Newspaper of Evening Star, February 4, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 4, 1862 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUKSDAY FEBRUARY 4, 1*63. H^Thongh Tux St** Is printed on th? faitest team pews In aw sonth of Baltimore, Its edition 1? eo Urpf as to require tt to be put to press at an early hour: Advertisements, therefore, should be not la before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may may not appear on til the next day. Or* F*xx*s? at the various military camps and posltlona will confer a favor by keeping us posted as to movementa and affklrs In their vicinities. Spirit ?f the Morning Press. The InttUigenter think* that the announcements made by newspaper correspondents In regard to the movements of our naval forces, Indicates a great want of reticence on the part of somebtdf connected with our naval expeditions. Tbe Republican eschews editorial to-day. The Exthtaisxint on W*dxk.?dat Night. In order to prevent confusion, guests are requested (o present their invitation cards at the door of the Executive Mansion on Wednesday evening, the 3th Instant. JET" We are requested to state that, on ftccunt of the Illness of a near relative, the stated receptions of Mrs. Secretary Smith will for the present be suspended. Gkxiial Goixam ? It is very clear that the opposition to tbe confirmation of the nomination of Brigadle; General Willis A. Gorman is simply a political one. That is It springs wholly from his bitter political opponents at home, some of whom are in Congress, and another an employee *1 I* n A-A* fu- A vi uic nuuic vi Acpiociiittuvci. i uv prficiue under which they seek to defeat hia nomination is that on one occasion he caused two negroes to be whipped. The circumstances under which be did so, are notoriously as follows. Viz: The negroes In question occupied huts in the immediate vicinity of his camp, and were notoriously engaged in surreptitiously selling pestiferous whisky to soldiers. In so doing, they defeated all Gen. Gorman's efforts to keep the men under proper discipline. They were repeatedly warned off, and every other expedient at hand to compel them to forego their profitable infamous traffic with the men was essayed in vain. Whereupon General Gorman was ordered by hit superior oificer to try the virtue of 41 birch" upon them the next time they were caught so cSending; which order he carried out, after having carried out the same oraer upon me persons of half a dozen worthless whites engaged in the same nefarious traffic. We submit that he not only simply did his duty, but that It would have been better thus to have punished the offenders long before they teere to punished. *His home political enemies here have generated an abolition howl against him on account of this affair; his well-known ability and tlliclency as an officer having deprived them of every other excuse for endeavoring to defeat his nomination. He was appointee principally on the recommendation of General ?cott, under whom he commanded a regiment throughout the Mexican war. We submit that it is high time that the Senate should cease to be influenced in acting upon army nominations by the political efforts of out aiders. Men roust be (elected for positions in the array because they are roost likely to make good offlcers; and if such men are to be driven out of the service by the Senate, because their politics do not square with those of a majority of the body, there is an end of all rational hope that the arm* of the United States can triumph in the war. Day by day and week by week lnflamatory abolition baranguesare being made in the Chamber, until a large portion of the body have worked themselves Into the belief that the country will sustain them In driving out of theser/ice every oficer who foils to set himself up against the law of the land where slavery is concerned. That law la as positive in forbidding the military to Interfere with the action of the civil authorities In carrying out the law* for reclaiming fugitives irom labor as it is in forbidding the military from the exercise of Its power to retnrn fugitives from labor. Nevertheless, the theory npon which these sensation orators insist that all Army otticers shall act hereafter, is that it is their duty to protect within their camps all runaway slaves of loyal men (an well as of rebels) from the process of civil law. Now, if in the face of the law upon this subject, none arc to be allowed to hold commissions in the Army unlets they will hereafter consent to turn their commands into harbors for the robbery of loyal citizens of their slaves, it is high time that the country should know the fa^t, that it may hold those to due responsibility who are thus making the success of the arms of the United States a palnikU I. ?V,-' . 1- -? ) >u IUUI nwi* UJ uiasmg sonUtion capital for themselves at home. Th* T*ia?rit Bill ?The Secretary of tue Treasury, in a letter to the Ways and Means Committee, says that the general provision# of the bill seem well adopted to the end proposed, that the provision making the notes a legal tender was, doubtless, well considered by the committee, and their reflections had conducted aim to the same conclusion He felt great fears as to making anything but gold and silver a legal tender, but, owing to the large expenditures and the bank suspensions, the provision is indispensable. The Secretary has suggested amendments providing against counterfeiting, and directing the manner in which the notes are to be executed He addressed a note to Mr. Spauldlng yesterday, in which he savs immediate art inn ta of great importance. The Treasury is nearly empty. He says: " 1 have been obliged to draw for the last installment of the November loan. So soon as It Is paid, I fear that the banks, generally, will refuse to receive the United States notes Yo'i will see the necessity of urging the bill through without delay." l?JT>n Saturday, January U-j, after pas?ing siifly from Sedalia to Independence, Missouri, the mail stage was seized by a baud of Secessionists at a point about half way between the latter place and Kansas citv. Then ww "' >* ? passengers In the stage at the tlm?, who, with the driver, were all carried oft as prisoners. The mails bags were cut open, their contents acattered on the ground, and then the Rebels decamped with their booty and prisoners The next day (Sunday) the atage from Lexington to Independence was in like manner seized and the mail Awgs opened, and the letter* and paper scattered |[ 7~ A severe tight took place a few days ago at Geary city, Kansas, between the Jaykawkers and a party of citizeus, who followed them from Rushvillc, Miatouri. Three of the thieves were killed, including the notorious Capt. Chandler, who was shot by Major Hart, of Buchanan coun* ty. The band was overpowered and taken in charge by Capt. Fuller,of Gen. Hunter's Body Guard, to be disposed of 4 n Leavenworth. One wa? left in jill in St. Joseph, but he cut his own throat the same day to avoid the penalty of his criina. |[ r~ Latt wc?it tK* -? -?1 ?V?J VI aauiuicr was louua upon the river shore, ibout four mile* below Alexandria, having apparently been waibed aabore upon tbe trunk of a tree, over whlcb the body waadoubled up. By theaide of the deeeaaed waa found a dark grey uniform coat, buiiontd up, leading to the auapiclon of foul play. ||T Last Saturday afternoon, eleven priaouers were tent from Port McHenry to Fort Lafayette, "tmong them Mr Robert Hull, of the Arm of iiopklna, Hull & Atkinson, Baltimore. Thirty of the immense mortar* caat at i'ltuburg, Pennsylvania, have been ordered to Cairo, for use on the new mortar boats These terrible engines weigh nearly ten tons apiece. ICT1 Tbe Alexandria, Va , po?t oilier La* |4td l.ilo lb* Treasury, during tbe port erven mm,lbs, tueaum of S15.0W UJ~ Lmt Friday even lag, Reuben Jofeusiou.of Alexandria. waa elect, d Auditor of tbat O/pora>fteo bv ?be Councils *" > , W* -i-l a* _ W a* orn military nrpoET. RKleADin (IKI1ALI or VOLCMTMHS C09VIKXKD. Yesterday, the Senate confirmed the following of the President's nominations to be Brigadier Ganerals of Volunteer* Viz: Lt. Col. Jno. F. Reynolds, of 14th Infantry; Col. j. John J. Abercrombie, of 0th Infantry; Col. John r Sedgewlck, of 4th Cavalry; Lt. Col Silas Caaen, j of Oth Infantry; Capt George G. Meade, of Topo- e graphical Engineers; Abram Duryea, of N. Y.; ? Capt. Alex. D. McCook, of 3d Infantry; Oliver r I1MB..J D. ft,.. n uun If. . Vk enezer Dumont, of Ind ; Robt. N.Mllroy, of Ind.; r Lewit Wallace, of Ind.; Maj Horatio Wright,of U.3 Engineer*; Lt. Wnn. Nelaon, of U. S Navy; <] Maj. John Newton, of U. 8 Engineer*; Captain ( Winfield 9. Huncock, Aaalstant Quartermaster, (J. S A.; Tho?. L. Crittenden, of Ky.; Col. Geo. Wright, of 9th Infantry; Major Thos. Williams, t of 5th Artillery; Capt Wm H French, of lat Artillery, Capt. Wm. T H. Brooka.of 3d Infantry; Capt Jno M Dranna n, of ltd Infantry; Capt Jno. P Hatch, of 3d Cavalry; Lt. Col. Thos. J. Wood, * of tth Cavalry; Capt. R.N. Jofanaon, of 5th Cav- J airy; Capt. John (i. Foster. of U.S. Engineers; Maj. Chrlatopber C Augur, ef 13th infantry; Capt. John M .Schofield. of 1st Artillery; addl* 1 tlonal Paymaster, Thos. J. McKean; Capt. John | G. rar*e, or ropograbicai Engineer*; James Cooper, of Md.j Henry W. Slocutn, of N. Y.; Jas 8. Wadsworth, of N. Y.; John G. Peck, of N Y.; Ormaby M. Mitchell, of N. Y ; Geo. W. Morell, of N. Y ; John 9 Martindale, of N. Y ; Msj Ileury W. Den bam, of U. S. Engineer*; Col. Geo H. Thomas, cf 3th Cavalry; Egbert L Vlele, of N. Y ; Maj. Abner Doubleday, of 17th Infantry, Col. E. D. Keyes, of 11th Infantry; Maj. John \V. Davidson, of 2d Cavalry; Lieut Col. \Vm. J. Ketchum, of 10th lufantry; Thomas Francis Meagher, of N. Y.; David B. Blrney, of Pa.; Jas, S. Negley, of Pa.; Maj. J. T. Dana, of Mln. It will be perceived from the above list that the lists published in this morning's papers here and elsewhere are incorrect; a number of the namea of the so far unconfirmed being Inserted in these lists, and but few of those who were confirmed (as named in the Star's list printed above) being found in their*. The nomination of no Brigadier j General has been rejected, so far; those still un- } confirmed being held over for consideration. j REJECTED ' In the course of their proceedings of yesterday) j the Senate rejected the following military noml. i nations, (none others being so far rejected.) Viz: Of Andrew J Butler, of Cal., to be a Commissary { of Subsistence; of 1st Lieut. Syinmes Gardner, of ' 18th Infantry, to be an Assistant (Quartermaster; of *Jd Lieut. John Adair, to be 1st Lieutenant In 1 the 1st Regiment of Cavalry. rEOVOST GUARD I!* GEORGETOWN. 1 The three companies of the 3d 1'. S. Infantry ' acting in Georgetown as provost guard, under ' Captain Drak?, have been transferred to this city. ( Three other companies of the same regiment have I been asaicned fnr innril rtntu in ! under Captain Sully. CONGRESS ION A L. | HXVUth CO*?RKSS?Secsii.i Session. 1 ' Senate?Yesterday, after our teport closed? The Senate went Into executive session, and after some time spent therein, adjourned, liorss?After our report cleaed? The House non-concurred with the Senate amendment to the bill for raising troops for the defences of Kentucky, and a committee of conference was ordered on the subject. A bill authorizing the issue of United States ' notes, for the redemption or funding of the same, end for the funding of the floating debt of the t United States, was discussed by Messrs. Vallan- i aiguarn. Hooper ana others, and without dis- ( posing of the subject, the Houae adjourned. JET" A general order, at St. Louie, haa disarmed and placed in confinement the rank and file of the 4th Misaotirl volunteers, called the 2d United Satea Keaerve Corpa, for mutinoua conduct. The men are to be sent to Cairo to work on the fortificationa; the officers will be mustered out of service. Gen. Halleck will deal with disaffected * auldiers in the mowt summary manner. Colonel Garfield has fallen back from I'res. tonsburgh to Paintsvllle to meet bis supplies, as It | U/tl I rvi nA?a iKI? -m **- ? *"* " " -- ? ....^uxrtuii, wii w cvuii'. ui >ne i:ste 01 me < roads, to move the wagons forward. He ban ordered several reconnoiss^ncts in the direction of Piketon, but no traces of Humphrey Marshall or bis runaway army could be found. j I JD* The sloop-of-war Richmond, now fitting I out at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, is to convey j Lieutenant General Scott and two aides-de-camp to Key West, where the General contemplates ! remaining for a brief period. Special aceommo- > datlons are being provided for him on board the ' Richmond. [T7"Tbp bark Trinity has been chartered to I convey three hundred and eighty-six prisoners from Boston to Fortress Monroe, to be exchanged I for an equal number of Federal prisoners in the South. The vetsel will probably sail to-day. ? ! Ys3WASHINGTON LECTURE ASSOCIA ' JJI TION 1 The eleventh Lecture will be delivered by EMERI'? S'/ABAD. I On TUESDAY EV KN1NG, February 4,1862, < At tne < Smtt/nonian In$titutiuti, Subject?"Tn* Art or Wai." J Doors opep. at 7; Lecture at 8 o'clock. ! Admittancefree. It ' W A SH 1 V CTIIIU KPIDVPlBlri PIATION.?A regular weekly meeting of ! T;111 b\ hel<; at Ul? ro'?? "f ^e Young Mens Christian Association, on PosniTlvun ! avAnup, between 6th and 7tk street*. on THIS ] (Tuesday ? EVEN 1NG. 4tl, 8 o'olockA In a"?cd^c? ?? requested of the members, ^nd ail others, residents or non-residents, who au intwMt 'n f!i? objects of Uie Association. 1 r^=?iMEETlNG OF HOTEL AND RKs" Jll TaLRANTKEEI'ERS?.?A publiora?S Jhe Proprietor, ot the Hotels and Hestanranti ? oity will be held at Franklin Hs! I. cornerof TiJnaiMU.,u0n WKDNKSDA\ AFI. rS, ?. CJ00k A Punctual aitendanoe < is requested at that hour, as many have business I I iu auena 10 later in the <i*r. By order of the Committee. fe 4 T^CITY HALL, February 3, 1868?The AaIk sessors, having completed the Anuual As- ] n*8siuent f ir 1862, will meet in t!ieir room. City t iiai.,a* a ttoaidot Appeal,from the l?th to the t Jtith of this month, incin*ive, to hear complaints and to makeauch oorieotiois jv? they may deem I necessary. GEORGE C01.LARD. I let) \ jawtd Secretary. t ^g=?AT A MEETING OF COMPANY "C." National tinarda, theIoUowidr resolutioiia weio Adept* d: Resolved, That Company C,National liuarda.haa 'earned with unfeiRurd sorrow and deep grief of the death of Jas. A., a member of the : a'ue. Reao ved, That the company recofuize in ia:d Na!!f a ?nlrlier !>? ?-? 1 _ _ w m? amy wi*n credit to himself and s&tiMact on to hia con.r^K, and a member esteemed and reapected bj fan lellowa. . , Roso'ved, That m a mark of respect to defeated tbat each member will wear the usual badge of mourning oa the leit ai m at the next parade of the ooropaiijr. Resoived further, Thatthia company tender their heaitfeit aympathy to the bereaved family of de- ti cea?ed, and that the Secretary u h?rer>y ilireoted , to furnish hia family a oopy ??f the? resolutions. It KD1CAL LK0TURE3-R. P. Tuall, J-5 M. l>., ol New Vork, Principal of the Hy- a gieo Therapeutic Col lege, arid author of several c works oi Medioal, Physiological and Scientific subjects, Will f iye a course of leoturea at the Hall of the Christian Association. Washington city, opposite Brown's Hotel, commencing on iUl&l>a Y.atlSi p.m., and oont in uing through the week. Dr. Trail claims to have diaoovered the true premises of Medical ttcienoe, and to teach the only aucceaalil Healing Art; and he profeesea hia ability to explain and defend the aratem he advocates and practioea agamat all poatiole objections, criticisms and cavt a from any aooroe. He I QTiMt mtatcai men ol all achoola to haar fnm and t tak?exoeptiora if they can. He will show to tfaa r catiifaettoa of every candid mind that theappho* tsoti of bu syatera to the treatment of the prevalent diifaiMinour armj?t?pboid fa vera, para monia, mraaiea, &o . would save thcuaanda of the live* of ojr officers, soldiers sntl oit z9as, ud millions of Money. For paruouiaib aee programme and large bul*. Firat1 oture free. /*. U. !)r. T all i> ay be oonaulted by all eiaaaee . mv&Uua at No 4*7 ot? street, lroin 10 a. m. to 3 p. in. FaUeiita wIij w?ll present tueir oaaea before the audience win be examined ami pieaoribcd for gratunou-ly. fa i l ip 1HK NKXT REGULAR MONTHLY \l g meeting ol the Hoard of Truateea of Futlic N3b>>ola wi'I be hud iu the Alderinan'a Room, City Hail, on TUESDAY AFTERNOON. February uf..-olo.., WM ? f TM"A FAIR, for tbe bMMfll of 8t. Viuoent'a t I. . ??tn I Bit > It ui Asy lutii. corner ti < and loth street*. -v variety of umT? aZftflSn.,. * article* will i>e ottered lor tale! m?0' f There will be a lunch room where all kinds of refreeliinei.ta will He ?erved. Ice Crs? ji snduoe- f fectionery, in their varieties. iaMtf ^kayK* MKETIN6 Will ? tills week in the Luther- J u-h"*rf!?mB?ti?'s.> at the CTaer of q lltn and^ tr streets, commenouu at IX o'clock ? m.. ? and oootiflted bat one hoar. ia *o * TELEGRAPHIC. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Baltimoks, Feb 4.?The Old Point boat brings he following new*: Fo*t Monkoi, Feb. 3 ?TheChippewa left the blockade off Wilmington on Thursday, and arlved here this morning. Everything is quiet In hat vicinity. The Chippewa encountered northTly galea during the wnole of her paaage She tasspd close to Hatteraa and saw a large fleet of 1 remels Inside at anchor. She heard no firing. Phe Hartford and Montlcello were met off Albenarle Sound. Thp MontiIa 1 oft a? it\r WIIihIhkU* I'he Constitution ia (till here, and will i&ll aa ioon at possible. It baa been raining hard all day A flag of trace went out this afternoon, but Lad id returned wb?n thla letter was mailed. j The War in Niiuui. Skdalia, Feb. 3.?A commlaaion, appointed for he purpose by General Poye. baa been aifttng the feimenta at this point, and discharging all unfit for the service. " i A column moved off to-day, under Colonel J. Fuller, of the 27th Ohio. KVMOBKD BIlXrORClMINT OF THE EBBIL P1ICV. Rolla, Feb. 2.?Reliable information from Lebanon saya that General Curtis la now in that place, and the number of troops there is constantly i Increasing It is doubtless his intention to remain it that place till all his forces arrive, which will 1 be several days vet, as some of them have not , started. A considerable portion of them are under 9'dera to march this morning; and probably within two or three davs all that are going will | have departed. The roads between this place and Lebanon are Umost impassable. Fifty teams are said to be 1 in this side of the Gasconade river, waiting for the water to subside. mere wb rumor, dui noi generally believed, ] that Price has recently been reinforcea by 12,ouo Confederate troops from Arkansas. and ia pre- 1 paring to give our army a hard fight. The Third Missouri Cavalry are now nearly all here, but one or two companies remain to come , up. This regiment is to be attached to General Nigel's division. The War la Kansas?The Layal Indians. Lkavesworth, Feb. 3 ?Commissioner Wm. P. Dole had an interview on Saturday with the cartons Indian chiefs, including the loyal Creeks ind Seminole* The commissioner promised to lid the loyal Indians against the rebels, and the rhiefs agreed to take the field with their warriors. Cols Deitzler, of the Kansas First, and Jenni v>., ? ..M- >ticuiu nc^'uia, nave ucin ii|i|)viuiea ictlng brigadier generals. The friends of Gen. Lane dcclarc that be will snter the military servicc if be has to serve as a private. Fram lair*. indications or active movements?starting of tue second expedition. Cairo. Feb- 3.?[Special to the Chicago Tribune ]?Twelve steamers, laden with troops, jnder charge of Com. Graham, left here at ten >'clock this morning to join still laruer forces at mother point. The expedition has every indication of genuine actlvc movements. T NOTICE' O ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN '-Ail persons are hereby notified that wo will pay no [UllsoT aicmints contracted by J I) Wooley.tfut r of the 57th Kceimer.t New Vrrk Volnntenr?_ nr mjr peraon assuming to aot for lnm. BARNES ft CO., fe 4 3t* 4**1 Ni nth St., Washington, D. C. JAY COOKE ft CO.. BANKERS, No. 402 Fifteenth Street, opposite Treasury Buildings, Washington. In connection with oar Philadelphia House we mve opened at No. 45S Fifteenth street, an office or the transaction of a general Exchicge, Co.ieotins and Backing Business. We buy and sell Coin, Unourrent Money, Stocks ind Bonds,(on commission.) Drafts on Amerioan ind European oities, reoeive Deposits, aud make Jollections upon all accessible points fe4 1m JAY COOKE ft; CO. FRAXKLIN Ic CO., O P T I C I A N S , 144 Penn'aav.,<north aids,) bet. 12th and ISth ata. EYEGLAS9E8. M AKIN K AND FIELD CLASHES. COM PASSES, *o., )t the t eat qualities, oongtactly on hand. fx tr TO QUARTER MASTERS. HIGHLY IMPORTANT. ARMY BREAD. The new AERATED BREAD la pronounced by Medical and Soientifio Men the pureat and healthteat ever made. We propoae to furuiah it in quanntiea to our aoldiera, or ire will arrange to take Hoar and deliver Bread, freah, pare and aweet, svery day?a pound of bread for every pound of Boar. Thia proceaa of making Bread haa the aanotion 3i ine nighed authorities, and is approved br the sanitary Commission and l.jr all the D-ading physicians of this city as well as by Major General i)ix. rhose soldiers have been for some time supplied with it from our Bakery in Baltimore. Addreas RKQUA & CO., 34 i's street. Wa?hington f<4-3>* or Bex 804 Post Office. ANNAPOLIS COMPANY. OYSTERS! OYSTERS! An Oyster Shipping Company has been formed forthe purpose of supplying Washington and its rioinity with Oysters. All persons which use f om 10 to 100 gallons pe' day,oan be supplied. Oy?trr? in sheii sent in bass or a car load of from 150 to 35) bushels oan be had on one day's notioe; for a lex* auantity oall at 66 Bridge street, Georg-town. C. The Oysters shinned h? thi* nnm??n. -? Lr.e?"- ,JI?iJn?re ?? i/jan *"7 other* that oan be nad in the Diatriot. The Ojatera are opened'he 1 same day they are taken from the water, and are lent to the Diatriot the same niaht. All ord?ra iirected to WILLIAM HANCE, Annapoiia, Md? initager lor Company, will be promptly attended fe4-lm* , LNCfS J?5AVX SA1L ?UCK, 08 inch Cotton Duck, Bleaohed and Brown Sheeting. JoweiB, Napkins, Table Linena, Bed Comforta, Blankets, Klannela, Shawla, Cashmeres, Lalicoea. Cloaks. Gloves and Suspenders, prioeV b'r UfT on salc at ttl? lowest WM. R. KILEV & BRO., No. 36 Central Storea, ? Between 7th and 8th str<u>ts. ie J-lot oppu. Center Market. j Harvey i Hm run thablookadearain^?k^Mr and h?s six schooners loaded with OYSTERS' i Five with TANGIKR WH;nd^ of tip top ?nalij, and star aohooner Wild Pigeon wnh the finest iHKRKYSTONKtf. lie i now readv to serve al! who may desire ' Prune Of iter* a. the lowest market rates. The >ubl 10 are invitod to oa.l and examine hisiine stork >f BIVALVES. fo3 :?t NOTICK NOTICE , NOTICE TO SUTLERS. TO SUTLERS*. SriCED MOLASSES CAKES. \ SPICED MOLASSES CAKES SPICED SUGAR CAKES. ! 8rICED S&GAR CAKES. j iu consequence of the great demand for oar Mo- , uiN tiinter Cake and Sugar Cake, wo have appointed 1 W. H. HAMILTON A CO., 479 Nintn Street, * .? pnnoipa' Agent for their sale, from whom they an be bought at five dollars per barrel. SNAPS, | JUMBLES, MOLASRRH PniiNn n*ir?? IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTITIES, 1 IN QUANTITIES. I BOSTON ~CRACKERS, '- Mil every day?warm from the oven make delioioui food? I Ten Cents Per Pound. DAYTON'S , CELEBRATED MINCE PIES. Hotei-keepara, Heada of Familtea, and Sutler* re invited to try our exoeilrat Minos Pier Our MINCE PIES need only to be tried to be pyreoiated ; pnoe 910 and #18 Mr huadjei. j JAMES L. DAYTON. \ Bakery?446 Eleventh street. I 1 11) a between 6 and H. . LIMK NOURRJT A 9KEUW8, I (Latilt noM Pitt* aid Niw Yon.l A re now iu unacitv with a lir*e and ?pleiidid 1 ortmeutof RICI1 LACKS, FlOWKR*. MR >RKS*KS, aiid a large ^took of ladiae' FANCY ' lRTICLKS. The above firm hive enjoyed the 1 atronafe of Peru and New York ladiea, and hope ' y diligent attention to huaineeato merit the as- * rovai and patronage of the ladiea of Waahiugton. 1 M'MK NOUKMIT ft BKKUVVb, 1 jaai-M* 609 llth at, near Pa. ay. J SUPERIOR TABLE DAMABK8. NAPRINB, t j Toweling! and Doyliea. Bed B!ank*ta an>t lomforta. ?o pieoea White FlannMa, aaaorted t radee, at redaoed arioea. J. W COLLKY, 'J

i??-st 633 Seventhabove Pauuav. l / iKBMBM ' On and A fin HON DA. Y, Ftbrvary 3, IKS. t PAMKKdft TRAINS BITWSI.t * WASH INTO 51 AND BALTIMORE ? Will run M follows : j Six Xlstiy TVsisi Arriv* at mmd D*p*rt from i Wa thing ton Daily during tkt vt'k, Gt+d tWO Ml For Philalelphia and Nrw Vork-Letrt WHb- 1 ncton *t 6 no a m, 11 00 a h.*"*1 5 00 r m. tor Baltimore?L?ave Washington it OXOaad r.40 a h, and 3Mud 4 00 p M. i Por Annapolis at 7 40 a m and 4 oo p m. For Philadelphia at 3.00 r m. For Harrmbnrt ?td th? Nnrth ?.nH w?ti !*av* * Washington at 6 00 a m, and 4 on or &00 p ' For Frederiok at 7 40 a m, and 3-00 p m. 1 TRAINS MOYLNB NORTH. Morning Express leave Wuhingtou 00 a. M. As- I rive at Baltimore 7.10 a. x.; Ph.ladelp&ia liM r. k.; , New York p. Harris bare lh?. h. Morning Acoominodation lea re Washington 1A* a. X. Arrive at Baltimore tJ? a.m. No oonneotiona u Baltimore. Thia it th* Morning oonnexion for Annapolis. New York Mail Train?leave Waa hi niton at 11 i k. arrive at Baltimore 1140 p. Philadelphia t UTTp. k.; New York lop. *. I Phila-'e'phia Train leaves Washington at 3 00 p c m. reaching Baltimore at 4 50 p m. and Philadelphia 1 at 10 p x. Afternoon Ac commocatica?leave Washington at 4 pm, arrive at Baltimore at 6 pm. No eosnexions at Baltimore. This is the afternoon oonnexion for Annapolis. Evening Express?leave Washington ? p. *. ( Arrive at Baltimore Mi p. H.i Philadelphia 10AI p. New York 4 >. Harrisbnrg 1 a. M. On Snndaya leave Washington at 3 oo and 5 p. m. only. The 5 p. m. train from Washington connects through to New York every day daring the week. TRAINS MOVING SOUTH. J Leave New York at 7 a. Phllacslshia hjp a. >; Baltimore 4 00 p. k. Arrivaat WaAIhitonss* p.m. L<eave New York at 6 r. Philadelphia lojn p K-: Baltimore 4.30 i. u. Arrive atWashington uo *Leave New York at 11 r. m.; Philadelphia ?J0 4. m.; Balti aore7J5 a, v. Arrive at WaeMngtoa i i6 a. m. Looai Accommodation Trains leave Baltimore it $a. k.,and 4 3 . p. m , for Washington, arrive th*re at 11 a. m. and 6 45 r. x. On Sundays at 43* and 7.35 a. m. only from Balti mors. No Annapolis or Frederick connexions on Bundtys. Paseecger Trains leaving Waefaington at 7.48 a. m. and 4 00 p.m., and Baltimore at 7 ji a. m- and 4.31 r. m , make direct oonreotione fcr Annapolis at th? Junction. The7.4" am, and 309 r >i connect at Relay (or Fredeiiek, Hagerstown, <ko., Ac., except Sunday?. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash lu&iuii a. t*. mnu s?*> r. M. Passenger Trains lea*in* Washington at 6.0ft a. m., 11 a. m-f r'i'1 s r. m., and Baltimore at 4.3ft and 7,i'i a. m., will stop only at An.*a.rolis Jtmttum. War Passenger* must take the Accommodation Trains onlyTrains will leave Washington and Baltimore promptly upon card imi, exofptinc that the 4.3ft a m,7 35 a m. and 4 oo r m trains will waitlo minutes if necessary, to secuie the passengers and Mai's from the Kast. For S'ok and Wounded Soldiers?A special car, with an a'tendant. with beds, will leave Washington twioe a week for Philadelphia direot at 11 a m, for the acoom.T.oiation of sick and wounaed ( soldiers. ^ W. P. SMITH. f?4 Notice is hereby given that the , copartner ip under the finn of Meyer ft Con- * rn'l hu been disaolved to-<l-y by mutual consent, J and that CHAtt. WALTER, Esq., 397 D street, 4 opposit" the City Hail. will receive all bi.ladue to aaid firm within three daya 1 NICHOLAS MEYER, . GEORGE CONRAD Washmtton. O. <*.. Feb. 3, t?K2 fe 1 ?t* . J ATTENTION! ( UST Received a large assortment of New ' Feathers, Comfortables. Blankets, Bed?teadu, Mattresses, and Carpets. Persons wishing to buy are requested to examine my stock before purchasing, as I am determined cot to be anderaofd. R. Bl'CHLY. ? 488 7th at jet, betwesn G and H. ' fa l-lm* east aide. S?jn&fcLr& HSCHER.-SOIREE ORCHESTRA ? Meaars. Hcheei tc Fischer re apeotfuUy inform the admirers of I Munio, that they are prepared to attend* ? ' to the conducting of Muaioal Performanoea at Private Keoeptiona and Soiree*, with any number of the beat performera <>f the city, and bee leave to aaRure fieir patrons that they will produoe the best selections of Quadrille Musio from approved oomposers, and will, at intervals, perform Concerted Music from the most admired Operas, and other oppositions N. B. The beat of references can he I given if required. Orders left with Mr. Hoheel will mwt with prompt attention. 6 st? '49ft, between 13th and 14th sts. fe 1 6t* NOTICE.?The undersigned. who ia known by ' ail to be a law-abiding and loyal citiaen, and I one who dr.ires to keep an orderly, qairt citizen's I house, at the same time claiming from the oity authoilties protection from encroachment upon his just rights, under his lioenae, and under the lawa of this city, would respectfully represent that under milltarT law hi ia tm i .. ? and doea out desire to violate anj under of the miliJar> authorities, be respectful!t request* that no officer or soldier 01 the United States arinr will eater his house for the purpose of obtaiomc refreshments 1 or lienors, as hewitl not sell to them. None but prtvatt ettitens will be aerommodated CHARLKS KLOMAN. ( fe 1 1 w No. 309 7th st., hetwoen 1J and K. ] ???????????????? , PRIVATE. PRIVATE PH. I V ATH nD r a nnvirn ? 1 'I\. ua. DU^lA Cures all Venerial Diseases permanently and 1 quickly, without the nie of disgusting or poison- ' ona drags of any kind. No dieting or interference with busineaa. I Gonaultatlona free. It is saying quite enough in ita favor, when I aay j that mv practioe ia that whioh ia in uaa in all the 1 New York citj hospitala. New York City College and Hospital Testimonials furmahed. Ladioa with Whites and Diseases ot the Womb cured and aaved a consumptive's grave by my treatment. There is nothing aftntivt or dit*rri*a*lt in any part of the treatment. All curea warranted, or money refunded. Conuuunioationa in writing, with return atamp( promptly attended to. Meaioinea lor traveiera and othera packed, with fall inatraotiona for uae, and warrantee. Offioe? Room No. 8 Wa?' ington Buildinc. Pan. < ft venue ana seventh it., Waeiuerton, D. C. feb 1-1 m* CHOICE OLD LIQUORS?The aubaoribera have on consignment from an old and weliEnown hou? in Georgetown Ui? remainder of " tneir a;oclc of Liquora. oompriaicg? 5*j barrela superior Whiakey, from eight to tune 1 year* old. 30 bvreia Cabinet Champagne, 5 quarter oaaka Bourdon Sherry. 10 dozen Yriarte Sherry of 1817 and 1823, (imported by G-sn. Walter Smitn) All of which we are prepared to aell at reduoed pricej, to oloae fcusineta. _ . JAB. C. MoGUIRE A CO., ja 31 6?. Auctio eera \nd Commiaaion Merchant*. { CARRIAGE?. _ , I 1 Have now on hand a large and fine assortment of . CARRIAGES, superior to any in markst, whioh 1 am prepa-ed to eel _ low for cash. Persons in want of good-* work, will do well to oall and examine my stock I before purchasing elsewhere. * All repair* neatly done, and orders promptly attended to. ? I have Also one verr fine close Pannel Carnage, 1 which originally cost $1325, bnt little used, ana will he sold low,as the owner has no further as* font. ANDREW J. JOYCE, ja3l-lm Corner Mtli ard E streeta. I\1 R. 1'ERDK I AT, Surgeon Chiropodist, from _ 1 I I'aris, begs to inform you that he oaneileciual- i l* remove Corns and Bunions, without pain, so | the shoe can he worn immediately after the <pArati()ii, without inconvenience. Also removes Warts and other superfluous fl esh from the hands, o that they will a?p*ar small and delicate. No. lft t'i street, near City Hall. Charges moderate. |[7*Refers to the doctors of Washington ^ener- J f J ENTS' SI LK CR A V ATS anD N EUKT1ES. r ,G??ts l'ooket U?ndkerchi?f?, ' enta Linen Oftmbrio Ilandkerohiefs, Rents' ti loves, lients' Umbrellas, J Rents' Underajtirte &nd Drawers, C rine Clotlis.Veatings, and i.aasiiueree, for tenia, ^ Cotton >?liirtinga of the beet grades, L,.nMn best trades imported. A''of the above at oar proverbially low prioee, marked in plein figures. p ' : An inspection of stock solicited ; it inours no 1 obligation to purchase. J tr PERRY A BROTHER, * J*31 " Penn. av?nne and Ninth et P E R H A M SECOND GRAND EXCURSION j NEW YORK AND BOSTON! Prom Baltimore to New York and Return ?9 from Baltimore to Boatcn aud Retnrn #1340 . Ticiet* for sal* at Mr. Perham's OAo* in th* I Vational Hotel, where full partioulara mar u? had. ' Two through trains daily, leaving Washington * it 6 a. m. and5 p. m. Tioketi good to return on or betore May 1st. t ja 9 l_14t* il valentines! valentines ! valentines: IMS. \ A Iar*e assortment of j SENTIMENTAL AND COMIC - rom tfaa beat taouaaa, for Mia. who!sale and r? tbelovAitoMHi rioei. AwyhbaraJ dialount to tua Trade and Sutler*?at tha National > J\ NOTICE TO WATGH MAKKftS. .K i< QI 9. Jk J. M VERS 0 ; :.?ck ofuokl and tblvar \V . tciies, Watoti M atariJa. WMoh Makara' Toola. 81aaa?a, *itk Guards, Omrde, SpaalacMa, r*ai<t<? a Tarlaty o} . gsisyas-aysara-ws1"JWS i J?rffonly. Frmted jrioe list of Watch Material, \ S^sscSBsns^- Ks?? AMUSEMENTS. m at D'/Buttor'? Ckmroh, ooraer of H ud 11th trocts. TO-SlGHT. Tiokeuto ?Jf parts of tha TO EtTM?l "W? Wait Bwiatk U? Firaast Ilaat" will b? nir. Eat* rt&in moot Will oo?iwm at* o'olook : aoan open at 7*. No potpoaoaiit oa aooonnt of wmXJmt. ft3 ?* a M. Fi^st perforimno* in ?osr years of thebrilliaat, Stalleetual and flonoas Am*n?n Comedy. (by rs. Sidney P. Bwmi.> entitled t* K L F! rhich ha* excited throughout the enaeipa: oilies it the Union a furore ot admiration, eurtly attaat ng its refine J mer 11, and rosombii ng a satire aaoa he prevailing rolliaa of our ows time, mora thaa h* aooQstomed rols >! European eharvtars aad noidents frequently presented ia a New Play. The Distinr*nk*d Cotrudt**, MR. JOHN B OWKN8, rhase masterly rendition of the peculiar aad iaeresunc character of Jon* Unit baacxeltad the iraise of the Critios aad Pabllo danag the saoisssful performance of tlus Great Traasenpt of 'ashionaWe^ Js^is^atjagad and_ wiji_a#p?ar on ?m?c r. r Ci.q IltUi rvuiB?i; %% In kis Orianal CKarmcttr. ' Poore o^a at 7; oo in mono* at 8 It* CANTERBURY BALL LotlSIAKl AVXKBS, B*ticem <H amd 6(4 Strut.'. t-mlfMshWMftaf > *EOPLE TURNED AWAY ETERY NIUHT! \ OVERFLOWING HOUSES. To mcht. The Laughable Comic Pantonaiir e oalled the FAIUJK'S KBTURN ! SAILOR'S RETURN ! tn whiob IERT BUTLER Will&ppaar m HAJIS VA5DIR EEf K K5 Exlravu&ot PtooMa of th* Comjo Iot*rl?iU. LE foOR DU MAISHIN! LE TOUR DU MAISON ! SILAS BALDWIN. Tkt Bett Jutgltr t? tk$ World' WILLIS ARMSTRONG. CLOWN, PANTOMIMUT, AND ETHIOHAN. To nicht, MISS AMKLIA WELLS. The Beeutilul SooKitreee, In SKNTIXSNTAL AND YANKKS BON68 ! A. J. TALBoTT. The Ethiopian Comedian, M?itted by Dick Parks*. Mid Emma Milks, Mim Vn?o!i. M'llk Frank La Folls, end Littla Ella. One Week Looter, WARD on his Cosds Volants ! titii aiack-ropi ferjotmtr mi America ' Notwithttanclinc the large Company bow at lit* Canterbury, there will be ID" NO ADVANCE IN PRICES. ??H Afternoon Performance, lor Ladieaaod Children, very WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, with I nantltiea of areedRa?one a anpsrh (a Silk Drew, t he dreex oan be len in the window of Meaara. 'erry A Bro. A1 oar dreaaea are boaght from tkia icuae. Doora open,afternoon, at 2o'clock. Adniaaion: adtea.jn oenta; children, in centa. Doora open, evenings, at 6\ o'clock. fs 4 f kDD FELLOWS' HALL, L/ Sbvihth Strict. George ChrUtv'a ihihiImU ArPEAR NIGHTLY at ' ODD FELLOWS' HALL. inrt continue every evening until further notice NEW SCENERY im been added to the Stage, and every arrangement made for the proper production of GEORGE CHRISTY'S CELEBRATED FARCES, BURLETTAS, Ac. Ae. Ac Ad minion 25 oonta; OrohMtor chair*, fin ooots. Door* open at quarter to 7; oommatoe at ?aartor o 3. JOHN P SMITH. fe3 Buidw Agwt, IT"ING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER. IV Pass. At. and E St., JVmt IVUlmrdi'. T. Kmc Sola Louee and Maaacar J. Soott Associate Manager P. Whittaker Equestrian Manager THIS EVENING. . First Aseetranoe of JOHN WVL A N D I 8, Tkt Urtat Ethiopian CUmm! The Funniest Man All vs. la eonneotion with ? . , . . M'LLK HKLOI8E. t ir?t nigbt of the Beautifu. Pantomi me titled JUAN Seal* of Prut*?Orohester Chain % oents: Drees Cirolejttoenu: Children under 10 rears of a*e to Dree.Cirele^oenU; Social Ranee 25 cents; Coi25 oents: Colored Boxes 50 oents. Doors open at 7 o'clock; performances will oommence at 8 precisely. fa 3 DATENT OFFICE CURlOSITIEfr-Gude to l Patents, catalogue or Curiosities and Government (*ardent-at the stand in Patent Ottoe; Rare Antiquarian Books; Governmert Books; Doe?> tients famished: Railroad Reports; Mlntarr Re ?orts; Hnrpt Pat-nt Olfioe JUporta; Oheas Hooks Wnished to Pedl?rs; MutAry Trials: Military Lavs; Army Regulations; Panorama of the Coast bowing over miles; many thousand Cheap Books. Recohsct cheap rent. Larte saJes, lov rioes. I s stairs, or?r Bank of Wa*Vnfton. ja?-ln.' ALFRED HlTNTkR. " ABHINGTON A?A$EMY OF MUSIC, Pi.tN. Av*wr?, (South 8idi.) No. 8S9, Bttvm 9tk and lOtA ,<I|. Every even in* a remarkably fine Free Conoart, imhrftAinv MIM#mtie CrAM ?k? - . 4 *?? mo!t "P?rM?rendered in better *JL'? than %* an' other American oonoert eaioon. T{|? ?*e pubhe are invited, ritnont charge for intniot,?may rati upon htv ,ng every comfort they deeire. in addition to the ifiMt.mneio in Waehint ton. they will obtain, on *11, from the attentive attenda.-.u decioediy the >ett Refreshment* fur eale in the Federal Metrorv??? - , HENRY ROSENTHAL. Propnetor. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. anothkruni"n victory! BEAUREGARD A PRISONER! And can be eaen on the evening of the lath, at remperanoa Hall, where the -*a LAFAVKTTfc BOYS jft 13th iirand'balm For partionlara iw fntnre edTertiaement. lr rHE SECOND GRAND SOIREE Will b? given at Tempera noe He 1]. K ?treet, be- flA wean 9thaod 10th, on FR1 DAY EVENING. B ebruary 7th. DfUMwg will oommenoe at 'clock. Ticketa, admitting pa<n?afljar* LlORbES fur SALE, t-"- Of every deaoription. jfv Constantly on hand?Lomaiaca arena?, i*ar the Center Market. <1e la-6m* in Neck ties anu scarfs: ? , SCARFS AND NKCI TIES! An aDparallelled aaaortment at . , THOMPSON*?. Pui'iraTct^4i?.80APSperm and Adamantine Candle*. Coal Oil and Fluid. At L. A. DELX. WIG'S. f A RGB AND SMALL MACEERLL. Lj Salmon, Skad, and Hernnr, OkaMeaoti 1'ioklM. Froth and ucar oarad At inrPKLLWlG'g. &AYl'!?8!tn???,ii< 'u<* hraada of Flour, in barrel* bats. X, 100 BARK^L^POTOMAC HERRINGS, IB tor? and for sale low by ^ n ti*?RG&iL!L0ofM^ iaaiw T# Water .L. Georr?tf,wTTnr lozen now in atore, all atylsa, at aboet hair t*M umI mo* fo* Um mm ioodi jul rfotr ova nuaihotara. At TlOMPBQN'i, At E. A. Lake k Co.'a MvbleMiuui, de? Uadar Browa'a Hotel 1 13UTTER, BUTTER, BITTER!?We ara L> sow reoemni by urriM iron N?w York, r*"Wl'Prime goshen butter, p which we leepeetfaUy oall tha ahiahia af laaa"" "* iaUttaw affaalTlhat^ B "WPSRTOR HOOP U1BT8, *adie?' beetKid Slorwaod Qaaaueta, 9 doaea Linen Pocket HandkereHiela, vary ahea?i U?U"""?"? J. W. OOLLKV. WLBS'RSKLffiiPSHfcf.*# w-Js^iSLmmS' > nnn bushels VUHXi J|WKV POTATOK8. ^MCiASSffaSr^^ ? In ator* ud far a*!*' t i7 j* si T wo. ?9 w^ga.jjg^. llllPlil g rricuL. 0?iim>T??9rtri. i Wmiktmfttm, Jn?ry S, IW { P;* The Prvatdeat of the L'sttrd Mates brno^ satlsftod that the foUow if iMtracUou coatea nM m lav la hm ta Ma w*>m ?a4 that latloa by Coqf rese I aaa directed hjr hlaa to coovry thsaa to jroc : Aa Marshal of the District of Columbia you vlU aot receive latecuiMy any persons ctala?r4 to he held to wrrrlrf or labof wllkln the Dlstrl' t or alsowhare, and aot charged wttfc aaf crlsao ot Not, pursuant to law, as fngltlvee from auch aervice or labor; aad fit wlU m( rata la as y such fugitives In custody btysad a psrtod of thirty da fa from their arrest aad ualeai by aperlal order of aompftoat civil an- ' thorlty. Yob will forthwith cease publication to be aaade of thla order, aad at oxptratio* of toa dava therefrom yos will apply the aaat to all poraooa ao claimed to bo bald to aerrloe or labor, aad bow la your custody. Thl* order baa ao rataUoa to aay arrests made by military authority. 1 am. air, roar obedient servant, jaa 31-1 w WILLIAM. H SEWARD TVRPAKTMKNT OP BTATK. u W airimtor. January 45. IMC The Secretary of State wlU hereafter receive Member* of Coo great oo buaiaeaa oa 8atu>dav? coweaalag with Saturday, the fret of Kit janr-tf WILLIAM H HFWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, Ja*vast tl, 1 Ml. Okbbeid. That the War Department will be closed Tneedava Wednesdays, Thursday* and Fridays against all ether bitsleen but that which relates to active military operations la the ftekl Saturdays will be devoted to the bus:ocas of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the boslneas of the Public. EDWIN M STANTON, Ja tt-tf Secretary of War. ~ AUCTION SALES. OTFor otkor Auction Sai**, too Jlrtt p+f* THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW Br I.C. MiGlIRE A CO., ABoUonaara. CHOICK COLLECTION op BOOKS AT Pcblic Aronoii.?On TUESDAY EVENING, ^hruarr 4th, at 7 o'clock, on the first floor of our A nation Roomr ,we sha t eel, a fine o*taiof ne> * of Standard and M?o< l.u?oua Books, oowiprisit i many choice and valuable voiks.a!! in exoeiient bindings, _ lL/~Catoloicnee may be had at the Aaotijq B?>om?. fa? I. C. McGUIWK A CO, A act* _ Bt J. C. MoUUlRE A CO- Anotiopaers, ^ WALL OF THE RtlNB OF THE GEN EH V *i HoSTITAL. ni JrDIClABT frUBI-Om WEDNESDAY MuRNl >?>, February 5* at 11 o'clock, at the ruins of the Infirmary, on E street, he tweet. 4th and 3th Jtreets. we shall eeil is lots to 4 tut, the old m*t?nala, c mprtaiaf? Old Bricks in tfie wails and down, Door*, Frames. Sasti ana Blinds, Lot of Lumber. Footing. Joists. Ac , Stone bills. Heads and Flaccinc. Juot of Hoepit&. Furniture, Bedsteads, Mnttreeees. Pillows, ko., k o. Term* oMh, in Government fund*. The whole to be removed within thirty dnys *Hsi the stle. By order of the Commissioner of Pnblie ButW 1e|cs. js?-d j.C. McGUIBB * CO? Aoets. FUTURE DA Y8. By J. C. MoGUIRK A COM Asotiooeers. UALE OF VALUABLK OBJECTS OF ART. (7 Comprising Csrvsd Vim, ornaments. OrmuL? Clocks. Bronzes, *e., recently imported from BnroM dt Kurt vtti Bros. (1?'? Vito Viu A. Bona.) of Phi.adeifhiB. Ml to U wM at panic aa soB THl R&DAV MOKWING. Fat>rBar, ?u>. ?t u o'clock, on tkc Booond floor o( oar AbcUob "collection will he arraBiced for CTBwiaBtioa on ^adoMdcy. U?* Kb imi.ud will oonaiat of? Superb a&d oleta&t A|Ue and Bardiflio Vhm, CnuU,Urn?. A o, Large broBxe Caodelebrat, bis ligfcte. Sayorb French (lit Clock, and Candeiebrae to ^ ever imported. Ckoioe Panaiaa FaacjGoode. comrruiai Card Keocirars, baaise' Work Ohm, lotofaraAc.. The whole mvoioe la of Nmi. Viti Bti. own direei uapertauaa. ud ooainm Utefcneetoo leotion lobjfou of art ever offered at publie aaic. Trnr.a oaah. fe tT J. C. Mo?UlEK k. PP.. AaaU. \lfAbHIN6TON STEAM BilklY. 34 T C stkbbt. Between awl 6th tHreeU. The attention of dealer* la reeaaated to Mr larea took or FRESH CRACKERS AND CAKES, A none the titiMjm My b* mmd t WATER 0RACKER8, SUGAR CRACKERS. SODA CRACK E It 8. BUTTER CRACKERS. EDI N BURS CRACKERS.; V/BAUKUPt GINGER CAKES. SI GAR CAKE*, ALMOND NUTS, GINGER N I TP. RAISIN CAKES. Buying exo.aaivaly for ouk, ted poumiii tb? idnctMM of sUam povtr ud the most >?(CQ<?d * mAohinery. w ara Abie to rail At Um Iovm( waufAOtnring pitM. (17 WhoiMAla Drapers. Sat ara ud oUri buying goods at the NorU?0*y bat* Ua tiptau of freight And (Mm fraah work, by giving m a oaii. ?b rw.if LOVELL, OOLLE8 4 CO WHOLESALE GROCERS, M Front Street, New Tort. and 316 E Street, W aeklactoa, D. Cm (near Willarda' Betel.) Manag etarted a branch of ear New Yerk aeui ttekieet la tkis city, we lente BmtUri, Or*nr. aiiMiiMln. ud HIM Ktmtrs, to aail and uuiim ear itook, vfcMk to vail mortrt ud comrnatd of gcoda of Un boat taaiitj. Wa take order* for aar Uuag la oar liaa, and axaoala (tea EESSSlL :tP?? ja31 X* Batvaac iStaaad IXfcau. BUTTB1 ... ; ui wr ui piug* j>hw, u iar|t u? wim Mj?Ib^gowf Battar, kum km f K.i>uxtow. >** * No. ii4 KubUi tL. ntw ni ?*. fl^,0?OMK GAARIA9B FOR SALA.-T*. UntillNlliliii?iMnii; J?? 3t Auotlo?r AUrcJ^u ?ta? < I tooki now ffcl; UK coiiij w, in tSl tS*M?n Mll oitirmt rati. An inf nuon of itook iamn mo otoiifftlMW to On* pneeemiy. auM ta pMi igmtm, kwi pmrofmom im dM?T?d. for by ?x*??"?r otkw ?O4M. yro^wty tr^^^-|g. C ?ao_ C. . A up/if felloe i nr. h?T1?, 3S3SBMOBmm Js;r cjsjr1 t'ssssrsariisyra K4ST"' *" " m j|9Ss&nEl?m?^^

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