Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1862 Page 2
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THE F.VRNING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THFRSDAY JANUARY 9S, 1?6?. g^Tbongb Th* 5ta? la printed en tb? teem pre* In um south of Haltlmnr*, lta eamon Is so la rye a* to require H to be put to pr**s at an early bmir: therefore, should be aent in before M o'clock otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. On Fxtxn^e *t the various military cub pa and poaltlca* will confer a favor by keeping ui posted at *> moTemer.ta and afffclrc In their vicinities.. Spirit of the M?rala| Preaa. TV Int*lligtne*r quotes the portraiture of a Military Commander aa drawn by Edmund Brain: thlnka It mar take some bv surprise. perhaps, to And bow accurately be baa described tbe case ef tbe General Id whom, under Providence, our bopes are bound up, and commends tbe words of tbe philosophical statesman to our cavliertaad grumblers. The Republican says upon "Colored Schools": "Tbe New York city superintendent of schools, 8 S. Randall, Esq , In bis annual report to the Board of Education, observes. In reference to the colored schools, that 'these Institutions are steadily and gradually Improving in scholarahlp and efficiency ' 'Walt a littU longer,' and we will say the same thing of the colored schools of W ashlngton." Ahothkk Abolition MisaxFaxsajfTATioii.? Not content with seeking to make the President appear silly, In their efforts to create the false Impression that he hat become a convert to the propriety of "Jayhawking" in the conduct of the war, a> some of the abolitionists are now doing through the Trxbunt and other similar journals, they have also tried their hand in patting Gen. McClellan in the same false attitude before the public. Thus, they managed to cheat even the Philadelphia Prtss into republishing as true, (on the day before yesterday,) a Croffutt-ed misrepresentation of an alleged conversation between Major General McClellan and Brigadier General U I an. I_ I. *aua\.? MM. I r? , ill WUIbU IUC 1VIUICI 1? iUQUB IV authorize the latter to conduct a campaign upon principles?abolition Jayhawfclng principles? utterly at war with tho?e explained in hi* (Gen. McC's) every "General Orders," wherein the slavery question has been necessarily referred to, and In his every official act bearing directly or even indirectly upon the duty of the army wherein slavery may be concernrd. As a matter of course, Gen McClellan cannot himself notice such newspaper stories on such authority; as, were he to do so, he would scon find little time to do aught else. We rr.ay, howaver, safsly assure those who would turn the war i .1 I I?l ?_ ? ? uw m jajuawBiu^ luoiuivu cruiaae, IOII 11 IS certain that if acting upon any supposed license granted by the Commander-in-Chief to General Lane In inch an interview at la narrated through the Prta, that officer undertake* to inaugurate in the Far Weat auch a change in the measure* and policy cf the war as he professes to believe to be the proper policy for its future conduct, he will aurely find out his grave mistake so noon as the facts can become known here, and official orders issued upon thoee facts, can be returned to Kansas Th* Ortia ?The theater was literally packed last night, the attraction being the favorite comic opera of "The Barber of Seville," performed bv tl>? Nm> VA.W ? ? ? ?? ??? ? ? ?? avwcujy vi music company, i ne audience abounded in notabilities?Mr* Lincoln and bsr eldeat son, Robert, occupied a private box, and in the extreme rear of the adjoining box was to be aeen the pale, thin, fever-worn face of Gen. McClellan. Thla la the first time since he reacted Washington that ?'Llttle Mac" baa allowed himself any auch relaxation from oflclal duties, and hi* face la ao little familiar to the public, or iaao much changed by hia recent 111ceaa, that the audience generally waa not aware of hla entrance or his locality, though from the understanding mat tie waa to be present, all ptrsonagft of the military persuasion in the theater were eagerly scanned by spectators in the hope f singling out the young Commander-in-Chief. This evening's performance (positively the last) i will Include the principal scenes of Verdi's celebrated opera " II Trovatore," with MlssHinkley in the character of Leonora, M'me Strakosch as Aiovena, Brignoll as Manrico, and Mancusl as Count dl Luna. The entertainmc nt will conclude wlh the famous liberty duetto, " Suonala Tromba," from Bellini's grand opera, " l Purltani," with 8ig. Suslnl m Georgio and Mancusi as Rlcardo. It <a nnilMtniul ?K.? D lJ? ? - ? .. ? <ui?t m ic?iucui L<iiicuin ana Mn. Lincoln will be present at the Opera tonight. JcmiSwatxi ?Yesterday, the President nominated the Hon. No?h H. A. Swayne, of Ohio, to be an AHociate Judge of the U. 3 Supreme Court. Mr. Swayne la a native of Culpeper county, Va., and etui grated to Ohio Immediately after finishing hla law course under the instruction of the late distinguished Robert I. Taylor, In Alexandria. His age now is perhaps fifty years. He has grown as a public man with tbe growth cf Ohio, baring played perhaps the moat Important part in building op for that State lta material eminence Asa lurlst he is notorifinalv witiuuit * , - ...f/oWV. tu the West, and u the conductor of the State's largest financial operation* hla fame ia equal to hia reputation as a lawyer, in polltlca he la a Republican,with strong conservative proclivities He will aurely prove as efficient on the Supreme Court bench, aa In every other position be baa previously achieved by the weight of hli fine mind, high character and effective lnduatry. New Publications ? From Hudson Taylor we have two new books published by Messrs. Harper, New York: - rraciirai cnemiairy; A Treatise Especially Designed for Young Men;" by John 3. C Abbott. Th'.a volume, like other worka by the tame author, la well calculated to Interest young people open the subject of religion. " The Pllgrlma of Faahlon," by Klnahan Cornwallts; a readable enough but a|mbl!ng story, covering the time from the year 1779 to 1?62, and Including an account of the battle of Ball Run. We have three numbers of " The Pulpit and the Rostrum," containing a Thanksgiving 8eraaon by the Rev- Dr. Burchard, New lork; Henrv Winter Davis's Address, at Brooklyn, on " The Southern Rebellion, and the Constitutional power of the Republic for 1U Soppreaaion;" and WaBdell Philllpa'a recent Lecture at New York, oa "The War for tbo Union." Pimoiiu.?Capt Fit* Jamea O'Brien, the a- .tbor ,ia In Waablngton. Mr. Edward Mullen, one of the moat original of our comic artlata, ia now regularly engaged on Vealty Fair. It la rumored that Ex-Mayor Wood, having dlaaolved hi* connection with politico, intend* to make the nud U ur of tbe Continent early In tbe Spring Mr E. C. St?d"*an ha* retired from the reyertorlal corps of the World, and accepted a poet tl on In tbe oMce of the U. S. Attorney General, at wmKIuimi rbc Rev J.T. Bowen, author of "Bowen'a Central Africa," aud formerly captain of Texan Raagora la the war for Texaa Independence, baa loot c i reaaon and la now an Inmate of t lunatic asylum la Georgia It will bo remembered that Mr B lectured In this citr daring the Winter of )8M-'?0 on tbe commercial Importance of Central Africa D*cea??d ?Mr. George F Bueli either J am pod or fell overboard from a boat, at a wharf la Cincinnati, m Friday morning last, and w*? drowned He waa a native of Washington county, Ohio. wbor? bio porento reside, and was a couala or Gen. Buell. now 1a command of the army la Kentucky, and la nearly connected with Gea. Laae, of Kansas. He was liberally educated and st an early age waa admitted to tbe practice of tbe law at Marietta. Poor years ago became to Washington, if here bo cent! need ?km *>(tbe Democratic Review, tlrcidf begum by bin ? I diannpolla, presiding over its coiumaa with 73^SLlJS.~ to' tlw 1><t *"** ?*two ^ \TT A miu named Beck, who, under the lntueace of liquor and the sews from England, wu barrablng for Jeff. De#a la the etreeta of W heeling, V?., a few days al ace, wta compelled to autocide bv mesne of a myatertoua brick, and baa alace laid up for repair*. . GT-It elated la tbe Lou tart lie Joanal on the uutEerltr of lta eorreepoodent la MnnfordarlUe, Kf, tbat tbe rebel* were deetreyiag all tbe ponda ai d well* la tbat vicinity by throwing dead catUr Into tbem, la order to deprive tbe I' nUjn troope ft water editable for djlnklng. "w ' OCR MILITARY RVTDGET. thl m'cook "fishtiso family " Col. Robert L. Mccook (tbe fourth eon of Hob. Daniel McCock,) who wm in command of the 3d Brigade of Gen. Tbomaa' division of the Army of Kentucky, waa badly wounded In the battle of Mill Snrlnir nn Ih* rttmh^rliinH rim. Kpntnrk* r ?? ? ??-v- ? ? ? - - ' ??/ Gen. Robert L McCook la tbe senior brother of Gen Alexander McD McCook. who lain command of the center division of the advance of Gen. Buell's array stationed at Mnnfordsvlile, on Green river. The following dispatch received In this city by Mr. McCook as to the condition of bis son, gives hopes of his recovery, bat shows that there was pretty hot work in this engagement: StKubbxvilli, Ohio, Jan. 22, 1862. Dan'l McCook : Robert Is painfully, but not dangerously wounded. Don't start West. Three balls through his horse, one through his coat, the fifth struck him. Heard from himnelf O. W. McCook. how it woiii. The Martinsburg (Va.) Republican, of tbe 17th Inst., urges the rebel authorities to arm the negroes, od the ground that In a recent battle In its neighborhood they were " met by seven hundred negrros on the Union side, who killed three Confederate officers, two privates, and wounded fifty other* belonging to a Southern regiment." !!! Now, there is just as much truth in this bundle of lies, as In the statements of the sensation press of tbe loyal States, alleging that the rebels already have companies and regiments of negroes in arms against tbe Unirn, In this, that, and the other nn*rf?P_iiiat as rr\ 110K Hn Knf >1 a i A 11m are being resorted to. to induce the employment of slaves as soldiers, In the war, of course. thb victory at somrbsbt. The following dispatch was received by Hon. Andrew Johnson, last evening, from an officer In Gen. Buell's division: Somrrsrt, Kt.. Jan. 21 ?Hon. Andrew Johnton: Gen Zollicoff'er is killed. I know it, for 1 have seen his dead body. We have achieved one of the most glorious victories on record The rebels fled, leaving everything behind We have tiken about fourteen hundred homes and eighty wagons. L. C. Hock, Quartermaster. official rrport of thb battlb ii* kbjftccky The Defeat and Rout of the Enemy Fully Confirmed? Rebel Loss 115 Killed, including Gen. Zollicoffer, and 116 Waunded. tho fnllmrlnrr a i k ???4 1 -* * 1 ? wv av><v*? lug uis|'un. u was I CLCi VL'U A( DfQQ* quarters last night: Louisville, Jan. 23.?To Major General MeCUllan, Commanding V. S Army?Tbe followin? has just been received from General Thomas: Tbe rout of the ensmy was complete; after succeeding in getting two pieces of artillery across the river and upwards of fifty wagons, they were abandoned, with all their ammunition, at Mill Spring They then threw away their arms and dispersed through the mountain by-ways, in the direction of Montlcello, but are so completely demoralized that 1 don't believe they will make a stand short of Tennessee. lue propel ly captured on tbia side the river la of great value, amounting to eight alx-poundera and two Parrott guns, with caissons filled with ammunition; about 100 four-horse wagons; upwarda of 1/20U hones and mules; several boxes of arms which have never been opened, and from 500 to 1,000 muskets, mostly flint locks, but In good order; subsistence stores enough to serve the entire [ command for three days, and also a large amount of hospital stores. | As soon as 1 receive the report of the brigade commanders, I will furnish a detailed report of the battle. Our losa waa 39 killed and 12? wounded. Among the wounded were Col. Mc[ Cook, of the Ninth Ohio, commanding a brigade, and his aid. Lieut. Burt, of the 18th U. S. Infantry. The losa of the rebels was Gen Zolliccfl'er and 114 others killed and buried and 116 wounded, and 45 prisoners not wounded, five of whom are surgeons, and Lt. Col. Carter, of the 17th Tennessee regiment. Gin. Thomas. ?*? _ _ i o uin bfel, cotr.msnding Kentucky. thb rbbbl troofj at s0mbbsst brfog b trb battlb. A correspondent of the Cincinnati Commercial writing from Somerset,Kentucky, on the 16th Inst.? two days before tbe battle, give* tbla account of the composition of Zollicoffer's forces at that date; "From tbe different rumors flying about, now of on* move, now of another of the enemy, It would seem that old Zoily was rather in a quandary?a brown study?or a bad fix. from which it would be advisable to extricate himself soon, If not sooner. The old gentleman begins to smell a large-sized mouse; there Is something wrong somewhere, there are alto^eth?? ?nn ">? getting behind uim which do not belong to his aide cf the house; and maybe he bellevea that If blue-bellied Yankees could encompass him round about with about three times as large a force as his own, that they would attack him. Now Mr. Zolllccffer Is too old a fox to get caught In a trap he set himself. His position on the Cumberland, at the mouth of VVnlte Oak Creek, was a natural fortified place, and not comeatable from the north side of the river, on the main road from Somerset to Montlcello; but whether he is going to take up a permanent position there, or whether be is already making a backward move through Montlcello, is not definitely known. "A man, John Smith, who was instrumental in capturing several prisoners some time since in HunUviUe, Scott county, East Tennessee, and are confined somewhere in Ohio, has just returned from Scott county. The Union men are rising and forming companies. Five companies kave already ten formed There are ninety-one men in the largest company, and the others vary from that down to thirty men. He was at a gith| ering last Saturday, at which there I hundred Union men They need guns very much, though a great many have their rifles Ammunition la very scarce, and it seems that some ammunition wnlch was sent in for the beneflt of the Union men, from these camps, has been appropriated by those to whom or f>y whom It was sent, and they are making a small speculation by selling it. There are mean men in all countries and among all classes, but 1 trust this Is not true. "Some one tkousand four hundred or one thousand five hundred troop* passed through Montgomery last week to join Zililcoffer's force; they came from Virginia,through K nozville?and there are swarms of soldiers at Knoxvllle. The secessionists report that the soldiers in Virginia are starving, and are compelled by necessity to get away from there. 41 S * * + uave juiiKtn a man who lives within a mile of Zollicotfer'a encampment; he Is still in bis original position, with about 10,0UU men, all told, reinforcements and all, sick included And thsre are great many of his men sick. The man who brought this news is a reliable man, and one who fed many of the Tennesaeeans when they first came to Kentucky. From Fortress Modioi,?The steamer Adelaide arrived at Baltimore, yesterday morning, from Fortres* Monroe, tut bring no intelligence of Interest. A flag of truce went to Norfolk on Tueaday, but no new* could be obtained with regard to the Bum?lde Expedition, everything in relation to It being suppressed by the authorities at Norfolk. A vague rumor prevailed that one of the steamers of the expedition bad gone ashore, and tnat after rescuing those on board the wreck had been burned. The Impression at Fortress Monroe is tbatGen. Burnside, after making a feint in Pamlico Sound, has gone up Cape Fear river to take Wilmington. The arrival of a steam* r from the fleet la now momentarily expected Commodore Porter's mortar fleet la expected to arrive here shortly, as well as a large force of troopafrom Washington. It is rumored here that a c?nsideratle fortiori of Gen. Casey's division will be sent to this place The rumors from Yorktown are so varied that 110 confidence I* to be plaaed tn them It was rumored to day that Gen. Magrudrr threatened an advance on Newport Newa, which of courae baa no foundation. The troopafrom the Constitution were again on ahore on Tuesday, drilling, the weather being bright and beautiful. Th* Caiao Kxfkditioh.?A correapendent of the Cincinnati Gazette telegrapha : Twelve Milet from Columbus, Ky.t Jan. 19. Gen. Grant and ataff,. accompanied by Capt. Oaband'a company of the 4tb cavalry as body guard, made a reconnoiaaance to-day, over a circuit of forty milea, taking in that country In the vicinity of Louveaaeville and Blandville. Thla baa been one of the beavleat reconnoiaaances of the wu. no general ever maMfttt ao extensive a reconnoiaaance which reaulied tn obtaining information of ronda, routea, Ac. No enemy was dlacovered Col Cook'a column to-day marched from the head of Gen McClernand'a column, on the south aide of May field Creek down to lta mouth. fEFThere arPnow at least five thouaand wo- f men employed at the L' nit. d State* Araenal la | Philadelphia upon clothing for the army. In ad- I dittos to these there are, per ha Da. five thonumi I more working for the brsnch government clotbing depots la New York, making ten thousand la all. Ia addition to those, several thousand womra are employed by contractors (or ttw same work. CT"rhe NY Reformer atys that the Hoa. C. B Hoard of Watertowa.N. Y ,lateM C for the 23d District of New York, has taken a coatraet of toe U at led States Govern men t to manufacture 90,000 riles at the price of 990 each. Edward A. Cutler, of Putnam, Conn , has purchased ?80.000 worth of cotton sod } running his mill full tUnr CONGRESSIONAL. XXXTlItk COMGRESS?Secesd Sesslen. 9kkatk ?After our report closed yesterday? The subject of Mr. Bright'* loyalty wan farther discussed, and after an executive session the Senate adjourned. Hocss ? After onr reporter left yesterday? Tbe annual legislative, executive and judicial appropriation bill was considered in Committee of tbe Whole, until four o'clock, when without disposing ox me diu, tue House adjourned. THE WAR IN KENTUCKY. The Battle ?( Mmfrirt-Orn Zsllcsffer leitamljr Killed. Somkrset, Jan. 22?The Journal nyi that twelve cannon were captured from the rebels at Somerset, and thinks that the retreating rebel army cannot escape, as from seven to ten Federal regiments were thrown across the Cumberland river some days since to Intercept their retreat. Unless the rebels divide Into immni ?nd finH way Into Tenneasee by unfrequented path*, they must all be entrapped. A letter to the Commercial, dated Somerset, Jan. 19, the day of the battle, saya that "Zollicoffer la aald to have been killed by Col. Fry, of the 2d Kentucky regiment We have taken many priaonera The loval Tenneaaeana fought like tigers, and have suffered much. The Tenneaaeana took one battery at tb? point of the bayonet. The 9th Ohio regiment la badly cut up " Thla account la not ao late aa dispatches heretofore published. Gen. Thtmsi in Pnrialt *f the Enemy. Locmvilli, Jan. 21.?No news has been received here from Gen. Thomas to day, nor any ! tidings of the Federal loas In the battle fought on Sunday. Gen. Thomaa has taken the steamer and nine uirgti 10 wdicd tne rebela conveyed their forces acroM the Cumberland, and which, in their precipitate flight, they failed to destroy. The theory at headquarters is that General Thomao has been too busy In using the boats to carry hi* troops across the river southward in pursuit of the retreating enemy, and provided other rowans of transportation, to send the details of the light No private telegram of military matter can come over the southern line to LousvlUe, and no private information has been received here relative to the movements of our troops Louisvillk, Jan. 2*2.?The total Federal loss In the battle of Somerset is now stated at 30 killed and 150 wounded. Gen. Thcmas captured 14 cannon and 1,400 horses. The rebels burnt a steamboat and eight of the bar^M in whlrh *hov ~----- n" ? p ?wv j Itwtoivu BVIVBO IUC V/ U ill berland river. Gen. Thomas croised the river with the remaining barges and. is now pursuing the retreating foe. Col. Mrrshall, of the Illinois cavalry, Is to be court-martialed for cowardice at the battle of Lexington. lH7"The Whig says that Vlcksburg Is turning out from eight to ten brass cannon per week. Some of them are rifled. [YtF-WA^HlNGTON LECTURE ASSOCIA Iks tion The Eighth Lecture G W. CURTIS, ESQ. Subject?National Honor OnFRlDAV KVHNlNB ioe? At ll>e Smithsonian Institution, Doors open &t 7; Lecture at 8 o'clock. Tickes 25 oenta, to be 1 ad at the Bookstore* and at the door. ja23-2t rrW"THK WINK AND LAGERBrKR SAIL? loon, No. 399 Maryland avenue, V own an Mechanics' Hall, to-o&y teen sold to Mr. l.,o. a? 1? ? -- - - * vnn a>JG\.a? w HU will J OH l.r40 PHS1D6I8 111 lmproyed ?tyie. The Mechanics' Association, which formerly kept the above saloon, has been dissolved by mutual oousent. All persons having hills or claims against the Association, are herebv directed to present the same on or before the lit uav c 1 February, for settlement. Washingtkh, D C..Jinua y 18th. 1362. J a 21-3f C. D1 KThrt 1CH. President. (V^? T'? RKFUGEK4 FROM VIRGINIA JJ? AND UTHhKS.?The First Regiment of Eastern Virginia Birada is especia'ly organized to provide lor those who nave been driven from their homes, and all faci'ttiesof transportation will be famished from anr qua-tere they m?y be- The headquarters is in Alexandria. Tnis is nota homeguard, but for active servioi in Virginia, and is rapidly filling up. Rufugees should not be misled by statements or representations to the ooutrary. < ilTI^ V* * uuuis r. wmiuvry, Captain Coif panr A. ]> 14-eo4t First Kpgiment K. V B. || M" THE UNION PKAYER MEET1N8 Will \JJs be hold en every day this week in the Lutheran Church,' Kev. J. G. Butler's,) at the oorner of 11th and H streets, oommenoing at 4o clock p re., aud oontinued but one hour. ja 20 Black enolisk crape and crape veil;*, AH widths and nxes, very i>est euaiitY. PERKY A BROrHF.R, j% 13 6t Pa. avenue and Ninth * GEN'L HOOKER'S OIVI-ION '-The steamers Rxindkxe and Voluktkxk leave foot of Elevertn street, Kv'h- & f^ri ? f\ KY MORNINU(SuLdajs exoepted)^^*^^^fc at 9X o'oiook __ ja 23-lw* F~OR SUTLERS. CAMP USE AND RESTAURANTS. Narrow Table Linens and D\matks at low prioes. PERRY tt BROTHER, j% 23 6t Pa. avenue and Ninth si. OERSONS IN BLACK Win ifi?n ? .? VU XV X stock full And ample in all the beet standard labiics for mnurnin* apparel, and at prices moat favorable to the consumer. PERRY A BROTHER, Ja 23 6t Pa. avenue and Ninth st. Reasoned pine wood: For sale Hemoned Pine Wood, delivered from th?ears Orders left by families with tho undersigned will receive prompt attention. TOOK * EWING, ja 23 3teo* 395 Pennsylvania avme. Banking house of rittenhouse, fant a co., WASHiyoTos, D C., Jan 2?, 1862. Will O. H. BIDYVELL. E?q , piease o&il at this office ? ja23 3t R1TTEN HOUSE FANT A CO. |RIBH LINENS FORJLA DIES' AND GENTS' wr.AH. A foil and ample (took in all numb?n-thiok, medium and fine, at our proverbially low prioei. White Cambnoa, plaid and plain, thiok and thin. PERKY fc BROTHER, Ja 23 6t Pa avenue and Ninth ?t. T NOTICE! HE Partnership heretofore exiitinc under the name of Shetifield Maroua, at Merohanta' Houae, 31 Prinoe atreet, ib thia day dissolved by mutual oonaent? Mr. L. Shenfie'd aaauminc the debts of the conoera. LEWIS SHKNF1ELD, LOUIS MARCUS. Alexandria, Va , Jan'y 72, 13fi2 ja Zi 3*.* pORTARLE WOODEN TENTS! The undersigned haa f r sale and will make to order Portable Wooden Tenta. of an* raanirad a very low prioe Th?so tenta oan be put up or taken down in a few minntea. andean be aeen at the corner of Fourteenth and G ati. ja23 lm* JOHN A. JORDAN. RUN THE BLOCKADE I-HARVEY had one veaael arrive yeaterday with 800^^. / \ buihela. and two ra a with &K> buahela?Vt I mA of prime CHEKKYSTONE OYS-^JJjf TEKS*. H* will keep up the anpply aa long aa bivalvea oan >e had, at the aame prioe. Who can fa 1 to call ? ja23-3t ~ BRANCH OF V. TIKRNAN A SONS' WINE DEPOT, Baltimore. Wehavejaat received a large invoice of OLD JIJI> P AND TIERNAN'S STOMACH BITTEES. Alio,' an invoioe of freeh Pate de Foiee Oraa; and re oonataatiy receiving all artiolea of luxury ior table uae. SMITH * Hawp _ja?-3t fill SeventhstreeYwest. Look out for Lancaster -l*nt*nr County Frovitttm Store, ooiaer of )3th and G sts, Washington.?I am dait* receiving from Lanoaster Count* farmers: Fresh Batter, la puu.ds, rolls and firkins ; alsu, fresh Lard, fresh Ems, Poultry olall kinds. Game,Quarters of Veal, BVef, Ao ; rreeh Bolognas. Pausages and Puadmss. Kau.ily Flour, in Backs of 60, *5, 15H poinds each. Sweet Cider, Cider Vinegar, Country Soap, Candles. Dutch Cheese, *o? Ao. All of the aoove artioies 1 wnl variant fresh and of the best quality. 1 have also on hand 60,0uu alegars of prime qoaii<y. Housekeepers and sutlers, and all others, are respectfully so.loited to oa'l and examine my stook. ja23-lw* JOHN F. SHRODER, Agt. " ask ask ask your grocer your grocer yolr grocer for dayton's boston crackers for dayton's boston crackers ruk uAdUfl'S BOSTON CRACKERS AND TAKE NO OTHER AND TAKE NO OTHER AND TAKE NO OTHER. )a? tf ??AUTION TO THE PUBLIC. In oonaequeno* oftha oonitantly lnor*aain| imitation ol the different brands of MNin,MoNJt Kfhandon'e Otunwne Win*, especially of their Via Imperial, 6 re an Heal. I eonaider it my duty to oaation the anbuo acainat ?nob imposition, and to advise enrohesera and oonaumera to bay the Moet X Chandon Winea only from reliable and reapeot WW' ADOLPHU8 OECH3, Meaara. Moet k. ChanIon's General Agent For the United tttaies and the Caaadaa.

Niw Yam*. laaa Branch Hoom of P. TIERNAN & SONB WiB*D?Ht, B lUmore, A|ecuI'or Meaara. NoIt ft Ci4?DOK'a Winea. F or the Blau of Mary in d. JSfVKLfflfflBf AUTntSH! tie avme time. to o?*T to otnaoiaaoara tha oelew,?" k??Bar*. ) SO ? ill seventh (treat vnt, I 0 TELEQBAPHIO. | FURTHER OF THE FIGHT. Lovisvilli, Jan 22 ?Gen. Thomas now report the Federal low, at the recent battle, 39 killed and 187 wounded. Among the wounded are Cel. McCook, of the Ninth Ohio, and hla aid, Lieut. Burt, of the Eighteenth U 8 Infantry. Of the Rebels, Zolllcoffer and 114 others were killed, 116 wounded, 45 taken prisoners. A prisoner says that George B. Crittenden was tbe first In command of the Rebel forces, and Zolllcoffer second. Crittenden fled to the woods, taking the wrong road, and is supposed he will be captured. The Federal forces actively engaged were the Tenth Indiana, Fourth Kentucky, Second Minnesota, and Ninth Ohio?their respective loss being In the order named. They were reinforced, after the first and severest engagement by the 19th and 10th Kentucky, lat and 2d Tennessee, 14th, 31?t, 35th, and 36tb Ohio regiments, and Standard's, Whltmore's and Kinney's batteries. The rebel forces were estimated at 10.000. Green C. Clay, of Bourbon county, a son of Brutus Clay, and Aid to Gen. Schoepff, was with Gen. Thomas in the engagement, and has just arrived, bringing a splendid silk rebel flag, bearing the inscription : " Presented to the Mountain Rangers, Capt F. A Ashford, by Mrs W D. Charderoyne." Col. 8 9. Fry, of the 4th Kentucky regiment, bad his horse shot from under him b?one of Zollicoffer's Aides, when be turned and shot Zollicoffer through the left breast. The first breaking of the rebel ranks was effected by Colonel R. 9. McCook, of the Ninth Obio, Acting Brigadier General, who ordered his men to charge bayone's, which out the rebels to lmmi. dlate flight. The last order Issued to the rebels, which waa found In their encampment, was signed by Col. Cummtna, the aenlor in command after the death of Zolllcoffer and flight of Crittenden, directing the rebels to dlaperse, and save themselve* in the best way they could. The Journal says that General Thomas, with a large force, has crossed the Cumberland, and la hunting the flying rebels through Wayne county. Frea Missearl. St Louis, Jan. 22?The report of Adjutant General Harding to Governor Gamble (bows that 38,882 Missouri troops have entered the Federal service for three yeara or the war, of which 25,000 are Infantry, 3,000 artillery, and 6,000 cavalry. The number of militia organized under the Gov* ernor's call for six-months men la upwards of 6,000. General Lane's Expedition. Lkavkswo&th, Jan. 22?The 13th Missouri Infantry, Col. Moraacy, arrived here to-day, to form a part of 8m. Lane's command. Other regiments are expeatad. Optbleyhala, the chief of the loyal Indians, is here to confer with Gen. Hunter. Col Jennison's regiment of cavalry la ordered to the Indian country. Trsipi for Kansas Milwaukee, Jan 22?The 9th German reglm?nt onmr*r? V? O ?1 O-*- " * * uivw*t vuuiuiaiiucu ijy V/UI ooioaion. (WDO qll* tlngulsbed blruaelf under Gen Slegel at Springfield,) left to day for Fort Leavenworth, well armed and equipped. T DISSOLUTION. HE Copartnership formarly existing batween J. W. Roller and W. M. Brown, under the came of J, W. Collet 4. Co., wta dissolved by iinut*tion on the 1st day of September, 1861. All partita indebted to thelat* firm will please make lmrue diate parment to the eubsorib?r, as the old business must be settled us withait further de'ay. J W. COLLKV, 523 7tn Rt, above Fa. av. A CARD?The undersigned begs leave to inform his friends and patrona of the late firm ?bi( K? ?^ll ' "? ' " - uw *ui vviikiuuo moneao w UlT OOOQI DDI" ine?? atthn old stand, in " hnpsn by givinc his t'iot attention to business, ard to the want# of the oommnnity, he may merit their confidence and in' area-ed liberal patronage. J. W. COLIKY, ja 28-6t 3tf3 7th at..above Pa av. LOVELL, COLLES ft CO.. WHOLESALE GROCERS, 66 Front Strest, Near York, and 316 E Street. Washington, D. C., ( near WilUrd'a Hotel.) Having started a branch of our New York ea?al liahmMit in thia oity, we invite Sutlers, Grocert, Restauranteun, and Hotel Keepers, to call and examine our stook which is well assorted and comprised of goods of the best quality. We take orders for anything in oar line, and exesnte them prompt'y i& 23 If A RARE CHANCE FOR A SUTLER -I have for sale at the stsbles on Fourteenth JPV__ street, below Penn avenue, a fine BAYj^Tfk HORSE, 8 *ears old, and sound in every^^Z^ respect. Also, a good Wagon and Harness will be sold cheap. Ja2i 3t* C. V. HILL. GENTLF.MENS READY MADE GARMENTS, OF FINE QUALITY. We offer citizents and strangers a lage assort mentof OVKR COAT*. DRESS COATS KUSIN K sa PflATH P?NT?I nn*iu 1 m - w.-M > i? m. n uw O SUU V fb 5 15 ? of all colors and qualities, equal in make and hnish to the best custom work WALL, STEPHENS &. CO., Merchant Tailors and Clothers, 322 Pa ave., bet 9'h and 10th st?. ja22-tiif (Intel, at Rep.) COIN WANTED! The Highest Prioe paid for OOLD AND SILVER! gpkcii For Sal* in Ssms to Suit. LEWIS JOHNSON fc CO., BANKERS, PMNSYLVAKIA Av*kit? j& 22-tf Corner Tenth a'reet. ROF. ALEXANDER WOLOW8Kl7" PI A ft 1ST AND COMPOSER, Br ien?ral requnit will open a olMa (or th? Piano and ringint.b; his new and simplified method. In this war, an opportunity T"J f rTI will be extendej to all who derire * ? ac- * * quire a knowledge of Vo<>al and Instrnmental Musio, on the roost liberal t*rrai. All those who desire to join this oourse will aeply at onoe at his residence, No 303 ?ixth street, between K street and New York aveoue. Hours of reoeption between Sand 12o'clock a.m., on TnHadftfl. Thur?d*fi- itnH HatnrH??a j a S2_l m ' '_J_ | Washington steam bakery, 347 C Strut Between 4S and 6th Street*. The attention of dealer* is rfqueat*! tooar large stock of FRESH CRACKERS AND CAKES, Among the varietiec may be named : WATER CRACKERS, SUGAR CRACKERS. SODA CRACKEKS. BUTTER CRACKERS, EDINBURG CRACKERS. GROUND CRACKERS. GINGER CAKES, SUGAR CAKES, ALMOND NUTS, GINGER NUTS. raisin CAKES. Baying exolusively for oub, and possessiag th? advantages of >t*am power and the moit approved machinery, we are able to aell at the lowest mauufao taring pr oes. rtr Wholesale Dealers. But'ers and others baying goods at the North, may save the expense of freight and aeonre fresh work, by gtTing as a oall. lag Zw.if Reading ale and lager bier depot* of the oelebrated brewery of Mr. Palis, to b* had in large and small quantities. Also, Piokles, Catsup, Plok 1*4 Onions, Pepper 8aoo?, Vinegar, and ttuur Krout, b* the barrel ga'lon.or in jars,at CHARLES MADES' Restaurant, detHm* oorner Pa.axsnaeaad Tbird at a Rtir I'DiNPc j\ commission fc.D8UTLEK.8HlP in a Pen- jivania refimaiit- now doing * In* ba'iaeaa, iaotudiDK Tevme, Stook and Fixtorea, the owner hoiiii oompolled to decline buau eea on aoooant of ill health. App>* to cohran * robkrston, iII 9th ?treat. Washington ja ?-eo3t* Banking house of SWEENY * HUYCK, No. #1? Hbvbbth Stbbbt. Draftaoa fcaro?eand on the p .noipat oitiee IB the U QLOB. is asm* to aBit, rerouted dy ua oa reaacnab'.e terna to oltiaeaa aa4 ao'dtera < :oia, Treaaaro Notea, aad Carreaoy boegkt and *?lh?ao?? aoooant* opened with eaatoraere, either la Coin, Treaaary Notea or Car eaar. - j& V-eolm 8WKRNY * HUYCK. W^m NOTICE E Would reapeo'fuliy in.irm persona indebted to na their e^counta meat be p*id We wonid amy to parties who wa wiah partioa'erlp to remember thia, thet the indulgence granted was not with tha lew of preeeatiag the aocount, bat to give time to (T^Pieeaa remember, eftll with the money or MtiafiMtorilyjMdoreed notee, at ahort date. Apoi lI7?T h oa * * i aregara i n g this notice MB look for svr*" ? "'V t nr.. msr* AMUSEMENTS. [ yy APHINGTON TBEATEi: THURSDAY EVENING, JaaaarySS. GRAND GALA NIGHT! Moat poeitireW th? fast Perform an oe of the Art1s'? nf tho ITALIAN OPERA! From the New York Aoademy of Mine. The entertainment th-e eveninc will inrlide Ike pnnoipil !*o?nMo{ V?rdi'*eer*b aied Opera, IL TKOVATORK. Mm Isabella Hinkley ? -Leonora M me St nkoach .. as. Aiuoeia SifDor Bnnnoli? as Maarieo Signor Mancusi as Coaat de Lisa And will with the oelebrated Liberty Daetto. '9UONA LA TROMBA," From BelliniJsJ-'amous Opera of I rilKlY&NI. Rioardo ... ?_Stjoor Maneust Qeorgio^_. an nor Satini Pmicxs or Adximioii. To Par* sett* aud Drcea Circle OroOMtor Chain? , Hrivat? Bnzec. Parterre JO cent* Seau may be teonred at Mr. Metxerott'a Maaio Store. Don, open at 1% ; performanoe to oomneooe at o'oioc*. ja:9 QEOR9E CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS' SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT' In eonM>qnmce of tho lmproTencenU being made for the Niw Thkatik r n 10th atreet, the above Company wtil appear at ODD FELLOWs' HALL. ?r . On MONDAY EVENING, Jmn.Tt. ' Pwrtionlars in ?m%ll hills. It >1 ICING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER. IV f'ssx. A v. and E St., Star Wili+rd*'. T. Kiu Sole Lessee ana Mum?r C. Soott... Associate MsrMfr F. Whitt&ker ? ..Equestrian Manager R. P. Jones. ?_ ? Business a (est Th? Pkopl*'s Clowh, t JOE PEN JLAND! Besides this the following 'tmed performers will also oontribaie tnei talent to the entertainment of the evening, all of whem are wel.-known to the theater-going pub'io: L. Rivaas, bocaow, GoazsLas. BaaiiANBKz ani FoaasT Mltw? M iZA UARiiNh R. The yonns and beantitui eou-stnenne. will make her appea-anoi in a New Aot, entitled THE BROOM GIRL ! The perlormanoe will oonolnde with Thb Lacohabls Pantomihb, THE CUKBLtR'S l-M.ol.IC! Scalt / Prices?< trohester hairs 75 MDtl; Dress CircisMoenU; Children under 10 years of s*e to Dre?s Circle 25 oeats; sooia Ranee 25 eents; Colored Gallery 25 cente; Colored Boxes SO oents. Doon open st7 o'c:ook; pafciMM will oommenoe st 8 precisely. jott CANTERBURY HALL. LociaiANi AVKHUX, Btttcen 4% and 6tk itrutl. CP= NEW CoJrPANY ^?1 or NEW CO MPAN r -JF1 LEONI PANTOMIME COMPANY! LKONi PANTOMIME COMPANY: LEONIPANTOMIME COMPANY! To night, MR. ROKKKT tfUTLER Will appear as ths Clown in the L*atk&bls Pan torn line, VOL a U r&NT! VOL-AlT-rEfiT! gpleniid cut of ctmaoterc by the members of tb? Lkom and Castkeburt CoitriHin ' Fmt Appearance of 8 I Ii A S BALDWIN. Tk> Btit Jut tier tm tk* W or Id ' WILLIS ARMSTKON0. Tonight, MIS* AMKLIA WELLS. The Beautiful Son**tre??. in Skstimbktal and Vahksi 8ono?! a. J. TALB ?TT, The Fthiopi*n Com*dian, a*mated br Dick Fakksb, Miae Emma Milks, Miss Vikso*. M'llk Fran* La tulm, ai.d Little Ella. One Week Longer, WARD 011 hi* Cokdb VoLawtk! Best SUck-ropi Perfotmtr m America! Notwithstanding ths large Company sow at the Cant-'^ury, ther? will re IEr NO ADVANCE IN PRICES. .?3 Afternoon Pe'formanoe, tor I adiesand Children, every WKDNhshAV and SATURDAY, with quantitiesofpresents-one a aupsrb #28 Silk Dreaa. '? he dreti cm be seen in the window of Meeara. Perry A H, o. All our dreaaeaare hoaght from thia house. Doore oeen, eftaraoon, at 2 o'clock. Admission: Ladies, 80 oenta; ohildren. in oenta Doora open, evenings, at 6|? o'olook. ja 25-lw QDD FELLOWS' HALL! PROFESSOR WYMAN, VENTRILOQUIST AND WIZARD, With his Life-mo Ting and Spiking Aatomatoas, EVERY EVENING THIS TVEEK. Admittanoe 25 cents ; ohildren 10 centa. jrr Sea amall bills- Ja l>-tf /2EORGE CHRISTY'S VJI OPERA HOUSE. Tkxth stribt, hitwiik k <1td F. Open Every Night with 6EORGK CHUISTV'J? From Broadway. IVtie York, Comprising 16 of toe Piokid Stars or Minstkblst ' The entire entertainment under the immediate dl reotlon of OEORGK CHRISTY. The ack*o*o2tdned Pioneer of Mmttrtlry ! This Evening, and e?ery evening until further notice, will be produced George Christy's great a ftpr piece entitled NEW YEAR'S CALLS. Fet?r Day..... ...... ..George Christy. Other characters by the oompany. The nsual neuie of Smglrg, Dancing, Bar less ue Opera. *e? Ac., by the wnole oompany. Admission?Para net. weenta: ? . ?r? SATURDAY NIGHT, January 25th, BsniriT or 6iouiCriiitt. And lut apptaranoe of the Company on Tenth st, CZT1 Monday, January ?Jth,OidFillows' Hall, Seventh at. ja 14 w the " a8hington academy of mu8ic, i'kms. a vi50i, (j'orth 8id?,) no. #89, Btivenn 9Ik atid 10(4 ik. Erery ereniig a remarkably fine Free CoDotrt, embracing selection* from the best olaaeie music, and the moit popular operae?rendered m better tyie than at any othrr Amerioan ooaoert eaoon. The gue?U?and the publio are freely invited, withou' charge for entrance,?may relr opon bar ing erery comfort th*y deaire. lnacdition to tha bneat mutio in Waahinitin, they vili obtain, on call, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the beat Refreshment! for sale in the Pederai Metropolis. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja 6-lm Prafnitor. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. Thirteenth grand assembly X of the ft! HIBERN1A CLUB it Will take plaoe at the H%11 ot the Franklin/^A Engine Horn#, on i) reel, t etweer U .'.yflA and ISth, on MONDAY, January 27ih, 1862 Tiolieie&Ootiiis, admitting a gentleman and ladie.. jaa 4t* QRAND SOIREE! TEMPERANCE HALL. ? (E etreet. tx>t*'?D ?'h ana 10th.) JB On KRi DaY EVENING. Ju'r SUt faflfc Dadoing will commenoe at o'o occ. Good maeio will be id attendance. Tiokeu, admitting a gtn tleman and lndiee, fti. ja 28-9t* Prof. C. F BAENK8. Mi?ftr. thhls ANDERSON CLUB Take great ?l?anr? J. io ecnuuEoiag to thair fnenda and the pubho in general that they will gire their eao- IH ood grand BALL at Stott'a Hail, aornar of/^A loth etreet ?nd Pennaylvania avenne, ol|h THURSDAY, January ?d Tioketi #1, admitting a gentleman and ladiea. /leer Mmmmgtrt J. Weet, P. Fianigan P. Relley, )a g-?t* SEALED PROPOSALS ARK INVITEP. MBO til taeftth dar of February. 1M2. for furnishing FLOL R to the Subsistence Dep&rtment of the U. ft. Army. About twelve thousand (II800) barrels will be required, of a high grade of Ext re F.osr, to be dwllrered in Washington at the Railroad De^ot, or at the mills or warehouses in feorgetowa. aowe time between the 6th acd ISth of February, 1MB. Esoh barrel of Fionr to be injected jeet before it ii rooiivod. The Flour must be equal in soa itr to the earnalee to he obtained at tne < aeiul U%terr at Waahincton City,and the barrels to be bead licrd. rce ousioma y eathof aliegia-oe will be repaired of eaoh oontraoior. Bids to be directed to Major A. BECK WITH, U. S. A?aod ?ooreed *4Pro?oe?la.'^ jatt ^ ? FURNITURE ' FURNITURE' ?Li FVRNIi VEE! ff| ... Wt.R MOSES , 191 ill im 01 mn?M * rMtMM, Phtlfcd'fc.) MannfmUrer ud W holoa&ia ana Ra'atl Dovor is Can* mm Cfcaira. Coitac*. ,fla?lor uj Diem* room Fu c turs?Thoro'a Building, *08 Barren h ,tSwr>*vi*W *f UPHOLSTBRiN? promptly # 8QufrT?J*B'day* ud mtlu for Ui mnaito U F?D?ehM>r? viU atmdj tkoir latarMt to e*U Mm poking *U?wlwr>. J G&f^sEr^'GL&nsm C othiLg BU?r%, BO tfcat arary vmIi wuntofC.oifc ing. Hat* and Oim, ou biw frwfwi to tta P?*>p ? I C Oihinr Stora.No. 4*0 S?v?pth uUMt, oppoaiu Poat Oftaa, onaroall kutda of Ciothing OM bo boaght at Northara pnoao i? Igdla SthSSS JMS iSFWBSWtiS OVpOClti rOli U8M? v% riOflMTB WAR DEPARTMENT. JiwrtiT tl, 1KH, Oimn, That the War Department will he r.loaad Tuaadiya. We4aeaAaya, Thuradai* a*4 Frldaya against all aftbat *w*mim M that wbick relatea to attire military oparatlo** la tba 1*U Saturday* will ba devofed to lb? fcoalaaai mt ScMtori and Ktpm??taf,m Monday* to tbe boaln?*? of tba Public edwin m. ptanton, JatS-tf Peervtary of War, AUCTION a ALBS. CWFor Oiksr Auction SaUt, Ml Jkrat FUTURE DATS Auction pale or wood land on WASHINGTON R . R.-Tha *h.?nt?r vtli Ail AlI lnr.tan!ia 1 /* - * * - ? 1 * I '- IW MMMVM, VH ? !??! J ? , ?nn i., ly *crM of W ;>od Lard, biadtftt oath* imil nwvd Wood ooatraotm ora idtiuJ to attoM. For wu*ioo or? mj't to M. BAHOM. *? Paol St., BkJtimor* 1m U-M* |>UTTER. BITTER, BUTTE* !-W? M U row rMMTiof by M>rm from Ntv York, W**ki,J>RIME GOSHEN BUTTER, to which v* reepeetfelly aail the ftttoaUon of taw iIim and other* BROWNING * KSATIN#, til rMMTifUll imu, b?IWM ja i? raw nhigrtlim. Z FURNITURE! Q FURNITURE! M FURNITURE ! ' * 1 Loot tt? r??r lafrwtf, PirtkMm of CABINET FURNITURE, and ?AJ 1 at <19 Iron Hall, wkera yo? will fiad tko l?r?s?t and ten assorted stock to bo f< and la Was run* ton. onbraoinc evsry oonosirabls vans y aooMsarr to famish a boss* oonpiste, aad at srioos wkieh dofy oomaetitioa. BOTELKft * WILLSON, Psctiiy van * a. wane. hot. 9tn and loth its ja 15-?c6t Sooond aad faint Floors. ^pO THh LADIES Or WASHINQTONMRS. M. A. HAMILTON, No 946 Penwy' aoia ?w.. between itth aad isth itrMU.^K has just received a new assortment of aand ?Hal some Bonnets. Ac .and as she wishes toeioee^^ business in thi* city, she Is now soiling at verr r-docofl prices. The Ladies will pleaae oall aad sm bar new assortnaat. ja It ' gCHWERIN'8 RUSSIAN IN VIGOR A TOR. A iirt remedy for Fertr ud A|i?, Dyepepeia. Die**a*a of the Kidney a, Acidity uf tit* ttloaMk, Cold, Haart Barn. on of App*at*, Coeti verges. Piles, v\ Mtitrii of My kind tad ?1 vanoaa affection* oonaeqaent ai a a oieorderad atomacd or liver, and is especially reoomm ended for iaob a* o ban tea of o urate and water. The Raaaian laTiforator hte for the laat half oentnry been very aaooeaafu ly aaed ia Ksaaiaand all ever Kur-ee. and eapeoially in the army and nary. Frio* Si, prepared and aold by M. SCHWkRIN. No. 1*4 north Se*ncd atreet, Phitade phia. Bold by all respectable druggiata. ja 14 eo?* THE COPARTNERSHIP Heretofore existtnt under the name of L Hctck A Co.. ha* this u?v i^-ru uiwuiwu u? muiuk W?UIPDU Liokiid Bcicitlon* it uthortatd to Nttl*tk? buaineaa affair* ot the firm. L. HUYCK * CO. Jannary 15.18K2 jal^St WASHINGTON, JANUARY I?. 1*68. No SIT SlVEXTH ^TBKBT. The undersigned bare ttua day formed a ooftrt ner?hip, under the name of kwmsni A Hcici.for the puipo?e of ooDduoiiriK as Kioni'ie. ColUotion, Land Warrant, and General Backing Baa?By prompt and faithful attention to baaneea we hope to merit the oonfidenoe and support of the publio. H. B SWEENY. _Jal5 eo2w LEONARD HUYCK. PERHAM'S EXCVR8IOR. Frem Baltuaere te New Yerk and rrtnrn |9.00 Te Beaten, nnd rrtarn ?.. >13.60 Ticket* for uli at tk? NATIONAL HOTEL. Where further partiea^ara may be hard. Time for leaving Washington expire* oo S.*t January. TickeU good to return any day before March let. Jal7-l?? (inn^MALLeoLD ANDBILVER FOR ?>U,UUU 8ALK-CJ. Treamry No tea aad Dutriot Currency vaateO. RITTFN HOUSE, FANT A CO., Bankers, near Brown'* Hotel, Jal7-lw (Sea. chron ) Si* Pa. aveaac. 1VTOW If* VOU* TIMK TO BUY OVER. 1* ooat?, Pacta and Vesta, at New York prior a, at PMiTM'S, No. 460 Seventh etroet. opposite Poet Uttoe jalidlt THE 6RANO ARMY 18 ADVANCING TO1 ward* SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventa etroet. to get some of hi*Great Bargain* m Clothing, Far alshini Goods. Hai?ar.d Caaa. iaie-dlna POR SALE-An independent SLTLERSHlP. r bow doing ft good ftcd thriving bui lmb, 1b ft splendid locality. Ap?iy on the premise*, ftboat ** rod* aorth of Colontbift Cnllege.ftt ef>ea\r.? of Georgetown rotd ; or to H B. FtiNNKR, 341 D tr?t, BeBr 10U>. jfc \i f fAMP BTOVES! CAMP STOVES!! CAMP STOVES rr; A Iftrge (took on hftDd, whioh will be eold low. B J. GREGORY, jb 16 MI Pi. ft?enne. WFOR THE ARMY. E Hftve jaat received, by ateemer Aruo, ft Iftrge ftesortment of magBlfMDt Frenoh BrM Drnnu (Syatein*;) Freneti Huglee, lor inlftntry. otvftlry, ana artillery ; Mftrtin Krere'a VVIVUI?KIU V BUU ri?W? f M91 ? 1 y*>W U menu ot Ail kind* Also, the fineat * m jtj of VenloeStrmre. Uomoc'i AooonJeoni ?pd FlatiaM. Together with t lorre Maortment of lotoat French Mueic (or BudL Mum More of W. tt. METZEROTT. j* 16 Corner Pa orenaeond 11th at. f^OLD AND UNCLRRENT MONKV PURvT ohaoed Speoie tad IJ. 8. Currency Aooonnta OMOM ?^^!)J2ougIS pARix A co.t Buiker*, No. SAX Peun. trecn*, JaVlm noar Brown'e Hotel. pHOlCE OLD HAVANA RUM. li Down oh ni. MINERVA WINE? aolobrotod HftuikWiM, VERMOlTtH WINE-m Italian Wum, mach nieO aa a tonic, CHAMPAGNES. CLARETS. CORDIALS. Ac.. of tvioii brands. ITALIAN MACAhO.NI ud V ER MIC ILL1. Mo er*? New \ or? P?t< nt C?t LO&F sUSil. rorm!?by C. O. D?GAKMEND1A. Importer ?nd MMriiunatfipn. de ?-lm^ No IS Coroipero* ?t Baltimore ECK TIBS AND SCARPS! SCAfrtAND NECK TIBS'. An u?*rfc.lel!?d aMortmrat at THOMPSON'S. H"13" r~ C<niiActlf on hfcad? LoniUMT U?U,>3 Mtr th# CmHtr Market CHARLES %. FOWLER tT Co7, IMPORTERS. VIOLM1LI AMD ABTA.IL DllLIia in CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WAKE, FINE CUTLERY, PLATED WARE, ROLL METAL GOODS. BLOCK TIN O0ODS.TINCHAMBER SITS JAPANNED WAITERS, MTHERIAL AND SOLAR LAMPS, COAZ. OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS. , f f*. *M, Odd Pillow*' Hall. Simn it., W?kiactm City. T?._ P] ANOR-PIANO&-HANO* ! MIS Morcut r?cr.v?c a?tin a supply <>?*** RoMWood pLfcoo*. unooc Uw br*t?c UcIott of^pFTtBSbe k. Co., nor*, wkioh 1 will Mil or ro?.t on rory tMMtmu aiUDi Mnu. A ooo&ci kmc om of I ooUtm t:*o for im or to rnt ?t m; Paoo EoobTNo ?l dOMa' P. C. KICHENBACB. rnmrn H111UU7 BooU gg| IM AT If H PL t BALM. TW% m - - - - TCaF"- , ifiavnss^: MUlUllB't PaUit Portable Hmm. Th? lBvoBtor <*!) tkr ottooboB of 8?U?r? u4 otter* to UU 1 inns'icm ilouiMi t? baM by UU ! ?*? vttkMt ?in. Mwvii of '' mm ud M?biM bain la tl? m vaj. H juTtuwwciK, riwrjnpt^ aEsa isre ALLHBN DlaCHAESEDrBOMbKftVir-B OM f *? ItlM NtUI a IIM Mil M <5*tbf* M lawjjaa Nrr York ?rtaw, at U* tmf&tCknkHiNw.Na. Wlimtt Hmt ??<>

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