Newspaper of Evening Star, February 3, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 3, 1862 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MOJIDAY FEBRUARY 3, 1962. Spirit ?( the M*riln( Frrii. The InitlUgeneer treats further upon the Trent ttSemenc. The parties who Inve been so active in parading bo^ua conversations alleged to. have pa?* d I Kiwfen uie rrnueni ana uen. jiui i^ur, miu themselves placed in ratber a foolish position by the recently developed fart that the distinguished Jav- bav/ker has never teen assigned an Independent command to carry out Lis abolition schemes The Brjmbfican takes the back track thus : "It Is row certain tfcet there Is some great mistake In this matter, and that tbe President never Intended him to set Independently of General linnter, but to be subject to him as bis superior efflcer." >In< > Ad* Aboat Ksthioj. By tbe ne*. European arrival It will be eeariy mown, we ipprmeno, inn idc ur w? oi the imminent probability of a coalition between England, Prance and Spain, for an armed interference with the United State*' blockade of their wratbern const, Is utterly untrue This pretense of news ! based on the disapproval of the sinking of stone-laden vessels In some of the small entrances, and ef the wa' for the emancipation of the slares, which, it Is falsely alleged, our Government Is about to Inaugurate. It is nothing more than '-bogus news" gotten up by the emissaries of teceoston in London and Paris on the re of the sailing of the last-arrived English steamer, so as that there would not be time for its due contradiction (o come over to the United ?.Uk I* After luborious investigation we are able to a? ure the public that Instead of there beir.g foundation for such a story, the official diapatcbea received both by the lfgatlona here of the Powers named above and our own Government by the two last arrivals, Indicate that the happy settlement of the Trent difficulty has entirely removed any possibility of a collision between theUuited State* and either or ell of thoae governments growing oat cf any thing p**t, connected with our current war. We have every reason to believe that not only Lord John Rusaell, but M Thouvenal, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, has caused bia congratulations to be tent to the President and Secretary of ?tate ?tpon tktir happy and prompt removal of "he came of possible hostilities; and that England'* cfficlal messages with reference to the so called " atone blockade" have been couched In the moit friendly language, and In I'.ke tone and tamper. And, farther, that the of Jlclal replies to them have been such es will be received in a manner as frank and friendly If It Is not already known in London and Paris tnat ice atone oiocxaae" u c mere temporary r.lct:ng up of small unimportant and until recently unused cb&nnela, It soon wiil be. The misrepresentation rf the chsrsrter of those channels, and the purpose and actecf this Government connected with their temporary obstruction, Industriously icjected into English and French newspapers by writers undt-r pay of the rebels, baa doubtless alone 'nductd the English authorities to give the occurrence a stco;,d thought; which misrepresentation hae already been set at re?t We have only tc add, that at no time since the rebellion remmenced have our relat.sns with France and England been in a more satisfactory condition, unlesa both those Governments are playing en unscrupulous game of false pretences tn their tfflclal intercourse with cura, entirely foreign to their cberacter; a gam? hitherto unknown In the history of any civilized government In the world. Knowlr.g well the high personal character of Napoleon III. na well ra that of Lord John Russell, in the Jace rf their sc-recent demonstration! of entire kindly relations and sentiments towards the United States, we reject, aa wholly false, the efforta ir.ede by the secession ' stuffers" of the wrlteTf for the English and French press, to genera!* tie belief tLst the authorities of those eoun* trlea are playing the paita of utterl)-characterless men In thiir Inte-oiurse with cur Government. PLord Lto5? honob*i> with tub Cboss or thb Gbszb or Bath ?The last steamer brought letters frcm the English Government to the legation here, investing Lord Lyona with the Order of Bath, lii acknowledgment of the value of his services In securing the peaceful and prompt settle* ment o' th?; Trer.t d Acuity: a compliment aa fairly earned ea gracefully paid. The on dit is, that on Informing Secretary Seward of the fact, Lord L. remarked that the honor and compliment should Lave been Lis Instead, as he felt tbat the ?tttl<.u<?ut as made w?a indeed Mr. Reward's achievement rather than bis Mr. ServirJ, It is said, promptly replied : ? Oh, no, yovr lcrdsLip ; I have long b? rne my cross It Is high tinae you sbou!d wear y.">ura.'8 dm Removed i.i thk House or Representatives ? Phlneas B Thompk'ns, of New York, the Assistant Reading Clerk In the House of R'preser.tuims, baa been removed, and Mr. Bovd, formerly A**'Rtant Postmaster in tbe Thir?y-s:ith Congress. bus been appoint* i In bla place. Ba.lary. fl,6U). Ifewa from the Soothers loett. NAVAL 0EXHATI0.1S AT SAVAJINAL ? REP< RT1D battle sfcvr at al ac hi col a. The following dlspstca appears in the Norfolk D?V Bock of JnnmruSl ""l '? u ' -J " *" J ... J w? , ?uu ucuuru , "Dy ICIC* graph specially Tor the Daily Day Book." Savaxsaa, Jan.30 ?This morning all is quiet Yesterday a tfet-t of steamers went down to look after and atrenghten tne obstr jction of the rivtr. They were unmolested by tb* enemy. Most of Yankee vtisels were drawn off the day prevloua Seventeen federal vessels were at Warsaw V^und yesterday and heavy tiring wai heard there, rue cioae ! unknown. The Republican has a private letter, dated Balnbridge, January'27. in ^frhich it Is reported that a light took place on James' Island, near Apalachiroia, in which sixty federals wtre killed ad thirty five taken prisoners The enemy were ^entirely routed. Our loss thirteen. socthkb*. ."NiW*.?The people of Norfolk and Richmond, as we learn by a passenger, Mr. Taylor, of Cincinnati, late a prisoner at Richmond, who arrived at Fortiess Monroe, are !;; an Intense state of exciten-ent, and many of them are panic trickea. He expresses the opinion that tbe rebels re almost at the last gasp, especially In view of the now apparently well ascertained fact that their troop* are?the greater portion of them?d?UrmwU to go home, their enlistments vxpirlng, the most of them, by tbe twentieth of (his month Added to tbls it the belief thatGeueral McClellau )? considered by tLem to be tne evilgeuiua of the rebellion, the Conftde iten /taring his abilities more tka? all else in ihu direction They declare that "whatever the people here may think of him la the'r impatience, his coarse is lY^MAiliNIC.-tfranrfLMn of F and A M*11 ?l tcm of ike J tstrtei o) Columbia.?A ataud c?ainian:o*!ioi! of'h? M. Vv . Urtal Lodge of the Diai'let ofCoioo. .% wil! b? ' ?:U on M(K\D\Y, t&e 3d v 4 p m. at tfce Us!; ooratr ?? 9tn a-a L- ?ire? s. oecera and members are Mrcatr i?%u *nted. and tojoarmcg brethren m proper *tan.'i.j fraternally ;uvt?t i> he proaent. joshua t. It 6 raad t*eo etary. jy-??* V I THM1NI A N TjECTUUS -Da. ,,..,1.9 >n, kivo me r<*ocnc l.eo'nre on '"ArOiie I'lp-or. ucu'*OC MONDAY KVIsMNG, Fsbta&n ?f. i-tr2, at 8 o'o.ook. 1 he pablio ara invibed. A Jb.iUmim tr*e. fa l it TMfc i,:rUKE OK DR. HATES vJ.? ta p stpji.ea anui fariiier nutiecon ooourt of the..- nn. fc 8 U. tt. M ? 1 r?b?, No. 6, ?e?jt at LL3 ?our NV icw&ro. Teinpirauoa Bail, on KvNDMi KVhNiN>i.3d t!i?:. .or the eeotion of CH ef. Th<? Ovuuu.l tire wi ! .?e kind.ed at 7 o'tlck j-rcoi** y. fa 1 8t* n^n^rac wi'xr monthly UJL m -?tiMf ol the Boiid ol J ruetee* of foi>lio K uoola wiii iM? t-id in ico A:dorir.*n'a Ro?m, Citr Hall, on tuesday afternoon, Ketruary ?ir. at aXt'elock. frl it tVil. B. DAYTON t?*>. SrA F-^IK. ior t:io bent-fit of ft. Vincent's , Femai* Oi?kausy.vni, wii bo opened ol UfcbDAY. yia iM?t it Akyluiu, aorner (* 10th straits. A variety of csciii &ui ftto? S/UOlM will fte offer a for >& o. 'ikar* wiii be al .coft rjoui wuere a'l kinds of mmiiines'i w*li t.-? t-?:v?d. lo j Cream and Conf?d?rytjn :h-Mr VAr ?t'?s. ja 29 tf ir??MJi meetinc of ta? Hot?! and h ? 'i a?ern keepers of t^o C:ty of Wa^hi u<ton i Diatnc. Of Co.aiul>.?, viil t?e ha.d at tha tier I, "J* . tebrasr) ad. ! Jt5i I P- m. ? oco:o4i I'teaiitoca u ir , ?, :???**? UBfrortaut basic*** wui te UtBMtttM. 1 * * _ Bjcritr oICotBtailtM. fTF*&BLHN1 ?*PRAYK* MEETIN? WiU , i . h*\l?' t VT7 ^S' tuu,w?"*iu taB ^tftfcerf^sc."u,m, '>144'7'J- y" ?*?> ooruar of *lf *?<C">tv rU, ooiwi.ei.eiBf at 4* o'otook p ni? fftdteafc&Mdbvtocttcoar. j? ?i OCR 3I1LIT * RT BUDGET. an are! at old point. Commodore Goldsborough probably attacked the < Rebfl font on Roanoke Island on Thursday last I The following official dispatch reached the 1 Navy Department to-day : I U.8 Ptsamkr Roajoks, > Hampton Road*, February 1, IW1. 5 8ia : 1 have the honor to report to you the arrival, during the past night, of the bark Gemabok, from Beaufort, N. C. Capt. Cavendy informs me that on Tuesday, the 2fth ultimo, ke beard heavy firing in t^e rear of Beaufort, but has no conjecture aa to from whom it proceeded. Cap!. C. aiso reports that on Thursday, the 30th ultimo, at fla. m ., while off Roanoke Inlet, he heard heavy firing its the direction oj Roanoke *-*? * lontrtnfT .in mn mini! nn dnnh* that Clarr '-- "ft ?J ? ??, Officer Goldsborough is at work. * * Your obedient serv't, John Marsto*, Captain and Senior Officer. Hon.GiDtoK WELLES, Secretary of the Navy, Washington, I). C. ge3. lake TO ACT iTBORDISATE to general HrSTER. Washington. Feb. 2 ? The President in conversation yesterday with representative Conway, of Kansas, stated that he appointed Jas II Lane Brigadier General with the eip.ess understanding that he was to serve under Gen. Hunter. That Gen. Lane frequently declared his willingness to do so?that be (the President) bad and ha? the strongest desire to oblige Gen. Lane, and consequently appointed a lar^f staff to suit and gratify nlm. That whilie he hoped and expected an expedition somewhat to his own liking would be sent forward under him, he expected it to he done bv an amicable arrangement with Gen Hunter. He never Intended and doen not now intend that It shall be Independent of Gen. Hunter, or in any way offensive or dishonoring to him That Gen. Lane mo*t receive bin order* from Gen Hunter, and the President will be glad it Geo Hunter, acting within the range of hit orders and aense of d ty to the public, can give nuch orders as will Lv satisfactory to Gen. Lane "?Corrispondtnrt Sssotiated Prtts. A week or two i?gn the Star took occasion to expose the utter falsity of the story that the President and Commander-in-Chief had given Jim Lane authority to Jayhawk?to rob, murder, steaj negroe*, burn and outrage?throughout Missouri, Arkausaj and Texas, ad libitum; investing him with a command as independent of their controlling authority, as of the laws of civilized warfare. Such was the uDshot of what was claimed for him by the band of " humanitarian" writers for the press and stump spouters who surrounded and blew trumpets for him when here, It will be remembered. The above extract from the Associated Press correspondence simply shows that Lane's "blowers" have at length compelled the President thus iormally to contradict tbeir stories. NAVt YAUD. A Marylander named Bryan wa? arrested in Alexandra a dsyor two s'.ncr- on st-ong suspicion of btlng in communication with the rebels. On Saturday a small attachment of military embarked on tht Robert Leslie and strained down Ihorllwr Tli?o lanrto-t r.n tV o 1 . rA . V. ? opposite Mount Vernon, and proceeded to Brian's residence, which they proceeded to search They found a number of secession document* and letters, and brought awry ah a trophy a secession flag which was in the house. The Harriet Lane is being thoroughly overhauled ar.d refitted, preparatory to her entering upon sea service. There has been no arrival from the flotilla for a few days ANOTHER BKCOXNOISSAXCE TO DBA1 NKSVILLE. On Friday four companies of Colonel Bayard's Cavalry went out on a scout to Drainsvtlle No Rebels were seen, but they learned that the Rebe^ pickets came to Drainesville at nifjht, but that their lines were three miles lo the south of that point. No other Information was obtained except what Is already known to the publle. A PL AS OF TBCCK. YeVerday; a reoel flag of truce, hearing a sealed communication from the commander of the rebel forces on the other side of the ilver, to Major General McClellan, caine to the cutposta of Generil McDowell's division, end the paper was promptly forwarded to headquarteri here TILSSKAPB BUilNEat of TUB war DKPARTJ4KNX . During the last eight months there have been received and sent from the War Department, Independent of the headquarter* of General McClellan, over 4,000 messages to and from the various camps and different sections of the country. a yi.kit tuc roroMAc blociadi. Alexandria. Feb 3 ?Editor Star: Yesterday, from twenty-five to thirty sail of vessels arrived, that ran the blockade, in the dark, on Friday night; among them, four cargoes of coal, one of hay, with numerous oyst> r boats and wood vessels Not b(in? discovered, tiiey were not fired upon uy iue V'Uiiitx&f ravrs. |\]OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE 1 copartce-a lp under tbo firm of Meier h. Conral bu b? ?n dissolved to-o - v i t mutual consent, a^dthatrHAS WALTER, Esq., 397 D street, opposite the City Hall, wi I :eoeivo all bills due to eaid fi^m within thre? <!a*s Nicholas meyer, OKOKOR CONHAII. Washington, D. C.. f c:,. 3. am fe 3 3t* Qfi INCH HEAVY 8 ilL DUCK, i Oil 23 ilcIi Cotton Duck, lojtf Hteaeiied and Brown Sheetirfc, i T<<wj s ."s'apkirn, Tr.ble Lmone, Ked Comf- rts. Blar-itet', | Flannel", Shawl*, Cashmeres, Calicoes. Cloaks. Gloves and Su?p?niers, | And oth?r kiad of 1>rj Goods, on nt%.o at the lowest priccs, b/ WM. R. HILEY ft BUO., No. itfi Central Store*. Between 7:h n/K ???"? - opyo. Cettor Slantet. ru!?h"JT?k ^eazain^^YS) andh'itixtchoouersl 'ad- wilur x^BF ed with OYSTERS ' Five with TANGIER !*?>IjND* of tip top quality-ar<l ?t&r aofoooner Wi'd Pigeon wi.n trie finest Cai.RKYM'ONBS. He ii uov read? to serve al! who tray deaire Prim* Oysters at tho lowst ina'ket rat.s. The public are invited to ca.i and osa.m:r.e hia fine utook of BIVALVE*. fe3 3t PL RE I1REU). THE NEW AERATED BREAD .' The urdereiirned, hiving nearly completed th ir establishment fur the rcflnui"vj:tire of tin* iiread, la lame ?iiiaotitie*, wiil be roady in a few days to fill ordera?eitlisr for the citr trade or fcr thearmy. The parity an>: exoellenoe of this Bread are attested oy the most rerpootab o Physicians of this oi'.y, as well as by the Medical Fioaity of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and London. 8amples of the Bread fro a our bakery In Baltimore are k?pt on hand at the Depot of Williams 4. Co.. 3 4 4Vk atreet, Washington. If HKQUA ft CO. NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE TO SUTLER? Til Ml IT I VDd SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. SPICED JUOLASSES CAKES. SPICED SIJGAR CAKES 8PICED SUGAR CAKES. J In corurquenos of the (ret! demand for oar Mo- ' lutes G'.nter Cake and Bngar Cake, we have appointed W H. HAMILTON A CO., 479 Nin'n Street, l m p.-ineipa Agent for ih&ir sale, from whom they ] oau be bought at five dollars per barrel. , SNAPS, 1 JUMWLK8, MOLAS8ES POUND CAKE, IN QUANTITIES. I.N QUANTITIES, | t ?i i\n a lil V(VAll 1 BOS TON ~CRACKERjff. P-e?h e*e y day?warm frr m tte oven naked*- ' lioious fo.d? i To* Grata P'T Pound. 1 DAYTON'S I CELEBRATED MINCE PIES J II t?I-k(?Kr>> H?ad? of Pamiliaa, and Sutlers t kr* invited to try oar exoa'lant Miloj Plaa. i Ou YlNCE PIES teed on.y to t?a triad to ba j kryrool&tad ; pno? $10 and fit per nundral. J VMES L. D.V7TONt 1 Hakarj?450 EievattH atraac, t (cl 9 batwaan aad R. 4 r? the Public and the Ctagrni af the Csited States. I observed with great surprise In several Northern newspapers that certain charges had been made against me before the Potter Committee, as follows, to wit: 1st. Tfcst I refused to Invade the State of Virginia, calling her my moih'r 2d. That I refused to go with mv company to Maryland. 3d. That I neglected to discharge my datv as captain, Imposing that duty upon my 2d lieutenant, Harry B. Curtis 4th. That I received compensation both as captain and District Attorney 5th. That 1 rtfused to lend my horses to some trrmber of my company to carry them bread WliPn t ,PV Were ?t*rv'niT 6th. That my company hissed me when 1 delivered my parting address to them. Ttb. An improper correspondence between my brother and mystif, therefore that I am unworthy to be trusted. 1 have never been Into the committee-room, nor have I ever seerf the original document against me, but these are the charges reported against me In the New York Tribune I can disperse them all by a cloud of witnesses. Without further comment 1 refer for the present to the following evidence: District of Columbia, Washington county, to wit: On thl? 30th of Janu?v, 1801, personally appeared before the subscriber, a justice of the peace in and for the county and District aforesaid, Henry B Curtis, and made oath In due form of law thai, to the best of his knowledge and belief, he was second lieutenant In company A, District of Columbia volunteers, commanded by Capt. Kdward C. Carrington; that 1 was in the captain's room when Major Jewell stepped in ana said: uaptam, 1 want a portion of your company to go to Maryland to-morrow; I with you to act in my place daring my absence; and then, drawing a paper from his pocket, proceeded to give him his instructions. The captain said I am very glad you do not want me to go, as I have to argue In a few days the cass of the "Tropic Wind." Mr Carlisle denies the constitutional right of the President to blockade the Southern ports: I can show the court that he is wrong After the major's order was made known, some of the men called upon the captain and axked him and me if they were bound to go: that they had made no arrangements to go, ana that mev were poor men, and their families would suffer during their absence. The captain said Jou are not bound to go; you remember that Maor (now General) McDowell told vou bo when you were mustered into service; the major does not want all of you to go; I am not gofng. and want gome of you to stay with me; I think it would be best for the married men to Btay at home I agrped with him in that opinion. The captain tbeu remarked to me that is a great piece of folly on the part of Jewell; be has been bothering General Stone to let him go somewhere to reap a little glory Laughingly he >aid, 1 do not understand this; the company is ordered away from the post of danger: I did not know there was am* enemy In that direction. I know that Capt. Carrington refustd to receive captain's pay, saying that he had some doubt of hit right to do so We requested him to do bo and apply It to the payment of the company debt. He said he wnnlH InnniM 1t I *?/t ?v>? ? ?? -J ? ?- ' ...vf .. >? tt *-i*. uuu iuc n^ui tu uu bu, arid, If be bad, he would draw it and give It to tbe company. He d:d Inquire, drew the money, and gave It to tbe company. 1 was present when Captain Carrlng ton made hii farewell address to the company; I d d not bear any one hiss blm; on the contrary, tbey applauded so loud you might have heard them a equare off. I am e neighbor of Captsin Carrlngton's; 1 know him well; I have heard him speak often, read bis letters. ouversed with him, and be and I agreed In politics exactly. He always said he would go wherever he was or iered. and tight against Virginia, or Maryland, or any State or person who took up arms against the Federal Government 1 remember the captain saying to us one evening, "Uo\s. if we get into an engagement and Major Jewell don't learn to give his orders with more promptness and accuracy, I shall make cnmpanv A flgfct on its own hook " Major Jewell heard or thia, and In my present"* called tbe captain to account for It, paying that he had charged him v/lth not understanding bis business Tbe captain replied, 1 did not say that; but 1 said, and say now, It Is your duty, aa en honest man, to atudy military tactics until you underatand It like clockwork; we ought all to do II; and If we do not it is du" to our men, whose llvea depend upon our skill, to get some West Point graduate to command us 1 never knew Capt C to refuse any member of hi- compeny tbe loan of bia Horses or anything they aaked him for; he la one of the most generous, kind-hearted men I ever knew. 1 never knew the contain to disobey or hesitate to o"bey any order given to him by Major Jewell. I remember one night, when it waa raining In torrents, we were ordered off 1 asked the captain where we were going; he re i>ucu, you too uara mr me; the major won't tell me. We went to Georgetown Collree, and slept all night In our wet clothes. The captain whs very much amused; said the major had tak^n one fortress, but he claimed the honor of being the first man to enter the breach, lie told me that the major had complained that he refused to call in person upon Mr. Seward and ask him to give him a consulship. He thought the major was unreasonable. He had a clerkship, and ought to be satisfied with it. Besides, he, the captain, would feel like a fool calling upon Mr. Seward, whom he barely knew, to ask him to give.Major Jewell a consulship to China. Several weeks after, Capt C. was appointed District Attorney. He called me Into his room and said, Curtia, 1 want to consult you as a friend. I have got more to do than I can stand up to. These admiralty cases in the District Court, the criminal cases in the Criminal Court, examining and approving the bonds of the new oilice-holdtrs and contractors. arming mv company, and attending Major Jewell'* battalion drills are too much for me; and 1 think it is my duty as an honest man to resign one of the cilices. 1 think that 1 will give up the cilice of District Attorney, and devote myself to the military. 1 said, don't think of it; the war can't last long, and It would be absurd iu v?u to give up your ottice. He then said, 1 will resign my captaincy. 1 said, no, 1 think tbit we will have a battle soon, and it will have a bad eflect upon thecompany, and would injure your reputation. He then said, If you will give up your other buaineu and take command of the company In the day time, I will promise to take charge of them every night; and I will pay you for anything you will lose bv the arrangement. I said to him, all right, attend, to your duties as District Attorney, and I will be here all the time when you are awav; but 1 will not receive a hingle cent from you for any* extra service. The captain then spoke to Major Jewell of the arrangement we had made; and the major consented to it Capt. C. carried out his agreement in good faith and to the letter. He spent every night with the comnanv. not single nl^tat at borne. And be la tbe only officer in the regiment who did. Capt. C. wu a moit excellent officer. When hs raised tbe company we were perfectly green; in a few mouths we were equal to any in the city. Many of our men are now In the Federal army non-comntissloned officers. We raised 3.500 volunteers in the District. The public is indebted for this military forccivalnly to the efforts of Capt C I know it is, as Mr. Williams and myself wtre the first to respond to bis call and attend tbe different meetings. He addressed and aided him In organizing tii* company. Capt C. is an able and eloquent lawyer, an amiable gentleman, a pure patriot, and as true to tbe cause of the Union and Federal Government as any man in the nation Sworn before me this 30th day of January, 1*62. John H. Johnson, J. P. District oj Cobumbta, Washington roumy, toieit: On tbe 29th of January, 166*2, personally appeared before the subscriber, a justice of tbe peace in and fur tbe county aforesaid, Washington B Williams, of said city and District, and made oath in due form of law that be was clerk of ? v?u>|?u? n., umvu voiunieers or the Dlitrlct of Columbia, commanded by Capt Edward C. Carrington: tkat be knows of bis owu personal knowledge the following facts : First Tbatwben a portion of company A was ordered to Seneca Mills, Capt. Carrington was specially detailed by bis commanding officer, In my presence, to act as major, during hTs absence, of the District Volunteers, who were left behind to guard the city, and tbat be discharged hit duty In that capacity witb energy and fidelity. Second. Tfcst he always expressed himself ready and willing to go whenever and wherever be might be ordered by his commanding officers Third. That he repeatedly refused to accept any compencatlon as Captain for bis military services, both before and after he was made District Attorney, and tbat he consented to do SO at the ronn??? ?? - , vi uii uuitcn ana men for the purpote of applying it to the payment at a debt contracted by tn?s company previous to being mustered Into service; and 1 am informed (this I do not know of my personal knowledge) tbat be obtained legal advice and the opinion of niscommanding officer before doing bo. Alter drawing bit captain's pay be handed to me a Urge portion of It, wblcb I paid to Mr. Burdette, a merchant In this city, who will confirm my statement. My . books will show that Cspt. Carrlngton paid other i large sums for the company, and tbat be has never called upon me or any member of the company Tor reimbursement. ] Sworn to before me. J50. H. Johnson, J.P. 1 District 0/Columbia, Washington county ; ! On this 30th of January, 1803, personally ap- 1 geared before the subscriber, a Justice of the peace 1 n and for the countv and Dlairf?? ? ' * ?me Taylor, and made oath, In aue form of \aw, < hat he waa a private la Con.pany A, commanded 1 >y Capt. Edward C. Carrington; that he la a < lelghbor of the Captain; that be w&a one of the lrst to join hla company; that be reme.-nbera that ] irhen the company was ordered to Senaca Mill* ' iome of the men Baked the Captain if they were ) >ound to so. saving that they were not prepared < o go, ana their families would Buffer during I heir abeence. The Captain told them that they i rare not bound to go, but there waa no danger In i [oing, the danger was la Waahlngton. I am 1 ore that be did not pelauade any man not to go, 1 >ecauae 1 weut and consulted the Captaiu about i t, when be Bald to me, you can't be forced to ga, I >ut no, if you are mind to do bo. No Captain i tould hare been mote faithful to bta company; 1 / . he sprat every Bight with nt, and he ! the only i Optaln that ( know of who did. 80 far from 1 bis refusing to lend bis horses to carry bread to | bis men, be and his wife supplied the families of 1 his men who were suffering with means wbene*- 1 er they were railed upon. I know the members ]

of the company personally, and I never beard a man among them of feeding in the company ny 1 a word against him In my life. He spoke to as, and talked to as privately, and said that It was our duty to march under the Federal flag, wherever we were ordered; that be knew no difference between going Nortb, South, East, or West He was the best drilled officer I ever saw. When he took command of us we were perfectly green, and in tbree months we were equal, if not supertor, to any company In the city. Sworn to and subscrlb d before me the 30th of January, 1802. J210. H. Johnsos, J. P. Washisgtos, March, 1981. Hit Eittlhncy A Lincoln, President Unifd States: We, the undersigned, citizens of Washington, earnestly recommend our highly-esteemed townsman, Gen Kdward C. Carrington. for the oflce of United States District Attorney for the District of Columbia. It has been the universal custom to GrWe this appointment to some resident of the District; and we know no man more competent for that Important position than Gen Carrington. Asa lawyer of learning, energy and ability, he nil iew superiors; ana am an aavocaie 01 eloquence and power no superior. If any equal, at our Bar. No appointment could be made more deserving and more gratifying to the people of Virginia and .Maryland and the District of Columbia [Signed by '260 prominent citizens of Washington.] To his Exttlltney the President of the 1'nited fttnt'S' The appointment of my friend General Edward C. Carrlngton, the ?on of my old friend. General Edw'd C. Carrlngton. deceased, late of Virginia, to the olflce of United States District Attorney for the District of Columbia,would be moat agreeable to me. General Cjrrin^tnn hnim uh?h <?*i_ lantly In the Mexican war. and displayed very recently in a military capacity much real and effi clency In maintaining the peace and security of the city, I take great pleasure In .ttgnlng this paper. W j .n pi eld Scott . March 3fl, 1M1. In addition to the foregoing 1 trfer with confidence to Gen. McDowell and tien. Psone, to the whole Bench and Bar of the District. There Is not an honest officer in the army, who knows me, who will nay that 1 ever expressed a sentiment or did any act unbecoming a soldier and a gentleman, or a loyal officer of the Federal army. There is not a Judge upon the Bench or a lawyer at the Bar In the District of Columbia who will Bay that be evfr knew me to express a dishonorable or disloyal sentiment, do an unprofessional act, or suppress my honeat ccnvictioni There are men In Washington who have trusted me with their money and their reputation, not one will aav that I ever betrayed or deceived them and am unworthy to be trusted. I have never received a single cent from any man, or from mv Government, to which ( did not believe that 1 was fairly entitled. If I owe any man or mv Government anv thing I am able, ready, and willing to pay It It Is known to ?y friends In this city that after I completed my term of three months' service I volunteered to join the Federal army for a second term in Western Virginia, but was advised by a high public functionary, in whom 1 uuu mc luum iiujjucii luiiaatr.ce, lUlU COU!(l M more useful to the public In my present position of United States Attorney for this District. It la known to many peraona in VYaahi ngton that no man hud a atronger hold upon the affections of the people in the southern portion of the Virginia Valley than I. That I never failed to carry inv county, although a large majority of the people differed with me in politics, w'cen I applied for odire. Ttat I wa* ur^ed to return to my old home and tijjjht for Southern rights That I always said f cannot do it conscientiously; it would be, in my judgment, treason and a great sin against tnvGod and mv country- That I believed tbe Resident of the L' nlted States to be a national, conservative, patriotic, hones', and true-hearted man. That it was net his inteution to injure and oppress the people in any section of the country And that Southern men were bound, by every consideration of honor and patriotism, to trust and try him It I* known to my friends that 1 received a military pdurffttinn at th#? VMrolnU -?1 4 -- mtiitaiy lUBiilUVQ, BUa could Lave obtained a colonel'* cr a general's commission In the so-called Confederate army. It is known to my friends tbat I have in my possession bonds secured upon valuable r**al estate In the State of Virginia to a large amount. It is known to rr.y friends that my widowed motbsr, now la Virginia, encouraged ber son to raise tbe tirst military company in the United States to maintain tbe honor of tbe Federal flag. They have beard me say tbat I was separated from her. against the wishes of us both, by th's cruel ana causeless rebellion; that her home and tbe grave of my father had been Invaded by an army from tbe Gulf States, with which I could have no sympathy; that every blow I struck !n tbe cause of the Federal Government would be a blow far her and my other friends in the State of Virginia, who were the unwilling slaves of Jeff Davis and his rebellious party; that tbe State of Virginia had been forced Into the vortex of secession by negrotraders, gamblers, and bankrupt politicians, against the wishes of the pecple, twice expressed at tbe ballot-box. It la also reported In the oaners tn wW?i> i v.? referred that iny appointment to the office of DUtrlct Attorney is due to the fact that 1 raised a military comnnny. This ii not so. 1 was choice of the bar. My paper* on file In the Attorney General'* Department will ahowthat I was recommended for tbat office by a majority of the Washington bar I never said fo .Major Jewell thflt^l wo ild not fight against Virginia I remember that this conversation occurred between us, wben we were alone, about the beginning of the war. I was standing near the office of tbe National Intelligencer; he rode up tc me and said: ''Captain, I think there will be a battle near Richmond soon. I propose to volunteer to General Scott to take p;irt in It: will you join me?" I replied. No, air; i will not. If we makesuch a proposition to Gen. Scott, he will consider It a piece of braggadcla. I think it Indelicate ana Improper In a subaltern officer to vninnWr ?? t,i. - *? _ ui> uuuluilllUlQg officer to go any wbere. His duty to obey order*. Besides,Tt would appear like Indecent haste In me to volunteer to invade ray native State before Gen. t^ott informed me officially that the necessity existed and tbe proper time arrived But when be elves the word of command 1 am ready to go. Major Jewell then aa!d: "Suppose we volunteer to go upon a scouting excursion through some of the neighboring counties of Virginia. I wish to do something by which I can acquire fame and tha' my children can talk about after the war Is over." 1 replied : Major, that is a wrong spirit. A man should not light for fame, but from a sense of duty. For my own part 1 have military ambition; my ambition Is to excel In my profession. I havegone in this thing from a sense of duty. When I tight the people of my native State it will h* In -? -? ?* ? ? ui ? sou ana painful duty But when Gen. Scott, Gen Stone, or Major Jewell gives the order I shall not hesitate to obey I do not recollect baying but one convercatlon with Lieutenant,Ward upon the subject when we wtr? alone. He came into mv room, engaged with me In conversation. In the course of the conver?ation be remarked, " Tbi? is a sad state of afittira. captain. How do you feel, separated from your friends and relations In Virginia?" I replied, " Bad enough." He then said, " I have a very near, dear sister there, the wife of a Methodist minister," (I do not recollect the nam? ) I said, " Ward, rny situation is worse thsn routs : 1 have two sisters and a widowed mother there." He then sprung up and said, " 1 would not like to invade the Old Dominion." This was bis language?not mine. 1 we.s not surprised at this, because I thought It a very proper sentiment. 1 minjc max my reply to blin was the ume thai 1 Lave always made to southern men,who 1 thought were going ?? on wrong sceat. I said, " Neither you nor I hare been enlisted to invade or light against V.rginla, but to fight for bet. She has been forced into secession by South Car* olins, who has always been her greatest enemy; she has been Invaded by an army from the Gulf States, with whom . can have no sympathy, for 1 never was in one of them in mv life. The secessionists are the enemies of Virginia, and seek to degrade and ruin her. The Federalists are her friends, and seek to redeem and save her." I do not recollect ever having a conversation either with Mr. Murphy or Mr F?nwick when they wer* alone My company was 110 strong, and they all knew what my sentiments were. It is also reported in the papen that 1 called my brother a traitor. I never ULed that word in connection t.fUk -v- V.-4I ? nuu niv uruiuer I name?i am lncaptble of It. I My brother ia a brave, generous, and true-hearted man, many years my junior. I do not knew where be ia; I am aure, If alive, he 'a doing what he believes to be right; if be has fallen, wnUe In arms against his ceuutry, it is only another illustration of the wickedness and folly of the men who created thla horrible rebellion. I received a letter from him asking me If I Intended to use , kit father's aword against the State of Virginia, and to send it to him I replied to htm,'-No, I intend to use my father's sword In tbe cause of Virginia?to drive off the rebels and traitor* who have forced her into secession and invaded her toil against the wishes of tbe people, twice expressed at tbe bellot-box. I intend to use it as our father had used it, agalnat the enemies of the Federal Government If be would promise to i make that use of It I would aend It to him, as I { had another which bed been given me by the ? if II * I * * * * ,..j vi ivivuiuvuw.-' i oo<? uui ocara irotn my ] brother since. 1 do not know whether he la dead . ?r alive. It la known to thousands that la all my speeches 1 gave prominence to the Idea that the border < itatrs of sll others, were most Interested la the preservstlon of the Union. Upon oae occasion I ' i pressed myself, as nearly aa I can recollect, la 1 he following language?of wMch 1 cannot ha J mistaken, because a friend remarked to me la re <srd to the sentiment aad the language ''Oar ] jrethrsn of the North aad West have rallied to | heir country's call with a aaal aad patriotism J worthy of the highest admiration. Bnt we have 1 i motive and cue to passion that they eaa never . feel?they fight for their goveramaat, their coaa* trjr. tad their flag; we flght tor Um mow |overt- j Brat, country and flag. In which we harp a com son lataraat with tbemj boldfi, we ftght for At trtTCi of oar hthcn, and onr bomee and oar flroildee, which have been wantonly invaded by an amy frota the On If State*. wltn whom we can bare no oommonlty of sympathy or of lnteraat. Where la th? man la thta aaaembly who baa a Ingle relation In aay of the Gnlf State*' I doubt If there la om? eirept agrvelf W here la the man In thla aaaembly who hat not tome dear relation In the North or the Weat Whoever beard ^1 a young Virginian seeking bin fortune In Mlmlaalppl or Booth Carolinaf Thev all ?o to the flrnt tVear, and It la their own fhuit If they are not taken by the hand and lrd on to sad fortune. Tbe people of tbe North and Writ are our natural friends and nlllea?and shall we be forced bv South Carolina to fi#ht against our own flesh and blood ? It Is not the purpose of a majority of tbe people of the North to d'sturb the institutions of the South; but we should not make an Idol of slavery and require them to bow down and worship It. Shall It become an Infernal Moloch to which we must sacrifice our Union and our government, ourselves and rhlldren. and fiurni joy* inu ut ig mm. unrrii Dopr? 11 so, t is time that the altar and the god should sink together in the dnst?It la time to invoke the genius of nnlrerasl emancipation." Notwithstanding th?ae fart*. I haee been twice tabbed in the dark by some enemy In Washington 1 wii charged before the Senate of the United State*, in secret senior). with crime, while I wm suspecting nothing and wai busily engaged in the discharge of official duty; and If ft had not been for tne ?ef*rous Interposition of Mr. Ten Eyck, of New Jersey, 1 would have been disgraced. That honorable gentleman, although at the time an entire stranger to me. claimed that I should be heard in my own defense 1 waa heard; and the result waa that I was unanimously and triumphantly confirmed by the Senate of the United Statea If any man wants my office I hope he will not aitempt to set it by slander Let him apply t# the President to remove me, and If be think* proper to do so, I shall retire without a murmur. 1 can make my living without office No young man In this country with a bold heart and a determined band needa office If be can't make a living without office be ought not to have one. The South could not persuade me to leave tbe Union, (be North ahall never force me to do It. I know no North, no South, ao East, no West, but tbe country, tbe wbtle country, and nothing but tbe country. 1 ahall maintain my Integrity to the laat. I waa born an American citlien, and I intend to live and die nothing 1cm I love tbia Union with a pure and holy love; In war and in peace, 1 am for tbe Union, and with my dying breatb I abail ahout boaacnaba to tha Union, the Conatitutlon, and tbe Lawa. I ask tbe Congreca of tbe United State*, as an act of Justice, to file tbla my defenre In the office of the Potter committee: >nit Jf Ik* nwwMwtinoa of that honorable body are perpetuated among (he public archive*, that thla be made pert of the record in my rase I have the honor to remain, very respectfully, EDWARD C. CARRINGTON As I have friends in Marvland and friends and relations in the State New York, I ^sk th?t the Baltimore San and the New York papers which have published the charge against me will please copy the above. Te the Public. That part of th? statement of Capt. fi. C Carring ton, in which he alludes to an imaginary private conversation between himself and the undersigned, near the ImtUtgtnttr o?ee, is, to use a mild expression, entirely devoid of truth. No such convention ever occurred. February 3, 18C-2. i Gat v J swell I ATTENTION! .1 I'fl'P o--.: 1 - ?- * - * ^ uc i nourifru a (V i aM('nir?0M OI Kea r.era, Comfortable*. H aaketa. Bed?teada, Mmr?8iei, and Carpeta. Feraona wiahtng to buy are requested to examine my at* ok before purohaaiuR, s? I am determined cot to be ordernold K. BUCHLY. 429 7ih street, between G au<i H. fo l-lm* e\at aide. CCHKEL A; FISCHER .-SOIREE ORrHES?5 I*?4 ? Wea^ra. "oh eel k. F lecher re apeo'fu'.l; iL.fvj|iri the aomi-er* of Mn?ic, thai ttfvy are prepared to attend*' ? ' to the conducting of Maaioal Ferfnrntanoea at Private Reoeptiova and ?* iree?. with any camber of the beat per former a * f tb* oity. and bee leave to aa?ure t'ieir patrons that they will produoe tbe beat efect'ona of Quadrille Muaio from approved comcotrra, and will, at intervala, perform Concerted Muaio from the moat admired Uperaa, and other o >mpoaitiona N. B. The beet of referenoea can r>e given if required. Ordera left with Mr. Hcheel will mMt with irniTiiif iittflntinn d ? i ? hih and 14th >U.r ' fe 1 X* NOTICE.-The unrfercigzed, who ia known by ail to be ? lftw-sbiding ftnd lor ft! citizen, sna one wto desires to kees fta orderly, quiet citizen'* house, ftt the same time clftiming from the city ftethorities protection from ecoroftchmant upon hie jus: rights, under his license,ftnd under the laws of this city, Woo'd resproiimly represent thftt under military lav he is ciroumsonbed in hie bnsiae**, and does cot desire to violate any order of the miliary authorities, he respeetfslly requests that no officer or so.dier of the Uait#4 States army will enter his t oase for the purpose of obtaining rafresDiaaali or l>quors. as he wi 1 net sell to ttem. jVeas but rnvati citizens will b> a-ccmfrolattd OHARLS8 at.OMAN, fe 1-lw No. 309 7th st., t?etween L)and E. r? n i v a t u. PRIVATE FRIVATX DR. 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A vory liberal dt?jount to tfco Tntdo ud 8at*r*-?t the Notio?1 1 tes- N. ' NOTICE TO WATCH M*KBAI. Jts. < L*a?b?r 6ur?a, &MoUa.M, bmi4miiTirSfj,.) i ?,?t?SiT5w?5t IM 11 SSM&Si! 4 DfftiTvniT OF 9TATB. > V?itiaf<?, Jmiry M, Ml J Pi* : Tkt PuMnit of the I ?1M Btatn Mag utltSed that tha folkrwlag laah?im>ai tntn KM M l*w > tore* la %la XMaMat, aa* that they can be rxecate4 vltkMt awaltlag for tagta UUonb*Coagre?, I ?m4>r?*adbyhl?toeoavr? them to yom: Am klink*! of tho D'.dilrl mi r?l??W! will not receive Is to custody mt person* claimed to be held to service or labor wlfhla U* District or elKVhm, ud not cU.|?< wltfc U| crla* or misdemeanor, amies upon utm or commitment, pursuant to lav, as fugitives from sack * service or labor; and you will not rets to any such fugitives la custody bejrond t period of thirty days from their arrest and commitment, unless bf special order of competent civil an- i tborlty You will forthwith cause publication to be mads or thla order, and *1 the expiration of tea daya therefrom you will apply tbe ?ame I* alt persona ao claimed to be held to aenrleo or labor, ard new 1b yonr custody. Thla order baa no relation to any arreau mad a by military authority I am, air. your obedleat aenrant, Jan 31-lw WILLIAM. H BEWARP DF.PARfMK.NT OF STATE, W A>Hi!t?To*. J unary tS, lfltt Tbe Prcrrtary of ?Uk will Lereaflrr Member* of Cong raw on boalMm n? Saturday* commencing with Saturday, tka am ot neit month. ianr-tf WILLIAM H. BF.WARn WAR DEPARTMENT, imUTS, MM. Qitun, Thai the War Departaaeat will he ? i eloaed TKadijn. Wedaeadaya, Tbaradar* and Friday* against all other hoaiaeaa bat that which relates to active military operation* la the told Saturdays will be devoted to the boalnaa of Senator* and RepreaentaUeea. Monaay* to tbe (ailnw of toe Public EDWIN M. BTANTON, J* tt-tf *?cretary of War AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS Br J. C. M.OtlRt A CO., A?cUoa**r? i^BOICK COLLECTION ??F BOOKS AT v PraLic Atono*.?Oa TL'bSDAY INO. tobroar* 4th. at 7 o'clock, oa the first floor of oar Au?m n Koomf ,wc ?ha : ?ell afin?catal>>cu? of Standard and M>ra.llaao?. oa B oka, oompunr < ? ? k. . ll * bTdinV.: C"T CaUiojuet ma? be nM at the Auoton '3fT J. C MoGUIPK It CO., A?oU. Br J. C. McOL'IRK A. CO.. Amtioaeera. J SALE OF VALUABLE OBJECT* OK AUT. Caiprruio^Ckrxd Vuu, tirunwu Oram'a Clerk*. froeaeo, *?., wentW imported frcm Koropr br *?e?-re Viti Bro?. < a p Vitu VitiA 9ons.) ?' P' itaJeobta, and to he Mid at poMio u eou Thl'K Sl<A V MORMNO, February ftb, 4 i>t II o'olcoki oq the teoond fljor or oar Aite.ioo Room. . _ The or*t?eUoD will bo arranged lc on WMr^dv. tne Mb mat. at d wi; ocn?i?tcfSup?rb acd ele.aot Agate acd Bardu:io Vaeea, tiiiu, t roe. ?o , Large tirotie Cud?i?bru, bix lifkte, Superb t- reach (ill Cloak, and Caode.ebraa to ntch, Large B:a*uet Fn?re?, repree*ntlnf Labis XIV. and Madame Laval etie, the ivi<wt utmrit ever imported, Choioe Parisian Fane; Gooda, compnam? Cartl Keceivera, Ladiee' Work Caaee, lologatajtc.. *o. The whole lnvoioeie of Mteei. Vitj B roe. own dirroi importation, and ooainiri the fineat collection ci ohjtots of art erer offered at pabho eale. Term* oaan. fe? d J. C. MoGUIRE 4 CO.. Aaota. By J. C. MeOUIRE k. CO . Aoctioneere. SUPERIOR RO?KWOODSEVEN OCTAVE PlARO FoBTB.FcMITCBBa*? HoCaBHOLL Kr BBCT*.?On THURSDAY MukNING. Jbb soth, at ie o'clock, at the leeidetoo ot Mra fireechow, on 18th rtreet. hot ween I and R afreet*, we aha., eil tke FuTitnre and Erfeote, oo?pri?io|? Van uatriaf II ??? < Baaae tlalaia Piaaainrte. Saiteot Kom*ood Green Plnskooverad Parlor Fnrnttnre, comrr.sinj lire# Bofae, two Arm and six Par or Chairs, K f.w.HxJ Mt'ble-u p Tables, Corner Stand, !,*'? Freccc plite Mantel Mirrors, Fancy Corner csmuI. Work Table, , B'r and 3 ply Carpets, Oi elotk, Oa- KxUmiod Table and Chairs. Handsome Fre&cn China Dinner Ret, Cut and enfrsveri Glassware. Waiters, ?1 ver-piated Tea tof.Caetors, Spooas.aati Porks. C:oth-oovere4 W ritin? Tab.e, Loante. Two enameUed Ccttaae Seta, Wain at Be4?t*ad?, Ware rol es. Koreans and Wan,rt?ccr. H &ir and Husk Mattresses. Bolsters and Plltowt. Befriceratcrb, Stoves, Kitohea I'te&aiia. Aa. Terms oaah. JaW-d J. C. MeGUIEl 4 C0? 4ceta. JLTTHE ABOVE BALE 18 POSTPONED in oonse^uenoa of the rain nnti TLE8DAY. February 4, tame hoer. ??l d J C-MoQUlElt A CO.. Aaota. 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