Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1862 Page 1
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r / ??? ' ??? ' ?????? * Opening Star. Vffi. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C. THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1862. N2. 2,790. THE EVENING STAR FUBUSHED BVE&T AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT TUB BTAft BUILDINGS, fciw / fwiylwaii wwi mmd KU?nU St. Wt W. D. WALLAGH. Fmper* wrved la puka** ?T oarrlen UMl yaar, or 37 ceota per moath. To null ?abeerlber? Ika price U S3 30 t fu, te ?<?? ?; St tor ill monma; ror inree monia?, wa ror ism iui * three meatha at the rate of li centa a weak. magic ooplea, oaa cbnt; la wrapper*, two eran. fTT" ADTBBTiiaMaiiTa ahould be aent to tha Ace before li o'clock m.; otberwlae they may aot appear an til the next day. LATE FROMfTH* 80CTH. From late Southern rartera we eet the foliowl tie Interesting detail* t OTCCPATIOH O* XTTMAT, KI!fTTC*T ? PAVIS THRBATKNKD. The Memphis Argus, of January 9IHh, says: Three gentlemen who arrived at Paris before the departure of the train for this city, brought Information that the Federals had advanced In force to Mnrray, Ky.. only twenty-ive miles north of Parts That they would continue their march to Paria, between which and Murray, we learo, there are no Conf. derates sufficient to realat them.waa generally anticipated No advance, however, had been made up to yesterday afternoon. tbi battle I!l XB2ITtTCKT?Latr flOM tflHIMG cbbbx?erg. cxittbmdkb not woundbd, btc. fKrnm thp Richmond Dlamtr.h 1 We gather a few additional facta ir relation to the late "Kentucky disaster'' from tbe Knoxville Register. Eight confederate regiments engaged fourteen regiment* ef the enemy. The false information of the enemy's force was brongbt by one Johnson, known familiarly as "Hogback Johnson." When onr forces reached their breastworks, Gen Crittenden concluded to fall back to the aouth ?ide-of tbe river. Tbe little steamer which had lately arrived was taken charge of by Capt. i* pi Her. Our infantry was safely transported across under the lire of the enemy's batteries, posted on the heights above. We lost the greater portion of ourcavalrv horses, tents and munitions. Gen. Carroll now has command of tbe division. Two of Gen. Zollicoffer's aids?Maj Fogg and Alaj. Shields?were badly wounded. Whether the enemy had crossed tbe Cumberland river we are not advised, but our forces ex ptcitu 'ut-y wguiuuuw. ueu. virruu n ic|wticu as making a valiant stand against them. Gen Crittenden and all his staff are safe. Gen. Carroll and staff are safe. Our lost is reported to be JUU killed. The enemy's loss is supposed to be twice the number. Gen Crittenden ordered the advance at 11 o'clock Saturday night, supposing the enemy to be only 1,500 strong. Undercover at night our forces were transported speedily across the river, and whentLe messenger left were ordered to fall back to Camp McGinnls, twenty five miles In the direction towards Knoxville, Tenn In the engagement, Rutledge's and McClung's batteries were lost, except two pieces of thf former, which were stationed with Moaaarrit's battery on the south side of the river, snd are safe Oar loss was aot very heavy, but our men be<>ama rw?f/? aMikan sflas tk? fall fl<.?-? r/ It I cotter * Several of oar men came la yesterday, and report large numbers of others on the way to Knoxville. Oar troops fell tack to the breastworks under command ofGea Crittenden, who was Lot wounded, as has bern reported The citizens of Knoxvllle, Tenn , have held meetings with a view to furnish the distressed and routed soldiers with clothing, beds and blankets. Farther Particulars. ceittxndkn makes a stand?the destbcction of abxs, cannon and storks Nashville, Jan -it, (via Mobile, 35.)?The n.ost reliable Information we have received here of the engagement at or near Somerset is to the effect that only two regiments?Col. Battle's Tenneaeee and Col. Statham's Mississippi?were engaged in the tight near Mill's Springs The estl mated number cf oar killed and wounded, and Erisoners taken from us, varies from three to five uadred. Gen. Crittenden, with nearjy all his force, is now at Monticello. Store* and equipments are being sent to him. The force of the Federals is variouit v at riru at irom i,wu lo 000, some declaring It to reach 25,000. From information previously received we deem 10,000 or 12,000 a more correct estimate. Paris was la a perfect ferment of excitement yesterday. and many autlcipatlng an immediate 1 descent of the enemy, which thev deemed themselves utterly powerless to resist," were preparing to leave with their negroes and other property, lor various points southward One gentleman alone endeavored to obtain transportation on the train for aeventv negroes, fearing they would fall Into the bands of the Federals. The Confederates, after apiklng their cannon, threw them into the river. The enemy got but one cannon. They also got about two thousand horses and mules, and three hundred wagons. All of tboir stores were burnt, to prevent their capture by the enemy. The stragglers returning apeak very freely of the cause of this disaster, and their reporfl create Intense excitement and Indignation here ueo ?ueii, 11 is reported, bu left Munfordsville, and gone no one appears to know where. In our previous report of matters at Fort Henry, we stated firing ceased from the Federal gunboats atone o'clock Friday afternoon; a fact which at once gave rise to the apprehension that the fort had fallen into the bands of the enemy. We learn, however, that Fort Henry is still safe, the enemy, for some reason, having withdrawn from the immediate vicinity. The shots of the gunboats were not replied to from the fort, which will be held at all hazards. Mo doubt the design of the enemy in bombarding the fort on Friday afternoon was to discover the position and calibre of the guns. Whatever were their designs they were frustrated. These demonstrations, together with those threatened at Bowline Green and Columbus, indicate hot work and plenty of It at no distant pe, rlod. asisvoicro and falling back. The Knoxvllle W big of the 23th says : Large reinforcements of cavalry have been sent from this city to Gen. Crittenden, and a battery of artillery is ready to move. The most of the reports of the battle first received seem to have been much exaggerated. Two guns of Monsarratt's battery being on this side of the river were saved made bat a abort stand at Montlcella, and then fe.1 back to Camp McGianis, and may fall atlll further back, In order to collect those of bla force who are scattered Accoanu brought la by the new arrlvsls are very conflicting. Capt Shirla, of the engineers, gives the following statement of the battle: Oa last Saturday night, Gen. Crittenden and forces marched sat to meet the enemy on Fishing Creek, eleven miles distant. They met the enemy lying In ambush, just at the dawning of day, when Gen. Zoiilcoffer, wba was In front, gave the order for an attack Col. Staanton cried oat, "for God's sake don't flre?they are oar friends " The Bhoepfites halloing for Jeff Davis. Simultaneously the enemy fired, shooting Geo Zoiilcoffer In the heart and killing him Instantly. tie spoke bat twice?his last words were 'Go on, go on. my brave boys, 1 am killed!" On parting with nls trusty servant at midnight, he shook Mads, and remarked that they would probably m?et no more. Col. Battle's and Cummlng's, and the 15th Mississippi regl ments fought bra v el v. savins our I forces from annihilation. Gees Crittenden and Carroll were 1b the engagement the whole time, evincing great courage and determination. The enemy were repulsed several times. fLATBE.] a small rones on vbdebals at padwcah. kv The Bowling Green Courier, of the Od, aavs that Instead of ten or twelve thousand Yankees oecupylag Marray. Calloway county, as reported, the number consists of *aly 3.000 infantry and 500 cavalry. They are under commtni of Gen. Smith from Paducsh. His object, doubtless, is to do*' stroy the railroad nt Paris, Tennessee, and thus break the communication between Memphis and Bowling Green, and capture or destroy the army Mores there. vtneufiA sbbatobs. OS the 33d Instant R. M. T Hunter was elected Confederates** tor by the Virginia Legialature, on the flrat tyliot. by a very large majority. Wllliam Ballard Preston was elected on the soeond ballot as Mr. Hunter's colleague. Mr Preston was s member of President Fillmore's Cabinet Hon. William C. Riven is named to All the vacancy la the Confederate Cabinet, vice Hunter, chosen Senator. rial la CBABLBSTOX, s. c. The Charleston Courier of the 23d says: Our city narrowly neaped another con lag rat ion en Wednesday night. It was fortunate the fire was discovered nt so early sa hour. The locale of the flre Is lmnaedlstelv next to the dru* establish. meat which took fire la 1857, aad consumed the Eater part of the large wholesale bouses on yae street. The iremea wws on the apot with tfceir nsoal promptness The origin of toe Ire Is believed to be aa accldeat CT The Chicago Times says " Oen. Lane has been heralded aa aboat to perform extraordinary wonders In the Beuthweat file trumpeters hai I better wait aad aee boom of hia performances before perpelr-lag more nolae " ? F5* '?The Bottom Poet says A pong Ailed with wamen wis observed la Mrookllne one day }?*we?k, and on the outride of the vehicle, In letters, was pel a ted ? Weetboro' Milk DEFERRED ARTICLES. aftal rs l!l alixa.5dri a?th? churchis thirk. Alexandria, Jan. 26. ? Editor Star: Christ Church {the ene that Washington worshipped In) is open for divine service at 3 o'clock every Sunday afternoon. Mr. Camp, of the 4th New Jersey regiment, has preached several tiroes, and la an excellent preacher. Yesterday the Rev Mr Bar. tow. who was educated at the Theological Seminary In Fairfax, and Is now a chaplain in the army, preached an excellent sermon, and Is earnestly engaged In doing good. The Rev. Messrs. Cummins and Bowman have also taken a great interest In the work, and are active laborers for sonls. Not many of the old members of the church, however, attend?the congregation being made up of the officers of the army and the soldiers garrisoned here, and some ladles. To enlarge the sphere of usefulness of the church, notice was given that hereafter there would be also service at 11 o'clock on Sabbath morning, as well as ia the afternoon. St. Paul's Church Is also spen every Sabbath morning at 11 o'clock, where the old members ana tut amnecicu aiiena. una wnrre mey nna the prayer for the President of the United States omitted, and the prayer In time of war substituted. First Presbyterian CLurch?Rev. Dr. Harrison, who has been the faithful pastor of thla church for forty years, preaches every Sabbath morning at 11 o'clock?the attendance at this church is very *mall. The minister, whatever his private opinions may be, does not Intrude them into his pulpit or prayers. He Is not sufflclently supported, in consequence of the absence of many of his members, but does not complain of this?a man of moderate desires, he is easily satisfied, This church Is not considered strong enough ticuth for many dlsunionlsts to darken its doors. The Methodffct Episcopal Church, Rev. Messrs. Phelps and Lemmon?service at this church morning at 11 o'clock and evening at 7 o'clock. A good many of the members of this church do not attend, because the ministers are not for pulling down the Union. They are trying hard lo convert aoula. whether their membera help or not. The Methodtat Eplacopal Church South. Thla church haa not been open until to-day; the membera having gone off South at the time the Union troops came here. The llllnola Cavalry, (8th,) Col. Farnawortb, a portion of them, commanded by a Methodiat preacher, occupy the basement aa quarter*, and aa they have a methodiat chaplain It ia intended next Sunday and af'erwards during their atay here, to have service lu tbls church. From the character of Col. Farnaworth, and the orderly behavior of his regiment,! am sure no injury will occur to thla property, but that it will be safely cared for. Baptist Church, Rev. Mr Bitting. Thlachurch ia uau&lly well attended. HHs a capital preacher. It la considered as a secess on church; but I have no doubt he la trying to do good to the aoula of all who bear, no mat er what bia private opinion may b? of the present trouble* of thla country. Thla la a minister's work?to preach peace, not war. Methodiat Proteatant Church?Rev Mr. Ward. Tbta devoted and useful man la trying to do all the good he can, and his sermons are of a very practical character. The attendance is very small at this church, so many members and goers to this church being absent In the Confederate army; and a large portion of the lady members do not go there because Mr Ward is a Union man. The ladles make the best secessionists In the world. It Is hoped that they will take care in their zeal for the Confederacy that they do i ot forget their souls, for after all their souls is of more consequence than any Confederacy. I regret to learn to-alght of the serious Illness of one of their most esteemed members, Mr. James C. Goods, a christian man of unblemished character, the long and faithful messenger of the councils for so many years past. His case was very touchlngly alluded to by Mr. Ward In his prayer. The Catholic Church pursues the even tenor of Its ways at 11 and 3 o'clock, and is open to all. The Union Prayer Meeting, as it Is called, assembles daily, snd on Sunday afternoons at 3K o'clock. It iscalled Union, because ltwasstarted originally for all denomination*, and was commenced by the Young Men's Christian Association. One of the prayers cli'ered up a Sunday or two ago was praying for the blessings of Heaven upon their absent friends, and for all these assomilk V* <>m on/1 fs\m rt Ksnlnn ? ? V? t VIHK.U v*t?U Mibiii) ???* IWI ?uw?T uu ouiuurujr over them. This wai as near Jefferson Da via aa wai prudent to go at that time. Next time they may go further. Occasional. Deaths or Soldiees ?The following deaths of soldiers have occurred since our last report: Thomas J. Spauldlng, company H, 11th Maine volunteers, at camp. Joala W . Kills, company K, 11th Maine volunteers, at camp. Herman Kline, company C, Cameron Rifles, at General Hcapital. Stacey Pltmon, company C, 11th New York volunteers, at camp. Wm Dickson, company D, 1st regiment Berdan'a Sharpshooters, at Patent Office R. Mitchell, company G, 1st United States cavftlrv at ramo. Adam Mison, company II, 3d regiment Berdan's Sharpshooters, at camp. Jacofc Koop, company C, 1st New York cavalry, at camp. Edward Hodson, company G, 7th Massachusetts volunteers, at camp. Enoa Crownlngshleld, company I. 77th New York volunteers, at camp. Wm Humphrey, company I, 52d Pennsylvania volunteers, at Eruptive Hospital Michael McKay, company H, 1st regiment Sickles' Brigade, In the city. John Taff, 9th Rhode Island Battery, at Seminary Hospital. Edwin Day, company G, 1st Berdan's Sharp, shooters, at camp. Sergeant George W. Wright, 2d District of Columbia volunteers, at Eruptive Hospital. Bernard Reilly, company I. 2d United States Artillery, at regimental hospital. George Carver, company I, 36th Pennsylvania volunteers, at St. Elizabeth hospital. Jacob Kopp, company C, 1st New York Artillery, at camp. V A Waloli m ? a i tu i?Vf? X VIA VUiUil" teen, at Columbian College. Chan. Slight, cotpany D, 104th Pennsylvania volunteer*, at camp. Wm. H. Leighton, company I, 1st Long liland regiment, at camp Thomaa Spruce, company G, 1st Michigan volunteers, at camp. J. D. Chandler, quartermaster 23d regiment Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp. Thomas J. Spaulding, company H, 11th Maine volunteers, at camp. Joslah W. Ellis, company K, 11th Maine volunteers. at camp. Albert Cronk, company A, 77th New York volunteers, at camp. John D. Caton, company E, 56th New York volunteers, at camp. George Fox, company K, 33d Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp. Jos. D Ream, company B, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, at camp. Thomas Kerr, private in 1st New Jenev caval I ry, si camp. Ferdinand Stadler, company D, 7th New Jeraey volunteers, at tamp. J. Fuller, company B, 7th New Jeraey cavalry, [ at camp. Ralph B. Camfleld, company , 5th Pennsylvania reserve corps, at Camp Plerpont. Private Cameron, company 1, '2d Maine volunteer*, at camp. Benjamin. H Roberta, company K, F th Pennsylvania reserve corps, at camp. John Shaw, company M, 1st New Yorksrtiltery, at camp. Isaac Young, company D, 13th Pennsylvania voluatten, at camp Ellas Quick, company C, 34th New York volunteers, at Carver Barracks. Harman Miller, company A, 56th New York volunteers, at Warrati Hospital mm FURNITURE! A ? FURNITURE! W Irtro Jvr rmrm r? - a mm ?? i-vxviiiii/A/j : i ? Look to y??r loUrtiu, Puroh&Mra of CABINET FURNITURE, *L* ILI^IL !*M1; TfcS? y?? ui# sS^J.r.'V?"o * com"," "" ' _ rBOTELEK * WILLSON, i. *?r"v""* raa a aiy D'dgagKS^lZrag".^ gj?" titstion. 11 oocuini x S^.;VpV?L. 5?-JE TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. From Key West and Fori Plckrnc. THK bbbsls WITHDRAWING THBIB vobcn FROM BBFORB rlCKRNS TO STBBNOTHBN mobilb,WHICH THKY BKGABD IN DANGBB. NbwYobk, Jan. 29?The steamer Fhiladelnhla frnm k'ov WmI has arrived Shp hrnnaht a company of U. S. cavalry. The troops at Fort Pickens and Key West were all in good health. There la not much news ~ The steamer Ericsson. from New York, arrived at Key Weat on the 19th. Troops on board all well. The advices from Fort Plckentt state that the rebels have withdrawn a portion of their forces to Mobile, which they consider in special danger. It is understood that the rebel force opponlte Fort Pickens Is not now over 6,000. exclusive of that at Live Oak plantation, wblcn la held by from oae to three thousand troops, and fortified. Contrabands wore constantly coming tn to On J. Brown. Later frsna California. THE KAIIfT WEATHER STILL CONTINUES?SACRAMENTO STILL OVERFLOWED?LEGISLATURE San Francisco, Jan. '21.?The weather la atlll rainy bere. The money market la unlveraally tight. Business haa been suspended on account ofthe weather. The Legislature reassembled at Sacramento yesterday. Most of the city is still under water, but the last Inundation had caused but little damage to the bouses. Sas Francisco, Jan. 22 ?The rainy weather still continues. The members of the Legislature at Sacramento are obliged to pass to and from the capitol building in small boata. A proposition to adjourn the session to San Francisco has been passed, and the whole Legislature is expected in this city to-night. The steamer St. Louis sailed yesterday for Panama, with t>0 passengers and S*73,000 In treasure, of which $600,000 is for New York. ?a?tr \f Kansas City, Jan. 26?Santa Fe datea to the 12tb lnat , have been received. Col. Canby, in command of the United Statea forcea, Laa advanced up the river from Fort Craig, and at lnat account* waa at Benal with twenty companies of troops. He atlll fears an attack upon *ome other point than Fort Craig, and thinks the enemy reported at Auomosa were there to divert the attention of our troopa. There are fifteen companfea of United States troops at Fort Craig, fifteen at Albuquerque, six at Santa Fe. and 600 men at Fort Union There Is considerable complaint made owing to the failure of the Washington mails to reach Santa Fe. The territory is flooded with amall drafts, which occasion a scarcity of specie. New Jersey Legislature. Trfkto*. Jan 2rt?The news of thp ln*? of Colonel Allen and burgeon Muller, of the New Jersey Ninth Regiment, created a profound sensation in the Legislature, and the melancholy event being announced in both houses, they adjourned In respect to the memory of the deceased. Fire at Baffal*. Buffalo, Jan. 2b ?St. James Hall, in the rear of St. James Hotel, occupied by Albert & George Brisbane, was destroyed by an incendiary tire this morning. The loss Is 820,000, and wa.i not covered by insurance. The hotel was also damaged from 8*2,000 to 93,000. An Unfounded Rumor. Cairo. Jan. 29?Th? ?nM<it(nn ui. i_#? Bird'* Point last Saturday in pursuit of Jeff. Thompson returned unsuccessful, not having even met with him. Hence the rumors here yesterday of a fight and the capture of Thompson were entirely unfounded. Movements af Steamships. Boston, Jan. 29 ?The Europa arrived here last night. A steamship passed Cape Race vesterday morning, supposed to be the United Kingdom, from Glasgow for New York. Arrival ?f the Stsamer City *f New Y?rk. New Yosk, Jan. 29.?The steamer City of New York, from Liverpool, has arrived. Her advices have been anticipated by previous arrivals. PRRHiM'il PlcnrnBinw ? - ?? ^ u.mvwnoiVlll From Baltimore to New York and retiirn ?**.00 To Boston, and return ?13.50 Tickets for sale at the NATIONAL HOTEL, Where further partioulara may be had. Time for leaving Washington expires on 31st January* Tioketa good to return any day before Maroh 1st. , ja 17-12t? PAMP STOVES! Vv CAMP STOVES!! CAMP STOVES!!! A large stock on hand, whioh will be sold low. H. J. GRK60HY. ja ib 381 Pa. a?t?nue. KITTEN HO USE, FA>T Ic CO., BANKERS, 353 Pennsylvania Avenue, (iwar Brown's Hotil,) luae DRAFTS on all parts of tbe United States, inaumato auit Officers and Soiaiera. Alao, Drafta on Loadon. Ireland, Sootiand, Walea, and all parta I of the Continent of Europe. ia2-lm | ?JOAL OIL-COAL OIL-COAL OIL! COAL AND ETHERIAL OIL At Rkdvcxs Pricks! i 8. W. O'LAUGHLKN'8

Coal and Etherial Oil manufactory, v/vi uoi iiuw sfOrBVJ SVi ftUQ Ci ja!3-lm* /JJEORGE M. WORL & CO., VJ Importers and Dealers in WINKS. L10U0HS, CWARS,itc.; And GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS An assortment of Merchandize of every description ouastantly on hand. GEORGE M. WORL & CO.. 75 Water street, Georgetown. ja21-lm* By the Rope Ferry. Bl'RNSIDE'S . Patent Portable House. The inventor oalls the attention of Sutlers and others to this useful invention. A House oan be built by this Inventor without nails, sorevs, or groovM. rwnee ua siaoiei built in the same way. It an he rat up and taken down without injury to the boards. Order* can be left with SAMUEL WISE. Builder, No. 346 E street, near Thirteenth , JaU-lm Wa?hin?ton. D. C. rpo MILITARY OFFICER8 AND OTHERS. BATCHMJ^OR'MBNglNf^H^IR DYE, Tkt Only R*luUl* mmd Hmrmlut Hair *syt Knowm. Bold bT ail Drmcgiate; also, at Binnoii'i Patent MedMine Store, op. Fatant Ofhoe.oor. F k 7th, 6tna'e Hair Store, fft^enn'a avenue. where LadteeoanMvanaMUad, if de?ir(*i. factory-81 Baralavat <SB Mi Broadway) N. Y. *ai oaminupuM, BBSH XX ( Establishis in 1939,) B?f leave to inform the pabUo tut the? have extended their Expraaato Waahinrton. and are now IMWred to Traaaport M^ohaadiee, Notea, Pp?cie, Jewelry, Jto.^to all parti of the Middlt, Nrw England and Wttttrn Statu and Canada. Sonaectinf with the moat reeponalble Exareaaea ironihout the oonntry, we are enabled to ft flVt ?HW?i? faeilitUs to ail who amy flavor na with their aatrona?e. Fortermaand farther laformaUon apply to E. 8. 8MITH, Agent. Third at., 3d door below Pa. avenna, |>Ha _ Waahington, 1> C. gDTTBR! , BUTTER!! tftOSfS Go?hoc liuttisr, jut r?o?iTed and | w?jMf nwiTMl, We can d^ZraaUhi sr^amm ^sasss,ri AUCTION SALES. By BARNARD A BUCKfcY, Auctioneers, Georgetown, D. C. T'RUSTKEfi' 8AI.K,?By virtne of a deed of 1 tnut from Win. W. MoNeer, dated April U. 1861, and of reoord, we will offer at aaotion on the 11th day of February next. at 3 o'clock p. m , on the premises, all that lot of (round in Georgetown known as the easternmost part of lot number one hundred and twenty-eight, (19.) in Bead's addition to Georgetown,fronting 14 feet on Dunbarton street, and running back north, of the same width, I*? feet, with the improvements, consisting of a two story frame house. Terms of sale: Oae-third of the pnrchase money to be paid in cash ; and theresidneat three e^ual instalments, at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be secured. WALTKR 8. COX, HUbH CAPERTUN. TmatMM Rtnrratnwn RmU'i Aumia'n. Ja? 2awts BARNARD V BlfCKEV. A~ac~t?. .. .Bm AAANARD * BUCKEY, Auctioneers. OeoTtftown, DtOi TRUSTEES' SALE.?By rirtne of a de*l of trust from Jess* Chiok, dated May 20, 1896, and of record, we will rflar at auotion, on the 11th day of February, at 3.1*' o'clock p m., on tbe premise*, that lot of ground in Georgetown, bounded a? follow*, viz : Beginning at the end of twenty-six leet measured east, on the south line of West street, from the scotheaBt intersection of West and North streets, an* runninr thence easterly, by and with the sooth l;ae of West street, twenty leet, thence soutoardiy, and parallel with said North street, eighty-six feet, trieuoe weatwardiy, and parallel with said West street, twenty feet, and thenoe north eighty-six feet, to the beginning, with the improvements. Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase money 10 De paia in cash, and the reaidue in three equal instalment^, at three, an, and nine months, with interest, to be aeoured. The terms of sale muat be complied with within one week alter aale, or the property mar be retold, after one *?eks' notice, at the riak and ooatofthe first purohaier, WALTER S COX. ? _ , ? HUGH C/ PERTON, Trustee a Georgetown Buildinz Asscoiation. jafi-2*wt? BARNARD A BUCKEV.Auota. By BARNARD A BUCKEY. Auot'oneera. Utorttttotcn, D C. rT,RU8TELS' SALE.?By virtue of a deed of trust from B. Hutoluns, dated September 22, 1856. and of reoord, we will offer at auotion on the 11th da? of February. 1862. on the premlsea. at 4 o olook p. m., that part of lot number nicety one. rji.nn ueauy ? Hawkins'addition to Georgetown, wdinnini? for lta bounds on the south side of Prosjeot street, in Georgetown, at a point distant 65 feet, measured oast, from the west oo-ner of said lot, and runninc thenoe south and parallel with the west line of ?ai(1 lot 53 feat, more or less, to the line of Mrs M*sher's lot thenoe east <?n the line of said lot 26 feet, and thence north 58 feet, more or ess, to Prospeot street; thence with Prospect street 25 feet to the beginning, with the improvements, con-isting of a two-story (rame house. Terms of sale: One tbird of the purchase money to ba paid in cash; and the residue in three fqnat instalments, at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be seoureo. The term* of sa e must be compMed with within one week alter sale, or the property may be resold at the expense and risk of the purchaser, after one week s notice. WALTER P. COY. HUGH CAPERTON, Trusts* Georgetown Bnild'g Assooia'n. ja6 2awts BARNARD Jt BUCKEY.Adoii. By BARNARD A BUCKKY\ Auotioneera. (iecrttttncn, D. C. TRUSTEES' SALK.-By virtue of a deed of trust from Henry Dade, dated April 25, 1857, and of record, we will offer at auotion, on the llth da; oi February, at 3% o'olock p. m., on the premises, part of lot No. eighty, m Hclmrad'a addition t<> Georgetown, bounded as follow*, vis : Beginning at the northwest corner of said lot, and run ning theaoe south, along North street, forty feet, thence eMtand at right angles with North street, forty six feet, thence north forty feet, and thecoe west forty-six feet, to the beginning, with the improvements, consisting of two two atory frame nouses. Trtrma nf mi* . .. .... .w?r . VHV-IIIIIUVI bUO PUIQIIMO IIIUUOJ to be paid in euh, and the residue in three equal instalment*, at tnree,six, and nine months, with interest, to be secured. The term* of sale must be eoraplied with within one week after sale, or the prope-ty may be rweold, at the risk and cost of the first purohaser, one weeks' notice, WALTER S COX. HUGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Building Association. ja6 2awts BARNARD A. BUCKEY. AucU. By WALLA BARNARD.Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE.?Bt virtue of a deed of trust from Charles Williams, dated April 23, 1R&6, and of reoord, we will offer at aaction, on THURSDAY, the 13th day of February, at 4 o'oloek p. m., on the premises, that lot of ground in Washington. known and described as the northern part of lot No twenty-six, (26,) in square No. uuo miuuini, u"v>j ir< ruing joriy-eigm ieet on Twentieth street, and fifty feet on M street, with the improvements, consisting of a two story frame house. Terms of sale : One third of the purohase money to be paid in cash, the residue in three esual in staiments, at three, six, and nine months after date, with interest, to be secured. The terms of sale must be oomplied with within one week after sale, or the property may be resold, at the risk and oost of the fust purchaser, after one weeks' notice. WALTER 8. COX. HUGH CAPERTUN, Trustee's Georgetown Build'g Association. ja7 2awts By WALL &. BARNARD, Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE?By virtue 01 a deed of trust from N. W. Walker, dated February 22, 1855, and of reoord, we will offer at auotion,on FkIDaY, th?14th day of February, at 4 o'clook p. m , on the armises. that lot of ground in Wash ngton knowfrand described as lot 1), in seuare No. 424 beginning for its bounds on Eighth street, S3 feet from the northwest corner of said ssusre, and runiwng thenee south with the line of Eighth street 16 feet; thence east 63 feet 8 inches to a 3 feet alley; thence north with the lice of said alley 16 fftAt' thfnft* WAfit M U innKao ?a ?ka ? w lUVilVO ?v IUU UO?lUUlU( | with the improvements. Term* of sals: One third of the purohase money to he paid in cash; and the residue in three equal instalments, at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be secured. The terms of sale must be complied with within one week after sale, otherwise the property may be resold at the risk and oost of the first pnrohaser, after one week's notice WALTER 8. COX, HUGH CAPKRTON, Trustees Georgetown Build's Associa'n. jt72awts WALL A BARNARD. Aucts. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE?By virtue of a deed of trait from Cynthia B. Mason and others, dated March 13,1857. and of record, we wil oier at auotion.on SATURDAY, the 15th day of February, at 4 o'olook p. m.. on the prem. ies, that lot of icronid in Wasuington known as iot .No. ^ ghteen, (18,) in square No. seventy-three, (73,) *v Jh the improvements. Terms >fsale: Onq third of th ^nrohase money to be paid in oasn; and the in three equal instalments, at thre% six and nine months alter date, with interest, to be seonrtd. The terms of sale mnst be oomshed with within ono TMk after tale, or the property may be reeoiH at the risk and oost of the first purchaser. WALTER 8. COX, HUGH CAPKRTON, Trustees Georgetown Build'*_Associa'n. ja7-2awt? WALL A BARNARD, Auots. LOVELL, COLLES A CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, S6 Front Street, New York, and 316 E Street, Washington, D. C, (near Willard'a Hotel.) Having ?tArted a branch of onr New York eetabliahment in this city, we invite Sutlers, Grocers, Restaurateurs, and Hotel Keepers, to oail and examine onr atook which ia well aaeorted and oompnaed ofgooda of the beat qnality. We take ordera for anything in onr line, and exeoute tnem promptly. ja 23 tf G WATCHES. OLD AND B1LVKRrENG?ISH, SWISS 1 have now on hanJ enlarge atook of all the moat oeiebrat?*ii Watobee, that i am eelling at the very lowest pricey that food and reliable time keepers - ? ?r ?UU UHOICU ? HIO lUVO?t M EtvolTora, Sworda. Saahea. Be!t?, Bowie Kaivoe. rocket ComruiM, ft*., ?c. Also atrong Army Trnnka ud Bed Combined; and many other tluaga neetnl and ornamental at <38 PoanaylTaiua avonna. noflP-tf H. A. HOOlT COMETHIN? NEW?S VPEfilOR MULLED O COJlW.-Tbi ubtu ibor, having cot the a?eney aak of hi? fri?nd?. ud thopiblio at large, to give it a trial. Al?o, Popped l orn, plain and eugarod. Pa. aTWMbtMirMo nth and iJt??ta. N. B.?Manafhotarer of Marble Mantle*. Moaamecta. Table Top?, Xa. A large aaaortmactalirayi HWwRffLrtBfv lllAZ\SM KhilhwJ: ; * D tr**c WASHINGTON, D. C , JANUARY, ISM. REMOVAL. A. BI1VINGER X CO. ATI RBMOVBD 1 TO 219 PENNSYLVANIA AYKNl'E, , orroaiTi I i WILLARD8' HOTEL. We invite tbe attention of oar ffiends sad toons to tbe Card below: No. 811 Pknwstlvasta Armi, ) ' (opp of ire Willard's Hottl,) J i uc cuuKiiucn, uaviag vpcam I DtlKB M- 1 tablinhment In this City a few months since, and ' feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from its friends and the lovers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other articles In their line, have determined 1 pon a continuance and extenalon of their busl ness. Their assortment embraces? I FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and districts.) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, 1 JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac , , Also, several valuable Tonics, Bkters, and ^ Stomachic*, which are remedies for bowel complaint*, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Prices. 1 ( FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED I MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, c VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac., Ac. The Stock was particularly selected to cult the want* of Hotel-Keepers, Sutler*, Restaurateurs, Ac. Tbcy are Invited to visit the establlahment, which 1* under the direction of Mr. Jos. P. Wilson. 3 Owing to the fact that they Import moat of the articles direct, and to their many business facilities, they^'Senabled to offer their slock Goods at err low prices. j Your obedient servants, 1 A. BININGER k CO., J mporters / Foreign Wines, Liquors, fc. I Ja 11-tf New Voek and Washington. f, 1 PARAFFINE M. C A N D L E 8! tJ MEUCC1S PATENT PARAFF1NE b s CANDLES ! Manufactured by the Niw York Par affi nk Candu Co. a For aale in quantities to anitpnrcha era, by the Manufacturer? Agents, ti JOHNSON 4 NAGLK, fl?9 Penn. avenue, WaahAifton D. C. { ja 21 10 Royal, near King at., Alexandria, Va. Dayton's Bakery. i raoM NEW VORK. 1 BRANCH, No. 45<J Eleventh St., between G and 11, 1 WASHINGTON. D. C. DAYTOW8 PIC NIC A OYSTER CRACKERS, SPONGE BUTTER CRACKERS, " BOSTON CRACKERS. " WATER CRACKERS. " SODA CRACKERS. M GRAHAM CRACKERS, ? LEMON BISCUIT. C?l?brat?dMINCE PIES. HflUl.kiiaif. nf pAmiliM anW ^nilAra are invited to try our exoellent MINCE MES. u TESTIMONIAL. * camp scott, sept. 9,1861. Mr. Dattoh? Sir: All of na, bcth offioera And privatea, have Ate freely of your Piee. 1 oAn con- f aoientioaaly itAte that mo mAn ia on the aiok liat Irom partakinglof them. To tell the truth, we Are J heart-etok beoAuee we oAn't get enough of them. They are the only real luxury we hAve had aice we left heme. W. F. Dbkmins, M.D., Burgeon. 07" Oiaoout to the Trade. . J. L. DAYTON, b jall-lm 426 Eleventh at., Waahiagton, D. C. Ja RENAtDIN MLLINOER * CO S LEFMAN, E1EFEK * T HO MASS, BOLE AGENTS for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA.. 139 Dvaaa Brim, Jtf-la W?r York. 0 New cloaks, AT LOW PRICKS! , Owing to the onnaaal dwafad for Cloaka, we have ju?t received another lure aipply, whicr. bare n been psrchaeed at very raduocd prioea, at a will oe u pldMtonjihing ;u?. Our atock of FANCY SILRS acd LAl)IKS? fiRKPt- bOOi>6 ! Mill good, ana will be aoM aft raducad prioae. m. TAYLOR A CO., _ja ll-eo6t Suooaeeora to Taylor A Hatohiaon. JMPORTAN T T O L A D I ? B . ? The anbaenbera hare opened tbe etore No. IS Market Space. Pa ay* bet. 8th and 9th ata. aa a first Vjlaaaiannaa. Laoea, aoohi aa Col'ars, Bleeree, Hlfedkerohiafr, Capet. Flonnciag. Cape, Cape, rndbm s nnmdt nnan w?" ? "w " N. B.?Ail aorta of Lun vtahad. mend ad, and * dona ?p muI to abort noboe. da *Sm* E TO 1 BUTLER8 AND 1M boakata EEOTAUEANT8. nrynHrior CHAMPAGNE . .__ WINE, for atia ohata by WM. COEWIN BUB6Y, No. SfT rouaylvaaim itmmi AJ l>t wtnwBBMitli at CBAWL8 AND CLOAKS?Many atyliah and ' THE W11KLY STAR. Magto MPT, pm ? Viva ? n ? geeerelJy lkK?|k*vt fti u?u> f, cr^lagle eoplM (la wtfftn) eu to p** of fee paper Prtoe?THREE CENTS. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HMiHLY COXCMNTkATMD? Compound Fluid Extract Bmehu, A PNthM mmd SftyfU Iwn# For Dimmm oi Urt BLADDER, KIDNEYS. 6RAVEL, u4 DROPSICAL 8WELL1NOS. M W#il M PA1H AMD IJfFLAJUlATiajL HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHV w?? Aitmdtd with tks FMiiwtnc Byw^tmmu t D*~.tej!ssx' Wmt Xerm. tSSiSB' H orror of DiiMN, WakXl?i' of a. m. JX? &Sfc ' SSfk.?.. ZSSHSte: _, PAXLID roVNTK^HCB. The* symptoms, 11 Mlowetflogo on, whiefc Uu nedioine invariably remove*, aooa foiiovs IMPOTENCY. FATUITV, EPILEPTIC FlTt, to tmt 0/ v4u4 tJu Pmtimi map E<ry%rt. Who oan say that they are cot fraomtiy fol vwm 177 IKM-DBBH Dllliin," - INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mm? ?ri ivm at t*? ohm of ttaair nfiriti, BPT Ron WILL Cour* *. rHK RECORDS or THE 1N8ANB ASYLUMS And ike Me!metek?hf DtmtKi by OkMMptta, IBaB A MP LB WTTRBIt TO TKB TXTTH Of TVS illllTlORt rBB S?rT'ff,oTi'GTI^W?f,ftES0"? ??BirM the aid of medieiM to BtraacthM aat Icriforau th? Srstm tuoh HELMBOLD*S EXTRACT BUCHU tbial will cowtihci t?b kobt bivtwal YhMALES- FEMALES? FEMALES, iLD ?* In Many 1/khm< P?e*l**r (a ftwiln he Extract Bacna ia aneaeaiied by My other ready, m in Chloroeia or RMtaboa, irrt(ukuity ^anuaioeaa, or ?uppreaaion of Ovetoraary Ktm tationa. Ulcerated or Sohirroea atate of the Uteui, Leaoorrhea or Whitee, Sterility.arfi for all lomplainta incident to the aw. whether ariairg rom lndiaoretion. Habit* of DiaaipaUoa, or ta the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE t KB* 8 TMFTOHB ABOVB. 10 FAJULT SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT. a Hah* no mora Bait am, JfarevrfL ar Urnphmumt Mtdteint /ar U?pl**umt mid Dmmgtrtmi ?h ******. anLMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCUX3 cim IKCaXT VUKitEl B All UMr BtafM; At llttie KiMtM Jtue or bo ohance in Diet; No laoonvomaaoo And m tcauaea a frequent deal re and tivaa atrencth to Jrinate, thereby Removing Obatruotiooa, 'rerantint and Cwnng Stneturoe of the Urethra. Allaying fain and requent in the olaaa of diaaatea, and exn ltii mil 'mmmm, Di*MU*d, and ??m aw Jf?*i?r. thousands vron thocsandb WHO HAVE BERN THE fJCllMS OF QUACKS, nd who have paid tuar* fut to bo ourad m a abort una, hare found they ware deceived, and that the foiaon" haa. by the uae ofwor/W aiinaiaui eon dried up in the ay atom. to broak oat in an an ravatad form, and FB&HAPS AFTM& MAMAJAOM, IhHbLMBOul)*# EXTRACT BVCHV II affaotiona anfi diaaaaaa o f the UUlftA&T URBAN*, rhctner exutini in WAL.K OR FEMtLK, rom wLitirer -auf#;n*tini and no aatlar oI H J rf LoFI8 STA.tOINfl. KmumjI tbaaa Ortana tmoIi* tn? aid of a Ihuna HKLMB0LD8 EXTRACT BUCHV m THt GREAT DIURETIC, nd U ia oartain to kava the d*airad affeot la >;eeatee/or w*i?A ti w r*o**e*il*L ITIDBBOB Or TIB MOST RISPOHItBLB ABO BB* LLUU CliliCtn rilllaooonijaiiy th? medieiBM. CKR11FICATEB OF CURBS. From 8 to 0 yaara' ?u.dc :m 1U. N*K?V'lENCE>AM> FAME. ** PHYSICIANS" FLXASM -NOTICE WB BAXB "BO BCBBT" OV "1BBBBBLBBTS. " HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU i oomposed of Bnchi, Cnbebt and JaaiMr B?mwt eleotad with itM oar? by a oompctoat tfraffiat. rJLZiAAJ It? rjiLivu, BY H. T. HILMBULD, ractioal and Analytioal C hernial and Bote Masa&otnrer of HLMB0LD8 QXHUIN1PRIPAHATIOJTB. AFFIDAVIT. ParaonallT appeared oefore l'< u Aidermas of be city of Ptui*de.j>tu6.. 11 T II ! ?! n eioc duly rvorn, dofti e*y. kit >reear?tioae eon un no aarootie, no meroury.or other lajirjoM *" HKLMBULD. Sworn and an boon bed k elore me, tnje*3 a?ay of iorember, 1(64. WM. P. filBBKKi), Alderman. Ninth eC. above Iim, Phi a PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. Jf. TO 8 T. M. Frieo SI M* MU*i * Biz tor M, Minrad to Mr tolriM, minIt pwtM .rmm bMQraUOB* ddr?M letters for taforamfcoa la totMl M a. 7. HELMBOL.D. <?<?<*, yet. 1M Boat* Twtt bC, twlov C**?laal rfcifc uEwas or covntkkfeits 4JW> VNPMJNOIILMD DMILXAS ho oodMvor to diMM "of that' ova** "oltoSr' artioiaa on tCratatouo- ->uia*M ? ? Msand jjmc ?, M H ?? M ? fgyi HI< |M ?-ff BoM W 8.1. Waits. Z. 0. ?uui, Jul riLBT, 8. O. Pnit a B. IBHIHI B. c xi o&? 4k B. Cuu, Invat A kRUMtfi UfD ALL LMW?im MVMMTWEMBM. AflK YOB hlkmltb. H? AVOID IMPOtViOH aUtZNNU Hf# 1 u*.:.. -J

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