Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1862 Page 1
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w ^b I a H || B ^ ^flpr B/^Lr H H w 3 ?4 ^1 ' t 4 ? r S? HH .'j. V%. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C , SATURDAY, FEBRUARY I, 1862. N?. 2,792. i THE EVENING STAR B rUBUSHED EVERT AFTERNOON, ? SUNDAY EXOEP'f ED,) AT TMK ITAft IDIIAUiflt, ^fiMuyifMu ?mm md Skmmtk tt. m W. D. WALLAOH. RTW Ui PKUC? OJ WTW ? fNt, or 3* eenti per laoatt. To null abocriben tfco p?U*> la S3M a year, fta ?4?wci; tS for 41 oatbe; SI far Urw months; and for lea Uaa thiae Martha at lha rate of IS oenti a week. 81a? gloeoptea, o*a cbwt; In wrappeta, two cawra. ICT Atrnrana^n ahould be wnt to the aAaa before IS o'clock m ; otherwise they nay a?* appear until the next day. THE SCOUT'S REVENGE. , (COHTiaUBD J up ui9 oevutii) iu kuv hadow of the trees, last even the feeble atarligbt should reveal his presence, he reached the summit and flung himself upon the graas. Beneath him laj the white tents of the euemj, clustering around the ruins of the homestead. A quick glance showed him that no reinforcements had, as yet, reached them, and with airnost as much pleasure he saw their number waa not diminished. If any change there had bora* aa increase of the foe would have better suited hia humor. Net a man leas; for the -vengeance that fired his heart burned to strike a blow never to be forgotten. Tha outlying pickets paaaed close to the spot where be lay concealed, and as a surprise waa intended, he bent his mind to the task of die tnmog ai mom. WKlKlDg 10 ana ITO, peering dow and then oat into tne night, the rebel sentry thought of his aonthern home, heedleas of tha danger whioh crouched at hia very f?L H it* saak. man as Hardy, nation ? fel.ows thoaght aa the thandar belches from the storm-cload right over head when the swift lightning cleaves its way to earth; so quickly does tha one follow the other that they seem simultaneous. The sentry cime forward, humming an air learned in the cotton fields of his own native Kate. A sharp noise, aa of a footstep on a rotten stick, startled him; bat before he could giva an alarm or call for help, the hot breath of an enemy was npon his cheek, and his threat was grasped by the sinewy hand of the scoot. The ntnifrli waa hn?f A* all ! ?? ? ? ? not easy to find Hardy's match, and now, standing in sight of his rained home, the remembrance of his wrongs gavo him the strength of a giant. There was a wild striking oat of the arms, a clawing of the hands, a blackening of the face, horrible eTen in the starlight, until tbe knees gave way, and the picket fell a lifeless body npon the sward. Not a ray of pity, not a pang of regret fell upon the heart of the seoat. To him it mattered nothing that this picket had done him no harm; no vision of a southern hearth made desolate, or of the long agony he had prepared for some aching heart because he did not come, moved him. Apart from hi* duty to the little band who waited his guidance, the sight of the low chimney stack, standing a solitary guardv ian over the aabes of his home, not only strengthened hij arm, bat repelled all sympathy with the enemy as a weakness to be swiftly irodden nnder foot. To him they were all alike. Did not the flames of his house light ap a strange banner, and did not that same banner wave above the encampment so qniet below? All alike, all alike to the man?no, not all; one atood out among the throng. When Barton meets this victim of his in the coming straggle, it were well he were shriven before the fight, for Hardy has a special vow of vengeance against him, and will execute it at all risks. Th? Mnnt m mm 1 1L. V?1? it. dvvhv vaioiuu/ Uicn IUO UUUJ Ul II1U poer wretch oat of the path, and soiling his musket, while he put his trusty rifle in a safe place, boldly took up the dead man's beat. Time was flying fast; the morning would soon break, and he must needs hurry hU movement*; so, taking as near as possible the gait of the picket he had slain, he walked towards his comrade. The darkness of the night favored his disguise, and the other met him without suspicion. Hardy clutched at him with his left hand, while he made a swift movement with his right. There was a gurgling in the throat, a tide of warm blood gushed out, and formed a pool at his feet, and the second picket had started on his last journey. 80 far tbe way was clear. What obstruction might be upon the hillside, he did not know nor eare; once ret the men noon the mtmmli unobserved, and all was safe. Turning hastily. atopping only to pick aphis rifle and listen, lest the straggles in whicn he had baen engaged should have disturbed the qaiet of the camp, he passed with quick steps down the elope, and pat himself by the colonel's side at the bead of the detachment. The men lost all sense of weariness as they advanced up the hill. Bat for the order for perfect silenoe, they would have given cheer upon cheer, so eager were they for the fray. As il was. they pushed on vigorously, dragging the mountain howiisers which accompanied their march u easily u though they were some child's toys they handled, and very soon reached the top of the ag?ent. Here resting for a moment to take breath and find proper > positions for their " ball-dogs," as they called the howitsers, the little band nerved themselves for the work before them. The gray dawn was already breaking in the east, paling the stars nearest the honson, as Hardy pointed oat to the colonel the arrangement of the enemy. " You kin take 'em front, kurnel, and your i?- r - ... vuwu^w to U1M1I j^wu, uU'? 1 S |)U3Q yOU'Il Q1SKC it sure by flanking the devils," hinting rather than advising the movement. " See," he continued, pointing with hi* long bonv fingers, " there's the boys from South Car lina right opposite; the Arkans&w men lie by yon chimney-stack. Ef I mought. I'd ask a favor before the fighting begins," said the eeont, hesitatingly. " Speak it freely, Hardy," said the colonel, kindly, with an anxious look the while at the brightening east. " Tain't a long one," said Hardy, who had U a aW. a # ? Mujui iu< luuTioivai 0( me colonel's eye, "and the boyi '11 b? better for getting their wind. Yob koow, taebbe, I bad a horn* about here?" The colonel nodded assent. Something in the scout's face made worda needless. "This *u my farm, and that chimney yon* der is all that's left of the old house. Don't be afraid, karnel. I ain't a going to tell a long atory. Not that it's going to be forgotten, but I shan't talk about it. I 'm satisfied if we only clean oat that borneu' neat down thar, and I thought, aeein aa I know the old plaoe so well, I ooald pilot a ooaple of hundred ao aa to take 'am let:ad." You shall hare them. Hardy," aaid the colonel. aending an aid at onee with orders for detailing the necessary number The scout looked on with eager eyes. "And new. kernel," he aaid, baring his head, and W--U A. A:- *--? ... I?ra| wwk um fin aur wnion straggled orer his forehead. stretching out hia hanaTat the Mm* time to the offioer. "I moaght u well My good-by.' My work's moit done, and ef I don't ton* oot of this akrimmage, tell the rineral how glad I am he truated me this once. Yon re goin to flax 'an oat, karnel, and the quicker the better, for mornia'a comin' on," and he wrong his hands with a will. Hardy led his two hundred men qnieklj away along the top of the hill, till ho reached a deep gorge, now dry, bat in the rainy season the bod of a hillside stream, which foamed and fretted in its ooarse as thoogh no stop eoald be ?/> l? ....... r- ?wi_ u ? r? ? ? i? ma iu?j turned, mi, t ruitin* to th? morning gloom, mad* their way to the back of the nap. The main body foil their way down the hillaid*. It waa not axaotlj the place for company morementa, and a drill-sergeant would hardly have approved tne irregularity of the march , bat the men graaped their pieoea in fighting bamor, and welcomed the coming struggle aa eagerly aa do?a a maiden her firit ball. About half the dtataoee toward the camp had been peased orer when a sen try discovered the advancing rank, and firing hia niece to giro the alum, fled haatily to the camp. There waa 1 no time to loae; ailence was do longer observed. 1 The commands of the oilcan rung out on the wviaiu^ Ma, auu M kUV wuni UiC UiOU rUNlOQ upon th* MflAj. Down the hill, along the ! were wont ' to drill, they broke oeer the alight entrench- , meet with a jail of delight, and a fierce kud to-head eneooBter bona. f Btrntflin* none the whita tent* the .rebel oldiery nuhed to their arm*, half-olad. while r a few hnndrad fathered to the right of the r eutp, only to be disponed b/rtoll fro? U? I ' * howitiers. which fell among their ranks. There wan nothing fof it but a retreat, and the beaten and Mattered forces huddled together in the rear of the camp, where a new dhoger met them. Hardy and his men came upon the field with a ringing cheer, and dashed into the fight. The scout's duty was done, and as he neither knew nor cared anything for military movements, he fought mainly by himself. A fremy possessed him; his eye* glared like a demon's, and his whole frame was animated with supernatural eDergy. Clubbing his rifle, he rushed along the narrew alleys of the oamp, heedless of the knot of soldiers who slunk away at bis coming, or vainly attempted to stop his progress. till he reaohed the enoampment of the Arkansas men. A fierce straggle was in progress, and Burton, at the head of the backwoodsmen, was making a desperate stand. A shout broke from the lips or th? scout, and in a moment he was in the middle of it. His long rifle, swung by his powerful arm mowed a lane for him, and fee preeeed on till he stood in the presence of Bnrton himself. The Arkansas leader was no coward, and the defence had been a desperate one; bnt he trembled when he saw Hardy facing him. He had seen him onoe before, when the white head and stern face was lit up by the burning dwelling. Even Burten, the gambler, the duelist, the bully, could not shut his soul up from dreams, and the face of the ayenser had rrown familiar even in bia slumbers. Instinctively he drew bis bowie-knife from its sbeatb, and the acout, feeling for the keen weapon he carried in hia belt, dropped his rifle, and stood face to faoe with his great enemj. There was no cry for quarter, and both were soon locked in fearfal strife. A few rapid passes of their bright blades, and the Arkansas colenel threw up his arms with a sullen moan, and mattering a curse, fell a oorpse at the feet of the scout. When the battle was over, Hardy was found leaning against the ruined chimney; the pallor of death spread over his face, while the body of the rebel ohief lay a few feet from him. " You are not badly hurt, I hope," said the oolonel, kindly; " what can I do for you?" " Water," he gasped; and, on taking some from a canteen, he revived a little. " My work's done, kurnel," he said, faintly " and it's about time. There ain't no use in a dead stick, and the green branches are all crone. Ef you will, kurnel, tell the gineral I died under the old chimney, and that I sent the Arkansaw chief to say I waacomin'." A grim smile passed ever his face, which faded as his listeners stood by. "Take some more water, Hardy," said one, bat he did not answer. The colonel took his hand, bnt no pressure came from the sinewy fingers. A slight shiver passed through his frame, and the scout was dead. The victory was complete. A short time was spent burying the slain, and laden with spoils, the conquorors returned to their camp. When they rsached it, they learned that D'Arblay had been shot by the accidental discharge of a musket the night before. Only the general knew the truth. The dispatches that found their way to the t,*.? U.Ur rr?I v . a a j/?.pvio nwiv ?t>i/ unci. mere QMU D66T1 & night reconnoitsance, and a rebel camp broken op, with great loss to the enemy. Hardy's name wu not mentioned ; bat few who were in the expedition will forget the tall form or undereitimat? the service* of the scout.?Sunday Timet. Rataell the Surrender of Slldell and Maian, and the Ualea Army. From the letter of Mr. Russell to thr London Timet, dated at Washington, Dee. 27, we take the following paragraphs: PPCCT OP TBI 8CRRBNDBR OT MASON AND 8L1DRLL. The effect in this country, when it ii known, will be exceedingly great, for such a dish of humble pie oannot be taken into stomachs which have been disordered by oncktail-talking without a great deal of nausea. Do not imagine that the real intelligence and worth of the people will disapprove the act. The men I allude to are the writers in the "sensation" press and the bunkum orators, as well as the more violent abolitionists, who, by insulting menaoes and intemperate pledges, have bound themselves to oppose the concession, no matter how just it might prove to be. The Union can get more than half a million of men to fight for her, at a considerable expense, it is true, but moved in the main, let us admit, by love for the Union; but she could, I am assured, raise a million to fight against England. That is, the hate of Great Britain is at least twice as strong as the love of the Union among many millions of Americans. They will be disappointed this time. If Mason and Slidell are surrendered without any extravagant threats in the press, or without any indignation meetings, we may hope that friendly relations will be preservedfor years to come, as it will be a tokon that in a crisis the Bound sense, patriotism, and desire to do what is demanded by justioe and right predominate in the United States over the violence of popular passion. Let us stand b* and ?? if it ?iii so, and let us be thankful meantime that we are spared the war which would 'ave been foroed on us in vindication of our honor had the Qorernment here been deaf to the voioo of reason. THE POPULACE AND THE ARMT. The respectable public will find itself quite mistaken if it supposes it is master of the situation. It is in tor the war for the Union, and it must abide the oonsequences and submit to all the agencies it has evoked. Perhaps it rubbed its eyes a little on Christmas morn lug, wuvu m saw uragoons witn drawn swords at all the angles of the streets to keep order in Washington, where the sight of a soldier a year ago was a strange phenomenon. The dragoons are there still, and I was reprimanded by one of them yesterday for cantering down the street. They are nominally to keen order, and perhaps they may be withdrawn wneo the holidays are over; bat it is certainly such a spectacle as I never beheld elsewhere in Amerioa. The people take to it aoite naturally. Then there are heary patrols through the streets, just in the old Auitrian fashion in Mil^p not long ago. SUPBRieRITT Or THB tSIO.H ARMT. The action at Dranesrille hai given this army mora confidence, and has been admitted bj the Confederates to be a serious disaster for their men. The superior arms of the Federalists must in the long run establish a moral as well a* a physical advantage over their opponents. A fowling-piece is bat a poor match for an Enfield rifle. While the Sooth is eat off from Europe, unless bj the chance passage of a vessel through the blockade, the North is importing arms bj tens of thousands, and the Hamburg steamers each week are freighted with munitions of war for the Federal troops. All that ought te give victory?in numbers, ?wua ?na rwoarow-iion tbeir tide, and till their progress is not rare, and is very alow. But of its ultimate rapidity and success I kav? no doubt, and nsver had any, vrith the important proviso that the people pay taxes and give money to the Government to carry on the war. H7Mr. Holt, the paedeceasor of the preaent Postmaster General, eatl mated that by telegraphic dispatches Government loat SI,000,000 of letter postage revenue annually. ir>Tw? ->? **- * ~ rtf-uj "vf-s ?*i? XSSSr', J3E id 1 S?"SSSk?h*?T",? ,""po"'"* ; LL/- Thi Montreal Advertiser says that the I Inmter at Cadis it a new privateer of the same < lame, and Mt the one which has been so lone baaed and watahed by U. 8 veeeela IL/"On the approaching twenty-second of Febuary the permanent government of the Confede- I S111* wilU be lnaguraied at Richmond. | 'resided Dirts he Uafelled ftr slz )r*n. l J TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ADDITIONAL FOREIGN NEWS. BY THE AFRICA, AT NEW YORK Niw Yoac, January 31.?The suspension of specie payment* continued to be theme of gloomy prognostications for tbeNorth The commissioner* of customs bave received orders to permlttbe free exportation of all articles against whicb a prohibition was recently Issued. It ls'reported that Earl Russel, In response to a memorial from the Liverpool Ship Owners' Association, relative to tbe stone blockade of Charleston, said he sent a dl?patch In December, warn ing me American government against tbe lll-feelIng tbe proceeding would engender, and tbat It would lead to tbe opinion tbat tbe reconstructive of tbe Union was considered hopeless. After the design was carried cut be sent another dispatch, expressing >trong hopes that it would not be repeated elsewhere. It Is rnmored also tbat the French and other Governments were taking similar steps. The Morning Foot rejoices st tbe general condemnation of the act, and says It is rousing European Governments to a common sentiment of indignation, and asks why more forbearance Is shown America than wit* the case when Belgium was recognized, particularly as Holland was never guilty of the barbarities committed by the Washington Cabinet The Dally News, In reviewing Mr Seward's Trent dispatch, says tbat although it contains much that is questionable In law, Its main positions are correctly based on acknowledged legal principle* More diplomatic correspondence has been published, including a letter from Secretary Seward to the Secretary of the Navy, condemning, in strong terms, the fact that th? captain of the British schooner James Campbell was taken Into New York with the British flag flying under that of the United States, and another note condemning the act of an American commander In exacting an oath from three Briti?h seamen captured for a breach of the blockade that they would not undertake a similar proceeding again. The seamen are released from the obligation of the oath. It in reported that when Minister Dayton submitted the name? of twenty or thirty Americans iu i/uum i nouvenei ior premutation to the Kmperor on New Year's day, the Utter inquired as to the character of the Americana, and Mr. Davton replied that they were all eligible for presentation to the President of the United States. The reault. according to the report, wa?, that no Americana were at the reception Mr. Gilpin, member of Parliament from Northampton, in addressing his constituents, declared that the lack of sympathy on the part of England for the North was owing to the latter having Ignored the great principle of the Declaratij^n of Independence, declaring all men free and equal. He believed that the question bad now really become one of slavery or freedom, and therefore called on Englishmen not to sanction the premature acknowledgment of the South. Mr. Henley, at the same meeting, made similar remarks. He said we must not think of our Dock e!? We must not go to war with the Southern Confederacy in order to <;et cotton. Mr. Beresford Hope took opposite ground to the previous speakers, and rather favored the recognition of the Southern Confederacy. A late dispatch from Berlin intimates that Great Britain may soon consent to treat a revision ol the law of neutrals, but not before a Congress. The King of Prussia mentioned the settlement of the Mason and Slideil case in his speech to Parliament at the opening of the session. Pope Plus the Ninth, in speavlng on his relations with Russia, hoped that th.j Czar would do something for the unfortunate Poles. ITALY. In the Italian Parliament the cause of the recent disturbance* at Castellemere was cast on the Government, because some of the rioters were shot without trial. Parliament, however, deferred to express Its opinion till the official report ou the subject was submitted. IRISH KIWI. The Cork Kxaminer tayi: Ever since the probability of a quarrel with America the police at Queenitown had apeclal orders to watch the arrivals of the American steamers, In order to ascertain if any political agents from that country landed in Ireland with tfce purpose of stirring up discontent here. We have not heard that the quest of the police resulted In discovering any such emissaries la fact, we believe no person bearing that character in even the remotest degree aas come over. At the opening of the Belfast Quarter Sessions, Mr. Otway, the chairman, congratulated the grand jury on the decrease of crime, and urged the Importance of disseminating literary and religious instruction among the people. The Dublin corporation have prepared a fire brigade bill, for the organization of a tire department in that city, on the London plan. Sir John Arnott ?om? time since Intimated his Intention oi carrying out a magnificent system of relief to the poor of Cork, by undertaking upon a large Kale the establishment of a bakery, a soup kitcken, and a brewery. Theeiiablishmentcombining all these operations is carried on at St. Finn Barn's brewery, Fitton street The soup ki'chen is a tquare b I k room, containing an imn.e se boiler, opposite to which, at the other side of the apartment, are three large iron pans, capable of containing 150 gallons i?f soupeacu. The bakehouse alone will occupy a space of 32 feet in breadth by 63 feet in length, and will contain six u.c.ib, me laigesi ever miroaucea into tbe city. Tbeir Immense size may be imagined when u space of 57 feet in length by 32 feet in breadth will be allotted to them. It promises to be one of the best establishments of tbe kind In Ireland. Upward! of 150 men are daily employtd upon tbe establishment. It la reported that secret societies on an extensive scale are being formed In various parts of Ireland, and tbe report is apparently confirmed

by tbe n.arly simultaneous Issue of manifestoes from Dr. Cullers and Smith O'Brien, warning young men from joining such organizitlons. There Is very little said of tbe threatened famine in Ireland. Something like a rising was anticipated in consequence of the removal of Father Daily from tbe magistracy for alleged seduction conduct, but the Gatholic bishop of the diocese having severely reprimanded tbe priest and exhorted his flock to go home and attend to their own affairs, the matter ended quietly. THE LATEST. London, Jan. 19 ?The Observer suggests the expediency of tbe Intervention of France and England between the Federals and Confederates of America. It says such an act would be approved by tbe whole world, and intervention urn 11 Id Ha ctUWU W? w-sw -?J ? ?6 uuwpK u vjy UUIU 31UC5. The Persia arrived at Liverpool on tbe 18th.and the Niagara at Queenstown on tbe 19th. Madkid, Jan. 19 ?The Sumter, having orders by the Spanish government to leave Cadiz, has gone to Gibraltar. Pabis, Jan. 19 ?The Journal DesDebats thinks that Palmeraton'a intentions toward the United States are not pacific. The Temps, In announcing that Mason and Slldell were expected at Havre, says no obstacle will be offered to the fulfillment ox their mission to France and England. The plenipotentiaries of tbe South will be allowed to plead for the recognition of the South. The Prease says the French government will receive neither Mason nor Slldell, nor any other Southern commissioners The independence Beige says that France will assume tbe initiative in the remonstrance against tbe blockade of the Southern ports, and England will only afford France moral support. Viinna, Jan. 19 ? It la reported that freah negotiations have been opened between Austila and Hungary. ? Pari* Jan to ? TV. ^ ??1 ? ? * , -? ?i uc muuiwur saya luai lAe partisans In England for tne recognition of the South are Increasing, and no doabt there are many advocates of this measure >n Parliament. COMMERCIAL. Li vxarooL, Jan. 19 ?Saturday?Sales of cotton amounted to 2,600 bales. The market closed dull with a downward tendency. Breadstuff* are Arm. Corn Is tending upward. Provisions are dull. Coneola for money tBatt#. Massachusetts Legislature. Boston, Jan. 30 ?In the Houae to-day a bill In relation to the reading sf the Bible In tne schools was passed requiring that some portions of it shall be read dally, omitting the words "in the common English version.''so that the Douay version may be read If the scnool committee require It. A resolution was ?? concerning the enlistment of persona la a corps of upperiiud miners, who were taken to Baltimore, where they found they had been deceived, and that the pretended officer had no authority for making such enlistments. The Legislature la upon to prevent such Illegal proceedings 1 *' Lateat (rem Ksatacky. Lovisvillb, Jan 31 ?There la no new* from ?elow. No forward movemeat In Southern Kentucky Is expected for some time, the condition of &e road* making transportation lB?po?ft>le Soldiers' Pay. TtfJ? ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL T0K.WA.1D SOLDIEKS' REMITTANCES THEIR FAMILIES, Atmny place on tk* litres of tkmr Express, Atft&barge of tveptr &t? cent* for any ?un? not exo^?xiin|r fifty dollars, and a proportionate additions ohaffo to plaoes reac. ed WtouiMttoi KxprotMt. The HOMf, vhsther Uoid w Trtasury Aotts, shouia be eocuMM ut*B anreiope Mid aeeoreljr ??a: expand have ihe fu . nc!dregf,< luo'udinn town, Po?t Office. %ml ?taWi?nd <n citic#, Uie stree: aae numMt. )oftti6 per*oo to whom to bo eent.and tne Ohouct lejib'y ir.arkfd thereon. Envelopes for rial purpose jmQt 6e had at our eSoes. T-iAoi itato pnentpt delivery, the onargs lor r?mitiahoe aoould be prs p*'d. - ADA*!* EXPRESS COMPANY. 1Ta??nMfon, Jan. 9,1888. ia?-lm Soldiers' Pay! t$( harnden express company " Will remit rams of DOLLARS AND UNDER, FmoM Soldiers to thxTK FaxiUBa. At a ohargeof TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money should be plaoed in in ENVELOPE and securely sealed. The fall address, (including Post O&tt, State; alto, strut and number, t* a largt city,) of the person to whom to be sent, MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT Till EXPRESS FURNISHES THE MOST RELIABLE MEANS FOR SOLDIERS TO SEND THEIR MONEY HOME. ENVELOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. 8. SMITH, Agent H&rnden Express, 3d at., second door below Pa. are., j&9-1m Washington, D. C. F AIRB ANK'S STANDARD SCALES. rOR DALB BY J. P. BARTHOLOW, Sole Aient, Hardware & Agricultural Wareh >n?e, 859 Seventh Street, Utttrtm rtnnsvivmxn mmiv? ana m* ( anai, opposite e&st end of Centre Market. ja 14-tf LOVELL, COLLEB i CO., WHOLB8ALB GROCERS. 86 Front Street, New York, and 316 E Street, WuhiDgton, D. C . (near Willard'a Hotel.) Having started a branoh of our New York establishment in this city, we invite Sutler*, irroctrs, Kistauranteurs, and HoUl Knpert, to call and examine our stock whioh is veil assorted and oo m sed of goods of the best quality. We take orders for anything in our line, and execute them promptly. ja 38 tf f^AMP STOVES! Vs CAMP STOVES!! CAMP STOVES!?! A large stock on hand, whioa will be sold low. H. J. GREGORY, j& 16 381 Pa. a?enue. R1TTENHOUSE, FAST fc CO., BANKERS, 3o2 Pennsylvania Avknbk, (ntar Brown's llottl,) Issue DRAFTS on ail parts of the United States, in suma to suit Offioers and Soldiers. Alro, Drafts on London, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and all parts of the Continent of Europe. ia2-lm ?OAL OIL-COAL OIL-COAL OIL! COAL AND ETHKRIAL OIL At Riscckd Pricks! S. W. O'l.AUGHLKN'S Coal and Etkerial Oil Manufactory, Corner New Jersey av. and E st. jalS-lm* BlRNSIDEa Patent Portable House. The inventor calls the attention of Sntlers and others to this useful invention. A House can be built by this Inventor without nail*, norews, or groove*. , B&rnes and Stables built in the ?rae war. It can be put up and taken down without injury to the hoards. Orders oan be left with . < SAMUEL WISE, Builder, ' No. 346 E street, near Thirteenth , ja U-lm Washington. D. C. *mam furniture> FURNITURE! I FURNITURE! < W. B. M O S E 8 , (of the firm of Moses A Peokhara, Philad'a,) Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Cane seat Chairs, Cottage, Parlor aud Dining- 1 room Furniture?Thorn's Building, AOS Seventh street, above D. Every variety of UPHOLSTERING promptly ana neatly exoout?i. Store open day and evening for the accommodation of the publie. , Pur ct.aaers will study their interest to oall before looking elsewhere. ja a-8m* rpO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHER 8. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE. _ The Beet in the Worl<i? XM unly KtliabU and HmrmUu Hmir Dyi Known. Sold by fill Drag (lata; also, at Bkuxtoji'b Patent Meuioine Store, ep. Patent Office, oor. P k 7th, emi'i Hair Store, Ml Penn'a avenue. where Ladies can hava It flied, if desired. I Foes7~81 B*rela'"ta<'*** m Broadway) N. Y. R. DUPONT'S SUGAR-COATED FK- . MALE REGULATING PILLS \ Read the following unsolicited enooml BfJ urns; f "I oannot oommend them too highly." ~ r "They are the best * emale Pilis extant." 1 'I have used them with ooinpleie suooess." " Would not be without them upon any oonsideratiqc." They operate apeedily and effectively," .ftyjC Sent by mail. Sold by 8. C. UPHAM, Chwut trael Phi:adeljihta,and m Wank- j in<ton by 8. C. FORD, corner 11th street and Pa. ? m Alexandria, by BEiN&Y COOK * j CO.. DrujjiiU. noK-eolv i ? i XJA&NDKN'S EXPRESS, u? , , _ (fcmiuinsni 1939,> . to inform the pub'io that tkey have ex- a t^flr Expr?? to Watluniton. and are now _ EHS1* to Transport Merehaodue, Bank Notee, r Specie, Jewelry, Ao .to all pane cf the Middlt, AW Rnthuuf and Wutem Statu tJi-i Canada. Connecting with the moat responsible Expreuea mxuh|iiuui vue uuuuuj, ?? aro emnirq vo oner MMfMUtd fatilum to ?JI who mmy fftvor with ftVJgffS" F?r WWlW&jS? J* ? am * ^DAM9' EXPKE88 COMPANY. i NOTICE OF RMMOJAL, M The delivery office of this ooeiiwy ta restored k WAAMineTOPI, v. C., JANUARY, IMS. REMOVAL. . BIMI.I&KR & CO. HAT* n e m: o ved TO *19 PENNSYLVANIA AYENl E, WroUTB W1LLARD8' HOTEL. We Invite tho attention of our frlsoda ud trow to tbo Card boiow : No. 919 Pkwwbtlvasta Arxivrs, > (opposite WHlard't Hotel,) $ The Subocrlbera, having opened a Bnwli Establishment In this City a few month! since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage al ready received from l'.a friends and the lorera of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other articles In their line, have determined pon a continuance and extension of their bust new. Their assorting embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and districts ) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac , Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complaints, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Price*. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, BWEET OIL, Ac., Ac. The Stock was particularly selected to ault the want a of Hotel-Keepera, Sutlers. Restaurateur, Ac. They are Invited to vlilt the eatabllahment, which ia under the direction of Mr. Jos. P. WiLaow. Owing to the fact that they Import moat of the articles direct, and to their mau. bualneaa facilities, they are enabled to offer their atock Goods at very low prlcea. Your obedient arvanta, A. BININGER A CO., mportert of Fortigit Wints, Liquors, fc. Ja 11-tf New Yoaa and Washihoton. nARAPFINR X? CANDLES! I I ME veers r ATE NT TARAFF1NE i CANDLES ! Manufactured by the NlW VOES PAE APT' CAHDLB CO. For sale in ?uaatitie? to amt puroha er?.by the Manufacturers' Agents, I JOHNSON & NAGLE, #B9 Penn. avenue, Washington D. C. , i. 01 in u...?I r... .t w. Dayton's Bakery. , noM NEW YORK. 1 BRANCH, No. 466 Eleventh si., between G and H, WASHINGTON. D. C. DAYTON'S PIC NIC A OYSTER CRACKERS, M SPONGE BUTTER CRACKERS, BOSTON CRACKER8, M WATER CRACKLRS, BODA CRACKERS. * GRAHAM CRACKERS, " LEMON BISCUIT. ? C?lehr*t?dlflNCB PIES. Hote' tempers, Heads of F?mWic:, a.uH autlera ire invited to try our exoellent MINCE PI i TESTIMONIAL. Camp Scott, Sept. 9,1M1. Ml. Dattoji? Sir: All of us, bctii officers aoc . ,.r toienUoualy eta to that no man ia on the uck i:at [rom partakinc'of them. To tell the truth, we are ] Heart-sick because we oan't cat enough of them. They are the only real luxury we have had unoe re left home. W. F. Dimxisc, M.D., Surf eon. fTT Diaoount to the Trade. . J. L. DAYTON, ja 11-lm 456 Eleventh at., Washington, D.C. t renal-din bollinger fc co OHAMFAGNS. i LEFMAN, KIEFER tt THOMAS8, BOLE AGENTS for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. ^ 139 Dvana Shut, ja 4-1 m New Yorfc. c K1LU7 Pl.lUlra M""" AT LOW PRICES! Owing to the unuiaaJ deaa&nd for Cioaka, we have net reoetved another lane apply, which hare > ?en parohaeed at very rwooed prioea, and will oe 1 told aatouahinc low. Oar stock of FANCY SILKS and LAl)IE8' DRKSb bOODS i* atiil [ood, and will be sold at reduced prioee. M. TAYLOR A CO., ja ll-eo6t B moo?or* to Taylor A Hutchieon. | M P O I T A N T T O LADIES, 1 The anbaonbera hare opener tbe store No. 16 Market Space, Pa a*., bet. sit. and 9th ats., aa a fi ret ilasa Lace aod Fancy Dreaa Cap Depot. eon?iatinc n part of Point d'Alenoon. Applijne, Meeklea and /aienoiennea Lacea. anoh aa Collar*, HJeevee, Uandkerokiefa, Cape*. Fioaneinf, Cape. Cap*. 3oiffare?, and made-ap good* of the ftneet ?uautj, Ad at New York price*. COHEN fc DUSGEL^ORP^ ^ N. B.?All aorta of Laeaa washed, mended, aad * one ap e?nal to aew, at thort notioe. da St-Sm* 1 r? BUTLERS * AND _. . RESTAURANTS. wrmiritr CHAMPAGNE_ >r?te?lMMbr WINK. W WM. OOKWIN BURGY. No. NT Piuirlmlt iniM, ? 1ml ?tma? o? Btxin > 2HAWLS AND CL?OAKB-M*ay atyliak and * TOT WMKLY 8TJML ?hihm a gtmm w*x*j * M?HI. i Friday monlatyum Part, ^iNrMMfi to ttla*l?Mn>pw??? * Fit 0<pl W .MM ?? >???? ?? ?4 W 'O mnt? I W Vvnty>ln ocptM.. # V ? II uiTvusif OOiaiM IM 11 wmilfMi MVI* U*t kH Bid* TV Dmiif XwaMf Stm ilMkH ao generally tfcrooghoat tk? eo?atary. U^SlAglc eoplM (U wrtppM, ou to ) ?eared at the coaata, immediately a Vr thi iaat , pfttoeptpc*. Frloe?THKbK OKNTS HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HtfiHLY CONCXNTMATED?? Compound Fluid Ixtrmct Bmoht, A return mmd 8r$t\JU Ammtdp rvw U1NMN OI IM BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRA VEL,aafl D?OP?fCAL SWELLINGS. Thia Mtdioiuo laorwiM tfco mmt *f PifMOos. M il welt** th? 4M01HRTI into hwuthr leaoi. by whioh th# watkbt ok oicown 4mohum . aod ?if cxnitriii inlaamaiti art recbom. m wsii m pain a 9 ikvulxmatioji. HELMBOLD 8 HXTRACT BVCHV For ^NtaMM Arialnf from Exommm, Htbita of DiaatMfeo*.'t irdtMrotion or Abmo," AttwUd witktkt Following Symptom.) : IDdtn Kviirk..! r ? feSiSsr-" D'^"u7-KsSffi: Horror of Disease, WakefniMes, Dimness of Vlaion, Ptn it U' MmI, Universal Laaaituds of the Mcaoular SvltM. Hot Hands, Flashing of U>? ^y, Dryneas of the Skin. Kraptiou obU?Fm, riLLID COVXTKBIXCB. These symptoms, 11 ailowetTTb go on, whlafc this medioine invariably removes, soon follows 1MPOTENCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, St ont of wkitk tAs P*timt ?n?y ftrpirs. Who can tar that the; are not frsqseatly fol lovoJ by taose"D?WTL r tskasbs," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Man; are aware at the canse of their suffering, BUT BOM WILL CONF1M. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And <4? M'iantioiy Lkatkt b* C?iJMurti?. BUI AJtrLI WTTMBt* TO THI TKVTH Of TBI iMIUIWb THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTB9 WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, e*uire> the &id of nedioin* to atrenctlMn mid Icrirorat* the 8rat?? hion HELMBOLD'tt EXTRACT BUCHU MMrwl?(w TKIAL WILX cohvihci thi *O?T nuncAU FEMALES- FEMALES?FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, PINGLE. MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many Aftctioni Piruhar to FtmmUl i 10 c.xira?i duciiu is gnNuan-g oj eny ouiir remedy, m in Chloroaia or Retention, irr'gal?ntr Painfutnes*. or SapprecMon of Ouatomirr Kvftc u&tioDR. L' oeratec or Sohirroae state of the lite rue, Leuoorrhea or White*, Sterility, and (at * oompi&inu incident to the s?k. whether trieiac from Indieoretion, Habits of DieeipatioB. or ia the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! SKI SYMPTOMS ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT Ttob no wtort Balsam, M*rcwr% er Vnpl?$m$ MUicin* /er Vnvlt*?mmI mml tasfireu Dtsttttt. UhLMBOLD S EITKAC'J BUCHV CV1H SKCRKT D1IEAIEI In ail their Bta?ea; At little Kiywii Little or bo cu&nte in Diet; no looonveaieaoe And no Azyonri. ltoaeaee a fre*u?nt wre and (ivoa rtraacth to Urinate, thereby Removing ubetraetione. Preventing and Curing Striotaree of tbe Urethra, Allaying fain and liflaamaoi.w fr^nect in lite olaae of dieeaeee, aao txniiBi nil Pouonout, Ihstastd, and tvorn out Hut lor. THOUSANDS CroN TMOCSAHDS WHO HAVE BEEN THE VJC11M8 OF QUACKS, and who have paid Mvyj?t to be oared ta a abort time, have found they were deoeived. and that the 'ToieoN" hae. by the use of "powerful nttrmimUi been dried up m tbe ayatom, to break oat in aa ag f raratod form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. x> UELMUO^U'tf EXTRACT BVCH# fcli affection* aa- <li (*?? o 1 the UHt*AR.T UR6ANS, whether existing in MALK OR FKMALK, from vhfttsrer ^n? r?r(r?Un? ana no mfttar of dj " long standing. Diseaaesjl iaeee Or|Ui require the aid of ? Dir?BTic. HELM BO LB 8 EXTRACT BUCHU I# THE GREAT DIURETIC, tad ^ igoort?in to have the deaired affect la DiMai ttftr nh%ck it u rttommendtd. TQUOl or TBI VOIT RBSFOSSI1LS AMP SBliabli rm auan^mm rilisftooompay the medicines. CERTIFICATES OP CURES. From 8 to 0 imti' et*&o Ukc with Namea knp-wn to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE - NOTICE W1 ** "* "*0 B1CE1T'' or "iROftBDIBVTI." HKLMUOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU .W .V.. A > vi uuvuu, v u wg jcaiprr DorrmI :elec:e<l with treat care by a competent druggist. PREPAID IN VACUO. BY H. T. UELMBULD, Practu*' ind AnaM'oa1 Cheir.nt. and Boia MasLiuvUirtr of ESLMBOLD'S GINUDTC PREPAJLATIOVS AFFIDAVIT. wins daly 'worn, dofla nr. hU preparation* oo am no narootio, no mercury, or other uuanoM lrui?,bat ftr* ,.r.U BCI MR?l n Ai?6rDUk&i nitlu) ! ? ftDOTt KftCt, i ll-^i PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M TO 8 P. M. Frlca 91 P?r ketu*, ?r tlx Jar ?#. t Dalivarad to tu adJreaa. aaeaiaij ptum xem tanHMik Add rasa latter a for lnform?or c IB cocka* oa H. 1. HfcLMHOLU, Omui, sepol, 104 Boklk YaoUi at., beiow Ciniui ffciia WKWiKK OP CO*NTBB*ikilB AND VNFR1NC1FLMD Dt, ILUJM rhc (iiilttTor to tom -of u?-f m" ''other" trtiolee on the reyntatio ? - itiuen i U$imb?U > 9mm1m Prtpm mw , " 44 limn ??< ?, " u '< Skricfwiut M Jupillld I4M ir?u. Bold br B. Wajtb. Z. A. tuui, Jan vil*t. 8. c. F(u B. B. kutwutu, B. 0 UJOB, D. B. Cuu, IDVU A I wyii U Maim, Wwkiactoa Mi toHiUm, j vn ill n m ma rm ? vveeWBIU. ABC VQK BUDUM laiwom JOiTOliimnKNI mi XTOMIl iHfJ ' ' *** f

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