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Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1862 Page 1
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r , / 4 I I a. . . ^ ^ ^ V%. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . FRIDAY, JANUARY 81, 1862. " N?. 2,791. THE EVENING STAR 'VBUSHED B VER T AFTBRNOOIf, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE ST AH ICIUHNfll, *m%m qf Ptnatfl?mU www mmd El?*?k it. tr W. D. WALLAOH. Papera kttM u package* by oarrlera at ft a fear, or 77 centa per mantk. To null subtcrlbera ?ke price ia S3 JO you, im md?ntt; 99 for alx ontti; Si for tfaree aaontke; ud for lea tku k ttree aaontb* at tke rate of IS centa a week. 81afle ooplea, oi*a can?; la wrr ppera, two cum. O" AsmrimiaTa akoukl be aent to Ike Met before li o'clock m.; otkerwlae tkey may lOI ippw UIIU IOC BUI My. THE SCOUT'S REVENGE. # An lacldeat ef th? War. Night had settled down upon the army of the Potomac, and, except in the tent of a General. quiet reigned in the camp. The river relied placidly along, u though no hoatile forces lined its banks, and Washington looked peaceful aa if no devil were trying to pluck tome stars from the flag which floated over the Capitol. But the measured tramp of the sentinel, and the quick, low-toned challenge to the straggler hurrying to quarters, told the tory of the struggle that was going on. In the tent of the General, grouped round a small table on which were spread maps of the rtAnntrw aat aavaval nffiaaM A ing a point opon which opinions differed. It wu an informal council ot war, and the officer in command, while he listened carefully, refrained from giving his judgment in the matter?flattering first this one with symptoms of agreement with him, or ecmplimentinx that one on the olearness of his views, while he ? drew from some of the more bashful of the party what they thought. To none was he more polite than to a young man of fine address, whose shoulder straps claimed for him the rank of oolonel. No greater contrast could be found than between the faces of the Qeneral and his jubordinate Both had keen eyes, and would be called handsome men anywhere; but the features of the elder wore an open, manly look, while those of the younger bore a sinister cast, th*t did much to destroy his otherwise good looks. The oolonel was evidently ill at ease, and inougn ae returned tne polite attentions of the General u a gentleman would, be did not vesture to meet the steady gaze that accompanied the honeyed words. Just at the moment the discussion was at the hottest, the sentry announced a messenger. ''Show him in," Mid the Oeneral, and the man entered with a respectful salute. * ' We will resume this to-morrow, gentlemen," he said, bowing to the party, who, taking the hint, immediately dispersed to their several quarters. "Well, Hardy, what success?" said the Oeneral, turning to the scoot, who steed leaning on his rifle, fie was well worth studying ?a tali, lean man. with stooping shoulders, a face thin and sallow, with rambling legs, but x his eyes giistqMd as if on fire. His body, ungainly as it wal; gare promise of great strength, ana me long sweep or bia arm, joined to the grasp of his immense hand, as he caressingly held bis weapon to bis breast, would hare warned his foes that it was unsafe to try conclusions with him at too close quarters. On very line of his countenance, marked as it was with inexpressible sadness, was written honesty and firmness, so that yoa felt what he could be trusted. 44 A leeile, Gineral," he said, looking caut<r>u?ly about. 11 Be we alone ?" he added, in \rj uudex tone lh' General stepped to the door of tho tent, ut nothing c >ul'- oo seen except the sentry icing hi? n->nal beat. Tbe scout, however, tn not satisfied, and walking briskly out he approached the rear of the tent, when a hasty f >otstep was heard retreating. He listened oarofully, at the same time keeping his trusty r:ae ready tor use, bat the footsteps died * ay in the distance mod he retained to the tent. "Some drunken soldier, Hardy." Mid the General, a little annoyed at the occurrence. 44 It ?hall be looked to to-morrow.'1 ? "May be so," said the aeoat, leaning on his rifle and refusing to be seated. ,4Yit his pace war mighty stiday for a man in liquor." "Well. heisgooenow, soletustobusineM," said the General, a little testily. " Watch D'Arblay, Gineral," Mid the scout. " He's in high favor where I've been to-day, and that ain't no great praise for a Union man " 44 Did you reach the Tillage, then," asked the General, his eyes fixed upon Hardy's face. " I was there afore twelve o'olook. and by lock fell in with an Alabamy regiment. So u i was real > xrginny?ana a mocking smile lit ap the sallow face?" I mixed ia with the boys." "Too are yenturesome, Hardy,*' said the other. " If they catch you they will (how no mercy. Already your name is known the country round, and a reward offered for yon." " They can't hurt me no worse than they her, Qineral. I went by the homestead today, and the ashes are there yet. The fire , that burned the old place went to my heart, and I ain't afeard of being ketched till my work's done." " Do they know how strong we are in this place T" asked the General. i " To a man, Oineral. And they're a chuckling mightily over it. 'Taint no secret at all, tad they don't make no bones of saying they her good friends -in your camp. Did I tell you to watch D'Arblay, Oineral?" and the aoout fingered the lock of his rifle, looking out upon the white city that lay before him. Suddenly he started and threw himself in the shadow of the curtain which hang at the door of the tent. A moment he stood so, and than, swiftly bringing his rifle to his shoulder, a quick report was heard, and Hardy turned to the tent. The startled sentry hastened to inquire the cause, but the imperturbable old man carelessly explained that he had only fired off his load, and, as his eccentricity was well known, that ended it. But he bent low and whispered to the General?" Keep wateh on D'Arblay?a close watch, Gineral," and gave rent to a chuckle that shook his body till his bones rattled An hour later and the little camp that lay mm an outpost of the great army was stirring with new life. No rapid beat to arms roused >1.- - ? - im uwpmg suiaiers. oat swift memnnri moved among the white tents, and at their summon* the men shook slumber from their eyelids and eagerly took their positions in the ranks. A secret expedition, and at night?of all things the greatest delight of the trne soldier?so much wit clear; bnt in whst direction, or against what force, none knew, yet the ignorance did not cheek the undisguised pleasure of the men, as they promptly eheyed the "fall in" of the orderly. It wu enough that they were in the enemy's conntry, on soil once sacred, hut now deeecrated by the footstep* of rebellion, and so the blow was effec*n.l tk? ? ?'I ?iv? ?W?. fcJl With tiie officers it might be a little different, and Mm* hastening to the General's tent for inatruetiona, were mot bj on oid who cove haaty information for the marshalling of the forcee. No one waa trotted with the secret of k the movement, md they who peraiatontly * eoaght the oommanding officer found at tho entrance of hia tent only aa old man loaning on hia rifle Thoeo who had been at tho oouneil roadily connected tho lingular individual with tho preocnt movement; while thev who for the * flrat time looked upon hia tall form, appearently bent with age and infirmity, did not dream that thla waa tho aoout whose deed* were tho theme of ooavenation about the camp firee, 1 and whoao eacapea puaalod at once both friend HI IO? Hardy stood watching the gathering of the men with a grim smile playing about his lips To the nnm"rons Inquiries that poured in upon him he rave no sua wer save that he kn?? nothiag, ana the queetioaer returned ne wiser than he eaaae. At lass everything was ready, and the order given to march. Stealthily creeping oat among the shadow* of the night went a I little baad of fl/taen hundred men, not one of whom knew whtra ha was bound. Just a* the laat company left the camp, the General eame to the door of hi> tent and stretched oat his hand to th ? scout. Hardy took it like a mas who fait Limsalf the paar of an amroror. "i have run a great risk, Hardy," ba said. "If yoa hare deceived ma"?ha atop pad, for area the starlight aaoJd not hide the painful expneeriea that stole serosa the scout's faae? "or,If yoa hare deoahrad yourself, tfca ion aaonce may be terrible no leu to these brave fellows than to me." "I hev told yeu the truth, Oineral." he said, proudly. "We her fifteen hundred men, and they ain't leas than four thousand. It mought >j be a hard fight, but we kin git the best of 'em for all that. But ef you've any misgivings, Oineral. taint too late yit. It's easy oallin'of 'em back agin, though the boys looked mighty & veil pleased at the ohance for a brush 'with b the critters.' " !|A t this moment there was a halt in the ezpe- ia ition, having reached a fork in the road. The General hastily wrung the seout's hand and as V he said, hurriedly, " No, no, I trust you and 4 will not repent," Hardy returned the pressure * till the more delioate hand of the officer felt as G if it were in a vice, and immediately pressed t forward to the van of the detachment When '1 he reached it, the road became clear, and at the * cumuua ? wrwira : u* i roups muMN on. How fared It witk the rebels dmrtmg these ? stirring matters among their enemies? Peace- ? folly slumbering among the hills, and dream ing of anything bat an attack from a foe they c knew to be so inferior in numbers. They were v a motley let. For the most part composed of r that class known as "poor whites" in the South, * strangely clad and but half disciplined, they would have dispersed from their own internal n discord, had not their officers restrained them t Deserters from the Federal army, in which t they bad found both education and subsistence, a they turned their talents against their oountry, P and gave a life to the rebellion it could not have had otherwise. On this evening, while the men sat smoking c about their fi-es. alternately asserting the superiority of their own States and cursing the e cowardly Yankees, as they called all Federal } soldiers, in not very choice language, a knot of officers were gathered in consultation. ti " Has invthinir h??n hnnrrl frnm D'lrKlon t to-day?" asked one with a colonel's ttr^f upon ^ bis shoulders. " Nothing," said a captain, to whom the question was addressed "Oar messenger e brought a note from him yesterday, that a e council of war would be held to-night. We shall hear fr<"m him to-morrow." " Yes, yes; I saw it," said the colonel. "I 8 hope they will resolve to fight. I'm getting } tired of this inaction. Who is this Hardy be ^ cautions us about ?" " One of the enemy's scouts," said the cap- b tain. "They tell marvelons tales of him, and k even our tents ring with his exploits. This & very spot was his farm, and yonder chimneystack the remains of his house. The man was ^ a tory. and barely e?eaped with his life." The colonel was thoughtful a moment. "Was t| this the man whose family? Well, never f< mind, such things must be in War Keep a a lookout for him, and, if caught, give him short t shrift?ho may be dangerous." Just *hen the C tattoo was beat, and with a courteous goodnight the officers senarated. I wish we coufd get along without such " fellows as D'Arblay," said one young officer to ri another, as they strolled along the camp. "I don't mind killing Yankees, hut I like a little a fair play about it. This game of his can't last very long, and he'll be coming among us." T "Don't bo too nice," said the other. "By and by you'll be abusing Burton for this Ilardy ' business. I hear be ana his Arkansas man did A that nioe little job." t< " For Qod's sake, don't talk so," said the m other, shuddering. "I have not heard all, but m 'twas a brutal thing." ' You'll want a dictionary to give an adjeo- [r tire strong enough when you do hear it all. They say the old man refused to haul down his w ?ag ind shot one of our men, when they fired I 0 the house, and only Hardy escaped. Burton f< mtru\A KT anil saw i* ? u? ~-.w? ? j ?m ?? ? ?v uvuv. auo nuuiou ueaicu back by the bayonets did not scream, but taroed hopelessly inward. It is a mystery how ?' Hardy got away, bat he has been seen since, * and lives only for reTenge. But, as the colonel ,* says, such things must be in war. Oood night!" and they parted at the entrance of a tent. v While quiet reigns in the rebel camp, the little band we have seen set out under the scout's guidance is cautiously advancing. On \ throught belts of woodland, over hills, and ? across some of the small streams with which the country abounds, they march silently but 11 surely on their prey. a The soout looked like a new man. Hi3 tall form was no longer bent or r*th*r I* AiA appear so, as he strode along at the head of the column The sallow face wag lit up with intelligence, and a gleam of ferocity shot from his a eyes. The road was as familiar to him as the v beaten paths about his lost homestead, but he trusted nothing to chance. Not a sound escaped , his practiced ear, nor an unusual appearance the keen scrutiny of his eyes, and more than ? once he called a halt, while he reconnoitered 0 in the darkness. a At last they reached the foot of a hill, when t Hardy whispered to the oolonel in command, 1 and while the troops rested on their arms, he 1 went forward alone. ? [TO BB COHTINUXD.J I ZoLiicorm's Rbxaims.?The Somerset cor- f respondent of the New York Trlbnne writes: 1 sjuuiconer's ooay lay lor nearly three days on the ground, In front of the tent of the sutler of the f Tenth Kentucky, wrapped up In a blanket. He I was a man of middle height, light hair, rather ti long feature*, well formed profile, and rather t pleasant expression of countenance which grim r death hss not altogether destroyed. His skin was beautifully white and clear. He had bis beard t shaved otf on the evening before the battle, prob- c ably In order to be less easily recognized. 1 am sorry to say that his remains were outra- u geously treated by the thousands of soldiers and n citizens that flocked to see them. Not only was all his hair cut off close to the skull, but the body was stripped of its clothing. When killed be r had on a white rubber coat, under whtob he wore a full General's uniform. The rubber coat, the \ uniform, the boots, bis over and undershirt, and ? even bis socks, wert either carriod off whole or j gradually cut off In pieces. On Tuesday evening g thebody was almost naked Tbl? kind of curioslty- hunting bcrder* on van- ( cUlitm The warm temperature that prevailed a after the battle hastened the decompoaltlon of the remains Then waa literally "tre?aon smelling to ( heaven " What a horrid end of a once high and A honorable career? { ID" The Maine Glanta bave not all gone to the war. Tbe Keaebec Journal tella of the following membera of the Leelalature: The welghtleat man . la Capt D Randall of laland Palla, hia age 49 yeara, hla hlght 8 feet 4 Inches, and his weight * 296 pound a He la aa nimble aaa boy, and nia great wslgbt la ao evenly disposed that be doea ? not appeal heavier than ordinary man. The tall- ' eat man ia Tbomaa J Demerrltt of Peru, aged 54 : yeara, hlght0 feet5# Inches, weight 236 lbs. Levi Ramsdellof LuDec. 48 yeara, hlght 6 feet 3 Inches, weight 165 pounds. Sumner Bur nam of Norway, age 52, hlght 6 feet2 Inches, weight 285. \ G P ftewell, Old town, age 50, hight 5 foet II In- ' cbea, weight 214 Heman Coualns, Trenton, age _ 49, hlght 6 feet 1J{ inches, welffht 1SS J Pink. c t^Ct?2r*7>?*? 51, hight 3 feet 10X laches, TtlS, -- Bathel, age 62, My ht ?? 9?. 8 L?W??eld, Alfred, age 44, r hlght # fret 81 ncbae, weight ??. RHiKglnaf J 21P*** 5l? blJht ?** 1 Inch! I weight *?. Average welgfft of ten men, 812 * poondr ' i ??? d FURNITURE! fs 1 FURNITURE.' VjL. ^ kl FURNITURE! }f| * . . VV. B. MOSK8, (of thefirm ofMowi A Pec kh&m, P hilad'a.) * ggsssnesnsi D'egggK^J^aS^1-^" " |j TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE ANGLO-SAXON. rhe Trent A Hair?Lsrd lloiHll'i R*plr < Secretary Seward?View* of the British Press. Portland, Jan. 30?The steamer Anglo-Saxon as arrived. She left Liverpool on the 16th, arid rings, via Londonderry, advices to the 17th Inst. The steamers Teutonia, America, Nova Scotia nd Edinburgh bad arrived out. Additional official correspondence has been pubtshed in regard to the Trent affair, including ,ord Russell's replv to Mr. Seward's dispatch, ated Jnn. 11th. it expresses much aatiafactlon t the conclualon arrived at by the Washington lovernment, which It conaldera moat favorable to be maintenance of the moat friendly relations, .'he English Government, however, alffer from Ir. Seward in aome of bis concluaions, and, as It uy lead to a tetter understanding on several, ?tnts of Interuatlonal law, Lord John Russell roposes In a few daya to write another dispatch n tho subject. In the meantime, hesayaJt la deIrable that the commandera of the United States ruisers shall be Instructed not to repeat acts for irhich the British Government will have to aak edress, and which the Unitedftatet Government annot undertake to justify. Lord Lyons Is hanked for his discretion in the affair. Mr. Gladstone, Chancellor of the Exchequer. * sniaxh t l^ltk u,.. irf.n. uwarrtt America, hoping that the congestion of be American government would be received la generous spirit He thought, however, that the Jorth had undertaken a task too big for them. In view of the anticipated arrival of Mason and ilidell, various expedients were being adopted at Liverpool to secure any thing but a nattering reeptlon for them. The London Shipping Gazette say? that war or Ise further diplomatic strife is Inevitable between England and America. The publication of the corretpondence relative o the Trent affair led to some very bitter strlcurrs on the dispatch of Mr. S#ward, particularly pgardlng that part Insinuating that Mason and lldell would have been detained bad the Interest f the Union retired. i uc Lionaon i imes aouaii wueiotr my nation ver committed a blander so palpable and so normoua. The Morning Poat says It la clear that the Idir f stronger is the only law ruling in the United tatea. The [.ondon Herald says that the last four linea n Mr. Seward's dispatch Is the only part that can e accepted aa an answer to the British demands. It was rumored that the rebel steamer Nashville ad been sold to English shipowners. The U. S. unboat Tuscarora, however, continued to blockde her Financial writers In the English journals inulge in all sorts of gloomy foreboding for Amer;a under the suspension of specie payments. The London tilobe makes the announcement iat the cabinet at Washington has given orders it the release of two Americans. M<ssrs. Zachrie and Rogers, take.; from the English so boon uugcuia duuiu, i. y icc steamer jsanuago as uba. The fr:gate Warrior it expected at Plymouth i a day or two, on her way to the North Amer:an station. Hut little bualneas wan doing at Lloyd's In war ska. There waa continued a^tivltyln all department* t the Portsmouth dock yard It la understood that the United States gunboat 'uacarora baa orders never to lose sight of tLe earner Niahviile, to blockade ber in Soutbamp>n, and to chase ber as long aa ahe is at sea. In ddltlon to the frigate Dauntleaa, the war ateamer .rgua baa been placed at the mouth of Southampjn docks to watch the movements of the two vesila. Late reports aay that the Nashville baa been >ld to an Engliah ship owner The London Times says that mercantile letters om New York represent the cry for promoting lsurrectlon among the slaves aa gaining force, nd looking at the threatened borrora, whispers 'ere at length beard of a wish that for the sake f humanity Kuropean Intervention might be >und practicable. f&ancb. It la wld that the Fmperor is mnk'ng considerble reductions in bla private establishment*, "he French journals compltment the Cabinet at Washington for their action In regard to the 'rent affair. The pirate Sumter remained at Cadiz at last adlces. commercial. Livkrpool, Jan. 1??Cotton has declined Xs ; d, closing dull. Sales of the week 40,000 bales, ales of Friday 5,000 bales Flour has declined Gdals. Wheat has declined i2d Corn Is easier. The market closed steady, nd with an upward tendency for wheat. Provisions are quiet. Consols for money closed at 93 Jf. The War In Missouri. St. Louis, Jan. 29?A larjje number of troops re moving from Rolls, Sadallaand Ottersville, /est. Their destination is supposed to be SpringIt Id The following Is from Maj. Wright's report to ien. Wyman : 'Price's force does not exceed 8,000 or 10.000 tien?all State troops Price has been notified f his appointment as Major General in the rebel rmy, but jas not been confirmed, consequently hev decline to reinforce him. They say to him hey have 30,000 troops ready to join them when hey receive the official notice Mcintosh has ;cneto reinforce the rebels in the Indian nation. 1 n.t D -i * n?> vi nnur iucu uav? gone come 'Last Thursday Price was Informed that the | J. 8 troops were moving against him, in force, rom Rolla. The news caused great excitement

n the rebel camp." Rolla, Mo., Jan. 30?The latest information rom the Weat Is that our army is encamped at ,ebanon in considerable numbers, and that no roopa, except scouU, have advanced beyond that own, nor is It probable that they will until other egiments on th* way shall hav arrived Gen. Curtis and staff departed several days ago o join the army In the tleld, Indicating that the ampatgn is to oe pushed forward with entr*;y. Gen Sigel has arrived from St Louis, and it It nderstood will go forward with the expedition iow under way. the expedition against jeff. thompson. Chicago, Jan. '29 ?A special dispatch from ;airo to me journal states that the force* com rising the expedition against Jeff Thompson eport the country beyond Charleston as infested rlth guerilla bands, who plunder every one, Jnlon and rebel alike. They went nearly to lykea'own. Gen. Paine has determined to occupy Charleston. For that purpose a regiment of nfantry and a detachment of cavalry will remain ,t that place. A large rebel mall, containing several hundred etters, has been captured above Cairo, on the illsaourl. Itembraced letters of Importance from fowling Green and other rebel camps. Peaasylvania Tresps. Hakrisideo, Jan. 29 ?A special order has been sued by the Governor instructing Surgeon Gen Imlth to visit the 11th Regiment Pennsylvania volunteers. Col. Coolter, at Annapolis, and make >r?ry provision for the comfort of the sick, and epon me ssnnary condition of the camp. The irder wn Issued In connequence of well-authenicated reports regarding the Urge number of lck, and their want of proper care and attention. Cot. Curtln Is strongly urging upon the national [overnment the propriety of fitting out at Phllalelphla an exclusively Pennsylvania naval expalition, if In harmony with the plans of the govrnment and the commander-in-chief of the army. Frem the Upper Potomac Sakdy Hook, Jan. 30.--Since the retreat of the ehtls from Bolivar, the weather has been too bggy to observe their movements. There has >een a heavy fail of snow thia forenoon. It is tow known that ourahells In reply to the mtnv% ieiuon?irauon? on Tuesday were not without eject, as several rebels were killed and wounded rhe enemy'a shells did no harm to us. There re no signs of the wenther clearing at present. Massachasetts Defending Her Cnit. Boston, J"n 20 The House committee on 'edtrral relations to-day reported a resolution uthorlztog the Governor to contract for the lanafacture of ordnance for the defences of the tate, at a cost not exceeding half million of pilars. . . . - A?"* 4>HOMpkoNv5r ?Wn At E. A. Lak. * &.'. MlffiWZ&r. d*<B Undf Brown'? Hotrt. ^DAM8' EXPEK88JJOMPANY. NOTICE OF REMOVAL, Soldiers' Pay! * THE HARNDEN EXPRESS COMPANY Will remit auma of FlhTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, Fbom Soldiiks to thsi* Familim, iAt a charge of TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money ahonld be plaoed IB aa ENVELOPE and securely aealed.! Tba foil addreu, (inclndint Post Q#e?, Statu miso, strut and number. in a largt city,) of tha person to whom to ba sect, MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE KIM V K I .OP K. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT THX EXPRESS * FINNISHES THE MOST RELIABLE MEANS FOR SOLDIERS TO 8END THEIR MONEY HOME. ENVELOPES AND BTANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. S. SMITH, Agent Hsrcden Express, 3d at., second door below Pa. ave? ja9 1m ~ Washington, D. C. Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL TOlWilD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEJR FAMILIES, At any place on the lines of their Express, Ataoharge of twenty five cent* for any snm not exceeding fifty dollars, and a proportionate additional charge to piaoes reached by connecting Expresses. Th? money, whether Gold or Trtasury Not**, should he enclosed in an envelope and aeoorely sealed, and have the full address,(Incuding town. Post Office, and State; and in oitie?. the street and number,) of the person to whom to be sent, and the amount legibly marked thereon. Envelopes for this purpose may be had at our offices. To faouitate prompt delivery, the oharge for remittance should be pre paid. AIMMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington, Jan. 9,1R62. ja 9-lm FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. FOR SAX,* BY J. P. BARTHOLOW, Sole A^ent, Hardware & Agricultural Warehouse) 668 Seventh Street, jjtiween renmyivama avenue ana tut ( anal, opposite east end of Centre Market. jaU-tf LOVELL, COLLE8 & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Street, New York, and 314 E Street, Washington, D. C , I (near Willard'a Hotel.) Having started a branoh of our New York establishment in this city, we invite Sutlers, Grocers, Htstauranteurs, and Hotel Keepers, to call and examine uu iiwi wmcn ia wen Msorieo ana comprised of goods of the be?t?uaUtr. We take order* for anything in oar line, and exeoote them promptly. ja 23 tf PERUiM'S EYCFHSIOH. From Baltimore to New York and return... S8.00 To Boston, and return 913.50 Tickets for sale at the NATIONAL HOTEL, Where further particulars may be had. Time for leaving Washington expires on 31st January. Ticket* good to return any day before Maroh lat. ja 17-I2t* Si'UVtS! y CAMP STOVES!! I CAMP STOVES!1.! A .arte atook on hand, whioh will be sold low. H. J. GREGORY, j&ltt aai Pa. a?enue. KITTEN HOUSE, PANT fc CO., B A. 9T ?L B XI S , 352 Pennsylvania AVKNCK, (ntar Brown's Hottl,) Issue DRAFTS on all parts of the United State*, in sums to auit Offioers and Soldiers. Also, Drafts on London, Ireland, Sooti&nd, Wales, and ail parts of the Continent of Kurope. ia2-lm ?OAL OIL-COAL OIL-COAL OIL! COAL AND ETHERIAL OIL At Rksvckd Pbicks ! 8. W. 'J'LAUGHLKN'8 Coal and, Etherial Oil Manufactory, Corner New Jersey ?v, and E st. Jal3-lm? Bl RXSIDE'S Patent Portable House. The inventor calls the-attention of Sutlers and otners to this useful invention A House oan be built by this Inventor without nails, sorews, or grooves. Barnes and Sfebles built in the same wav. It c%d r>e put up and taken down without injury to the boards. Orders oan b? left with SAMUEL WISE, Builder, . _ No. 346 E street, near Thirteenth, ift 11-lm Washington, D. C. ^po MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE, . The Beet in the World, TU Only Rtliabu and Harmltsi Hmxr Dyt Imw, Sold by all Drucgists; also, at Buiitoh'i Patent Medioine Store, c p. Patent Office, oor. F k 7th, Sisbs's Hair Store, Mt Penn'a avenue, where Ladies can harah applied, if de?ired. Factory?81 Barclay at. (late 213 Braadway) N. Y. xjarnden's express. IJ . . iHNnnil IMBki doc leave to lnlorm the pub'io that they Uave extended their Expreea to Waanington. and are now prepared to Transport Merctiandiae, Bank Note*, &p?oie, Jewelry. Ao.jto ail pana of the MiddU, jV?w England and Wuttm Statu and Canada. Connectiu* with the moat reaponatble Expreeeee throughout the ooantrww* are enabled to ofler tmwlUd facilities to IK who may favor with tneir patronage. For tefrna and further information apply to E. 8. SMITH, Agent. Third it.,2d door below Ha. avenue, < Ja 9 Sm Waibisgtoii D C. ClOLD AND BIWIV^EJ^IBH, BWI8B I have now on Handa large atoek of all the moet i oe ei.rat.Ml, that 1 am eelling at the very lowest prioea tnat good and reliable da* tMyeri oanfce affordedat; and every deeoription of fine JEWELRY on hand; all aew etylea received at flOOn a? mAnnfa?Hi*A^ * Silver ware manufactured ia ar own abop. All kind* of MILITARY GOODS on band.auoh ri Revolrera. Sword a, baabea. BalU, Bowie t ?"Tea. Pocket Compaaaea, Ac? as. Alao atronc Army Trnaka and Bad Combined: and many other thiaxa naetsTand ornamental *t 33"s PetDatlrauia ?THI?. noao tf H. A. HOOD. jMAHJjKbAHffr MVKVsSS i USBi1-* " ?" ?. >~*3- < WASHINGTON, D. JANUARY, IMS. > REMOVAL. A. BIHIXGER & CO. Hats RBMOVBD TO 819 PENNSYLVANIA AVENI E, orroaiTB WILLARD8' HOTEL W& Invito the attention of oar friend* and trona to the Card below: No. ai^^MHeTLTATlIA AVKXCB, > (o> r#*?'? Wxllar&t The Subarrlbrra. having opened a Branch Eatabllabment in thla City a few months alnce, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from lua friend* and the loyera of pnre and genuine and other article* la their line, have determined pon a continuance and extension of their bust neaa. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and districts.) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GJNS, Ac , Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complaints, fever and ague, # headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY' A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Price*. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, S.V-'CE?, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac., Ac. The Stock wu particularly selected to suit the want? of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateurs, etc. xney are inviwa 10 ih tne establishment, which 1* under the direction of Mr. Jo?. P. WlLSOH. Owing to the fact that they Import moat of the articles direct, and to their many business facilities. tjpv are enabled to offer their stock Goods at very low prices. Your obedient servants, A. BININGER fc CO., mvorters of Fore im Wines. Liaumrt. kr Jt 11-tf Niw Vo*c and Washington. pARAFFlNE CANDLES! _____ I MEUCCl'S PATENT PARAFFlNE i CANDLES ! Manufactured bj the Niw Yoke Pakaftink Candli Co. For afcie in tuontitiea to anit parch* ere, by th? Manufacturers' Agents, JOHNSON Jfc NAGLE, 2?0 Penn. avenue, Washington D. C. jo21 10 Royal, near King at., Alexandria, Va. Dayton's Bakery. noM NEW VORK. I BRANCH, 1\T- iU / 'L -. l-A n 1 o iiv. i?fv MJiwtrmn a*., oeiirevri u una il, WASHINGTON. D. C. DAYTON'S PIC NIC * OYSTER CRACKERS, M SPONQE BUTTER CRACKERS, (i BOSTON CRACKERS, M V ATKK CRACKERS. " BODA CRACKERS. GRAHAM CRACKERS, M LEMON BISCUIT. - Celebrated~MlNCE PIES. Heidi-keepera, Headi of Familiea, and Sutlera are invited to try our exoellent MINCE PIES. i TESTIMONIAL. ' Camp Scott, Sept. 9.1861. Ma. Dattos?Sir : All of na, both officera and private*, have ate freely of your Piea. I oao oon AiAfitinnajv atat? thaf nn mRB ia /> r lis# irom p&rtakinc'of them. To tell the troth, we are ] heart-siok !>eo&u*e we oau*t jet enouih of them, They are the only reel luxury we have had since we left home. W. F. Dimxins, M.D., Snrgeon. fET Di?oo*nt to the Trade. " , J. L. DAYTON, | jall-lm 436 Eleventh at., Washington, D.C. < RENAID1N BOLLINGER fc CO 'S OSAMFAOXS. ] LEFMAN, KIEFER A THOMA8S. BOLE AGENTS for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Dvam Stbut, N*w Vorfc. , WEW CLOAKS, AT LOW PRICKS! Owing to tha BLcsaal d?md for Cioaki, w htn juit reoeivad anothw Mice ?ujjly, whieh have , bMn parehaaad at T?ry redooed pnoes, ud will oe old &?toni?hin* low. Oar *109* of FANCY SILKS and LADIES* DKK^ bOODS M Still jood.ana willbeaolj l/^jcad.priojs^ JKPOITANTJO LADIES. - I fcu<i M Nav Yofkarii&f lu0 Ll^ <a*iuj, COHEN % DURSELDORp, , N. B.?Ail aorta of waahedlJlZ^} ?rk* I ion# if ei uai to new,? thort^t^^^^i^ j T? SUTLERS AltS EE8TAUEANTS. 1? buketi , rwrj Bnperior CHAMPAGNE . , _ WINE, tor Ml* oha*f bT WM. COE^IN BUEOY, No, IIT f oaaylvtm* imii, 1 J*2 tm??oii81iUit CRAWLS AND CLOAKS-Mftn? Btyliah utf j* ?-tr P?U. IT?Migid Ninth at THIS WUKLY STAR. ?aVrl4ty aermlai. S!?f U *rr, tm na?MM..MM.JI M Fit m????^????iii??inill 4 1 Yea oopl?_. Wweily-Sve M Iturv:a.blyoomuiaatW"WaakUftMi N#r*' that hm mmdm Tk* DmUf Mmmimg Btm M geMfmily tkn?(kMl AM ??try. n^?u?u ~?u- - ir - (ta vnpfM} Mi eared al tbe oounter, Ibh<lately after the knt of Ut paper. Prtoo-THEEE CENTS. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " H*iHLY COyCBNTRATID" Compound Fluid Extract Bmehm, A Ptsiitrt mU SptnJU XiMif For Dimum of UN BLADDER. KIDNEYS, OR AVEL, aa4 MOP SfCAL BWKLLIN68. Thta M?dioine Itornii the MWtr of Dtf?ato?i , ai.?i ascites tee AMOIUITI to to bMkUT mouoi . by which the wimi o& caLcuoci ii|iwt>wi, u4 ?'t CWWATVXAL I5UB.OIKBITI are radlOM, M V*U M PAIR A.HD UrrLjLMVAXlOU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHTJ For Weakn?M?i Ariaing from Eiomm, Habits of PirtyHWi Karl* Indiscretion or Abiao, Atttndtd with tkt Following Symptoms : Indisposition to Exertoon, Lost of Powor, Lose jf Memory. Dfflcuity of P"**-mtf, Weak Nerves, TrmnbUcc, Horror of I>>MMe. WUsfr nm, Diimmss r,f Vision, Pain i n the Hart, I'divmh' Lassitude of tha Mncu u IWitML Hot Hands, F>usiic( ol if Hoc?, Dry dmi of the Skin, Fmptiona on tha Face, riLLID COVNTUUISCB. ThfeftA ITfTlit. mm if *" ? ? " ? medicine invariably remove#. ?oo"n fo.l'ow*" IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, KPILEPT1C FITS, M OKI / wkuk tkt Ptimu may Eayir?. Who can i*i that they ere not frequently Mloved by tiuie"dbvcl d:?ea?e?," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Man? are i?m of the oaoeeof their afferiac. but nowa will coNrasa. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tin Mel*mck?hi D*mtkt by CSmaairtMB, baa amplb wrrui to tsb tbvtb or m isinnoa THE ?RSn^WoW?&ftHr"? e*niree the aid of nedteine to atrencthea aad Invigorate the Syetea hi oh HELMBOLDTJ EXTRACT BUCHU MrW it d**t tbul will coavlbcl tbi *0?t sbbttlctl. PEMA LE8- FEMA LE8- PB MAL E8, OLD OR YOUNG, tMNGLE. MARRIED, OE CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many Ptruiiar is Ftm*U? the Extract Due tin ia aaeaiia.i<)d by any other reaedy, id Cnl&rcais or Retention, Irrrtu'e'.ty Painlntnees,or t$uppr?>>?un of Ovstoniarv K*a#nations. I ieetated or fohirtoee m?w of the Ulerua. lyveoorrhea or Whitee.Stenaty.aa4 for ail ocinpiaists incident to the eea. whether arising from Indiscretion. Habits of Dissipation, or in the DBCLII** OR CHANGE OF LIFE' SBK SYMPTOMS A BOTE. wn aiurrtr uttAnt n *?wtmmmmm nv inaiKi Davvuv oa TTilJlVVA il'i 4T * * If % TSaA? *0 fnorf *>als*m, Mtrc*r% m VnpUatmml MtdtLxnt fcr Vnj)U*ia?t aid Peagtrnn MMM. HELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT EUCHV cmi SKCRET DilElItt In all Utrir 8t*(M; At little ExpcnM Little or no ~Ls.i.fejn DtM^ _ N? iBtMT?u?ai It o&aset a fre^U'Dt desire and giree itrapiU U t rmate, thereby Removing obetruotiona. Preventing and Curing Stricture# of the Vrethra, Allaying ham and I Dfl?mma?on. ao frequent id the elaM of diieam, aad mnJiu mU Poutmom, IhftAitd, and *torn out Mat nr. TH0CS4SD8 rroa THOr?AJ*D? WHO HATE BE By THE TIC1IMS Of QUACKS, aad who hare paid *? ?? /?? to be en rod is a abort time, hare found they were deoeireti, aad that tho ' poiooh" haa. by tho of'mumm/ui nttrtmgtmis been dried up in the if atom, to break oat laaati I rarated form, and PERHAPS AFTER UARE1A9M. a* HELMBO^D'8 EXTRACT BVOflV Eli ureetioBE an> Uiaetrea o !th? UKMAKY OR8AFH, wtaethar axiatinf in AlAk* OR FKHALf, from wh*ts?er '*nr? /.nrirat?c and no nftttar of aj.* longstanding. Diaetaeaa; tiaae O-^aa re<niretho udtii JhtUTW. HELMBOLD 8 hJLT&ACl BUCHV IC inL UALAi MJIXJ net IV/( KdU js certain to hare the dotired effeot im ?9?i ctftr wkick ii u ruowimtndtd. TIDBBCB OF mi MOBT BBBPOBaiBLB A? mbuablb cbabactbb wil.Zaooompaor the medioiAee. CERTIFICATES OF CURBS, From 8 to 0 yeara* raa4Ja> with n??^w?u,aNO fame. e "PHYSICIANS" PLMASM "NOTICE." wm uaxm "bo bicbbt or "ib?bbdibbta." HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU ? AnTT.B^BMi rti Mn*hn PnKftKa and t na? le.ected with great oare by a oomK^TdrmtfiatT4 PREPARED IN VACUO, BT H. T. HELMBOLD, PracUoal and Analytical Chemist, and Sola Manufacturer or BXLMBOLD'S GINUIK4 PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. Personally asyeared oetfore no. as Aldoraaa ol the city of Philadelphia, H. T. HiL>MLt,*ko being daly sworn, dot}) eay. hie preparations contain ao narootioi no aeroury, or oilier lijurtoas ^ "" "* V-^. HELMBOLD. bvoto and lobeoribed before me. Una*J cdu of November, 18M. WM, f. AlHtiKKD, Alderman, Ninth et.. above Raoe. f hi-a. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 6 F. M. Price 81 per bottle, or tlx for ?. Delivered to an? aiireee, eoonreCj pa<Aeu roa lb?nation, Addreoe letter for Information is ootid* oo H. I. HKLMBOLD, Gkmwi, Depot, 1M Sooth Tenth eU, bokrw Cfeostaal Pbk UK WARE OP CLHHVTKRPKiTD AND VNP&INOirLMD DbALKBB rho endeavor to duMW "of th?r ew?" "otfier" ?rtiole? on tLe rtfitetiO' - iuum ,i HtimboUTi btMtM Pripmmttom t ? ? ?drw fiw ?, (I M <( 5?rj.?vvul 41 u mt? Mmt tut. 8o:d br p. B. wmB, ik ft Vtuuii jni Wilwt, 8. C. Ktu. 8. H. Kimnmi, 8. 0 tiiMu ft ft Cuutbmu* UmamD. 1AJfD ALL MIMim * mr vni nr.innTJWfl mmm ommmw w iakiio crtflm. LM AVOID ULKHNVIOR Ml TfOW Diwwtl nm flinamt ammmh Hw tf ? -

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