Newspaper of Evening Star, February 3, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 3, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. : HOUSEHOLD RECIPES. TO IfAKI A TKA-CAKI. 1 RnV !ntn a nimrt of dried Soar ef tho finest kind a quarter of a pound of batter; then beat I up two eggs with two teaspeonful* of sifted sugar and two tablespoonfuls of washed brewers' or unwashed distillers' yeast; pour this liquid Baixture icte the cectre of the flour, and add a pint of warm milk as you mix It; beat it up with the hand until it comes off without stiek- ( Ing; set it to rise before the fire, having covered it with a oloth; after it ha* remained there ] an hoar, make it up into good-sized cakes an | inch thick; set them in tin plates to rise before j the fire during ten minates, then bake them io a slow oven. These cakes m*y be split and battered hot from the oven, or split, toasted, and battered after they are cold. TO K4KB TUB HASPS WHITE. In order to preserve the hands sol t and white, they should always be washed in warm water with fine soap, and carefully dried with a moderately coarse towel, being well robbed every time to insure a brisk circulation, than which sothing can be more effectual in promoting a transparent and soft appearance. Almond paste is of u*e in preserving the delicacy of the naads. It is made thus : Blanch and beat ap four ounces of bitter almonds; add to them three ounces of lemon-juice, three ounces of a'mond oil. and a little weak spirits of wine. The following is a serviceable pomade for rubbing the Lands on retiring to rest: Take two ounces c: ?weet almonds, beat with three * drachm* of wh :e wax and three drachms of pera:a?eti; jut carefully in rose-water. TO MAKE A PLAIN rCDDMG Wei^b turi?9-quart?rsof a pound ot old sera^3 of bread, wb .er crust or crumb, cut them small, and p?ur on tbem a pint and a half of boiling water, to soak them well. Let it stand till tb* w<teris cold; than proas it out, and mash the bread smooth with the back ot a spoon. A id to it a teaspoonful of beaten ginger, snmo iroist sugar, and three quarters of a piund of 1 currants. Mix all well together, and lj?y it in ' a pan well buttered. Flatten it down with a I spoon, and lay some pieces of butter on the top. Bake it in a moderate oven, and serve it hot. When cold, it will turn out of the pan, and eat like good plain cheese-cakes. TO CHOOSE A CARPET Always select one the figures of which are arrnl!: for in this easa the two webs in which the carpeting consis's are always much closer interwoven than in carpets where large figures upon ample ground are represented. TO GLAZB OR VARNISH DRAWINGS. * One eunce of Canida balsam, two ounces of turpentine, well dissolved. The drawing should be previously washed over with a solution of idhgla3?. TO rRESERVE FCR9. "When laying up muffs and tippets for the gunimer, if a tallow candle be placed on or near tbem al? danger of caterpillars will be obviated. JUST KK. K1VKI) *ND FOR ^ A! E LOW, twent? five bbls. WHI r? ONIONS and five bt:?. HAVANA <'R \GES. by BROWNING A KEATING, rie*-*tawtf 333 F?. avwiw. nwnr ?tti st. W NOTICE. E Would resp?c:lu y iu.< rm persons indebted to us their aoo< umk n>u?t be p^id We won.d say to parties who v? wish particu ar'y to rer ea l>^r .th:s, that the mda few frarte.1 was not with the view of presc..' : v< tiie account, but to give tune to remember. call with the money or eatisf&ctonJy endorsed notes, at abort date Apol o*:?s > looser answer. . 117" 1 ho?c disregarding this notice nan look for j the proper cffue.s to wait on them Very, T J A W. M. GMT. 3*2 Pa. av., bet 11th and Kth *tn , j?20-eo2w opposite a tar Offije. Banking house of SWEENY A HUYCK, No. 317 Seventh Stkmt. Drsfts on E<iror>e*n<i on the p ncicat cities m the Union. iu earn- to suit, furnished by nr. on reasonable terms o oittzens sn'i *o d:ors Coin, Treasury Note*, ani Onrrenoy bought and < old. i De^osi* accounts coined customers. cither I in Com, Treasury Notes or Cur ?noy. Ja2"-eo1m gWKKNV ft HUYCK. Fine blue cloths andcas3imere3, tor Army man. PERRY A BRO.. i* 31 Pa avenue and Ninth etrpat. ^ \101RN1NG CRFS9 GOODS,and SHAWLS, i?I a ne-sr *upp y opsnM to-d\y V One p ice u t. marked m p.aiti figures W "ar who e soa.a of pr!oe? reduothi to tb9 cash w aujMiarii ??.u?, ftKRV ft BHi?iaiiR, J 3 6t Pa. &vena? a d Mnth a.reet. /Av ISAAC HhKZBKKG, j&\ X A The Only Licensed 0 9 PAWNBROKER. 9 10 $Jd.oun to be loaned on bold and Silver VVs'.ct et. Jewe ry, Guns ecd Pistoia, Silver Ware. ai.u Wearing Appare1? at ;ae eld ataad, No. 381 C itre?t. 6aca of the National Hotel, between <>* ar-t 6'fa m. de 18-3m" ]\Jow I- your -umk to buy overo^a'a, Pants ano V'w i.&tNew York prioa, at SMiTii'S, No. 460 8#v nta street, opposite P.'stt'di^e _ jal6dlm r|*Ht SRAN- ARMY IS ADVANCING TO* wards-MITH'S. No. 60 Set eat. street, to set ?oir>e<?f his Great Hv gains in clothing, Furnishing G ods j* '6 dim rpo OhFlCEKs, SUi-LKRS, ftc.-For sale, at 1 a moderate, a New York bunt four whee?ed light covered WAGON, with handsome lea her vusr ions, Ac., havitg been used three times.oost 8!S2 Aire, a N-?w York male set of>, with plateti titMngs, which haa never been used at a: . Also a s-t ot plain Sing e liarnesd, suite new Apply at 4?7 Seventeenth street, eorcer of 1. lor n.' 1r??? /?f ~. a I room", da Si UKADINu ALK AND LAG L.K BIER Dt POT of ios rat?d brtwcry of .'Mr Kelix, to be tuidio a-ie ar.d email qu&ctiUM. Also, Pioklea, 1 t> ,?uf. Firklcd Onions, P> pper Sauo*, Viceear. | U4 3 ar KriiU' tn-b\-r.! ?a lou,or in jars.M 1 CHARLES MAUf>' K-etaurant. do f * m* c-rrer P?.atenuf\ni T ir<< gti(VIil.R ! "BUTTER!! I? BUTTER ?.> ? - oho'oa Goanen u allot t joat reo?ivod acd tor M> ch >p by F. B. HA?riN? A CO. iinjs-'f IS'' ?M??r P* *??nB Lifif*. V* HA: UN t TO COLOR DLACL I Ou hK'JfV ? >uly 3* o#ut?- a l?'X. Tlir^e boxes iot usr. t?r?y. r?<i or fisicu ha r o;?n t>? man*-.. >: % fp\r ?*c?>cda to a j t biaak or nruwc, or us. .z i ? am'r l.isutd Hair Dye, tiie b?at ard clfap-st :u In* iro?-IU. p-oduci^s, the mo;i ent it i? ar,!ii*d a rich L&'urv appearauc-'. Kach n>>x ofUK^A 1*9 HA K DYK :a w-rrai ted to cor:ta:n a? iiiDCh hair <;,t a* others Mil Tot on* dollar! Nj d *y 9 0. L'.'UA>1, 310 ; U?anut atreet, b lafie.phia. atd . ('? i Vf RT FORO. corner lltS tr <rt ncu Ka. av?; ii Alexaudna, by hLNKV Cd(iK ft > Df ? i ta ??? ?-* >!? poNSION OFKlOfc, iSAt ?IH, IBBl. TO ALL WHOM It MAY CONCXRN. Appicat -a having 1-stb ma 6 under t?e act of tSd Jjije. 13cv'. for the r?i?sut> or the Lan'i Warrants described nereiu, whiun are alleged to have koeri o?t or aeatroTed, notio? is hereby eSven.that at the date folio wing the description of eaoh War rant, a new Certificate, of Uka tenor, will be issued. if no va id objection sha.! thea appear No. lor 19o acre*. is-u<*d under the act of Maraii, 355, la Ue a? of Hannah, widow of James Win ti, an<? gr%ctad on theifcUi day of February. 1857 ? December 90, 1861 No. 64jM>, for 120 aor )s, u?u d under the act of March 1356. in tue name of Martha, widow of Anlif AW Ma.IuC ftnH ? na rn* 1 r* U J - e * mm -T^v^snrmr wu U"J UI ????. xi^&ZLWJP* *,cr**' *??ued nnder the Mt of Mwch, l!M, intU name of stamoel R J mk ... anl ?r?r.t-a on lUl* diT of A ""t. lttl * <o. 3 1< 4. for lio acres, iwuad under the Mt of. Marofl, U5o, in tne came of William H Tarranee b?r/r,Bl?r'J Ua ** ma <U' ?f Ju!y? ^ -DScom' So. 14345, for ff> a-sree, usaed onder the aot of September. iu<j. m the name of Lert Tre*dweli _Md grantrd & p -nnoer ?th, 1351. * ' No.31,(8a, fo 4<i ??ree. ia.Ued under the tame act, An,ix\r?ra"a r?o. 42,216. for an vjrea. iaaued under the act of March. 1856, in the name of Polly. widow of John Can:; iud jran'rd on the 23d day of September, lS? --*n.-%-/ 4,18b2. No. 2a i. . for 16 acres, ia?u*d nr.der the aot of M voh. li? ,... the E*nae of Ww liana Soott, and wae j^autcd outhrtJ st da; or May, 184$.?January 11, JOSEPH H. BARRETT, la-l^w CoinmiMionar. 7t watches. \*OLD AND SluVKH ENGLISH, SWISS AND aMKRICAN. 1 have now on k-.nd a !arje stocK of all tha moat eelebra J W < tonea, that I an eellinc at tne very lowea! price* tuat ?i.?od and reliable tuae Keepers aan be atf -rdad at; and every description oifine JEW ELK Von baud; all new at? lee received aa aoon aa manafaotuied, aud offered at the loweat rataa. Stiver ware manufactured in my own ehop. Allfcindaof Mll.ITARY GOODS w.n-i ?.A u Kero'rerm, Sworda, SubM. Baits, fS'-wie KatTfi. Pooket Oo?ni?s, fto? &?. Alio itronc Arm? Trnnka and Bod Combined; and tnxnj ot.ier tr.riux uatuui and onMcutal at 338 Pommy! rar.ia noan if H. V HOOU. |"|R. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE U tiONOKH H(E.\ in ?ix day* No ofauueof diet re<nir?d It is an Est- IM(^ ftafc BMoifio of ?it;-fire jrea-? atari in? tf?W mmd viJ not term the raoit de'icat* con ^?9^' lUUtf' It eor.t&i- He ?1WU J, Pr'.o? fl. *??d bjS.C. l'PHAM.310 C-hegrrnt "tv-d i- Wa?Niiftor> ly* S. 0. F?>rfi5t ton ' lih p? * ; ia A\extn?r ft by J H !\H V Ct'OK A C'?., D CKt,!*tf. no 8B e?>J? a~LLMKN Dfc?OHAKO>- D FKUM SLRVICE A aaxi?*t li:Wj cu. laauo) auit ct C'cinejat Soldier*' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WTLL FOBWK D SOLDIERS' SEMTTT4NCB8 TO THSIK FAMILIES, ^ At any place on the line* of their Express, At* oha-ae of twenty-five oents for Mr not axoaedinf fifty dollars, and a pr< portiouat* additional chance to plaoea raao&ed by oouueoting fc'xpreaaea. The money, whether Gold or Trtantry ffetu, should be enclosed in an envelope and aeourely sealed. and have the fa!! address, <ino udine town, Poet Office, end State; end in oitiea, the street and number.) of the gerson to whom to be aent. and to* anumut ie*iD y nmrseo mereon. bnveiopea for this pnrpoee mar be had at our office#. To faoi itate prompt del very, the charge for r?mittaooe eaonid be pre paid. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington, Jan. 9, lafc2. ja 9-lm Soldiers* Pay! THE HARNDEN EXPRESS COMPANY Will remit ?nme of FllrTY DOLLAR* AND UNDER, f&om soldieui to thbi* familim, At a charge of TWENTY FIVE CBNT8. The money ehould be plaoed in aa ENVELOPE an J securely eeaied* The fall addreu, linclmdtnt Pott OJlct, State; alto, Strut and xwrb*r. m a lart* city J of th* pere<>n to vhom toAi* eent, MUST BE LE81BLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED that tbi n a r i* & a a FURNISHES TFE MOST RELIABLE MEAN* POP. SOLDIERS TO SEND THEIR MONFY HOME. ENVELOPES AND BTANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. S. SMITH, Atont Hamdrn Pxp'eM, Sd ?t., tec on J door bel w Pa. are., ja 9-1 m K Mhinctoi, D. C. F AIRBANK'9 STANDARD SCALES. FOR SALK BT J. P. BARIHOLOW, Soie Ajteat, Hardvare I Agricultural Ware boose, 35* SirtBth Street, Bttveun Pennsylvania atenue and tkt Canal, oppoaite east end of Centre Market, ja 14-tf - pROPOSALS for STAMPED ENVELOPES. Post Office Department, Jan. 13. 1882. Sealed Phofo^als will be reopived until 3 p. ra. on tne '3th day of February, 18?2, for furuiahing all the "Stamped Envelopes," "Letter Shettt and Envelopes combined," and "Newapaper Wrappers," which thi? Department may require, during a ?eriod of four year<s commencing 1st April, 186^, viz: STAMPED FNVFr.opE*. No. 1, or note size, 2% by 4X inche?, of white paper. No 2. or letter pizv by 5X inches, and extra letter nte, 3>? by tiii inches, of white, Duff, or cr?am-co!ored paarr, or in such proportions of either an may be required. No. 3 or official a ze 3% by 8V inches, of the same colors an No. 2, atd under a lgce condition as to the proportion of eacri. No 4, or ext a offioia! giz?,51 10 by 94 5 inches, of the ame o >lor aa No. 2, and under a like condition aa t" the provoition of each. No, 1 and 2 to be emboased with the three or aix cent po.'T&f stamp, ."No. 3 with six cent, a id No. 4 with twelve. twenty, twe-nty-four, and forty cent niamps, a 1 of style aud oolor similiar to those now in use l et er sheets and stamped ervelopes combined, of white or bl?e paper. Note sheets and stampad env lopes oombine-4, of white or blue pap?r, both sizes emrtossed with the three cent stamps. stamped newspaper w sppers not h?* than 8 by 10 2-5 iuo es, and of btT paper, embossed with the on- cent portage star/. , or any other denomination that may Be retired i'ropo-a'.s are a *o lnT.te-1 for farnishmr straw or manilla board '.ox. a, or ethers of rq-na! or superior strength, for paoking paroeis of enTelopes, of letter sheets a d euve o .en ooi. oined, ?nd or new* paper wrappers, containing fr. m one hundred to five hundred each, aiid lor witer-prouf w. oden ca*es f r racking parcels of four to twenty ii?e thousand Theen*elopes and wrappers are to be maHe in tha ha~f m? r ar nf nu? "f 1 .a_ ... ^ wv , VI pi*Ku' "I ?KK'u?ou ^UAlllJ, manufactured special y for the purpose. an>l with a h water marks as the Postmaster Geneal mar direct. Th j mast be camm*d for sealing, the former at le&et iH inches od ths p*iut and oas end of the latter; th<*y most he ban *?J m paroe!* of twen tT five, racked without chime tor packing, and tarnished complete in all respite, rjary for use witn all reasunab'e dispatch, and in such quantities as mar be required to fill tne orders of postmasters, and must b* deliverel either at the p ace of manufacture or *t ifce Post Office Department, at ti e option of tne Postmaster General, to an agent duly authorised by the latter toin?pect and receive them An agent of the Department will fnrnish the address for each parcel, wmoh is to b? pasted on the box by the manu'actirer withont charge The dies f*r mbosaing tae postage stamps on theecve'opos and wrappers a'e to beexeouted in th V. at s-.yle.and they are to be p'ovided. renewed. iv'i K"pi in or er ?t the exp nae of th? >ntr?ct r. The Department alto reserves the right of requir n.* n-w der.omiaa'i?n o-stainpi an<i an> change* oFilierfieao o?'<>r? wi ho->t artditsonohfc . Bidders a-e <?x??-Ote t furnia aa p!"?f f p?p*r witli titfi i.ida oft'ie qu lity th<-y i tend to use in t'r? ni*i u!a t roof 'h* nve:oi.e~ which ?riey proP 'i !om -i? -n ' *1 o rfp?^ime!,a of .hoeavmop. a urutamp d, aiid ' f boxes. aid!u>* to I - rrr /vmithint plain envel ope.\ of the *?*#. antt coturs oboe- dts r bed xtva a't yrupvah ar? tnri"d tc fur?|.<A envelopes pro v d d with pttent ditsolving linn, (indiea ing the pu p r utitton i< r the j-perscrip ton ) to subuttwe the plain fir hi nied envelop i, in tchute or ?* part, a :ke Lepartmtnt may elect. Prop a < a. n alio inviiou/or d? !a?a other than wver mark-, ( r a/** t to auch mark".) o ad* rd erot-otion against ccuaterteiung?apsei Bif a to aui> it *d f h? oontra t will be awarded to he Hid 'er ? h >ie pr- po?ai al fl<;0?n i( ba rot t ,e> I- w ? r. ts con si le ed m ?t advar.tateou? to 'he i) par'nun', tatina into acc>uu 'he pr.c .'he qu*U * of me rnd ai? auffioi' o? a d ?' I u? ? - ...a u ?r-<i ' - ... o ITVI u?o i' ocu'j'fi&nco * un t M i rrrid > f this adv-iUa* me t; a U ro prop rats w> 1 be oocsiderid uniefcs Moon.p nied by guarantiee ri fore oinaing a contract the sncoea<fu' bidder may boreq-nreu to pr paron?w die* an'submit speoim>M> impr esi"ns 'hereof The uae of tt>e p es nt dies may <>r may cot be contiru?d, but ro r vlra11 oa (0 ui toe device ?/ the aiampa will be adopted Bonds a. d ? curity will be requnod for the faithful performance or the oontraot. and payment* aider it will be made quarterly. The Poatmaater General re??r?ee to hiinaelf the right to annul it whoever he ahall duoover that th? aame or any part tnore<>f la offered for sale in the market for the pnrpoMof apeoaiation, and he will not, in any caw, aanotion a transfer of the contraet to any party wno shall be. in hie oainioi, less ableor leaa qualified thin the original bidder or oootraotor. The mat i? also reserved to acnul the oontraot for a tailure to p"rf <rm faithfniiy any of ita stipulations. The nen.ber ol en?e op?s of different sice and of wrappers Uaned ?o Poatm?atera daring the fia^ai y?ar ending Jur.e 3n, 1M1. is fu'ly art lorth in the IAS' rr?nrt/if ?Ka ?1 ?",v wm.oru. ln? bids ahou d b? m irked "Prcposals for rtdra?rt *!*"!?' M(* "hula b* aL-fJlfi d ?. 2. JL1""1 Aiiiitul Postmaster General, Post Offioe Department." im. ik ?i* ? M. BLAIR. -1* 15 wit. Postmaster General. RI fT t>HOU8E, RANT A CO Ja S 1 ir> Ma. ijUPenn. ajranna, noar Brown's Hotel. SplS^io^^^^r^1?n s eunre Calf do 50 Alto, a 1 other etylee of Ladies and Misses' Balneal d<K>ta,|^oh?>?t and beet assortment in toe oity. J. ROSENTHAL. , _ _ flo. 16 Market Smo?. J* 7 eo Psnn. -serins, bet-areen 8th and imt its. JUST RECEIVED TEN BBL8. S. HORINE'8 + superior 1>LD R*K WBls?KY, eigtVt jewi old, warranted. Also, prime Monon*ahela vCtusforwUe%t3M Pa. avenne, by de ?-Sta?u BROWNING A |B|^TINe. - ?HA?1 L/AEj IVU HANDKKKcHIKPS'-AII torts, ttook now ane<naUcd, for ladies ana gentlemen?jait the thing for Christmas Pre?oE?e. At E. A Lake ft Co.'u nZ?l?3?*Bazaar. deaf* Under Brown's Hoyal. COLUMBIA MARKET. Pa. av<mw, comn 7%trtMntk St. Th*enftsariber woaid moat r^spsciinlly inloxm the citiseis of Wasiinston t* ar hn haa 'Stnrned to di* o 3 saarter, where n??nte?de ks< pinx a hrat rat* m&rket m all its branches, as in Umes ion*. will be happ? to greet hi# om fri?n<u and ens tf-nisrs. >. ^ -ttoode ?est free of oharge to any ??1 of a MAUiAIW, g U T L E R 8 , ATTENTION!! 00 BARRELS SINGER SNAPS Piivi Qttaxitt, For Ml* ib ?maaUtiM to rait the trade, at low fi{vu. JOHNSON k. NAGLE. SB Pa. avenue, Wukiniton, D. C.? ja 31 10 Eoyat ?t., Alexandria, V*. M. I. rRARKIJN, SCIENTIFIC t PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 844 Peno'aav.,t north aide,) bot. ljth and uth iu. SPECTACLES and EYEGLASSES, provided with the finest He-noofio and Pebble Lenaee, and uited with utmost oare for every a*e, eye tight, and aotnal oondition of the viaua orcana. FIRST M nrrMll CLASS MILITARY FIBLD-OLAS9ES, Microaca?ea, Compaaaea, and Mathematical Laatnmenta, at the lowaat Eaatern pnoea. la tr H all, Stephen* & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL. MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dbaxrx* is SWORDS ?ASHhS, BELT::, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, OLuYES. Ac. Atd every variety oi HEADY-HADE CLOTHING. At ?<tabon*bli Pricm. WALL, STEPHENS* CO., 322 P*nneylvaam nvenae. betwrea Jail [Intel. A Repub.) 5th and 10th ?ta. Highest prick paio 11 GOI.D FOR v. S. TREASURY NOTES of th? differ# t is?ae?, and Noniterc Currency. Exo ante n tfie pri cip&l oitiei N<>rth payable in gold or onrrenoT ?o>d to suit pnron&r.era KITTEN HOI SE. FAN r A C> , Backer*, No. 354 P?nn avenue, Ja 8 lm near Br??wn'i H t?l SMITH A BROTHER'S PALE C K E A M ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER A' E, PORTER AMD NEW YORK BROWN STOUT The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BAHi i'v r\fi hl.M- AatoamA/1 ka those who Lave used them. Purchasers are requested to call and exam no our superior stock, assured that they will find the BEST and PI RE -T artioles. We have at all times a tare* stock ready for deliTory, in wh^le, ha r and quarter casks, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS.and F\MILY USE. which we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. PMITH ft RROTHER, Brewers, No. 1ft* ft 160 Wast 13th at.. New York City. Orders by Mai or Express promptly executed, Ce 9-6m IfJi) 8. WERTHEIMER ft CO.. Aa 4 iDa No. 462 and 464 Skvxjith ?t., tut Orposxt* the Pott O/ks, Offer their stock of W1NES, HR ANDIES, GINS. I'URDIALS. e?o.,also Rieir laree assortment of SEBARS, TOBACCO, k'ANCY GOOi>S. eto., for sale at Wholesale Prtoes. They keep constantly on hand fine PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALE, in kecs and bottles, ior l>*rs or l&inily use The pnblio in general are re / inv uimu iwu wiu oimumo uoir splendid stock of gn,>ds. 8 WER'THEIMER 4 CO., 468 and 464 Seventh stre<*, de 21-3m op?<?. Post Office. OjHlers! Oysters: iheovkrhndoymtkr express COMPANY Still continue to receive oai j those lamons planted PATUXEM RIVER OYSTERS. Restaurants and private families^na I _J would do well to oa'.i an.d try them. Those oysters are sold 36 hours after they come from the water. i ID" Office No. 48 Market Spaoe, Selow the Avenue House. J* 8-3m i^UEESE! CHEESE!! CHEESE!!! LIOliORS, TOBACCO, CIGARS, NTTS, RAISINS. CRACKERS. All on hand and for sale cheap by F. B HASTINGS A CO., S83 1) st., facing Pa. avenue, no25-tf Philnarmonio BaUding. WB. 8TRONO, MANUFACTURER OF fPDmrrra n A 1? * ann ??" ??? muiino, nAni>too a JUUiii AAI UUUilB, 258 PlNNtTLVANlA AVk!*T7*. South sidt, b'tween 121* and 13tk $trult. S" Trunka, Harneas and Military Eauipmenta red at ahor'*at pot ice. ae 30 1m* Tthe billiard hall. HE Undersigned, iiavirx purchased from Meaara. Marr A Fiaber the Billara Hall at the oorner of Penn. avenue and Eleventh atreet, and refitted the aame entirely with new cloths, bails, Ao., nvitea hia frlenda aud the publio seneraLU to five him a oall. ja2 eolm JOHN W. EARP. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, XT 119 PXNH8TLvania AVXITVS, Bttwen 19tA und Wtk rti The undersigned, hat in* located himaelf aa above, takes thia method ofinforminc the oitigena ' of the Firct Ward that he haa opened a first-olaaa Pronaion Store, oonduoted similar to thoae for irhioh Philadelphia ia famoaa. Here oan be lunn-4 at ail timea a larre and fresh anpply of POULTRY, GAME, i/EEF, MUTTON, Ao. FRUITS and VEGETABLES in season. Particular attention ia called to hia atook and pnoea of BUTTER. CHEESE. Aa. PniUWeiphia Prist Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to give tn* strictest attention to the wants of his oustomers.arj to keep every article in bia line of the beat ?oaiitT,and sell attha lowest market prices, he hopes to merit a share of poblio patror.agf> Families will t>? waited upon dai!? lot ordurs, if rMnired. no thmma^ h wn.aoN. tfWG JOBN^ON .1 N ?GLE, Ott(l CCliJ IMP RTKHP OF ?iO?/ Whites. LIOVQ'S H VAN A CIGABS, F.NB UHOCf til f.a, ft, No. 889 Pa ayenu , netween 9 h and iutn streets, Washington, D. O No. 10 Royal st, near Kmc. Alexandria, Va. Sole Acen's lor the ??PaKKLING HOCK and MUS?EL.L?- \VI\R3 f th? Houkheim J -lnt Stock Co.. in H-jokheiin nil thn H I 111* Co* on h?r.?i their Sparkling Ho el and Cabin# Winst. I t'onuout>eurn ar?> respoo .fa iy invited to gir?> us ! a oail. JaB j wjoMRTHIN? .UW-S^iR/Ofi HULLED CORN.?Ties i-?i i tuer, having cot '-he agency to sjprly Washington' oeortetown with thia ' delicnte preparation of Corn would r?spectfuliy ask of hia frccda. and the publ o at large, to give n atrial. Also, Popped Corn, plain and sugared WM FiftADLV. Agent, Pa. avenue, between 18th and 19th sta. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles. Monuments, Table Tops, Jto. A Urge assortment a ways on hand. oo IB 3m BALMOBAL BKlRTfl. NEW and ohoioe assortment of select oolors and patterns, nv ny styles, not foand elsewhere. In addition a fine and ample stock of all kinds of . Foreign and Domeetio Dry Goods in all the depart- j menu of family wants. i

puroba??P l0n ? , J? lnoarl no obligation to teaafito'Sfi10 " *"heD". ? PERRY 4 BRO-, J* P?nn aypna and Ninth au Amof\ w a , THOMPSON, ncdBr Brown'a, _d**_B1A. Lake * Co.'a Marble Hall Bacaar. ARMY CLOVES! Attk.eioT.DoXotofAEMY GLOVK8!! jia?A???!SS*pg^:;.. nil tin * ou i LkiKHi OFFICERS AND A BOLDIER8! A large stock of CAMP STOVES, manufkotnred and lor sale at 391 Pennsylvania avenae, near H. 1. GREGORY. Every Dee^n &oeKofNjTj*1RINT1NG retatred by any bodr?citisens, civil ranetionariM, a,rhit and navy ofhoert, rauert, *o.??xecutea at the PTA R OFFICE, in aatiaiaotory style, at low rar? for Cub. ? 4-tf VVK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN ft iarca IT Msortmrntof t>R EY and BLUE FLANNEL H&MfflfciMflfc lfeog|A^ winch ve invite all o&ah psrohneers to examine Mfcr?"" WiiTir&HENl? CO., _ S99 Fa. av., between tth and loth iu. ma (iniouuenowrud Rnnhlidn i ??!?!?Pta*& ,?, ARNV IjgBBh Outfit, W*" 0 caic?8"J??l - H*e '-oou.t frar round aoraw Htlatflflfii *PiAoo for tav. miTi 4??3???W f / DEMT1STBY. D. L. LEVETT tvSST(br\neh of tha artabm?nt No 18 W???rly Plac^ N>w York)^*^ won a oaii toe attanttan to Ihoso who muMaii Md hi a MrrioM.tkat in additioa to ai?^?'1 & great fkeiiitiea in operative Dentiatry, he ie la ?b?iw?)oi of a new acd importaat laventiOD for tii? insertion of Artiftoiai Teeth. oo thepriDeijle of AmeapAeru rrtssnr*. entirel j diflarent from the old mod*, and iNarad by lettare Patent frautoo April Ith, IBM. Thia invention ie of the freateet i mrio mi rim inu h> wtw im rooi of the mouth, acd with to mcreaaed arooaot of uot.oD. Tko pubiio are invited to oi l anl examine peoim*u? and oertifioatea from tome of the moat prominent and eoientifie f?ntleioen, No. 491 ] Tenth atreet west, near Pa. aw. ja 14-eolm* DR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. S36 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Brrwna 9th anb I Oth Sre. Ja4-eoam J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHB0PLAST1 BOMB TEETH. WlTHOWT MktJlL Pun OK Clabk. ... ? DR. 8. B 816ESMOND, 19 Bromdw, .V?t? York? 360 PtnnrylvamuI 4* ?*?m. 6ilwm 1214 anl IStk ill . Waskvutom, the attention of the pnblio to the tollowiat adT&ntacee of hia imerored intan : 1. The Teeth of hfs manufacture willBflPS never oorode nor chanje ooior by Mid*, beine three fourth* lighter than at j other. I i. No teeth or roota nred be extracted, aa the artificial ones oan be inserted orer them. S The roots will be made lnoIensiYe. aa never oacbe. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent one* oan be ma<le immediately, thereby presenriut the natural expression of the face. whioh mader the otd ej ?'.?m la frequently disfigured t Thia work has ^en full; tested over fire rears by mart of the first ouinusta and phrstaians of this [ OBJUtTJ. Dr. 9. ha* also invented a white undestrurtiTS I metai fillioj, with whioh the most sensitive teeth can be filled without pain, and oan build up a per feet, sound too to on any side reots, whioh will last i through lifetime. The best of references siven? to Dr V. Mott: Dr. Doremua. Profeaaor ornhdmirirt N V judge Wnne, of the 8a?r?iue Court of Washington, and of others Call and examine for youreelf. do I to GAS FITTING, tc. AWM *. DUVb * CO. *K Mow >. , *c i. an* ereers w\U v ' -?.. ??* i?j t"n PliVMBlNt. #AS OS RTKAM FITVIM* BVSlffEM (CT !*vorr oi> nc ?t. ?*t. a fee a.-or* aorta ! t*? arene*. wirre may be foaad a ecnpiMeiMrtmi ef ra v.\T*fc L!f *"? ap' - ?"? "? ""f^AMaK WtTFf r"TTyo?? itr 7 W? A a frlXTVKfcS. fc tiav* iu sto *. and r? dai.y reoetviuj, #AB flXTO RFS of mxxUrHy New Patterns and Designs and Pmish. saptv or .n itj.i to anything hereto ore effri d in thi? t- ?i It to Mil and examine our nock of 6*a ar^ Wrier Ptx tree, feeling oorfident that w have the tart ale? t?<i stock in Wnabinrton. All Work in the H?r? lice mtrmated to aar Mri ill be yr* njt'.y Attended to. * VERB * Mot BAN. ur I tf 3T< 1> afreet. LOVBLL, COLLES* CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, ?6 Front atreet. New York, ?od 310 E atreet, Waahiniton, D. C., (near Willardi' Hotel.) Having started a branoh of oar New York establlahment in this oily, we invite Sutlrra. Oroeert, Reitaurantrwrt. and Hoitl Kupti, to oall acd examine oar atook, whiob i* well assorted and comprised of gooda of the beat quality. We take ordera for any thing in our line, and execute them promptly. ja23tf NOTICE. "ADAttS' KIPREM COMPAUT " This Company offers to the public " Unequalled Adv-r.iiUites" for the Sale an>i Quick LMapatoh of Heavy Freights. Paccases, Valuables. Money, Ao. 4 c., to all parts of the United Slates. Expresses to and from the North and Weet depart rrjm and arrive ix Wast. srton twioe daily. All Expresses are 0harge of *xp?ri*?e?d mud r$l\abit Messengers. All Package* for The Soldier* oarnea at "0*1 half" our usual rates. Ail Goods for tne s?-called "Confederate State*" and all Artioles " Contraband of War" will be R17*SID. Oar Kzpreairi leave New York at 1.1, and P. M.^arriving in Washington at A. M. and kM hxpr^Mea leave Philadelphia at 8J0 A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at 10 P. M, and A.M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 90 A. M. and 9 P. M., arriving in Washington at A. M- and Mt> P. M. Kxpresses for all points North and West leave Washington at 7 JO A.M. and 8.30 P. M. daily. Special Contracts for iarge ^nantitins of Freight can be made on application to this < 'ffiee. All Goods calied for and delivered Jru of Extra charges. E. W, PARSONS. Sap't Adams' Express Compav. Washington, Angnst a. 1W1 ao S~-\ SOMETHING NEW! /A ra^Sa^TMT^COVMET OFAU At 391 C Itrut, orronu (As TiUeisr. OYSTERS STEAMK? In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a rout) in Hmmmwii, tkt fatttit tiwu on rtcord Call and see. The nnderaigned respectfully iniorma his friends In the Diatriot, and visitors to the oity, that he hu refitted hia old and wsix-kkowm iitabliiimint in a moat thorough manner, and ha* made oom plete arrangements to furnish OYSTERS Id any atrieand in any quantity 400to 800 ga Ions shucked per day. 1 ooo to 3,000 oana of Spiced and K r?ah put np daily?oana hermetioally aea.ed Furnished In the shelf by the buahe or barrel. Peraona wishing to have Oysters furnished regalarly through the winter, at Baltimore snots, without fear of failure, should oall and mate arraugemeata at once Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me, aa I fnrniah an article eaaal to the celebrated Baltimore eatabliahmenta. at prioeajoataa low. TO 8UTLERB, Canned Meats, l.otrtsrs, Sardines. Clams Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' F?et, Tripe *o 4.0 . 4o. Also. Ptokles, Catsup, Sauces Brandy Pwihw. An also. Bun??n,l P.?h Wl.k T?. Terrapins. Freeh L-'bster. C,,<1| Halibut, *o. In mot, every thir<? for sale m the Not tijr rn market* ii??j8 ou hand, a! reportable prioee Hoie<< u: famines supplied with ystere, leliver?d without char*# to any ran <>f the Uiitrict. in season, if the money is sent with the order. My ?stab ishment is open from i a m to 12 at nirht. every cay, except Sunday, when 1 olc*e at 10 o'olook a. m. j?2 tl T M HAWVPT. piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND 6EOR8ETOWIH capital. 0iioo,o?e QPu imur O ttru: m*d ItmiuM *?.. ?mt ??u */ (TuiMfl?C. INBVX.B ag JE^*)fKIT\ Otiwtou 8?o ?hoem*t?r, tjfcmae. ILtattru, Straaei Cropley, William Wtl?on, Fichard Jon?a. John D- Barolay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew R ; < well, T*o? Parker, Riehard Rarr?, B. B. ?'r?noh. Dr. C W Davis .1o obarge for PolioiM. JAM bS ADA MB, PrMidant. A?at? n?vi?.awor<t>rT. so Wall. *f urnm?s * co., S?9 FMMtiv*NiA Aranva, A vn HL'AnV M A nr ni #\?nir??o ? - - ?? viiViniAKDi AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN 0ENTL.E^ fMEN>? FU*pI?jrjo& OO0B, L. To win J. M. Towns. J. B. Town*. L. TOWEK9 A CO* STEAM BOOK AND JOB PBD7TIN& ESTABLISHMENT, Ctmtr Likumm mmmm amd Sixth tt. The attention of the bonne** ooaaraanity la re peotlullT invited to the New Rook and Job Punting Katablisbment, whioh baa beea itted np with new material, in the most oomplete manner, i* sow , prepared to exeoate, in a aaUaifcotory atyle, ovary variety of Printing, vis: Books. Speeche*. Pamphlet*, Card*, Circular*, , Butler*'Blank*, *o Ao. . ' The attentioQ of membera of Congrea* ia especially requested for oar feoilitie* for printing , Speeches, aa we hava the If tut steam power ia the city. d*T-law<ni ggOOVB AN If WO 8liT U> Jwaggn^^'SaaifiSg i apply of eastern made wore of every d?-|H i? wart ! B?* >?4 ft t , WM W?yw?^MWyJw& INBLerabr*oinf ail atrlaa of Iov-btUnmI. diva, art otlltiM, vkioh * artNllwf rnom *WA?.l*- RTEMKNII m rvn < ROUGHS, COLD , HOAR8KNBM, 4U. i OOMPO VXD SYHfff Q$ 9 UM ARABIC. Tui %ad popular Cuuc:i K?m*d7 has bw K>loct IwewuMM ?yl?jyiy ?d Ut?Qft peraoni h?T? bfoonw fam-li&r vit? Its axtrtoru*U?4 ti.*+ In a .* Bom. joints Tom ikTIMO&l au 4^^ ? ? fOK AJjL MSBASSeOP IMPRVDBNOK. iir jro false delicacy feetewt. APPLY IMMBDUWLY. 1 ffll irUMUJOTl). OJt jro ckambb, IDT MOM ohm to two date. VNbM ?f M auk, hMim . UiiIm af * N]pira4 aumr^OMufM, lapnict, J ttTKn. TW4IO, rwrnkliaf.. DuaeaM l#r CiMmm. Dm. mi tl fc W"L Km ?r (ku>, ifMurn ?r tk? Un, h? uk ?f Bavalt?thw? TimM( Dtaarttn irtuu fnm M>HiThMlirfTNik-ilMNDtMW w4D?aW<PM' ; u?? ?Mek iHtoMunifi apw>li.u? tmutf Mft ' Mr u4 MH< TOUNV MSN Bap??U47 ?M ktn >m?? i*? ntua ?f till! J TM*, ikit OniU aad <Mtmur? ktklt vkMk tuaatllt ? ta u aatiMl; (nn *?Mu>la < Tnri M*a ?T tfc? mm I uk?d talNM aa4 Wtlltui irtsllMt, *Im aiffet OiiHn ta?? actna*** lw?in| nti ikt ikuitn W >i? VMM* ? Wikid < teatae? lk? Hvisf irr?. mt Mil vrtk It MHimi MAHhlAVM Mil 11 IB PiBiom,? Tmi | Mn AMisMBt&aRS H~ r wfUii AWH;, I WW Bire??r MU?r j? u/i ? Ov J. rturi Mij 6#r.ft4? ic hu t*?? u (MtliMi u< MbIJiiS) , rely ipM fan (kill u a phyociaa. OFFICE N? 7 SOUTH FRMOSMCM 8T aft hand *4d* pwg fran Balnntn iVIH, * ft* daan tram Ik* car o*r rail ui i* abMrti uat and m>ii Utwn awt * p*t4 Ml eaniaiB a >u?f DR JOHNSTON, " Mr ml ua ftayai C*i.**a ( Inrtau. fcn-n mti ' '? <" ? - * ??.?u?.0? (S^iiTTT: Wi'.4 titM, ud lk* nuiw pari / tkaai Jtf# k>* Mm mi to itia haapiiala *f Im4m, Paru Ptui>4*lpkia ai.d ilNtMn. u *a*ci*d Mm* < tka mail aataniafciaf HtN iktt war* *?*? knawr; oary umMmI wtU nifir.f <a ik? k*?d .?? *" ?" " *?l**p? jraai nirmim, Vnu ajarwta at * *c HMtaUiHikm wuk fraqasot klwktog. auat>?a? amaunia* w?U> laraa* aatat a* run*, war* aarad <*> Malati TAKK PAKTICCLAh NOTICE ' I till, IM Min rk. kart .a>?red Ummikn M e ?rum practice indulged u. ?kn iJhi-h httot fNtMMli learaed (ram evil cetapaaiaae. a* at mwl, w* ihtu af vkieb art nijkilj felt e*e<. nw uiiip, 4*4 if mi eartd render* xwrncft iropnaaftole, uid 4?*,ravf Mtf triad ?%* * ??. ehaaid iramediaielf The** art aaai af iti eed aad aiiim>ai) tlnu >n<ic>a j earle n.Mu af raacb. mi Waakaaaa af ikt tul u< Lirobe.Pja. inifce Rod. Dimt.ia ? Uaa a( Miaet.u ,*** A* T"ettaa af lae ?*?n, O^peper. Rer^aaa irrwaDertnfement af the niveau** faetMH, Sen en neKintp, af Cwieaitiptia*. *r LT ?7^-? faarfai freti aa t* mud ere aitft w. a* dreaded?Luee aI Meteor?, Ceofaewc af idee*, DtrreeeiM a* ?puiu, Ejii Porebadwn, Artruao af aciet?, ietf-Dle-e*i. Love ef Salitade, Timidity, en., at* ewi af the erii* ptaii N iKioil UllaiTl -Thaiiudiiu Hvlidfi vkuli We cneei af ibatr dacliaiaf feealifc, laaiaf Ik air r?f er. beaaalug ? -.!, pale, oerrea* aad emaciated, baeiu a *iAf aJci Mpeiranea -kaw tki eyii, caaft ar eyaptena V eaciupVISKASKS Of IMPH UDBNCM - ua nufrautfll *?*UJ p.aaaBTV BW at bu u^bkbad Ha aaada af tbia ptiiiM Imui, it taa ?hw kappaca ih?t an ill-timad hlh of item* n tittd *r (ItM'trr latara him fr?m appfy rnj i* thM? *bi, fraa adacauas ui 'aapaatabtlity, can tWca bafrvaed bit* * fall* tat* Ua aanda af ifnmoi and daairauif pratacdara. wba, lacapabla af carin#, llcb bia pacauiary aabataoca, kaap Ua iriLtAf -aaoth aftar mat,lb, ar aa lanraa Ua amallaal faa ua ba ab.! ud, and in daapair laaaa bia viU ram ad baaita la airb avar aia railing diaappatmmaiil; ar by lb a aaa af tfcal deadly paiaati?Mareary?feaaiai tba eanatitauaoal aymptaroa af tbia tarribia diaaaaa, aaeh aa Ifa'.Uaca af ua la an. Tbraai. laad, bia, Ac., Braaraaaioa wilh frtf ktial rapidity, Uii daa'.b yau a aarai ta bia draadfW aaf arng a by aaadutf hist a iUI a?Ataaavarad aaaoir? tram vbaaa buna aa traralar mant. DR. JOHN SOWS REMEDY TOM. ORB Alt19 WEAKNESS AND IMFOTENCY y tbla mat aad iawruM raaady vaatoaaa af *a atfui ara naaduy aarad aad MJ rlmt raatarad TtMiifc a? Iba Maat aanaaa aad dabilitatad, vka bad baat all Mpa, bar* baaa taaadiajaly raltavad. All tmpadlaaata ta MarrUfa, Pbyataai at Maual Maaaalliaauaaa, baaa af Paaaraatlv* Favai, lai'1 Lr*ttabQur, t?Mla|aad Waakaaaa at lMi?illll ad Iba mm IHml dh ipttauy itrM. ENDORSEMENT OF 2 HE PRESS, Tai Mart Tiaiuiiii ^irii 41 uu iDMinttaa vttkta lk? lut HiMtiH run, ud Ut amtw laftnui *>?(Ml tfirUKi pirwwd kr Of. JtktWi, ?Hmm4 ky m Nwun ?f tk? ptpin tad Buy Mkw unni, u(t?H ?f vfcUk k??t kffttnd iftla ud t|tli VAn U? raklit, kt idu hit tuadinf u t pxliau af ikmtuf tad naiulMlity, t? t?B?l*tt fMnitN w U? aAiutd. hi1|4; TRZBSBMAR. Protected by Royal Letter t Patent 0/ Eugiamd, mud secured by tkt Stall of tki EeoU d* Pkar?nafi? do Paris, Mrf f&? Imperial College of Medictue, Ftrwna. TRIE8EMAR No. 1 la the effectual remedy for Relaxation. l*mMATOERHCBA and fcxH ATJSTI0N 01 TBI STITXM. TRIE8EMAR No. 9, Completely and entirely eradicatea all traoaeof thoae diaordera, for vhtoh Copaiva and Cabeba have aeneraily been thought an antidote, to the rain of the health of a vaat portion of tit* pop a nation. TRIESEMAR No. J, la the great and anre remedy of the oiviliaad Mrii ior ?u imioriuM 01 in? system, aa well aa MOoadary symptom*, obv latin* the destructive dm of Meronry, aa well as other deletonoaa i as red ton U, and vhioh ail the 9crnpui!la in the world eancot ren?T?. TimiXit Not 1,8 and S are alike devoid of taste or moll, aod of all naaaeatinc ?ulitiee. Tney are in tne form of a loaetre, ana may he on tbe toilet tabia without their em being anapeot#*: Sold in tin oaeee at fs each, or fair ffJ one? ta one for E9, and in 937 cmi, thas tarini fv. aa administered by Va pean^ Lallemaod, Kou. to., fto. Whoesale and retail by DE. H. A. BAKKOW.104 Bleeoker street, (4 doora from MaoDoucal street). New York, lmaaadiately on raeeipt of remittanoe, Dr. Bakeow will forward ' Triesemar to an? ?art of the wor d, aeonrely pac k ed.and addreased aooordin* to the inatrnoOona of the writer. Published aiao by DR "ARROW, that popnlar and b?antifnllr illustrated medioal wo'k, Hainan Frailty. Price 26 oenta Trieeemar and hook oaa be obtained by special authority from ft C. FORD, Waahintton, D. C. de U-to LEA * riRRini' OUWiTBD Worcestershire 8uce. ProaoauiM bj K**r?arr? GONNOI9&BURB If of Letter froa to b? the 11 Mtduii 811?i ?*?> A SAUCE.- "9K* ud.,ru??u.u> ff$.f _ Kl CTRiv thtt thoir Siwt c v Kit Y i?jnp? , hl-h|T Mioon^ _ . _,n lalia. Hid it. is VAXILTY nj opinion,tb? moot n. it (>'#. m wrt' u ih*t tm tufcd*." The &bOT? BALICk 11 i <mi. th? lilt lad rorvLAKcoNDiMBifTkoovn, but tb?-moat itfMn ieml, ? ? !*w drops in So*r &r?*y. or with FUk botftnd cold Jomtt, Buf Sua*. Ire., iirspft/1 * rx^nifttt* s&?t, whiofi nptir ir>U 8&ooe iom uiftotar?ra bftve in ?ftjo ftDdftftvorftd l< ??* (? On Ihc Briahf, LvriW. Utmmtr. or Hmmmw T*bU, ft aru?t ?ouUciu* " LtA 4 f KKEIN9 Wv'KCKBTMtgHIKK haUCK" m i*diM?Mfr bl?. To Kppr?oiftt? the txttUtmi fMJtilM of tm? dti* not preparation it :b vb'.j r?C"??ftr? to purertftot ft *m I' liot" f ..f chr iM??t. ?' % r??? '? ? |'U Oft'or -# , iMftti * ?-*< Vlt priotorn a Uo plftoe (Tr Ptri fcuoe tftiHi fae?t? i ut tu?> % ( < di.r fried ?rf>" ft ?F>.r?5?: auxin rtFor ? e b? Hruu?r**i>a f r*i<?rer* * ?rj wft?r* | JUMM ni'kfiv %. <> a Ontm qu*~* mmd UU strut. .Vn? \mrk. Wk <!* *.? A(eu'? for tM U oftml Htatta. A Sw>?? Uw?)i m store?Also ortMrs r?it*<1 , tor direct tup menu from Bag I?n4- < ICT fiitm pfCtwmurftiit mmd iniiMWH.^S ?B? | amrm. TOP HAM'S I H r A a MI WM TMWItK H MAN 9 FACTORY. 499 BrroiTi Bnut, WMitMln, B, . 1 <HS?!l HttiSSftWitaB ? Ml n-tutjsur " " " lr,uw^a,M Vrenka thAt ar? Mi* is ?tt?r sttM. 8?>#rior Ltittnud Drw Tiuki tm4? U * ! jimmmowam. ? IK7 _ _ TftATKLlN* *W? 'J ? 1 In ? _k _ ! [WntHMBf rooda w? rarohM*. * M*1Cro?d to radaoe on bu&M to ?ZhatoTr.roitt? Arkady' ttQ& 'cLoVa^'fo?^*^} &sSpyasmMt issmr j TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. PA"",,E* IttiSWff *"? 5535 WItrrXM 9CHMDWLM. wmm ThEoiIl IVOT1CS TOTKATBiJBLS. hMEMBS**? Sis WMfclajrla* *t 11 L. Mm vrmMBtibaor* 1141 ?. M^TrBWetpkU LTr K4 W?W Y?ril* p. . ifUiiBWi IwowyiiUfw lira WMtlyifioa is*. ArriTt M Btittaon ? ? r. KTMiBf K.triw low WMktwlN r. W. Amnrf BaXttawrt Ml r fhn?iyhil foM ?. ?.:]? * > ork ?> H*rn?b?rg 14.1. 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STONE BALLASTED AND PS EE FROM DUST! BAOGAGK CHECKER THROUGH PROM BALTIMORK! rnn tailt rtitiii noa PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH ! Two o! th?D making CLMI CO!* SECT I OWt At ?i??ll?CM with train on tit* NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, ana nnun THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE M WASHINGTON AllD BALTIMORE to all pomta id the Will, NOBTB-WBST ABB 9otTH-WUT. fLTKor Through Ticketa, apply the Oftoe of the Northern < antral kail Boad Conpa^j, ca. vert station, Baltimore. Splendid Sleeping Cart on all Ntgju Trains Swtolring Saloon Cart on mil Tratnt. FROM WASHINGTON. Paaeengera will ut? the 6 a. m. aac p. n. trama, arriving in Baltimore at 1M a. m. and 9 *i p. m.. where c om. oonneotions are maae with ttaina on the Northern Centra. R. R.,aod amn .aH? 1aaat 1 p. m. and 1.45 a m., there ooBnaotmg the traica on the Pennaylvania Contra Bi.iKKi r? -11 ?-i 1 wiuww IWI Ml fttrta Ul u? WVIL By this route, frelg^u'of'e^ dMortiou oar. t?e forwarded to a&d from any point on the Railroad a of Ohio, Km tua%T, Indiana, Illinois, Wieootiaic, lo?a, or Mieeoari. H Km triad direct TtitKf- r.M Tariia Centnu Kni.rtmri aiea oonnecta at Pittaburc with Stnawri, by which Gooda?ac t? forwarded to toy port on the Ohio. Mn?ktnci.m, ectuck*. Tcnneeeee. Ctruw and,flliaoie. Miealeeiaa:, Wiaoonain, Mieeonri. Kanaaa. Arkatsaa, nDC Rod Rivera; nod at Cleveland, Mtdnaky *&d CD'oago with ateamere toali Northwestern Lakee. Merchauti and shipper* cLiraatin the tranapor atiot of their Freight tothia Company, oaa rely w ith c. lbaeiioe on lU ??eedy t-anait THE RATES OF PREIGR r to and from any point la the Weet,by the Penaaylvamn Central Kail road, are at timet as formabit at art charted by olker hauroad ('empmmiet , 07" B? particular to mark paokogea "via Pins. SaGKAW i KOO.M, Freight A grata. No. M North etreet. H a Uroo re. tHUt'H L.K WIS, lieil'l SdMrint't. AilOOna I'&. kL. HOUPT. G i'l Tick* A^t. Puiiad*?hi.-v . H HOUSTON, ? n'l Pratgkt Avast, Phnad?lph!? j* 4-diy J^ORTHKRN CENRAL RAILWAY. T%4 Skcrftl, Qmiekut mm4 But Rmmt* frwm Fi.'nWEST, NORTH*!NIJ^NOrmWEST. WINTER BCNMDULM CllKI or 't 1KB. Olkod after SUNDAY.Mtk NotmIw, Phmt I?r Trvaa will arrive and depart trom Ca.v?ii station m fol 0*1 : Titim Noetb Liivi KK,.. farkton A?yiodntioa 4 a. m. rittebargaad Harn?berg fcxproee Ul p. m. Tumi soctb Auiti P*'Hon Aooomniodttiob itli B. haflalo himp i r ?. b. ? tarBamebarf Ifipiw I p. & The 6 *. m true fro* Wiikjutoi MitMi with tke ?Jt a. m. trti" from SaJtiBore f<- iM Wnt &ad fo' BcSaio. Klmira Roob**tor, Dc^ kuk, CanadaUaa Bad Niagara Falii. aad for New York oito. The it a. a train fro? Wa*t)inrM MUMti with tk?li tram (<> m Btlhuor* to *Mt Nort'< a d NorUiweetaad t iauraaad Balk. aa> EoohMtar. The 5 p. m. train Iron WBehiDfton oonneeto Hi thet-je* a. t'Bin t'Ou u?iiinoi? l?r Pit to Htrnr' 0 | Bi C the Wr??t BBC ! B direct OO .rc tio or Ub? on KBaton Allert.iwn aad \ ork yib Obtra fceOr-iad of New Jonoj. T thie roate far New \ ork jLF- rmrnm tr?in ^rrni Hi'Umar* on 9 IM Ifi STi7 S*,,Lfrrm*?im. ^iWaii I ? *?rda. "jay-"-- '3%S^?K ?<>?.*.* roTHA.^ut ? ?* ' ''*' ?" ?4MU*ai Lt WO-.IV * i tf.Lt J^V m. tot . ->.... ih,, oaaz. : a,u * <i.? 8!>' f< Hi* bu , in* oi mt- a_u .r, wi.i B^liir.or* kVMVi4V^??itS,? *K> W??r wharf, foot ?/ taica t>ockaTi* *** M- * ^ ??*? jpy^gUMBK AM?TWTBHMM,MlMa,ftMfMr4iNortl rtvar. . _ ^ &atm or fiwin. FlntOtbu?. ,t? Do. it LolCol to Do. to Pint u K to fluunrg m m>. tO | [<1 [ H K: flWl III fomrtW to TUm, Bnmrn. ??*lewBTIetwwri, * ., ft r?4??4 tWuklirti rani* vtekfag to brlag ott t&ir pfaada ou ri;%5rf ^TA^^^iajs hfffiriiii J rtreagth Ud M* MrtMakfty tiipM Ut ti?? TUktinofl/>||lifM ftossd. nuLBim it ?< !. g C>|M|Mntt^yJO^t^oar ** j WitaM?r?CTir6P'dpS. Sk Brtm. oi lid Um mm to lu dwimiwL*""'' nKjEiNM by ! tfowiTbS''Ntif

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