Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Impr?rl?j Pattiri Land*. [Read before the Concord Farmera' Club, by Jacob B Fanner.] The subject is one, like ell other agricultuTil topic*, that molt be met according to eircumstances Every one know* that oar bodily want* are varied bj location, temperature, and a thousand incidents that cannot be foreseen. So with the improvement of pasture lands, and all other agricultural operations. Cold, wet land maj bv greatly improved by 41 ? L ifl 1 At9 touruugu til aiun^v, ui?' Important beeauso we wish toe land for pftstarafe. Much of our hill lands are too wet to produce good, sweet feed, water grasses and rashes ot all kinds are a sore omen of too macb surface water; cows that run on suoh pastures are rare to givo milk of an ordinary quality; consequently, butter produced from such milk will be inferior. You probably would like to know what is to be done with such lands. Were I skilled In this point I certainly could not give directions without seeing or knowing the land There 1s, however, one general rule that will apply ta all wet lands, where grass or grain it the {roduce sought; that is, thorough drainage; eep the water at least eighteen inches below the surface, and my word for it, you will not be troubled with "drown shag," knot grass, or anv of the rashes. I have seen low lands greatly improved by ploughing twice a year for three years in suceesaion, without taking off a crop, but this, however, was where the land was too far from home to cart manure I think as great improvement could have been made in less time, Dad there been oats, clover, millet, or some ether crop ploughed under whilst green. There is another class of lands, although high and dry, yet covered with stones, bru^h and briar*, that looks forbidding to the ploughman I have known such lands to be trebled In value in three years, by stocking heavily with sheep, which course I think highly of. There are, however, two or three objections, or obstructions, in the way of this mode of improvement, in Middlesex county. One objection is the high price of fencing stuff, or the want of a breed of sheep that will not jump or ramble, which, by-the-by, I have heard are to be found in Essex countv. Another is. that faithful, bat almost always useless animal, the doc, whoa* ravagrs can be greatly checked by enforcing the laws of our state. If we can remuve the foregoing objections, I know of do way ao easy, cheap, and withal so profitable, as to stock our rocky and bushy pastures with sheep. I believe it to be a well . authenticated fact that sheep will eat many kinds of plants than either the horse or cow. and several varieties thejheep will utterly destroy, that neither horse nor cow will touch There are several other methods of renovating pastures, such as sowing on plaster, salt and lime, either of which are good fertilisers on oertai.. soils. Salt I think the best for killing brush, and, if used freely, will kill nearly All kinrla ?tnart tKn aKoppv C ? ?V.WJ, V ?? * J > V& OvUUV II UU trees; bat I have not experimented enough with either to give any specific d'reotiocf, although I think them worthy of trial in a small way. I have, however, used salt for killing elm trees and small bunches of brush in my mowlands, with good success, never having but one lm start, and that soon died. My way is to eat the tree so ?s to leave a hollow in tbo tamp, pat in from a pint to a quart of salt in aeh hollow, and the work is done. I will refer for a moment to that class of lands generally known by the name of pine, or sandy plains. T H AT 1TA 11 IfftH Ua T\n uir* roa I j ? ?..v. -o ^/?cwuiv?, utMucu.ij iruin one-fourth to three-fourths of the time, and often more, and when need as such they may well be called worn-out pasture?; many of them hare been made so by continuous cropping with rye, without manure. These lands may be greatly improved by the application of meadow mud, or the turning in of green ?rop?.?New England Farmer. Dictcbbancis axons thk Nigioii.-The Frankfort (Ky.) Yeoman, cf Jan. 17, ?ayB: We have juat learned of a reliable gentleman of New Castle, tbe circumstances of a very unutual occurrence In that place juat before Christmas, which we deem It proper should be placed before the people of Kentucky Some forty or alxty negroca. ail slaves, had been engaged In killing oga for one of tbe citizens of Sew Castle, at night. About that time, and after tbe work was over, they paraded tbe streets of tbe town in a body, between tbe bours of ten and twelve, uttering all sorts of disorderly sounds, singing political songs and shouting for Lincoln. Tltey seemed to take special pains to make their unusual and disorderly demonstrations In front of tbe resl' dences of one or two prominent Southern Rights citizens They continued their tumultuous proceedings for en hour or two without interruption from either f.ilicers or cltiser.s, and finally dispersed of their own account. WeMm It due to the pei.ce and security of tbe Commonwealth tn <riv*> thi? infA.m.n? 4 . w ??.* IU1UI IIIBtlUIl IU the public. In order that other communities may b? p it on their gunrd, and be prepared tosuppresa li their inclp!r-:;ry all such da: ^erous movements o 1 the part of the ?lave population We also lea. n from the s^uie gentleman, that about the same time, or ahortly after, a party of Uvea in Henry county,belonging partly to Union and partly to Southern Right* men, made otf from the county, taking with them a wsoon and hone*, with a fall supply of proviaions, belonging to their owners, and made their escape into Indian* Tbey were Immediately pursued by th#W rurnere InilUn* *- * * "* - ,.w am.iau< BIIU vi rrviK'II; out IDC owwri were notified by the population tbat they should not arre?t the alave*, and. In Tact, were them?elves netified to leave the i*tate without delay A second visit of the same and other parties, with proper certificate*. as the gentleman who give* ua the facts is 11.formed, was met with the same result. We are also Informed that numerous houses and barns, belonging to residents of Henry county, have recently been fired and burned to the ground by the negroes, and that lo consequence, a general feeling of insecurity prevails throughout the eatire community. (1 WATCHES. 'OLD AND 81LVKK ENGLISH, SWISS A Ni Vi a WL'DUw aJ A itt ?> It !<OAl1 1 have now 03 hand a large atock of all the meat celebrated, tnat 1 am selling at the very lowest price* tnat good aod reliable time Keepers oan adorded at; and every description of fine JEWELRY cn band;all new stylea received aa aoon ai manufactured, and offered at the loweat rate*. Sliver ware manufactured in my own ahoe. An fciadaot MILITARY GOODS on hand.auon u Revolvers, Sworda, Saaeea, Belts, Bowie Knives. Pocket Com passes. Ac., 4co. Also strong Army Tranks and Bed Combined: and many other things aaatoi and ornamental at 33? Pennsylvania avenue t oan tf U. A. HOOD. ROUGHS, COLD?yHOAK9ENESS, fto. COMPOUND SYACP ol HUM ARABIC. Thia p easant acd popular Cough Remedy haa been so long known and extensively used that moat persons nave beoome lanuliar with ita extraordinary efficacy. It can be had at all the ?nnoip 1 drag store*, at 2t and oenti a bottle. M 14-dIm* M4?n* * ENTLEM EN'S LINEN COLLARS, LINEN I COLLARS, LINEN COLLARS!?Ahoutlfl# dosea w,v in atore, all style*, at about half fe uui prio? tor Us uae aooda?aii of oar own manufacture At THOMPSON'S, At L. A. Lake A Co.'* Marble Hall Basaar, Uadf BroTB'i Hotel. /tNE NICE ROSEWOOD CHICKER1N0 U I'TaNO lor #75. - i . One 7-oct**e four round ooraer HaltttpPHal & Da via piauo for #ano HI 11! For ante im ca*j term* at the Mmie Store of W. U. METZEROTT. Sole A?enc* for Stemvaj and Oob'* nad Haven, Bnoo c A C,o.'* Pia' ?>*. f ? 18 W'? STRONG, TRUCKS, HAl^ClM"L0lkRY GOODS, ' 'iU fl1I*TLVAIIU AVtlVI, South Midt, bttteetn 121* and 13tk itrutt. ITT Trunk*, Harueai and Military Eauiemerta retni red at afcorteat nofttae. ae 30 lm* J^U?fc?h: CflKEBE!! All OB b??a ftAd for Ml* ?WM W V. ill BA9TTN?8 * CO , ?HJ i> ?., tMiac K*. ITISM, ?Xf PbiUiatmomm Balking. rUBT RECEIVED AND FOR ?ALE LOW, J twwitf tvr bola. wmrfc ONIONS ud It* btol*. HAVANA URAN&bce br ? IKOwNufe A KEATING, d"4-8l?ytf 3A.1 Ft. aranae, n?r tu at. fUTTER! BUTTER!! i? BUTTER? Mk?i eboiM BtUUr, jiat raoeivad ud "Ltr"" ,& 100 LB8. 0?Uief?U^t?^rt^fon. and of aa- I l?tat ?aililr, JwtnMjfM b ! ji* ifif ? Et f SBfe ?i. J^LACKT^A! KTKA; tt ebMts cUo4?:d B**k Tj* h??* be?i NMMl ^ AJ*C' *h*4** Sci>?6 ^BUKCMKLL. ?? Cot?r l&(h ?tr?t Md Vermoct ?T. UHAWU AND CLOAKS-Mfcar tTli?li '*1 t. THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS' NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fall eat and Meat Reliable Newt (rem the Seat ef Gerer rnaeat! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle! The present year la undoubtedly the moat eventfill In th? nnlHiril hittnrv nf tbll ronntrv and thp record of occurrence? transpiring at the Federal Metropolis la naturally ol striking and remarkable interest. The public desire to receive prompt, f*>l and reliable accounts of all that panes here is most intense, and we have consequently made alterations and improvements In the weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satisfactorily. In compliance with the wish of the public the paper has been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thirty-two colvmns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." At Indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR II Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which It Is printed. It is our determination to make the Weekly Star not only the hirer *t and hanrfiowst Dollar Newspaper In the t'nlted States, but that It shall absolutely be The Best Family Weekly Newspapke is tti* World!!! It contains the very fullest, fre&hest, and most Important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the lmpor tant tODics of the times: the news of the week: interesting correspondence from ill parts of the world; capital stories; humorous and graphic i sketches, and the pick of the floating misceltany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of interest to farmers in the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department nf thp na an/I u*? nl?A irlwo a?aK a vS .MV | Uiivt ww V uiov VU^U *?CTB a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions issued from the Patent Ofice each week. In short, It Is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once Instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington Nkws and Gossip o?r ?j>tciiUty, in accordance with the views set forth above. Relieving It to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers 91.00 per year. To Clubs of Five t?5 cents. To Clubs of Ten 90 cents. i o uiuim oi r M cents. To Clubs of Twenty-ttve M) cent*. To Club* of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. Wallach, Publisher of the Stab, Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. 8. WERTHE1MKR * CO.. An A xOid No. 4fcii AND 464 SlVEXTH st., "xt)* Opposite the Pott OJfiet, Offer their stock of WINKS. BRANDIES, GINS. 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Pl'UNEV. 353 n mt . W?r?u.n 3th and 10th * BLANKETS, BLANKETS.-Urie stock, bj the bale or pair. JOHN B. Pl'DNEY, da 20 353 D atreot, between 9th and 10th. DR. DUPONT'8 SUGAR-COATED FEMALE REGULATING PILLS jgm. Read the following unsolicited enoomi UbV "I oannot oommend them too highly." "They are the best f-eir.ale Pi!is extant." "1 have need them with complete suooess." "Would not be without them upon any oonaidoratioc." "They operate speedily and effectively." Pnoe Si sent by man Sold bi 8. O. UPHAM, SlOCheanflt atreet, Pinladelputa. and in Washington by S. C. FORD, corner 11th atreet and Pa. arenoe.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COoK * CO., Druggists. no 96- eol* pENSlON OF KICK, Jvhb 6th, 1861. TO ALL WHOM IT MA Y CONCERN. Application having been made under toe act of 23d J une, 18w?, for the reiMsue of the Lari't Warrants described herein, wfeioh are alleged to have uesn mi or ueatrovea,notioe is nereiiy given, that at the date following the description of each War rant, a new Certificate, of !ikt? tenor, will be is ned. if no valid objection shall then appear No. A7,8?a, for 1?? icm, iB-ued under the aot cf March, 1856, in the namt of Hannah, widow of James Wi,?>n. and ?ranted on theaoth day of February. 1857 ?Deoember SB, 1361. No. 64,a50, for 120 aoret, iun*d nnder the aot of March, 1856. in the name of Martha, widow of Andrew Mellon, and granted on the 15th day of April, 1856 ?Deoember 21,1861. No. 3.302. for 160 aoree, lined order the act of March, 1855, in the name of Samuel R. Jaokway and granted on the let day of Augmt. 1866. No. S 104, for 160 aoree, leaued nnder the aot of. Maroh, 1856, in the name of William H Tarranee, and granted on tixe 13th day of July, 1856.?Decern her 21. Id61. No. 14,946, for 90 acree, iaaued nnder the act of Seftomber. i860, in the name of L>evi Treadwell, ana granted Beo'wmber nth. ift.ii No.31,088, for 40 wtn. ia?ued under the nint act, In the name of Abel Platta, sad granted November Utii, 1*51.?Deoember 28.1*1. No. 73 534 for 160 aorea, mufJ under the act of Maroh.186*. in ti e name of Thomas Johnson, and granted on tne 9th day of September, '857.?Jan||f| 4t IWe i\o. 43.216, for 80 aores. laaued under the act of March, 1856, in the name of Folly, widow of John Camp, and granted on the 39d day of September, IMS.?January 4,1862. , No. ?J,4?, for 160 aores. laaued under the aot of Maron. 1890, in the name of William Soott, and was granted on the 1st day of May, 1^56.?January n, JOSEPH H. BARRETT, s It-law Commissioner. A BALMORAL SKIRTS. NKW and enoioe assortment of select oolors a d patterns, many atylea, not found elsewhere. In addition a ftne aad amfte stock of all kind* of Fwr?ico aid Domestic Dry Goods in all the departments of tamily wants. An la-paotion of st^ok moura no obligation to ~ One pnoe ooljr. narked in pUtii Itnree; henoe, bo yuroQAMr U deceived. PEHRY * BRO, )H-(t P*p>. ?v?noe and Niptli et LADIESV GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILJ$REN^ FURNISHING GOODS, UNDERGARMENTS. GLOVES. H08IF.KV>. HANDKERCHIEFS. SCARFS. TIE?VORAVATb, da? A A. LU? * Co.'e Marble Hail VUht a* We ktnr jut raoeieed * eueely ol tfce above Aie, vbteu we imm?nBi11ii tie nfiTiii eoperior *u&.It*. Pereone wiekin* to porelume, by mUmi inm 7 Qtorptovi. PROPOSALS fOB STAMPED ENVELOPES. Post Optic* dmithiht, Jan. is. IMS. S*AL?D ftOfMALS Will be TVOeiTWi ODtll 3 p. IB. on the 13th day of February. 18W, for furnishing all the "Stunned KnTelofM,'' "Letter Sheet* and Envelopes oombmed," and "Newspaper Wrappers," whieh this Department may require, dunns a period of four years, oomtnenMng 1st April, 1862, ni: STAMPED ENVELOPES. No. 1, or note eize, SJi by inohes, of whit* .or letter sir*.SX by 5H inohee. and extra I letter ?i*e, 3K by 6)< icohee, of white, bnlf, or or*ua-?o oiad pa?rr, or in snch proportion* of either u may be re<jaired. No. 3. or official sixe. hy PX inohee. of the ame colore a? No. 8, v d under a file condition a? to the proportion of eaoh. No 4,or ?t t official size, 51 10 bt 94 5 inohes, of the >araec >!or as No. 2, and under a like condition at to the propoition of eaoh. No. 1 and 3 to be embossed with the three or itx oant poxtacestamp, N?. 3 with six cent, and No. 4 with twelve, twenty, twenty-foor, ani forty oent stamps, a 1 of ?tyie and oolur ai miliar to those now in uite Let er sheet* ai.u * tamped envelopes combined, of white or blpe paper. Note sheets and s antp'd env-lope* oombinert, of whito or blue pepsr, to'.h aizes emrwsred with the three cent stamp*. stamped newspaper wrappers not l??- than 6 by 10 2-6 inches, and o'bcff paper, em! oaaed with the one cent pottage stamo, or any other denomination that mty Be required. rrrpo?aia are a ?o lnv te1 Tor rnrni*hing straw or mnoilla b.'ard ^ux< a. or other* of fa^al or anperior strength, for paoking paroeia ofenvel^p^a, of letter aheeta ard enve.opea oumbined, and or newipaper vrappera, containing from ote hundred to five hundred each, and lor water-proof woo?ien caaea for racking parce'a of four to twenty five thousand. The envelopes and wrappers are to be made in the beat manner, of papur of approved quality, manufactured specialli for the purpose, and with su-h water marks aa the Postmaster Gece-al nar direot. Th- j must be inmm'd for sealing, the former at leistOi inches on tna r tit and oae end of Hie latter; th'T in u*t be banzai n paroeia of twen tr five, packed withtut chtrge tor packing, and furniahed oompl*t* in all raapecta. r'&^y lor uae with all reaaon&b e dispatch. and in auchauantities at. mvr be required to fill the orders or postmtstera, an'1 must do!iveiel either at the p ace 1 of manuiactu'? or et the Post Office Department, at the option of t'ie Poatm*?ter General, to an agent dc'v authorii'd by the latter to inspect and receive thAm An went of the Department will furnish the address for each pvce', rnioh is to bi pasted on the box by the manufacturer without charge The dies for embossing the postage stamp* on the envelopes and wrapper* are to beexeouted in the*boat style, and they are to be povided. renewed, &nu kept in order ?t the exp nse of th? oontract r. The Department aho res^ives th" right of requir u g new deoommatiou or stamp*. ann any ohaages of the dies or oolors wi'hont additiontl charge. Bidders are expected to furnish samples or pap-?r with thei * bids of the quality they intend to use in the of the envelope* which tney propose to eu'ply. .n- aUo specimens of lh?envelopes unstampc d. and of boxes. Ina ldttisn to bids for furnishing plain envel opt* of the tixi.s ant colors above lies* rib'd ttpa ate proposals art tnritrd to furnish envelopes pro v.dtdvcith patent dissolving lings, {indicating tht proper vo.'itzon lor tat superscription.) to substitute the plain or unruled envelop's, in tcholt or in part, as the Department may elect. i> * i rupu-s s are ai(oinv?s<i lor devices other than water markj, (cr additioca; to such marke.J 'o afT >rd protection against counterfeiting?spcoi linens to l>a sub itted. The contract will be awarded to the bidder whose proposal, although it be not the lowe?t, is considered most advantageous to the Department, taking itto ascoun' the pries, the qu\U<r of the ramp es. and liis suflioietay aud atn.ity to maiufacture and de iver envelopes i;. accordance with the t-rms of this %dverti?eme&t; a> d no prop >eals will be considered unless aooompinied by guarantees ri'fore closing a oontract the sucoessfal biider mar be required to prepare n'w dies and submit 8peounen impressions thereof. The cse of the pres* lit dies may ??r may cot be ?ontiuu<*d, but r.o KMium uua is ni 1.10 uevioe u me stamps wui lis Adopted. Bocds a-d s'cunty will he requiiad for the faithful perfoiinmce of the contract and p*ym?nt? under it will be made quarterly. The Postmaster General res^r^es to himce'f tne right to annul it wherever he shall di?oover that the same or any part thereof is offered for gale in the market for the purpose of speculation, and he wi 1 nut, in any ease, FAnction a transfer t f the ooLtraot to any party who shall be. in his opinion, less ab.e or less qu*lifiedth\n the orignal bidler or contractor. The rieht is also reserved to annul the contract for a tailureto perform faithlutly any of its stipulations. The number ol en*e opes of d fferent sizes an 1 of wrappers issued to Postmasters during thefisjal yoar ending Jure 3^, 1861, is fu ly set .orth in the last report of the postmaster General. The bids should be mtrkei "Prcpotals for Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers,'' ana t-hula he add rested to th* "Third Assistant Postmaster General, Poet office Department." M. BLAIR, ja 15-w4t Postmaster General. Boots BOOTS!! BOOT 8!!! WHITKHOUSE A UNCKLES, mAm 349 Pt. AV'ftS and 311 C (TJUrtw Yorm W*oltsal* Branck Hiru$?.}W^Mjl Have on hand, and are daily receiving, Mto large lot? of CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS AND marching shoes, mostly of their own iu&nafaoture, to b? sold at tha lowest irarkst rates, A call from all dealers solioited. Sutlers liberally dealt with de 2?-1m* Notice to watchmakers, jewellers. and PiDLARS. S. a j. myers, of 90 Washington street. Boaton, opened- their Branch Office, Room No. 10 Washington Building, Fa. avenue, on Tuesday. December 31st. with a large J Block of Watones. Jewelry. Watoh Mate rials, Ao., at the lowest wholesale pnoes. Watoh work dooo for the trade. Positively so Goods Sold oh Work dosb at Retail. de au-lin* >1. I. rKANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC 4- PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 844 Fenn'a ar.,(north side,) bet. 18th and 13th Mi, SPECTACLES and EYEGLASSES, provided with the finest Pcnrcopio and Pebble Leniea, and suited with utmost care for every ace, eye eight, and actual condition of the visual orjauaFIRST ia 3H0 CLASS MILITARY FIRLV-VLASSES, Microsomes, Compasse*. and Mathematical Instruments, at the lowest Eastern prioea. ja ?-tr Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dxalzrs in SWORDS, SASHKS, BELTS. EPAULhTS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS. GLOVES, to. And every variety of READY-MADE CLOTHING. At Kzaionablb Pricm. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. 329 Pennsylvania avenue, between ja 11 lintel. A Repub.] 9th and loth lU. Highest price paid IN 6ULD FOR U. S. TREASURY NOTES of the different tasuea, and Northern Cnrrenoy. Exoh&nge on the prinoipal oitie? North payable m sold or nurrenof sold to auit puronamri. KITTEN HOUSE. FA NT A CO., kankara- nn 3s'l p??? ja 1 lm nor Brown's Hotel. SMITH & BROTHER'S PALE CHKAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER ajid NKW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT and HOPS, and highly esteemed by those who have used them. Purchasers are ro4nested to call and examine onr superior atook, assured tuat they wil! find the BEST and PUREST artioles. We have at all times a large atook ready for delivery, in whole, ha r and quarter casks, suitable for tha TB A (IK HflTKI * ?<l D?mi v HMW? m*u a 10IIUI UODi whioh we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH St RROTHER. Brewere. No. 138 St 160 West 13th at. New York City. Orders by Mb or Expreas promptly executed. ce 9-6m Oysters! Oysters! 1HE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Still oontinue to receive dai y thoiefamona planted PATUXENT RIVER OYbTEKS. ^ Reatau anta and private famlici>(V% /J would do well to oall and trj them. Thoae oj?tera are aold 36 uoura after ik? - ??? ?MvJ WHIP ill/Ut IU*> WllT OlT Offioe No. 46 Market Bpaoe, below the A^enoe Hone*. Ja?-3tn Tthk billiard hall. HE Under?iinMi, bavin; purohased from Meear*. Marr * Klther the BilTard Hall at the corner of Penn. avenue and Kleventb atreet, and refitted the nun entirely with new oloths, Dalle, Ao., invites hit friend* and the publie general] a to give him a call. Jat oolm JOHN W. EAR? philadelphia provision store, it 119 pknnitlvania avbnvb, Bttfftn 19tk and ?"(A its The nnder*i(ned, bavin/ Looatad himeelf aa

iuuti, iun una mecaod orinforraing the oitiiena of the First Ward that he ti&? openia t firat-c &;< ProTiuon Store^oonduoted aimilar to thoee for na* at ?*1 tunea ft l&rf* ud freah m Et *?P%rtioul?r attention ia called to hie atoafc and ?rMM of BUTTER, Pniladel^nle Print Bsttor. Gociiec AJid WMtam Ret^rve. Beiogdetennioed toalvalie atrioteet attention MarssMt.'i ja ESS lowest market prioas, he hope* to merit a a hare of 'VaSiK^Si waited ^o. dad, for or4er* If "m M THOMAS ft. WILSON, i ???? PENTISTBY. I Ddbntistky. . L. LEVKTT. I hr?noh of the eetebment No lii W*verir Plaee, New York)^-*^^ would oftli the attention to ti om> who m?)9iJE|S3 n?ed hi* t?rv:c??. tnai in addition to hn^*i"u great aoi>iti?e ia o?.*ratire Oeabetry, he is in ? ? * ?- ? * .....vrnua vl m urw WW inpvrwil lUTCBUOD tor the insertion of Artificial Teeth, on the principle of Atmispkertt entireir dilt*rsU from ttaa old mode, and ifcaml by letters Patent grartei April 6th, 1858. Thia invention is of the greatest aloe, there being lacs plate used to eoTer the roof of the month, atd with an increased amount of suction. The puMio are invited to oa 1 and examine specimens and certificate* from tome of U>? most prominent an J scientific c?utlem?n, No. 491 Tenth street west, near Pa. sve. ja 14-?olm* DR.CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. S36 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Bitwise 9xh AMI 10TH ?T?. J&4 eogm J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTl BONE TEETH, Withoct Mital Plat* ox Clajm. DR. 8. B SIGESMOND, BIO Broad-may, .Vn? York~*60 fraimtirmM A* *nu4, btiwiM !2:a and 13tk rts , Weukuuton, Caila the attention of the public to the following adT&nt&(4G of his improved eratem : ^wmtk 1. The Teeth of hie manufacture v.nBMka cover oorode cor ctiaajp color by any^**-11 rJ fco<as. bemt three fourth* hfbtor than any other, Z. No teeth or roots need bo extracted, as the artificial ones can bo inserted over them. * The roots wiil be made inoffensive. an never o ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, ai permanent one* can bo made immediately, thereby preserving the natural expression of the face, whioh ander tw old system is fluently dieficured. i. This work has been fulry tested over five rears by many o4 the fcrat oh*?ni*t? and phrsioians of this oon ntrr ?'?o invented m white ondestruotive metAi ti litir. with which mn#t s?n can be ftlleff withoat pain, ami can build tip a Perfect, sound tooti. on an aide root*, whioh will laat tftroujh lifetime. The beat of roferenoea rives?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. Doremns, Profeasor orCheniiatrj, N. Y.; Hon. J udje Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Waahington. and thousands of others Call ard examine for youraelf. no 8 6m GAS FITTING, Ac. Awm t. DOVE * CO. KE Ni'W prepared w> execute any eriara w!U tpmib tb* *-?v t>? favored in th* PtBMBlNf, CAS OR 8TKAM FITT1MC BUSINESS. HT Store on tth wtrotk. a lew doora north of Pa. a venae. where ttut i s fc?nd %. umrtmni ? CHANPk!.. Kiv-i-) ?u?r Xfe~,3f?AMa?j WATER FtTTKRK*. ?at>-lT W? A 8 FIXTURES. E flava in store, and are dai y receiving, 9AS FIXTURESoicnliTolj New Pattern*and Designs and Finish, snpefior in style to anything heretolora efler-r! in this market. We invite citimens rene ai It to kv!1 and examine our stock of 6ns ann Water Fix* ires, feeiir.g confident that ire hare the : est geieou-il s'o^k in Washington. All Wore in the above Tine mtmsted to ear ears Viii be preinetly attended to. MYERS * Mo? HA IN. Karitf STA D (treat, NOTICE. BMHIWI ?? ADAMS' EXPRESS OM1FAMY" TLis Company offers to the j>uhlio " If equalled Advantages'* for the Saie ana Quick Diapatc? of Heavy Freights. Paccagea, Valuables, Money, 4o. i Ao., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and f'om the ^iorth and West depart from atd arrive ic. Waahington twioe daily. All Expre*sea are in charge of *zir?rt<?cad and . rihabl* Messenger*. ! All Packages for The tSoldiera ctrnM at "om hai t" our usual ratea. All Good* for the ao-oftlled "Conferorate Stttes" and all Articlea " Contraband of War" will he i Hirtsio. Ou' Expresses leave New York at 1.1, aad f P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and ?30 P. M. k'. n>?.u I.... UkiUJ.I.Ui ~ - >i?rivu?vD ?wo?o t iiiiauDifiiKi mi o.iii A in> Ana 11 P. M., arrivit.j in Washington at i SO P. M, and I A. Mi Express leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and S P. M., arrivinf in Washington al 6 A. M. and fc.30 P. M. Expresses for all points North and West leave WaaKineton at 7.*) A. M. and 2JU P. M. daily. Special Contracts for iaree quantities of t reijht oaa be made on application to this ' office. All Goods called for and delivered Jru of Extra charges. E. W, PARSONS, Snp't Adams' Express Companr. Washington. Amast 28.1861. an ?-tf P n I V A. T H. PRIVATE. PHI V ATE I DR. LA BONTA 1 Core* all Venerial Dieeases permanently and quickly, without the use of disgustiug or poiaonoua drugs of any kind. No dieting or interference with business. Conaultatitya free. It is saying quite enough in its favor, when I say that mt praotioeis that which is in use mail the N?w York cit\ hospitals. New York City College and Hospital Testimonials furnish ?d. Ladies with Whites and Diseases of the Womb cured end saved a consumptive's grave by my treatment. There is nothing offensive or disagrttablt in any part of the treatment. i All cures warranted, or money refnrded. | Communications in writing, with return stamp, ! promptly attended to. Medicines for travelers and others packed, with full instructions for nse. and warranteo. Office? Koorr No. 8 WW' me ton Building, Penn. avenue ana seveatn at., Waarnc.gton, D. C. de21-ly | /^\ SOMETHING NEW! /^\ ^W8MiT,iH.1Ae?"" At 491 C street, opposite ~ the Turner. OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far anperior to a roast) in ty?o minute*, the fastest time on record. Call and see. ' The underaig ned respectfully informa hia frienda in the lMatrict, and viaitora to the city, that he na* refitted hia old and wkll-inown **TA?LiaH*K:<iT i:, a raost thorough manner, and haa made oomp ete arrangementa to furnian OYSTERS in any ty'o aud in any quantity. 40o to SCO ga lonaahaokea per day. 2 tXW t.? 3 000 oana of Spwod and Freeh put up daiiy ?oana hermetically a?*ldd. Furniahed f- ?U- _U?I, I*- 1 V-. ? in me auoii uj mo ouiam or Dtrrei, Persons wishing to hare Oysters furnished regular!* through the viator, at Baltimore pneoa, without fear of failure, should oail and make arrangements at onoe. Freight, time, and money caved by purchasing of me, aa I furniah an article e*ual to the celebrated Baltimore establishment*, at prioea j ust aa low. | TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardine*, Clama, Btrawberries, Tomatoes, Piga' Feet, Tripe, &o. Ao.,4o., Pickle*. txtsnp. Sajoea, Brandy Peachea, 4.0. Aiao, Gain* and Fresh Fiah. Turtles, Terrapina, Freah Lobsters, Cod. Halibut, Ao. In taot, every thine for sale in the North*rn markets always on hand, at reasonable prioea. Ho tela and families supplied with Oystera, delivered without charge u any part of tne Diatriot. in aeaaon, ll the money ia sent with the order. My establishment u open from 6 a. m. to 13 at mcht* everr uaj, except Sunaay, whan 1 close at lo o'clock a. m. I ja2 tl T. M. HARVBY. jjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN, capital ~...ftaoo,oo?. Q#?? ifnur O itrt*i aai ??., mr Bmmk ?/ NTuAtftftM. 1NSVK.E H^y8E9A|N^OTHE& PgOPEKTT Diueroih Samuel Oo?8? ^i?h*nfwfr?on. Richard Jonee, John D. Baroiay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Kothwen, Tnoe. Parker, K.etord Barry. N.'.SiJ.'fS Po:.,,., ? ? JAME8 ADAMS, Preeident. Alii. 8. Pavm. Secretary. an 9-eoim TV., ? v CARRIAGES. rA HE SabMrlber having made additittu to hia pry, mkinr it now one of the! art eat, j? the District, where hia facUitiesfiftJRft' ; TOT mun niacin ring UAKKIAUES and ? M I LIGHT WABON8 of all kmda cannot be anr p*e*ed, and from hia lone euorieaao in the buaino?a. be hopes to give general mtiefaotion. Ail kinm of Camacoa and Light Wagon* ko*t oq r.and. Ail REPAIRS neatly done, and all ordora promptly attends^ to. Seoona hand Carriages taken in exchange for newoneo. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d U tr eorner of Fourteenth and E ata. WALL.9TGPIlkUW A CO.. T1 Si-i Pimmfimi Aruni, "" dMAVSifiLS^" AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, ot-if (Intol. & Repnb.) ggUOTS AND ? *?IV III U? BHO&a? cafplf of autera nd? work of mrr KSsvBsign .r*"yr^gh^g UJ flOY? nuw-n l^V.E^^^T,8 oWp'^,otoTB, IN8. mbrmeinf Hi trie# of (ov-priofl, Mdiw. ukd fca* oalitiM, wniah *r? wUimf a t wj Bdk johiiitoii, AiTIIiOftl LOCK BOini Ai, tgmtwl jtwurfptui foe all di9base80f impk vdettcb. LET NO FAL8S DELICACY PRETEXT. ArrLY 1MM EDI A1KL Y. A 9WRB WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, 11* *RO* ONB TO TWO DAY^ WmAum W U* ha, Ivtcitni, ifituau *f ihi Ki4 ?7? ?B<t BUddtr .?T?nnar? Oi?cMr??., inMioct, id DtWiiw, Hu'imin, CiilMw SLil?' ' J ?? rnn, riaMlny, rwmfclinp, EhmncM ?f *f ai ? SUd.M, Dumm W & 4, vhraat, Ni?t ?r 8k.r, Afaeuooaaf o>< Lut ??? ?*?_** ? T'"*L? "??*? iriMflK. Mt(a*y ItMu W T?wb?!:bm I>r??df*l u< DMtncU'i Pr??Imm which raadar Htmui 1 ..i - - -- - w?k M; tad Mm touno men 0 Kapaauli; vfa* h?r? baceaa tha ticuom af BaOury Tin, that draadfai u4 liitncux habit which aimaally ?w*?f* la uif jr tlj jr >?i thcBai^da af ToargM*naf ha Mat lakad taianu and htiilitnt tntauaet, wh* niftt atharwiaa ha?# an'.ruead inumaf lani.H with it a thandtr* af *1*. qaati.a ar ?tk?l w auuc; the U*ia( lyra, aay tail TV* fail taatdanca. marruoe. MUllID PUWiil, at Tm>( Mat latwplattM Mar rufi, haiof a vara af p.-jraical TUtiaat, arfult daMluy, darermitt**, *c., apaadiW earad. a wba placaa himaalf cedar tha ear* af Or. J. w (aliftaaaly candda > Lta hcoor a* a ftouaiaaa ud HaMaaur t*iy apae his akiU aa a phyaician. office no. 7 sovth frederick ST. Itfthaci aide aau-.f frani Btliuxn lUtat, a b* deer* baa tha earner. rail oat ta abvarv* oajaa tod cam bet. kakan aut ha faid ana ceaieic a a urn# dr johnston, Member af tha Rayti Cd.tja af taj/eeca, baadaa, rradaat* frao an* af tha reaat *mineot Coll*f*a to tha Cottad lutii. mad thm rtaafaf mi ?w??-*- *-? ??? * ? - . - . r ?? . *. wbotc ili? MM l???E VfllQl tha boapuaja af Loo4oe, Paria, Philadelphia ul ilnvMn, ku ficui mo* af tha OiOTt Mru that vara Mil known; miof tree! !td with nofir.r la tha haad aa4 in whan aalaap; fraat ntrtMciu, taiaf alarm 4 at aad4aa a*ur>4a. baachilnaaa with fraqcaat blaafctaf, atao4a4 aatDStimaa wiLh darax.faraar.i af mind, wara aarad MMTAKE PARTICULAR NOTICM. Tns( Man u4 othara who bava ia)arad tbanaalvaa by a aartaio practica indulj ad in vbtB aicoa?a habit fraqaantfy laaroad from a?il eeropaatooa, or at acboel, tba afacu ( whiea art nifbilr fait a??n whan aalaap, as4 if dm cara4. randara nia/naga impoaarbla, au4 4aairay> bath aain4 a?4 ba-1*. abosld apply inimadiataly. TV..M ara aoma of tba aad aa4 ma.ancboiy afactajpra^acad by aarly bab.ta of yoath, *U s Waakaaaa of th* Back ac4 Liirta. Paint in tha Haad, Dimnaaa of liftit, It? of Mnoai Paw ar. Palpitation of ua Kauri. PTtpapay. Nar?aaa irntabilaty, Daruifaaaat of tha Difaauaa rancuana, tiaoaraJ Dabiuty, Symptoma of Caoaamption, Ac. IIHTALLT.?Th* faar'cl tfftcta Ob tha ralod Ul BKk ta kt draadad?L*aa of Matnory, Cx/niM *f Idaaa, Dapraaaiaa f Spirit*, lCril For*bad>:.(*, A*ar*i?. af Sociaty, lalf-Piotraat. Lot* af Hou.*aa, Timduj, a;cM ara mo* af Um *?U* yvadacad. Nip.toc? Diiilitt ?Tuuuiicu o*v )?df *UI la th? caua* *f tbatr dacha-.: f r*altfc, loatnf tfcair vifar, b*e*aalag *Mt, pala, o?r?o*a and tmacialad, baring a aiofaiat appaaracca imii tba aya*. caafb ac ajmptama af tacaaaptlaa. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wbao U.a miajaidad and ivpradant turyafpluiwa tad* ba baa inbtbad at aaada of Una paiofal diaaaaa, it taa aftaa bappana that an ill-UTad aaaaa of ahama or draad of dUGa?ar? datari him fram applyirvf to iboaa ?ba, from adaaa-.iae and raapactability, can a'looa bafrtand bia. Ma falia lata tba bat*da of ifcoraot and daaigntnf tratatdara, who, lacapabla af taru.f, 61ch hit pacaunry aaMlanca. kaat turn triltna roer.tb af-ar mobth, er a.* lour it Ue mailer. Vee ui be abtuned, and id deapair leara niia vitb rained Ihu M atrb Tar eta g.\.iiuf diaof i cintroei tj er by ute af that deadly peiaer ? Slercury?Uaian tbe cw.autatMnat aymriaaae af tbie larrible diaeaae.eac i aa Afacuaoa afUM eajLTbrva-, lead, I in, Ac prtrnui r wilt frtfblfai rapidlt^?" death ftta a Siriari ta hie dreadf*" aaferu,|e by aei.dinf bimi a ibai a?lutettt eeai.trr frws vkaee beina a* Mfiler retaraa. DR. JOHXSOVS REMEDY FOR GROAN IC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCT. y thla (Treat and imMrUal remedy vaatneaeaf tte airui ar< apeedily cared fall *<.$01 reatered. Tbemah r tbe t nerraaa aad debiliUMd, vaa bt.d latt all baya, have beea lie mediately reueved. Ail iu f dimat.ia te Marriage, Pbyatoal a* Meata] Oleeaailleauera, Uta ' rMtrnate Fever, Herraaa Irritability. Treia>lii<f and Weekaaae et Kttaaeiiaa af Ue m?\ faam! Uad ayeediir eaied. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS. TUM Mart mocfaRDt r.mred at tbie laautauao vttbia tbe ;aat anecwei reara^and tbe awaeraae uayecieat Barfl r.>.^ >r>inrnmit ur. jannim, tiuiihi ?y ifet riftniti at Ik* ptftnul eu; *Um> (trxni, ckicm ( vMch har? tpptr rad ?ja,a isd tgim k?/*r? lk? pifclie, k? '.do kit tumdinf > a ( r.tltmac ?f iktneui tsa r**p?oatkililr. U * [Htuui la U* ili?Ud. mil Ik-ly T n I E E M A. n. Protected by Royal Letters Patent of England, and secured by the Seals of tke Etolt dt Pkarmarit de Parit, and tki Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. TRIK8KMAR No. 1 Is thn 6tf?otuat ren:?Or for Relaxation, 8pmMlTOlKUdi and EXHAUSTION Ol TBI gYlTkM. TRIKfKMAKNo.a, completely acd entirely ejadioatea all traoea of thoae disorder!, for which C<>paiva and Cubeba have cenera'ly t>6?*c thought ao antidote, to the ruin of the health of a rut portion of the population. TRIE8EMAR No. 3. la the great and aur* remedy of the civilised world for all linpuntiee of ttie ayatem.aa well aa teoondary aymptoms, obviating the deatruotive uae of Mercury. a# well aa other deleterious ccredienta, and which all the J*arsapanlla m the world oanuot | reimve Tkikxhm^k Noa. 1. 2 and 3 are alike devoid of taste or amell.ju>d of all oauaeatinf qualities. They are in toe form of a, and may lie on the toiiet table without their uae being anepeoted. Sold in tin oaaea at f 3 each, or fonr 9' oaaea in one for f 9, and in #<rt caa*a, tuua saving #1. aa adminstered by Vaipeau, La.'.eroand, Rons, to., Ac. Whoeaale and retail hy DR. H. A. Rm. KUW. 194 Hieeoker street, II <1oora from MaoUoncal street). .New York. Immediate:? on receipt of remittauee, Dr. itiatow w;li forward Tr'eaemar to any ?art of ?ne world. seoBreiy p& addressed acoorditj to the inatrnoUona of the writer. Pubhiti .1 aiao by DR RARROW, that popular and b:aut:fu!:? 1. usti&tad medira. wo-k. Human Fra'ty. l'noe S5 oer,ta. Tneeeiuar and Book oan be ..ttained by sp*c:a. aothority from 9- C. FORI), Washington. 1). C- deli-3m LEA It P E R R I N ? CILBRBATKD norceiiennire Sauce. PronooDOeJ by EJ EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ) of ? L?t?r fro* ? to M the I! M*utUmOmm <M- V. at Mxlru -ONLY GOOD Jg\ HU Srotk4f BAUCE." it Woroettir. and?P>iio4b!.to jggg - r.11 SiVftEVERY Th^hfytbMt^3 tzgTZ? :D lod?*, Mid il,u VARIETY opinion. th?n?ort *t?b?e, aa veil u OF D18H. most wholesome ^pyiel that ra made." The above SAUCE ia not only the best and moti rorvuLB condimikt known, but the moat Eta*omteal, u a few drops in Soup, Gravy, or with fUk. hot and ooM, Bu.f Sunk, Oam?, # ?., impart an exquisite *?st, which mrrtnrtrltd Saooe man ufaoturera have In rain endeavored to unita**. On the, Lumktcm, Dintur, or Sitr** Tkkle, a oruet containing " LEA A PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indiapeaaabla. To appreciate the tretiUnt fuahtttt o) this <Ulveiotu preparation it ia only seoeeaary to parebase a sm?ll bottle of the fmtrtiM, of a reapeotabie ?r? oor or out er, m many Hoi*l and Huia*rant pro p/ietori le.dom p.?ce the Pttri &aaca before their gueati, but anbatitutea genuine botii* tiled with a tr*r\o*t mixture. For aale by Grooera and Frnit*r?ra every where, JOHN DUNCAN A SONg, Vnitn Sfuar* and 14x4 itrtt, Scvt York, Bole Wholeaale Agenta for the Untied Statea. AStoekalvaya in atore ? Aleo order* reoaived for direct ahipmenta from England. LT Bewmn of Counttr/titt and Imitation!.-/!! ep 3-1 mgtm TOPHAMtj m IdS r R E M I V M T R W It K llifi MASUFACTO&T, 499 tlTBITl STlllt, WilHIMNIi 0, Q, A.1M, Medal bj^,Wetro||o^ty Meohy i?' IcMlfto, i am constantly makln*. tad al vara hare mi kui of the beat material, army detoripbei M Fine foie Leather, At Law Triu.t. Membeie of Ct ntre?? end travelers will ?x*mine my stcv* before puroheeliif aunrhm * 12&UKSi t&ZiO&ilSffn u. sit* ^orcetowB, mmI iltiutru. _ J AMK8 8.TOMAM. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer for sele the largest te*arta?eet TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found this oity_, cocipnnnc beet Sole L*Mk?rM> LiMIM' VTttM isd PMtui Tr*nk*, UOM. Oftrpet Bm, * ., which we vo mow ?llms it tott low ?ric??, u 4 1H CASH NOTICE, N OoDM^u?po? of oor bovine to m; ?uh for vary Oftoele of MM wo nmiN. w? oro forood to rMiM oar bouaow to Cm xelutTolj, for th? Itea ?ISSu. WalC, ffiKpfef Kji?cS. SEPIMK* _ TRAVELLED DIBECIOBY. JS AND rao" * I XT MM 8CHMVULX. 81BCL1L WOTICEJTO TKATELKRS Oi ial altar Muiar. D?Mik?r t. _MK, Pi? TJLAIHO MOTIKU ItOKTH. MorviM Kutm* wuhuidMtKA. U. Ar nv? ai BAitimof* IJP l. u-i Pkilfdmlpiu* UJD p. ; Now York I r *.. Hkm?b?r? 1-llf. i. Moreitix AoeomiKodftUcE li?r# Wun ajtci; i.#> 4.1. ArnTe BAtuaorokJO A. No nun- ? fa^^Y?rt,jKi,l*Ttm*?-^T? WHkjitMt M U L. M.; irriw ? Ba timoro MM p. H., Pkiiadolpkla l?r. M.; New VeriieF.*. W^pTST ^in^??fS2ttSof5rVKr.u^SEt- ^ ^Etwibc Kxproo??Wto WmMkM ? f. ?. Am to *t Baltimore Att p. Pkuadoiplua Jfcta p. *.; New York<?. au Harrisbarf I4.K. Tk* 5~?T*. trun (ro?i VSmi..i,,u i mbimIi thrcagh to New York ?wry day dan&f lh? wmi. S?L'SeMU.%. Baibaart 4 Jt r. Airlvvtt ''utre flaw York Itlr. Pkiia<Jeij:i:s tr-Jt r a* BaiCnare 4J0 a. *. Arrive at WaehwcloB Mr flaw Yark at 11 F. rhL%J?iehi? Ji? a., w Baltimore 7 J6 4, . Arrive atw MblBctoa tMi.U. AooomcKx'fctioc Tmni ie?vc BaltUaore M a. M.<awl*r. m ,for Wukftacton, arrive there tl 11 a., u. tad 7 p. M. Ob ?eBdar? *t 4J9$ ud 7J6 a. k ob!j. fiewBiei Trtm leaving WtMunfwi ?X1M a. M. fced iu ?. M? MLltimnrc&11M A M ?? * 4M p. , DMLki direct oocjMoboni for AuifohiMtkl VnuM leave Aum?Iii for Baltimore at 1 Wilt iBItOG M CJO A.. U. fcltd 2 ?0 P. U PtM?D|?r Tl*IB? \S Mlunctoa at fcJ? A.. at., II A. i'CS p. k.. *..d Be tiioore el on a?d 7JS a.. and S-V p. Will *109 0nh*j Annannu Jutuium mmd Etlmy) Jmrritm Wn PwM&fcri inurt take toe Trains will le?*e Weekiaftoa aad Be.uinor* / proei^/v twwi card ttm*. W. r. SMITH. de n Mwltr of T reimportation. Belt^ ie6a] THE [1MB Penniylvania Central Railroad, (With iu oon?*ct:on*) 18 A FIRST CLASS ROl'TE TO ALL THE WKHTEHN flTIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFJRT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROLGB FROM BALTIMORE! THE It I&ILT TKA.tR* FIO* PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! Tw of them Biking clou romcrioin at laiumt with trains on t.? ^ NORTHERN CENTRAL. RAILROAD. And forming THE GREAT CENTRAL RM1TK run WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE A to ail points in tk* y wm, xoiih wlit **r Sopti-wsst. For Through Tickets, apply nt the UIm of the Northern Central M *<. Kwkd Coo- -p. pa. r, OA vert Station, Biibmu *. Splmdid SI tern rtf Cart on all Train* Smciing Saloon Cart on all Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. PuMBftri * uteilirbtiti in.: p. m train. a rivinc in Baltimore at 7JO a. m. ai.J 6 4t p. m.. where oloee connections are mane with trains on the Nortbe r Central k R .a'ti arrive in Harm tare at I p. m and 1 45 a a., there eonneotinf with the trains on the Pennsylvania Centra. Railroad for ah parts of the wost. FREIGHTS. Br this ronte, freights of all deecr p'.icxs oat be forwarded to and fro? any point on the Raiinans of Ohio, Rectnoky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisounsia, i???, or niiioiri. oy MtirtM Mtr$et The i'?nLs; vanta Central Railroad a mo >lb?oU at Hi tuba rg wi' b Pteaiuera, by winch boo(i iu be forwarded to any port on u>e Ok.o. Mn'k.ioir., Kentuokv. renitMM*. Cambrtaod. IlliBo.a Miea leatpei, \\ laoonain, MiMunri, Kanaaa. ArkAuaaa, aud Red K i vera; and at Cie viand, Wdeahy and Chicago with ataamera to a. Northwettern i um. MerohatU and aiiippera ectrualing the .raatportat on of their Freight tothia Company, oan rely with oonfid?nceon ita *P?*dy ttuul. THE RATE:* OF FKEIGHT to aad from any Emt in tii* W eat, by tha Penney ivama C*ntral ul road. in ml mil itaul < JmrmrmbU aj art charttd by 0tk*r Rmxlromd Compamuj C7" B" pa. ' co ar to mark paokagee "ru Pill. CB.1T1U K R." ? MaGRAW A fOO.NI. Freight ^ rente. No. AO North (treat, Hat aaore. ENOCH LF.W 18. Seel Sepennft, At toon*. Pa. L L. HOOPT Gea'i Ticket Agt.Puade.ema. H. H HOUSTON, Gan'l Freight Agent. Philadelphia Ja -dly f^OKTHfc&N ?Ali IAILWAV Tkt SkmrttsL, QmicJust mmd Btst Remit/ram WE9T. NORTlpANii^NORTHWEST. WINTER SCHEDULE CEiMI or 'A 1MB. Ob End after SUNDAY. Mtii Norwrb?r, Pmmi ter Ttiili will arrive and depart from Calmt station a* foi otr? : TBAINI Noiti LEAv* Mail at i?a.m. BuflVu fexpreMt p. m. f'?r fctoL Aooc mn.odatlori * f. m. Pitutinrt Harri?burj Lxp'Mi SJB p. m Tiaim 8OTTI AWTI Parkton Aooommodatioc at I a m Buffalo fcxprew t & a. m Iftai! b?iC ta<t H*rn,bBrf tl'rWi t f. bl The 6 . m. train from Waahioftoi oocnact* with the e^o a. n. trait from Baltimore for w Weat and Par Buffalo. Elmira RoobfUr, Dantrk. Catadaigua and Niagara Fal.a, and for New _ ork city. The II a. n. train from Wathiaftoa soiMeti 7 with tne 3 ?. m t-aic fr< m Ba.tiinore to waaL Eorth a-d N ortbveat and Llnura aad Buffalo and o? heater. 4 a The6 p. m. train from Waah.r.r^n oonnecta with the (JO) in t-aic from Baltimore lor Pitteourg, Barnahurg and the Weat and ta adireot eoeneotion tor L^b?.ron. Kaeton Allentown aad New York via Cehtral Railroad of New Jersey. Try Una route for New York. C7?'ThaoLly train leaving BalQmareoc Panday la.ttie 2 p. m. train, for Harrieti?rc,Pittab*ic, Cklmo Mid IIHE WML The ocij train arriTiaf in BalUmore on Sunday la th I *> a. m. train. J AS- C CLARKE, no? ly gapermundect T* NOflCK TO TkAVkLUS. Hi! Poatraaater Cenerai hav ng ordorac the mat: eemoe uetween Waefcingu-n. .a Baltimore, and Old Point .FurfM- * B0R"0?)t0 be rammed, on Md ondt;, the 90th inetnot, the Bfcj 1 In* of stMrnert Will len?eH*.timore EVEK\ DAY lexoe^tgut d?y) from I'.eir whnrf, foot of Units Duofc, it ?M o'olook p. m.. orimirodmteij after the arrive of the WuliiDf ton Train. whl?h !?>? WaahmftoB at ta o'oioci p. m. r-tf M. N FALLS. Pr?*1da 's^ Landing ud emt?arkioc f ingf U 4 Qneenetown, Ireland. , , The LitotjooI, New Yorfc and Philadelphia Bteainetu* I'umpttT intend diapatchinc their rail owereo Ciiae-buM iron Ht*nm? tnje aa fo..ow? 6 LA9GO wTT. Saturday, Aafoet 3d. JSCS-i-iSnw. UTU OF FtNME ic_ __-*S J>o. tortni H in*. M mnmNTC II 1nr|f ? K>. to Uoiidou M Do. to ? Do. to H?nbiri_. U Ptnnnri forwarded to H?*re. brenoa. EotTS&SBS/;; wsvs aawa; ?. bu tioketa M low r?tM. o&T*" "^oS i'iyi ??.%'?? If Bfo^d ?T? Y | Or to Q. A. HRKK1N6, Ad*au Ea?rtii Klb^St"0' 5Wr2iVvM[.roM tronctii u<l apood, bat *ortie?ikrly ftdarud to tt? htioUm or Lou Lmm Soti4. msiii ?? ?- ? MtIM Witt tMrU|Iv?r MOM CtlMfiM rood, diittao? of M ?uUo opU to Dent._ ,>s?j?*4J iffihnr&z kssll I Mondays, wedKeodays, wd Fndays, it 4 o'oloak . J Sjt. Brwrm/JJ i Yeeadays. TkaraZara.and 8atarda?e, at 4 o'efoei state room*, and avery arraagenseal for U? ? <*[?ty and oomfort ot im?bhwi.t^ arf afforded by this roiwi aighte' raal oa board, aijd oc arnva. at Fall llnr proooed if WipBtait Tiala ?? iig Boston early U? foliowia* mornia? : or r?M?in oa board oatii start m of U?# AeooaeMta SSSm?!?Vkw ITs^w-iyr'siArarsss.1 I?the mm telu daatiaabaa. A teaper aa la eouaeetioc wttt this Loaa bo jVMi Fail Ri?*r aai Fror?4?aee daUy. nmpt

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