Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1862 Page 2
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THE RVT-.M|N<t STAR. , WASmNGTOS CITT: MOBS OAT . JANUARY 97, IMS. CT" TTm Stai to prlated oa tb? ftstmt ?t vrn preM In u?>. i?u't of Ualttirore, Ita edltlor U ?? large *? to reqv.'re it ti? be put to pr*?M at an early hour Advert frmrntt, therefore, should be ent Lb I*'ore V.' o>li^k n otherwise they may may not appear ontll the next dev. Or* Fnwix e? tN" various tn'W.ry rumr* and puatf(? will confer a favor by keeping na posted a* to uoTcmeata and ?ft>:n In their vlclnltlea. i -?fi ?i .? or ( r rr??* 1 a* Int*iinr*netT baa a food word to say In behalf of tbat much abuacd institution. "red tape " Tbe Republican. vnAer the head'ng "W'ao is to Berotpe tbe Popular Idol ?" d^slguatr* Gen. Jim Lane aa tb? mau la question ! ! flf Jim Lane la tbe Idol of tbe Republican, bo-, nipathv la apparently lta antipathy, judging by tbe two-colnma article against tbat practice copied In Its laaue of to-day, summing up aa follow* J". ?? No unprejudiced mind can review such facta, without Concluding tbat pnbllc authorities who deliberately consign tbe helpless and confiding nick to the fhtrirp of mon n?f)lcln.> ?vst*m Inefficient, Incur a fearful mponiihltltv. And that responsibility asiumfs a tenfold Importance when the atck, who are to be subjected to this experiment, are the citizen aoldtara wbt bare sacrificed the comforts of home in defense of their country. Around them Government sbon id tl row ita protecting care, and tende lr fuard their a!ck beds from the ruthltss hand of medical charlatanism." Histobt or tbs Kibillioi ?From Mr E F. Hovey, the agent for this District, we have vol 1 of "Tht Comprehensive History of the Southern Rs*?lllon and the War for the Union," byOrvllle J. Victor. This work, we see by the testimonials In the htads of the agent, h is been strongly Indorsed by Pnsldent Lincoln and tha members of his Cabl n?s ana oy many member* cf Congr?8? and other* who have examined it and are well qual- | ifled t? judge tf Its merits. This volume ! of aome 330 pages, handsomely pr'ated. and the contents so arranged and annoted that the work mint be a de?ideratnm as a book ol reference, ss well es a graphic history of the rebellion. Vol 2 will be iisned In May, and volume 3 in September. Bosh ?Tbe wa^s -.rtuud town are laughlrg over a s'crv tele^rapbfd to tue Cincinnati Com mercfol, reprrsenllng Senator Ben Wade as beiD? confidential advixer of the new Secretary of WarMr Stanton. ?From the N. Y. Evtninr Post of Saturday: i be w-eek closes extremely quiet on tbe Stock Excharre. TL<? ah?f(i(? of trustworthy advice* fr.-m "tn barn-ide'* ?xulitfon. and further' new* from Furore n"W due. checks business in I tne suernlaUve > -- * >-- * uim ?ur i an vie lions ?lTt . n>oatlT*m<?nc the operator* < f the Hoard There :s le*s i>rt~fs'ire t.{ 7 3") Treaaury notes on ihe ira'ket to-d y. Tl * enterii-c ft then on tb* Board to- ka will in afewd -.ya ijive ttrm a more wttled value A'. tfc> mouev trokTa' office# the ele?n noU* are s-?'?sh}e ?t 2 percent, d'arount. the endcrard at 3X-4 per cer t.; but the Board IDhVm r.6 dutlnctioa Gold U lower'o-day. The recent rapid ad*-ante Las croufbt In tellers to real're the profit Tte e ar<! Duoccroua inN comlr.jj in from the country far sale at 103a 1U3# percent and -"peculators hare reduced their oaylng rate*. Tmx Ri.? j*.r*D Peace Peopos tion? ?Rnmora Ii*ve Wen turrtn'- ?t SprintHtld end St Louta th?t propfalt'o a cf peace have been offered by Jeff Uav!* lo tU; AdmnntraiioD, aa well a* to *i?fclai?d *rd Ftsrre. These reported propos!t oiia -re aa follow* : 1. RecounitW n cf the Southern Cocf deracy 9 At>at lute trade between northern ted Ini.t^rn rr.r9 ? - a. of tbe fugitive ?lave law. 4 Intr .doction of coolie labor to sour hem State* In addtlor to in* hbovt-, a j?. m -m<in resd in St lat I ?ti oii. Is1 capec. .> ,is tbe aathrrlfy 1t>' the ?taterrt-iii tb.t ue learned from Union Ulcer* who c.aim to be in communication k with relative* la tbe Confederate array, that i>*vis W butlH *abroMt?-d tl.e following : J Abolition of slavery In twenty-one years This last, the 2 etc an ?ay i, U tbe belt thrown out to England. Frsm Old Feint. Tbe reamer AdeUde arrived at Baltimore yt*'er4ay morning, bringing the following news: Oa iinturday a fl^g of trace wen' opto Norfolk and on tbe return b'ot'ghttbeolficeraof tbe French ?k" 1 * wu? una orfn id communlrillot with the consuls of France in lome of the Souther n parte, and also several other passengers. By the pas?e:iger* therein intelligence that the ateairer Lou ?<ai.a cX ?he Bav Line, but employed * a transport in tne Burnside ejr*edition, went ashore a short dlst *nce north of Hatteras during the gale i f Monday night of last week. She had even hundred troops on board, all of whom w-re placed o.i t>oard of other ves?els. It waa then found that great d.tficulty would be t *pe lenced 1n getting her cff, aad by order of the Federal commander the waa fired and entirely destroyed Six or Se . pn ether vwaaela and canal boats are also n d to have gone asLire on (tie North Carolina coast -r d were burned to r rtventtbe possibility cf their fi ling ln?" ttehandi of 1h? Confederates Information had been received that the expedition at Fort Royal and Beaufort, under V neral Sherman, was to move r.orthward. to form ajuno tion with the forcrs unrfe- Gen Burnside, preparatory to effect: r# a lauding ard making an assault ??n the Int-rler of North Carolina Fr< m Old Point we learn that the Federal li^htboat off Lynn haven bad beeo driven aahore by the to'm.and captured by the Confederates and taken without the reach of the Federal vessels. There were seventeen on board, all of whom were taken prisoners Another report say* that the llghttooat taaen was that moored off Willcughby'a Point, inalde of Hampton Roads. She drifted to the mouth of Lynnhaven Bay, and was there taken. | Inforrra'lnn h?H ?im? ?1 ?1 -* " " mruru II OTTOl K COI>firming the account that Gea Zollifcoffer and Col Peyton bad been kiled at tbe late battle In Kentucky, and that the lota on tbe psrt of 'he Confederate troopa ?ai about 100, In killed, wounded and missing. Tbe rebels admit their total defeat, with loss of 11 their borses, tents, equipments, two bet?er1e> of artillery left on tbe tei<t, etc. Also, tbat 5Sr>llle offer wti kklltd and Gen. Crittenden wounded, bat excuse It by saying that their force was only 6,100, Whilst that of the Federals w&s 14,000. Jftwi trmm the Rebel States. Cairo, Jan. 'JS ? By a flag of truce, copln of ti>e Men pb;? Appeal of tbe 16lb, lfctb and ?2d of January are received, from which we extract the fol lowing: Tbe L'ttle Rook Journal cf the 17th Inst., say" tbat General "?* ?v v?wi> ja' imn rriaont-r, wbo tag Wen on parole, ia now at Jackaonport wifb one bundrrd ..iiher?-n?t awaiting recruiu to Jolo t>ls gallant o.d cfeltf, Sterling Price. Tb? B 1 lite rexldcnta of Mobht have organised )Dta?te?p**f for bonw lelroie T?a Confederate Newe of Colambus, of the Ittb ln?t., baa the following : Col. Neaily'* retim?-nt and Kendall'a b*<tallon left ye?t-rday for Mat field cr?-?-k Uaeaicu lor Lin. coinjtea It alao inttaiat** tbat balf a million of dollara will be arnt to tbat place for the payment of tbe trooi>s A letter ft? Rletmoud, dated tbe 15tbIn? , rtatti tbat Jnfcn K Jai-kswi, Colonel of tbe 5th tiaorgla Rtviiumt, b-.a bwn appointed a Brigad e' Genettl, and la to command at Pfaaetlt Tbe M?-mpb!a paper* do not contain a word ibMtibf bafle at *omer*et. Ky . and tbe defeat and dmtte of General SEolilccffer ttooVv to2*iSLM2 "T lJr* F?U5?l Nrw Yofl ltB P*r <*?*- discount in -SrS?.??"??"- " * ? r"1-" " oi'rf h'l^Mp*0ri.Q".*galin "PP??r?? on the Mis. "?f' bortct.. Me TlJIUd Cogomerc* vester.Uv bu[.4rr<l m*?, eomptetrly ot t aioo cic? M of that place taPssiSr?T^0';ei;i?'' Rovstis^ iXieeasBirsB ?It n<ed to be said tuTrofttea1^!!1' **' thai tbe m?' v '2? jssss, &aqgptmm& h*1' w,r.b,? entirely destroyed the prestige of ?h. Ar! '^ i "??MJ?ble?o,dler? than J?i 1. .?* P": of **? population ? * ?? bwtwt ki ?*?* ?? * * .iS-^ ^1 W"nty "JC-b-'* u r" ,#f* ?*< tto?* in* ?/* >. ??^d too SSctiiMltliH ttnr t ' -Wtt* kK>01 lacjpi taiek ?b4 I**, tap ?:??<, <*jy ? tltttM aapply ' OrR MILITARY nmr.ET. WAVY YA*D. Tk* Brtf Perry r*j?? the B'ntkade Safely?The Island Bell* Ditto. The U. P. brig Perry, which for some month# put haa been anchored juet below Alexandria, fitting out for *ea. .was put In readiness In the early part of laat week, and on Thursday night ran down paat the Confederate batteries In tow of the Puaey She waa not fired at. The repairs to the Island Belle?which steamer haa been on the waya it the yard?were finished on Saturday, and ahe took on board (Jen Sickles and some officers of his brigade. She ran dawn past the rebel batteries Saturday night without Ivlnff flrrd at. and after landing her naisenireri at Liverpool Point laid by until Sunday n'gfct, when be returned to Indian Head. On her return last night six (hots were fired at ber, bat none (truck ber. The King Philip and Leslie went down to the flotilla yesterday, and returned last night. The Stepping Stones came up from the flotilla this morning, bringing a* passengers Lt Badger and other officers, and will return this evening. The rebels appear to be enlarging and strengthening their works at Cockpit Pointy as if to make the Occoquan their main line of defence on their right wing A FOOLISH RUMOR Washington was startled yesteiday with a story saying that dispatches had been received at Headquarters and by others here, announcing that Gen. McCeok, In command of a portion of Gen Buel's army, had been disastrously repulsed in the pursuit of Z jllicolfir's flying fores, by reinforcements fnr thp lutfpr ??nt frnm rnlnmkm nr Bowling Green. We promptly traced the story out, finding it utterly false from beginning to end. Nevertheless it created intense sensation in the Washington hotel halls for some'fcours BEBELS CAPTURED IN A BALL BOOM The following dispatch has been received at the War Department: Sr. Louis, Jan. 20?Official reports just received sys the expedition sent from Cape Girar dean to Benton and Bloomfleld,captured Lieutenant Colonel Farmer and eleven other officers and ixty eight privates, with a quantity r f anna, horses, saddles, itc. Most of the rebel officers were surprised and capturtd in a ball room. (!M;jnedj) H. VV. Hallbcx lsksbueo. There is no truth whatever in the current story tint tbe rebels now have a force of 3o,(M)0 men a* aiid immediately around Leesbnrg. It Is a fc?c.ah roorback, got up to deter an apprehended movement of a'portion of the army of the Potomac In thai direction, doubtless. a brest on the potomacM. H. Umbaugh, a new?paper dealer of Balti. more, and connected with the Fitld and Firtiidt newipaper, has been arrested at Millstone Point, on the Potomac, charged with an attempt to jola the rebels in Virginia. RELEASED jjii. ?? . o vume ana L.1CUI >V. li. \\ Ite, OT the 3'M North Caroltnn infantry, rebel army, Lave been released from Fort Warren on parole, and leave Baltimore this evening for the South, via Fortreta .\ionr -e and Norfolk. VI KV L\TE I RUM THE SOl TH. THE BURN91DK EXPEDITION THE CONFEDERATE ACCOUNT OF THE LEFEAT OF ZOLLICOFFER From Bouttern papers (Via Fortren Monroe) we have the following intelligence: Tbe Norfolk Day Book of Saturday contains not a word in relation to the Burnside expedit rn, excepting a paragraph on tbe weather, Baying that it is rndrr the impression that the Burnside expedition i?the c?u?eof it ail Somebody relieved tu l*es yesterday fcy wishing that tbe said fleet would eiiher go to the bottom or go home, as tbey were tired of such bad weather, and never expected to see better while th?y were menacing the South. An extract is elven frum tbe Ne* bern Progress of Thursday last, wbich ?ays in reference to the reported pretence of the fleet in Pamlico Sound, that up to this writing (on NVedneslay) we are not ?ure wnether there is now or ever has been a Yankee gunboat over theswashat Hatter's or not. i'be latest news we have is fr*m Oapt Hill, who arrived li'.-re yesterday from M itamuikeet, Hyde county, through the aoantl, and says he saw no thing in tbe aonnd In the abape'of a gunboat. We abail prob*biy bear more before going to press, aa Col G. 8. blngletary aought and obtained permlaalon from tbe command*nif general to go 01 a reconnoitering expedition down tbe river. He left on Tueaday evening. A poatacrlpt In tbe same paper a<lded, aaya ibat Col Slngletary had not arrived when we went to presa, and w?are atllt In doubt. Tbe rebels at laat admit their defeat in Kentucky The Day Book taya, under tbe head of further particulars of tbe Somerset disaster, "Not so bad aa Urst reported by our aide. Six thousand Confederate* attack fourteen thouaand Federala " Tbe Petersburg Expresa send* us tbe following: "Gen. Crlt end^n be^an tbe attack at aeven o'clock on Sunday morning! Tbe enemy waa supposed to be but fifteen hundred, but it waa afterwards found out that they were fourteen thouaand strong. , ?? ?? * * vn. sjiiicvin wu KMiea eariyin me action. Gen. Crittenden wr>? wounded. Col Carroll took ct-mmund of the forces and recrossed l^e Cumberland river Our loss is three hundred, and the enemy l?t four or Ave hundred Rutledue's and McClung's batt#ies were left on the field We marchea seven miles The enemy were repulsed three time*, and fell back to their fortifications They thei. outflanked us, when we retreated ts our breastworks. We were surrounded, and crossed the Cumberland river under fire "Eight o'clock, Sunday nl^bt?We lost all our horses, tents, and equipments; 11 guns were spiked or thrown into the river. Cols Powell, butler. Slftbn, and Cummlngs, were wounded Major Fogg was wounded In the bip Zolllcoffer's body nas not bten recovered. Our fofea were six thousand strong We are still falling hark l< Second Dispatch ?Petersburg, Jan. 21?A dispatch from a frler.d at Knoxvllle ha* just been received, savins that General Crittenden rallied at Monttcelio, and will make a stand there. The disaster to our forces was very much exaggerated by the fugitives " The Mar ! Mistoarl. St. I*ons. Jan. itt ? *ev?ral of the secessionists of this city, who were recently .-isaesaed for the benefit of the southwestern fugitives, by order of Gen Halleck, having failed to pay the assessments, their property has been seized within a day or two past, under execution, to satisfy the assessment, with 25 per cent additional Yesterday, Samuel Kngler, a prominent merchant, and one of the assessed secessionists, bsd a writ of replevin served upon Provost Marshal Gt-ntra>,for property seized from him, wtaerel'poa lie as d Lis attornvy, Nathaniel Cox, (formerly cf Baltimore) were arrested and lodged in the military prison To-day lien Halleck has issued a specisl order direr-tins the Provost Marshal General to secu Angler beyond the limits of the iM^hriment and ts hotify him not to return wltMOa* the permission of tha Commandlag Genertt, under the penalty according toike laws of war. U?*n Halleck also adds that raarV'.l law bavins Usui umarMi in Ttis city by the authority of the ;'ru>;deui of the United States, all the civil authorities, of whatever name or offi<^, are hereby notified that any attempt on their p?t to Interfere With the execution of any order issued from these tK-ndquarters, or impede, molest or trouble env ?fll rr duly appointed to carry auch order Into tttect, will be regarded as a military offense, ar.d punished accordantly. ) ) Tbo Prcvosi Marshal General will arrest earh < and every person, of whatever rank or ollce, who attemnU, -u any way, to prevent or interfere with t|e execut on of any aider Issued from the beedquariera He will call ?a the commanding offlcer of t&e department of St Louis for any military as muaee oe may require. laurttUii froaa Cairo. Catfto, Jan S3 ?Since the return of tbe Union troops Irom Kentucky, a detachment of rebel c*valy bu visited BiandviHe and removed the cocntv record* to Columbua. Th? 53d Illinois reglmant and the ?tb Iowa rqgHseat !?ft to-day for 9mUh'? Landing, at the Hf>utb of the Cumberland river. ????????? ,1 o Soma OLD Ftttt ?-In removing old from a window 11 la gen?IIv a fflcu't to g?tofl the bard dry putty tMt stickround (be gUes and Its frame Dip email tru*h la a UUte nitric er muriatic eelrt?to be obta n?xt oftte druggist?sad go or at the potty with It. ' l*? it mk awhile ud it will aooa become sj ?on I bat you cu i rmuw It with m?. * "V IJjT Bf U>e (trainer Kvaab. at New York frost Nlssaa we leers that tbe col lure of cotton hid Won commenced at tbe Grand Bahamas. Lt+ot Temple, of the Uaitrd State's gunboat V fcfO^eau, baa cgVred th?- s*r?lces of b:s vrseel t .41 r ew to assist the wrecked Brttish steam frigate lioaqutror, msbore at Rom Roy. THE SOMERSET (KY.) VICTORY. Fall Details eftfce Ei|?|'mtnt. From lite Cincinnati papers we gatber tb? following Interesting details of the recent victory st Somerset, Ky , and death of Gen Zolllcoffer; On Sunday morn of tbe 19th of January, at seven o'clock, tbe camp waa alarmed by the driving In of the pickets of the 10 h Indiana. Tnis regiment being in tbe advance of the other reglmenta. advanced immediately Into (he words to ascertain the position and strength of tbe enemy. After proceeding one half mile from camp they came auddenly upon the enemy In a dense v-r>od, drawn up in line of battle, prepared to receive them As tbe Indiana Tenth emerged from the wooda Into an open cornfield the enemy poured a volley from their whole line into tbelr midst. But, what is most sarnrlsing, from this tremendous Are bot few men fell. TbslOth instantly opened upon the enemy, tbelr fire telling with terrific ett'ect upon them But tbe 10th, In tbelr exposed position In the oo?a corn MaM nn/t IKssnom.. Is. ?K. ?S,?nis obliged to fall back a few pacfci Into tbe timber. Here the I0:h made a stand, and beld tbe entire force of the enemy In check for nearly half an hour before tbe arrival of Gen Thomas with the remainder of the force* On the arrival of Gen, Thomas with the 9th Ohio, the 4th Kentucky and 2d Minnesota, they fell back, drawing the enem> out of tbe woods into the open field General Thomas then advanced bis force to tb? open field,when tbe engagement became general The two armies wrre not more than one hundred yards apart; cur little band of four regiment! holding their around against more than double their number, showering leaden hall upon them The two Tennessee regiments, under Gen Carter were advanced on the right wing, for the purposi of outflanking tbe enemy, and consequently were not brcught much under fire. The left wing and centre had sustained the fire of tbe enemv for two hours, and hnd suff-red se. verely in killed and wounded The enemy wer< stationed behind a high fence, which protected them In a great measure from the bullets of oui men. A simultaneous charge wns row made upor the enemy by the 9.n Ohio, 10th Indiana, 4tt Kentucky and 2d Minnesota. The0th Ohio, Col McCook, charged directly up to the fence, and thrust tbeir bayonet through at the enemy. Al the time of tbe charge, Col McCook'* horse wai shot from under him, and tbe Colonel hlmsel wounded In the leg. Daring tbe hottest of tbe engagement, and wher me two lines were not more than one hundred yard* apart, an officer with hl? aid rode up to th< Col Frv, and cautiously remarked to the Colone not to Are upon our own men, at the ? ?me tlrrn pointing to the enemy's line, saving '-There art ourcwn men." Col. Fry. supposing him to be ? Federal officer, replied. '-We are not tiring upon our men,u and pointing to his regiment remarked, 4'These ure our own men here " The two rode by the side of earh other for some minutes, conversing upon the battle and the Incidents, when the officer wheeled hisbors?. and rode oft' to one side. After getting some thirty feel from Col Fry, the aid who sccomriuiied the officer leveled a pistol at Col Fry and ilred at him, a> 1UC same lime pulling spurs to bis h'>rse and lied The Colonel now suspecting treachery, drew forth bl> pistol and fired a?. tbe officer, ?bootIn? blm In the hresat, Just below ihe left nipple. Tbe officer fell from bla borae a dead man. Ht was soon afterward rpco^niz?d as Uen Zolllcof fer, late comman. er of the division of the rebel forces. Col. Connell. who had knopn Gen ZolliccflVi In Washington, asked to be permitted to see the corpse and 1 went with him He lay in a tent, wrapped in an army Hank?f, hi* chest and left arm and side exposed A tall, rather s ender man, with thin brown hair, high firehead. somewhat bald, Roman nose, firm wide trontb and clean shaved face. A pistol ball had struck him in 'he brca?t, a little above the heart, killing biin instantly. His face bore no expression such as th?se who usually fall in battle?no malice, no rerfciesi hate, not even a shadow of physical pal a It was calm, placid, noble. But 1 have never looked on a countenance so marked with sadness. A deep dejection had settled oa it. "Tbe low cares of the mouth" were distinct in the droop at ita corners, and the thin cheeka showed the wasting which comes through disappointment and trouble. i d? a<flin 01 i netr uener;ti <irw? n-_>t sv?*m to bave dish'-irtened the enemy They continued their attack! with as much vehemence at tvpr The'2d .Minnesota Regiment came up and formed along the fence, on the left of the 4th Kentuc ky. The Rebe'.t still extended their line to flunk tis on that siil':. The 15th Mississippi charged up to the fence, and tbe men in the two regiment* fought band to hand, catching bold of each other's guns, and trying to drag them through and oTer the fence, but it wm all In vain McCook's g-llant Dutchmen came opto support tbe 10th, forming on their right, and with luem. driving enemy out of the woods, over tbe raviue, up the hill, across tbe field to tbe right of th?* road The 14tn Ohio, which, with the 9th, had marched ail night to get to the battle, together with tbe two East Tennessee and the l'ith Kentucky Regiments, were coming up The enemy themselves were in danger of being outflanked and cut off from their retreat Standart's battery was In full play, with deadly effect, on their center Kinney's and Whitmore's were advancing. There was no help for it, the day Was lost to the Rebels, and they must retreat. They were pushed back, Hying as they went across the field. On they went. The enemy Is driven through me wooai, wnere, an nour and a half before, they so nearly surrounded the 10th, the heroes of Rich Mountain. Mmy regiments ere completely broken, and ran for ihe forestaon t&eleft Wood's Alabama regiment breaks for a swamp and scatters there. Some regiments act together, and form In a field a mile to the rear of their first Sosition. But Stand&rt's shells, thrown from the 111 vrtiere the section was so nearly tuken, begin to f?. 1 uu>ong them They fly again, put sued by our victorious troops For the third and last time they form, only to be frittered as before. After this the rout is complete Panic stricken, tfcey fly In all directions The pursuit is pre*s?d up to the very intrenchments of tbe enemy. Two of their plect-s have be*>n taken Tbe third, which they took with them. Is only saved to be left behind in their flight across th? river. Our cannon open on their camp, our shells fallinv into th?tr moat effective battery, killing four of tbe men at their guns and driving tbe reat away. The darkne?* of nightfall only prevents a general aaaaalt, and our trdops lie down, hoping In the morning to complete tbe good work of tbat Habbath, a work they had not sought, for they were retting that day, preparatory to the attack which Gen. Thorn** bad Intended to make on Monday. I rode over the battle Held in the evening. Our men were burying the dead, but many still lay ghastly where they fell. Tbe wounded had all been taken up The same kind treatment was extended to tbe enemy's wounded which was given to our ownr. Tbe unlvertial remark which they made to me as I passed through tbe hospital, was, u We never expected to be treated so. We have been misled We expected to be served like dogs nbould we fall Into your hands You are kinder to us tban we would have been to you. The only difference was in tbe burial of tbe dead. Those of the enemy were laid together In common pits. Our own were burled In separate graves, and on many of them I saw youug cedars already planted by tbelr comrades. Besides one of the graves prepared for the enemy's killed, 1 noticed several lying already to be interred One poor boy lay in tbe exact position, as I wan told, In which be was found. He rested on bis side,his head lying on his right arm, while Hi* iai Donu wm ioo*eiy closed on tats right elbow. His eyes wa* cloned, and be looked u though be bad just fallen asleep In one field, where the ft h Ohio charged upon the enemy, 85 of '.be enemy lay cold In death, and some SO wounded lay groaning with sufferings from tbelr wounds. On thp other field, on the opposite side of the road, as many were found lying dead aad wounded. Many were also found lying in the wood* in every direction; others in the road and in the fence corners Three or foar dead bodies were to be seen behind one tree or stump. It was most singular tb ?* the average of wounded to the number Killed should be so much less than Is usual In battle. The killed and woundtd were f..uud ?o be mostly shot in the head or body, showing that our men took aim at the enemy whenever they had an opportunity. The enemy, in most instances, fired over the heads of oar men, which accounts for onr list ef dead being so small, compared with that of the enemy. The victory was complete. Thirteen cannon, more than a bourand stand of *rm? > ?i>~ -? boraea, ammunition, baggage traina, commtMary atorea of every kind, tents, clot bine, and, In ahor<, all the rebels bad. Including their surgeon's inaUumeats and medicines, c. Ulcers' aworda and order book*, and even dsguer retypes, love lettera, 4c , due Tbey saved nothing but tbeir own lives A copy of the order of retreat wai found, directing tbat the army should more at 4 o'clock, silently, aad leave everything. They did not even spike their guna. To our men, accustomed to live In cold tec'*, the Rebel camp neemed almost a The moat of the regiments were furniihed with log huta, warm, comfortable and homelike. la the commits*rv deD&rtmMit * ? ??* supplied ttaaa we to .ve bee*. No cracker*, but (jo- d corn breed e-.?^iscult moat Inviting. Coffee. sugar, beef, fat hTJga, everything of tbe beat, ana plenty of It Tbe South may be starving, but tbe Southern army la far from H- In clothing tod arms alone oar troops have the advanlagl over them Their guna weie, many of tbem fl ntloch muskets, snot guns and squirrel rifles. Bat few rifled muskets were found. Tbe Rebel leae will exceed 300?two bandied and if y killed and wounded left oa the fle'.d, and about sixty prisoners. Including several oltcef* The Federal loea falla mostly on tbe four teglmen'a that did all but tbe whole lighting ta the battle, bat will not, 1 am Infortr ed by efflsra,

exceed MM kumdrtd and uteniy-Jivi hilitd and vtundtd Of theae the 10th Indiana La? from ftu to 7ti killed and woanded,tneladlng, as reported, onm I fflcera; tbe 4th Kentucky, ft killed and ' !* wounded; the Mb Ohio, abent 30; tbe'id Mlnneaot<, nearly as equal n amber. Wolford's Cavalry / also let* aeveral men. Tb* wounded are acattered In hoiiifi near tbe battlefield and bere, and rme days inav vei elapee b- fore a fuH llat of their names la likely to be obtained. 1 I.ITICAL.?TWe Hob Joarrs ? ?*>, ~ 'fVlrtini* wi'i *dd'M? ?h* tl'ion Aa wiit on of Al'ia drii TO MUlKOW (T???d??) M^H r. at7o'e oolc. Jat7-t.' TB^'NIAN LFCTCHK8.-nn 1L5 WF.f?SBSl>AY K'-EMI^O. J?na?'ytn~, Dr. J J H*r>e will lecture on-'Arc'io Kxaora t oia," inolndin* an aec?ur,t of hi* reoent expedition The pnblio are invited- Admittance fr?e. The r?d lijbt will be rbowa ou the fo?*r whenever the hni'diuc ia open for a 8 juthaoman free lecture. _j a 27-31 r^WASHINQTC^L^SCTURS A8&OCIA The Ninth Leotnre 1 V. BEV, JOHN'PIERPONT. A Satirical Poem. JBtajh^^TMa fcifJLDE* CA,L?. uu 1 uE.OUA i r.? t.m -*u, JHWf Z8, IW. , At the , Smithsonian Institution, Doors open at 7; L'oture at 8 o'clock. Tioke s ib oenw, to b? bad at the Bookstores and 1 at the door. ja?7 it firg^I. O. O. F.-GRAND ENCAMPMKN TIJ? Tn.K.W Grand Encampmen' wi i hold I its semi annual session on TUESDAY NEXT, 18th instant, at 7 o'okck p. m., at Odd Fellows' Hall,7th street. . ja&-3t H. 9. BOWEM, G. 8. ' fVV?HMlTH80NlAN LECTURES-OiMON[ LLJf 1)A> EVENING, January 27th, Prof 1 Btt 1 Bkokck. late U S. Consul at Munich, will leotnre 1 on tbe oelebrated relif iou? 'xhihition in the B%*as nan Hithlands, ca led "The Drama otth? Pas ion the only relfo o( the kicd whioh has ieaohed ns from the midd.'e aces. I he pnblio are invited. Admttanoe free, j J? 84-M (T^p- BURN'S ANNIVERSARY-.?The one Lk_3 hunlred and third Anjnvereary of the birth day of Robert Rurus will bo o? e lira ted by the , Burns Club of Washiuctou and tie annireis ol the bard cens alj, at Mrs Russell's Hotel, 494 L Seventh street, on MONDAY, the S7th msiarX r Supper on the table fit 7S o'clock. Tickets to be haa at the hotel. P S Tne Club will meet in their I usnal room, on the S3th, at 7 o'olock. i jaM-3:* ALbX. WILLIAMSON, 8<c. O^^NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. Collsctok's Orrica, ( ? n 1 ? o. > n ujFi.mtmii m(nnocrii,ig?l.t f Notice it hereby Riven to ail peraons in arrears for taxea, whether (U. tpeoiai,or annual tax. that unles* the asm* ia paiu at thia offioe before the lat diy of February next the property on which the 1 tax ia doe will then be advertised and aold, aa the ' law tli recta. I Those who wiah to avoH the heavy expense of . advertising will pleaae pay within the time epeci; bed. VN 1LL1AM DIXON, de 2?-fotFeh1 Collector. i rf^-THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Will Lk_9 be hoiden evrrr dav tma week iu tn<i l>atherau Church, i Rev. J. G. Butler'*,) at the oorner of 11th and H streets, commencing at 4 o olock p no., ' and continued but one hour. ja 20 TO BOOT AND SHOE DEALERS !~The sulaaribers have ou Hand a lot of e*Oil ei.t heavy BOUTS an1 SHOES. t?-lfll githerwitha ima:i lot of Cavalry Boota.rHj w.nch they ara ?>epared to close oat to* tne trade at low ft girts JAs C. MoSUIRE A CO . Auotion and Comnnsaion Mercbania. ja y 3t [ Kupub man ] Velvet cloak?, cloth cloaks, and Shawis, at r cwtiiiy an 1 iarge!y refluo?d prioea. Fine Dreaa 6ood? at reduoed prices. PERRY A BRO., ja'S-tr Pen", avenue and M"tn tt. J SHRIMP-SHRIMP! UST Reo??ived a (too lot of HALT WATER SHRIMP. horaa:eby T. M HARVEY, ! ja 24 at ?g?l O street I O MAKE ROOM FOR SPRING SUPPLIES. * we have marked down lbs p cea of Winter Gocda, that we may reduce a'1 stock of that kind. PKRKV a bho, 1 ja 24 tr P*nn. a?enn? and IMnth ttTO SUTLKRS AND OTHERS.?.TOR SALE CHEAP?2 Covered Wacona. 8 wta Louble Harness, l i t Mn*l-> H vne-a, 1 Oanvaa Tent 16 by I anfeet.(a!l nea'ly ne* ;) alao.S Hora-a. and ??j. >iety of antler's Goo Jr. To bp seen at 160 Waahlntion a'ree?, G?"rm:own. ja21 tt* Bl A< K SILKS, in all grades an' wid ba. from medium up to ext'% fane B<*ok Jatf>t\ Si ka Also, medium and fine Muurnmc Si;ka at onr utu*l moderate rttec. One prioe oniy, marked in plain figures. PERRY ft BRO., ja24 6t Penn avenue and Ninth at. i r|,HlUK GRAY, BLLfc RED, ANI) WHITE 1 FLANNELS, lor ooid w??thor. Fine White ati4 Co ored Fiantela urs prue onij, marica in p am figures KERRY ft. BRO. ja24-5* Pwit ?twi? awd Ninth ?t IRISH LINENs' ?r w , ? IRISH I INENS! We ha?e a f ill stock of [run Lin- ns. Black ao<l Colored Nik? (or t&le at tne luvit priori WH. R RII.KY it BRO., No. 36 Cenbal Stores, Between 7 in and 8:h streets, j*24-If>t Oprosue Center Market. pOSWt,LL'8 I> MEDICATED COUGH CANDY. ? lOK TBI tCKl 0> COUGHS, COi.DS, BKOCHITU?, INFLCENSA, and all incipfnt 8TA?H?OI' CONSUMPTION. Sold wholesale and retail by O. B<>*WFLl, oorner Maryland avenueand 7th street; Z. D 61 LMA_N. a d droggUtsever* where. j&ii-iw* PLANKETS-BUV?K?TS ! t> QUILTS?QUILTS! T?ble Linens? i ahle Li<-eus ' Napkins, Towels, sheeting , Glov?a, Hosiery! With & fall stock of Dome?tio <*oo?l?. for ule by WM. R RILEY A BR >, No 36 Central fctorea, Betweer 7th a> d 6th street#, ja 24-1"t Oppoaite Center Market. CPHRKNOI.OOY! H. ALDEN. PHKEMOLHGIST, hann* taken rooira for a snort time at 420 Peace*Kama avenue, fa now prepared to nve verbal denoriptiona of charaotor, together witb charta, to all who mar desire. Haicia?Verbal Delineations 90 eenu; one dollar extra lor Charta. A duoouni rnaje on partiea of over six persona ; alao on children accompanying the r parent*. Office 450 Pennsvlvanaaveune, north aide, between 3d and 4H its. Offioe bours from 9 a. m. to fft p. m. j% 84 7t* BLA' K ENGLISH CR\PE AND CRAPE VEILS, All widtha and aisea, very beet analitr. i PERKY A BROTHER. j% 88 ?t Ka. avecae and Ni nth at C^EN'L HOOKER'S OIVI ION Tbeateam1 eri Rukdisi and Volcmtbbk leave foot of Eleve? tn atreei, EVE~^^4^K^t K\ MliR\l\i.> at~9X o'olock ' [ ja 2S-1 w* IRISH LINENS FOR LADIES'AND GENTS' WEAR. A full and *mp e atook in all nnnib?ra?thiok, niedinm and fiuc, at our provrrbiallr low prioai. White Cambnoa, plaid and piaic, thiok and thin. i PERKY ft BROTHER. ja33-6t Fa avenneand Ninth tt. L'UK SUTLEROAMP USE AND RE?T TAURANTS. Narrow Table Lmena and D?inaaka at low prioe?. PERRY ft BROTHER, j* 23 6t Pa. avenue and Ninth atpORTABLE WOODEN TENTS! The nn<'er?igne<1 haa ?>r aale and will make to order Portable Wooden Tenta, of any required sua, at a very low pnoe Th?ae tenta can be pat up or taken flown in a tew inin><t*s andean be Been at the corner of Fourteenth and G ata. ja23 1m* JOHN A. JORDAN. IOOK OUT FOR LANC^HTKR -L"?cMilr j Cowty Provision Store, oorttw of >8 h ar d G sts, \Va*hiJuton.?1 am <Ui * receiving f om Luoa?terCounty farmers: Fresh Butt*r. iu pjuUs, rolls acl fi'k'n*;a1? , f'e?h lard, fresh fcgg', Foul.rj of all kinds. Gun*. Quarters of Veal, 8 ef, Ao ; fr?eh Bolognas, !>um?m and Puddings. Kami It Flour in Sacks ofau, *&, KH ponnd* each. Sweet Cider, Cider Vinegar, Country ^oap, Candles, I)u?ch Choe??, ?o.. Ao All of lAe above artip es I wi.l warrant fre*h and of the neat quality. J have also on hand ei.Ouu stogars of /rim* uaali>yt Housekeepers and futtois, and all oth?rs, ar* resp'otfully so.ioited to ea I and examine try stock, jaa-lw* JOHN F. amtOUB*. Aft. ASK ASK ASK YOUR GROCER YOUR GROCER VOIR t>ROCfcR FOR DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS FOR DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS FOR DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS A*D TAKE NO OTHER AND TAKE NO OTHER AND TAKE NO OTHER. la 28 tf DISSOLUTION. I HE Copartnership formerly exisUsg between J. W. Coll?j and VV. M Brown, nnder the name of J, W. Colli i * Co., vu dissolved hi limitation on the 1st ?a? 0* eeptewber, 1861. Ait p4rtiee indebted to the lat* firm will please main lmrae diate payment to the sut>m?Mber. as the old business mu't be settled up withc^t (artfcej de aj, J W. UULLRr, 3'i.l 7th ?t, * lot* Pa. av. AI CARD?Tha ood'raitiiad bee* Imti to inform bit friend* and patron* of tiia lata Inn trial attention to toasiiws. aad to th* vast* of too Sasswfciis&ssfr Jo 3*M | | fllTth t..abo?oHa OTL T?? QANQMMM?PUaMl | A HIS Morning jooaiv^i aio a hh17 1 oata?a HoMVood Pttao*, among A#m vary hanJ*orr.? car-red on from in* aala brated factory of W JCnabe A Co.. Btlh-HIli i P C. Rt HViN BAf R. i CfOLfHEBS . JUST RKTURNED FROM CT Klofemond ??**?? their ClotMa* *nd P?rn AMUSEMENTS. f\DD FELLOWS' MALL. ^ PrvKim ?Tm?*r. geo christy's mixstrbls Wtl. MP?*r At U* a?l*ndtd exhibition ro ?* on this < moxi?a v) ertmno, /?*. r. AM livery Kminc Darmr tM Weak. NKW8CBNKKY hai bMC Added to tka Mac*. *nd every *rr???e m?nt nt*je for toe proper proiuetion of 6eo??e ChriatVa Celebrated Faroe#, B arietta*, Ao.. A r Admiaiinn ts oerte : Oreheeter ?e*U SO oerte. Doora oeeii at quarter to 7 ; oom*ieie*?U''<*r to 9 JOHN P. SMITH. ja 27 Bnamre* A?n>t. WASHINGTON THEATER. LettM and Mlci(?r Mr. H. Blaad. ORIGINAL PRICE* RESUMED. Oro 6:ter Ctai'e - - - ftl ftr;;c?e? a d fvt?rr* JPoaati 1'rivsts U x' * No Lxtra Chargt for fc?itiv (l!f?iu. L* 9EN0RITA ISABELLA CUBA*. The renow ,*?? OtpMUM. and BIO NOR XIMINSB Are engaged fJr SiNfih^iOn'r. THIS KVSM-O. Jimumry gttk. Entertainment will o?mmenoe witi the oomedy of A DKC1DKD CASK, In whlok MueBarah De*iaand *> r??re Bnnkand Roger* w'l appoar >Aer which a Grand Paarmh Pallet, by LAfeifnoritaCUBABand Sigsov XlMINKB. To h? followed by ?h? K-ro? t f P"OR pilucoddyT Tooone!od? with a Dirertieeireit bt LaBeoontaCUBASud 8e??r XI MINkS. Pcora oyn at t; oommwnoe at g. ja IT KIN6*S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER. P*fC!l. Av. AND E St., JV#*r Wlilordt\ T. King .. ...-.-..Sole Leeaeoand Manager C. . ~ Aaaoeiate Manager p. Whittaker ? .-Eqaeatnan Manager R. P. Jonea. ?6uaiaea? Ageat PBaooan W*?k of JOK flNTLAND! entl*nd, the aotor, I Pent and. the aaatoa:mist, ent and. the clo ?n, I Pent land, the faatare . Novelty, Mirth, Music, Wit, Joy and Fun' TO-NIGHT. J*nn*r? 27th. The Who!* Noble Compsny will appear and form * Phalarx of Ta'entsert om seen, n; ve-rxo 1 ed. SEVEN NEW ACTS IN THE ARENA! On To-morrow Evening, lie Gre\t Te?timonial tendered to THOS K NG. by the Citiz- m and Manv Friend* on whioh ?>c*?ion everv aot in the A ena will he n?w For this msht only the pnoe of admission will be 91 to Dress Circle. Afternoon PeJlbrtnince Wednesday ard ?atordiy Sral* ff Prtus?<>rches'er ham 16 certs; Drees 8ircle>0oenta: Children und?r in years of a*e to reia Cinle 25 oents; foe at R%nc?? 15 oen*?; Colored Gallery 25 oents: Colored Boxeesn oents. Door* opes at 7 o'clook; performances will o*?mmer<"? at 8 preciaely. j%27 CANTERBURY HALL, M Lovwrn Ayzfiu*, Dtrwet* ??# bin Zirttis. LBONI PANTOMIME COMPANY ! leoni pantomimb company: LEON! PANTOMIME COMPANY! To nijht, mb.robth1 butler AatheBii Bid H >t in Fran on Raval'a Comic - f h* SCHOOL MASTER ' SCHOOL-MASTER ' Extra vacant "o -oaaa of tb? Comio Tnterlade. LK TOl'R DU MAhON: LE TO fR DU MA19QN f SILA? R A L D W I N. TV Best Jugiler i* tK* Wor 14 ' WILLIS ARMSTRONG. To night, MIS* AMELIA WELLS. The Be*ut fa! ?onr?treee, In SESTUTITTTAT. AND Vi5t|| SO.NOH ' a. J. TALB ?TT. The Flhmpi*!! Com-diAa, Muttad by Dick fain, Mia* Emm*. Milii, mijs vek*o:?. M'ui Flask La hoLLK, e~d Littl* Ella. One Week Longer, WARD on hi* Coedb Voiawtx! Beit bluek rope \n Amtrit* ' Notwithatanding the l*rge Company now at the Caot?rKury. ther? will he JET NO ADVANCE Iff PRICES. JJI Afterrono Fe formanoe, t?>r LaC e# and Ckiidren, eve?r WEDNESDAY and SATIlRDATTwith quantttiea of precenU -onea a?p*rb #21 Dree*. ' be dreaa e*n be seen in tin window of Meeere. Perry A Bio. A.l our dreaeeaare bought from thia houae. Doora own, afternoon, At So'oloek. Admttvion: SO oenta; oni dree. 1" oen?e Doora opon.evecicge, at o'oiook. BATCH DAY AFTERNOON, Ax ? 0,rtaci, For Families, Ladtu, and Children. Adnna on *? o*nte?CnUdr- a 10 oenta. Partom:mr Coirc thi p<-hool-ma*t*x. Ceieettal Feats Unique, Minatreia! Mio*ireia ! ml tka CANTERBURY! MAOXIFICENT PRESSST8 Set* of Coral jewelry, Etrneoan Jewelry. " Fn&me! wi'h Tureoois, A Bilfc D ess? a Silfc Press! J%g W THE ASHINOTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC. i*BN5 A VBTCB, ( "OCTH >*IDS.) No. *$9, Bttwet* 9(4 and 1014 tti. Everr evening a reir?rk*i>iy fine Free Coco* rt, enibmoing ?e eotiona from th? beet elassio mmU. and the roost popular operr??rendered in berar Btva thftu at any othrr Aid*mni oonoert saloon. The *up*te?and the putilio are treely invited* witbou' oharg* f >r entra^oe,?may rely upon hav mg every oomfort tfery desire. In addition to the finest mutio in Washington, they will obtain, en oall. from the atteative ettenda ts, deouedly the beet Refreshment* for sale in the Federal M'tropens. HENRY ROSENTHAL., js6-lm Proprietor. BALLS, PARTIES, fee. THK CARTKIDGK BUNDLER.9 of the Columbian Araoy onioooM 9 their ? friend* and the ?uh.ic that ih*T will n*e WM the r 6 rat fraud HALL on TUfBUAY. J in. M at Teirp; racce ttal'. oi h a'raet e v>&W Ptn and lOtn. The b.?t rauaio in the city la enca ed (or uie eoan -n. f lokeia 91, ad mi uaa a iaatl?> m&n and lacie*. ('caifiillM Arrftemml*. J 0'Bri?n, vv vVuiaon, ?\Pmlthaon, A. Ba naoio, A. Button, J Hal. J*5P7_2_2 Thirteenth grand assembly of the g% HIBERNlA CLUB if Will take place at the Hall et the Franklin Engine Hooae. on D a ?~e*t, tetween llthfaHfc and 13th, on .MONDAY, January *7th. 1MB Tiokeia 6u Ocuu. admitting a genUeman a?d ladlea. J%? it* qrand soiree! TEMPER ASCK HALL. A 1 E street. b?tw??nI k ano loth.) JBA OOKRIUaV EVEMNti, Jaa'ySatH^ Dano at will cominero<* a' o'c 00k. Good muaio will be id attendance. Tioketa, admitting a gen tinman and ladiea, St. jagj-9t* Prof. C. F BARNES, Manager. ~PEESONAL. I NOTICE. Hereby forvarn ail perenaa frcxu reoeiriaf NOTE dravn by me, for '>>, in fhT^r of Imi Brother Dated about the 31,4th, or 5th icatant. Aeaaidnne w*a obtained without valuable eon lerftu n, ?o that l will not U? w?. J*r> ?? J.L. 6K.KNBK. LOVfcLL, COLLK8 ft CO.. WHOLESALE GROCERS, N Front Street, Ntv Yert, ud SIC U Btoeet. WMklactM, D. 0., ( near Willard'a Hotel.) BftTlnc started A branoh of ev Nn York eetabliahmest is thia city, we invito ButUrt, Qrtm$, Rutanrantnri, and HoUl lunri, to eoll aW Uiaioa nnr atoik vhiflh u **JI uow**^ mm* comprised of roods of tbo boot ssslity. Wo toko orders for aartSinf Is oar lias, aod uwtta thra prompt y. ia?tf Wo offer oitiaents tad Kruim a lac* aoeort N^'CO4T8^AALOOIM8 wS&Sft of all colors aad qnalitiot. eqaal u aato sad hnnti to ihe b??t cmtom worlr. itnast irz rsv^tJ&HsisEF MBC* HBB AWI> ?CAJIF*I l\ BtiAftrv 4MO MRS TW &:&^"&zrQres?a' 4 urnruL TAEPARTMENT OP8TATE. JJ WAtmtiMTMi, JiRMry tS, 1*?? The Secretary at State will deraafhei receive raibm of Coafreaa oa boaUeaa ?? Saturday* i9miimd:1r| with Bttvdir, tbi II rat of ini tooth. )u r-tf WILLIAM H IEWARD WAR DEPARTMENT, J&XCAK1 tl, lSM OftlttiB, Thil Um War Depwtatai will to* eloMi Toc*4ar*. Wcdmlijv, Tknndin id4 Friday* agalaat all other boalneea bvt that which relates to active military operation la the teld Saturdays will be devoted to the bualaeaa at Senator* and Rrpreecatatlvea. Mondavi to the bostaeaa of the Public EDWIN M. STANTON, ia tj-tt Bacratary af War. AUUTION 8AJJ&. ~ THIS AFTERNOON bTO-MO KM) W Bj i. C. MoODlRE A CO- AHltomri CTOCKs at auction -o? Monday APIS TMl MOON, juurr mh, at4 a look. at tk? AnUob Ro?aw. we aha 11 art. ia to iillia 8tool of the Pira * '( luirMN Coaa??>J> (iorjoration of Waakiaftoa Pw Par CmL ?280 Corporation of WutUftot Su Par Coat. i*tcck Tern ? ossh JaM d J. C. MaWPIRE A CO., Aaata. By J C MoGUIRE A CO., AaoUonaee CALB OF THE RUINS OP THE OENER A.L UocriTAL, ON JtV.ClkAl X*r*?B - OB TUbsl)AY MORNING. Jumtt ?U, at la oVicok, at the roina of the Kfirn.arj, on ? aWaet, totween 4th and Mi atroou, we ehaJ! aal ta iota In tuit. the oid materia ?. oompneitg? Old Bneha in tbe waiie and down, Doore. Fraaiea, Saab and Biiada, Lot of Lant<?r, Fi"or c?, Joiau, Ae , btone an a. ueadi and Fiacgiac. ? urnaoee, Rouge*, Ou and Water Pipe*, Lot of Hotpita' Furniture, Bedataada, Mattraeaee. P.l>o?a Ao. Ao. farma oaah, l" Government fanda. he who.a to ba removed wl;hin tac dare altar tha tale. By order of tbe Commlaai tner af Pabtia BaMAinja J4-d J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Aaeto. FUTURE DATS. Br 1. C. MoBUlEE A CO . Aaouonoor* EXKCUTOK'SfALlioT Ft MM ? tRK AND Hoc*hold Errarta?Oa WEDNESDAY MORMno, January ? l?$'al?ok. at tha rtaidrao* 01 h? late waorce A. Davia, on L at, bMwao 4th and Mb ?tr?* t* vest. I ikt) Mil th? Fur. itor* atd Eff?cU, oomprisiuf ? Ujruht Piao tort#, M%hofar? t*of% R- cker and Parlor Chaira, Walnut Whatnot. WMkituoi, Cane and v\ o xi-aoat Chare, poofcara, Secre arjr and Book(&*a, V\ rlUm Table. Car??t?, Ciloloth, Mattioc, b*J*ieac?. Uaroacn. W a> nttande. F?*th?r Baas, Matir?M?*, Beooinf. Looking tuM'fi. Mante Or Laments. Cnrtaicnacd Window Mtadaa. ?tcM. Kit ]hen Utmei!a, Ac. i?rna caah. THOS J FlPtfER. Ex'cator H!> d J r. MnfitliKFtrO, oift? Br J. C. M06L1KE It CO.. AnoU?<Mart. U1LVEI W.'RK AT A LOT I ON ?On ^ THURSDAY. Ja atrv both, at it oeiock. at tn?ia!?n(Mri flre<nhtt'i t-arcitnre. *? thai: aell.'or aeoouLt ofvhomit ma y coao*??n, a ima 1 lot BiiTir W*ra, of mod-n i*uern?, oomjnajrt ? Skpoont, Forks L.?aica, Batter, r.? and Fiak iikth. i ro?m rot, rwiii ?c., ce. Tern>a o? h. ta27?t J C m?gtltk t CO., Amu. Br J. C. MoGllKE A CO, A?oti?M?i. 1 RUSTER'8 BALK OF FURNITURE AND 1 HorsiHOLS trrrBCTV?OB SATURDAY SCRNLNG. Fab'aarr 1* o'? cm, ig Iroat the .A action R >oma, Ay rirtae of a aaad of trwat,oated Jal* l?tk, !?' . and ualy recorded ta Lib* J. A S . No rOtialioa UO , rn* ol lAa lacd recoidt ;or WML,ir..t oouili.J aha.1 a?ii theroUowmf daaeribad property,?ia? W?iaat Dtaittk oowod Bofa Arm sad Parlor Caaira, Silt f ame Pier Giaaa, Biab wd Bracket, arble toy Center 1 ab,e. Rout Table*. ob Hat tree, Caoeaoat Cr>ara. oil Paintiaca. Clook, Firetovda, F - u Moia anid Ingrain Car pais, Walcut Jeacy Liod Bed a eada, W arble tna Bureau ud aefcataadB, Waut Wardrobe, Hair Mattreaeea. Together wit* many other arUoiaa of Haoeekcid Faraitar*. Teraaa oaeh. . JAB F. GIBSON, Traatoe ja XI-4 J.C. MaflURKtC O, iaafc. Bt green a WILLI amp, a aotiooeora PXTENSIVE BALK OF GROCBRIEB. we akail at the atore of Cart. J. K. Net*. No . CI LMwuftfTMMi betwe* IU aai M akwd treat, at 10 o'olook a. . an exteiuire aeeortari t of OraotriN, Li^iori u4 Score Fixtam. we esuurttt ia ptnTe?, ftuxar ud Coffee, ftioe, Buu-o^l. Piokiee. Sp.oee. Ac. iobaooo clears, m>i|, caadlee, Bun tad ipteraj eeeirt?t or olfcer Groomee, leo, a good MeorUMPtof Li^aere ia Mtlea?a4 ouki.iumr oi whioa Me ??r; fine, ?aok a* Brar.cfw. \v;nee, 6ic. whub and ttootofc fleets barrel* loe Virgar. And mc; other artioiee wfaioh we deem aaaaaaa Hri to enumerate. Ieo. tke (More f lxtaree. Piatfena ud Coeater H?a>ei Bifv Mill, Move, CoaMer aad Bhelri&l. Meaaarea, Ao.,4? Tenaa oaak. ja?4 6MKH * WILMAMU, A???. By J. C McGl'IRE * CO.. Aaotioaoaa SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD t*ETKN OCTAYK o Piako Posts. FriMtni am> hormoLo hr??cr??ifllKsli&V MORMNtt. Juitry ?iu, at 10 o'olock, at U? mwuM of Mrs. GrMnknv, on ??U tiro*), b#twe? r. ! tr c K >CrMU, we ah?ll Mil the Fniitan tn4 I ff?? , eoaprtaiBf? Very iiMrior Roeowood ?e*?i Ottawa Piurfoito, Saua of KomwikxI Oim Piatt cot*tc4 Parlor Fo'citsr*, (ODt'inni thrae tfofae, lv? A/a and m Parlor Chairs, Rosewood Marbls-to* Table*. Coraar Btaad, L*rje Frsnoh ?lal? Mantel Mirrors. Farioy Corner wiand. Work Tsbte, BraaaaU and s pit Carpal*, Que 01:. Oak Eztonsion raveat-d C hairs, HuHtuse China Pico-r Bet. Cut ami MgrsT d dataware, Waiter*, Silver plated Te\*et,Ca?u>rs, ppuon*,aa4 Farka. OtOta oovarad Wrttiac Table, boaage, Two 0n%m' Cottaae SeU, ft t ut B-dr.e*d?. Warirobaa, Buret* ftt.i Wuhitaiei, H&. & a Husk NatirtHM, Bo.???ri aad Pilla^rv R?flncoro-.ors. SIoto*. Kilo hoc Uunti>i, 4c. T'rm* ou:, J?H-d J. C. MoGCIRE A CO. Ante. \I/AeHINOTON STEAM BAIKIY. " ?4T C tfunr BetVMc MulUk Mmto, Tb? ottootioa of > r?^i?g|?d to oar korto took of FRESli CRACKER* AND CARES. Anoai Um nri't oi My too wdM i WATER CS ACKEK8, &l'6AR CRACKERS, SODA CRACK EkS. BUTTER CRACKER*, RPINBL R? CRACKERS. ?ROUND CRACKERS. GINGER CAKES, SUGAR CARES, - ALMOND NUTS, u- GINGER NUTS, RAISIN CAKES. Same xolooMroiy tor auk, p?mmmg Mo n"***tf|** "f? power and tti noil mmMmtt. w? to Mil at u? lovtit mm~ ofMtann* prim. ID* WWkaaai* M*ri, 1^8? m4 Kton .. y bmfiBf iiiii at Ik* NorU. mi mw Hm mww of frauht ud mm fiMk vork.fcy iivibi w a MIL latafUf COJtf WANTS IT? Tk* ClfkNl Frw ||M tar GOLD AMD tILVBIl racu Fm IttJOi Btw rm t?r?. LEWIS JOHNSON * CO., M A M K M *1, Fiwiwuu irnn. J?S-tf Cum Twtk itwrt pEor.^^wc^wfl, kiii iwcienjgTle J Of turtfc tr?t.ftf * " ^^"x&LLT i CHINA. GLASS, AND LAETHX5 WAE*,^ COAL OIL LAMFB, LAJmtofl, ^m. y kwm ii 'v^twww

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