Newspaper of Evening Star, January 29, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. BEPE" USD LOCAL AS TICLES. Dtemow rt t?? Ram Camz?Tb!s d-virion, 01? which tW ru*.? points ware el?m in the proceedings the Orphans' Court published Jn ?M star of Satniday, U of tome InVrt*t to our read rs here, and we therefore copy the dec'i'.cn in full m follow.: Wa*k\+*ion County, D.C ?Orphans' Court ? 3obn W. De tti? nex* friend and a relation of the minor childun of Samuel Oaae Barney, and Maty E. De Kraft, L' lrnty, mvs deCeased The above named John VV. DeKnfl AM hla petition hook month* alnce !n thta onrt, praying that some competent person should be appointed jfnsrdlan to said children. That their ?-? ? ?v. aU oamiwi fi Rampv. was d'.aanali jatucrr. ?uc ??- " . ;? ' - ? led and unfit to act at such, and offered ai evldeace in support of the charge?, amongst other facta, a record duly certified, purporting to be a divorce granted by the District Court of Jasper county, and State of Iowa, on the 19th day of Septombe;. X&80, In feror of the aaid Ma*v fc . X>e Kraft Barney against the aald Samuel C. Barney, her huaband Theaald Samuel C. P* *th? ellejatlona In said petition, and inaiats that he la not diaquallfled to act as guardian of said children, ana hae offered the evidence cf aereral wltieases in bis iavor, ?h?h?k m?? ?c w?...... their opinion, addicted to Intemperance. Without special reference to all the facta In the above cause. there la enough in tbe aaid decree of divorce of the district of Jasper county, Iowa, so fir aa thla court h->s jurisdiction to determine thla ease The sentence pronounced by the court ft ranting the said decree of divorce was clear acd emphatic. It Is stated that It waa e court of competent Jurisdiction, that It had jurisdiction of the parties end of tbe siMect-matter. the law having; been fully complied with by publication, and that a Dot Ice bad alsf, with a copy of the petition, b*en aent to the *?!d Samuel Ohdse Barney's rttdmce, end that be had been duly and timely served with aotice. aa required by law, that tbe charge* In b-r petition, wblch'were proved, were others than adultery, ana t&at tne sata aeieaaani. Samuel B*rney, was In default. That the sa'd Mary E [VKraft Barney, born Mary E DeKraft, was entitled to a divorce from the bonds of matrimony fr^m Samuel Chase Barney, her said hnthand, to whom she was married In the year 1847. The aid sentence further stated that the act conduct and character of the said defendan1, Samuel Cftsse Barney, had been of such a character as to reader him unfit to have the custody of the minor children of the said marriage, and that they be placed under the control cf their said mother during their minor'ty. If the said court of Iowa erred, this court has no power to give h'm, the* aid Samuel Chase Barney redress. That the remedy is before another tribunal; the regular appellate coart. The above decree cannot be impeached or Inquired Into collatteraily by this court according to the authorities which are binding upon It, and that it la binding also on the said Sam'l C Bar p?y uDtll reversed. Raborg's administrators vs. H immond, '2d Han is and Gill. 42. Fishwick vs. Mevreli, 4th Harris and Johnson. 393 Demond vs. Biliingsles, '2d Harris and Gill, 254 Hammond vs F idgely, 5th Harris and Johnson, '245. OWffin state of Maryland, 10th Gill and Johnson, 173. House vs. Wile?, 1'2th Gill and Johnson, 638. U S , use of Godey, vs Bender, 0th Cranch Circuit Court Reports. 620. The 4th article of the constitution of the United States, seetion I. and the acts of Congress of tbe 26th of May, 1??0, and March, 1904, passed in pursuance thereof, expressly declares tbat full faith and credit shill be given to all judicial acts rendered la the different States. Chief Justice Marshall held. In the case of Dartmouth College vs. Woodward. 4th Wheaton, fu9, that th? Legislatures of the different States had the right to legislate on the subject of divorces. Tbut 'he const'.tntion of the Utiled States, which prohibits the States from passing laws 1m |/?i .?c. *uv wvn^uiivu *'i uuuiram, wam nrvci understood to restrict the general right of the Legislature to legislate on the subject of divorces. Those sets enable some tribunal not to impair a marriage contr?~t but to ilber&te one of the partial because it has been br< ken by the other. TL?re Is another fact In the case which is entitled to much consideration?Edward DeKraft, the father of said Mary DtKraft Barney, deceased, the mother of the above children, by whom the entire estate belonging now to the said minor children f'me. expressly declared In his will that no husband of his daughter should control any part of the estate so devised. It appears from satisfactory evidence that Dr. Harvey Lindsley has been the collector and agent for the property in question belonging to said minor children for some time past, and that he Is undoubtedly better acquainted with the value, Income, and condition of the same than any untried person, and that he is known in th's community to be a Sentleman of high integrity. And the court, in ?e exercise of its discrcUoL, believes him, under 11 ci renm* t nMwr rwrinn In K? ?>.? dk?n of the laid minor children. Dr. Harvey Lindaiey is hereby appointed guardian of Samuel C. Barney, Jr., Edward D. Barney, Hebe G. Barney, and Clavonia Barney, the minor children, ibove n-f-rr'4 to; who mutt enter into bubd with sureties to be approved by thia court. In tbe sum of thirty thousand dollar*, and tbe court further order* that all tne proper ??jtj cf thia auit be paid out of tne estate. Jasa&r. Silk, icui Wx F. Pubcill. Af er oar report of Saturday e*oj?d. Mr. Tbn? J. Fisher cans: tatw Cost and signed tiie bond of Dr Lindsiey, woich Led been prrvioi?ly signed by that gentleman aid by Me*?rs JoUn w. De KrtiP, James Maguire, a'ud Gilbert M. Wight. ?rrsKMs Cor-*T, January 27.?A commission appointing Hon rwsh H.Swayne.of Ohio, an Associate Justice of this Court. h^v!n? been r ad, and the oath of office having b#-eii Uaen by him ... v|^.u vvui>, uc uicicufju tuut 01* seal on the Bnch. No. 50. The United States, appellant, vs. Wm Knigbt:s administrator. Appeal from the Dis trlct Court of tbe United State* for the northern district of California Mr. Justice Clifford delivered the opinion of the Court, reversing tht decree of the said District Court, and remanding the cause, with direction! to dismiss the petition f the claimant. No. 66 Henry B. Cromwell et al., claimants fte , appellan's, vs The Barqae "Island Citv' and cargo Appeal from the Circuit Court of th< United States f>? the district of Massachusetts Mr. Justice Grier delivered the opinion of tb< Court, affirming the decree of the said Circul Court In this cvise. with costs Noa.24 and 55 Robert D Sllllman, complain ant, vs the Hudson River Bridge Company a Albany; and Fred W Coleman, complainant, vs Um Hudson River Bridge company at Albany On a certificate of division of opinion between thi Judge* of the Circuit Court of thr Unlfed St.itti /or the northern district of New York Mr Jus tie* N'lson delivered the opinion of the Court dismissing these causes, and remanding tbe same for further proceeding* to be had therein, in con fertility to the opinion of this Court. Nos. 5d and 59 Richard Gregg, plaintiff It error, v* Edward P Me?*on,and Richard Gregg plaintiff la error, vs. Wm P Bryant Lrorsti the Circuit Court of the United States for tht nonnern district ol Illinois Mr. Justice Neixoi delivered toe opinion of the Court, reversing thi judgment of the said Circuit Court with cost* remanding the causes, with directions U award a venire facias de novo. No 67 Ferdinand S. Cjark, appellant, vs Woo. H Y. Hackett Appeal from the Clrcui Court of the United States for the district of New HaBpsbtre Mr. Justice Nelson delivered thi opinion of the Court, affirming the decree of th< mid Circuit Court in this cause, with costs. Nos 1, 2, and 3. Charles E. Miln-r, appellaa' wt the New Jersey Railroad and TrauspurUtioi Company etal ; Ravid Bl?elow. appellant, vs tin New Jersey Ra lro>-d and Transportation Com' pany; and Cl aries E. Mliner, appellants, vs. tb< Newa k Flank Road acd Ferry Company et al Appeals frum tbe Circuit Court of the Unite* States forth? district of New Jersey. The decreei of tie Circuit Court la these causes were affirmed wl.h costs Nos fe/and 91 The United States, plaintiff It error, vs. Lysaader W. Baboitt, and tbe Unite* fetatee, plaint: tf ... rrior vs. Robert Coles. Thes eausfs were argued by Mr.Gtliet and Mr. Steven for tbe defendants In error, and submitted on i ?.< ? 4 * *" " ** .^uuirui oy .nr. Attorney General Bate fa behalf of tae plaintiffs in error, and by Mr JLeverdy Joiiaon for tbe defendants tn error. Msarjii *29?Addison L. Scott, Esq., of Nc York, was admitted an attorney and coanaelto of tb* Co art No. 94. The Commercial Trensportatlc^Com peny, claimants of tbe steamboat Commerce, ap pellaaU, ?s ilenry Fltxhotjb et al Tbe argu meot ot this cau?e was commenced by Mr. Bene diet for tbe appellants, and continued by Mr. A P. Grant for tte appellee* LOVEuL, COLLL3& CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 96 Front street, New York, and 316 E street, Washington, D. C., (near Wi!!arda' Hotel, i Having ?tartad a branch of our Nov York aftafcItshaiact ia this eitj, wo icnto Zuiiirt. Grocers jummmxvi. aad Hotel Xm/oi, to aaU aid r* asiaa oar atock. which i* wall aaaorted aa< oom>naad of gooda cf tha baat quality. Wa tak< rtea for aur ttutg ia car Uaa, aad exasata thaw frompUr- J?? tf GoATTipSd D?ab*tdla?ahMSLl fl 6> GIgtJ cL'J ? a? do UIllllS K AUo, a.i other atylea of Ladiaa aad Miaaaa1 palmoiaJ tfeou.taaoheeiieet aad bae? aaooitmeni . *u v V* *.. - Soldiers' Pay! 4 THE HARNDEN EXPRE88 COMPANY Willi emit inmaof FIFTY DOLLARS AND UNDERfc PftoM Boldixk* to rain Faxilks, At a ollarse of TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money should bo plaoed ib m ENVELOPE asd teoiirely sealed.' The falioddreee, {ituluHtmg Post OJUe, State; mlso, rtriet and mttn* ?? ? ? l OCT* II* W ??'?? *"*??' of the peison to whom to bs wet, MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT TBB EXPRESS FURNISHES THK MOST RELIABLE MEANS FOR SOLDIERS TO SEND THEIR MONEY HOME. ENVELOPES AN D BTANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. 8. SMITH, Agent Harnden Express, 3d st., seoond door below Pa. are., ja y-im w Mningion, u. u, Soldiers' Pay. TifB ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL POKWAPD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any place on the lines of their Express, Atacha-ge of twenty five oents for any turn not exceeding fifty rfoilars, ar.d a proportionate additional oharge to places reao^ed by oonuccting Expresses. The money, whether Gold or Trtasvry Nott*, should he enclosed in an envelope and securely sealed, and have the fall ad lress,(ino udinjc town, Host Office, and State; and in oiti??, the street and number.) of the person to whom to be sent and tne amount :erib'y marked thereon. Envelopes for this purpose may be hart at our offices. To funi irn'a nra not de! vsrv. the ohsr?s for re mittaaoa sftouid bo pre pvd. KXFRESS COMPANY. Waskinttc t. Jan. 9,1?G2. j?9-lm FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. FOR SALK BY J. P. BARTHOLOW, Solo A cent, Hardware k Agricultural Warehouse) 358 Seventh Street, Bttitun Fe*n*vlvania aternt and tKt Canal, opposite east end of Centre Market. _Ja 14-ti pROPOSALS for STAMPED ENVELOPES. Post Officr Dipartxkxt, Jan. 13, 1863. Sxalkd Proposals "will be received nntil 3 p. m. on the 13th day ol February, 18R2, for furnishing all tr,e "Stamped Envelopes," 'I.etter Sheets and Envelopes combined," and "Newspaper Wrappers," vrnioh this Department may require, during a period o( four years, cornoienems lot April, 1862, \iz : STAMPED ENVEI.OPE9. No. 1, or note size, 2% by i\ inches, of white paper. No 2. or letter iiz*. 3X by ?) inohes. and extra letter eize. 3)4 by 6"tf inches, of white, buff, or cr?am-co>ored paper, or in such proportions of either as may be required. Mo. 3. or officii Biae. by t}? inohea. of the aaree colon ai No.3. and under a nfco oondition aa to the proportion of eaon. No 4, or ext a official riz*, 51 10 by 9 4-5 inches, of the tameolor as No. 2, atd under a like oondition a* t? the proportion of each. No, 1 ana 2 tc be embossed with the three or ?rx cent postage atamp. No. 3 with six cent, and No. 4 'with twelve, twenty, twenty-four, ana forty cent ptampa, a.l of style and color aimiliar to those no w in use. Letter ahe?ta and at&mped envelopea combined, of white or blue paper. Not* aheeta and atamp*d envelope combined, of white or blue paper, both aizea emDOii?u with the three aent stamps. damped newspaper wrappers not less thar 6 by 10 2-6 inohea, and of buff payer, embossed witn the ooo cent postage stam >, or any other denomination that may be required. Proposaia are a so Invited for furniahing atraw or rranilla b ^ard t-oxt s, or othera of equal or superior atrength, for paoki: ( paroela of envelopes, o( letter heeta accl enveopes crnbined, and or newspaper rappera, containing from one hundred to five hundred each, and lor water-proof wooden oases f >r packing parce a of lour to twenty five thouaand The envelopea and wrappera are to be made in the hMt mlnnflr. nf nf nnnrnwa<4 1*1 ?. r-r? -? ? manufactured special!* for the purpose, and with su:h water mark* as the Postmaster General may direct. Th?y must be mmm'd for sealing, the , former at leant 4% inches on th# point and one end i of the latter; th?y must bebandad in p&roelsoftwen , tr five, packed wnnout charge lor packing, and furnished oomplet* in all respeots, reaay for use witn all reasonable dispatch, and in such auanti ties as may be required to fill the orders of postmisters, and must be delivereJ either at the place i of manufacture or *t the Post Office Department, at tae option of tie Postmaster General, to an ageBt , duly authorized by the latter to inspect and receive ' them. An agent of the Department will furnish the ad1 dres3 lor each parcel, wmoh is to ba pasted on the box by the manulacturer without charge. , The dies far embossing tlie postage stamps on the envelopes ar.d wrappers are to be executed in , the best style,and they are to be p'ovided, reneved, " anil kopt in oroer at the expense of th* contract' r. Tr.e Department also rea?ives the right of requir i ing new denomination of stamps ana any ohan&ea t oi the dies or colors wi'ho>it additional charge. Bidders are expect3 l to furnish samples of piper with their bids or the quality they intend to use in t the manufacture of the envelopea which they propose to su iply an i al?o specimens of the envelopes unstamp- d, and of Loxes. In addition to bids for furnishing plain envel 5 opt* of the size* ana colors above described separate i proposals ar* invited lo furnish envelopes pro . V'dfdtcitk putnt dissolving lines, (indicating thl yoptr position for the s?p<rscrip^ion.) to substitute ' the plain or unruled envelop s, in whole or in part, ? as the Department may elect. i'ropora:* are also invited for devices other than water marks, (' r additional to such marks,) 'o i atf ?rd protection against counterfeiting?spsoi mans to t?e sub ltted. Thft ftnntra mill Ko a *'? L 1J ? * ?.ii mi w i iio uiu'ier wnm? ' proposal. although it be not the lowest. is coa m!e fd moat advauta<eoua U> the Department, i taking into aocoun' the price, the quality of tne ? f&mp ei and his suffioieioy and ahi.ity tomaiufactur* and <ie lver envelopes in accordance with ! the t?rme if this advertiaxment; a'd no propotala will bo considered nolens accompanied by guarantee# ri-fore o'osing a oontract the successful bidder t niay be required to prepare new dies and submit r specimen impressions thereof. The use of the p ei ntdies inay or may not be continued, bnt no ? radical chaste in the dtvioe of the staiapa will be s adopted. 1 Uucds atd sfcnrity will be requu?t for the faithi fj. performance or the oontract and p*Trnenta l nuder it will be made quarterly. The Postmaster 9 G -nerRl ie<T?eF to lumae f the right to annul ?t whenever he ah%U drcover that the aameorany , part t^ie-er f ta < flarea for sale in the market tor tne ' purpose of a(.ecu!*tioD, nnd he wi 1 not, many eas?, : sanction a tranafer <f the oontraot U> any party 1 who nh&il be, in hia opinion, leaaableor leas qu*Us fiedfhtn the orig<n%l bidder or oontiactor. The , ruht la a!*o reserved to annal the oontract for a lai;ure to p?rfjrmfaithfa'ly any of ita atipuiationa. . The number ol en*e opea of different sues and , of wrappers leaned to Foatm^atera during the fiscal 1 vear ending June 30,19C1, ia fully aet lorth in the B laat report of the Poatnwter flenerat. a Tha K.rl. ? "? m ?!>.? uo imrtM rr'potaif JOT a Stamped Envelopes and Wrapptrs.'7 ana shoula bo t nddresred to th* "I bird A mutant Postmaster General, Poet Otfioe Department." M. BLAIR. ja 15-w4t Postawster General. ' A LL KINDS OF rANCY GROCERIES AND r xx Sutler's Goods oikand ar J for ?le low br BROWNING A KEATING. - da 4 SUwtf Ma Pt. avenne. near 6th at. - | TPHAM'S HAIR DYE !- TO COLOR BLACK U OR BROWya?Only 3? oenU a box. Three boxee for one dollar, or flaxen hair oaa be ohanged in a few sec-nds to a j?t black or brown, by sung L' ph?un's Liquid Hair Dye, the beat ? and obeapest in the world, producing, the moment - it is applied, a rioh natural appearanoe. Each Box of UPHAM'S HAIR DVE ia warranted to oontni a U mucli kuir d\e a* others aell for mi dollar'. bold by 8 C. UPHA.M, 310 Chesnut street, Philadelphia, and . CALVERT FORD, oorner Uta street ana Pa. are.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK A Co.. Druggists. seat-eolr JUST RECEIVED TLN BULS.S. HORINE S srp?r!or OLD RYE WHISKY, eight years kM for iiui*S? ars Pi.riV?n",DrU*,"",t* da ? Stvwtf BROWNING A KEAT1NO. ? AiX UKKKc HI Kt S !?All ?orts, ?took now un1 ^rac&^P^i'eaUOmen~iU't UlUf | At E. A. Lake & So.'a t?l?Hal?B*i|ir, ** Under Brow'a Bote). . COLUMBIA MARKET. v> pa. (fww, eomtr 3Vrttmkik at. - j^gars^aifflHt ;;MH2K'S kit old eutrter, where he intends keeping a ft retratomaAet in all lU Sraaqhee, a*, in *:iti cone. I WU1 U*F?T w KrM* om niencta tad eu I Mf,t *** 0t 0h*rf# 10 W ?u4 OQ0 JOHNSON ft NAGLE, QC Q iOtT wrcsmi o? ^OiJ WHtES, HQUOtiS. Hi VANJ CIGARS, FLNB - ** OROCt&lhS, *e.. No. 999 Pa, arena*, between 9ih and 10th atr>eeU. Washington, D. O. ' No. 19 Royal it , near Kice, Alexandria, Va. Sole A*enM for th? SPARKLING HOCR MOSFLLK WINKS of the Hookheiot. Joint Stock Co., in Hockheim oa the Rhine. Constantly oa hand their celebrated Sparkling Iluei and Moselle Cabinet W ins*. Connoiueara are reapeotfu !y invited to cf ve us aeall. < o with the finest Peruoopio and Pebble Len ten, and 1 suited with utmost oare for every a**, eye-sight, aad actual condition of the visoal organs. FIRST fcfTJj "j. .jgggjj CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Mtoroaooyee, Compasses, and Mathematical lasfriMnents, at the lowest Eastern ?rices. ja m-tr W all, Stephens & Co., MIL.1tak Y an1j wav alt MERCHANT TAILORS And Dxalkks in SWORDS SASHES, BELT3, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS. GAUNTLETS, GLOVES,&o. 1 Acd every variety of READY-MADE CLOTHIIfO. At Rsasokablx Pricfs. WALL.STEPHENS* CO.. 323 Pennsylvania avenue, between Jail Hotel. Sc. Hepub.] 9th and 10th eta. ; Highest price paid 1\ goi.d FOR U. s. TREASURY NOTES . of the different iirae*. and Nonhojii Onrrenoy ., Rxcange <>n ino principal cilief mo.-rn p&jaDie in fold or o irrfl iot *o'd to suit purcnas^ri. FITTENHOUSE, FANT A CO., Bankers, Mo. 354 Form, a venue, Ja 2 1m n?ar Brown's Hotel, , SMITH * BROTHFR'S ! P A L. E CREAM ALE, | SUPERIOR AMBER ALB, I PORTER A5D NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. , The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Browed from the CHOICEST BAR- ; LEY MALT and HOPS, ard hish'y esteomed by those who have uae<J them. Purcha?prs are requested to call Mid examine our superior stock, assurad that they will hm' the BEST and Pl'REiT artic es. We have at &!' times alargs stock ready for delivery. in wh"le, ha f and quarter oasks. suitable i for the TRADE, HOTELS.arid FAMILY USB. < which we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH & RROTHER, Brewere, No. 15S A 1G0 West 13th st.. New York City. Orders by Ma: or Express promptly oxecuted, Ce 9-6m A aC) 0. WERTHEIMER A CO . 4^4 I xUid No. 4b2 and 464 Skvbnth St., *0"x ! Orposits th' Poft djfir*, Offer their ?too* of WINES. BRANDIES, GINS. CORDIALS, e'e., also their iarp* r.s?orfment of ' SEGARS, TOBACCO, 1-"ANCY GOOD&, eto., j for ca e at W holesale Prices. i They keep constant.!/ on hand fine PIIf!,ADEL- i PHIA t'KEAM ALL., m k?ts ana Lotties, for < bars or family u*e The public in generaJ are requested to tivo them a call aud exan.iue their apleudid stock of g-w d?. 8. WERTHEIMER A CO., 4o<i and 4b4 Seventh etre^t, de 21-Sm oppo. Pos* office. vjsiciai ujiicin ; THE OVERLANDOY^TKR EXPRESS COMPANY . Still continue to receive dai ythosefamous p anted \ PATUXENT RIVER OYSTERS. ^ Kestau-ants and private fainilieit^^ /_ J would do weil to call and try them. Those oy*tern are sotd 36 hours after XfflfiS' they oomw from the waW. ^ ] office No. 48 Market Space, below the Avenue House. ja 8-3m i^HEESE! CHEESE!! i ^ CHEESE!!! i LIQUORS. TOBACCO. CIGARS, i NTTS, RAISINS. CRACKERS. , All on hand and for sale cheap by F. IS HASTINGS h. CO., , 3 J 3 i) nt.. facing Pa. avenue, no 25-tf Philharmonic Building. { WB. S T R O N G. , MANCFAfTDRK* or TRUNKS, HARNESS & MILITARY GOODS, Ufi5 P"K??NaTf.VANIA AViNUE, South side, bttvcetn \2lK and 13th streets, rrr Trunks, Harness and Military Equipments repaired at shortest notice. do 30 lm* T thk milliard hall. * HE Undersigned, having purchased from Messrs. Marr ft Fisher the BilTard Hall at the cor- J ner of Ponr:. avenue and Kleventh etreet, and refit- > ted the s*ine entirely with new clotht, bails, fto? invites his frlonda i-U tne public generaiU to give ' him & call. . ja2 eolm JOHN W. EARP. 1 Philadelphia provision store, 119 Pennsylvania AVENUB, 1 Between 19tA and 20JA sis. 1 The undersigned, having looatad himself aa above, takes this method ofinfortning the oitiaens " of the First Ward that he has opened a first-olass Provision Store, conducted similar to those for J irhich Philadelphia is famous. Here can b? loun^ at a>l timu? a large and fresh supply of POULTRY, GAME. VEEP, MUTTON, &o. FRUITS and VEGETABLES in season. | Particular attent'on is called to his stock and price? of BUITER, CH EESE, Pntadelphia Print Butter. I Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to give tne strictest attention to the wants of his customers, and to keep every article in his line of the best quality, and sell at the lowest market prices, he hopes u> merit a share of public patronage. Families will be waited upon daily for orders, if required. no 16 thomas R WTI.son. Boots BOOTS!! booth!!! whitehouse tc uncklks, i s4* Pa. Avnus and 311 c stubex-kbs! (Th? a??? York Wkoltsaie Branch Hovse.m vi < Have o.i hand, and are iaily receivins, *>* I large lot* of i cavalry and soldiers' boots marchlng shoes, j mostly of their own manufacture, to be ao.d at the lowest irarkat rates. . a oall from all dealers solicited. Sutlers liberally dealt with de 24-1 m* j A balmoral skirts. new and ohoioe assortment of seleot colors 1 %< d patterns, m*ny styles, not found elsewhere. in addition ? fine and ample stock of all kind1 of Foreign and d< mestic Dry Gtsods iu ail the departments of lamil* wanta An in- pecuon of st jok incurs no obligation to purchase. On? prioe only, marked in plain figure* ; Lenoe, no purohaaer u deoeivc-d. , PERRY t UEO, ja7-tr Penn. avnne and Ninth <.. a dies', gentlemen's and ch1l- j dken'8 furnishing goods, undkrharmknts, gloves, hosier v . handkek*. hiefs, scarfs. ties, cravats, i i linen collars, shirts, ao, ao. 1 thompson, under Brown's, deao E. A. Lake A Co.'s M*rhle Hall llmiwr. A_ RMY GLOVES! ARMY GLOVES!! At th? Glove Depot of ft b. hasting's a co., S'iS D?t .fioini P*.\v? j Attention, sutlers. officers and SOLDIERS! . A large stock of caMP STOVES, manufactured for aale at Sill Pennsylvania avenue, near Cdenr-tf*rkat* H. J. GREGORY. 1 ? JUU PK1NT1N&, \!F?Y D?for'Pt"?n. of JOB PRINTING m?aired bj any bodj-ciuient, civil fuactionariM. arm* andtavy-offioeri, sutlers, &o.?excouteu *.? SJJSTor c?plICJ5,13 "ti8f&cu,rT ,tyle-*|4lotfw ; WK OFFER TO MILITARY MKN a art* ?iV? JShH?aK & , KRB. C'AMp BLA.NKKTS. H ALK HOSK, 4O 9K? SilS '&!?LZShJXK??"u mg (IntelUganear and Re?SlS?.) m BM/W1 M in vv & amuu no 7 baorcetown. (J^A^O^r ROSEWOOD CHICKEHING One7 octate four round corner Hallet||i|B| * Dins Piano for $200. TtTTTl lN,r .1. wo. * tegol Bole Agener for 8te1nw*y and Son's and Haven, Baoon ft Co.'t Pi>ooa. ne IB BLACK TEA black tea; 80 oheete standard Black T? ha?e been remaned to-dar. Aleo,ohoioe Green Tea. I M co...s&ftstasfo dej$stky! D dentistry. . L. LKVKTT, ilennat, (braneh of the eatabmfnt No 19 W*verTr Pla?*, New York) won d call the attention to thou* who majAafBipi* hie aervioee.thftt in addition to tua*4 ireat feci idea in operative Deatiatry, he ie in po?*e*tioa of a new ar.d important invention for

the ina?rtion of Artiicial Teeth. o? thepriccipe of Atmosfkerrt pr*ssw, entirely diflarent frc m trie old mode, and tecured by letters Patent grantoi April 6th, 1858. This invention is of the craatest value. there being leas slate need to oover the roof of the mouth, and with an inereascd anoint of SDOUOn. Ttaa anlilia im ia*ilail tn m 1 mH m-r. amine specimens and oertificat?? from tome of t*?? most prominent and aoifntifio f entleraen, No. 491 Tenth street west. near Pa. are. ja Il-eolai* UR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Bxtwkki 9TH AJIS 10TH Sts. ja? eo2m ^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHKOPLAST1 BOXM TEETH. Withovy Mxtal Plats ok Clajm. ' DR. 8. B..8IGE8MOND, . , ?iv xrrcMwav, jv?w lorit? ??u ?***, 12x4 lUtd 13U Itl , IfaS/tMIIOK, Cille the attention of the publio to the lollowinc Idvanta^ea of kia improved ayatem: a 1. The Teeth of hia manufacture wi MM never oorode nor ohange ooior br any* *** aoide. beint three fourth lighter than any other. 2. No teeth or roota need be extracted, aa the artificial ones oan be iDaertcd over them. t- The roou will be made moffenaiTc, an never o ache. 4. No temporary teeth are seeded, as psrmaneit onea oan be made immediately, thereby preserving the natural exareaaion of the faoe. wnioh under the old ayatem is frequently iliaf gnred. t. Thia work haa been fully trued over five ynara by many of the first chemiate and physicians of *>?< oonntry. Dr. s. haa aleo invented a white undeatructive met&l fdiinr, with which the moat aeositive teeth ran be filled withont pain, and can build up a p?r feof, sound tooth on aty Bids rocu, which will laat through lifetime. The beetcf referetcea riven?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Doramns, Froieaaor ofChermstry. N. V.; Hon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Waahing hiiii tuu moseuai oi Oineni. Call and examine for your* elf. no 8 6m ~QAS~FITTING, &c. A WM *. DOVE * CO. M.RF. Now to exeoat 5 aty triiri With + h ibr*- fav<*r#v1 1V PfcVMBlN'Q, 9 AS OK STB AM FITVIN* BUSINESS. fCT Slcre on tth it-M, a few ?door? north ef Pa. ITenie, whera mar be fc?nd a oottfcete aMortmcnt ?f OHANDK MKRS ar.d etasr ?Ac, BTfclAM tU WTATKR FIXTURE* 'ir-w W6 AS F1XTH Rh S. , E Ba*? jn *tor?. and aredai y receiving, (F4S FIXTURES of entiral* Nm Puttwr n? ?.nrf ind Finish. superior in trio to anytlucg heretofore ?8ai'<d in thin market. We inviteoitisece jereral j to tail acd examine our Block oi 6 as and Water Fix' *ree. fueling oo^fident that we met* the Last ti.eoteJ axcck in Washington. All Work in the a' ove Tine intra* ted to ear ear# nil be >rem?t!y attended to. MV?KB * MoSHA*. aear l-tt :76 i> atraet. noticeT i&msmBgWRSRBBBW "ADA:?U' rsrr.Kss c?mpast.? T'.'i Oompsry ofiers to the jmb 10 " Unequalled ^vanltse.. for the fc'afeaca Qniek T?;*pat<vh of Eieavy Freights. Paoxar.eB, Valuable!, Money, *0. fco., t j a!i oa'ta of ?he United Ptatsa. F-xpressOi* to rnd f-om the N.""th :vnd West depart f wai and arrive iu Washington twioe daHy, All Kxpreo&es are tn ehar(e ot *zr*ttt\*ctd. ~*%d 'i'.iabit Measenjera. Al' Pr.akates for TLe Boldiers carried at "cwx our usTia! rates. All Goods for tna a^-called "Confedorr-ta State#" ir.d a'l Articles " Contraband of War" will be HaiTPlT). Oo>- Kxpreaspi leave New York at 1>I, and P. >].. driving in Washington at SA. M. and P.M. Kxpreeseg l*a*e Philadelphiaat 8JO A. M. and >1 I*. M., arriving in Washington at t 3o P. >1, and (A.M. Expresses leave n*itiittore at 4 2* A. M. and 3 P. VI., arriving in WasL.niton at 6 A.M. and f. M. Expresaea f.-.rall pointa North and Went le&vo MaanmcUui at 7.S3 A. M. aad 2JU P. M. dailr. SpooisT Cor.traots for iarge ^uantitiea of F roight sa>. be it.*! e on application to this < 'ffice. All fioods called for and delivered fr$i of Extra lhargea. E. W , PARSONS, Scp't Adams' E.tpress Con. pa or. Waahingtoc, Augaet 23.1881. an 23-tf 0^. S~~\ SOMETHING NEW ! ,3^ /?\ Kvl fegftikiiATasT DiscovaKT orT^l IAJ At USt C tt'eeT, oppc sit* ^5(^7 the 'i'ntciitr. OYSTEKS STKAME O n the Shell and Thorough!* C jitxf (far aaperior to a roast) fn two mmvus, tkt jasttst txm* on rttorrt. Call and ac e. The videraigne^ respectfully inform i his frienda n the .District, a;..; visitors to the city. that he has efitted his old and wul-inowk Bf n a most thorough manner, and has trade oomtlete arrangements to furnish OYSTER 9 in any ityleand in any tcantity. ??0to fino ga loni shacked >er day. JlOO to 3,000 cans of Spiced at d Fresh >ut up daily?cans hermetically sealed. Furnished n the shelf by the bushel or barrel. Persona wishing to have Oysters furnished ragearir through the winter, at Bait more prices, r.thout fear of failure, should cali and ma'te arangeraenta at once. Freight, time, and n>oney tavod by purchasing of me, as I furnish an ai tide >qual to the oe!a!? rated Baltimore establish rnt iita. it priccs just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, _ Sardine*, Clam.', niowuciucB, i uinswcB) rifjl' AO* kc.,<fcc. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sajoes, Brandy Reaches, 4-c. Also, Game and Fresh Fi?h. TnrJes, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod. Halibnt, &o. In fact, every thinf for sale in the Northern martets always on hanu, at reasonable prices, Hotels an l families supplied with Oysters, deivered without charge to any part of the District, in season, if the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from 5 a. m. to 12 at sicht, evory day, exoept Sunday, when 1 close at 10 o'clock a. m. Ja2 tl T. M. HARVEY. |74REMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY F o? WASHINGTON AND OEORSETOWN, CapltftL.... .77... 831?0, ?</ . Wti wnur 0 ttrut m*d Lomtimm* ?., ??r B*mk tf W*sk*Kttom. [N8VRL HOUSE9 AND OTHER PROPERTY AHALNBT LOSS CY FIRE. Dixxciois, 8*o. Shojrnakw, Samoa! Red'ern, noi viwyioy, nrunam vvutnn. Richard Joue?. John D. Barclay, Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothweil, Thoa. Parker, Rishard Barry, W. B. Frpao.i, Dr. U. VV. Dana. No charge for Polieies. ? ^ JAMK9 ADAMS, President AliL G. Davt*. Secretary. au 9-eoto T?L, ^ . .. CARRIAGES. HESubscri >er having made additiacB to hit ractory, making it now one of the In tho District, where hit faoiiitieeW30$S*^ ror manufacturing CARRIAGES and*2rSt5 LIGHT WAGONS of all kmds cannot be ear passed, and from his iong experience in the bauDena,he hope* to giye general sahnfaction. All kind? of Carriage* aud Light Wagons keit >n nand. Ali REPAIRS neatly done, as<! all ardari promptly attended to. hln.l Plrri,... i- u ... ^ waou iU CAUii*li,o JUI new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, " 1* *' *orr*r of Kimrlow'h and C atf. V*/ALL. STEPHkNB & CO., ~ f? 399 Fmmunu Avistir MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. AND KEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, A.ND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GKNTLEAILN'b furnishing goods, tB-if flnfl. k Repub.> L. Towrai, J. ftf. Tovut. J. B. Towbju. L. TOWERS & CO? STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Comer Louisiana mvtnue and Sixth it. The attention of the bo lines* community is rtepeotfu!It invited to th? New Book and Job Printlug Establishment, which bu been fitted up with now material, in th? most complete manner, 11 now prepared to exeoute. in a satisfActor* ?tvl? >v?. variety of Printing, viz: Books, Speeohes. Pamphlets, Cards, Circulars, Sutlers' Blanks, &o ,fco. The attention ol members of Congress ia es^eoialiy requested for our fecilitiea for printing Speeches, as w# havo the Imrtut steam power in the city. doTnawSm |?UO?rU AJNO PHl?KS^ TO S?1W fU We are saw nnn&i^ctariny all klcda of BOOTS ut SHOES, and Bo-Jtanifv receiving apply ol eastern made work of every de ? option, inaae exprettly toorter.atowinT"l m toiu u a mied lover trio* thac haa been* hL fcaratoiore charted ia fkis titj far ijB lafirier Haracea ia want af BmH ud Skaaa ?f Meters ?i ** w t?w!U CLpTHINe. E Have receded within the !aet day or two a MM* assortment of HOYS' BP RlN ?CLOTH INO, embraoint *U flt*iee of low-prioed, ntdiuc. win (inflliggpowr>pd R??abho*n.) ROUGHS. COLD3, HOARSENESS, fee. J2.?{ZZ?dWlf8%A*4?,',c?. been eoiong: known and extensive') used th&t moat Z"7em!?r". 'hlK ^tsajusP"'-? ??*100 HrfOMMWrJlMrtecivftd. m omTSuXHSSfc. * BDR. JOHMT9R, ilTIHORI Bm UttmmU til ?tt fti mim,amu*9 mid m% n Efut%*i RtmMdjr M ti? Virw, FOR ALL PLEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. ART JVO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY AMMKPlAmiY. A 99RE WAERAyTED, OX JVO OiTAROR, FAOJf ONETO TWO DATE, Wutom ?r ?u>, fcncy, A.f??d?? af UlKM mm) m >n inooir ...nncvrT innmrpi, irpntccT, rU Dahiluy, ?>*w ?f?T> Lupor, CwTmim af Miu, U? Ipn'A gttrmn? m tha btn, IWto, rranMiDf*, DinsM ! ?ji: ar OU4ium, Dmmaa W IM aad, Threat, Nnaa ar ffHu, Agactiaoa <' tha Lmn, Siaaitt ar Bewala?ttiMi Tarnbia i>ia*rdari uMu fraa Mttary Batata af t*tb?(Jim* Dmdfil u< dmoledf* PhiIKM which randar Marna^a umpaaaibJa, mm* daauay M Bad; aad Mud. TOUNO MSN Capaaiallj *h< km bacoma th? vicuna af MUary Tlaa, thai draadfhl aad daatractir* habit which au.aallj ampi ta aa aatunaly graaa thaaaanda af ToW| Ma* af tha Mat axakad talacti and hrilluni mtailaot. wba might atharwiaa ha?a a*atrancad iaataattig Sanataa with tha thsadara af at*. aaanea ar wakad ta acatatj tha living i?ra, aaat ull with foil aaoldacca. MARRIAOE. NUllM Pl*?oi*i, ar Taung Man a an la naU tier Mw riajra. hauur awara af wi.k, ... - * dafarroi?at,"*?-. tmi wb# riacaa aiwtr t a Mr* ef Dr. taliftaaa.y Mold* 10 bn bwN > a pttliau aad aaalilaauy raly ap*n hu a bill aa a pbyaieiaa. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. lall band aida jpinf frara E l-.nara atiaat. a faw daari fraa tba caratr. rail mu abaarva aaaaa tad aanbat. kawn aatbapaMaad cantata a aunvp. DR. JOHNSTON, MairVai ef tba Beyai Cellar* of Sarraatia, Laotaa, rail ate frem ana 01 the meet asicar.t Ct ta tta Dotted tttaa, aad tha fiaater part ef abate Ufa baa bean epent ia tba bet pita la of Laodoo, Pane, Philadelphia aad eleaabere, baa tffaaad aetr.a af tba moat aatocuahiuf ear?? tbat vara avar brown; many troebled vitb ncfinf (a Uia head aad art vbeo ealeap; great nar^aaacaaa, baia* alaraad at aaddao aoaada, haahfalneee with fraqaant Maabtaf, atteoded aemetuaai vi'i daraafaaaaal af auod, vara cared MmiaHly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taaa( Man aad athart who bava icjared tnamealTea by a I eeruun practica indulged in when alaaa a bebtt freqaeatiy laarnad fraa a?il campanula, ar at echael, tba electa af which ara iiifhiJy (alt a?aa vbaa eeieep, aad if ae; eared, randart marriare impoaau. a, aad daatreye bath wad aad barfr, aboaid afpiy 1 mmediatel J. _ mwwm Of IH m ui iWMtny i!Mtlcn4Ml4 by aariy bahita af Tooth, ?u: Vukr.ii> af tba Back u4 Uisba, Pawa la tba haad, I>i naaa af Bifhi, Laaa af Maaca?ai Fawar, Palpitation af laa Haan, Djifiafi;, Nariaaa MlfcilHT, Daranfamact of Oit Difatu<a Tucuna, Gaaaral Dabftt'y, Bynptoma af Coraenipttoti, Be. Mbn'tallt.?TSa faartal affaeta aa tfca ala4 ara aaek ta ba draadad?Loaa af Mamory, Cacfaafari af Idaaa, Darraaaiaa af Ipinu, Bail Korabodibga. Ataraiaa af Baciaty, Balf-D:aI traat, Lo?a af Baii'.adt, Tin.. J,:y, aic., ara aaaia af tfca anla pradacad. Mifon PaaiLiTT ?Ttaaaai.da eaa aav)adfa alalia tfca eaoaa af tbair daellrinf baaltb, \ot rr tfcatr *ijar, lataai.Iny vaak, pala. aarvoua u d amaeiatai. having a awfaiar appaaxacca aba*; tha ayaa, caafb ar aymptacsa af taaaaap| DISEASES OP IMPRVDENCE. Wban ta r .araidad and impradani Touryaf plaaaara tod* I ka haa irabU ad tha aaada of tbia pauifal diaaaaa, u laa afiaa kappa na that an iil-umad aanaa of aba re a or draad af diacavary , datara hini fram applying to tboaa who, (rata adacatiar. ana I raapactability, can aloua bafriaod biro. fa 11a into tl a kacda af ifnenot and daaiftiinf pratandara, wha, tacapabla af caring, Lich hia pacsmary aabatanca. kaap bus trilicf atanlb tnar monib,ar aa lonr aa in a ajaallaat fa a ^a ba ?tatoad.aud in daaf ?ir laaaa bim with ra:oad fcaaltb ta aiak a?ar eia (illtr.f diaappair.mant; ar by tba saa af tbat daadly paiaar.?Karcary?kutan tba co<:atita;iaeal aynptaraa af tfcia ttrnkla diaataa.aa-.h aa Afacuar.aafuia Haan.Tfcraat. flaad, km, *c.? prtfeiaaain( aritb frigUtfwi rapi '.ty,ull daatfe pata a pariad ta hn draadfal aaffancga by aandinf bint a 'bat aadotararad caa.trr fraia wbasa baa*/:.a ca tia?alar ratama. DR. JOHXSQWS RKMEZi FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY. By tk!r ?i?'.l tnd ir.paruai rarnaoy waikraaaaf tba arraaa ara if y c?rad and faV *ipar raatarac*. Tkaaaandaa* tfca aaaat oarraaa dabiliU'.ad, vka bad iaat a.U bapa,fca<( kaaa ncrtsdlataly ralia?ad. Ail :3ipa.iinai.ta ta K&rrtafa,_Pn?at*al ar Maalal Dlaqaal mwmm ?i m?rctu?* r*?*?, J!miithUll*. TruaSlmr ai?d W?aka*i? ?r SuiiniM *f U* BNt f*?jfaj kind ifiic tit . ENDORSEMENT OF 1HE PRESS. TUM Hint T?0Vl*XD?*d a; thu iDi.itaum wltk'a Ik* lut y**n, ai.d tt>* nam?r?a? imparunt ?arf iail v?r?u?i.? p?r-*riutd ar Or. Jakd?;au, viuimiiI T U>? iap.rnri af th p&ptn tad m*ry atrai cirur.t, at which h**? Ijfi-tti tgtit, %r i ?mri th* taalie, * '?? kit at*;. i mi |nulmtD?( cfcaraetar and rtarwnalblliiy. l* * laffi.ani piiutii -? u>* * cud. Ktr l4-ly TRIESEMAR. Pretertfd. iy Royal Letters Patent of England, awf seritTvd by JA? Sea?* of the Ecolt de Pkarmarie At Paris, and tkt Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. | TRIE9BMAK No. 1 I Is th* effectual rnnM? for K tn * ??rr?w 9mwm MA TOR BH (El and KxHATTSTION US TBI STSTAM. TRIE^KMAR No. a. Completely ar.d entirely eradicates all traces of those disorders, for wh:eh Copaiva aod Cubebs Have generally been thought aa antidote, to (he rum of the health of a vast portion of the populaTRIE8EMAR No 3. Is the great and sure remedy or the ciw'ized world for at: imjnnties o< tie syft?m,as we,l as t*ooadary symptoms, obviating the destructive nse of Mercury. aa weil as o?he deleterious ingredients, and which ali riie ^arsap*:. la iu tue world can-jot ! rercva. T&ieskvaH '.\ot. 2 aca 3 are alike devoid of taste or sine . .^nd oa! 1 nauseating qualities. They are in the fo.-rt, of a :oseiige, ana may lie on the tabie witii'-ut their nee being suspected. fcVold in tin oases at 93 each, or foar 93 oaaes in one for 99, and in 9*7 cases, thus saving 99. as administered t.y Vaipeao, Lallemand, Roux. 4 o., Ac. Wholesale and retail by DR. H. A. BARROW, 194 Kleeclrer street, (4 doors from MaoDougal street). [Sew York. Immedia'eiy on receipt of remittance. Dr. 1>ai iuw will forward Triesemar to any sart of tne worid, securely packed .and addressed according to the instructions of the water. Published also by DR WAR ROW, that popular and beautifully illustrated mediea! wo-k, Human Frailty. Pnoe 25 oenta. Trieee'car aid Book can be obtained by special authority from 3. C. FORD, Washington, D. C. de 12-3m LEA fc PERKINS1 cblbbbatbd Worcestershire Sauce. Pronoaneed by BQ EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ll of a Letter from a to be the If Mtiieml GmtUmmm n ONLY GOOD Jjk V % gap 1 To Hxs Brotktr SAUCE." atWoroeeter. ?d.? pwrv r-;-T=l~r , rms thattlietr Saut* "* ,n highly eitMised ?. sss?r:?' in lwiia, and ia. m VAJIILTY :?T"3C .ny uainion, the most '3 ma! e, u we:, as OT i)|?n moit vhoiewm* ur m3ti' th?tr? made." The abOTe SAUCE is not only the bbst and most ?gp?L aB coitDiME.tT known, but the most Economical, a* a lew dropa in Sour, Oravy. or with Pitk. uoi *r.j com Jointj, BuS St*ak, Onmt, tc., impart an extsieite seat, which vMprincipisd Sauce manufacturers have in vain endeavored to imitate. On ths Breakfast, Luntkun, l)\nntr, or Surp*r Tnhlt, a cruet containing " LEA A PERRINS' "WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indiapenaatole. To appreciate the vttlUnt fualxtus of this d*litivus preparation it la only neceaeary to purchaae a gni*ll bottle of the ttntntu, of a respectable grocer or dea er, at many Hottl and Kuiraraftt proprietor! seldom place the Purs Sane* before their <ueata, but aubetitutea rename BoitU felled with a spurious mixture. For sale by Grocer* and Friitareri everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Stuart and \uk strut, Arte York, sol* w noiesale Agouti for the Untied Statee. A Stock always m More.?Alia order* received lor direct ihipinents from England. ILT" Btwart of Coumttrftitt a,\d eep 8-ly.eo fKSaa} TOPHAM'8 CTT* US!} PREMIUM TR W N K V MAS UFACTOR T, 499 Emm ttY&xrr, WuumTti, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Marylaadlaetttate AM. MM*. 1 ss&rs^Tsisiwrjr^ rime Ho.e i^e&tfter, ?? Packing, Trvika, reamer, ua-K-i. sad OaxTM TirnvMiLf Ban. At Ltw JVitM.00'8*10 e^^*" Members of Coucreec and travelers will pleas* examine my stock before pir?kuui iLVHri Ynnxiis that are made ia other cities. fnjer.or Leather and Drees Trmaks made to JAMKS MOPBAM, &WttiUSs&e& Bi5iw'v'Drr??.nMd-*pijk?M iom, Carpet Bara, *o., ulttl ? art bow Mlliftg M:r "wwaaau I CASH NOTICE. N CoM#*u?noe of onr baniii lo yky tuk for orx artiolo of goodsrwewrwee. we aro foroad to roamo* oar but in? to Ctih oxoiasivoly, for tfa? fot tlnW4. A K?h.> ' SSSiaBfflK& massess&vBfasr TRAVELLERS* DIRECTORY. PAae *,t?.afmjErEO" ; wutmm mmtmvLM. ? OrECULL NOTICE TO TKAVKLU^ "KJSi "2s BAJLTIMOKB ?iU m? u M om: mm ATI**i l#nv riru vn ? ?' Mera??E*KW hSww# i^t. ArKomfnj klfvrBmS^trr. T\mrr Wuiniftti r* *' A " * ?ttM?bom U Bt'tmiort. Naw YaStMail Tmia?:aa?? WyktartM K 11 4-*4 rrij* H Baltimore VL# T. KTPSTade.fhla kJZlt. *.; New York 10 r. n. Allancgc Aococ.mod?tH'c~>*T? WasbtwtoB 1? r.*. ArnreatBa ti ore ??r.K.: Phlliiia.phia u> Jt r. m. Enaiat Kzfrew?leare We?^'t*?ot: $ r u. Amy* it Baltimore Mftr. Ju.aietjfcia r. *.; New York <*. u.: HarrLil urg 1 a. k. Od SoLd?T? at S05 &H 5 p. m. only. Tho A r. m. tram from Waahioctoa oaanoeu throat* to Now York every day daitac Ik* waafe. i_, fRVS SfUSSfSBb* tij*.. u.ibuUmoniMt.u. Arrive ai Waakm'-oa AAt f'u*are New Yor* ?Tl f. rhilfdetekiaTCje ir v.- BaJt inara iJO a. k. Amu at waafci&flco 1? ^l5*ra Naw Yark alllr.u PhU^ifh* >* a. M. FfJUmore Arrive atWaaaia* too #^?Jnij?pdatto?. TmnawH ! 11 a. m. and7 r. a. On ? u OB aad 7 J6 4. K. ul;. Tr*.u l*rtj VVaaaiaatos at 7.? a. ?.ar.d ?4 r. aod Ba^-ror^atTjka. and4xe p. m ,mkt direct oonneotiona tor Anrtapolii at tif Jttnct.or-. Traiaa iea*e Annafoin tor Baltimore aad Wteitaxton at IMja.. u. and S.M f. mP??enter TrainsleaTtag lYacklnftoa at Sjto a. 11 a. a->c ? r. M.ja*c Ha'tinore at c>< and US a. m , and IJn p. h.mpiII nop <" <* at mmd 7<u?M4IM (!? ) ) Jwmeitmm W?> Pai(*Bi?iaa4lakiU? JVatm miy I Traire will leave Waehi&ttoB and Baltimore prmtrui VM ear* it?M. w. r. SMITH. d? \1 Mu? of Trwyortmoii, Bait 1??2] THE pfte? Penniylvania Central Railroad, lilHfll hi m ii iU connect odm) 18 A FIR8TXLAS9 ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIER SPEED, SAFETY AM) COMPORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAOK CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTiMORK! I THMI TAILT T14IRI Ft OM PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH I Two o'tle.T making cxon cossscrtoiva at Eiumru ?it troina on U>e NORTHERN CENTKAL RAIL ROAD, mid fortune THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE nou WASHINGTON AMD BALTIMORE to 1.11 pointa is the WKIT, NoiIH-WtlT AhB SOCTH-WBT. For Thro-'fh Tick eta, apply at the Ofteo of the Northern < eniral k?1 Road CumH -J, cavort f*t?uoii, tfaitimoie. Spl'ndui Slemtig Cars on all Ntrkt Trains Smoling Saloon Cart on mil Train*. FROM WASHINGTON. Purect?n *<l tu*<h?f a. m aa?t p.ratratr.e, a rivia* in Baltimore at 7.40 a. m. ai*i 6 45 p. n... where cloee ooaneetiona arc ma e traiia on the Northern Central K R..a< a arrive in Hai.i uurp >i i p. m ana 1 ?o a m., mere connective with the trvic* on the Ptnnaylvasaa Centra. Railroad for all parte of the week FREIGHTS. By tbia routs, freijnte of ait oar. b? forwarded to and from any pom1 oc the fi ail road a ofOfio, KoLtcosy, 'n"iana, 1 wnoia. Wiaoouain, lo?a,or Mia*oeri. fcjr Hatirot'l direct The Pence) vama Central Kailroad a'eoo na^cte at Pitteburi wuh M?a4o*ra. t y which OoMc-ti be forwarded to any pert on the Ohio. Ma?kiB?aiat KeUuck*. Tennneeee. Cumb'r and. I.,iLo.a M lealaaipjpi, Wiaoonein, Miaecnri, Kanaaa. Arkaieaa, and Rrd Hirer*; and at Clevr-'and, Mndutar and Chicago with kteamere to al. Northwe*tarn I akea. MertbmU and ebtppera entruating the tranaportation of th?sir Krr.tht to Una Company, oan ieiy with confidence on ite *peeey t-a^?ir. TUfc ItATKS OF FKEliiH I to and from a-y point in the W eat, by the Fennajltaiua C-ntrai Kailroad. err at all ttmir at JrnvvrmbU at art tkarged by otktr hatlr?d Companut CT particular to mark paokaree M via Piss. Cmihl K. R." MaGKaW A KOONS, Freight A renta, No. ?0 North atteet, U% t more. ENOCH LEWI8.6mT Ssp'rint't. Altoona. Pa. L L?. HOUPT. Oen'l Ticket Af't. PitiladelpLia H. H HOUSTON, Sen'l Freijbt Ajent. Phj adelphia |a 4-dly I^UKTUbKN Ch.NKAL RAILWAY. Tkt Skorttti, Qmxcktft and Best Routt from Baltx mer?l*M< TV Mli nUKTH A.M> NORTH WE8T. IHHHIH WINTER SCHEDULE. Cbaksb or i imb. Ob Bad after SUNDAY. Mtk November, P?p?mter Train* will arrive Bad depart trom CalvBrt Station aa follow*: Tbajxs Nobtb Luvi Mail at s 90 a. m. Buffalo txpre?? 8 p. m. Park ton Aoo< mmocatton 4 i. a. ltubnrg aiid Hamabarg bxpreee 8.90 p. ML Tbairs bouTB Abu vk Park ton Accommodation at 8 a in. Boflalo txprese 8 *t a. m. Pittabart and Harrisburi Ex pre? 2 y. bl. Mail 6 ? p. m. ! The 6 a. ra. train fro* WaehiBftoa eomeots with the 8JS0 a. ni. train fron Baltimore for tim wrr. ana ior ttnCalo, Kimira. Rochester, Uukirk, Ca'.adaig ua and N ik|?n Fmt. and lor Sew York city. Tbe 21 a. ib. train from WaabiDg ton connects with the 3 ?. m train from Baltimore to west. North a?>d N orthweet and klain and Buffalo and Rochaater. The 5 p. m. train from Wukiigtoc oonimti with the 8 JO p. ru. train from Baltimore ior Pittsburg, Barriaburg and the West and is a direct oonpection for LeNi-oc. Kaeton Aiieutovn and >>? York via Cebtra; Ran road of New Jersey. Try this route for Nav York. (TT'The only train lmnnf Baltimore on Peoday ls.ta*2 ?. m. train, for Uarriabarg, Pittsburg, Chicago and the West The only train arriving in Baltimore on Pnnday la th S2" a. m. train. J AS. 0. CLARKE, nc? ly Bnperintendsct T* NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. Bfi Poetmacter Venerai havivc ordered IM mat mttim bet?**-- a# nitcn, -*** ^ Ha tmore, and Old Point (KortrMf^^^Fj^mV^ Monroe) to be resumed, on and after^?^^^^^* Monday, the aott instant. tb? Bay 1 me of st<*air * Will leave Baltimore EVt'RY DAY (except Bta day) from their wuarf, fool or llaioa Dook, at 4* o'clock p. m.. or immediately after the arrival of the Washington Train, vhieh leares Wass.agtct at SH e'e ock n. n>?Mf M. N. FAL.LB. Preet. B5^voIfKWJVKK8E' flBHO I^R/linf a*/? -.w.-!...? ? .u.?ri.oi fllllfliri M Q u?et?towu, . ., Th? Lirorjool. New York tad Pluiadolfkia Stoa. Coityaay iatopo i.ayatchiMlMir ft 11 Mie-e C yd-buut iron Stwihip? u follow: 6U9&OW Sat&rUay. Aiiut W. siTNveXS<at.LT'MoK?-i_: s?_ A.nd avary Sataraar. at aoou, froi P.otM, Nortt nrm. UTM Of PAUMI. "" g-uga. t Do. to P&TI* ? Do. to Hambart ? Bimii? ? fr*> Do. toLoDQot.. i* K: ^ S PM?Hf?ri to Htm. Moaoo.lottordam, Aatwory ,*o , at radaoad tferaaak km. wnm wtoktt to Mac ? tiir SImm mi Or to Q. A. UUUNS. LJtEHIXm buu treat tn Md ?*Md, Wt >a.rtie?WlT *4*fUc #? Uo narifsuoii of Low UiMil tomai, iwi?f ^ *o?bmOob with tt?? Fail liiw md Old Coioar Max.rud, diitAfiM of M huh oaiy to BiH? Sp-S#SOsSS ?> ^ *? - . BTV UMBO ?1UI ?IUNI?U t&to room*, kud ?r*rj 4rnu^eni?a: 'or tMMetntr IM ?on.:orl o! t The : this rntt a ni( l t?' root on l-omrc. tad u ?rr)?k ?t F?!l Kftvw prooood Mr w??bo? Tmliui?muig Bu>t? Mm tko morniac ' * My -emut oc tofc-c onti; >t&rti&f or the Aocon>m<xi? ux>e yjjL IL by vfcMfc Uoy K?r rwek Bostov Tnimi BMt?r u attMhM t? makpmmm, Vtc riMroi kn<! tiekeu tte IMIMtaMEieo tbo to ltodoot.nn.ia. ^ WL? ??naxUoL.wttk rWM Fill Knar IM nw**M flauy VMfi Notice to watchmakers, je^ seller.!*. and ftDUKS. S. & J. MYERS, of 90 Washington street, Beaton, o&ened their Branch Olfioe, Room i No. 10 Washington Uni'ding, Pa. avenue, A ffftk on T?n?sday, December 31?t. with a large took of Watches. Jewelry. Watoh Mate* VmL rial*, fto., at the lowest wholesale prices. V /ntch work done for the trade. Positively no r, oona Solo on Womt do** at Rktail. de3ft-i m* SI. I. raANKJLIN, scientific 4- practical optician, 844 Penn'atT.,tnorth side,) t?et. 13th and jjth sta, I SPECTACLES and EVEOI.ASSRS. erovided

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