Newspaper of Evening Star, January 24, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 24, 1862 Page 2
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mmmut i. . . ?aw > i i? i THE FVRiMMj STAR. WASHINGTON ClTYi FRIDAY JANUARY 94, 196S. W>"Thoor j Tm 4Tii la printed on tha feateat tt *iu p:t(* In u?. aontb of Baltimore, Ita edition a ar> Inrjrf w to rrqutr* it to be prat to pr**?a at an mif nriir: jnrCTi"?win?, iDrmi'it, 'iioiiia or ent in before H o'cloeb * ; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. On at the various military cam pa and poslU*"s will confer a favor by keeping us posted v to movements and affairs la their vicinities. lE^The new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than ever of Metropolitan news snd gossip, and choice ' *rary reading, la now on our counter ready for doHrerv to the public. Embraced In Ita entertaining contents are the following articles: Yayle Ventnor, Private?an entertaining atory of the war; Poverty'a Moan; Romance, very near us; The Countersign; Lectures at the Smlthsouian bv Rev. Dr Plerson, of Cumberland College, Kv . and Rev. Mr Conway, of Cincinnati; President Lincoln's Reception; The Sequel of an Execution in the Rebel Army; Disturbances among the Negroes; The Rebel Troops at Somerset, Ky , before the War M _?_?t m it. . * ? ?* ? ?i<r?iu oi toe me inion victory in Kentuclty. and Death of Gen. Zolliccffer; Root of Hum* phrev Marshall; The Burnslde and Cairo ?zpe> dlttons; Affair* in the Gulf of Mex'co, Missouri, Kentucky. Weatern Virginia, and Tennessee; at Cairo, Fortress Monroe, Hat Was, Pert Royal, and Peosacola; Interesting news ff; m Southern paper*; Important Budget of military operation* upon the Potomac. Latest telegraphic dispatches from all quarter*; Proceedings of Congress, Supreme, Criminal and Circuit Courts, American ColonizHlon Society, he , &c ; Agricultural, horticultural and gardening miscellany; Household Recipes; local news, poetry and general intelligence. This is Just the paper above all other* for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance Price only three oents per copy, or f 1.06 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit of the Morning Press# Tbo Jntthigenctr treats farther cpon " British Public Opinion " The Rejmbhean argue* In favor of using the negroes as soldiers as a meant of waging th? war In earnest, and rays: The great tnallnct cf self-preservation will sweep everything before it at ltet?Presidents, Cabinets, Senators, and Generals " f ' 4 ^ ,r Tbx PacrosED Cubbknct and Loam Bill ? The currency and loan bill reported to the House of Representatives proposes to legalize, at lawful tenJtr in all tntntey transactions of the country United States Notts of Circulation to the amount of S150.OGO.OCff Including the fifty-million Issue under the net of July 17. This circulation, and nit other audited demands upon the Treasury, are made convertible Into the Public Stocks, bearing ?'x per cent. Interest, and Laving twenty years to run. The ntw creation of these stocks is limited *>v tic 1 . tie recent estimates of Secretary Cfcw for the service of the next seventeen montls; that Is. to the , io?* of the fiscal year letfJ. The Stooki are to bc.r the uniform rate of six per rent , but may, when so applied for, be expressed In the currency of any foreign State, and made payable abroad, to the equivalent of their par value In tbe Federal currency. The Notes of CIrcillation trr tn h# nf _ ?_ ? v? ?uv uvuvuiiuatiUiio Vl five dollars and ipwurd iNiw Won by Me* Sobihwoith ?From the publishers, Peterson Jt Brothers (through Hudson Tavlor, 334 Pa. avenue), we have Mrs. Southworth's new book, "The Broken Engagement; or, Speaking the Truth for a Day." The scene is la London (Mrs 9 Is now in England), and the story is toid in lively style, of the misadventures during a single da/ of a young gentleman who Indulges lu the novelty of plainly speeking the 4km, ?W - ?*-*- ' ' - - * uuMt, wiei >isveu>ug vo a power!uI sermon upon lying. We must take tbe wort" of the publishers that It Is tbe wo.'k of Mrs Southworth's pen, otherwise we should have attributed Its thoroughly dr- ii-tlc dialogue, polnU, and situations to some experienced play-wrlght. w Th* Opera ' Nioht ?Another large and Ik fashionable audience filled our little theater las: J evening. The President and Mrs. Lincoln were p-esent, and on his appearance in one of the private boxes he was greeted with hearty applause Gen McDowell was also preaent. The performances, like those of the preceding nights, were exceedingly good, (the size of the company considered,) and the hearty wish la expressed on all haoda that the artistes of the New York Academy * of Music may Had It consistent with their engagements to pav us another vlait speedily. |;T We are indebted to Prof. Bache for another of the accurate maps Issued from the Coast Survey Office, snd found ao Indispensable at thla time?"Sketch of portlona of Sear oast of Sooth Carolina and Georgia." Co*riKMSD ?The Senate baa confirmed the nominations of Brigadier Generals Schoepf and Ord for meritorioaa service In the field. I) r i lie secretary of War yesterday put In force the new regulations in the Wir Department recently announced. Fixakcul Arvaims.?From the N. Y. Evening Post of yesterday: The principal topic In the street to-dsy is the continued rise in gold. Tbe speculative feeling In it M*-ms to be dally strengthening, and on the Stock exchange It attracts almost as much attention as New \ ork Central or Erie. Tbe sales at the Board this morning reached SiSO.UMJat lu3?t? 1G3\. closing firm at tbe latter figure Oaebroaer toon SlOt),COO at 103.x alC3X> buyer thirty days, supposed (or foreign accoum The bullion brokers hsve quietly bought large su".* yesterday and to-day at SlUSilUijt. and rem inclined to continue their purcbasr?~at the advance, the firmness In exchange encouraging the upward movement. The Mock market la quiet but very firm Th? leading speculative* are, in tbe main, blgber, bu< the government llat Is heavy and lower The:* is an advance of jfa)f per cent In some of tht Western stork*, bat at the cloae tbe Improvement la scarcely sustained. Oovtrnmenta are weak, especially the Uvea of 1871 and '94 Onr quotations show a decline ol )fsj{ per cent. In thcae, bat the sixes of 1861 are not u.aterlallv lower Tbe general Unprexalon is that tbe bonds rannot be sustained at present prices with tbe heavy Issues ahead, though decided military successes would at once elevate the credit of the government. Money ia easy, bat not dull, at 5 a 6 per cent, on call. DfiaelDallv at t Thru million* tad a half of the 7 3U Treasur> notes of October 1st, and a million of the Coupon tack ha?? a*ri Ted from Wsabin^ton si ace yes terdsy This batch of 7 30 notes will he hsnded er to tba banks for aecoaat of the first lastal nit on thatloaa. I'M 7 3u r reasary notes tre heavy under a fresh apply from tbe ftcretary of the Trcasnry, who Is paying itim out to coutrsctors. They art selling si about percent discount. A portion of the InvesliQruts of foreigners in these note* have been closed up recently, baring been sent bach by theatcstners which arrived last week. " ~ licit ?Three artillery corps and a detachment of cavalry were Uita morning in quarter* at the Park barrack* In Uls cltr So largea number of artlUe<)sts bsve not probably bern detained here since tba barracks were built?certainly not so many Independent corpa. These troop* consist of the First Connecticut Battery, Capt. Porter; the Havsloek Batwy (ihs Eleventh of New Yo?k), Tapt Pottkadimrr; and the Eua Battery t>he Twelfth ef New York), Capt Ells. The Oetac ha/eat of cavalry eonalat of ftfty nan belonglag tatka Pmt Versnout csvslry regiment, In charge of Lmbc Ward. -Tfte Ells II* fry will leave the bausekaUtkafternoan. and be quariered with toe Severth New Hampshire regiment In W hlte srr<r?t The Vermont cavalry will proba??v greeted to tba Mat of war to-morrow -J*. Y. IM. 9 ?A , UlLiTilT MoriKHT ?The Second Maryland Regiment. Cel. Joha Soavrier*, ha?Lj?g received inefcbtnx orleft their camp at Plkaerllle < kq*1 *noraf?g, aad mofn totbls city. . a tWoatttrk of keeftr ike N?lBnt was net > y the Fifth Maryland R^imeut, (late Public aa.d,) and by them escorted to the ttetroera, ly-j* at toe wharf, loot of tisy street. The regiment commenced embarking between 8 and # o'cieck, aad durlag ti* progress the relatives of t ir members Indulged la leir^isklng. Some of J tue eccocaeoacted werequi* affecting. TheregliomKfl'pn''Mf abcut Md^Jftek. 'its destination ^ jkiuta polls It li u* deritood that tfae Ptfth Mary land' itgl! orR WILITIflY IirDGET. TBI NEW ASSISTANT SECRETARIES . Mr. Jobn Tucker, of Pa , and Mr. P. H. Wation, of this city, yesterday nominated to ba the Second and Third Assistant Secretaries of War, (under the new law creating those offices) are admirable selections. Mr. Tucker has long been the President of the Reading Railroad Company, In which capacity h* hail hid lh? Hlr*rttnn of th? heaviest frelcrht. tng business known to the commercial history Of the United State*. His brmnch of the business of the War Department is to manage its Immense transportation by water. Mr Watson Is probably the first patent lawyer in the United States; a business man of great Industry, clear head, and sterling Integrity. He had been Secretary Stanton's professional associate in much important business, for ten years. The latter Insisted upon Mr W 's entering tbe service of the Government, to aid him Mr. Wataon's practice at the bar is of great pecuniary value, and in con s?nung to relinquish 11 ror a year, ne nfffiwlly sacrifices many tlmea a* much as hi* aalary In that time will amount to. So much for bla public aplrlt. NAVY YARD. The steamer King Philip took tome stores down to the flotilla yesterday, and returned last evening She reporta affairs unchanged down the river. This boat Is now in charge of Acting Maater Cook, Captain Wm. Mitchell having resigned. Tta brig Perry, which baa been anchored below Alexandria for some months, left her anchorage yesterday afternoon and proceeded down the river in tow of the Pusey. The King Philip, on her return to the yard, met the Pusey below Mount VavnAs% maVInn nnAi) V*? f % tiWH f gwu ucouwaj . The King Philip Is, this morning, taking on board a considerable number of 8 and fl-lnch hell, which will be transferred to the cars at the Sixth street wharf. They go to Annapolis. BILOXI. The Navy Department hare dispatches from the commander of the steam frigate Niagara, at Ship Island, dated the 6th Instant, embracing lntelllgence of the surrender of the town of Blloxl. M as., to Commindrr Smith, (with the steamers Water Witch, New London and Henry Lewis) on the 31st ult The place was found deserted by Its male Inhabitants, and crowded with women and rhllrlrpn A nf -"* 1 ? -V?..^.1 ?...*? luiiiurg were landed A small sand battery was destroyed, and two guns, a nine and six-pounder were brought cff HOStCEOFATUT IN THS ARMY. Tbe Committee on Military Affairs of tbe House have Lad under consideration tbe expe* diency ?>' introducing the system of Hahnemann Into the army. It was agreed to authorize Mr. Dunn to report a bill instructing the Medical Bureau of the V'.ir Department to permit, under certain restrictions as to number and qualifications. the employment of graduates of regular Homoeopathic Colleges as army surgeons. A*?THBS CAPTCBK. The Navy Department have advices of tbe cap iiire 01 me reDei scaooner uapt. r*pt<lden, loaded with lumber, by tbe U.S. vessel Henry Lewis (on tbe 31st ultime) of tbe Gulf-coast squadron. She was turned over to ibe Quartermaster'* department at Ship Island, wlta fair cargo; wblcb came !n ,v>e nick of time, as It was just then much needed there. THZ FKI3CH FLKIT. In a recent report to iMajor Gen. Butler, Brig. Gen. Phelpi writes that a French war ship had arrived at Ship Island, and he was preparing to send her commander on bis way to New Orleans under a flag of truce; as bis mission was there. This French officer states that France now has a fleet of twenty men-of-war In the Gulf. EXCHA!IQKS. Maj. Gilliam of Nortn Carolina, and Lieut. Ward of Norfolk, have been released from Fort Warren, and are now on their way to tbe South, where by the terms of their release they are to obtain the exchange of two Federal prisoners of ,^-a ? ? ? ? ?- ? - - cquai ran* m?j- uunam leit Baltimore for t-ortress Monroe yesterday, and Lieut. Ward goes down this afternoon. CONGRESSIONAL. XXXVII th CONGR ES.S?Secsnd Session. 8>5ats ?After our report closed yesterday? The Senatedlscuued tue subject of Mr Brlght's loyalty, and after the consideration of Executive business, adjourned. Hoose ?After i>ur reporter left yesterday? The bill making an appropriation for the sup* port of the Military Academy at West Point was discussed by Messrs. Alley, Washburne, Harrison and Francbot, until (without disposing of the bill) the House adjwrned. UICHI M3 rilttIB Pending the arrival of the Enropa there wsi a feeling of great suspense in England, bat the farids were bat temporarily depressed. Some journals argue that a definite answer waa not to be expected by the Europa, and think tbe cause of peace loaea nothing by delay. Othera construe tbe delay unfavorably. The Morning Poat think It ditnlnlabea the hope of peace, and tbat tbe Waahlngton Government will propose a compromlae. but which will not for a moment be entertained. The 1'iu>es asks why the decision should be delayed if favorable for peace, and savs tbat the Immediate aurrender of Mason and Slldell would have been a greater blow to the Confederate* thin a vlrtory on the Potomac, and worth millions to tbe Federal excheauer. The Daily News ?ees nothing but peace. All the journala publleh the eeml-oAclal accounts from the American papers. The Government had received an account of the proceedings of Lord Lyons up to the 23d of December, wben be presented the formal demand of the British Government. An answer was looked for by the steamer A merles, due on the 13tb ins'aut, aid the Cabinet had oeen summoned to meet In council on the 14th. Dr Russell, In bis correspondence to the Loni i i . *v- ?- -*? * wm *?mi ? pi cuili* tuoi IUC 1/8DIQ61 AX v\ ftltl* ington will refiiM to aurrender up Meaara Maaoa and Slldell. He also a&ya that a victory over tbe Confederate army bia become a political ne<-ea<lty, and that Gen McClellan la being pressed on all aldea to make a forward movement. Tbe advices per tbe F.oropa bad rana*d an upward tendency In tbe war riaka at Lloyd'a. Tbe Parla Patrie and Pay* say tbat tne Government at Waohtngto* oB'-red to rratore Messrs. Mason and SUdei 1 on condition tbat England UTAlllH Bftt r^rnoniv* n m' * ?HV. .wv^Mi*v ?w? uvuturrn 1/UaifQfrSCVi Tbe London Morning Herald aaya that If tbe Mwon ted Slidell affUr It settled, England and Fiance have an Inducement, on commercial ground*, to recognize tbe well-earned independnce of tbe Confederates States, and that unlrsa tbe atep la manfully taken by tbe Mlnlatera at once, It la certain to be taken by Parliament on Its assembling. Tbe Daily Nrwi says that any recognition of tbe Confederate States is too abhorrent to Engliab principle to be readily a aubject for apprehension SMITHSONIAN LECTURES?On MON>Jf llAk bVbM.Mi, Jauua y 27th. Prcf i kn late IJ ?. Coniui?t???..iiii. ?h ' ? ? ? ? ? ? ? " ? Will lOV kUl D ol tue ce'tbrated religions -xmbition m the B**a'iui HUhianda, ti lrd "Trie Drama of the Pu tionti>e on y reiio of the fcix.d which bu tatobed u? from the midti.e mm. The m&Uo are ii?v?t?d. Adm tt?Loe free. J?24 3t -rmr BURN'S ANNIVERSARY.?The one JJ? bnn tred and third Anniversary of the birth day of Hubert Burns will be celebrated by the Bnrna Club of Wat'iinxton anu tie aimirera ol heberd tens-ally, at Mrs Knuell'a Hotel, 494 Sarenih street, on MONDAY, the ZTtn instant. Sup?er on the table at 7X o'oiook. Tickets to be had at the hotel P 9 Tae Clnb will mtei in thair uiu room, on the SSth. at 7 o'olock. jalt-9;* ALLA. WILLIAMSON, Boo. <-3? WASHINGTON( LECTURE A8SOC1A Tka yi.hiK ? ?? ?. w. Claris, EPQ. fipLjoot? Nation*l Houok. Ob FRIDAY fcVKNI ?G, m.IM. At Uie Smithsonian Institution, Do?n Of* at 7; Leotoro %t p'otooc. Tide 2S oeuta, to to uaJ m Um Bookatoroe tnd at Um door. Jaa?? Y C^NUTICE TO TAXPAYERS. ^ CoLLaeroK'a Otfici, j ? Wmtk,mtton. Utttmbtr Nottoo tafaeraby firea tu %it peraon* in arrmra for tajto*. whrtuer (U, kpaoiaJ, or ?nBO*i tu bul uui<w> Um mm? la pmu it tfcta oAo? before u let inj ui pfurwr mii ua frowri? on wbicb tha uz ta daa will U*b im advatttaad aad aoM, m tba i*? airaota. noMvSevtihtotraiitk* kaary W|WM af adreroaiaa win ?1?m m wUhii< tfc* tima mm. bad. " ^ILLIaMDIXONT^ da r-aotFaM Ooltaator. YV'THK UNION PftAYBE MEET IN* Will J^5 bafcoruaaarnrday tuawaeata tea Lather* ? j cbu'+u. Ker. J. 6. Botiafo at tha .ooraar of | UIJ 'jsvsLSPsmmmat * 4 3-1 M^aoaHaaad bat m*Mv. # | TELEGRAPHIC. ____ | THE WAR II* KENTUCKY. The Victory at Someraet? Pnrt'culara of the ActUa-lkrrf Thoaaand Union Ttmm Vanquish Eight Tbonsand Rebel*-Arreat f Oen. Hlndman?The Poverty of Rebel Genernla? Gen. Burkner'a Child-en Bare, footed?Gen. Hardee can't Pay hia Wash, erweman. Cine in & ATI, Jnn. 23?The Somerset correa pondenee of the Timet says that at 7 o'clock on Sunday morning the enemy drove In the pickets *>f the Kith Indiana. statlooed at the forks of the road, eight miles from Somerset The 10th were drawn up Into line, and moved Into the woods, where they were met by the enemy, 8,000 strong, who instantly opened upon them. l*en Thomas Immediately ordered up the 9th Ohio, 2d Minnesota and 4th Kentucky to the support of the 10th Indiana, the latter holding the Rebels In check nearly half an hour before being reinforced. The 1st and '2d Tennesseeans were ordered upon the right wing for the purpose of outflanking the enemy, Standard's and Whltmore's batteries. In the meantime, shelling the enemy In the woods. After being engaged nearly two hours, the 9th Ohio, 2d Minnesota and 4th Kentucky Regiments made a desperate bayonet charge upon the enemy and drove them from the woods, completely routing and pursuing them to their entrenchments. At the heat of the engagement, Capt. Kinnev ordered one in<tinn nf M? h?t*?r? j .. J TTKU1U sixtv yard* of the enemy's lines, and opened a deadly fire upon them, which added greatly to the succeaa of the day. Our advance arrived within sight of the Rebel entrenchment* one hour before dark, and 11 red upon them with shot and shell. Night closing in put a stop to further demonstrations. At daylight next morning a steamboat was observed transporting troops across the Cumberland W hitrnore's battery of Parrot guns were brought to bear on the boat, which, In a few minutes afterwards was In tianu-s. The 10th Ohio and 14th Ohio were ordered by General Thomas to advance on the enemy's breastworks. Moving up in line of battle and scaling <he entrenchments, th-y tound the camp entirely deserted, and everything standing as when occupied by the enemy The houses, tents, horses, mules, wagons, baggage, cannon, ammunition and firearms were found In perfect preservation. The rebel forces in the attack were led by Generals Crittenden and Zolllcoffer, and were 8,000 strong The Federal forces in the fight did not exceed 3,000 MOVKXK.1TS PRIOR TO THI SOMIRSKT VICTORY Loui*villk, Jan. 23 ?The Loalsvllle Journal ?a>s tbat the instructions of Gen. Buell show that he is fully mister of the situation. It was arranged that Gen. Thomas should leave Jamestown and Gen. Schoepff advance from Sameraet, thus hemming in Zollicofler from the went and north Some secession spy carried the intelligence of Geu Thomas' movement to the rebel camp, and Zolllcoff^r, making a forced march on Saturday afternoon, reached Gen. Thomas' encampment early on Sunday morning. In tne meantime, Major Sheppard, with tbelStb regulars, and Col. Maiison's brigade of tbe 10th Indiana, Col. Ua'son's 10th Kentucky, Colonel Cross' 4th Kentucky, reached Gen Tbnmaa' camp after a forced march of twenty five inilea, so (hat be was able to advance upon tbe rebels and drive them before blm until he reached their entrench menu ai nigni. A private letter from !*omer*et uvi that cltlxen* and *oldiers are straggling In loaded with the trophies of battle. Our bullets were sent with unerring aim, and many of the Rebels are ahot In the forehead, breast and body. The Union people ^ere have Hocked to the battle field In drove*, a:id are jubilant as to the result. It is thought that Gen Cdttenden is among the prisoner*, disguhtd as a surgeon. OES. HIM* it A.N ABBK?TKD?POVEETT OF KEflEL LEADERS? GEN. BUCKNER's CHILDREN SAKE FOOTED ? uk.NERAL UAnUBS C.NaBLK TO PA* HIS WASHERWOMAN. Louisville, Jau 23?The Journal learns that Gen. Harden has arrested General Hindmanfor burning bouses at Cave City and other placet on 1 *Ko W ?U..?ll ? iuc iiaiuviiic ruau. Tfcesame paper also lenms, and credits the statement, that Gen. Buckner has resigned his commission. The Rebels at Bowling Green are suffering for of money. It Is reported that Gen. Buckner's children are running about town barefooted, and Gen. Hardee, the second officer in command, could net pay a | colored woman employed by him, and gave her a paw through the uonfcdeiate lines as the only means he bad of liquidating her demand. There are no further particulars from Gen. Thomas' command. All is quiet below. Front Miiuiri. Pidalu, Mo, Jan. 23?Two companies of cav ..ry, uud- r M?j lr L. Halderman, of the First Kansas Regiment, left Lexington on a reconnoitring expedition on the night cf the 18th, which resulted In the arrest of Captain Whiting, Joe Shelly and several other notorious Rebel desperadoes, and the capture of a large lot of horses, mules, wirons, commissary stores, &c , taken from Col. Mulligan's command, and a considerable quantity of boo'sant* shoes and other articles taken from the steamer Sunshine by the Rebels, some time since, all of which were turned over to the Federal troops at Lexington Col Deltiler, of the Kansas First Regiment, in command at Lexington, announces, bv a u*n*ni order, that as Rebel assassins lurk In the ambush and fire upon our soldiers, be has therefore ordered to be arrested a large number of wealthy and Influential Secessionists who give aid and comfort to Price's army, whom be will hold responsible for the good behavior of their hirelings; aud the assassination of one man of his command in this manner will be followed by the shooting or hanging of five of these wealthy Rebels. J SHRIMP?SHRIMP! UST Received a fine lot of SALT WATER sHKIMi", *or?*eby T. M. HARVEY. ja 24 at -iSl g street 'a O MAKE ROOM FOR SPRING SUPPLIES, I we ha#e marked aosrn the p eesof Winter Gocds, tu&t ve may reduoea'l stock of that kind. PFRKY A BKO, ja 24-tr P,r? .... rv - TO SUTLERS AND OTHERS.-FtfK SALE ("HEAP?S Covered W&iou, it siti Lioubie H?rr,eo?. 11st sinpda Harnca, 1?'anva* Tent lb by 2"feet.tall nearly us* ;) alio, J Hora-a. and a valely of bailor's Good*. To bo beeu at 160 Washington atre*t, Georgetown. ja 21 2t" ' 'HICK GR \ Y, BLl'K, RED, ANt? WHITE 1 FLaNNELS, lor co.d weather. Fine White and Co orea Fiani ela One price only, marked in piain figure* PMKRY * BRO. ja 24-6t Pgntt. avenue and Ninth at. BLAt K SILKS, in ai! grade* an1 width*. from medium up to extra fin* Bitok Jaffet\ aiiki. Alao. medium and fine Mourning Silk* at our utual moderate rates. One prioe only, marked in p'ain figure*. P V a. norv * ui%n I or unV.t J * 24 6t Petin avenue at d Ninth ?t. 1" rtsh linens! IRISH LINENS! We ha?e & fall atook of Irish tanen*. Blank and Colored Silk* for sale ac tue lowest prioea. WU. R RILEY & BRO? No. 36 Ontral Storea, Between Tin nud 8th street a, ja34-1^ uproane Center Market. BUSWELL'S medicated cough candy, lOITHKCKIOr coughs, couus, broohitus, influE.NSA,&"d all locipi-nt STAG * S OF CONSUMPTION. Sold wholesale and retail by O BO*WFLL, ooruer Maryland avenue and Ttii etreet; Z. D. GILMAN . ai d UrmtUta ever? whote. ja84-2w* Blankets-blankkts ! (JITII.TQ?flfllfiai W ^VIU * U > Table Linene? lame Liueiu! Napkins, TovreU, Sheetings, Glovfi, Hosiery! With a fall stock of Dom?stio ?.>o<ls. for tale by Wtf. R RILEV * BRO , No 36 central Stores, Between 7th atd 8th ttreetr, Jat4 10t Opposite Center Market. BALMURAL SKIRTS at BALMORAL. frKlKTS at *0. BALMUKAL SKIRTS at ?S*.?0. HOOP SKIRTS-HOOP SKIRTS. CLOTH CLOAKS-CLOTH CLOAKS. Clours Out Cbsap. WM. R. RILEY A BRO., No 3t> Central btoree. Between 7;h and 8<h erects, ja at-lot Opposite CeuUr Mark at CPHRKNOL.OOV ! . H. ALDEN. PHHKtiOLOQIST, havinc taken rooms ior a sr.ort tune at 440 Pennsylvania arenoe, is now prepared to give verbal descriptions of charaotor, to*e;ner with oti&rts. to aJl > aeiir*. KB cis?Verbal Delineations 90 oents; on* dollar exualor Charts. uuoouni mad* on parttoa of over tlx pernors ; also on ouildren aooompauymg lh? r p?r?nU, Offio* 440 Pftnnsrlvan a tveast, north side, b?twMB ad and 4>i its. OtM hoars from 9 a. n. to lt>?.?. J* it w* Havana Sevan. jvst Ricbivkd *.? fob Bali Tto following nnrlor brand*. At v*ry Ltm Prteu . 10,000 EUROPA Y AMERICA, i/K* FLOR LB SANTIAGO, !!.? ABRAHAM LINCOLN, *V)UO VOLUNTEER, ?,? LA JUVENTED, ? ,o? LA MEDITATION. mow DK HABANA, *M*0 KL TULIP AN, * I.MPLO! DB CA?A?, I?,(no LOUISA MILLER. ... vi BEN J* I'EXMR, w. .* 4J rw i W "? T?U ato* ? I SfCK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Puhlxtktd im conformity with tks nntaliM / (4* Stnat, t f July U, 1981. At Btminmry Hospital, Gsorftown, Jmn 17

*1 U. 8. Infantry 13 Iftth Praa.Volunteen. 1 let do Artillery.... 1 49th do do...... 1 < i? *- ? * v? WW wv. 1 0?(I Ul' u?. ? 2 3d do do 3 5?th do do......11 i 4th do do 1 71at do do 1 SthVermontVoluntecra 1 Ut do Rewrte.... 1 1st do Cavalry... 1 3d do do...... 1 1st Rhode Island Art. 3 6th do do. ..( ) 1 4th do do.. 1 llth do do * 8th do Bat. l 1st do Rlfiea 4 6th N HampshlreVol. 6 11th do Cavalry.... 2 17th New York Vol... 2 Ut do Artillery... 4 22d do do-... 1 4th Michigan Vol 1 27th do do.... 2 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 33d do do.... 1 5th do do.... 1 36th do do.... 1 6th do do.... 3 55th do do.... 1 3th Excelsior Brigade 1 o-m ao ao.... l unaiernn Rifle* 1 64th do do.... 5 McClellan'sDragoon* 4 69th do do....10 Irish Brlpade 9 9d New York Cavalry. 3 4d D C Volunteers.. 2 8th do do.... 9 7th Maine Volunteer*. 9 4th do Rlflea .. 1 U.S. Ptffnsl Corpa ... 9 8th Penn. Volunteers. 1 Hospital Department. 1 9th do do 1 27th do do 5 Total 191 3ftth do do 1 (a) One officer 1 At Qtnrral Hospital, Union Hoist, center Bridgs and Washington struts, Georgetown, Jan. 17. 5th New York Vol... 1 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 17th do do.... 5 5th do do.... 1 18th do do.... 1 8th do do.... 1 92d do do.... 1 9th do do.... 1 29th do do 1 2d M1 rh 1 cmn Vnl A 33d do do.... 2 4tta do do 1 35th do do.... 1 *2d Wisconsin do 3 37th do do.... 1 Sth do do 3 43d do do.... 2 lit California do 9 44th do do.... 2 1 lit Excelalor Brigade. 3 50th do do.... 3 2d do do.... 1 52d do do.... 1 3d do do.... 3 54th do do.... 2 Sth do do.... 3 56th do do.... 2 t?t Maryland Vol 1 5flth do do.... 1 1st Indiana Rifles .... 1 64th do do.... 1 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 4 Hfith do do.... 1 De Kslb.............. 1 2d Pens-Volunteers . 2 New York Rifles 1 4th do do 2 Kane's Rifle* 15 6'h do do 1 Cameron Rifles ...... 2 7th do do 2 1st Penn. Cavalry.... 1 fitta do (In 1 Sit i 11th do do 2 4th do do. 1 l'2th do do 1 5th do do ...... 2 23d do do 1 ftih do do....... 1 35th do _ do 2 Harris' Light Cavalry 4 40th do do 1 4th Rhode Island Art. 1 62d do do 4 2d U. 8. Artillery 1 57th do do 4 4th do do 9 104th do do...... 1 5th do do 1 2d Maine Volunteers . 1 lit New York Artillery 8 7th do do...... 4 Mott't Battery 1 2d VerrnontVoluiftaert 2 dtonefleld's Artillery. 1 3d do do 2 5 th do do 1 Total 133 At Hotwital at Columbian Cclltgt, Washington, Jan 17 4th U 8. Cavalry .... 1 Cameron Dragoons... 5 5th do do 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry 2 Ath do do 1 2d do VoL... 1 31 do Infantry.... 1 3d do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 16th do do.... 1 7th do do 1 1st Penn.Artillery.... 2 Uth do do 21 4th do Cavalry 1 5tb N Hampshire Vol 1 9th do do 1 id Vermont Volunteers 1 1st do Volunteers. 2 do do.... 1 2d do do...... 1 10th Massachusetts Vol 1 3d do do 5 1st Rhode Island Art . 1 5th <1/* * 4th do vol*. 5 8th do 5o:::::: 1 1st New York Artillery 1 13th do do 1 2d do do.. 1 27th do do 2 Rocket Battalion..... 1 3lot do do 1 l?tNew York Cavalry. 1 52d do do 11 2d do do.... 4 57th do do 1 3d do do.... liOAth do do 1 6th do do....21 !04thdo do 1 Harris Cavalry 1 1*? California Vol 2 17th New York Vol... 6.9th lUinols Cavalry... S 22d do do.... 2 2d Wisconsin Vol... 3 30th do do,... 1 Sth do do.... 1 37th do do.... 2 7th do do.... 1 44th do do.... 1 Ut Minnesota Vol 1 5?th dp do.... 4 2d Michigan Vol 3 02d do do.... 1 3d do do...... 2 filth do do.... 2 4th do do...... 2 77tb do do (a) 7 Sth do do...... 8 i?t Excelsior Brtgsds. 1 Stockton's Mich Vol. 1 2d do do.... 1 DeKalb N Y. Vol ... 1 Total 1?3 McClellan's Dragoons 5 (a) One officer At Omtral Hospital. ICircUA Watkimrtom. ' Jan'. 17. "" ' Engineers 1 8d Vermont Volunteers 1 litu.8. C?*&lry 53d do do 1 2d do do 10 4th do do 1 4th do do 4 2d Penn. Volunteers . 1 5th do do 1 45th do do 1 6th do do 3 40th do do 3 2d do Artillery.... 1 64th New York Vol... 1 3d do do 1 Cameron Dragoons... 1 5th do do 2 2d New York Vol 1 1st do Infantry 1 2d do Cavalry. 1 2d do do 0 Sturgls Rifles 1 3d do do 7 15th New York Vol... 1 4th do do 41Oth do do.... 1 6th do do 12 ;22d do do.... 2 8th do do 2124th do do.... 1 (Afti. A- e - - 1 ? -? " * * iuiu au ao % 7tn raaine volunteers, a M D. C. Volunteer!.. 1 ? 6th N. Hampshire Vol. 6 Total 94 At St. Eliuabttk Hospital, Eastern Branch, Jan. 17. 4thExcelsior Brigade. 3 1st Penn. Reserve.... 1 2d do ao.... 1 59th do Volunteers. 1 lot do do ... 1 Eicelslor Artillery Vol 6 53d Penn. Volunteers .11 52d Penn. Volunteers. 4 btt New York Vol... 1 41st New York Vol... 2 29th do do,... 1 15th Penn Volunteers. 1 Cameron Rifles 2 2d New York Cavalry. 2 35th Penn. Volunteers. 18th do do.... 1 6thVermontVolunteers 6 57th do Vol 1 Rrickel^ Art. Batt. .. 2 ftlth do do 10 60th New York Vol... 1 6th N. Hampshire Vol 4 2v>d do do.... 1 ? 36tb Penn Volunteer*. 8 Total.. 73 At Pi/tk District ScKool Ham** Hospital, Branch of General Hospital on E strut, Jan 17. ?2d New York Vol... 3 4th U. 8 Cavalry 1 79th do do.... 1 Cameron Dragoona ... 1 ?>th Rhode Island Bat. C Ohio Cavalry, (uaat). 1 5th do Vol. 1 ? 2d U. 8. Cavalry 1 Total 10 Sick remaining in tks Hospital for Eruptive Diseases, at Kalorama, Jan. 17. 'id U 8. Infantry 5 N.Y. Rocket Battalion 1 4th do Cavalry 2 4th Penn Cavalry..(a) 1 5th do do 5 13th do Volunt'i*(6) 1 6th do do........ 3 45th do do...... 1 7th Maine Volunteers. 3 52d do do 6 lite ao do.... 3 win do do 1 2d VermontVolunteera 1 Stoth do do 2 14th Maaaachuaeta Vol. 1 104th do do 4 l?t New York Artillery 6 1st Michigan Cavalry. 1 2d do Cavalry. 2 19th Indiana Vol 3 13th do Vol 2 Sturgla Rifle* 1 41th do do 2 BerdanSharpahootera. 1 54th do do 6 Quariermaater'a Dep't 6 57th do do 1 ? 8?tb do do 1 Total 72 (a) Offlcer'a aervant. (6) Offlcer'a servant. At Ottutal H?ipiUl, AUxudria, Jan 17. Sd U.'S. Artillery.... 3 35th Pean VolunUera . S 5th do do. 3 40th do 4o...... 1 J. 1 do Infantrv 1 i5th Hn H.. * 3d do do 1 10th do do...... 6 4th do do 3 53d do do 10 10th do do 1 734 do do..?... 1 1st do Cavalry 1 83d do do.....* 1 4th do do 1 86th do do...... 9 6th do do 1 e?th do do 3 0th do do 1 90th do do 3 (J 8-Engineers 1 lOftthdo do 13 9th N y. BUie Mil... 6 54th do Fire Zouave* 1 79th do do 1 11th do Cavalry .... 8 3d N Y. Fire Zouave* 1 1st do Artillery ... 1 16th N*. w York Vol...3? 8th U 8. Infantry.... 3 17th do do.... 9 Itt Michigan Vol i 18th do a?.... it ild do do 15 19th do do.... 0 3d do do 9 Nd do do.... I 5th do do 7 SSth do do.... 8 3d Maaaachuartt* Vol .17 Ott?k J* ? 1 #? UML -A- - *? uu....iu lsui ac ao.. 7 87th do do....K Ut do Rat. l *Hh do do.... 9 M MkImVolunteer*. 9 9#th do do.... 9 id do do 3 31?t do do.... 1 4th do dol"!!! a Wd do do.... 4 5th do do.:.... 9 2 4? do.... 111st Rhode Ialand Hot.. l 37th do do.... 3 5th do do . 1 ?? 1? 3 4tk *? vol..? 39th do do.... 1 6th do AH.. 9 40th do do.... 4 1st NewJerwy Vol ... l 44th do do.... 1 4th do do.... X a? 1 do.... 6 S7th do do.... ft 4th Connecticut Vol.. 1 M do do.... 1 ftth do do...11 S*w J? j*? l%*Z"S>omtW61 18 *h do do.... ? #th M. Hampshire Vol.19 y j (7i? loaiui vol u ?? WA *? ** Wi?oo??to Vol. ?i7 lot New York Artillery 1 6th do do..... 4 3d do do.... 1 #th do do if iH l! Cwolry. ?? do do....! I lJf Penn?R?J 1 a? do "XSiT i iSL2S'SSZ?lnr-,f oth do j. ' # | " I&I^: ; gss: gas? j Utk do do 5 1 ttKh d? aI J P10*** * * " '*" Total............444 At Imiimm* HotftuU (Pmttnt 0#k?), ITuiiafMi, 1 D.C,Jm* 17. 1Mb IidliMVol 31 53d Peon Volmtoen. t 1st Sbarpa'ra. .21 4th Rbode I ('.and Vol. 1 M do do 14 11th Maine Volunteer* 1 e lat Michigan Ceralrr. S Sturmfel'a Light Art. 1 i 7th New York Cavalry a ? Kb do do... 3 Total W ' lat do Artillery 4 Wtahlnjrton papers pleate oopt and aaad a blUa IoUicVS u Department ' ja ??3t BBlack engiish crape and crape VEILS', All widtka and mn. *?ij l?eet auaiitTPERRY A BROTHER. jtatt P*. ?T6n?t and frith et GEN'I. HOOKER'8 M1VI-ION !-Th? triRiiicm and Vulimthi jr*?k Wrefootof Elevertn street. EVE-JU^b^ ' M O R NIN U (Su cday exoepted at 9H o'eiock jaO-lw* F\m OR SUTLERS. CAMP USE AND Ri S . TAURANTS. j Narrow Table Liten* ana D*mfttfcs at lew 1 trie" PERRY A BROTHER. 1 lata K Pa. areaaeaod Ninth e* l PERSON* IN BLACK WILL FIND OUR took fall ?nd ample in all ?h? b?tt -.itndard tfchuoa far m^urmnc epp%rel, anc at pnoca moet | favorable to the cooeower. PERRY A BROTHER. < jaP 9t Pa. avenue wd Ninth at. < OANKIN? HOfSE OF RITTENHOUSE. D FA%T A CO., , Wa.cbI5?tor, D 0., Jan. J>. 1W. Will O. H. BIDWELL. Biq , pleue oil I at i tfaie oftoe ? I Ja?St RITTFNHQI'SE PANT A CO. i IRISH LINENS FOR LADIES'AND GENTS' 1 WKAR. , i r-n.~^i-?>? ??-?- -1. -- - M ouu r mpiv aiusk ID DU TTi D*r??I fllCE , ID#* * dmm and Cue, at oar prortrbiall? low inoti, ] Whit* Cambric*, pla'd and thick and thin. PERRY* BROTHER. ja88-gt Pa arenae and Ninth tt T NOTICE! t i HE Paitrwahia hereu>iore exittinf ander the name of Sher field m Merobaiita' Henaa, , 31 fnnee *traet. t* thi* day oiaaolvad bf mat?a! oonaent?Mr. L>. Fhenfie d aaauminc th? dabta of v.ftu,y4iifegcks-i-I>- ! Alexandria, Va , Jan'y ?, 1862 Jattat* j pORTABLE WOODEN TENTS! The an^erainit** baa for aale and will make to , order Portab a Wooden Tenta, of any required 1 ais*. at a very low prioe Th*ae t*nti can be pat I np or taken down in a few minntea and can ba aeen ?x tn? corner or Fourteenth end 6 ate. Jag lwi- JOHN A. JORDAN. J RUN THE BLOCK AOK N-HARVKV had one | eeael arrive yesterday with ' bmh*ls. and two ea-a with enfl bus^elaWVi (aJ 1 of prime CHEKKiSTONK UY?-XlMr I IKK!*. H? viT keep up the eupply aa 1 long M bivaves oan b? had. at the ?roe pnoe Who can fvl to oall ? )|Q-I> 1 BRANCH OF P TIKRNAN A PONS' WINE DEPOT, Baltiv?rt. Wehavejuat reoeived a large irvoioe of OLD , JtM.? p AND TlfcRNAN'8 STOMACH BlTTKRft ai*o, an invoice of freeh Pate de Foiea Graa; and J are oontiant.y reo-iviot a.. artiolea oluiurv lor , UMo ate. ?.M1TH A HAKT, jaa-st 811 Seventh street west. LOOK OUT FOR IANCA8TKR -Luneustm Couf*tw frwiii tm Sunt, oorner of llih at d G ?tt . \V Afch nr ton.? I Am Hai.? ? ? " ' oaster County tarnert: Fresh Batter, in poa da, roiia and fcrk'nt; a>??. fre?h I ard, freah Ku?, Poul.ry of all kinds. G&ni*.Quarters (I Vea', H'ef, *o ; fresh Bolrcnas, r'auuiM and Puddinc*. Family Floor in Sa^ks ofM. u, JSX poaodn each. Swei-t Citler, Cider Vinegar, Ccunirj i'oaf, Caidlea, Dutch Chee??, *o , &o All of the above art.o ei I vi 1 w&rra-' fr??h and of the beet quality, i have alao an hand I,nuu Mwara of jrlnn qaainy. . ll< \Mtkeepers and ruUera, and all oth*re, are reareotfui'T aa.ioited to oa I and examine my a took. Jaa-lw* JOHN F. SHRODER, Aft. ASK ~ ASK ASK YOUR GROCER YOUR GROCER YOl R KROCER | FOR DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS { FOR DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS FOR DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS ' AND TAKE NO OTHER AND TAKE NO OTHER AND TAKE NO OTHER. j?a tf DISSOLUTION. HE Copartnership lori?ar!y existicf between J. W. Toiler and W, M Brown, under the &M>e of J. w. Collst k. Co., w is d sso'ved by linita- I tion on the lac cay o' September. mi. AH partite 1 Indebted to the lat* firm will pleaee mate imne . dlate payment to the eaheonber. ae the old buai- 1 neaa mait be seMed us without further de ay. 3 W. COLLfcY, < 3'i3 7ih at, af ovp P?. %t, A CARD?The nndersicned beye leave to IBform his fnecda and aatrots of trie late fi-m that he vill continue thefiene al Dry Cools Basinet at the old stand, and b"?es r y (ivine his lt(lot Attention to hnnnitia RrH tn Ka wAnU nf Ika ooramnnity, b? may merit th<*ir oonideuo* ?nd in- J crea ad liberal patrcna?:e. J. W. CoLLEY, J> a 5t a-i3 7th >t..abo<o Pa *t. ^ LOVfcLL, COLLE8 * CO.. WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Btroot, Now York. and 316 E Street. Washington, D. C., ( near Willsrd'e Hote.) j Htvinr rt+A m Kr?n?li V?V - A. a. I ? ? - ..s *? ri-w wi vwuii vi uhi 1 VTft mtC* J Ii?hmert in this city, we invito Bullrrt, Greceri, Rmaurantiwi, and Houi Kttprrt, to mU and examine our atoik which la well aceorted acd oompriaed of coodaof the beet < Bali ty. We take 1 orders for aayUuri in oar line, aad execute them < yrompt'y. lag tf ?A.UTiON TO THK PUBLIC. In oooatqaene* of the ooaataatjj inorraaicc imitaucn ol the different braoda of Meun. Moet & , Chandon'a Ohaiueaane Widm mmiult ?f Vin Imperial. Gresn 8ml. I conaider it my doty to * caution the enb'ic ac*in*t ?noh imposition, and to ad?i?e purch??er? and consumer* to bay the Moot J ft Chan-ton Winea only from reliable and re*?*etable honata. M ADOLPHUS OECHS, Meaara. Moot ft Cbanlon'i General A cent .. For the UnitM Stateaand the Canada*. 1 Nfw Yoke, Jan nary, 1863 Branoh Honae of P. TIFRNAN ft SONS A . w Win-Deeot, B Uiniora, Agectafor Meaara. Moit * CaoiDox'a Wite< For the State ot Maryiaid. WE BEO ATTENTION TO THE ABOVE oard of Meaara. Mt?ET A CHANDON, and, at the same time, to ofT*r to c>i:noi#?eur? the ruil*. ? bratau Wins? of this hooae at A cent* K1?**-. HMITtt * HART. ? j?? St ill gmtU tUMt vtfL q AH R ARK CHANCE FOR A SUTLER-I haro ? for a?le at the attblra on Foartoonth jev \ bc.ow Penr. avenge, a fine BA\ TmSD m HORnK, j*a-a old, and aoand in reap?ct A ?", a food Wagon and Uan.eaa trill b? old oheap. a Ja22 St* C. V. Mli.Lt. ? C^ENTLKMENS READY MADE 6ARM- I I ENT8, OF FINE QUALITY. t Wa offer eitiienUaad atran<?r< a late amort V mentol oVKRCOAT*. DRKSftOOATB WU8I- 5 IN ESS COATS. PANTALOONS and VESTS, ? of all oolora and taaUuaa, M?a- ia Mti a ad f hnuh to the boat onatom work, > wTi.lTinmaa & m ' Merchant 'latlora and Cioihora, 393 Pa . bet ?:h and 1Mb ata. ? <1?oi.? Mop.) ^ COIN WANTED! The Highaai PriM paid lor GOLD AND SILVBKI Bracia Foe Salsiii B?mi to Btnt. LEWIS JOHN SO * fc CO., I BANKERS, Pxskitlyajua Avmr*, v JaB-tf Conor Tooth otroot c T>&OP. ALEXANDER WOI.OW8II - IT PI A* 1ST AXD COMPOSER, I" . wr;1.^ vat rrs1..'-dL'RI^rTTn ? tmlrs a kaowUdt* of Voeai bb4 Uiiiiwntbl u Mnaio, ob tk* moat libwal term*. All tkose who fiTKJlJK To "SITVES E&ttSs; f < street Bad New York arena*. I Hour* of reooftion between 9 aad 13 o'eloek B.m., on TuBeday*, TkBrtdBye, Bad Brtirfcu. , 1 *45 c W AbH INOTON STEAM BAKklY , '' 147 0 Stun. I Between 4)f b?4 Stk StreatB. I TkB BttBBtlOB Of dBBlBTBia f^aBttld tCBBf iBTfB took of FftBSfl CEA0KK&3 AND CAKES, Arnoni tke Tartctas say bs aeaed i ~l nATBK SUGAR CRACKERS, | SODA CRACKERS, 1 BUTTER CRAOKE**. . ED1NBUR8 CRACKERS. ll GROUND CRACKERS. J UlNGER CAKES, I SUGAR CARES, u almond nuts, 0m?IR NUTS, f RAISTN CAKES. " liTHtHM afrttui petti ut to* sort lypmK iMiwy, w >r> ?t-to to Mil at to* ovaat wu*~ ? afeotofini i n^WhataMU Dw'tn, fktlan ud oUw ' bOTlBg Nortk, ?4r HVt u? of fr? (ill miA t*?ar? tr?ah vork, by t>viac a* ft mil jaatvuf | r / ___ 4 > v " r [TJAM. DEPARTMENT VV Javrtai tl, l?*i. Oltnn. Th?t tbe War Depart men' will be loaed Tm4?ji, Wt4int?yi, Thnradat* ud *rld?T? but that which elatea to aetlv? military pmtlM* ! the laid Saturday* will be derated %a the boaiaew of UmIam P^>a i a ! >< Mood ay* to the boalMW of the P*bMe. EDWIN M. PTANTON, JaM-tf SKfcurr^Wv g _ aCctIupTSAEbS I THIS AFTERNOON ^ TO-MOKROW 4 B? J C. MoGTlRE A CO, Aaotioaoors. PXCBLI.KNT HOUSEHOLD Pl'RMITRE etf at Pr?'jc Accnoa.-O* SATURDAY MORMNG. Juuri *u>. at M oV?ot.ottk? lr?t floor of Ckrui'i rajooa. vk*ri it baa boaa r* iootm! for ootreaieaoe of ?ti?, *f aba! aa i pot Uoa of Um HoMWd Farmitara of Mw Rot. Dr. Mi otHar?, oompruinc? Hard?< na Piath-ootait d fo.a, Aw tad Parlor vwarii Ronvoo4 Ma-Me top Tab)**, Mabofaay bNni*'rua Bocfcoa?e. L>ak Letter cover Ml Library Sola, 1 ana ?gtt Chain. Lo?u|?, Haircloth ooTeraa Sofa Roekera, Ltrit ?erdin* Desk. Library BMpi. Dil runuBii. VV iotfow Sbadae. B iiimIi and oil ?r Cv*tU, I at a. Hat Kaofc. Kx tension Dlnu c hMthcr B di, Holsters aa4 ritlova. UlenkeU. Comfuru, Hsraads, Bela'eade- tiareaas, Wa? lis and a. Chita, 0 asa aad Croaker* Ware. ? ^ ALSO, I wn uow ml' V mri UQ DOOI (VIM, Lot ol B?-stM4a. Cfca n u< Tftbiw. jiM It J. C. MoOUlBKJk_CO., AeeU _ Br C. K L. CROWN A CO.,AMtMwn ~ Wm t WlLl 8KLL.M Ai?U??,N TO MORNO W . 19? u d?T,)th* tt;h tut .at ? o'? ?ck. it the ?qa?re opposuethe MtrkM,* 6m Kaotaoky ?re?d Work HorM*. t.?lorjrtn* tot^rovw Tk?M i <ul of horaM raurittiteMUad IktMl* rill be WiU^mt rtMrre T?r*i Mil C R.L.CROWITicO.ABMTfc If No. 9tT, cor gth et. ai d Pa. av , Kutti eiia. Hy WALL A BARNARD, A??nooe?r?. Comer South *idt Pm. ?t aarf AtalA itnot. PL'RNITURK, BOOT", WA6ON8, Ac . AT r APCTIOM.-Oa 8ATHOAV IHORMNO. (annary ? < omin-nciDf at Iwo'oJock. we win mi , u fr r t ol < ar auo i->n r omi, wiUont rMtrr*, t ot of Fatal Ac , toairiiiklotti|?U'l o(Nn HMr.tUit I hit- and stuck a d Cotton Mtitrwsen. EJlmksts. P. 1 >w? and Bu tter*, ^aor-nf?tCt>airs and aoekers, Bnrosns. l abiu. tc?x(M, 10 ouw Bco ts ai a -h es, boxes T< baeoo. lot Cigars, Extension acd ott.e Tab ?, J?r#al Waro sa .d Horse*. Tsraa cask. _lt WALLA BARNARD. Ano*s. Uj MARSHALL. A PAOk, Anouoneers rl> WAKE. CKoCRfcRY bLOVM AND Waiter G?>od?.?<?n itbsDAY, milr. * ' OAT and SATURDAY MORMN88 atto'ofk. re wilt ?e I in front of storo 3*7 ?th and 10th air*eta, a large lot ol desirable LOOdl. Til : Crockery and G as* Ware r n Wars of a>l kinds, M Hno* banntlet* Boots, Skooa. Watobes ani ievtln, Aler, a lot of Fasoj Goods. Tonns oash. jalAf Jt MABSHALL A PAOE. A?la. FUTURE DATE. ^ I Br BONTZ * ORIFK1TH, ifto. *69 Srremtk strut, Mi? I mmd K ) POSITIVE t>ALK OF NEW AND rECOND Hand FvamriraB-Ob MONDAY MOftNNG. January 10 o'clock, in frost ui U* faction Kooai, we will sell a large aeeortneot of ?*w and eeootid band ? ercitaro, Crockery, 6 la**, knd Fan. y Good*, e? m* inn*? KoNVOoi Mar h'? tof Ur**uni Bimai. Mahogany and Walnut 4o do Walnut. Jenny Lind and U gh Post Bedafead*. Dotia?e B d?t<*ac*. W a*i*'aeda. Walnut .Marble-top W MM tan da. Feather Bed*, Bo latere and Pillows, Hair and Hail Me.itreaae*. W* natfcyrinr eeat Of It and Okatr*. Crookery and Glae?ware, K larse variety of Fancy article*. Tog ether with a general a.eortment at Hoa*9 keeping artieioe, too ?WW to BMtion Bale po*uive, and without reeerve. I lew aaa*. BONTZ h 01IpFjTe4AMU i?84j iB*+) By J. C. McGLIRE 4 CO.. Amuom?i. STOCKS AT AUCTION -OB MONDAY AF9 Ifc.KINOO.v7 January srrth, it? o o!ook at iba Acction Room, ? ska! arli, 1a nw to Milt? ill ttbaraa ?toak ol to* Kir*dim's lanruM CoaCorporation of Waahinrtoa Pit* Par Cant. ftock. _ ? |260 Corporation of Waaiunftoe Six Par Caau Stock Tarn ?wh ? JaM d J. C. MoOUIKK k CO.. Aaato. Br J- C MoGUlRE A CO., Aaofaoaaara. OP THE RII.V8 OF THE GENE* ~ A.L HotriTAL, 01* JtTDICIABY ?qCa*? ? On rUteDAV MORNING. Jabaary *u, at 10 t'eicok. at tbaruint or Uta Infirmary, en ? strati, ftT6#L 4 Lh *.1. arMU. ?a aha.1. Mil in .no In imit. the old materia a. oompriairg? jId Briofte in u* wall a and down. )jori, FruM, Smc and Biioda, Lot of Limber, Flooring, Joiau, Jto , tone ?nla, ueada m4 Flagging, - iratoNi R&nf. im ud witar Pi pee, -rot of Hoapitai Furniture, Bedeteada, Mittr?iM, Pil'owa *o.. ho. Terms oacfi, in 6uvci.:iif hnti. The who.e 10 be rewired vttkia tea day* after he aale. By order of tb? Conaieai cner of faWie Bu-HPjV?*-<1 J. C. MoSt'lBB A CO., Aeeto. By 6REEN * W1LUAM8, Aeeuoneera DXTENSIVE 9 A LB OF GROCERIES. if u liquoa* *rd t?toai Fixrvaaa a* Aoctioh. V >n Wr.DStSUW MORMNtt. the ? re a hall Mii at tt>e store of Capt. J. E. Nel?, No . >1 Loniaiaaa areaae, between 6th and Xh atreeie reet, at i0 e'eioeh a. m , aa eiteuire aeevrtnei t i Gruoeriea, Liqnora aod Store Fix tare*. We UltViWW IU pw ?? -T" !W, fl|U ud CoflM, lioe, Mirok, f tckiM, Ao. I'obMM Cl|M, tK?r. OUdlN, BMOI Md ?(? / 1 oral UMrtmrat ot other Groorrtee, 1 i Lleo, ft good MMrtaMit of Liqaora in MUtt w4 owti, oat* el wiuoo ire **rr ftM, tub u B.'ftfaaio. WiBM, Git, Wklikj and 80atoli Aw> ?r?i barrel ftne Ticfir. lB<1 mMr oUtr aruotoa which w 4mm miiii lleo, tt>? t ore fixtures. P.atform Md Cr inter >o* f Sugar Mliu Store, Coaster and She!*^mg. >1 e?u>ure?, Ac ,4a. ^er?a?oa? GREEN 4 w|LI,IAM?,A?aU. By J. C McGLIRE k. CO.. AaoOoaeea SUPERIOR ROSK Wl?OD 9KVKN OCTAVK J Pia.?o Fotri. FiiMiru. im Hocivnou irrscrt -** tui RcuaV MukrlfSe, Jut ry 96:h, it M o clock, at tb? rMl<?M of Mrt. ??Ut at re*', b?t*ws 1 ut K itmf. r? ituii Mli Ue rarmUra aatf fcfeou, aompria I? ' rj nMnor Rom*i>ic Peraa OtU*a Pianoforte, kail* of ft-OMWOOd OrM r.t.l. lovereC in or Furniture, coop ...l? UlM toUt, two in &Dd tix Parlor Caaira, LoMVood Marble top Tablea-Corner 0taad, Art* K reach elate fllaatei Mirrori. M*T C*rwr htud, Woi Table, g \ EK&ift&rd* cti'-r- 4 f )?nam ino h rt.ct. Chiaa Dinner Set. 'at aaa eigrava tin ?w*r?, wntn, itT*r piMM Tf>l?M,C&>u>r( r?^"UD?,*ad Fork*. Iloth oovered Wntiaf 'totnwiw Oottut ttcto, Vimt B'ditMdi. Wvdrobw, lirtutLd Wutiruoi, birftUkwk HtlnM Bidgiiw Mi Pitt***, Hhewatera. Stoma, KiMtea L'WIIII, 4*. T' rrnc cmL . 1. C. MegPIEE 4 OP- A?U. Z FURNITURE' A FURNITURE' FURNITURE! |f| l - in tTMi. above D ~ Kwy wm(! of UPH0L8TBRIN6 m?|>ly m natly rxscitei j Mer* mm?u Mi *v?aiai for thiMeMMdi J ioa?f Um rablio. fl ParafctMra wnl atady ttetr iataravt U aail MM x?iai *l?wMr? ItMM^ HOICK OLD HAVANA HUM. _ I1WKRVA WIHK-aMMitiM l^Tvllaa, ^ a* a tocia^*^ U **'**" IHXMPAONKU, CLARETS, CORDIALS,**., toraaioby C. O. Datf ARMENDlA, <u? -2* jwsc ^^tss^^sgi'sr- , ^iMPitovnt s oam,etotr^eTovee*? A lwi? locfc 04 K. mi, ?^> * flfig?'' ?

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