Newspaper of Evening Star, February 3, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 3, 1862 Page 1
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I i ' ^ *-"-A *. * ; *t^ f M ?# ' f *' t* ,#?t J-5!!" **?#" * ~v ** - j^p lf^| * "" ^ * W. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C . MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1862. N?. 2,793. THE EVENING STAR ? 'VBIaISHBD bvbrt afternoon, (SUNDAY KXOBPTBO.) AT TMK ITU BULLD1NM, <"? if Fmmtftmmmim ?mm mmd MUmmtk M. *T W. D. WALLAGH. Psem mtt?1 ta Hfthni br earrlwi it Ml T?, or 97 oenta per month To mall anbeerlben tbe trim Is ?3 M a year, to ?<?wei; t? for all wontbe; tl for three moatha; and for Iob tklk *hr?e aaonftta at th? rate of U oea* a week. Sim fie "oplae. on onrr; la wrapper*, two cawra. D" AmraaTteaHSHTS ahonkl be aeat to tha "?ee before 19 o'clock ; otherwise they may aot appear until tie next day. ^?^M^?aa??? PARIS FASHIOSS. [From Le Follet ] The article! mostly employed for in-door drees are drogaets, repi, and wollen terry velvets; silk, satin, moire, terry, and plain velrets are patronised for visiting, or for fall dress. 6oatache is still the favorite ornament, and is applied to all materials, and for any style of drees. Cloaks, also, are handsomely braided. In faet, this trimming is employed wherever it can be advantageously in trod need Astraoan is still in great favor, but Swnnsdown has been introdaoed for fall drees, and has a very elegant effect. The skirts of dreeeee are worn very fnll, and long behind. Tight sleeves are verv rarelv seen. The moat fuhionaMn ahana for the preMnt month is open, rather short, > and (Ball. The trimming if not generally placed at the edge, but a little belew the elbow. < The bodies are made open down the front, bat hart- usually a small piece of the same material t as the skirt detached from the eorsage, bat i which ean be pot under the opening for out-of- 1 door wear. They are fastened by buttons, anless they haye some trimming down the front J wfciek oeefwritatcs a flat surface . Somebodies ? are attaehed quite on one side, or the fastening begins on the shoulder and ends at the waist ' on the opposite side. Many oorsages are so 1 trimmed as to give the appearance et a iacket, 1 the ornament ending at the waist under the arm. Pookets are still worn ornamented, but, instead of being sewn on the oatside as for merly, the opening only it seen. Silk flounces 1 re worn pinked or bound; the former style is ( the more elegant. They are sometimes pat on 1 in Urge plaits, in which casa they are hemmed 1 We hare seen some silk dresses made with one deep flounce and two small ones placed above; 1 and with an upper skirt to fall and meet the top flounce. Both flounces and skirts are pinked. The body of this dress was made open. ' with open sleeves, and rather short, and both 2 trimmed with a frill pinked at each edge. 1 ? For ball dress, nothing is so elegant or distingue in effect as tarlatane skirts, with floan- * ces pinked, and headed by bouillonnea, over ' cuiurea noooD, or omoKore* roebei ot 8UK. A ' colored tarlatan* skirt, to match the ribbon* or niching*, is worn under th? white on?. Ool- 1 ored tarlatans and orape* are worn, but are scarcely so simple or recherche. Lace flounces are generally lined with crape or tarlatane, either white or oolored, to impart a little stiff, nem to them. Satin dresses, with laee flounces, will be worn for full dress bj married ladies. For elderly ladies we have noticed some velvet dresses, opening down the front, over satin, moire, or watered silk The under skirt is generally handsomely embroidered or trimmed with lace. We remarked one dress in particular made in this style. It was of violet velvet; the edges of the opening embroidered in crapes and leaves?the latter worked in fold, and the grapes formed of pearls. The uner-skirt was of white satin, with a wide bouillome of white crane, oross-barred with narrow gold braid. The body, a la Raphael, opened over wnue satin, and vai ornamented like the ' skirt. Optra oloaka are still worn in the form ef the ( burnous. Some are made as paletots, bat the ( burnous has the advantage of being removed. , They are made of satin, silk, and terry velvet, ( caehemire, or plush, and are haadsomely braided, embroidered, or edged with laee. When ] made in plush, they are merely edged with a , large silk cord, with tassels at each corner. The caehemire opera eloaks are spotted with , guiv or surer, jror oot-aoor wear tbe basquine , demia ijustee bu many advocates. The newest m > Jel of the season in this shape is made in velvet, not very Ions, splendidly embroidered in plamettee, and buttoned a la Pelonaiae. The Pardessus. trimmed with far, is made in velvet, with large sleeves, and the far bordering is very deep. For grande toilette, the velvette mantle, riohly embroidered and trimmed with handsome flounoes of laoe, is the moet elegant that can be worn. Some small paletot* are being worn, made of plash or velvet cloth, and fastened by large buttons. The sleeves and oollarare lined with quilted silk. 1 Bonnets are worn composed of two oolore; for | instance, black velvet, trimmed witH colored j flowers or feather*. For full dree* the curtain and pa*e* are generally made of tulle or ( blonde. Bonnet* are still mad* Urge, bat not ( of the unbecoming *h*pe recently worn. They j ere rather flat, instead of being pointed at the , top. Colored nipings are no longer oon*id*red , in good taate, baring become *o rerj common. ( Among the various bonnet* which oeme under eur inspection,we noticed one of a very aimple and elegant character, and espeeially deferring of our attention. The pa**e curtain and crown, which was tight, were made ef black ilk, spot ed with bead* in duster* of five. The calotte was of black velvet, with a small black lace at each edge, and the inside was of white blonde, trimmed with a ruche, and a mall bunch of mo?* rosea: the strings of silk. edged with bead*. Heathfalness *f Apple*. There it scarcely au article of vegetable food, ?*yi Hall'* Journal of Health, more widely useful and more universally loved than the epple. Why every farmer in the nation haa not an apple-orohard, where the tree* will Jfrow at all. i* one of the mysteries. Let every (inner lay in from two to ten more barrels, and it will be to tbem the moat economical investment in the wtiole range of calinarie*. A raw, mellow apple is digested in an hoar and a half, while boiled cabbage reqniree five hoars. Hk- *. L..UL. J A-*- - * * - IB! musi BDUIOJ OIMD ion can 0? pilOMl upon a tabU U a baked apple If taken freely at breakfaat with ooarae bread and batter, withoat meat or fleah of any kind, it haa an admiraMe effect oo tba general ayatam, often removing constipation, correcting aeiditie*. and cooling off febrile condition* more effectually than tba moat approved medicines If familiee could b? induced to subatitata the applea?eound, ripa and lnaeiooa?for tba piea, cake* and sweetmeat* vith whieb their children are too often indiacreetly stuffed, there woald be a diminution in the atua total of doctor'* billa in every year sufficient to lay in a stock of this delicious fruit for whole Maaon'a uaa. Gav Smiti's ExraaiTioH ? If Gen Smith'a expedition baa returned to Padueab It la a matter that baa been kept eo quiet aa not to be generally known, though we were told by telegraph aeveral days ago that it waa on lta way back. Thla expedition started from Padueab on the 18th Inat , osdar eonmandof Gea C P . Smith. Mmth* departure the fore* wee brigaded, Col. MeArthnr 1 commanding tbe Irst brigade, ind Geo. Wallace ' the staoad The Kb, hKb, aad 41* Illinois m|. < meats, Bo* Li's battery. ud flee cavalry companies 1 constituted the flrat brigade, whilst tbe second ' wee eompoeed of the 8th Missouri, 11th and 83d 1 Indiana, wlllsrd's Chicago battery, aadsix com- 1 penles of cavalry 1 We have reliable sd vices of tte progress of the expedition aa far as camp No. 7, on the Teaaee er river, II miles below Port Henry. Tbe roads were found to be la a frig htful condition, aad ! the command was two days la marehlac lessthaa J 10 miles Tbe eoaatry was found to be well supplied with pcovender.bat la ouay places the . fanners aad other Inhabitants bad fled. Throe towns that tbe ex pad Itloa passed through were I almost deaerted?Murray, Farmlngtoa and May- > J eld. Tbe columns ranched camp number seven at 4 t o'clock oa tbe evening of thef 1st, tbe men la goad apirtts, havlag borne tbelrfatlguee and hardships I with commendable fortitude, aad balag eathuslasuc for a flgbt Tbe gunboat Lexington bad ( p " m-u 1M iana cipea>won see went up tbe , river how three snd a half mi lea, and feud tbe , ret?l gunboat Dunbar coming down, bat tbe . la Art tamed back and ran noder the guns of Fort 1 Heary The Lexlngtoa saw two boats at Fort * Henry, and some t,000 men on shore, and returned * after f ring seven shots, but with what eflfcet la no' knnwn G'a faith's whole rootmaad was under orders i :o marrb early on the morning of the SM, aa<Uhe r?*v*lHag opinion among the troope was That Herry was fo be etched Tb*ft*rt bird. ? v. i? v^.d, bera rc?d wr tbe Cans B?aor?- t tb* fiS^laf 8oad*T t Pratt and Win. Ererybody knows Pratt, tha " Great Amerian Traveler," aa ha call* himself Ha if a larmleM genius, who appears in our midst tolay, and is off to-morrow, bat whera he will urn ap is as much a mystery to bis acquaintmeee u to himself. Something seems to be he matter with his brain, for he acts like one vho possesses none. When Wise,who is about >n a par with Pratt in some things, was the }orernor of Virginia, the " Great American rraveler" called on him at Riohmond, and ifter aome delay obtained an andienoa. It was ibont the time that the aritation reenMtinir leoeaeion commenced in Virginia, so Wiee did lot feel very good-natured towarda northern nen " Who are you V* aaked Wiae, aa the trar. >ler atood before him, and aurpriaed enough Wiee must have been at hia appearance. " I'm Daniel Pratt, the Great American rraveier, and independent oandidate for the Presidency. Yoo must have heard of ma." "State your Tiewa," aaid Wiae, and hia large >lack eyea rolled aa though anxioua to burat Tom their aooketa. Pratt cemmenoed hia harangue, and eoninued it for an hour. He mixed up every* .mug mai uo ouuia uiiuk 01, oat mil n in istened without interrupting him. At length Pratt paused for breath. " Hare you finished 7" asked Wise. " No, sir;" aud once more Pratt commenced, tnd in half an hoar be had finished. He was >ut of breath and exhausted. Wise had not ipoken a word, bat sat regarding him in dumb Mtonishment. "Have you concluded?" asked the Gorer?or. " Yes, I think I hare." " Thea get out of this house, you d?d aboition humoug. More, and don't let me see rom in Richmond twenty-four hours from the >resent time." Pratt left the presence of the Governor, and loon shook the dust of Virginia from his feet. 3* has never seen Heorj since, and, to tell the iuth, be don't want to, for he (wears that F ise is insane; bat, for all that, he is proud of .he interview, and often boasts of it. iy In Prof. Agassis's interesting paper on 4 Methods of Study in Natural History," we ind this aneodote of an animal known te ilmost all oountry boys : Th? ' Horsi-Haib."?A gentleman from Detroit has had the kindness to send me one of bose long thread-like worms (Gordinx) found >fteD in brooks, and called Horse-Hairs by the :ommon people When I first recaiv?H it. it was coiled up in a close roll aft the bottom of the bottle, filled with fresh water, that contained it, and looked mfee like a little tangle of black sewing silk than anything elee. Wishing to unwind it, that I might examine its entire length. I placed it in a large ohiua basin filled with water, and proceeded very gently to disentangle its coils, when I perceived that the animal had twisted itself areund & bundle of its eggs, holding them fast in a sloce embrace. In the process of unwinding the eggs dropped away and floated to a little iistance. Having finally stretched it out to its full length, perhaps half a yard, I sat watching to tee if this singular being tkat looked like a long black thread in the water would gire any lifni of life Almmi ~ J --0 IV UIUTVU towards the bundle of eggs, and having reached it, began to sew itself through and through the little white mass, pawing one end of its body through it, and then returning to make another ititoh, as it were, till the eggs were at last completely entangled again in an intricate net work of eoils. It seemed to me almost impossible that this eare of offspring could be the result of any instinct of affection in a creature of so low an organisation, and I again separated it from tbe eggs, and plaoed them at a greater distance, when the same action was repeated. On trying the experiment a third time, the ounaie 01 eggs bad bMomt loosened, and a few of them dropped off singly into the water. I"be efforts which the animal then made to resorer the missing onee, winding itself round ind round them, but failing to bring them into the fold with the rest, b*sause thej were too small, and evaded all efforts to secure them, when onoe parted from the first little sompaet mass, eonrinoed me that there was a definite purpose in its attempt*, and that eren a being so low in the soale or animal existence has some dim oonsoiouiaess of a relation to its offspring. I afterwards unwound also the mass of eggs, which, when coiled up, as I first saw it, made a roll of white substance about the sice of a umuuu-uuau, BUU 1UUUU Vttll 11 OOD11110(1 01 I string of eggs, measuring more than twelve feet in length, the eggs being held together bj some geUtinoos substance that cemented them end prevented thetn from telling apart. Catting this string across, and placing a small seotion under the microscope, I oounted on one lurfaoe of snoh a out from seventy to seventyfive eggs; aad estimating the entire number of eggs aooording to the number contained on such a surface, found that there was not less than eight millions of eggs in the whole tring. UTAn offlcer In Western Virginia was caught the otter dav In an unpleasant dilemma Two women arrived at Grnfton, earn claiming to be the wife of a Captain W of the federal army, nnd met Uk the captain's tent The Wheeling Intell genrer (jives the upehot of the affair tbus: v?|??iii r* came in, ma wmj in a noairnt that be was la for It, beat a retreat. The nice young woman gathered up her traps, and In lees time than it ha* Uken to write tnls 'owre true tale,' waa on her way back to Grafton In the sune ambulance which had hronght Mr*. W to Beerrljr and herself and the captain to grief. Bnt Mrs W. was all that her dress and bearing denoted her, and Instead of being satitf ed with the young woman's departure, informed the colonel of tbe regiment of all that bad occurred, and after effectually exposing her husband, snd denouncing him aa a dlagrace to the uniform he wore, put beck after the nice young woman, whom she threatened to eat op alive and then apply for a iivoroe" rrit la stated that Capt Ertcaaon la confldent that, with hla new battery, launched *a Thursday, be can alnk the Merrlmac In a given number of tantea, and In cane he can't alnk bar In one hoar, he en* bang at bar any nun be r of boar*, wtthoat any fear of her armament, anttl he dean link her. Ai foe bar battering rua, be haa an 1 mar seel on that "two en play at that game," tad be haa no heaHatlon In challenging n game if tbla aort. Be hopea to meat the Merrlmac lome day, and In caae aba wont come oat, he ana possibly Ind oocaeloa to go np to Norfolk ind pay her a rlatt at home. Rebel authority atatea that the aggregate imouat of contributions from the rebel Hutea to :ho Confederate army In Virginia dnrlng the laat kree montha waa 91,414,800. S'The Stuarta, the aogar candy men of New , have distributed no laaa than 940,000 to the mer within a few montha. I /^mm COTTAfiR MKT.9 # ** COTTAGE SETS.' Thirty vary budnmt 8?ti jut raoairad, in Jolid Oak, ImiMion Oak.Mapia. sad D**onted, riUi acd vithoat Marbla Tom,and M pneaa that lanoot lali to fir* aatlra aatianatum. Iron Hall, 318 ra. ar.. bat. Nk aad l?h ib, ja?-tt*o 3d and M ioora. VV ""'TOW iMSAW.'i'?' jnBrsa^^iMStfrtvwTfc &TEr*r.?sassawJMKfflwSi: TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Frta CftlKorala. AVOTBIl ITOIM?CALIFORNIA ASSCNBS THI PAT- | MINT or THI SIXKCT TAX. Sam Fkahcisco, Jan 31 ?After one week cf i extraordinary cold, though pleasant weather, an- 1 other rain storm has commenced In this vicinity, I which, doubtless, comes from the flooded part of the State. The storm in most of the interior eonntiee haa subsided, but the communication , with the mining districts is still suspended I The Legislature, by a concurrent resolution, baa i agreed to assume the California portion of the direct tax resolution has also been passed, instructing the delegation in Congress to urge tne establishment of a line of mall steamers between San Francisco and Japan and China. All the navigable streams of Oregon are now cloaed by the Ice. The War in Mlesawl. At. Lovis, Feb 1.?The intelligence from the southwest Is mesgre. Several days may elapse before the occurrence of anything important ! Com Foote being in want of mea tor gunboat, i service, Gen. Halleck has issned a general order in which the commandera serving In this depart ucui mirr viuciru lu nir 1IUmftllBie meilllirel U> ascertain what men In their respective comma:.dn desire to be transferred to the gunboat service. ( Care will be taken In this selection, preference being given to the men best fitted for such service. The men who may be selected are ordered to report to Lieut, q >1 Brlcbett, U 8. A., at St. Louis, by whom they will bo enrolled and shipped OPKRATIOXi IN THB SOUTHWEST?THI G -XBOaT FLBBT. St. Louis. 1-eb. 1 ?The Intelligence from the | Southwest is meagre, and ?ever*i days me.y elapse before the occurrence of anything Important Cera Foote being in want of men for his gunboats, Gen. Haileck Las Issued an order to transfer a sufficient number from tha army to that service. Frsm Ctlrs. Cairo, Feb. 1.?Another expedition, perhaps larger than the recent reconnolterlngexpedition, Is evidently In the course of preparation from this point, but its real strength and destination is of | course kept secret. T&p troop? at Fort Holt have been removed In consequence of the high water there. Ctnvictian ? a Murderer. Niw Brchswick, N. J., Feb. i ?The trial of Michael Hennessey, for the murder of Robert Glllls, at Woodbrldge, last September, was con- ' C'u lel yeaterday. About 3 o'clock In the afternoon the jury brought in a verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree. t ? ? The Latest fram Kentucky. Locjsvillb, Feb. 1.?A party of rebels under J.C. Morgan, of Lexington, captured live telegraphers near Camp Bellsvllle, with their lnstrumenta an#i urairnm Th#?v aim hnrnwl n rhnrah at tbe station^1 All In quiet below Arrival ! CttUn from Liverpaol. Niw Yore, Feb. 2.?Arrived, ateamshlp John Bell, frcm Liverpool, with 1,649 bsle* of cotton. The Mary Alice waa to aall for Baltimore la eight days. i^ENTLEMENS READY MADE flAKMl* ENTS, OF FINE QUALITY. We offer citiaentaand atranaera a act aaeort mont of OVER COAT*. DRESS COATS. UUSINESS COATS. PANTALOONS and VESTS, of all oolora and ?na!itiea, equal in make ana ftniah to tbe boat onatom work. WALL, STEPHENS tc CO., Merchant 'lailora ?nd Clothera, 323 Pa. ave., bet 9th and loth ata. Jag-t-'it (Intel. A Rep.) . MUD-CIU DliAilAMS . AND BUFFALO ROBES, All atjlea and p i;o?34, at ? J. B. PUDNEY'8, 324 ra. ava , bacjc room, 358 D itreet. Rubber coats, ponchos, leogins, Blanket*, Cap Covers and Caps, at J. B. PUTNEY'S, 334 Pa. ave., ha k room, or 388 D atreet. Heavy regulation blankets, aala oheap, bj j. b. pudney, ' 334 Pa.ave., back room, * or 388 d atreet. PA NEW THING. ATENT Compreaaable Cot, can be folded np i in'o a epioe 24 mohea long by 8 wide, an lngemoua WH?II*?UWV| IV1 WO UJ J. B. PUDNKY. I 394 Pa. ar?., b?ok ror>m, i Jatl-tr or 368 D atreet. ( LOVELL. COLLEB & CO., , WHOLESALE GROCERS, 1 86 Front Street, New York, Ad 318 E Street, WaahiGfton, D. C , (near Willard'a Hotel.) Having started a branoh of oar New York eatab- | Uahment ia this oity, w? invite Sutlers. Qroctri. Riitamantmri, and Hottl Keepers, to oail and examine onr atook whioh ia well aaaorted ar.d i oompriaed of (ooda of the beat quality. We take j erdera for anything in onr line, and exeoute tuem i promptly. ja 23 tf \ AMP STOVES! Vs SAMP STOVES!! CA?P STOVE8M! A large (took on hand, whiob will be sold luw, 1 H J. GREGORY, Jfclfl 381 Pa.a?enne. j RlTTtlfHOUSE, FANT kCU, I BANKERS, SM PimOTLTiHIi Atirii, (Mar Broum'i Hottl.) Issue DRAFTS on all parte of tte United States, iaibffli to BHit Olfioprs and Solvere. Also, Draru on Lt'edon. 1 relax;t1, Scotland, VV'aiee.and ail parts 1 of the Cont nenr of Europe. ia2 )m (JOAL OIL-COAL OIL?COAL OIL! COAL AND KTHKHIAl. nir. At Rxebcsd P hicks! i 8. W. ?/'LAUGHLKN'3 i Coal and EtKtrial Oil Manufactory, Corner New Jersey av. &ud E at JaU-lm- 1 fJEORGE M. WORL * CO., VI Importers and in < And 6ENeIaL <$8W^nifelON 1ie&c?aNTS ' An aaaortmant of Merchandise of every description ooustaatiy on band. GEORGE M. WORL & CO., T# Water street. Georjetown. jag-lm* By the Rope Ferry. , IL'RNSIDE'S Patent Portable House. The imrentor calls the attention of Hitlers and otaers to taia assfal invention AHoustosnbt bunt by this linstor without wilt. ???? ?r ''bmn and Stable* built la the mum way. It 4 aa be pat ?p and taken down without injury to the bearda. | Order* oau be left with _ SAMUEL WISE, Builder, No. S4a E atreet, near Thirteenth, 1 lall-1m Washington. D. OZ FURNITURE! , FURNITURE.' FURNITURE! (of the ftm Moeee * Peck ham.' Philad'a.) I Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Deter in Cane Mat Chairs. Cottage, .Parlor and Dining room Fnrmtnj^?Thorn's Building, 408 bevemn street, above D. i Every variety of UPHOLSTERING promptly ? neatly exocuted. ( Store open day aad evening for the aooommodaW

Purohairs wt?i etndy their intereet to eall before J looking elaewhere. jatnu* I A l^JnpgsqrrjficY 6AOCE?IE8.and ] ~ 7.~ bkoWnIng* IlKEAtT <(I. I da 4 Xawtf WS Pa. mrmmm, near 6th ?. | &?4 MMTtf Ml Pa.avn?,n?ratlil. Jj 100 LBS.of thVuuitj^ort^n,and of - te bu,cbell. Jt! ?WT**t ??i??-?-?<? >? ??>. duck m t i to-da*. Ai??.?hoto?Steffi-? |t | Owwr tfSrtnwi ??|V. ? AUCTION SALES. Bj BARNARD A BL'CKhY, Auct.oneere, Georgetown, D. C. T'ROgTKEtf* 3AI.K._By virtue of a deed of I tnutfrom Win. W McNeer, dated Apnl 84, lf*l,and of reoord, we will off?r at auotion on the 11th day of February next at 3 oY|<>ok n. m , on the premises, all that lot of ground in G?o getown known aa the easternmost part of lot numb?r one aired and twenty-eight, <128.> in Hca i'iaddition to Georgetown,fronting U feet on Dun. arton street, md running back north, of the same width, l*s? feel, with the improvements consisting of a two rtory frame house. Term* of ?aie: One-third of the purchase money to be said in oash ; and the reel due at three equal iDMimenv. ai tnree, s.x aou mue monuis, wun interest, to be aeoored. WALTFR 8. COX, HUOH CAPERTuN. Trustees Georgetown liuiid'r Associs/n. j?62?wu BARNARD A BUCKKY. AooU. Br BARNARD A BUCKKY, Auotioneera. Oeorgtitrwn, D. C. TRUSTEES' 8AI.K.?By virtue of a de?d of trust from Jew - ' lick date<i May X. 1846, and of record, we will rffsr a: auction, on the Uth day of February, at 33$ o'clock ? m on the premie?, rhftt lut < f ground id Georgetown, hounded as fol )w?*,Vnn Bteflrn'.n* at th? and of tw?ntT-*ix f?*t measured ?a?t. on the south line of West street, from the southeast interaction of West and North street*, atd ran inr thence easter y, iy aad witli th* south line ?f West street, tw ntv leet.thonoe soutli?r<1iy, and parallel with rn d North s; eet, eubty-six feet, tneaoe westwards, and para iel with Mid West street, twent* fe-t, and theuoe north eichty six feet, to the beginning, With the >mDrnVAtn?uta Terms of sa!e: One-third of the purchase mone* to be paid in cash, and the residue in three equal instalments, a? three, eix, and nine mouths, with interest, to be secdred. The terras o ?a'a must b?complied with within one week after sa'?, or the property ma? bereso d, after ote ? eeic#! nonce. at the nslr a'id cottol the first purchaser. WALTER S fox, Hf'GH CAPKRTO^, Trusty's Georgetown Building Ass oiVion. ja6-2awt? R\KNARD* Bi :CiEV,Ancts. By BARNARD % BUCKEY. Auot oaeers. Gterg it oxen, I) C. TRUSTEES' SA1.E.?Hy vi-tne of a deed ?f t*ustfroin B. Hutohms, dated September 22, 1856, and of record, wo ''ill "fleret awctio" on thrlltn da? ?f February. IMS. on the premises, at 4 o'clock P m., that part of lot number ninety on?, (91,.in Bcatty A. Hawkins' addition to Georgetown, beKiuniiiK for its bounds on tiia south eide of Prospect street, in Georgetown, at a point distant GS feet, meaiured cast, from the wast oorner oi said lot, and running theno* Eouth and parallel with the Wfst line of gain lot 53 fe?t. more or less, to theiine HI .. ?_ 1 - - .1 -- ?- ?-*- - " - ? * ui mra .uaiiieri iui ?aeiiO0 nri nc 01 Hid lot 2S feet, and thence north 53 fact, more or m, to Project street: thence with Prospeot street 25 feet to tfie beginning, with the improvements, oon*uting of a two-story frame house. Terms of sale: Or.e ?iur?l of tho purchase money to t>? paid in cash: and the residue in three eqi;?l instalments, at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be seourea. The tennF of sa e mutt be oocip'.icd with within one week afUr sale, or the property may be resotd at the expense and risk of the purchaser, after one weers ustice, WALTER ?. COX. . HUGH CAPERTUN, Trustees Georgetown Bv'ld'e As?ocia'E. ja6 2awts BAKNAKl* A Bi'OKBY, Ancta. t By BARNARD A BUCKKY, Auctioneers. Utirnttoxen. D. C. TRUSTEES' SALE.? Hy virtue of a deed of trust from Henry Dade, elated April 25.1857, and of reoord, we wi'i r,ff>r at auction, on the 1 ith day o! February. at3>? o'clock p. m.. on the premises, part of iot No. eightv, in Molmrad's addition to Georgetown, t ounded as fol ows. via : Beginning at the northwest corner of raid lot. and running thence south, alone North etreet, forty feet, thence east a:,J at right angles North street, forty six feet, thence north foriy feet, and thence west iortjr-six leet, to the beginning, with theim rovemeuts, consist, ng of tvro two story frame OI1WI. Term* of saie: One-third of the purchase money to he paid in oa?h. and the residue in three equal instalment-', at tnree, six, ai.d nine months, intereat, to be secured. The te'ms of sale muet be rorrplied with within one w? ek after u.e, or the prope't* may be r#-Bo'd, attt.e rick and oost ot the firat pucti&ser, at er oce week*' notioo. WALTER 8 COX. _ . . HIGH CAPERTON, Trustee'! Georgetown Knilding AsaociaUon. Ja6tawts BARNARD & BCCK^-V.Accte. By WALL& BARNARD.Auotioneeri. Trustees' sale.-Bt virtue of a deed of tru?t from Charles Williams, cated April 23, 1*56, and of reoord, we will offer at auotion, on THURSDAY, the 13th day ol February, at 4 o'olock p. m .onth" premises, that lot o ground io Washington, known and described as tbe northern part of lot No twf-nty-aix, (28.) in square f*o. on? hundred, (100,) fronting forty-eijbt feet on Twentieth st-eet, and fifty leet or. M etreot, with the improvements, oonsiating of a two atory frame houae. Terms of sale: fine third or the pnrohaee money to be paid in o&ah, the reaidue in three eeual in italmenta, at three, six, and nine months alter late, with intereat, to be secured The terms of sale must be oomplied with within one week after saie. or the property may be reaold, at the nak a:.d cost of tbe fiiat pu ctaaer, after one weeka' notice. WALTER 8. COX. HUGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Hui.d'i A?aoo.ation. )aT 2awta ?y wall ft bakixardi Auction Ira. Trustees* sale-By virtue 01 & ceed of trust from N \V. VVa ker, dated February 22, 1865, and of reoord. we will off t at auction, uu FkIDAY, the Hth day of February, at 4 o'olock p. m , on the premise*. thu lot of g round in W aanirgton known and described as lot D, in sauare No. 424 beginning for ita bounds on Eighth sleet, 9 feet fr .rn the northwest corner of said seusre, md running ttieuee south witn the line of Eig* th street 16 feet; thetoo east 63 f?*et 8 inotiea to a 3 feet alley, thence north with the line of aaid alley 16 feet: tk-noe west G3 fret 8 itches to the beginning, with the improvement*. Terms of sale: On third of the purchase money to be paid in cash; and the residue in three e^ual iuata>meats, at three, sixaud nine m ntha, witn interest, to bt secured. The terms of aa e muet be comnlie-i with within ?ii? w-^ek after nale, otherwise.the property may be resold at the risk and cost of thfc first purchaser, tfter me week'a tiotio* WALTER 8 COX. HL'?;H CAPER'S ON, Truateea Got.rgeto?rn Bu Id'r Assooia'n. jt7 2&wts W/iLL &. BARNaKD, Aucta. n_ tmr a r i _ n ? n at a n n ? dj uAbti fit uaiv v ahi/. Auctioneers. TRUSTfcES'^ALE-B? TirtBrt of a caed rf tru t from Ctmiiia K. Mason a d others, dat^d ' laio;i IS. 1257. and oi record, we ?i i o' er at auo:iou,on SATUKDAY,the I5:hd*jr of February, it 4 o'clock p. m.. on the premies, that iotcf (trou; d a W&sningtoL known as o* No. c *!itet<n,(18,) in iquareNo. seventy-three, (?3 J wiih the improve enti. ierms of sa'e: Ore third of tha purchase money to tie paid in oasA; and the residue in three equal nstalments, at thre-. six and mne mouths a!ter iate, with interest, to be secured. The terms of ?ti\n must be complied with Within >ne week after tale, or the property may bs resold U the risk and cost of the first purchaser. WALTER W. COX. HUGH C'APKKTON, Trustees Georgetown Rulw ja7-2awU WALL't BARNARV." Auota ~ * po MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR ?>YB, The Beat in the World. TU Only Rtliabl* and HnrmUtt Hair Dy? Known. Sold bf nil Drngiiau; alao, at Biunoii'i Patent Medioine Store, cp. Patent Office, oor. F A 7th, Sisae'e Hair Store, Ml Penn'a arecne. where Ladiea oan have it aaphed, if deeired. Paetorjr?81 Baroiarat. <late SB Broadway) N. Y. I!* DUPONTS SUGAR-COATED FELT MALE REGULATING PILLS Read the foliowinc unaolioited enoomi V/ "1 ranxnl ??? hi-ht. ft ' "They are the beat hemale Pill? extant." I have used them with oomplete snocess." M Would not be without them apon any oonaiderUioc." "They operate speedily and effectively." . Pnoe ffbent 6v mill. Sold bT 8. C. UPHAM, llOChesnnt street, Philadelphta, and in Wa*hntton by 9. C. FOR I), oorner 11th street and Pa. bvenaa.; in Alexandria, by HEN IIY COOK * ^O., Druggists. noS8-eoly hbbb la. < Establishis nt 19*9,) beg leave to inform the pjblio that thev have exended their Expreas to Waahin|U>n, and are now ;"r?i IU *i?u?r)ii lucruwuiB*, fiw itw, 'pecie.Jewelry, ??.2to all parte of the MiddU, '?* England tod (fuMn Statu and Gonad*. fonaoetlnc with the moat reeponilble Expreraee aroaghontthe oonntry, w* are enabled to offer mnnnlltd fneUitits to all who may favor m with Mtr ra'rooage. For terau and further inform* lon apply to E fl. fcMITH. Agent. Third BttSd door beiow/a. avenue. jatfa Waeh ngtoa, D Q. ^DAMT EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OF MMMOTJU.. sSSSifistawuHS1 ??? WASHINGTON, D. C., UDVUI, l??a. REMOVAL. A. BIKHGER A. CO. HAT* REMOVED I TO 919 PENNSYLVANIA AVENIE, ? to vrruviiB 4 WILLARD8' HOTEL. We Invite the attention of oar friends and tron* to the Card below: No. 819 PEJINSTLVA.X! * AvKlffK, ? * (opposite Willard^t HotelJ The Subscribers, having opened a Branch E?- |: tabllsbment in thia City a few months since, and \ |j feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from lis friend* and the lovers of ? 13 pure and genuine '> WINES, LIQUORS, nd f?th?r Rrtirl?>? In fh?.lr ltn? hrnro Hl..I pon a continuance and extension of their bu?l new. Their assortment err.brace*? 1, FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and districts.) BOURBON ANT SCOTCH WHISKIES, 1 JAMAICA RUM, GINS, &c , B Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and ^ Stomachics, which are remMies for bowel complaints, fever and agne, uraaarue, aua ine me. MADEIRA, SHERRV A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Pricei. ^ C FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO ALSO, | PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED a MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, ? VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac., Ac. The Stock was particularly selected to suit the ^ wante of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateurs, Ac. They are InviUd to visit the establishment, which la under the direction of Mr. Jos. P. WlLSOH. J Owing to the fact that they import most cf the article* direct, and to their man? bail net* facilities, they are enabled to offer their stock Goods at ery low prices. ^ Your obedient servant*, L A. Blftl.tGFR k. CO., |< mporttrt of Foreign Wines, Liquors, fc. f ja 11-tf New Vohk asd Washisgtoh. fr f pARAFFINE CANDLES! si n MEVCCrS PATENT PARAFFINE *? Ki CANDLES ! Manufactured bj the Niw Vokk Para.ffi5k Ca.5SL> Co. ai For Mle m Quantities to suit parch* er?,by the ^ Manufacturers' Agents, tr JOHNSON 4 NAGLE, 8*9 Peon avenue, Washington D.C. ^ jali 10 Ro?a', near King at., Al^xindna, Va. J Dayton'* Bakery. ? noM npw Vl.ulf K' BRANCH, No. 45$ Eleventh between G and H, WASHINGTON. D. C. DAYTON'S PIC NIC AOYSTKR CRACKERS, ' SPONGE BUTTER CRACKERS, " BOSTON CKACKERB, * WATER CRACKr RS. " SODA CRACKERS, ? GRAHAM CRACKERS, It 1 L'MHV DiaPITlt ? Celebrated MINCE PIES. , Hote ktteper?, Hea la of Families, and ttutlera are invited to try our exoeilent AllNCE PIES. ia TESTIMONIAL. M Camp Scott. Sept,1.1861. Mb. Dattok? Sir: All of us, both olftoera and private*, have ate freely of your Piea. I oan coo- p cientioaely state that no man it on the uok lilt lrom pirtakinc*of them. To tell tne tmth, wo are H heart-ciok because we oaa't ret enough ot tflem. They are the only real lnxory we have had . iuoe we left home. W. F. Dnx n, M.D., Surgeon. ICT Diaooaof to the Trade. J. L. DAYTON, S j&ll-lm 456 ElevectL * t, Waahi&ct n, O.C. U REMAlDliO ?'.LINGER * CO 'S OHAMPAGJXTH. n LEFMAN, KIEFER * THOMASS, BOLE AGENTS for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Drafts Shift, Ja*-lm Nw York. 0t [VIEW CLOAES, AT LOW PRICES! Owing to the QLiuaal deanam for Cioaka, we hare jn?t reonived another lint apply, which tave n. Men purchased at very rfdooed inoee, acd will oe old Mtoniehinc low. Oer stock of FANCY SILK* aud LADIES ?Kb>> feOODS i? aUlI good, ana will be sold at reduced price*. M.TAYLORA CO, Ja II- ?o6t Snoc aeeore to Taylor A H utchieon. vKionoroAU'X T n i > n v Wl ?.... The subaenbers hare opened the atore No. 16 Market Space, fa ay., bet TCh and 9th ate. aa a first class Lace and Fancy Dross One Depot. oonaisiiac in part of Foictd'A enc >u. Appnsue, Mecktenand VaJeac:enn??? Laces, aucn as Collars, hleevoa, Handkerchiefs, Capo*, Flouncing, Caps, Caps, Co:(lures, and made np goods of tfie finest * oalitT, and at Now York prices. ( COHLN * DUSXELDORP. w from New York. ? aorta of Laoes waahed. mended, and done if o^ual to new, at abort notioe. de Jo ^m* R. rpo Sd 1 SUTLERS AND KKSTAUKANTS. loo taakote ry raponor CHAMPAGNE ^ w_ WIN12, | for onau br WM. CO&W1N BURST, No. IIT Poa&orlwua 11 1*7 ontraao* OB Sixtii at CHAWLU AND CLOAKS? Many stjlitb uK ^ tT:e'^ ? Poiuu W6CB6 acd Ninth 01 >M< THl W1KKLY STAR. nn nnn rmfly u? p?v? jmmi MWllM t fwtv fwto*f ? H*VW*M MM tn ttoi m U Nul la i?t ? HpilHrt>? a W*iT ?nl?K SUf 1? ??PT, M* ? M...I1 m fin MplM I n Tea eoplee ?.>??????? * ? Twfily lv uoptee. It lavarlably ooatalaa the ?< Waahlafioc Nrwi' fttl ha nadc IV Dmitf Mmmtrng Stm elmMl 10 geaerally throughout the eoaatry. t7SlBgle oopJea (la vrtppin) oaa he pea. rured it the counter, Immediately attar the tone ?f the paper. Prior?TURK & CENTS HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HtiHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Biehi, A m i Sr*riJU lUwudf For Dimwm ol tn? (LADDER, KIDNEYS. BR AVEL, id4 DROPMCAL PWELLINWS. Tmi M*dioine iscreMM th? ovor of DifMttoc. t.d occit** th? >?*>? b run rt?c.thy Mtion, j whicti the witmi ok caLcuoc* 4(miUou cd u cssatitrai HUUU10T1 art rod BOM, a well K PAIK AJ>0 1HFLaMHAT'09. HHLMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV L'lini 'hm i , ;<??, fltljiU of Diatwtioa. r-\riT inamwi or A'DM. Att*nrl*d with Ik* Fbliowt?c 6ympt0mt: ndiapoaitior to hx?rtocn, Lon of Power. <*? of Memurr, D.fton.t? of Breathing, Veak NTvee, Trembling lorror of D ?a*e, WakelBIno*' hmneas of Vision, Pam in the Mac; lu verm S,mntude of the Muscular ?t atMn, lot Ha d* t'ln?Mng of the 8<yi?t >ry*:"-? of the ~k n, K uptinna on the Face, rai Lin cocntkiiahcb. t^netybim' m?.<l? o* -i to to ob, whieh tloa ledieine iftnri&klf rem >ni, toon follows KPOTENIOV. PaTUTV epileptic pits. to ont of witrt 14? Patimu maf Ko~p*rt Wr.o cm: it I*** they are rot froaaontl? ft ! by tn?i.> "bisorcl difbasbs," ' INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are nam <rf trie ra..*eof their aaferiBf bct WOJtB will coitrcae. 'HE RECORDSo? THE INSANE asvl'fc Ana me n?|?ickoly [htatkt by Con>nmpt\on, ui AXPLI wrtswf ro THI TICTB P? THI amkitioii. HE CON^TITI HON ONCK AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WF\KNES3. etuim the aid of medieme to strengthen and I LTiforatc the Pyptem h'oh HELYBOLD*** KXTKACT BL'CHU WUrW b, dots Tllil WILL CONTTNCB THI MOIT IIIfTICil, 7EM ALES- FEMALES- PEMALE8, >LD OK Y<H\NG. SINGLE. MARRIED, Ot CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many Aff*ctt<m? PicuIiat to Ft*wiaUt ily, a* in Chloroai* or^teteution. Irr ju ariij ainfu.ceiss, or Suppre?? cn of Cuatomart brio atioci. lacerated or t*chirrou* atate of the Utena, Leucorrhea or White*. tMenhty. a d for ail ompiar'a incident to the ?, whether ariaiof rum lnUiBcretioL, Habit* of Diaaipation, or IB tfer DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! ??* 8TMPT0M* ABOVE iO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT Ua M Mora Balstm, Mtrntrjl m Mtditim fat Umphatmmi md i>aa|itMU Miiaw. HELMB0LD 8 EXTRAVJ BUCUV c*ua SECRET Ui?EA*E? a ali their SHarea; At uuie Kipaur ati.e or uc obauce in Dist; No moot. sa< Im U mzpotw *. re&neoa a ire*.i-7it d.t. e a *:v<ri:_atc, Che-et.j Rem viu. <Utu<n reventms a** Cunin Stridor** o t A'lari-i t^iBkM inflami ^u*nt in toe claaa of di?4a>-ea. a> w?)i>u?wrf.w? >?i MB . r th C* SDS rros iiuciinu WHO HAVE EE EM THE TiCliMS OF QUACKS, ad who hare paid fceary/ ?* to beoarwJ1 r borl me, hare f.urnl ttn-? were deoetv?;.au t t Um roiao.V haa. by tii* 'i?e 1 vuvt.tfut *.ttrtm. mil mb dried np ic the / tern, to break out ifi \B mg 'aratal form, and PERHAPS At TEH MARRIAGE. Ve* HKLMEXTRACT BVCH? . affection* ant. uieeaeea o i tbe I'Kl.iAHV i'HHAM, tether ouatiag m XkJLLm. OR FIIIALC, on wbatster or,r|r?tiiik and do waiter of lono irinuiiio iwMMJt Ue?e o-tMf rr^Blreln? aid of a I>; LBTIC. HEuMBOLD S EITRAV1 BUCHV W THE GREAT DIURETIC, id it it certain to hava the ueaired eff'ot la Wk rtt.for wAit* it i* retommtntUd. rromncB or ras mobt rbifoviiblb amd mm L1AMLM mARACTBa ilijaoocmfaay Ue n*d c;aea. rt'dtipir 4 TL'a hd pcopo VL'm m i? ?va m vr vlhuc. Promt to 0 rain' ?ta.r,r ?. with Nam** known to SCIENCE AND FAME, "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." ra itu "bo lacmiT" or "ib?kidibit? ' HLLMIiULD'S EXTRACT tfUCKU oompoeedof Hncnn, Cu'^^a aod Jumper Berriae, MMteO with treat oare by a oompetont ?>'iff. PP. a PAR ED IN VACUO, B f M. T. UKLVBOLOi ractica! an<* Acaljt<oal Chwiirt. and Bole Mar ufaotnrw of ILMB0LIV8 OF*T H?F PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. Peraou&liy appeared r*fore at. A iitrau el e 01 ty of i'lti.xltfijpltia. H. T. Hblmboll, w?l iqg duly orern, doth Mj.hia preparation* ?oral so n&rooU:, to meroery.or other lajurioct ui?, but are pure.y vejrtible. H. T HFLMKOLD. Svorr and eubecribed before me, thiaii uctj t onmbsr. 18M. WM. *?. HlBbtKU, Alderman. Ninth ?t.. ?.ow Kut, PM a PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. Price SI r*r ktttl*, ?r ill tor It, Delivered to any eddreee, Meir?iy pac?M .rem trin Addraaa letter a for lafonaatiaa 1a oo&AOa m H. f. UL1.MUOL1), CfcMiwt, spot, 1M Soath Taatti it., balow Cfeotiuai i?L la HKWAKK OF COVNTEK.FIU IS AX Li UNPRIXC1 fLMD D*i.Lk*tf 10 endeavor to du?oa? "of U*-f ova" 'other" aruolaa on t&e repulatio - .Ulteu HtlwUoid't Frtpmrmtirm , " " Mmtrmtt Bm* a, " ? ?? am-fmrilU, M ImptnU Mm* ITaa*. Jold by P. B. Watte, L O. Cojui, j ?a HIT. S. C. FOUl 8. B. Kwt WltTLB, B C l/ob, D. B. Cum, Lawu * Wium^? 5fAJM, WMtUDftoa Mi lllHHlll. ND ALL JDE WV918T9 MTMMTWHMAM. ABE fOft DUDOLDY. sakbvo om. MMM faff !! IB AVOID UfTOBlWIO* I XFOSBftB amnU afjmw ?i ?U IVM OtirfBtMil i?Ttw Bun. Htj