Newspaper of Evening Star, February 5, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 5, 1862 Page 1
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I~ 7"~ \ , / . va. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1862. !N?. 2,795. ?????????????? I 9 THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED BVB&T AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT TUB STAA BUIUNNM, ffmr mwim mU BUmtk ft. Wt W. E>. WALLAGH. Pr.pen red la paoksftM by carrier* it M I yrv, or r.7 oeata par month. To mall anbeeriben be price to year, *m S3 for aU month*; si for three month*; tad for torn ttu ?fen? mcntha at the rate-of l? eeato a week. 81a fie coplea. 011a can*; la wrapper*, two e*ara. i;y AoTitrtiaxt!in should be aeat la U< ifli* before U o'clock m.; otberwtoa they ma] act appeitr until the next day. IUPOP.TA3T REBEL CORRESPO*. DKIfCE. r n tan Feellac la Tenaciaee?The Peepl< ff.cady ta Welcome the National Traapa. Aasong the large amount of correspondent foand in Qen Zollicoffer'a canon after the Iat< battle were enough official letters to justify th< belief that the Lnion sentiment of East Ten Dei see i? still strong; and, although it may b< for the present snppressad, it will, on the firs ap)>earance ot aid from the Union troops, brea] for .h in powerful demonstrations. On Oct. 23 Col. Wood, commanding rebel troops at Knox ill*, wrote to Zollieoffer as follows: " The news of your falling back to Camber land Ford has had the effeet of developing I feeling that has only been hep: under by th< presence of troops It was plainly risible tha the Union men were ao glad that they conl< hardly repress an open expression of their joy Th s afternoon it assumed an open character aa<i tome eight or tan of the bolfiaa, or leaders man an aiwsi on some 01 my men, near 101 La oar House, mod seriously wounded aeveral Th<? southerners here are considerably alarmed believing that then m a preconcerted plan fo\ a united movement among the Union men if' by any means the enemy should get inti 'Tennessee Again, Col. Wood, writing under date o November 1, said : "I do not believe that the Unionists are ii the least reconciled to the (rebel) Government bat, on the contrary, are as hostile to it as th< t eorde of Ohio, and will ha vnAu tn tnl* ?< ai nut as soon as they believe the Lin roll jorces art near enough to sustain them." On tbe 10th of Nnrember, Major Blocson commanding tbe rebels at Lowden. Tens. Trote to Colonel Wood as follows : - - The 11 ion feeling of this county is exceed ingly bitter, and all they want, in mj opinion to induce a general uprising, is eneooragemen from the Lincoln armies. They have a grea many arms, and are actually mmnfacturin,4 Untonfligs to receive the refugee Tennes ***** irhrn they return. They are gettini hold enough." Zollicoffer. on the 12th of November, re vponded to all these letters by ordering th< reoet ioreo. men siauonea in tne district , where the I'nion feeling was prevalent, to dis arm all o{ the Union men. Bat, before carry ing out this order, Col. Wood, on the 20th o November, wrote to Attorney General Benia min for instructions, and, in the course of nil letter, he said : . " At one time, while our forces were a Knoxville, they (the Union men) gave it ou that a great change had taken place in Eas Tennessee, and that the people were beoomin( loyal (to the rebel gc rernment). At the with drawal of the army from here to the Gap, an< the first intimation of tne approach of the Lio coin army, they were in arms, and scarcely i man bat was ready to join it and make wa: upvu u . iuo jiiuvucn wo uave ICil US ma they had every assurance that the enemy wai already in the State, and would join them ii a few days. I have to rcqueet at least tha the prisoners I have taken be held, if not a traitors, as prisoners of war. To release then is ruinous To convict them before a court t, next to impossibility." On the 26th of No>ember, the rebal Attorne; General Benjamin, replied as follows to Coi Wood: ' Your report of the 20th reoeived uu * uv? >iv<,?su w gi?o j>u >us uoeireu in struct ions In relation to the prisoners taken bj you among the traitors of Eaat Tennesse 44 First. All such as can b? identified in bar mg been engaged in bridge burning are to b ftied, summarily, by drum-head court mar nal, and, if found guilty, executed on th pot, by hinging It would be veil to leav their bodies hanging in the vicinity of th burnt bridges. " Seoona. All mush as hare not been so en g'ged are to be treated u prisoners of war and rent with an armed <raard to Taseiloou Alabama, there to be kept imprisoned at th depot selected by the Government for prison era of war. " Whenever you can di^sover that anni ar oonoentrated bj those traitors, 70a will sen* out detachments, search for, and seise th arms. In no case is one of the men known t have been up in arms against the Governmen to be released on any pledge or oath of alle siaaoe. The time for such measures is past They are all to be held as prisoners of wai and held in jail till the end of the war Sue as come in voluntarily, take th^oath of all< Eaoce, and surrender their arms, are alone t 1 treated with leniency. " Yonr vigilant execution of these orders i earnestly urged by the Government." A* Irrepressible Reporter.?The fol lowing incident i!l?~irates the desoerate d? termination of reporters to obtain full partic ulara of every important event: Col. Baker' funeral ceremonies took place at Mr Webb'i The friends, the honorables, and tho militar filled the house, and reporters were shot oaf Now came the tug of war. One reporter' efforts alone I will give aa a sample, selectini the victor in tho case. Having failed in al other efforts to get in, he brassed it up to Gen McClellan and asked a pass. This was ridicc lous of oouTM, as it was neither Gen. McClel lan's house or funeral, and the reporter wa snubbed. Off he goes to Gen. Marcy, chit ei uen. aicvieuans stan, and was u cayal ierlj ires ted u he deserved Koand th home he goas, and, finding the omnipreaec contraband, give* him a dollar to shoot hii down the scuttle-hole, when round throng larder and lebbj, he creeps to the ride of th parson. Bat he dare not use his pencil, laai it bring on a gentle leading oat 07 the aai Down he sits with one eye half eloeed, la funeri flow, aad the other on the parson's manuseript The address over, down knelt the Tenerabl Sunderland to olose with prayer, down knel reporter, meak and mousing, and when ai hearts were melting, and all ejes were olose save reporter's ojm. he stole the mannscrif and "slid cannie oat." Long the wearj pai son looked tor bis truant address, bat when th morning dawned he was enabled to read it et tire in tne papers. P.rows Stosc Feobts.?The Absolute nt ral iaKilitw t\f all Knnaan fama K ams J - - pectations U strongly exemplified id thedeca which is fast falling apon the pretentions sp< ei?? of itore which dm lately been used to th eicluaion of aloaoat every other for the finish ing or entire construction of the moet elegai ?mate residences and public building) Srown stone housee and "brown (tone fronts, which here been used to gratify undonbto e'.yle and quality, will shortly be looked upo only as i mi tea tire of corruption and deoaj Careful ooeervation will show symptom throughout the oity of the rapidity wi:h whio this work is gving on. Door sills are sealin vu ?uu IU ?vw^iu? Mi? mvmyw ILI iruov OK OH brawn I ton? hotuea quite frequently will b diaeorered oollectfon of peeling rubbia whleh showa how rapid lj the disintegrate proeeat la going forward. E?en Trinity cburct the atone of waioh wu at carefully ael octet exhibits the antne aigna of rottenneaa, aa w learn bj the Scientific American; and e can fat ehemiaal inroatigation will aoon be ealle fer, in order to obtain tame method of harden ing and preaerring thia material, ao acceaaibl and otherwiae ao Tamable for building put pieea.?N. Y Sunday Tim*t. tZ7"The number of establlahmeata in Mum u itetlaengaged la the maouhcturro/ Iran, brai and copper, including rolling mills, furnace eoudrice, machine ahopa, tool factories, kc , am I net including nail end tack mschlscs. ia ?18. am tbelr appraised value la about 90,000,000 ! ITT" Tbc bill revoking the lottery grant In, Del ,*rM? paaiud tbe Senate on Tuesday, having pr? rtoaelr p?n4 tbe House The State Is now (Ire from lotteries and policy abope. Jr^TTh',<.ttow ' Camp Dennlson, ObJe.3,33 m vmU,J ,0'd^er, I A t'lcrgyasaa with a Shrew far a Wife. James Fraser, the author of a work on sanc* tifieation, a minister of great repute in tbe first half of the laat century, was a man carted in a s fiery help-mate. Here waa a woman to try a ? poor husband's patience. "A cold, unheeding, > worldly woman was his wife. Never did her * godly husband sit down to a oomfortable meal ? in his own house, and often would he hare t feinted from sheer want of needful sustenance, t but for the considerate kindness of some of his , parishioners. She was too insensate to try to - hide her treatment of him, and well it was for him, on one account, that she was. bisTriends - thus kciw of his ill tre?tment, and were moved ft to do what they could for his comfort. A ?idly ? acquaintance arranged jrith him, to leave a t supply of food in a certain place besides his 1 usual walk, of which he might avail himself when starved at home. Even light and fire in < bis st jdy were denied him on the long oold 'it /? A .. VI- ? * S ?. a ? I wuim wvvuiiiga, auu mm uu b LUU j wai ma on IT ? place of refuge from the cruel scourge of his wife's tongue and temper, there shivering in , the dark, ne used to spend bis winter evenings r at home. Compelled te walk in order to keep , himself warm, and accustomed to do so when ? he was preparing for the pulpit, he always kept his hands before him as feelers in the dark, to f warn him of his approaching the wall at either side of the room. In this way he actually wore j a hole through the plaster, at each end of his ^ accustomed neat, on which some eyes have 5 looked tb glistened with light from other fire p than that of love at the remembrance of his i cruel wife. But the godly husband had learned to thank the Lord for the discipline of his trial. Being once at a Presbyterian dinner alone, 1 amidst a group of moderates, one of them pro' posed the neaith of their wives, and turning to Mr. Fraser said, as he winked at his companions. 'You, of course, will cordially j?in in i /innViti* ?k;a *???? > iQ.. r :n ?j ? r ui tuaiuc IV iuia lUOOb. OU JL Will) ttUll SO X ought,' Mr. Fraser said, 'for mine ha* been a hotter wife to me than any of yoara has been to you.' 'How so?'they all exclaimed 'She has sent me,' waa his reply, 'seren times a day to my knees, and that is more than any one of yon oan say of yours.' On the day on which her godly husband entered into his eternal rest, and a very few hours after his death, some of the elders, on hearing the sad tidings, hurrieb with stricken hearts and in tears to the manse To their horrer they found Mrs. Fraser outside, feeding her poultry. Approaching her. one of them said, sobbing as he spoke, 'So, Mr. Fraaer has gone to his rest.' 'Oh yes, the poor man died this morning.' she said, as she scattered the oorn among the fowls; 'if you want to see the body, you can go in? ohick, chick, ohick.'" J The Position or the President akd Gen' McClella*Hon. A. S Divin, of New York' in a letter to one of his constituent#, says: My Dear Sir : I am in receipt of yours of the 15th of December I will make a very sbort reply : First, aa to why our army doee not strike at some other point than the strongbold of the enemy here. We can't withdraw any considerable foroa from the army of the Potomac without weakening our line, and we have a vigilant foe ready to take advantage of any movement of the kind They oan afford to have their winga turned if they can force f our center. Trust, my dear sir, to the skill of l men quite as anx'ous for victory as either you or I can be,with more knowledge of the means , by which it can bo attained. A joint committee haa boon in seaaion for the f laat fow weeks. It was created by those oppoced to the manner in which the war has u noon aanilti/tfa/4 t vvvu www????U< * VJJJA/OWU IV* UUb IUBV WA# ? among mv misukes. It has done good; the plans of toe army have been disolosed in this ? committee. They must keep the secrets thui communicated, bat I know they are now sat? isfied with the plans; McClellan has been before them. The President stated the other day in my presence, that there was probably bat one man in the eoantry more anxioas for i, a battle than himself, and that man was s McClellan. He repudiated in words of with>. ering rebuke to those who make the eharge, that he or Mr. Seward or Gen. McClellan were tampering or delaying out of any ooni sideration for the Rebels or Rebel institutions, or that they indulged any thought of ending o the war by any means other than eonqaest on t the battle-field. I wish every man in our land k could have heard him. EST There was auite an ado at the Paris h Bourse about the affair of Mason and Slidell. >- cui wruat aa;> me news nad fluctuated in 0 the moat uncertain way, ao that the speculating people were in a state of despair. M. de is Rotbaohild received from a private source a dispatoh which assured him positively that Messrs Mason and Slidell would be rendered I. up, and upon the strength of this he went upon >. 'Change and bought everything he could lay i- hands upon, for a rise; while another Jew mag nate, M. Pereira, for the Credit Mobilier, sold 1 everything he eoald get off his hands. M. y Rothschild, wu. v?d foreign, and consequently better doaroes of information, has been optia mist from the start on the war question, and 2 has realised thereon what would ne fortune j for any other man than h?: vhila M Pmln i. who relied on the falsehoods of the French i. press, hag been pessimist, and has paid dear I- for his lack of acateness. Thus between M. is Rothschild who bought, and M. Pereira who >f sold, the small fry did not know what to do, [- and the Bourse was stormy to a degree beyond o the reoollection of the oldest habitue of the it place. ? Hum Loum roi> n eighty-two reweU lost during the month of Jan0 usry. This number includes two teamen, ten it sblpa, fifteen barks, eighteen brigs and thirtyseven schooners. Of this number thirty were il abandoned at sea, eighteen of tboae abandoned t being grain-laden, having cleared with some four _ hundred and twenty thousand bushrls of wheat ,/ and corn. The total nlot of the property lost , and mlasing was one million six hundred sad 11 forty two thousand four hundred dollars Tbls d is the value of the property totally lost, exclusive >t of damage to vessels not amounting to a total >- loss. e ? ??????? |E7" A gang of eoflln robbers have been detected at Weaton, Somerset c? , England. The leader *u the sexton for the church, and the party were accustomed to open vaults, break coftns with i- tools, cnt out tba lead lining, and take this lead [- with the eoffln handles ana plates, to sell as old j Iron, at Bradford. The wood of the coffin and the y. bones of Its Inmate were broken up and stowed . away In a further corner of tha vault. This has been going on for over three years, and at least * ifty csflins, Including those of some of the prolt ml sent people of tbe neighborhood?noblemen and other*?have been thus outraged d A Frrs at Old Poibt.?On Sunday last Gen. n Wool, commanding the post at Fortress Monroe. r. y"? **"? Admiral of the Pomone, the " *^oU de to dine with him at h bU qojf.emlneldethe worV The Invitation wu cord alW accepted and the guests rat down to a S sumptuousbill of fare, amidst the roaring of can. mrOD? mPtfto? discharged In honor of the Admiral There were not more than twenty senSTrSi' *??"* whom wer? Col. Moor c N. FaU?, of the Bay Line, tad the senior Staff ? Officers of Gen. Wool, and the Admiral. e K D7" ! ii T*l*hy fhmll/ of Vleau the husband made hie wills a new year's gift of a dozen ^ pain of gloves. Indignant at sach stinginess,the - T' " .h* hortaad>s track wis tamed I *?* Explanations en! c ?? w wdii ww uk irMOlUy .. Udr** sstenlshment on learning that each pair of gloves vm wrapt up in a bank note for 100 Aortas. C7TIW umoM at Carlisle Barracks were In ' dtamar recently on account of a report that the " female traltora wera to be brought from Washing' 2 ton to that place, to be ooainad. Ai army suri geoaa get vary rooty la the obstetrical department of medical aeleoce. we can wall Imagine their coastonattoa at thla Intelligence ?Frmtiet. Til Abmt Tuwuh Dvmtmiiit ? It la stated that the military telegraph line now Las near twelve hundred ml Us of telegraph wire in | operation, and one hundred and thirty operators, l aad several hundred rspalrwa and builders la the laid. ' TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Arrival of the Steaaur FUrtkera Light with Nearly One Mllilta la Treasare?Marl?e Disasters. 1 New York, Feb. 4 ?The a'earner Northern 1 Light baa arrived from Aapinwall She brings 1 one hundred p^aaengera and >850,000 In treaaure. The steamer Coiumbos was lost December 8th, on Point Remmedious She had a careo valued ] it *1.608,000, mostly English goods. No lives , were lost. i The steamer Republic, from California for i Ac. pulco, was on the bench at Acapulco, caulk- . ing having been started In the late gale, during which she had to throw over her deck load Capt. Richie, of the United States steamer Saranac, is reported to have all his officers under arrest Cauae not stated. The steamer Orizaba, which connected with the steamer Northern Light, brought five hundred and seventy packages of Metlcan cotton from Acapulco. * , , , The dates from Panama are to the Mtb tflt. The sloop of war Cyane was at Panama. The Lancaster had aailed for San Francisco. Baseness ws? dull at Panama, owing to the troublea in the interior. The British steamer from St. Thomas states that the Sumter had been seen by a steamer from Havana cruising close to St. Domingo. There had been hea^r rains at Costa Rica, doing vmc uauioxc unoo ccnec crop. 1 Chili was tranquil. Large shipments cf flour and wheat were going forward to Europe. An attack wa? made at Ctulao by the steamer. Ucavil upon the Chilian steamer Loa, the former firing \ even times. bnt being threatened by the British I war vessel, she left for Chlncas, pursued by the steamers Parana and Loa. Upon tha latter arriving at Chincas the crew of the (Jcayll abandoned J her, fleeing to the Interior The United States Minister, Mr. Robinson, has been formally received by the Peruvian authorities. At Asplnwall, January 24, the soldiers quartered in the jail broke down the doors, releasing all the prisoners, and afterwards ranged through the town, arresting several innocent persons, i charged with being inimical to the Government. Nobody was killed. 8a* Fbancisco, Feb. l.?The steamer Golden ume mum u>-aay tor nHM, carrying 100 pat- ( sengprs and f#50,000 in treaaure for New York, | anil f3fl0.000 for England R D. W. Davis, auctioneer, failed Jo day for ?50.000 No assets The sb! p Mary Wbltridge, of Baltimore, arrived yesterday from Hong Kong, and the ship Neptune's Car from New York. The Case if Senator Bright. Ha&risbgkg, Feb. 4 ?The resolution favoring the explulalon of Mr. Bright from the U. S Senate having passed the nouse at midnight, wag taken up in the Senate to-day, producing much excitement. Albany, Feb. 4.?The Senate passed a resolution this morning declaring that Jesse D Bright is a traitor, and ought to be removed from the U. 8. Senate. In Search ?f the Snmter. Bnsios, Feb. 3 ?The new gunboat Kearsage ( has tailed from Portsmouth in search of the pirate Sumter. ( Several vessels are loading at this pert with < horses and munitions of war for Gen. Butler's < expedition, and are expected to sail during the < present week They will soon be followed by j the 8th New Hampshire regiment and other J troop*. , Sadden Death N*w Hav.'.n, Conn , Feb. 3.?Wm A. Lamed, a professor In Yale College, fell dead, In a lit, in the street this evening. ARMY EXPRESS CO HP ANY.' NEW ARRANGEMENT! ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK. 41 HOURS. , Thia Company ie prepared to forward all kind a j of goods to and from? NEW YORK?Offioe 3tf Droa Iw*t, BOSTON?Office, T Congross strest., and U Con- < grea* Square, J PHILADELPHIA?Offi je, 337 Chestuut street, , BALTIMORK-Offioe,Camden station, I WASHINGTON?Offioe, 3*S Pernaylvama av., ALEXANDRIA?Offioe, 103 King street, ANNAPOLIS. FORTRESS MONROE. NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, auu mo SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS, ' AT FAIR BATES ! j?9 lm* COIN WANTED! The Hif heat Prioe paid for GOLD AND SILVER! i Srsci* For Bali in Sims to Suit. LEWIS JOHNSON fc CO., BANKERS, Psnnstlvania Avknu*, j jaZMf Comw Tenth ?tr?et. ! S COTTAGE SETS! j COTTAGE SETS! jm : Thirty very handsome Seta jaat received, in ( Solid Oak. Imitation Oar, Mapie. and Deoo rated, i with acd without Marble Topa.and at prioea that i cannot tail to five entireaatisfaotion. ~A]J2f.JHl,~e?:;te?aIV?.*MMOrtmeDt of CABINET < FURNITURE. FEATHER BEDS, B OLSTERS I and PILLOWS, Baira^d Hhnok M ATTt E?8t8, i 4to,*c. BOTELERA WILLBON, , Iron Hall, 318 Pa. av., bat. 9th and loth eta., Ja 2>-6teo ad and Sljoora. T?NGLIBH, SWISS. AND AMERICAN WATCHES. M. W. SALT tc BROTHER oall attention to engLT^H?10 M,ortmett of SWISS, and ? ... ? AMERICAN WATCHES, ip Gold and Bilrer Caaea, for both ladiea and wntlenen. Their preaent aaaortment oompriaea thoae by all the moat oelebrated makera and are offered nnuan ally low. M. W. GALT Jfc BRO? ? _ _ Jew?!.era, 344 Penn. avenue, fe 1-st Foar doora weat of Brown'* Hotel. WASHINGTON, JANUARY 1?. 1868. NO.S17 BlVIRTH ITKIIT. ' The underaigaed have this day formed A eopart- ' nerthip, under the name ef SvniiT A HvycK.for tne purpose of oondnoting an Exohange, ColUotion. Laad Warrant, and General Banking Bun new. By prompt and faithfnl attention to buaineaa we

hop* to merit the oonfidenoe and anpport of the i publlo. H. B. SWEENY. JalS eo2w LEONARD HUYCK. T> OS WELL'S 13 MEDICATED COUGH CANDY. COUG HS, COL^sf B'ROCHVTIS, IN FLU EN Z A j and all moipient HTABRM OP MHnMUMi 8?M wholesale and retail by O. B08WKLL. < oorner Maryland avenueand 7U? ?treet; Z. D. GILMAN, ai/ddraggiato every wkwi. Ja34-?w* | ' . ... ^ HWTV<'*U,ILT8: i With a fall .tockof DomgitioJ$?&$?v?{? by ' Mu %o 6 cmFSSw. ia^ im Between7th and 8th itreots, Opponte Center Market. CELLING OFF! 1 rSZP &2l?iaAJa Cloak., I j Goodi, to make iroin for Bpr i ng 8upjlii. | ??)? M 8*vnth rt.iSoffpj??k. ! PENNSYLVANIA ~ j ^WktipMP' i *** tt* ?1 ByWLr'^htf^^umofV ] pOKTABfcE WOODEN YENTB I ^ ] &jgsseit.^utTjfsaa 1 is?.Mft Terr low triQ6 Th??? toatatu bin put 9sx?sKns3s^^s^mmu,m' ' J*? ! >* JOHN A. JORDAN. i AUCTION SALES. By B&RNARD & BUCKLY. Auctioneers, Georgetown, D. C. TRUSTEES' SALK,?By virtne of a deed of * trust from Win. W. McNeer, dn.ted April S4, IMt, and of record, we will off?r at anotjon on the ilth day of February next at 3 o'clock p. in , on the premises, all that lot of ground in Georgetown known at the oasiernmo*t p*rt of lot number cm ? uu iwouiy-rifni. i m./iu DTO.I BUUK IVU to Georgetown,fronting M fe?t on l)nnbwrton ?treet. inarnonin* back north, of the earne width, 1? eet, with th* improvement#, eoniitting of 6 two itory frame honea. Term* of ui?: One-third of th? purchase money P*.??ud m oaeh; and the reaidne at three equal inatalmenta. at three, aix and nine month*, with mtereet, tobe teoared. WALTKR 8. COX. HUGH CAPKRTON. T ustees Georgetown Build'r A??ooia n. j*> iawU BARWAKD k. BUCKKV. A not*. D* Dl D Vi n n ?. ?> ?rniroi? a ati **# oamiaiii; a uti/acii auouuuwiii Georgetown, D. C. ?f record. we-will <-ffer at auction, on the 11th day of February. &t a*4 o'olook p m., on the premise, thai lot of groand in Georgetown, bounded m folk>wa,Tix : Beginning at t&e end of tw*nty-ajx teet meaanred eatt, on the aonth line of \Ve?t atreet, from the coatheaat interaeotion of Weatacd North treeta, and ranninc thenoe easterly, by and with the aonth line of West atreet, tweat/ teet, thenoe aouthardly. and parallel with aaid North street. Mghty-aix fret, thenoe weatwardly, and parallel VI lh Mid W flit fvarfw m*A north eighty six fact, to the beginning, with the improvements. Terms or sale: One-third of the purchase moner to be paid in ossh, and the residue in three equal instalments, at three, six, and nine months, with interest, to be secured. The term* orsa e mnst be complied with within one week after eale, or th? property may be resold, liter one ?e?ks' notioe. at the risk andooitofthe first purchaser. WALTER 8 COX, HUGH CAPKRTON, Tru?t*e's Georgetown Uaildinr Association. j*6-2* wt? BARNARD* HiJCKEY.Anoto. By BARNARD k. BUCKEY. Auctioneers. (ieoTgitoien, D C. TRUSTEE8' 8A LE.?By virtue of a dead of trust from B. Hutohins, dated September 22, 18S6, and of record, we will offer ?t auotion on the 11th oi February. 1862.on the premises, at 4 f>'olookp m., that part of lot cumber ninety ons, in Beatty * Hawkins'addition to Georgetown, beginning for its bounds on the south side of Pros)Mt itrMt- in C* Feet, measured cast, from~tlie veal corner of said lot, and running tfcenoe south and paralel with the ir?st line of taia lot 53 fojt, more or 1ms. to the line of Mrs Masher's lot thenoa ea?t nn the line of aid lot 25 feet, and thence north 53 feet, more or ess, to Prospect street; thence with Prospeot street 15 feet to the beginning, with the improvements, oonsisting of a two-storv frame house. Terms of sale: One ttord of the purchase moner to be paid in oash; and the residue in three eqnal instalments, at three, six and nine months, with Interest, to be securer. The terms of salo mutt be oomplied with withm one week after sale, or the property mar be re?>.M it the expense and risk of the purchaser, after one week's notice. WALTER S.COX, HUGH CAPERTON, Trustees Georgetown Build's Assooia n. ja 6 2awts BARNARD A BUCKEY, Aucts. Br BARNARD A BUCKEY. Auctioneers. Utittttcnm. D C. TRUSTEES' SALE.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Henry Dade, dated April 25,1857, ind of reoord, we will offer at auction, on the 11th ibt "i r eu aary. si 3* o'oiooc p. in., on the premies, part of lot No. eighty, in ti olin?ad ' addition , to Bcorgetown. bounded a* follows, viz : Beginning at the northwest corner of said lot, and ran line thence south, alone North street, forty feet, phenoe east and at right angles with North street, i forty six feet, north forty feet, and thei.oe rest forty-six feet, ti the beginning, with the improvements, confuting of tso two story frame )ou<e*. Terms of saie: One-third of the purohase money ? be paid in cash.and the residue in three equal ' nsta'ment*. at tnrcfi.siv. ? ?<? ?*"* kwfoutifea. rtie terms of cn. o m?ft be complied with within i me week af er sale. 01 the property may be resold, ktt:.e ri?k ar<doogt of ti;e first puiohaser,after one reeks' notice. WALTER S COX, HI GH CAPERTON, i u?ww ? uc /iirwwn nuiiuiDK n?r?ci?TiUK. jafigvirtg BARNARD A BOCKbY.AuoU. f.y WALL It BARNARD. Auotiooeeri. rU RUSTEES' l?ALE ?By virtue of a deed of tru?t from Cliarlus WiUiarna, dated April 83, 3*6, and of reoord, we will offer at aootion, cn rHURSUAY. the 13th day <">1 February, at 4 >'oloek p. m , on th* premise*, that lot or ground u Wa?niuKton known and de?orit *d aa I lie ticrth>rn part of lot No twenty-mx, '2*,> in aauRre Nv. >n? hundred, (100,) fronting forty eiisht fret oa fweniieth ?treet,anJ fifty feet on M streat, with he improvements, oousistiug of a two atory frame lot so. Terms of sale : fine third of the purchase money to be paid in oaah, the residue in three eju*! in ttaiinenu, at three, six, and nine months after ] lai*, with interest, to be secured. Tha terms of sale mutt be oomphed with within >ne week after sale, or th*> property may be retold, < it the risk and oost of the &i st puroLaser, after cue reeks' notioe. i WALTKR 8. COX. HUGH CAPKRTON, ' Trustee's Georgetown Bnild'g Association. i ja i iawn ____ Oy WALL & BARNARD, Anotioneera. J FtUBTEES' i*ALE?By virtue ot a deed of trust iromN W. Walker, dated February 22, 856, and of reoord, we will offer at aaotion, on FkIDAY, the 14th day ol February, at 4 o'olook > in , on the premiaes, that lot of groand in Waahrgton known and desoribed as lot D, in aanare So. CM beginning for ita bounds on Eighth street, 8 feet from the northwest oorner of said square, md running thenee south with the line of Eighth street 16 feet; thetoe east 63 feet 8 mones to a 3 feet illey; thenoe north with the line of aaid alley 16 eet; thence weat 63 feet inohea to tbe beginning, nth the improvements. Terms of sale: One third of the purchase money to t>e paia in out; ana the residue in three e^ual asta meets, at three, six and nine months, witii nterest, to be secured. 1 The terms of sale mast be oomplied with within me week after sale, otherwise the property may >e resoid at the risk and oost of the first purchaser, ifler one week'a notioe WALTER 8 COX. HUGH CAPKRTON, Trustees Georgetown Build's Assooia'n. j*7 aawts WALL k. BARNARD, Aucta. By WALL & BARNARD, Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE?Br Virtue of a deed of trnst from Cynthia B. Mason and others, dated tfaroh IS, 1857, and of reoord, we wi.l otfer at auoion,on sATURDAY,the 15th day of February, it 4 o'clock p. m- on the premises, that lot of gronod n Washington known as lot No. eighteen, (18,) in i*uareNo. seventy-three, (13,) with the improve nent*. / Terms of sale: One third of the purobase money o be paid in oasn; and the residue in three e?aal nstalmeuts, at thren, six and nine months after late, with interest, to be aeonred. The terms of sale must be complied with within >ne week after sale, or the property may be resold it the risk and oost of the first purohaser. WALTER 8. COX. HUGH CAPERTON, Trustees Georgetown Build's Assoo'a'c. ja7 2&wts WALL & BARNARD. AnoU. po MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS, BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYB, The Best in the World. r*? Only Rtitabl* and Hmrmlus Hair Dt* Known, soia py ail UrugfiaU; also, at Bbkbkton'i Patent Medicine Store, cp. Patent Office, oor. P k, 7th, ] iiiBs's Hair Store, Ml Penn'a arenne, where ! !-adie? oan hare It aaplied, if desir?l. Paetor^--ei Barolar *,<? m Broadway) N. Y. j Read the following uneolielted enoomi-^K' *"I aannot'oommend them too hlfhly." ''They are the beet Female Pills extant." Hl^ave need them with oomplete luooeca." " vuu aut nv wimoui uwm npua u; oonaiaerlliOC. "They operate saeedily and effeoUvelj." jjfton by ft. C. POflp.oorner lltK street and Pa. kT*aas.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK * 3Q-. PmmiU. Bok-toly PffRlfDEN'ft fcXPRKftft. ' t OBT?BLlia?il ill tifi leave to inform tne pab'io that the? have exended their Expraas to WaahuutoB. and are now > re pared to Transport Merohanui?e, Bank Notae, pecie. Jewelry, Ito.jto all pam of tke MiddU, Y?w England and Wuttm 8Mtta aa-i Ommmdm. ^onaroiinr with the moat responsible Kxpreeeae nrouiaoot the country, w? are enabled to offer , MMfnaiUd facilux** to all who aoar favor nt with 1 ROAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. ( WASHINGTON, D. C., JANUARY, IMS. REMOVAL. A. BITVIIfGER & CO. HAT* RBMOVBD TO 319 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, OPPOMTB W1LL.ARD3' HOTEL. We Invite the attention of oar friend* and trons to the Card below: No. 819 Pknthtlvasia Avairrt, ) {opposite Willard'i Hotel.) \ The Subscriber*, having opened a Branch Establishment In this City a few montha alnce, and feeling encouraged by fee liberal patronage al ready received rrom Its friends and the lover* of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other articles in their line, have determined pon a continuance and extension of their busl ness. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and district*.) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac , Aiao, KTeru valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complaints, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY k TORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDV, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINER. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Price* UNE NAVV AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCED,CHEESE, PRESERVED . MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, I VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac., Ac. i ne dhki wu par'.cuiariy aeieciea to suit tue , want a of Hotel-Keeper!. Sutlers, Restaurateur*, kc. They are Invited to visit the establishment, which la under the direction of Mr. Jos. 1\ Wilsok. Owing to the fact that they import moit of the irtlcle* direct, and to their many business facll!rrry low prlcrs. ? { Your obedient savants, ~ ' A. BINIKOER k CO.. - - I mporlets of Foritgn Wmts, Liquors, f c. I Ja 11-tf Nkw Vokk am> Washington. ] LOVELL, COLLEiS 4. CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, S6 Front tttreet, New York, arc! 316 E Street, Washington. D. C . (nea: Wiiiaru'a Hotel.) I Having sUi tod a branch of our Now York establishment lo this ctty, wo !r:Tite tutltn, Gro'tr>, Rutavrantmrt, and Hotel Kteperf, to oall and sx&mme our stock which i> well aes^rtsd aid ( somprieed of gocla of tie be?t*u&lit7. Wo take ardera for Myth'.nf m our linr.asJ execute them , >ro?>tly. j> a tf pARAKFlNE I CANDLES! j 1 nrpn/Ti'S PiTCVT r> aw a vcitjh LUU VV VA ^ -A J* A AJA* A A A 14TU CiiiY-DUiS / i M&iiuf&otcred by the 1 Niw Vou Pa*affi5* Canslx Co. For aftla in <aantities to auitpurohe er?,by the Manufacturers' Agents, J0HN80N * NAGLK, 969 Pann. avenue, Washington D. C. j* 21 10 Royal, n?*r King at,, Aiexudna, Vft. Dayton's Bakerj. non i NEW YORK. BRANCH No. 4M Eleventh at., between G and H, WASHINGTON. D. C. DAYTON'S PIG NIC* OYSTER CRACKERS, 1 BPONGK BUTTER CRACKERS, " BOSTON CRACKKRS. WATER CRACKERS, " SODA CRACKERS. " GRAHAM CRACKERS, M LEMON BISCUIT. " C?i ebra ted~M1NCE PIES. Hotoi-keopera, Head* of Familiea, and ttatlera ] ire invited to try oar exoelleat MINCE PIES. TESTIMONIAL. Camp Scott, Seat. 9.1861. Mr. Dattow?5?r i All of at, both offloeu and printM, bare fcte freely of roar Pica, l w oon ieientioa?ly state that no ou is ou the eiok list [rom parcahin?*of thorn. To toil the truth, vt are heart-eiok beoauee W9 oan't got enough of their.. They are the only red luxury we have had aiuoe re left home. W. F. Dimmins, MD, Sargeon. C7 Dieooant tq the Trade. ] J. L. DAYTON, j> 11-lm 436 Eleventh it, Waehingtoa, D. C. RENAUOIN BOLLINGER fe CO 'S OTT A MPAOXn. , LEFMAN. UEFE* * THOMAB8. SOLE AGENTS fwtk*. UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Dvabb Btkkxt, ??-1ib N*^ Vort. T? SUTLEKS 1 AND 1 BF.STAUB A MTS . IN baskets ' rtry snpenor CHAMPAGNE ^ . -v _ WINK. For mI* irhtsr by WM. COKW1N BUR8Y, No. MT Ptamlniit tmot, )a7 sauaaoo on ftis'.h tt I"" UNKNS' ..... LINKNS! Ws havo a fall stook of In?? Lmf n?. Black aad JlM-M ^^rgsrfcrw. I. ? < ====== 'the WggKLY STAB. I Vsii ??:.?< P?* )j ul *?? Jnnu: c?xUUU?c a irnu: rx>.*rf K laWwHsg nM 11?| tt?u ui m kui u it| htor h mmm?< ?a in.Azy jbot&u*. Out, tm i<*wm * eepTt T** u*ui ^...41 ITlf CPplfi ? it>?4 7ft Trt cnp!? V ?r -I?e eep!? ltla*anaMy eeatalaa tbe"Waefalmx?oa N?v?' IUI t?i made n? Attif ??MMf Star tllNkll c #rt*railT ttrcnrfcc** tte cavalry. u7"9;?gle ??pl?? (In wrapper*' eaa fee pta oared at the counter immediately after the lavs* ?- ? fc ? m (MA.' M an DO V/CIt M iJ HELM BOND'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HIGHLY CONCENTRATED " Compound Fluid Extract Bsohi? m mmm OftnjH JlHiy For Diituii ol tit* DUADDK&, KIDNEYS, G RAVEL., u4 DROPSICAL SWELLING. Tr.!? Mediant* HeriiiH tb? powr of Dig oot>*>?, V_d OBOltM U>? abftokbknt* Into tMftitaj , by which the watskt ox rtLcxxort depooiUoaa , Xnd ?!1 UXXATTXAL ?~?L*X?M? HTT* Xre IMMW, m vail m FA1M AMD WWLaMMATIOII. a UELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHXJ For W?alraoMf? Arjisi from Exoomoa, Hxbita of DiAoifXtl**, . Gvlr Ind'Aorrtion or A^cm. Atimdtd tri'k tk* FWtoipfef Sfmptmmu: lndi?po?:tion to Exorkoo. i <> ? of ? > t {Ath, BOTTO? of D *??M, Wak?fu;DeeB, Diiumm of Viuoa. Pan in tfca Buk, L'n'v?rf? Lasutade of tfc* Mnaoaiar f? itw. Hot HaiMls, FlaeLinj o! toe fV..c ?, DrynocaoftheSkic. Erapttoni on the Fm, FA.U.1B COBSTKSANCB. Theee symptoms. U a owed to go on, vhiefc this medicine mnn&Hj remorse, boob foilova IMPOTENCY,FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, At mm of 10kick th* Pan mi may Kiyirt Who oan ray ttiat they are rot frequently fallowed by thoae "DOiarvL v ?ba?b?." -INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the cacae of thau aaffariaa, BUT NONB WILL COIfBBas. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE A8YLU|M And tk* Mtlmmckoly Dtatkt fry r<m>i>*(f(Ma. tut axplb WlT1tB?S TO THB TBCTH Of TBB MHIW. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. *4Uir*a tiie aid of m?dioin? to treocthan sad Invigorate the ?r?tMB moh HELMB0LIT8 EXTRACT BUCdU ?< arto/ I* dmt TBlAL WILL COHT1NCB THB MOCT SKEPTICAL* FEMALES-FEMA LE8- FEMALEB. ou> MtmjmvmiK' ?? Jn Many P?ul%*? it Fttmmlu the Extract Buotau is aoMu&ied by aty otber r?e-ly, as e Chlorosis or KitMUM, Irncu.anty F?: nfulr.j8?, or Suppression of Oasiomary Efle u&tio^a. Ulcerated or J*cLirrou? state of the U tarns, Leucorrhea or Whites, Sterility. and for ail complaints incident to Uie ra, whether arising from lndiscrotion, Hatats of Dissipatioa, or la the DECL1XB OR CHASOS OF LIFE 1 KB SYMPTOM* ABOVB. NO FAMILY SHOULD BB WITHOUT IT. KO MATi RftlLttmm A* /or Cui iiKMi m%d XMMOMS UELSIBOLD'S B&JRAVT BUCHV ' SECRET DISEASES In ail t&etr Si**?*; At little ExftCM Lit::e or no char geui f>i? , No moonvoaieoM A?ia no e.zi>ontrt. It causae a fre*.i >. z.-i girea otrenfth to Urinate, thorohy Rem<>vtr,( oI*ti uotior.s, ['roventing aud Curmc ^tnotiirei of tne Urethra, Allajioc ?>i-a:.d iutiai>.inatto&, ?o [rr^aent ic ?be class <?! diseanen, and expe iB| aU FmkWCIM, Otf.u H OOI Matter. THot'SaJsDj orojl THODIAHM WHO HAYS BFh v THE flCllMS Of V UACES, U.d % L > hai e oa, J A*at'ir ? J to h? ItnrM id aah*rt line, nar* foanrf thr y were ceoetved, that Um roi^os" hM. I f the u?* o{ "rcw**'ui nttt mm** e-c. tiriexl cp in Uie > tUxa, to break oat iiutt tr?rat?d foiiu, and m PEHHAPS AITMR MJLEXUVM. 01* H EX iV ACT LtCH V ill aifeoUout ?ttw Ci?oa*< o 1 Use IKl.iAA * VRflAill, irseltisr txittmi in lALfc OR FEMALS, torn vhttirer an** mrlretinj and no fcattar of iJ '? LONG STANDING. Disaaeot j.' Us?? Organs r*?cfreUi? aid of a Dlnnr, HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHD M IHE RRK1T 111 ITS ItTIf! aJ \r oemiti to h*v* the cmired effect la i)>te&tea/0r w?u* il u fteomrr.en.dtd. ITIDBJTCa or THB HOST naaroiuuLl AJTD l? L1ABLB CEAKACTBB rlii|M00my?sr the mediome*. certificates of curkb. From 8 to 0 vearf' iUjiein with NMi^\5sNg^,Aril) pAMK. MFHTSICJAIfV PLEASE "NOTICE.' wn ? "no iiciit'1 of "nokbduvrt." IX L" f M Dm IkNI L' T U A PT UII/IDIV m oompowwt of Buchn, Co he be uxl J ihm Bottmb, lelected wxtk irut car* by a oomfeteai 0ra(gist, PREPARED IN VACUO. BY H. T. HKLBIBOLD, PraoboaJ and Aw'rtioa! Chemist. and Bolt MasBtboturor of EKLMB0LD8 G&NULNE PRJCPARATI0H8. AFFIDAVIT. ' PersonallT appeared Before me. an Alderman of the oity of PhUadf>lBhi&, H. T. HtLMOiD, vm beio* dalj sworn, doth *ar. his preparations aoat&.u no narootio, no mc(our*,or other mjarioae d:ugi, bat are pcre.j vegetable. H. T. HELM BOLD. Sworn and snbaanbed before me, this^d cn?? of November. ISM. WM. P. AlUSKKD, Aidermaa, Ninth it., above ttaee, Phi A. PHYSICIANS irATTKNDAMCE FROM 8 A M- TO 8 P. M. Price |1 par kettle, ar iU tar ?*, Delivered to any addreee, securely Hcim rem obeerraUon. Address lot tan (or information in aoc&Oe ee H. 7. HKLMBULD, Omim, Depot, IN Boith T*nUj at, be,ow C&Mlcit Pki* UK WARE OF COCNTKRfKllB AUD VNr&IPfClfLMU DM iLbtiti vko etidearvr to dirooae "of ll?? r ova' "?U?" arttotM on tke reymUUo. - miiw i Htlwtbeld't Gtwmint Prtpmntt* , . ? " IcMd Bt , f m h m Sfifmnlim, f M u Jmtfrtmad JUm fuk. . Bold hr P. B. Wun, Z. 0. 9ujum. J*?% Wo*r, S. C. Fou, R. B. KerwaiLB. A C KuHi P. B. Olau, Invmi * tiw?I'll L. M ajob? Wsekmgtoi ac4 ;iA'? ALL DB.VW1ZTS *rM*TWUWkA. . e IUI BO OCHML %? Oltnl tki kdrcrt-tueM. M mm fctn. ! LM? AVOID lMTr-'tlTIOr. ?1 X/OMfctJ D*htU? 8y?|rt?w m CwwumiMmN^ khi nuriMMl" MiIm ?'M9 * >. *