Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1862 Page 1
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/ :? ? '*? ?.? > .. wt'-in; ' * , , * " v?fc. Xix. Washington, d c . Monday, January 27,1862. n*. 2,787. ? - -? the evening star fVBLHSHBD BVRRT AttKBltOOH, (SUNDAY fc\CEPTBD.) AT TUB STAB. BClLDl.Ne*, i$r+n / ?>wi mmd BUn?tk tt. n W. D. WALLAOH. Pism t&rla paeka??a by oarrlcn it Ml ftmi, or r oeato per month. To mall sataorltan ft* prto* U S3 JO a jmt, *m dmmmci; H tor rix BWHt vi nr am aoatti; im m ua tkta am Mai at tke na of 19 eeati a vnk. 8I? (k ooplea, ofta ea**; ta #?ww) **e cartas. JZ/* Aoeaariiajtajrrs ?hoo)d ba aaat la Ika eftce before if o'clock a.; otherertee they ? ? tot appear until the next day. LATE .HEWS FROM DIXIE. itut max to m raoirr. radar this heeding the Naaheille Baaner of the *>th i Detent t?ys: The departaeat of the Weet ia new the (rend theeter of the war, transferred from Virginia to Ken tacky, and from the Has of the Potomao te that ef the Ohio. Colombo! U the Maaaaaaa of the great baaln of the ooontry. holding a nrt and moot* gateway to the valleys of "'be Mississippi. Cumberland, and T*dmnh, if it U raeoeasftiUy defended. Nashville to-day occupies somewhat the position of Richmond before the battle of Ball Ran. In the mingled fortune of war we are about to take our tarn to a little of ita hardship*. Our brother* of the Old Dominion have seen the elephant, and heard the lion roar, bar* experienced the presfura of hard timet, and suffered the anxieties of nnoertainty, and the natural rioissitade of soeh a strurgle has nt length turned the rough side of toe war up at our own door. \ We Terr rreatlv fear that man* of ? ? people who hare been jogHrotting along their prosperous routine are sorely puttied and perplexed at tbia state of things, and are but illy prepared to face the music. To all such weakKneed and supple-jointed there osn be but one argument addressed. We are into the warno matter how we got into it?and the surest way to get out it by oannon, sword and rifle. And to those who, in the trepidation which seises the tame-spiritbd. imagine that there is a probability or possibility of the enemy plantlog Its impious standard?(a standard which onee claimed the homaga of all of us. ?but whose very folds sre now blackened by the hi ieoM atmosphere of tyranny, infidelity and crime)?if there are those who dream that the banner staff of the enamy will be driven further into the scil of Tennessee thsn in that of Eastern Virginia, wa have only to say?peace to such miserable delusions. There is so question in our mind of the result which this winter campaign will close if w . are true t* ourselves. Now is the time for action. Let no man think to escape the responsibility which has Won imposed by the great, good Qod on every nun, on all men here in the struggling South Let no man console him*elf with tbe heartless sophistry thst he c*n live under any government. Such s spirit t is It for slaves, no' for the heaven-sent impulse of freemen No souther* man of an upright, independent, manly nature can ev*r lire under tbe Lincoln despotism. The craven who contents himself with skulking, like a pig with his nose in the gutter, instead of breath Ing the air ef God s blue welkin, might msn to exist, and to fish (rat of the mUsma of bis own degradation a disgusting subsidy, like the rag-piokers who Hob a livelihood from the alleys aod sidewalks of life. The writer of tbia paragraph knows something aboat Northern Tenom, Northern tyranny, Northern illiberalitj. Northern suspicion, jealouy aod hatred. Tbe decree of a separate existence has gone forth, and it sbonld dow be the barning resolre of every true mao to be drives from the face of the earth, to die end rot. rather than yield his home to devastation, his household gods to destruction, and the whole fatore of his life and the life of his eoantry to insolt, soorn and disgraoe. Now is the moment for action. We can almost feel the sulphurous breath of the entity tainting our pare atmoephere. We oan almost hear the bias with which he is preparing for tbe death-stroke. We can almost see the cruel, blood-abet eyes glittering savagely orer our rimparts. Let no man pause for an instant. The orieie U at hand. Within forty days we shall know all. HtnrrBB vs. davis. [From tbe Richmond (Va ) Examiner, Jaa 90 ] Aj the day of eleotion approaches, that politioal faction whose personal hope* are anchored on tbe eleotion of Mr. Secretary Hunter to the Presidential ehair of this or some other Confederacy at some future time unknown, evinoes symptoms of desperation. They besiege the legislature, lay violent hands on the weak-minded members, make requests unknown in Virginia manners, enforced by armaments yet, happily, new to the Virginia Legislature. _ ?? ok m?7 ee oauea lae pian or Veter rank ?of pretended pablio meetings it the Coaotj Courts of January, with strings of resolution# lnstrnetlng members to effect ike separation of oar Presidential Secretary from the unpopular administration of Mr Devis?haa utterly and notoriously failed. No (uch resolution a could be pa?ed ib any open meeiiag in the State of Virgloa. Yet the clique which nrges the Legislature to perform a fatal aet do not hesitate till to talk of the vengeanoe of the people on thoee who will not obey Hanter. Mr. Hunter never had any personal strength with the people of Virginia. He had a strong support from them oaoe, bat it was the result of adventitious circumstances whioh have ceased to exist, and whioh, in the nature of things, oan never exiet again We no longer belong to the southern party of the Union, bat are altogether in an independent confederacy No nan here is sufficiently shameleas as to take any other than one view. There is no longer a great fight in the Senate between Virginia and New EngUud, in whfoh Mr Hunter, Virginia's representative by law, participates. The patriotic obligations to obey him on that groaod exist ?> longer. He stands on bis personal merits now, and his party is only the eliqae that orea ed him by the aid of ohanee, and who havo "t hired the power with the tide of national affairs which rolled to their feet. That small organisation consists of aboet fifty individuals, all told. All of them hold office either in person or by proxy; and the only principles or aim that they seem to have siooe the dissolution of .the Union is the absorption of mere power. In harmony with all their latter history, they have issued orders to the Legislature of Vir ginia that it ahairdeprivethe3tate of the VirSinia r?pmi?Utio> fa the Cibiaw; that it kali participate by that act in an open declaratioa of war on the Confederate Chief; that it ehaJI giro thie n prone ill oat ration of elaviah obodienoo to Mr. Heater eimply beeaose ho winu it. They still olombor in tho bliaafbl boliof that Virginia, with everybody and every thing in K, ia their erivete prooorro and f?rm in fee ample. And it ia no* time to awaken them. They kin beta obeved. bet nat mhmittjyl t? ?ll thia time Their raign i* ended. A aether and en *bler generation mora earnest, better informed, and lM aellah, the real ehoiee of Virfinia'a heart, idraooe upon tbeaame, and will neither reat, euM or retiro from it, an til they hare cleanaed the oonatr/ ot their petty ambition. r*WATUBAL rriUUVT IS TBI aiBL ARMT [Prom Ricbmood En miner, Jan 90 ) The time* whea the cat-o'-nine-taile waa the iaatnuMat of naval dieeipline, and aoldiera vera strapped ta the graand, and their baoka mangled with the aooarge, hare paaaed, for u at leaat. lata the trad i tie n> of another generation. We are a hook ad, fcowaTer, to hear that a navy paniabmeat haa boon invested la oar armr. which aarpaaaea the horror* of the sooargo, and bu borrowed its soggeation trom the piilikMali of the Icqaif:k,n It U the tbnmb tortare Tho mod* of pvnishasont la to hwng the tollier by strip* on tbtthub, so that his toos bat aoaroolj tooch the rrovod, sod the weight of his sodjdapeci from the ?r*inej ii^?. aestr -w**f* informed, bj testimony that does aoi adult of qeeetJoa. that this horrid n?eaed l? tfte ?aaa of two or thro* men SfbJeeted to tbo tort*re raa rwurr sMBsn o? rmciiT. Ob theewoeehtog twenty esssad of Fabraa, CM Pwmaaaftt Government of tha Oon irato Btatea wiH be lasspinM at Richmond. FiiaHsst Davis will bo installed for ' ** *4.4** I aoroasowies ' ^ , V*?,-?* . tbi. >(?fc rt A, * * take plaee It will be a memo able and Interesting occasion, and a vast concourse of persons, a* doubt, will aaeemble to witnevthe oaremonles of the day.?CAor/ott# (N. C.) VtmoeraX. COTTOS OOIXQ TO KBXICO. The8an Antonio (I?zu) News sajs that ootton bale* are passing through that oity almost dally for Maxioo. To bring tba war to a speedy conclusion, and to gWe satisfaction to all conoerned, we respectfully suggest that all Generals now in the field resign at onoe, and that their plaoaa be given to the editor* of the Richmond papers and of the Memphis Argus.?Charleston, Courier. The Nashville Union of Saturday saya that j>roeeadlags under the oonfisoation aot have i/ovu wiiu agaiuat me pnrflny or IDO HOD. John Catron, worth about 125 000, and against Andy Johnson for aboatjWMOO. , The Lflf Crop. This very valuable crop is too often entirely overlooked. Multitudes of farmers have yet to ga'her their first leaf of harvest. Gardeners very generally appreciate the value of this artiole; and, where it is aooessible, it enters into their most valuable composts. Chemical analysis shows that the leaves of plants are rich in fertilising matter, much richer than the wood Eleven per oent. of the leaves of the elm are ashes, while the wood only gives two per cent. Other trees show still greater difference. The constant growth of forest, *ran nnnn aaa* I ?trl lm 1 ?. ?? j- 'i ??uu, io uuuvuooo vniu| iv iuv annual deposit of leave* upon the surfaoA of the earth, these having drawn fertilising matter from the surface where it is available. Every one has noticed the rank growth of grass where the leaves have been burned or allowed to decay. Nothing is better for the sty or stables than a good leaf bed. The time I of rustling leaves hasoome in the garden, upon the I%wn, in the orchard, and in tha forest.? American Agriculturist. Beet Raot Sugar. John H K'ippart write* to the Ohio Farmer 'hat Prof. F A. Mot, of Columbus, has succeeded in the manufneturo of sugar from the heet. From a eompatation baaed upon his experiment, six and a half tons of sugar can b? pr 'laced per acre, or 6,000 lbs. of sugar ind ? 0 gallons of syrup. Kating the sugar at six cent* per pound, and the syrup at forty nf>nts ier gallon the product per acre Is $800 Prof. Mot has ordered from France sugar-beet root seed to plant ten aores next spring, and is preparing machinery to manufacture it. The A my Worm. J. W Brown of Cole* oounty. 111., says. In the Prairie Farmer :?u I bare been a resident of tbia part of the country for nearly thirtyaerea years. The armr worms bare made their appearance here frequently, and until we took to turning our ho*a upon our tress, did us maoh damage. I tared my meadows last .summer by turning my bogs on them as soon as the worm* made tbeir appearance." Tanning Sheep-Skins with the Waol on. Another correspondent of the same paper gires the following directions: "Take one tablespoonfal of alum and two of saltpetre; pulverise well, and mix together thoroughly. Sprinkle tnis powder apon the fleeb fide of the skin and fold together with the wool out; hang op in a cool place. In two or three days, as aoon aa dry, take down and scrape the flesh ride with a blunt-edged knife till clean. This oompletea the process. Such skin* make excell eat saddle covers." Save the Goed Timber. "H T B.' in the Rural New Yorker, says that bit father, " a thoughtful, prudent Connecticut Yankea," often said to him. " pick oat eome good trees, have them sawed or split into praper shape, and whenever you break a tongue, an axletree, or a spoke, take along to the shop your own timber that you know is right, and be ?ure that thej pat It in your job." It la i capital food plan to save all the good timber, for it la none too plenty at the beat. And with the material on nand, a farm-shop, and a little skill, 70a need not go to the meehanio for a new bolster, tonne, reach or almost any part of a broken implement. Cotton ! Illinois. The Chicago Tribune aaja those conversant with the matter, assert that in all parts of thia Stite south of 40 d*g. of latitude the cotton plant will flourish, and is aa certain of a good crop as corn or wheat. field of tan acres, in Christian oonnty, planted a month tco late, yielded three hundred pounds per acre, and the owner will plant next year two thoosand acres. For twenty-aeven years it has not failed in that eoanty, thoagh corn and wheat hare daring that tima. Rcssiax Discipline.?Having found a German friend in the head physician of the military hospital at Riga. I accompanied him one morning on his visit thitber. On the way he tald me how difficult it wu to elicit from the men the real teat of their oomplaints, as every ailing in tbe upper part of the body, whether ia the head. back, or atomacb, they call pain ia the heart; and those in the lower part of the body, pain in the leg. Having arrived at the boepittl, all pajients that were able to do s?, arrayed themaelres in a row, dumb and stiff, at if oa military parade. "How do yon feel to-day, old man?" asked the doetor of the first. "My heart pains," was the expected, timid reply. "Tongue out," said the doetor, and oat it was. Turning to tbe ucai, iui amoie (jdhuod, same answer, and same tongue operation. More than thirty in the row underwent the MB* medical inquiries and process. I waa about fearing, when my friend told pas to look around. To my attar astonishment I saw the whole l4t still steading in military attitude, with their tongues wide out. We looked on for a while, when the doctor loudly gave the word, "Tongues in," and all the articulating organs r*nishedin*a instant My risible faculties were so excited by the Indioroua scene, that it was some momenta after we were in the open street ere I oould, rather repreaobinglr, ask my friend hew he coeld play such a trick on the poor fellows. , . I"Yon must not judge," said he, "by exceptions. I merely wanted to show you to what extent, the blind spirit of discipline prevails among the Russian troops. Nor are the felIda s, said he, ''worse for the joke; on the contrary, they believe that tho cure is greatly pruato'ed by keeping the tongue out in preseooe of 'he doctor, the longer the better. ? Um? W?Jk. MiL'tja Called out m No*ih Caioliha..? Tbe Charlotte (N C ) Democrat of tbo 91st lost , aay? : anticipation of tbo loraaion of North Caroltaa. It I* con'en plated to call oat the militia ta aerorai of the oaaiern eoanti*a. The call baa not yet bora m*de, bat the Raleigh Journal my* that ? will embrace iMrty-tbroe coantloo. t P s _We learn tka' tbo military have been order d oat alnoo tbo arrival of the Yankee Bum etl- fc>jp dltton at Hattoraa, at ttappoara from tbo Ralelub Regiabr, of Saturday, that a draft baa boon mado la Wake ooonty Tbo ftog atoraara thfre ta qalto an eacluaont there la regard t# a draft, which baa boon a>ado for oao-tbtrd at tbo enrnliad militia 8?botltataa, wa expect, wlllhl 289 " as?:,289 N*. 8S9 r* ^IUl* *** tr?et?, K#. 1**07*1 ? . uar King. Alaraxtrte, Vfc. " ! ! 0W?k Co., i> Hooktwim on dw R ft ImT <" ! otlt on h?n<1 U)?ir ( !?br*l?d Spmrkltng Bo*l and Mo toil* CaMntt W.n*4. C<?MMM?ira mr% nip?ot/n li y i?TtM to fllj* u TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. L4TER PROM EUROPE. Arrival ?f the Straatr Earept. Comments of the English Prt*i on th* Settlomtnt of tlit Blidtll Affair?Tht Coilrtt of the Washington Government Strongly Applauded?Tht Timet Oppotti an Ovation to Mmton and Blidtll. Halifax, Jan 86 ?The steamer Europa, from Liverpool on tbe 11th , via Queenatown on the 12th Inst., with three daya later advices, arrived here laat nlgbt It w&a reported that notwithstanding tbe pacific aolutloa of the American queatton, warlike preparations continued at Woolwich, and tbat the steamers Spartan and Ajnx continued to take in heavy atorea for Halifax and Jamaica. Mr. Seward'a dispatch waa considered In Cabinet Council on tbe 9tb. Tbe Tlmea understands that an anawer will be returned expressing gratification at tbediaavowat of Com Wilkes' act, ?.nd accepting the aatlsfactlon rendered, and asaumlng tbat the precedent In the Trent c3?e will rule tbe ca^eof the Eugenia Smith. A* t tbe general discuaaion of tbe law of neutrals, the Government will decline any anawer until they have bad aa opportunity of submitting tbe whole question to tbe law ciflcera of the Crown. There are proprsltiona in this note which are not at all admlaaible; and after the dell very ot the prisoners, these points may be properly discussed Tbe Post announces tbat a thorough understanding hat been arrived at with the American Gov ernment. Not only bad they given the required reparation, but In doing ao Mr. Seward will have aucceeded in impressing on the English Government the notion that they have not only obtained present indemnity, but no small pledge of future security. The Dally News eulogizes the courae of the Washington government, and denounces the courae of the Times and Poet. The Times has a strong editorial article opposing the making of any ovation to Mason and Slidell, and aays they are at most worthless bootfuta it would be possible to extract from the jaws of the American eagle, having been long known as the blli d and habitual haters and revilera of England. The Times "sincerely hopes that Englishmen will not give these fellows anything in the shape of an ovation. The civility due to a foe in distreat is all they can claim England has r-turned them good for evil, and even now, if they can, they will try to entangle her in a war with the North. Eagland would have dane ju*t as much to rescue two negroes. Let Mason >ind Slid ell, therefore, paaa quietly on their way, and have tbelr aay with an>body who they may have to listen to them." Tbe other journals advlae a similar course, and allode to Mason's strong advocacy of the fugitive alave taw to prejudice the public against him The Tlm*s denounces the stone blockade as a most atrocious crime. Tbe U. S steamer Tuacarora and the privateer Nashville were atlll at Southampton The Tuacarora waa at anchorage one mile from the do< k, with her Area backed up, and ready to sblp h*>r anchors nnd atart at a moment's notice. She 01 ly requ red coals. wat?r and pr >visions on ber arrival, which were being supplied her. Capt Craven, on bis arrival, asked permission to fire 21 mluuta guns, In respect to Prince Albert; but tbe Qu ?a Laving rrqu-ated that no guns should be tired in tt e vicin ty of Osborne, tbe courtesy, though 'uliy appreciated,could not b* accepted Tbe Nasbvlllecontinued at the dock T1 egov. ernment bad observed the strictest neutrality towarda ber, and nothing was permitted to be done ex ept what waa necoaaary to make ber seaworthy Neither powder, kuds> nor munitions of war had teen put on board. During the night ef the 9th. three armed men from the Tuacarora wer* discovered reconnolterlnn tbe Nashville, arid were ordered off by the dock superintendent Flrea were lighted on the Naahvilie on the ltth, and it was the Impression thflt lh? waa * Knitt In tail Hut V\ maito ?? mAwa. menu Tbe Tuacarora wu on the alert with her team op. It waa reported that tbe Snmter bad left Cadiz for Southampton; alto that another Federal veaael waa crulklou In tbe channel, and might be expected at Southampton. It laaaid that there la much aatisfactlon in official circle* at the aettlement of the Trent affair. A rise of one per cent took place at the Parla Bourse on tbe reception of tbe newa from America. Tbe Moniteur denounces tbe stone blockade. A Cad'* telegram says the American Conaul has received orders to protest against the admission of the Sumter at that port, it was said that Spain would protect tbe prisoners brought thither by the Sumter. A violent abock of an earthquake had been felt at Dresden and Lrtnlr. Nn tfmnacr* It is reported that the Dutch Ministry hu resigned. it is reported that Russia has sent an embarrassing ultimatum to tbe Pope, that If be don't condemn the conduct of the Polish clergy Russia will recognize the kingdom of July. The Journal of St Petersburg publishes an article congratulating Secretary 8? ward on the uprightness and Intelligence of hla policy, and demanding that tbe Trent Incident may become the starting point of negotiation for the recognition by the great powers of the common principles upon tbe question of tbe rights of neutral fligs. Tbe article also expects Eu*land to ^lve ihf wsrld solemn uuarrantee for the future by submitting a convention which, by insu ing universal respects for tbe rights of neutrals, would contribute to tbe maintenance of peace and mark

tbe progress of civilisation. comiiiciu. Litkbpuol, Jan. u ?Cotton has advanced \ to Id, and the market la excited. Salt* of the week 168 00U balea, of whlcb 00 000 bale* were taken by aperulatora and 20,U?)O by ezportera. On Friday IS 000 biles were sold. the market cloalng firm. Ob Saturday 3,000 bale* weresold tbe market closing quiet aud prices uuchanged Flour haa decllaea Sc.; wheat 3 to 4d, and corn la to la Sd lower. Beef and pork are drooping. Bacon has a declining tendency; sale* or new at 4la43a. Lard baa decllued la'2?. Tallow la lower Sugar 1* firmer. Off?e la quiet. Sice la steady. Roain advauclng ; aalea at 13a 6dal4s Spiriu turpentine buoyant at 75a. Conacls cloeed at American securltlea are dull but unchanged. Rannlng the Blockade. N?w Yon*, Jan ?The steamer Karnack, . uu. i. .. u Uu lur wiu, writcv aero iui? morning. Tbe steamer Kate, formerly the Caroline, arrived at Naaaau on tbe 18th from Charleston, with three hundred bale* of cotton, and eight passengers. The U 8. gunboat Flambeau sailed from Nassau on the Hhh A Federal steamer was at Berry Island waiting tbe departure of a schooner from Nassau which had run the blackade. Destructive Fire la Mew Yerk JMiw Yoaa, Jan. 20 ?The storage establishment of R. H Wyatt, No. 2 Fear! street, was barnt last night, involving a loss of f300,C00, fully insured The Fulton Bank, comer of Fulton and Pearl streets, and several ether buildings, were also hlrniU thia nM?<n? Iv_i? _ ?* pivvavi; v?u a million dollar*, doubtless Insured. B a 'BlBgof a Hospital Baildiag. New \ on, Jan.25 ?Oneof the hospital buildings at the quarantine was burnt tbia morning. LOVKLL, COLLB8 * CO.. WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Btraot, Now York, aad 316 B Btrsot, Washington, D. C . tuins urnu^i. % \ hvw ttiiwiu uuMi. f Bit?| ?tortod a braaah of oar Nor York Mtabliahauat la tkli oity, w iunta tutltrt, Qro?ra, and H?ttl Km**, to oail aad uMto* nr itook vbiab to wall aaaortad aad ooaipnaed offaoda of tba kart ?aatitr. Wd taka ordm tor aaythiac la oar liaa, aad uaaato kwa yv+WfCj. JaBtf npo OPPlCERS, BUKLRJtft, k&-Por aala, at laa bar tuuO 'i, *a, baring b*aa aaad tbrM isfigMS. iV^.isLr^r.2 a?v r hMn n??d at all. Alio, aid oT pJaio Hir-cl* WilimeTOR, D. C., IARDAET, IMS. j ?? REMOVAL, f ?? A. BI1VINGKR * CO. ATS RBMOVBX) TO If*. 919 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, OPPOfllTS WILLARD8' HOTEL. We Invito the attention of oar friends and patrons to the Card below: No. 919 Atihvi, | (opposite WiUard,t Hottl,) J "ftie Subacrlbers, having opened a Branch Establishment In thla City a few months since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from its friends and the loyers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other articles In tbelr line, have determined upon a continuance and extension of their business. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of varitfbs age, brands, and districts,) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac. Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachi- ?, wL'.ch are remedies for bowel complaints, fever and ague, headactit, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE, Anu utiR.TiA/i wimto. HA VAN A SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Trice*. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND PRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, 8WEET OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stock waa particularly aelected to an It the wanta of Hotel-Keeper*, Sutlers, Restaurateur*, Ac. They are Invited to vl*lt the eetabllahment, which 1* under the direction of Mr. Joa. P. WlL90!?. Owing to the fact that they import molt of the articles direct, and to their many bualneaa facilities, they are enabled to offer their stock Good* at very low price*. Your obedient servants, A. BININGER A CO., Importers of Foreign Wines, Liquors, jc. Ja 11-tf New York and Washinotoh. pARAFFINE candlkh! MEUCCVS PATENT PARAPP1NB CANDLES ! Manufactured by the new yokk pakawxk caitvlb co. For sale in tnantitiea to nit purohaaera, by the Manufacturers' Agents, JOHNSON k. NAGLE, 809 Penn. avena*, Wachington, D. O. jftU 10 Royal,nev Kit? it., Alexandra, Vi, Dayton's Bakery. nov NEW YORK. BRANCH, Na. 450 Eleventh St., between O and H, WASHINGTON. D. C. DAYTON'S PIC NIC * OYSTER CRACKERS, SPONGE BUTTER CRACKERS, BOSTON CRACKERS, WATER CRA.CKfc.RS, ? SODA CRACKER*. ? GRAHAM CRACKERS, ? LEMON BISCUIT. - CeiebrstedMlNCE PIES. Hotel-keepers, Heads of Familiaa, and Sutlers are invited to try oar excellent MINCE PIES. TESTIMONIAL. Camp Scott. Sept. 9.1861. Mi. Dattow? Sir: All of BJ, both officers and private*, have ate freely of your Pies. I oan coo oientioualy state that do man is on the siok list from partakinc'of them. To tall the truth, we are heart-sick booanse we can't get enough of them. They are the only real luxury we have had tiooo we left home. W. P. Dbmmins, M.D., Surgeon. [17" Diaooant to the Trad*. J. L. DAYTON, ja 11-1 m 416 Elmnth at, Washington, D. C. RENAID1N MLUKQER It CO ' CHAMPAGNE]. LEFMAN, KIEFfcR A THOMASS, BOLE AGENTS for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 1S9 Dviiti Rtiiiy. Ja 4-1 in N?w York. New cloais, . . t AT LOW PRICES! 6U vine V> the at ui?3 taiud for Cloaks, we have t received another lane apply, which hare Mfohaaed at rmy tweed pnoee, and will be old MtMwknc low, Oar aftek o?FANCY 81L*f and LADIES' ORKHh bOODS it still good, aaa will fee eold at raouced pnoee. Ja UHwtt Saoo jeeore^o Tayior etch Son. jmportan t t o ladies. The ubeanbara hare ope ceo the ?tore No. 16 Mark* epaoa. Fa it. bet. 8thaaa5L ate. aitirit elanLace> and Fanoy Drd*?Cap i>epoi. oon?i?unx m part of Pomt d'Aienc.n. Appueoe. Meck>c ana Veieneienpe. Las?e, eaoh ae Collars, Sleeree, Hardkarchiafs. Cape*, Flouaeiif, Cap*. Cape. * * 4n-- wh* j N. B.?AU forts of Lmii viahtd. maadad. aad daaaa?ataaltoaaw.^t fltortnotiaa. da?-t?* T? BUTLER 8 AND MO talk*. RM*AU*AMT8. rmy "l?*rtorCHAMpA9I(E . . , ^ WINS, f- f T" DI trr WM. COR WIN BUfctt Y, Ma. in PwHrlvaaik awaaaa, IH awwwWiUiil OHAWU AND CLOAKS?Maayatvliai cad Soldiers' Pay! THE HARNDEN EXPRESS COMFANY Will remit ram of FIFTY DOLL IRS AND UNDER. pkom boldikx to thkik famiuso. Ala okftrgoof TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Tk* moan ahmM k* iIuimI ib u ENVELOPE u4 ?eonr?'y toiled. T?>? fall ftddreas, (teMwi Pott OJUt, Stat*; *lt?, strut mnd mwbtr, M a larg$ city,) of the perion to whom to b? wot, MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT TBI B I P R B s a ' FURNISHES THE MOST RELIABLE MEAN* . POR SOLDIERS TO SEND THEIR MONEY HOME. EN VELOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FUft WISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. 8. SMITH, Agent Harnden Express, 3d at., second door below Pa. are., ja9 1m Waehincton, D. C. Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS ExYRESS COMPANY WILL roKWfD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any place on the linn of their Erprtts, Ataoha-ge of twenty five oenta for any aim not exceeding fifty rfoilara.and a proportionate additional oh&rge to plaoea reached by oonuecticg Expressea The morey, whether Gold or Trtatury ffottt, ahouid be encloard in an envelope and securely sealed. and have th* fa'1 ed lres",(ino ndinc town, Poat Office, and S?at.?, ai d m cities, the street and number.) of the person to whom to be aentand t&e amount ietib ? marked thereon Envelopes for this purpose ma* be ha<i at our oftea. To fac; ita'e prompt del very, tne charge for remit.auce aaou d b? pre pa d. All A vs EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington, Jv 9 ! t2. ja9-'.m FAIRB ANK'S STANDaKD scales. FOB IALK BT J . P. BARlUULOW. Sole Ajoct, Hardv*re k ifrlcalturalWuebiaiC) J48 Seveath Street, Between Pennsylvania avenue and ike Cmmal, < ppocite east end of ce Litre Market. ja U-ti rj?0 MILITARY OFFICERS AND UTHKKS. BATCHBLOR'S QKHUINE HA1H DYE, Tka U..? ? ? Va.M auc *u hue nvnui Tk* (Mlv RiixabU and Ha*mini Hair Din Imim. Sold by *11 Dmtiifta; also, at Bbbbitoh's Patent Meaioine Store, c p. Patent Of&oe.eor. P k. 7th, aai At 6ibb*'? Hair Store, Mi Penn'a avenue, where Ladies can have it &ephed, if desired. Factory?SI Baroiar at. (tet* *? Broadway) N. Y. oo ? It ^DAMS' EXPRESS_COMPANY. NOTICE OT&EMQTAL. The delivery office of this company is removed from Third street to the lares depot on B -treat, between 2d and 3d sU. de S> tf ( hSTABLISBKS IB IS*#,) Hav l#ftVA tn infnrm fh# n.ihlirt fhftf thftv hiv* ?t> tended their Kxpress to Washington. and ?r? now SreparedtoTr&nerort Merchandise, Banc "Votes, peoie. Jewelry, fto Vo all ;*-? of the MiddU, An* England aod Wultm btatti an > Canada Cocneo'tn* with the mutt responsib.e Kxprd> *es throughout the oountry, w? are enabled to offer tmiiuailtd faeilitiu to all who may favor n? with their pa-rotate. For terms ar d further informsQoii apply to K 8. SMITH, Agent. Third st., 2d door below^a. a?enne, j>> am Washingtoa, P C. G WATCHES. OLD AND 81LVKK ENGLISH, SWISS AND AMERICAN! I have now on har.d a large stock of all the moat celebrated Watches, that 1 *m selling at the vary lowest pnoeg tnat gooa and reliable time IMMri oanbe aflorded at; and every desc-sption of ff'e JEwKLRV rn band;all new styles reoeived as soon as manufactured, aod offered at the lowest rates. Silver ware manufactured in my own shop. All kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand-euob ri Revolvers, Swords. Sashes, Belts, BoVie nives. Pocket Compasses, to., fto. Also strcag Army Trunks and Bed Combined:and many other MUB|? HVOIBI BUM vu:aiuruMi< ! w U V ? ruuii I TBHIB arena*. n<?an if H. A. HOOD. /^REAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand rn?h tor VJ 7th atreet. to iw the new atock of Clothing, jnat received at S.VII Trt'S. No. 4H0 7U atreet. de II lm (Rep.) . SOMETHING Ne.W?t EH. J OH HOLLED O CORN.?The ?3 ja-tit or, t.aring tot the ag ency to aapply Waatun*tonf oeorietown with thia delioata preparation of Corn, would reapoc'fu ij ask of hia frier.dt. and the pnblio at larsa, to kits it a trial. Alao, Popped Corn, plain and angared. WM BRAOLY. Atent, Pa. aranae. between 18th and 10th eta. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Maatlaa, Monaraenu. Table Topa, Ac. A large aasortmsat a ways on haad. oe Ifl Sre eavy wool kiuse. shirts AND DRAWER?, an* ARM V SHIRTS, at s14 Pa arenae, bask room; ar tit D street, between 9th and loth 4*4 tf All kinds of pancygpoceries and Sutler's Gooda oa kaud aod for aais low by BROWNING A KEATIvG. da 4 Stawtf >3: ?>k P%. arenae. cwa ftth at IUST RBtimKDTKN BBLS.S. HOR1NK8 v llfcrior 1>LU Hit. WHinYi WHIM okl, warranted. A'ki?, prime Mo&i^gaiieia Waiakl?c for aala at 353 Pa. avanae, by da?8tawtf BROWNING A KKATINS. HANDKKRCHlKFs!?All ? rti, > took now un e*aalled, for ladiea sod tentieraen?jo?t the Uunt fur ChrMtmaa Pr*ceLts. At THOMPSON**, At B. A. Lake A 0o.*a Marble Hall Baiaar. UwdT Hrnwii'l Hotel fl _ BALMORAL BOOTS. 8Utw do it* Also, a.l Other etylee of Ladiae and Mi mm' B?i.n?oia. Boou.the c:,eepeet and b*at aeaoitiaeat in tut oity. T*Oi*SNTB>L., _ ^ o. 16 Mart at pwm,oe. Ja7 ao Pena-arenae. bat^aaath and Sth eta. ?, USJlUSAf- wft.'* B: Colombia MARKKT. Jsastasiatrfifiw Hw^ww^SfeA? ify anil mmthmmt *?> ?Mr fait W *n K ' W * *?M J?* rwiT^ Wrtsamer iiw*, a ttfri.vr.vy" ^^drszSGiilmSS rsx? THE WMMKLY ST AH. ?HlBtlg t pM fifWt? * feMIl|S9*? m Frt4ay wrsisg. siBfte Mf?v p* tui ~?.jm m oopt<i ? >?#?? ? >?>???milt MHIf 9 ^ It lawUklf ooatalM Um "Wafttfl? M?W feat ka Mil Tk* DmU* B$m <wMl m (aMraUf ttrouf ho*t ft* HU>J copies (la wrapper*) au ft* cure* at the ?center, Immediately ift? ?M km of the paper. Prleo-TBRKE GENTS. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. M HMiHLr COXCMlfTK.ATMD" Compound Fluid Extract Biohm, A fditiN aU SftiJU lni|i Por Diaaaaaa of tba BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, u4 DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Jf&s^ssss^srasss: by which the watbkt ok --^-iintifi". cod ?i! vmi4TTniAUKRL*.acu?(r* m iriiiJ. M Wall M PAIR AMD IVTtJLMUATlOH. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCMV For WtUtNMi Arisinc from Rxcaaaa, Habita of n'?tntn. EatIt 1: diaoreti?n or abac*. Atttndtd with tkt Followi?f Syst^lMU ? lndnpositioc to Kxorfeoa, Lo? of PtfWf, Lom of Memory, Diftoalty of Waak Narroa, TranMlZ Horror of DiMMO, WllimMiS! Dimnaaa of Vision, Pui m th? Uttk, UniT*r*aj Laatitude of tha Moteular Hot Hauda, Flaahiai oftb* P jdy, Drynaaa of the Pkin, Eraptiona aa tha Faoa, rxiLiD ror5T?SAi?ca. Thaae aymatoma. If a owad to go o?, vhioh ttua meuioinv iuvarmoi j re mom, moon io.iovi fMPOTENCY. FATUITY. KPILEPTIC FITS, in ??? ?/ tckich tki Patimu may Ktcfirt. Who ou uj that t hey ire not freeweotiy Artloved by those ' vmmrcL BiiiAm," *' INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." M?t j are ?*?? ctf tbe cease of their eafferiag, BCT HO!*B WILL CONVaeS. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tht Mtianthoiy Death* 6? (V>i?w?iw, BIAS AMPLB Wiram TO TBB TBVTB OF TBI AMUTWB. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTEP WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Resaires the aid of medieiae to atresf thoa and Inrif orate the Systoa which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU immmrimi t$ dam a mtxL WILL COKTINCB TBB most umteu. PBMALES- PEXA LE8- FEMALES, OUU kmiP*La IIM;' In Many Aft fan* P*tul*ar f AmU* the Extract Boo ho la noeeaa.M by toy other reseRf,u ui chlorosis or Ketenboe. In fianiy uuu uesa, or Suppre*- or ''aaiomar? fceaepations. Co*rated or bcnirruua ?iate of the l'l?ie L uoorrb?a or Whites. Sterility. *. d fur ait someiairu mcidert tr t>e sex^vbother trwuM from indiaorsuou. Habits of Dissipation or la thi DECLINE OR CHANOE OF LIFE! en ITHFTUMI tfOTI. BO J.vJdlLT SHOULD B1 WITHOUT It. Tak* ne mer< Baltam, M*'csrp, er Vn^ltatmat Mtdicta* /er VajUatami mod Darngtram Dt??a***. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU ccasa In *11 IMr Bta?ee; At iittt* 8?|?H Little or bo thuie in Diet, No iMMfwatl And me r.xrcrtm ?. It MlMt * fre^u ( deeire a d (Itm itrnjU to CriiiBte, thereby Remnni ?-hot. aoltona, P.-prfttaj ud Curinf SvMtvN of Iko UrMkn. Alley in* rfisurf i nlamnBtioB.ea frequent in the claea of dio*, Bud eipe.Uaf LHttnud, and wm *?< Mmiim. THOVSA.MM UPON THOCSA5DO WHO HAfS BE Elf THE VICTIMS Of QUACKS, ao4 who litre pud kMtv/iw to bo euro* IB Babort tine, neee found ia? y wore deoeiTed, Bad that no "FOIBOK" tlBB. IT tilO BOO l>t"POWrf*i MWfWll been dried By in the ay stem, to break oat 1b bb m I rBTBted form. Bod PERHAJS AFTER KiUii?4. Doe HELMfSOLD'S EXTRACT BTOflV All Bfocboao Bad an?on of the CUM ART ORGANS, whether exiating la MALI OWL FKSULLI* from whatever obbbo onatnatoac and bo mbM? of HOW Lom STAN Dine. Dleoaooo of theoo Organs roe aire the aid of a Dt MM HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT. BVCHD IB ins MCAl VIVUTIV, %pd it ia oert&io to h*** to* eooirad iiM IB Intmmt/tf wktu *i irituci or in boit iiiroiaiblb abb b? LIABLB CBABACTBB wlllSMOOOftny the aodieifiw. t CERTIFICATES OF CUEBB. From I to jwrrMBilM ""-aSBKrAaoFAM. "THYBIClAXr TLX ASM "NOTICE." WB BAEB "BO SBOBBT" OB "IBBBBBIBBTC." HKLMBOL1FS EXTRACT BUCBU M oompoMd of Uiohi, Ca >*ba tad JiiuMr lunw, aoieoted with rrmt ov? by a oovpotoat drvrtta*. PREPARED 11f fACaO, IT H. T. HILNI9LD, PmoOoal and Analytical CbowtaC Mi Soto MmmmatBrer of HKLMBOLD'S GIHUIH1 FUEPAJLATIOEB AfnOATIT. ttinsrii'Krasrfr. rjtawwf > <>,?* daly sworn.doU rfiillum! tout no nvootie?M mwi.or oUar h>bw ^ b.t? ?.raly EMBOLIX Swon ud iikwriM fafai jiS?tjj?y o< ???aei LjflBK'Kih. u 4 - ^ FMTSICIAN8 IN A TTXffDAJTCt FMOM 8 A. M TO 6 f .ML Mm ii pm >iMi, trdhwh. 1" i iiiiw nam far tilMiH la mMmh H. T. HELM BO Li). CfcmiM. ^ WARS or OOVNTIftraH m wwrKimatLMD DEALS** " ']BtM W B. B. Wun. s. A. ?IB, Ml i wan, s. a r?u. ?. ?. e ?*??w>iiMinlSiy?i1il," "J BUTD JUL AIIHXIfl jrilffjwi. M t. n'M* i *m ' ? i (HI PO ODfl^t ClWww* fhft BAwttMHS* M MM tev H, mytf71 ^ \ >

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