Newspaper of Evening Star, January 22, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 22, 1862 Page 2
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THE "EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WlDSKtMMY JAMCARY 99, 1M9. ffT" 1 aouyh Thm ktaz ia printed on th? faateat ikam pm in mat ?o?tb nf Baltimore, ita edition I* an tare# a* to require it to ta put to pceaa at an early boar: AUttriutrntnii, therefore, stoiild be tent la before U o'clock x. ; c-'.berwlae they amy may aot appear until the next day. Iln Fitniu at th? mrVni willlhnr ratunt and position* ?m confer a ftevw by keying m posted u io rr.oTfnapnta md aflfelra la their T'.eln'.tica. Spirit of th? >1 amine Press. The InteUigtneir thinks the London Timti not aa wsthortty to toe relied on *a indicating the tone of British sentiment in reference to American affVrs Re*. Mr. Deniaon, of the R*p*lltc*n, contributes a couple of columns to that paper upon the question "Will the contrabands fight?" Thb Opbbi.?Despite the weather another fashionable audience greeted theS'rakosch troupe ob their second appearance last night. The slight piece of "Betly" was made Its ' possible'* by 8'jslnt, Brlgnoll. and Miss Hlockley, and the last act of La Favonta was given with no little power bv Msdame StraBosch I whose klndlv face everv body was glad to Me again; and Brlgnoli.but minus the part of Balthezar. To-night Roasters master piece of operatic composition, TKt Barbtr of Stvtlle, with Miss fllnkiey as Rcstna; M ine Strakosch aa Bertha; Brignoii as Conte Almavlva; Mancusl as Figaro; Baalnt as Don Hartoio; and Nicola Barlll as Baslllo. It Is understood thatMrs. Lincoln, Gen. McClel. laa and other -personages of note will be present to-night. To-morrow n'.ght is positively the last of this trourw here, as they have engagements to luifiil In Philadelphia on Friday night. rrr From ^hillinirton, Odeon Building, and from the publishers, Tlcknor k Fielda, we have early copies of the February cumber of the Atlantic Monthly. * It contains contributions by Mr?. Stowe, Prof Agassiz, James Russell Lowell, (new (,Blgelow Papers;") John O. Whlttler, and kindred pens of celebrity, including the author of the powe'ful 'Story of To-Day " The Uiiu Fikk Bomb Shell ?A second experiment, on a large scale, (the proper material baring arrived) of the Greek Are bomb shell <f Messrs Short & Smith, will take place this evening, at preetsely eight o'clock, on the grounds between the President's Bouse and the Potomac A flae view may be had from the Park on the southerly side of the President's House try Two thousand drllan have been sent to Boston, fur the relitf of the families of volunteers, by the Masast hu*etts men of California. r~7* From !*i.illlDgton, Odeon *'ui!dlng, we have Harper's Mazarine for February,containing no ?nd of ^ot;d things, litprary, political, 4c , 4c. Fihaxcial Affaibs?From theN. V. Evening Font of yesterday: The stock market opens weak to-dav, losing the Improvement established yasterday afternoon on the war news from Kentucky. The account of the battle given in the morning papers contains some discrepancies of dates and other detail, and consequently fails to stimulate the market, prices fallinv t>ff I >ik ner fpnt ?ith anma ? n r - i ??? ucbiic iu realize Thf* of tiaancial relief from Congre*s. together with the Ill-natured tone of the foreign paper* by tt?* Arabia, also tends to check any tendency to improvement. The position of the speculator*!, at any rate, has been an une*ty cue, and it would rtqulre liberal buying on the nrt of the public to relieve them of tn<ir stocks at anything like current prictn The hitch in tht paper money scheme has sadly disjointed their calculations, and the market seems to need the support of somr* great military surcess which hall at once vitalize the whole Union cause politically as well es financially. Tbe market for 7 30 Treasury notes It lower, al percent discount for unendorsed There are Indications that Mr. Chase intends Issuing these notes to public creditors ^ Money is wltbout change, 0 per eent on call, rwu&tomt Dustneaa aa low u5 pet cent, and as htf b aa 7 per cent. Gold la more active to-day, at lU2jf per cent, with a speculative Inquiry on time. The aalea at tbe Brokers' Board amounted to about 9100,000, at 108l{al08)f?the latter price on buyer'a option The money orokera are buying freely at 103^a lot*. Licbange on Lordon tarna upward again today There vraa eocsderable buatneaa yeaterday la first-diss bills at 111, but at the close the trading drawera are aaklng Jfalper cent, more than ***?. The market for aeiect bill* Is now 111 Wa m tir. Ciaco del Wen to the banks to d*y the twen*y-one millions of 7.30 Treaaury Notea of October and two millions of atock At a .meeting of back manager* yeaterday It?-.? egre+d that the aecord fifty millions of 1'reawiy Notes atid tbe certificates of tne atock loan ahould be delivered to tbalnstitutions owning them, and not aa heretofore. ren>?in in the custody of the Treasury Note Committee. ftSISVOBCEMBSTa FOB GB3BBAL SHEIKA!*.? The ateairer Oriei tal, recently arrived at tbia port from Port RoyBl, baa Wen fitted up for the conveyance of troopa, and a la-ge supply of water baa been placed on boxrd To day.or to-morrow tbe ateimer will depart for Annepjlia, where th* Forty-*eventh re^iiLena will em^>ark,end tneoce proceed to HiltonHead, joining General Sberroan'a command. Tbe ablp Elwood Walter, wblc* la to convey tbe Urat Coonectlcnt battery of Artillery to Po't Royal, la ready to receive tbe corpa on board. It tbe unfavorable weather doe* not prevent, tb> embarkation will b*gin to-day. The Elwocd Walter will also take aome boraea belonging to the Fir?t Maaaacbuaetu cavalry, wbicb, it will be remembered, embarked for Port Royal laat i ue atcamer Matanaaa 1* loading with abot and abeli, and will soon depart for Port Royal Some ordnance will be put on board, and alio n enniM. I erable number if recruits far the regiments under General Ste man's coinirnnd. Tbe Matanszs was despatched from Port Royal to Fortress Jloniroe for swnuoition, wnlcb wss, however, sblpptd before her arrival She takes from this port au assortment of army stores ? N. Y Pat. Ic* on THt Mi*sis?irri.?It hasb?en four years sloe* tbe cltlxens of St Louts witnessed the river opposite tbe city closed by ice Tbe barbor Is now completely tit ed, and the ferry beau were nut at tbefr l*gttfw>ate occupation yesterday They made do trips between tbe Illinois and Missouri shore, but were endeavoring to cut a passage through solid tee stress the river without success Two of tbe ferrv boats^re at tbe landing on the opposite side, and one Is at the upper ferry landlog on this side Lat? last evening no passage been cut tbroush tbe lo ?<? "> ?? _ j ?hv wua?fl wrrr la about tta? aune relative positions they occupied la Um mornina. The Seventh Iowa regiment went up to the upper ferry landing, yaaterday morning, for the purpoM of eioMtog tbt rher en route tor Cairo, kut 'b?T were delayed until dark, and probably bad to quarter another nlgbt in tbe city. Towards evening foot pawngera croaaed the river in great numbers, and tne ice will be perfectly solid and aafe to-day Rtpubl'cau. Craa ron Mtoiriu Knar ?It la said that froxen feet can be speedily and certainly cured bv being bathed and well rubbed with keroaene or coal oil, for a few timta at night before retiring to bed Several persona have already tried It, all of whoin unite in pronouncing it an effectual cure, which, If they are correct, ta an eaay 'And cboao Bid* if w*ai? # b vi * c? t mre ma traabletoist affliction. Those who have tried It Inform us thai (be feet the aid be well w?rme*l by a hot stove daring end after tbe application of tbe oil, sad U wlli certainly effect a nperdy cure. Persona suffering from tbe pain of froated feet will no doubt do well In giving it a trial, for it la aarely a cheap ointment, and oue that la very easily applied ? H'rrubuTgk Un\on Colosw. oabvtklu aa a Kiomtsb ?A correspondent of tba Cleveland liera.d In an account of ibe battiest Preatouburg, Kentucky, aava: A bodv of tba enemy w as posted on s command ing bll>. and It brcane necessary to dislodge them Tbe Fourteenth Kentucky volunteered lor .e service, as they know tbe nature of tbe ^rojad ' ltd Cot- tiartteld, In, boys; give tbe ?? X U Columbia:" 1" be kill vk ss < .eared .end soon tbe reserve of tbe '..rigsde came In at a double quick. As soon as ]M saw tbem Col Garfleld pulied off bis coat ana sag 11 up la the ?lr, where It lod^'d la tree, oat of reach The ro*? threw up thelaeepa, with 'wild about, nd ruthm at the roomy, Cot. bufield, la hie ?h1rt Hetm, iced leg 'he wiy, t/ The quota rf Uo p* foe MJtait Ulend on the cell for 600 U*> men amounted to 4.U67. She hee aiieedy forwarded 3,1** ihowlef en apm T?r her quote of *,067 tCTThe Bridgeport Pkrmer. which waa eopei'iwd for Ueeape laet sami&er. le eeaoueced for OrR MILITARY RTDGET. IXCHaSOKD. Lleot. D A. Forreat, of Va ; Midihlpmin H. B CUlbenrn, La ; Mldahlpman E. A Rusglea, Va.; and Midshipman A. B Wharton, Tenn., formerly officer* of the U 8. Navy, and arretted aometlme aince in eon??quence of realgnlngthclr commlMlona, reached Biltlmcre veaterday from rori warren, ana lert ror "Dime," via fortress Monroe and N or folk, having been exchanged aa prisoners of wir. Lieut. VV. H. Ward, Va , was released at the same time, and will go South In a few days A CORRECTION. , The boundary of the department of Western Virginia is incorrectly dt fined in tha Army Register for 1963. It should be as follow* : So much of Virginia aa Ilea between its entire boundary oa the west, the western elope of the Alleghany mounts'.r.s on the east, and the boundaries of Pennaylvaala and Maryland on the North, and \nrth Carolina TtnnMUf on thp Annlh , affaim in alfxandiua. Alexandria. Jaa 20 ?Editor Smr: I bave do des'.re to charge neglect on all th? 98th stationed In tblsclty as provost ?u?rd. Tbere are among tbem men whom I esteem, a*id who will do their duty, but It la not *o with the whole regiment. As to the seizure of liquor, a (rood deal has been taken from time to time, but It Is not to be seen at the oflJce. It Is curren ly reported that some of It has been xold?certainly not by authority of the Unlrrd States. On Saturday, a small picayune establishment on King atreet was entered, and a^out a dezen bottles taken out, carried to the offlc*, and It dlsappered?at least a part of it did? la double-quick time. Occasional. affairs in alexandria. Alrxandri a, Jan 21 ? Editor Star: From the T fir til \r* nf i'?>atcrr1av n?lnt? t\ Kx?r?? I* pi IIIKU UCU ^ l? WUUIU be *uppoc?d that Injustice had been done Mr. I Harrison Jacobs, In bla arrest by the Provost Guard On Saturday night a man was arrested and placed in the watch house On hia appear I ance before the Mayor on Sunday morning, it was discovered, bv bis own admission, that be was a soldier of the 63d Pennsylvania regiment, bv the nameof Jam^a Parks. On being asked w by he appeared in citizens clothes, be said he had exchanged bis clothes at a barber's shop to prevent beln^r arrested Whereupon he was sent up to the Provost Marshal, to dealt with or returned te his regiment. The officer who went with blm took him to Mr Jacob's shop *nd obtained his coat and bat, returning the coat and hat got from Mr. Jacobs. It was proper and right tbatan arrest and examination should take place. It certainly did not appear before the Provost Marskal that he bad anv yre^t difficulty in making the ex? change or borrowing the old clothes. The matter w?? sausraciorny arrangta or so understood by Mr Jacobs taking the oath of loyalty to the Union, and he was promptly released by G?n. Montgomery, on a promise th*t the thing should not again cccur. telll nwj bimat the same time that a guard would be on tbe lookout to see that there was no further of complaint. This furnishing of cloth** to soldiers has been a source of *:reatevil, and will be stopped. After tbe battle of Bull Run It was done extensively, and bv this meant many of tbe soldiers wer? enabled to desert It Is believed now that many of the mtukets ard p'?tols after that battle were bonght In tl is town for a mere *on<<. Guns at 9*2 50 a piece, and are snugly itowrd away, out of sight, but iiot out of mind, should tbev be needed. X. alfxa>dk!a kiwi Alexandria, Jim 21, 186*2 ?Editor Star: On Siturday nlgbt several arre is were made, and the parties placed In the watrhhnuse. On taking them before the Mayor on Sunday morning, one of them cl imed to be a soldier, stated bii .w w i ui?9, oitu mri uc uciuu^ra io mc wa Pennsylvania regiment; also, when a>ked how it happened he had on citizens clothe*, he Minted that he obtained them of a barber down st'eet, and that he could point out the place. An officer being sent with kfm, it was found that he exchanged the cl< tbes with a man named Jacobs, who was taken before the i'rovost Marshal yesterday, and on his taking the oath of allegimre he wan released. There has been considerable of this business of chanting clothes down here, and thi* mode r.f "punishing" those detected amounts to just nothing, and secesli laughs at it. 1 was informed by the captain of the propeller Chamberlain, who ran the blockade on Friday night. th;it ninety-four shots were tired at him from the batteries, but not one touched him The vessel Lad a full cargo of corn, oats, and hay for the Government. Fine progress 1* making with tbe railroad connecting the Orange and Washington roads at the Orange d:pot?and not Manassas, as has frequently been stated. The fog haa been so dense for several days that we have out few arrivals. The river Is entirely free from Ice. Whisky continues to arrive here for rome favorite parties W by cannot a stop be put to this? Complaint Is frequently made of delays at our Post OtBce. Everything is done bv our efficient and accommodating postmaster. He bas a large force in the office, to which he gives great person*l attention, and but few are aware of the great increase of tbe business of the office 1 will only mention one Item, at.d bat is that there was mailed from the cffloe yesterday 10 519 postage paving letters, to say nothing of newspapers. The establishment of a Union pap* r is contemplated here Tbe flr?t number Is expected to be ;aaued on Monday next. L'.niox. congressional. XKXYIIth C03GRfcS>?Secend Sesslea. Sksatk ?Yesterday, after our report closed? Mr. Grimes' bill In relation to a railroad along Pennsylvania avenue and other avenues and streets in uie rules or Washington and Georgetown, was referred The bill making an appropriation for the defenses of Washington, was taken up, discussed and laid over for further consideration until today The bill enabling the Secretary of ^ar to appoint two A?sl*tant Secre'aries, was passed After the consideration of the subject of Mr. Brlght's loyalty, without disposing of the question, the Senate adjourned. House.?Afer our report closed yesterday? 1 ne bill to regulate the carriage of printed mat'er outside the malls, wa? laid on the table. The bill authorizing the Secretary of War to appoint two Assstant Secretaries, was passed; .1 J 41 sua me noum adjourned THE "WAR 1* KE*TICKY. The Partlcalars *1 the Battle at Somerset? The Rebel* ? iy Like a Flack *f Sheep? aptare ?f a l their Artillery?1 we Hna> drfd Rebels Found *u the field Cincinnati, Jan 21 ?A special Louisville dispatch to the Commercial ?j>s that dispatches received at head-qusr'eis announce that the battle took place on guoday inon.lng, and that Geo Tbomas continued the pursuit until night. Our forces followed tbe rebel*, who ran like a flock of frightened sheep. close up 'o the en'renchinents, on the north bank of (he i iver In front rf these they laid all night, e?p<*ct:ng to storm them in the morniag VV Ith the aid of their boats and barge* tbe enemy managed to get across the river oefore daylight. They left behind all their artillery, ammunition, horses, tents, eighty wagons loaded with quartermaster's and mrdlcal stores, which fell Into our hands. Our troops had possession of the intrenchtnenUNveaterdav uiornlnor Art?r trig tbe opposite aide of the river, the rebel* dls persed In every direction Two hundred dead and wounded rebels were picked up on the field. General Zulllcoffer vu found in a wagon, mortally wounded Uur Iom baa not yet be*n definitely ascertained, but it must have been considerable. The Surgeon of tbe 10th Indiana Regiment teletrrmpha that bis regiment had seventy killed and wounded. oeueral Thomas'* division embrace* some of the be?t regiments in this department. As far as I can learn the Otb Ohio, ltrtb Indiana, ^d Minnesota, lcth regulars, and 4ib and H?th Kentucky resgln.< nts were among those engaged. Col. Mansou's Brigade, including the 10th Indiana, 18th regulars, ana some Kentucky regiments. reinforced (ien Thomas. During Saturday night they made a forced march of 25 mile* tbr?Uiib heavy roads, and managed to arrived three hours before tbe comin>invm*n< nf lh? ? - ?v ~n~'i ??n? nicy iook a glorious part, iu spite of ttielr fatigue. The tenor of all the official dispatches goes to bow tbat tbe affair resulted in tue u>ust brilliant victory of the war No prominent ctfirerx are nld to be killed on our slae Oen. Scboefff vu utterly unable to cut off the retreat of the enemy, owing to tbe bluffy character of tbe country and to me obstruction of ail the roads by felled timber. circihrati, Jan 21 ?The Ohio river baa rlaen seventeen inches since laat evening, and Is still rising at the rate of an Inch per hour. There la now fifty-two feet four Inches In the channel. oin thomas i* rUastiT l)? tux snbmtLovisvilli, Jsn HI ?Mo news baa been received here fmm Oen. Thom?? i.u/i.n -? : ldtaga of the Federal low 1b the battle'fought on Ooa Thomas baa taken the fte-mer aad nine luif tn whtrh therebels conveyed their foreea acroaa the Ci)mt>erland, and which, In their precipitate flight they failed to destroy Tho theory at headquarters la that Gen. Thomas baa bee* too busy la oaing the boats to convey bis troops oeroas th? rl ver Soatbward, la pursuit of tbo retreating enemy, and providing other mflp>s of tranaporuuou, to eeod the details of tba went flgbt No private telegrams of military matter* can come orer the line to I oatavltlr, and no private laformatlon has boon received kerf relative to tb? mavtmsoU of our troops. V * - * LATE NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. From the Richmond Examiner of Monday morning last, we obtain the following Items of newt. The F.xamlnqi cornea to as in mourning for the late John Tyler DKSTH Or IX-rtKSlDIKT TTLXR. OnSaturday morning the public wi?r<? startled by the Intelligence that altttl* sfer midnight exPresident Tvler had breathed bis last at his rooms, In the Exchange Hotel, of this city The announcement of the melancholy fact occasioned . .a * ? 1 ? a ?_ <* - iuc muit painiui urpri?- in me c?nmuiuv, M 11 bad not been known that Mr. Tyler had b?ien tck, or even generally known that he bad at ail been indisposed. On the Sunday moraine preceding bl? death Mr. Tyler c?me to the breakfast table, at the Exchange Hotel, as usual. While sipping a cap of tea he was seized witE sudden falntness. and on attempting to rise from his chMr fell to the floor. He was taken into the ladles' parlor, where he recovered, and was then conveyed to bis chamber. Several physicians were prevent, and came to the a*si?'aoce of Mr? Tyler?among others, Dr Crocki et, Dr. Brown and Dr. Miller, the la ter of whom assisted In bearing him out of the breakfast room. Dr. Fa'rfax waa also called in by Mr. Ballard, the proprietor cf the hotel. This sudden attack of lllneaa w*? nnt ?a to be serloua, and gave but little alarm, aa it waa known that tbe deceased, at different periods of his life, bad been subject to a?vere a'tacks of vertigo. Hopes were indulged of bis apeedv recovery, ana It waa not doubted that be would get well until the night be died, wben he waa suddenly taken worse, and failing rapidly, but without pain, died precisely at fifteen minutes past twelve o'clock on Friday nlgbt. THX OBSIQCIKS Of TBS DK( KASIS. It Is not determined, In detail, what will be the order of the funeral ceremonies of the Illustrious dead, and they will not be determined until the committee or arrangements In the Provisional Congress, cf which Mr. Tvler was a member, is appointed, which will be done to-day. The melancholy event will be noticed In Congress tbls morning, and appropriate euloglum? pronounced by distinguished members of that body. The following la the liat of the committees cf arrangements and conference appointed la both branches or the State Legislature : in the Home of Delegates?Messrs. Barbour, Newtcn, Robertson, Hunter, Shefl'ey, Grattan, Blue. McCamant, Rives, Jones, Saunders of Franklin, Mailory, Anderson of Botetourt. in the senate?M?sirs Branch. Robertson, Collier, Wiley, Isbell, iXewman, Johnson. THE LIVING is STATE. The remains of the deceased were yesterday ta*en to the Capitol, where they will lie In state j until removed for interment. Three o'clock In ! the afternoon the solemn ceremony of laying the remains in state was p*rf >rmed at the Capitol, the body being disposed bv Lieutenant Governor Montague. Mr. Isbell, of the State Senate, and Mr. Hocock, member of Congress; the members of Congress, of the Senate of Virginia and of the House of Delegates, attending in procession. It is expected that the remains will be removed to-morrow, after consulting the wi shea of Mr* Tyler, who 1* at present absent from the city, having left here op Saturday, it Is understood that a funeral sermon will be preached In this city, but the detail* of time and arrangements are yet In the hands of the commlttce. On Saturday the bells of the city were tolled In testimony of the public sorrow; all the legislative bodies were adjourned; and the flat* over the capital, the publlcottlres and other buildings Inthecity. remained drooping at half-m*?t under tbe wet and clouded skies of Saturday and Sunday. TUB LAST MOMENTS OP THE DKCXASKD. At tbe time of tbe dtcease of .Mr. Tyler, there were present in his chamber Drs Brown, Peachy and Miller, Mr joslah C Wilson, of Cbarle* City, Mr and Mrs Ballard, and Mrs Tvler and fcblld. These were the witnesses of his last moments. Dr Brown had been sent for, and on entering the room Mr Tyler said,'-Doctor, I am dying " A few moments and b?: fell off into the utter weakness preceding dissolution. One of the attending physicians approai hed tbe bedside with medicine and aaid,~'"*Mr. Tyler, let me give you tome stimulant " 4,1 will not nave it,' replied the dying sutterer. and in a few moments quietly breathed bis last His last intelligible words was the reply to the doctor. IMPORTANT FROM THE BPRNS1DI KXrKDtTION. We have important Intelligence from the Burnaide expedition An official dispatch has t>een received at the War Department, dated yesterday morning, stating that the expedition had mads its appearance at Matteras, inalde the bar. The contents of the dispatch are that twenty-six Federal steamers were inside the bar and six lying outside, beside* sixteen sail vessels, making a total of forty-eight vessels. Tbere appears to be a strong disposition, even in official quarters, to believe that ?n attack is meditated in the rear of Norfolk To carry out this plau of attack the enemy will have to take Roanoke Island, wbieb lias in Albemarla Hound. ana would then have water communication within some thirty or forty miles of Norfolk The Idea, however, appears to be extravagant, that such an attack would be meditated unless with an army complete In all Its appointments, and not In the situation In which the Invaders would be, In danger of having their supplies cut off at any moment. Another supposition entertained In well-lnfoni ed circles that Newbern In to be the object of attack. The town of Newbern 1s situated at the bead of the Neuie river or estuary emptying Into Pamlico Soynd. and 1? an Important po?ltlon on the Atlantic and North Carolina Riilroad There Is a considerable body of State <roops thereto meet the invaders, but we do not deem It prudent to mention the amount cf our forces. These speculations are, however, of but little Interest now, In view of the short time that must AlsntP h?fnr<? ' u ? * * r. i. MKi, aiiu me inquiry resolved by the act of the enemy. However, It moy, at least, be accounted certain that the force comprising the fleet Is destined to operate inside of the Capes. BliUKl.NO SKWS IHUMTUI NORTHWEST. We have stirring news from Gen Jackson's comirmnd. At last accounts be was In pursuit of the enemy, and had advanc-d to New Creek, twcnty-th ee miles west of Romney, where be again touches the Baltimore and Ohio isilroad. It will seen by tbls movement of Uen. Jackson, that be has obtained a position of great Importance, which will soon place htm In the rear of the enemy at Laurel Hill, Cheat Mountain tndlnthat neighborhood. CoVIS.NKIXT AID TO KA'LROADS We learn that the railroad connection through Tennessee and North Carolina, recommended by President Davis, is to be made a te*t question in PnnurMa n? n 1 v~K<v?, ? >y? pivpunjr ui uuvernmeni extending aid to some otber railroad*. The matter of aiding tbree road* i* under tbe consideration of tbe Government, viz Tbat recommended by tbe President, tuat completing tbe line now wanting between Montgomery and Jackson, and tbe Texas road, to complete communications between tbat State and Louisiana. T"S=* K NIGHTK TEMPLA R.?Washington Jof Coraoiandery No 1 will meetTHiS ( wedLe*day) hVK^iNG, at 7 o'o ock. Orders. It CHAS. F. 8I AN-U; HY Rawr'er. YVT" POETICAL READINGS ?Mra M. LIZ J ? 7.IE UEL.L asnitad by Miss Emma a. Lincoln, wni give a series of Fat lotioami Uum >ioiis Keadicgsanu Km auous, at the Young Men's Chrutian AstooiMion Room*, on VVKDmhsuav kv^nini. o .u_ n? i . ... m ? . >J - I ? J| ivr HID DPUeht of tr>e Unemployed ?h >p ttir ? New York i'i< k-u*s oeuU. Doom opto at o'clock ; entertainment at 8. ja Sicily's?THE WINK AND LAGKRbvERHA' 13 loo", No. 398 Maryland avenue, kuown as Meohanic*' Hall, nan to-nay teen told to Air. j1 hn ukck, who will cany on ti.e bueineaa in improTHi ?tyie. The Mechaiaoi' Association, which formerly ke?t the above saloon, has been dissolved by mutual content. Ail person* having bills or claim* against me Association, are hereby directed to present the came on or before the 1st day il Febru arr. lor settlement, WAtHiKOTo.i, 1> C.. January ISth, 1863. ja 2l-3t* C- Dlfc'i KKlCH, President. iv*?THK UN1UN t'K AYfcR MEETING Will JOf be holden ever; da* tin* we?k ii. tne Lutherau Church, < Rev. J. G. Butler's,; at the corner of Uth and H etr??ia, commenciai at 4 o olook p m., and continued but oue hour. h son i an lf.cturk8 ?On tuesday evening, Januar* 81. Prof. Bap; ami* Pi.Kct, of Ha vara' College, will leotureon'THe Vli?ms?ippi River." On WEDNESDAY EVENING Rer Dr. Pi*?. now will lecture on "The Private Ufa of Thomas J efferson" i ue pub io are invited. Admittanoe free. Leoturea oommenoo at 8 o'olock. ja 20-3t NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. 'J Cullictoi'i Ovficb, / Dtrtmber il, jb61 J Notice n hereby ?iven to a>! perkons iu arrears for taxes, wL< ther (ai. special, or aunuai tax. that unless the ume ia paid at ihitf offioa before the 1st <Ky of *ebruary neat the propi-rtv on whioh the tax is due will taen be advertised aai soldi as the law directs. Those who with to avoi i the heavy expense of advertising will please pay within the ti no specified. \\IL.L1 AM DIXON, de 2i-eotFebl Collector. re^THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE LQ Mockholde' <>1 the AMERKAN rLutuRAPH

COMPANY w?i] be ne d at tue oifion ol the Company. No. 14 3 Hrofclwai, in the City ol New York, on \YEuNtbUAY, 'he ffliucay o. January inataiit, atji osu okm i/AjnoKiuuc UIVIWB8TON, j* 15 It* ?acretarT. 8BALED PROPOSAL* AUK INVITED, udui tneSth da? of F;bmary IMl, for fnTukiDK FLOl R to the ?mt*>i?Wnj? IVpa-lment of the u. H Amy. Aoout twelve thou nod (ISAM) barrel will to rrqair d, ot ab:f'> ermde of fcx ra Fnu'. to be d liver ad in Waa&intt >n at the Railroad Depot or at tit# mills or warei.onae* In yeorret<.'wn, ao-re Una betwooo (ho 6th and 16th of fMni ;, IMS Eaoh ba-rol of Kiour to boii>apooted j??t before it u received. v TheFiouriaaatbeeqaalineaaity to the ?am iee ta iwobtalaed at tae aeitW HJWryM WuhiD*to i City, and tha barrel* to be bead lioed. Tha ooaUMaary ?ath of aJief ia*ee will ba r? % aired of r**oa oontrie or. T I AR AR K CHANCE FOR A SUTLER -I klTt for aala at the atiblaa on Fourteenth tv ??ra*t. below Penn avanoe, a fin* BAY TXT* H(?R9K,|ifi-f olif,?nd foi'd in rearect A e*>, a good Wagon ud Hareata will be sold oh?*p Ja? %* _ Q?, V- HIL.L. GKNTLKMRN9 RE\T>T HA OK GARMENTS. OF FINg QUALITY. We offer oitiZ'ntsaad at-ana* a laae aaeort mentof iVKRCOATl, ONES* COATS !< ESS C'?ATS. PANTAI.OON9 and VESTS, of'all eo or* and quahtie*. rqual in make and hniah to the beat caetom work-, WAI.L, STEPHENS * CO., Maro^ant lainra and Clothara, 323 Pa are . bat 9th and 10th a's. Jatt-ttif (Intel- * Rep.) \J U 1 M WANTED! The Hlchot Pnos paid for GOLD AND SILVER! Spbcib Foa Sal* ib Svxs to Bvit. LEWIS JOHRSO* A CO., BANKERS, PlSJUTLVAWlk AVSNVB, JaC-tf Corner Tenth t'rfet. PROF. ALEXANDER WOi.OWSKI. PI A HIST AND COMPOSER, Byren?ral request will o?*n a class for th? Piano end Sinjin*, by hit new aad iimplified^^Sta| method. In this war, an OMortamtyl) f ri| will bo extends i to all who decir* t<? ae- , qsire a knowledge of Vocal and Instrumental "tusio, on the n>ost liberal t<rmi. All those who desire to join this o^nme will seply at onoe at his rMidtnpa. Nn IDS Si*th itr??l afreet and New York avei.a?. Hoars of reception between 9and 1J o'clock a.m., on Tuaedaya, Thundeya, and eaturdeja. Ja9? lm FURNITURE ! f?\ FURNITURE! FVRNI1URE! W. B. MORES, (of the firm of Mmn & Peokhem, Philad'a-) Manufacturer and Whoieaaleand Retail Oet'er in Cane seat Chairs, Cotrace. Parlor and Dining room Furniture? Thora'a Building, 608 Seventh afreet, above D Every variety of UPHOL8TERIN8 promptly ana neatly executed store open dav and eveainc for the aooowmoda tion of the public. Purchasers will atudy their intercat tooail before lousing enewnare. J4 2: 3m* WASHINGTON STEAM BAKERY, T 347 C Ptbiit B?t*?n 4X and 6th Streets. Tha attention of dealers is rrqu*st?d tooUr large took of FRESH CRACKERS AND CAKES, Among the varieties may be named: WATER CRACKERS, SUGAR CRACKERS, SODA CRACKERS. BUTTER CRACKERS, EDINBUR6 CRACKERS. GROUND CRACKERS, GINGER CAKES. SUGAR CAKES, ALMOND NUTS, GINGER NUT8. RAISIN CAKES. Bjying exclusively for cash, and poneiiiif the Kl vantages of st'nm power and the most approved maohinery, we are able to sell at the lowest men ulabkui i u* pr oofi IEjT Wholesale Dealers, Sutlera and others buying rood a at the North.may save the expense of freight and seccra fresh work, by giving na a call. JaSS Sir.if v.iii nan u- * t 3-10 treasury O?U?UIIU NOT bS for faie on favorable toi ma. KITTEN HOUSE, FAINT & CO.. Uai kf>r?, 352 1'ennsy .vania ?vjuu6, ja21 1w [ iLtel. A, Kepyb ] luar iiruwL'i, fEORGE M. WORL 4; CO., vJ Irr.portPr? and Deiiera in WINKS. LIQUORS. CWARS,ttt.; And GE.Nt.RAL Co ?l.\II*SiON MERCHANTS An assortment of Merohandise of every description constantly on hand. GEORGE M. WORL A. CO.. 73 Water street. Georgetown. Ja 21-lm* By the Rope Ferry. SUTLERS, ATTENTION!! 400 BARRELS GINGER SNA PS , Pkimi Quality, For Bale m ^nantitiee to salt the trade, at low figure*. JOHNSON 4c NAOLE. 980 Pa. avenne, Wa*hing ton, D. C.t jaSl 10 Royal ?t, Alexandria, Va. A RARE CHANCE. COMMI88IONliD9UTL.EK8HIP in a Pen-?Tivania >-e?imett now doinc a foe tn?lne??. mo*ud:ns Te\m?. Stock and Fixtures, the owner Kain* AAmn*ltA<1 K?i. ? ? *" * wvwvwii-v tv uwiiUO UliaiLC*! Ull ftOOOQQl rI l'l he\!th. Arplf to COHRAN A KOBRKSTON, 611 9th street, Washinjion J%?i-*o3t* Banking house of SWEENY & HUYCK. No. 617 Sivihth Siriit. Draft* on Europe and ua the prnoipal oities in the Union in inm< to suit, furnished by ua on raa < nable term* <o oitizen* and no'dier* ? oin, Treasury Notes, and Currenoy bought and old. Deposi* account* opened with euitomera, cither in C'?n, Treasury Note* or Cur ency. ja*?-eolm 8WEKNY ft HUYCK. W NOTICE E WoulJ respeo'fuiiy in orm person* indebted to u* tb*ir acoounts irust be p-id We would say to parties who we wish particularly to remember th's, that the indulgence gra> ted wa? not with the v.ew of presenting the aooonnt, but to give time to re^u pirate. (C^P eas^ remember, call with the money or satisfactorily ecd?r*ed notes, at short date. Apoi or:** no lon*er answer07 Those disregarding this notice can look for the proper offioei s to wait on them Very respectlady, T J. A W. M G*L.T, 388 Pa. aT., bet 11*h and I'.th ?ts , jaS0-ec?w opposite star Office. LJOR3E BLANKETS tL r AND BUFFALO ROBES, All atjlea and prioea, at J. B. PUDNEY'8, 394 Pa. ay* . room, 3i> D atreet. Rubber coats, ponchos. leggins, BiaLkota, Cap Cov?ra <vnd Capa. at J B. PUPNEY'8, 384 Pa ave., r>a k room, D aueat. Heavy regulation blankets, for aale obftap, bj j. B. phoney. 324 P?.av*.. backroom, o 333 D atrMt Pa new thing. atipiunp r?- ? ? li. *-? a- - ? ? m. a i c<^ i * uiii^ipm?uio L-ia, o?a 00 roiofa up ino a rp<oe 14 iaonee long by 6 vide, an ingenious . contn>ano?, for aals by J. B. PUDNEY.. 334 Pa. &v*.. t?a<*k ro< m. ja?l-tr or D Hr^t. pAKAFFi.NE CANDLES! ? ? ' I MEVCCTS rATENT PARAFFINS , GANDLES. Ma&ufeoturerf by th? NlW YOil PAB.ATVINI CASDL* CO. For sale in *nan'itiea to aoit purohaMrai by tha Manufacturer*' Agents, JOHNSON A NAGLK, 999 Pann avenue, Wuhinjton, D. C. j%71 10 Ro^at,near King at? Alexandria. Va. THKKKINO'8 IRON 8AF&8 HE Hubao ibera hare on h\nd at all times a eupply of Herna* A Co'a Celebrated Fireproof Sa'ea and Hajm^aterV ( Mb Bun, vhiohthey yjhnua ? Auction and Comm iiion Merohanu, jaJfwg* Corner Tantli and U ata. HEAP LIVING! CHEAP LIVING! CHE&P LIVING! Brckan SODA CRACKERS, freah bated, at ft oenta per pr and. Theee Craakere are recommer.ded br al pt<y?loiana tor ?ne aick, and will oe. tainl* do no him U> til* hwiHh* Fr??h ofevory kind. At the Bakery. No. ?A6 Eleventh atreet, hetweae O and H, WaeatPgton. P.C. Ja?-? C. H. ALpSS^PHRE^mlhGIST, bavin. token rooms for a unort tunc at 440 Pennrtlvaaia avenue, will be jrejared. on MQNDA V. SKh met, to tive verbal desermtion* of oharaotor, togotMr wit h oharta.toall ?bo ma? doeiro. Patcit?Verbal Oe'inf it:one 80 oonu; one dollar extra for Ckarta. A dttooaai aade oa partioe of ovor elx pereona; aleo oa ohildfaa aooompaoy'af thA r iir^ntii Offio? 4M PecniTlvan'aareH**, north aide, bowser 3d and 4X ita. O?oe honra from 9 a. m. to QUCK8K1N 6LOVHI MflHirg k. Ebcrt, 105 Hies iTUITt QSOAUtTOWN, P. a RMEBflgf waga B *"3l )? U AMUSEMENTS. ^ASHINGT ON THEATER! MR. BLANP tUti imt pl??mr? i? ?e <*> ?in? that h? hM siute arrMf cmmta wlU U? fn??**Tirt.?u o* ITALIAN OPERA! From the Ntw York Ao*4*mr or for TWOGRANIJOPEF AT1C PKKFORMANCE8 _ To ttkt plM* on WtSVKKSDA Y A/ID TH URSDA Y, JascaitSS AIID 8S, WJjen the following M>?>>r*t?d Artieta will MP**?' M1&8 ISABELLA 11 'IS RLE Y. the distinguished American PriM Doaat, M'MK 8 TR 4 Ko?CH. the firorite Contralto, ?18. H til UNO LI. the renowned Tenor, HENRY MOLL* NHOUKR? ' D""? C" the oe.ebrated Violoncellist. The entire combination under the musical direction of CARL ANSERUTZ. Ccndnetor Aoademy *f Ruio, New York. THIS (Wedneeda?? KVEN'NO. Jan. S3. Koae'fti'e * ?*t?f Work, TL BAR RTRRR TiR X RVTGT.TA Will b? prodaoaJ with the folio win# a lhb*1M distribution: | MiM IeabeUi HInkier in her admirable rot* of..... _ RodH M'me Strak ?oA ha? kindly coi f?:.ifd to oblige the management and perfect the oaat by ei cgif.g the aart of ? Bertha lienor Britaoh m. ConUAlunn Suoor Matiovai aa.~. ......... * lgaro Signor SuaiBl mnia world renowned aart of Birtmo Signor Bartliaa Baaliio TBURSDAY KVfcNIPIfl. Ju ?, Moat poaitive*T i ant Performance of tha pit?tpal Artiata cf the New \ ork Aoadaiay, whan will b? perform"! the principal aoenaa of verdi'a firnona Opera of 1L TKOVATORK, And the oelebrated Liberty Duetto. ''Stout La Trvmbi," fronr I t'UKlTANl. Paicsa or AoMuaion. To Parfuette and Dreaa Circl* ? #1 OroLetter Chaira. ? 01.sC Heal ma* be >aoared for fittier of the Opera NUfita at Mr. Metierutt'a Mono Store Doora open at 1% ; perJoruianoe to oommenoa at o'o.ook. ja.S QfcORSK CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS ' SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Id oouBMueoce of the impro resent* being made for the Nxw Thiatik cn 1XH itreet, the above Company will gppear at ODD FELLOWs' HALL, Pstihtb St.. Oh MONDAY EVENING, Jam, 71. Part'oolar* in ?mall h?l!e. J* >1 lNti'8 NATIONAL AMPHITHB*TK,i. Pb*?. At. and E St., N*ar WilUrdt'. 1. Rice. ....Sola Ceeeeeaau Manager C. Boott Associate Manager F. Whittaker ?? ?Equw?trian Manager R. P. Jonee Binneii Ageat Tj8|??w%ass?: Bee:den thie the following r amed performers will also contribute tnei- talent to tha entertainment of i i li _ ? ? ? ? - me eveuiL)(. oil < ' wncm are weil-anown to ILe theater foinf pub'.io: L. Rivers, Urciow, Gojzalxe, HnRlHMZ anl Foaarr Mia?* t-LlZA GARuNtR. Til* yonrn and beantiiu! equ??trienij*> will make her app'aaros m a Nev Aot, entitled THE BROOM GIKL ! The performance will onnolnde with The Laughable Paktomiiu, THE COBtfl^R'S hKoLlC! Seal? p/ Prtcts?' 'rohee'er ' haire 15 o?at?; Drew Circle Ml cent*; Children under 10 reara ot age to Dreia Cirole 26 cen'a; Poo a Ranee ii cen'?; Colored Gallery 25 cent*; Colored Boxea V oenta. Doors open at 1 o'clock; performance* will oornmence at 8 precioely. jaSl CANTERBURY HALL. LncisiAXt Avenue, Btivoit* 4H a*' 6ck & tried. ty NEW COMPANY f3T NEW COMPANY JP1 LEON1 PANTOMIME COMPANY ! LEON I PANT'i.MIMK COMPANY! LfcONIPANTOMIME COMPANY! To night, MR. ROKKKT BUTLER __ _ .win appear m the Clown in Uie Laughable Panto mime, VOL-AU rg*T! TOL-A U-TENT! Bpleniid oatt of ch%rast*r? by the memberi of the Liohi AUD CAWTBEBCBT COMFAJILCB ! Fir?t Appea*anoe of 8 I L A * R A L D W IN, The Ert i Jut tier u tkt W mid ' WILLIS ARMSTRONG. To night, MISt AMKLIA WELLS. The Beautifai boavetreee, in SBNTIMIXTAI. AMD VAHBBB SOKO* ! A. J. TALB ITT, The FtkiopUn ConHWia?, aeeiefaed by Dice Pauii. Miae txa a Mi Lie, Misa VaasoN, M'llb Fim La tolli, and Little Ella.. One Week Longer, WARD ou bte Cobdb Volaxtb! Bttt Slack rop* Perfaimtr t? America! Notwithatanding the laige Company now at fbe Canterbury. tfter" will fa irr so a DVa v/7jt ri? p* rr*.? r~n Afternoon Peifornaanoa, t?r I td'ti a"d Children, every WEI)Nfcsl?AY end SATURDAY, with qnantitiea ofpreaenta-onea aeparb t2t silk Drees, ' he drees o?n be seen in the wicdiw of Meears. Perry A H:o. Ail oar dresseetre boaght from Uus hoaaeDoors open, aftenoon, at 3 o' olook. Admissloc: L&diM, 90 oecta; ohi'dren. in oenra Doora upen,eveninga, at IX o'oiook. ja 10-Iw QDD FELLOWS' HALL! PROFESSOR WYMAN, VENTRILOQUIST AND WIZARD. With hia Life movinc and Sp?*kin* Automaton*, EVERY EVENING THIS WEAK. Admittance 25 op eta ; children 10 oanU. irr- See email btile Jall-tf t "? KORGfc CHKISTY'3 \jr OPERA HOUSK. Tbhth BTKBKT, Metwiik K A.ICD P. Open Kvff? Nirht vith GEORGE CHMISTY'B M1MSTRKLR From Broadway. Ntt York, Computing 16 of tne PieitD 8tiii or MiNarcBUT ' The en'ire entertainment under me immediate dtreotion of OBORGK CHRISTY. 7K* aeknwUdttd Pxonttr 4/ Mvutr*lty ' This Evening, and every ?t*um antil farther notioe, will he produoari George Giiriety'i great afterpieoe entitled NEW YEAR'S CALLS, Pet'T Day .Georg Chriety. Other charaotere by the oompanyThs RRDftl a! n ? leMoe Opera. *o-. ? o., bjthownolVoom^inyT ADMiuion?Parq net. W otnto; Gaii*ry, * ceiti. SATURDAY NIGHT. Janaary ?th, or Gkomb Cbbibtt, And lMt apptarBooebf the Com^ar oa Tenth at. CT Monday, January 27th, Old PlLLowa' Hall, Sev nth at. la 14 w the y> A?*HINGTON ACADEMY OF MU*IC. Pan* AV*NTB,(~OTrTH **tD?.) No. *??, Bttween 9tk and lwt III. Every eveniuf a leniBrkabiy 6ge Free Cosotrt, mbraomf ae ectiona from the beat clBtaio bum, Bail the moet popu Br operas?rendered in bet>*r style than at any oth-r American oonoert sbIbod. The coeata?and the publis Bre treaty invitad, withou' ohBTfe for entra- oe,?may rely nfon hav mg every comfort th'y deeire InBSditurr: to the uu??? lumaiu tu ? t ? uiu|V ju, lUWJ Will UUIMO| OD obiI. from ihe Btteative eiteadBuU. dewdedly Ut beit Refreshmcnu fur u e in the Fod?r&i Metropo?le. HENRY ROSENTHAL, j* ft-lis Pro^nMor. BALLS, PARTIES, Jtc. THIRTEENTH GRAND ANEMBLT 1 of the ft HIBBRN1A CLUB jj Will UU plBoe M the Hell ot the PrtBkliB Engine House, on D _a?r*et, t etveec )n(A ud Uth, ob MONDAYV Janaary mk, 1MB TioBeie AO oenta, admitting a intlmu Bid t*(Um. jag ?' Q R A N D SOIREE! 1 TEMPERANCE ifiLl. A <E street. b?t?f?l:b aaalotn.) JIA ObPRIDaY EVEMNO,J*n'TllitQi Danonc will conneroi at o'clock. flood maaic will betaBttendaooe. Tiokeu, admitting b ftn tlemaa a?d ibotm. jt!Hf Pro? c. F BARNES. Mbbb?t. THE ANDERSON CLUB, Take great p,ea?u re m. in tcni uociDC w> meir irienaa im UM mm. put).10 in general that'he* will firetteir Mt- ?9 o il grand BiLLU Kiott'i Had, eornar ofJt^ Juth street a-id Penney Irama avenue, 01M THURSDAY, January^ Tioketa #i, admitting a gentleman and Ladiea. Floor M?Mfarj J. WMt, PPlanigei ' KaU?y, jig-It' gAa Military Boots ^ iw at w h o_l_s a a l t. wmm We hare mow la etnra? looaeee Calf Mitoheo i name; Lag Boota 10 M t? rain ** a lLoh ^ M ?# " > UniltMl Bo; l,. L. fiO * Carair/ Minok M lou - - mmrj ao??. ?>> mu UMft" K " Calf ^ - M meii * AUo, a wMr of Ct'fiM bi 1Mb, YouthrBoutc, ut LadlM' Uwnor?i k?u ISA*?* ^aiTTIlWUIE, IM Pimnr&iu inm, ( Mr Mrmm't Haul,) n/a WA*TM*NT, 1 VY iutatti, ixw Oieon, That the War Bfpt?1 wiu b? tM Ti?4?|i, WedaeeAey*, Tkaradin and Fridaya afainst all otber tortaaaa bat tbat which relatea to aetJra military operations la tk? fltld Saturday* will to 4?rdrf ta the Wmlai? of Beaatora and KipmaWlin. Mniin u IW ^ mM EDWIN M STANTON, tcmmy of War. ???*g????? AUCTION HJJlAS. | TJ^Por ?tksr Aurt\sm Baim, ?fir* jt+% THIS AFTERNOON St TO-XVRRQW By MARSHALL A PAtifc. Awi?*m.. npiN WARE. CROCKERY GLOTE? AND AteMhsea K jrest * w?l! t* l IB front of ator* SOT ^ b?atr*ota,o torgalotof daoirmbio f jWtWcfullMto. ^ HIII0MIW) BooU, Bhooa. WatchM ?i A lac. a ot of Fa*or Good*. . iiSO aoM MA.'fAl L * PAGE. Aoota. HT WALL A BA K NAl O. Aiaetione-re Censer South tidt rm.. ** ^ l*i*tk rtf?t G/VSSB^imSSS WtofeU lUtMUMltO'tlMk.VVVtll eO",?t tMi A? Uoi Rooms. witboHt r?Mnt. an lee?.** or wroeenee, k o , com# tunc ? _ (^urtrind oithth Cuki (Hard, P<W A Co. Md L?f?r Prw Brwrfm. ? Barrels Ward . Crow k Bobs , Pike's, Maoolia. and other Wfcielies, Boxes Piokiee and Poap, l?n Box*s butrro Catucc Dairt Chwjs, Box** Preeerv** Peaches, aad Cum Wtusk? u4 Made ra Wine, I* pairs heavy Hocts and Woolen Poek?. Ca#?s Dirkhstasr; Rolaader, Htmksvatsn, Zvetek?rwae*er, aid oiaer German L % ?ucs, Caeee Chateau, Moreen, and ft Jaliea Claret. Barrel* Viattar, ard r?W*et Cider, j Pi pee Jaasaic* t*p*>t. aod t'opas Braatfy, * Caeee Bardind*- Oaiu ee, And a a ce lot of ?*#?ars. d.flVreat Brands. Ja II WALL k BARNARD. A acta. WILL BE ADDfcD TO THE ABOVE eaie,aad eold fur aooount of'the eonsigceee, SO dozen Buok Oaactlets lata WALL A BARNARD, Aaeta. rmn oon.*qn?y>o? of 'he ine'en>en? weather, the rbovs Mien piilpoctd to THURSDAY t?xt, 231 in??*Lt. }?.21tt WALI, L BARNARD. Asot'ra Br J. C. McGlIRK k CO , AMtiODM i. HOUBKIIOI.D FURNITURE AND Evtbtts at Acctiow ??> THURs<i/AY MOR.M.Ntt, Jmo?rf 23. oon.meocinf tt lOo'elO?*. we eballee.l, atreeidenoe* Nos 471 md Thirteenth etreet. between Penn*r1 *un a veane *ad D street. all the household effects th*rei? ; wo bum la *art? Haircloth Sofas and Parlor Chairs, Marble top Center and Side Table*, Sahocanr Extension Dim at TUU, ?o Mahoranv 8tde Tables or P.ats Staads. U Fr'noa Din ng and Cana-soat Reception ? Claire, Tsrki?h Red Car*aire. Gilt Cornioe and fr hades. Preach t'.lia s Curtain v. Marble-top Dr<s?iu< Uu ease and Washstaada, Mahoranr, Walnut ar.d Pa n'ed - do Mahogany. Wa nut, end Cottace B*ditads. Hair, Hu-k. anfl Co t n and Haek Mauree?ea. Feather Beds, Bo ?iem a~d Pillows. Comforts. QailU, R acket*. Ac.. ft c., flue tainted Ot'ai* ? hamber Moua. One handaome <>'c*mer'a and Carved, Hedetead imported from Japan, Hrnere e. Irgrain and Vene'ian Carpe's. Rnca. A a. ' TOf ether wfui a larje lot rf Coo<? NttQif, <"h na, * *.? ?nd Crooksr? War*, Chamber and Parlor Mtovee, Co<ik ni Stove# and K t:hec RsqaisitM. Terms oash. Ja 17 is J. C- McOl'UE A CO.. 4sets. FUTURE DATS. Auction sale of wood land on Washington R. R.-Thssrbsonbar will sail at Anaapou* Junotion. 01 !*atard?*, Ja> .idk. 1862. iy> acr*4 of Wood Lard, binding oa th? ran road. Wood ooatraot rs are inrite^ t > atteo .. For sarioo ars apply to M. 8AMON. S9 St. Paal st., Baltiasora. jaa 16 ?f PERUIN'8 EXCURSION. Frsm Balliasrt U New York aad rittra... tS.M Ts Bests a, a ad Tiokets for aals at tfea NATIONAL HOTEL. When farther ^trtu ui but & Tim* for leartni W Mtungton ixj^tm oa Slat Juurr. Tickets good to ra*ara any day balnra Maroh 1st. jaw-in* e;n nnn8MA1'L6oLD ANDaiLVB.* FOE Ov,Uuu 8ALK-U. 8. fnuarr NolM ?M District Cur *dc? wanted. R1TTFN HOUSE. FANT * CO., , , Backers, raa' Brown's Hot* . ja 17-lw [Saa. Chroc ] 35i Pa. avank NOW IS YOU* IIMK TO BUY OVB.^I of.aU, Puti std Vaa a, at New York yrMti at SMITH'S, No. 460 Sevntk street, ospoeifcS Post uttoe ja It dim THE 8RAN1I ARMY 18 ADVANCING TOwards SMITH'S. No. SftO Save nth street, to set some of his Great Bargains in Clothing, Famishing Goods, Hats and Cape. ja ift-dla C?o? SALE-An independent SUTLERSHtP. r dov domi a food scd thriving baeineee, in a splendid locality. Apeiy on Ue pramiaaa, about ? rods north of Columbia CrWlece, at or aeing <f Georgetown road; or to H. B FET*INER, 146 D street, near iOtb. ja W at* pAMP STOVES! V> CAMP STOVES' _ CAMP BTOVM"! large Stock on hand, winch vil. ba aold F w. ft* M? vftB90ftTt J* 16 ?lPl.fWM FOR THEilMV. 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