Newspaper of Evening Star, January 28, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 28, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Cu a07thla? be more perfect than thlr? The D?rtk-b'i. T TlOU HOOB We wat-ked b??r breathing through the night, Hot breath)na ?"ft a?>rt low. At in her brevet ?he wave of Ufa Krpt heaving to and fro. fee fllently w- eeem^ to apeak, ~ -1 - ?I ? ?^..^4 OU ilWWiy II'W'TM BWM', Aa we bad lrnt her half oar power To eke her 11 vh g out. Our very bopeebeltdour fears, Our feara ^tir bo * ? bvKed? TV? tbon^Ltber dying wb?-i> the alept. And sleeping when ate died. Tot wh^n the rrorn came dim and sad. And < hill v ith early ahuwera, Bar quiet eyelids closed?she had Another morn thin oura RRKPARATUW OP FOOD FOR IRTALIDI. One of tbe loveliest aooomplisbmenta of a lady t? to understand how to make the invalid in her family comfortable. Food prepared by the kind band of a wife, mother, sister, friend, baa a tweeter relish than tbe mere ingredients ean give, and a restorative power which money aancot purchase. These receipts will enable the watohful attendant to vary the food aa choice or symptoms may render expedient. Jellies a.J ___* W.rvtW* t U a uu utrai ui uvus, uoi wnu iuo vflnvua kind* of farinaeeous food, are the lightest on the atomaob, aa well as. generally, the moat nutritious for an invalid Milk preparations are useful when the lungs are weak. Food that the stomach can digest without distressing the patient is the kind that gives actual strength. To Mix GruM ?Mix a dessertspoonful of fine oatmeal or paten: groats in two of cold water, add a pint of boiling water, and boil it ten minutes, keeping it stirred. Or: Boil a quarter of a pint of groat* in a an art of water for about two hours, and strain trough a sieve. Stir into tb? gruel a small piece of butter, and some sugar, nutmeg or ginger, grated; or, If it be not sweetened, add a email pinch of salt. Indian Mtal Gruel.?Sift the Indian meal through a fioe sieve; wet two spoonfuls ot this meal with cold water, and beat it till there are do lumps; then stir ft into a pint and a half of boiling water, and let it boil half an hour, stirring it all the time Season it as liked best. Barley Gnttl ?Wash four oqeccs of pearl barley. boil it in two quarts of water with a tick of cinnamon till reduced to a qua-t; train and return it into the saucepan with sugar and three-fourths of a pint of port wine, or the ?sm? quantity of milk. Heat up, and use as wasted. F/onr Caudle.~yiix, smoothly, a tableapoonful of flour with a gill of water; set on UI? uro IU m rougepua n gill 01 DOW UlllK, sweeten it, and when it boils add the flour and water; firnonor nod stir the La together for a quarter of an hour. Wkit* Caudle.?Make the gruel as above, strain through a sieve, and stir it till cold. When to be used, sweeten it to taste, grate in ome nu'meg. and add a little white wine; a little lemon-peel orj'ifce is sometimes added. The yolk of an egg, well beaten, may likewise be stirred in when the gruel is boiling. Affairs at Columbus. The Cairo correspondent of the Louisville Journal gives the following description of the rebel fortifications on the Mississippi, gleaned fM. * -?r .1 n?? " uvui uwoicia nuiu iue v/omeaerace army : The camber of troops said and believed to be located in Columb js is about 40 000, most of whom are well armed, especially the Tencesarean* To the rear of tlie town, on the hill, surrounding the breastworks outside of the fortifications are three rows of rifle pita, the timber arvnnd which has been felled to (revent the near approach of artillery. The reaatworks are about twelve feet in height and on the outride ia a ditch ten feet wide and of the aame depth; on these breastworks are niosnted eighty guns of different calibre, ranging from 28 to 32-poundera, many of which are rifled. On the lower part of these works there Is a battery of light artillery; beyend this is a stoekede fort, mounting fire or six guus, and cear thia, atill lower down, there are two batteries of flying artillery, tamely, Bankbead's Tennessee battery of eight gnns, and Stewart's Point Coupee battery, twelve guns. The batteries on the bluff bearing np the ri?er are as follows:?At the upper edge of the tluff is the Continental battery, fourteen HP gaaa, ranging in ealibr* from 32 to 61-poundart, part of which are rifled; next is the battery of the Southern Artillery, of eight 32pound inn*, one of which is rifled; and a little below this again is another battery of four 32Bonndera. *Tl nf ... ?. ?i? IIUOU. AU IUQ above-mentioned batteries are masked. Standing oo tbe top of the bluff are three 128 pound rifled swivel guns. long rauge, and in front of Pulk't quarters, also poinuog up stream, are planted ihrea 32-pounders. Tied to the bank on the river is a floating battery mounting twenty gun?, ranging from 24 to 32-pounders, smooth bore. Tbis floating battery has been constructed from a dry dock, which oan be sunk to the water's edge at will, to protect it from the fire of our sans. Its machinery is enclosed ia a housing, the timber of whioh is two feet in thickness, and plated with half inch iron. The only gunboat now at Celumbus is tbe Lvfy Polk, mounting four 32-pounder guns, three being rifled. The L?dy Polk is nothing more than an ordinary river packet, with tbe exception of a protection tor tbe machinery, which is easemated and oovered with T railroad t Tw - - - * - - hub. ih oilier gunboats?McRea, Jackson, Calhoun, and Joy, the two tatter having been awd as privateers?with Hollinss battering ram, Manassas have all been sent to the Belice to guard the passes to New Orleans from the Oalf. The Ismpkor Tree. R. C. Kendall write* to the Working Farmer that this valuable tree can be as easily * cultivated in the United States as elsewhere. It is quite as hirdy in its habits as any of our apple trees. There is perhaps no reason why It should not succeed well wherever the apple tree will grow. It is indigenous to all parts of China, Japan. Formosa, Birinah, Chinese Tartary, and douiaaea even as far north as the moor country; but is found in the greatest abundaooe along the eastern coast of China, between Amoy and Shangh&e. In the districts of Kwaog-long and Fuhhien, it grows in dense forest?, the trunks attaining a site equaling that ?f any of our North American forest trees. The prinoipal market for the camphor lumber is Amoy, where I have measured boards thirty inehes in width. The camphor (rum of comma roe d >es net in any case eznde from the tree, as has been so generally supposed, but is obtained from the leaves, twigs and smaller roots, by distillation. Like all other highly aroaiatio seeds, those of the Lauras Camphor* vary soon lose their vitality, and it is doubiful If they would germinate after tbe lapse of time requisite to brine th?m ?? ?k;? ? *? 1?* -- m ? ra.. uvuutlj, uut tl the tree iteelf U ao tenaok>ua of lifo. that to kill ia a aeini-impoeeibility, aid u fine healthy Slaata are alwaja roadilj obtainable at lloog [oag or Amoy, there woald be no difficalty in lntrodaoiog them here. LOVEuL, COLLES* CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, M Proat etreet. New York. and >10 E etreat, W ashinfton, D. C.. (near WUlarda' Bote!./ Having etartad a branch of oar New York eatabliatuMat ia Uia ei j, we iavita fmlrrt. fHottrs, Mummamtrmr*. and Metal f?#pri, to eall and ex mine oar ato k. which la welJ aaeorted and aaa^naad ef goods ?*f Ue beet quality. We take orters for anv tniag ia oar line, aad eseaate them ?n?? pl y/ iantf wjll cues ! ?a p*?otC? if >.xtr^Hr* r?*<-> rt*nii ad will not tern iJm moatdahw* oon'^99^ button iiaMiii^Mnimirci, i?r T[^BAAL^BOOTBk, | - J% 1 *0 ftu tMtVMB ?U ?bifo ftU. B ' ^rr.. "^"1 I k*<* ?fcoiM 6o?h?n Bitter, JmI W0*t?4 Mtf , flpr fsj? efcWf if poM-%t xuHsnPA < v*.? Soldiers' Pay! # | THE HARNDKN E5TPRK89 COMPANY 1 Will ramit tuna of FIFTY DOLLAR* AND UNDER, : PftOM SoLDTIKa TO THBIft PAMIUIS. Ataehargaof . TWENTY FIVE CENTS. c The money should b? p.^oeu in aa ENVELOPE and ?acur?ly tealod. ? Tne fol' tddreea, limclu-itnt Pott CiV?, Stmtt; alto, itrut mnd mnhb?r, t? a largt city,) of the pernor, to whom to be eent, ' MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT Til EXPRESS FURNISHES TI1E MOST RELIABLE MEANS P9R SOLDIERS TO SEND THEIR MONEV HOME. ENVELOPES AND BTANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. | E. 8. SMITH, Agent H&rnden Express, y 3d at., second door below Pa. are., ja* 1 iri Waahington, D. C. * Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWA* D I SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any -place on the lines of their Express, Atacha-ge of twenty-five cents for any <nm not exoeedmg fifty itotlara, ar.d a pr< p<>rtior.aie additional charge to piaoea reao. ed by connecting Expreaaea. The money, whether Hold or Trtarary Notes, ahouid be enclosrd in an envelope and securely seal-*], and have the full ad Irea*,(Ino tiding town. Office, and S-ate; ar.d in oitic*, the atreet and J number.)of Ihe per*on to whom to be aent and tne nir.'urjt le.ihr marked thereon- Envelopes for this purpose ma* be had at our offnee. To fact ita?e prompt del very, trie charge for ramif.auce bdou!c1 be rre pa d A1HM8 EXfRES3 COMPANY. WaskiaitoH, Jan. 9,1K2. jaiMin FAIRBANK'S STANDARD atiALES. TOR SALK BT J. P. BARTHOLOW. Sole A??nt, Hardvare k Agricultural Warehouse, , 559 Seventh Street, Bttvettn Pennsylvania avenue and tht Canal, opposite e&st CLd of Centre Market. pROPOSALS Foil STAMPED ENVELOPES. ? Post Offick Dxpartjckst, Jan. 13, 1882. Sxalxd Proposal.? will be reoeived until 3 p. m. on the 3th day oi February, 1862, Inr fnrnishing all ' he "Stamped Kcvelopee." "Letter She*t* and ' E nvelopes combined,'' ard "Newspaper Wrap- ? pers " which this Department m%y require, du- 1 r:ng a period of four yearn, commencing 1st April, . 18&, viz: STAMPED KNVEr.MPES. No. 1, or note s.ze, by <5? inches, of white ' paper. * ixo 2. or letter eiz?.S1? by bX toohes, and extra lett-r uze. 3S ty 61f inches, of white, buff, or or?am-co ored pa>fr, or m saoh proportions of eith?t as may be required. No. 3 or officii s xe 37i by ?*? inches, of the *ame co or? as No. 2. ai d under a tike oondition as to the proportion of eac i. No 4, r rext-a official sixi,K1 10 bv 9 4 5 inches, fi of the ?ani"? ?lor ivs No. 2, *nd unler a like oondi- f tion a? f? the ernpnition of eaoh. No. 1 and 2 to be emb<>?sed with the three or six l Ofnt po-ta<i stamp, No. 3 with six cent, aid No. 4 with twelve, twenty, twnty-fonr. ani forty cent t camps, a 1 of Bty:e and oolor similiar to thote now in use i l et er sheets ard stamped envelopes combined, of whit* or blue paper. Not* sheet* and s amp'd I *nv lop-s o.nn'iine^, of white or blu' pap?r, to:h s xes emt>o??e<l with the three ?e&: ^campea newaiauer wrappers not Itan than 6 by 10 2-5 ilo' 6*, an J of bi-ff paier, emho sed with the one cent po t&?? atam., or any other denomination that may F># required Propo ai? are a to invited for furnishing atraw or manii;* b ard >ox a. or othera of equal or superior } strength, for pacaiLg pare*.a ofenvelopes, ofletter he<?u ar d enve opea o m'bined, 1 Ld of new p*j>er i ?rappe<-a. o >uta nine fr- m one hundred to five huadred each, and (or wuer-procf woo len cases f r raok ing parcel of lour to twenty fi?e thousand The en* elopes ?2<1 wrappers are ?o be made in the he't manner, of paper of approved quality, ' ntLuiactured stecia. j lor the purpose, and with ? su'h water maris as the Poarmaater Gereal ma? direct. lh y mii?t be rumra'd for sealing, the f former at ;ea*t?>? 'n?hea on the p iutand o as end r of the latter; th *y inu?t be ban ed .n parcels of twen t tr five, racked without charge lor packing, and i furnished oompl?t? in a?l reapeots. r<-asy lor use J witn all reasonable dispatch, and in such auantitles as m\r be required to fill tne orders of post- ulsters, anl must be deliveiei either at the p aoe I of manufacture or ?t the Post Offion Department, J at p*e option of t ie Postmaster General, to an agent <lc y author i? d by the latter to inspect and reoeive tnem a An agent of the Department will furnish the ad- c dress for eaou pvoel, wnioh is to lu pasted on tne I box by the manu aoturer without charge i The dies for ?mbo?aing tke postage stamps on the envelopes ar.d wrappers are to beexeouted in a the best style, and tiuy are tube p ovidcd, renewed, 'J ar; krpt in or^er at tne expanse of th-? ontraot r. I Tt e Department aI?o res?*'vea theiightof requir mg new Uecomi-Miwn of stampa an . an? changes f ol the dies or ooiora wi ho?t addition*! chare-. Hiddera are exaectet t > furnisii sairtalesrf n?n?r with thel- bids of tii* quality they litercd to use in the nw. u'ar t ro of th* envelope* which tney pro- t p s^ to ?u->pIt ?n 1 aisospeoimenaofiheenveiepca a unstamp-d, and ol l.oxea. I In addition to bid* for fvmiskin* plain enrtl | op*' of ik* *ix*? ant color* above des ribed t*pa-at? prcpo*al* am invitr.d to furntfk #stirltrptJ pro t vd dwuk pitmt ditiOtvin* line.*, ( indua tng tkt P-t.p r volition ft* tk* **p<rserip ton )to suh'titw* tke plntn or untvltd *nv*lnp j, m ttkult or tn part, |! as tk* Department map elect. ' l'rop' -a i are also mviteu for devio*a other than water mark , (rj addtonai to such mark*,) 'o atT -rd (.rot-otioii axamat counterfeiting?epioi ut?ra to oa aut> it'ed. * The oontract will be awarded to 'he bidder whor* , propu>al. al'huutn it he not tue lowa?t. la eon- u side ed moat advantaceoua to the Department, takinc into acc un' the pnoe, the quail'y of tne -a itp e? and hi* euff.oei or and atu ity to ma il factnre and de iver ^nvelopea in accordance with f the t'rmsi fthiaadv*rtia'nient; a d no prop >eala 1 will be oonaidertd ucieas aooompanied by guaranri'f re cloeing a ooutrant the avooaasfal bidder may b?re?nred to pr paren*w die* an 1 submit specimen unprtasi^n* tnereof. The uae of me a P'ea-nidiea may or may not b* oonticu-d, but i o ladicai eha- ta ta tUa device if the aiampa will be | adopted. bocds a'd a onrity will be required for the faithfa! perfoiiu'.ike ot tt.o oontiaot and payments . uader it wi;l be made quaiterly. The Poatmaater ' G-nerat re*-r?e? to luwa* 1' the right to annul it t wimaevrr he ana<l di cover that the aarneorany part t'i0re< f ta t ff-sreJ for sale in the market for tne purpose of af eou.ation, an 1 ha wi 1 rot, in any caa*, *anoti >n a transfer <f the contract to any party 1 Who shall hs ! Ki? ? * ttie ori^DM tid'er or contractor. Tha ( ruht is also reserved to acnnl the contract for a I tailor* to p*rfjrm fai'.hfuiy any of ita stipulation*. 1 The nuifibar of en?a ops* of d lferaat aiiea and of wrappers i?su*d 'o Hostm<atara during tha fiscal ?war ending Ju-ean, IWI, ia fu ly act lorth in tha laa' report of the Postmaster (jaaar&l. Tra bids shou d be mirked for ' Stamped knrtlop*t and Wrappmai.d should be addrestad to th? " I hir< Asuistnnt Postmaster General, Post Office Department." M. BLAIR, jalSw4t Postseanter General. t AM LL KINDSOP KirtOy UKOCtRlfc.? AND . Batter's Goods o? d and fur aala low by BROWNING A KEATING. < da 4 Stawtf Mi Pa. avenue. near ftth at. ( TPHAM'B HAIR DVK '.-TO COLOR BLACK . U OH BROW!i!!?Only SB oanta a bo*. Three ? boxes for oua dollar. C> ray, rad or flaxes hair ean be obaacao >b a few aaoonda to a jet black or | brown, by asiof Upiiam'a Liquid Hair Dye, laa beat < and ohaapeat in tha world, prodnoiiig, tha moment it ia applied, a rioh natural appearanoe. Kaoh Box of I PHA.M'8 HAIR DVK ia wsrranUd to oootaia aa much iatr dy* as othara sail fur mu < -.old by S C. UPHAM, 311 .'.hesnut atreet, Phla- I dalphta, and . CALVERT FORD. ooraerUtjk < eto%^and Pa are ; ia Alexandria, by HKNRY I yuv? m. ^?u.. M?HQ1T JUST RBoKJ VKDThN HBL8.8. HOftlNIC'tl B^nor f'LD RYK WHI"KY, tiiht tatri J o4, warranted. Also. prita* Moaoaiahala Whi?K RATI WO. i f,aCta?d'iaM<KrM? th* tkitt? At R. A, A &?.? M ?bU$?l?9**?*r. 1 <?? Uarfar Browc'i Hot?i COLUMBIA MAEKBT. ' V/ Pa MMM. eomrr T\wt~nik ?, Tli* iaheenber vomld roost wpaottslij inform i um ntimi of Wiui?fh? tt?* to hu nunMii to hn*4 sa??tar, wnor* a?int#aJ. a first ml* Mrkat la all it* braaohsa, Mia uqms iom, Its vtu ba kayfT to grsst hi# old frieaaa aad mm feasra. ?. tf ?Overt* Mat frss ?f suargs to any part ot I CS/ar' 0. MALLAKi). >QQ JOlSSON A NAOLB, QQQ 60?7 iMPOftTXKa or WINKS. LIQUORS. H 4 IMJYJ ClOAKS, FIXE x VROCAhlhS, 4~c., 1o. IN Pk * re me, httrtn 9.h and loth atraota, Wftahingt'n, 1). 0. No. 10 Eoy?l at, DMr Kiog, Alexandria, Vft. k>I? Aaenta (or tb? SPARKLING BOCK ftad MOSELI.E WIN Kd of ?ka HookJwim Joint Stoolt Co., in Hookheim on tho KMne. Cooa'?ntl? on han-l lh"tr ce!ebrftf?1 Sparkling Hod and Mos$Ile Cabinet Wins*. ConnoiMoaraftrerMpeotfuliy invitod to giro ua k OftU. jft ? Notice to watchmakers, jewellers. and pcdlars. *.k J. MYKRS.of 90 Waehmgton stTeet,JBoeon, opened thou Branch office, Koum ** Vo. 10 Wasbingtoa Budding, Pa. avenue, M*\ >u Tuesday, December Stat, wilh a large M ittwk of W&tohea, Jewelry. Watoh Mate-dhaBl iale, *o., at (be lowest wholesale pioee. W atch rork done for the trade. Posititxlt !to Goods jold ok Won DOilK at rltail. de3(Mm* M. 1 FKAfllLIIli ~^v ^^7 SCIENTIFIC t PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 144 Penn'aav.,i north aide,) bet. 13th aud utn ata. 8PECTACI.E8 and ISYEOI-ASSES, provided nth the finest feneoopio and Pebble Lentes. and mited with utmost car* for every age, eye sight, inJ actual ooadition of the visual orcans. FIRST fcJ - -I Tfl cx^aas MILITARY FIELD-iiL ASSES, klloro*oo?ea, Compasses, and Mathemitioal Instruments, at the lowest Eastern prices, ja ?-tr Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dkalms in SWORDS, SASHKS. BELTS, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, AO. led every variety of READY-MADE CLOTHINli. At Rsasonablx Pricks. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. 9tlO - - * * x ctuubjivauta avpiiuo. oeiWPen J*J1 lintel. A Kepub.] Sth^nd loth it*. Highest price paid in gold / OR U. S. THEASVHY SOTKS of the different issue*, and Northern Currenoy. Exchange <?n the principal ctie? North pajable is gold or nurrenoT ao'd to suit purchasers. IiITTENfiOUSK.F*N r A CO., Baakera, No. 352 P?nn. avenue, la 8 lm near Brown's Hotel. SMITH A BROTHER'S PALE C K K A M ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALB, PORTER ahd NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT and HOPS, acd highly esteemed by Ihose who have used them. Purchasers are repeated to rail and examine onr superior stoos, msnred that they wil' Gad the BEST and Pl'REsT irticlea. We have at all times a large stock ready for delvery. in whole, ha f and quarter casks, suitable | tor the TRADE, HOTELS.and FAMILY USE. rhioh we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH A RROTIIER, Brewers, No. IAS A 160 West 13th si.. New York City. Orders by Mai or Expresa promptly executed. ce ?-6m | taO 8. WKRTHKlMfcR A CO. 4 4 iOa No. 4' U AND 4t>4 SBVENTH ST., rH)"* Orpotitt th? Poft i firt, Jffer their atook oi WINES, BRANDIES, GINS. KORDIALS. e?o.,also their large assortment of Ik'.UARS. LiVi'V rui.iiu r . v.MN/wwy (T t U v/vyj/o, OW?| ' or sale at Wholesale Prioes. They keep o< nstautly on hand fine PHIIjADEIj- ' 'HIA CREAM ALL) in kern and bottles, for ?ri or tamily use The piiblic in general are repeated to jive them a call ai.d examine their iplendid stock of gnoda. 8 WKRTHKIMER St CO., 46il and 464 Seventh etre??t. 21-3m oppo. Poet Office. Oyster*! Oysters I THE OVER LA NO OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Still continue to receive da: y thoa*famous planted \ATliXE.NT RIVER OV>TKFi*. ^ Rf??taurar.t* and private familieafl^fl f. 1 roald do well to oa'i ft'1'ry th?m. wlUv i Those oyitert are eoiu 3f> hour* after waw j;ey come from the wat?r. |L^ Office No. 49 Market Space, below the krenoe Hooae. i\ s-sm i CHEESE! CHBEPE!! rHVKMV "? LIQIIOR8, TOBACC??, CIGARS, NITS. RAISINS. CHACKKRS. All on hand niii! ;or win cheap by . F. B HASTINGS Sl CO , 323 D at., t&omi I'a. avenue, no 35-tf Pnilharmonio Building. IV B. 8TRONA. V* . MANCFACTPRFK OV CRUNKS, IIARNESS A MILITARY GOODS, 254 l'?NX-TI.VAMA AVtKCI, South suit, btivcttn 12M and 13:A struts, HT Trunk*, Harness and Military Equipmerts epaired at shortest notice. oe 30 1m* rlHK BILLIARD HALL. HE Undersigned, having purchased from Hessrs. Wlarr A. K.sher ttie BilT&rd Hall at the oorler of Peno. avenue and b. eveLtn street, and rented the same entirely with new cloth*, Dalls, Ac., nvites his friends and the public generalU to give lira a call. ja? eolm JOHN W. EARP. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, [ 119 P*SHSYI.VA*IA AVK!H7*, 1 Betvn 19;A and J?lA sis The undersigned, haying located himself m tbove, takes this method orinforming the oitizecs if the First Ward that he has opened a first-'- ass 'rovision Store, conducted similar to those for rhioh Philadelphia is famous. zinrs can lkj ioun" at a.: timet a tarre and fresh npply of POULTRY, GAMK. ' EEF. Ml'TrON.ko. FRUITS and VEGETABLES in seaon. Particular attention is called to hi* stock and irioea of BUTTER. CHEESE, Ao. Pnilaletphia Print Butter. Got ben and Western Reserve. Being determined to jive the strictest attention o the wants of his ouslon.ers, and to keep every rtiolo in his line of the bost * ua;it?. and sell atths ok *ft market prices, he hopes to merit a share of inblio patronage. Families viii t* waited upon datlr for orders, if e^ aired. no 16 THOM AS R WII.HON. l> O O T tt [> HOOTS!! BOOTS!!! WFITEHOUSE A ?TN( KI.FS mgU, 34S Pa AV*"ick?!?D31I '^TRin.WWl Tkt .\?tr Yvr* W.oltsale B antu /fimii.lf HI Have on hand, and ara daily receiving, Mb arse lots of CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS AND marching shoes, noatiy of their own manufacture. to be told at the ovMt market rafa. A oall from all dealera aolieited. Butlera liberally dealt with de M-lm* a _ Balmoral skirts. f*. NEW ai.d ohoto? ??? of aelect oolora w d pattern*, m^ny sty lea, not found elaewher". In addition % fine atd ample atook of ail kind' of 'ureign ard D< meatic Dry Goodain all the departnentaof lamny want*. An in peocion of at ,ck l&Curi no obligation to mrobaae. One pnoe only, marked in plain fifurea; henoe, to Burohaaar Is deceived. * PERRY A BRO, j&7-tr Penn. avnoe and Ninth at, LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AND CHIL DKEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, UNDERiARMENTS. GI.OVKS, HOSIER * . HANDIEK<'HIEPS. SCARFS. TIES, CRAVATS, ..INEN COLLARS, SHIRTS, Ao , Ac. THOMPSON, under Brown'a, da?i P.. A. lAke h. t'o.'a Marble Hall Baaiwir._ A rmy gloves! army gloves:: At the Glove Depot of f. b. hasting's a co., 3S3 D ?t . facing Pa. ay.. A TTfcNTION- HI1TI BDU ~ ~ . uuu0> urr iviili: API U a BO LI >1 hi ft 8! A large atook of CAMP 8TOVE8, manufactured ind for aale at SSI PexmajlTama avenae, near Mentor Market. H. J. BWKBORV. Ejob printing. very Description of job printing rolalrea b? any bod*?eitiaeaa, oml funcnoitariea, vrmT ana navy ofl>o?re, autlera, Ac.?e**onted at the star office, in aatiafketory low rttM for Cash. 4 tf r^ieh *we invite all caah p'urchaaara to ajuumn* Mnra Mti"t tfemr aa lac bona WALL?TKPBBNa?.~. " ^chnr^mmvu Jto & oW^r ??&"?$ ^ .^ r!?11* w*gh:i,r to Mroh&M. by in&Jc.u* im uNiwifFiiwuon,Ma Mfarnirted, ?NV jWgSj. rosewood caicKKmwg kffirtsitv&r'""" a*"-W(^ f5r ttl. ,KII w fry,. .. AUML?U> .1 RUCI TKA! D . BLACK TEA! J?? OmwlMibJtud v?5mfij>. f f' DENTISTRY. DENTISTRY. . L. LFVKTT Dentiat,(branch of the e? tabin-nt

No li W*ve l?P!i??,N?w Yoik)^?*^ woald call trie attention la t o* who ma- MSB need hi* f?rv,o? that in addition to ih^iiip great tmoi ium id operative Deitictry. ha it ib eo*?e?aion of a new and important invention for theina-rtion of Artioial Teeth on the priooip e of Atmospheric prfstar*. entire!* diff rent fr. m the old mode, ?rd tecurtd by let.e'a Patent grante April 6'h, 1858. Thia invention is of ti*e trcateat aloe, there being leia p'ate UJ?tf lo o^ver the roof of the month, ar.d with an inoreaatd amount of auction, Txe pnlilio are invited to oa 1 and examine aprc;m?na and oertift<?atee from torn of t*>e moat prominent and oirnwfio gentleman, No. 491 Tenth etreet wett. near Pa. *ve. ja 14-eolm* JLin.. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Bxtwxx* 9th and 10th 8ts. Ja4 eo&n J^EW ANjL> IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTI BONM TEETH, Withoxt Mxtal Plat* ok Clasps. OR. 3. B BIS ESMOND, 910 Bro*d%*ay, A'm York?ilb0 Pt*myl?anim A in M, buy itt 12u and 13th stt , Wat hint tern, Calls the attention of the pub'.c to the following advantages of his improved frstem: ^aBk 1. The Teeth of his inanniaoture wiliflefiB never corode nor chance ooior by any^" *1" acids, being three fourths lighter than any other. 2. No teeth or roots need he extracted, as the artificial ones can be inserted over them. S- The roots will be made inoffensive, an sever o ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent ones oan be made immediately, thereby preserving the natural expression of the face, winch ouder the oi.i system is f^nently disfigured. ft This work has t?>en fally tested ow five years by many of the first chemists and p.>iraic:ar.< of this oonntrT. Dr. S. has also invented a white nndestructive metal fi'li .c. with which the most sensitive teeth oan be filled without pain, and can bmld np a per feet, sound tooth on any side roots, whioh will last through lifetime. The best of referenoes riven?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Doremus, Professor ofCheimstry. N. Hon. Jndge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washing ion, ana ttiouaar da or others. Call ai d ?x*nnn? for yonraelf. no > 6m ~GAS FITTING, &c. Aw in v. DOVE * CO. RE Nov to ex??ate any oriora vitk ^foich ro*? H? fa?ored inth* rV?MB!N?, ?AS OR STEAM F1TTIKR BUSINESS. rr Store on tin street, ? few doors north of Pa, avenaa, where iqit m fcand a oomatate assortment of OH * N DELI FRS and otier AJS, STEAM antf WATER FIXTURES ?an i* W? AS FIXT8 RES. E Rave in store. and are dai.j receiving, ffi8 JWXriTKJfi'? of entirely Neir Patterns and DeefDa and Finish, acpenor in atjie to acythint hereto'oro I Dei fl in ttiis market. We invite citiseas reneral 1/ to sail and examine our stock of Gas and Wster Fir km,feeling confident thatws have the lost ieoted stock in Washington. All Work ir. the at>ovo Tine intrasted to osr oars 1.1 be prerrpty attended to. _ MYERS * Mo?HAI1. ir I tf 376 D street. NOTICESHMWil Ul> " ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY.** 7'his Company offers to the public" Unequalled vantages" for the Safe ana Quick nispatah of Heavy Freights, Packages, Valuables, Money, Ac. Ao., to all parts of the United States. Expreeses to and from the North and West depart from and arrive iu Washington twice dally, All Expreaaeaara |n charge of tr^tritiued *nd rtualU Messecgera. All Packages for The Boldiera carried at "onb h*lv" onr usual rates. All Goodc for the ao-oalled "Confederate State*" and all Artiolea " Contra) and of War" will be Km^io. Our Expreasea leave New York at I.?, and I P. M.^arriving in Washiagton at 6 A. M. and 1.39 fcx'presaea l^ve Philadelphia at ?.*> A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at i SO P. M, and i A. M. Expresses leave Ba.timore at 4 20 A.M. and S P. M.. arriving in \V*ahinflrft/in *.* fi a vt * *a a ?n Expresses for all points North and West leave Washington at 7.30 A. M. and 2P. M. daily. Special Contracts for >arge ^uantitins of Freight oan be ma le ol application to this ???o?. All 6oods called for and delivered Jrt? of Extra obarges. K. W. PARSONS, Sop't Adams' Express Compang. Washington. Acgnst a. Iar.l. aa ?-tf /^\ SOMETHING NEW! IjJG&iiTMT Discovery Q>\K.v4 I xFAt UM C strut, orrosiu W* v ~ tkt Tkimer. OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell ana Thorough!? Cooked (far superior to a roaet) in iirg mtRtiiM, r\e /<ut*st tim* on rrcord. Call and see. The undersigned ro?p-ctfuiiy mlorms his friends in the District, and visitors to the otty, that he has refitted his old and ffin.-isows kstablishmint m a most thorough mauu?r. and has mado complete arrangements to furmen OYSTERS in an* style and in ar.y guantity. snoto fi&i ta Ions shucked per day. 2 ooo to 3,00u cans of Spioed and Fresh f ut up daily?rane hermetically ??-a.ed. Famished nthe she! by the bushel or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore prices, without fear of failure, should call and make arrangements at onoe. Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me, aa 1 furnish an article etua to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, at prices just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clams, Strawberries. Tomatoes, Figs' F*et, Tripe, Ac. jtc.,*o. A'"o, Pickles, Catsup, Sajces, Brandy Peaohes, i.o. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. TurTl?fT*?ll>? Pl?h I f"-' ?, r ??r > * .?.? uui owii, v/"ui nanuui,ao. In fact, every thing for sale in the North*ru markets always on hand, at reasonable prioes. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without oharge to any part of tno Distriot, in season, if the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from 6 a. m. to IS at Wcbt. every day, except Sunday, when 1 close at in o'olook a. m. Ja2 tl T. M. HARVEY. J^IKEMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN, Capital 1*00,00?. QJLu iinur O ttriii mmd Lomtrimn* tut., mr BmmM *J IfMiMtim. INSVRE HOUSES ANlToTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY t IKK. Oumoiii m Hhnainlk>r D ?"*? ?cwiiiaw ivmijtn u, Samuel Cropier, Wliiiam W il son, Richard Jor.ea, John D. Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Thos. Parker, Riaiiarti Barry, B. B. Frenoh, Dr. C. W. Darn. No oharje for Policies. JAMES ADaMS, President. tin 0. Da via. Sec-wmrT. an 9 eoata 'I' CA<*U1AGES. 1 HK Subnorit>?r having made addltiets to hia factory, rrakiiij it now one ot tne lartest. jjjgyp in the District, where hi* raoilitie^HBO^gf Eir manufacturing CARRIAGES andM* M IGHT WAGONS of a!i kinda cannot be aur passed, and from bit lone experience is the business, he hopea to jive jeneral satiafoction. All kinda of Carnagea and Littt Wagona kept on hand. Alt REPAIRS neatly done, and all eraara promptly attended to. Second hand Carriages taken in exehanae for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, 4 1? tf ??rn?r of Fourteenth ?n<1 f "t? YVALL.STUrbfiJ** * Vii., it 333 Pikmtltaria Avinaa, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND HEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, se6-if iIntel, k. Hepnb.) L. Towim. J. M. Towui. J. B. Towm L. TOWEK8 & CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Comtr Lou\*\ana vtnm* mud Sixth ?(. The attention of the bn?i new oomraamty i? reapeotlnllt invited to the Nev Book and Job Printing Katabliahment, which haa been fitted up with new material, m the moat complete manner, ia now prepared to ezeonte. in aaatianotory atjrle, every arietr of Printinc, viz: tfooka. Speeohea. Pamphlets, Carda, Ciroulara, Sutiera' bl&nna,&0 .&e. The attention oi memtwra of Congmea la especially requeated for oar faeilitiee for printing Speeohea, aa we have the Imrgut ateam pow^r in the eitv. de T-laWaa Ijuun AMy vu iviv vai Wiin biv uutemrui all kinds of BOOH 1*4 SHQK3. in4 ooac!?&ti? roownu toRa k? km MI BMd lover iriNlhu in baa' JNk> ktrttoion atarfod la Quo ?ty ftrauk lafttlot *IPanoB? la wul *1 Boots aad Bioos of aaatara ?i ity iM4? work, will aiway*led a*ood aaaortaoa raguM *< ?^?w?o. W BUYS' CLOTH1N9. K H?t? rooonrod within the laat day or two a \mm?*. iLMAvtmMit A# OAVO? auntkiA ? ? 1N t", e m b rao i u? "fcU itriH of iow-yrioMlt BWdiin, I aad Id* ?aaht???, which w tn Miling ft t mj W ?n0m ?f WALL, 8TEPHKNB * CO., MS F?.??.. botwooc 9th umIIU ik m? Mnt?llnwrio?r ?nd R??nhlio>p.> ^OU?88, COLDSyH(?AH8KNK88, *?. COMPOUND SYh UP OFOXm ARABIC. This flmumt ftnd popolftr Comjh RcidmIt hfta baaa m> long boovaftnd *xteuiT?!r 9Md thftt no?t ptrto?i !!* fceooma tftauiar with lU axtrftordltmn ffioftoy. It ofto M had at all tb* pnntiy 1 tmf store*. ftt M ftcd ?A onti bottle. M 1? iltafcoXm* Too LBS. (!?^ef*t4tfm|iortwfon. ftod of ra- I forior qaftlity, jast roowjocL ~ BUKCHKLL. * 4 Vormr UU at. ftaa VmbmI ??. BX?H JOHNSTON, iiimoRi LOCK HOiriTAL, Bu Mttmtrtd 14< matt Cmtmm, Emmb am^ I/Kiwi Rrmudj tm tk4 fWM, FOR ALL DISEASE! OF IMPR VDBFVCB. IMT NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A 9 ERE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAEME IN VEOM ONE TO TWO DATE. VutaM tt 'Jkt Sack, tuietarM, tfmtw ?r ?M 8M 7* *ad Bladdar .cmMan Ducttrpt, Impwaacv, ?m ml Debility, H>t?i?iijni, Dyptpmj, Lum, CahM af Idtu, U* Sprj, fiipMUB. ar tba R?rv TWta Traakunf*, Du?m W lifitN Gi4dio?M, D?um af * Im4, T>raat, Not* ar Skin, Aftcuw, W tk* Uut, kM id tr Bcatli?th??? TamftU Diaardtn tnauig ftaia Sat |U| libiuW Y mb?Dim Dtm4M am4 DhiAiiIh hti 1KM thick niiu Mtmifi lapwtkb, 1*4 da*t??) M 1*4) u<MM. TO UNO MEN bNCltll; vh? bin ktewi tk* mua af Mtniy ft* ibat dr**dfal and 4**tr*cii?* babtt vMtk wnMll; i?M| to u ar;ira*lj rn?f tbaaaand* *t TMrg a**a ft tk* mm attkad uiieu u< tril'.nL'. miillKt, *ba >l|tv Ktirvu lt>i isiruciil Ihuoui hm < viU lb? lk?i?n W *k n? h ?Utd u iuuc; tk* Imaf lyn, map HU W nil wlitut. MAURI AVE. Makbiio raiioxi, *r Tnc| In Met* apt* day Mai rtaja, katag 1?1M af pbpocal wwhm, njult diknllj linrniiaM, 4c, *r**dil* eared. arba pliew biro** if n4tr U>? car* af Dt. i. m?j rtlif tatl; canld* in bt* baoar a* a f*ail*?aa tad aaald*aU r*!y a pan bt* (kill a* a pbyaieiau. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. i*ft band *td* rrnng fran: B? imor* iu*ai, a ? ? daar* fra* lb* c*m?r Fail nat t? *taar?a mm* *b< nak*>. Lauai aaal b* paid and ear, tain a >un|. UR JOHNSTON, M*ab*r #f ?b* Kapai C*!l*p of Barraaca, bacdaa, mA ai* fram m af ib* roa*t amuaaet CaU*f *a u> lb* tan* and tb* r*?;ti part af ?ba*? iif* ba* b**o *p*a( t lb* h**piula af Loadac, Pana, Philadelphia aad * awaari ka* *f*ct? *aro* af lb* mo*. aaioi lat.og Mr** tkai v*r ?*r knawa; man? traabUd vitk mgirrtn tk* baad an aar* aha* a*l**p; f raat ktimbihi, \*iaf alarmed < a<ld*n **auda, taafcfa.oaaa with fraqaaoi blaaaiag,* an.*una* viik dartbftictat af mod, vara aarad m dlaulj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. | Taanf M*n and attar* who ba** talarad tk*m*al?** b? rum pracuea indtilfad ia wb?n a?a habit fraaaaati laarcad from ??il eaanpaaioaa, ar at acbaal, IM alacta i tics ara niffctly (ait ?t?q vhaa aalaap, and if mi tun randan marrtafa Irapoaarbta, and daatroya Mi auad aa body, ahoald apply immadiataly. Tnaaa ar? aoma of tba aad tod malantbaly afaata pradaca by ??rlT babita of roath, via i af tba Back aa Liraba,Ftini iniii Haad, Dimnaaa afB>fhi.Loaaaf Maaca.a Favar. Pilputian of uia Hurt, Dyapapay, Naraaaa imu fciluy, Daranfamant af tba Difaauaa Faocuaaa, Slain Dability, Symptatna af Caoaamptten, kt. M UTiLLT -Tka faarfal afftcu aa tba Had ara Black t ha draadad?Loaa of Mairory, Coi.fsaiao af Idaaa, Dapraoata af ptriu, E?il roraboduifi, Aaaratoc. af aciaty, iilf-Dii tra?i. Lot* af Salitada, Timidity, ?tc., ara Mat of tba ??il pradaead. Nltfol'l DBblLlTT ?Tfcaaaanda aaa ara )adff.rbail tba cut) af thair dacltaioff haalth, loaiaf lb air ngtr, katao log waik, pal a, oaraeaa aad luaciatad, baaing a aingali appaaracca a boat tba ?ya?, caafb ar aymptama af Huib| DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. What. tb? irirmdad and imrradaal aotary af plaaaara taf ha baa imbkbad Uia aaada af tbia painfal diaaaaa, it laa afla happana that ao ill-umad aaraa of ahataa ar 4raa4 af diaeaaar dan ra hint from apply ir.g ta thoaa vba, from adacattaa aa raapacftbilily, eao atona bafrtand his. Ha falla iota lb baiida of ift onnt and daa.j <i.g pra.andara, who, locapahi af canog, llcb hia pacaoiary as! atajica, kaap hia tnlin mootb afiar month, or aa leer aa laa aiaallaai faa cu ka al, and 10 daap' ir laaaa hira with farad haaltb ta aif tin aw railing aiaappamtrntni; ar by tilt aaa *f that daarfl paiaat.?fttrcar*?haatan ilit cauttitauaaiaj aymptMna af Ibi tamtlt dittaat, tacb <ia Af actiata af tba tan. Tbraat. Hate km, *c., prafraii i f with fnjbt'al rapidny, ull daatfc pata *i;ad ta hit drtadfaT taftnnf ky taodiuf b.nn Jnu dttaatartd caantrr fram vhatt beam* La uaTalar rttarnt. DR. JOHNSONS REMEDY FOR ORGANK WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By Ifeta f lit i and impart* si raiaady w take aaa af Ua art aa art tpatdiiy cartd a;'d fa. ? f?r rtnartd. Tkaataadt a? U tat nartaat and dt?i]', vka kid laat ail aapt, aar kttn Iniatdtualy ikliatad. All tapawlntnia ta Marrlif , PkjtMai ar Maata: DUeaaJ 1I?i"ki, kni ' Pntnat 'i Fiaii, Mtrraat lrrtaWVtj Traauiir.f tad Wttkattt ar Iikiaavac af Ua mat faarfl ktad tptadilT cartd. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HB PRESS. run Mant C?andi carad at Um inautauaa viUt Ua iaat atttotaan vaara, and tat caoaaraaa impartial larr al aptrauaut f k? D(. Jahnttaa, viuttttd ky U niamii W Ua paptrt and mar.y atbar at nana, uaucta a vkitk ha?a apptarad again and again ka/art Ua paklia( ki a'.dtt kit itacdinf aa a ft nil t man af ckaractti ana rttpanal Wit?, It a taSaitnt faarastaa ta Ua afllitad. sat ll-ly T III E ? E 3VE A. R. Protected bf Royal Letterj Paten of England I and secured by the Seals of >4* Eeolt de Pkar maru dt Paris, and tki Imperial College a \i .j.?. v. TRIE8EMAR No. 1 la the rff*ctual remedy for Relaxation, 9rn matokhhcra and Exhaustion ok th* TRIE8EMAR No. 9. Completely and entirely eradicate! all trace* o thoM diaordera, for which Copaiva and Cnbeb have ceneia !v been thought au autidote, to th ruin of the health of a vui portion cf the popuia TRIESEMAR No 3, Is the great and aure remedy of th? cmliaed worli for all imparitiea of the ayatem, aa well aa aacoad ary aymptoma, obviati' g the destructor* nee c Mercury, aa veil aa other d?;etenoua ia*redienta and which all the Sarkapar.lla id the world oanno remive Tr. .-> *? k >c t 1. 2 ana 9 are alike de void of taate or anieij. of all nauaeatinc quali tie*. They are in the fo.-ni of a :os?Lge, ana ma; lie on the toiiei tabie without their uae being auai pec ted. Sold in tin caaea at fS eaoh. or four (J oaaae u one for #9, am; in caa?*. thua aavog #?. at aduiir.i-tered by Vaipeao, Lallematid.Koux. ?o. Ac. Whoesale ard retail by JJR. H. A. BAMK??w 194 Blaaclrer street, (4 doora from MaoDouga! atreet). ISew York. Immeoia'ely on receipt of remit'anoe, I>r. Kniow will forwart Tri<*semar to any ?art of ihe world, eeoareij pfiokeo.avid adureaaed aoco,a.Lg to the lutrnatioai of the writer. Pobluh-d alao by DR BARROW, that fopalai and bcantifaiiv il'nctratad medical wo'k.numai Frailty. Price i5 cent*. Trieaen ar a- d book cai be obtained by apeoial authority drom 8. C. FORI) WaahingtoD. 1). C. dtll-tm LEA It FKRRIIfl* c3lkbkatbd Worcestershire Saace. Pronounaed by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS "! of a Letter from a to be the B I Mtduml Umiltmm -ONLY GOOD ^ MB IV Hu Broth* SAUCE." it Worcester. f vtd v tAj that their Ssm every I hithly eeteeme< .n India, and ie. 11 VARIETY my opinion,the moe -m palatable, aa well aj OF DISH ILmI' tawlMMI " S?' The above 8AUCE it not onl? the but ftud no* roriLAi cc ifdi mint known, but the moet i??"? teal, aa a lew dropa in S<mp, Gravy, or with >u4 hot and oold Jcnntt, Buf Stink, Gam*, ft., lis per an ex^uiaite seat, which vn-mnstrUd Saaoe man a/aoturera have in vain endeavored to Mtireta. On the Brtckfast, Lwnrhton. Dinn*r, or S*?m T*ble, a ernet contamia* ** LEA A PERRINS WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la indiapens* bla. * u mpprvoiBiv me txc*iimu (nafttui or uus euiieiout preparation it la ojm neoMur; to f srehaM a null bottle of the ttiJKu. of a respectable grocer or ilea many Hotti and Ktstmmrmmt pro prietora seldom piaoe the Pure Sanoe before then (uetts, tut ani.eutute a genaine Bottl* tiled witk a spvrtout mixture. For sale by Grooera and Frnl*erera everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Sfnori mtui 14ik ttrui, JVw Yerk, Sole Wholesale Agents for tfce United States. A Stock a; way a in store ?Also orders rsotita lor direct shipments from Eag lacd. (17* Sneer? tf Ctmmfr/ntt mmd 2 sop 5-1 TOPfLAM'8 ADD ?H11 r R E M 1 V M TR W H K H AX U FACTORY, 499 8mHTK SniST, nUIIMTN, D, C, 1 -.was pzx&gnsigu?** rue SoleI Leather, Iron Fimme, Lftdier ' Dreee, W?*l Bo*, fcra ,ky?. l?i7i*C%j>et. M4 At Ltm PrieMS. ---* Mnlxri of Coarreea ud tnwian will ptmm l Bvpenor Leather and Dreee Trmaka at4t fc ardor. Tnnka ooTtrtd and rruired M ihcrt aottM, 0oo4a dehrered free ofeh?r*e to tn/frCn^ tk< w TflLAVKUN* TkUNKft. TRA^KC^S'TRUN^ to^TfoS?^iS2i^ tkla eitjr, eonyruui beet Bole Uuktr^M UaiM' DmhuTPuUm Tr>,? V. W Bm, io? which we tre bow wUi IN 00?Mj|tt?pM^7o?riteviuEio y*y te insfSRfot !?**?Ck )* t?T* 'P. tortiwr* l*r*e uiorlM*. ? iilavi-hauk CLOTUlNfi'for (M U >M Pk. V?|M< M* Mi Mfc ? . TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. 9 pABBKMf Is.* AND FROM WIMTIM 8CHKVULM. TRAINS MOTiyv IfOMTH. E 4lKx^a'BfflaS,r fcuwsg * N?wYorfc Mu?Tnli>!?TC WMkltftN M U L. *-i imp M BuuaM ILtt r. nT~Pkii^?^kte . LTr.K^ N*w York It r.?. 2 AranOM Iwonniitl? IMW Wufctn#t?. m Arrive et baituwe ?ii t HSwaiat Rtpreee leare Wmmiim I p. u. M AititTM Baltimore Mlp. Phiaoe 10JI p. York 4 a. ?.: Harriebarf l a. K. On ?aadar* at S 06 lr>d S p. m. onlf. p? The I p. m train from \N aahm(toa ?mwu r, Uroa?k to Nev York every dar daria* the veet. ? ? oc p. u irr.nU WwdatutiU: lib l*+ti Not York at 6 p. ? Pkl!e4*tM?a IMI P a. itfc tootue 4- k. irnvtt: WmLuwmu>< * Leare New York at H V. PhH%j?ipkie IX A- *. Ffclttmor?7J5 a.m. AttIt* et v. aakincton h Ml A. M. i I ihii Mtirtitlnr Train* tan Baltimore at I i t I P. . foe WirtmWi, vrlw Uw? M ,, 11 a. k. Mid 7 p. h. Oc ?nndaja at 4J0 and 1JI a. m only. 4 Pa??*tff>r Trama W*Tir,| *aaitinru>n Itr# a. Lt M.UdiiiP.II^Wl BtlUMNMTjlA.ll Mdil* t p. m , make direetconneotioM for Aanapoliaattbe I- J BPOtlOb, Traine leave Annnpohi for Baltimore and Wait intton at if* a. h. an* 1?" p. Penearer Traina imrmt * anfcirrtoa at cm a. 7 l i a. and I P. *.. and Ba bmore at AM aad <t 1J3& a. u . and p. M Will iltf wut At Amma^ilu I Jttnrnom mud WAtntmrto* I Jmmmon _Wat P?nwe>tak?lki .laiaaihrm jVami cmIV Tram* will !nw Washington and Bulbar* . fiow\ptl\ tpea *mrd MM W. P. SMITH, j da rr Maatw of Trmyortttlw, BaJt IMS] THE [IMS Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (with it* eonaootiona) 18 A FIRST CLASS SOl'TH TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! ? BivnD DAL LAD IE. JJ Allll FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE I mil TAILT T EATHf T%OU ; PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! 1 Two of tie? making ' CLO?a COJVMCTlOm AT RAtUlWM > traiaa OB f>* - NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILROAD, _ tad forming ' THE OREAT CENTRAL ROUTE rmoM WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all r iota ib U? j* W nr. Noiti-wwt a?? Soptb-wwt. u ET For Tnrojfh Taktta, t^T M the UftM of the Northern < eutraJ Kail Road Compa-j, oBjvert ?uuoa, iiaiUmor*. I- 1UaJU C) n " *' - ? " y* r nu im Oirri'inf tari 0H (4? i raiM } ?Smaking Saloon Cart on mil Trmtmo. k FROM WASHINGTON. PuND|tri *'.! tut the 6 a. m-aac 6 p. m. trams, a rivint in Baltimore at Jl> a. m aid 6 45 p n. . wftere close oonneotions arena e with traits < a lli? North*- r Cntrtl K K.,a? d a-n ve in Harris !, bare at i p. m. and 1 45 a m.. thers sonDeotu.g vita th? trains on ths P. uusylTania Casual f Raiiroal for all parts of the iml Fr hts. By this mat#, freights of al dssoripMons ou bs - forwarded to and from any poia' on the Railroads of Ohio. Keituoty. innana. Iibioia. Wisooasin, lo?a, or Missouri. by K?\iroo4 direct f TbePennay ran.a csotral Mail road a ss s >nnest? at Pittsbarg wnh Htramera, by wu oh ??<??< *at a be forwardsd toacy pert on theOh;o. Markn sum, - KemacfcT. Tennesaes. Collar and. ? Mississippi. Wisconsin. Missouri. Kansas, Arkaisa*, acU Red R irers; a ad at Clrr?M<l, Harfnky ar.d 1 Cmcago with stsamsrs to al North we* Mrs akss Merchants and shippsrs entrust, ng toe rat.. p f tattoo of their Freight to this Company, oafi .sly u with oonbdence on its peecy fansi*. i THK RATK* OF PKKIGH r to and from acy - po ut in the v\ est, by ths peunsy ;<ania Crura.. Railroad. ?r? ?i *u ttmu m* /??sr?his as ars f ikatftd b p s(Asr Astir mod Com pswm HJ~ B- pa ' cn ar to mark pa?ki?as "via Pa**. ClKTIiL K R." I MaGRAW * ROON?. Fr?ght^fe?ta, , nin, crv WWvfl SIIMit 0tl M0ll? , ENOCH LKWIM.ttn'l S*?*iinft. Alioow. P*. L L HOt PI G*o?l Ticket H. H HOUSTON, Gen l Fraicht A?ent, Philadelphia j? 4-dly J^OHTHtKN ChARAL RAILWAY. n? Skoriltl, Qmick**t mmd Ft it Romufrtm B+lt%WEST, NORTHLAND NOETUWEfT. WINTER SCHEDULE ClUIIW 11MB. Ob ud after Pl'NDA Y7*th NorMbtr, Pu??i ter Train* will arrive and depart from Calvart Station aa follows i Turn Nobtb Lsara Mail at ? a. m. KlUo Kirrtd p. m. Par Hoc Aoocraniodatioi 4 ?. a. 1 Pittabarf and Hamibnrc kx>T*?es I.JO p. la Ttim* South AUIVI Park tor. Aoooaimodatioc at I a m. Bafialo kxfrtw 6 ? a. m. giUsbirc and Harrisoaig Eifrwi S p. m. The Cam. train froa Washington so cc acta with ths ?J0 a m. train ftwa Ha M more for titi i Weat aad for Bnfihlo. Klmra Rosbs*t*r, Didi kirk, Cabadaigna aad Niagara Pal.*.and for New I York oity. i The 21 a. m. trail from Waahinr?oa ooonsots l with thsl ?. m train from Ba.t,n?>ie u Wml North a?-d Northwest aad Llmiraaad fiiffkio and Eoohtitw. ' I be b p. >. trail froai Washing too ootnerta with - the I JO p. ok train froai Baltimore for Pittsnsrg, barnsbsrg and the Weat aad is a direct oonaee. tion 'or Lebanon. Faaton Alieiitcwn act .New Yorkrta Cebtral Railroad of New Jersey. Try thie route N New York. CI^Tk# only train loarinf Baltimaro oa Monday ' ujMl p. m. train, for HarriatMUg.Pmaborc.CkToaco and tba Waat. _ Th* only tram arriving la Baitiiaor# oa Saa4ay la th *> a. m. train. JA8.C CLaRKL, no ? ly fcyr 1 ctPbdoct_ > T NOTICE TO TRAVKUJOUJ. 1 R-E PottoMUr Conor*; aatig ordfred tke fli. B?moc bet w con Wajntngtoa, __ ^ hltimoro, and Old Point i Fw niuft|2tai? onroo) to bo raaamod, ea and o&>lay, tbetMh laotant ttao Bay Mao of ifMwn wiumitMMMKETUY DAY (UWVtSlill CA? . n. l. f.r Wl^'Tfootol I BH D Dock, ?t Ui o'clock p. a^orin a.odiatoly afW tho arrival of tho Wuincrton Trmin. wiuoh .?tn WMbiactcc altKo'c ock?. m. mb-V .. W FALLS. pg| . <*m. ihmmfs^vErese' ^ Laadtng and mbarkiac )Miin|W? 41 ' **tTI'*Lj orV?o? *Nov York and Pkll^olj*ia HniiFi Cfuiu if nd diapMakiM tkoir ft.) i AM ivory Sftkarday, a* booh, fro* Pi or U. Nom UTMIfMUUI. ? g*815E===S __ Do. to aanbari U ?'K fcuifa-L,: ' *B 1*P?r?0*? ViaklM^to St i Akt.l.liuiin.iw turn Uh' -^=Aro? BgytiBafi? . MTicatlM ofLoBi laiaari BomM. naiM IB_???Mthot viLh lb* Fail ftivar m4 Ok Co1?j Kmj'omI, oiatonoe ol Mmi.ei on.y to Bo*>? _ ? METAOFo US, Cart. Brown, om TiM^TaTTkirMUri, Mi tU turda??, at 4 o*?ioeS P,JJ.. toaciir.i at Nevtortapa ? *. Ttieee 8team?r? ar? fit tad wit* evmaotieaa etate room*, aud every a'ra&rem?ot for Ui? aeean >r tw and comfort ot fft who are affonied by c tsiirMU?r.thU' tm on tx>ard, and oa arrive ? at rail Elver proc??<?d wr Bta^aakwt Tr?iBJ?eek aini Deitca earn Ue rLovibi aoruaittrMT rwau ea t o?-d aabl starbac 01 tac Auocaaona Uoc^at ^U, by wtuei they ir.ay reaak Boetoc jATWI IWsHKSaStfttSi S rnukt to Bo?Wi 11 forvvM throitk tlft Ato ]^A *tHmrc t t ?** oilw??e?Y Wrtj?V^?r * KnitoNMH il??K^?aBS?

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