Newspaper of Evening Star, February 4, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 4, 1862 Page 1
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r / . ? *> - ' t. 'tv '* >.,-. .* ^ V2fe. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1862. N?. 2,794. . THE EVENING STAR PUBLISH SD EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY KXGKPTRO.) AT TU STAR 1V1LMMS, / Jriwiyl??< M?M mU EUmtA M. W ? W. D. WALLAGH. r*p.w? terra* la paokagaa ty carrier* it Ml fw, ?w 17 cents per Wkomtk. Ta mall mlMBrltan fee prtoe t? KM > year, fts ammmmf S3 tor rtx oatti; tl tor three months; ud for Im fen ferae months it Ike rate at 19 eeate a week. SlB (ie oopfte, on obht; la wwppw, two mm. (ZT Arritnmtm tkonkl be eent to fee fece before IS o'clock m.; otherwise they may B<* appear until the oext day. 4 LOVE AT SIGHTED WITHOUT SIGHT Corporal Merrill, in hia letter* to the Rochester Express, relates the following romantic story: I hive before stated that some of the private soldiers, from the upper rooms,were employed in the officers' quarters?a service which they cladly accented aa affording superior rations. Among these vu Corporal M n of New York, a young man of wealthy parentage, of attractive manners, good intellectual endowments?and withal "handsome as Apollo." At the request of some 6f his officers he was occasionally permitted to visit the lower floor, and on one occasion was permitted to leave the prison on parole, for the purpose of parchasing supplies. While thus passing through one of the main thoroughfares, M n was aocosted by a little girl, who presented him with a bouquet, at the sanie time pointing to a young lady on the opposite sido of the street as the donor. The corporal acknowledged the 4 gift by a polite bow, and proceeded upon his misston. The lady, apparently fascinated, followed him at a distance to his prison, and as he entered it aha reeinrocated his bow And leisurely walked away. For some inexplicable cause the Corporal wan not. ^ain permitted to go out, and a neero?I should have mentioned that ^uite a number of berrants were in prison?wan dispatched in his fitead. The negro had not proceeded far when he was met by the young lady referred to, and the sequel to tae interview was developed in a package with which he returned to the officers' Juarters. and delivered to Corporal M n. t was f.tund to eoncain a new suit of clothes and upon one garment was pinned a small card, neatly inscribed with the name of hi1 benefactress? t4Oi:ly tbia, and nothing more." Corporal M a instantly addressed himself to the task of epistolary composition, in which he gracefully acknowledged his receipt of the gift, and expressed his heartfelt thanks. This was delivered by the negro on the day following, and he returned with a package containing number of pocket-handkerchiefs, socks ana shirts! As in the firat instance, the only communication which aocompanied the gift was the donor's card. The Corporal again acknowledged his obligations by a polite note, whieh was duly delivered through the same medium. Thenceforth theCerporal was in daily receipt of the choicest dainties and a regular epistolary correspondence was carried on until the day of his releeae, which occurred on the 3d of January. A matrimonial engagement had been made during the interval, with the un derstanding that the parties would meet in Baltimore on the 1st of March next. I have omitted to state that the Corporal hed been sent back to his old quarters, bat having ascer aiaed that his fair inamorata daily promenaded within view of the officers' quarters, he obtained employment as a cook, and was thereafter unfailingly at his post to reciprooate the loving smiles of his betrothedShe had sent him her daguerreotype, which he frequently exhibited to me. It was a lovely image, and ono that would have required no at IM J A ^ -a? oouiicrM luuucomcui ui oirry Bipuie ids most frigid and lethargic fancy. I learned that she was of a wealthy family, and of as ri blood as was to be found among the F V '?, and her letters, I was assured, evinced that she was no less intelligent and refined When the (lad tidings of onr release came, the name of Corporal M n was found in the list The intelligence was quickly conveyed to his yearning admirer. We saw nothing of ber, however, as we mardhed through the straets of Biehmond, though the Corporal's longing vision was strained at every animate UVIOOI. Bat whan a haK wu ordered, a fine oar* riage, driven by a negro, suddenly mede its appearance, and halted at a abort diatanee from oar ranks. A ladj descended?there was a brief, bat earnest colloquy among the Confederate officers of oar guard, and the next moment the enraptured twain (Corporal M?n and bis sffianced) were face to face. A few words, the first they had ever exchanged in persod, were exchanged in subdaed, yet melting tones; their faces were for a moment lighted, as with a flame?the engagement was sacredly renewed?there was a fervent, thrilling pressure of their hands, and they separated. A circumstance is connected with the daguerreotype above referred to which deserves a passing notice. Before it left the prison the picture was taken from the esse and a small slip of paper closely written, and addressed to ... J J al _ hcu. jicviouau, was uopusiir. lueroiu saa vao daguerreotype then replaced. It ?u safely delivered to the Commander-in-Chief, a meeting of tho Cabinet waa called, and the day following there was aleak stopped?a mysterious leak, from high official circles, and which had inestimably benefitted the Rebels for many month*. flsrlli. REBEL ACCOUNT OF THE CAPTURE OF CEI>lR KEYS. From the Sarannah papers we learn that in t he Federal descent upon Cedar Keys, Florida, the enemy succeeded in taking nine prisoners, belonging to the 4th Florida Regiment. Two eompanies of Florida t-^ops stationed in the vicinity immediately went down to attaek the enemy and prevent their farther advance. The latest advices from Cedar Keys informs us that on Wednesday last, about 10 o'clock in the forenoon, a vessel of the federal fleet camo in sight and anchored off the harbor. Abont that time the schooner Stag, which wu ready t<ji iu* commenced weighing anchor. A* soon as the Yankees discovered this, they fired three shot* at her, all of whioh fell short. The owner ef the Stag then ran her ashore and set her on fire, the crew making their escape. The few soldiers, with a namber of ladies at W ay Key, attempted to make their escape in a list end reach the railroad, but were nnable to reach the shore. The Yankees, perceiving their citaation. sent ?kM t fp/im ika weaeAl ?ke^? ? ? a 1 via ' uvia *>*v ?wcvi iuioo uvaie, WflU unp'Urea the flat and pat the men in irons. The men in the flat, aome fifteen in number, bavins no arms, no resistance wai made. The Yankee* then went to the aehooner Ann Smith, lying t the wharf, eaptared the oaptain and at tempted to tow the sohooner out, bat finding thej could not succeed they burnt her. The schooner Fanny was ran np Crystal river, and sooceeded in making her escape. The Federals burnt the wharves at Cedar Keys, with everything on them, including about fifty bales of cotton and about 150 barrels of turpentine- The captain of the schooner Ann Smith, and some civilians who were cap* tared, were released after two days' imprisonment on taking the oath not to bear arms against the United States. The Yankees did not bombard the town as has been reported, bat destroyed all .he property within their reaeh. It Is sappoeed that they were informed in refsrenoe to *Se property and unprotected condition of the ^.aee by fi jhermen in tne neigh urmi f|TTb> little dipiottstie difficulty in regard e UM quAliU of AmriNii who mej be preeentod at the Tnileries, he* not jot been srrupd Mr Dayton, after tbo lad ball, returned the list aa he had tent in at first. Last evening ha ?eooived a note from the Grand Cbaahorlaia, stating in the usual form, that there would ho a proeenUtion and baJT ^D Wednesday evening next, and requeeting him to sond in a list of those whom ho desired to present, with their "titles and professions. ' What Mr. Dayton will dooids upon doin* in tn?prwiwI *m not rot informed, bat that it it the oTidont lntoation of tho Grand Chun* borUia, to oartail tho nombor of Americans wbi?b. on weout of the a canal faoilitioa oicaadod u> thta, onoaaally Tory largo, tboro uaa bo td iloubt ? P*ri* Corr*nouJmee 0/ Wttd " DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. Criminal Covbt ?On Saturday, the trial of Henrv Burke, colored, which waa commenced on Friday afternoon, waa resumed and concluded. He waa Indicted for an aaaault and battery with 1 intent to kill Alfred Thomas, also colored. Thomaj, the accuaer, waa the only wltoeaa ex- 1 ami ned on Friday. He is an active looking young j fellow, with a alender figure, and a face which, 1 although dark In color, la marked with features assimilated more to the Caucaaian than the Ethl- ' ** ? iL - 1 *- -a a * _ I I ufjiau (ypc. iic wu* vac witness mua wnu a confident air, Indicating that be waa perfectly 1 utlsflod with hlmaelf, and proceeded to tell hla 1 atory In good language, but In lively manner. I approaching pertr.eaa, aa 11 the part he had enacted In the event* wnich be waa relating, waa one which he had every reason to be proud of. He atated that In November laat he visited the . houae of Susannah Williams [Susannah, who waa In the court-room, la a genuine African In color and atyle, cuticle and Ivory, and la neither so filr nor so chaste as the scriptural character of the same name ] The witness stated that at Susannah's houae be met Henry Uurke (the accused) and that expressions of good will passed between them, f Burke, It will be necessary to explain, appears from the evidence to have been on the moM intimate terms with Susannah; In fact they aeem to have been man and wife In all things except the marriage ceremony ] When witness took his leave, Susannah requested him to call again. Accordingly, on the Saturday evening next ensuing, he " dropped In," and found the society of that colored charmer so faacir ating that he could not tear himself away. Midnight arrived, and Susannah suggested to wltne?s v>t the hour was rather 1 _a- c 1 a 1- -a ? ? - - hit?ior cuioiru urop < .. a mviiea mm 10 eiay ah night. -*tb, accepted the Invitation, and went to i d - h Susannah?Urst nailing the outer door l.-?t lu lta frame, at her u^gestlon. In answer to a question of Mr Norri?, counsel for defense, witness *a d be did not recollect whether Susannah said it was to keep Henry Ba^ke out. The witness resuming, said he went to bed and covered his head up. Counsel for defense suggested that this was probably because he was ashamed; but the witness repelled the imputat'on, and said he always covered hia head up when he went to bed. (Susannah and one or two other mahoganycolored females showed their 1 vorlea at this point, when it was suggested by counael that the wltneasea had bast not hear each others' evidence. All except the witness on the stand, were accordingly removed from the court room 1 The witness, resuming, said he had not been in bed long when Susannah exclaimed, " Henry Burke is coming down stairs." Witness uncovered bis head at this juncture, and discovered Burke approaching the bed with a stick aa thick M his /u/1tnaM'?\ wviet Mr Vjorris asked the witness if Burke (track him with the stick. Witness said not that he remembered, and being asked what Burke was doing with the stick said be was striking the bed with it Burke then attacked witness.who was still U bad, with a razor, and bad cut him several times with it when witness raised himself and drew from under the head of the bed (Susannsh told him It waa thers.) a pistol. He fired three tlm'S at Burke, who at the third t>hot exclaimed,' vou son of a b?h, you have shot me " The conflict seems to have ended at this point in the defeat and flight of the assailant V\ ltness was confined nearly two months to the house by the wounds he received On Saturday, Dr Butt testified that hedres?ed the wounds of Alfred Thomas, and found on bis bcdv eighteen or twenty cuts, some of which were of a serious character W ltnesaes were called to testify to the good, (or considering bis eouivocal relation* with Kimn. nab, rattier.) the quiet and orderly character of the prisoner. The case was given to tbe jury, who returned into tbe court with a verdict of " not guilty." Eliza Foreman, colored, waa convicted of an aaaauit and batter/ on Anna Heinfolten, and waa aentenced to aix weeki' imprisonment in the county jail Wm. Johnson, indicted for an assault and battery with Intent to kill Henry Lancaster, was acquitted John Doe, convicted (on Friday) of an assault and battery, was (on Saturday) sentenced to three months in Jail. Adjourned. A New Branch ov Business ?Since bootblacks, croaalng-sweepert and other features of metropolitan life have been introduced into our city, and become institutions, the wits of Young America seem to have been sharpened, and by tbe time a youth ge's into his first pair of trousers, which is also about the time when he is first seen uiitk ? ?a a_ Ui. a*- - * * onu m ?uui|j ui cigar in bib oiouid, ne loos* around for some op;, :>r.unity o. turning an honeat (and sometimes, we fear, dishonest) penny. The new calling we Intended to speak of Is an buinble one, and waa suggested by the unprecedented wet weather, and consequent mud, of the last month or two, As long as the weather was only wet, and the roads muddy, the boot-blacks drove a flourishing trade ; but there came a time ?some weeks since?when "wet" did notexpress strongly enough the muggy state of the atmosphere and the soaked condition of all terrestlal things, and when "muddy" was hardly significant of the condition of the nether Integuments of the olflcers and soldiers who carre acroaa the Potomac coated from head to foot with accumulations of "sacred soil" several inches In thickness. At that time?and the condition has existed ever since?boot-blacking died out, except on Pennsylvanla avenue, where a few bova still keep their hiands in, but the majority were thrown out of emDlovment bv the tmnanlDllltv nf OnHins boot, fn Its shell of mui. Then It was there appeared at the Georgetown military bridge acroaa the Potomac, a number of boys with pail and sponge, where tney carry on the business of boot trashing, and make good profits, as watrr does not cost as much as blacklog One youngster he? the monopoly of the hydrant at the corner of High and Bridge streets, where bo one day made 81 5Q,?a pretty good days work. HiurHRzr Marshall in Easter* Kentcckt.?The Norfolk Day Book of Jan SI contains a letter to the editor of the Richmond Whig, without any mention of the date or place from whence it was written. It pretends A. 1 it- ? ? . ? ? - - - u> do uie report 01 trie battle, and commences with '-Well, we have whipt them." After making a rambling kind of statement, the letter proceeds thua i "Hero the enemy opened a terrible fire (I think they moat have been reinforoed), bat we returned it for more than an honr, when they rt reated, to retain no more. We could hear th. ir officer* diatinotl v attempting to rally their Mattered forced Three desperate uaaalta had they made to carry the height*, and three times had they been repulseaT Night waaooming on, and we remained till late, burying the dead, attending to the wonnded and awaiting orders; but we had eaten nothing for twenty-four hoars, and were ordered four miles further on that night by General Marshall, and so lost tbe eclat of sleeping on the battle field. The enemy, as we learned, could not have lost i in killed and wounded less than four hundred. '* ' They any nothing about their own lo?, but ' deny anything like a rout or surrender. Tu MoBTAft Flmt?VnasiLa Firriva Oct?Tbe greatest activity prevails at tbe ju ?*mrj illU IU goiung capt. porter's I mortar fleet ready for m* The schooners ArletU and Sarah Buren were pot iato commission yesterday, and together with the | schooners Carlton, Henry Janes and Dan Smith, will sail a* soon as they receive thair J powder- Fourteen mortar vessels have now Men pnt into oommission, and six remain in 1 hands of the workmen at the yard, hot will ba turned over to their officers in the oourae of a The steamer Westflald, formerly a Staten Island ferry boat, arrived at tha yard yestar* day ta receive her armament and naval stores. The preparations on board tha sloop-of-war , Richmond, for tha aooommodation of Oen. I Soott and two aids-da-oamp, are progressing rapidly. The marina guard of the Richmond d has boon reinforced by a detachment of four* t teen privates from the Flushing avenue barracks.?JV. Y. P**t. *f Saturdnu ' / 9 ' Tbi Pouct or in ADMiinsTiATtoi 8ra- taikid >11 la nowcootdently aaeerted that tbere k re iet ten tipibllcu mteri of the Houee * who ire prepared to advocate the Immediate and unconditional emancipation of davee All beoo of lefletotloo favorable to ttla olaae of poll- I tlclana la abandonod, and toe Admlalatratlon 1 programme of preserving tbt Union and Cooatltu- . tlon, and tnforclng (be fawa la aatd to ko omnipotent la too Boue* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. The War In Miaaairi. Si. Lot'ia, Feb. 3.?A general order has been Issued, In wlilch It Is stated that several companies dI the 4th Missouri Volunteer Regiment, called the 3d U.S. Reserve Corps, have shown themlelves mutinous snd disobedient to orders, sad have been disarmed sad placed in confinement at Benton barracks The privates and non-commls~ iloned officers of these companies will be sent to Cairo to work on the fortifications until further orders. The commanding officer at that post will we that these companies are made to work faithfully, and will repiort to these headquarters of any who, by their repentance and obedience of orders, deserve a restoration to the ranks. The officers of these companies not having joined In that mutinous demonstration, but having failed to enforce order and military discipline, will be mustered out of the service and discharged. The major general commanding Is always willing to listen to complaints, and ready to redress well-founded grievances, but is determln*d tA MfnrrA Hlu*lnlfnA an<4 ? . . wu?t VWVUICUUX HF VI der?. All companies, regiments or corps who shall | henceforth disobey orders, or exhibit a mutinous disposition,will be dealt with In a most summary manner 8t. Louis, Feb. 3 ? Gen. Davis's brigade was at Versailles, Morgan county, on Wednesday, proceeding, It is conjectured, to join Gen. Curtis at Lebanon. General Palmer's brigade Is at Larmlne, and reported to be under marching orders for Kentucky. General Slgel left Rolla yesterday for Lebanon. The balance of his division will follow. Tiptoh, Mo., Feb.3.?The division under Gen. Davis is much retarded by bad roads and swollen streams, the wagons and artillery sinking ?xle deep. The sharp fost on Thursday, however, has rendered the roads passable Gen Pr-ntlss s advancing on Lebanon, to combine with Gen ? ? Gen Price, thoueh so formidably menaced, shows nosl^nsof falling back, and frc.m present appearances seemed determined to give battle. Should be maintain bis position, within two wrek* Springfield will be the theater of another bloody contest. From Texas. Cairo, Feb 3.?The correspondent of the Memphis Appeal,at Columbia, Texas, under date of January 20, says: "A Federal bark and acbooner came near our coast, when they were fired upon by our forts Both vessels returned the Are. They fired ten guns and we twenty-two?mostly shells, when they enemy retired, seemingly disabled, or satisfied they could not win " From Kentncky?Death of a Kebel Officer Louisvilli. Feb. 3 ?Capt Fogg, of Zolllcoffer's staff, who was wounded In the battle near Somerset, is dead. Maj Clafi'e, a rebel surgeon prisoner at Somerset, will be sent to Bowllug Green to be exchanged. Gen Buell will arrange for the exemption of surgeons from arrest. Release < Rebel Prisoners, etc. Boston, Feb. 2.?The bark Trinity ha* been chartered to convey three hundred and eighty-six rank and file, and eleven offlceri, rebel prisoner*, from Fort Warren to Fortress Monroe, and is expected to sail to-morrow. Commodore Barron is not Included In the list. The prisoners who remain are mostly political. From California?The Flood Subsiding. San Fbancisco, Jan. 31.?Three-fourths of Sacramento Is now out of water, and the waters are gradually receding. The ship Flying Dragon, of Boston, from Sidney, ran on the rocks after entering this harbor, and is a total wreck. Her cargo of coal is all lost. Naval IaUiligeace Niw York, Feb.3 ?ThesteamerBtellaarrived this morning from Havana The U.B gunboat Santiago ds Cuba waaat Mitanzas January 31. All well. Jan. iM. lit M 1 Ar?or rvrvVA D.Wl J ? m *|>v?v mvouici U?iM* more, steering southwest. An Officer Weanded. Toledo, Feb 3 ?Lieut. Waterman, of the U. S Army, shot hlms.At here on the 1st Instant, and Is supposed to be mortally wounded. riBNTLFMENB READY MADE GA&MIjl ENTS, OP FINE QUALITY. W?ofti oltizents and strangers a laio assort ment of <>VKR COAT#. UK KS8 COATS bl 81NKS8 COATS, PANTALOONS and VK8TS. of all oolors and qualities, eqnal in make and finish to the best o us torn work, WALL, 8TEPHENS & CO.. Merohant Tailors and Clothers, 328 Pa. ave., bet 9th and 10th ata, Jag-tfil (InteL. Rep.) Horse blankets AND BUFFALO ROBE8, All st; lea and pnoee, at J. B. PUDNEY'S, 394 Pa.ars ubtwsKroom, jee u street. Rubber coats, ponchos, leggins, Blfcnktu. CM Cv?. CpTfl.tEY,g 884 P& *vo., b?-k room, or 35ft D street. Heavy regulation blankets. a&Je oheap, by ' J. b. PUDNEY, 324 P?.ave., back room, _ o- 3ft* D street, Pa new thing. , _ , atent Compreaaable Cot, oan be folded up in*o a spaoe 34 inches long by 6 wide, an lngeBiMia oontmanoe, for eale by J. B. PUDNEY. 334 Pa. ave., t>aok room, Jaai-tf or 386 1) itfMt. LOVELL, COLLE8 & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Frost Street, New York, and 316 E Street, Waehington, D. C., (aear Willard'a Hotel.) Having started a branch of our New York eatab> Liahment in this city, we invite Sutlers. Grocers, Hettauranteurs, nod Hotel Keepers, to o?ll and examine our atook whioh ia veil aaaorted and oompnaed ofgooda of the beat quality. We take ordera for anytmng m oar line, and exeoute tnem promptly. ja C tf CAMP STOVES! CAMP STOVES!! CAMP STOVES% A large atock on hand, whioh will be sold |i>w. H. J. GREGORY. jSl6 3Q1 Pa ?? ?

RITTENHOUSE, FAST * CO., B A K K ?1 R S ? 392 PiiiHsTLvmu Atmii, (Mar Sroten'i Hottl,) lus* DRAFTS on all part* of the United Statea, in auraa to rait Ofioera and Solaiera. Alao, Draft* on Lokdoo. Ireland, Soot land, Walea, and ail parta af the Continent of Knrope. ia2-lin QOAL OIL-COAL OIL-COAL OIL! COAL AND ETHERIAL OIL Corner New Jeraey ? . and ?at. " JalS-lm* f^EORGE M. WORL * CO., U Importer! and Dealer* In kui SKNkIi'Lc8 An neeortaent of Merchandise of ever y deeorip" nitAfS-k M. WORL * CO.. T4 Water atreet, SeorietowD. )all-la' Br the Rope Ferry. BCRFISIDE'S Pateit PorUUc House. The Inventor call a the attention of Batlere and rihaa to tkia nuM t??? * ? _ .. -?. ? A flUUW OU W mill bf tfcit iBTMior wil&Ottl uuls, torewt, or ''batdm tod BUUm built in t*f atme wny. It 6? bowds my MM Mm down without injury to Order. ou l? 'sam^EL WIB^, Buil4?r. No. ?4< B rtmt, ty ^thirteenth. WMhtngton. D. C4 LL KINDS OP PANOY 6ROOK* 1KB AND AUCTION SALES. By BARNARD A BUCKbY, Auotioaeera, Oeor'ttnen, D. C. T^RUBTEEd' BAI.K.-By virtue of a deed of * trust from Win. W. McN'wr, dated April M, 1861, and of record, *a will oner at auction on the 11th day of February next. at 3 o'clock p. m , on the remises, all that lot of gronnd in Georgetown known aa the easternmo?t part of lot number one handredaod twenty-*ight,(133.) in Beail'saddiUou to Georgetown, fronting M feet on Duntarton etreet, and running baok north, of the same width. IV feet, with the improvements, consisting of a two story frame house. Terms of sale: One-third of the purohase money to be paid in cash ; and the residne at three e*ual instalments, at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be secured. WALTER 8. COX, HUGH CAPERTON. Trustees Georgetown Buiid'e Associa'n. jaeuwts BARNARD* BUCK FY. Aucta. Br BARNARD * BUCKKY, Auctioneers. Georgetown, D. C. T'BUSTKEfi' SALE.-Bt virtue of a deed of trust from Jess" Chiok, date^ May 30,1856. and of record, we will r ffer at auotion.on the 11th day of February, at 3j,o'ol?<-k p in., on the d remises, that lot of gronnd in Georgetown, bounded ae follows, ri* : Beginning at th* end oft?'i"T-nx leet measured east, on the south line of West street, from the southeast intersection of West and North streets, and running thence easterly, by and wit.i the south liae of West street, twvntr leet, thfnoe southard ly, and parallel with raid North street eighty-six foet, thenoe westwardly, and parallel with said West street, twenty feet, and thenoe north eicnty six feet, to the beginning, with the lmproTemeiits. Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase rnone* to be paid in oish, and the residue in three equal instalments, at th>ee, six, and nine months, with interest, to be secured. The terms o: ja'e must be complied with within one we?k after sal?, or the property mar be retold, alter one ? eeks' notioo, at ihe risk and cost ol the first purchaser. WALTER S rox, _ HUGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Buildinc Ass? ci\tion. j%6-2*wt? HARNARD A Bi CK KV.Anrts. r?_ r? a r> * r t* r. * -- ? _ ? . dj oAK.NAKii at uut'hEY, Auctioneers. Georgetown, D C. TRUSTEES' SALE.?By virtue of a deed of trust from B. Hutching, dated September 22, 1856, and of record, wo will offer ?t auction on the lltndi? of February. 1862. on the premises, at 4 o'clock? m., that part of lot r.umber ninety cm, i91,)in Bcatty tr Ha* kins' addition to Georgetown, beginning for its bounds on the south side of Prospect street, in Georgetown, at a point distant 66 feet, measured oast, from the west oo-ner of said lot, and runninc thenoe south and para lei wiih the wst line r f said lot 53 fett, more or less, to thelir.e of Mrs Masher's lot thenoe east or the ine of said lot 25 feet, and thenoe north 53 feet, more or m?, to Prospeot street; thence with Prospect street 35 feet to the beginning, with the improvement#, oonsistinj of a two-story frame house. Terms of sale: One third of the purohase money to be paid in oaah; and the residue in three equal instalments, at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be seoureo. The terms of sale mu?t be complied with within one week after sale, or the property may be resotd at the expense and risk of the purchaser, after one week's notice. WALTER J*. CMX. HUGH CAPERTON. Trustees Georgetown Bnild'e Assooia'n. Ja6 Zawts BAKNAK1) A BUCKEV.Auctg, Bj BARNARD A BUCKEY, AuoUcmee.-s. Hurt etc ten. D. C. fPHU8TEE8' SALE.?Hy virtue of a deed of M. t'uetfroin Henry I), dale! April 25,1867, and of reoord, we will offer at auotion, on tue llUi day of February, at 3H o'olook p. m., on the premises, part of lot No. eighty, in Molmtad'a addition to Georgetown, tourded as follows, vn Begin- j ning at the northwest corner uf said lot.anjruu I Mlf thenoe aouth, along North street, forty feet, thenoa east and at right angles with North street, fort/ six feet, thetoe north forty feet, and thec.ce west forty six feet, to the beginning, with the improvements, oonsi?ting of two two story frame no use*. Terms of saie: One-third of the parohase money to be paid in oaau,and the tesiduein three equal instalment*, at tnree,p<x, and nu.s months, with interest, to be seoured. The terms of saie mast be eomplied with within one week after sa o, or the prope^r may be resold, at tf'e riik and cost of the first purohaser, alter one weeks' notioe. WALTER 8 COX. _ HIGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Building A?s?cia'iou. ja6 2awts BaRNAKD A BUCKKY. Aaots. fiy WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. nPRUSTEES' HALE-By virtue of a deed of 1 trust from Charles Williams, oated April S3, 1866, and of reoord, we will offer at auotion, on THURSDAY, the 13th day ol February, at 4 n'fllnfllf ?. m nn th? nramisa- - /v" - * ? ? ? ?? r* ?w |T1 ??MI?' WO) luat tUi *?i |IUU UU in Washington known and desoribed m the northern part of lot No tw?nty-six, (26,) in square No. one hundred, (100,) frontinc forty-eight feet on Twentieth atreet, and fifty feet on M afreet, with the lmprovementa.oonaiating of a two atory frame house. Terms of aale: One thi rd of the pnrohase money to be paid in oaah, the reaidue in three eenal in atalmenta, at three, six, and nine montna after date, with intereat, to be aeoured. The terms of sale must be ooropiied with within one week after aale. or the property may be reeold, at the riak and ooat of the fit at purotaaer. after one weeka' notice. WALTER 8, COX. HIGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Buiid'g Association. ja7-8awte By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneer*. TRUSTEES' SALE ? By virtue oi a deed of trust from N W. Walker, dated February 22, IRK. IJld nf rAAArii ** will A<Ta? e? , . wwv-. V., W V nut WUV- (> k BttUVIUH| VU FmiDaY. tbe 141)i day of February, at 4 o'clock p- m , on the premises, that lot of g round in Washington known and described as lot 1), in square No. 424 beginning for its bounds on Eighth street, 53 feet from the northwest corner of said sfutre, and running thenee so nth with the line of Eighth street 16 feet; thenoe east 63 feet 8 inches to a 3feet alley, thence north with the line of said alley 16 feet; th^noe west 63 feet 8 inohes to tbe beginning, with the improvements. Terms of sale: On* third of the purchase money to be paid in cash; and the residue in three equal instalments, at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be seourea. The terms of sale must be oomplied with within one week after sale, otherwise the property may be resold at the risk and oc*'. of the first purohaser, after one week's notioe WALTER 3 COX. HUGH CAPfciRTON, Trustees Georgetown Build'g Assooia'n. ia.7-2a.wta BilTVOiS I . _ . . W aNVMi Br WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE-By virtue of a daed of trust from Cynthia B. Mason and others, dated March 13.1857. and of reoord, we wi 1 oler at auotion.on SATURDAY, the 15th day of Fe! ruary, at 4 o'oiook p. ra.. on the premires, that lot of grour d in Washington known as lot No. eighteen, (18,) in square No. seventy-three, (73,) wiui the unprovementa. Terms of sale: One third of the purohaae money to be paid in cash; and the residue in three equal instalments, at thre-, ?lx and nine months after date, with interest, to be Moored. The term? of ?ale must be complied with within one week after sale, or the property may be resold at the riak and oost of the first purohaser. WALTER X. COX. HUGH CAl>ER TON, Trust?#* Georgetown Bund'g Assopia'p. j a 7-skTM W ALL ft BAtt.NAKD, AucU. V 'po MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S OENUINB HAIR DYE* The Best in the World. 1\* Only RtlinbU and HarmUst Hair Dy* Knewn. ;?old by pu. Druggists; also, at Bibkiton's Patent Mediome Store, c p. Patent Offioe, oor. F & Tth, Slue's Hair Store, Ml Penn'a avenue, where Ladies oan hav* it a?y ,<v, if <desired. Psotory?81 Baroiayat (Em SB Broadway) N. Y. oe ?-lr I\R DUPONT'B SUGAR-COATED FELf MALE REGULATING PILLS Read the fonowmg unsolicited enoomiBKJ nms: > "I oannot oommend them too highly." W r3 "They are the boet t- emale Pills extant." "I have used then) with oomplete saooess." "Would not be without them upon any oonsideratiae." "TKav neant* i? J" ami e4V??<<ul. ft _ *>VI Wjrvi WW a/wuii ?uu vMWWfm. Pnoe fl Boot &TMil, Boid by ?. C. UPHAM, >10 Cheimt atreelPh.iadelfhta, and in Wuhington by 8. C. FORU. oorner 11th etreot ana Pa. ma*.; m Alexandria, by HENRY COOK * CO.. Dramiti. no ?-eoly < Established in 1939.) ^ Bog Imt( to inform the pjbUe that the? have extended their Kxpreei to Waehi niton. and are now prepared to Transport Merchandise, UanK Notes, seeoie. Jewelry, fto .to all pat* of tfce MuidU, Ntm England aad Wttfwn Statu ani Cummda. Connecting with the moet reaponaibie Exprr*ces throughout ttio ooantry, w* are enabled to c-fffr i?M??aUtd /ae%litU$ to ali who may favor a* with tk?r patronage. For terme and further inform* Won appiy t? E S. SMITH. Meat. Third lL.Udi[>nr h*ln* Pa. ii??m J* 9 *n "" WMkiaktoiirft'b. DAMS' BXPRE88COMPANY. NOTICE OFRSMOTAL. Tk* Mhran ofM of tkla Kninir la ramo*?d BS2B2;fi5.? ^?rT~* - 5.?P ????s?m WASHINGTON, D. C , JANl'AKV, IBM. REMOVAL. A. BIHIXGER & CO. BATS REMOVED TO 419 PENNSYLVANIA AVE ME, errociTB WILLARDS' HOTEL. We Invite the attention of our fr lends and 4W. * V uvv w me vara UCiUW : No. 81# PmiTiusu Arinci, ? (opposite Wtllard't HoUl,)\ The Subscribers, having opened a Branch Establishment In this City a few months since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from 1 us frle; 1 ^tid the of pure and genulns WINES, LIC*lTOR*, and other articles In their line, have d~%relned pon a continuance and extension of their busi new. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of varlota age, brands, and district* ) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ax , Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complaints, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY k PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Prlcea. FINE NAVV AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND PRl'ITS, SARDINE*, VINEGARS, HWKET OIL, ftr , 4<. m a. .u.. ^..ti ...i ? i ?i i.J ? ?-?i *i - iuc ;~i<f k v? i>or ui. u.aiiy < ic MAI 10 un tut want? of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateur*, Ac. They are lnvlud to visit the establishment, which Is under the direction of Mr Jo* P. W ILSOil. Owing to the fact that they import most of the article* direct, and to their many busing facilities, they are enabled to offer their stock Uoods at try low prices Your obedient servants, A. BIJIftGER It CU., mporters of Fortign Wmtt, Liquort. ft. Ja 11-tf Nsw Vokk asd \Va*hin?tos. pARAFFINE CANDLES! MBVCCrS PATENT PARAPF1HE CANDLES ! Manufactured by th? Niw Vokx Pabattixk Cahsls Co. For *!? ID 4u*ntiti?a to anitpuroha era, by the Maniifacturtrs' Agents, JOHNSON A NAGLE. 369 Penn avenue, Washington D.C. ja21 10 Royal, ne&r King at., Alexandria, Va. Dayton's Bakery. noM NEW YORK. BRANCH, No. 456 Eleventh St., between G and li, WASHINGTON. D. C. DAYTON'S PIC NIC A OYSTER CRACKERS, SPONGE toUTTER CRACKERS, BOSTON CRACKERS, " W ATER CRACKERS. M SODA CRACKERS. GRAHAM CRACKERS, * LEMON BISCUIT. ? Celebrated~MlNCE PIES. Hotel-keepers, Heads o' Families, and Sutlers are invited to try onr exoellent MINCE rlKS. TESTIMONIAL. Camp Scott. S*pt.9.18b!. Me. Daytor? Sir: All of us, both offioere and privates, have ate freely of your Pies. 1 can conscientiously state that no ma- is on the sick list from partaking "of them. To toll the trnta, w< * heart-sick because we oar't ret enoujh of them. They are the only reai luxnr7 wo have na^ uuo?( we left home. W. P. Dimming, M.U., Surgeou. j frr Dieooant to the Trade J. L. DAYTON, jall-la 436 Eleventh st., Washington, D.C. REMAIOI?) BOLLINGER A (O '9 OUAMPAGNJa. LEPMAN, K1EPES A T HUM ASS, SOLE AGENTS for the llNITKnRTATFH tNn PiWini vm a u va m m*-' v v il i l 'l ir <11 139 Dtrani HniiTi j*4-lm N?w York. |\]EW CLOAKS, !} . AT LOW PRICES'. , Owing to t^.? anus*iUd*Md fur V.oake. we have ju?t received another lane luppr, which uare been purcftMed at Terr rerfuoed erioee, and will oe old Mtouiihinr low. Our etSok of FANCY 8IL*S and LAD 1KB DKt>S GOODS ia aUU food, ana will be sold at rati need prioee. M. TAYLOK k. CO, ja 11-aoSt Baooaaaora to Taylor 4 Hatchieoa. jMPORTAN T T O LADIKB. The nbaanbara hare oponea the etore No. 19 Market 5?p*ce. Fa av.. bet. 8th and 9th eta. aa a firet c.aeaLaoe and Fane? Dreaa Cae Depot. oonnatioi m part of fointd'Aienoon. Appiiaue Meckler and VaJanoieunae Laowa, euoh a? Collara, Sleetea, hdcdkerchiefe. Ca#a?, Mouacicr, Cape. Cape. C 1'iffaree. and made ap goods of the fineet euaiity, and at Naw Yorkprioaa. COHfcN * DUSSELDOEP, 1 from New York. N. B.?Ail aorta of Laoee waahad. meaded. aad 1 don* ap??aaJ to abort notoa*. dtV2a* ] T? SUTLERS ' ?, AND RESTAURANT?. WkHMa v?r? "l?wl0,CMAMPA9Ng for a?l? oheca bv WM. COR WIN BURG V. No. SAT Peuitivania tveon*. j toT ?tr?n?pa t*nU> * i& 9 u Pms. ?venae ud Nira ?l I ?. ? m THI WI1KLY STAR. Vrlfey aermlac MM. Ml til ? ? Kl?? tO|ka IV Tea oo^ln V 11 lararUbly ooitalaa tbe "W?fcliftw fMan' tot baa c-adr l\i Dmiif I?w<f 0Mr ilmMl o generally Uuouf bout tbe coutry. lH^Slnf le ooplea (la wnppm) eu bo p*??cured >t tbe counter immediately >ft)* ttt bM of tbe paper Prlo??THREE CENTS B ELM HOLD'S GEM INE PREPARATION. " HMjHL J CONCXrmATMD" Compound Fluid Extract Bmtkm, A fMtliti Mi Ktmttdf For Dimmm of tM BLADDER, KIDNEY GRAVEL, OftOfSICAL 8WELLIN08. Tiite M*dioioe iDAraMmthcpowwof IMcwM) ?uJ e*cite* the lUaiiiiiTi icto hM*Uy wUoa, by whioh the watut ok ctunon dvontioii , aud a i cks?tchi ktvlakoem dm ?re rad?o*4, mm wni mm run Aim UITUWM* TtOp. UELMBOLD S EXTRACT B9CWJ For WeuDtv i f m Kx- ?n*? Hi t? of Diwipattfl*. \rl? I di?er-t!?r ?r A o?? Atttnd'd with tk* Following Symptoms : Inui p.- ti i. t?. ks^^fcoE. L( Puv* > ? - M inor*. Ii-lft -u t? cf Hr<? ttiib< , VVMkN rr ?, T- mMni. J'orror ?>f D .?* *. i?b l>mi of Vi?h> ., rum h Urn ' vr-r?a I is ! idt of t ? M>j?oul*r -t^m, M Ha d?. ; iushinc of th? H *ij D'j of th? "'km, f ujtioni til LID COCNTK&ANCS. Tb<s* *ymst< in?. i! a owM to jo n ' B.ediciue iBV?r?My rtraor* po^n !o 1 <? I\1 PIITK "uPV f a friTi i?i ?- *?'?" to cm of which th* P*t>m ??? i% f<rp?r? ?Vho a%o '\j t \ ** - o ..'-ntiy To w hr 'DiRnrct AMli.OMtl M 'liol." Mac; &re*.'n-*. * t > ? ? o t . ? # i BUT IfONK W.LL f < *?< ?. THKRE'Ol WorTHK M?A\' A?VLl Mn And the Melmneholy Dmtkt by El A K aMFLI wrT>*?? TO TBB TfcVTB of Til IMMK THE CONfTlTl.'TION ONCE AFFECT FD WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. e^uirM the aid of medioine to tmnctb?i n?4 It VI JO rat# the bvt*ak bioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUC?<U * WWfW?tel miL win. cnmiiri ? ?? ? ? * FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED. OE contemplating Marriage. In Ma*9 Ajfteiiont Ptcuimr is FtmmUt the Extract Buouu 1a ?dmuftlled by ?lt otAer fmb ?lj, u in Cbloroaia or Retention, IrrfgeiAnty P*:nfu ue?i, or Suppression of Ouetomiry tne n*t.oD?. U.c?T*teo or **chirroua ?t?le or the Cu lua, LeuoorrliM ur Wtuiee, Sterility. fcud for all complaint* icoiJei.t to the see. whetoer ariaiM from Induoretion. Habits of DiasipaboB, or is tat L'ECLISE OH CHANGE OF Lift: *11 TMPTCIM ABOVE. NO FAMILY bHOULD BK WITHOUT n fMi no mo** Balsam M>MB. o? lhaliaiaa MU\ cim /er Vnpltumi ??7 liMfi'Mi DlfMMI. HEhMBULD 8 EXTRACT BUCUU cim UIHLT UlkKAklU la al; tfieir SU?Mi At litb* fciHW Lit!;* 01 no oaance in Dot; No icaonvenienM 1*4 M c<r??r( It omcn a frequent deeue a. u jivm lueoftk to L'riuat**. therebj Rem viig t t?t uetioua. Prorottict ?u<i Cimcc S'rieiuree of tha Uretr ? Allay iui a and iutunB*nos.M {re^aert in the cImi of di?ea?e?, au<j -xpeli&f ** Poumuwi, and worm out Mat tor. THOl'liUM CPOH TBOrtAlfXM WHO HAVE BEEN THE VlCiiMM OF QUACKS, and who hav? ptid km** ft** to b?e?r?d ta a abort time, have found tbry were deoeived, and that U* poieoa"' has. bj tue uee of "rowor/+i (itrwiad been dried upin tuea jatmc, to break oat nam grarated form, and PERHAPS AfTtR MAEM1A9M. wHBLMUO^Dm EXTRACT BV01* ?11 affoottoM <ln?a?ei o f tfco IKi^ART ORGANS, wt?*i?r miini m RUL? OR FEWALR, from whaiaTor III! ^rirattac and no ?lUr of ttJ.i LONG STANDING. OrftM r?ilr*UM wd of PiniltCi HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV m lki& GREAT DllRETlC, mi ^ iaoortaln to L*v? tho aotirod offoot la D.JMrec for which u it rtcommtndul. msuci or raa *o?t kbspox?uu ut> MM uk + mum C M AKAI TI IK Vt!!)M0omH^7 the medioinee. CKRT1F1CAT K8 UP CUIiA ^ From to 0 yeare' iWai Wl "ftftSTCfAND FAMK. "PHYSICIANS" ELMABE -fiOTlOM." wm uu "wo aca*r" or "n?ftBorBrr? HKLMBOLU'S EXTRACT BIVMU teoomposed of Bach a, Oe**be ud Jimtt' F-me?. eeieoted with greet oe-'- bj a oom^tert U.oc?'?: PREPARED IN fACVO, BY II. T. HILJH BOLD, P.aoLoa. and A natural Ch?rr.?, aod dc.f Mar. a/Hctar^r of HELM BOLD > GEN TJJfB PREPARATIONS aeeiua rrr. ?* -juKiij appeared uefuxe ajt, an of fthrt iuIt o PI ? H T Mr VtATT Vh.> b?:n duty tveru.dorh Biv.hia ^Tft^r%t' >\.nsoc. ta.o no B*rcot.o?i;a ?crcurr,or ?>?.? * .. ,*rjva. druga, bttt are purely " n HOLD. Sworr ?n< aubssrti ti e:or* TW.t^i* o -*? r Novemtwr. 1*4. Wj. 1'. RJ?l>fcfU?. A Merman, W~?fc r? ?l rrs Kr- *. r?i * FHYSIC1AJ*8 IN ATTESUA YC* FROM k A M TO* f M. Frit* 91 * ' fcatti*, n all wr t?. Delivtrtd to aej adaraaa. rwornj nt?n iU obasi utioa. Address lattais far latormattoL 1a uoaita.* ^ H. T. HKLMBOLi). GU?.M* Depot. KM Boatt TstU si. asiaw Carina ra> HE WAKE Or COONTEEfJLUb AND 91fTMMCirLMD D+lLKA* who enMnr to Iimm -of u>rf oti' uotoH*ir(UiM OB tie nfalMM' -tUtaM i Hllmtold l VlMMM ftlfMHW , JtaTMpaNflB, ? m jum Wm+ Bold by B. B. Wura, E. 0. Jots Wan. 8. C. F?u, I, E BRWMiib E O ?AJft) Sft lMMM irixrVAIU. ABE VOft KHJHOIiFS. ?AK* VO OCUL ?l?Nt MMthImM. MMifctlL 1MB AVOID IMTOMVIOM mi IPOMII ?H?J I* *

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