Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1862 Page 2
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^I TH E EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY FEBRUARY I, IMS. !?7" Though Tni ia printed on the ftuteat licam preaa In n?? smith of Baltimore, ita edition Is ao large u to require It to be pat to preea at an early ho'?; AJmtiscmtnts, therefore, ahonld be Kat in before 12 o'clock u.; otherwise they may may noi ap^w; uniu uie nexi oay. Or* F*rr??T? ?t the Tsrlo^s military c&mpa and portions mill ronfer a favor by keeping us posted u to movements and affair* In taelr vicinities. Spirit ?f the Mornlag Press. Tbe Inulligener, In an exhaustive article upon the new Treasury note bill, urges the policy of m rasklrg the Interest on all stocks payable at home and abroad. 1n coin only, even sbouiu it b? deemed constitutional end expedient to declare th* notes a letrai tender for all ether nnrmm Tbe R'publuan defends tbe hospital management by tbe medical department in tbe District, from Senator Hale's charge of inefficiency and 'old fogylsm." OCR WIMTARf RI DGET. Interestirg from the South, via Fortress Monroe. THE BURN?JDE EXPEDITION. BEAUREGARD TAiiEa FIFTEEN THOUSAND MF.M TO KENTUCKY. JEFF DAVIS TO COMMAND IN PERSON AT MANASSAS. FEDERAL TROOPS SENT TO SHIP ISLAND [Per TH^graph to The ?tar] Baltixobv, Feb. 1.?The Old Point boat haa arrived atd brin^a t??* following : Foi-iKiM Moskok, Jan. 31.?The ateamer ErIcaaon, from Hatteraa, with the Eplnlel Zouaves, srrivpH FriHau *ftffnf.nn tm* r?#v* ?KU ?A rross the Hatteraa bar. She left Hatteras on Monday afternoon, but was driven out to sea by the storm 8be brings nothing later, excepting ttat the expedition wai about to move to its declination. The aloop-of-war Hartford sails on Saturday morning fcr K?y West. A prisoner of war named Taylor, of Clnc'nnatti, baa arrived bere by a flag of trnce from Richmond, llv says tliat be- 'If-vr ;a d hss left for Kentucky, taking with him IS,COO men from Manassas, and that J?ff Davia ia to take command In person at .Marasaas after hii inauguration on the 22d of February The greatest panic prevails In Nor'Vk and Richmond relative to the Bnrnside rxpedition. Thp Pr*nrh ?? .. ? ?J *- - ? ... ICiUIIiCU XIUII1 Norfolk, t be captain of tte Pomooe will goto Norfolk Saturday cn h!? way to Charleston. Troops will tml-ark on board of the Constitution on Saturday ard tail for Ship Island on Sunday. Two hundred of th?*m wlli be left behind, being tick with tbe sorasks. 94vt tabs. Tbere has been eo arrival frcai the flotilla alnce our last report. The Yankee went down yesterday afternoon to Join tbe flotilla. Tbs old boiler baa been taken out of the Mount Washington preparatory to putting In tbe new on*. Twenty seven carpenters tv?re discharged a few da*s i.nce because of Ibe scarcity of work. ArFA'BS OVK3 TH"5 kivkr. Fort Lvos, '? , Jin 30, W2 ?Second Lieutenant Charl?s R. Johnson, of company I. hx* resigned tits orr.miision in the 26th N*"*" Sulk Efglmeat. He is i;olng into the Naw H??re ?r>r all vrai '-ift In ?hN regn; ' -re lj. be tilled from the tank*, d :u. lamination before a mllltarv board of officer* of th? regiment. Mr. R'.ley Thornton, a private In company A, Capt Ca??o!tnao, died In the R.^imental HoapiUl on Tueaday. He was from South B*'*, i Oneida county. N. V. RiciiAJtcs. E?clasi? asd tu. 7"-? Brsixiss ?The doeutrentary history of the TtcM * usineaa la BV completed by Earl R'jsatil'a rejoinder to tLe letter of Mr. Seward. The British Foreign Secretary frankly accepta the aarrender of the envoya and their stritt as the foil reparation England had a right to exact. The omission of an apology la approved, because the act of Captain Wilkea having been unauthorized and diaavowed, an iwwgj ovuiu uc purny lormai ana unnecessary. With regard to the points of international lsw raised and "ably argued" by the American Secretary, Lord Russell admits the propriety of making tta??m the topic of thorough dlsccssion and arrangement, and informs Lord Lyons that In the course of a few days he may expect to receive from the Foreign Office an enumeration of the questions in rtapect to which there appears to be ambiguity, and upon which agreement Is de. sirable. With a Uierited compliment to the skill snd good terrper with which Lord Lyons had conducted his part cf this delicate negotiation, the dispatch of Lord Ronrrll closes A Brilliant Paett ? L-iit evening Secretary and Mrs. Frederick Seward entertained the most brilliant party of tte 'eascn, at the former's hospitable mansion. All the diplomatic corps except mmm cu^mu i>e^anon, (in mourning on account of the death of Prince Albert,) were present. Also, Generals McClellan, Ord. Fitz John Porter, Butterflrld, King, and other distinguished military and naval c Ulcer*. end many Senator* and Representatives and notable citizens and Grangers, with a large array of faabionable beau'y. Cjr*The names of tLe bridgebumers who have been found guilty by court martial and sentenced to be shot, in Missouri, art*: ? jchnC. Tompkins, 'William J. Forsbey. John Pattor. Thomas >1. Smith, Stephen Scott, George H. Cunnnlngharn, Richard 11. Crowder and George M.Pulllam. They have been warned to prepare for execution, and Informed that any who attempts to escape will be Imuieuiately shot down. JJ"7"Tte fluting iron battery which has been building fo* the last three monthsfor the Govern uieut vj vapi. t.rjc*jon, ai Grecnpolnt, Long Island was on Thursday launched In the presence ?1 t ar^e crowd. There have been but 100 working day* since the date cf toe contract. The battery wlil be ready fic?ervlc?ln a If"!? ever a week Not to Tax* Place ?We understand that the caul weekly public reception will not take place ?a Taesd?v next at the Executive Mansion. This emission is doubtless occasioned by the fact that ou the following evening Mrs Lincoln proposes to entertain her friends at a private party, for which the invitation* (to each Individual guest) have already goc out. lyy We Lave re elv?d an able and apparently conclusive vindication of D'srrict Attorney CarTtngton from the charges iikcI ~ ar at nut h! m hrtmm tbe Potter committee, It will appearoa Monday. {[TTbfrt are now o?er aeven thouaaad troops la New York city awaiting order* to proceed to tkeieat cf war. Baioa Bnsiso is MissotaiILf Miaaou'i Democrat of tbe ifcth ult. aeys. A gentleman who reached thla City yeaterday from Patoyri, iero:U that the long bridge near Palmyra, on tbe Hannibal and St Josepb railroad, waa burned by tbe rtbela on Saturday night The bridge had Juat been completed. Thia kind of andal am wlU probably be discontinued after the bridge burners ascertain, f'om tbe execution of tbe late order to Geo. Prenliaa. tn&t Gen. Halleek > in earneat. The Military Commission at Palmyra, it appears, exceeded toe*r authority, in aaaumingto try v?rr*oB4upoa tbe cb*rge of -treaaou against t' e l/alt-d State*," a crime not within the competency ufa military court to try. Their findings In all ease* of conviction ut>on that fi?n? ?? -? pr^rtf disapproved by Gm Bailee* 1 The General Order (No Sfc) which we have pub1 saed, acta forth to drtall lbecbarg*a. pleas findings aud sentenoalnaome twenty-four ce?-*' rbeae partita were separately convlctnt upon the cftarge of'fcrldge, railroad and car burning? l^. Htc"lct0mf0rtt0, *?** ?<? railed , 1.Ji^ lJ"*?!d tbefr exerutlon Is not 1 d4a^etfwJLQta bul ltu> HgniflcMt <P7* ? gr?en to uen. Prentiss to ''notify tie ?TiyDr!itJjj, ,li8 d#c^*1?n ot the Commissioa In lotei?2uJT!? C" *' w,rm lhcm tj PrtP^ - . i ??? ???I CC Vf ii?<8S/0iVilL. XXXYITth COSGRES*?Secend Session. Pi*at* ?Yesterday, after our report closed? Tbe bit) prohibiting: the coolie trad* was passed; alao. a joint relation In relation to tbe expenses of tbe committee on the conduct of the war, directing that tbe amount appropriated by tbe joint resolution of the 27th Instant fur tbe payment of per diem and expenaes aball be allowed and paid at tbe Treasury [A que* ion had arisen In tbe committee whether military men acrt oinera holding office und'r the Government, called aa witnesses. were entitled to a per diem, and bv fhfl pteMKe of tbl* resolution It would be devolved on tbe Comptroller of the Treasury.] The Houae amendmenta to the annual diplomatlc and conaular appropriation bill were concurred in; and after a consideration of tbe subject of Mr. Bright'* loyalty, the Senate adjourned till Monday next. Hottsi ?After our report closed? Tbe Houae waa in Committee of the Whole upon he naval appropriation bill, which waa discussed by Messrs. Kellv, Dunlop, Sargent and othera, and left in an unfinished atate. A reaolution requiring th^ aeveral railroad companies which have received from States grant* of publ'.c landa, made to such States by acta of Congress for tbe p'irposr of aiding In tbe construction of the roads of such companies respectively, to transport the property and troops of the United n?r fholr rnniil froo nf toll nt nlh? <"V. .W? ..v? ?W?. v. W.uv vuaiKc whatever, was conaidered and left with untiulsted business. Adjourned until Monday. Financial Affair*.?From the N. Y. Kvenlng Post of yesterday: There Is a better demand for the 7 30 Treaaury note*, and at 2 n?r <rn'. discount tnere are numerous buyers it Is tap posed that Mr. Chase haa concluu. d to Issue no more to contractor* at present. Tbe quotations at the Brokers' Board Is 97 ?98, but no uiatinction is made between -ndorsed and clean notes. The prire of pold la decidedly firmer to day, ?nd jkt 103%al03X there la a strong speculative demand. The purchases on buyers' option wl'h'n a few days h^ve been rery ncavy at lU3J{alQ9jf, aau ui juisc ngun-s mere h now a steady absorption for immediate delivery The brokers are buving freely at 103*, and sell moderate iumi at 103*. l ne money market it scarcely bo easy as early in the week, and at 6 per cent, there Is a fuller demand on ra'l The paper market is also better supplied, cb'flyfrom the grocery trade, among whom considerable speculation has been going ?n of late. The rates for first-class are 6a7 per cent. Mr Cisco received from Washington to-d y another instalment of S3,500 0(H) 7 30 Treasury notes iind Si OUO.OeOcoupoa su ck, which, together with what was already on hand, will be delivered to the b?nks when they are ready to receive them. The f reign exchange market is without ma leriai cnange. ir anything a shade higher on London. The r.te baa been soinewhat nominal for (ja^g at |o3 butj^d.iv there Is some dlspaslti... j ?>nvat iiIhIITj}. The leading drawers are holding lor 113^alU Passpor's are required to enable Canadians to visit the United States. rS^COLUMHA TYPOGRAPHICAL SOkjs C.E i Y.?A statrd nusfint of the Colombia T'fO-'aphio^i wnl bo he d THIS < Sat urdar) 7% o clock, in the Coui.cil Chamber, tla.,. it* H S iiOW'f'N, R*c Sco. O. R. M ?0?a;e Tribe. No. 6. " eet at !V < jour Wuw.m. Tempsrasce Hall, on UNO* \ !"VKNiNu.3d insi.for the ew^Mon of Chefs The oounoil lire wi:l be kiadedat 7 o'tlck rr<ciwe T. fe 1 2t* VW?THE NFXT REGULAR MONTHLY iJR myelin* ol the iljird of J rustee* of Puilte ScEools will beTi Id in tne Aldermsn's Room, CltT Hal. on TIE-LAY AFTERNOON. Feoruar? itn a* iU "fin*" WM. B. DAYTON Ste. ryjr?PBtEN)X SOCIETY ? A me-tint of the LL3 l*i obuix S<>? etp will he held at Temperance Fia on K *t net bMweeu 9thand It th ate., SUNDAY EVENING at 7 o'c!<o* If JAMES RYAN. Sec. y=P-RKLlttIO> S NOi I?'E.-r4? Ch nut In JJ? rurtertitm t* it' Rtlititrus Afptr.t.?& di?cou. i? on Ui;? ?utjeci?iil. D. V., be celivtr U 1??MOKROW (Suuday* EVENING, > Trin ty Oho'ch, for tfce Kev. E. W. Syli. >ate Mitnonay at Shanghai. Tim* of ee.vioa. half-pa t7. It* Y^-SM I TH HON I A N I F TIRFS-DB. I L_3 I?a.yes will give th' nc Mn ura on ' Arotio Exp.orati?*"o- MONDAY EVENING, *" n*?~ i"t2. it (J c uu. l he publio are iuvitwi A if i'-'r.ce fr^w. f-il-?t ALOYSMTSCHURCH.-Tbe H*v. Dr. J_h Mc'vA?r it I'reaiieatof .Mount >?t. Mar?'? Co\ eje, Kmn i tibu'R M<1 . will ar'aeh in St. Al ojeiui Chutcu < n tuN"AY NKXi. the oth nt hebraary. Ttie o?!leetioa 'ill bp devoted to the e1uoar> ard o othisg of poor ohi dren. nuder the *r*r coii of tus Voauf Catuolics' F.' ' "-"iiety. 16 1.6.7 8 FAIR, for the benefct of St. Vincent's Jl. Femaie Orphan Art u;n, wilt be opened on T HUHSDA\ . 3 >t !i ii.ut . ?t tue Ait lam, oorrer G and K'tli streets. \ variety r' nseful and fancy ariioiei wi'i t>e offered for Th >re will be al<inch r ..a wnere vl kinds of refreshments will le te ved. lea Cre&ni and Confectnir.erT, :n 1 ! r'rmt^i. ja 29 tf 11CK.?A meetinc of the Hotel and _L_!f Tavern Keeper* of t^ie City of Washington and District of Colunnb:a, will be held at the German Hal ,11th street, on SUNDAY, February 2d, at 3 o'c'ock p. m. Fur.otual attendance is requested as important business will Le trausaoted. j?28 5t* By order of Coaimittee. ||fc- THKUNION PRAYER MEETING Will 11 -? d? noiaen avert an* tins woek in the Lutheran Church, Rev. J. l?. But er's,) at the oorner of 11th and H streets, commencing at 4 o'clock p m., an<i oontinued bat one hour. ja 3D J ATTENTION! UST Received a large assortment of New Feathers, Comfortables, Blankets, Bediteadu, Mattresses, and Carpets. Persons wishing to buy are requested to ex.'uiine my stock before purChasm* e I am determined not to be undersold. K. BUCHLY. 429 7th street, between 6 and H, fc 1-1 in* eiat side, WHISKY WHISKY! WHISKY? 3 N. I'litE fc CO. 510barrels MAGNOLIA, 500 XXX ru M Aliter's RYE MONONGAHELA, 0 " KIMOIDKVK. 6oo Fue OLD BOURBON. Justrecsved at "mcinnat1 pr.cjs. EMILE DUPRE. 320 Pennsy Ivftniii &vecae. 115" A'?o, Agent for e. N. PiKE'S ARMY COrt Di AL. fe 1-ly POTATOES, CUEESE, BUTTER, ONION?, HAMS.&o. 5K) busheii pnme White Mercer Potatoes. 2?bt<xes haatern Cuttitg and ElkIis.i Dairy Cfcerr^. 151 keid. aid f.r?is - Govhen aiid Oi.iiM Butter, 3?eatk* tup?Tior tu?'ir cured Hams, 50 barrels Osi<n?, S?K) " *upe-n>r Rye Flour. 3,aw " Family, fc.x'ra and Superfine FHor. In stor. a^d far ?ale low by D L. MORRISON A CO , fe I 3t* ______ J2"rn'r antl ** I ENGLISH, SWISS, AND a AMERICAN WATCHES. M. W U? I t > UDllTHLB It-.. * ?I ill.H UJli AllOfilidQ m their ve'y larje assortment ol ENGLISH, SWISS, and r* ,, ~ AMERICAN WATCHES, tlameru *C C&tes, for both ladies and g?nTiiCir pro-?ni apartment comprise* those by ail tne most ce.ebrated m*kerg and a'e offe-?<i unnsu Ulylow. M. W. GALT A BRO., , , _ Jewdiers, 334 Penc. avenne. 1* 1-3 Fonr doors vest of iirown's Hotel. I AUIKS- R fc. ADY MADE IJNDERCLOTH i-* ing, ??E\v i-ancy and millinery WOOD?, REAL LACES, EMBROIDERIES, ??.? *o.?I t*te plrasnr-iu jntorn jnj the iadiea tfc?tlna*e jus: receiv d from the north al*'ze a ? ck oi superior oaal'ty LAD1E8' RI-ADYM \DE Un5eR-CL uTH INa. such Chemise, Jpr???es, SkKts. Ladi??' Drawers, Ac , Ac., wbic^ 1 desire the l&mA? m ir ?n*->r .* th*? icn^ortAu t>?(< re gooda got to mgh.aod are 'there fore very *h?ap >ndetd. Nc 12^wfe? K G. ETCH1SON No. 13. P*1?sa.. Avixub, He wue:. a.h ?uc 9m street*. N. B. P niiuf done to order. fellm SHCHKEL it YliiCHEK.-SntKEE OK HEiTHA ?Mee?ra. foheel & Kiether re peo fuili inform the aomnera of SoodPFv^^OT MU'iOt th%t thfy are prepared to attend" ? ' t * 'he acnduoticg of Musicftl Perform&noea at Private Recfptioua and rt< tree*, with any number of heat perfumers f th? city, and bet leave to actare t'te.r patioaa that they will pruduoe the beat a-lect one ot t^nadrnie Muaio from approved cumBu irra.and will, at interval*, perforin Concerted a*io fri m tte njjtJBMHI Oe^raa. and otkar o munition* U. Tno of referenoM o&n t g.vea it r'^mred. (>rd?rs leit with Mr. Schael will m>?t witli prompt ttUntioD. 6 ?t., 398, b*tw??n 13 h &~d 14.!) ats. f?15t* notice notice notice to sutlersto sutlers. SPICED MOLASSES CAKBS. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SUGAR CAKES SPICED SnaAl* ciAvrrK ?1? ~ w;. In coat* queue# of the great demand for oar Molt*MiGiat?rCsi? tnd Sugar Cake, ve have appointed W. H. HAMILTON k CO., 4T9 Nin'n Street, m pnneip* Agent for their ia e, from whom they 04a be he ight at five dollar* per barrel. JUMULES, SNAPS, molasses pound cake. Our Ml.NOK PIES lo?<1 only to be tried to bo a;#rvciate. ; price 3!0and 912 per hundreJ. JAMES L- DAYTON, Bakery?436 Eleventh atroet, feb 1 between 9 and H. \\ i 4 ? r< TELEGRAPHIC. The Military Departmeat *f Kimai Luviswoith, Jan. 31 ?General Order No. 19 of the Department of Kansas prohibits the troops of that department from entering another deportment without special ord'rs. All armed parties, whether belonging to the service of tbs government or not, who shall hereafter civ* the Kansas border and enter the Df pertinent of Missouri without due authority, shall be adjudged to have entered for the purpese of depredat on and be held subject to the penalties of military law. All armed bands of men In the State of Kansas not in the service of the United States, and now acting under special authority obtained from the Governor of the State or General commanding, are herebv warned to disband and return to their homes. Military commissions for the trial of all such prisoners, and all who are now retained on charges of any depredations or Jayhawklng, will be established. The 9th Wisconsin regiment. Col. Simmons, is quartered in this city. The a a Ohio Ca^rirv. Col. Doubleday, are quartered at Platte City,'Mo' \ at present. Later from California. Saw Fra5ci?co, Jan. 24.?The State Legicature will bold its first session in the city to-day. All the streets of Sacramento are navigable for small boats. Every bouse In this city has the water over the lower floors. The weather has been pleasant for two day? pist, and If it continues so for two weeks, the s'ages may again commence running to the interior counties. Advices to the 9th Inst .are received from the Sandwich Islands. The Polynesian says that in 1*60 one hundred and thirty whalers recruited at their Islands, and that in 1881 only slxty.nlae recruited. Thp wHaU nnmhn t\f urVial*ra VnrfK In lftrtl w^a ouly seventy-alx. and for 1362 the whole fleet North ao far aa known here, will only be tbirtvthree. During the coming spring we can only expect aeventeen whalera to recruit here. Fram Calra?The Mortar Boata. Chicago, January 31.?A special diapatch from Cairo to the Journal aaya that Cint. Constable, the commander of the mortar boata, baa returiafcfrciB Pfttaburg. Twelve of the 13-lncb mortar bedaand ammunition have been shipped, and twelve of the mortar boata will be immediately put in readiness for active aervice Dr J^ales, arrrsted at Bertrand, waa tried at Charleaton on Wednesday, fjr horse afealing and murder. The commissioners proved him guilty of both chargea, and sentenced him to close coufln^ment In the TiHit.iry prison dur'nir the war. The steamer IJiuma Duncan arrived to-day, with a large cargo of powder and shell. Ship of the List Vermont. Bosro*, Jan 3') ?The ship of the Une Vermont was commissioned to-dav, and will soon leavp for Fort Royal under the command of Captain Baldwin She Is thoroughly fitted for a store-snip and hespltalshlp, and carries an armament of four *<xty-four pounders and twenty thirty-two pounders. Approval of the Financial Measures ( the Government Albuxt, Jan. 31.?The Assembly, by a vote of 79 against 28, have adopted, In effect, the resolutions recently reported from the committee of wavs and means, in favor of the financial measures of the Federal government, including the tax bill. Remains of ZslUcoffer and I'eyton. Lumsvillk. Jau 31 ?The remains of Zolllefferand Peyton reached Mumfordsville yesterday in charge of Zolliccffer's Brigade SurgeoD, temporarily released on parole for the purpose. (py Marshal Vatllant baa been appointed to take charge of the Prince Imperial of France, who will be aiz year* old in March. NOTICF.?Th? un'ieriiined. who ia known by ail to be a law-sbidtcg and loyal citisen, and one wlo de.irea to keep an orlerlr, quift oitisiu's hou?e. at th> aame tirn? claiming fro<u the citr authO'itiea proleotion from encroachment upon hm jua: ilahta. orj?er his license,and ursdar the aws of thin city, von d respectfully represert tr at under mi'itvj iaw he ia cironm'oribad in hia buaiuer*, an?! c'oe* not desire ?i< :ateany order of the military authorities. he respectfully requests that no officer or a dierofthe United State* arrriT will enter ins rouse for tbe purpose ofoHaumu refreshments or 1 quors. as he sri'l net sell to t>'em, A one but r, iviii wt u cvttittior*atea CHARL.KS K LOM AN. f? i-1w No. 509 7th frt., between l>apd E. PRIVATE, P H I V A. T E X* H. X V .A. T E DR. LA BON'TA Cures all Venerial Diseases permanently and quickly, without the use of disgusting or joieonousrtrug* of aur kind. No diefn" or ;- erferenoe with businesa. ( free. It is sarin* quit* enough m its favor, when I say that my practice is that whioh is in us? iu all the Now York city hospitals. Now York City College and Hospital Testimonial* furnished. Ladies with Whites and Diseases of the Womb onred and saved a consumptive's grave by my treatment. There is nothing offensive or disagreeable in &i part of the treatment. All cures warranted, or money refunded. Communications in writing, with return stamp, promptly attended to. Medicines for travelers and others packed, with fall instructions for us??, and warrant*). Office?Kooir No. b Waai ington Building, Penn. avenuo and Seventh st., Washington, D. C. fob 1-1 m* nnH miv ti. oiini i .?i f" * r"" ,V,y ui;u urrAb iroin the Metropolitan ( ata iiruwa'i) Hotel. Apply at the tore room, oa 0 at. J? 3iat 2ono bushels j v o, akw jkrsev potatoes. ? - ^ i?w an(^ Pu?t-?y? Potatoes, in ta;?, to te ?old with or without the bag*. In iture and for sale by ja3l3t* No. P9 Water street. 6ec-getow'n. SlTm^VND, EXPRESSMEN. ATTENriOXM l-Frrnle.ane* EXPRESS WAGoN nnde by one ol the best carriage manufacturer*in wfu , A'*?> * n,?? n?w Expreis Harness. Will t>e ao <1 cfc?ap if applied for immediately. Ad ?8? . ^ Washington Po*t Office. jaSi-lw* A, JUST RECEIVED. K*,r? Eino Spioed Cinomn?11 PIGS FEET, in kagg, ball-barrels, and barf?1". MENKELi ft CO.. . 0. ... 241 Pennsylvania avenue, _ j a 3! St Bstween I2tt> and 13th sts. Butter ... ,, AND E80S. rl)g. of fair to prime Butter, In large and small . packages. 2,0"> 'b-. gocd Cooking Butter, 2obbi? prime Kegs. In store and tor sale by D. E. DUTROW, ja 3l-6i* No. 450 Eighth ?t., nfar Pa. av. HANDSOMK r.K RHIASK for SALK -The soI aoriiwm in... <>n .>; k..h. loine FRENCH CdUP?Ki"builT'b) Hrews'tr, and but little used, whioL"5ffiC=-HC? thej iri.l tea at a gr?at sacrifice J AH. C Mob LIRE t CO., ja SI 3t Auctioneers and Coiiitrug'n Merchants. MR. PERDRIAT, Surgeon Chiropodist, from Paris, begs to intorm yon thatheoaneffeouaitf remove Corns and bunions, without pain, so that the ?hoe oan ha worn immediately alter liie operation, without inc<>nveni?r.oe. Also removes Warts and o her superfluous flesh from the hands, so that they will atp^ar sn.ail acd delicate. No. Id 4^ street, near Citv Hall. Charges moderate. Vy Refers to the doctors of Washington generally ja3 -lm* MME NOURRIT A 8EEUW8, (Lat*lt fbom Pa*i? a?d Niw Yotx.i Are now in fiis cit? with a large and splendii as oriment of RICH LA''Et?. Pi.owbr^. HRaD ana a large stock of ladies' FANCY ARTICLES. The abo?e firm h?v* enjoyed the patronage of Pans and New York ladies, aid hope bye . zt attention to bukiness to merit the approval and patronage of the ladies of Washington. M'ME NOURR'T & SEEUWp, ja3i-*t* &03 11th st, ii-ar P? ar. f|\S1ERS AT ThE OLD PRICE! H&RVKY hujut returned home, haviag made contracts for thesnpp y of large qnan-^?\ /^N titieaol superior O^ ta*tI? J there will t>* no laok of choice bivalves\lUf at tnseatablianmenttlKOUih the entire season. Oyster dea'ers of Baltimore never expenenoeJ higher pnoes,oraaoh a scarcity of oysters aa at present. tt>e poorest ranging as hithai 91 per bushel Thoaaanda of dollara bave been ioat dnnng the laat two weeka by outer dealers Jaai 3t fiENTS' SILK CRAVATSNECKTIES, U Gents'Silk Pocket Handkerohiets, bents' Linen Cambrio Handkerohiefs, OenU' Glows. Genta' Umbrellas, Gents' Undershirts and Drawers. 8ne Cloths, Vesting*, and < as* 1 meres, for feats, >tton "hirtings of the beet grades, Linen $htrtinga of the best grades imported. All of the above at oar proverbially low prices, marked in plain figures. An inspection of stock solicited ; it isonrs aa oougiuun to piraiiM. ' PERRY * BROTHER, j%?l tr Penn avpue and Nlhta et. J^ICHARD TO TO THOMAS. Said Dick to Ttm the olher day, Aa trey went down tne treat, " Wa ll atop at the Re to Hou?a To take a 'drop' and nave a bit* to Hi "For there we'll find the beet of ALB, And choice fluid*'otevery k rd. With ot Till raw aa t etew?d and fried, Andouer diehee to aait faetid one minda. "The ealla,' ao odde when they are nude. By many gneet?, or eaoh one uncle. Are promptly flll'd by oar kind hoate,

O'Haian an? friend Dane ml. "Ah ! here'a the RIALTO HOUSE, aa you may eee? A ft Ik* a^?a. -* - * ? ? -1 - J THE BAB EYE AHD EAE. No. 037 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNCE, 0?F0?IT1 TV1LLARP8 HOTEL. Oculist and Aurlst* DR. F. A. VON MOSCHZISKER, From Clinton Plaee, New York. haa ?mrfd in the city and opened hie office* at 83T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where he oan be oonaulted on Maladies of the EYE AND EAR repairing medical and ?argical treatment. Or. Von MoecHztsKia ia the inventor aid introdno?r into the medical praotioe 0f the ETHEKIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obatmate caaea of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. He la *lao author of the l?tWs published in the New York and Philadelphia papera treating on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCANNON. te. Dr. \ on M. haa for tne p*?t fsurteen rnri derotod hia appciai attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And posteiara the te? laouiala of some ot the beat known public men in the llaion. who been moat aucoeafully tre*tel by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT t HEARING. READ. [ Frern Professor Monkur, Baltimore 1 "I have this day aern Mi?a \Vi?ef her eight perfectly reatorfd. 1 *m J app? to expreaa my convio tion that by voar akill and jadrm -nt she baa been aarcd from the greatest deprivation that oonld have befallen her." I rrom ?i?* ncrt. ajiwor rugn J To D*. Von Mutcntmu: I am ireotlv obliged for the interest yon I &ve ma' ife?tea in m? c*?e of Deafr.e?a. and iheskiil with *iich yon have treated mr owe. and 1 hiv? no doubt ibat by cirefnlobiarrv.oe of your dirto ion*, my hevitg W"1 bo permanently reatorsd. O. H. PUGri. [From John M I "in, Jr., ton ef tkt Hoa. Judgt cf the V. S. Supreme Court \ It ia veil known to my ru uerout friend* that I have been deprived cf my hearing for man? yearr. I ?m happv to atste tnat I have, thanka to Or. Von Mosctnnker. entirely recover" d. My hearinc 1* tow *a acute as ever. JOHN M'LfcAN. Jr. For teveral yearn I eoflered from de&faeaa. Dr Von Motehi ?ker re?t^red my bee- ine, M. Louia,i3?pt.7,18*. JOSEPH YEATS. Dr. Von Moiohz ?k?r moat aueoraafaMy cp-rat'd oi my eyaa.and oecefi't*! my eifht exoeoiirjly. IlL/lUnL' U ^Ui, ^ St. Louis, Sept. 17.386a. [Letter from Fev J J. Mullon) Dr. Vow. MoiCHZ sgia?Dear Sir ? An?o?f these who tave been bent-fit'ed by your Willful treatment, in diseases impairing fie sight, i'efT>Ma ms ?ro*: pUa-ur* to add the testimonial of my grartuuds to the liat f>? your patient'. Myaigbt wai ao much impaired durmr (he laat eighteen monthathat 1 o< aid tot recogniu tne featnresof a friend standing near m?. I tender you thia acknowledgment of your eminant aki 1 and mooMa in the tre^tmer* ot your oMiged and gratefa f i?n?'. J. J. MULLON, Heotor t?t. Patriok'a T^-aoriginal <jf the al>oTc, aid hundreds m> 0 teatimoniale, oan be teen at Dr. M.'a rooms. Patter ta wiehing their fami'j pbyaiolan to nooompiny them to witnesa operations or fw t.?e purpose ofooasuiwtioa aieatiberty to tirm^ tne-Medical men will te at a i times welcrir.H to witLCas Dr. Von M 'e operations, and exaniss some i f the imrtmnurt, h? h?? ?o.i ? - facilitation of Optba *nd Aural Surgery. Arti ticiai Kjm maertsd without o?U6ibg s* ? pain to the patieat. Uftioe hour* fron 9 a. m. to 2 p in. and Ir j.h 3 to f'^l lm 227 PENNSLVAMA AVKNHK. C^HOKLI VM' L Vl'URS ?lbs mhscri-ers J l.av? < a 'Oi l ;ri. < I'r.-in n i o'1 t'H till kn?>??ii li u?-? i i?p- ??t-?n. '! * je.rt.r-..*r of thoir? o V of Liquor-. <" irr.pu-; t? &) ham, u?on r W >, * y, fru.ii o:sht t3 n?s? jf-ar old 30 b\ ro!? i C'*:.vntag r,? 5qc*rter Cc-iid-jj 10 c z-a Y'ivlJ ^uarry uj 18>7 and 1823,(ic.port?d ?ij t?>L. Waiter Smitn ) All of ~.h ou we are prepared to sell at rfduoed prioee, to close t>u8?iie??. J AS. C. McGillK K A CO., ja31 6t Auctio:tea an J Ccir.m:sgioo Me.ol.auU. I CARRIAGE?. Have now on hand a i*e ai d fine M?oitm?nt of CARKlAGFS, ?uprn r ? > ary in the,, market, which 1 an. prepaid to srl Vggjjeg; low for caah. Per.?on? in w?m nf I work, will do well t'J call asd examine mj stock before purchasinse i?ewhere. All "?pairi? teatly done. ar.d orders promptly ati teided to. I have *lso one ver? fi?e clone Pannel Carriage, whch critically oast 91325, but lute u?ed,aca will be sold low, as the owuer has foMt. ANDKKW J, JOVOK, jaSt-lm Comer U'h a'd K *t-ee?s. Dry G'jojjs for the f. -lks at home, WilitarT men, Soldiers, St aggers and Sojourners, needing any kind of Fa-.oy or Staple Dry Goods to set d home, are solicited to inspect oar full and complete, in all the depart meats ofonrrent wants. \ An mspeouon of stook incurs no obligation to purchase. One pno* on'y, irnrked in pl&ia fixures, henoe co Bt1PAhlL?Ar ? ' All paroels for o*> nvyanoe by express or other nudes, properly packed free of charge. PERRY A BRO., Pane, avenue a- rt Ninth street, ja 31 -lOt "P*rry Bui ding." PERHAM'8 SECOND GRAND EXCURSION TO NEW YORK AND BOSTON! From Bal'ira >reto York and Re'urn SS From Baltimore 10 Bort< n ai d Retnrn ft 13.90 Tickets for sale at Mr. Perham's Office in the National Hotel, where full partiou ars ma; be had. Two through trains daily, leaving Washington at 6 a. m and 5 p. in. Tiokets good to return on or before Mar 1st. jaSl 14t* cupkrior tabi.e damasks. napkins. Towe'.inga and Do?'ies. Bed Blankets and Comforts, io pieoea White F'ann-ls, assorted grades, at reduoed priors. J. W COLLKY, j \ 30-M 523 Seventh st . ahove Penn av. S~ uperior shirting cottons! SHIRTING LINENS! 50 dozen fine and low-pri<*e Hti'ohed Linen Shirt Boso ns. Wristbands and Collars, just received,at the loweat price*. J. W COI.LEY, ja3Q 5t 3J3 Seventh st . above Pena. av. welling off! ?> selling off! Great bargains in all Winter Shawls, Cloaks, Farcy Cashmere, Merino, and Winter Dress Goods, to make room for Spring Supplies. J. w. colley, ja 3" 6t 323 Seventh st. above Psnn av. Three horses, coverkd wagon, one set DOUBLE UaRNKSS, oreav SnfiHk? anl a variety ol rnuLiv r> Diunw to D? aoia theowrer(ate a sutler) having no farther nt for them. To be seen at 160 Wasninctonst., Georcetown. lay it' Pennsylvania FLOUR. *o. 500 bbla. Extra ard Super Flour, ohoioe brands? "Granville," 'a-isntta," "Eafie," fto., 10O busLels W HITE BEANS, 3,??n do OATS. barrels ROSEN UALK CEMENT. 100 do CALCINED PLASTER. In store and for sale by j. hknry G1KSE, Ja? if 81 Spear's Wharf, Baltimore. VALENTINES! VALENTINES! valentines: 1969. A larce assortment of BBNTiMENTAL AND COMIO VALENTINES, From th* best houses, lor sale, wholesale and rotail, at the lowe-t cast prices. Avery liberal dis .... win m. ibuo ton ruien m in? nUlOUl Bookstore. W M. K. RICH^TEIN, Ja3Q->w* No. 9T8 t'a. av., Waahimtoa. St J. MYKBS. ? 10 Wa^himstow BCILDIHO, PlfM, ivewtM large a took of American Watohaa for Mia, at wholesale. by 8. * J. MYERS. American Cioeka at who'eaal* by A J. MYERS. Watoh Materials at wholesale b* 8 A J. M YKRS. P.ated < haioi at whoi??a.? by 8. A J MY ER8Watoh Work don? for th? trad? only, by a araotioal workman, at 8. A J. MYERS*. Steal and Gdt keya^at^whoieiale by 8. ft J. ITT* All wholesale dealtra in Watakaa and Imm. wry would dovtil taoali at ?. k. J. MYEK8* b#. JaaMm"0n or ^*rokMla< laewbart. NOTICE TO WATCH MAKERS. &MK . ?Jk J. id VERB Xbg Makers, at-Kk oiGo.a and&lnt Watchia Watch Maw" ala. Watch Makan' Toou 6lMaes, silk WnanU. V u^a, Spaotfco .m , baaidaa a Tan Mr of good* too numerous to iMQLon ia ordinary adr?r uaemacu, which they will aall at the lovnt cm lern *. r uvl du trSdeonSl* oTw^tc'^M Iter!*", J?? AMCSLMKNTSL WASHINGTON ? ? Lmm fcad M iu(t Mr. B. Blaad. LmI Nifht of th? Ppintsh LA BfcNCBIT* ti*AnKi,U CUBA*, ad BiONOR X1MIWES. THIS XTMfflfB. To opmmfoo" w th tk? Y O uN 6 WIDOW. Stnorit* C0 6 AS ud 8i(oor XIMINES. To b? follnvd by tb? lottrlidtof A GOOD FOK NOTHING. After wfcioh the Gre?t Pp&Buh Due*, LA 8fc,N()Kll T A1"CL7BA8. To eonolnd* with the D'fcui* of THE SAILOR OF FRANCE. JET On Mend** Mr. J. fi. OWENS vlllMHV in me Comedy of Lily. ywf pywi ? ? ? gw??g? n iv A ING*9 NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER. P?*?. At. *.!?d E St., JVtmr Will?rds'. T.Rinic? ...Sol* Ltimud M?n*c?r C. Auoei&U Mum?r F. \V -lttaker.. _E4ue?lrffcn M&^&jrer ?T?I,V7C.DIA THIS EVENING. WFDNE8DAY, Jan'y ?, WEDNESDAY. Ju>29, AT KING'S CIRCUS' at HNA>i rt>r>nai Tho B*?t Performer in the Citf, JOK PKNTLAND! JOE PKNTL.AND! S'LLE HKLOI9KaBd LLK HELOlbE In New Acta To-night! _ In New Aou To L.ght! Gr?at Zouave Halt! Great Zouave H?It * heoeiTrd with Ronnie of Applaaee! Reo-ived with Round* of Are'aaM! _TWO_rBRF<JKMAXCKS TO DiT/ . Seal< ej Prxeu?Orohester Chaira 15 ndU, Dreea Cirole *o oenta; Children ander 10 yeara of ?{ to Dreea Girole 25 ocoU; t^xrat Ranee 35 oenta; Colored Gallery V owU; Colored Boxee 50 oerta. Door? open it 7 o'ciook; performanoea will oommenoe at ? prtcieely. ja a PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIER-Gaid* to Paten'a, Catalogue of Cnrioaitl?a and Gorernment Garden*, at the atand in Patent OBeo; Hare Antiqoaian Book a ; Gorernmei.t Book a; Do">?n.ente furniahed: Railroad Reporta; Mlutar* Re porta; Knrct Pai nt Office Reporta; Cheap Gooka inrntahed to Pe41a?; Mili'arT T?ia'e: Military Law?; Army Rega ationa; Panorama of thoCoaat ahowin* over S.uuo ni ra, nuy laouaand Cheap Books. Reoolieot cheap rent. Large aalea, low pr cea. Up Bt&ira, otr.r Ban* of WaMTSffton. jart-lm* ALFRED HI NTER. CANTERBURY HALL Lovi?unt Avmi, Btween 434 and 6lk Strut f. LEONl PANTOMIME COMPANY! LEONl PANTOMIME COMPANY! Fraccoii Raw'i and M^'l ho*vena!' Maio dr?rr?tio Pantomime of ROBERT MAC AIRE f ROBERT MAC AIRE MR. ROBERT BUTLER aa Jac^vma Strot. Extrar&gant ^uccmi of th? Conio Inter!nds. LE TOUR DU MAIHON! LE TOUR DU MAISON! BILAR BALDWIN. TV Bett Justin in tkt World! WILLIS ARMSTRONG. To miht, MIS* AM KI.IA WELLS. The Beautiful SoflretreM. in Sbntimbntal and Vaitkbb 8on??! A. J. TALBoTT, The KthinpUn Comedian. Maietod by Dick Pain. Mi?? Ekvi Milxi, Mi?? VEENOHM'lli FKARE La *ollb, ai-d Little Ella. Oce Week Lotrer, WARD on ki? Cobdb Volants! B*il SMU-rOM Fttfttmtr m Amtrua ' Notwithstanding th''J^'i^Companr now at the | Cart .' n.t. the(e he i J' NO ADVANCE IN PRICES. JJi Aft*.TO"f P< fo'n.ano* t r f fid e* ?^d Children, evi f WKl'Nt.. i..J^ ari.-l ,*.\1 i'RDAY. wuh q-.-aui'tif-s f ? Or***. d.e** co h.? ? * . ui t*>?? wi V1.% o: Mwn. Pirrt Jt 15.o. A ! our uremic* are MauL* f om thia honnis. I; Uf|fvc/Vtv?i. \t 2 .:*< Irwic. Adu.^ion: L*-l '*,' *' C'?: itm. "?> <>wtita ? r?j?,o?e2itc?.w ClcK-k. ji 58 a ra?;MF:r.i \r sn k dress WSB rT*BV:U 1.(1.1 V\ ? "*T <> Mr?. Kmm? <*A Q' rrtTTic . < r.t?i n'Hi; OL?D FELLOW6' KALL,. aIV !?TH wTT.?rr. ' Cr eg chv >srrs miwstrlls Wii. ?>i-ev a* .os n H.?^-usiued e?i??r4ft. exhibition ? ? on THIS (HON OA y> EVh iA?>, An?l hrerr Km:-i? uii* ;j?. week. NKW BCF ? fcKY has been *44*1 ?o 1 i ? i :% . ar er?rv tn>??? ment f ir t'e P'o> ,'j?ro uction'of 6eorge Chritty'a Celebrated Parcee, Mariettas, 4c., 4c. AdmiaM^E 25 oe'ta; Oroheater Suti 60 Mcti. Doora opto at quarter to 7; oommiM oarwr to 8. JOHN P. SMITH. J* *7 Buaineee Agent. Washington academy of music, Pihji. Avawri. (^octh 8id?.) No. >I8?, Bttieten 9(4 and 10(4 ttt. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Conotrt, embracing aeiectiona from the beet olaaaie mnaio. and the moat popular opera a? rendered in better atyje than at any oth?r American oonoert saloon. The guesta?and the pablio are ireely invited, without charge for entrance,?may relr apon nav ing every oomfort they deeire. In addition to tbe fineat ma mo in Washington, they will obtain, on c*M. ."rom the attentive attendanu, deoidedly the beat Refreahmenia for sale in the Federal Metroao<ia. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja 6-lm Proprietor. " BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. THE SECOND GRAND bOIREK will be given at Temperanoe Hail. E atreet. be- M tween9tland 10th.onFRIDAY EVENING. Jt Fe'iruarj 7 h Panoing will oommenoe at 8H 0^k o'o ook "licketa, adnu'tm* a gentleman acdWA la^iea, fL Prof. C. F. KANNRlT f * I 1 w* Manager. HO! FOR THK HIAWATHA -1 he members of the H;r wathaO.uU t?k<? great p'eaiu-e gj in announcing to their fnenda the r SIXTH GK4ND COTII.LUN PARTY, at Stott'a/M^ ' Hall, oorner of Peon, avenue and 20ih atreet.faiA THURSDAY EVENING, February ?th, 1?W I Ticket* one dollar. See future advertisement. fe l-8?3t* ? ? NOTICE. I HE SEVENTH GRAND BALL of tha STEWART HOLLAND CLUB, to be JA given at Stott'a Hail, oorner of 30th street BP ami Penn. avenur, on TUl: SDAY, FebruaryA|A ilth. 1862. fafli Tickets one dollar. See future advertisement. ja30 3t* RAND SOIREE! TEMPERANCE HALL. Sk (E atreet. between9 h ana 10th.) / On FRIDaY EVENING, Jan'y Slat. QA Danoing will mmmmmat# o'e.oek. Good will be in attend&noe. Ticketa, admitting a sen tleman and ladies, ?*. ja 2i-9t* Prof. C. P. BARNES, Manager. IRISH LINENS' IRISH LINKN8! We have a fall etookof Irun L.n*ni. Black aad Colored Silkefor tale at the !ow*it prioea. I WM. R. RILEY k BRO., No. 36 Castiai Stores, Between 7th and 8th streata, Jatt-lOt Uprotite Center Market. O ORWELL'S O MEDICATED COUOa CANDY. COUGHS. COLDS, B HOC HIT! 8. INFLUENZA BTA6 FS^^CONBUMrTION. Sold wholesale and retell by O. B08WRLL, oorner Maryland avenue and Tth lUtel, Z. D. 01LMAN. aad irmliti ovary where. ja 1?-Sv* D LAN KET&?BLANK P-T8 ! Z Table I Napluni, Towels, skaetiaga, Gloree, Hoeierr ! With a fell (took of Domeetio 6ood?, for Bale by WM. R RILEY * feRO, k No. 36 Central fetoree, * Between 7th aad 6th streets. Jait-iot Opposite Center Market. PHRK.NOI.OBV! V/. H. ALDE^' PHHiNO'LOGIST, toriif taken rooms lor a short time at 4 40 ^euasvlvaaia La now prepared to give verbal de?cr>puons of oharaotor, together with eharts, to all who may desire. PaicM?Verbal Delineation* BO oents; om dollar extra for Charts. disooant made oa parties of over tlx persoce ; aleo on ohildrec aooompanyLAf "sisrsf Peuirln*<i anau. north side, ba I tweaa 3d and <H ita. Oftoe hoars fro* I a. m. to 10>-at. Ja?n* poETAULE WOODEN TENTS! Tfce tinder iifcod hat for aale and will make to oraer Ports cue Wocwen Tents, of any repaired siae. at a very low prioe. Th*ae tents oan be fat ?p or taksn domain a few incites, and oan be eaen at taeeorner of Fojrtw.ii and 0 sU. Jag lm- JOHN A. JORDAN. WFO* THE ARMY. E Bare Jmt received, by steamer Araco, a large assortment of macmfc*nt FrcLeb Drams;) Ptaew Bagles, tar BMats of all kini? Alio, thr finest ltr ofVwie?sfriuj?. Bissob's AwrtMCi ?nJ'H**. Together with l*r? -> mac".men of lsm> F reset M -1.0 /or Bu4a. ??. ^WOTT. )t1l CofltfrPt WfDMMd lltko. sshsas ^*K2asv^ 4ipo?iw i on unfv?nviiniB ftiOWi 4 ??^i OFFICIAL. Dinimn or Itati. > W*sk*mt**m Jmmwmri M MM j Bib : TW rmMnl ?f tw I'alM HIM W i( aatlaft?4 ttat fee liBulf Im?cII>m mtnkm M ! ? la lave* la IkM Dtafctal, wl tM ttof co to iMMlit VMM awtidag far togl* Uttwi>rC?HW,l??<iiw<>i>yMn?M>t>y then to jtk : Aa Hiatal af tha XMautot ?f 0?l?>to yu will ?t Ndln t?to tMi ly ht p?mw claim* to bt M4 to aarrk* w tob?r wttkta Um District ?r *? whcra, m4 Mt ttogrt with aay ctIm h Mtmuw, mImi flpH irml a* mmIU ant, puiMtt to Uw, m faiflUvM trmm Mck acnrlea ?r labor; u4 ym will Ml ratals My nek MHim la ?aM? > * ? * thirty dtp (.-em their arrest m4 cMuiltoMt, wkm by pwltl order of MapHnl cletl as - I IfcwWj. You will forthwith cause publication to be mads of this order, and at the si pi ratios of tea dsys therefrom you will apply the same te sil pee seas so elalmed te be held ts sereteo er labor, and >w la your custody. This order has ao relation ts aay arrests made by military authority 1 sm, sir, your obed 1 sot sereaat, ju ll-iw ITILLIAM n >IWABD Department op stats, W miMTM, iuwy tS, Ml TIm Btrttiry of State will hemftw rooelvo Member* of Coogrea on bodoi oc SotoiAaya, nwMtlBg wltb htordir, tfco ftrat of tut BODlk jun<? niLUAH a.. BBWAIfi, WAR DEPARTMENT, J Aire AIT U, 1081. Ounu, That tht Wu DtputBNl will be closed Tneadsys, Wednesdays, Tbondajt ud Fridays ifi'.ut all other business bat that which relates to active military operations la the ftetf Saturdays will be devoted to the boataaa o4 Senators and Repreaentntlees. Mondays to the bnslnens of the Pa bite EDWIN M. ?TANTON, JiM-tf Secretary of Wa*. AUCTION 8ALBS. FUTURE DATS By 1. C. MoGL'IRK 4k CO , Auctioneer*. SUPERIOR RQSKWOOOBKVKN OCTAVE O ftAKoFo?TK,Pr?!?iTr*i?Rp Hoifumti tr?ICT?? Ob i HLk!"UA V MOkNINO, Jan swt, at ivo'tkk, at iba reeidoBee ot Mrs. br?wlw*, on 16th ttreet. batveen I and K atroota, we itol! sell the Fartitura and Effeota, oowp'ietDf? Vary ?apenor Ko< ewood aeren Ooi?m PiMafortt, Saiteoz Roaaoooc Green Pliak oorand Pari or Fnroitare. oowjprmni tbrea Soiaa, two Am and ?;x Parlor Chatre, Rosewood Marblo-u a Tab'ea. Corner Stead, Large Freooh plate Mantel Mirrora. m Fancy Corner stand, Work Tabic, i Brntce!* and S p_r Carp-ta, Oi olotb. Oak ExteneioaTable and Cbaira. Uandavma FreuohCfciMDinner Sat, v n? ?uu va|r?TN ViMWir?< TW ?Wh 9i!r?r-plated Tt* f<*t, Ca'icra. Hpooni.MHl Porks, CotL-oo?ertd Writisc Tab a, Louff, * Two M?n? .*<1 C<tt4ii Waleat Bedsteads, WardroMa, Bormi* i&d Wuhit4L<jt. Hair and Hoak MattreaM*. Bolatera and Piltova, Rafriferatora, Moraa, Kitchen UUcaiia, A a. Taroiacanh. j c mrQUlKK A CO., Ante. crrre* ABOVE tALE 18 PO#TPOrtKp in uoiiae*aocoe of the ra.Q anti TL'RtJDAY, February 4, ?an>a hot r. ja?i d J C. MceUlBK A CO , Aaota. Mr WALL A BARNARD, A aotiono-ra. Comir South $\i* Pm. a?. and JV?u* itr?t. GRO( fcRILS. I IQUOR*. Ae. AT ACCTioa-Oa 1UE?1>aY MoRMN?. FaUmary 4lu, oimtneucinc at io o'oiook. ?< will aall at onr % (Cion rocns. without reeerva, to o!t?aa *erara <nvuicea -t (irooerlea. Ac , o""prUm*? Bataot Bu-ntai d tiraec CtffM, Hat a Mioe Fir a, *M' oi Pea?. 10 boxea I'bawicc Tobiooo. 6u b 'xe* baxtarn Cuturr Dairy Chw*. It xea''andM, ca ea Piealee. brxee Boaa, 11 and X citka HranJy. \ cuta Marie, ra Wia?. i>ane a Mi let'a hje, Mil Ward'a and Crw'a bourdon WHaky, Barreia P.ka, * and Maccolia Whieki**, Caaea of YVhi?kr, Madeira Wma. Soaidam Schnapa H -andtaa and Clarets and ft ' arrtia I m& ip will, iiowriUNTj ooot*. aodc?-? ?oek*. 16 oun print* Snrdmee, bnrreis Sirur, l# on?ke Onoinneti una*. . * ? Window 8m? suitftb.e for Oi4i*ra and nturi, M birrvla Butm, WtUt oiaer uooua not her mentioned, whieh wtll be positively to d. Tenet ceeh. )?? d WALL k BARNAKD, A nets. By J. C. MeSLIRK A CO.. Aeetioneere. TBL tJTEE'^ SALE or NEAT TWO-8TOEY Framb DwiLLiiie Bom on Thti itiut wht? BiiwBin N A.ns O sinirr* noirn ?On MoN OA V APTitWUOW, wliiiin >M>,H ? u c.oct, on the premise*. by virtne of ? deed of trust, anted October S5th, 1*60. nod duly reoo dec >n Liber J. A. 8 No *?, folio* tl, Ae., o* of the lftM reoora* for We*t.urton ooeoty, l>. C . I shell eeil tbe title to perte or Lot* n sabered to nnd M, m DftTidson's *ub of iqaftre numbered Ml. fronting 15 feet l mob on Tenth ?treet we*', between N end O street* north, running beok ISO feet te ft thirty-feet * ley, togelhr with the improvement*. ocnaiauag or* EMt na well built tv?-au>ry KrtM Dwelhrg Mooee. with a back bmldinc. "Tanas: On third eaah, tbe remainder in tlx and twelve months. with inUrMt, iwtrwl by a deed ai trmt on the premises. _ JftS. H. 8HKIEI.L, Tmstae. J* 31 2awftds JTc. MoGllftft fcCO.Aiott. Bt J. C MoGUlftE ft CO* Auctioneers. CALK OP THE RUINS OF TUB 6 E.N lift C5 al Hospital, os Jr&icuar tycaix ?Oa WEDNESDAY MORNINU, Febraary 6, at 11 o'oioek, at the ruins of th? let m%ry, oi E street. betweec uh And 6th streets, we ahsfl w'l la iota to it, the old materials, comprising? j Old Brleks in the vt la and down, Doors. Framea. gash and HUnda, Lot of Lnmber. Foorinf. Joists, Ac , *tone stlia, Heads and Flarcing, F urnaces. K \r.f ea, Oaaand water Pipe*, Lot of Hospital Fnrniture, Bedsteads, Mattrwiw, lilVVBf KD.t a o. 5?rms ouh, in Government funds. he whole to be removed within thirty day a after the sate. By order of the Comnieeioner of Pablie RjuM"ie'g-d J. C. McQPllE * CO- A not*. WASHINGTON STEAM BAKklY, f? 147 C Siidt. Between ud 6th Street*. The attention of dealers ia re* vested to oar larva etock of FRESH CRACKERS AND CAKES, Araonf the varisties may be named : WATER CRACKERS. SUGAR CRACKERS. SODA CRACKEkS. BU ri BK UHACKEK9, EDINBIRG CRACKERS. GROIND CRACKERS. GINGER CAKES, SUGAR CAKES. ALMOND NUTS, GINGER NIT? RAISIN CAlU. BiyiM ?z*lMiv*)y for tuk, aod ^iiumim Ua advaata?M of tt?n K**r and Ue oiott approval machinery, V* are aftie to Mil at Ue iQwwt aaaofeotarlii priose. fCT Wkolmit Dwltrt, Raters iad oUin buyiBi (oodi at Ui North, may art ue ex>?sf of freif ht aad wear* fraek unai a* a all- jaMtruf COIJV WANTEDf The Hlilim Prtw paid for GOLD AND BILVKII Sraci* Fob Bali ui Sviu to Brrr. LIWII JOHNSON * CO., ? A It JT * R 5 , PnimTou AVnva. _ 1? Caraer Teath tre*. IX) VKL.L. COI.LKS a CO_ WHOLESALE GROCERS, M Froat BCrwt, N?* York, ud 111 K Btran, Waafclaftaa. D. 0? (mmt WilHrdli loM.) MiW a kiMt af oar N?t York Nkk. lialuMat la this ?ty, innU BJtUrt, Ortttri, mmtmri, and to aail and auuaina oar sta^k wkiak m wall inmi ana aoafriaad of yooda of U< taat aaality. Wa lafca or4ar? for aajtaiac ia aar !? *? aad aaaaate ttM ch!? ItHJL dalmokal honp niml bMlKiC i fiMitiwta, 40 a.lN I4VC r'oc*?t H?n<Ueci..cfi. t?-j tk?^ >?2 J. W. COLLET. nuzter** ?iS8 rfeKif3, Jat Own Vwiiw>M.JlBi<irt. ntUT ATlUVTiOW& ?4 m te'51 ?'"'5

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