Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1862 Page 4
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g- ? THE RVF-MNH STAR. What frlTile Mi|?lrr *?y?. ?Ocb! !t to Bate to he r?pUln or colonel, Dlvll ? bit wr?a1(t I wsdV to be hlatwr j Bat to rust as a private I thlrkN an Infernal Predicament urely," aayi Private Magnlre *Th?vc?n goaparkla' and playin' at bllllarda, With money to tp?nd for th*!r slights dwire, LnaOnl ..4 - <-1 .. J Jl.i.ll-I .< <1 While we're on the pickets," aaya Prlv&ta Magutse. "Llvln' In clover, they think Irt* thrille To a'and oat all nl?ht la tbe rain and the ralre, And a rebel bard by with a villainous rifle, Jlat ready to pop ye," ?y* Private Magaire. Faith, bmt, tt*a not t?at I'm aftber coaaplalaln; I'm Dllln' to meet y*, Jeff Davia, Etqalre ! Ye blag-gard !?It'a only I'm weary of tbralnln', And thrslnln1, and thraiain," aaya Private Maralre. < 'O Lord, for a row'?but. Magulre, be alay, Keep vouraelf ?weet for the enemy'a Are; McClellan'a the aaolln' that abortlv will plaze ye, Be the holy St. Patrick"' aaya Private Magulre. '' And. lad If ye're bit. (O, bedad, that infernal Jimmy O'Dcwn would make up to M'-rla!) Whether ye're captain or major or colonel. Ve'll die with the best, then aavs Private Magma [ Vanity FUtr. Affairs at Cdimbai?Ths Rebel FertiflcaMM The Chicago correspondent of the New York World writes as follows: Columbus ts situated on the east shore cf the Mississippi, at a point ah>ut 90 ml'es b*low here, and lathe terminus of the Ohio and Mobile RailK>sd North of the place the blnff* are very preclp'tous, are some 60 f*?t in h'ght, aad just at th s point make a carve lnwvd, leaving a gently ascending bottom, upon which the town is built In thee-nter of th- town Is a round fort, bui'it of earth, with a smtll d' tch. mounting five guns, and is of no great strength. Just at the point where the bluff cooim-wces to recede from the river, and located near tbe bank are the head garters of Gen Polk and a battery of three unns. I jua? cppoalte thl?, and moored to the bank, la a floating battery whoae armament 1 did not learn. Three fourth! cf a mile up the river, and located between the foo'cf tbeblaffmd the water'a edge, la a formidable battery i f fourteen gunsconaiating of -ifl-dfci'a and 61'*. Oa h? top of the bluff. and commencing about opp"?lte this laat battery, la the beginning of a bn'tery or aerlea of batteries which ?-x'end atonjr the edge of the bluff to the point where tbe blnff curvfa In, containing In all eighty guus, among whl"h, and atariding about hilf way, are three mortar Rura which bolt and d!a^orj.e a pn j^ctile weighing 12S pounda Commencing at the oorth end of this batrerv is a r!fie pit or t ench. which extends acroa* to the railroad, and thence followa down thelna'de of the railroad track till It reach* a the depot, where it terminate Inside th'< apace, ?ac?oaed by tbe rift- pita, are two fort*, one mounting eighty hcavv guns, surrounded by a ditch, and having atockadea on tbe aide nearest tbe river; the other la nearer the river, and baa only three guns. la tbla space are encamped the ma n foreea of the Bebe.a a' Oolnmbiia. whlrh Dumher in all from 30 000 to 4n,C<)0? If -ctive men At the floating bitter^ c-o.i inencn a road which tars pant Gen. Polk'a headquarters. ascends the bluff, proceeds over tbe cp*u apa"e wbere the tro?pa are encamp-d. eron i t e ia 1-oid trark. and. at a point soTe milea eastward, reaehea Camp Beauregard. At tb- place wlwf fbe read reach*** frr lop of the bluff ih?ra U a ainall dltcb and embankment, wbxb la not mounted by any guns, but is ln'ended, probably, aa a sb?-l'er for riflemen. At the o-To? ?na upon a platform a?e tnounted tbr-'e be-vy Ji'ina, which cotumand the ri*rr straight arm** and southward* Aoout a ni.le fr?>m G?-n. T' Ik's q :nrt*"?, i:p <b^ river, are several *"? Ci txitrtr'e*. wh'le four miiea above is L'.ic*a lie. d, Ju?t l.el' vr which our gnnbo U yn-rwly brli 4 to wh-u th*y go doviu to serenade the <*i>lambua Rebels. The t;ni?>ei within the R; be! trenrbfi and for a?v. ral thousand ririi the north ? f H has be*-n cleared away, * > ? to r?-i. * approach in 'hit d<rectioa l<op?saibla E-iat of tb? r llroad r !g o/ thai kind uiually t.rutad rjUJiiji kirktr " Tl>? gunbo'U wbl~h the rebel* have are two in carrber The analler la the Grumpua, a tmali wooden atern wheeler, mountuig a heavy pivot gun, and uatd prist'pally for towing n.d recon 0ot?"*bc?? TDe other Is a much larger itwcl? the Lidy Polk?whlrh carries six guna, mostly r1 fl^d 32-p>Bfidets The chain concerning whtcb o much baa been sa d is not at mi a myth Tbere was an Immense chain stretched acro-s the riv^r at a point where the floating battery Is moored, bat to a short time It was broken by being run against by a flat boat, and baa not since bern repitrod. Tbe troops are confident that they can resist any Br force that can be brrught a^atust them, although ^ aTtar wltnaaaini tbespecim-n of gunnery afT >rded then by our boats la.t week, they are not so very anxious for tbe contest. My informant corroborates a previous assertion thataevlfal of our ahel's took effect; several men killed and wounded, how many ha doea not know. One of the shell*, howaver, pasied ebiireiv over tbe w?rks and fell in tbe town, but, fortunately for tbe rebels, without bursting They remain constantly in fear of au attack from onr forces, and for the last two weeks hare slept upon tbelr arms at night. Tbe men generally are pretty well fed and lo bed. Two Tennessee regiments are arm?d with Enfield and nn? **>-?- -*"? " wiui isiLir r;ur? I lie balance have arms of every description, from Oolt'a repcatert to the common shot jjun Drill* lag la entirely dispecaed with, except In the case ct artillery, la thia department tbe men labor Inuassntly Tbe moat formidable guns are the three 128pocoders, located oa the bluff*, and whose range l? almost Incredible. A ahort time aince aome of mr troops, while scouting four miies from Co* lumbuv came upon a peculiar looking hol?, which they investigated Ten feet below tbe surface they exhumed a monster percussion shell, which looked more ilk* a Hour barrel tban like ny known prej-rtlie. It ia now on exhibition here, and was fired from tue gun which lately r tme ?o near ending the valuable life and Chriatlan example of the saintly Polk. That gun wea of precisely the same kind as tbe three monsters above spoken of. Th?-y carry the same mon'troalty of proj-crtle, and hurl It with the laine t eaie doua force. wt?~ >? " - - min mat ourat vu Ant mounted It ww found tbat (be abell wu a trifle too large, and before entering bad to be filed down. After firing a few round* the gun became hot, and expanded to an extent tbat admitted the abell without difficulty. When th? tiring ceased the tun waa left loaded with a abell tbat had no' been led down Sam? d5ya after P?lk directed tbe gunner to fire the piece; he declined, fearing tbe eooarquences Somebody elae volunteered?tbe cann*-r stepped behind a tree, and, with BiaLop O-neral Pclfc, wna tbe only man of eleven who rar|ir d tk,e explosion Had It pl-a?ed a beneficent Pmvlden -eon tbat oca-Ion to huvs employed a fragment if the abatterea monster aa a vehicle open which ( convey the auul of tte revere: d rebel to those rra">f <-n? prepared for tb?* rlgMroua, be would have been boosed In a place Infinitely preferable, at the very leaat In mor?l?, position ard locality, to tbat tS >rded him tn Columbus Hot iluw! then' good men, In this life, do not alwaya reap their reward. I think tbat theae facta will ahow that Columbus ?. i..? ? ? - ? ..j?> wimi ?oe Kebela claim It to be?ih" Mapmm of tbe U't?t Better even, if they deeire it ?tt It the Gibraltar of that aum of alt villainy? rebellion. An aanaultmlgbt carry it, but it would be at an t-xpeuae of loyal blood and tr^aaure, that an ocna of Ut rebeiiioua current, drawn from the velna of all tbe chivalry aouth of Ma*on and 1)1x00*8, would not bey La to atone for. Tbrre are bat two waye la whtab Col jubua should be re. d eed?one U to attack It by regular approaches; tbe other to aorroand it, cat tbe raeaus of auprly and atarve out tbe swaggering aoae of cblv1*7 Mow or when thie thine wll' be done no one kn jWI. I will venture tbe prophecy,however,that that tbe next sit w?eks will witneea no material I change In tbe reepecttfe potl'loiia of Cnlumbua I and ue UnliedState* forcee attbia point. The I mortar boats rrqtiire a Dttlc addition?principally I in toe line of ntu'Ur*?without, tbrlr t fllc.eucy aa an cff-nal ve arm would be materially lessened. Tbe Benton, too, aa usual, nqulree a little more labor before the la ready Utt -action?a few more a-amen ace required? ame traeopoitailon, a go d deal nor?, la n??dtd? a tx. fling addition to tbe ? -' ..... ? ion ptkat it rjriM<rf. Wban 11km mlauU addition* lo our presort rfflcleocy or* node, tbeo out u> (ipralul, T?l?roQ?, ???y-al? I boat* public ripect k> kr?r of demooouotloa. T1U tbeo wo OiiMt wail?U*e irnjf can't tlM to bo eol to fUo?, tbc oovy to oo demoiubtd, alaaply ! rc*f?iBM to the howl for bi??4 wbicb rt>f? out, by?uo-ltbe, irom Koatloaaeo who IkM bio 4r bb'tire io tue aocuro ret/#ot ?>f tbc ?t?? ?c lb tbo Wi-fdy arena of 1?K taiouve boils. LO\ KCOLLtS * CO, WHO LBS ALB GROCERS, MfW'v' "i" V?X bad 116 E etieot, Wukiactoa, 0. C . (sUr WtHoHa' ilobLj ilortbg rtbrtod b branch of our .n aw v?r* . Vitattl ia ta:? rt:j, wa inviu Lm.Urt Ur**rt, U*9l to call aid tx > wn.oh ia vali usoitad tad MiriMimtiobIi *f Ik* best ??dty. W Uk? i* Jara fv ma Hunt ia oaf Uat. aa. raaantt tkaa J prvmttlj. , /(J q H . BOTTKM 8 HrTTItlim r?- _ , ? t > aao'ct GodMa bBtrv. h??* Mo?T?d *ud , Jfe i u*eap a? . ^ ; * * "f _ ii w. <* 4 w i ICE AVID WOCNMS MUtKRI IN HOSPITAL. NMlM i? c?form<tf with U( rttohm>tm / IU 8*nAtt cf July 18, 1681. At 8*min?rf Qtorgtiovm, Jan 17 4d U. 9. Iafrntnr 13|*th Penn.Volunteen . 1 let do Artillery.... 1 49*b do do 1 2d do do 1 52<t do do 2 3d do do 3 57th do do 11 4th do do 1 71 at do do 1 5*taVermontVolnnteeri 1 l?t do Reaerve.... 1 1st do Cavalry... 1 3d do do...... 1 lot Rhode Island Art. 2 6th do do. ..(a) 1 4th do do.. 1 11th do do 2 8th do Bat. 1 lit do Rtflea 4 th N flampahlreVol. 6 Uth do Cavalry.... S 17th New York Vol... 3 lat do Artillery... 4 Kd do do ... 1 4th Michigan Vol 1 ?rtl> An. An a 1 I VV! U.i i X)d do do.... 1 5th do do.... 1 36th do do.... 1 9th do do.... 3 53th do do.... 1 5th Eice!?lnr Brt^idt. 1 6'M do do.... ljCtnifroiiRiflM 1 64th do do.... 5 WeClHlan'sDragoons 4 ?9<h do do 10iIrish Brigade .-.9 id New York Cavalry. 3 5?d D C Volunteers.. 9 8th do do.... 9 7th MaineVolunteers. 9 4th do Rifles.. 1 U. !4. Slenal Corps ... 2 Pth Penn. Volunteers. 1 Hospital Department. 1 9th do do,.,... 1 ?? STth do do 5 Total 121 35th do do 1 (a) One of&cer At General Horpital, Union Hotel, comcr Bridge and Watktngton ifmti, Georgetown, Jan 17. 5th New York Vol... 111st New Jersey Vol... 1 l<th do do.... 5|5th do do.... 1 ,18th do do.... l;9th do do.... 1 3*1 do do.... lld'h do do.... I Xth do do.... I!-<M Michigan Vol 4 d do do.... a|4th do do...... 1 35th do do.... 1 2dWisconsindo 3 37th do do.... 1 5th do do 3 43d do do.... 2 t?t California do 2 14'h do do.... 2 1 at Excelsior Brigade. 3 50th do do.... 3 2d do do.... 1 52d do da.... 1 Id do do.... 3 54th do do.... 2 5th do do.... 3 5<Uh do do.... 2 (at Maryland Vol 1 5*-th do do.... 1 lat Indiana Rifles .... 1 64th do do.... i Stockton's Micb. Vol. 4 <*<5th do do 11 Knlh 1 'id Penn. Volunteers. 2 New York Rjtlen 1 4th A? dr, 2 Kanr'i Kia-s 15 6 h do do ) Oaonerrn Rifles ...... 2 7th do do...... 2 ut Penn. Cavalry.... 1 -<th do do 1 2d do do 1 Uth do do...... 2 4'h do do....... 1 12th do do...... l 5th do do ...... 2 23d do \ do...... 1 6!h do do ...... 1 35th do do...... 2 Harris' Light C?v*!ry 4 4<>th do do...... 1 4th Rhode Iiland Art. 1 i>'id do do...... 4 2d U- S. Artillery 1 5?th do do...... 4 4th do do 2 I04Q> do do 1 5th do do 1 id Maine Volunteers.. 1 tat New York Artillery 2 7th do do...... 4 Mott'a Battery 1 'id WrmontVolumeen < Stone fl eld's Artillery. 1 3d do do 2 * 5th do do 1 Total ....133 i< /,. if ?w. . - A' ou?7MW CM Mhiraon* I omtl, VTaMlMf rem. Jaw 17 4th U 8. Cavalry 1 Cnmfnn Drsgconi... 5 5th do do 1 tit NirwJerieyr>vnljy 2 ftth do do 1 Wd do Vol.... 1 31 do Infntry.... 1 3d do do.... 1 ?d Maine\olunteeri.. lietta do do.... 1 7?h do do...... liut reun. Artillery.... 2 lltb do do - ;?h do Cava'rv 1 5*h N Hampib'T" Voi i 8:h do do 1 'id Vermont Volunteers litjt do VolnnWrs . 2 5?h do do.... l|2d do do 1 I?th M8?8ac.hnwtt*Vol ljld do do 5 l?t Rhode Island Art . 1 5 h do do 1 4th do Vol. 3|Sth do do 1 l?t New York Artillery i|l3th do do 1 -M do do.. 1 j27th do do 2 Rccket Battalion Ij3lat do do 1 ; I st New York Cavalry. Ii52d do do 11 2d do do.... 4157 h do do 1 31 do d<>.... I Ortrh do do.;.... 1 th do do....21..0ltDdo do 1 ?*rr!s Cavalry ?'*lifornla V I 2 >7?b New York Vol... 6 ?th Illinois Cavalry... 3 ' id do do.... 2.2d Wisconsin Vol... 3 3t>*n do do.... llsth do do.. . 1 A A AA Uiv -? - r?*u uu UU. . . ?HIU UU 00. . .. I 41 h do do.... 1 1st Minnesota Vol 1 .'S'h do do.... 4,id Michigan Vol 3 6-id do do.... lj^Jd do do 'i 0ith do do 2 4th do do 2 77th do do (a) 7 -th do do *2 [ 1st Excelsior Brigade. 1 Stockton's Mich. Vol. I 2d do do.... 1 De Kalb N. Y. Vol ... 1 Total 163 McClcllan's Dragoons 5 (a) One officer. At Omtrai Horpital, {CirtU,) Washington, Jan 17. Engineers 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 1st L' S. Cavalry .... 5 3d do do 1 id do do Id 1th do do 1 4th do do 4 2d Prnn. Volunteers . 1 5th do do 1 15th do do I 6th do do 3 49tb do do 3 2d do Artillery.... l!61th New Vor* Vol... 1 3d do do. 1 Cameron Draeoons... 1 5th do do 2{?d NewVorkVo! I 1st do Infantry 1 21 do Cavalry. 1 2d do do 9 Sturtrls Rifle* 1 "Jd do do 7 151b New York Vol ... 1 4th do do 4 9th do do.... 1 6th do do 12 i"id do do.... 2 6th do do 2,-4 th do do.... 1 10th do do 4.7th Maine Volunteer!. 3 1st D C. Volunteer* .. 1 ? Stb N Hampshire Vol. 8] Total 94 At St. Eli*ab?th Hospital, Eastern Branch, Jan 17 4th Excelsior Brigade. 3 1st Penn Reserve.... 1 2d do do.... Ififtth do Volunteer*. 1 1st do do ... 1 Excelsior Artillery Vol 6 53d Penn Volunteers .11 V2d Penn Vo'.un'eers. 4 8th New York Vol... 1 41st New York Vol... i 29th do do,... 1 i5th Penn Volunteer*. 1 Cimeron Rifles. 2|2d New York Cavalry- 2 35 th Penn Volunteer. l|8th do do.... 1 5th Vermont Volunteer* 5'57th do Vol 1 Rrtekel'a Art. Bitt. .. U 6tth do do 16 i>9th New York Vol... 1 6th N. Hampshire Vol 4 rid do do.... 1 ? 3fth Penn Volunteer*. 2 Total ~3 At Fifth. Dittrxet School House Hospital, Branch / Otntral Hospital on E strut, Jan 17. 6?d New York Vol... 2|4'h U S Cavalry 1 Tfth do do.... 11Cameron Dragoon* ... 1 w?K Dkiul. I.1..J D-* " w*u ?uv?c iomiiu dbi, t utio tavaixyj (unit) 1 5tb do Vol. 1 ? Sft U. 8. Cavalry 1 Total 10 fhtk rtmaining in tk? Hospital ft* Eruptiv* Diteatet, at Ralorama. Jan. 17. MU I1 fantry 51 N V Rock' t Bntlalton 1 4th do Cavalry U 4ts Prnn Cavalrv..(a) 1 5tb do do 5 Uth do Vblunt' ?(6) 1 8 b do do........ 3 '5tU do do 1 7th Maine Voluoteera. 3 o-'d do do 5 11th do do.... 3 *?5?h do do...... 1 VermontVolunt?*r? 1 jO^th do do 2 14th Maaaaebaarta Vol. 1'104 b do do 4 lat.New York ArtllWy 6!l?t Mlcblean Cavalry. 1 2d do Cavalry. 8l I9ih Indiana Vol ft 13th do Vol2|Stur?U Rifle#..1 4llh do do !J H-riUn *barp?bcot<-r?. 1 5oth do do...... * ^uatttruuiki'i Dep't 5 57th do do 1 67th do do 1 Total 72 (a) OfflCCT'a truant. (6) Offl er'i aerr'anY.* At Otmtral Hospital, AUiandria, Jan 17. ?4 U. 8. Artillery.... 3 Mth Penn. Volunteer*. 2 5th do do........ 3 loth do do 1 ad do Iaiantry.... i 15th do do 3 34 do d* 1 l#ih do de .. . 5 4th do do 3 VJi do do ... 19 10th do do 1 3d do do . 1 1? do Cavalry 1 -31 do do . . 1 *1* do do 1 **h do do".... a 1 MKh do do 3 Otto do do 1 'jyth do do VJi Engineer. 1 l<* bd. SoW.V.aI ^ bJS y Mil... 5 54th do Fire Zouaves 1 tp f!II,h do Cavalry .... e *i'V Flra *outtV? 1 I.t do Artillery ... 1 ^ Infantry.... 3 l?h do do.... ?|i*t Michigan Vol \ 18th do do...* v | id do do 15 Iflth do do.... ?|m do do^ 0 J? do do.... 2t?th do do...... 7 |5th do do.... 8 id **<usacuuartta Vol *17 Wth do f0""!?!!4.1* 4? do*- 7 ?'?? uu ud, . .<ci m ao nat . i SWb do do.... 3 id Maine Volunteers. 9 Win do do.... S|Jd do do 3 3IM do do.... 11 Ub do do 3 35td do do.... 4|5tb do do * 314 do do.... 11 lit Rhode Island Bat . 1 37th do do.... 3 Stb do do 1 *<th do do.... 3 (tb do Vol.. 0 8lb do do.... 1 8th do Art.. * lb do do.... 4 1? NfwJrrwrVnt ... l 44 th do do.... 1 4Tb do *4tb do do.... 1 Sib do do.... 6 37th do * do.... BUti Connecticut Vol .. 1 tti4t do do.... 115th do do...II Ml do , do.... l|ttb Verm oat Vol 10 oo'.n ao ao.... Hiftth IN Uampabtr^ Voi. 14 (Jy?h do do.... l ?7tb Indiana Vol..... 13 Tv^b do do.... ljud Wiacooiln Vol.... 7 fit New York Artillery 1 5th do do 4 3d do 1 6th do do 13 la4 ?4m Oaralry. 8 lat do do 1 8tQ do do.... 1 lat Minnesota Vol l Ut Poaa. RmrT* .... 1 9 h Illtnola Cavalry...90 3d do Voiua?or?" . 1 Lincoln Cavalry...... 1 5th do do t Cameron Dragoon*... 1 "tit Pena. Volnatoora. * Cameron Rifles....... 1 tj h dn do 6 Quartermaster'a *cai It d ' An .... I pluvtxa 8 i> h 4o do...... 1 ? ltd 4* do...... 9 Total.... Ut ( I i ?H * - . At.'ktJ \ lt. ? - ?. V Oft At Indian* Hotjntnl (Pnunt OffUt), Wntkinftm, D. C-, /m 17 19th Indiana Vol 91 53d Penn Volunteers. 9 1st Berdan Sharpa'rs..Sl 4th Rhode laland Vol. 1 2d do do 14 11th Main* Volunteers I l?t Mich lean Cavalry. 5 Sturm/el's Light Art. 1 7th New York Cavai-v 9 ? 9th do do... 3 Total.............9* l?t do Artillery 4 IT^ Washington paper* please copv and send bills to the War Department. Ja 24?3t IVOTICK TO WATCHMAKERS, JEWELil LERS, AND PcDLARS. f. A J. MYKRS. of 90 Wa*hincton street, Boston, sen*! their Branch offioe, Koum No. Irt Washington Building. Pa. avenue, on Tuesday, December 31at. with * large J. stork or Watches, Jewelry. Witoh Mate OWN* rials, *o.,at ?he lowest wholes^li-prioes. Watch work don? for the trad*. PositivbLT no Goods Fold o? Woei t.m? tr kmii. tuyim* M. I. FRANKLIN, ? SCIENTIFIC ? PRACTICAL OPTiClAIf, St* feuj'aav., north side,) bet. 12th ana isth sis. 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'I hvy kwi c rst?ijt!i on hand fine PHI '.A DELPHIA CKEAM aI.E in ket* ana bottles, for ha s o-lamil j usn The pihlle in general are requested t > e.iv(< tnem a call a..d examine their splendid stock o' g"- rfs. * S WKR'HF.IMER 4 CO, 462 and 464 rteven'h street, 'rte21-Sm oop". Pout t iffiee. Oysters! Oysters! fHEOVERLAVOOVfTftR EXPRESS COMPANY Stt'l continue f> receive dai y those famous p'ant*d PATt XEVf R1 VEK OYr*TKKS. KAS'au ants and private f?m:!ie?fl^^ / _ J would d ? w<mI to ?-a'f a~d ?ry th-m. w^llJBp Those <>v*ters&re sold *> hours after ^SjkJF they come from the water. \?jT "f&je No. 49 Market Sp&oe, below the Avenue H'-ase. ji?-3nn CHEESE! CHEESE!! CHEESE!!! I LIQUORS. TOBACCO, CIGARS, NTTS, RAISINS. CRACKERS. >.L -in htnd aad for sale cheap by I K. B. HASTINGS A CO , S23 D *t.. facing Pa. avenue, no 2Mf Phnnarmonio Budding. WB. 8 T R O N G. JCAItrVACTC*** QF TRUNKS, HARNESS A MILITARY GOODS, 255 Pxnfl*TI.VANIA At mi. Scutk xtde, between 12?/? and 13.h struts. fTT" Troius, Harness and Military Equipraerts repaired at shortest notioe. ae 30 1 in* HP THE BILLIARD HALL. 1 HE Undesigned, having purchased from Messrs. Marr A Fisher Me HMI&rd Hal) at the oorner of Penn. avenue and Eleventh street, and refitted the s?me entirely with new cloth?, balls, A.O., IUT1W3B ma irionus am in* puDiio geaeralU to give him a cali. ja3 ?x>ln JOHN W. EARP. Philadelphia provision store, lift Pkhhbtlvahia Avxnvi, Betvten 19tk and Wtk its The undersigned, hayinc located himself u above, takes this method or informing the oitizena of the First Ward that he has opened a first-o.aes Provision Store, conducted similar to those for irhioh Philadelphia is famorm. Here oau be foun at ail times a large and fresh snapiy of POU' TRY, GAME, .KEF, MUTrOrt.Ao. I KGITtiand V ttiEYAULE^ in seasod. Particular attent'on la oalled to hia stock and prioes of BUTTER, OH EESE. Ma. Pnila-te'phia Frint Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve, Being detei mined to give me strictest attention to tie want* of hia customers, and to keej every . ?- .?. ...? u-.i ^ u? if, gnu mu m ids lo*ait market prices, he hope* to merit & a hare of pnblte na'rona***. Famine* mil h? waited opon duly for orders, if required. no IS TH()|WA!? R WTT.gQWi. Boots BOOTH!! b o o t *11! WHITEHOIJSK % ITM KLE8. 34s pa avknck axd sll O Strsxt. j (7>< Aru> Yot- W ?.aneA Wmi lf ra ! Hi-eon har.d.and are daily receiving. large lufa of cavalry and soldiers' boots and MARCHING SHOKS, " mostly of their own manufacture. to be sold at the lowefct maikM rate*. A call fro:.1 a!' dealer* solicited. Sutler* liooraiiy dealt with de M-1m* A BALMORAL SKIRTS. NEW ard choioe aaaortment of ae'.ect color* % d pal orna, inr ny atytea, not found elsewhrr*. In addition a fiue apd ample stock of all k>nd< of Foreicn and D><me??io Dry Goods in ail the departments of fanrlT w%nts. ^ o id peo.iun of st^ok incurs no obligation to pn rohase. On" p:loaonly.marked in plain Scare*: henoe. uo puroaasar u deceived. ? . , . ? PKRRY A RRO,

_ja_7-jr P?nn. av?nne ?nd Ninth ?t. LADIKS'. GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILFURNISHING GOOD8, UNDKR uAKMKf\Ta. U I.OVES, H<?SIEK>. HANDKtKl H KF81 8CAKFji TIt'8 CRAV^Ts LJNEN COUULA HHIRTO.*0 ,1VATS' v ? , THOMPSON, nnd?r'Brown'i, daSn K- A. Lake A Co.'i Marhie Hail Haiaar. ARMY GLOVES! A.U,.SiOT.D.,?,rfARMV 8W?VB8!! f. B BA8TINS-8 * CO., 3-.M l>?t,fao<ni Pa.ay., ATT1,NTm.N.SUT,.K?!.oFP,Cf.?5iND aA fofr Vm?Sftfe %*T?,*E8? manufactured clnt-rM? !-V *** ^"ylvaai* nJkr do Vl-tr H. J. r.RRflOH v. EJOIt PRINTING VERY Daaanption of JOB PRINTING re?airad by arij body?ci'.i^aa, cin 1 anctioH&riea, arm* and n?ry otToara, ntlwi, ftc.?at th?8TAR OFFICE. in aatia&otory atyla, ?t low r*t?? for Caah. no 4 tf K OFFKK TU MIUTAKV MEN ft iril Maortm??tof 6 KKV and BLUE FLJUNNKL WMWBJttla MKMttK which we jrnte all c&ah purchtaara to agamiaa oafore m&kiuc their alectiana. ___WALL, STEPHENS & HO. _ ? ?? **a. * .. netv^en9th aad 1Mb 3. i" SI flBuOllujnojf and Rsinh'ictg,) w?\^*3si^SAwi!sa&,& J/, ' rtoni with mt to pvrchM7\j JuiKIu^iL tnadiata appnoauoa, oaa bo furnished. * _~i "NV ?SB&. 0'!.f,ffiC^KeBWOOD CHlC?E?JNg . ?"e7 ooUtsfcor ?o?b4 oorntr Hal'ateala *JmM Ptauo far f?> lITlM for tale ??? e*tj Urra, at the Mn.u, St^r, ol Stte AgMe* f?r PWnwj and k.n'? ud tfria. J Baoon ft Cm.'a I'Urot. ? it DU?K TtA! R, , , BLACK TKA! M. cr^JSiSW^SSS.Viv I * eiytii vjCH? J ??& **&*.> T *? r / DBNT18TRY. DEMTIBTRV. ? . L LFVKTT fl???;ai (b'aooh of the Nttbm*nt No IS Plaoe, New York)^p^ worn d eali u?? attention to thoee who aa> MBfif n?'d hit tervroea thu tn addition to ,JJ jreat hoiitiee it ofDenatry ho ia la po-?eeeioo of a new and Important inrranon for the ina rtion of Artiftoial leeih oo th*priroi?e of Atmospheric prt*ntrt entirel-d.ll'rent fr mine old irode,and ?fcur?d by lete-a fatent (rant*' Aari] 6th. last. Thia invention ia of the areateat aloe, there being laaa plate uaed to onver the roof ot the month, atd with an inereaacd aiuoont of atrotton. The put.lio are invited to oa 1 and examine apfoim~na and oei from at ?? a most prominent an J aoiwiufio g?ntiera?n, No. 491 Tenth atreet we?t. nar I'a. ave j?l4-eolm*_ Oil. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA A VENUE, Bnwnu 9th A.KP 10TH BTt. ]a< wfrm ... j^KW AND improved invention " ARTIFICIAL CHBOPLAST1 BONE TEETH, WithoWt Mrrai. Purl on CLx?r?. DR. S. B 816 ESMOND, 910 Broadly, Yerk?vlb0 Ptnnty Irani* An MM, btlI*MM 12tk OMd I Si* III , VtltWIlM, Calls the attention of the public to the lollowing uiiuwim ui iii? improved iTSiem : 1. The Teeth of his manufacture vi 'HH never oorode aor change oolfcr by My'""'1 aoids, being three fourths ligbier than any other. L No teeth or rooU need be extraotM, aa the artificial onea oau be inaerted over them. 1 The root* will be made inoffensive, an never oaehe. ?. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent onee oan be made immediately, thereby preserving the natural expression of the face, which nnder the old ayatero is frequently disfigured. t Tbia work ha* been hilly tested over five years by many of the brat ohemiata and physicians of tina oo unt'f? Dr. ?. haa also invented a white underactive metal filiins, with whioh the moat sensitive teeth oan be filled without pain, an<1 oan build up ^ per iect. Bound tooth on any aide roots, vhioh willlaat through lifetime. The t>?alof referencea given? to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Doremns, Professor ofChenniatry, N. Y? Hon. Judge VVayue, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousands of others Call aid examine for yourself. no t 6m GAS FITTING, &c. AWM V. DOVE * CO. TS is KJ ? * m t 11 vw f i cr?rpu w aiCOlU UJ rCO* Witt V ?"' *?> ? "* r fkvor^i) in t?>? N.VMBINS, e ? S* OR STEAM FIYT1N# BUSINESS. rjT Store oq Itti ap-Mt, a lew doora north *f Pa, wane, where may be found a eoniR-ete a*sortn*nl 0! CH ANDf- UKKSwa ether SAtf, STEAM ac< WATER FT TTl'R KH l? n i? Wm AS F1XTV RES. E Hutu in alore, and are dai y reoemna, ViS FVI TORES of entirely New Pattern* and Deafpa and V iniah, aupenor >n atyie to anything heretofore Ter <d in tfiia market. We inviteoitiseoa is;.era. Ijr to aail and examine our stock cf Gas and Water Fix irea, feolmg confident that we have the teat asiected Block in Wnahingtos. Ail Work in the above un? urinated to ear ear* will be promptly atten-1^ to. MVER8 * MoiHAN. mrft-tf ?T*T> at^Mt, NOTICE. " ADAMS' EXPRESS CoMPAHY" This Company offers to the jpublio" Unequalled Advantages'' for the Saie ani Quick IMapatati of Heavr Freight* v?Jh?ki?- m~??- * - Jto., to ail p\rt? of theUnited Ptatee. Exprosses to end froid the North and Wertd?ftLTt f?-om and arrive tu Washington twioe daily, AU Expresses are i? ct&rge o 1 ucrei i*KC*d 9%d t:l>nbl* Meiwn(?ri. am Packages for Til* Soldiers earned at "onb halt" oar usual rates. All Goods for the eo-ea1!ed "Confederate Pt?te?" and all Articles " Contraband of Wer" will be l K :rvntr>. < Ou' Expresses leave New York at 1.4, and P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M anu kJO P.M. 1 Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8 SO A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at J SO P. M. and A.M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and I P. ' M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 4 30 p. to. Expresses for all points North and West leave Waaainrtoc at 7.? A. M. and 2 30 P M. daily. PpaSal Contracts for targe qnantitms of Freight can be made ou application to this < ifflce. Ah Goods called for and delivered Jrtt of Extra charges. E. W, PAR80N8, w kl . Sup't Adami' Express Compaq, , ?- 1-niinmU! J\ -nuw ?. M 8-tT I / N SOMKTHING NEW! f \ j^Ufi?^T"T|i?^oynT or^ilMJ ii D8l C nre*t, worn* xSJJr f4? Tk?a:?t. OYHTKR8 I'TKAMKD In the Shell and ThomofMr Cooked (far superior to a roast) in tkt fastut tim* on rtcord. Call and tee. The undersigned respeotfuny iclormi hie friends In the Distriot, and visitors t^ the city, that he nas ratted his old and wkll-kiiow<i bstablisuxint in a most thorough manner, has made compete arrangements to furnisn OYSTERS in an? sty e and in anr quantity 400 to 500 ga ions shuoked per day. 3 ouo to 8 0(*i oats of Spraed and K 'esh sat up daily?cans hermetically it aiea. Furnished In the shelfby the bushe or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regular! t through the winter, at Baltimore prioes, without fear of failure, rhonid oal! and make arrangements at once. Freight, tiire, and money saved by purchasing of me. as I furnish an article eeoa! to U?e oe^e! rated Baltimore establishments. 1 at prioes just as low. TO SUTLERS, Caused Meats, Lobsters, Sardinee. Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pus' F^t, Tripe, &o. Ac., Ac. Also, Piokles, Catsup, Sauces. Brandy Peaches, A*. Also, G&rr.e and Fresh Fish. Turj ties, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod, Halibut, 4 c. In faot, every thine for sale in the Northern markets always on hand, at reasonable prices. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without oharge t- any part of the Diatriot, in season, if the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from A a. m. to 13 at nieht, every cay, except Sunday, when 1 olose at 10 o'clock a. m. ; Ja8 tl T M. HARVKT. ! CM R KM EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY I WASHIN8TON AND 8EOR6ETOWN. Capital. ?800,?0?. QjfUi wnur O itriK mud Lmmuumm m? tntr Bank # ?/ f7ajAU?fS0?. IN39RE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY ! AGAINST LQ88 BY FlRK. Dillimi. eo. Shoemaker, tamue. Radforn, Samuel Oroplay, William Wilson, Kiohard J ones, John D. Barclay* Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothveil, Tno?. Parker, Ri?hard Barry. U. B. French, Dr. C. W. Dam. No oharte tor Policies. J AM ?8 ADAMS, Precidont. Al?L 8. P*vi?.S*nrotary. an ?-oo<? r|1 CARUIASES. i X HE SnbuoribeT havicj made addition* to hia factory, u.akicf^t wt one^ol the'artost^^p^j^ -..ii i'" | for manufacturing CARRIAGES and W ? I LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds cannot be tor passed, and from his lone experience ui the bnsi; cess, he hopes to give general satisfaction. j All kinds of Carnages and Ligbl Wagons kept I oa hand. i All REPAIRS neatly done, and ail erders I promptly attended to. Second hand Carnages taken in exchange fo: d*? ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE. i* 1* t* corner of f'(in,t?iwith am< W m W" ALL.STEPhfcX.* A CO.. 3U4 1'uiwrt.VANiA Avtnu, MILITARY AND NAVAL merchant Tailors. I AND HEADY-MABB CLOTHIKR9, I AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLE- MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, ! se6-if (Intel. k. Repub.t L. Towns. J. M. Towns. J. B. Towns. L. TOWERS * CO? STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, C?m*r Lmitosi *v*nut and Sixth ?U The attention of the badness oommamtr is raspeotfnllT isvI ed to the Nev Book and Job Pri^tlug Establi?bo?ent, which has been fitted as with ! new mttsrifil, n the mos' complete u.anner. Is now prepared t^?-xeeote. in a satisfactory strls. ever? i TftnetT or friulin*, vii : _ , i ttuokt..St^eohet. Pamphlet*, Card*, Clronlart, 8nt?ra' Blinks, fto .4.0. ? _ , Tk? attention of member* of CongrMt la i oial j reqa**t?d for oar futilities for prlBtiaf Sparchei,?? we have the Ur|M< attain pow?r in the oitT. de7-l*wtoi |^uora amu wo Ml* >?i Wi?r?MViurilutir;citll kind* of BOOVI WM bHOKS, And jU.EI> PK*maz ofaaateru maaa work of * 17 de-MBI 1 keretoior* ?huiM la uu* utj brauk taJerl?? KSSi la want ?i B??li m4 Bh? f| wi am m 1 r.ty in??# w ork. will flywilifij?4 inr inn i> i at tfc? liTMl iflUfc. #! *?? aaO. w. a? ?i*5?.... (JOUSHR, OOLD^, iWAMKNEaR, *?. . ffiWK g? ,'^tI45lte 1 bam wWkoviuinu^uurtiru?4 ti?tncMt c^ri^MK^S i ^.rssri?? ' Inn . H*i+sa e??pR?. ? ir^^^ESteT i .* . Mitt al> liM <wmri< tht MM fti im, M4 Mjy !Umu4f m tk* W*ii, foe all pis basics of imfevdknck. UET NO FALSE DELICACY FRETENT. affly 1mmepia1ely. A 99RE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN *ROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WulaiM af Ui Sack, Bmcuv**, i(Md?M tk? *14 f? ??d Bl*dd?r ^cv?ibcut2 OistMtf*. Unpeieecr, ?r?l D?Mlity, Wt?'imm, Dyvocyn, Uantr, CMflna ai Idtu, L?? tpnj, Pi-pusMa ?f tM lun. Ti?id?t?, TramMiaf?, Dmum* ?. Iifit ?r 8i<iim. Pi?? W tfc* 4, Thrwu, Nc?? ?r BMn, Afftctieot of ih* linn, Stm rj AP R? I??iKaaa rv ? ?~ ury Mu of Twth?tboo* BrttdfU tad 0Mu4cuTt Pr?? i ^i?teteTd,rM"n** iMfiiiii.SSTO^tSS; I young men iy?UIVy tk? Uw kiuiM u? Ticium of IMvt Two, (hot drtidfil md d??inci:?? UUt vbtck % JlwUjT to on aottiptly mtlOdtiudi of fw, Mu of tbo #oot of Ottd ttlnm uvd wntiut imolloct, *b? might athtrviM *?' ontrooeod Uiinu( Ituiui with Mi tfckdon of olo. IV" *k#4 u c*Uk*7 * ? * lyr?, h; Mil Vttk rail mthicci. makkiaoe. MillllO FUlMi, it Tnd( Mm MUail>di( Morwty apoo bti rtUl u phyoieio* * , biffs f2- 7 frederick. st. oftbood ltd. rolnf from Bolrimor* otrooc ? fiv doon froM botTior. Ml to ibiirti bono ocd iuk?i Ltmn ? . _ _ . DR johnston, MtmUt of M lml CoUon of hm?. p(v ?to from obi of lb* moot oaiiaaat Colloros io tbo Gmtod utoo, 1*4 tlM fiootor port of vbooo Uf* boo boos modi io lk* booitoli of Loodoc, Pont, Ptuiodoiabio ocd uitmri bo ofoctid Mm? of Ihi moot utoniobiof corn th*t von' o*or koo?ii; mioy troablod with nunc* to tbo bud oad o?ri vbio oiiiopi rnai oorroanooo, boiif oWrood At ddor ootwdi. b??hfBooo? vub frocaoat HaiLier, attoodod oaiumoo arttb dinofomott of aul, von cvH tanodlilllj, take particular notice. T??i4f M?n ma rJ>?rt who iu}mr?d un.-??lfN M i ..nrnwi pnEiici inauifta U1 *bm tioc*? b*bit fr*c**ta)y l#*ro? J from *?n eamp?modi, or m km, tb* ilicu of vtatc* art ntjbiJy hit *?*u ?h?o uliip, ud if Mt c?r*d. r*od*r* rairmg impo**rbl?, ted diimti kotb Bind *?? ked?, thoBld ?pp!y imfntdnulT. Th??? *r* iobi of tb* ud * id ailucMf <ftcu prodaccd k j r!t htbit* of jooth. ?tf i Wiikr.tu of lb* B*ck ud Umbo, Piiu In tb* Hud, Dimn*** of lifkt, Um of Mikmi Powtr, Pilpittlton of la* Htut, I>y?p*p*y, Nirrn* irritability, D?r?nf?m?nt of tb* Dif*au** Poccuoo*, 0*o*rmJ Dtbiluy, Symptom* of Coo*anipuoo, Ac. miktilli.-T*? foorfnl ilicu oo tb* niod ut atcl w k* dr**d*d?Lou of Mtmory, Confaotoo of Id***, D*pr***ioo of tpinw, Kril Av*r*ior of Bocioty, fclf-Diolfi*i, Lo?? of Molitad*, Timidity, *tc., u* mom of tbo *?il* Modaaod. Nmors DiiiLiTr -nnuiditu t*?|idf* wkuli lh* c&in* of tb*ir declining b*?lth, looinf tb*ir rijor, t>*c*ot/ir vfltk. nil'?- nr*r>H ui 1 ' 1~" a^aaruico'aboai iba ayat, caoffaarayiaptaaaV DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Wkon the miafvidtd and nnpradentvouryaf pleaeare fed* ko hu imbibed ux eeeda of tb>* pair.fal d?UM, it too aftaa kappene that u ill-timed (tax ofehame or dread of Iwct'irT deter* bin from appNin/ to tbaoe wSo, froa edacatiec ui reopacukiiity, can aioa* bofriaad km falta low tfca koiidi of ifsarau and deeifninf f reieoder*, vbo, lncapaei* of earit.f, fflch hit pecaniary eabeuace. keep kia tnliaj ?ouih efter mooth, or ee locr at u? unaUool Too Ua ko oklain**-, and in d?*pair lea** Bin with raised boahk to *wrk o??t oio jraltuif dtaoppoBUoaoi; ov bf U?e aao of tkat deadly potoon?M*rcary?kuua tbo cooautauooal oynmaie of tkn terriVIe Jmtit, tacb at Af tcuoi.i of tea Mean Tbroai, Baid, at in, Ac., prafreeeinr aith frlfiitfal rapidity, till death pate a Sorted :o bia droadfal fertnj ky eoadinf hirat o ikai ulaaavartd caantrr from vkaaa kaamt no trarolar rnam. DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORtiJJflO WEAKNESS AND IMPOTETTCY. By thta rreat aod internal remedy veakrete of the oirui ai? epeedily tafi< and fall rlifor rannii. rteaeaad* o7Ut t.i unTiu ana aaaurtaiaa, Ut Mat ail ktfl, u>l km liBnadiataiy raiiaaad. All impadtmanu ta Matrlaya.PhyaUai at Maatal Dtacaalllittmi, Lmi af rrNratd'i mm, limn Irrttttlmf. TrtaVliof and Waakaaaa ar Kiaaaauaa af Ua maa\ faAxral ti?u lyaaiily ccrtd. UN DORSE MR NT OF 7HB PRESS. TBI Mart TMOUtAHDl r.mni at thia Iratitatiaa wltfcta Iki laat aaaauiaao aaara, ant tha namnna impartaol 0arfiMl (fiituaoa;itfiraadki D?. Jabnalaa, vitcaaaa4 kjii rapartara af Lka fa para and many aibar aaraaoa, naucaa aJ ??lak ha?a appaarad ajrta and again kafara tha paHit, ka !1aa kia ataodiBf aa a faniiamao af ekaractar and rairaoalfclllty. ta a ia*a>act faanetaa ta tfea aluui nir lt-ia trieaemar. Prettrted fry Royal Letters Patent af England, and secured fry tke Seah af tkt EeoU d* Pkar*narit d* Parit, and tk* Imperial ColUge of Medicine, Vienna. TRIE9KMAR No. I la th?> effectual remedy tor Relax anon, prnmatouioa and Kxhacstioh ob tu 8iaThM. TRIK8EMAR No S, Completely and entirely eradicates ?J! !??? those disorder*, for which Copaiva and C a bibs bare genera It been thought an antido'e, to the r>nn of the healtn of a vmi portion of the populaTRIF.SEMAR No S. Is the crest and sur* rr*My of tM emltMd wnr'd for al! impantirs of th? well as roooada-y symptoms, obviaurg the destmcUve aae of Merou-y. a* we!! as or he d- leterious inftiienU. and which all the S*rwi.F&r;!!a u> the world cannot rem ve Tatars* k Nm l,S and S are alike devoid of taste or smeh. xitC of ai: nauseating qualities. The; are in tne firm of a icaesge, ana may lie or the toilet tabie witnout their as* bei&g suspected. So!d in tin oaaes at 93 each, or fonr 93 oases m one for 99, and in 9? oa#*s, thns saving 9?- as admiM?tered by Vatpeaa. Laiieroaad, Roux-*0., *0. Whnerale and retai by DR. H. A. BARROW. 194 Bleeoker street, (4 doors from MaoDougal street). New York. Immediately en receipt of remitfanoe. Dr. Utiiow will forward Tri?remar to any >art of tne worid. aaoarely pao k e.j nd add resaed aooording to the inatr ncUons of the w iter. Fublinh'd alao by DR HARROW, that popular and b-ant:fnliv illustrated medical wo'i, Uomag Fraoty. Frioe 25 oents. Trieaaaar and Boot oaa be obtained by apeoial aatuority from ft. C. FORD, Waatmgton. D. C. de 11-3m LEA * PKRBINI' nsT.sisitat> Worcestershire Sauce. Proaoanaed by MJ EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS H| Of a Letter fro*a to be the II Rl u Madras " ONLY eOOD^V BAUCK." ."11 J * wortMttr. SBg - i-.ii Ri'j-'Trvkbv ?' that their 8mmcs EVE*Y is hiet;'t e.teeraed | _ ib lncia, and is, IB VAJIIETY myoaitnon.UisawBl MMXaM ^?bbi?,sinllH or dish. Ths above 8AUCE is mot onif tba uit and most ronui cotdim ij?t known, bat the most kconom. teal, as a few drops in Smv. Gravy, or vitb Fuk. hot aod oold, B**f St*+k, G*wu, #?.. impart an exquisite Best, whioh w*prm*i?Ud Baaoe man- | oftotarers have in rain endeavored to wm**U. On the BrtaMfasi, Lrnntkton, Di?mmt, or Sufpm TahU, a oraet containing "LEA * PEBR1N8' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispenaa- I Ma. To appreciate tba tzetlUmt ?mmlitui of tbis d*Ueiout preparation it is onij neoessary to pnrchaaa I a am<ll bott;a of the gmmmmof a rMfMt?ui? fro- | oer or ar, aa many Hoiti and KumwH pro prietora *? dow pi&M the Pwrt (tw Wore thair gueata. Dot auhatitutc a f ecaina BottU filled mtk a trurxtmt mixture. For sale by 6 rooara and Fruitarara ?Tetyvk*r?. JOHN DUNCAN A SO*8, Dniom Sfuart mud litk strut, Htm Vark, Sol* Wholsaale Aceata for the United Statee. A Stock a vari ia tore ?Also orders reoaivad for dir?ot ahipracLta from England. gyjnwn if Ctmmitrftut mmd *??-! y.*o TOP HAM'S ^12 MANUFACTORY, 499 BlVOTI bum, WAiHIMMm D. C, aim, Medal Mwo^llt^aalyii^InaCtata, WoJd Box, ud At Ltm Pne**. Ma)wi of Concmiland trovelera will ^iw ?rtSkS*th?t aromode la o^or"oiUyi. Bnftirtm Leatner aad Drw Traafc* aad* to * TTmoka oowod aad njtond at afc?rt MbN. oodadoliToredFmofaaarcttoaa^artai IM Aiyga-g,TOr.A?. p5^i SfeyBrusL*- * " IB CABB NOTICE. IN OoiMtiMM of ov unii I* pa* ? ! for mn trbal* of tpo<? ara tarafca?t y m fcnw lo fmim oar bartnito Caak oxalaairaly, for tk? > ^fsnvKaz?*'*"" - niaav * ?" ? TRAVELLERS* DIRECTOBT. p*"""1* *** r,?" WlIITtt tCBMDVLt. jSS^SSaSS4"1? m^sesgxiaaist^ ? rive ?( nnnon ?JR a. t*fcu?4e put J lLwi??u2Mw? 1M a.m. AMV??t Ba2tli&or?fcJTjt m. If? wton a- Mnj? %t MnortlU f. Pfin?dolpM? S^ii^,^?srfnLZ'ft!sa lRrtinj Et?i ? I eon wmktnrtoa i ?. *. Amve ?f BaJnaorp (.is p. ?.; P)utM?<?u* Nil p. .; Nev York ??. hu H*rn?b*ri l i.1. On Sanely* ?t 3 06?i.d 5 r _*. ob1?. The 6 p. m. tmn from wmfeinctoa ?ouwtt tkroach to New York every toy 4an*| the wilt. L~. rStVa^I^^EV turn .. \?r'?ve New York M *. aw PMiarfolPta* lUi r i^BitMr* ia? A. h. Amu rtwuCactot til Lea** M# w Tort it V r. a.; nmyipM I J* a m, BalUaoial Jft A,.m. ArrlrmiTWiEkSimtmm JSA.K. AoooEimodattea Train* Mr? iU uoon at I a udf r . . for WukacttB, irrmftw al II A. m. ud 7 r. H. OoMmMiiMUlMdMI i.K.oal|< Patwuer Trains .sat ag Wituatm all# A. *. Aud w? r. *, and DAiiiHior# Atvfta. * And 4J? r. u , mak# dirwt oo&moaoc* for Anaapohi At tb* Tt?i'm?1mt? in?>pn n fni If tflnf ?iitl Wi4iMton at MB a. x. Aad 2AB f, PiueniN Train* leATiag WMtUaftoa ktUlA, M..n A M Ara( T.U.. ?n<i Ua timors At ?JB Aad 7J5 a. st , And 3S> r. will nm mltmt i??ynu Jimetto* mmd VtimnflM (Julm WAV PAHNfMI nut lAk? U* iWIWII^WlW Trains cAi| Traits will l?av* Waakingtoa aad BaltiaMr* rrommi WM card IMM. W. r. SMITH. d* 17 Master of Tri???f nan. Bak i?ea]. Til [1M? Peuniylyania Central Railroad, (wit* Its connect on) 18 A FIEBT C LAM! lOCTK TO ALL THE WKflTIN CITIES SPEED, t At ETY AND COMPORT! 8tone ballasted and FREE FROM DUST! BAOOAQK CHECKED THROUGH FRCM BAuTiMORK? TE1II TATLT TKAtKI T*OW PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBTRGH ! Tw o than mtkinf CLOU COX5BCTIOR* AT BiftUUCW With tr?iaa OB tje NORTHERN CENTK AL RAIL ROAD. nod forminc THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE raoM WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to aU p< lata in ?be WMT. NOBTB-WB?T AlkB ^OITl-WBT IT^Kor Thro if li Tiok?u, MP'T the Office of the Northern ' eaual k*l R< v: Con pa.- *, Calvert r>Utioo, lUitimoie Splmdid Slromng Cart on mil Train* Smoitng Saloon Cart on mil Trains FROM WASHINGTON. Pmw; *er? w<>i t\k* 'he 6 a. m aoo t p. m. trues. a rmaK ia BaJ' latere at 7.80 a. m. awl 6M|. m.. wiiexe c.oas,eeton? are s.a e with irai oa oa th? NortherL Centra. K R.,a< d arrive in Hmrtabarg at i p. m and ltti a, theie oour,*cUi.? with the traisa on the PtDMy.vaxaa Casual Railroad for aii parte of tha waet. FftBMIIt. Bj thia route, fren1 u of ail (iNor.^uxi aaa ha forwarded tu aad ?r<>m ai j pw?a' oa the Railroad* of Ohio, K?<taok?, 'n^tana. l.liaom. Wieouaain. lo?a,or Mteeosn. bw tin*<r0+4 dt'tct Toefenna; ran aCectral Mailroada'aae nneota at Fittaburc ?i'k wh ah 6 forwarded to any pert oa UmOhio, Matkisfsm, sn'uck*. I canaaaea. Cssb> riaadL Itlino e Mmteaipp , WiMonun, Miae^ari, Kaaeaa, \rkat.aae, ana Red Rivera; aad at ClcTi,aaa. tmndtur and C?'ca*o with 1 learner* to al Norihw*?terc t akaa. Merchant* aad chipper* ent'oet ni the transportation ?f their Freight tothia Company, oa~ :aly With ooctd*Doe on ita -paedy t aui'. THIS RaTfe* UF F*hloH r to aad froan aiy po nt in the Wast, by tKa habsapkania C ntrai hiuroati. are al all timu a* f-voreblt as art tkarrtd by etktr Haxlroad Cew.panitf _ Cr B? pa. neaiar to mark package* "ru Pwi. Cbat&al a K." MaG&AW * SOONB. Pnlrkt ? 1 *1 _ _ No. 00 North BS1U TMiti ENOCH LEWJS, trae'l Superiat'l, A>'00na, Pa. L L. H1UPT G*c' Ticket Aft. Pin Adelehia. H. H ttUlSru.\,6eo'. Freight Agent. Phi.adelphl* j> 4-dly J^UhTHtKN ChNKAL RAILWAY. Hi Skorttil, Quietest ?d B**t Kmmtt frmm B?IH WEST. NORTH*ANli NOJITHWE8T. CmAjlAB or A 1MB. On aad titer SUNDAY. *th November, P?m er Tr?mi will irnri and depart from C*.r*rt Station M fallows : Tiuri NOITI Lbatb Mail ft Buffalo Expreet I p. ia. Pkrktoc Aooonmodatioa 4 ?. m. rittabarg and Ha-mburg Express (JO p. mTaum Borra Aaairx Park toe AaaoaimoaatioL at I a m Pnfialo Kxpros* I? a. m j^iUebturg and Uamsbnrg Ex prate The n, m. train from Washington oocneota with tb? tJD a. m. train from Rammore for uS Writ and for Buffalo, E inure Roche>tnr, Daaknki Cataaalgaa and Niagara Fal>s, ana for New York oit> The 21 a. m. train from Waafcing'oa eoareots with the 3 . m train fi< a Raibaore ta Wml Northa- d !N orthwest and 1 Imira and Buffalo ana Sifter*". fisfSS^i-riES IpawKvsP ' " * WS- ' ? i^Th ? Sfi' ErrlT1** * Bkitlmort on P?n4*y ?L3?S'm-ta*a- JA.&. C Ci.AM Kk.. _ao? 1; Baptruitnirt. Ta* P^iiliu^ ^,? **AVtLK*S. "sa."onro?)to b? rewwiceo, 0& ate ifttxAHwui fl*g f . i?u,?rj mired lately aJftrr the arrive o# ""** ?? ""? >? *Utr M. M. ff*l.lfM| SHffiSSKBE And ewj a*turd*j,Uboo*,from P??rMTSWl* I l"W __ . . ?mi or liMUL First c*bia_. _ ? j SsiEEEEj JHKjSSSifBK Or to Q. A. BERIN?.A4aiu1&x?ma jtafcmor*. pLg.- ?* iw? r? T- . .!? *? NWIN V* Im Tin oramoc ru r?% ?? >WKKOritwiw 3nrJ^^k%!i taa. i* IMMIJI iyi?iii?p >iim vHk n?i jb?Mtoii by w ill*? Mil, vbw 1 * ?.**#??' *"'M?* fcrlwiw MtjwiMliitfctnw Miu ci?dHb<''i ?t frt>o?t n 4. frji z as F??S??ar

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