Newspaper of Evening Star, February 4, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 4, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. AFFAIRS l.\ GEORGETOWN 2 Vorrtpondmc* of TK* Star Gkom?*t?w2i, D. C. Feb 1, 1S02. At a meeting of t. ur City Councils last evening, * there was no n*r?n:ra pre?ent in the Board of A Aldermen. Intbe B'^RI *f Common Council, resolutions for pavm* nt of the claims ct John J. McQuillan, John H Newman, John A. Grime*, C. Myers A Son, Wm Wha>:i. YV D WaJlach. Joseph \V. ?1 Maru, John A Smith. Jas. r f.swx. ana 1 ncs. ? K:iowle?, tr i?tee of the poo' v d workhouse, were j i iMf d tl Mr. Bang*, chairman oi the claims committee, fc In f porting the resolution, stated that In the case of the trustee of the poor-house, hit account would n> be found lower in amount than that of the late trustee. _ In thla connection we quote from the communication of Jhe trustee, Mr. Thomas Knowles? which was received at th? last meeting of the boird?a? follows In submitting the fourth quarter s report of expense* of the poor and work house for vour c?n?faeratioD, I beg leave to say that by judicious management the aeg*egate expenses for the past vear for the support of tbc institution are less than fbey have bren since 1653, notwithstanding the very high prices of fuel and provisiors that were thie prevailing rates during one portion of the A considerable saving was made in the ^ 'en? of medicines for the poor of the town, by the adoption of the system recommended in my com municauon moout tne urst vi toe year, u nas n he-etofore usually cost from S100 to $150 per annum for that Item The pastyear the expanse was about JMi>, and every snplictnt wan supplied. Th? course it; variably pursued by me toward Ibe unfortunates committed to my charge has always been of a liberal character; yet I tra pleased in raying that thf* cost per capita rf supporting them was but S5S (6 So far as J have been able to learn, no similar institution in the United States has been supported at so small a cost." The committee on the market-bouse, to which >:id been referred the petition of George Sherwood and other hucksters in the market-house, graving for the intervention of the corporation between themselves and J ustice Reaver, who had fined them for huckstering without a license, ' were instructed to bring In a bill repealing the law " hlrh obliges hucksters to take out a license for celling on tb^ beivhesattheronrkethouseduring market hours. The same commitUl were instructed to report .1 bill to carry out tee recommendation contained in a communication of the Market-Master, asking 'o nnve a ayaraiii pta< ed at tne bead i>I the market bona?. A rtaoluUon discontinuing the ofhce of bridgeiiesper at the Lt^tie Falls bridge, was passed The Committee of Ways and Weans submitted tae o*ual annual report in writing of the financial condition of the Corporation, accompanied by ?everal resolutions and also a bill levying a uen?rai and special taxes for the vear 1 ^G'i. The bill provides for a tax of 05 cents for general pur oses, railroad tax 5 c nti, ard ta? in 15 centi, naking ;5 rent* on t'ue buudred doliara?fir live < enU less than the tax levied last year The resolutions are to c;i: ry out tfce recommendations of the Committee ai.d provide for sueing the late jx-collector for de ficiencies dtiri ig his term oI ? fice; lor instructing the present tax-collector to enforce the payment ol taxes due; for a strict compliance of the i:*s company with their contract with the Corporation; &>?d fur raising the salary oi ibe uierk of the Corooration to $1,200 for bis Fervioes as Clerk and Treasurer of the Corporation. and ?150 for his services a? Secretary to the Hoard of Aldermen. The resolutions were laid <>ver. with the exception of that increasing the si ry of the Clerk, which was passed c ; In reWfi to the arrearages of taxes, it may be siute<t .nat ?hcy now amount to the large sum of *J5.352 ?R*P.] A resolution appointing the .Mayor a commissioner to represent the Chesapeake and Ohio canal stock b?ld by this Corporaii-<n in the meeting of ~ the stockholders, was passed Adjourned. W>I A CkCFFtTT.?The NPW A lhanv / Inil * f.^dger. in apeaking of Wm. Crof^ut, the !ndiv d ial who reported the conversation between ^ the I't aiden? and General Lane, publiahed i?i the i New Y?rk Tribune. and which baa been aiace p 01 li ; !" d, a?y*: n ? . ' fellow Croffut is an habsiual liar and 11 x an.^f '.r rtn one occasion be was whipped jrithia n inch of hia life by Capt. H.irria, of the pper M RMSipp. steamer Grey Enjjle, fw aland,:r H' w ss!r run out of a Minnesota town H i* hla ulWii a?x?litlontsm " c e H70se ot the letters found in Zolllcoffera de;i, t \vr tren by ? pr>-rri".e t E ?at Ten-'-saean, b.ia the t, fnllow .iu Th*- I*- ion party In Knt Tenii' vaee '> at tfc-s time, and some think forever o > rusfced, ?>at I am of a dijtere;.? op'iilon We ti .4T: iiuge r.umbe* - of Lincolmtta arnougst us * v-?.< are ?!i.^ va'.t'n^ a safe opportunity to ^ v i ii,'.- .-wriue" . irienus. * n }Z7* A Canadian paper *ay? that one of their P' officer*. a . tint me militia were to be J < ailed out, ?e:.t bit cciiiaiUticn to bit Lieutenant o stonel, oriMti a? follow* ?udeer Curnel. 1 i>ejj raiue mi cumniiNSihen. Being a disciple ol H Kr'at, S cannot take up the aord " <? LT^lt 1? stated that a brilliant idea ua* ju?t 1 i>?en ccucelvt-d aroon^ the nabobs of New Y ork, n tnree of whom appeared on Sunday in a church o n Fifth avetuu. hav ng theirfront teeth set with s diamonds 'J English r-ve'iue cutter Badger was f, '>,n down lately at Kin^town, by the steamer si L.-da tSht sunk in seven fathoms of water, and tbe captain officer* and crew only escaped by 11 climbinjj to the masthead " v~r?r\, ?? ??? *? * lr , B ... 11cvmcu ivi iue war is BO ?J popular,Wot profitable nevertheless. for th? !*tate i< rhe tines received uuder the law aruouut already 0 to *4iO,UO<> V fn?" Prtn?:*? Aitert and the DiicLesa tf Kent ' ? were, and yueen Victoria is. cI the Swedenbor- ti ijian persuasion " W NOTICE. ?J. * " E Would re?jv*c?fully nuorn. persona indebted 11 ^ \ us their acoo ants must be paid. We wouid say ! ?hu we wimi t.srticu'fcr!y to rai-.embar ? ii ttit iiKhtlioci puMI ?ii uot with the b *vifw ei" present Sr.* tfca account, but to give t\xut> to i e. upbraid. fl7*I\eas? remember, cail the in>il?y or fcatisfacujrily ei do'sed notes, at thort dat?. Apol * og.t-s i:o looker answer. * }T7" i'tosa disregarding this notice can look for 11 w?uon mwiu verv respect u iully. . T. J. A W. M. G ALT, _ 3^5i Pa av., b?t Tlth and Uth ?t?., ? ja30 eo2w opposite atar Offioe. tl rRANKING HOUSE OK ~ u > m 8WKBHV A HUYCK, n r. .? lr S*V?WTH ^TUKKT. Oi ,* f - b.:ro;eaua on the principal cities in ^ iie l nion, 13 sti ti? *o suit, fur ,'ished by us on rea- ? rV ''f*rno. to cit'xenc and soldiers. v1 t-<?in. rreasury iSotss, ana Currency bought and " '" a Ue^i'aecoBnta opened wan customsrs, either Cor., Treasury Noles. or Currency. w 11 ^"-ewlre 8\VKKNV ft HUYCK. *1 |<MNE BLUE CLOTHS 111 l**or Armw - AND CA8SIMB*E8, 9 1 Arm? inca, 01 ? 11 tt ? I'EKKY a BKO.. ti \ jl bt !?* ,?l . . r. - w ?nu atrrou "? \I<'l KMNG URL'^860()08,udSHAWLS, t? I ^ now Mipp > fipcr.e-1 t?> <J^t. -x IJiio price on y, narked m plain figures i* * '?4i? Olipnc?4 reduced t.? ti.e each **?? PERKY A BROTHER, in - - : * ? avenue aid Ninth street. g| /&\ hekzbekg. ?' m l" b . 'r Lieen??d X^JL " . f A W N B KO K E R JJ 4- 114 .? t. I.e. oan<tlon ttoid and Si;ver wJTchlT ft ^ I'istols, -ilrer W are. aw E * ?; - Appare -a; the oid stand, No. 331 C JV ana oft:-a 'n*uon*i hotei- i^sss.^ j vow is your time to buy over"- f . 7 V.f- * %ntl W(l Ve?'i,at.New Y"rk pricfa 81 r t *' *?' 4fe0 s<Vtlit!i 3trfte-;TO^te ? I'O CM .' fc.K.J, SUf LKRS, *o.?For sale, at ? a ru. -rate price, a New York built four Cftoe'oCDi: c ?verml WAGON, with hftndaoma ?< *a tie- ca?i ? *, 4, , having t,ned three J" .'i* !? f '* i 'J * il. ^ \a*? V orLr a a* /.f '>1 H ' W'ti: plato-j fittioM, whioh AM Itrver ??; ce?Hi ?:? . Aiso. a. ?st of plain Single <S fUrnera. s i;c*. Apply *t 4*7 Seventeenth * ?!r**t. corner of i, lor ad.lre?s of stable a?id G iw. da II READIM S ALE AN D LAGKRBIKR DEPOT O. thece ebratml brewery of Mr. Keli*. to be g SftHrS tlSSl: < " <?-?rp?r Pa. iner.ueand Third ?t. Bl'TTKR ! ' HUl'TFR" Z. BUTTER!!! "Ulir.K.. ^ r?j veaW'tw l) utter, junt received and lor ?SI* c;tr?p b J F. 11. HASTING A CO. no K tf Q it. '%/5inr Pa *v#?uu I ] 1'HAM'* ilAlK DVB 1-TOCtU.OK BLACK OK BROW.V!Only 39 c?uU a t?*. Thre? uIM !>>r oi.a io. ar. Gray, r?*i >r flaxen liau cau i'i * inw t) a j?t black or ~~ rown t u^'l4 i f. mil'. liquid tiair Dye, the betst i afitf Ci c*p??t 1U t'trt Wotl'l, piuUuCM.f. the IIIOITiWlit ^ : n app'iM. a rich r.aturai ap^arai.cs. K&ch ttox ol vf UP HAM'S HAiK U\ K ? warra.tetl to contain k) AS u.-cli Atttr ii-.t as others sell tor om doilxr'. idbr?? C. I'PH AM. Hlrt ObesuUt street, 'h'ia ? Ul.b;::*. a Mi *. CAI*VKR'i' FOKl>. oorucr lit t L atr at an?J Pa. a<e , in Alexandria, by HENitV * OitOK * <?. l>rin{ists H i ' WATUHL'S. ~ H! " 1.1 and Flt.VKK KMGLISil. swisy A.M# A MEXICAN ..?vo 4...w cu t:?uu a :&r<? eiock of ail Die most , 'to'., lU.i Wttobes, thai I am tt'lin* at the ?orj '*??: prttdi t!i?t k?u?J au<i reiiaL!? tiia? kmpara / j an uo adonie I *t; aud *vary deacriytiun of fi??e V il-.VVKL.Ki i>li l.a'.J; al. U0W re.:*iV9<l VI .otta a ? Kianutactarail, ?ii?l at tu? tovrat tli illM. S? iu." *'?# H inufaj.'urivJ in ff 7 otu nii >p. | It 1 a.. ktuJaoi iltl.l I aUV liOtJtiS oil hai.>1. ?uun ra 1* Uo\ -'vera, Saroma. Saahe*,-4i,< Bowie h ftt'.ei. rof**??t CoinMaaea. icc., xo. Also ?trout . Afu.? a'rubks ??>U H?<! CotabtuM: a&>l ui&iif other ! \miui* ua-iu: ard oroaaaata! at 339 Paanat > v&uia th ?*?au? nott-tf H. A. ffOOi). < A . . ^oldlero' Pay. 1HE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY win. roiwtio OLDIERb REMITTANCES TO TflHIE FAMILIES, At any place on the lines of their Express, ce.nU [?r ann^not VAUCT3UIU? miy uunariiWiu piufwi wwn?w additional charge to places reached by conueoting Expreaaes. The money, whether Gold or Treasury Notts, louid be enclosed in an envelope and securely ?led. and have the full addre?s,(including town, oat Office, and State; and in cities, the atreet ana amber.) of the person to whom to be Bent, and is amount legibly irerked thereon. Envelopes ?r this purpose may be had at our offioes. To facilitate prompt delivery, tne charge for ralittance ahouR! be pre paid. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. lVaski**ton, Jan. 9, 1Bo2. ja 9-lm Soldiers' Pay! i'HE HARNDEN EXPRESS COMPANY Will remit aunia of UtTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, FlOX SOLSIEKS TO TH8I& Fa.MIL!>!, At a charge of TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money should be placed in an ENVELOPE and seen rely sealed. The fall address, ncludmg Post Office, Stt tt; also, strut mud number, tn la-re city,) of the person to whom to be sent, MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT TBI E X P R E S 8 FURNISHES THE MOST REL1AL1.E MEANS FOR SOLDIERS TO SEND THEIR MONEY HOME. ENVELOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. is. a. SMITH, Agent Harnden Express, 5*1 st., aecoiid door below Pa. are., ja 9-)m Washinetor, D. C. FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. tor balk by J. P. BAKTHOLOW, Sola Agent, [ftrdware K Agrlcoltnral Warehouse, 35S Seventh Street, Bttwun Pt**>ylvania at>nut and tk* Canal, opposite east end of Centre Market. j* ll-tf _ PROPOSALS fob STAMPED ENVELOPES. Post Optics Department, Jan. 13, 1862. Skalbd FRoro?al.? will be received until 3 p. m. n the 3th day of February, 1862, for furnishing all tie "Stamped Envelopes," "(.etter Sheets and Cnve opas combined,'' atu< "Newspaper Wrapers," which this Depa- toiect may require, duing a period of four yaara, commencing 1st April, Kw, viz: STAMPED ENVELOPES. No. 1, or note ?;ze, 2?i by i\ inches, of white ajwr. Mo 2. or letter eiz', by 5>? inobea, and extra N|W c129. 3)i bv bK inciliu. of Whit* huff r?iin-co o h1 pas r, or in suoh proportions of itiiar at inaj ba required No.i, <>r official 8 re V/i by f*?inches, of the ame co ots as No. 2. and under a %e condition as j tii* proportion o> each. No 4,<>rext a otfi -ia! eize, 5 1 i? by 9 4-5 inohes, I the famecjlor *.* Mo. 2, and unJe' & like condiion ai t'> the propoilion oI f aah. No. 1 ar.d 4 to be embossed with th? three or six tnt ao?tao stamp. No. 3 wiiu six cent, and No. 4 nth tw ve. w-r.tT, t w*nty-four, an ) forty cent lamps, a 1 ci styie a .U color similar to those cow a bu. i ft or a ir?t?aii<l stamped envelopes combined, f wuita or bii;e ?apdr. Non sheets and stamped nv. lopea combined, ol white or blue papar, both ;zea emnosseJ -aritii the three cent stamps. Stamped newspaper wrappers not l*a* tiian 6 by > 2-5 mc><es, an I or buff paser, embossed with the ne cent po?tapo stain", or any other denominaion that may He reqmred. l'ropo-a s are a to invited for furnishing atraw or lacilla board tox?s, or others of equal or superior trangtli, for packing parcels of envelopes, of letter hneu a ,d enveiopea combined, and of newt paper 'rappers, containing from one hundred to five undred each, and for water-jrool Wooden cases x packing parcels of four to twenty five thou ftiau Tiie envelopes and wrappers are to be made in lis best manner, of paper ut approved quality, lai.ufaotured specialfor the purpose, and with n'h water marks as the Postmaster Geneva; mat irect. Th?y must bo gumm?d for sealing, the jrmer at iea?t4>? inches 011 the point and one end 1 t o latter; they must be banded in parcels of t wen r five, packed without cnarge for packing, and lrnished complete in al! i ospcets, reaay for use ntii all reasonable dispatch, and rn such euantie? as mar be require! to fill the orders of postusters, and mast be ilelivered either at the place f manufacture or e.t the Post Office Department, t the option of t'ie Postmaster General, to an agent civ authorized by the latter tointptct and receive ism. An agent of tho Department will furnish the adresa for each parcel, wnich is to 1>? pasted on the ox by the mannlactorer witfiout charge. The' dies fjr winbossing t'.e postage stamps on ie envelopes and wappers are to be executed in ie beat style, &ud t hi* v are to t>e provided, renewed, rn, kept in order at the expense of the contractor, 'he Department also reserves the right of requir is new denomination or stamps and any change* i me uiea or no ors ftilaitionil ci.sree. Bidders are expecteJ to furnish samples of p\per rith their bids of the quality they intent) to use in le macufactti-e of the envelopes which tney prongs to suoply. sn1 also specimens of the envelopes astamp'd, and of boxes. In addition to bids for /umiikin* plain tnvilp?? oj the tizts ann color* abort described- stpatatt roposals art invited to Jurnisk envelopes pro idtd with patent dissolving lines,(indicating tkt roper voritton tor th- uprfrriprion,) to substitute it plain or unruled envelopes, in whole or t? part, j tke Departmtnt may tltet. Proposal# are also invited for devices other than ater marks, fcr additional to such marks,) ?o ford protection against counterfeiting?speci lens to be submitted. The contract will he awarded to the bidder whose ropotal. although it be not the lowest, 1a oondered moat advantageous to the Department, hking into account the price, the quality of the itnp.'es. and his sufficiency and ability to manure tare ajid deliver envelopes in accordance with le terms of this advei liaeinent; ar;l no proposals ill be considered unless accompanied by guarantee. lieiore closing a contract the snooeaaful bidder ay be required to prepare n?w dies ani submit >ecunen impressions thereof. The use of the exeutdies mar or mar not be continued, but no tdira! charge >n the device of Uie stamps will be I op ted. lk>cd? ?:d arcuritj will be requited for ttie faithi. performance of the contract, and paymenta jrter it will be made quarterly- Tiie Po stnuuter eneral reserves to himself the right to annul it henever he shall disoover that the same or any irt tuerenf is offered for sale in tho market for tne irpo??of speculation, and he wi I not, in any case, inction & transfer of the contraot to any party ho shall i e, in his opinio?, loss able or less qu?liadthan the original bidder or contractor. Tho sht is also reserved to annnl the oontract for a kilure to perform faithfu^y any of ita stipuiationa. The nnmber o! enve opea of different aizea and T wrappers iumed to Postmasters during the fiscal ?ar endicg Jur,e33,1R61. la fully set forth in the is i report of the Postmaster Gainer*: ihe bids ehua.d be -Prtpotalt for tamped Envtlcpt* and Wrappers,'' and nhould be 3dreasedI to the "Third A?*i*t*nt Poetraaster neral, Pott Office Department." t M. BI.A1K, ja 15-w4v j oatnaeter <ie neral. 20LD AND UNCURRKNT MONKV PUR,V^de&0r.andl'S-CU"en0' j a it I in noar Browa'i Hotel. BALMORAMJOOTS. *OAr Tipped Double sole B*lmorH....^..*i go all KI4 du do do (yi lore uair do ut A'to, nl other ati!ea of Ladioa and Miimi' 4'uio;*! Hoots, the ctmap"*t and h?st aaaortrnent tn? city. J.ROSENTHAL. >o. 16 Markot 8pao^f j* 7 ?u 1'?du ava una, t>?twe?n 3th and 9th ata. UST RECFI VtDTBN BIIL8. S. HORINE 8 tup?rior OLD RYE WHISKY, otfht yMra J. warranted. Alro, prune Mononjah?ia whiaea for aai? at 333 t'a. avfton?, by do 4 Stavtl BROWNING k KEATING. J *f OK CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! 1AMJKKKOH IKFS, HA NDKERCH1EFS, AN DK KKt'H IKFS!?All aorta, atook now uniuail?d, for iadias and i ?ntloin?n?jutt th? thi ng r ChrtaUiiaa t'reaaato. At THOMIHUtN'f) At K. A. 1.MLS A Co.'? Marble Han iiutai. 1p *i lintlT Brown'a Hotel. ""OLUMUIA MARKET, Pa. acittu, corner Tktrttmlk St. Tho ub?cril?e would most rMpeotlully iniwiTO < < I!,* :,1 \v&; rton that h* tiM returnM U) , : tut t?v v. n-.fc KSinMnda kM^ins a feral ' ir i.lXiki iu ail iu I.ranch??. aa in Untaa toua. ? ?il! I>fl i.apt>> to treat hi* old frienda and aua- i lUfft i; 0 -?!it tiN of olarja to acy p&it of r??19r 0. MALLARD. Z FURNITURE' f* FURNITURE' FVRNI1 VREm (of the firm of Moim Peokharn,'phil*4*a,) Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Cane eeat Chai'i, Cottage. Parlor end Dining room Farnitnre?Thorn's Bail ling, 409 Seventh street, above D. Every variety of UPHOLSTERING promptly ana neatly executed Store open day and evening for the aoooomodation of the public. Purchasers will study their interest to oall before looking elsewhere. ja ? 8m* g U T L E R S , ATTENTION!! 400 BARRELS GINGER SNAPS, Prims Qxuj.ttt, For t&lo in quantitiaa to suit the trade, at low figure*. JOHNSON k NAGLE. 499 Pa. avenue, Wivahington, D. C., ja 21 10 Royal at., Alexandria, Va. Wall, Stephen* &. Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dxalzks in SWORDS, SASHES, BELTS, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, Ac/ And every variety of READY-MADE CLOTHING, At Rkasonablk Pric**, WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 32'J Pennsylvania avenue, between j*ll (Intel. Sc Repub.l 9th aud loth ?ts. Highest price paid in gold FOR V. S. TREASURY NOTES of the different isftue?% and Northern Curreaoy. lixohanre on the prinoipal oitiei North payable in gold or Gurrenoj told to suit purchasers. RITTENHOUSE, FANT & CO.. oa:iters, ivo. aa?4 renn. avenue, ja 2-lai rear Brown's Hotel. SMITH A BROTHER'S PALE CRKAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, POKIER and NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT and HOPS, and highly esteemed by those who have used them. Purchasers are requested to call and examine our superior stook, assured that they will find the BEST and PUREST articles. We have at a'l tunes a large stock ready for delivery, in whole, ita f and quarter casks, su'table for the TRADE, HOTELS.and FAMILY LSK. which we oiTer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH A RROTHER, Brewers, No. A 1?0 West 13th st, New York City. vmuci uj .11 oi or express promptly executed, ge9-6ni 4<;a 8. WERTHEIMER ft CO , AK4 tU6 No. 468 and 4*4 Seventh ST., TTU* Opposite the Post Offer thwr ?took of WINES, BRANDIK8, GINB. CORDIALS, eto., also their large assortment of 8EGARS, TOBACCO, FANCY GOODS, etc., for sale at Wholesale Prices. They keep oonstantlr on hand fine PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALE, in kets and bottles, for bara or family use The publio in general are requested to sire them a call and examine their splendid stook of goods. 8. WERTHEIMER * CO., 463 and 464 Seventh street, de 21-3m oppo. Post Offioe. Oysters! Oysters! THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY StlU continue to receive rtai y those famous planted PATUXENT RIVER OYSTERS, y-N i Restaurants and private iam:iie?(i(R^ f, J *, wi.u.u uu vf?n io < a i ana rry tn?m. . Those oyufsrs are soM 3o hour* after I they com* (Void the wat*r. Il7~ Olfioe No. 48 Market Space. below th? AvenueHouse. j%8-Sm ! C^HEEdE : CEKESK!! ! / CHEESE!!! LIOTORS, TOBACCO, CIGARS, NTTS, RAISINS. CRACKERS. A!: jd hand ana for sale cheap bv K. B. HASTINGS A CO . 323 L) at., t&aiug Pa. avenue, PO35-tf Philharmonic Building. W H. STRONG. ?V MANUFACTXJKM or TKUNKS, HARNESS A MILITARY GOODS, 1 263 Pennsylvania AVISCK, South side, bttwttn I2tk and 13th ilruts. IlT Trunk*, Harnea*an<i Military Equipment* repaired at ahortwat n'-tioe. Je 30 lm* Tthk billiard hall. HE Undersicnod, having purobased from MMin. <\Iarr A Fisher the BilTara Hall at the corner of Penn. avenue and Eleventh street, and refitted tue aaine entirely with new oldthe, balls, Ac., invite* his friends and the pablio generalli to givo him a oal!. ja2 eolm JOHN W. EARP. Philadelphia provision store, 119 Pennsylvania A vents, Bt'.vtitn 19*A and 20th sts. The undersigned, haying located himself as above, takes this method ofinforming thncitiiens of the Pint Ward that he has opened a first-class Provision Store, conducted similar to those for irhioh Philadelphia is famous. Here can be lourH at ail times a la.-ge and fresh supply of POULTRY, GAME. vfcEF, MUTTON. Ao. FRUITS and VE6EVAULE8 In season. Particular attention is called to his stook and prices of BI ITER, CHEESE, Jco. Philadelphia Print Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve. Being deiermiced to give the strictest attention to the wants of hisoui>tom?r?-?r./i tr. ? artioie id his line of the be*t tnalitr, and ne^l at the lowest market priooa, he liopoa to merit a share of public paironaje. Fanaliea will be waited npou daily for ordere, if repaired. jioM THOMAH R. WILSON. CluQ JOBNSON ft NAGLK, QQQ ! <60i/ IHPORTKRS OF &OZJ WINBS.LWVOhS.HAVANA CIGARS, FINE UROChKlBS, 4c., No. U89 Pa. aTepne. between 9th and loth straits, Washington, D. O. No. 10 Royal it, near Kins, Alexandria, Va. fe->le Arents for tli? SPARKLING HOCK and MOSELLE WINKS of the Hockheim Joint Stock Co., in Hookheim on the Rhine. Constantly <?n hand their celebrated Swarkltmr Hod and TVTnteU* Cnki-nti Connoisseurs arc respeotfu ly invited to mve us aoaU. J?8 SOMKTHIN6 Ni? W?8 VP ERIOR MULLED CORN.?Thesubs-tit?er, havin* fot the agency to sapply Washington a Georgetown with this delicate preparation of Corn, would reepeotfully ask of his friends, and the public at large, logire it a trial. Alio, Popped Corn, plain and sugared. WM. BKADLY, Agont, Pa. avenue, between lfltii and 19th sis. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monumeute.

Table Topi. Ao. A larce assortment always on hand. oo 19 3m A BAI.MORAL SKIRTS. NKW and ohoioe assortment of select colors and patterns, many styles, not found elsewhere. In addition a fine and ample stock of all kinds of ! Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods in all the depart- \ incuts of family wants. An in?Dection of stoolr in?..r? nr? 1 purchase. * in _J&7-tr Penn. av*n& ?nd ^lotV it. KBRO^EFS- "wAKp'a. "^KITVRAVATS LINEN COLLARS. SHIRTS, &o.,fto 8' , ? ? . , THOMPSON, ?mder Br0wn'?, dfl 30 E. A. Lake & Co, A) arhli Hal) H^sa&r. ARMY GLOVES! ?**?. .1 ? , ARMY GLOVES." 1 At the Glove Depot of ? F. B. HASTiNG'S A on.. 323 P it., (koine Pa?\v., ^TTKNTION.^T^LR|. OFFlCER9 AND A l?rc#?toolt ofCAMP 8TOVE8, manufactured i guto32,1 ^SSShSS I ?< ?-? H. J. 6RK6QEV. ! ">f Ctih. ^ |. fg WL2S?SS.TOJt)fe'*f?y..#?<.?i?w S1WPK i ,??waul. stbphen? * oo? M*f VUHT AIS. ' * KKATINO. * 4-3Uwtf 3jj Pfc- *?>nu?. m>r tth it. 0T.f?9i15,ft!"?WOOB CHICKKEJN6 ( ?"1i%vr^,la,?ss.'d . Yc, ?i. Bpoa ?., u . U tt|lh?W.I , ""lies ' ? r I / DILTISTRT. D. L. L.KVKT^^SSu[bi*ij8k of the M*bment No. 13 Waver|y PlMC N?w would call the attention to t. oee who nuMM need his t? in additien to his***'"" treat fceiiities in op-raUve Dentistry, he is la toasaasion ef ? new and important invention for uieinaertion of Artifoial Teeth, on ute priMlple ot Aim^rpktrtc rrttrur^. eatorely diflereat from the old mode, and secured by letters Patent grantee April 61*1,1858. This invention la of the greateet value, t i#re being lesa plate nsed to oover the roof of the mouth, and with an inoreaaed amount of auction. The public are invited to oa 1 and examine specimens and oei tifioatea from aome of the moat prominent and aoientifio gentlemen, No. 461 Tenth street west, near Pa. ava. ja 14-eolm* IftK n* 4B m B ? ? w?? vuAniiJbn n* SUIEiLUlt DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Bitwun 9th alio 10th Si*. Ja 4-eogm |^BW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHE0PLAST1 BONE TEETH, Withovt Mstax Plats oh Clasp*. DR. 8. B 816ESMOND, . ? 910 Brcmdw+v, fftw York?*60 Ptnmtylvmmm 4? mm, birwttn 12 tk and ist* *U , Wat hint ton, Cain the attention of the pvbho to the following advantages of hia improved system : 1. The Teeth of hit manufacture *>< NH never oorode nor chance oolor by any* *"" ac.ds. being three-fourth* lighter than any other. 1. No teeth or root* need be extracted, m til* artificial ones oan be inserted over them. S. The roou will pa made inoffensive, an never oaohe, 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent ones oai. be made immediately, thereby preserving ? ?_ var.uwivu vi mo mn wiuon ana or i the old system it frequently disfigured. i. This work his boen fully tested over fire years by many of tho first cluraists and phrsicians or this | ?ountry. Dr. 8. has also inTented a white undestructive metal Elliot, with whioh the most sensitive teeth can be filled without pais, and can : uMd up f per- j feet, sound tooth on any side roots, whioh will last through lifetime. The best of roferenoes riren?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. K ramus, Professor orChemistry, N. Y.; Hon. dge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousands of others. Call and examine for yourself. aot-tm GAS FITTING, Jtc. AWM *. DOVK * CO. RE flew prr?*red to execute any erdsrs with jpmeh tber iti?t be favored IB the ffrVMBlNt. CAS OR MKiM vmissa _ EVBINK88. .JLT Store on 9Ji ?ir?et, a few door* north *f Pa, 5# <?u?? wfSK 751.?? ffcfnd a oomprole juortjneai U'iTfcii'frlW&S* ?" ??*M ? Wru. *.? FIIIIflSB, " ? Hiti in store, uatr^ dai y rMWiTioi. GAS FIXTURES of entirely Nan Patternaand j5ei7rbi and Finish. superior in style to anTtkici heretofore sfffi"d in tins market. We inriteoitiiecs general am Wkii anu examine ovr stock oi 6m ana Water FT* ires, feeling confident that we have the twsl ?..... >11 mo ?| v?o 1 iLLC UITIHN to III flW Will be promptly attended to. MYERS * MoCBAN. ur l-tt 37BD street LOVEL.L, COLL.ES& CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front street, New York, and 31b E street, Washington, D. C., (near Willards' Hotel.) Having started a branoh of our Nev York establishment in thi? " ? -..J, WW *mv*vw W V O. UTWlBTJj j Res:aurant(urs. and Hotel Keepers, to oall and ex amine our atock, which is veil assorted and comprised of gooda of the beat quality. We take order* for an? thine in our line, and execute them promptly. jftSS tf NOTICE. fimppwm "ADAMS' KXPRESS COMPANY.'* J'hie Company offers to tl?6 public" Une*utl!?d j vantAceg'' for the Sale ana 14:110k I?iBpivtaii of Heavy Freifhta. Paciat ea, Valuables, Money, As, i &c.,to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and from the North and West d?- I part from and arriro Washington tvioe dally. All Kxpresse* *xe !? ?hs.rre of irunMfuf mmA I rtltabU Meaaentera. All Packagea for The Soidiera carried at "OKI Haw" our uaaai r&tea. Ail Good* for tne eo-oalled "Confederate Statea" and all Artialea "Contraband ci W?r will b? Rstvskd. Our Kxpresa#* i?ve N<nr York at 1. J, and P. M.. arnvinz in Waahinetoa at < A. M. and iJt P.M. Kxpreaaea leave P/wia^dlp, .ail A. M. and il P. >1M arriving m Waaiuneion at k P. .v. and A. M. 5?xprsss6s ieave Ratimore at 43" A. M. and S P. M., arriving in Wa?hington at 6 A, M and *.*> P. M. Kxereasea fora'i point# North and West leave Washington at 7.30 A. M. and 2S- P. M. dajlj. Special Contracts for large quar.titiM of rrAcht can be made on aep.ication to this office. All tiooda called for and delivered frm (d a ekargea. E. W. PAIimffH ?. .. _ 8oj't Adams' Exprea Codimg#. Xfrashnnton, Acpiita. 1W1. maWu z^s something new ! a ^i^ee*at??r ducovset o At 231 C strut, cppositi ; oysterS^teamed In tno ohflil and ThoroifMv Cooked (far iai6rior to a roast) in two minutes, tkt fattitt timt on ruord. Call and see. 4 T?e ynd?rsun?d respectfully ip.(ormi his friends in the District, and visitors to the city, that he has refitted his old and wkll-known istabushmint in a most thorough manner, and has made oom ftvtv aiiaufjOlilOUlB (U lUrUiHQ U I SI EillS ID &DT style and in any quantity. 400 to SOb gallons shuokea per day. 2.000 to 3,000 oans of SpH?ed and Fresh ?>ut up daily?oana he-metioally sealed. Furnished u the ahelf by the bushel or barrel. Persons wishing to hive Oyster* furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore prioes, without fear of failure, should call and make arrangements at onoe. Freight, time, and money aaved by purchasing of me. aa I furniah an article e*ual to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, at prioea just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clama, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pi*a' Feet, Tripe, Ac. &c.,&o. Also, Piokies, Cater.p, Sajoes, Brandy Peaches, 4c. Alao, Same and Presli Fish. Turtlea, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod. Halibut, to. In feat, every thins for sale in the Northern markets alwaya on hand, at reasonable prices. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without oharge to any part of the Diatnot, in season, if the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from fi a. m. to 12 at nieht, every day, except Sunday, when 1 oloae at iu o oiook a. m. _ _ _ ja2 tf T. M. HARVET. jjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital ? 80 0,0ft. CUUt itnui 0 ttrttt Lewixim ?., hir Ltmk m. IN3VRE BOSSES AND Of HER PROPERTT AGAINST LOSC BY FIRE. Diuiteu. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropler, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D. Barolar, Jacob Giueon, Andrew KoUiwefl, Thos. Parker. Rishard Barry, B. B. Fronoh, Dr. C. VVTbaria, No charje for Policies. JAME8 A??l 8. Path. Secretary. kn ?-eoi>a "* WALL. STEPHENS * CO.. funwriTiiTA Avxifwi, M1L^lAV?AV3aViL AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, ? 6-if (Intel. A Repub.) L. Towns. J. 11. Towns. J. B. Towns. L. TOWERS A CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Comtr Louisiana avtnut and Sixtk it. The attention of the bn*inees community ie re ' in VI? t III. ing Katabluhment, whioh bu been fitted up with new material, in the moat complete manner, is now prepared to exeoste, In asauafaotory style, every r&nety of Printing, viz: Book*. Sp< ?cnea. Pamphlets, Cards, Circulars, Sutlers' Blanks, Ae.,4o. The attention of members of Congress ia esMaiaUy requested for our faoiliUes for printing Speeohea, aawehavethe Imrtut ateam power Tn the oitr. de7-lawto goon amb *? ml* *** o7 ?ut?r humeri e | if:^L^w!^.^]swsar %?T? ** * ? W B Hat* rMAivS wutmn CTSrt day ertwo t Arte assortment of BOYS' Sl'ElNl/CLOllIN?, rubraoiuf All trloi of l0W-pri0M? BMdiUB, uMt fcne tuali ties, wLiot we are eelling a t vary W rWM w ft (InUlligwaaor And Eapnbliaan.) OOUBBtt, COLUrt. HOARSKNKKH ks. >Mat?long known and ve.? uk?o tii*t o*o?i |nM|bftve &?com? {^miliar with ita axtrftordl vur It o?a tTflB 5 y uJlnneS I ^ D DA. JtUMTOR, OilTIHOftl IflCI HOSPITAL, tfms Hiwwrrf U? ?u ftiffc, HMMi flurff to lii fwS, FOA ALL DISBABBBOF 1KFK VDSHOB. iir jro /iiii delicacy r&trmwT. APPLY IMMJBD1AVLT. 1 fUI 1FAAAAJVCTD, OA 2TO CJKAA0X, /* from one to two DATS. VittiM af ?Jm (au, (Mom, "-itfni af m* KM?BS?5S33Sr3FS,a? Tranbltof., Dtnaaaa affegto ?r MMIm*, DkMlTil aad, nrM,Hm ar Bkm, Aftetimm af k? Lm?, lu? ?*???aa ?S lary Eabtta af Yaw*?ihaaa DraadfaJ tad DnowM h?*gaaa rttrt aydaa Ma-^ _ TO UNO MEN kpaaUUj ?k? ktn tia?i tka rtcua* af Mtatn Tla*. that AraadM Ud tautoti.1 kaMl wMafc unTmiM la u?ua?l;|Nf? T?m MmiTiMm uiud uJ*.iU ud WiiUm; knuUact, wfca Mfk( atkarvtaa kt<a aoiraaead Uataataj Baoataai*a uE^aaTad a!T Cu"." ? ***' * ltT*? ?m, *u wuk MARRIAUE. MauiBB fnawi, at Tatif Mca imnihfc| Marsew*** raJyapa.k.aakillaaaphyrtcka.* u "" uftkF17?f 7 SOPTH FREDERICK ST. laft kud aula (itef fram ilrmaci kjml a fa* dam hM Ua aarnar /.7S? u iNkti J^^d uaS., kS ataat ka Mid Mid aaataia u.~. ? , , . _ OR. JOHNSTON, 2 ?S? STE^IS? r '" *?" <? T^* lit* km* fc*?c f.Mt ta ? ?&?* ??5SS?*?Ti aSTSS: ''" i"*n: ""T -to ruifuif to ?. UU S STlUS?" ' * ??* ? ra Li" T4JU? i?XKr/CFL<4Jl NOTICE. Thm Mar u4 xun k._ - -? - -- v_ - Mruin prieuct inda'if td in *bu ilwi babit fclMIMll It am *4 fram a?U ewpuMi. at at acbaal, tba MM* af which ara aifttiy felt a*an wnaa aalaap, aad if Mtwrad, randan marriftf* iapaaarbla, aad laauiyi batb ated im Mr, abaald >ipj; immdnulf. ftuitri km af tba sad aad laalbaly aCaMalNlMll by aarly haMti rf rntk, viat Waabaaaa af tba Saab aad kaaba, Pain* in tba Raad, Diranaaa af Rifbt, Uaa af Maaefeaa rival, Palptutaan af u>a Baart, Dytpnwj, Mat iin Uma bilitT, Darufamaat af tba Dljranita nacttaw, taml Oabtiity, ymptama af oanaaapuau, be. MBRTallt.?Tba faarfml afacta aa tba artad tn Mtb ta k* ? M *? *- * IIIHII *t ioui, IWWMMW f kpinu, BtiI PtrtMun, imMa W MM, fclf-Dtouwt. Lot* tf Mn<?, Tuaiduj, *tt., ui mm af Ik* *?U* pVldKld. NBtvout niBiLiTT.?Tkaaaand* Ma in|^fi vkall* Ik* ctm *f Ui*U diclinuif bMllh, lotiof tkalr ngm, >**? tof *r**k, pal*, r?r??*i and craacialM, kartaf a *uf?lat ^pp*aruc* a mat tk* *y m, c?*ft ar *j mpn? W iiiiim) DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wk*n tk* mi*f~a>d*d and impradcni ratar; *f piiuin tnd? k* kai i.-nbfcb*d u>* *?*d* af (hi* patofml di?MM, u tM Am ktpfxnt tkat an il1-tii??d huh of iban.* ar draad af diaea?*?7 d*t*rt kirn fram applrinf t* U111* wba, fraca adacattoo aad raapactakility, can atoo* b*fn*od biat. Call* kat? tk* kaodi of ia ;*raat aad dtainiu prtUDdln, wka, tacaaakl* af aarlnr, tick hi* paeaniarj iwauac*. ki*f kla tnlinj Moth aft*r nanth, ar * Ini a* la* *aaO*M f** ui k* *ktatD*d, and ia d**patr l*a?* aim with nto*d kaalta t* *tjrk *?** *u ft.iiof diuppamtmtnt; *r ky tk* M* af tkat d**dl* pau*.?Hireary?haauo t'i* ctfUtatiM*! tjmfttma af tkH ??en u tiicuKiKuii Iun,nntt, laid, rapidity, till 4Mb p?u panad ta (ut anUfn Nfartaf ki Hedifif Mau tfcat w fcaa.T.r.4 fnm .k..' ra??i? DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORG AN 19 WEAR NESS AND 1MPOTENCT My IUi rmi tad laww nw4f VHtamKiki ?rrai "I nacrawa and dtblltuiad, via had laat all |m, kaaa lmmtdltuly r?ln??d. iaw au aapa, aa?a All lmpadlnaaia 1a ?fc?Ufa, F>T<?al at Maaul DlaaaaJTraaUlicr tod Wutiln w ?f l** aaal ftarlU Bad ?p?tdMy cuid ENDORSEMENT OF 1HM FREES. * * *APT TjlOVlAFDl qm%& It tMi hnillllwi vttkla Ifca 1? l laTaataanraan, tad tha caaaraat imaainiil *!# a*lep?rauea? parfc#ia?d kt D?. JAnataa, vltoaaaad fcy m* HfMlin #f lit jM^in tad auy Kfcw Mnm. ovtlcti 2^^ wtwTqti. JT^I. bXTS^J^SJ^J: t?dti kii ittodir| u i rtitlmMi (tefiinv |?4 mv,m <m ! fsumatM m * iBmi mi ll-ly t n. i s xi m n. Protected by Royal Litters Patent of Englamd^ and secured by the Sealt of the Stole de Pkarmade de Paris, and tke Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. TR1E8EKLAR No. 1 lo the effectual rt<iatJj for Rhiatiob. OilMATORRTIGEA End EXHAUSTION OB TBI ST?TKM. TRIESEMAR j>o.2, Comfiet?lr and entirely erauicst** all NoMof t! om diaord^ra. for which Copaiva acd cubebs Q&ve fe-i?r*!I* h??n - ? _ UU UUUV/I?| W U1Q ruin of health ol a tm portion of tb? po?nlaTRIE8BMAR No 3. ! the treat and surf remedy of th- oir;.ixed-world for ? .ra:>uriiiea of The a>rtjn,a* well as aooonda<-y sjrnipt' TTiR. obviatirg ir.e doatrucfcve as? of Mercury, as well m oti:er d- -Canons lncredieeta, nr.J wiucn all ti:e Sarnpar :1a in thewoMd cad not re.uovt . TRiK<Wik.\o? l. S and 3 are ahke davi' 1 of fame or imo. ace oi al: new?tint qoali?i?f. 'i ney ?-re in tne lonn of a ;o*0tfo, ana may he u.. the tat.e without their nee beint aoepeotec. Sold in tin oaeee at 93 each, or foar 91 oaeee m ote for 99, and in $/1 caaea, thna eaTing #t. aa administered by Va.pean. L^lemytd, Ronx. Ao.. Ac Who eaale and retail by DRTh. A. BAKKOW. 194 Bleecker mreet, (4 doors from MaoDoujal atre^t). New York. lmmatlate y on reoeipt of remittance, Dr. Baaaow will forward Trieaemar to any ivt of the world, eeoarely packed Aud addressed aooordin* to the matmotiona of the writer. Published &:so by DR RARROW, that appnlar and beautifully illustrated medioai wot*,Unman Frailty. Price 8S oenta. Trieaemar and Book oaa be obtained bv aMoiil nnthnriu n WMhmtpon.'P.'C- " ^ "d/ialto"' LEA li FERRIIII' 0U11BATID Worcestershire Sauce. Froaouneed by flS EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS H of*Letterfro?? t# bo the IJ AI?-.??. fcrmi J**'1 At MftdrM ** ONLY GOOD nnuBr** SAUCE." pPjgi ^ Woroa?t?r, and ?p?:ic?b:e to r#n glVft EVERY BfflEgC%Sf,uttiS3 VARIETY ggPlfcjoJimon^^ Mp4?&!n hie, m veil u OF DISH ^K&L^Mhe most who.esoroe 5??<? that i% made." The above SAUCE u not only the iht and moet ror*l&k condikibt known, bat the moet Stmnomie*l, u a few drops is Soup, (jravy, or with fish. hot and oold Joints, Euf St?k, 0??u, 4"?- impart an ox?Hiaite seat, wkioh wmrrmcwUd Sauce manufacturers have In Tain endeavored to tmitMt*. On the, LmuJuon, XHaaer, or Smnm T*bh, a oruet oontainiac M LRA * PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ? indispensable. To appreciate the txctlUnt lualiiiu of this d*Heiouj preparation it it only neoeaeary to parohaae a small bottle of the (mmm, of a reapeotabl* grocer or dea er, as many Hottl and iUrtssnsi proprietors seldom place the Pvrt Baaoe before their guests, Dot sabetitutea genuine BottU failed with a 'fwriffw mixture. For sale by Grooars aad Pr liter ers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A BO*S, Union Stitan and 14tk ant, Warn York, Sole Wholm*]* i.onhUiu fT.iM at.. A Stoak alw?y? in (tor*.?AUo ordora raoo>r?d lor direct ehipmeuU from Knfl?wL inTBamtt of C$mmtm/tUt mmd lmutumt.JZl >H|4o ESS TOPHAJ1T5 MM US T R E M I V M TR W N K ?BE MAffVFACTDRT, 4M Inmi nun, wuiimt^ D.?. ? Maatara of CourMajuid*tra^f*iars will *i?M "jtaperior biitk*r "w?d~2fr5??"?r?mki wtU? U 1AaaaAiSasm ~ IN OttiNMPM^KiTtoS^U n> mi m^STTjQMiv* |y^h>? *# vrpA fim oj/luufe fl?!m&^h^nDc%t rt^L^wifl j^SXrtMvsfffegg* J ~?TOH?KT' TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. IMS] THE [I*? FnicyWtBia Otmtnl Railroad, (WttkMiMUMbM) 18 A FIRST CULM ROUTS TO ALL TIB WHTUN C1TIMB PEED, SAFETY AND COMPOST' TONS Bii.i Avran ami* FK&E FROM DUST! BAGUA6E CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! mu uat funi run FHILAPEI.FHLA If PITTUCICH' Two of tbOB iHm am coKKsorion at lauinu Tttll MiM OS tfco NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, lid forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE noi WASHINGTON ANP BALTIMORE to all points it U?* WIITi NoiTB-WMt A.KB ftorri -WBST. I^TKor Tkrongb Ticx?U. apply M tfco (> ? ( Um Northern Cunl Km. Rood Con pany, Galrort tHaUon, Baltimore. aplnulxd Uttmmg Cart on all Tivrki Trains Smoking Saloon Cart on mil Train*. from Washington. PuNBfinvM tUtUMUhuil p. ar trains, arriving in Baltimore U1M k m. ud ?4t p. vkaredoMtniMttiou an MM with tnuss on the Northers Centra! ft. R.,?ui arrive is Harrist-uri at l p. m. aad 1.46 a a., tiers ooan*otir)( with the trains oa the Pennsylvania Ooatrs Railroad for all parts of the vest Br m. JKKIU. ~... fonrarden] to aad from any point oa the Railroads ufOkio, Keotnefcy, Indian*, 1 iiunis, Wisoonsii Io?a, or Missosri. 6jr KautoaA iirttL ThePennsj.vnnta Central Km I road alee ooaneots at PitUborc wi'h Steamers, by whiota Goods au be forwarded to any port ?c tfi?- Ohio. Itv?ktr(inr. Reotnskf. Ter.neseee.Cnmi^r yd. (Uino* M m isslppi, Wisconsin, Missosri, Kanaa. Arkansas, and Red i vers; ana at CleveiMM), ttadnsky mk Cnioaco with steamers to at T mi nMri i e*** Merchants and shippers entmstinc the transmutation of their Fraght to this CoauMy.oaa re!: viwpn >uo Km nc *?r r r* niun t w m noi mi y pointm the WMt, I'j t).? P?id?jIt?m? Out* R*ilro?4. arc U a/i hmw ?i fm*+r*l>U u ?ri ckarfnd fry ?tktr Kniirtmd Cempmm** CrBf Bfcrticu ?r to mark p?cti(N"ni Pmh. C?XT*AL IT R." MAGKAW 4 KOOM, Frenht &?Bta. no. 90 No rife Lra#4, Hlt morp. ENOCH LKWIS.eec" Spermft. A t? d?, Pa. L U HOUPT. G?n'l Ticks* A*'t. PuI'MmpEi* J HOUrt?N.?-M Fraifht J^OKTHERN CENRAL RAILWAY n? Skortttt, Qmektst mmd hut Rtmu/fmm B*Ut\WEST, NORTIFAND NOR II WEST. iWIHIUV WINTER SCHEDULE Cbajmiov tm. ObjmkI after BPNOAV . WU? Novwnbar. fteu pr Traina will trnte aixi depart fro a CaJY?rt OtatiOE U follow : ?j .. . ?_t*aii?e noetii L*at? Mail at IDa.nL Bilhio Eitom i p. m. p%r ktti c Aocohid-o.'ft!: on 4 ?. m. PitUbarg and Harris bare ??r?u t JD t. WL. _ .. T*ai:.? Bcvtb Aaaiva Far k tor. AooomiBOdation at I a m Huflalo I? a. m. fta^tsP Hlurub"r? ?*?* a The < a. m. train from Wuluniton eoeaaata ETtae J3 a. m. train from WtibtnctM oonnenf u j8JR" ?, tl*in t.nora i!hnl Jsa^d Nortii*Mtad tiiuraand Bafkio ?kTo tf * m' t!*In 90B&Mtl *ith the 8.3n ?. m. train from Biitiinore far PrUDc^c. BarruiMirg and the W eat end ia a direct mamotion for Lebanon. Eaetoc A lientowa aad N ?v York via Cehtrai Railroad oS New Jeraey. Try Uua route for New York. fl^The only tram leaving Be timer* on Bandar eMoand the *Veet/?r i t^*!?Trl*Mf? HtUmorcoB !*IDte7 * u ! *> ? B- trtUB. J AS. CCUAMItK^ no ? if Piy?rirUx?<t?Bt Tu.* WOT1CB VP TMVfcUUa. * "^Poelnaseier #cn?r?ki r.mnnf orterM ui Kibmw^te^OirPelnt^oSlMr^^Cj^ Monro*) to bMMuMd, on icc Mot:?y, tbe&ih inattnt, tba Bar Lii? of U?m*rs Hre&SrV K5SW& wh'?h " " *228*2 TL*"J M. W.PALLf.rr-l. ilTP A ii Ui du? . ? ..... LudiBf wfnmfaai poaaarVffi at ^Vh?^Ter><wUNew York aai Phila6ol>kia Btaamih.a Company inland diapatobiac tkair ni aoverad Clya*-bui;t iron Staanahipa aa fo.lova |M\raui SB?*- A*~j? KANGAROO. - * 1Kb. And a vary Saturday, at noon, from Piar ?t, Nortl nrar. una of raaaaom. First Cabin Do. to Loudoc __ M bo. toParia at Do. to Hambart ? BtMva 9m Do. to London 34 Do. to Pani .. ... m Do. to Hnnha>. " -???< ?> ? ofci."17"" '^'ToS.'b-^ttf.Ssa" <*? ?. A.BEE*INe,i?22>ElS^i&'i, Drii .gff?ai'iWBr<,,T Bf the f* ^cd.T tnd iDi r or i^'c.s'T. "ssiAS a?otiop with the Fall R(V?r tad did Co ony Hailrokd.dituncsof MnuloaonlT to Roatnn Fjfi.. tonohincet Newport aaeh waj. Vke 8te*rWMETROPOLIS Ca?t Brawn, cn fiwdiTi, Tharadare, and Batarda?*, at 4 a'aiook P._M? toaobing at Newton each way. Tbeae Htearoe-a are IMedwith ?ono4i?ia atate rooma. and ?wit arraareiaeo t for tae eaean tv and oomfort cl ?aa?una, wao are ajbrded by Una roite a aithta' raat oa boara. and oaarnvai at PaU *J*er proeeec per t-ua*?boat Train.reaching Boaton car It ti.e loliowit* :m>raia?:or ?ar remain on board actil etarting or tte AaaoMjaoaa ?ata A. Mby wtica tSey mmj reachBoetoa it MB A. M. A baccate ma??* la attaohed to aaafc, wao receiTaa aoo icieU the baccate, andaaoonf*n *? Uie aaraa to in d?*wnatioa, A steamer rana in oor.a?rt.oL with tfcia Lioa ?-a twees Fall tlwer and Prowifleaoa Mb. aaeept Pqadaya . _ rmftt to Boston ta r*nr?M ttratik witk treat a^a^Lch by an Ifyr? Tran. whiok Imtm Fall River every n>ort. nf. hui.4ay? IMo'oiock for Boa tot au?f N?* Baxnoni, imrui at .ta eaarl nation at about 11 A. M RSiS Z?1 ?aad V w??t *,*+{. K. y. pENBlON OKFIO.X. jtw Hi, INI. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCUR*. Application havin? tota inaae nnfler u? aot of ?> J una, IMn, for tha mm* of tST Lw WarraoU dose.!-ad i.e*oic. which are a e<?d to have bean loat or daatiojad.aotioaia harobj rimjaat at the date fo h?:ij the deecnption oreaaavVar rant, a new Cert,6onia, or like tenor, will ba ibaaad, if no valid objection diali then appear ~7to.ri^Uk, for WMNa,lHiM under tbs aat of "No. MAV, foML3?WW, BDdOT tfc* Ml of Sstfasair fctx? uo i ruted on ttic 1st akj of Auirt. 1?66. Mi,".,' udjrMMMlM]MdVl( Jlly, U96.?Dmmd Jjp&jSL 5?T-Srt BSttWUf J Mi |??t>4 fafhw iU. Mfl. . I My^-D?r'bf ?. ^ ?i?r tot aot \ ' jgigsaflatssag I Smm. jMl Um aft at Ma-ci. 1836, la M* <tf W dhs* Seott, mTvm IMM or tkalatiar of May, ML?Janaary 11, J will ao? toi 11 UtoMpn " Tii-i ? mmmmU fliw &&3c JoSsaktsm^

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