Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. None*.?After baring for many yean printed tbe llata of letter* remaining uncalled for in the post office of tbls city, (nnder tbe law autborfzing their publication la tbe newspaper baring tbe largest circulation witbln tbe usual delivery of tbe offlce,) tbe proprietor of tbe Star baa at length felt compelled to decline their further Insertion, because of tbe great space tbey bare come to occupy, and of the fhet that for months past he ha* been forced to lay over on each orcaaioa, when printing the lists, advertisements tbe insertion of which would have paid at least double aa much as tbe law allowed bim for the a letter list. In addition to this positive pecuniary losa by their Insertion since those lists have come to be aa large as the New York city letter lists, they fcave entirely?on tbe day on which tbey were r rinted? defeated hia ourDoae of making tbe Star always a Hticspaffr?n*w? being lta well-known pcelalllf. r AMruimTi To-Night. Thzatxk?The " Day after the Wedding;" grand Hungarian nation \1 dance, Bokazo Csardas, by Senorita Isabella Cuhas; the ''Eaton Boy;" ballet devertisement, " Aragoeesis Y. Gaile*oa," \>v Cuba* and X)meres, and''Boots at the 8wan ." Tbe theater is jammed to overflowing ntgbtly by the elite of the city, who flock to see " the beautirtil Cubaa," and the applauae Is vehement and continuous Look out for a seat early this the last night but two of Senorlta Isabella. Cwaistr's?A huge bill of burlesques and sld^ splitting comicalities, with" The Double-bedded room M Christy as * Dulcimer Swipes. ^axtkrbcrt Hall?Songs, dances, and the great pantomime, "Robert Macalre"?Butler a* ''Jacques Strop " Attractions sufllcient to draw oat the entire fun-loving public. Kiwe't Axphithiatrr ?Original and dashing equestrian feats, vaulting and acrobatic performances, with the great "Zouave Hslt." Pentland, the "people's clown," and M'lle Heioise to-night In new characters. otphais' Fair, for tbe benefit of St. Vincent's v Female Orphan Asvlum, corner of G and Tenth . streets. " j Rooks of thxYoc*? Man's Ch*i?tian As- . sociatios ? E*says upon the uGuif stream and , the rise and fsll of the waters of Lake Superior," j 1 before the Washington Scientific Association,) j iy Rev C. W. Denniaon and J. Disturnell. j Acadimt of Mcsic.?Open all day. Free con- c certs, with selections from the moat popular operas, at 3 o'clock. Smithsobiax LscTvmi ?Last evening, Dr. * Hayes, the Arctic explorer, delivered the fourth i lecture of the regular Smithsonian course upon " "Arctic Exploration." The lecture room vraa t densely crowded, far beyond that of any lecture * thisseason, hundreds being unable toobtaln s?ats. F The exped'.tlon of Pr. Hayes, cons sting of the whooner 1'nited Sta'es. of 133 tons, and sixteen persona, left Boston in 1660. The little vessel had ' been engaged in the West India trade, and was 11 fitted up as perfectly as possible for the great 0 voyage before her. Her aides were strengthened ? * with beams and braces, her outside thickly * sheathed, and her bow protected by plates of iron one-fourth of an inch in thickness; and was so heavily laden that her deck was but eighteen i inches above the water line. The expedition c halted at the various stations in Greenland, where 2 k It provided itself with dogs, sledges, three Esqul- ' in mi hunters and an interpreter 11 Leaving the most northerly station In August, thM nnlh^l no few XI i ? i >1 elvtlle'liay and Smith's"strait" The bay?MOO ? * milt flr.m civilization) wu reached on the'2-id g ?f Angnst, In the midst of a severe storm of thick dr'v'.ng ?so?, and surrounded by icebergs in every direction, which assumed in the bright c sunlight of the succeeding day the most fantastic farms and glittering colors; some with tall spires towering up far above the waters, with lofty j arches, and long galleries through them shaped t, taemseivesinto immense gothic cathedrals; others Into Greek temples, and some into houses, ships, and even animals. One berg had an arch so large that the schooner could sail through it with ease, and was christened the '-triumphal arch " At times these mountains of ice were like immense fountains, soouting upon all sides bright glittering cascades of melted snow, and pouring torrents of water Into the sea Some of the Icebergs were two mil?>s long and two hundred and fifty feet hight above the snrfhee, while it must be . borne in mind that only one eighth of a berg is visible, its Immense weight of many millions of tons settling it far iown into the ocean. But little fle'.d ice was encountered In ontnir ? through Mc'./iUe Bay. These fields off ice" are 1 from two feet to many miles In width, with cracks anarrow openings through them, into i watch the vessel with all sail set rushes with ? Kwj force, widening the passage by her own ? Momentum. Passing Smith's Strait, and stand- t lug over to the went coast, the expedition met i t with severe winds sad floating ice, compelling , them to anchor near the shore. The gale in- r creasing, the anchor* dragged and the schooner suffered considerably, losing a portion of her bulwarks and tearing her sails. The party then i made for the east coast where they found the ice \ loose, but thick, In many placessixty feet through. <j Pressing Into this the iron sheathing was torn a off' like brown paper, the cut-water broken off, ( rudder disarranged, and the vessel lifted up al- a most entirely out of the water, while the immense pressure of the ice upon the sides of the vessel eaased her beama to squeak and groan terribly. g Winter coming on, and fearfur of being frozen t up, the expedition went into winter auarters In a c 'arge bay, which they named -'Port Hope." The schooner was fastened to thsrocks with four hawsers, banked op at th>* side wiih snow, and cov- ? ?r?d with a good roof, and was soon locked fast ' la the thickening ice. A neat little room was f fitted up in the hold, a stove put In, and everything made comfortable. Their fuel consisted of j niaiKuc cuv, wrncu, wtui iwb iirw, wu consumed at the rate of a ton per month. The! r 11 me was now occupied In hunting and scientific observations; the former proving so successful a/to * furnish them with one hundred deer before winter was fairly upon them, besides this thev supplied themselves with plenty of rabbits, foxes and ptharmigans, the latter a species of grouse. They also captured one bear. Walrus, white whales, deer, foxes, Ac , are In abundance, and were a well organized enterprising company to go out there they could In one year procure t sufficient cargo to defray the expenses of all the . Arctic expeditions fitted out from tbe Un'ted Sates At Port Hope the expedition bailt a small observatory in which they placed their Instruments for taking observations,and making experiments. These Instruments were furnished by Prof. I Bacbe of the Coast Survey. Near the observatory they constructed a shelter for the thermometers. None of tbe observations made have been reduced. The winter proved milder than the two preceding and was very stormy. March was the coldest month, the lowest point Indicated by thethermo- \ meter x <56 degrees below zero While here \ Dr. Ha^ws surveyed aa Immense glacier, previ- \ ously discovered by Dr Kane, ana it was found J that the mountain of Ice had moved 94 feet in r bmitha It wu ismimImI h? ? steps rut la the ice with their axes to a height n of 5000 feet above the level of the sea, fifty ; nc'les la the Interior. This portion of Greenland la all Ice, except the I prominent headlands. The largest glacier foond i by Dr. Kane was at the head of Smith's Strait, ' and was 60 miles long and 300 feet high. This was named Humboldt glacier The glaciers are really frosen rivers, found in the valleys of Greenland, and moving towards the sea at different degrees of speed, according to the steepness of tfas declivity down which they move?some traveling SOO lest a yeer. As tt slides down along the boC . torn of the sen until It gets into water of iaSclent 1 depth to fioat tt, the sun and water detach huge * ftsg?ts, which form the icebergs: and as the glnatws are of congealed snow, Iks bergs are of course always fresh, which Is not the case with e tae floating ice. The sua set on the 20th of October and by the 1st of November It was getting qalte dark, though . they could see to travel for five or six hours at the ! period of noonday. Darkness prevailed for ten j weeks, though the light of the moon was fire, f qoently m brilliant u to enable lb em to read tbe ' ftant print. They were disappointed In the 1 Aurora Bo reel le It waa red ana never brilliant, -while tbe eorrueeattona never reached the zenith, and were always while. Tbe dally rootlne of life, while In winter qoar- i ten, ?? aa follow*:?Tbe cook and steward were called at Ire o'clock, breakfaat eaten at half- o peat ?eeen, tbe declB cleaned, tbe water bole In tbe leeopened, (to guard against Are,)* party dla- 0 patched to an Iceberg for freab water, dinner at , two, sapper at six, and to bed at ten. Their ex- ? erciaee were banting, walking over the lceflelds, sledge riding, feot-bnll, Ac They kept all the holidays-?Christmas, 8th of January, \Ud of Febrnary, Ac , and ench man waa allowed to have ae many blrtbdaye as be pleased, nil of which were | duly celebrated The hill of fare of the Christ- * maa dinner embraced deaslcated soap, salmon. 0 venleoa. plum pudding, etc. They eeublkbed 0 while at Port Hope a manuscript newspaper called the * Port Hope Weekly News," and attempted a a theater. but as all were required for acton, tbere I was no audience, so that enterprise waa abandoned. ' OntbeiM of December, Dr. Hayes' companion, ? Dr. Bo it tag, left on an expedition with his sledges , late the later lor, where ce loet his life, and tbe party floaily returned to the schooner in a sad condition o The lecturer gave In tercet !ng description* of Greaalead ud the PoUr re?iout, the route* traveled by otter explorer*, ud promleod ? continuation of the aarratiTe ia hie next lecture Fatal Acciobxt ?George Wright, a member of the Let Michigan regiment, vu accidently ahot by a comrade at Laurel, ou the Wuhtn^ion branch railroad, oa Monday leet. The twoeoldler* ware practicing the bayonet eieretee by way of / amueemeat, vLm oao of their moekete wae accident If d.eeharved, aad the ball paeeed through > Xoiji'te jlocf Uteai'li Wm ln,Uat,7' ' Pioposid N?w Gas-light Company. ? The 411 introduced into the Senate yesterday, for the corporation of the Citizens' Gas-lig at Company, i am ft aa corporators and first directors, Messrs. ohn W. Thompson, Lewis Clephane. ZenasC. lobblns, John M. B rod bead and samuel Fowler, rbe capital of the company la fixed at *500,000, n shares of 920 each. The directors of the company are to bold office one year, and are empowred to elect a president from their own number, rbe company Is required to furnish gas to the [overnment, for not less than ten yesrs, at 50 >er thousand cubic feet, and the citizens at the tone rate; the pipes to be laid In the streets of he ctty subject to the city councils. Stockholders, as Individuals, are held liable for the debts >f the company. Pone* ?The Third Ward patrolmen reported ur inilowing rases on i uesaay: rwr riarmcir, iriving upon the pavement*; fined 8*2 58. Hernan Gasch, selling on Sunday*; 810.58. James Jhadboit, do ; 810 94. Yesterday the patrolmen reported: Win. ionea, charged with the larceny of a camp bedstead. He jras sent to jail for court by Justice Thompson. The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported: P. W. junan, arrested for assault and battery, sent to ail for a further hearing by Justice Donn. John Proctor, violating hack law; ruled for trial before lustlce Waiter. Patrick Kane, fast driving; leed 81 58. John Moore, selling liquor without i license. G. C. Hathorn, wasnlng a carriage on he pavement; held for trial. John Wilson, trunk, turned over to the military. Th* RbckstShootiko Cask in Gsoroitown. We have received a note from 2d Lieutenant R. E. Ellin wood, of the 2d infantry, wherein that gentleman writes us that the statement of the hcts of the muss between a portion of the military zuard and some of the Metropolitan police In Georgetown, published In yesterday's Star, [which grew out of the arrest of two persons by tbe former,) it Incorrect Lieutenant Elllnwood writes ua that " The facta are, that the persons who were said to have been maltreated not only ittempted to resist, but to draw weapons upon the officer of the dav: which were taken from them after arrest, aa did also some of the police " A Row txoRo thk Bakers.?Henry French, 'oreman of the Government bakery on Sixth ttreet, between G and H streeta, wag arrested yesterday morning at a very early hour by Patolman Turner, on the complaint of a half clothed ndivldual who stated that French had driven Jim from the bakery. After a hearing before luatice Walter, French was sent to jail on the :harge of asaault and battery. Criminal Court.?Yesterday afternoon, the ury in the case of Albert Contner, Indicted for he murder of John Bremline, was addressed by ifr. King for the defense, and the District Attorley for tbe prosecution, when the case waa given o tbe jury, who after an abaence of several hours, eturnrri with a verrlW of manslamrhfer Th? trlsoner was not sentenced yeaterdayT Fourth Ward Station.?Cases be/ore Justice Yalttr.?Henry French, assault and battery; sent d jail for court. James Kane, drunk and disrderly; fined S2 58. Charles Nell, drunk; turned er to the military. Buck Dayton, a deserter; do. Edward Jones, drunk and disorderly; fined 82.58. Prnt to Jail.?Yesterday, officer Keese arrested ohn and Patrick McCalla, John Earlv and Din Inrtis. who stand charged with the larceny of crtain clothing, robes, &c., from various persons, ["hey were taken before Juatlce Donn and comoitted to jail. Accident ?A woman named Sarah Flvnn fell, n Third street, near E, last evening, and broke ier leg She was conveyed to her home, near the iovernment printing office, Buffering aeverely. From Richstrin we have a handsome and onvenient calendar for 1962. A Card.?Washington, D C.. Jan. 30.1S?2 ? iditor of the Scar:?Dear Sir : My attention baa >een called to an article published in the New fork Tribune of tbe'SSth instant, purporting to ie tbe report of the Investigating committee as to be disloyalty of certain Government employees. Lmong other names reported, I find that of my utter, Mr. Thoa. Foster, who is attached to the rhird Auditor's Bureau, as a disloyalist, upon he testimony of a man named Myers. Permit ne, sir, through the columns of vour paper, to av that Mr Myers has perpetrated a slander?an nfamous lie, whos? blackness Is only equalled by be base ingratitude of the mind and heart which ancelved it. Respectfully yours, J. Foster, No. 466 Twellth street, t# Editor Georgetown (Ky.) f li nlon] Journal. W i woriD call attention to the card of Mr. rV. B. Mooes, mannfacturer and dealer In furnlare. He baa the largest assortment of cottage urnJture, cane seat chairs and other furniture, In he city Purchssers will do w#?ll to call upon ilm, at Thorn's Building, No.5<>0 Seventh street, econd and third floors Open day and evening, or accommodation of the public. jau SSI-flt* Corks, Bunions, Calosltles, Bad Nails, Enirged Joints, and all d'Beasts of the feet cured rttbout pain, by Dr White, Surgeon Chiropolist, 426 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fournd-a-half and Sixth streets Room 7?up stairs. )ffice hours from 12 m. to 8 p. m. Orders to call t residences promptly attended to. jan 16-lm# pliasxtt Fcrnishkd Rooms. with fuel and ;as, with or without board, at 41S K street, beween Eighth and Ninth streets. Table boarders aa be accommodated. Ian 15-lm# Families who have never used Boston cracker* re Invited to trv those manufactured fresh every lav bv J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable ;rocer*. ja 28-tf I.istaxtamous cure of Corns, Bunions. Calosities. Inverted Nails, Warts, and all dtse-^eM of he feet. Mr.Demond, Surgeon Chiropodist, Is nabled. by a peculiar process, to eradicate the nost painful excrescences In a few minutes,withtut the least pain or the slightest Inconvenience to be patient Consulting hou's from nine a. m to Ive p nr., at his office, 353 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel. Best reference given in his city. f Soldikks, see to your own health. Do not rust to the army supplies. Cholera, fever, and >owel complaint will follow your slightest lndisretion. Uolloway's Pills and Ointment should >e in every Man's knapsack. The British and French troops use no other medicines. Only '25 :ents per box or pot. 210 Thk Im:?n Herb Doctor, "rom Canada, wtll describe diseases and tell hi* patients Che nature of their complaints or illness, without receiving any Informs non from them. No chargi for Consultation or Adviei. OUR MOTTO. Vc use such Balm* as have no strife V ith Nature or the Laws of Life: Vlth Blood oar hands we never stain <or poison men to ease their pain. )ar Father?whom all goodness fills, rovldes the means to cure all Ills; Phe simple Herbs beneath our feet, Veil used, relieve our pain complete. I simple Herb, a simple Flower, Jull'd from the dewy Lea? fhese, these shall speak with touching power )f change and health to the. Vatkington Buildings, Pa teistu, about fivt mmutts walk from Brown's Hot* I Room?No. 10. Ja *7-7t* Iirsia Rrarn booDs. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's wda, that no family should b? without; 7* cen? Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, SI 35 each. Rubber Pooehos and Blankets combined, S3 JO India RubteOMti, white or black, S3.50 each. India Rubfcar Leggins 91 per pair. And ail kinds sfRnbber Goods, lnclading Rnbwr Boots and Shaes, Rubber Stopper* for bottles, >oor Mats, Under Sheetings for beds in sickness, cc , Ac , st manufacturer's prices, at H. A. Hall's ndla Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pa. st., between flnth and Tenth streets. Jan 1-tf MAHKIKD On ths 28th instant, by the Rsv. Father Ahg, .lent. 8 J. DAVKNPORT. of Had^n. Miot.ian. to Miss MART L? MYERS, step da jghtsr if B?hn, of this city. (New York, Miohifan.aad Philadelphia papers OfT 1 * On the list instant, by the Rev. 1. G. Butler, 4ART1N L. NOERR and FRANCES U IH&Di), both of this oitr. * OHO. On Tuesday evening. ?th instant, GEORGE P. 'OR t ER, third son of ths lets Governor George I. Porter, of Michigan, in the JBth year of hie ace. The fuceral wt?l take plaos this afternoon at 3 I'c'.ock, from the rooms lately ooonpied by deisassd. oorner of ISth and G sts. * At 13)% o'clock, on t&e morning of the ?>th Jann ry. of para'yus. JULIA A., wife of J. William 'lant, is Ut? SHU year of her age. Tha rei&Uuui and friends of the family arc raaested to attend the nnerai, at s o'oiook to-moro w < Fr iday) aftanioo n. from hor lata residenoe, Ho. 418 Seventh street, between 6 and H streets, rithoot farther notice. lltapabiioan aarl Baltimore San oopy.) Oa theSKh inataut, CHRISTINA, beloved wife /A MblNLKS, in her 30th year. Dear eat mother, you Have left as. We voar loss Boat deeply real; Bat 'tu God that has bereft as. Ha ean all oar sorrows heal. Yet, a<aln we hope to meat you, When me day of Ufa is fled, Tnaa ia boavaa with joy to graat yaa, W aare no farowaU warn are ahad ! Her faneral will take placa from her lata miaaoa. sarsnth street, between I and K streets, on o mo row,(Friday,)Mst i^ataat, at a o'clock. Her rieeda ara raapoetfaily iavitedto a-tend. * OaUtM instant, Mr.. HANNAH BOW. amusements. WASHINGTON THEATER. ? Le??ee and Manacer Mr. H. B ind. Lut Nuht but Two of the beautiful O U B A 8. As ?he appears is New York on Monday next. THIS EVENING. January ?<*, To oommAnce witu DAY AFTKR THE WEDDING. To be followed by a Grand Hunianen Natioral Danoe. entitle^ Bokazo Csaxsai, by THE BEAUTIFUL CUBAS. After Vhioh the Comedietta of THE ETON BOY. Grand New Ballet Diverti??ement. entitled Ar& goibsi* Y Gallkgos. by the beautiful CUBAS and XIMINES. To oonolude with BOOTS AT THE SWAN. ID" Frlcay, Benefit of the beautiful CVBA3 ! Doors open at 7 ; oommenoe at ft. ja 30 KING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER. P?ifN. Av. axd E St., Nttxr TVillirds'. T. Kin* ....Sole Lessee and Manager C. Soott. . Associate Mnna?er F. Whittaker .? Equestrian Manager THIS EVENINQ, W FDNESDAY, Jan'j 29, WEDNES1>A\ , J an'j 29, AT KINO'S CIRCUS' AT E1NG'8 CIRCUS* The Bnt Performer in the City, JOE PENTLANH! JOE PENTLAND! and M'LLE HKLOISE M'LLE HELOISE In New AotE To-night! In New Aots To night! Great Zouave Halt! Great Zouave Halt! Keoeivfd with Rounds of Applause! Received with Rounds of Anp'.ause ! two PKRFnKMANnes rn niv Seal* ttf Prt?j?Orohester Ohairr 75 cents; Dress gircle to cents; Childr^i nnder 1? years of age to rNi Circle 25 cents; Social Kanc<? 25 cen't; Colored Gallery 25 oents; Colored Boxes 50 cents. Door* open at 7 o'clocc; performances will oommence at 8 precisely. ja29 PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIKS-Gnide to Patents, Catalogue of Cariosities an^ Government Garden*, at the staad in Patent Office; Kare Antiqnauan Books; Governmect Books; Do un.ents furnished; Railroad Reports; Military Re ports; Knrnt Pat nt Office Reports; Cheap Bocks furnished to Pedla~s; Military Trials; mil itary Laws; Army Regu'ations; Panorama of the Coast showing over 2,uuo miles; many t?<?i?and Cheap Books. Reooliect cheap rent. Large sale*, low pr ces. Up stairs. ov;r Bank of Washington. ja^-lm^ ALFRED HUNTER. CANTERBURY HALL Louisiana. Avknux, Bttwten 4)4 and 6<fc Strtets. LEONI PANTOMIME COMPANY! LEONl PANTOMIME COMPANY! _ To night, Francois Ravel's and M. Thouvenal's Meodrarratic Pantomime of ROBERT MACAIKE ROBERT MAC AIRE ! MR. ROBERT BUTLER as Jacques Strop. Extravagant Success of th? Comic Interlude, LE TOUR DU MAIfON! LE TOUR DU MA18QN ! 8 1 I.AS BALDWIN, The But Jut tier t? tk* World ' WILLIS ARMSTRONG. To-night, MISS AMELIA WELLS. The Beautiful Songstress, in Sentimental a*i> Yankee Songs! a v 'p a i o i a. ? ? i n ud" i a, The Ethiopian Comedian, assisted by Dick Fabkir. Mii? Emma. Milks, Miss Vernon. M'llk Fha.nk La Kolle, and Little Ella. One Week Longer, WARD on his Corde Volantk! Etsi Slurk-rop* Ptrfortntr in America! Notwithstanding the l*r ge Company now at the Canterbury, there will he IDr NO ADVANCE IN PRICES. UJl Afternoon 1'erfornianoe, lor Lad'es ard Children, eve-y WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, with quantitiesof presents-one a superb QM Silk Ureas, ' "he dress c.*n be soeu in the wicd.?w of Mewri, Perrjr A Bro. All our dresses are bought from this houseDoors open, afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Admission: Ladies,20 cents; children. 10 cents. Doors open,evenings, at 6Jf o'clock. ja 28 A MAGNIFICENT SILK DRESS was presented, on Wednesday afternoon, to Mrs. Emma <?oooh. corner of 6th and G streets. ||DD FELLOWS' HALL, _ W SRVRTfTH 5?T111ET. GEO. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS Will appear at the above-named splendid exhibition room on THIS (MONDAY) EVENING, Jam. 21. Ana Every Evening During the Week. NEW SCENERY has been added to the teta<e, *n<l every arrangement made for the proper pnvluotion of George Christy's Celebrated Faroes, B ariettas, 4.0., to. Admission 25 oects; Orohester Seats 50 cents. Doors open at tuarter to 7 : oommei.on suarter to 8. JOHN F. SMITH, ja27 Basinrss Agent. \JU THE ASHINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC. fliN.-t. A VKStJK, (J?OCIH Sin,) No. M89, Between 9th and 101* stf. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Conotrt, embracing selections from the best classio musio, and the most popular operas?rendered in better style than at any other Amerioan oonoert saloon. The guests?and the publio are freely invited, without charge for entrance,?may reli upon hav liiC every comfort they desire. In addition to the finest mnsio in Washington, they will obtain, on caii, from the attentive attendantst decidedly the Dent neii eaumenia wr *aie in the K*ierai Metropo>ia. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja6-lm Proprietor. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. NOTICE^ HE SEVENTH GRAND BALL of the STEWART HOLLAND CLUB. to l>e ft* given at Stott'a Hall, corner of yth atreet Jr and Penn. avenue, on TUfcSDAY, February/SA 11th, 1862. U? Tickets one dollar. See future advertiaement. ja30 3t* 'RAND MILITARY AND CIVIC BALL!t Company "O," National Guard Battal- 34 ion. will give a Grand Military and Civio ? Ball on WEDNESDAY EVENING. 19th/EA of February, ai Odd Failowa' Hall, NavyUMfc Yard, for which the Oommittee are making extenaive arrangements. Farticul. ra in iuture advertiaement. ja? 3t* RAND SOIREE! TEMPERANCE HALL, (E street, between 9th ana 10th.) fn On FRIDAY EVENING, Jan'y 31?t. Uttm Ilanoi ug will oomir.enoe at 8 o'olook. Good maaio will beiu attenoanoe. TiokeU, admitting a gentleman and ladies, St. ja 2?-9t? Prof. C. F. BARNES, Manager. BOARDING. BOARDING ?A large, moe ROOM with board, suitable for two gentlemen, or gentleman and wife, oan be had Dy applying immediately at 339 New York avenue, between9th and loth street. None need apply unleas they are willing to pay fair prioee for good accommodations; and are tor "Liberty and Union, one and inseparable, now and forever." Call after 5 o'olook p. in. It* PRIVATE BOARDING, PERMANENT and transient, at the beautiful and eommodious teeidenoe. No. 1418 Chestnut street, above Bfad. Philadelphia. ja28 lw* BALMORAL SKIRTS at SU.30. BALMORAu fcKI RT8 at $2 50. BALMORAL SKIRTS at aa.&O. HOOP SKIRTS! HOOP SKIRTS CLOTH CLOAKS?CLOTH CLOAKS. Closing Out Chiaf. WM. R. RILEY Sc BRO., No. 36 Central Stores. Between 7th and 8th atrreU. ja 24-lot Opposite Center Market. PROF. ALEXANDER WOLOWSKI. i: PIAKIST AND COMPOSER, 11T gon^ral request will open a clau for the Piano and (Tinging, by his new and aimplified^CrSfcBI method. In thia war, an opportunity If ?fi w;1: he extender to all who deaire to ao- * * quire a knowledge of Voeal and Inatnimental Mnaio, on the most liberal terma. All thoae who desire to join thia oonrae will apply &t onoe at hia reaidenoe, No 303 ?ixth street, between K street and New York avenue. Hours of reoeption between9and ISo'olook a.m., on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. ja82 lm f^ENERAL BURNSIDE'S EXPEDITION VI wilTiand within aome diatanoa of SMITH'S Clothing Store, ao that very one in want of Clothing, Hats and Caps, oan have free acoess to the People'a Clothin* T9tore.No. 460 Seventh atreet, oppoaite Poat uffios, where ell kinds of Clothing vmu b? uumn m ^urmm pnoai. 1> iB-fllm UORSBS POR SALE, XI. Of ry description. JTV Constantly on hand?Louisiana avenue, near the Center Market. delB-6m* NOW 18 YOUR TIME TO BUY OVER ooate, Pants and Vests, at New York priaee, at SMITH'S, No. 400 Seventh street, opposite

Poet Ottoe. ja l&dl w nPHK BRAND ARMY 18 ADVANCING TO1 wards SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, to set aome of his Great Bargains in Clothing, Furnishing Good*. Hum at.n Caps. js 16-dlm LOST.-A SEAL RING, and a POX-HEAD SEAL,, attaonetf to a ring, with oornealian set. 6 reward will be gives to whoever retires the araolee to this offloe. del-tf /ft ISAAC HERZBEKG, /fv Vi|? SSk. wf3 ffir. xrhn Mdl^iSr U" National Hotel, l*tw?en^4tf / i PERSONAL. ?>ER?ONAL.?A i;ertl??m&n of moral habits, and Jl not exoasfively home'y in personal appearance, with a fair aonual income, and rot over*5 year* of age, is desirous of forming trie acquaintance of a yourg lady, with a new to matrimony. 1'he lady mutt not be over 24 year* of ace, rather prepossessing in appearance, with a food cdnoatioB. and fair conversational power*. Wealth though rot particularly desirable, would not be objectionable. AddrMs, within two weeks, "Rains," through Washington oity Po*t Office. JaSft-St* f^ESERTED TROM CARVKR'S BAR 1' ra?K?. on the 35th day of Jaraarr, EDWARD K. JOHNSON, of company B, 104th regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers Said private is *3 year* old; five feet ceven inches high; fight oomp'exion; grey eyes; black hair; and an Englishman by birth; of soldierly bearing. He had in his po**e**ion a pa** a* an orderly, whioh ha* been revoked. The deserter will be plaoed in confinement and notio* given at_Carvor'a Barracks. Meredian Hill. Wa?l? ington. IJ. C. ja ? 2t* WAiVTS. %*7 ANTED? A German GIRL to do general "" hmuework, at No. 3*9 L street, between nth ant l*th sts. It* YVANTKD~For a private family. a HOUSE, vv pleasantly located- containing at least four rooms. Address Box 677 Pout Office. jaSO-gt* wanted immediately-a colored i' man to wait on the table, and (or housework. None but a s:>ber man need call, at 3 7 * D afreet, between 8th and 9th. It* Wanted to rent-a store or part of one. Must be in a good looation; suitable for the retail trade. Address immediately, W. BERNARD. oity Post Office. ja.T 3t* WANTED?By a settled American woman, a SITUATION as oook and to assist in general housewor*. Can give rood recommendations. Addresn Box No. iq atar Office. It* WANTED?By a young man. a SITUATION as cierk, salesman, or where he can make himself generally useful. Has had several years' experience, and oan bring the best of reference. Please address "B Q.." Star Office. jai'-2t* iirnNTi-n-T-oHrvi^-?w " ? i:_ ? 'Apply corner 12th and O sts. ja23 St* Afi'knishkd HOUSE, ooctaininc 8 room*, with km and water, for tent, situated in the West End. Apply at No, '.ISO H st. ja S9 3t* WANTED TO BUY?Wa*hin?ton Pedlar licennes. Address Box 19 Star Office ja29-2t* WANTED?A GIRF, who can dogrneral housewn-k. Apply at 534 C street, near Tvelfth. ja2V3t* WANTED-A DWELLING HOUSE, oentrally looated and oonvenieut to Pennsylvania avenue, for a private family, immediate possession dMired. Address A. VV. SMITH. 415 E treat, ja 29 3t* Hooks wanted-voI. s, niles register, 92 will be paid. Also, Librariea, larne and smaillota of Books, Autographs. Old Documents, Curiosities, Early History of Amerioa, RamsaysSouth Carolina, Wilkinsons Memories M"Cl!?rnans Crimson Report. Coins and Meda's. By alfred hunter, over Bank of Washmeton. ia 29 St* WANTED TO R KNT?A first-class furnished BOARDING HOUSE. Address"Inquirer," City Post Office. ja 38-*t* YVANTED?An experience,' colored COOK, at " 2 *>6 north F street. between 12th an' is?b. AI?o, a HOY as assist&nt waiter. j\2?-o'* WANTED?A neat, tidy WOMAN, lor general hoas'vork: * rlave or German preferred. Apply to No. 4Eighth st. n?ar D. ja28 3t* WANTED-100 WOOD CHOPPERS, lone woodcutting. Inquire of Wall ic, Bar nun', usn?r ;uarrec. ja88 6t* KOUZER. B * R RICK A CO. WANTED?A good, honest and fttadr FA RMER. to work a form, on shares I2mi'esfrcm th;* city, in Maryland. Apply &t 33? Penn. av jaM 3t? H. O. HOOD. WANTED?A numb'r of MEN. Good p*y, gor.d clothing, &i rt found. Apply immediately at corner < f Pennsylvania avetue and Seoood ttrnet. up stairs. ja23 3t* WANTFD?By a youn* *ir!, a SITUATION as seamstress; can cut, fit, ar.d work a Wueder tr, Wilson iewirg machine Also, ayoun* ad? isde#irocs of a Situation She nnderrtand^ <lr?8smaki!i)t an 1 is capable of giving inFrructioinon the piam. No of jection to a situation in a stare. Reference ei*en. At'ihess No. 1ST Fourth street, between M and N sts jaS3 3t* U'ANTKD-A GENTLEMAN of business " ability, familiar with Washington City, to at^erd to gnmeotit do"r ?>n?in?s? App y to JOHNSON FRY It CO.. 4T(> Sfventli st. jaitt iw* 1X7ANTEI)?A WOMAN to cook. w*ih urd iron for a family. and do general licuiework. Good w&/'? wi!' b* given a good hand. Apply at WM. C o'MEARA'S Variety Store. 5U4 Pa. ave . between 2d and jd sts. ja27-3t* WANTED?A MAN to work on a f?rm or a dairy. Also, a youog WOMAN to do general housework. None need apoly un'ees well recommended. Call at corner Fifth and P strae's, No. 124^ ja27 3t* VVANTED-A WOMAN to cook. wash and ?v rror.ard a HOUSE-MAID at 4 39 F street, rear Hxth. ja2i 6t* l?AKM WANTED.?The advertiser wants to r ronta Fa m of 3n or 4'iaares. well improved and in good cultivation, inside of the District or very near it. on a ieadine road, for one year with the privilege of thrive: the first year's rent will be paid in advance. Audreas. stating location and particulars, ZKNAa C. BUSHER, Washington r?*t Offiof. ia 25 Si" CLAIM*, CuAIMS. CLAIMS!-Wanted imm*<ti&t?ly, C aims to the amount of three million dollars, whoti the ad vort;Bers are willing to make advances on. providing the claimants oan show evidence of the c aims having been approved and allowed by the proper accounting officers Only large c aims are wattled. Address BADGER & v^??. iiiiuukii rusi i;uiuo, BiauaK tfio *iuii ?ii o.&iin ard where an interview can be bad. ja2V1w* WANTED?\ HOUSE containing six or eight room*, unfurnished, between the O?pitol and Fifteenth st. Address "L. W.," Star Office. Ja 24 It' WANTED? Bra young mamone SEAT in a pew in the Church ov thb Kpiphant, for which * good prioe will be paid. Address "J.," Box No. 11. ja lS-tf WANTED?Sutlers and Soldiers to know that they oan buy C\A1P STOVES and TIN WARK cheap of H. J. GREGORY, 3*1 Penn avenue. ja 16 V\7ANTED?la a drug store, a YOUTH between " lb and 20 y<?ars of age. Candidates invst give satisfactory refereco h as to qualifications and oharaoter. The preference will be given to one who has been engaged in the drug business six or twelve months. Address "A B C,' Washington City Post Office. jal 1m* WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVES and BED DINS, for which we are paying the highest oun prices. Families declining housekeeping, or Having a surplus of furnitnre, will find it to their advantage to give us a call. SONTZ & GRIFFITH, Je 13-tf No. 369 "th tt? betw. I and K sts, WANTED?Every person to know that i am in the market, ready to pay cash for all articles in the housefurnisbing line. Those leaving tr.e o'ty, or hiving a surplus, will do well to call. H. BUCBLVt 4U& Seventh ?L,between 6 and H sts., Cast side,) Dealer in New and Second-hand Furnitare. no 16 LOST AND FOUND. IOST?Yesterday afternoon, a smail POCKET i BOOK .contaimrg twenty- five or thirty dollar*, between Stott's drug atore(375 Pa. avenuetand F street, or on 6th street. Five dollar* reward will be gnrs?a the finder by leaving it at Messrs. GALT'S,or at STOTT'j Drug Store. It* ?CI 50 RKWARD.?Strayed or stolen on Tuesday night, a white HORSE, about ?\__ 9 years old. with a long tail The above reward will be given for its return to the^*3^oorner of 4th and Washington sts , English Hill. lt? MICHAEL DOWNING. $OA RE WARD.-Stolen from trough at E. F. Queen's, 7th street, on the mo-ning ax. oi 30th instant, a dark sorrel HORSE. about 16hands high; whitef&oe; twowhite*^*"1 bind legs, nearly up to knee joint*; a^out > lean old. 1 he above reward will d? riven lor the return of caid Morse to WINI)80R? BKO.'tJ. 309 7ti street. ja? lw? 7. L. WINDSOR.^ LOS I ?(>n th 3 2<?th instant, between the honrt of 11 and 12 s. m , in going from the Post Office Department to Pa avenue a large ENVELOPE, containing a captain's oommicmon and discharge, of do vtine to any one but the person losing- the finder will be rewarded by leaving tucn at 339 F street- ja29 3t? r|lSTRiCT OF COLUMBIA, Coitsty or %J Washington.?On this S7tfc day of rv January, 1862, personally appeared before the subscriber, J ustioe of the Peaoe, i->sepu?-" B ielton, and made oath, a?oordir.g 'o law. that in November last, a stray BAY COL1, black mane, (horseeolt.) about >8 inontns old, was found tres passing on his premises, on 1) street, between 11th and 12th streets east, in the city of Washington. J AS. CULL,, J. P. The owner o / the above named Colt is requested f come forward, prove property pay charges and takeitaway. Li* 28 3ic] JQ8? 8H ELTON. Q7() REWARD.?Ran away on Tueeday, Jan. y " ?J. WEUKU BUY MAIJ18UN VA BOO l H, commonly called Diok, about 0m ? *.kitfcs JO years old; bad on when lie left (1^ white cloth puu, two pea j&oketa; he oar 3k nod off witn him a large grey horae, about 16JLC. hands high; t years old; very high monnted. ict above reward will be given fur the return of man and bone, or #? for the man and #2J for the hora*, in either eaae to be ?<"oured eo that i te them again. GEORGE W. GAKDINER, , ? - _ Near Pisoatawajr, Ja24-8w* Pnaoe Heorg^s ooscty.Md, DAN AWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, iaff?et6or7inchea high; verybUoi; short hair; grave oouiitenanoe when spoken to, Jk* with a soar in one of hie ey^browa, eoca-jQL Bioned t>y a kiek of a horse, soareefy peroeptitle; left iii.November laat. 1 will give 9160 to have him brought home to na. J*? F. MAQRUDB1. LS2^;^,'j5-iSdssti?,,a;.?VoTD ' 1 - FOR SALE AlfD RENT. FOR RKNT?W ith or without Bovd. i iHtlv furnished and omfortpble SITTING ROOM and a fine BHD ROOM attacked, at No. 4*0 Twelfth street. east aide, between 6 and fl at*. The location ia r n* of the moot pleasant and oon enieut in Waab'niton. Alao. the room are very desirable. No children in the honaa, jaTMw FOR SALE.?The new three-story FRAMF. BUILDING, a'taa'ed on theoornor of 14th and S atreeta north . Thia ia one of the vary beat businaaa alacda in Washington oity. Tie hoiae ia roomy and oonverient, the store nom suitable for the aa'e of any kind of merchandise Thia property would be dispoeed of on tba moat reasonable tern-a. or exchanged for property nearer Pa. are.; the proprietress wishing to retire from business. Any information ean be obtained on the promisee, from the propnetreaa, Mra. J. B. WYNN. Alao, three va'uahle I.OTS, on no. th G atreet, between 2d and 3d at a. Thia property ia well worth th* a'tection of thoae wnning to inveet money to atfv&Gt&ce. The owner being nnab e to robui d tte three houses whieh were on theae lota, and dsatoyed by fire laat Jane, ia compelled to soil the property. F.nquirs of Mrs. RAVV LIN08. three doors east of the premisea. if FOR RENT?In the West End, a Portion of ? Aomfrirtahlv Q ?- ? -* Room* in a pnvnte familr. Reference* exct.anxed. Appiy at >o. 94, Six Bnilaings, Fa. arenas, (*tween 2:st and 22<1 sta. j a 29 2t? FHOR RENT-A FAR LOR and CHAMBER, oommumcatinc. Also, a larfe Parlo* suitable for a part? of gentlemen. Appiy No. 45*2 Kichth street. near D. j* 23 St* A|N elegant front room on pk cond door, with Board, o&n bo hart at No. 4H5 Thirteenth at., between G and H, 3d door from G, went aide. jaS8 3t* P?R SALE AND RENT.- A moderate stock of a current article, with the privilege of renting the store, in a prominent ocation on Pa, avA. Inquire of C F1NKMAN, 243 Fa- avenae, between i.'th *.r.d 13th g's. j*28 3t* FOR SALE.?A oomfortable Frame HWKLLlNG,on Mar?lar.d ave., between 4S> and 6th street. A barram may be obtained by applying at the House Fnrui?hu<e Store of MoGRkGOR A CO., No. S3Q t*er?nth at. )a 8?-3t VI ALl'ABLE HI.'II.DING LOT FOR SALE CH KAP.?For sate a valaable building lot, 20 flit front hf ."W fn?t Hmk AAnf?i?iir? licit fret, situated on F atreM north, between 9th and 10th street* we?t, cear.r opposite St. Patrick'* Church. For further ?art:cu a'* enquired WM. N. Ci,??KEY, National intelligencer OiBoe. ja 28 Jt? EEXTRAORDINARY CHANCK-STORE and J FIXTURhS FOR SALE.-K Store in the moit approved bustles* locality, inc uditg Fixture* ami but a small stock of La >ie*' Ores* Trim mine*. Embroideries and Millinery Good*, will be offerer at a great sacnfio and pos*e**ir-n given forthwith. Thi* is a ohanoe of the rareet occurrence, r.nd all application* be made at No. 19 l a. avenue, between 8th and 9t& rts J\ ^8-lw* ROOMS TO LET?Five Furnished Room* to [*t. No, 377 Thirteaath street, near 1 jasa-iw* RMISHED ROOMS TO LET with liberal Board, in a p easant location near the Capitol. Also, a handsomely furnish*d i'ARLOK and CHAMBER, oommuuicatine. Those wi I line to para fair pries tor good aooommodatiocs. m*j asp'y at the s*tar office. ia2<Mf A HARK CHANCK.?The proprietor of the City Hotel, (the only first olass Hotel now open in Alexandria. Va.,) is desirous to retire from business. and will sell.for a fair price, the FURNITURE, FIXTURES and GOOD Wll.L of the hoo"e. His lease will terminate on the 1st of January, 1863, but the property oan no doubt be leaned for a much longer term at a modera'e rent. This Hotel ta now doing, ana has for macv years done, a iargeand prcntah e basinet*, Th? demre of the undersigned to retire from poblio bu?tn<?Bi is the only inducement tu sell, m heoou.d not hope to engage in one more profitable. For terms and partiou ars apply to J AS A ENGLI^H.Who it authorized to negotiate, or to the undrrsigned. ia 15-tf t?AM'L HKKLKBOVVKK. FBUK RENT?Two pieasaut ROOMS, nwily furnished, in a first-class residence ip Georgetown, with boa'd. To a psrma"?nt tenant terms will be moderate. App.y at 1 41 Westet.Georgetown. de IT-tf f OFT TO RENT, second floor. StG E street, I * near Wil'irds'Hotel. 22 by U0 feet. In^uirein ti.e store ja13 Hm ANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS._ Four har isomcif burnished itopms, rap pl-ed wauLM#..'i cunvqih??ui 10 r? rDi and Post Ofiee Den&rtmesta,for rent. Apply at 490)6 MaancfcaretU arenas, aorth a?de, between 4th a*?d #th et?. ma XI ?^??..?^a mm mm mmmmB EDUCATIONAL.IIIRS. BURR WILL RESUME HER ivl SchO"! for English and French Monday. Jannary 80th, New York avenue, between ISth itua 14th sta. ja !7-d6tA?aw6t CHFGARAY INSTITUTE, 1527 AND l.Vjy ^PKCCKST., PHILADELPHIA.. This Institute, conducted for two year* past in the city of Philadelphia br Midixi Chxgabat and her niece Madams D'Hkkvilly, upon the nam? principle* ae the one in New York, ntab limed there ic 1814, will reopen,after the Christmas holidays, on Monday. January 6th, with ita usual ample and complete provision for the education of Young Ladies, under the direction of Madame ]>'flervilly. Circulars, and ail requisite infortnafirtr. cm liA nhfuinMl at* km*! i.ithnr ?n tha Prir?i. pal. " ja7-*lm ?r??????^???? GEORGETOWN ADVEBTMT8 S. RANKIN Jfc CO, N.E. cor. (481 Wattr and Comtrest its. Gsobsktowx. D. C. The Proprietors, having purchased a Jarge q nan tity of Liquors in the beat market*, lor Cash, sell 6 > per of-ct. cheaper than th >ae wso purona*e on Ionic credit. They are not connected with any other firm in Georgetown. ja2.S-IW S. RANKIN A CO. gUCKSKIN GLOVES! * RaiiiMhurg & Ebert, 105 High Street, GEORGETOWN, D, C. The only manufacturer* of Genuine BUCKSKIN GLOVES, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, and MITTENS in the Dutnot. Officers' Gauntlets made to order, Baoktkin Drawers and Siwrts. ja 18 EYE AND EAR. No. aar pennsylvania avenue. opposite WILLARD'g HOTEL. Oculist and Aurftst. or. f. a. yon mo&ohzisker, From Clinton Plaoe, New York, hu arrived in the oity anil opened his offices at 22T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, whe r3 he can be oopsuited on Maladiee of the EYE AND EAR re^ninnc medical and snrgioal treatment Dr. Von Moschzisibe is the inventor aad introducer into the medical praetioe of the EPHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate oasee of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEADf hu ii nlfa niithnr nf th* l*tt?ra ?nhliat\*h in ?k New York and Philadelphia pa per a treating on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OF CAN NON, fe. Dr. Von M. hu lor the paat fourteen yean devoted his epecial attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, nd possesses the testimonial* of some of the best known pnblio men in the Union, who have been most snooeafully treated by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. Amongst his letters may be foand the following names: Hons. 6. Pugh and John MoLean; Rev. G. G. Mullon, Major C. L. Kilburn, U. 8. Army ; Right Rev. Bishop Blno ; George Gordon, Esq , Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Bage, Esq., rreaiaem 01 tao uooauuo r. i. Vsonpauy, .ie? York ; Robert Glover. Em., Director of the National Bark Note Company. \w York; G. B. Lamar, Eii. Preaideut Bank or the Republics, New York ; and many others, amongst which are medioal men of well kr.own reputation. These letters may be examined at his office, Patiecti wishing their fan.ily physician to accompany them to witness operations or for the purpose of cosanitation are at liberty to bring ti.em Medioal men will be at all times weloomed to witness Dr. Von M ' operations, and examine some of the instruments he has introduced for the facilitation of Opthalmic and Aural Surgery. Artifioial Eyes inserted without causing any pain to the patient. Office hours from 9 a. m. to S p. m. and from 3 to 5 p.m. ja 8 Im LOVfcLL, OOLLES k. CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Street, New York, and 316 E Street, Washington, D. C., ln?u WllUMal R?t.l \ HftTinf atartad a branch of o?r Naw York o?tobliahmoat la this oity, we invito Sutlirt, Oroctrt, RtsUmmmlrurt, and Hottl Ketptri, to eall and examine oar a took, wkiak ia vail aaaortod and comprised of roods of Um bast ?aality. Wa take ordara for any thine in oaa*na, and axaaato thea promptly. )aS3-tf NY PERSON WI8H1N0 TO ENGAGE in Marchaodiae ana ^uUar?' SappUaa bnmneaa. SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P. M. Tn WitiiMTOi Jail ? Wt aaiarsUatf CM the Secretary of !*tate bn wrlttea t? the Marshal of thla District, directlaf him to dtaeaatliM kacafter the practice of the last half cwjtury with re ference lo me o*e 01 umi prison lor we cmwoyw laves on the request or order of their owner*, kc. Theee Instructions forold him to receive sUrea for safe keeping there except committed by mxm competent officer of the law for uf^uei against the law, or unleaa tikea up and ao committed lawfully as fugitive* frotn labor, la which ones ho la hereafter to con. ply literally with the pro iaioa of law requiring their discharge from custody at the end of thirty day* unleaa previously lawfully reclaimed by their owner*. In these Instructions the Secretary of State has simply followed the Utttr if ik* tew, and has thilfl fnr tkm nrnmrW ffiMMHaflK of ahuaea here In that connection, which hm existed on 'y by custom for qnlle half ceatnry Marshal l.amon wilt doobtleaa gladly carry est these orders of his superior. CLnrcaL ArroiNTNBMTs ? Among the appointments to the new clerkships at the Pail Office Department we find the following (at Ml* arles ranging from S500 to S800 per annum): Thomas H W11 ley, Ala ; C. G Morrill, Mo.; E. ?. Smith. Ohio; Rotas Wales, La; Joseph Clark, R I ; Carlton Hog has, Western Virginia; John A Prescott, N. H ; R. W Stephen*. Okie; G G. Capron. Norfolk, Va.; Dewltt C. Cary, N. Y ; \V. A Ernst, Minn, Geo. . Woolbridge, Tenn ; Jos. T Johnson, reappointed; John W. Green, Mich ; R. B. J. Twyman, Ky. OUR MILITARY BUDGET UBITIV. Bishop Ames and the Hob Hamilton Flak reached Washington tbla forenoon, and shortly after their arrival were In consultation with the Secretary of War open the subject of the mission for the relief of the Union prisoners In the bands of the rebels. tinuL stove. Among the distinguished gentlemen now hern we notice Brigadier Gen'l Chas P. Stene, who is absent from his post up the river, we take It, upon the summons of a congressional investigating committee. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. tSALTIMOEK, J1H. 9U.-TM Uia rolBI DOtt, which arrived this morning, bring* nothing Important. A vessel, soppoaed by tome to be th? Merrtmne, appeared at Craaoy laland yeaterday. The troopa at Newport News alept on tbalr arma Tuesday nigbt. The Esatern State and in tog boata sailed for Hutteraaon Wednesday. The Hartford arrived yesterday from Philadelphia. CONGRESSIONAL. XJLV Tilth CONOREM?ftecoad Seaalan. TlUiUkT, January 30. Six at* ?After the transaction of some routine business?the presentation of petitionsMr. Chandler offered a resolution Instructing the Committee on Commerce to inqnlre Into the propriety of requesting all American merchant captains sailing to foreign ports to take the oath of allegiance; adopted. The bill to Incorporate the District of Columbia institution for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind was taken up and passed. Mr. Anthony called up the resolution reported from the Committee on Printing, ordering Its thousand copies of the Congressional eulogies delivered on the announcement of the death of the late Senator Baker; which was opposed by Messrs Hsle snd Fessenden, on ths ground of the Impropriety of the rustom; and It was lost. Shortly afterward^ Mr. Wilson, of Mass., cnerea a resolution directing tue uomminn on Military Affair* to Inquire Into the conditio* and management of the army hospital at Alexandria, Va , and to report such recommendations for lta Improvement aa mav be necessary for the correction of abuaea In It, Ac. Tt .s resolution waa debated by Messrs WUwn. Grimes, Hale and Carllle. In the courae of his remarks, Mr. Wilson mid that he had seen certificates of soldiers In that hospital that they had to resort to swill tutfa to obtain food necessary to keep them from starvation Having been amended ao as to apply to all army and navy hospitals, the mid resolution was agreed to. Hovss?A communication fiim certain parties urging upon Congress the propriety of establlahIng a soldiers' cemetery in the District of Colombia, waa presented and referred Resolutions Instructing the Indian Committee to inquire into the ei|--d *-ncy at making aa appropriation for holding a treaty with the uidu.n? In the Territory of Utah, with a view of purchasing their lands, and Instructing the Committee < n Territories to Inquire Into the expediency of constructing a wagon road from Denver, In Col. orado Territory, to Halt Lake Clty.were adopted. The bill authorizing and reqairing the Secretary of the Treasury to settle with States for soo pile* furnished their troops, wu taken up and discussed by Messrs. Kellegg and Richardson, of LA TB LOCAL NEWS. As OvTuaioti Arraim.?Yesterday. John Ore and Won. Hsrnis were arrested, charged with entering the dwelling of Mr J B Williamson, on Twelfth street, and assaulting and beating Mr. Williamson. It appears that one of the fellows entered the house while Mrs. Williamson was alone, (bar husband, a most respectable cltizea, being absent at his business at the lntelilgenoer ofise.) and professing to mistake the character of the home, used the Tllest and most insult!nglsnguage. Mrs. Williamson was naturally exceedingly alarmed, but fortunately the arrival of an Inmate ai the uvuvc^avc ioc iruuw me uaiuj , &du or aecilopM. Later in the evening, while Mr. Wmiamaoa wa> at aupper with nla family, this person returned with a confederate, and instating that the hoir-e waa a bad bouse, commenced to make tbetuselves moat offensive bjr word and action to those present, and on being ordered to lees* the house by Mr. Willlamaon assaulted him In an outrageous manner, Inflicting a wound upon him head which since then baa aasumed a dangerous character. Justice Clark held them to ball for a further hearing to-day; and In default of thslr appearance the bond to be returned to the Criminal Court. Respectable citizens upon thla street have been subjected to many aimllar annoyances, and it Is to be hij>ed that the police authorities may be aoie w anora usexn some reuei "Old Mo*talitt."?Yesterday afternoon, a prisoner was brought Into the city from the camp of the 1st Regiment Pennsylvania Reserve, and conducted to the Central Guardhouaa with considerable ceremony. Seated high upon a wagon aad surrounded by a guard, te attracted mach attention; but be did not appear to be plejaed with the tclnt attending his movements Suspended from his neck was a board, very much like the head-board of a grave, upon which was writtaa, in legible characters: "Old Mortality digs soldiers graves, and, by selling whisky, helps to fill them." The sergeant kindly explained that the man's name Is Owen McCarty, and that be has sometimes been employed to dig graves for deceased soldiers, aad ao got the name of ' Old Mortality " Lately he was detected la selling liquor to the men. for which he wa? arrested and aent to the Central Guardhouse, with the cereno nles above Indicated. Dimu TO TBB CuBaaraaxIan OHIO CA*A.L. The President of the Canal Company raceired a dispatch to-day from one of the anperlntandaats, stating that the estimated coat of renal ring the damage to the canal below Shepbardatown and dair No. 4, from the recent ratna, t? tiJIO, (net 15,000 as stated In the Baltimore Son of this morning.) and that the repairs can be done In throe weeks. We learn also that the coat of repair!a* the damage to the dam below will be about 9900 CaiHiiAL Corar.?To-day, Andrew A King was put on trial, for an assault and battery with Intent to kill, on Hlleery Lancaster, bet the eaae was temporarily set aside on aooeaat of the absence of a w!:iw*a. The cue of Robert Garcia, indicted for stealing a bone, the property of Harrison Tbompeoa, was then taken ip. Cnasi run asb Onto Cuu Cowm -d general meeting of the stockholders of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal wm held at the society rooms, on Four-and-a-half street, at noon Is i>T, and the folio wing board of directors was sleeted, Including a memW from this city, it will he seen: President?Alfred Spates; Direct? A. C. Green, Lewis Watsoa, Hoary W. DelUnger, L. J. Brengle, Charles Abert, Joe H. Bradley Militaby Fwbul.-A detach meet of the New York 29th regtaseat passed along the avenue this afternoon, eooortlnv the remains of Adjrtsat Hawke of that ret mt-nt. The ceAn was Iss4s fully decked with evergreens and towers, and the Wins was followed bv the fhvortte horse of (the deoMasd. '

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