Newspaper of Evening Star, February 3, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 3, 1862 Page 3
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~ LOCAL NEWS. Notice.?After baring for man v yean printed tbe lista of letter* remaining uncalled for in th? poet offlee of tbls city, (under foe ll? autborfzlnff their publication in tbe newspaper having the largest circulation within tbe usimI delivery of the offlee.) tbe proprietor of tbe tSiar baa at length felt compelled to decline their farther Ineertion, because of tbe great apace they have come to occupy, and of tbe feet that for months past be baa been forced to lay over on each occasion, when printing tbe lists, advertisements the insertion of which would hsve paid at least double aa much as tLe law allowed him for the letter list. In addition to xms positive pecuniary iocs dv their Insertion since those lista baye come to to a large aa the New York city letter Hats, they k*<r?> entirely?on tbe day on which they were l>rlnted?defeated his purpose of nnakine the Star ?)wara a iwwjpapsr?news being its well-known wpeclailty. A>riiHiHTi To-Nioht. Thiatxe ?Reappearance of the distinguished comedian, John E Owena, and i.rst presentation In four years of the brilliant comedy of " Self ." Owens as " John Unit " Ch*i? ry's?Seventh night of G<org? Christy at Odd Fellows' Hall In a grand programme of Tbocusses, songs, ballads, dances,solos, Ac , fcr, with " Raw Recruits," ' Countryman la a Fix" ?r>d Japanese Tommy," a la Jenny Llnd, con i. it itv . j .iu ?ukia.. .a lading wiio a new tua riu-uckuuicrpiv;c. Ca*t?bbciy Hall ? Leonl and Canterbury companies tn a capital bill of pantomime and romicmlitlrs. Including " The Fallot's Return," Butler aa " Hana Vanderduken;" the comic Interlude " LeTour Du Mataon,'Juggling, songa and dances Kiwo'e Amp.thkatbk ?First appearance of the clown and black orator, John Landls, the equestrian pantomime " Don Juan/' and Gardner's burlesque dance "Ala Cubaster." with all the old favorites in brilliant performances. Obpha5s' Fan, corner of G and Tenth streets, for the benefit of St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum. An attractive entertainment may be anticipated. or Music.?Ball open all day. Free concert at three o'clock. Excellent refreshments, Ac , Ac. Thi BcTciimoH't.? The always popular Hutchinson family (including the sweet little Viola) will tine in Rev. Mr. Butler's Church, corner of Eleventh and H itroets, to-night. It is rjnderstood that the McClellan Body Guards will attend the concert to-nieht. IwsoLTiNG a Ladt ?Yesterday, a soldier of the 1st New Jersey Cavalry, was arrested by patrolman Robert Johnson, for insulting a lady upon the street, even eolng so far as to put his arm around her. Berlgen resisted the patrolman, s'riklng, kicking and choking him, and finally drew a loaded revolver and presented it at hi* bead A struggle ensued to obtain possession of the rprnlrp* And natrnlmnn crnt It ? . . , -- ??? ? f,? * - *?VI I|cru then choked and kicked the patrolman, who struck him with the weapon, cutting his head. Berlgen wis taken to the guardhouse and had an ezam:natinn before Justice Thompson. The justice dTided to commit the prisoner, and was considering wnether to commit Anally or for a further bearing, wh'n Lieut. Sheldon, of the 9*urgis Rifles, on duty with the provost guard, at the Central station, entered the trial room and took Ber'een from the custody of the magistrate, and ordered a corporal to lock him up in ona of the military cells The magistrate protested, and the lieutenant told him If there were any charges aealnst the "oldler to make them In the military offlre. Justice Thompson made a memorandum of the occurrence, to be retu'ned to the Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police. It wan fated at the guardhouse that the sentry bad orders, if any soldiers were brought there s* prisoners, to take them to the military office, and was told that the order came from headquarters. #S*TBAL GVAJtBHOtJSI Ci????Btfort Juttict Tkompsim ?Sunday?L Htpklns, drank; fined *1 M Marti o Armb-uater. Allen Clark, f#m'l Corbitt, Charles McGregor, John Law?on. drank and dlsord-rly; turned over to tbe r&illtarv Tbos. Dignan, drunk; fine 91 M Cb^g H Barker.dl?. orderly; dismissed. Jno ?:?ltb, do ; do. John O'Connor, do ; do M!',Vl Hammond, do Jaa. Jones, drunk and dlso^deriy) fine SI N Monday?Tbos. %tfler. drunk; dismissed. Jno. Connelly and E,i\?d Kelly, do ; turned over to the military. French Simpson, gambling and d aorderl~-j*ftne sso and coata. Charles Jacobs, J*? R^i*a, Jno. Williams, Thoa. Ingram, diaorder'.y; do. f2 W. Wm Berlgen, Insulting a lady 'Ak the street and resisting sn officer In discharge T>f duty; taken oat of the magistrate's custody by the military. John Murphy, sleeping in the market; workbonae 30 days. E Jen McCarthy, fight _ . M AA lag, aa? M. FormTH Will Stat'ok Cash?Btfor* Justie? WmiUr ?Sunday?Geo Kr?*r, drunk; SI 5S. John Loel, do.; H 58. Hugh Dorsn. do ; dismissed. Pat HlgKlr-s, do ; SI. John Phase, do.; dUmlnsed. John Woodcoi-k, for the larceny of S63. wji arrested by Cb*s. F McCarthy, I county constable, and committed to jail for court. Monday?John Duffy, drunk and disorderly, T5 56, ana twelve boars In jail for contempt Pat Kane. Thos. Leonard, John Thornton, J no ConTiel, turned over to the military. Henry B. Noles, drunk and disorderly;dismissed. Jno. dnrlyby, do ; S3 Jno. McWay, do.; turned over to the military. Marv Walker, selling liquor to soldier*; workhouse 90 days. Jno. O'Conner, William O'Rouke and Mlchsel Ruttler, turned over to the military. Anne Kelly and Charlotte Bates, vagrantsf workhouse 00 days. The Pacts or the Cask.? Editor Star: In the report of the arrest of a soldier by roundsman Reed In four Satnrdsy's edition. Jt Is alleged that the aoldler was struck by the officer, which gave cffenrt to a n jmber of persons, military and civil. The implication that the oSlogr acted Improperly Is unjust; and when the staftllng fact 1s made known that the drunken soldier snapped a loaded revolver at one of the ladles, and at a gentleman -who came to the rescue of the ladles In the house, the " offence" taken by the dastardly " civil and military" bystanders will appear to be groundless The conduct of officer Reed was maoly and k prompt,andlntheatniggletodlsarintberufflin be wns compelled to use the billy. The name of the oldler Is Thomas NIeland. Drlvate In romnnnw 1, 5th cavalry. '" f Foa Gambling?Yesterday, SerjeantGlttlngs, with patrolmen Sbedd and Noonan, made a dmieenc upon a house In the northern part of the Ttlrd Ward, kept by French Simpson, and arrested the proprietor and foar negroes. Ctarlea Jacobs, James Rom, John Williams, acd Thomas Ingram, for gambling. Tfcey were taken to the guardhouse, and 91mpsonwaa fined ?50 and costs for keeping the rancbe, and the others ?2 M each for the offense they bad committed. Patrolman Kelly wi? sen' back to search the house, and found a sweat-cloth, several packs of cards, and a lot of checks, the outfit of the establishment A Dacnam tSoLmaa.?Yesterday afternoon finite a large crowd of persons was assembled on tor corner of Ninth street and the avenue. The caoae of the gathering wis the conduct of a HW|m wW asciuru w mti own posted were u ft entry, but wbo got drank while there He was removed from the post by a sergeant attached to the corp. Mabsiascs in Jascaat ?Daring the month of January, one hundred and five marriage licenses were Issued from the Clerk's cflce A majority I of the male candidates for matrimony licensed were soldiers, ranging In rank from a brigadier general through the intermediate grades down to privates, of wnlc*> there were several. Most Wast i o? th? Raw Miriitu-The provost guard, oa Saturday, visited the bar-room of Mr Kernan.on Four-and-a-half street, south of the canal, and nine barrel*of whisky were poured upon the ground. Klomas's.?It will be seen by tbe card of Mr. Chsrles Kloman, the proprietor of tbe favorite restaurant on Seventh street, that he Is determined that his establishment shall not be reckoned amongst those violating military orders. Tat Taum Caracn Stash ?Our readers * *_ ? ft-**-- - " Ibic incf im w iue?ir? vs mr- nMaorn PU6WD6f0. ]t will be mm that Mr Hatbora come* to this eltv with high testimonial* from leading clUiens of New York. T? ran was dark and tearful, and everything was still, Six of Hirrov's schooners peeeod tbe blockade, against tbe Confederates' will. See advert lssmeat. It A Ca?b ?Wasbihotoii, Fsb. 3d, 1893 ?Mr tdu* ?Sir: Having been summoned before tbe ' Investigating Committee" In tbe case of a man by tbe name of Reynolds, and baring aeon a card published by him In yonr paper of tbe 1st last, written evidently under some excitement, In which be denies a fact to which 1 testified to, 1 desire to state that h? uttered It in the presence of o her gentlemen besides myself, whom, doubtless, a -T - d4*L- lha ? ? - a - *-?- %~-a 1 1a aeeewlomat and hypocrite, both la thla aid hla other profeaatoaa. than cannot be a ahadow of doobt I am able to prove, tad doubtieae will prove him to he a areeaatonlat by the teettmoar of hla moat latlmate aeqnaiataneee, and If aeoeaeary, ail thaae who knew hla before ha obtained aa oAce, who la all probability will be peraoai of "no charaetet" the moment they teeCfy a dlabaaeat man'* rale of ebaracter la different from mine. I my be proud of acta which ho mar eall dlaheoorabiet he may tblnh It honorable to hold o?ae under a goeeramwt to which he la opposed; 1 thlah othrrwlae. "C?coa coa Judical da oolore." I oaly want the public to know that thla " Jamra Reynolda, chief clerk to let Lieat Leella Smith, lat (afantry, A C S , C. 8 A has deBled that whlrh be kaew to be tree Jaxaa P. Oitum, ? Ml Mxth at., Navy Yard Old T*i*tty Chttsch, Fifth Rfy name hiring appeared la connection with occupying the ' Old Trinity Church aa stable," and Wnj{ cera plained of before Justice Walter, w:th the Intent of establishing a acisaace la Washington city, requires from me a brief explanation. I have been tbe proprietor of one of the most extensive stables la the city of New York for tl years, in the immediate vicinity of Union square, ooe of tbe most fiaahionable parts of the city; and during tbe whole course of that time, I have yet to be complained of, either bv neighbors or civil authorities, for aay want of care or cleanliness existing about my establishment. It therefore-is a matter to me of the most disagreeable nature In which I am placed, as 1 was Banwa to nraDiiin mvstir in your city, at the earnest solicitation of mv numerous New York {riendi In and around tbe city of Waahlngton; and as I was well aware that in New York quite a number of anncc jpled church building* have been used for similar purposrv I did not for a moratnt think of any Impropriety (If any there exists) In leeslns the building now used by me. If I am to bealngled out, aa an exception to enforce an ordinance which "requires a space of fifty feet intervening on each side of a stable from tbe adjoining buildings," I moat solemnly enter my proteet Shall 1 Invite tbe authorities to a careful aurvey of the now existing stable* In your city! I would, also, roost respectfully invite the citizen* of tbe national t etro polls to visit my mod? i establishment, and ir anything in the shape of a nuisance can be aeen, I will with pleasure correct the tame. Or if the realdenta In the vicinity imagine that I intend to encumber the side-walks with vehiIcles, etc , I do hereby pledge myself as a "Model Stable Proprietor" th,t it shall not oceur. At a cost of several thousand dollars t have made the neceasary alterations to the building, and removed my splendid stock of carriages and borers from the city of New York, and being a dtranger In your midst, 1 do most solemnly protest against this annoying and disagreeable proceedings. In conclusion I would say that although a comparative stranger in Washington city, ] take great pleasure In presenting tne names of some of my New York friends, to whom I would refer the public: Benj H. Field, Bhepherd Rnapp, A. C. Kings* land. Moms Taylor, Charles H. Marshall. M. Morgan, M. H G'rinneli, Geo. D. Morgan. I am air, the public's moat ob't servant, t Geo. C. Hathor.n, Jh A Card?Mr Thomaa Lnzon having called on me to know If 1 was the peraon who appeared before the Potter committee and gave evidence againat him, 1 take thia method of atating to the public that I have never been before that committee, nor do I know anything concerning Mr. Luzon's aentlmenta in regard to the present national difficulties. Gao. H. Gaddib, Grocer,Navv Yard, corner Georgia avenue and Tenth ata. On thia 3d day of February, 18W, before me, the aubscriber, a juatice of the peace, peraonally appeared George H. Gaddla, and made oath In due form of law that the above atatement of facta la just and true, as stated Sworn to *n?I ?uK?rrlt??rf It* Jamis Cull, Justice of the Peace A Cm.-WuiiS9T0!i,D C., Feb 3,1802 ? Editor of tkt Star:?Sir: In reference to ray testimony ?lven before the " Potter Investigating Committee," I would state positively and emphatically that it was not a voluntary act on rav part, not having any " malicious motivts" to gratify, or to curry favor with tbs " powers that be" for the purpose of enjoying the " spoils of offlc*" at the expense of tne occupant or holder, but was very unexpectedly, regularly subpaned by an officer < f tbe committee to app?ar before them at a certain hour; therefore I was compelled to ob?y it. It* Gilbert B. Towns. l5?TA*TA5*oci cure of Corns, Bunions, Callosltlee, Inverted Nails, Warta, and all dlsecses of the feet Mr Demond, Surgeon Chiropodist, Is enabled. bv a peculiar process, to eradicate the most palnfal excrescences in a few minute*,without the least pain or the slightest inconvenience to the patient Consulting hour* from nine a. m to five p nr., at bla office, 363 Pennsylvania avenue, oppo*'.te Browns' Hotel. Beat reference given in thla city. ________ t Conns, Bunions, Calosities, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all d'seases of the feet cured witbout pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 428 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and vlxth streets Room 7?up stairs. Office hours from 1'J m. to 0 p m Orders to call at residences promptly attended to. jan 18-lm* Families who have never used Boston crackers are invited to try thoae manufactured freah every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable grocers. ja3B-tf 8oldii*s, see to your own health. Do not trust to the army supplies. Cholera, fever, and bowel complaint will follow your slightest indiscretion. Holloway'a Pills and Ointment ahould be in every Man's knapsack. The Brltiah and r rcncn iroop? u?e no oiner meaicines univ ? cent* per box or pot. SIS pliasa.kt Fcbnishbd Roomi, with fuel and gas, with or without bonrd, at 414 E atreet, between Eighth and Ninth streets. Table board?rs can be accommodated. Jan 15-1 m* Tm Iitdian Hbbb Doctoi, Prom Canada, will describe dlsrnsea and tell hit patients the nature of their complaints or Illness, without receiving any information from them. So cJutrg* for Consultation or Advic*. ovt motto. We use such Balma as have no strife W 1th Nature or the Lawi of Life : W ith Blood ocr bands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain Our Father?whom all eoodneaa fills. Provides the means to cure all Ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cuil'd from the dewy Lea? These, these shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Watkington Buxldingt, Pa. avenict, about fivt m*nut$s walk from Brown't Hottl Room?No. 10. ja27-7te India Rubber Goods. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's bed*, that no family should be without; 75 ra'J each. Rubber Blankets, forsoldiers, *1 25 each. nuootr roncaos una HUM combined, 92.50 each. India Rubber Coats, white or black, t?M each. India Rubber Lecgins 91 pf r pair. And all klnts at Robber Goods, including Rubber Boots and Shees, Rubber stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for feed* In sickness, Ac . Ac., at manufacturers prlcea, at H A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 3W i'a av., between Ninth and Tenth streets. Jan 1-tf MAKK1E1>. SB the 2d instant by the Rev Father Walter, RKMIAH O'CONNELL 'o Miss JOHANNA FITZGERALD, allot this o ty. On Tuesday, January Rev. Benjamin Hyde Benton. .Mr. JAM El* C. DULIN to Miss MARY A. WHITE, all of Washington City. * MIA On Saturday morning, January SI, MARY ELLEN. wife of William Wade, and daughter of ElTea MoFadaen, assd 18 years. Tns funeral will take plaoe from the residence of h*r mot)i*r nuMlt* (h* Arm* Diuarida Kilftw tho Corgressional Cemetery, tins (rfonday < afternoon at S o'olook, to which the friends and aoquuntances of the family are recpeotfaily invited. On the let instant, after a short iilneas, ELLA, rouufst daughter of Emily and the late Alexand* r Rothocs, a?ed 3 years. Lonely the house and sad the honra, Smoe my sweet Ela's gone. Bat ok, a brighter home than ours In heaven is now thine own. * On the 3d instant, of brain fever, after an illness of eight days, Miss BRIDGET DOWNEY, id The friends and relatives of the family are re spestfaUy requested to attend her funeral, from her mother's r??iaecoe, Baltimore Turnpike above 1st tollgate, Bladensbarg, to-morrow at S o'olook, to proceed to flt. Aloysiss Cemetery. whisky! WHISKY! whisky! W S N. PIKE * CO. m barjala MAGNOLIA, ?00 " MnUr'e RYE MONONGAHELA, too " Fine OLU RYE. rn M Fiaa OLD BOURBON. Juat reeeirad at Ciii.icuat pr:o*e. EMILE DUPRE. *30 Peunaylvauia aveca*. rnr aim, Ag?nt for s. n. pike's army CORDIAL. fa 1-lr pOTATOES, ClIi^EgE. BUTTER,ONIONP, Bre bnahela prune WUto Miratr Potato* a. INboxM Eaatarn Catting aad Ecgliab Dairy !? kH> a/d irklM G o then and Giadea Batter, t> ouki ?ai?rior tagar oared Aaaa, m barraia Oaiona. _ _ aaM'ior Rt? Flow. _ _ 3,000 M Parailr. Ex>ra aad Baparfina Ploar. la * tor* aaa for aale low by o cmorr^^so, W mm VVI ?I m w ?1 p f AD1ES' KMDY MA.DEJ]MDERCLOTH* JoS.' RKAL I^ACE8,BRoV 1)EKI KH, 4o., ? ?I tjUa pl*MDr- \u informing the iidiea that 1 b?*a Jaat rtMlT d from tit* north iITie "HHSKSt Ni?htDraeaaa,ft*irt?. Lwim' Drawers, to., to., vkiob I aaaira ih? Udiaa to inapeot, m they vera ifaorM before |?ad< got ao kifh, u4 are there ETCH1BON. .No, 18. n.B.r.SSSxK^^"'^ >11. SSffflSM-SS JPffljgKsfffiS AMUSEMENTS. WTHE HUTCHINSON FAMILY " ILL t*im tt,eir Bone* of Liberty and Patriotinn at D'. Bntler's Churoh, corner of H and IIth streets. TO-NIGHT. Ticket* to all part* of the house. X oenU. The new song "We Met Beneath the Fences Bleat" will be sou. Entertainment will ooramenoe at! o'clook : doors open at 7HNo postponement on aeooant of weather, fr 3 St* f\DD FBLLOWB' HALL, ! vr 3?v?nth Brain. GEO. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS Will appear at the above-named splendid exhibitinn ronni nn I THIS I MOyDA~Y')'E rSSING, Jan. 27. And Every Evening Doner the Week. NEW SCENERY hit been added to the Stage, and every arrangement made for th? proper promotion of George Christy's Celebrated Faroe*, B ariettas, Ac., Ao. Admiuion 25 oeota: Oreheater Beats 30 oenta. I Door* open at quarter to 7; oommei.ce anarter to ?. JOHN P. SMITH. fa I Baslneaa A tent. KING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER, Pin*. Av. awi> E St., Ntar Willarit. i T. King? Sole Lessee and Manager C. Soott. ?.... Associate Manager F. Whittaker? ? Eqneetnan Manager TH18 EVENING. Firat Aapevanoe of JOHN W. LAN DIP. I k* Great Ethiopian Clown ' The Funnieat Man Alive. In conneotion with M'LLE HKLOIBB. . | Firat night of tne Beantlfol Pantomime entitled DON JUAN | 9rait ttf Pnc4t?Orehestor Chairs 7ft oenta; Dreaa Cirole oenta; Children under 10 yearaof age to Dreaa Cirole 36 oenta; Booial Range 29 oenU; Colored Gallery 25 oenta: Colored Boxea 90 oenta. Doora open at 7 o'clock; performances will oom- 1 me nee at 8 precisely. fe J I WASHINGTON THEATER. Leasee and Manager ... Mr. H. Bland. THIS BVEN1HQ. f'irst performance in fo?r years of the brilliant, ntellectnal acd glorious American Comedy, (by Mrs. Sidney F. Bate man.) entitled I BlLP! whioh has exoitad throughout the principal cities ot the Union a furore of admiration, ourtly attest ! ing its refined merit,and resembling a satire uran the prevailing follies of our 0*n time, more thar th* a^onstomea role ?f European ohararters and incidents frequently presented in a New Piay. I The Distinguished Comedian, MR.JOUNE OWENS. whose masterly rendition of the and in- i terestinc character of John U.tit has exoited the praise of the Critios and Publio dunnr the suo* < oessful perforipanse of tins Great Transoript of Fashionable I lfe. is encased and will appear on THIS (Monday) EVKNING. Fe6fy 3, In h is Original Character. Doors open at 7 ; oommence at 8. fa 3 PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Guide to 1 ST Patents, Catalogue of Curiosities ad Government Garden*, at the stand in Patent Offno; Kare Antiqua'ian Books; Government Books; Do uments furnished: Railroad Reports; Vi.itarr Re . ports; Hurat Pai'nt Offioe Reports; Cheap Hooks furnished to Pedlas; Mili'arr '1 rials: Military , Laws; Army Regu'ations; Panorama of the Coast showing over 2,000 miles; many thousand Cheap ( Books. Recollect cheap rent. I .ante Rale*, iow pr oes. Up stairs, ov.r Baa* of Wa?h ngton. jasft-lm* ALFRED HUNTER. CANTERBURY HALL 1 louiila.** avksuk. Bit ice en 4 X and Gtk Strut*. LEONI PANTOMIME COMPANY! LEON1PANTOMIME COMPANY: | To nifht, Frtrcoit Rivet's and M. I houvena'.'i M?io dramatic Pantomime of ROBERT MACAIKE ! i ROBERT MAC AIRE ! MR. ROBERT UUTLER M < Jacqfks Strop. j HxtTRvaiant of th* Conjio Intariuds, > l.E TOUR DL) MAIriON ' t LE TOUR DO MAISON ! ; 8II.AA HALDWIN, T\< Rut Juxtlrr rn tk? World ' WILLIS ARMSTRONG. \ To night, 1 MIS* AMELIA WELLS. The Beautiful Songstress, in amd yaskkb honss ! 1 a. J. TALBoTT, The Kthioptsn Comedian, assisted br I Dick Pabkbk, Miss Emma Miles, < Miss Vkrnon, ] M'llb Fbank La *ollb, and Little Ella. < One Week Longer, I WARD on his Cordb Volants! Btit SUuJt ropt Pirformtr in America Notwithstanding the large Company now at the j Canterbury, there will h? fijr so advance is prices, , Afternoon Performance, tor Ladies and Children, ! eTery WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, with ! <iuantities of present*?one a superb j>28 SUIc_l>ress. , i uu u i von ufeu UO BDtJIl IU kUO WIUU')W UI HI 0I8T8, ( Perry & Bro. All our dre*aea are bought from thia , house. ( Doora open, afternoon, at 2 o'olock. Admiaaion: t Ladiea, SO cents; children, in oenta Doora open,evening*, at 6\ o'clock. j%S3 A MAGNIFICENT SILK DRESS waa presented, on Wednesday afternoon, to Mra. 1 Emma Goooh, oorner of 6th and G streets. i \jT THE 1 Yl ASHIN6TON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, r*5!?. Ay*wri,(South Sid?,) No. flttwen 9tk and 1(XA its. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Coootrt, embraoing aeleotiona from the beat ola?eio mnaio, { and the moat popular operaa?rendered in better a trie than at any other American oonoert aaloon. 1 The gueata?and the public are freely invited, * without charge for entrance,?may rely upon hay ing every oomfort they deatre. In addition to the \ fir,eat muaio in Waahington, they will obtain, on call, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the ; beat Refreanmenui for aale in the Federal Metropona. HENRY ROSENTHAL, J ia 6-lm - - ?r?' I BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. ! HK SECOND GRAND SOIREE will be ' given at Temperance Ha!l. E street, be- <*% < tvetn9th and loth, oc FRIDAY EVENING, jt I February 7th- l>anoin* will commence atsfc/HB 1 o'o'ock. Tiokets, admitting a gentleman atidlMA 1 ladies, ft. Prof. C. F. BARNES. ' f?l lw* Manager. * ?= * 1 ENGLISH, SWISS. AND < AMERICAN WATCHES. ( M. W. HALT A BROTHFR oall attention to J their very large assortment of J ENGLISH, ^ ?WISS. and ( AMERICAN WATCHES, i in Gold and Silver Cases, for both ladies and g?n- 1 terrier.. ) Their present assortment com prises those by all t the most celebrated makers and are offered nnusu Uy low. M W. GALT A BRO.. Jewellers, 384 Perm avenue, I fe 1-3* Four doors west of Brown's Hotel. IRISH LINENS' / ' ! IDtflU I IMVMU I miwiA i We ha?e a fall atockot irien Linen*. Black and ? Colored Silks for *ale at tbe lovr??t prioee. WM. R. RILEY 4 BRO., < No. 36 Centra) Btoree, Between lib and 8th atreete, i JaMlot Optotite Center Market B08WELi?iDlCATKD COUGH CANDY, I COUGHS, COLlwfBROcWnS.INPLUENZA and all incipient STA0EB OK CONSUMPTION. Sold wholeeale and retail by O. BOHWFLL, Qoroer Maryland arenaeand 7th street; Z. D. 81LMAN. and drauiau every where. ja24-8w* |JLANKhT8-BLAN^EM.TO_<^uiLTg! ' Tjible l^inena?Table Lltens! fiMuna, loven, sneeungs, Glove?, Hosiery ! With a fall ?took of Domestic Goods, tor sale by ( WM* ft* RILLY 4 BRO., i No. 30 Central htores, Between 7th and 8th .treat?, )a W-lOt Opposite Center Market , LOV fcLL, COLLE9 A. CO., ] WHOLESALE GROCERS, j 86 Front Street, New York, 1 and S10 ? Street, W ashing ton, D. C., (new Wlllards' Hotel.) j Having started a braaoh of our New York estab- ] luhment in this oity, we invite Suiltrt, Grocers, j wiwaraiNnri, ura now 10 call and examine oar atook. which Is wall aaeorted and 1 oompnaed of goods of the best ?a*lity. Wa take * orders for any thisg in our Una, and axaenta than I ?roa?tly. ja IMf j pORTAtf LB WOODEN TENTS ! j The pad er signed has frr aala and will mike to j ordar Portable Wooden Tents, of any required J

also, at a vary low ?riqe. These tents oan be yet I as or taken down m a few minqtee, andoan be seen . at the oornar of Poarteenth and 6 aU. ja?lm* JOHN A, JORDAN. S 'BALED PROPOSALS ABB INVITED, us7 ui Uefith day of Pebruarr. Itti, for feralsbing 1 FLOUR to tha Ssbsistenoe Department of the U. J I? 4L. . W1I1W 1 1*.W?VI WTill Will r required, of a hifh grade of Km Flomr, to M de- r Uw#d in WMblnctonftttk?K*Uro?d^b?pot, or it th? Bin* or vwtboBMi iq 0oorietown, iom r Jio tj ?OominHt iwwtw th? nfht to f?j inTrwu | / - * WANTS. 11/ANTED-Tto food jointTnni BARBERS 6ood v^NUd a toady employment civap Apply 843 King atrwt, Alexandria. |e 3 ar WANTED-A food COOK, WASHER, am IRO.NER, Such and can hear of a coo< home by applying to 376 H ?t. fe 8 31* \}|7ANTEl>?A xood woman COOK ard tw? ** colored WAITERS, at 347 Pens, aveaae Bood wac? given. fe 3-2t* WANTED?A amall HOUSE obtaining 4 or I room*, mnewhere convenient to the Avenue Addrosa NATHANIEL SUMMERS, Star Office Halint location, ternr.g, etc. It* tn A Vt rn A. a a 1 J aat 4 no.1 1 CIV?A ui?n. HtiTe our rsa yy Al i r.H at Mr. BR?K?KFIELD'H 371 Pa. avenue n?ar!y rppoaite the National. Nod* but a oIm.ii respectable young man need apply fa 3 3t* \\J A NTED?By a res peotable yonn* woman. I * SITUATION a? nuiaa or ?eam?tre?8 Cm |ive good reference. Addreaa MN. 8.," Star OfBoe. It* BOY WANTED (a gentMl Colored Boy from 1i to SO y?r? of age) as nouae servant, and tc drive a oarrlare ocoaaiopally. Apply at tniaofioi or at 132 Waahincton atreet, Oeorgetown. fe 3 3teo WANTED TO RENT-A FURNISHEE HOUSE for a family of 8 or 10 persons, be IwMn 7:h and 18th atreeta preferred. A good rent will be paid, and possession desired by Mondaj next Addreea "6. H. K.," Star Offioe, for thru days feS-Jt* V|7ANTEl>-A BSIoiefi DRUMMER BOY " " alto one that oan play on a fife?both bo*a tc be same aixe. and to be txperlencei mnaioiana To two auch boya liberal wag pa will be paid. Eacfc boy t" fnrniih hia matrumect. Apply at the Bake 17 ??o inn it., wiwwn o ana m. le 3-31 1J|7 ANTED TO KNOW?Somethmr of a larg< '? dun HORSE, with black tail an<i mare, attached to a spring wacon, painted, with soire s aj boxes left in it on Friday the 24th ultimo The driver, being iatoxtcated at the *ime, could ant live any correct account. Any information left ai the Star Olfioe. so they oan be found, will be liberally rewa-ded. fe3 erSl* VVANTE1X-A WOMAN to oook, wash ar<l " iron. Apply at No. 364 C street, ner>reen 4J< tnd 6th. fe 3 St' ANTED?A neat and tidy GIRL to oo k wa?h and iron in a small family. Apply 3*S toth street wont, between G and H. fe 1 2t* WANTKD TO RENT-A STABLE nn'' CARRIAGE-HOUSE. Address 'A. W Star Otloe, etatinc looa:ion and terms per month. fe 1 !>t* A SITUATION WANTED, by a your* mar as olerlr, salesman, or where he can make himself cenerallr n?efnl_ H*? h?.<t thr?? *??> rienoe.and o'\n bring the best of referen^ea. /dJresa "H. C- 3 Star Ofllae. fe 1-tr WANTED TO REN T?A Pew in tb< CHURCH OPTHEEPIPHaNY. Addreai Box 13 Star Ottos. jaSl WANTFD?A WET NURSE for a ehfld ter daya old. Apply at 61 P*nn avenue, for thr?f iaya, between the hoars of S *nc 4 p. m Good wragea given Colored nuraw preferred. j% 3' 3t* VlTANTEll? noo worth of i*di?e' and g?nt!eTT men'a CA^T OFK CLO THING, for which sash will be paid their full va ue. Send your aerirants, or, if you wiah to be oalled upon. *?nd i note (statin* hour and p ao?) to Room IS. Washington Huil.linr, oorner Seventh street and Penclylvivma avenue ja31-lw* J, k W. ANDERSON. WANTED?100 WOOD CHOPPER8, loni jo", g^od cutting. Inquire of Wall k. Barnard. Corter Market. Ja2* 6t* ROUZBR. BARR1CK fr, CO. M7ANTED-A GENTLEMAN of tasinwi " abi' ? . familiar with Washington C?tv. tu it?e: i meant door App'y to JOHNSON KKY A CO . 476 Seventh ?t. jaST7-iw* WANTED?Putlern and Soldiers to know tiif' tiiey oari buy C VMP l*TOVK3 uxl TIN WARt. cheap of H. J. OR KOOKY, 3^1 Penn tvecue. .ia 16 WANTED?I., a dm? store,a YOUTH between lo and a* yrars of are. Candiuataa must r.v? satisfactory reiereio's as to *ua ifie* Mid jharacter. The preference wi l betiv??s to ope who ias beon enlaced in the dni* business six or tw*. ve months. Audreys "A B C,' Waahintton City Post Hffioe. jal lm* WANTED.?We are now bnjint SEOON9&AND "rTKNITURE, STOV ?:?aud PSD DING, for wMoii we fire p*T",e the hieh*at jash prices. Famili3s declinim fcouRok?"epi!i{. p* liaviag a surplus of fumitu'9, w?i! bad it to tliair idyanta;e to cive us a call. BONTZ ft ORIFTiTH, le 13-tf No. 36B ?th st.. t-stw. I aua K au. WANTED?Every person to know that ( am in the market, ready to pay dash for i?l artioles n the housefornishiiif line. Those leaving t.ia sitr, or having a surplus, will do well to call. K. BLCHL.Y.4** Seventa at .between Sana H sts., -ast side,) Dealer in Now and 8eooad-hat;d Fnrliture. no 16 _ LOST AND FUUN P. ~~ rHE GENTLEMAN WHO TOOK thronth mistake an Arm? OVER COAT rrom the Barber Shop, NVillard's Hotel, February t, will please return it there, where he will find lis own. fe 3-3l* Q;in RE W ARD.-Stolen on last Friday night. J? IVI theSlst of January, a middle sized jtv_ white MAKE, blind in both eyes The*) ?.A ibove reward will bs given on its return he oorner oi 4th and C street. fe3 ?'.* MRS. MAGEK. rAKEN UP ESTRAY.-On the anth of January, a light sorrel HORSE, U>? hands Spy ligh; blind in the 'eft eye. The owner is -equested to oorne forward,prove proper ty,???* ay oharges, and take him away. JOHN CAMMACK. fe 3 3t* No. 175 23d street, bet. H and I. gin REWARD-Stolen on last Frilay night, JIU the Slut of January, a small s^ort bodi'd, our wheel WAHON; the wagon was us<d to oarry )read in; the right front wheel had new fclows in l. The above reward will be riven on it> return o the oorner of 4th and C street east. fc3 3f LEWIS NKARATH. CJTOLEN?From the residence of Charlea E. O Upper man. 363 Massachusetts avnnns, on rnesday morning. between '.he hours of 1 and 2 t'ctook, two SILK DRESS SKIRTS. Any on# nrni*h:ng information concerning them will be >uitably rewarded. A neg'o man was se*>n to en ;3r the premise*, aaU can be identified by the neighwra. fe 1 3i> ?C REWARD?Lost, somewhere riding frotu iP'J camp to tbe oity yesterday, t. t ur.oh cf JHARMS, ocnsisting of a sold ring with seal Of [reen store, opening as a locket, with a miniature nit. Also a go d eagle with cornelian seal, an l a nlver drnm. The above reward will be paid for ts return to 4 3 fl 13th st. fe 1 2t* ?KA REWARD? For the apprehen?inn (aid delivery to m? a: Bladeuj'iarr. Md.. >r beoure* in jail bo thai I got him) of NE Q iRO SYLVESTER, late the property of Vathaniel Suit, doceAsed.of Pricoe George's Jrl Vld 1 will give the above reward no matter J ? vhere taken. S?lvester is of oosper complexion; >f thin sta'ure; about6 feet 9 or 10 inches high. He s well known in Washington city, acd is no doabt nrking thereabout or its vioinity, or in the n*i*iiwrhood of Governor's Bridce. Anne Arnnd*1 couny, Md. N. C. STEPHEN, Executor of Nathaniel Suit, deo-as d. [Upper Marlboro' Gasetteacd Pnnoe Georgian taper insert weekly for ? week* ] fe l-2w* &()n RE WARD.-Stolen from trough at E. F. J)?t'1 Queen's,'th street, on th* room'ng av >t 30th instant, a dark sorrel HORSh.'Ljrr* kbout 16hanuahigb; white faoe; two white ^ lind legs, nearly up to knee joints; a out 8 yea's )ld. Ihe above reward will be given (or the r ?urn of said Horse to WINDSOR* BKO.'S. 339 ?tn street ja? 1W Z L. WINDSOR. BIRKO, AND NOT RETURN ED-On 3Tth, a slim brow MARE, 16 hinds hitb:|ry )ne white foot; with *tar on forehead; out >f? left rump; about ten years old; wi^h^^-^slack open baser, with heavv wheals. When Heating her she m err cpiteful. The gemieman :bat hired her was au old lookinf person, not grey lair, but white; had on when he hired the mare and Hggy, a milita j cap and ooau If returned, or any information given about the same, a reasonable reward will be given. PETER \ON ESSON, Congress street, below Bridce, ja31-eo3t Georgetown, D. C. REWARD.?Ran away on Tuesday, Jan. ?lUfiJ, NEGRO BOY MADISON v? BOOTH, commonly called Diok. about 6 9PW [e?t high; 30 ?ears old; had on when he left in vki>?riA*l. 1 - * V- -- n?fouiuia yauvBf mu pna jaO&CbC', QO 0&r ned off with mm a large grey horte, about 1 %^JLm bands high; S jeers old; very high monnted 1 tie kbove reward will be given fur the return of man wa bone, or 960 for the man and 920 for the horte, n either ease to be aeoured ao that 1 ge theni hgain. GEORGE W. GAKDINKR. No&r Piio&tAVftji ja84 3w* Prince Heorge'a ooenty, Md. DAN AWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, IV near Blad?na!>urf, BoY ANTONEY JRAWFORU,commonly oalW Toney. He m a * feet A or 7 inohea high; very blaok; abort lair; grave oouctenance when tpuken to, Jk Kith a aoar in one ef hi a eyrbrowa, occa iL noned by a kiok of a horae, aoaroely percept bl?; eit in.Ncverober last. 1 will give 9100 to have um brought home to me. Ja23 F. MAGRUDER. I OBT.-A t?EAL KINO, and a FOX HEAD U SEAl,!, attached to a nag, withoorneajian aet. ?o rrwara wiu d? giT^m 10 wooerer return*'he irtiolea to thie offioe. de8 tf r 03T?Ott Frluay iut, in getting out o 1 a oar Li rimca at Whlarda' Hotel, a mdj't GOL.O VATOH. A liberal rewar wili be paid for it a cwato WILLIAM H. FANNING, Pc Oftiw?_Wtltarda* ttoUl. tO BOARDING. Private boarding, permanent and tranaient. at the beaatiinl and oonunodioaa eaideno*,.. No- 141B Chealcut atreet, above ir >*a, rhiiadaiphia. ?? 1 w PUREE HORSES, COVERED WAGON. I OB$ m DOUBTS HARNK8& owiv rfPtNGLK HAKNtSS, an 1 a variety olUft LTUSK 3 STORES- to t><? told ab?at,^C29? kttVMrlltU a sutler) kaTinc ao rartMr im for Iam. T?m mm at 1*0 WaHlaftte at.. tieonerwn. ja*> <wx SUPERIOR TABLE DAMASKS. NAPKIN8, 5 Toweltnga asd Do*i??. Bed B.&cketi aad issr:-, Srs&isr|.IM> Mlmn .WnPiun, FOR SALE AND KENT. " EU'RNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT, with b I erwry modern improvf mjrt; will bo 1? re?v>n?H|? t?rmi to * ro*?on?ihi* p?-tr Asp y j 139 Saoond ?troft. S?tw. ?n D awl E f^8 3t _ 1 CMRSTCI.A^ ACCOMMODATION? ?n m r tooitb. h?rd?unj'i? Kum*h? lor rent, with Board. A!a<?. H"arrt f- r i-ufle fent!?m*?,at 374 > C ?t, oo'ncr i S gtre* t. fa 3-Jt* FOR 8ALK? 150 aoresof LAN D, in Moutcomerr oountv, Md . on Chr>Mp?ake and *>hio 5 Canal; i,V?oird? or w <t . can b? er. T,nr?is2S4 . oordaof wood niw cut on tqe laixi i#adr for mar, k?t, whio* will to cold to th? purchase of the land. Inquire of JOHN A. GRIMKS, tf*o:|c-?owD. or at the S<ar Office. fa 3 Sf POR RENT-One PARLOR and CHAV BKR > attached. A Wo thr*? Chsmt>ws, neat y 'u nished. on H atrset. between 6tii and 7.h, No. 343. t Terma moderate. fa 1 Si* ? EMRNI9RED HOUSE FOR RENT IN r GEORGETOWN.?Him* oontain* i room*, lath room, servants room, kitchen and cellar Ap[ fly to A. HVDK, at Kigcs A Co., Washington. or ; No. 3* 1?t strcat, George*.>wn. f* 1 at > 17OR SALE?The rew three-story FRA.MK r fi(JILDI .NG.*i uabd on the corner of 14th and id Streets north Tun is one of the very hert hu?ii ne;s stands in Washm?ton city. The house is ' roomy alld copveuiept. the store room milaMe for . tiie ?aleof ar.y kind cf m Tct.acd:?e I ht? property ) won d be disposed of on the most f???ona' > terms, or exehanjed for prope-ty rea-er f a ave; the P proprietress vlshing to r-*tir? U< m business. Any luformahon cas be on t >e pre raises,from the proprietress, Mrs. J. H WVNS | Also, three va nable M?T9. oa north G street, hfttWern M and 9d ste. This property is we 1 worth the attention of those wishing to invest money to advantage^ The owner beint unable 'o rebuild the three houses which were on these lots, and de stroyed by tt-e last Jnr.e. is competed rose!! the ? property, fnaulrs of Mrs. HAWi l^Gh. three doors ea?t o| the p'?mUes fe 1-4t*P.M.Wft F. ? RENT?With or without H aru. at No. t I 440 Twelfth stree1, east side-Ijetwfes G and , n atrreia, a oornmodu u? FRdNT FO"M. ? nd tor;, newly and nea'l* lurn?hed. The location ia one of the moat deairable in the city, N 'ohi.dren in the home. |t U-iw EXTH AORP1N MIV CHANCK-V TOh E and FIXTVRbS FOR SALE.?A Store in ?h? moit a;proved bnsiu^ca iocVity, inc n in* Fixture* at'i tut a small stock of La 'iee* l>re?a T'lm; minia, Kmt roideriea ar.-t Mil.mery Good*, wi 1 be ?>ffered at a treat sacrifice and poeaeaai n given orthwith. Thia la a chance of the rarest nee'irI renee, ar.d all appiicntiona be made at No. 15 J.a. ' aveiue, bet?re?n 8th sr.4 nth rt? j EMRNFMtED ROOM> T?? LET with I,i?eral A Board, in a pleaaar.t location i?ar the Captto:. , Alao, a handsomely furnith'd PARLOR and CHAMBER- oommumcatinr. Tt.oae wi'imr to psy a fai' prisi f< r food accommodatiora. may app y at the staroffice. ia 2Q-tf A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of the City Hotel, aha only tret can Hotel nr.w j open >n Al<?xaa?iM& V?.,i ia deairoua to retire from bu?ii enH. aiu will ??1', for a fair price, the 13 I ' O V . fT n r. *-?. v?i i ? . . A ^ * r i rv.1111ivr,, rixn k tn ana uuuu wi i, i of tie house. Mis.eas-> w:l terminate on the l*t of January, 1863 but the p.-nperty can no donbt le | !?asod lor a mucti longer terra at a moderate reat. This Hotel is now dom.:. ana has for mac? year* done, a large and profitable tusines.'. Il d*?.re of the undersigned to retire from pub ic bu<in*-?? i is the only inducement to sell, as he oou d not hope to engage in one more profitable. For te-ms anJ k pa ticu arsappl* to J \S A KN'GI I *H.whoie au v thorii'd to negotiate, or to the and rMgned. ia 15-tf SaM'I, HKFLI'r'HV ! ' R. Film RKNT-Two pleasant ROOM-1. r.'*t:y furnished, id a first-olaes resilience in OeorgeE toTn, with boa d. To a pernianoct tv.:. will be moderate. Apply at 151 West et .Georgetown. ae 17 tf { OFT T<) RENT, t^cond floor. 31S K street, l-i near Wllisrdg'Hots'. 22 by 1"* feet. Inquire in thewtore. ja 13 HIA.NDSOMKLY r* KNId;f?.i> ROOMS Four fcraaeome'y Funiisne! Kooirs. eupplted vth ;s ? aLii -wat" . . to the Paterl ar 1 Po?: OiLcs 0 ... .' ".fc' reii. Arplyst \?>?<*? pcett^ *T^r:i2e, tor tine, betireet <th *no it?* in. try. y? ! EDUCATIONAL. (^HKKAHAY INSTITUTE, ' 1527 A:.Dl5i?Sp*rcESr.,PHU.AD*i.pmA. This n.sti.uie, -(>':<luotcJ for two fara oa*t in the city of I'hilR lf tiiia hy Miuxt Chkgakay and her aiece Mai-axs D'Hikvili.i . upon the same principle* a? th* oue in New Vnrlr, estab lisii^l there in iSW, srilS reopen,after the ChrtUn&s holidays, on Monday. J?ruarr 6tii, with its usual ample and c"inpist'* pruricuii tor the f(f uc*ti?.>c of Young Ladiee, uader the direction of M?'iame D'flervi'ly. Oirru'a?e. sad all reqa'?ite informatiou, can be obtained on application to the Pncctpai. ja7-im GEORGETOWN ADVEBTim a. RANKIN * ro, io? y. F. cor. t4?i Water and Con fa i tts. i Oiobsitow*. 1). C. The Propr.etore, iiavirr purchased a larreenan li(> nf I >. ?Ua k>.? ?a . k.?. a -? r?- _ i- ii *j UI jui^uuo i mr ucbi nu'ion, lur lyMn, ie;i 50 p?r o*nt. cheaper t!ian th>?e who surobate on loiig credit. The* are cot connected with any other firm in f??orteu>wn. ja*5-lw* P. ??. RANKIN 8t CO. 1 DUCK8K1N 8LO VEB! Ranifiburgr & Ebert, 105 Hish Ktkzkt, GEORGETOWN. D. C. The only manufacturer* of Gennine BUCKSKIN SbOVK8, MILITARY UALXTLKTs. a-d MlT TENS in the Di?tnct. Officers' Gauntieu to order. Bnokskio Drawers aad Shirts. ja 18 ?. Vl^ j \m3Iuu1 ntf A THE ? AH ITS AND EAE. No. y?7 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orroeiTS WILLARP3 HOTEL. Oculist and Aurist. DR. F A VON MOMHZlSkER, Prom Clinton Pi&ce, Netr York. u&s armed in tfce Qitj and opened hie office* at S3? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, m L. l ?. > i. ? .> viicrc no cm no oonsuiiea on naiuiM oi EYE AND EAR requiring medical and surgical treatment. Dr. Von Moschzuibu is the invent*.r a?d introducer into the medical pr?ctio? of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for toe treatment of obst:rate caaet of DEAFNESS AUD NOISES IN THE HEAD. He ib also author of the lett?ra published in the New York and Pbi'ade!p!ua papers treating on the prevention of DEAFXESS FROM THE FIRING OFCANIt ON, Ire. Dr. Von M. has tor tue past fourteen rears derotod his speoiai attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And possesses the testimonials of some of the l>eat hnown public men in the ('mon. who h?Te been most suooesfully treated by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. READ. [ Trim Professor Monimrl Baltimore 1 "I have till* day seen Mus W lse, her eight perfectly restored. I am tappv to express my eonvto tion that by your emll and jadcra^ot she has been saved from the rreatent deprivation th*t ooald have befallen her/' ( From tkt Hon. Senator Pugh ] To Da. Vos Moscazisiaa: I amcreauv obliged lor the interest you t^ve iita*" Melted In my case of Deafteta.and iheskiii with whioh tou havetr?a:ed my oase.and I have no donbt that t>y owfc! observance ol your dirto'iooj, my hes'icr w.U be permansntly reetorad, 6. II. PL'OH. I From Jck a M' Lean, Jr., ton of the Ho*. J wit* of the V. S. Supreme Court J . It is well known to*m? nu uerou* friends tiat I have been deprived of my hearing lor many yeara. I *m happv to state tnat I cava, th*nka to Dr. Von Moailisuker, entirely recoTend. My heartrc ia now a* aoute aa ever. JOHN M'L.fcAN. Jr. For aoveral years I anffered from daafaeaa. Dr. Voa Motchaiarar reatoreo m? **'iflf._ St Loaia. Sept. 7,1MB. JOSEPH TEATS. Dr. Von Moaoka:aker moot aujo<aaf l'.'y op:*atrd on my eyaa.and Desofitted mr atrht ?xoceii'gly. GKOROK H. CHfcNKT. St. Loaia, Sep*. IT, ie88. \LMmJrwm Ret. J. J. Mull cm ] Da. Voa. MofCBXiaiiB?Oear Sir? Amotg thoee who Lava been i eneit t-d '?y jouraliiUul treatmaa^n diaeaaaa impairing t ,e aight* It afford ma t ' ft"p.ra'ure to add th? teetiinoual of my gratituOT to the llat ot >our p&tienti. My eight va< ao much impaired daring the laat ?<liletn montbathati ex u.d Lot recognise the featuiMof a friend ataading naar me. 1 tender ;ou tbia ao* novledgment of yoar eminent ak. i and auco >?a m the tit ai.nt.Btol joar obliged a ad grat<-fa' f ?? ud. J. J MULLON, Reetnr M. Pauiok'a. Tfce original of the a^re. and hand rdatnete teatimonlala, eaa be aeea at Dr. M.'a rotM. FaU?oU witiling Uioir ftjnilf phT?:c:ftr. to to omp&ny teem Ij witnou vpwuwu cr for th? parjoM of ooasalt?tiou irctt Uteri? to bring t; ?m MVdiaai Ms will M it ? I tii*?? woioomod to zsn teciMUdocwitboet*u52?Ziy tooao5\??ni from 9 t. m. to I p. m. u1 from I* 1 wft 1? S9T PSNN8LVAN1A A V EN UK. SECOND EDITION. THRLC O'CLOCK, P. TC Filtn Govibimijit Cimi?Amob? (V rrw aprnintm^rts of iadlej > the Dead Latter ( JBt. we Bnd tbe follow eg : Mn Bntcber, D C , Mr* Partridge, D C ; AiiM Eili D John?on, D C M 'h A tel.a Jordan, D C , M t* Margaret L. MuCormlck, DC; all rt &Mi per fear aud tbe additional ippoiatment of Samue'. Lemou, (from Peaa?v<vaaia ) PaoMOTSD ?Meaira. A C Spildng aad J. C. Lovejoy have been promoted 'rum flrat to eecond class clerkships In the Peaelon Bureau OUR MILITARY BUDGET tut commsioxBu not eoj??. The newspaper story saylof tbai Commissioners Fl?h and Amn bave already (one to Fortrem Monroe is untrue BUbop Aim is In Baltimore, snd Mr Fish has been to day in consultation wltb reference to his dut'.ea In a?ceeala. at the War De partmcnt Tbey will pr^)?bly leave Baltimore to-morrow morning, for Fortress Monroe, there to ""??? ^iiuwatvu. IIVIH nilUSUUtiUt IV pi 1N.VIU farthet. WILL DOff ClLtVOaaU' Senator Lai bam bas advlcea by telegraph from San Franclaco, that the Leg.t.tture of California baa **a?umo*iJjr t Blurred tbe payment of her portion of the war tun. to bo paid la f oM oa tbe requlaltlou of tbe General Government. aa satnaa eissaaLa conr. am? To-day, ere tbe Scor went to p eee, tbe Btoatc bad confirmed tbe nomlnatlona of Brigadier Gen erals of Volun'eera Wadaworth and Mmb, of NY, and Cooper, of Md. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH FROM FORTRESS MUMRtfE. Daltixokb, Feb 3 ?The Old Point boat haa arrived, and bring* the following: Foirxm Momoi, Feb. 2 ?The gunboat Dat light aailed to-day for tte mouth of York river, to relieve tbc Young Rover, of the blockade In that vicinity. The Young Rovor will proeead to the mouth of the Rappahannock, to relieve the Dawn, which will go to New York for ropalra The Myotic la atill off Rappahannock The troopa of the New England dlvtaloo who have been encaaoped cn the beach for two week*, re-emfearked on the Constitution thia afterndon. The Constitution la atill taking on coo), and probably wlil not get off bef?ro to-morrow morning Tho of fha (rAAna 4a }mnrn?ini? The bark John Trucks, with the d'Kspmeul Zouaves, sailed for Annapolis this morning Tbe Hartford sali*d for the Gulf daring ibe night A flag of trace was sent to Cranev Island, but brought back no passengers or papers Tbe crew of tbe reoel boat reported that heavy aring ha* b?en heard at Norfolk during the past two days CONGRESSIONAL. VWVIIth rOJIflRESS-*eco?<J Mokdat, February 3. Sijiate.?AfVr tbe presentation and n?erence of petltlona, bills and resolution*, a Joint resolutlon fur the removal of the army bakeries from the Capitol bo lldlng was passed , also, a b'll for the relief of the legal representatives of J ? Martin Shortly afterward? the body went Into esecutv# session. lloc si?A resolution Instructing the PostOfllce Committee to inquire into the expediency of ev'abi'shlng In cities numbering over tea thousand iu Habitants, a postal system similar to that of European cities, waa adopted. The bill authorizing the ptyment of volunteers for services rendered previous to being mustered into the United States service, was taken up, and the amend menu with which the Senate refused to concur dls:usaed by Messrs Blair of Mo , Hickman, Wlckllffe, and others. LATB LOCAL NEW8. Ajothv* Mrana Cast ?C mtiu Court ?. To-d?y was commenced the trial of Mark Har ringttju, who is luuicipa ior ?oc anmn1 01 nv rick McCrooaln, on the 29th dsT of October laet Mrwt Norrlaand Wlleon appear for tbe defence The following Jury wu r/Loa-c.all from liie regular panel ?Patrick Crowley, Walk:.* Tol? on, Jobo M . Gilbert, W. P Doniphan, Oe? S Noyes, John Pic, Thor 0 Clarton, F ?ri??e R<ley, J<->hn W Hanaon, Jobn Bcrtrem r, Jonepb .V: Si r, and Henry Martin D'.atuct Attorrey Carrlngt ~n n.ade hi* opening cUtemer* to the Jary, after wblcb tbe tenloaory for tbe prosecution was commenced CIUKLES S. FOWLER At CO., IMPORTER*, WHOLtll L* A.!tll K*TAIL IK CHINA. GLASS. AND EARTHEN WA&E, FIXE CUTLERY, PLATED WARE, ROLL METAL GOODS. BLOCK TIS Q90DS. TINCHAMBSR SITS JAPA.SXED WAITERS. ETHERIAL AND SOLAR LAMPS, COAL OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS, ft"4. Odd Fmxxowe' Hiu. Sbtbkts ? W?h:ny cc City, COIN WANTED! The Highest Prise pud for GOLD AND 81 LVtF r pfxcir Fez Halm m Stxa to sn*. LEWIS JOHIfSOl It CO., BANKERS, Pl.MSlTLVA.Xli. Avznn. j? a if Corner Terth *?C 4RM f EXPRESS Cif.WPA.WY. NEW ARRANGEMENT' ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK 41 HOURS. ? Thia Compac* ta prepared tc forward aU kinds of gocda to and fr _>m? NEW YORK?Ot.o? 38 Broaivar, BOSTON?I'llioe. T Contreaa atre?t, and 8 Contrees Square. PHluADtiuPHlA?Offiae, 337 Cheat* at atrwt B ALT IMORE?OHc-?,Ctmdeo Matioo, WASHINGTON?Offlo?, 3*H P > ntTivaala a*.. ALEXANDKIA-Of&o*. 10ft Kmc atrart. ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE. NEWPORT NEW?. PORT ROYAL. And th? southern blockading fql'adronp. AT FAIK HATS8 ' ja ?! ! >? A luxury a luxury A luxury DAYTON'S LEMON 818CU1T DAY TON's LEMON ii.3Cl.IT DAYTON'S LKMON BISCUIT fresh every day fresh every day. fhewli evfry day. sold by marshall a page. 30tf browning* kkailns. ?i3 l\Lt. )*n-tr __________ lovell, collet a co.. WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 FrOat Street. New York, tnd 318 K t?t ?rt. D. C.. ( n??r WiUtrd'a K-? '.> lift' lot at&rtF-d a ^racoa of ?nr >'r r \ <*X m ^ lUhmect in t i?? city, we urite tmltr', Gtetm, R~*ia*Tant'irf. and Enr*'*> *%' lun.i.e our sio;k wUeh w well aborted : d ooaprieed c-f fO.>da of t*e ? ?'ty. We take Oi?ert fo: aajttinj ia oar liar,and ex. cole uea C2E?iZ; JUHf, PROF. ALLXANl^R W0,OW?KI ? lt? f-n?r?l re?& at will open a e-a*e for im Pfca" and ?iiicin?.bv t* aew ar1 n^f mettot. la tEU w?i, v r?p?ruiuitff 1 Vfl| wdi be extender lo al: 4elit?\* ?- * . <riira a kaowledie of Y??! km la*trv casta' Muetc, oti the Libe ai twt.?. All til .? whr den re tojoia thi? wir* vrt a??lr at ? hia raudano*. No 90i m* U *U ?, le^ee* H treat aa4 New Yark ? ? * Iki'i of ibatweOkuv, I'o'oifM ooT^aadaia. Ttartdajs, Im b*iui4a*a. <?&? iaet raoenred^ih.V]|Tii>H No 4W nk airaair

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