Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ROCK ME TO SLKEP. [The foIlowrfBg beautiful fwm, by tke gifted writer, "FlorraM Percy," appeared In the Philadelphia Saturday Post, and has been widely copied. It ( gdfc of the highest ord?: ] L , . Backward, 'urn backward, O Time In vouligM, M ake tae a child again, jaat for to-night! Mother, come back from tb^eehoteaa abore; Take tne again to your hearty aa of yore; Klaa from my forehead the fnrRwrs of care, i Smooth the few ailrer threada oot of my hair; Over my slnmbera your loving watch keep, Rock me to aleep, mother, rock me to sleep! n. v Backward, flow backward, O tide of the yehnl I am ao weary of tolla and of tearsToil without recompense, tears all in vain; Take them and give roe my childhood again ! 1 ban grown weary of dust and decay, Weary of flinging my soul-wreath away, m W eary of towing for other* to reap ; Rock me to aleep, mother, rock me to Bleep! nx. Tired of the hollow, the base, the untrue, Mother, O mother, my heart calls for you ! Maay a summer the grass has grown green, Blossomed and faded, our faces between, Yet with strong teeming and passionate pain, Long 1 to-night for your presence again; Come from the silence so long and so deep; Rock me to aleep, mother, rock me to sleep nr. Over my heart In days that are flown, No love like mother-lave ever was shown, No other worship abides and endures, Faithful, unselfish, and patient, like yours. None like a mother can charm away pain Prom the sick soul and the world-weary brain; Slumber's soft calm o'er my heavy lids creep? Rock me to aleep, mother, rock me to aleep! . Come, let your brown hair, just lighted with gold, Pall on your ahoulders again, as of old. Let It fall over my forehead to-night, Shading my faint eyee away from the light, For with Its sunny-edged ahadowa once more, apply will throng the aweet visions of yore; Lovingly, softly, lu bright blllowa aweep ; Rock me to sleep, mother, rock me to sleep! rt. Mother, dear mother' toe yeara have been long Blnce I last hashed to vonr lallabv song; Since then, and unto my soul it snail seem Womanhood's yeara have been bat a dream. Clasped to your arm a In a loving embrace, Wita yoar light lasaes Just aweeplng my face, Never hereafter io wake or to weep ; Rock me to aleep, mother, rock me to aleep ! Protecting Animals from Rain Storms. I bolieve that farmers generally are not aware how mucL. loss they sustain in the flesh of their domestic animal?, and how much they ufer daring cold storms of rain in the summer, or at any other season of the year. Warm ihowara never injor* animals; indeed, they ap p?ar 10 airs a gooa relisb (or such a sprinkling as they frequently get, providing it is not aa ?old as ioe. Moat animalB will endure 5r?,tjMvere cold aa longaa they can keep Iry; bat as aoon aa their bodies have been wet and ara kept wet, evaporation commences; and as evaporation is a oooling process, the heat of their bodies is carried away very rapidly, and tha sudden transition from heat to cold chills them in a very short time, and injures them mora than a severe storm in winter. Animals will endure a very sudden change from eold to heat with impunity, but sadden changes from heat to cold are often attended with very injurious consequences. We are apt to think because it i3 summer, or not freeiing weather, that a storm of rain will not hurt our animals. But could they communicate to us their ?' ? Q- ? okviui vi wiu ioiu t-ucro woald not be so much negligence about protecting them, especially daring the cold and stormy days and nights of autumn. I well remember that about twenty years go there was a severe rain storm in the month ef Jane; and although our sheep had been sheared more than two weeks we thought they ought to be brought home to the barn. But many of them were so cold and feeble in consequence of the rain that it wad necessary to go after them with a wagon About the 8rst of July, 1881, there was another rery cold storm of rain, which swept away hundreds of sheet) in tha tmrw t reside. One farmer lost abont sixty of bis choioeat shsep, although they had beeu sheared MTeral days before the atorm came on. I have haard ot mora than three hundred lost daring the storm It ia infinitely better for animals to keep them in a stable or shed, where they cannot mi a mouthful of food for twelve successive aoort, than to allow them to be exposed for on It two hoar* to a storm of cold rain. When I was accustomed to keep sheep I was always careful to let them have the benefit of a shed, if they needed , not only in winter, bat daring summer; and it was very unusual that oar herses and neat cattle were left for one hoar in the field during a cold storm. Cold torma not only make horses look bad, bat they do really injare them, by rendering them stiff and dull; and they often contract severe cold, which many times superinduce catarrh and irl ftnH ?ra Young calves and colta often suffer extremely from exposure to cold storms, even in rammer; aad to shelter them will be time and money well appropriated. " A merciful man regard th the life of his beast " S. E. T.?Country Gtntltwtan. Vaai Laconic ?An amusing sword presentation was made on tbe 17<h by tbe officers of the Seventy-eight Pennsylvania to their Colonel, Wm Birwell. The presentation spreenof Capt Gillespie was: "Here tee are, and nere it Is. This Is a bully sword, and comes from bully fellows. Take It, and use It In a bully manner." Colonel Sirweirs reply was:?"Captain, that was a bully speech Let us take a bully drink." j? U T L E R a , ATTENTION!! 900 BARRELS GINGER SNAPS, Paixa Quality, For Mi* la ?uantitiea to anit the trade, it low fig area. r T JOHNSON 4 NAGLE. 99 Pa. % van ne, Waahin*ton, D. C., ?P 10 Royal ?t.t Alexandria, Va. LOVKLL, COLLK8A CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, Front atroct, Now York, and 316 E atreot, Waalnniton, D. C., (near Wiiiarda' Hotel.) HtTkOi started a branch of oar Nov York oatabliakaMnft la thia oity, are invito Suilrr*. Orocirt, l??Maraat(w<. And Hotel Keeper i, to oaD and ex amino oar ato~k? whioh ia voU aaoortod tad ooaifnood of (ooda o* the beat qaahty. We take ?r4ora for any th;n< in our line, and exeoato them jan tf OHMrvaiNO ? u .r u ?r cn/UA MULLED CORN.?TheaaMMitor.haYing got the agency to nwly Washington r. U*or?etown with this Iti'-*'* ereearation of Cora, woo id rMpootfolly lit of hi* frtA&dj- and the a* large, to kits ?.ml AI~. Pa. avenue, between 18th ud I9U> ?U. M. B.?Manufacturer of Martiie Mutln. Mocu nli, Table To?a, ac. A large assortment ? *?ji ? Wed. QC 19-? r^EOSeK M. Wt)RL A CO., \JT |irporters and Oea.era in VflJiKS. L1QUOHS.CIOjiks.iU.; , A*d OhNhRAL C0>lMlt*iM0N MERCHANTS Aa assortment of Merchandize of every deeeriptioa constant* y on heed. GEORGE M. WORL A CO.. Tft Water afreet. tfeorgetowc. jtr-lm* By the Ko?e Ferry. DING ALE AND LASER BIER DEPOT the celebrated brewery of Mr. Fell*, to be LajfS and email. quantities. Also, 1'icklee, t, Pickled Ouodi, Pepper 9aao?, Vinegar, or Krout, by tee .oo, or In jam,at CBARLI48 MADE* Reetaaraat, I dalAlm* eorser Pa. avenuenad Third sL DllTTKM ? - DV i TEK !! D BUTTER!!! lMka?afcoioo?o?fcaa baiter, jutraoaivadand ?aa?M fJ HASTING" ft CO. ao?-tf Sfl?D?t ^oiiu Fa *twm (TPBAM^ HAIR DYE !?TO COLOR BLACK D OR BROWN!!?Ottif >8 MOtia ho*. Three USMl^r OM^u. ar. Gray, i#d or tia*?n hair can M NU|?d la a few eoorria to a j?t black or brown, by nunc Ujham'g Lnuitl Ha.r I>re,thebe*t and o baa Mat m the world, producer, tna mooiont naoml apaaamcoo. Kaoh Rpx OfCPHAM S d'..KO V K ?i W?rrautad tooontain fus? h r-^yEstf? SICK. i!U) WOCMMS NLBIBI III I HOSPITAL J P?>h?W te w?Am?y with tkt wwWm / t*? 5?m* cf Julf 1?, I8$l. 1 At Oimt<J Hospital, Union Ho til, ctmtr Bridgt < mm4 ttruts, (roorguown, Jan. 24. lat Excelsior Brigade. 1 52d Penn. Volunteer*. 6 3d do do.... 4 57th do do 4 4th do do.... 1 104th do do 1 > 5th do do.... 9 id Maine Volunteer!.. 1 13th New York Vol... 2 7th do do 4 . 14th do do.... 1 4d Vermont Volunteer* 8 j 17th do do.... 8 3d do do 3 uka ao ao.... o Din ao ao 1 -2?>th do do.... 1 lat New Joraey Vol... 1 25th do do.... 1 5th do *d0....1 29th do do.... 1 8th do do.... 2 31at do do.... 1 9th do do.... I 13d do do.... 3 id Michigan Vol 5 37th do do.... 1 4th do do 1 38th do do.... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol 3 43d do*. ? do.... 2 5th do do 4 44th do V do.... 1 lat Minnesota Vol.... 1 50th do do.... 2 lat California Vol 3 54th do do.... 2 lat Maryland Vol 2 55th do do.... 1 lat Indiana Rifles 1 56th do do.... 1 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 4 58th do do.... 1 Garibaldi Ouarda 1 64th do do.... 1 De Kalb 1 69th do do.... 1 New York Rifles 2 s *Kh do do.... 3 Kane'a Rifles 15 -2d Penn. Volunteers . 3 Cameron Rlflea 2 4th do do 2 Harris' Light Cavalry 4 y 6th do do 1 4th Rhode Island Art. 1 ? 7th do do 2 2d U. 8. Artillery 1 1 8th do do 2 4th do do... 2 11th do do...... 2|5th do do 1 lath do do...... 1 tMNew York Artillery 3 23d do do 1 Mott'a Battery 1 26th do do 1 Home Guards, O. C.. 1 1 35th do do...... 3 4uth do do 3 Total 157 . 45th do do 8 At Horpitml mt OoiwmHa* ColUgt, Watkwglm, Jan 84. 1st U 8. Cavalry 4 Cameron Dragoons... 9 4th do do 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry 8 5th do do 1 2d do Vol.... 1 6th do do 3 3d do do.... 1 3d do Infantry.... 1 6th do do.... 1 J 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 10th do do.... 1 7th do do 1 1st Penn.Artillery.... 8 11th do do 18 1st ds Cavalry 3 5th N Hampshire Vol 1 4th do do 1 '2d Vermont Volunteer* l 8th do do 1 3th do do.... 1 1st do Volunteer*. 2 10th MaanfhuaettaVol 1 2d do do 1 tit Rhode Island Art. 1 3d do do 4 4th do V ol. 3 5th do do% 1 lit New York Artillery 1 9th do do 1 , Rocket Battalion 1 13th do do 1 latNew York Cavalry. 1 27th do do 2 2d do do.... 4 52d do do 0 3d do do.... 1 57th do do...... 1 sth do do.... 19 96th do do 1 Harrli Cavalry 1 lit California Vol 2 17th New York Vol... 0 8th Illinois Cavalry... 3 22d do do.... 2 2d Wlicomln Vol... 3 39th do do.... 1 5th do do.... 1 37th do do.... 1 7th do do.... 1 1 44th do do.... 1 Lit Minnesota Vol 1 53d do do 1 2d Michigan Vol 3 54th do do.... 6 3d do do 2 ^ 6v>d do do.... l|4th do do 2 61th do do.... I 8th do do 2 77th do do.... 7 Stockton's Mich Vol. 1 lit Excelsior Brigade. 1 1st D- C. Volunteers.. 1 2d do do.... 1 DeKalbN. Y. Vol ... 1 Total 102 McClcllan's Dragoons 8| At Qttural Hospital, (Cirelt,) Washington, Jan 24 1st U.S. Infantry 1 24th New York Vol... 1 2d do do 9 61th do do.... 1 3d do do 6 2d Penn. Volunteers . 1 4th do do 4 45th do do 1 6th do do 9 40th do do 5 . 8th do do '2 2d Vermont Volunteer! 1 IOth do do 5 3d do do..... 1 ' st do Cavalry..... 4 4th do do 1 2d do do b 5th N Hampshire Vol. 1 4th do do 5 7th Maine Volunteer!. 1 < 6th do do S Cameron Dragoons... 1 J 2d do Artillery.... 1 Sturgls Rifles 1 5th do do 3 1st I). C. Volunteers.. 1 1 *i New York Cavalry. 1 ? ' 2d do Vol 1 Total 8# ? 9th do do 1 At Fifth District School Haute Hospital, Branch of General Hospital on E street, Jan 24. ?2d New York Vol... 9|6th U. J* Cavalry 1 79th dn rifl 1 I I'amornn n?arrrwna 1 5th Rhode Island Vol. 1 Ohio Cavalry, (unat). 1 ? lat U. 8. Artillery.... 1 ? * 2d do Cavalry 1 Total 10 , 4th do do 1 t Sick t? tk? Hospital /or ?r?pti?t Dxttastt, at Kalorama, Jan. 24. { 2d U 8. Infantry 6 N Y. Rockct Battalion 4 { 4th do do 1 N Y German Artillery 1 4th do Cavalry 8 3d New Jeraey Vol... 1 5th do do 2 8th Penn. Cavalry.... 1 Btn <10 do 3|45th do Volunteers. 1 7th Maine Volunteen. 2|52d do do...(a) 5 11th do do.... 3 85th do do 1 . 2dVermontVolunteers 1 96th do do 1 1 4th do do.... 1 9*th do do 2 14tb Massachusets Vol. 1 104thdo do C 1 let New York Artillery 3| 19th Indiana Vol 3 2d do Cavalry. 1 Sturals Rifle* 1 13th do Vol 2 2d D C. Volunteers .. 1 44th do do 2 Quartermaster's Dep't 3 . 56th do do 8 ? Slat do do 2 Total 77 ' 77th do do 3 (a) One officer. I At Indiana Hospital (Patent OJfUt), Washington, \ D.C.fJan.iS. t 1st Berdan Sharpa'rs. .21 53d Penn. Volunteers. 2 2d do do 15 Sturnfel's Light Art.. 1 i 9th New York Cavalry. 4 4th Rbode Ialand Vol. 1 J 7th do do... 2 19th Indiana Vol 26 1st do Artillery 4 ? 1st Michigan Cavalry. 4 Total 80 [ At Onural Hospital, Alexandria, Jan. 24. j 16th New York Vol ...36 1st Penn. Cavalry .... 1 , 17th do do....11 11th do do 8 ' 18th do do.... 2 I2th do Reserve.... 1 a 19th do do.... 3 1st do Res.Cavalrv 1 *2d do do.... 3 2d U. 8. Infantry.... 1 | 23th do do.... 9|3d do do 1 2?th do do.... 5 4th do do 1 27th do do....85 8th do do 3 . aeth do do.... 3 2d do Artillery.... 4 ? 29th do do.... 2 5tL do do 3 1 32d do do.... 3 4th do Cavalry 1 I 3M do do.... 1 5th do do........ 1 37th do do.... 3 6th do do 1 ' 38th do do.... 1 U. S. Engineers 1 39th do do.... 1 4 th Connecticut Vol.. 1 I 40th do do.... 4 5th do do... 0 1 44th do do.... 2 4th New Jersey Vol.... 5 54th do do.... 1 lat do do.... l 57th do do.... 5 tat do CavidrylS i 61st do do.... 1 5th do Vol.... 3 63d do do.... 1 4th Rhode Island Bat.. 8 1< 66th do do.... 6 6th do do... 2 69th do do.... 1 6thN. Hampshire Vol.11 79th do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteers, a r 2d N. V Fire Zouaves 1 3d do do 3 i 1st New York Artillery 1 5th do do 1 i?? no uavHiry. i ntx CO do...... 1 6th do do.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 13 9th N. Y.SUteMll... 4 1st do do i T9th do do J 3d do do 4 * 3d Penn. Volunteer, l 5th do do 7 5th do do...... a 1st wUceniin Vol.... 1 I 7th do do...... l 3d do do..... 5 E 11th do do 2 5th do do 7 ? 2#th do do. .... 1 6th do do 7 p do do 1 ad Maaaachuartta Vol.15 i 32d do do 9 12th do do.. 7 35th do do 2 lit do Art. 2 40th do do...... l sth Illinois Cavalry... 9 i l-H? 1? 4? 3 5th Vermont Vol 16 J if* 3 27th Indiana Vol 10 t d? ??<> 23 HarrU Light Cavalry. 1 \ 73d do do 1 i?t Minnesota Vol i i 4" do 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 08th do do 2 Cameron Rifles 1 Srv j 4? 33 H?moron Light Artll. 1 win do do...;.. 2 Cameron Dragoona... 1 4 iTlir I ... ao 14 Teamster and citizens. 3 54th do Klre Zouave* 1 l?t do Artlllacy.... l Total 537 i da 4 SUvtf MS Pa. avanae, netr 6th at. J Goat t. ? ! SEWS** ft rrrfig Alao, ail oth?r atria* of LadiM and Miuai' " ctkji L-vva^r""" i i*7 *? P?nn auftpiffttTiti. I WfPKSSS? Sr^&^li^r!!^?enUetnen-ju,t ^olurmiia MAJtKBT, ~ * f"1SsE^?SSS? ? iasisgMada^i^BSr?'-? i Hynll be hfcppr to ,reet hi. old frun?tftWS? 1 tfcfSrrT?^"**"* '#tor*1 kiVMW t 0. MALLARO.* lwO I0BN80N * NAM?Et OQQ 60J mromu ow WIN MB. LIQU^^HAVANJ^CieARB, FINE *fo. 989^nn?^twwn9th and 10th ttrwtt, i No. 10 Royal ?t, ns&r King, Alexandria, Va. : Joint 8;oc ^Co.^m Hookheim Constantly on band their mMnM Sparkling Hod and Moselle Cabinet Wins*. Connoiraann are respeotfa ly invited to tire i ja o ! NOTICE^R8?A\TS???EfSf'JEWEL" ! 9. & J. MYERS, of 90 Waahinftoi: street,JBoa:on, opened their lir&aoh uffioe. Roam Mo. in Washington Uuilding. Pa. avenue, > Tueaday, December 31>t. with a large 1 itook of Watohea, Jewelry. Watch Mate-4M? ials, *o? at the lowest wholesale pnoea. Watch rork done for the trad*. Positively no Good* told oa Won ik>!h AT RlTilL. d*31M?l* M. I. VRAFIILLl!Vt SCIENTIFIC t PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 144 IVcn'aiY.,1 north aide.) bet. 13th and ijth ?U. SPECTACLES and EYEGLASSES, provided irtth the fineat Penaoopio and Pebble Lenaea. and mited with ntmoat oare for every ?*e, eye aight, ind actual coudition of the visual organa. FIRST fci J"H CLABB MILITAhY FIELD-GLASSES, tflorosoo?M, Comp&ssos, and Mathematical 1?^trqrtients, at tfaa lowest Eastern prioes. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dkalir* is SWORDS, SASHES, BELTS, EPAULETS. SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, Ac. Ind every variety of READY-MADE CLOTHING, At Rkasowasl* WALL, BTCPHENS 4 CO.T " 322 Pennsylvania avenuo, between J% II I Intel. A Kepnb.] 9Lli and 10th sta. Highest price paid i\ ?old FOR U. S. TREASURY NOTES of the different issues, and Northern Currency. Exchange on the principal oitiei North payable in cold or currency co d to suit purchasers. KITTEN HOUSE, FANT A CO., Bankers, No. 352 Psnn. avenue, jaS lm near Brown's Hotel. SMITH & BROTHER'S PALI-: CREAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER ahd NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN kLES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARNEY MALT and HOPS, aud highly esteemed by hoae who have naed them. Purchasers are repeated to call and examine our superior atook, USD red that they will find the BEST and PUREST urtiolea. We have at all times a large atook ready for d?lvery, in whole, ha f and auarter casks. ?nit*hu or the TEA he, hotels, and FAMILy'us'e". rhich we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE L'ERMS. SMITH ft RROTHER. Brewers, i No. 1*9 * 160 West 13th at, New York City. Orders by Ma: or Express promptly executed, ce 9-6m i 8. WERTHEIMER ft CO., ,|f?4 iOm No. 462 and 464 Sxventh St., tDx Ot'posttt the Post ('fire, )ffer their stock of WINES, BRANDIES, GINS. CORDIALS. e?o..aUo their large assortment of iEtiARS, TOBACCO, I ANUY GOODS, eto., , 'or sale at Wholesale Prices. 1 They keep constantly on hand fine PHILADELPHIA CK CAM ALE, in kecs acd bottles, for iars or lamily use The pnblic in general are re- j luested to (ive tnem a call and examine their ipiendid stock of go. id*. 8 WER'i HEIMER ft CO., 462 and 464 Seventh street, da 21-8m oppo. Post Office. ( Oysters! Oysters! THE OVERLAN D OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY (till continue to receive ciai y those famous p'anted I 'ATIJXENT RIVER OYSTERS. ^ Restaurants anil nriv?.t? # ? rould do well to oall and tri them. Thoae oysters are told 36 hours after hey come from the water. I Office No. 49 Market Spaoe, below the tvenoe Home. ja8-3m HHEESE! CHEESE!! j U CHEESE!!! L.IOUOR8, TOBACCO, CIGARS, NTTS, RAISINS, CRACKERS. All on hand and for tale cheap by r. B. HASTINGS A CO., SU3 D at., facing Pa. avenue, no 26-tf Pnilharmonio Building. j WB. S T R O N G. , MAWTJFACTPEKRO* ! CRUNKS, HARNESS A MILITARY GOODS, ] 25.1 Pennsylvania Avisub. i South, suit, bttwee* 12tk and. 13tk struts. < fCr Trunk*, Harness and Military Equipment* ' epaired at shortest notioe. oeafi lm* rTFE BILLIARD HAbL. ! HE Undersigned, havinz purchased from flMara Maxr* UilT-.J -? ?1 I ler of Penn. avenue and Eleventh street, and refit- ' ad the same entirely with new cloths, balls, &o? , nvitea hia friend* and the publio generalU to give 1 lima call. . ja2 oolm JOHN W. EAR P. j PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, L 119 Pknnsylvakia Avknvb, { Bitueen 19fk and 2f>th sts. ' The undersigned, haying tooated himself as , kbove, takes this method orinforminc the oitiiena >f the First Ward that lie has opened a first-class Provision Store, conduoted sinmar to those for vhioh Philadelphia is famoas. Here oan be toun<* at ail tiraea a large and fresh w?ply of POULTRY, GAME. VF-EF, MUTI'ON, *o. FRUITS and VEGETABLES in seaion. I Partioular attention is called to his stook and noes of BUTTER, CHEESE, fco. Philadelphia Print t!utter. 1 Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to give the strioteat attention o the wagta of hia ouatomers, and to keep every uuuis hi ma hub ui io? Deal %u&iiir, and Mil at the oweat market pnoea, he hopea to merit a a ha re of tublio patronage. Familiea will be waited upon daily for orders, if M aired. no U THOMAS R. WILSON. Boots SOOTS!! BOOTS!!! WHITEHOUSE St UNCKLE8, i 349 PA. Avkhuk AND 311 C 8Tft>rr,BH|I Tk* Nm York Whoitsait Branck j Have on heed, and are daily reoeiving, Mb i ir(? lota of CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS MARCHING SHOES, noatlr of their own maoafaotura, to be aold at tha oweat market rate*. , A oail from ail de&lera solicited. Bntlera liberally dealt with de 24-lm* ( A BALMORAL SKIRTS. . fa. NEW and ohoioe aaaortmentof aeleot oolora 1 >nd patterna, many atylea, not found elaewhere. la addition a fine and ample stock of all kinda of foreign and Domeatio Dry Gooda in alt Uie departnenta of family wanta. An inspection of atock moara no obligation to inrouM. ~ to%nuroP^r?iiW.;k<3! tn PlftlD fiiarM;h8Doe? i 0 PERRY & BRO, i*J"5 Penn. av^Loe iujU Nintn it, SKKC&Era.e8C?AV|lF\ "TIJM^CRAAVB' , .INBN CULJ.AHf,IRtV. ^o VU I v a 'HOMWON.JiKlMBrotB',, d? >0 K. A. L*fc? k. Oo.'i MarhU Hall B*?w. A RMY GLOVES: AttlH>0U>?.D.,MofARMV 8LOVE8'! pB3mg.Vc?.: ^TTKNTION, ?m.ER|.OFFICK*S ANO < ****** H. J. 8?E8fllY. } Every i^j^ftoS^/joB^RiNTjFie rel aired by auy body?o?ti*en?, oml funotioeanee, Lrmr ana navy oaotri. autleri, to.-exeoated. at he STAR OFFICE, In ntlfflkotory etyle, at low I *tM for Cuh. n*4 If I IVK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN larie 1 vv aeeortmentoiGREYand BLUBFLANNEL JVER-6H1RTS, WHITE SHIRTS, D IAW- ( ?R8, CAMP BLANKETS, HALF-HOSE, fco., rhioh we Invite all oaah purohaaera to examine i >efbre making their eeleotaoniWALL. STEPHENS * CO., 899 Pa. a*., between ?th and 10th m. P (lntolhieaeerand Reyablioan.) MAMP&/L?fci^^ACSjS POHTAL*. We have]ait received a raeply ol the above Aie, r tuob we reoommend to be ora very aaperior ?nai- I _no7 f\NE NICE* ROSEWOOD CH1CKERIN8 , -3* *?" J1E?4KRO? 0' ! tole A(H?t for Stoinvar nid Bon'i and Kavtt, i _B*oon 4b Co.'e Piaaoe. ae 1? < B^* J>LACETKA, H ohasta Btaudard U>ukT? been received r ""rEte,1 f / . f I

DENTISTRY. ] woud call the attention lo thooe who niMW w?d his sorrioes. that in addition to uu*4 >f F tJ treatabilities m operative Dentistry, he is in mnmuoi) of a new and important invention for the insertion of Artifteial Teeth, on the grineiple of Atmvtrkeru rrtirwr*. antiraly different from the old mode, and secured by letters Patent graated < April 6th, 18M. This invention is of the greatest raise, there being less jplate need to oovar the roof of the month, and with an inoreased amount of nntmn Th? ....u.- -? > ' ? v OIV Mlfiwu 1 ?QU CI- 1 fcmine specimens ard certificates from tome of the < moat prominent and Mieotific fentlemen, No. 491 J Ten til etreet weit, near Fa. irt. Ja 14-eolm* I ' OR.CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ' _ BBWIM 9TH AUD 10TH ST?. Ja4-e?gm EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION " < ?? ; ARTIFICIAL CHE0PLA8T1 BONE TEETH, I Withovt Mital Plat* ox Cul?r?. am D j DR-Jh B 816 ESMOND, ' 10 Broadwmv, An, Yorh-2&0 Ptnusvivami* A 1 ?.***? laak mtid 13xA tU., WmsKinttcm., Calle the attention of the pubho to the following of hie improved eretem ; } The Teeth of hie mantnaotare vinfFMV ??X?r oorode nor change oolor by any"**' "* I iAldl. K?ine fr, u _ U.Le^a ?wl- _ .iL . ??, WIUA Murv-iuuiuia iiium vofta ?m.T uiner t. No teeth or rooU need be extraoted, u the artificial ones can be lcaerted over them. *. The rocta will be made inoffensive. en never o ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent onea oan be made immediately, thereby preaernng the nataral expression of the face, whioh under the old ayatem la frequently diafigured. i. Thia work haa been fully teated over five years by many of the firat ohemiata and phyaioiana of thia oountrr. Dr. s. haa alao invented a white nndestruotive metal filling, with whioh the moat sensitive teeth oan be filled without pain* and oan build up a perfect, sound tooth on any aide roots, whioh willlaat through lifetime. The beet of references given?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr., Professor or Chemistry. N. V.; Hon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Waahington, and thousands of othera. Call and examine for yourself. no 8 ta n A a PTTTTVQ lr? viuu niiiliur| OlV> ' WM *. DOVE * CO. ^ ~ ' RE Nov prepared to exec ate uj erden Witt ! W?i#h thiT ma* m favored 1R the F*?MBIN?, ?A| OR^STEAM FITTING 1 (T7* Store cn Mh street. alew doom north of Pa, J tresae, where rear bs foand a camp'Ate assortaeal , efCHANDELlERA and ether CAS, STEAM SB < WATER FIXTUR Eft ia ti U W?AS FIXIIKEB. E Hsts in store, and are dai y recetvmi, WAS FIXTURES olentireiy New Patterns and Designs . and Finish, superior ;n strie to anything heretotore , ffer?<d in thia market. We mriteoit secs reuera. | ! to Sill and flimnins n?ir at/wtk- rvf C.. ?tiJ w.t? Fix* ires, fociinc confident that ve hare the tact ;?ct?d stock in Waafuntton. All Work in the above line intrasted to a*r a&ra Will be preapt?y attended to. M MYEEB * MaCHAN. aM-lf S76 1) treat NOTICE. " ADAMS' EXPRESS t'OMPAST " \ This Company otfers to tiie nuhlio" Unasualled i Advances" for the s*afeana cjuick l?spatoh of Heavy Preighta. Paocaces, Valuables, Money, Ao. I Ac,, to all parts of the United f tatea. i Expresses to ar.d f'om the North and West da- l part from and arrive in Washington twioe daily, AU Expresses are t? ?Uarge of tzptrunctd mnd nhablt Messence . , All Pack&goa for The Boidiera earned at "om < BALV" oar usual rates. i Ail Gooda for th? ao-cali*-: "Confederate State*" i and all Artiolea " Contrat>and vt War" will be RCTV8TO. < On* Expresaee leave New York at 1,*, ani P. M., arrmnc in Wasliiacton at SA. M. and tM P. ftl. Expreaaea lea-re Philadelphia at 3J0 A. M. and . II P. Mm arriving in Waaiiinftoa at t1> P. M. and I A.M. Expreaaea leave Gaitimore at 4 20 A. M. and S P. M.^arrvioj in Washington at 6 A. M and iJP Expresses for all pointa Nortti and West leave I Washington at 7.3? X. M. and 2jn p. M. daily. l Special Contracts for largo quantities of F reight Dan he invte on application to thia ' 'ffioe. < All Gooda calleo for and delivored / ?? of Extra i shargea. E. W, PARSONS, ^ t Snp't Adanis^Expreaa Coiipanr. i M ?QH?mwn, a, ioni, &u ?-u \ / \ SOMETHING NEW ! f~~\ . 6a?Ar?TH U^VKEt \ ^5^^ X< 281 C Strut, OTTOS lit ^Egjy _ f*? Tktattr. ^ i .K ow ? ?Y?TERS STEAMED lb the Shel. and rhoronghlr Cooked (fur superior ! to a roast) in twomtHwtes, tht Jasttst , tivi* on rtcord. Call and see. The undersigned respectfully informs his friends i lni?.e P',trI0t. *nd visitors to the city, that he has 1 rentier, his old and will-known establishment , m a most thorough manner, and has made com- : jlete arrangements to furaish OYSTERS in any 1 ityle and in any quantity. 400 to 600 gallons shucked I jerday. 2.000 to 3,000 cans of Sptoed and Fresh 1 Furnished wV I'UBkJO, VI l>?rrri, n Persona wishins to hare Or stars famished rern- J Any through the winter, at Baltimore prices, * nthout tear of fauure, should call and make arrangeinents at once. Freight, time, and money . laved by purohaaine of me, as I fnrniah an artiole ? Nual to the celebrated Baltimore eaUbliahmenta. r it prices j a?t aa low. . SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines, Clama, Strawberries, Tcmatoos, Pir?> Keet, Tripe, 4c. kc., Ac. Also, Pioklea, Catsup, Sajoea, Brandy Peaches, Ac. Alao, Game and Freah Fiah. Turtlea. Terrapins, Fresh Lohatera, Cod. Halibut, &o. In fMt, every thine for aale in the Northern marteta always on hand, at reasonable pr'oes. Untala familiAa ? . lT * t a. j. uuKia IS1U uuaillin BuppMCTU WIIU UJIWrl, O#- ( ivered without charge tu any part of the Diatnot, in aeaaon. if the money is set.t with the orden Mr establishment ia open from 5 a. m. tn 12 at u*ht. everr day, except Sundar. when 1 oioee a; 10 o'clock a. m. Ja3 tf T. M. HARVEY. piKEMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WABHIN870N AND 9E0R8ET0WN. Capital. 9*00,0*9. Vm iimm O ttrttt mmd LiMnaM **., mr B*mM tf IflliMflM. inovkfi nuupts A7N u UTHtR PKUfEKTT A9A1NST L033 BY F1RK. Doamu so. Shoemaker, Samnel Kedfern, 8amuel Cropley, William Wilson. Richard Jonas, John D. Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew RothweQ, Thos. Parker, Riahard Barry, 5. B. French, Dr. C. W. Davit. No ckarje for PouoiM. JAME8 ADAMS, President A?ax O. Davm. Secretary. an 8-eotni I T . CARRIA?US. m. his BiDMriMF made addition! to hia 1 factory, making it noqponoof the larrcat^ * n the Diatriot, where hia faciiitieaUKMR: e for manufaotnrina CARRIAGES and W " M? . LIGHT WAGONS of all kinda oannot bo aur Muaed, and from hia lose experience in tho bnai- * aeaa, he hopea to fire ceneral aatiafaotion. Aii k^mlaof Carriafea and Lifht Wacom kepi REPAIRS neatly done, and all order* promptly attended to. Beoond-hand Carriacea taken in exehance for tevonee. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 18 tf aomer of Fourteenth and F. ate|tfALLkSTEnPilfU?0 * CO., * w riinNTlTiNU AV1.1I1, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, . AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, lND Effi!S,T^fi.K9A^IVoNogS.NTLE? 8-if (Intel. k. Ko?ut>.) L Tovui. J. M. Towiu. J. B. Towns. I L. TOWERS fc CO* i STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, ! Comer Louisiana ?mm and Sixth tU The Attention of the business community ia roipeoUailT invited to the New Book aid Job Pristine Eitablishment. which haa heen fitted m with itir material, in the most complete manner, is now prepared toexeonte, in asatislhotory style, every rariety of Printing, viz: Hooks, Speeches. Pamphlets, Cards, Ciroulart, Sutlers' Blanks, Ao..4c. The attention of members of Congress is es?ejialiy requested for our faoilities for printing < Speeches, ss we have the Itrgut steam power in 1 theeitr. de7-lawftm gOO** AJIO BHOK?8 VO BV1V VU ' We are sew maeefeotanns all kiade ef BOOtl . Ud SHOES, and eonstanuV reeeiTinc a^dbs apply of eastern made work of ererrde-IHB nnfuoDi mide 6iir0nlr toonUr,m-nqvlUvMl be sold ti a maelx lower tnoe than^as been* wkL keretoiore ekarged is uua e;ty ler mask laferiet . uty'msds werk^wfj alwaysta/isJoodj atk-T !? VV? ? BOYS' CJLOTHIN9. IN^? unbnujini &il itjloi of lo^-pric6<2. m^ciam ' bsmu&ss:33 ?'=???? | B (Intel,i?fLct>r icd B?Buhn^r, , 1 QOU8HS, COLBB^HOAMWiaBS, U been io ionic SwwSael v "" !* ??*! that most gsgggsgsayg* i ! ? Corner lftJift ut Varakoit , B A * * I au Mumtndlkiw? On ! < , %M<r >U X/uiati ft inii ? U4 jf?fU FOR ALL MBIM> OF IMPft VDKflOB. MMT NO FALSE DELICACY FMMTMWT. AJPFLY IMMMlxmLY. i fill WARRANTED. OR IfO CJTAX9X, IIf r*0* ONMTO TWO DAT*. WmMutm* *? luk, Kmtirn. ? KMMy n< HitMii ^iwimu; OuMtifM, laipawaev, >raj DtMliif, ? 111. Dt???par, burn, CMHi if Idiu, U* Ipmu, fi-piUM? m iki Inn, TuuttOi rrtnklinf*. Dimt.M* ? hpl er SlddioMk, Dmum ?T IM Im4, Thr?*t, *o? ar Utr, iftctmi aI Ik* Lac**, few IU ar IUw?i??Uiaaa T?rnbt? [Hm twi inauMi *aUaij Batata af Twt Am DmtflJ ui Piwuatl flMjc?? which r?od?> Mur.ui IimmUIi, m4 lmii> Mfe Miu< Mill youxo men ?y*fl?llr vh? Un Mmi tk* victim* ti iatliary TIM, that draadffcl uid da?tr*cu?? kabtt ?Mck anaMlly m an icuml; frt'i tbi???d? rf Yw-f Mm af tka mm tuUid ultDU tld WillHM iiUllMI, ?h( aifkt MkM lav* antrancad Uataoanf kuui with tka tkMdtr* af ateCibta ar nltd w *muc; tka livh( Ijn, mkj Mil VNfc i MotdMC*. marrjaoe. MiUlurUM*i,iiY?U(Hu MUapUtl>( ? ria**, k?m? awar* af phyeicU wMkae**, etf*ial? d*MUty, laTarmiua*. kc., ipatdi"? cartd. vba plaea* timaaflr udtr Ik* Mr* *f Dt. J. May r*Ufttaal* cw.ld* in hi* k?M aa a aanuaoaa ud Maldiau; fly ipM hi* aktli aa a phyaieiaa. office nt 1 south frederick st. lafl hand rid* jraief frra aitiaara atraai a faw dun fraa >ba tarntr. Fail aat ta akaarva aaaaa and aaakti. k?M*n Bill k* paid and eat. tarn a aura# dr. johnston, Maakar af tka l?ju Cai.if* of tarr?m. I?mdl, md*kt* frao aoaaf lb* isaat amiaaat Co..a(a* la tka Imud Kata*. and tka ft*atar part af whoa* iifa baa b**n rr*al to I iMnuwii Maaao.ran*, Pfl. ?d.lpfcu?iid niwMn, Ma miu of U* aoit utoniuiinf ear** tkat war* l?ar kna?n; mil.j iroobitd with ringing M tii* hoad ta4 wb,n nar?a?*naaa, Niu iltrnW at NMdoo loinii, butn.Mii with frtqaam blBoainf, >tt*od*d taaxtim** with d*r*&f *ai*iit *f mind, v*r* car*d Mma*' take particular notice. T*uf Muu4*U*nvk*btr? to)ar*d UjhuiItm bv * >*rumi prmetle* induiftd io *h*n aioc*?a habu fr?c*?j>ii? *arn*d from aril Maptntau. M at tebaol, to* *f*cu *f able* >r* aiffcuy bit *?*n *b*o a*!*op, aad If aat earod. r*od*r* a>rn>|( Impoooiblo, aod doom?* bath Bind and NKi?, afcooid apply im?a4l*Ml*. To*** ar* Mia* of iba *ad and aoUnchalv ?f?cu prodaead 7 **rty habit* af roath, t? : Waako*** af Lba Back aad Uitba.Pain. iath? Il*>d. Ihmcooa of Sifbt, Ln* *f Xbhui JP'alpttaoan of tn* Haart, Djipapa? Ntrvoaa imta ilijj. Dartof amaot af ib* Uifaau>* racCLaoa, 6ao*r?J D?biiitj, Symptoma of Gonamnipuoti, 4c. imLLT.-n? foarfal oftct* on th* nuod ar* mack la ?? drtadad?Lom of M.roorj, Confo*too af Ida**, f Bpwvj, E?:l Kor*bodin(i. Aooruoa af Society, Mlf-DU I UUIUIIJ, ??., trl NBI W (IV |NllMi NMtori PlliLITT.?Tb?aanda ?a h* )i4f vku li J?a caaaa af tbair dacliniof health, loam* tbair Ttfat, Nm? Of * (!, pel*, ctr?oua and mieittid, b?i>( a ainfalat ippatiauea itMi Lb* ajae, CN(b ?r aynptau af MMMf "" DISEASES OF IMFRUDE NCR. Whan thi niar aidad and tmpradant aff iuim bli I* hu imbibad tba aaada of tbia pamfal dlaaaaa, u taa afiaa lappana that aaiM-tiraad inu of ibmi ar dnid af diaea?ary Ultra him from applying t? th?a tlx, fram adaaattan aad raapacubiluy, caa aiota bafruaud bin. falla tew Ik* laiida of ifnaraat and daaigninf prataodara, *k?, wtapabia If carinr, flch bia pacaoiary aabaunca, kaap bia trilnf aarth aftar rrvarth, ar aa long aa toa am altar, faa can ka ahialaad, aod in daapair laa?a bin with rainad baaltb ta aurh ??ar 01a jraUioj diaappatctrcaot; ar by Ua aaa ( that daaaiy ^aiaac? Marcary?-fcaaian tba cauauiauaaaJ a;opt*aaaf tbia .arribla diaaaaa, aach aa AffaetMna af tea lain, Threat, Baad, IkiD, Ac., pracraaainf vitb frifhtfai rapidity, till daath pau a jariad ta bia draadfaj aafarisfa by aaodinf hist a tbai aa . w>iau HtmiT lira vhm mni do ur* v? lor num. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORB Alt J* WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCT My tkla (tui tad laNrtul roaody wwkimWiko wtui no opoadily cm4 ana foil rlfn rooaorod. Ttimii m iko t t?(-? *? ud dokiliuiod, wfco ud t?M tU feopo, M'' hii immediately roliorod. All trapailnonu to Mtri1tft.Fhyol*tl or Muul DlooHJiMUOGt, boti tf Pntrotiin rovil, Rti'iu*. PromMiiif t&d W ukiou or Iihwuqi of Uo BOM fotrnu tted ipoodily carrd. ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE PRESS. Tu Mart TioruUDi t*ro<? at tkio inoutatioa wlUto ko loot aa*onto lu raara, ud Uto nuoriM lapom r t arrt Ml oftrauo: ptrrornod ky Or. Joboitoo, viiootood ky UO opauari of iti ptpora and Buy o*.ber Poroooo, aotitoo of rotok hart apootrad tftia tad tfoio koforo tko paktit, kaildr* k.1 ataunaf u t focilomta of chtrteur tod roaeoaoitfllty, la a aafliiaat fatrtnoo to the tflitud. Bar ll-ly TRIESEMAR. Protected by Royal l.'tters Patent of England, and secured by tke Seats of the EcoU de Pkarmarie de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. i Klfc^f-MAK no. 1 [a the effec:cal nmedy fur K slaxatios, Ppit*- I (AiuiHHdi and Kxhacstion ox tbi TRlfcSKMAK No. J, Completely and entirely eradicate* all trace* of :lio*e disorder*, for whioh Copaiva and Cabebs j iave generally been thought an antidote, to ths mn of the health cf a vaat portion of the popnlaTRIESEMAR No 3, ! the great and sure remedy of the civilised world 1 or alt impurities of the system, a* well a* eeooadiry symptoms. obviating the destructive use of Mercury, as well as other d?ietenou* ingredient*, ind which all the Sar*apar;!!a in the world cannot eraive Txiksxxak .No* 1, S and S are alike deroid of taste or smeli. and of a!! nauseating suable*. They are in the form of a !osen?e, ana may < ie on the toilet tabia witnout their use being aaetected. 1 Sold in tin oaae* at 93 eaoh, or four #3 oaae* ta me for *9, and in $/7 ease*, thus saving ft. a* administered by Valpeau, Lallemaad, Roux, k.o., 1 k. \17WaU-1- -?k ? -l im " ?vi ?? nv rw?.o ?uu i cutii uy i;ft. n. A. UAK* | iOW. 194 tileeeker itiHt, (4 doors from Mao- i }od(U street). New York. Immediately on releipt of remittance, Dr. Barrow will forward rrfesemar to any ?&rt of the worid. seoareiy >ack-ed.and addressed according to the instraotions >f the writer. Published also by DR HARROW, that ?opal*r Ad beautifully illustrated medical work, Humaa 'ra:.ty. Pnoe 85 oents. Trieeemar and Book aai >e obtained by speoial authority from 8. C. FORD, Washington. D. C. de 12-8m LEA Ik PER&im> OILIUATID Worcestershire Sauce. PnnouECPd by B EXTRACT ;ONNOI8SEURS il of a Letter fro*a u> be the II Mtdieml ? Aa at Madras "ONLY GOOD _ M m n Hu Brelkar rite* M Woroecter. "" <ggg - r.ll rver v Tymmr . rim tint their Sftuci la highly MtMmed V A R IF1V ^^5 1,1 lD^1*' aD.d 'U 1 VAnifcTl my opinion,Ch* n?>?t We, u well aa OF DISH. fc-j?he moat wholesome ' The above SAUCE la not only the litTand mott ' ottllx coksixknt known, bnt the moat Bctmom- 1 t*l, aa a lew drops in Soup, Gravy, or with Fuh. lot and oold Joints, Buf Sua*. Qawit, #e., impart in ex^uiaite seat, whioh unrrintipUd Sauce man- | ifaotnrera have In vain endeavored to tmtiai*. On the Rrmm?fmM n..? ? ?lii? rablt, a oruet containing 44 LEA * PERRIN9' | 1VORCE8TERSHIR L SAUCE" u iudispenaa)!?. Tn rbbhmiaIA tK* iems preparation it ia only neoeesary to pnrohaae 1 k mill bottle of the gmnrin4, of a respectable fro- I ?r or dea er, u many Hottl and Rumurant proirietora seldom place the Pur* Sauce before their | ;ueata, bat aabatitatea lenuine BoitU filled with j \ mrwiu mixture. , For aale by Srooers and Frvitsrars ererywhere. ( JOHN DUNCAN k. SONS, Union Squar* and 1U4 ?*? *. tftw Ytrk, Bole Wholesale Arents for the Uafted States. A Stock always ia store-?Also orders raoaivatf or direct shipments from England. CTBtwnrt if Coumttrjtiu amd lmUlimu.^R ? aep 3-1 y^o ( B TOP HA**8 BBB 1 r a e m 1 v M t r r.Vi n ... mauvfactqr t. ?*> M'UIB gimii nmiM Vi Wt !Ut" UiSS,K^S.?rfiK'-"um~' PMk'.H TrmaJw, P*Jjmw7QlJWt.lB4 i 1 Mmbfft of CoMr?M?nd tr?rel?ri *rtfl p\mm Snycrior Lotto and Dtm Truii la jaR^gqgggusaBtt* I -Taag-wraAM. j IV TftAVEUNt VKDNU. loee, Oirpt Bag*, *o? whieh w? in bow ee.luu 'U? I CASH NOTICE. t IN Gobmhiim of oer toATiarf* j?j Mik for iter; vtol* o< oooe we perokaat, we are foroad tonaiMOir bmeiaeeeid CwkeioluitttT,Mrthe i >oy?' wear, vkiehure eel.iax at ? misk lower imia Mka ttinAllT. WALL, STEPHENS k CO., iTiPi ivmh. Mvmb MWwk a , f~UBBV HAUL JBTOU, otMM : oe hand, or m?dg joordf ?l tWjifcoi ImI i v?5j58ro*3 vtraa-^, 'rszmmk* i _ 9 THAYKLLKR8' DIMOTOBT Plro,n.!HBLy **? ?" ram noiu . T1UUMS MOUP* POtTJL MonUi^xrw low ? Ar B-VV?'**'AA'i* ;r ^u lf** " Moreia< ittoMiiSiSn^Mi W&Mt ir U Neir4Y^kSTfrnlB-lgMM Waafciaftoe at 11 a. *.; am to at Baitimoro tt? p. M* PkDM?r' % JSiKSswHsisrMBa * >h.a 1?jm p. u. " P#M*s riSW YOr* 4 A* Km h i,fiibvr| 1 a* h> % throat k to N?v York ?wrj 4m 4ana? Uwvtsk, 'unnlkfTtri Ulr-i^FUMMtka 1*J> p. a.. BalfcaarolMa. a. Arnvoal Waakiaftona* *'*e*Te Nov York at 11 t. * ; Pkll*ioipfci? > a h. Baltimore 7j6 a. m. Ajrivoat wmklmst uta. k. Aoooaapodatioa Tmai loavo BilWiw a a k.udlp.a ,for Waahiattoa, nrl??Om* ? 11 a. a. and 7 p. a. On ftaadara at OB an<1 7* a. m. oaly. Puwmr Traiaa litniif WtmiMtu aft * *r> m. lad P. m? *?<i U^.t..mor? M 7j*a. m u4 4 P.m. Mkt dlTMt OMMOUOMI for I ?f-|tl at ll? Jtanctioc. Tr* r. eeve AnnsyoUe for Bsltteereaed WaekInrton ?t ?J? a. . u4 t? p. a. Piiwtw Tmina IcATiSf Wtokinftoc MUCi v.. 11a.m., ami * p. m.. and BklQmorC st 4JT & 7j6 a. H.,udU(ip.x..vill k??ut? 4?mp?; Junrnc* and Wa>mntlon I Bum*) Jwmttttm. wat PMMocers matt take tb? ltcw??>d?itow Train* r#iy. Twill will iMre W At hint ton ukI Baittmrr pr?aip 4|r card W. P. SMITH, d? T7 Mwtr of T reimportation, U* IMS] THE [APenn?ylvania Central Railroad, (with lU toDPwtioni) IS A FIRST CLASS ROl'TE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITlhS SPEED, SAFETY A>D COMFORT! u rrtvi I.' II * * A*?nn A ? DiVi^D OALLABir U A FREE FROM DU8T! BAGGA6K CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! tiiii uiiT rum no! PHILADELPHIA TO riTTSBl'RGH ! Two of than nnkinc CLOfB COX!tBCTIOM AT lilllllTM with tr?ma on the '* NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. nsd forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE mo* WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE A to nil pomta in the Wnt, NOITH WBT AND Bovtk-WIIT. C7"For Through Tiokeu, Applr nt the 0?m of the Northern Centmi KajftRond Cost pauy, uaivert station, Baltimore. 8pl*nd\d SUemng Cart on all Atfki Traint Smoking Saloon Cart on all Traim. FROM WASHINGTON. Pasaencerc vi i taiie ihe6a. m. anc 6 a. id train*. arritia* id Baltimore at 7 JO a. m. and 6 *s p. m., where olo?t oonceotion* are ma:e trair.e ul the Northern Centra R. R.ard arrive ir Harm bBrf 1 m- *ad 1 *5 K., there conn-"; 11 with the trains on the PennaylYania < <-a:.-a Railroad for all parte of the vest. PR EIGHTH. By this roi te, freif t ta of all deeeripUont can l*e to and from any point on the RaiJr' f. pi OHio, Kettaokr, laaiana, Illinois, Wiaconsi lr?tt ne Mla^.nri ku w.' ^ ?v -v? j*iiMuuii? vv nunrww a?Teci< Tt?fhu) nutOeotnJ Hm.toti! also ?sorr.?<-> at PitUburj wi'h Sl*aruer?, by winch hr-oa- t: be forwarded to aay port on the Ohio, Mu?ki> c< kentuckv. Tenneaaee. Camt>?r:aod. I iliooa. Ai laaippi, Wiaconaiii, Miaaoan, Kauaaa, Arka *a. and Red Rivera; and at Clev? and, ??idaaky anChicago with ataarr.sri to all North woetern Lake* Merchant* and ahippera eclrnat af the tran*potat on of their Freight to tiua Compacy.oac rely with oonftdecoe on ita *fOMy t^anai*. THE RATE** OF FRE1UH f to and fr<m aa> Bunt in the Weat, by the Penneylvacia Centra, ailrtad. art at all nni< ?> favorabU U art ckmrtti fry ik* HaUr?d CmmpanUt. n?" Be partioalar to mark paokagaa "tla P ijch, "MaG^A^A KOONS, Freight Areata, No. ?0 North atraet, Ma t rr.ora. ENOCH LEWIS. Sen'l Sapennt't, Altoona, Pa L> L. HOCPT. &en'l TioketAf't. Philadelphia. H. H HOL'STON. ?obT Fraiaht Arent. Ph. delphia " Ja 4-dly I^UKTUKR.N CfcNRAL RAILWAY. Tk? Skmtttl, Qmickut mmd But RmUtfrmm WE9T, NORTH*AND*NOBTHWEST. gw?w WINTER SCNMD VLBCHANSB OV '11MB. On and after BUN DA y7*?A NorMbtr, Paaooter Train* will arnro and d opart treaa CalvO' t station ao fo. ova : ? ? Ta^ma Noith LBATB Mail at r?a.m. Hufla o Kxpreoa 1p.m. Parkton Aoocmmocatioa 4 p. a. PitUbnrg arid Harriabarg Expreaa IJD p. m TB-1IK8 bOUTB AUIVI Parkton Aococaaodatioo at a. m. Baflalo Lxproaa S SO a. m. Pitubnrj and Harriaburg Kxproea I i. m. man c *i p. m. The a. m. train from Washington oonnocJs with the I JO a. m. train from Baltimore for Ufr West and lor Buffalo, Elmira, Rooheetor, Dn fcirfc^Caoadaijua sad Niagara Falls, and for Ne ? g TheCiiT'a. m. train from Waahinrton ooenoetr with the 11. b tram from Baltimore to Wm*. North a*d N orthweot and Klxiira aad Biftlo mm Rochester. The 6 p. m. train from Washington connects witl the 8-30 p m. train from Ba.taaore far Pittsbart Harrisburi and the W?it and is a direct oocnoo tion for I^e <anon. Easton A lien to vs aad N ev York na Central Railroad of Nov Jersey. Trj this route for Nov York. I^T'Theonly train leann^ BalttiMMlute 2 p. m. train. tor itarnabnrg, PiOabarg, Chfdwo and the w?il The only train am Tin* 1b Baltinor* on Pindar iiUUiatrain. JA8.C CUKKK. no>Hy Pa^Tintgacact Th fSgHUStV&rS** U. Mi: aarnaa befwaan Waahiaitoc. _ ^ Ba.timora, sad Old Point (FofVMiBa^kgf Konroa) to ba raaumad, on and aftar^^^^^^* Monday, the JOth instant, toe Bar Una of Btaamara fUlUava Ba.timora KV?Yl)AY^xeo*Ivn lay) from their wharfTfoot of Union Doak, at 04 v'olook ?. n., or lnuMdiataiy after the arrira. ' the WaoJunrton Train, vkiafc earaa Waahin** M. w ra^^ steam WEEli.v n hu, nkw torc anp'livijfroc j Ludint Md till? M?f" w J a?*n?Uiw*, lralm. The Liverpool, New York tad Pkil?d?.pfet* Staemahi Cobmu l&tead diepttefciac the. sewered Clyd*-b*ilt iron BUeeehipe m folic t f LA8GOW BetartUy, AifUt M a. AadmrrBiwi,Mnoe,ft? 1 ?M. Nurtt river. urn 01 ruuu. ""SS-TiW*. *3 fe; to uVmDmrg J 3 ""Tg? iag--=rrr*S K 88atei=_-=-- S ^o?*fcrtLr la&rattUon *Mlf ft! tfc* UTMM tuJZZSBntab. W* fc l^^esasbirai Nbfn^S!^iWcn> mmm rw% MM iwj emee*ew WBiwr tr ud fo-. or rwwi'(?%VM w inrW bj IMtwtl* mm* to wmqmLoi, A mmmmr imoi m eeewew wttt Ws Lies > -

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