Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1862 Page 3
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I LOCAL NEWS. Notic*.?After baring for many years printed tfce lists of letters remaining uncalled for In the ^ost office of this city, (.under the taw authorizing their publication ( the newspaper having the lsrgeet circulation within the ususl delivery of the olie*,) the proprietor of the Star has at length felt compelled to decline their further Insertion, because of the great apace they have come to occupy, and of the fact that for montha put he has been forced to lay over on each occsslon. when printing the Hats, advertisements the insertion of which would have paid at least doable as much as tLe law allowed him for the letter In addition to this positive pecuniary loss by their insertion since tbo?* lists nave come to be es larre ss the New York city letter lists, they have entirely?on the day on which they were - :/M-d-feated his purpose of making the SUr always a nttttpmptr?news being Its wall-known speciality Amvsmbsys To-Nioht. TBKAtaa ?Operatic performances bydhe New York Academy of Music Tronpe. Chsistt's ?Ad immense bill of comicalities and burlesque, with the whole troupe la spirited performances " New Year's Calls" again tonight?Christy as "Peter Day." CAXTsaarftT Hall ? Pantomime, burlesque, s*ngs, dances, slack-rope performances, Ac., Ac , ezceedlngly attractive to the fun-loving public. Liat week of Ward, In hla feats of corde volanta. Odd Fellows' Hall ? Life-like and speaking automstons, and aatonlshlng feats of juggling and ventriloquism, by the celebrated prtstidlgltateur, Professor Wyman. Rise's AvmtTHKATKB ?A new progamme of equestrian and acrobatic performance,concluding with the side-splitting extravaganza, "The Cobbler's Apprentice." Acadsmy of Mrsic ?Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth sts Open all day. Free concert at three o'closk. Smithsosiaji LacTtaa ?Last evening Rev. \ Dr Pierson, of Cumberland College, Ky., delivered the second lecture of the Smithsonisn course at the Institute, upon "The Private Life of Jefferson." The lecture was made up largely of the narrative of Capt. Baton, of Kentucky, (who was Mr Jefferson's overseer for twenty years.) and was given aa nearly as possible In Capt. B s own language. Mr J efferson was six feet two-and-a-half i nches la stature, well proportioned, and remarkably erect In his carriage. His physical strength was very great, and his health excellent. He had blue eyes, a fair skin, and always wore a mild and pleaaant countenance, which Capt B. says he never saw disturbed bv any trouble or disappointment. He was an early riser, and never had a servant to build a lire In his room, but would Lave dry wood prepared for him and kindle his own fires at all seasons. He never used tobacco In any form; never was beard to utter a profaue word, and was strenuously Opposed to card play><>g. which he forbade among his servants He was also opposed to dancing. He was a small eater, but what he did eat was of the richest kind; beef, lamb and veal were his favorite meats, but he had a great aversion to pork He was exceedingly fond of vegetables and fruit, both of which he raised in great abundance He was very ingenious, ard Invented a plow, which won a medal; he planned all his buildings, the style of c*"l*ge, and the arrangement and character of his fences Unless the weather was inclement, Mr. Jefferson always rode ont at nine o'clock in the morning, at which time he wore over hisshort brwhss, stockings and bright shoe buckles, a long pair of overalls. He was fond of bearing preaching, and rendered the ministers who held service in the vicinity of Montlcello a great many favors His kindness to the poor was remarkable, and whenever be returned from Washington his bouse was beset by hundreds, for the purpose of begging, none of whom were turned away emptv by him. la 1816 a severe fro*t cut off the corn crop, and bat very little w?s raised In the neighborhood. A small section of country at the base of the Blue Ridge, however, did not suffer, and had a good crop Mr Jefferson sent there and purchased thirty barrels, at ten dollars per barrel, for his own use; but when It was being haul*d to Montlcello, the people flocked around and actually begged and received the corn aa fast as it arrived, until the thirty barrels were all distributed. Mr Jefferson was very particular In the transaction of business, and kept a strict accoant of all his affairs, each overseer reporting to him their respective disbursements and receipts In all business transactions with his neighbors, even If the sum Involved did not exceed five dollars, there was a written contract made between tbe p-irtles, thus avoiding all difficulty in settling. His overseers were alwavs furnished with written instructions; sad when he left for Washington to be inaugurated President, he placed a large roll of papers In the hands of Cspt. Baton, with directions concerning everything to be done on the estate, not er -ept ng the most trifling matters. He had four children, two of whom died quite young. The other two?Martha and Maria?were married to prominent men, the former tea Mr. Randolph. Mrs. Randolph was an exceedingly kind lady; and during his twenty years residence with the family, Captain B never saw her out of temper. Like her father, Mr. J efferson, she was alwsys humming some air when not eon versing, snd was always busy about something Capt. Bacon had free access to Mr. Jefferson's room during the entire twenty yesrs, and in that time he never found Mr. Jefferson idle but three times. Once he had retired, st another time he was suffering from the toothache, and on the third occasion with the neuralgia. A great attachment existed between Mr. Jefferson snd his grandchildren, and he took particular delight In giving them advice and directing their amusements He used to tell them never to laugh boisterously In company or when another was conversing; that was his habit The children used to bring home their scboolmstes with them, snd on Saturdays they would bsve line times about the plantation, rambling over tbe estate, estlng fruit, Ac. Among the favorite scholars Invited were \V. C. Rlve? and W. F Gordon, the former being stylad the peacemaker, as the school boys always referred their differences to him for settlement. ? Mr. Jefferson was very kind to his servants, never overworking them, nor whipping them, unless they really deserved it. He had a favorite servant named Burwell, who was allowed a great manv liberties, and when Mr. Jefferson left Mon tlcello for Washington he directed bis overseer not to be very particular with him. and to give him occasionally small sums of spending money. In his will Mr. Jeffersoo gave Burwell his freedom. When Mrs Jefferson died all tbe house servants stood sround the bad, and Mr. Jefferson sst by her side, holding one of her hands. When he came to bid her children good-bye she wept very much, snd said she could not die In peace with the thought that they should ever hsve s step-mother. Mr. Jefferson promised her never to marry again, aad lived forty years of single life after tbe decease of his wife. In his will be set qalte a number of his servants free, and would have emancipated sll of them had it not been for the embarrassed condition of his business affairs. He did not like slavery, and often predicted just such evils ss the country Is now suffering. Having to psy 20,000 for Gov Nichols, of Virglnls, he was considerably cramped for money, but continued to struggle oo until tbst, with keeping pen house, involved him, aad after his death the estate passed out of the hands of his children. Mr Piersoa concluded his lecture with a comparison of Virginia's former greatness and present degeneracy, and bade God speed the time when she should once more stand among the S Alas of the Union, loyal and great as before. Police?This morn lag, tbe patrolmea of the Third Ward reported tbe following arrests and cases for yesterday : John Hsx-1, selling liquor on Sundsys; fined S10 58 by Justice Barnaclo. Defendant appealed to the Circuit Court Adam Ockeabacb, selling liquor to soldiers; held to ball for court by Justioe Welter. John Kotzel, M Pbifer, selling without license; dismissed The Fourth Ward pstrolmen reported : Ellen Kelehsr, profanity; workouse 90 days. Emms Dupre, selling liquor without license; fined SS0 M by J notice Walter James Spslding, charged with larceny of twenty-seven dollars from Pst'i Keller, and also for assault and battery on Win. Fsrrell; dismissed In both caars by Justice Johnson Lewis Davis, (col'd,) larceny; dismissed by same Justice Edward Smith and Wm Smith, charged with stealing a pig; dismissed by Justice Barnaclo L'jrvaovoxxc Assault vfox a Jcaoa ?Tuesday night, while tbe jnry em pen nailed to try the case of Daniel Roberts, charged with the murder of John Wolfe, were about retiring (Tom the National Hotel, where they bad taken their meals, beisg in charge of bailiffs Simoada and Fayroan. one of them, Mr S Sylvester, was assaulted and benten by a lieutenant, said to be sn officer of Irss Bailer's Staff Mr. S. was whollv unprepared for any sach attack, aad was roughly hsndied before he could be rescued The assault was wholly anpr >vok*d, and It wss a mstter of wonder among tbe jurors what imaginary offence fens caused it Last night s warrant was Issued bv Jostles Doan for tbe arrest of the lieutenant, but the officer failed to find him The affair will be reported to headquarters. Rialto Hottsi ?When any of our readers fesl weak sbout lbs gastronomical organs, they will do well to step down Into the far-famed Rtalto House, corner of Ninth aad D streets, where they will get s glass of the finest ale that ever psmrd eplcarlan lipa. Tbe oys'ers tnere are such ss we hsve ssdoai had la our most favored season*. The proprietors bavecertainly spared no talent or means to make this a model boose, where citizens and strangers eaa get meals at sll uioas and at a small cut Oysters, fish, venison aad game of all kinde?cooked aad uncooked, and liquors and cigars that would lempt a Sybasite. Besides which are suppor rooms for private parties, snd polits aad attentifs servaats, s deaideratam net ft. ways met with la Washington. Riot and Outbaoe.?Last night, several per on* went to a restaurant on Seventh street near the market, formerly kept by Mr. Norwood, but now by a German resident, and tried to force their way Into th- private apartment, but were reflated and elected. The peraona ejected then began an assault, and sevenl blowa were (track. An old man named Brandldge, who had been In the restaurant, and waa walking away, waa struck on the head with a heavy piece of limestone, and an nearly two inches in length, waa cut In his head. He waa taken back to the restaurant and hla head dreaaed temporarily. The appearance of the old man, covered with blood from the wo jnd upon hla bald head, greatly excited the crowd around, and a number of persons declared their willingness to testify as to the persons engaged; and they named John Mylanasa principal and a person named Adama or Adamson as an associate. The affair was reported to the |JMlc?. Obobsitown Police Casts.?Sergeant Newman, of the Georgetown police, reported the following arrests:?Thos Price, negro, larceny of a ham from Mr. Kessler, a butcher; sent to jail for court John Jsrkson and Henry Jones, negroes, disorderly conduct; fined 82 44 each. George W. Sherwood and Kllas Sherwood, huckstering without a license; fined?George W *4 67 and Ellas 8? 44. Daniel Bsgley. a teamster, disorderly conduct; sent to the workhouse. Jar Slmm?, do.; fined K 50 Jaa Cole, a drunken soul, was sent to the workhouse. George W. Donald and four other soldiers. very drank snd disorderly, and one of them made a fierce saaault on officer Thomas With a knife, but they were finally arrested; turned over to the military. Sufbbmb Coubt?January, 22, Wm. H. F. Gnrley, Esq ., of Iowa, and Samuel Wells, Esq , of Massachusetts, were admitted attorneys and counaellors of this Court. No. 86. Jonathan Crews et al., appellants vs. Henry L. Burcham et al The argument of this cause was continued by Mr. Arlington for the appellants, by Mr. Carlisle for the appelleea, and concluded by Mr. Arlington for the appellants. No. 41. wm. Glasgow, Jr., et al., plaintiffs in error, va John B. Hortiz The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Bates for the plalntlft in error. Coebxction.?To the Editor of the Star? Desr Sir: I sm sure you desire to do injustice to no man, and I request, therefore, that you will correct a mistake In your Issue of the 20th Inst. You state that "E D Etchlson, for obtaining goods by false pretenses, wss also examined and dismissed by Justice Donn." That Is my name, and 1 know of no other person in this city of the same name; snd I emphatically deny of ever having been examined bef?re Justice Donn, or any tribunal on God's earth, upon a criminal accusation. Respectfully, 4c. E. D. Etchison. Centbal Guardhouse Casks?Effort Justice Walter?Thomas Davis, Charles Buss, Joseph Lent, Thomas Chandler, soldiers, drunk; turned over to the military. John Grey, col'd, drunk; fined S3 M Elizabeth Gibson, Adelaide Allsmand, and Eliza Lewis, col'd, fighting at the circus; fined 810 94 esch. Loyld Cole, col'd, drunk and disorderly; do S3 94. Thomas Date her, col'd, do: do. S3 94. Sarah Ann Doyle and Sukey Puddlns. do; do. each S3 94. Caleb Datcber, do.; dismissed Thomas Gafney, a boy, fighting doga In the street; locked up three hours. Police Casks, Seventh Ward? James KPenan and James Thompson, selling liquor to soldiers; security for court Job Cornell and John Deschamp, for profanity; fined S1.94 each. Wm. (iuirin, fast driving; fined S3 94 Hannah Wilson complained of Michael Mler for an attempt to violate her person; but it being in evidence that Hannah was no better than she ought to be, also that she was somewhat boozy, she was sent to the workhouse snd Mier was dismissed. Jas Finn, for drinking like a fish, waa fined SI 23. Ceiminal Couet?Murder Case ?Yesterday, in the case of Daniel Roberts, on trisl for the murder of John Wolfe, after the close of Mr. Csrrington's opening argument, Mr. Norris, the counsel for the prisoner, addressed the Jury for more thsn hour, urging the plea of s?lfdef?nce, after which the District Attorney replied, and the caae waa given to the jury, who, after a short absence from the court-room, returned a verdict of "Not Guilty." Fopbth Wabd Station?Before Justue Walter? Adam Wenzel, John Newalt, and Charles Weber, on a regular "bust," were picked up about fire o'clock, and fined 81 59 each; and one of them, for extras, 82. Thos. Burns, drunk and disorderly; dismissed John M. Keim, do ; 83. Thos Thompson, do.; 8158. Jaa Morgan, W. P Hagerman, do ; 82 John Shugren and Patrick Donnely, boys, fighting; locked up all night. Police Cases, Fibst Wabd ?Sergeant Hurly yesterday morning reported Charlotte Parker, Mary Williams and Lee Bryant, all colored; and Wm. Welden, Samuel Chaney. John Shield, Jaa. Keina, and Peter Riley, white: all arrested for drunkenness, disorderly conduct, Ac., and fined or sent to the workhouse by Justice Drury. Con?ibxed.?'The Senate yesterday con firmed the following appointments: Joseph P.Brown, Zenaa C. Robbins, and George 8. Gideon, of Waahlngton; Wm H. Tenney, of Georgetown, and Savles J. Bowen, of Washington county, to b? Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police of Washington. Abbbstbd on these Chabgbs? Charles Noah, a resident of the 5th Ward, was arrested Tuesday, charged with selling liquor to soldiers; selling liquor on Sunday and keeping a gambling house, on which charges he will be examined to-day. The Bladensbcbq Spbings.?Messrs John F. Carter and C. W Boteler, of this city, have purchased the Spa Springs, at Bladensbtirg. They Intend to erect on the grounds a hotel capable of accommodating five hundred people. Fbeshbt ?The water In the Potomac is quite high, snd appears to be still rising, as there is a considerable current opposite this city, and some drift coming down. Thb attention of the trade and citizens of Washington Is called to the fact that genuine Boston crackers are manufactured by us fresh and warm every day. Dayton's Bakery, 456 Eleventh street, between G ana H. ja 23 tf W e would call attention to the card of Mr. W. B Moses, manufacturer and dealer in furniture. He has the largest assortment of cottage furniture, cane seat chairs and other furniture, Tn the city. Purchasers will do well to call upon him, at Thorn's Building, No.506 Seventh street, second snd third floors. Open day and evening, for accommodation of the public. jan 22 01* Scubvt and ScBoruLous Eeuptions will soon cover the bodies of those brave men who ara fighting their country's battles Night air. bad food, and drenching rains will make sad navoc with the strongest. Therefore, let every man supplv himself with Hollowsy's Ointment; It Is a certain cure for every kind of skin disease Only 25 cents per pot. 215 Coens, Bunions, Cslosltles, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all diseases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 428 Pennsylvania avenue, between Foura?d-a-half and Sixth streets. Room 24 up stairs. Office hours from 12 m. to 6 p. m. Orders to call at residences promptly attended to. jan 15-lm* Pleasant Fuenished Rooms, with fuel and gas, with or without board, at 415 E street, between Eighth and Ninth streets. Table boarders can be accommodated. jan 15-lm* India Rubbee Goods. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should be without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blanket*, for soldiers, 81 25 each. Rubber Ponchos and Blankets combined, 82.50 each. India Rubber Coats, white or black, 82 50 each. India Rubber Legglns 81 per pair. And all klnda of Rubber Goods, Including Rubber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds In sickness, he . Ac , at manufacturers prices, at H. A Hall's India Rubber Warehouae, 306 Pa. av., between Ninth and Tenth streets. Jan 1-tf The Iv?ian Hebb Doctob, Prom Canada, will describe diseases snd tell his patients the nature of their complainta or illness, without receiving any Information from them. y? eKesrge for Consultation or Advice. oub motto. We use such Balms as have no strife W ith Nature or the Laws of Life: W ith Blood oar hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Our Father?wboea all goodness fills, Provides the means to core sll Ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? These, thsae shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Waskiesfton Buildings, Pa. avenue, about Jive minutes walk from Brown's Hotel. No charge for Conaultatlon. ja 10-Sw* DIED. On the ad laataat, LAWRENCE O'NK'L, a nafcve of Us ooantr ot tie va;. Irs and, bat a rssidsr.t or this eity lor ths past aevenjr-ara. His fatsral will take ylaos on Friday th ttth instaat, at o'eWk p. m., from th* 'ssidsaoe oi Sis br >Uter m iaw, Uuu Raete. No. 66 Sceoad stnst betveen tt aid Ma?s avenue, which his firiscds and eoeaaintanoes ere respeotfk ly invited to attend. At'he Soldier's Home. D.C , oa tht?i J an aery. UC3.Hfc.KMAN MATTHlA. aaed i* tats of Co. "E?'Sthirw. lnfentry ?a native of Oernoaer. He asrved laithfslly lor a period of ? ysar*. aad was Basfsd bote ib the F orida and Mexican wars. H* vaa r?poof J br his otee'S and comrades. _ At the Soldier's H oms, oa the ?Was eery. IM, EDVV AkusWKET, late of i*o '*D,"?h Infantry a?ed ao,?a aativ* of Ireland. [ May the; reet in peace! ' WANTS. WANTED?A Journeyman BARBER, and a BOY. at S FlSHERS. 391 7th Itmt, near Maryland ave., Island. It* 1M7ANTED?A good WATCH MAKER; one " tnat oan brine rood rer-oramendaticna, oan apply at H. O. HOOD'S, 339 Pa ave. If \JU ANTKD? By a reepeotable young woman, a SITUATION aa chambermaid or waiter. A'Mr??-X Z.," St*T Off 30 if WANTED?Three oolored BOYS at the E at. 77 Bowling Saloon, (between 12 h and 13th at*.. No- 383 ) from 15 to 17 yettre of ag?. la a 3t* WANT^D-A HOUSE, euitable for a firet'' claee boarding house: situated in the central part^of thia city. Addreaa {'C. 1*.," Star Office. VVANTED-An active, energetic BUSINESS 77 MAN may hear oremp oyment by applving to JOHNSON, FRY A CO., 476 7th atreei. Ja23-st* ANTED? By a reapeotable woman, a SITU"7 ATION aa none or ohambermaid, in private family. Inquire at No 16 Madiaon atreet, betwwn tth and 7th It* WANTED-To bay a genteel HOUSE; will pay " " part in good lands, and ba'anoe in payments, with intereat teour'd by mortcage. Addreaa ' J.,'? throngh_elty Post Offloe. ja23 3t* SITUATION WANTED, by a well recommended German girl, to df> general housework. Apply at Mra. KAMMLRER'S, oorner H and lat atreeta Waahington. jaS3 2t* ANTED?By a young SEAT in a pew ? in the Chuhch of thk Epipsany. for whioh a good prioe will be paid. Addreaa "J ," Box No. l?: ja 13-tf WANTED-A amali HOUSE, with fonr or aiz ?7 rooma. unfurnished, between 4th and 15th atreeta ani Penny I vama avenue and I at. Addreaa Boi 633 Po?t Office. ja23-3t?? WANTED?A middle aged Aian, with 15 veart' experience in the meroaniiie business,wishes a SITUATION aa sal-smao in a wholesale or retail bneineee ; will do any thing to make himself uaeful. Addreaa "Cierk,' Star Office, ja 23 3t* WANTED?Three honest and aober colored or white M EN, to do laboring work and see to horaea No married men need call. Inquire at the Cracker Bakery, 436 Eleventh at. j%23 WANTED-A COOK. WASHER and IRONER. Alao, a NURSE ; muat be uaed to children and able to do p<ain aewing. Call at No. 4S7 12tU attest, 2 door a from F. It* A SITUATION WANTED, by a young man of 2 yeart'experience in a variety atore?would like a situation in a sutler'e. provision or clothing atore, either wholesale or retail. Be>t of referenoea given. Addreaa 'M.J M-," Star Office, until Satnrday evening. ja 23-3t* \*/ANTED?Tenaorea ofo!eared LAND (under 77 fence preferred) within 8 mtlea of the city. Address "F. 8 ," through the Waahington City Poat Offioe. with location and pnoe. ja 22 3t* %*7ANTED.?Any one having a SHOW CASE 7 7 to diepose of may hear of a purchaser by applying to C W. PATTERSON, 496 Seventh el, between D and E. ja 22 3t* W ANTED-A SITUATION aa seoretary.oopy" iat- or aa olerk, by a gentleman who oan give the higheat teatimoriala of oharaoter and oapaoity. Addreaa "R. K. N.," through the Poat Offioe. ja22 3t* A GENTLEMAN, 45yearaold, of intelligence and eood addreaa, neat, domentio, and atrictl v temperate habita, wishes Board with a widow ladv (without ohildren preferred) from 30 to 40yearaold, of prepoaaeaaicg appearance, intelligent and aocompluhed,?with a view to more intimate relatione. Addreaa, confidentially, "B. M. R.," Poat Office ja 22-3t* VVANTED jo RENT-A PLACE in the ooun7 7 try, from 5 to 10 milea from Waahington, on or near the Seventh atreet road. 1 he dwelling house muet have the modern improve*-ente, and b* situated in a perfectly dry, healthy looality, with from 10 to 15 rooms : with stable and other out houaea, oroharda, garden, and from 3 to 5" acres of land attached. Persons haviae such a rlvoe to rent will find a good tenant by addressing Box 299, Washington,!) C? or calling at No 12 Penn avenue, between 8th and 9th ete. ja ?2 -1 w \I7ANTED. IMMEDIATELY?A first cIms Jj ?'OAOH SMITH. Apply at T. F. BKIDGET"*, *95 Penn. av j\2l 3t* WANTED?Sutiera and Soldiers to know that they can b-iy CVMP STOVES and TIN WARE cheap of H J. bREGORY, 331 Penn avenue. ja!6 WANTED?I .adrug rtore.a YOUTH botwe?n lb and 20 yeare of age. Candidates must give satisfactory referero e ae to qualifications and oharaoter. The preference will be gives to one who has been engaged in the drug hnaineaa six or twelve months. Addreee "A B C,' Waahington City Poet Offioe. Ja 1 Im* \VantED IMMEDIATELY, at the U. S. NivyYard, Waahington, a number of LANDSMEN. de26 Im Vi ANTED?Every person to know that 1 ain in * ? the market, ready to pay oaah for all articles in the houeefurnishing line. Those leaving tne city, or having a surplus, will do well to call. R. BUCHl.Y, 4US Seventh si., between 6 ana H sts., (-ast aide,) Dealer in Newand Second-hand Furniture. no 16 WANTED.? We are now buying SECONDII AND FURNITURE, STO Vfis and BKD DirSG, for whioh we are paying the higheet oaan prices. Familiea deolimng housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a <iall. , M BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Je 13-tf No. 369 7th et., betw. I ana K sta. ?on nnn u- 8- t~3-io treasury NOTES for sale on favorable terme. BITTEN HOUSE, FA NT A CO., Bankere, Z52 Pennsylvania avenue, Ja211w [intef. Jfc Kepub ] near Brown's, | "J.EOR6E M. WORL A CO., V* Importers and Dealera in j ^ WINES. LlOUOtiS. CIGARS,He.; And GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS An aasortment of Merchandiae of every deeoription constantly on hand. GEORGE M. WORL A CO . 75 Water etreet. Georgetown. ja 21-lm* By the Rope Ferry. U T L E R S , ATTENTION!! 300 BARRELS GINGER SNA PS, Prim a Qcalitt, For eale in quantitiee to enit the trade, at low fignrea. J0HN80N Sc. NAGLE, 389 Pa. avenue, Waahington, D. C., ja 21 10 Royal et, Alexandria, Va. ORSE BLANKETS ? , , . AND BUFFALO ROBES, All at;lea and pnoee, at J. B. PUDNEY'S, 334 Pa. ave , t>ace room, 358 D etreet. Rubber coats, ponchos, legginb, Blankete, Cap Covere and Cape, at J B. PUDNEY'S, 334 Pa ave., ba-k room, Q' 355 D etreet. Heavy regulation blankets, for eale oheap, by J. B. PIIDNEY. 334 P*.ave., back r<>om, o 355 D atreet. PA NEW THING. ATENT Compreaaable Cot, can be folded up inio a epaoe 34 inonea long by 6 wide, an ingemoua oontrivanoe, for eale by

J. B. PUDNEY. 334 Pa. avi.. bank ro?m, Ja 21-tr [ or 355 D etreet. pARAFPINE CANDLES! MEUCCFS PATENT PARAFFINE CANDLES ! Manufactured by the Niw Yobk Paeaffix! CaifDLI Co. For Ml* 19 quan'itiee to anit purchaeera, by th* Manufacturersy Agents, JOHNSON A NAGLE, 899 Penn. avenne, Waehington, D. C. ja21 10 Royal, near King at,, Alexandra. Va. T HERRING'S IRON 8AFEB HE Sabao'ib*ra have on hand at all timraa eapply of Herring A Co.'a Celebrated Fireproof Safe* aud Paymutora' caah Bozea, whioh they oan furnish at the manafaotarera pnoee, freight added. JA8. C.MoGUiRK A C6.. B Aaetioaaad Commission Merohanu, ja20-6t Corner Tenth and D ete. PHRENOLOGY! H. ALDEN. PHRENOLOGIST, having taken rooms for a short time at 450 Pannevlvania a venae, wilt be prepared, on MONDAY, anth met, to iiv* verbal descristiona ofoharaotor, together with obarta. to all ? ho taav desire. " Fxcia?Verbal Del meat ione 50 teatt; one dollar extra for Charts. A duoonnt aiade on partiee of over aiz pereone ; alao oa ohildren aoooiaaanyiog the r parents. Oftoe 450 Pennerlvania aveaue, north ride, beween 3d and 4H eta. Ofioe boar* from 9 a. m. to J*lilw? jgUCKBKIN GLOVES! Ramibari At, Ebert, 105 High Btiiit, GEORGETOWN, D, a MlTl E'NSin the Dinnot. B*o^sL^^we?and Shirtef*' jal? | LOST AND FOUNP. LOST.?A email CANVAS a AO, containing money, (opposed to have been lost at Ue market, near 9th at A liberal reward will be given on i return to this office. It* THE POCKET BOOK loet reetardar morning mast be returned tj-day at th* office at Willaris'. or dropped in the Letter Box- The yourg man that eloked it op ia well known by the owner and oan he identified by the person who saw and convened witn him about it. He oan keep 10 oat of it. ja23 3t*_ ?Q REWARD?The party who broke into my CltJ store, last Friday night. and stole a Silver Medal awarded me by the Maryland Institute, Baltimore, for trunks exhibited in Ootober. 18?, will receive the above reward on returning it. and no questions asked. JAMKS S. TOPHAM, ja 23 2t 499 S?venth street, above p. Ran away from the subscriber, near B'ad'nsburr, B??Y ANTONEY ^ OKA WKOR p, comipo-ily oaMed Toney. He m is t feet5 or 7 inches high; very blaok; short hair; crave countenance when spoken to, Jk with a scar in one of hia eyebrows, occa ' sioned by a kiok of a horse, scarcely perceptible; lett iniNovember last. I will give $160 to have him brought home to me. ja23 F. MAGRUDER. WAS LEFT AT MY STABLES. about one month ago. a brown MULE. sus-^ posed to be strayed. The owner will^^^^ p!?aseocme forward, pay oharges, and take her away, or else she will be sold ? rr aooording to law. _ E. K. CONKL1N, ja32-3t* Fourteenth st.. below 1'enn. av. TAKEN UP?By the subscriber, on Sunday cve* .Bine, the mh instant, a small BAY e\ HORSE, with long tall, one small white spot ia the forehead, a? d a little white onfh/"t the upser li>, his shoulder bally galled. The owner i? requested to oome forward, prove property, pay charges, a d take him away?oorner of High and Fifth streets, Georgetown. ia22 St* THOMAS F JONES. FOUND?A small sum of MONEY, near the Capitol, whioh the owner can have r>y proving property and paying for this advertissment. j A 21 5t* REWAR D.?On my way vesterday, January*/ ry30, at 3 o'clock p. m. from the office of Juot ce Uaroac o, on Mass. av -nue. to Mr Red fern's,oorner of2i'th street and Pa avenu*.agenteman in the buggy with me lott my PAPERS, consisting of Executions. Judgment. Notes, tee., of-no use to any one but myself. I will give the above rewa<d if returned to me. They were wrapped up in yel ow paper, a> d a leather book ?side of it. A E. L KEKSE, , at Donn's Office or ja21-3t* 69S N st. north, near 5th st. L03T?On Friday last, in getting out oi a car riage at WTiliards' Hotel, a 'ady's GOLD WATOH. A liberal reward will be paid for its return to WILLIAM H. FANNING, Polio* Offioer, Willards' Hotel. ja3Q RE WARD.?Ran away from the subsoriber last Monday YELLOW BOY.18 y ^a-s of age; about 5 f^et 6or 7 inohes in hight; slender bu'lt; slow of speech; goes by the jpt name of Dave Kelly. Had on when he left_^^ grey oassinet pants and frock ooata >d vest of^JL. same material. The above reward will be given on his return to SAMUEL D. MURPHY, Laurel F?otory, on Baltimore ana Columbia Turnpike. jatt-lw? f OST.-A SEAL KING, and a FOX-HEAD Li SEAL, attached to a ring, with oorneaJian set. 85 reward will be gives to whoever returns the articles to this offioe. de3-tf educational" French instruction.-a lady who studied the Frenoh language in Paris, and has taught successfully in a first-class academy for several years, having considerable leisure time, won:d give private lessons to a lew pupils. Communications addressed '-Paris," through the City post Offic, will meet with prompt attention. j%20 1w* _ Mrs. burr will resume her School for Englirh and French Monday, January antb. New York avenue, between 13th and >4th sts ja l7-ti6tA2a?6t CHEGARAY I\STITUTE. 1*37 and 1529&prcckSt.,Philadelphia. This Institute, conducted lor two years past in thei citv of Philadelphia by Madamk Chbgaray and her niece Madams D'Hirvilly. upon the same principles as the one in New York, estab lished there in 1814, wili reopen,after the Christmas holidays, on Monday. January 6tn. with its usual atnpls and complete provi?ton for the education of Young Ladies, unCer th' direction of M^afe D'Hervilly. Circulars, and all requisite informa tion, oan be obtained on application to the Principal. ja7-lm FOB, > AL.L1 AND UiflNT. A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, with Board?at 372 C street. A Room for a si-g'e gentleman It* LM'RMSHGD ROOMS TO LET with liberal a Board, in a pleatai t loce1 ion r??r the Capitol, A'ao, a handsomely furni*h?d PARLOR ana rhambkk, communicatint. Tbo?e willing to pay a fair pne* tor gor.d accommodations may addreaa Box 15, Star offioe, ja Jf-tf F or RENT?A large and oonvenient 2-story brick Dw I",l.LINt?, with stable, water am' gas, in the mo?t desirable location in Alexand i?. Address "J. s*.,? Washington City Post Office, Box .*33. ja S3 lw? TO LET?TEMPERANCE HALL will be let for first-class balls or parlies only Appyat the hall any Tuesday or F. BARN ES, Dancng Teacher ja 22-7;* ^term of the UNITED STATKS HOTKL, in Buffalo on the Ter raoe, oontaininr one hundre I rooms, and thoroughly repaired, painted, and re-papered throughout, and supplied with water, gas, and all necessary conveniences of a first-rate hotel Apply to WM. W. MANN, Mam atreet. Buffalo, or MAN N A RODMAN, 39 W all street, New York. ja 23-31 URN'ISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, insults or tingly, within a short walk of the Long Bridge and the Cbpltol.?Marvland avenue, between 10th and 11th sts., No. 5S9. ja 21-3t* FOR RENT?(And possession given February l?.t,>?HOLSF2 No. 9^ F street, Island. It oontains ft comfortable rooms, with all necessary out buildings. Rent moderate. If desired, the r urmtnre (which is neariv nesr) will be sold on fair terms Apply to JOHN ROBINSON. Jeweler. opposite Brown's Hotel. ja21 3t* FOR RENT?With or without Board, a neatly furnished and comfortable SITTING ROOM and a fine BED ROOM attached, at No. 450 Twelfth street, east side, between G and H ata. The location ia one of the moat pleasant and convenient in Washington. Also, the rooms are very desirable. No children in the house. ja 2Hw I^OR SALE?An old established RESTAl'R* ANT, well stooked and provided, situated on Pennsylvania avenue, in an eiic:t>le hunne a iooality. '1 his restaurant is on the first floor of aJarse and ooranrdious ttiree-story brick dwelliA, on whioh there is a three year lesae and which wi>l be moluded in the aale of the above. For further partioulara apply be'ween the hours of 9 and 3 o'clock at No. 38 Louisiana avenue, nsar Sixth street. ja!7 1 w * FOR SALE?At a great .sacrifice, a BRICK HOUSE and LOT, within ten minutes' walk of Patent Offioe Inquire of T. M. HANSON, No 520 7th street, opposite Intelligenoer Offioe. ja 17 eo3t* " ORTION OF A WELL FURNISHED HOUSE FOU RENT?The aubscribers are authorised to let a portion of a FURNISHED HOUSE, in the immediate vioinity of the Poet Office Depart men , comprising large Parior and Chamber, Di' ing Room, Kitchen and Stable. The dining room-haste basement entrance, and would maKea fine office. Satisfactory references ream ed. Asply to JaS. C, MoGCIRK A CO., oorner 10th and D atreeta. ^ ja 16 6t A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of the City Hotel, (the only first class Hotel n< w open in Alexandria Va.,) ia desirous to retire from business, and will sel'.for a fair pnoe, the FURNITURE, FIXTURE^ and GOOD WU L of the house. Hia lease will terminate on the 1st of January, 1863, but the property oan bo doubt be J**a?d for a much longer term at a moderate rent, rbia Hotel ia now doing, ana has for mary yeara done, a large and profitable business. The aesire of the undersigned to retire from publio bu?in-sa u the only inducement to sell, as he oould not hope to engage tn one more profitable. For terms and particu ars apply to J AS A ENGLISH,who ia au orJfe<ito negotiate, or to the undersigned. l&-tf SAM'L HKFLEBOWER. |TOR RENT-Two pleasant ROOMS, neatly * furnished,in a hrat-ciass reaidsnoe in *ieorgewith boa d. To a permanent tenant terma will be moderate. Apply at 151 Weat st, George to*"- de 17 tf I OFT .TP. RENT, aeoond floor- S16 E atreat, Li near Willards' Hotel. 33 by HO feet. Inquire in the store ^ jal3 UANDSOMKLY FURNISHED ROOMS.11.Four handsomely Famished Rooms, ausplied with gas and water, and convenient to the Patent iunify* ???? Departments, for renj. Apply at 4?0HMassaoh?aetu avenue, north aide, between ?th aal tth sU. m* 21 ? JOB PRINTING. VERY Description of JOB PRINTING required by any body?citisens, oivil lunotionaries, ajmT and navj officers, sutlers, Ac.?executed at the STAR OFFICE, in satisfactory sty le, at law rat? for Cash. nm * tf \\H OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a ,arge Smmsma^ui waioti we invite all purchasers to examine oefore making their selectionsWALL. STEPHENS A CO., S22 Pa. av., between tth and 10th sta. m>3 (lntelligenocr and Republican.) A RMY GLOVES! A ARMY GLOVES!! At the Glove Depot of P. B. HASTING'S A CO., 193 t) st , taeing Pa a*.. BHA?f.?is,v?5raT,)rja ttUisra: Cloaks, Froeted Beaver Clothe, for Ladies' and GenM'wear. Cl? ths, Cassimeres, Veatings, Ao., at oar proverbially low prioea. PERRY A BROTHER. la l4-?t Pa. ave.rnd Ninth street ^TT iNTION,^ TL^ERS^OFFICERS AND A large stoek ofCA M VES, manu&ctnred ctff&ut *wa <5u-tf b. i. esEsosr. WASHINGTON, D. C., JAMCiKT, IMS. I REMOVAL. A. BIMIHGER * CO. ATS R. B M O VBD to PI*. 919 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orronn WILLARDS' HOTEL. We InTite the attention of oar friends and patrons to tbe Card below: NO. 919 PENNSYLVANIA AVENCE, ) (opposite WiUard't Hot*I,) J The Subscribers, having opened a Branch Establishment in thia City a few months since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from lia frienda and the lovers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other articles In their line, have determined upon a continuance and extenalon of their business. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of Tarloua age, branda, and districts,) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac. Also, aeTeral valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complaints, feTer and ague, headache, and tbe like. MADEIRA, SHERRV A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE, AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA 8EGARS, Of all Varieties and Prloes. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stock was particularly selected to suit the wants of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurs tears, Ac. They are Invited to Tlalt the estsbllshment, which Is under the direction of Mr. Jos. P. Wilson. Owing to the fact that they Import most of the articles direct, and to their many business fscllltles, they are enabled to offer their stock Goods st yery low prices. Your obedient servants, A. BININ6ER A CO., Importer! of Fortign, Liquort,fe. Ja 11-tf New Yoek and Washington. EYE AND E A E . No. 99T PENNSYSLVANIA AVENUE, OPPOSITE WILLARD'S HOTEL. Oculist and Aurlst. DR. F A VON MOSLHZISKER, From Clinton Place. New York, hu arrived intke city and opened his offioee at 997 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where he c^n be oonsu'tea on Maladies of the EYE AND EAR requiring medical and surgical treatment. Dr. Von Moschziseee is the inventor and intro<?uoer into the medical praotioe of tbs EP HE RIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate oases of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD He is also author of the letters published in th New York and Philadilphia papers treating on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAN NON, fe. Dr. Von M. has lor tne past fourteen years devoted his special attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And possesses the testimonials of soms ol the best known publio men in the Union, who h?ve been most fuooesfully treated by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. Amongst his letters mar be fonnd ths following names: Hons. 6 Pugh and John MoLsan; Rev. 6. Q. Mullen, Major C. L. Kilburn, U. 8. Army ; Right Rev. Bishop Blano ; George Gordon, Eh., Clarendon Hotsl. New York ; Robert Bage, Esq , President of the Goodhue F. I. Company, New York ; Robert Glover, Es?., Direotor of the National Bank Note Company, New York ; G. B. Lamar, Em., President Bank of the Republic, New York ; and many others, amongst whioh ars medioal men of well known reputation. These letters may be examined at his office, Patients wishing their family physician to aooompany them to witness operations or for the purpose of ooasultation are at liberty to bring them Medioal men will be at all times we loomed to witness Dr. Von M's operations, and examine some of ths instrument* he has intrcgiuoed for ths facilitation of Opth&imio and Aural Surgery. Art! fiolal Eyea inserted without oauaing any pain to the patient OAoe hours from 9 a. m. to 2 p. m. and from S to 5 p. m. Ja S lm Dayton's Bakery. ntoM NEW YORK. BRANCH, No. 456 Eleventh st., between G and H, WASHINGTON. D. C. DAYTON'8 PIC NIC A OY8TER CRACKERS, M SPONGE BUTTER CRACKERS, BOSTON CRACKER8, WATER CRACKERS. SODA CRACKKR8. GRAHAM CRACKERS, ' LEMON BISCUIT. Celebrated MINCE PIES. Hotsl- keepers, Heads of Families, and Sstisrs ars invited to try our exoellent MINCE PIES. TESTIMONIAL. Camp Scott. Sept, 9.1861. Ma. Dayton? Sir: All of as, both ofioers and privates, have ate freely of your Pies. 1 oan conscientiously state that no man is on ths si ok list from partakinc'of them. To tell ths troth, ws are heart-siok beoaute we can't get enough of them. They are the only real luxury ws havs had since we left home. W. F. Dbmmins, M.D., Surgeon. rrr Disooant to the Trade. J. L. DAYTON, ja ll-lm 4 56 Eleventh st, Washington, D.C. GIDEON HALL! U ODEON HALL!! The Ch*aeeet and Beet FALL AND WINTER r NOTHING can be had at WIESENFELD A CO.*S. MILITARY M.L.TA.V HI,. ??!?#???,.* M.L.TA.V OV,?9B1?TWi?SlT?,oo can be ted at ? Thiae KS5 S3 Qfc WIKSEN PELD A CO.*8, Odbok h. ll, !*-*w oorter 4H street and Pa. av. ^OAL OIL-COAL OIL-CUAL OIL I COAL ANDETHRR1AL OIL At Rkdccid Pucai! SECOND EDITION. THRU O'CLOCT, F. M. CoimmmM^Tkt Bwiti hsve vary raoently md|im4 the tollowlag a?laedsa i by the President Vis; Wm. Hnntlagten, of Waahlagtoa Territory, tokt U 8 Mvibtl of that Territory. I)istrut Atttnift ? Beaj. A. Smith, of To., for the wtiuri dlecrict of Virglaia; Jim U V rood hood, of Mo, for the <Ht*ri district of Mlaanarl; Robert J. Locker, of lfo., far tho western district of Mlaaoarl; Kohert Crosier, of Kimm, for the district of Kum Dtplommtit, ft?J. Lethrop Motley, of Maas., Envoy F.xtraordiasry. Ac , to Austria. "Robert H. Pruvn. of N V., Minister Resident to Jipu. B. P, Bexford, of N. f , CoraMwir of the U H., under the Convaatioa of M Jaiy, 1MB, for tho adjustment of claims of citizens of the U. S againet Costa Rica Sam'l D. flow*, of Washington Territory, Agent of the ladiaaa la aald Territory. Jaroea D. Dot?, of Wlaroasla, Superintendent of Indian Affairs la Utah Territory. Geo. Bowen, Postmaster at B a tori a, N. Y. Judicial ?Bland Ballard, of Kentucky, Judge of the U. 8. District Oart for Keatacky Jsssph E. Streeter, Aaaoclate Justice of the SapraaM Court for Nebraska. Colltctort, f-r ?Thomas R. J arris, Collector ef the Custom* st Cherrystone. Virginia. Heary R. Parker, Surveyor of the easterns at I) nnmar, Virginia U. S. Cmntls? Daniel Evan*, of 111., at Bllbac; Edward E Cowlea, of N. Y., at Singapore, Wm 8. Campbell, of N. Y , at Dreodaa, Wa H. Dabner, of R. I., at TaaerlRe; Richard CHanaa, at Santander; Enoch J. Smltbers, of Del., at 8clo; J W Maaaey, of Pa., at Paao dal Norte; J H. McCheaney, of III., at Flsai aalta. Dennis Card, of N. Y , at Tumbri; Isaiah Tboaaaa, of O ,at Algiers; Geo 8. Flshsr, of Cal.stKanagawa, Thoa McDowell, of N . J , at Capetown; Thos Hogg, of N. Y., Marshal of the Coaaalar Agency at Magaaakl, Japan; John H Cowdoa, of Pa., Coaaul at Nagaaakl; Chaa L Dim ays, of Mo., at Elalnore; Royston Betts. of Va , at Osaaa aad Truxlllo; Wm R WiUlama, of Ohio, at Para; Joaeph Vandor, of Wla , at Tahiti; Tka*. F. Wilson, of Pa , at Bahla; Carl J. Kraby, of Wla., at Poragruad; Hiram Tattle, of Wla , at MoateTideo; Chaa. F. Wlnelow, of Maas., at Payta; Olof E Dreutzer, of Wla , at Bergaa. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. ATT TO*. The Harriet Lane came np from Indian Bead on Tueaday and Is still at the Yard. It Is rumored that abewlllebaage her present srmameat for heavier guna, and will then join the bloekadlag squadron Laat Sunday week a considerable rebel foroe was noticed to be at work on Holloway'a Point, below the White House. They seamed to be eagaged in conatructini; s battery there ; bat a few shells from the Harriet Lane soon dlsperaed thorn, when a number of men were landed froan the vessel and took eleven prisoners The King Philip took Com Wyman down to the flotilla yesterdsy, but brought back ao news of Interest. Work Is not so pressing as it has been at the Yard, and yesterday forty laborers were discharged A number of mechanics?twenty or more?were discharged on Saturday last. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. Late it Hewi from the Burniide Expedition. THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN FLEEING FROM NEWBERN. AN ATTACK EXPECTED BY THE REBKL8 AT THREE POINTS IN NORTH CAROLINA SIMULTANEOUSLY. A HEAVY UNION FLEET MOVING FROM PORT ROYAL, FOR OPERATIONS IN SOUTH CAROLINA. [Per Telegraph to The Star J Baltimobs, Jsn. 33, (from Fsrtreas Monroe, Jan 22 )?So far we have no arrival direct from the Burnslde Expedition, but the Norfolh papers of this (Wednesdsy) morning contain the follow* ing telegrams from Goldsborough. Vis : " Goldsbobo', N C , Jsn. SI, 4 p m ? A large number of women and children have arrtped here from Newbern, a battle being expected there " No other newi." " Wilmimotob, N. C., Jan SI An expreaa has arrived at Goldsboro'. from Newbern, aad reports thst at 4 p. m. yeaterday there were a hundred vessels of Burnslde's expedition within Pamlico Sound, and twenty-five large transporta outalde of Hatteraa Inlet. " Private Information received here says that the enemy will attack Newbern, Hyde county, and Roanoke I aland almultanooualy. Out forces are completely prepared for them." The Norfolk Day Book also baa the following telegram. Vis: "Savassah, Jan SI.?From forty to fifty vessels are In Broad river, fifteen ml lee from Port Royal " The Norfolk pipers make ao mention of aay reports circulated by aeceaaloniata that some of the Burnslde vessels hsd been driven ashore. CONGRESSIONAL. XXVVIIth CONGRESS?Second Seas lea. Tbcbsdat, January S3. Sxnatb.?After the tranaactloa of aoma unlmportant morning buaiaeaa, the reoolotloa of Mr. Hale, censuring the U S Marshal for this District for neglecting to give all the members of the Senate the ingreaa into the jail of thia county without passes from the presiding ofllcer of the Seaato, as s breach of Senatorial privilege, Ac., waa 1km up and passed without s division The bill appropriating (150.000 for completing the fortification or WaahTngton was taken up; ar.d, having been amended by the adoption of tbo proposition to mahe forcing a military salegaard within the United States and playing the part of spy by any native citizen punishable with death, was duly passed Mr. Hsrlsn Introduced a bill Incorpontlag tbo Uaion Railroad Company, and authorising aald company to lay rail tracks through Wui ofion and Georgetown. Referred to the District Com mittee. The resolution for tbe expulsion of the Baa. Jesse D. Bright, a Senator from Indiana, waa taken up: and Mr. Da via. of Kentucky, resumed and continued his speech (commenced yesterday) in favor of Its adoption. Horas ?Sundry bills were referred, iieag them the annual Naval approprlattoa bill reported from tbe W ays and Meana Com mittee A bill providing for tbe appointment of Lighthouse 1 MDtctors, was nn ? cm A bill providing for the eonetraettaa of a Military railroad in Kentucky and Teaaaaaaa, waa ordered to be printed, aad recommitted to the Committee on Roads aad Canals The Houae then resolved itself lata Committee of the Whole, (Mr. Olla la tbe chair,) upaa the bill soaking an appropriation for tbe Military Academy, for the fiscal year aadlag Jaw IB, 180?. LA TB LOCAL NEWS. Distbbssiko Accipbbt ?Yesterdsy morning, aa tbe nine o'clock train waa arrl^ag at the dapot, s man supposed to have been Into nested waa knocked doara by the saglne aad foiling near the track, with his right arm upoa the rail, tbe wheel! named aver tbe limb aad severed the head at the artel- He waa tahea to the Charity Hospital. where he obtalaed sargtoal relief It appeared that aa the trala eppreacaed he was taking leave of two sequel a tanoaa. aad they paMad him to draw him from the track, bat he palled back aad the engine attack him. Wa ooald not loam his anaae, but bear be to of Irish btrth, aad belongs in Baltimore. Cbihibal Cocbt ?To-day, Dasiisl Brasanhns. a youth, tried for petty laroeay, la steallag flSAO from Wm Frldlay, a youth, who hasps s sake aad fruit stand la fba Patent Ottos, was oaaJoha Welsh la two sapaiato oaees el sniaM na > battery?eoe aa Aaa C raver, aad aaa aa tfaaaaat Adama, was oaavlctod af both At Soldi bbs' Raar ?The Wh Peaaoylvmaia, Cat. Ossie's mglmsat, were at the BaWssa* Bast this mornlag, under anas, with knapeaeks slung, awattlag tranaportaiioa to aasaa ether dlviatea of the army Ttasyhaaa haaa to Virginia. Ctaovif Cobbt.?Attar calling the shas?sry doohet yesterday, the t-Ml f* pi* i % % fr -

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