Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1862 Page 1
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? ??a-? w ftff MM ? a ^ ^ a ^ki fc* (pj {Lj| |Ji H H H . * R V pS uF ^T '..- .? ,j - 1 ' , i ^ . , - .-" . - > ;*?? . ????____ V%. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . SATURDAY, JANUARY 25, 1862. N?. 2,786. ? 1 THE EVENING STAR fUtiLUMbD BYhKT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXOKKTEDj AT THE STAR BUlLDIUGa, $trmm / Pumfyl?mi* hwm mU SU**+ik st. n W. D. WALLAOH. rapers KrtM la packagea toy earrlera at 94 a jeer, <* 77 cents pm month, Ta mall subsBflbeca tee peine U S3 JO a year, 4m sdeaatt; a* IN fit moathss it fee three months; aad tot loll Utt term months it tea rata of ?t oeati a week. Slak fie ooplee, on cairr; la wrappate, two caim. HT AonaTimiMTi ihoold ba aeat to tea eteee Mm U ?'dock otheewlae they may act ap&at ?Hd t*e jMllH. ^irrnin 'Afl THY DAY IS, SO SHALL THY STRENGTH BE. ?T T. a. ARTHUR. War! Tha very word sent a shudder to tha heart of Mrs. Irwin. From a ehild up, it had been associated in har mind with all that waj horrible and. wicked, To heoome a eojdler seemea, to bar perception of tfle?aae< to iAfoUa a oruel instinct. Sha taw no glory in tha profession of arma. Toy drum* and iwordi were nerar seen in tha handa of herohildran, ezeapt through the nnweloome agency of aanta, anelea. or frienda; aad they were, in these rues, aoon removed, with aobar homilies on their bad significance " I will taaeh my children," sha wauld say, to love their enemiea; not to hata and destroy them. To ba ever on tha side of paaoa and geod-will to maakiod; not on tha aide of hatred and destruction " Mrs. Irwin read tracts an i books published bj peace societies, and in the argument against war crowded her mind wita facts, statistics and reasons to a degree that made her a formidable debater on the non-combative question, with a!moat every one that happened to be drawn into an argument. It was useless to talk with her about the undying antagonism between good and evil, and the neoessity of external as well as internal combats; of national regeneration through the baptism of blood ; of a stable paaoa only through tha destruction of enemies. Sha denied the positions. All wars wera wrong, she contended, and might ba avoided Nat in anything had Mrs. Irwin swerved from her p*ace principles, up to the time when Sumter fell. But that event was like throwing, suddenly, into a strong, smooth current, a broad obstruction. Her whole being was in a tumult. Sba caught her breath like one in danger of suffocation. She felt as though the firm foundations on which she had been standing for years, were crumbling under her feet. '? Mra. Irwin loved her country and revered its flag; and this assault upon tha ona, and desecration of tha other, fired her soul with indignation ; and when her oldest boy, not yet in his twenty-first year, said to her with clenched hands and fiaahing eyea, ' Mother, this must b? avenged !" She did not answer, but sat, with pale lips and face, looking at him in such trouble and bewilderment or mind that no thonghts be? came coherent enough for words, until he added, aa he drew nis slender form to its utmost height? "And there is ona ready," "John ! John !" fell in weak remonstrance from Mrs. Irwin. 44 Don't spaak so! don't let a murderous spirit bear you away." "Don't aay murderous," replied tha boy, with so much of rebuke in bis tones that bis mother anawered quickly? 44 A spirit of revenge, then, John. Veageanoe is mine, saith the Lord, and I will repay it." 41 Mother' shall we tamely submit to see this nation destroyed, and its flag, whieh has bean honored throughout the world for eighty years, shot at, rent, and trampled upon?" The boy's eyes gleamed fiercely. 44 For one, I say no ' And I have mistaken my mother's heart, if it doea not echo baok the word. I do net forget tha leaaon you taught ma yeara ago, that love of eeuntry is next to love of God. And if we love an object purely, will we not defend it when aesailed ? Nay, even lay down oar lives in its protection ?" In spite of all her peace -principles, and horror of war, there flowed into the mind of Mrs. Irwin such a feeling of admiration for this ontapokan patriotism of her son, that van ha read pride and approval in her humid ayes # 44 War is an awful thing, John," said Mrs Irwin." 411 know it ia, mother. But there are worse things than war; and that worse thing is at our deor. Yon understand this as well as I do. They have thrown dowa the guage of war, and there is nothing left for as bat to accept the hard aeoessity. ' " But you are not called to this work, John," said Mra. Irwin, the words faltering on her tongue. 44 There are strong men enough who will respond to the President's call. I cannot let yon go, my son." The wet eyes of Mrs. Irwin overflowed. John laid his hands firmly on his mother's shoulders, and looked steadily into her face. Then he kiaaed her tenderly. 44 For the blessings we enjoy, did not tha mothers of the Revolution give their sons to the battlefield ?" 441 eannot bear it, my eon ! I am not strong enough for this." And Mrs. Irwin laid her faee aa the breast of har boy, and wept shudderingly 44 As oar day is, so shall oar strength be, mother. Don't yon believe this7" ' I do, John, answered Mrs. Irwin, lifting her faee, and throngh half bliading tears, looking at him wonderingly. Nay, mere than wonderingly ; with a rising glow of pride in her breast. Every woman admires courage in a man; and the true mother loves it in her son. A new sentiment was taking force in the aaind of Mrs. Irwin, and giving strength for duty and for saerifice. She seemed to herself like one undergoing a quick transformation. New ideas and new eetimate of things were prearing upon her, and thrusting old forms of thought aside. 441 do, my son," she repeated, " but I never thought to see this day." "The day has eome upon ns," replied the young man, " and shall wa not be equal to ita demand? I am ready, and yon are ready also!" Ha spoke in a quick, inspiring voice, for he saw strength in the eyea or his mother, and a gathering firmness about har month. Only a little while longer was there strife in the mind of Mrs. Irwin; only a little while longer did old prejudicea and foregone eoooluaions battle with new convietiona; only a little while longer did shrinking nataral fear stand in the way of daty. A week later, and Mrs. Irwin held the hand of her eon in partiag. Hew changed be was' In a single week he had seemed to grow older by yeara. Tha firmly knit month ; the deep, steadr eyes; the finely erect figure; the already browning face, for he had been drilling ia the open air for days; the brave, reaolate beariag, ware all wonderful to look upon as the work ef so brief a time. Ia it atraage that Mr* Irwin waa proud of har soldier bov? She held hia hand in parting. 4i Do yoar daty, John,"she said, in no weaknasa of tone. 411 will, mother." 44 Be brave." " I will never tarn my hack upon the enemy." "God blaas yon and keep yon, my son!" Mra. Irwin's eyea filled now, and har woman's heart trembled ia her voiee ** I shall ba ia Hia hands, juat tha tame, mother." " I know it, John; and if death eomea to you?" ^Mrr Irwin broke down. She eonld not fln"It will be tbroogh Hia permission Are not evaa tha sparrows la His keeping?" said Joha, calmly. "How mneh mora are homan soala ?*' They parted. Very pale for an of that day and the next waa Mra. Irwia. Bat bar bearing was firm. If har heart waa troubled, it waa not weak. She waa a wooder te heraelf. " Tmly it ia eo," ska would repeat, over and t^ygfe* " M onr day la, so To aa iodm$?frieed she said: , '* I sometimes ask rcytelf If lam not dreem> lag- Oaa it be possible that my boy la a soldier, aad la the faee of the enemy ; aad that he la there with my ooaaant ?" *' *<w*d yea have him beak f" asked the friend. A qaiek ohange, aa of surprise, was seen for ?"I * *fce of Mrs. Irwin; then she *aswerei, oalmly"**;I jrWdhic tohtoeoaatry." | " He looked so breve enu man!y," taM the I friend. I A glow of prideoeme into the mother'? face. I " And Memed," was added, " to comprehend I o cleerlj the issues at itake. It wu no mar- I , derous thirst for blood; no love of ezeitement I 1 nod change that filled hia heart; bat that trae < patriotism which is the inspiration of an hon- I Arable mind, a^d gives it the courage to meet |1 death in defonc* dfooanttyand right. Jhonor , you. my friend, in being the mother of sect! a I son." I | How strungely pleasurable were the poises that leaped away from the heart of Mrs. Ir- I< win. This praise of her son was very sweet. Weeks passed. With what an absorbing in- I i terest did Mrs. Irwin watoh the progress of I events. Once, she turned with an instinctive I repugnance from all accounts of military I , movements and battles; but now she had no I taste for any thing else. The whole country I i was spread out, like a map, in her mind, and I I every strategic point, with its oampa and sol- I ' diers strongly marked. The marshalling of 1 troops; their movements, strength, and poai- I ' tions were now familiar things; and her heart I ; beat high with pleasure at every trifling sue* I , cess, or veiled itself with shadows when even I j the smallest reverse was sustained. With what I i an irrepressible impatieuce did she look for I 1 the regular coming letters from her son; and I < with what a proud satisfaction did the read I every detail of his new life that showed oou-I rage, endurance.and self-denial! She felt that I1 he was a true soldier, and therefore she was I ] very, very proud of him. Then news came that the regiment in which hsr son was serving had made an advance I upon the enemy's lines; that somo very severe I 1 skirmishing had taken place, and that an en- I < gagement was imminent. A sudden fear shook I' the nerves of Mr*. Irwin. Even as she read of I 1 the advanoe, a bloody battle might be going I ' on. and her son be among the dead or dying. I , The hoars of sleepless suspense that went by I , until the news of a victory was flsshed over ] 'he country, we will not venture to describe. | ' Many were killed and many wounded. With I 1 breathless eagerness she devoured their names, I I as with white lips and starting eyes, she bent ' over the brief despatches. What is this7 Her I ' son's name! The paper shivers in her hands. I she cannot read the paragraph. Desperately I she thrusts the sheet down upon a table to I hold it firmly; but a mist comes over her eyes; I j she dees not make out the words. Rilled or I , wounded? , "Oh, Ood ! Give me strength !" "Among the brave men who distinguished I i themselves, private John Irwin deserves hon- I orablo mention. In a desperate assault of the I rebels, th j captain of his company received a I severe wound, and fell upen the ground. He I l was a few paces in advance of his u>en, and as I i he tell, two of the enemy sprang forward to I ' bayonet him. Irwin, seeing this, flung himself I j before his prostrate captain, shot one of the I ! men, and in a hand-to-hand enoounter disabled I t the other. He then bore the wounded officer I fron the field. During the whole fight, this I young man, who is not twenty-one years of I age, eonducted himself with the coolest cout*-1 ? age. and in more than one instance rallied his I t foiling Comrades. He has the stuff of which |t officers are made, aid the Department should I send him a commission." j Mrs. Irwin bowed down, with her faee upon I the table, trembling in everv nerve; weak? I l. in glad bewilderment?tearful. Then drop- I ( ding upon her knees, with clasped hands and I eyes uplifted, she said, faintly? "0, Lord, is he not Thine7" j A deep peace fell upon her spirit, and she I ( remained for some time kneeling. Bat prfyer I t formed itself in no other words. 1 "I could not stay away from you after read- I ing the news this morning." A friend said this I as she came in, a little while afterwards. I 1 "Are you not a proud woman to-day, Mrs. Ir-1 1 win?" I ; "I feel glad and haable," Wu the subdued I answer. { '-Bat did he not act nobly ? Who would hare I thought that in your quiet, retiring boy, there I was such a daring spirit?" "It does not seem as if it were my son who 1 has been so brave," said the mother. "The act I has apparently removed him tc a distance, I and set itself up as a question of right against I me. He ll not mine, in the sense I have I hitherto regarded him. Higher duties than I those of a son are laid upon him; and I must I Jive him to his country in a degree not un- I erstood when he went forth to his country's I < call. I pray, now, that Ood will make him I , equal to his duty under all eireumstances. To I ( lose him would be a fearful thing; but, to find I him a weak coward in the day of battle, would I 1 be more fearful still." "To hear such words from your lips! From I whence has oome this new spirit??this new I oourage?" "As our day is, so shall our strength be," I replied Mrs. Irwin "God gives the spirit of I endurance and self-tacrifioe when we have I ( need ef it; and this is oar time of need. I do I not flatter myself with the hope that my heart I I and home will be spared?that my boy will I pass unscathed in the ordeal of battle. But, I come what will, I trust in Ood; and He will I lay no sorrow upon my heart too heavy to I bear. If I had ten sons, feeling as I now do, I I would give them all for this oontest, and I send them forth, in God's name." And to thonsands of mothers' hearts,strength I and a spirit of self-saorifice have come in tpis I time of trial, as It came to the heart of Mrs. I Irwin, and like her, their souls are in the I , cause, and their brave hearts giving courage I i and endurance to tens of thousands of brave I sons now battling for right and their oountry. I It is the old spirit of the Revolution, and by I ] virtue of its sacred fires oar armies mast pre- I I vail.?Philadelphia Preis. I Tna BcaNsiDi Eimditios.?The New York I Post gives the following summary of the forces I of the Barnside expedition : I 1 The total land foroes of this division may be I summed up as follows: Fifteen full regiment; 1 < and one battalion of infantry; one battery of I six pieces of field artillery; forty-five rifled I guns, distributed through the fleet, or a total I . of fifty-one guns at the disposal of the land I forces. The regiments are, with two or three I exceptions, un to the standard of 1,000 men ; I and adding the gunners in charge of the fleet, I the total fightiaf force amounts to fully 16,000 I men, aside fron the naval vessels. The total number ef vessels of all kinds, I aside from the naval foroes, is forty-five, and I are divided as followsNine teamen, nine I propellers or gunboats, four ships, five barks, I one brig, seventeen schooners and five floating I . batteries. These steamers are all unarmed, I ( and are intended exclusively for carrying I < troops. Their capacity ranges from five bun- I I dred to ene thousand men each, the North-1 erner being the largest and the Sawanee the I 1 smallest of the number. The ganboats will I both carry troops and assist in attaok. I t A ijwb Stb&m Fateati on ru Srocxs ?The I steam frigate Franklin, on the stocks at the Navy I Yard, Portsmouth, N.B, considered by com pc- I teat Judges the finest specimen of naval archltec- I I tare lathe set vtoe .seems to have been overlooked I both by the Navy Deportment and Congress. Her I s hull has been nearly If nor quite ready for laeach- I ing this several years, and aa appropriation for an M engine la all that is aeeded ta put afloat one of I . tbe flnest vessels In the world?larger thaa any of I V tbe steam frigates now la commission, and fitted I f to mount sixty guns of tbe heaviest eallbre. We I C wonder that no movement has been made to so- I enre the completion of thlaahtp.?I U Rescue Tboops fiirtinw to Maici.- i ' Preparations to march cm making by the flrst bat- I tallierv ef the Twelfth Infantry, now qnartsred at I loft Hamilton. It la understood that their do- I I part are tot tbe seat mt war will take ptocs la about | d ten days The furloighs usually given after pay I , days nave, since tbe last payment was made, I been refused almost without exception, and leaves I of absence for twelve hours granted instead. AH I _ tbe eserulbi obtained for a considerable time past I have baen >eattntotbe '?! bettallton, wtlrb now I J aumbenaraiir tbeoooaptement of eight hundred I a sea. *. J. f?t. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. I Frsm Ocb. 4t|kr C?amtDd. j Fbbdbbics, January 23 ? Among the rteioBMtf I recently paid c!f It the let Michigan C?Wf I This fine body of mrn and horses are Mill en- I camped In the vicinity of tbl? place, and la under | tbe command of Lieut. Col. Copelsnd, during I the abeence of Col. Broadbead, who bas returned borne In consequence of the fracture of his lag by I the felling of bla horse. ! Oncers from Hancock yesterday report the Pa- 1 tomiC to hate risen 20 to 2* feet there within the I past few days. All poislbillty of crossing irt pres- I tnt la a nullity. _ I Jackson is supposed to be still at or near Rom- | Gen. Williams's bragade occupy the bouses at I Hancock deserted by the citizens on tbe approach I of Jackson some time since, and are luxuriating I an good food and comfortable beds. The 30th Pennsylvania regiment has been placed I upon a better footing. Lieut. Colonel Patrick has I been appointed colouel In place of Col. Chantry. I The name of tbe realment has bean changed to I that of the Mth, ard tbe war ratio will be filled I up by full companies from Pennsylvania. Last night the officers of the 9th New York I be'.d an Informal election to fill the office of lieu- I tenant colonel, made vacant by the death of Wm I H. Ualleck. The result was that Major Atterbury I received 33 votes on tbe first ballot, and was unan- I Imoualy elected. On tbe fourth ballot for major, I in tbe place of Att?rbury, Quartermaster Henry I L Stevens received 19 snd Capt. Miller, of com* I pany L, 12 votes. Mr. Sttvens was therefore I elected. Later from Callfernla?Rain Storms Still I Continue?Another Flood in Sacraments Valley San Fbascisco, Jan 17 ?During the past fifty I hours It bas rained bard almost incessantly, and I the storm still continues Yesterday at noon tbe I water In the Sacramento commenced rising again, I ind the third complete inundation was unavold- I ible. Tbe area of land now overflowed Is about 20 I miles broad and 250 miles long, making upwards I ?f 3,000.000 acres, mostly arable land. This un- I precedented succession of tremendous storms bas I washed the mining regions where the ground I was previously upturned and dug over, producing I jreat changes, and rendering probable a large in- I :rease of gold produce from placer diggings the I ?nsulng season. The Lateat frsm lalre. Caibo, Jan 23 ?Capt Wiltard.of the Chicago I Light Artillery, arrived to-day from Calloway,! it* mile* from Fort Henry. He reprrts that that I place is garrisoned by 6,000 or 7,000 rebels, with I leveral heavy gnns Tbe whole of Gen. Smith's command started I icrosa tbe country for Paducah tbla morning. Fire at Saco, Ma. Saco, Me , Jan 23 ?A fire broke out thla morn-1 ng in M. M. Tarr'e atore, which, with tbe stock, I ras entirely consumed, together with the Thorn- I on block, and most of tbe contents Tbe Saco I louse adjoining was somewhat damaged by the I leat and water. The damage is about seven I houtand dollars, and the Insurance twenty-six I lundred. j Canstitattenal Cenventlen af Utah. Sr. Louis, Jan. 20?A dispatch from Great I tolt Lake City says tliat delegates assembled I here yesterday and drew up a State Constitution I o be submitted to Congress Naval Intelligence. { Nbw Yobk, Jan. 24 ?The U. S. gunboat Iro- I luois was at St. Thomas on tbe 4th inst coaling. I I'he steamer Quaker City sailed on tbe 4th lnat. I in a cruise. t Arrival af the Hiberniaa. J Boston, Jan 23 ?The ateamsbip Hibernian, I rorn St. Johns, N. B , where she landed British I roops, arrived here this morning. j Oen. Sturgis. ! Pittsbcbg, Jan 21 ?Gen S. D Sturgls passed I hrough here to-day for Washington. He glveaa I lopeful account of Western affairs I LOVELL, COLLES A CO., \ WHOLESALE GROCERS, j S6 Front Street, New York, j and 31? E Street, Waahington. D. C , j (near Willard'a Hotel ) ! Having atarted a branoh of our New York eatab- I liahment in this oity, we invite fvifiri, Grocers, I Htstauranteurs, and Hottl Keepers, to oall and I sxamine oar stock which is well atsorted ai d I somprised of goods of the best quality. We take I t>rders for anythng in onr line, and exeoute them I prompty. ja 23 tf | Notice to Watch-Mak?rs. | S. ic J. MYERS, j 10 WASHINGTON BUILDING, j Corner of Pa. avenue and Seventh st. | Just received a line assortment of WATCHES I it wholesale i GOLD CHAINS AT WHOLESALE! ? [ S. A J. MYERS. 10 Wa-hin*ton Building. | WATCH MATERIALS AT WHOLESALE ! I 8. A J. MYKRS, 10 Wa?hinston Building. WATCH GLVSSES AT WHOLESALE' YV 3 A J MYERS. 10 Wa-himton Bui ding. j iVATCtf-MAKfcRS"TOOLS At Wholesale! !

YV S* J.MYERS, j 10 Washington Uuilding. s QILK GUARDS, LEATHER GUARDS, Ao., I S at Wholesale! S. A J. MVEhS, ja IS 3w* 10 Washington Building, j Military Boots git ill AT WHOLESALE. fWj We have now in store? I in oases Calf Stitohed Enamel Leg Boots, ? " Grain " S luoh 40 M " Quilted Bot. L. L. * S? " M Cavalry M inch M 50 " " heavy J<>ub. ?ole16al8 inoh" ?0 " Calf ' " 16 inoh " . I Also, a variety of Calf and Kib Boote, Boys' and I Months' Boots, and Ladies' Balmorals. ? J. T. WHiTEHOUSE, No. 16 Marlcut t-Baoe, de 28-1 m* Penn. av., between 8th and ?th sis. [ REN AUDI.1 BOLLINGER * CO 'S j OH A MPAaXH. LEFMAN, KIEFER A THOMASS, SOLE AGENTS ! for the ! UNITED BTATEB AND CANADA. | 139 Do abb Stxbbt, j ja 4-1 m N?w York. I >OQ JOBNSON A NAGLE, OOQ W0?7 1MP0BTBBS OB 40?/ I WINBB. LIQ UOHS. Hi VAN A CIGARS, FINE I GROCJkAlKS, #c? j <o. 9S9 Pa. avenns. between 9th and 10th streets, I Washington, D. C. j No. 19 Royal st, near Kiag, Alexandria, Va. Ma Agents for the SPARKLING HOCK aad I MOSELLE WINES of the Hoekheim Joint 8took Co., in Rookheun | on the Rhine. Coaataatly on hand their eelebrated I \parkl%n? Hotk and Moselle Cabinet Wins*. I Co-mouseare are reepeetfally invited to give us I oalL jal j D|7 FOR THE ARMY. I v v K Rave jaat received, by iteamsr Arago, a I irge assortment af magniioent Frenok Brass I Kama (System- Greco* re;) Frenok Bug lee, lor I kfaotry. eavafry, aad artillery ; Martia Vrare'a I ielebra'ed Clarionets aad Fiates ; Brass Intra- I ?enta of ail kinas Alao, the ftaaat ??a it* of Vea- 11 je Strings. Baeeon's Aooordeons and Vlattaaa. I "o gather with a large assortment of latest Franoh I lasio for Bands. Masio Store of l oaan bow in atore, all atylea, at abo?t half t?a I laaal arioa for the same spjd^-H^l ef oar own I lannfaotare. At THOMPSON'S, I At K. A. Lake A Co.'s Marble Haii Baaaar, da 91 Under Brown's . I JHAWI.S AND CLOAKS-Mary st M ud I 1 WASHINGTON, D. C., JANUARY, 1MS1. REMOVAL. A. 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DAYTON'S PIC NIC A OYSTER CRACKERS, SPONGE BUTTER CRACKERS, i " BOSTON CRACKERS, I ? WATER CRACKERS, SODA CRACSERS. ? GRAHAM CRACKERS, ? LEMON BiSCUtf. I Celebrated"MINCE PIES. Hotel keepers. Heads of Families, and Sutlers are invited to try our exoellent MINCE PIES. \ TESTIMONIAL. Camp Scott, Sept. 9.1M1. Ma. Dattoh? Sir < All of us, both officers and privates, have ate freely of yoar Pies. I oan con- j scientiousty state that no tnaa is on the siek list irom partaking'of them. To tell the filth, we are heart-siok because we can't get enough of them. They are the only real luxury we have had since we left home. W. F. Dimming, M.D., Surgeon. C7" Discount to the Trade. ' J. L. DAVTON, ja 11-lm 466 Eleventh st, Washington, D. C. (\EW CLOAKS. * Owing to the anuswidwand ?>?Oioaks, we have I ( just received another large supply, which Save b??n purchased at very reduced pi ices, aad will oe sold astontibtns low, Our stock of FANCY SlLKt) and LADIES' DRESS GOODS is still good.anu will be sold at reduced prion. Ja ll-so?t 8uM?ssorato Tsy?or A^ftohuo'u. . JMPORTAN T_T O L A D I E 8. The sabeoribers have opened the store No. 16 ( Market Spaee. Fa av. bet. 8th and 9th sU. as a first ol&ss Laoeaod Fancy Dress Cap Depot, consisting in part or Point d'Alenoon. Applisue, Meoklet and . Valeaaiean* Lac**. such as Collars, Sleeves, J Hsodkeioniefs. Cape., Flouncing, Caps. Caps, \ Coin area. ??d made up goods of the &aest quality, ! aad at New York prtcea COHEN A DU8SELDORP, ' from New York. N. B.?All sorts of Laoee washed, mended, and i done up equal to new, at short uotioe. de 96 Im* 1 THE SUBSCRIBERS beff leave to inform tteir < patrons and the pnbiio generally of ben a. uok o,il j TKefflao respectfully invite attention of jMP their Army atd Navy customers, sad those requiriuj outfits in that line, to their supenoreaal^r.s?iitly on hand, whioh are warranted as repre | WntJmt k&OMM, * ssS matm t ^ SUTLERS I 1 AND _ r - - * RESTAURANTS. I loo baskets qj i, | ymj m?wt?,CHAMPA0NE For saie ohsap by WtN* * WM. CORWIN BURBY, ssssv k Soldiers' Pay! THE HARNDEN EXPRESS COMPANY Will remit anira of FIFTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, Fxox Soldikbs to thbib Fixiuu, At a charge of TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money ahouid be plaeed aw envelope *od eecursy te&led. The iaTTaddreee, I (ineludtnt Post OfUt, Stmt*; alte, strut and ?m- I ter. ?m a tarns city,) of the person to whom to he eent, I MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED that tbi EXPRESS furnishes the most reliable mean?* FOR SOLDIERS to SEND THEIR MONKV HOME. ENVELOPES AND BTANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. 8. SMITH. Agent Harnden Exp'eea, Sd at., second door below Pa. are., j&9 1m Washington. D. C. Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY will rob wav d i SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any place on the lines of their Express, At a charge of twenty five cent* for any torn not I exceeding fifty dollara. and a proportionate additional charge to alaoee reached by conaecting hxpreteei % The money, whether Gold or Treasury I ahouid ho enclosed in an envelope aod securely I sealed, and have the full ad lrees,(Ino admg town. I Post Office, and State; and :n cities, the street and I number.) of the person to whom ?o be sent , and I the amount !e*ih'y marked thereon. Envelopes I for this purpose may be had at our offices. To laci.itate prompt del very, the ouarge for re- I rait' anou'ri be pre pa'd. _ Al?MMS EXPRESS COMPANY. WajAmrtoH. Jan. 9, Ja9-lan I FAIRB ANK'S standard scales. I /I* it I tor balk bt J. P. BARTHOLOW. Sole Agent, Hardware k Agrlcultoral Warthtue, S3? Seveath Street, Betvern Pennspirania avenue and tk* Canal, rppoaite east end of Centre Market. ja 14-tf I rpo military officer8 and others. i BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE, I The Beet in the Wcrld, Tk* Only HsliabU ami Hmrmtw* Man Dts Known. Sold bj all Druggists; also, at Ba*B*TOii'a Patont Mediome Store, i p. Patent Office, oor. F A TU, and at Giaas's Hair Store. wh#r* Ladies can hav# it agl^.ifdeaired. v I factory?01 Barolaf ?. (la* 2? BroadwaylN. Y. I no t-lt i A DAMS' EXrftEBS COMPANY. NOTICE 0F~REti0tAL, The delivery office of thia company la removed from Third atreet to the large depot on B street, between 2d and 3d sts. de Si-tf OMesiaHiaefe TTARNDEN'S EX PR ESS. , i! ( fc.?t'BLif*n> i* 1s19.) Hec leave to inform tne pjti'io tnat they have extended their Kxprfaa to Waahinrton. and are now prepared to Tranaiort Merchandiae. Bank Notoa, Specie, Jewelry, ic jjo all ja-ta of the Middle, New Ensl and and Western States an t Canada Connect nc with the muit reaaonaibie Expreisea throughout the country. w? are enaMed to oner Mtfvwsltatf fsuilit'ts to ail who may favor ? with their satronago. For terms and further mfoimation apply to K S. SMITH. Agent. Third at.,2J door below fa. avenue, jaaSm Washington. D C. just received at Sill ia'?, >o- *60 a treat. dell lm (Rep.i TO OFFICERS, SUTLERS, Ao.-Fof Bale,at I a moderate price, a Sew York btiit loir wheeled lightoovered WAGON, with k^fdeome lea her caai.ioia, to , having been ased three timea. ooet $182 Also, a New \ ork made set of Double Haruea., with plate- fitunga. whioh has never been aped at a.l. Al?r>. a set of plain Single Harneas, ?uite new. Apply at 4ST Seventeenth street, corner of 1, ftr a3 Jrsaa of stable and I room. <** 31 SOMETHING W ?o ~ tERIOR ROLLED O COKN.-Tto ii j* luer, having got the agendy to sjpply Washington - ueorgetown with this lelicate preparation of Cora, would reepeeuully uk of hia friends, and thepoblio at large, to give It atrial. a:?o. po?rt Pa. avfatfe. b??w?en 19th and 19th eta. N. B?Manufacturer of Ma/We ?**atlee. MonamenU. Table Tops, A a. A Urge assortment a way a an hand. . oo!9 8ft Heavy wool ruse, sh i ift ts and DRAWERS, aatf ARM Y SH1RTO. ?S4 Pa. avenne, back roon; or Sft5 D atreet, between Hh and loth. ,l*4tf All kinds of pancy groceries and e?"^n?r.X,si* KT'JT* & det SUwtf aa3 Pa. avenue, near fitb ?t IUST RECEIVED TEN BHLS. 8. HORINEJ J superior OLD RYE WHIfKY. aid, warranted. Also, prnne Monongahsla w hiekiea for Ult at 3*3 Pa. avenue,, by de 4 Stawtf liROWNlNG^A KEATING. Hfor cur 18tmas presents^ _ an ukerchiefs, handkerchiefs, handkerchiefs]?All a^rta, atoek now aaHualled. for ladiea and gentlemen?jait the thing for Chrtatmaa Press eta. At E. A. Lake A Co.?s Marble Ball Bsaaar, de 3D Qpder Brown'a Hotel. jVJEWS? N E Wg-N FW8! NEW YORK OYS^tl^tNb E ATI NO BA The anderaigaed beg respectfully to inform their rnenda and the pablio generally that^^ /A Lher taveopened their e<tablishmeatiKdtt IaJ >n New York av.. near 15'.h at. i hall a pars no tains to proeare lor oar scatomei a the nest the market oan at'ord. Partiea. families and aatJera a applied at *? ihortest n >tioe. Oar eatabliakaaent will be open lailr, Sandape exaapced. .^nBn de34-lm* DORIAM A IWORD G BALMORAL BOOTS. a1O^T Tipped Doabla^euie Baluorai .fl ? itive Calf ? ^ do ? Also, a.1 other stylee of La4*?a ud Mmm* jaT eo Pean. avenae, bet^een 8tn and atTata. >1 '^?o?jfRS?s- . ,ly?> to baiou^f^ &ldaad tree^bMk of the Natioca. Hotel, | [columbia markkt, %? TWfiDicr.wr wou.o vmi rwtwurwy iimmd he eiUxsns of Wasalngtou that be hat retaraed to us old aaartet, where beiataada aeeptag a Brit ate market ia all ita braaohee, juTta umea gona. >e wnl be happy to greet hu old frieaoa mmd eaa ITb Goods eeat free ef charge to aay part mt ( +0 TUB WEEKLY STAB. TM? rtMl-al rimlfy u4 R?*i Jrami MWkiii i grmm variety ef hibmih rmu HFMi/aonlM. " gln?*B?py, per?M Ml m ? ???????? ??? Mm i 4 y% Fes I N It ib van ably ?anI?tt# "WMtoytw new*' so *?Mraliy tnroo* lZT^n*le copies (la wrapper*) ou be preeared at the ceuoter. Immediately aflav tbe Mf of Ue paper. Prlee?THREE CENTS HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HMPHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Xxtract Biohs, i Peatraes mmd SporxJU Romodf # For Duhm o1 tbe BLADDER, SIDNEYS. 6RA VEL, and DBOPS1CAL SWELLINGS. Tkii Madioine Inorsases the power of Dtgaetna, and eHeitee the iDoiiiKTf Into Maltty aedo*. by which the watbbt wa calcbbocs deposmoas , and a I r.i^?Tt?.*L c^l* bsbm atT* ut niim, aa we.! u pain ui mrLAjaaxrtoa. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU POT WMkDMMt A rial a* from Kiiimih, Habits of PiiStftiiiB. Karl? IrdiaoretioB or Abaee, Attended veltktk* Fallowing Symptoms InCispos'tion to ExerSon, Lose of Power, Weak Nhtm,"' DiMealty o fc;2: Horror of Dif??a*, WakefamM* DMaaeeeof Viaioa, Pata in the U^k, Uu. versa. Lassitude of the Muscular Systea. Hot Hands, Klushicc ofthe ri^T. DrynessoftheSfcin, K-options oa tbe JFAee, TA.llIB COCHTKJUHCB. These ay mpt< ms, ii a owed to go ou, whieh this medicine invariaUy remorea. aooa follows IMPOTENCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITB, In tm* of wkxch tk* PmtimU May Ea~p%ro. Who can cay *i?t ?hey are not frequency Mloweo by taose "dsvcl Dinuit," ** INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION.'* Many are awase at the oaure of their suffering, bct Rom will coRraaa. THE RECORDS or THE IN8ANB ASYLUM* And tkt Mtlanckolt Demtkt by Conntmption. Mil AMPLB WITMM TO TBI TtVTI OF TVS absxbtiob. T" ,?i?ff8S?i?7cVgfcftEr,?* Requires the aid of medicine to strengthen and I en go rata the System whioh HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU BBBMBBB a T1UL WILL COMTiaCB THB HOIT BK1MKU. FEMA LE8- FEMALES- FEMA LES, OLD OR YOUNQ, SINGLE. MARRIED* OB CONTEMPLATES MARRIAGE. In Many AWttiom Ptrulmr to FtmnUi the Extract Bnchu la unesuallcd by any other raaa edy, as in Chlvroeis or Keteatiao, irrgatnnty Pa.infu.uess, or Suppression of Ovstomarr Erne uations. Ulcerated or Sohirroea state of the Uteres, Leuoorrtiea or W Hi tea, Sterility, aad far ail complaints incident to the see. whether arising from Indiscretion, Habits of Dieeipatioa, or ta Ua DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! BBB BTMPTOK8 ABO vn. NO FAMILY SHOULD BI WITHOUT IT. TnJu no oaera Baltam, Mircmrn or Dnpltnommi Mtditin* /or Unjieatant mmd Dtmgortmt Disaeass. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACJ BUCHU caaas SECRET DIABASES la all their Stages; At little Bxyaaee Lit:.e or no oh& in Diet; No iaeone?iilea*a And ne Airema. It causes a fr?gu nt desire a.U giree atreagth U> L rmak thereby Betaking Ubstruotioae. Preventing anu Cariag Stnetarea of tka Vratkra, AOayiag rauia*d li frequent in the olaea of dieuaFea, a- ; > xpe itmg mii Poiicmout, Ihitatod, and worn out Mm tor, THOUSANDS CPOH THOTBAHM WHO HATE BEEN THE flCTIMM OF QUACKS, aiid who tiave pai i koavt/oot to be oared ia a ahort time, hare found they were deoeired. anC that the "poisos" has. by Uw use of "wor/ni ailrmieili e<* aned up in the %, statu. to brsex oatutaaag giVrated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Ut? HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BSCBLB All affeotions and diaeaees of the URINARY ORGANS, whether existing in MAUK OR FBRALBi from whaterer oaaae onginaUng and ? matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diseases of theea Organs require the aid of a DtVXBT1C. HELMBOLD 8 EXTKACl BUCHU IS THE GBEAT DIURETIC, and it ib certain to hare the aesired effeot ta Diseases/er w*?ch ii u rtcommtndod. BTissaos or th kost rkbpo?sibls a? r? llablb cumcrai wUiSaooompany the mediomea. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From I to tyiriMiBl wUh Names known to SCIENCE AND FAME. -PHYSICIANS? PLEASE "NOTICE." Wl KAKS "SO SCIRT" OF ' IBOMDIBBTg." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU is eompoaed of Haoiia, Cabebe and J amper Bern?, seieeted wtU great oare by a oompet?si AraggisB. PREPARED IN VACUO, BT H. T. HELMBOLD, Praotioal and AnaiytoaBbi^Chs^nt. and Bote MiaHELMBOLD'S QKNU1HS PREPAJLATIOBB. AFFIDAVIT. re??Mf being dely sworn, doth say. Bis preset. <ous aaatatn no narootie, no otAar .aiartewa drags, bnt are par^T T*,^|b x HELMBOLD N?ea3k?ji^6*L1BB*R.K^ AldermB, Ninth st.. iten b??, ruli A'^0 -td* ) ? v <,r ^ ^ ? - ** : d* 4?- ^ PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM S A. MTO 8 P.M. Price 81 P?r ketUe, wrtilsrW. DetleerBi I* My B**r?. snrsty p?M turn o taervauot.. R. V. BELMBOLBw ^ itjJHil P .? I MnP** v! WE WARE OV COBNTERFEfTS AND VNPEINC1PLMD DEALERS ? mi ji* " Jtaia, ? ' BtaraapariJIs, aa ? inprasU Ista Baak -;g Bold by B. B. Warn. S. B. tuua. Urn* wut. a ^ ijLeSrr22*Ljj HMD 0jt DEW?IBn iriiTWBm. ye fceVST A?MA tflfft 35 5;. ? ??? 1MB AVOID IMFOBIWOM a 1 MXFOBBBM ASaftn MSMM it ** IT-^fT 4 V

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