Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. , j None*.?After having for many year* printed the llats of letter* remaining uncalled for In the poet office of this city, (tinder the law author trine their publication In the newspaper bavin? the largest circulation within th? usual delivery of the office,) the proprietor of the Stmt has at length felt compelled to decline their further Insertion, because of the greet space they have come to occupy, and of the feet that for months post he haa been forced to lay over on each occasion, when printing the lists, advertisement* the insertion of which would hsve paid at least doable as much as the law allowed him for the letter list. In addition to this positive pecuniary loea by their insertion since thoee lists nave come to be as laree aa the New York city letter lists, they hare entirely?on the day on which tbey were printed?defeated bta purpo*e of making tbe Star ilwava a newspaper?newa being Its well-known apecialitf. ? - . Amoivimti To-Nioht. Thxats* ?Tbe benefit of La Senorita Cubaa }ait night seemed to bare drawn oat tbe entire fashionable public, every nook and cranny of tbe theater being packed with tbe crowd which poured through the entrance in a iteady atream until the houae literally overflowed with the throng. The graceful Cubaa elicited, as asnal, unbounded applause, "El Polo de Cadlx" and "El Ole" stirring op unprecedented enihusla?m This evening (her last night In Washington) a grand Hungarian dance and the Ppanish dance "La Madulena," with tbe theatrical company In "Tbe Young Widow." "Good for Nothing," and 'The Sailor Boy of France." CaaiaTY'a.?George Christy, Niel, Stiatton, ClalrvlUe. Haslam, Boniface, Japanese Tommy, and all tbe otber stars in an original Dili or ourlevques, songs and dances. Look oat for O. C. In hit s'.de-tplltting afterpiece to-night. Castbbbcbt Hall?An attractive bill of pantomime, dance*, songs, ballada, solos, slack-rope performance*, feats of sleight o' hand, and the Irresistibleafterpiece " Robert Macalre." Butler MM '? Jacques Strop " Kino a a**HrnnrAT*a.?Benef.t of tbe "people's rlown," Joe Pentland, wbo sings "Jolly Jack the Rover," and dancea a reel on a quart cup four inchea square. Twenty new acta in the arena, concluding with "Jocko, the Brazilian Ape." Monday evening, first appearance of the clown, John Landla. OapHAJia' Faib for th?b?neflt of St. Vlnoent s Female Asylum, corner of O and Tenth streets. Useful and fancy articles, Ice cream, confectionery, etc. Academy of Music ?Popular free concert* at 3 o'clock, with excellent refreshments, Ac , *c. .11 A. nui open ui any. L*ctw** bt Ralph Waldo Emiksox?Mr. Emerson had a large audience laat night on the occasion of bit lecture before the Association, and on bis mounting the platform there was a general movement to get-a look at the Seer of Concord. Personally be is very much a Yankee seer?long-limbed, long-featured, lank-bairr-d, slab sided, keen-eyed, turn-down collared; and , is by no manner of means the mind's ideal of the distinguished thinker and essayist Mr Emerion commenced by remarking upon tbe d'ffl?ulfy of precisely defining civilization, and proceeded to treat upon the modes by which nations make progress Commerce is a great civiilzer Road-building Is a great promoter of civilization. Another step, Is the change In a community from war and pasturage to agriculture. Tbe post sfllc?; a cheap press; division of labor; multiplication of the arts of peace; tbe right position of woman in society, were all texts of civilization. Tbe lecturer had thought that it vu a suflcient definition of civilization to term It tbe Influence of good women. Climate haa something to do with civilization. Where the now fall* there civil freedom prevail*. In hot climates men are selfish, grasping, cruel There had been exceptional cases of noble rarea of men in equatorial regions, as in Egypt and Arabia. Deep morality la an esaential condition of high clvi"ty Man brings into hi* service the various element*, as In tbe use of the water fall, tbe force of gravitation, electricity, Ac ; and tbev wi!l always do his service faithfully so long a* they are employed t* Ik' direction tkey trartl A* oar handa tbns relv on tbe elements, cur poli'lca *bould rely npon principles, and we shall have elements at hand to do tur work, if used In the direction thev too are moving. We can also thus harness evil elements to work for good. We can tax the pleasant vtcea What a gain would It be were whisky end rum taxed up to the point of prohibition! Tohacco and opium have very W?*d backs, and will support armies, If properly taxed. Tbe test of civilization In a country la not ita census or its yield of cropa, but tbe hind of men It turns out Personal liberty, aneedy justice, secure tenor of landa, Ac., were vlt2l elements of civilization The lecturer proceeded with an animated tribute to tbe nobilltv of labor, and charged against tbe lnatltutloa of slavery that it makea labor a disgrace We bad long endeavored to bold two states of civilization together, the feudal one of the slave Sta'es, and tbe progressive one of the free State*. Why not extend the higher state of civilization over the whole? Ia not civilization heroic, active, having a will? We live in a new und exceptional age America wh a word that In bis even meant opportunity. The Government had been reproached for unwillingness to strike blows and adopt measures which, in its judgment, was calculated to make peace Impossible; but he had no fear of the result. As, when two schoolboys set in punishment to beat each other, they commence with light sportive blown, but as their anger mounts, end in giving each otner a sound trouncing; so the blows in this case would harden as the contest went on. There were compensations growing out of the calamities of the times. We shall abate somewhat of our national vanity. The American eagle must hereafter be less of a peacock. Everybody studies economy now. The war s-?arches character, and has develoDed an as tonisblne nationality. It had brought out not merely the effeminate sentimentalist, but the rough democrat, who hatea abolition but secesaicn more. There la a healthier tone physically throughout the country In tbeae war times; the bllla of mortality are smaller; there are less fevers, consumptions, and dyspepsias where there la so much electricity. Nature sympathizes, boys are barn! Bat the war goes on groping for some broader, more catholic frinciplea. At last we shall hare to come to emanrlpation, with compensation to ioyal citizens, as the only platf'rm. Emancipation is the demand of civilization. The moment emancipation la declared, the army of the enemy la destroyed, as it must scatter and hasten home to look after the alavea The war, be trusted, is to heal a deeper wound than It makea. It 1* to rid us of that acepticlsm that doea not believe In prlnclplea, but in material success Morality la the real object of all gorernmeot. end we want a country in wmcu vac practice 01 rascality mail not pay. Ia conclusion. he expressed the conviction that victory will foil where It ought to fell. Mr. Rmerson la too large-minded and philosophically tolerant to elicit the hearty applause of the admlrera of Cheever and aome others of the course, but his lecture was listened to with thorough attention, and a general expression of regret wss msnifested that he seemed to fael it Incumbent upon him to keep within the hour. Tm bioht movb i* m bight dibictiob, to svfplt a local NtcssstTT ? Editor Star: We are gratified to learn that the Congressional District Committees have determined to report a hill authorising our city banki to issue small bills We are, then, to have a sure, safe and reliable aubstHate for the smaller coin, and our merchants will not be compelled to Import, dally, from the North and East, small bills, regarding the value and standing of which this community Is not posted. We sre flooded with all sorts of notes, from all sorts of places, "a new Detector" before your eyes all the time, and then the counterfeits snd broken oaes will creep in. Why, only a few days since, we were offered twomty-mnu counterftxt notes to pay a bill of thirty-four dollars; the day after, fifteen counterfeits wert sent in a bill of forty-five dollars, and,when returned, the party Insisted that we should take them, or thev would not deal with us aay more; and stated that they had to take them In the coarse of their trade. fllssnl las ?ma! I*e fif* ftf Knnrlv . bat wiy comment further? DayBook. ' Tib mnanoiTKairsuic riuivii plats for tbe insertion of artificial teeth. Invented sod i patented by L>r Levett. 19 Wsverly Place, New York?who haa been over twenty years In practice?peesessee advantages over old modes, It la claimed, In Increased auction, with leas obstruction to tbe middle of the month; la lighter in weight, and covers less surface In tbe mouth. This ibode la much approved and recommended by Dr Caraocbaa and other eminent aurgeoas. For tbe benefit of residents and strangers la Washington, Dr Levett baa opened a branch office at k 461 Toatb st. west, where tbe Improvements sad specimens caa be explained and demonstrated Sreoasrion ?Does the reader wish to knew where the pleasure of benefaction nay be ssfsly tndolgsd and the heart take a leeaoo in Tlrtue? It ta at the orphans' fair new holding at St. Vlncvat's Female Asylum, corner of Tenth and 0 streets, from 10 a. m till the same hour of the eveniag. Articles of nee sad tssto sre here oStored on sale, and a very nioe dinner or eopper may he obtained. The scene will enliven the gloomyminded sad cheer thennxions heart. Who there visit will far a time forget their troubles and yield themselves servants to " charity which la klad.i Wiiuit.-See the Suu't advertising columns for aouro where to ohtaln the deeervedly celebrated wMaker of S. N. Pike * Co , of Cinolnnatt. Mr. Dapre, Pike k. Co "s agent here, U too ?gent for half a doten other celebrated distilleries, makiag as pore and finely flavored wblj*lci aa are to be obtained In the United . _ _ w Thi nmict IR C050UI** ? Washington mnd Q$?rg?tewn Ratitoay.?On Thursday Mr. Grlmn introduced a bill to incorporate the Washington and Georgetown Railway Company, which proposed that Richard H. Wallach, John It Brodnead, Wm B. Todd, Joseph Brysa, Z. C. Robbias, Edward Clark, Sayles J. Bowen. Henry Addison, W. H. Tsnney, and Peter H. Watson, and their ssaoeiatM and assigns, shonid be created a body corporate, under the name of the Washington and Georgetown Railway Company, with authority to construct snd lev down a double track railway In the cltiea or Georgetown snd Wsshlngton, commencing on Bridge street, at Its intersection with High street, or at such point aa " T vcuni^oivru uy mr turpuraic auiuunurs, along Bridge street to lta Intersection with tbe street running to tbe tubular bridge over Rock Creek to Pennsylvania avenue, along that avenue to Fifteenth street w?#t, along that ntreet to Pennsylvania avenue, and along that avenue to the foot of the Capitol grounds; thence around the northern boundary of tbe Capitol grounds to the northern gate, through the same by tbe southern gate, tbence along their southern boundary easterly to Pennsylvania avenue, along that avenue to Eighth street east or Garrison street, and along that street soath to the Navy Yard gate; with a lateral road connecting the main road with New Jeraay avenue at its Intersection with tbe depot of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company; also a railway from that depot along New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York avenue# to Intersect the main road near the State Department; also, railway commencing at Boundary atreet north and running aown sevemn sireei wrii to Pennsylvania avenue or to the Potomac; also a railway commencing at Boundary atreet north and running down Fourteenth atreet west to Pennsylvania avenue or to the Potomac. The fare on those roeds is not to exceed five cents a passenger, and the roads are to be subject to the municipal regulation of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, and be liable to taxation as other real estate and personal property are. Ten per centum of the gross receipts for fares la to be paid over to the cities of Georgetown and Washington, In proportion to the relative population cf the two cities, to be applied exclual vely to the support of free public schools; and, while that per centum ahall be duly paid, the realty of the road la to be exempt from any other taxation. The capital stock of the company ia to be 1300.000, divided Into shares of SO each, transferable as personal property. Booka are to be open lo receive subscription to tbe stock, and the stockholders are to elect a board f directors Tbe restrictions and regulations are severe and numerous, running through many sections. Mr. Grimes made an explanation yesterday, stating that the bl.l did not create a close corporation. It authorised nine commissioners to open books, and when th? company was formed tbe duties of those commissioners would cease. He bad sought to obtain the names of gentlemen who bad the confidence of the community and who were well known here. Among other names that were Inserted was that of Mr. Peter H. Watson, at present the Third Assistant Secretary of War. All tbe names were Inserted on his own resnonsl billty, without conference with any body. Knowing Mr. \Va toon's reputation be saw fit to Include that gentleman's name among the commissioners, but Mr Watson protest? against bis name being retained, for tbe reason that he has never been a corporator In any company, and has never b?en interested in any job or speculation of any kind, and he deslret that his name should be strlck n oat. Criminal Court.?Yesterday, in the case of Edward Magee, tried for the larceny of <90 from Wm. Taussig. Mr. Utermehle, counsel for def-nw, ay reed u> submit tbe case without argument, which was agreed to by the District Attorney; ana the jury brought in a verdict of acquittal. Patrick McCarthy, indicted for an assault and battery, with intent to kill, on Henry Douglas, was aconltted John Doe was tried and found guilty of assault and battery on Frederick Holzier. [Thus It will be seen that John Doe, who figures in the law books and in ejectment suits in the Circuit Court In connection with Richard Roe, Is no longer a mvth, but has at last been found and convicted ] The Court proceeded to sentence Albert Contner, who was convicted a few days since of man. slaughter, having killed John Bremllneln a brawl In Prather'salley. The prisoner is a very young man, with a frank, open, and rather handsome countenance, and with nothing in his appearance to denote the hardened criminal. The Court, in passing sentence, spoke in a feeling and Impressive manner to the prisoner, and referred to the f?ct disclosed by the testimony of two highly re* pec table gentlemen that he (the a % ? -? ? - " prisoner j La a a gooaitna wormy ratter, and ai at cave bad excellent moral training, all of which be (the prisoner) bad forgotten or thrown aside when be came to tblscity. The evidence elicited tbe fact that be bad descended to the lowest depths of degradation, and was almost out of tbe pale of humanity and civtliz ition, that he and another young man were living with two women of the vilest character in a house which had no other furniture than a table, a stove and a few chairs, without beds and with no glass in tbe windows; and that all slept together In a room ten feet square, thus assimilating themselves to tbe bessts or tbe Held; that la this place, and In a diipute about the person of one of these wome.i, who was drunk at tue time, and should In tbls state have excited tbe disgust of any man with a sense of decency and propriety left, the prisoner shst a fellow creature, causing his death. In view of tbe fact that the prisoner was in bis own house, and other facts disclosed In evidence, the Court thought tbe verdict of manslaughter a very proper ont, ana me prisoner was sentenced to imprisonment In the penitentiary for eight year*, commencing from and after the Oth day of February. The Court stated that this time?until the Oth instant?waa granted to allow the prisoner to see bis parents Henry Burke, colored, was then arraigned, charged with an assault and battery with Intent to kill on Alfred Thomas, also colored, having cut him very badly with a razor, which case was la progress when the court adjourned. R*v. Dh. Bococi'sCosgrkg ation, i* Gxoxoilow.i ?The congregation of the Bridge Street (Old School) Presbyterian Church, in Georgetown which was last under the ministration of Er. Bocock, who is now where his sympathies were before be departed?In Se^essia?bad a meeting on Monday last, and called the Rev. Dr. Ar is?V Hrnurn nf PlAoalan/f sikia #a ?11 4k* I VMVI ?V? V* V1VTVIUUU) vy UtWj IV UII IUC vacancy, but no response hu yet been received. From all accounts the two ministers are an wide aa the poles apart on tbe queatlon of tbelr duty In the crlaia. Dr. Bocock could not or would not pray for tbe Prealdent. Dr. Brown, on the contrary, prays for tbe Prealdent, bia Cabinet, tbe Congreaa, the army and navy, seldlers, privatea and marinea, and we have no doubt embrace* tto'e well-abuaed claaaea, tbe U-amsters and commissaries; and pr.iya for the aucceas of all these, ao thdt tbe rebellion may be apeedily overcome. Dr. Bocock had named a aucceaaor; but the congregation, It aeema, prefer to chose for themselves. CimtkaL Gd&rdhocsb Casks?Btfort Justice Clark?January iU?Samuel Howard, gambling; line and coats; *51. James M. Stone, profane and dlaorderly; f5 Elisabeth Usher, assault and battery; security for court. George Kelser. charged with larceny; dismissed. Patrick Welsh, profanity; *2 M Paul Sullivan, drunk; for trial. Jerome vermaca, win. jone*, ueorge Henry, Edw'd Davis, drunk and disorderly; turned over to the military. January 30?Jaa. Clark. Margaret Bresnahsn, drunk and disorderly; f 1 SM each. Francis Steward. do ; S3. John G. Heyback, carrying concealed weapons; workhouse 60 day*. Hugh Murray, doj K0.M Isaac Lyle. Win H. Mortimer, Daniel McCarthy, Jos. Good#, Wm Gray, Jos. McHatton, Michael Hatton and Michael Donnelly, soldiers, drunk and disorderly; tuaned over to the military. For am W??d Station Casks?Btfon Juttic* Walur ? John WtUlams, drunk; Peter Conla n and Jos Dalton, desertion; turned over to the military. Robert Humbolt, John Thomas, disorderly conduct: Si 58 each. January 30 ?Wm. Jones, soldier, fell off of a wagon and wm picked up by the patrol; kept till sober and sent to his quarters. H H Chamberlln. Wm. H Henderson, and Joseph Shubert, arrested up>nj suspicion of the larceny of a gold watch belonging 'u a gentleman namod Shaw, in a barber's saloon on Seventh street. The watch waa taken from a vest hanging on the clothes rack, - - V a A* MAC 1*1 AS A - ouu ww vtiuru ?i ?4w i mm parnea were laentltted u having been in the saloon a few minutes before the low wu discovered They are retained for a further heartog. The Giomhowr Stabbing Cass.? Mrs. Drain, who was stabbed by her husband, George Drain, a member of the 14th New York Keg"t, on Bridge street, Georgetown, a day or two since, has somewhat recovered, and started for her home in Klmyra, N. Y., Thursday, at great risk to herself, as her condition Is still critical from the wounds she received. When wounded she was taken to the house of Mr. Mar bury, a prominent member of the bar, and that gentleman's family have been unremitting la their kindness and atteatlon to her and her Da be since the assault, and furnished her means when she started home. Dr. Snyder, who dreaeed her wounds, was also very attentive to her and her child. Takbh to til Goasshocss?Yesterday afternoott, tbe patrolmen of the Second Ward were called upon to arrest a soldier for aome disorderly act la the scuffle which ensued between the prisoner and offlRers, be was struck with a club by Roundsman Reed. This act of the Roundsman gave offence ti a number of persons, military and elvll, but the prlaoner wa? conv?y?d to the guard bona* and delivered to tbe military authorities' Pso? J.K Goodall, tbe talented professor of music, is seals Is Wasolngton, and has resumed his profession as as Instructor (See his advertisement.) Mr. Goodall will be remembered as tbe conductor of tbe splendid orchestra at tbe National Theater some tea years ago, and also as tbe cboesa leader for tbe performances of the 'Phllbsrmosic Society," which was started about that time. Pref 6 designs msklsg Washington bis permaoest resldssos Police ?Yeaterday the patrolmen of the Third Ward arretted George Kendall, a vagrant, and he was seat to the workhouse for 00 days by i ustice Thompson. Fred Koenlg and John G.Graff were arretted by the Fourth Ward police by direction of Justice Walter, to prevent a dnel or other breach of the poace. It appeared upon examination, that the parties are oflcera in the army, Koenlg a captain, and Graff a sergeant The latter was accom t I 1 %- I. 1 rn.rn.Jk ?k.4. ? Y , 1 pouiru uy mi wuc, auu mtc iuoii ?vr?ito w?k?** thev had a filling out and lived unhappily, and finally separated Tbe captain, not wishing to aee her stfffer In a strange land In the midst of strangera, attended to her wants. Finally an agreement was made by which the sergeant should renounce all claim to hla frow for a certain amount. Lately the amount due (S100) waa to be p&ld. and the wife wiahing to return to Germany, the captain proposed to give it to her, to enable her to go back, and about this a dlsriute aroae Yesterday Justice Walter happened n at the New York Hotel, on C, near Four-anda half street, and in tbe adjoining room to that In which he waa, tbe dlapute waa in progreas; and he overbearing the challenge pats, a?>nt for tbe patrolmen, and arrested all bands. The principals were held to ball in 8500 each not to leave tM? nitif *n flcrht a Hrt*l ind tn k?#n nMrft. Tbe captain then paid the wife tbe 8100, to enable ber to return* Sudden Death ow ax Citizen.?'This morning Major Thomas Quantrlll, a bigblv respected citizen, and a veteran of the war of 1812, fell upon the the aide walk, on Louisiana avenue, near tbe Canterbury Hall, and died in live minutes. Hla body was taken to the residence of a gentleman near, and his family residing in tbe First Ward, notified. Msjor Quantrlll was about seventy years of age, and was yesterday apparently in good health. Beaten ?William Hutchinson, one of the witnesses before the Potter Investigating committee, was treated pretty roughly on Thursday night, near tbe Capitol, in a quarrel growing out of his testimony before the committee. We understand that he received several blows on aud about the head. Coir an? Exchanss Rates.?At the banking bouse of L. Johnson A Co. we ascertain that the rates have varied but little during the past wrwk. The buying price of coin to-diy was 3 per cent, for Treasury notes, and the selling price 3\'. Exchange on Baltimore, u ? X i Philadelphia, do.; New York, Jf, payable In Treasury notes; Boston, X* X Attention is called to the announcement elsewhere of Prof. Barnes' second grand soiree at TemDerance Hall. E street, between Ninth and Tenth streets, next Friday evening. Prof. Alix- Wolowski's Nx'fc' Msthod of Lkasmiws thk Piaho.?We take great pleasure in noticing the high commendations bestowed upon Prof. Wolowskl's method of the piano, and the great auccesa that he has met with since he haa been with ua. We also take great pieaatire in referring to the following card from one of th* first teachers of mnalc in this city: Mr Editor?Sir: Having noticed the several advertisements of Prof Wolowskl of his new method of the piano, I was tempted to call upon him and aee if hia method was such as was represented. I called upon Prof Wolowskl, and from the Interviews that I had with him, I am pleased to be able to state for the advantage of others, that hit method has been eminently successful in my case, as I have derived great beneSt from it, and can recommend It as being superior to all others In conclusion, 1 would advise all those who would wish to lay the basis for perfection in the use of the piano not to lcs? this rare opportunity. A Teacher. The residence of Prof. Alex. Wolowski is No. 303 Sixth street, between K street and New York avenue. It On Wednesday Evening, January 89, a number of voung men assembled together for the purpose of forming a literary society, to be known as the "Young Men's Ltterarv Association of St. Aloystus Institute " The following officers were chosen for the ensuing term : Spiritual Director, Rev. Benardln S. Wiget, 8. J ; President, John P. Brosshv; Vice President. Martin Flannery, Secretary, Christian F Eckloff; Treasurer,Thomas A. Rover; Librarian, George A O'Hare. Direct, ors, Daniel A. Clancy, Jos. H. Brooke, John F. Fennell. By order. It# Christian F Ecklo??, Secretary. A Ca*d.?Washington, D C., Feb. 1,18fr2 ? Editor of the Star:?Sir: My name appear* in the report of the " Potter Investigating Committee" reported as disloyal. Ac ,upon the testimony of nn<* James Devlin, of this city. I pronounce siid chargetobe false and slanderous. Said Devlin is a man of no character, end therefore I shall rpnt him with that rnnfprr.nt whirh hp Hpcppvpb James A Reynolds, Chief Clerk to First Lieut. Leslie Smith, First Infantry, A. C. 8., V. 8. A. It# A Card ?In regard to the statement In the New York Tiil>nn< of 28th Inst., In which 1 am charged with testifying that the two Mr. Pennington* *nd Arthur MrNally were secessionists, I positively deny making th? statement; nor did I testify where they went to, or for what purpose they left Washington What I did testify to, I am willing to abide by. Jas. E. Arnold. February 1,1862. It# Corns, Bunions, Calcsltles, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all diseases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 426 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and Sixth streets. Room 7?up stairs. Office hours from 12 m. to 6 p m. Orders to call at realdencea promptly attended to. jan 16-lm* Familirs who have never used Boston crackert are Invited to try those manufactured fresh every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable grocers. ja28-tf IssTAXTAXiotJp cure of Corns, Bunions, Cal. losities, Inverted Nalla, Warta, and all dise-ses of the feet. Mr. Demond, Surgeon Chiropodist, is enabled, by a peculiar process, to eradicate the most painful excrescences In a few minutes,without tbe least pain or th? slightest Inconvenience to the patient Consulting hours from nine a. m. to five p. nr.. at bia office, 3S3 Pennavlvania avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel. Beat reference given in this city. t Soldikks, see to your own health. Do not trust to the army supplies. Cholera, fever, and bowel complaint will follow your slightest indiscretion. Hol'oway's Pills and Ointment should be In every Man'a knapsack. The Brltixh and Prpnch trnnni n?> no nthrr mxilrlnn Onlv K cents per box or pot. 218 The Ihciajj Herb Doctor, From Canada, will describe dilates and tell his patients the nature of tbelr complaints or ill. ness, without receiving any Information from them. No chargi for Consultation or Adtici. ocr motto. We use such Balms as have no strife VV 1th Nature or the Laws of Life : With Blood our hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease tbelr pain. Our Father?whom all goodness Alls, Provides the means to cure all ills; The simple Herb* beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? These, these shall speak with touching power t\f /?Ka nr*? anil Koa ItVi In tha l/U?II^V HUU UVU> U ?V ?MV WajAtnyto* Buildings, Pa. avenwe, about fit* minutes realkjrom Brown's Hotel. Room?No. 10. ja 27-Tt* India Rubbrr Uoods. India robber Sheets for protecting children'! beds, that no family should b? without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blanketa, for soldier*, 91.35 each. Rubber Ponehoa and Blanketa combined, ?2.50 each. India Rubtar Coats, white or black, fii.SOeacb. India Rubber Legglna SI per pair. And all kinda af Rubber (roods, Including Rubber Boots and Shoe*, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds In sickness, Ar r A r A# maAnfa/?iii?a*>a nrf/ios at U A U all WW I ?WV ) " tM? HW1UV*UI CI 0 P1 IW") ?? ** A IllUt t India Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pa. a*., between Ninth and Tenth street*. jan 1-tf MARRIED. On the ?Hh January, by Rst. Mr. Effenger, Mr. EHOMaB fc da,nt, Jr. to Miaa MARY E. lliott, both of Washington City. I Alexandria paperoopyJ DIBDt Ob the Slit nltimo, alter a ahort illness, SARAH ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of Washington and Jane Wallingaford, ared t year and 4 months. Weep not for litt e Sarah, Her gentle spirit fled, She gently aleesa with Jesus, Among the aiientdaad. Shed not a tear of sorrow Aromna ner aueni lorao? Think what a lovely flower Yob have in heaven to bloom. G< d sent her for a aoaeon, Then beckoned her iw?yFarewell, ray earthly porente,

1 oaa no loacer ?tay. The raneralwiil take piaoe at S o'olook to-morrow (Ban day.) Ob the morning of the nth of Jaonary. ANNIE GkkkR, daugbter ot Horatio aaa Mary Kobey, ag-J 19 month* and 11 dati. Aa the eweet flo?er that bioomed la the morn, Hat withered lath* nmii day, Tho-?gh lovely wae Uuainfcat dawn. Thai awiftly fled her liaavay ?a. o. * Oa the Slat of Jaasary, of eonaamptioa, JOHN ft. MOOKK, U the Sid year of hu age. Hi* laacaiahiac head i* at r?et. His aoninf a aaa thinkiace are o'ar, Hia ?aiet, immoveable breaet la ueaveo by affliction? no mors. HufrlMda ud tu? fricnda of ttwfiaiilT M inri??J to MMod tjkf tuner*], on Ssndnr rveping, RSKR.siSf SSe-V^SSSS S'iS llthatt. [ B*iomor? Ban ??py.] ft* Juury, BKN0N1 W.fOPBJl. v t PFR^NAii. PLH^O ? A.L.?A. *?- '.ai:i?n of Bora' habits. and not cic?b*u a!y homely in pers >na> appeara^"#. with a fair annual iaoome, an') rr>: over 38 years oi axe. U desirous of firming the ncqDaintanc* of a yoocg lady, with a new to mat imonr. The lady mngt not be over 24 year* if , rather prepostMnni in Mpea'anoe, with a r od eriuoaticn- aud fair conversational powers. Wraith thouihcot particularly desirable, would not obj<*itiA? _bl*. Jddrws, within two wneks, "Ruins," through Washington city Post Oflioe. ja >'-3t* WANTS. WILL JAMES H. CALL IMMEDIATELY on IS. J. ALLEN, at the office of the Provost Marthal, oorn?r 19th and I atreete ? It* WANTED-At the V.-ashington Houae, one V NURSE ard two CHAMbERMAlDS. Apply to P. g. MARTZ. 1t? EMKST-CLA8S COO^ WANTED IMMEDI* ately at No. 949 F at. None others need apply If %1/ AN IMMKni ATKI.V? A WOMAN in nue brfad. 4o. Apply to T. I'OTENTINI, 379 Henn av , between 13th and il*h sts. It* VVANTEO-A WOMAN to oook. wash a*d "? iron. Apply at No. 364 C street, Mtween 4 V and 6ta. fa 3 St* \17ANTED?A neat and tidy GTRL to co-% wa?h and iron in a small family. Apply 3?5 20th street went, between G and H fe 1 3** WANTED TO RENT-A STABLE and CARRIAGE-HOUSE. Address "A. W." Star Office, statin* location and terms per month* . fe 1 it" _ A OfntT A m f #\ AT www A %< m IIT\ * Acii uajh^ w ai\ i oii? oy a young mar, &i clerk, Mleoman. or where he oan make him lf cenerally uaefn). Hag had three yeara' expe nenoe, and can brm* the best of referents. A ddreea "H. C- 8 Star Offioe. fe l-?t* WANTED? By a gentleman and wife and two children, a PARLOR and CtTAMBER, communioatint, with or withont Board : private family Preferred. Addre?? "K. T. O.,*' Star Offioe. tiatmc prioe. References riven. 1?* WANTED TO REN T-A Pew in the CHURCH OP THE EPIPHANY. Addreaa Box 13 8tar Offioe. ja 31 SITUATION WANTED, by a food MEAT K5 COOK, in a r?ataarant. or private boarding house Apply at 861 D. corner i3>t ?t. jaSI 2t? \\j a i nv?a w ex lor a ten " Cays old. Asoiy at 61 P?yin avenue, for three days, between the hours of 2 and 4 p. m. Good wages given Colored nurse preferred. j&3'-3t* \\T ANTED?Sin.nro worth of iadies' and gent'.emen's CAST OFK CLOTHING, for whioh cash will be paid their full value. Send your servants, or, if you wish to be called upon, vend a note (statins hour and p!aoe)to Room IS. Washington Building, corner Seventh street and Pennsylvania avenue. ja3l-lw? J. A W- ANDERSON. WANTED TO RENT-A STORE or part of v v one. Mnst be in a *oo<l looation; suitable for the retail trade. Address immediately, W. BERNAKD, city Post Offioe. ja 30-3t* WANTED?A GIRL who can do general housewnrlr C n?n , Tn-olf.k ' - -v '' at ' vi'ii at v an oc i uci?i A W OIIIU* ja?-st* 1*7ANTED?100 WOOD CHOPPERS, locg jol>, good catting. Inquire of Will & Barnard. Center Market. Ja2? 6T ROUZER, B1RR1CK A CO. WANTED-A GENTLEMAN of bnaineae ability, familiar with Waahington City, to atterd to some out door bulines* App'y to JOHNSON. FRY A CO . 4T6 Seventh st. jaSfT-iw* WANTED?Sutler# and Soldier* to know that they can boy C\MP STOVES and TIN WARE cheap of H. J. GREGORY, 341 Penn avenue. ja 16 WANTED?In a dmg etore.a YOUTH between lb and 30 years ol age. Candidates must give satisfactory reference aa to tualificatinns and character. The preference will be gives to one who haa been engaged m the drug bnsiness aix or twelve months. Address "A B C,' Washington City Post Office. ja 1 1m* WANTED.?W* are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVES and BEDDING, for which we are paying the highest oasn prices. Families deolining housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to tneir advantage to give us a nail. DONTZ A; GRIFFITH, je ls-tf No. 369 ?th st.. t <Hw. 1 ana K eta. WANTED?Every person to know that I am in the market, ready to par ca*h tir?r al! articles in the houaefurmehuig lino. Those ietving tue city, or baviiig a turpias, will do well to call. K. ULOHL.Y, 429 Sevanth *t.,between Gand H at*., (ta?t side,; Dealer in New and Second-hand Furn i tu re. no 16 LOST AND jQUiNP. C>C> SO REWARD.?Strayed or stolen on Tucson* day night, a T?hito about #r\, 9 years old, with a long tail The at>o?e reward wwi be given for its return to corner of 4th and Washington sta , Ens'ish It* MICHAEL DOWN!iSii. STRAYED OR STOLEN-January ?7:h, 1862, from ray residence. No. 13*2 Third street, between Market anil High streets. Georgetown, JOSEPH McOUUBINs*. I will give 91.A) for hia recorery, provided he la broueht haok as he left. It* THoa. H. KVAN3, Prop ietor. STOLEN?From the residence of Charlea E. Upperman, 163 Massachusetts avenue, on Toesday mornin?. be tween the hoars of 1 and 2 o'c.ock, two SILK DRF.5S SKIRTS. Any one furnishing information concerning them will be suitably rewarded. A ceco man wti seen to eater the premises, ani ou be identified by the neighbors. fe \ 3'.* fig Z REWARD ? Lost, somewhere riding from V -? oamp to the oity yesterday, a bunch of CHARMS, consisting of a fold ring with seal of f rf en stone. op-ning as a locket, with a miniature in it. Also, a go d eagle, with cornelian sea!, an i a silver drum. The above reward will be [aid for its return to 455 13th st. fe 1 2t* C; "H REWARD?For the apprehension (and delivery to me at Bladeasburg, Md., or recure<< in jail so thai I get him) of NE- Q1 GRO SYLVESTER, late the property of Tf\ Nathaniel Suit, deceased, of Prince Geo-ge's Md 1 will give the above reward no matter u* where taken, S*!veatar is of copper oomplexion; of thin stature: about 5 feet 9 or in inches high. He is w^'l known in Washington city, and is no doubt lurking thereabout or its vicinity, or in the neighborhood of Governor's Bridge. Anne Arunde coun ty.Md. N. C. STEPHEN, Executor of Nathaniel Suit, dec~as d. [Upper Marlboro' Gazette and Prince Georgian paper insert weekly for 4 wetki ] fe l-2w* OREWARD.?Stolen from trough at E. F. %Jau Qu*?n'a,7th street, on the morning |\ ot 30th instant, a da-k sorrel HOR^b.juJl about 16 handa high; white face; two white hind lags, nearly up to knee joints; a',out 8 yc-ars old. 'J he above reward will be given for the return of said Horse to WINDSOR* bKO. S.359 7tn atreet. ja30 1W Z L. WINDSOR. A REWAR n.?Ran away on Tuesday, Jan. <MU22d, NEGRO HOY MADISON BOOTH, commonly called Diok, about 6 feet high; 20 rears old; had on when he ieft ^aP\ wlute cloth pants, two pea jackets; he car ried ofl witb him a large grey horse, about hands high; 8 years old; very high monnted Tne dhnve reward will he riven for the return nf rrun and tione, or 950 for the man and j|2()forUie horse, in either case to ba neoured to that I ge' them again. GEORGE W. GAHDINER, Near Piaoatawar, ja24 2w* Prinoe Georgg'g ooanty. Md. Ran away from the subscriber, near Bladenaburc, BOY ANTONEY CRAWFORD, commonly oalled Tone j. He m ia f feet 5 or 7 inohes huh; very black; abort jR hair; crave ooantenance when fpoken to, with a aoar in one of hia eyebrowa, occa-JZL aioned by a kick of a horae, eo&rcelj perceptitua; left iniNoverober last. 1 will give 8160 to have him brought home to me. ja28 F. MAGRUPER. | OST.-A SEAL KING, and a fox-HEAD i a flPif ? 1 DUMUt Buiiwmra *U m I ??| * WUUUUIUOIIBU OCfc. 5 reward will be given to whoever retnrne the artiolee to this office. de 2-tf I OST?On Friday lMt, m getting out of a oar Li riage at Willarda' Hotel, a lady'a GOLD WATOH. A liberal reward will be jaid for lja retnrn to WILLIAM H. fanning, Polioe Offioer, WiKarda' Hotel. SO boarding! Private boarding, pkrmanknt Mil ?{?.A A BUU hi SkUl ICUfc, m Uio UTdlUlUi OilU ouiuaiuil ions recidenoe. No. 1419 Chestnut street, above Br ?ad. Philadelphia. Ja? lw? |?OR 8ALE-HOR8E, WAGON and HAR1. NESS. The Wagon nearly new and in good order. Mat be seen at the stable nZTA of GEO. STABLtR, H street, between^ 9th and loth sts. Apply at the stable, or at No. SS Louisiana avenue. j?30fo2t* j^TilES ANUgCAR^ ? ? A? UWIMM f In part of E. A. Lake A Co.'a, <i? Undw Browa'a Hotel. PURE WHITE CASTILE SOAP. Castile and Chemioal Soap, Saamacd Adancautine Candles, Coal Oil &Ld F.uio. a? v a nor r urifl'a A* i/UUU *? IV D? I ARBK AND SMALL MACKKREL, Fresh and *u jar cured Hams. At L A. DELLWIQ'B. RAISINS, CURKANTS, FIGS, F1LBBRT8, IV Farina. Corn Stareh. Cuoioe brands of barrels and bags, very superior aiwole of Freeh Ground Coffee, o?;sW tog... JalMw^ Nary Yard. 100 BARRELS POTOMAC HERRINGS, ia More and for Ml* low by OKORGK M. WORL Jt CO., Comniimon Merohmu, ja g lw* 7ft Water ?t. Oaontowtt, D. C do?en now in ?tor?, all at about half tie POK SAIiE AND RENT. |rok KKNT-' P>Rr OR an' r||A?R3R F atraohf?l. Ai?o, three ClumUer*. nant ? *' nisbed, on H street, between 6ii? sod 7th, N'o. * 4 2 Term* moderate. fri &.* r5 &2l j59we for rent in F g EO R8BTOW N.-ffnsw contain 7 roc re-, Uth roo?. servan's room, kitchen an J oollar. ApR yto f^DK.a? Ki|(? A Co., Washington or io. 39 l?t street, Georgetown. ft l ? A RARE CHANCE TO any ONE W18Hini to encace in the ttrooey bitineas, an old and well established s and, of ? years aland ins. now dome a good business; the present owners w.shier to engage in another business. For for* her particu ars oa. i at No. 11** Hi?h street. Georgetown, D. C. Stock ud Future* for ?Je. fsl-eolw FOR SALE.?The new three-atory FRAMK I UUILDING, n'uafd ou the corner of 14th and J atreeta north Thia la one of the re^r bott basicesa ?tands in Washington city. The heu*? la roomy and convenient. the store room suitable for the sale of any kind of merchandise. This property won d be disponed of on the moat reasonable termr, or exchanged for property rearer Fa are; the propiietresa wishing to retire from business. Aay information can be obtained on the premises,from the proprietress, Mrs. J. H WYNN Also, three valuable LOTS, on north 6 street, between 2d and 3d its. This property ia we 1 worth the attention of those wishing to invest money to advantage The owner being unable to rebuoi the three home* whtoh were on these lots, and de atroTOU by fire iaat Jure, it ooropelled to aeil the property, knsuire of Mri. RAWMNG8. three door* ea*t o( tii) premise*. fe Ut*!* M.WAF, FOK RKNT-With or without Board, at .Mo. 430 Twelfth atreet, e?*t side, he'ven G and H afreet*, a con.motion* FRONT KO"M. second story, newly and neatl* lnrnished. The looMion la one of the moat desirable iu :iiecity. No children in the hou?e. }a31-lw Em XTK AOKDINARY CH ANCK?STOii E ?*/< FIXTURKS FOR SALE.-A 8to<e in the moat approved hosiers* locality, inc ndiog Fixture* anil but a amal! stock of Liaise' Dress Trimmings, Embroideries an<i Mil.tnery Goods, wi'l he offered at a ere&t sacnfics and iommm n given forthwith. Tnia la a chance of th? rarest ooeurreuoe, ard all applications be made at No. 19 la avenue, between 8th and 9th st* j*a-lw* UM'RNISHED KOOMS TO LET with ;.-?ral I Board, in a plea*Rr.t lonation rear the Capitol. Also, a handsomel* furn.ih'd PARl>?R aad CHAMBER, ewnmumcat.nt. Thoa? willing to pay a fair pnos !<>r good aooommodati<iaa. mar appjy at the f far offioe. ia ?-tf A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of the City Hotel, Mh? only firat claaa Hotel an* open in Alexandria Va.J ia desirous to retire from buaireea. anii will ?ell,for a fair priee, the FURNITURE, FIXTURES* and GOOD WIl.L of the house. Hia lease will terminate on thelat of January, 1863, bu: the property oan a< dout>..?? leaaed for a inuoh longer term f t a mo^ irate rent. Thia Hotel ia now doing, ana has for maiiy veara done, a large and profitable busineea. The deeire of tlie undersigned to retira from pnblio t>n?in*aa *o Mir UUJJ iuuuycniriu vu soil, ai .".0 OOUiG DOl flOp? toergage in one more protitable. For term* and particn ar? apply to J AS A ENGLISH. who la authorized to negotiate,or to the undersigned, ia 15-tf HKFbKKOWKR. IjM)R RENT-Two p easant ROOMS, neatly furnished, in a first-class residence in Georgetown. with bo&Td. To a permanent tonar t terms will be moderate. Apply at 161 West at .Georgetown. de 17-tf r OFT TO RENT, aeoond floor. *16 E street, Li near Wizards' Botoi.21 by UO feet. Ioquirem the store. ja!3 Handsomely furnished rooms.Four Handsomely Furnished Rooks, supplied with tu and water, and convenient to tho i atet.1 and Post Office Department*, for rent. Appyat 4V0K Massachusetts avenue, north aide, be' ?re#u 4t>i and *th uta naU EDUCATIONAL. CHEGARAV FMSTITUTK. 1527 and 1524* Spruce St.. Philadklphia. This Institute, condnoted ior two years pait ia me oily 01 ftnia^elphis t?y Madam* Chegarat and her niece Maiaxb D'Hbrvilly. upon 'he ume principle* as th? one in >ew York, ?etab lished there in 1314, will reopen,after the Christmas holiday*, on Monday. Jauuary 6t!i, with its usual ample and oomplete provision for the education of Young Ladies, under the direction of Madame D'Hervilly. Circulars, and a; reqciaite information, cau be obtained on application to the Principal. it 7-'-n GEOKGETOWN ADVERTMTS S. m>KI\ y CO., lit N.F. cor. ?491 Water and Congress sts. Gborgstown I). P. The Proprietor!, having purchased a large quantity of Liquore in the beet maikets ior Caen, sell 50 per cut. cheaper than th >se who tnro'iue ca lonr credit. They are not connected with a^y othor in Georgetownja25-1W g. RANKIN tc CO. U C K f* K 1 N G L O V E 8! Ramnburpr & Ebert, 10-t (iEOKUETOWN, D, C. Th?on!y manufacturer* of G?r :,; i BUCK^K'N OL.OVK8, MlLlT.slV GAlNTLKTb, and MITTENS in th?? >i?tnct. Officers' Gauntlet mvle to order. Bnckakia l)rawa:a and Shirts. ja It AR91T EXPRESS COMPACT. NEW ARRANGEMENT ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK. 41 HOURS. rhu Company is prn*red to forward all kinds of goods to and from? NEW YORK?Office 33 Broadway. BOSTON?Office, 1 Congrssi street, and 2 Congress Square, PHILADELPHIA?Ofli38, 33T Chestnut street, BALTIMORE?Offioe, Camden Station, WASHINGTON?Offioe, 3*8 Pennsylvania av., ALEXANDRIA? Office, 105 King street, ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE. NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And tha SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS, AT FAIR KATES! ja27-lm? A LUXURY A LUXURY A LUXURY DAYTON'S L.LMON BISCUIT DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT FRESH EVKPV DAY FRESH EVERY DAY. FRESH EVFRY DAY. Sold by MARSHALL A PAGE, Sna Seventh street, BROWNING tt KEATING, 353 1'enn. avenue. jag-tf LOV ELL, COLLES & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Street, New York, and 316 ? Street, W ashing ton, D. C., (tear Willards' Hotel.) Having started a branch of onr New York eatabiishment in this eitr, we invite Sutltrs, Grocers, Kettmurautturs, and Hottl Eteptrt, to oal^ki.i examine oar (took, which is well assorted and comprised of goods of the beet ?naktr. We take orders for any thing in oer line, and exeenta them promptly. ja 23-tf BALMORAL SKIRTS ATtiiO. BALMORAL tKIKTS AT $2 *0. BALMORAL SKIRTS AT iS.?0. HOOP kKlRTS' HOOP SKIRTS! n i n*ru i va r* r a ith n * rv +. *ra utivin vuvAfto-uiiUin V/xjUAA.D* Closing Out Caur. WM. R. RILBY A BRO., No. 3b Cestra! Stores. Between 7th ud tth streets. ja24-10t Oppoaite Center Market. PROF. ALEXANDER WOLOWSKI. PI Alt 1ST AND COM POSKR, Brgeneral re^u??t will open a claaa lor the Piano and pinging, by hia new and aimplified???S9g| method. In this war, a* opportunelyrt * VIf will be extetdei to ?If who deeire to ao-' 1 quire a knowledge of Vocal and lnetromectal Maaio, on tke moat liberal tar ma. All those who deeir* to join thia oonrae will apply at oaoe at hia reaidenoe, No S03 s*ixth ?tieet. between K street and New York avenue. Hoars of reception between 9 and 12 o'clock a.m., on Tuasdaya, Thursdays, and Saturdays. ja22 Im ioe of SMITHES Clothing Store, so that every one in wantofCiothin|,Hau and G??s, oan h*ve free acoes* to the 1'sopie'a CioitunsStore, No. 4M Seventh street, opposite Post ulfioe, where all kwda of Clothing oan ba booght at Northern pi iof? ja!6-dlss SEALED PROPOSALS ARE INVITED, ultil the5th (lav of February. 1W, for fumiibing F1AK^U> tha Sabsistenae Department of the (j. At^HSrclra thousand <13 WO) barrels will ba required, of a high grade of Extra Fiour, to ba de iitvivu 111 <t |iuiu(wi1 ? m biuiwi ulfol, or at the mill* or warehoeaea in eeoryetown. eoire time between the 6th and 15th of Febraarr, IMS haoh barrel of Fionr to be loaperted jut before K The Floor mat be eeaal ia aaalttv to theaaai lee to be obtained at the Caeitol Baker? at Waahlngton City, and the barrela to be he&d lined. The ooatomary oath of aile?ianoe will be repaired of eaeh contractor. Government reeervea the right to pay la Treaa * SECOND EDITION. TUtUKK O'CLOCK, f. M. ARMY GAZETTE. Htadquarurs of tk* Armf. A4j*t Gw 'i Oilet. > r?b i, uaa \ Gt* '' C iS*n. A*#. S. 1 The Stit? of PmmtItuU ul Now Jarary are added to tbe llnlta of tbe L>epertinee< of tki Potomac. t. Tbe Secretary of War dlrocte tbat iir?n and aoldlera of tbe United States wbo ara or atf be prlaonenof war, aball, during tfeolr lwprlaoa m?nt K* rnnalHarMitltUi ft* tk* Mine pay u If tbey were doing Kti ee dotr. By command of Major General McCUUaa L. Taoiui, Adjutant Omni OAcl&l?E. D. Tow*en*i>, Am* AdJ't 8ta OUR MILITARY BUDGET MOW TO 90 IT. We were Keldeatally preaant tbta fwiiOaa when a committee of member* of Repreeealattv a called on the Secretary ot War la behalf of a largo number of tbe House, to org* upon that rrttcor tbe propriety of adding tbe Hon Alfred Ely ?a Ue commlaalon of two?the Hon. Hamilton Plab and Blahop Amee, of Ohio?recently charged with use au\y 01 going into rveeeem u> see uw ue comfort of tb? Union soldiers now prleeaen of war there. The Hon. Schuyler CeUfex, their spokesman, urged the propriety of the propasad addition to the commission with foeoe, teat Seeretsrv Stanton In two minutes sat!shed him sad those with him of the Impropriety of Including upon the commission any gentleman who farms a portion of 4ther branch of Goverameat: the mission being wholly one of reilglea aad philanthropy He freely ofltered to Include Mr. Sly If that gentleman would direst himself bt hie peh> lie character as a member of the Congress of the United Stat i. recogntxlag as it did that hk late experience la Richmond prisons would msks him of valuable indeed In the werh sf he* nevoience. Mr Stanton disposed of the business la head la leas time than It usually takes a public fuaetleaary to begin to get some Idea of the matter be lag kl. - ? ? pi CVCUVCU IVI ft&JB tUUBIUC 11UUB . A KOTIWOITIT PACT. To the Infinite credit of the Ni*t DeporUooat it should be known, that not a single one of tbs msrla sent by It npoa the Baraside expedition has filled to answer all that was expected of her draught, tea worthiness and geueral eAcieaey? not one. All the trouble and delay from using Improper ships, tctumd with thorn la ths sanriea of the War Department. The Navy Department baring been mneh longer making Ita selections of ships (transports sad outers io oe lmprovisea MMMMJ ec course had the choice of tbe market, and were thua enabled to secure better vessels than Ml tu the lot of the War Department, buying and chartering subsequently. That Department has, however, been taught s lesson on this occasion concerning the necessity of greater care In procuring transports, which will be duly Improved by the new Secretary, doubtlesa. thi POTOMAC rLOTiixa?arvaias now a una. [Correspondence of Tbe Ptsr.] U.S.SMir Stzpfino riTosss, Potomac Flotilla. Jan. 29. IMi.?We left the Nary Yard last even- * ln? at eight o'clock, and arrived at tbe flotilla at quarter pact ten, making the trip in two hours - 1 fifteen minutes, a distance of twaatr^n miles. After supplying the different vessels with their respective mails, Ac., we came to anchor at eleven o'clock, the flagship, to wait for further orders The Evansport listtery to-day opened with torrifle fury on aome unseen object, probebiy the Penaacola passing before their imaginations, or p^'hsps the ghost of the brig Perrv The Island H- IVj .mf up night before last psst the batteries. The engineer V lls me that one Shell exploded directly over the smoke-stack and dipped In the about ten ftet from the Tv?* her shots were, as ususl, of ao sccocst. She goes up to th" yard, 1 understood, to ^et her guut on board and prepay for winter servic. Acting Master Plsrson, formerly of the Harriet Lane. It as been ordered to the W yar dank Acting MasU-r A p. Fos'er, formerly of the Wyandank, ha* been ordered to the Satollto. Everything Is quiet here, except a few rebel ihntl nrAhflhlv fn rvonH o.^n>o a# V? ^ powder. They can be distinctly seen with tbe aid of a good glaaa at Cockpit Point at work with their guns, but with no form of order. It U Ilk* a boys' training?they appear to be ail officers Jan. 30 ?'Tbe Island Belie piseed down lut nigbt, to join tbe lower flotilla. Tbe rebel batteries blazed away, aa uaual, at her; bat es abe sounded no alarm, she probably passed by safe Yesterday, a schooner came ou'| >f Malta woman ere*-!:, with the intention of paaaing tbe batteries, when opposite Stamp Neck, tbe fog, which had been thick, cleared away, and, there being no wind, left her a helpless target for tbe rebel guns on Cock-pit Point. Lieut. Commanding Badger, on board the Antcost! a, sent a boat's crew under the command of Master's mate John Williams, to the relief of tbe becalmed schooner, wblch was soon towed oat of range. Tbe Anacoetla weighed anchor and proceeded in the direction of tbe batterr, presenting her starboard broadside to It. ThaoaV terv however, did not open on the Anacoetla, consequently she did not lire. Between twenty and thirty shots were fired In all, with the usual results?that la, no one was hurt. W M 0. LATE LOCAL NEWS Affair* m Alexandria?Soldier Sk?t ?A soldier named Barrett was shot by ene of the police Guard, yesterday evening. n*ar the Bridge Pump. He waa halted, but tr'ed to effect bie e#. rape, and waa ao abot. He bad on citiaea'a clothe* at tbe time, and it *d* at Aral auppoeed that be waa not a aoldier Acting Coroner Penn proceeded, thia morning, to bcid an icqueat upon the body at tbe Scott Houae, whither It had been removed. Before the* inqueat waa completed, tbe bod) waa takrn charge of by the military, and the jury dlacbarged be tbe acting rorcn r w'ttout further p oceedlaga is the caae?Virginia Ckronttlt, yesterday. A Stamped*?We learn that, In coneeqneare of th* unexpected publication of tbe report of the Potter Investigating Committee, there baa been quite a stamped? from thla city of wltneaaea before tbat Committee, they not being quite prepared to face the partiea they have teetlled arraUat la other cases the witnesses are making baste to deny and exploit awsy their own testimony. From the facts developing, there seems bat little doubt that no fnconaidprable portion of this evidence is a bundle of malic loo* perjuries. Not tbi Man?Inadvertently the name of Capt. W.J. Lang rail was given yesterday as the Captain of the Baltimore schooner that ran tale Aqn a Cr<*k Mr. Langrall Is the commander of the vessel that brought op the la formation. The name of the Captain of the srhnn?1 Is ?1A to be J. 8. GUiey. What They Say Abeat It Dewa la Dixie. [From the Norfolk Day Book ) a cool rises or i*rcDBnc? The Hon. Mr. Edwin M Stanton, who saoceeds "General" Cameron In King Lincoln's War Office, favors ns with a remarkable doeuas?rt, the cool effTontry of which excites oar ungual tied admiration. This document, published la oar Issos of yestsr* uaj) irviim^ ?nv Hvivtv * * ? ? nera bow in our hands, goes on -'It to therefore ordrr?d that two CommtMloMni be appointed to visit the cltjr of Richmciid, in Vlrjflula, u>4 wherever else prisoners belonging to the United State* army may fee held," The exquisite modesty of thia proposition to send official Inspectors of oar defences and f moral condition entitles Mr. Stanton to the reputation of being the moat Impudent muunong nil King Lincoln's proverbially impudent sutiocto The diatlnction has been edtned, lot it ha awarded. Unumi or tm* Niw You 7$rm ron Waiiinotor ?The 7?th regiment of Now Yotk volunteers took their depai tare thto norn'ii it 10 o'clock for Washington. Om of the boti* of the Camden and Amboylta| proceeded to likirt - a-r1,and taking on beard, transferred tbem directly to tke depot of the railroad. men have ben arn.ed wttb LnOeld rlt?a. Tbair e<unrlet* Cimp tqulpage will be received la WMhin^ioii. The regiment naabera o*ef ow tbooaaad men, aad tbe master rolls stew tbat but ery few are aaffarlag from atckam*. la >MWance aad dleetpltae It It oae of tbe taaat military orgaalzatlon* tbua far Mat by NewYerktstbe war.?If. T C*mmerri*i, ftturdmp |? UTTER, BUTTER. BUT fk* '-Wo a~ D yw iNMTiif by axprae* frota flaw Yer?, 7rRIME GOSHEN BUTTER, to wkioh wo rmpeotfaily oail tt? an*oU?o of l*aihee aad otliwa

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