th Nomnhtr, Pa???t> fftr T r - I. ?- ?-J * 1 * ... .. x mm ut-pw jroa t*iT?n Static as Jul ? : 1 kaijis Nc*th lbavb Mi!1 it 8 ~t>?. m. Huda o r x. f??? ? p. in P? ? A inn ovation 4 p. ?. PilU . ?i tUl l.? rul'iirr h xp'W? 3Cp. ?1 SoBtH Att:n Pal ii ^ ^ jorr.iii"f auoi. M t ? m l<ot}v ?'il> ? m I t ; -1 htrriaburf Expraea t p. a. + Miatikir.Bi. T 9 fc-. ra train from Waatiinfftoa aornaeta v tii t ' c -u ?. m. tu from ttaTiuaora tor tua w ?t - Sufi*'. . k id ti roch' wr, !> ?kui. Co .,?i? ja a-i-d Niataia Fal.(,iM for Naw M Wn c.ty ? IV * m. train from Va-n^irr'on eonracta witlT .'I ;r ui ttUD f>< at B?ltiimia to W#?l Nor: t .? o. ihwent and t >inirs and Bwfk.o and Rnor ,e*.n. I T; ? < f. tr t-aiL from Waalucfton oo tracts witk thefc j . i . r am I'om Bvlroore tor Pi tai urg, Ha. t*. t * a. d t*a W ?t ano ta a direct oor naotio or j' ob. Ka*ton AIikdU'VS ud New \ ork v a v *< trft Maiir -ad of Nav Jaraay. Irj thia m.w io: Naw York ITT"! .-"cc'it train laavirc Baltiapara oc bandar li'/'ii ti* :i for Hamaburi.PitUbu |,Chlo?io aid t a Wtn. T he in ; train arriving in Hal tunc* on Hccdar if th 2 ' v El. ira.n. J Aft. O Cl.A KKK, no S)6 ly 8apenntend?1I *ix NOf'i 1 lO TKAV t- LKRS. t H-fc tca4iri-?r te^ne'a: tie* lj ordered the ma. ?r * a rnv*j Wwntfioi _n k Ba.i. ? a. Joint . Korir** ? <>.. mi :. tr t on and aft* onriay, r e i "i: u.-ftart. tLe Bar ' im oi ataamora wu. i?a- , a*- tM-HV D? Y (a*c*jrt?iii> da?)f t ' r vr vf, foot of I tun I).>ck, at 4? 'doc* ? or:t .radiate1? aft*r the arrivaJ of t: A\\a? t -ia, wHioL leasee WaatiEfton at i* c w. M,* p. m. *-tf M. W FAUA. IWt ifjii MUM WJEKKLY J>TW|KN I. UBI l"KKAMll.lVklPWOL, ? aud embarking >oaaao*er? at Qaoenattiw j, irr at J. TBe Live >00* New York and PhiLade.jJra BteaineUie C .1 y*i j tt-nl ditpaiofcio* tkair niil noweredC* i-tu. : iroi. >teaia?hipe aa fo.lowai ?L*?<?0\% >ataraay, AafBit 3d. cm OK BALTIMORE, - " Wtt. KANGAROO. - ? liu. Alo eve j Satuida*. ai PwmTNwI* ' _ iirner niuu. Plrst Cabin. $rm Po. to London " Do. toFtrM ---- - ^^60. to fiMUbVC ? Do to M Do. to * i? ..... m __ Do. to Huntmri. _ PMMim Iwmiw to Htm. i; mbm. Rot3^'ggA-gtf JaZiEca. I Por Tmrtoor m&>rmatiit a?l> H Uo C?pt*iM Oftoo. JOHN B. DAL ,4n*U OitoQ.A.EBEEiN6,2Uwnl36ee liLtt- i M^StT f <r?KU M4 wood, ^.t y^Mitf T ' 4 unftttn ar L*U A' ^ SouLruauc u ?m I mm via to* rvi Kl?er OH OtbailMt of K ni'?? rr?7 to 0o?U>B. Momhi, WMUN ft,Uo yjffdaytjf h *?* . ?t? o'ftlc-i n?M MM*n If* jrM wit* MWMlMii fUl' root**, kjj *r?r > '.fTMgweetfcr toeeeMfiti tad ooufort ft m? ? " vka *r%i?MW t i thu root?? t fhtt' r?i? ?*. lo?r?i. ul oafe'rivd ?i Fill Klvor ?r-v^* rerc<tTTni*.reaoliia? BoctH tkf ' ?"** ft. w>a? ^ri.icx or ma? ^njftfcrwt- ^*F 3jaw^?^?a,vaJS. ref$'4^5555S6?2r3 ^^nj'shu*. a" t

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