Newspaper of Evening Star, January 22, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 22, 1862 Page 1
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/ t JilA ; T* A ScrfSTr**Vfl *i *? rsnr ?rof? *"*;;? HT/.J -?' ff?.' M|M lift* _. I * ^ Ay A A> A A v A i ^ V%. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1862. !N?. 2,783. L . _ _ . i ?_^ ^ z _?IA . .t '. *. * l i ^ * k * " THE EVEX1NGSTAR 'UBLrSMBD EVERT APTBRNOQtt\ (SUNDAY KXCKPTKD.) - T tn > At ran ITift Bl ILDLItil, s ., fcnw / MMM MU ?U*??U ft. * rr W. D. WAkUkOH. . * > P*p-rt nrtil ? peeks*** ?T ? *?? *.fit OMtt per no&tfa. tt mail aobaerlbert ike price la S3 JO a fear, to rtwti,' Sg lot atx site; tl tor ttree aaitei ud for 1ms Iku tkree bobUm at the nte at Li oeata a week. Sla(le coplea, on cant; la wrcppeta, nro cnm. |XT' Asmtuwrnn afaooM be tent to Dm See before tt o'clock m ; otherwise ttary may M innMf until th* njort daw * wrr"? ? - - "?? - ? I 1 AHIITEREJTIIOSTATESrtlTOPTHI SOl'THER?! SITVATIO*. A Ui(k (' pltneit to the Federal Aath*r' ttt-??Gen. McClrllta has Johnston and Beauregard la a Vice?Au At<re?iire War Policy Recommended? Kentucky to be the Slirtlai Pol at. etc. [From the Richmond Examiner, Jan. 16 J For a period uncertain is duration, whether of day*, weeks or month*, the ??a?on commands a truoe. This is the true winter. The first campaign is ended, and a time hu come when it is no longer unsafe to review results sod consider witn candor the sitnatioa of onr M ? . main. Tbe campaign hu been strictly defensive. We have gained nothing, for we have attempted no gain. That we have lost comparatively little of aotual territory during the latter six months is due only to the difficulties of invasion in a country like this, the necessity for time to prepare half a million of soldiers, the courage of the Southern volunteers, and the individual eo ward tee of the Northern mercenaries. It is, however, undeniable that the defensive policy, \ beside* the moral strain on an army that awaits repeated and endless attack, and the exhaustion of % country whi?h is the scene of war, has given the enemy an uninterrupted opportunity to prepare a gigantic host and to arrange it at leisure for the full trial of relative strength when the seasons permit the resumption ef hostilities. While the political leaders ?f the South have been reposing in dreams of approaching peace, and while oar accomplished captains of engineers have been expending their remarkable aeientiia ingenuity in the ereotion of works as wonderful, and almost ss extensive and quite as valuable, aa the Chinese wall, to resist invading forces from a given direction, the enemy have gradually and at leisure gathered up their immense resources aad concentrated their tremendous energies to envelope the confederacy with their armies and fleets, and to pen etrate the interier from some one of many alternative point*. Although they oan new do nothing, they have their programme in perfect order for execution when the weather changes in the ordinary course of the earth round the son, ?nd at this moment we find ourselves in k the face of raparior forces wherever we look. whether to the North, the East or the West, or the Sooth itself. Qen. Sydney Johnson has to train every nerve to prevent the military as i well as geographical heart of the country from slipping oat of his grasp. Oen. J<>ioph Johnson ana Beauregard are held by MoCl&llan on the Potomac as in a rice. A gigantic armament is ready to attempt the descent of the MLsnsrippi, and their fleets on the Atlantic seasoast and the Qulf are too freshly before tbe public attention to require remembrance. Sach are the fruits of a policy purely defensive. Without even the hesitancy which would ocme of a possible interruption, the enemy have thus surrounded the Southern confederacy; and, if permitted to repeat as often as may be desired. their efforts to penetrate its heart, they will necessarily attain the place and the time where success awaits them. There is now but one chance of escape from the net that has been coolly drawn around a* ?it is to eonoentrate our energy on one point and cut ii through; to eon vert our defensive into an offensive war, and transfer the scene of at least a part of these hostilities to the enemy's own country. Situated as we are. it is only possible at on? point?and that is Kentneky. If the forces that we are dispersing to the four corners of the continent every day, to meet new menaces, were ooilected under the hand of Gen. Sydney Johnston, till a column was formed snfficient to enable bim to maneuver with some possibility of success over the plains of that region, he might hurl back the array in front of bim at present, and penetrate the State of Ohio. The attainment of this object would render worthless all the plans of the enemy. The circle of armies would be in the condition of the constrictor whose back has >>Min hpr??*n' t.h? IMDIi nf war vnnM n* trnn. ferred to his own territory, and every one who hu witnessed the ravages of armies in any of the invaded districts of Virginia, knows what a priceless blessing is designated in that brief phrase. He would be attacked beyond his defences. The alarm and confusion of the United States would paraliie its government and its generals, and the entire arrangement, by Which we suffer now and dread great disasters in future, would be immediately reversed. We have pointed to the general commanding the Confederate forces in Kentucky as the person to whom this businesd should be en^ trusted, because he is the only one in position, at this point of the game, to undertake an advance on the enemy with probabilities of sue ceas, even if sufficient force* could be allotted to the otnert. No natural obstacles encumber i bit path u in the cue of Polk and Beauregaru A concentration of troops now employed on tba seaooast and at other pointa where no rital blow ean be either given or reeeived. is all that is necessary to him for effecting this great end. To form such a concentration it will be necessary to leave wme portions of the frontier without other protection than the inhabitants of the neighboring country can afford; bat this will, ia most cases, be found mors than sufficient against attacks that were only intended to withdraw our troops from real points of strategy; and even if otherwise, they most for a brief time be left to take their chance, till tha blow that will relieve them, jith the whole Confederacy, can be (track where only it can be delivered. At present General Johnston confronts superior forces of the enemy under Buell, one of the moat cautious, painstaking and able general* on the other aide. General Bnell haa now, immediately in front of Johnston, an army of eeventy-stx thousand men, and can brine to bear on us, at other given points, thirty thousand more. What the Confederate commander > haa, may not be stated, bnt it is probably enough to hold his present strong position againat anj number that might attack Rim there. Bat the enemy has the choice to attack him there, or to paaa him on either side, get to hia rear and eat off his supplies This be can do by leaving a sufficient army in front of General Johnston, while be oan still send upon the right or left flank a force as large s? he leaves behind. .. That this U the plan of Bnell is now no longer doubtful. He has placed a force of eight tnoosand men at Olasgew, thirty miles to the eat ward of Bowling Green, threatening the rear of General Johnston, while it is withia easy n 1 1J ?? U|/pvt w? ?wv VVUOI pu?U D?ni ID atrong fore* by the enemy, if the pi a a of Baell is suooeaaful, it may result is a great disaster To defeat him, it isabeolutely necessary that mora man should at once be sent to Bowling Green. General Johncton must hare a force sufficient to attack Buell in front, with good chanoe of raoeaaa; and by doing ao will I not only defeat his aahome on the centre of tha confederacy, hat immediately tranafer tha war te the Bute of Ohio, and thus save tha whole Sooth froaa tha great danger of being overrun in tha first fine weather of the coming spring. We are satisfied that,beyond flittering poesibilitiea of a foreign interrention, the only rational hope wa oan entertain of a specl'v termination of this war if to be found tn an I offsasirs campaign aoraaa the Ohio, from ihe point taat maeru jonnaton now defends Tha but lis* of advance imaginable i? to atiriha at tha ritals of (ho North, which are the Lake Stataa, is that through Kentucky. Tha eo on try ia a plain, the people not acti?e!y hoetile, auppliea without a tint, and the great reaoaroe?the North la bayood. The enemy adantaad thia, aad are faking tremendoua efforta to aeoure Keataeky to them without tha poaaibilMv ti aaeapa. Tblaaaaaoa of inaction, from tha laolameocy of tha akiea, ia a praoioua boon of Proridenoa to ua; we aao now detarmina oa a plaa, aad prepare for its axacatlon in (aorx not, mil win render n*uf at and tbortjT* til the ?mUy and oonplleat*dd?vieM of th? ad?entry T?? CO* TBD **ATI *0?T omoi D*F1CIB*0T deficiency in the Pott Office can constitute an J argument for Mob reform. We J earn that the Post Office receipts of the Confederate Government hare fallen off about half a million of dollan, compared for a corresponding period of time undar the old Government, notwithstanding the ezoision of the franking privilege, the faot that since the 1st of Jane fast there umrw dmd mure peuj omoei discontinued than established, and the amount of pnblio and prirate correspondence induced by the war ad incident to the army. Tbe only explicable cause for the Calling off of receipts, when all other causes have conspired to enlarge them, oan be in the excessive rates of Confederate postage; the effect of high postal rates being always to diminish correspondence in more than an inverse proportion to the increased rate, thereby reducing the revenue derived from this branch of the public servioe. TU STABS AIID 9TBIPBS AND BAIL COLUMBIA. ?From the Richmond Dispatch.J An esteemed correspondent and a gallant officer desires to know if the South intend to sire up to the Yankees not only the old flag, but Hail Colombia, and everything good, to which we here as much right as they. As to the flag, we have already given reasons why anything that resembles it is likely to produce collisions in action between our own soldiers, apart from the odium that belongs to what is dow an emblem of an inhuman despotism. It is no longer the flag of the free; it is the flag of the tyrant and oppressor, and is stained With the blood of oar ions and brothers. Let it be banoeforth the winding sheet of the defunct Union As the body without the spirit is dead, so is the United States flair, when it caaa?a to be the emblem of a free Government, dead also. We have no partiality, however, for the Confederate flag. Oar objections to it an that' it resemble* closely the old and bow hideous ensign of despottam. We want none of its unnecessary stars and sickly stripes. The two flags of the two nations ought to be as distinct and different as the character and instincts of the two peoples. As to " Hail Colombia," we are willing to say ;i Hail and Farawell." We think the theme is played out. " Columbia" is no longer a " happy land." Columbia, we begin to susMCt. is a humbuff. We want to have a new country in itx songs as well as its laws. At the same time we would give up nothing to the Yankees that is worth keeping. They are by no means satisfied with any national anthem?, for they have offered a prize for a new one ; but even their money cannot produce the music. Of what value will "Hail Columbia'* | be to a peeple who prostrate " Columbia" at the faint roar ef the British Lion ? Of what value any national anthem to a nation which has neither national spirit nor national honor. Affairs in Kentuckt?Tab Rout of Humphrey Marshall ?The Mt. Sterling (Ky.) Whig of Jan. 15th givee the following details of the recent ensasement between Col. Gar field and Humphrey Marshall in that State : It appears that Col. Oarfield himself headed the dO0 eavalry, and with this force came upon the enemy two miles above Prestonburg. When Marshall discovered the presence of the cavalry be posted himself on a range of hills in the woods and opened fire upon them with his small cannon, of which he had four, but which were s? badly managed that they only plowed the sand away off from onr men. With nia 900 cavalry Oarfield fought the 3,000 of Marshall's men for fall two hoars, at the end of whioh time his looked-for reinforcement* of infantry came gallantly to the rescae. The battle now lasted with increased vigor for two hoars more, at which time night came, and fighting oeased by mutual consent. A? iV -I- ?fit H vsur uicu Bicpi uu vueir arms wiva vue cxpeetatioo of renewing the contest in the morning, but when morning came it was discovered the enemj had fled m the most rapid haste. The enemy's killed and wounded was estimated at between two and three hundred. Our loss was but slight. Immediate pursuit was somewhat delayed bj the non-arrival of the supplies, but before Mr. Craig had left the boats had come up, and the pursuit was about being renewed. Information had come in that the enemy was rapidly making its war in a complete state of panic and disorganisation ,into Virginia. From a private letter just received, we learn that the first skirmish mentioned, which re suited in the retreat of Marshall from Paintville, was a moat dashing exploit on oar part. Oar cavalry, the Second Virginia, met a rebel cavalry force backed ap by infantry. The impetaoaity of oar charge was each that in a moment the rebel'a cavalry center was broken, and the infantry only saved from destruction by a rapid retreat into the woods. For some time there waa a desperate sword to sword rencounter between the cavalry. "Poo*, Misbrablb Bachblor A corre gpoDdent wbo signs himself u above, uki aa the following* 'Would toti like an item that would please the ladies ?" Wouldn't we? The "Poor, Miserable Bachelor" than goes on todeaeribe a beautiful and unique New Year's present of which soma fair ladj has made him the recipient. It is a house oompletely furnished in miniature by the handiwork of th? said "fayre ladye." It is constructed of pasteboard. eovered within and without with n*t term of rich silks, while the furniture is complete u to quality and recherche in style. Bat the mirrel of excellence is a bed-room, containing "saoh a love of a bed," arched over by a "beautiful silken canopy," and furnished with downy pillows and snowy sheets, etc., etc., while hanging upon a book near by, in loving proximity with each other, are a hooped skirt and a gentleman's dressing gown. (*Poor, Miserable Bachelor" asks us to publish his communication "for the benefit *>r the fair sex, that they may emulate the noble example." Let us wait and see what the fruits ?Kia lik^U J #?. ? ? -"?? ?? ? v UMU 1VI * UUBUBUU Will 99 we encourage anr similar stroke of polier. If 11 "Poor Miserable Bacholart" are bo obtuse, o Mind, so ungrateful as the one in hand, .(provided be dia not "pop the question" before sunset j may never another ladj bestow a gift so suggestive and eloquent upon one- of the bfoekbead race.?Chicago Journal. aoQ JOHNSON A NAGLE, QQQ GOV . uroirns or &&& 1WINKS. LIQ.U9*S,HiTAXJ CIQARS, FiSE QKOCbRlkS, tc? No. 88? Pa. aryww^^hetweep^th^and 10th streets, No. 18 Royal st, near King, Alexandria, Va. Bole Agent, for the SPaKKLING HOCK and Ml MR I I V WIMM ' < B?kL.I_ ? ??? - *w v* ***** UVUftUOlW Joint Stook Co., in Hooumud on the K.' ine. Constantly on hand their o?!?br?ted Spoiling Hock and Motdle Cabinet Wines. C?*noi*Man ar* reayeotfolly inn ted to fiv* ? ?UL 1>? notice to Watch-Makert. < S. fc J. MTIRI, 10 WASHINGTON BUILDIX?, Cvfnsr Pa. avenue and Seventh et. i?4rMiT<d?iM MMitBMl of WATCHES ftt whoi ? ?<>. 'QOLD CHAINS AT WMOLtBA^E ^ 10 Wa*hT*|ton Bailing. WATOH Mlpaii^^FwHOLBlJU^! i *~3iaa?gr" yy &TCH-MA& MS'TUOLg At Wko iMftU! I TwIS^TaC TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. tr*m 6u. Basks* c?auid. Faii>**ie*, Jan. 98.?The latest intelligence from Western Virginia ll to the effect that Jack* aon la near Romney, and partially occupies Um town, while Gen. Lander has fallen back a few miles towards Cumberland, There haa been no action. Gen. Williams' brigade remains at Han Refuges from Martlnsbarg bring latelllgenee that then are bat 70 militia in that toW? under Nadenbouach, and these are anxloas to throV down their arma and Join the (Jnlon forces. Thla seems to be the general sentiment throughout that region. Jackson was near Romney with 17,000 men, and a few mora, principally mounted militia, were at Duflleld'a Station, Bloomer' Furnace and KearneyaYllle Croas Roads. At Winchester there ware but 900 militia The Martinsburg Republican of the 17th appeals to the Governor to arm the negroes. It says that at the late battle near Bath the Confederate forces ware met by 700 aegroes on the Union tide, who aiuou Milt* Ul ?uc rein OBRVT^ IfVU pflfMSf Mitt wounded tftj other* belonging to a southern German regiment. An oiftcer In the 19th Indiana baa received a letter from Capt Williams, recently captured opposite dam No 4. He la In prlaon at Richmond, and wrltea for assistance. He says tbe prisoners have bat little to eat, and are literally eaten up with vermin. A min named Wright, formerly of Baltimore, has been detected In endeavoring to pa-cure the transportation of several aacks of salt into Virginia, at dam No. 4, on speculation. He Is now In custody Farther trim California?Great Damage by the Rain Stem. San Francisco, Jan. 10 ?If possible, the hardest rain storm of the season has prevailed for the last few days, malting the soow upon the mountains, and causing an Immense flow of water from th? foot of the hills Into the Taller, which the main river cannot carry off until after most of the agricultural parts of the State are more or lets flooded. Tbe prospects are that California will be 1 nundated deeper than ever. The farmers and miners have already been Immense losers by the freshets UN winter. The gold product will be rednced mllllom, from this cauie. Toe placer and river mines sustain this lota, the various dams, aqueducts, canals, Ac, , being swept away or damaged. Governor Downey'a last message wan delivered yesterday, and Governor Stand ford's Inaugural to day. The message reprints the ??ste In a very prosperous condition, although the fuads of the State Treasury are unusually low. The January Interest on the State, Sacramento city and COUntV. bonds hm h??f>n rmiH The Massmchnsetts Legislature. Bostoh, Jan. 20.?In the State Legislature today a voluminous correspondence was pr?sented relative to the difficulties between liov Andrew and Gen Butler. Some of It is said to be of very spicy character, particularly that which h reference to tbe appointment of officers under Gen B itler. The Governor charges unfitness of character against some of the officers under Gen Butler, to which the latter replies by charging the appointment by the Governor of a man guilty of I tdultfrv. flllllHIna tr\ *n nfflrcr 1 j , ? " ?? ' "'itj;. u. f to have run away with Mr* Brannan, wboK disappearance from Staten Island caused so much excitement a fpw years aao. Thecorrnpondence wj? ordered to be printed. Affairs at the Charleatown Navy Yard. Bo=to?, Jan. 20 ?There are now eleven veasela of war at the navy yard, finishing, repairing, undergoing alterations, or awaiting atoresor orders, and three on the stocks. Among these are the hip of the line Vermont, frigate Macedonian and team sloop of war San Jacinto The Ino yet ilea in the stream. The sloop of war that la building will be o?e of the mostpowerful and beautiful of ber class In the navy. There are two months' pay J A- *L - a ? a ? - _ 1 uue w uic worsmeo in uie yara. The Strike at Philadelphia Navy Yard. Philadelphia, Jan. 21 ?The troubles at the navy-yard are about concluded. Thla morning more men were ready to go to work than were required Theie 1> no probability therefore, of the yard being closed at present It la stated that the order of the steamer Rhode Island to go to Boston for repairs had been countermanded upon a representation that the workmen here were willing to resume work. Prsspect sf aa Early Adraace sf the Army ia Kentacky. Cincinnati, Jan 91?The Gazette baa advices that warrant the prediction of an early advance of the Federal army In Kentucky The weather now la the only hindering cauae. Everything elae la ready and in fine order. The Lataat from Caira. Cairo, Jan '20.?General McClernand'abrigade baa returned from the expedition, and taken lta old quartera Tbe 20th lllinola Regiment, whlcb vtiva a?./?am*w^ .? ai - j * u-. v vuvwupui ?uc iiiuuiii ui iuoyiitriu creci since the expedition started, will be op to-night. Municipal Election. Middlktown, Conn., Jan. 20.?At our city election, held to-day, the Hon Samuel Launer, Union candidate, was elected mayor, together with the entire Union ticket. Mere Treeps fer Cuada. St. John, N. B., Jan. 20 ?The steamer Hlbernla, with troop*, arrived at this port this morning. HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE T IT IB THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THB WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IB UNEQUALLED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IB UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL BAVB TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this West, to be out on Pri day Morning?pries Three Cents?will he a remarkably interesting one. Every Person at a distance who would keep Posted with reference to what is really going on here in these interesting times should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. R.ENAUP1N BOLLINGER fc CO 'S LEFMAN, KIEFEft * THOMASS, SOLE AGENTS for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Dvim Strut, ja 4-1 m N*w Vorfc. TPIAN08?PIANOS?PIANOS! IS MorniDf received again ft supply ootftve Rosewood Pianos, among them ft_a^^ ymrj handsome carred one from ihs oele brated factor* of W. Knftbe k. Co., Bftlti-'HH ' more, which 1 will sell or rest on very dating terms. A seoond hftnd one of ootares also for^eJe or torrent at mj Piftno Room, No. 498 dsyflm" P. C. R1CHENBACH. pox gxpRLJSIOR ^ CRACKERa ?A freah rJZ'&Sr** WRl1Jo k Vlf tCHELL.' '??s" ***** Corner Vermont**, aa^ Uth^sfreet. T? SUTLERS

AMI% 100 bfttkili ' MCTADRANT8. irv |bMp;A. for?l??lMMbf A WINK, WM. CORWIN BURSY, ?. ^w,lBfiS?53V AUCTION SALES. By BARNARD A BUCKhV, Auctioneers, Georgetown, D. C. ' ^pRBSTKES' 8AI.?.?By rirtne of dead of 1 tnwt from Wm. W. MoNwr.diM April 94, I Ml, tad of reoord, we will otW at Motion oa the Uth da; of February next at 3 o'clock p. m , on the Premiaea, all that lot of groand in Georgetown known aa tbe easternmost part of lot number one aadred and tvuntr-MrkLnM iin itMii'tuUiiimi to Seorntown, fronting U fe*t on Doni-arton street, Marunaliig back north, of the same width, 130 teen ?f?th the improvements, consisting of a two tory frame house. of sale: One-third of the parohase money to be ?tia m > and the residue at three e^nal instalments. at three, viz and nine months, with interest, to be secured. , _ WALTEK ?-COX, _ HUbH CAPKHTON, Trustees Georgetown Build'* Assooia u. (a C oa ??. 11 s d a d n a_ i>nnt/ Dtr a ? ?WW DaiVHAKU g DUtHDIt ABOVi* By BARNARD A BUCKBY, Auctioneers. Georgetown, D. C. TRUSTEE*' BALE.?By virtue of a de-d of 1 tnut from Jess* Chiok, aate<l May ?, IU6. and th* UU) dar of Febroa'y. at 3^ o'clock p m.,on the premises, that lot of ground in Georgetown, bonnaed m follows, viz : Beginning at the end of tw?r>ty-six leet measured east, on the sooth line of Weet street, from the southeast intersection of West and North streets, and runnier theocs easterly, by and with the aouth hue of Weat atreet, tweit/ feet, thenoe aouthardly. and parallel with raid Nwth street, eighty six feet, thenoe westwardly, and parallel with said Went street, twenty feet, and thenoe north eighty six feet to the beginning, with the improvements. Terms of sale: One-third of the purohase mone? to be paid in oaah, and the residue in throe equal instalments, at three, six, and nino months, with interest, to bo secured. The terms of aa!e mnit be complied with within one week after sale, or the property may bereso'd, after one ? eeks' nowoe. at the risk and oostofthe first purahaaer. WALTER S COX, HUGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Building Association. ja6-2awti Barnard? HucKEV.Auota. By BARNARD fc HUCKEV. Aootioneera. Qeorgttoum, D C. TRUSTEES' 8ALE.?By nrtue of a deed of -1 trust from B, Hutching, dated September 22, 1838, and of reo<>rd, we will offer ?t auction on the lith da* of February. 1803-on the premises. at 4 o'olok p m, that part of lor Dumber ninety on?, (9l,iin HeaUy* Hawkina'addition to Georgetown, beginning for it* bounds on the south ride of prospect street, in Georgetown. at a point distant 6ft feet, me?ured cast, from the west oo-nerof muJ lot. and running thence sooth and t&rallel with the wst 1 ne of said lot S3 feet, more or less, to the lite of Mrs Masher's lot- thence east on the line of said lot25 feet. and thence north 53 feet, more or es?, t-j Proepeot street; thence with Prospeot street 25 feet to the beginning, with the improvements, consisting of a two-story frame house. Terms of sale: One third of the purchase money to he paid in cash; and the residue in three equal icsta inenti. at three, six and nine months, with interest, t?> tx> seoureo. The terms of sa e mult be complied with within one wee* alta. sale, or the property mar ' ? resold at tha j. sense and risk of the purchaser, after one week's notice. WALTER P. COX. Hl'GH CAPERTON, Trustee* Georgetown Build'* M?ocia'o. js6 2awta ItAKNAKl) & HOCKEY, Aucta. By BARNARD & BIJCKKY, Auctioneers. Oecrtetoum, I). C. TRUSTEES' SALE.?Br virtue of a deed of trust from Henr* Dade, tiate<1 April ?,1857, and of record, we will offer at auction, on the UUi day ot February, at 3>? o'clock p. ro., on ttas preiris*s, part of lot No, eighty, in Holmfad's addition to Goorsetown, t>ound"Hl as follows, viz r Beginning at the northwest corner of said lot, and run ning thenoe south, along North atreet, forty feet, thence east and at right angles with North street, forty an feet, thence norUi forty leet, and tner.oe Weat fort*-six feet, to the h??iimin*-with the im. rovements, consisting of two two story frame novae*. Terms of sale : One-third of the purohase money to be paid in oash, and the reaidee in three equal instalment*, at tnree,six(*nd nine mouths, with interest, to be seoured. The terms of sale must be rompliad with within one week after sale, or the property may be resold, at the risk and cost of the first purchaser, after one WMkl' DOtlOO. WALTEti COXt _ . HUGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Boildmg Association. ja6-2awts BaRNARD a BOCKKV, Auots. By vVALLt BARNARD,Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE-B? virtue of a deed of trust from Charles Williams, dated Apnl 23, RnH rtf rri w* will ?? > ? ivwiat ww win vuci ai ojuviuUi un THURSDAY, the 13th day ot February, at 4 o'otock p. m , on th? premise#, that lot oi ground in Waanmgton known and deaori bed a* the northern part of lot No twenty-six, (28,) in aauare No. one hundred, (100,) fronting forty-eight feet on Twentieth atreet, and fifty feet on M street, with the improvements, oouaiating ofatwo atory frame hoaae. Terma of sale: One third of the purchase money to be paid in cash, the residue in three eaual in stalments, at three, six, and nine montha after date, with intereat, to be seonred. The terma of aale mutt be complied with within one week after aale, or the property may be resold, at the riak and ooat of the fit at purctaser, after one weeka' notioe. WALTKR 9. COX. HUGH CAPERTUN, Tmatee'a Reorretnwn Rnilrf'* *t?nniitini, Ja7 2awts ~"? By WALL & BARNAR1), Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE-By virtue ot ft deed of trust irom N W. Wftiker, dated February 22, 1855, and of reoord, we will offer at auction, on FkIDaY. the 14th day of February, at 4 o'clock p. m , on the premises, that lot of groand in Washington known and described aa lot D, in aenare No. 424 beginning for its bounds on Eighth street, 58 feet from the northwest corner of said squtre, and running thenee couth with the line of Eighth street 16 feet; thecce east 63 feet 8 inohee to a 3 feet alley; thence north with the line of said alley 16 feet; th'noe west 68 feet 8 inches to the beginning, wiui mo i no provemems. Terms of sale: On* third of the purchase money to be paid in oash; and the residue in three equal iaitaimeots, at three, ux and mae months, with interest, to be seeured. The terms of sale mutt be complied with within one week after sale, otherwise the property may be resold at the risk and cost of the first purohaser, after one week's uotloe WALTER 8 COX. HUGH CAPKRTON, Trustees Georgetown Build's Associa'n. Ja7 2awto WALL A BARNARD, AncU. By WALL A BARN ARD, Auctioneers. TiRUSTEEtt' BALE?By virtue of a deed of tra?t from Cynthia B. Mason and other*, dated March IS, 1857. and of record, we wi 1 otter at auotion, on SATURDAY, the 15th day of February, at 4 o'clock p. m.. on the premlrea, that lot of jrour d in Waanington known aa ot No. e Khteen,(18,) in aqu&reNo. aeventy three,(7SJ with the improvement*. Term a of aalei One third of the puroha?e money to be paid in oa*n; and the reaiduein three rqu&l inctalmenta, at thre*, ?ix and nine montha after date, with intereat, to be aeoured. The term* of ra t mu?l be oomplied with within one week after kaie, or the property may be reaold at the riak and ooat of the fi rat ournhuMr W ALTtiR S." OOX. HUGH CAPERTON. Truateea Georgetown Build's Aasoeia'n. j&7 Sawts WALL 4 BARNARD, Aucta, THIS IS TO 6IVK NOTICE, That the ittb oriber bath obtained from the Orphan*' Court of Waahiagton County, in the Diatriot of Columbia, letters of adminutiat on on tfce personal estate cf George O. Hruah, late of W&ahi/ifton oounty, deceased. AM persona haTiai claim* againat the aaid deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the aane, with the vouchers thereof, to the aubeoutwr, on or before the fourth day of January ue*t; they may otherwiae by law be exoluded iron all benent of the said estate. Given under My hand thia fourth day of Jura ?rj. iota. U. W. ANSLLL. j%6-law3?r Administrator. [VIEW CLOAKS, il AT LOW PHICFS! Owing to the unuiaM denand for Cloaks. we have ju?t reoeived another tarce supply, which nave been pnrehased at very reduced prioee, apd wih oe old astonishing low. Oer stock of FANCY SILKx and LATHES' OKB^S bOODS ia ?U1I food, ana will be acid at reduced prices. M. TAYLOR & CO, ja ll-eo6t Snooaesors to Tayior A Hutchiwn. JMPORTAN T T O LADIES. The nb?cnbers have opened the store No. 16 Market Spaoe. Pa av. bet. 8tb and 9th ?U, aa a first olass Lao? and Fauoy Dro?? Cap Depot. oon?i*U&? in part of Pointd'Aienoon. Appngae, Mecklec ana Vaienoiennej Laoee, suob at Collars, Sleeves, Handkerchiefs, Cape*, Flouncing, Caps, Caps, Coiffaret. and made up goods of the finest gnaiity, and at New York prices COHEN A PQ^BLgOKJP. _ irunj now i urt. N. B.?All aorta of Lun jraahad. mandad. and don* ay ?|ul to mt, at abort notioa. da V im* THE SUBSCRIBERS bag taara to infora ttwur J. tatrona and tha aabno (ana rail? of be-a* inr amylj anaeliad with a auaarior ate ok FALL and WINTER GOOD8. Wk Thai aTao raataotfaliy invite attention of Wr their Army and Navy oaatomera, and thoee"^ * repair tag oatfita in that Una. to thai r aupenor jaai?jaaofTjwo^da, *^!?^tfr8honld^ Stray, oonatantlr onannd, whio&ara warranted aa rejre nwil liiiilafina thaafra far ttalftan'?* J^.n^MomerU a?nanu^ (SuooMtora to H. FTLoud-.c & Co-1 I Soldiers' Pay! THE HARNDEN EXPRESS COMPANY Will remit tarr of FIFTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, Fkom bolbik* to tiui Fahiubb, At a oh?rc* of TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Th* money should b? pleoed ail ENVELOPE and Hoirilf tetled. The fail tddreee, (imtimdmt Pen OJUt, Btf; ml**, ttrmt mmd wmmbtr, M > Imrgt city.) of the person to vtoa to be Beet, MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED TOA9 TO* e x"p'r'~b a a FURNISHES THE MOST RELIABLE MBAN8 FOR SOLDIERS TO SEND THEIR MONEY HOME. ENVELOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. ~~E. 8. SMITH. Agent Harnden Expraat, 3d at., eeoond door below Pa. ave., ja9 1m Washington. D. C. Soldier*' Pay. THE ADA MS RTPRKSH mMJ>A TV V WILL FOlWilO SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any place on the lines of their Express, At a chart? of twenty five oenta for any inin not xetedini: fifty douari, and a proportionate additional charge to places reaoaed by connecting Express**. The mocer. whether Gnl/l Of Trtnnmi honld be enclosed in an ?d?#Iom and securely sealed, and have the fa!! ?d !re?i>,( Ino'udinc town. Post Offioe. and State, and in oitita, the atreet and number.) of the person to whom to be sent and the amount lejibly marked thereon. Envelope* for this purpose may be ha<1 at our offices. To faci irate prcnpt del very, the ci?ar|e for nmitianoe snou -1 be pre r>%id. AltiMS EXrRESS COMPANY. \Ya<kinrtcm, Ja.a. 9. lr-oi. ja 3-1 m P A IPR A Ml^'B standard scales. I $?*'!*<> Fca SAL* BT J . P. BARTHOLOW, Sole Agent, Hardware It Agricultural Wartbiut, 448 Seventh Street, Between Pennsylvania avenue and tke Canal, opposite east end of Centre Market, ja 14-tf MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR HTM, The Beat in the World, TK* Only Reixabl* and HmrmUss Hair Dim Known. Sold br pill Druggitta; alio, at Bmnoii'i Patent Medicine Store, t p. Patent Offise.oor. F k Ttt, lad at ?ibbs's Hair Store, Ml Penn'a avenue, where Ladies can hava itaMiiec, if desired. Paotprr?61 Barotar 0L (lake 383 Broadway > N. Y. oo 3-lr ROAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OK~REMOVAL. The delivery office of thie oompany ia removed from Third street to the large depot od B street, befeeu 2d and 3d eta. de ?-tf II <EST/SU*HKB iii 1S19.) Beg leave to inform the pjb'io that they have extended their Kxprem to Waahington. and are now prepared to Transport Merchandise, Kane "Notes, Specie. Jewelry, Ac.. to all f a-ts of the MuUle, Art# England and Westtrn Statu an-i Canada Oonneo'in* with the most responsible Expre* m>s thronghout the cou; t t w? are enabled to offer untqualltd facihtu* to all who may favor with their patronage. For terms and farther information apply to K. 8. SMITH, A gent. Third at.,2d door below Ha. avenne, ja9 8m Washingtoa. D C. f^REAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand roth lor vY 7th street, to see the new etook of Clothing, jast reoeived atSMITd'S, No. 460 7th street. de II 1m (Rep.) TO OFFICERS, SUt-LbRS, Ae.-For sale, at a moderate price, a New York bant four wheeled lightoover?1 WAGON, with handaome leather cuaLioaa, Ac , having been need three timea. ooat #183 Alao, a New Vort made aet of Double Htmea<, with plated fittiuga, which baa never been need at all. Also, a aet of plain Sing.? Har 1.081, <uite new. Appir at 497 Seventeenth atreet, corner of.l, for aaireea of atable and groom. de3l UOMKTH1N6 .MlW-6.tERlOR NULLED E5 CORN.?The au>a-iu?r, Laving got the agency to upply Waahington r Georgetown with this delicate preparation of Corn, would reepeotfnlly aak of hia frienda. and the public at large, to give it a K>i il A I an Dnnna^ Papm alftin m ru4 1 - W 9I? dKAIIuY Aftcli Pa. a venae, between 18th mm 1Kb at*. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monuments, Table Tops, Ao. A large assortment a ware on hand. oo 19 8m Heavy wool hose. shirts and DRAWERS, aai ARM V SHIRTS, at S*4 Pa avenue, back rooa; ?r S6ft D street, between 9th and loth. de< tf A ll kinds op FANCY groceries and I\ Sutler's Goods oa_k%; c and for sale low br BROWNING A KEATING. de 4 St?wtf KS Pa. avenne. near 6th st Just received ten bbls. s. horine 9 superior old rye whisky, eight jears old, warranted. Also, sriine Monongahela WhisW . ? t otto l> - i m i.vaiui NUP&l Jtf.) I ft AVOUUC. PT de 4 Stawtf BROWNING ft KEATINC. HFOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! ANOKERCHIEFS, HANDKERCHIEF'S, HANDKERCHIEFS I?All aorta, took aow an equalled, for ladies and gentlemen?jnst the thine fur Curtitmu Preeecta. At THOM PSON'S, At E. A. Lake A Co.'a Marble H ill Basaar. deao Und>r B: owp'i Hotal. jVEWS-NEWS-NFWS! yEW YORK O^V^FR*"vb EATING SA The undersigned beg respectfully to laforrc their friend* and the public generally that^^v the* rave opened their establishment f?J on New York a*., near l&ih at. We^^AldF ahall spare no pains to procure for oar oustomei a the best the market oan al- ? ford. Parties, fami iee and sutlers suppl.ed at the shortest nitioe. Our establishment will be open daily, Bundaps PXcepiH. delt-lm* DORIAN A BWOfD. G BALMORAL BOUTS. OAT Tippad Doable aula Ba.ii.vraL f 1 ? Calt Kid ao do do on 6lore Calf do h ? Alao, ail other atylea of Lad>?? and Miaaaa' Balmoiai Uoou.tU cue&post and h*?t aaaortment in tHeoitr. J. H Ot*K VI" H * L. bo. 16 Market $p*o?. ja7 ao Feng, araaae, bet?oaa ?U> and 9te ate. /#V ISAAC HKRZBEKG, A 4 P AT V A UTSMI K . 4 ^ f liy*? to l>a loaurJ uq %olJ aud Suvar WaUsttaa. sua Nw.^ "'detV^u* a National Hotel, between tH COLUMBIA MARKET, Th? Bbwn^wo^Tmort'iw^el^lBlom Um eittsaaa ofWMaiaftoa tfctt h? bu ritaraM ? kuold aMrter, vfc?r? b* intend* k?*ptn? I lm?Ooodi Mnt froo of ok?rf? to ur pert of ^ iT' " C MALLAE0. ^ac^llaSffir T * . . ( ? ' r m THE TTKKKLY STAR. rnjkm^L I * Vtt muf t M Fwirty-lft wpiM?MMt?iiii?? ? ao gmunllj tkit^hMl Ike MOky. copies (ta wnppan) eu to procured at 0* etmatav, 1mm?H^iiIj ifWr (fca Imt of the paper Prlo*?TH&KE CENTS. ,??????p HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. 9 ?- J. ? HMiMLY OOttCMMTWULTEB? Compound Fluid Extract Bmoht, A Ttihm* mmd SftyfU Rtwudf For DuaM mt ttM BLADDER. RIDNEYS. GRAVEL, u4 DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. JN&2W &x?S?xz: by wt ct: tb? witut ? cjocnon in wwi. ud ?.l ritiiiTCKiL nuunMn in rMMN, u veil m pa.1* ajid rurlamhane*. Li :? * HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV For WwkMMM Aruuftf from KiotHM, UUxti of Pinnrw, Earlr Indiaor^tion or Aboao. Attt*d?d with tkt Following Symptom* : lndiaaooition to bintoi, Low of Povor, i/Of* of Metnorr. Diloilty of Hroathiag, Hucro/of Dumm, Wakefii; nJaaj PwHw of flaoi. . _ ? Poii r uo Baak. UniTtrm' LooaitMa of tki MaaoaUr Clfc% Hot Bai d*. ? u? r | of U? Dryneaa of tbo CTnn, Erapttoni oa Uo F*oo? pallid covwrxm*mcn. Tbaaa oymotoma, II oilcrwadw fo oa, vhiok tkia mnumie uvinioij removd. KK>B I on ova IMPOTKNCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FIT?, Ji o*4 mf which th* Ptima ?ujr Eayirt. Who ou U! Mat t hej are aot (Vaaaeatiy followed by UoM"m?TL M INSANITY AND CONBUlfFTION." Mm; are ann at the ease# of thalr aaffariaf, in wn will couru*. THE RECORDSow THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tin Mtlmmthelt Dmtht hi Omwmvmm. iui amp lb wirnsas to tub tmwtm or rum MMMWk THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTKD WITH ORGANIC WEAENES?. Requires the aid of medioine to atreofthaB and Invicorate the Pveteia which HRLMBOLD*S EXTRACT BUCHU ?? A TBIA.L WILL C0!f7I!fCB THB MOST llirTICil. FEMALES- FEMALES? FEMALES, OLD OK VOLNS, 81NGLE. MARRIKD, OK CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many Affection* P?c*lv?r to brmmltt the Extract Buefcu ie nnequaled hy an t other r*<nmiy, aa in CWoroaia or Retention, Irr'gutarity Painfutneaa, or Snp?reesioa of Ouatomarv E vaouatioDs. Ulcerated or Schirroua crate of (be Lteru?, Leucorrhea or Whttea, Sterility, and for all oomplaiiiU incident to the *?*, w net her anaing from Ind'*erei vb, Hab.*a of Oiaaipation. or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE f SBB TKPT0M8 ABOVB. NO FAMILY BliOLLD BS WITHOUT IT. 7ta*? nc wunt Balaam, Mircwtf or Vnplftmmt Mtdicin* /or U*pl*a$a*t ana Danf*rout HELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU ma SECRET U1IKAIU In nil their St^ei. At Utile Kxeeaee Little or bo ouu^tu Diet; No iDeoir^iSiaie It oMeea a freeu'iu*?* nTVnfi^tire* ivmiU to Urinate, thereby Kemoring Obetruo?ioc?. Preventing and Curmj Btnotarea of the Urethra, Alley lag riuud ix.titrr.rnaMon.eO freqoent id the olaea of diMa*ee. tad expeJiag tUi Pouo*out, Dt*o**od, omd worn out Mtutor. TBOVUNM irOR TBOUUIM WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF Vviiis, and who have paid k*ary /mi to be oared ta a abort time, hare found thry were deoeived. ao i that tha iaow" haa, by tha u?e of "mimt/m ?>irisi?Mi' bm dried hp in tha ajatam, to break oat ia at ac (rarated form, and PSKHAFS AFTER MA&R1AVA. 0a? HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHV all affeotioua and diaaaaae of tha CRINART ORGAIU, wk?th?p Afiatinv in IUALK OR riSULE, from h?ter??r mom onsinatinc and do mattor of HOW LOHG ITANDIfie. Dimmn of thego On an* roqaire tii? aid of a DifUTU. HhLMBOLD S EXTRACT. BUCUU IB THE GREAT DIURETIC, ud it la oortain to have th? oeairod effect ta DiMMOa/ar which t) i? rtcommtndtd. itibiici or tbb mo?t bb?runbiblb abb bbuablb cbabactbb vill)M00mvBB7 Ue nodioiBM. certificates of cures. From I to ? yeara* ?W :M vuh n""science'and fame. -PHYSICIANS" FLEASE "NOTICE." ws Kui "bo mobbt" or "isbkbdibbts." HtLMBULl)'8 EXTRACT BUCHU 1a oompooed of Baoha.Cabofcoaad Juuaor Bom*, oiootod with rroot Mr* by a oompetont Oracciai. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. BILBIULB, Pnotwl u4 AiuUrtiakJ CIiwiiH, ud Bom IUiu&otaror of HKLMBOLD'8 QKNUDTK PR*? AAA TI OS 8. AFFIDAVIT. I'ffiKSkSf*. r&siiznx beiqc dalr ?wora, doth aay. hi* propagations ooatiu no aarootio, so moroorr, or ou?r lajartoao T. BE LMHOLIk ???ssu?us.ta*"? ra-rtftsir * Aid or mas. NliU at., abovo Rao*. Pkila. FHYSICLLNS LM ATTE M DAM CM FMOM 8 4. If- TO b F it. Frlca SI pt bottle, or all for 9*. Delivered to av addreee, mmnIj ?n>t< (Ma obeerrauea. Addreee letter tor tnlwaMwa la WM? H. V. KMLMMOLD, CUitM, Bi| il, W ?o?tt Twttit, Omfil Ffcefr uvwi 9 n> RfiHirmnrn JJtD WMF Al^CU LED DM ALE AS wko NteTor to 4tmmm ~ot %kmt m" u4 "otiii*aruoiMw4i rontmoitWiwi t>j $4 m ' u in. Sold kj h. B, Wait*. S. A. tuui, J?u Wax, ft. a Ftu, & B. I- B. O BiivD J^L^MwSolgn ^ATaatwmaaa. Att fv? II gliMWIIiP ^

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