Newspaper of Evening Star, February 5, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 5, 1862 Page 3
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?A)CAL NEWS. Nones?After baring fot many yean prints the Mate of letter* (eras'nlng uncalled for In tb< po? office of this e1*v, (under the lew author 'sine tfcetr pohi1 ration In the newspaper harinj th- la-jrewt circulation within the usual deliver of the office,) the proprietor of the 8i?r has a length felt compelled to decline their furtbe Insertion, because of the great space they bar eoroe to oorupy, and of the fact that for month past be ha? been forced to lay over on eael oecasH>n, when printing the lists, advertisement the 'nsertton of which would have paid at leas double as much as tLe law allowed blm for th *eu*r hut. Id addition to this positive pecuniary loaa V their insertion since those li?ta have come to b a larire aa the New York city letter Hats, the have entirely?on the day on which they wer printed?defeated his purpose of making the Sta alw?v? a aewivaetr?Drwi being it* well-know speciality. f Axriiuin To-Ni?ht. Thiatir ? Laat night of the comedy of "Self.' Owens aa "John Unit." Cwmi?TT's ?Nlel, Haves, Stratton, Scott, Bon Mhce, Hailam, Clalrville. " Japanese Tommy,' and others, in a new bill of Ethioplon songi dances, ai d burlesque. George Christy to nigs In an original afterpiece. Kixc's Amphithxatik. ? Last night of th equestrian pantomime "Don Joan" and Gardner' burlesque dance. "Ala Cubaster," with a sew pre gramme of brilliant performances. caftsftbrav Hall ?" Washington at Vallr For?*.'' ' I^ Tcur On M fllAn " t/tnaa inanKnar slack-rope performances, dances, ballads* Ac! Ac , by the Leonl and Canterbury companies. oafha!**' Fai?, st9t Vincent's Fema'.eOrphai Asylum, corner of O and Tenth streets Elegan articles, usful and ornamental, confectionery, ic cream, etc Mbeical I.acrt as. at the rooms of ths Younj Men's Christian Association, opposite the Metro polltan Hotel, by Dr Trail, of New York. % Sscond lecture of Dr. Hayes 01 "Arctic Explorations " Admittance free. Door clcaed at eight o'clock. A< adkky o? .Mrsic?Free concert at 3 o'clock embracing selections from the most popula operas, excellent refreshments, Ac. Hall open al ?i*F or ths Board of Tkcstkxs oi PrsLit; A nooLJ?At a meeting of the Board c r?bV,e School Trustees held In the Aldermen' cumber at tbe City Hall yesterday afternoon, tb oath of allegiance to the Government waa admin Istered to tbe members of tbe Board who wer present by Josttoe Thompson. The Commute on Music in answer to the rest lution Instructing them to Inquire Into the expe diency of modifying the rule which render* th studvof mualc obligatory on all the pupils of th Public School?, made a report In wri'lng. The are of the opinion that It would be highly lnei peri lent to make any change in the rule relating t study of music, and ashed to be and were din charged from further consideration of the subject The committee to which was referred the com munlca Ion of Mr. Hyde of Georgetown, In re latlon to ptysic*l education, made a report tha In view of th?expenae of establishing a system o gymras'ka, and the fact that suitable room would tav to be provided for IQe ft male pup ill also tLat the children who attend our schools ar not t?eneraiiy of the elasa which suffers from to niurb cor 11 ement In cioee rooms, they were c the opinion that It would be inexpedient to ei tabllib a. system ef physical education and asi.e< to be d'scfcar.'ed from further consideration o the subject Tfce report was accepted and th con.mifee discharged. A resclntion Baking information of the Mayo as to wbat amunt of money ba? been receive* for srbooi purposes for the year ending Decembe 31, l^Cl. w?? passed. .Mr Casael moved a reconsideration of the vot by which the resolution which provide* that ni exc ision of the time of the regular holidays a prescribed b*j the rules shall be sllowed withou the %an ?f the board, was rejected. Tae_ motion was carried and the resolution wa \j&ted. after which Mr Stuart otter- da substl ?ute providing for a committee of four?one fror each acLoci district? to determine whether holi days shall be extended beyond tire limit pre crib^d In tte rules. The substitute was rejected and the original resolution was adopted. Mr. Miller offered a series of resolutions allud Ing to the action of the City Councils in relatlo to the appointment of a School Superintendent and approving the appointment of such an officei and proceeded to advocaU his reeolutiona and t argue tbe advantage* of such an appoint ment at some length. In most cities and town the system of publ c education was not consid ered inaugurated until such an officer was ap pointed Mr. Ltermehle thought the bill before the Boar of Common Council Imperfect, and spoke of th powu 11 ucicf$atcu ?? tar pfoooaea superintend est, making blm, mmoc other thlnga, the sol examiner or candidates for te*ch'-r?, who couli only be elected by hla recommendation, un< clotbitg blm with other extraordinary powen He proc-eded to apeak of (be depleted conditio of the school fund, and. the poor accommodation provided ijr the puin consequence Flrft tak care of the children, make them comfortabl< and then, if tb<^ meana are on hand, It will b tlma enough, to consider the question of a super In tender^ Mr, Wight thought the school trustees had a] wa^? been faithful in executing their trust. bu H a proper person oonM be selected to aid ther In their labors, it would be an advantage to th yattm He wonld vote for the resolution. Mr Stuart thought that before thia board en doraed the bill before the city council* they ougfe to understand it thoroughly He would not vol against a superintendent, but could not vote fe the resolution at tb time He thought the ma ter ought to be r?fetred to a committee. Mr Miller again advocated hla resolutions, an a.d he waated an expression of opinion by tto board as to the policy of appointing auch an ofl cer Mr Holmead nid this board had for ssventee Tears recommended the sppointroent of a supei intendent; so tbeir position ought to be well ui t der*tood If they psssed this resolution their p< altlon would be s very undignified one Th opinion ol the hoard had not been asked forbytb city councils, and they ought not to volunteer 1 give It. Mr Wight agreed with Mr. Holmead Mr Miller yielded to this view, and withdrew his resolution. A resolution requesting the Mayor to take th proper steps towards hsving the basement of th Corcoran bal!dlng. on H street (in which school ar? now held), properly drained, was passed. Aljoarned. ds Tkall upon "Htgisxic Midi cation Dr R T Trali^of New York, delivered a lectur w 31401 (me nm 01 a course) upon (M "ne> system of tbe healing art, entitled "Hygieni Medication." He pitched Into tbe drug systec of nwdlelne with considerable fervor, and clal met that his new Hygienic School, bat ten years c age, is galnlsg the ascendancy wherever known and especially In the West He argues that disease la onl; the effort 0 nature to rid tbe system of something prejudicial Fever, f r instance, is tbe action of tbe system t eliminate something hurtful, as miasm, Ac. He maintains that drags are inert, and do ac act upon special organs, bat that tbe system act upon tbe drills, as something It does not waal and is anxious to get rid of. Some drags an thrown off thrcugh.the skin, some by purging and some by vomiting, bat tbe system solicitous! rejects thvm all a* fast as possible. The u?e of drugs Is In opposition to natur? fa omnlltlr ? *1 Ulitw *n<4 A (snitrAna U ?.rn ! . Count Cavour, Prince Albert, Senator DoDglai and three of oar Preaidente, bad fallen victims t this mistaken use of drugs. CtiMim Cousx ? Yesterday, Daulel O'Calls gan, con vie ed of the larceny of two 15 Treasur nrtci, also a half and a quarter do'lar in ailv* from Daniel O'Bryan, on the lstb ult , was sen ten red to one year and three months conflnemen in the penitentiary, from the 9th lost. John W. Wilson, alias Williams, convicted c the larceny on theSlMult , of two dresses, value one at f 10 and at fss, of Mrs. Mary Helaer, ws sentenced one year and six months confinement i the penitentiary. Anthony Sfmms, colored, convicted of the lu ceir of several articles of wearing apparel frot I w at k. . Malsn slftUn . Vy hla brother Tyler Slmms, a minor, waa aer to?e?d i* Bin* months confinement in Jail, and t pay a fine of fit. Alexander Kagan, soldier, Indicted for the lai ceny of a coat vai jed at 90, the property of Ml * cbael Scott, was acqulttod. Eugene l)uulop. colored, lndlc'ed for the lai oeay of a quantity of mackerel froaa Pa trie Whit* on theMtb of Janaarv, waa acaulted. John Vaao.i, colored, for the same offeQM, wi conrlcUd, and aentenced to nlae months confine meat In jail, and to pay a fiaa of tl. Bxaiooe Cnui.-Thia morning, a aoldle osaxd Mtobael Hay made complaint before Jim tie* Waiter that laat night he waa beaten and bl money taken from him at I liquor shop 1a tb Northern Liberties kept by Deanla Donovan Hay 's ficc exhibited coed evidence of havlaj be?a roughly milled toy somebody He ai? charged Donovan with wiling Uqgor to soldieri A warrant was at once Issued tor the arrest o Donovan, nod he will be arrested and brought t triai oa all the charges the soldier makes Th Justice says, there has been much oomplalnt o this houee ria?Hy. Wtiujwroa SctnTtvic Assocu.tio>.?Th Octety which has been recently established li this city under the above name, held Its regula weekly meeting last evening Several Import ant statements relative to the latarasto of the so clety were made, sad a rssotaiioa waa passed tha IMU,*EWeSgf Permanent oltm take place at ?h< L*ctc*?.?Last evening Major Stabad delivered a lecture at the Smlth*onlan before the WnahlagtoB Lecture Association upon the "Art of War." The eclenee of war, be said, la di- ' v1 ded 1 nto two porta?the knowledge how to aelect _ ground, and to prepare troopa. It la a mistaken ' Idea to auppoae that regulars are sny better than * volunteer*, alnaplv bocaoae they or*, regulara. Voluntoera, with proper drill, are Just aa efficient, and In many caaes more bo, aa they have voluntarily taken up anna to battle for a special object, and engage In It with spirit and cnUiualnatn. The locality of war la divided into the base of J , _ _ M.I .. . a . . - .. * . . | operations. xne line or lines 01 operations, ana tne stragetlc points. The latter form* the most Important part of the science of war, upon which little knowledge can be derived save from the example of distlngvisbed generals. These can only be! determined by the judgment and foresight of tbe ct>mmander when rivers or mountains separate two hostile armies,each bavins their rear open, there Is but little trouble with reward to the base of operations; but when face to face, It then becomes necessary to occupy two bases,whteh _ forms the chief dl Acuity The forming of troops ~ Is the essence of their value, and is much easier than strategy. The Invention of new arms and ? weapons does not so much mark the progress of th? world la mllltarv science as dm th#? imnwitwl arrangement of troop#, and the onier and harmony ,* of ttoelr organisation Enthusiasm la entirely Insufficient to supply the lack of military knowlt edge in a campaign. Tactics enhsnce the value of men, and by forming them into divisions render a body almost Invincible against the attack e of twice their number of undisciplined troops a The reform in the line of battle hut mach to do >* with the Increased efficiency of an army. The line of Gustavus Adolphus, who was a great y military reformer, would be of little service now, , and would subject Its troop* to utter defeat. The , Greek soldiers ws;? formed Into a solid body, sixteen deep atid extending to the right and left, a readying the army unwieldy and easy to be t thrown Into disorder. The Roman legion was a e great Improvement upon this. It divided tbe army Into tkrc? lines, each ten rank* deep. Kach line had ten companies, which rendered them 2 easy of belns shifted to repel attacks from different * quarters. The line of oattle coutinusi to be reduced In depth, until lu 1810 ft was composed ? only of two ranks, its present form. An armv at s the present day occupied much more space than in ancient timet, lad hen^e the difficulty of efflclent generalship. Ordrs upon a battlefield r cannot be arbitrary, but are ulven by the com1 mandlng officer, to oe executed at a distant point, aubject to the discretion of the officer In command in that locality. Staff officers are not simply r for pomp and display, nor m**elv to carry orders, if but are tbe advise. s of the general, and help a work out tbe results of a campaign. The great e characteristics of an army's power is its knowledge i- of tactics, oy which it la capable of rapidity of transformation into different forma and of unity in assailing an enemy. Tactics, properly, are not ?- simply the rules of military evolutions, but the i- knowledge of the proper time to more. e The lecturer illustrated his principles by means e of diagrams, and the narration of incidents in the y career of Napoleon. when that general was enabled by strategy atta military skill to overwhelm o an army vastly superior in numbers. t. Nsw Baxkixo Housk?By the announcement . elsewhere. It will be seen that the well known >. Philadelphia banking house of Jay Cooke t Co., t has opened a branch office at 452 Fifteenth street ,f In tkis city, for the transaction of a general Ex change, Collecting, and Banking g Thi Occcquas Arrala ?The Alexandria Lo0 cal Ntwi in alluding to the recent affair n?- ?r Ocf ci-quai, *ay* Mr Caleb A'hev, a civilian, well k known in this place *nd Washington, was, we j Nern, among the tilled. IIkalthy?Gen. Peck's brlgado is said to be the healthiest in the array. The total nuznber sick last week was only 59 Db. Vox Mosmzmsx.?The following certiflr cate from Major Kilburn of the army 1? one of tbe manv that may be found for examination at * Dr. V?n M -'t offlce, 237 Penn. avenue; 1 certify that in the year 1857 whilst in Florida * In campaign against the Seminole Indiana, and 14 In consequence of sleeping at night without shelter cf anv kind, my left ear became diseased, and * my hearing greatly diminished. 1 applied to '* several army surgeons, and even sought the aid Q of an eminent physician In the city of Charleston, i * and also of Dr. Bryan, of Philadelphia,a celebra- j ted aurtst; none of them save me Dermanent re. I l> lief. Since living In thia city my ear baa continued to annoy me with ringing, 4c. Having * placed my caae In tb? charge of l)r. Von Moacbn iltker. about two mcntha aTnce, by the advice of c< an eminent army aurgeoa of the U 8 , I tind my'> aelf considerably relieved (and for a very moder? ate sum.) Dr Von M , in the pretence of a aurgeon, examined by probe the eustachian tube of * u.y left ear, and without pain or dlatreas to me. I" Thia to thoae who have undergone that operation I- hAm I/..1 V, I - ...ill ? ?i v?U UWXUUl uauuo w lit UC iUll J OUpiU\<IOtCV. C. L. Kilbcrn, Captain U. 8. A. New Orients, La , March 30,1800. Da Tbaxl la no drugging humbug, but tenches * people to take care of their health, and cure th^mj* aelvoa when sick. It > " SpiaiTtTALia*," thi Key t? Unlock tbb n ?rBiPiCR???J 0 Conkllo, the great test me dium, of New York, la now In Washington city, ? byaplrlt directions, and willjglve sittings to thoee i *?uu uc?jrr iu ucai iiuiu mrir aepariPU TTI6D(lt. * Tbe skeptic. the scoffer, as well as tbo*e who be Here In tbe Immortality of tbe aoul, and wish to know tbe truth, are Invited to witness and bear 1* tea iroonv that this man Is a medium through it wh'ch spirit* tele, rapb to their friend* on earth, n and make known to them past, present, and fu? ture facts. Mr. C. Ik directed to say that he fears not the > it ost rigid investigation of the powers which con>t trol him. His private room* are it No. 411 Tulr? teenth street, near O, back of WHlard1* Hotel. " f . J. B. Conklin. t A P*BSI!tTATIO!l ? d \VA?HIN3T0N, D C , Jsn 30, 1862 Jfl Dr. George Gross?Dear Sir : Being one of a 1- rommltt??? for hundred* of other Richmond prlsoner*, allow me the pleasure of presenting you n yout men liktntst, with the following lnsrrlpr tion :?' Prof. George Gross, M D Presented by ) the Federal prisoner*, for his hospitable and >- skillful treatment to them In Richmond, Va., In >e 1K61,"?whleh we desire should be placed In the e fotanda of the U 9 Capitol Please accept of jo It as a token ot the high regard we have for you and your system of medical practice; and for your many kind and humane acts, a* well a* w your very careful, thorough and skillful treatment, vou so cheerfully ana voluntarily bestowed e opoo as, In a time of oar greatest need: and we ? are satisfied you saved many valuable lives, and is prevented mnch suffering of msny others, snd we regard yon as one of tne benefactors of your age^and from, your being a graduate of the Club or Botanic practice, we think the Government - would derive great benefit by Introducing your 9 system of Gentrativ Medication Into the army of * the U. S. We moat cheetfUly congratulate you c upon yoor escape from odr enemies, after so n many trials, privation*, exposure*, dangers and <i abuses, as you received at their bands And you >( have our best wishes for your futvre prosperity i, aud happiness J. W. Biowmsa. Dr. liroaa replied In some very feeling and apf proprlate remarks, but are too lengthy to Insert I- here. _ t Da. Tiall la no drugging humbug, but teaches ,t (?ople to take care of their nealth, and cure themj selves when sick. It To tub Pcblic.?Thesubscriber, who ha* been engaged in tbe "Groccry and Liquor" business ' nearly eight year* in the rity of Washington, and y who depend* on hi* bu*lnsas for support, and wbo claim* to be a law loving, loyal and law-abiding i' man, ha* been charged with celling liquor to oIdler*, in violation of a law ot this District, ' and although his valuable *toek of Liquors and Oil have been destroyed by a military guard, without any notic#, be takes this method of denying the charge, and respectfully submita that '* by virtue of a license granted him by the CorpoV ratios of Washington, he has, down to tbe presr ent moment. Dursued hi* lawful bualneaa in > peaceable, orderly and quiet way, and has In ao !t single instance, to hla knowledge violated any . law, either of Congress or of the Corporation of J Wachlngton Tbo principal object of this card la to give pub llclty to the fact that he ha* not sold, ana will not n tell, liquor to soldiers; and be respectfully requests all such not to visit tho establishment, as ' taey caoaot be accommodated. John Pklla. It* C street, between 9th and 10th sts o Oa. Tball is no drugging humbug, but teaches people to take care of taeir health, and cure thetnj salves whoa sick. It Thb miasma and fool vapors generated hv the hot ana will be far more deadly To our volunteers k thin the enemy's bayonets In the Indian and Crimean Campaign* Holloway'a Fills were used is in enormous qus< title* They kept the troops In y perfect health, f nly *8 cent* per box. Soldier*, supply yoaraal^*- 917. Ihst ant ah sous sure of Corns, Bunions, Calr loeltlee, Inverted Nslls, Wart*, and all dlsesses of k- the ft**. Mr. Densond, Surgeon Chiropodist, 1* * enabled. bv a peeultar procees, to eradicate the e most painful excreeoeace* la a few minutas,wlthu out the least pala or the slightest inconvenience to | the patient Consulting boor* from nine a. m. to o Ave p. nr., at hlsofice, 353 Pennsylvsnls avenue, i. opposite Browns' Hotel. Beat reference given In t this cur. feb 3-lm Coaws, Bunions, Caloeltles, Bad Nails, Ent Ureed Joints, aad all dlsesses of tha feet cured without pata, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 490 Pennsylvania avenue, between Four8 and-a-kalf and Sixth streets. Room 7?up stairs i U?ce hours from 13 m* to p m Orders U> call r at residences promptly attended to. jm 16-Im* " i ' Families who have never need Boston crackers t are Invited to try thoee manufactured freah every 5 day by J. L. 0*y:on Sold by all respectable grocers )?IM Pikasant FrmmnMD Rooms, with fael and KM, with or without board, at 41ft K street, between Eighth and Nlath streets. Table boarders can be accommodated. * jan 15-lm* TaKI mo moss UltPLIASAftT AND tXSSAlPK MkDiciw*s ?For unpleasant and dangerous diseases, use Helmbold'sKxtract Bnchn. which ha* received the indorsement of the most prominent physicians lu the Unlted States Is now oflertd to aflllcted humanity as a. certain cure for the following dls esse* and abi?n? of the urinary or sexual organi: General debility,mental and physical depression, Imbecility, determination of blood to the bead, confused ideas, hysteria, general irritability, restlessness and sleeplessness at night, low of appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dyspepsia, emaciation, low spirits. disorganization or paralys's of the organs of generation, palpitation of the heart, and, In fact, all the eoncomitanta of a nervous and debilitated state ef the system To Insure the genuine cut this out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other. Cutes guaranteed. See adverttsemeat In anoths r column. feb 4- tf Tax l*dia!f Herb Doctor, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell his patients the nature of their complaints or illness, without receiving any Information from them. No tkmrmt for Consultation or Adtiu. OUR MOTTO. We use such Balms as have no strife W lth Nature or the Laws of Life! W 1th BlCod obr hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Oar Father?whom all goodness fills, Provides the means to cure all Ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? These, thsse shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Washington Buildings, Pa avenw, about fivt minutes walk from Brown's Hotti. Room?No. 11. _ ja 27-7t* IftbiA Rtbbrk boons. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should b? without; 76 cents each. Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, #1.25 each. Rubber Ponc'j?s and Blankets combined, ?2.50 ncn. India Rubber Goata, white or black, $-2.50 each. India Rubber Legglna 81 per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Good*, including Rubber Roots and Shoe*, Rubber Stoppers for bottle*. Door Mats, Under Sheeting* for bed* in sickness, Ac . Ac , at manufacturer's prices, at H. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. av., between Ninth and Tenth streets. Jan 1-tf MARRIED February 2d, 1862, br Re*. John F(finger, Mr. DAVID I.. \V*.?hi nor ton. tt% M iac FR ANCK8 ANN WORTI11 N6T(JN fof"Alexandria, Va * Ontb?4th matant, by the Re*. T B. McFal'a. Lieut ARTHUR WOI.FE TRAINER. of the De Ka!b Regiment, to Miaa EMI 1.1 E HUMMER, of this oily. * DiKU, On Tuesday, the 4th matant FRANK COCHRANK, ?on ul Franoia K. aud ^.R. Willlama. Thft frien 'e of the family are re?p,?otfu'. y tuv ted tr attend hia fu era , cn Thura lay. the 6th insant, a*. 3 o'clock, at E street, between Uth ar>d sth ate. [Ne? , or* aud Philade phia pipersoepy.] * On the night ofthe 4th infant, between th '' on'? of 11 and 12 o'jlook, of t*?hoid faver. MARIAN A. youngest daughter of J imos and carali A. Kelly, in the Uth year of her age. The funera! wi.'i take plao? to-morrow afternoon at 3 u'olook. The friends c f the family are invited ta attend. * On thi 4'.a instant, a' 10 o'clock, VIRGINIA, w;feof Kioaard Hill 'i he friends f in* family are reapectfully invited to attenit hex funeral, on Thuraday, 6th iai-ta?it, at 4 o'clock, frr-m the residsn^e of her husband, on 16?h street, between L and M. * Obituary.?Died, in tins city, at the National Hotel, on theiSth January, lffi2,Mra. SUSAN P*-'CATUK HLMPHKKYS. re:iet of Dr. G. W. Humphreys aid daughter of the late Purser K"bertson, U. S. N. The deatn.or rather the life, of suoh a woman demar.cs more than a passing notice, from one who knew her well. By her demise, society haa lost one ol its brightest ornaments. Another testimonial haa been added to the truth of Christianity, of which, she both by preoept and exampie, was a true professor. To the poor, she ever extended her open hand and heart,?to the distressed, she ever acted the friend The writer of this notioe.when on a visit at the house of a relative a few years since, htd orc\*ion to enter 'he darkened aarlors, where he beheld this angel of mercy upon her knees ia silent prater with her God. What a Heaven j moment! "1 was almost persuaded to bs a Christian.'' This I afterwards 1earned was herdai'y custom, and n<>w while her soul rests in Glory, she hAa i A11 man* A*mr frianH* r\ tr.Anm K?? '?? m cansed an aching id many a striofcen t<rart. Hhe has left a bricht example of all tho*e endearing relations of life?wife, mother, sister, christian, friend. "Blessed are the purs in spirit." * WAAXfr. HOUSE WANTED?A small House or part of a house in a good looalt'y?by a sma!l family. Address, by post. HAN SON AMH* le 5 3t? 1*7ANTED?By a respectable jcirl, a HITUA* " TiUN as o^>ok, washer, and ironer in a private family. Address 195 1 street, between 2"th 21 st sts. It* V|7ANTED? By a respectable middle aged wo" man, a SI ? UATION to do ptetin sewinr atd housework in a private fami;* Address 195 i street, between 30fr. and 81 at sts- it* * WANTED-A WOMAN to cook, wash, and iron. Liberal wanes given. Apply immediately at R. COBKN'SBoot and Shoo store, 3.49 Pa.^venue, between 6th and 7th Bts: fe 6 2.* WANTED?A SITUATION aioook orohambermvd. Privat* family preferred Good reference. Apply 321 F st:eet, between inth and Hth 1?__ WANTED-A lower HOUSEKEEPER in a first-class hotel. Nine need apply unleaa thoroughly qualified. Address' Hotel,-' Star Offioe. fa5 4t WANTED?A SITUATION, by a reapectable young girl, to do onamberwork and help to waah and iron or aew, and make herself generally useful. Address, for two days, "A. L.," Star Offioe. It* WANTED-Books to post and aoconnt# to adjust, by a praotioal Bookkeeper of lone experiAnna Amain rafarMuu fiv?n AiMmm oouniant," Bex No. 36 Pott Office, Washington, P C. fe 6 lw? WANTED?A good BARKEEPER ; one who understands nis business an"1 can brine food references m?? hear of & food situation by addressing Box 330 Post Office, stating age. salary expected, to. fe<-?t HENRV FISHER. (COL'D) LATK WARD Room Waiter on board tbe (J. S. frigate Macedonian. offers his services a? steward, or Butler, or Waiter to any private faintly or army officers' mess. The best or references. Address HEN K Y FISHER, at Star Office. lt? A PROTESTANT MAN AND WIFE Want Situations? the man as coachman or waiter; the woman as seamstress, nurse or chambermaid. Both are exp^ri'nofd and understand their busi neea ; hava n" objeotion to any part of the oountry; have good refrrenoes. Call or address 224 F ?t., between 14th asd 16th, Tribune Ufliee It* WANTED?Five WOOD CUTTKRS. Apply on E street. 31 door from the corner of 4*.u"at. Highest www given. 1 e 4-2f* WANTED-Two ROOM-* suitable for a phvai* * oian. or & Dwelling Hoes-. Address MR. W1LMBR, Washington Navy Yard. fe 4-2t? |VANTKD-Two FARM HANDS.(unmarried " men;) mnat bring gotd reoommeccations aa to ohar&oter and qualification. A?ny to JOHN M LLOYD, south M etreet, near 4>?, or to DANIEL HO a LAND, JuiUoeoi the Peace, No 432 K street north. fe 4-3t* WANTED OF MARTIN m. DULuaani ui viia rtrna 01 i.Hiiec'iner, Count* Kilh-nny, Ireland When iMt beard from, resided at 194 jreat Tenth atreet, New York. Aty information orhia preaent whereabouts will b thankfully reoeived by hi* cousin, JOHN MoGRATH, Company F. 6th U. 8. Infantry, No. 316 Delaware avenue, Washington, D. C. f?4 2t* U/ANTKD-Twn good journeymen BARBERS '? Good wain and steady employment civdn. Apply 842 King atreet, Alexandria. fe 3 St* WANTED-A rood COOK, WASHER, and KONER. suohaairloan hear ot a tood home by applying to 376 H at. fe 3 3t* WAN! ED?A smart, aotive colored WAITKR at Mr. BKOOKFIELD'S. 371 ?*a. Avenue, n'Ariy cpposita the National. None but a o'eau, reapectaxie youm man need apply. fe 3 at* WANTKD-A WOMAN to oook, mh Ard W iron. Apply At No. 364 C atreet, between 4* ADd fe3 3t* WANTED TO REN T-A Paw in tke " CHURCH OF THE KP1PBANY. Addreaa Bo? 13 Bta- Offloe. jaSl WANTED-#in,?io worth or lAdlaa' and gentlemen'a CA?T OFF CLOTHING, for whtoh ouh will to paid their foil value. Mead yonr aervanta, or, if yon wuh to be omied upon, aond a notetatatinc hour And plaoejto Room 18, Waah iDitoB tMiuuiot, oornar mtibu airMt and Fenu'T]lSMt>'WM>' J. t. W. ANPEBBON. w^E^n?s^w&kisr Titi WARE ohe&p of H. J. GREGORY, liil Peon vrmm. j* U BOY WANTED <* g?ntMl Colored Boy from 15 to 9i yMra of M?) M bou? ??rvant, &u i to drl*? ft efttrlftge occasionally.Apply at this offioe Or at 199 WMkiacton trMt, Georgetown. f? S 3t?o SSS? BP KM *r*T ? ' "? * fM aiuniu IDV driT*r, bMB( latoxioatod at U? tint*, ooold not giv? any oorHot aooount. An* information left at im Star OSm, to they aaa b? foond, will t? liborally rawardai, ftmn* la lt>? huuMfaraiakunc lino. TkoM laarinc ut

oity, or haviQc a ?urpin?, will do wall to ft. gaS(B3f^afsssj??^ / 0 I I LQ8T AND FOUm < E*OUND-On a store, a *mall ram of 1 r MONEY, whioh theownereAn hare b? calling at a?4 P iirMt, between 12th and 13th,and *r?>ing , the lame. fe5 3t? ' That black horse, saddle and , bridle that rode ofTf^oin the Tr?u- CV__ orr last tveainf by a man th^ v&i known, < w h* desires to ?%re himself trouble wilt return the name immediately to me attto. 63 K st. / fa* tf A. MOKEMQLSE. 1 A LIBERAL REWARD.?Stolen on the nuht l r%. of t'e 4th instant. one bay MAKE, fry with a white sp?t on the forehead, and tu? right fore foot whit*. ?5 reward will patd by the owner fo. the reoovery of the same. A. P. MARCOMIER. f<? 5 2t* a*' R it., bet 17th ar?y 18th tto. TAKEN UP A? TKAV?On February W, a im&: bay HORSE and ROCK A WAV. ?V_ The owner is requested to come forward, "L-TW prove property, pay charges and UUeh'm"^-* away. J AS. W. RIM PN K Y'? fe 5 8t* Livery stable, t OST?On the evening cf the 4th instant, two l_i CHECKS drawn oa U. 3 Treasnry,one in favor of Capt. Ire *. Abbott or bearer, the other in favor of capt G. W. Grnmmocd or bearer, e*oh for 9262 SO. Ail persons are hereby notified from negotiating the ?ame, as payment has been stopsed. A liberal reward will be given for their return t-> Star Office, or to Cast. GRUMMOND, Annapolis Jynotiop^galtiroore. Md- fe 5 31 * LOHT-On last Sonlay. in Sotng to Rev. ]) . Holmead's Church, (latacd.) a gold and jat BRACELET A liberal reward will be siven on i*? loturn 10 mo b ar umos. lei-ot" 1o8t?8tra?ed from the owner,on Sunday nigut, j * at the corner of Montgomery and rv B*all street, Georgetown, a dark aorrell l-Tp 1 HORSE, about 12 yeara old. The hnaer , will be liberally rewarded if the horae it retnrred to'heowner, Q. HKAHLBIN. f? 4-st* The gentleman who took . throiifh mistako ai Army OVEK COAT i from tha iiarber Shop, Wiilard's Hotel, Februar* j lat, will please return it there, wh*re h? wiU find . bia own. fes-3t* I ?;|n REWAR D.? Stolen on last Friday night, i *!? 1U the 31st of January, a middle a.aed cv I white MARK, blind in uoth eyes The 1 above reward will bs riven on ita return lo ' I tK? 4fK ?n.l I* aii>?A? ' v? V>1 Oil unit v OU vvw J f?3 8" M8S MAGEF.. Taken up estray.-od th* yth"f January, & lisbt aorrel HORSE, UX hands c\ high; tlind in the 'eft er? The owner is >Tn requested to come forward .prove property,"-nray charges, and take him away. JOHN CAMMACK. fe 3 3t* No. 173 233 Etreef, bet. H and I. k> |n REWARD ?Stolen on la?t Friday night, IU the 3'*'. of January, a small abort bodied, four wheel WASON; tt;e wagon was naed to o&rry bread in; the right front wheel had cew felowa is it. The aoove reward will be cirtn on lU ret art to the oomer of 4th and (J at ret-1 east. fessr LEWIS NKARATH. ? .i.i. ??? , DC|i REWARD?For the apprehension (&r.d delivery to me at Bladen*burc, Md.. or secure in jail so thai I get bun) ?>f NK tQf GRO SYLVESTER, lat* th? proporty of NathaHi'l Snit,dec?ised,of I'rince George'* Md I will give the above reward i>o reatt?*r wMm ?here takon. S?!ve*ter is of copper oomploxi-n; of thi" "ta'ure: about 5 fe?t ?* or TO inches high He is ?ell known in Washington city, and is no df>i>iH lurking thereabout or its vicinity, or in the n?i*hborhood of Governor'* Rridre. Anr>e *ninde county, Md. N. C. - I'KPHEN. Executor of Nathaniel Suit, dec as d [Upper Marlboro' Ga?j?t-?*nd Prinoe Georg an paper inser' ?eekly for 4 weeks] fe l-2w* REWARD -Stolen fro-n t ough at E. I O Qu^*n't.7th street on tin mo ning fry of 30th instant, a da k sorer! H O R ** h, jLpjrt about 16 he^j? high; white face; two Wuite^^^-1hir d .eg*- nearly up to knee joint*; a' out 8 rearg old 1 he tkbove reward will be given lor the return of sa.d Hone to WIN USORi BKO.'S. M9 7in Btreor. ja30 If Z f. WIND--"*. Hired, and not returned -Oh 27th, aaiimbrow1 MAKE, 16 hands luth: gv one white f >ot; with ?tnr on fornnead; _) ,T> ou left rump; about ten ?eara old: black open buRgy, with h^avr wheeia. When cleaning her aha la very f pttefal. The gentleman that hired her was an old looKint peraon, not (re? hair, but white; had on when he hired the mare ana buggy, a militat jr cap and coat. If returned, or any information given about the eame, a rea?onabla reward will be givan. PEJER \ON E9SON, Congreis street, below Bridge, jaSl-eoV Georgetown, D C. JAWAY hKUil ,l?st ONKYB K nAAr Hindsmburc B'A ruiN r< i f RaWFORUicommonly called'Tonoy. h? U ? f?t S or 7 iuche. high; very bUok;Bhort TP* H?tir* rr&vd OOUr*t0DRDC0 When ?pok6D him brought home to m?. p MAGRUDKR. jt 23 LOST.?A tsKAL ?ING, and a FOX UK AD ShAL, attached to a ring, with oorneVian ae\ 95 reward will l>e given to whoever returns the article* to thia office. rie 2-tf IOST?On Friday laat, in getting out ot aoarj riage at Willarda' Hotel, a 'ady'a GOLD WAToH. A I iberaL reward wil! he paid for ita return to WILLIAM R. FANNING, Police Offioer. Wil.arda' Hotel. SO ROi univn PRIVATE BOARDING. PERMANENT and transient, at the beautiful and commcdiom reaidenee. No. 1418 Chwtnut street, above Br^ad,Philadelphia. ja28 lw* mi it yj mxTT! n AP ETE AND EAR. No. 82T PENNSY8LVANIA AVENUE, oppobit* WILLARD'sJ HOTEL. Oculist and Anrlst. DR. F. A. VON MOSLHZISKER, From Clinton Plaoe, Now York, has Arrived la tie city and opened his offices at 33T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where he can be oonsolteS on Maladies of the EYE AND EAR requiring medical and surgical treatment Dr. Von Moschziskbr is the inventar and introducer into the medical practioe of the E THE til At, EAli JNHALATOK, for the treatment of obstinate case* of DEAFNESS AftD NOISES IN THE HEAD. He is also author of the letWs published in the New York and Philadelphia papers treating ou the prevention <1 DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OF CANNON, fe. Dr. Von M. has lor trie past fourteen years devoted his speoial attention to the TR FATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And possess*** ih? testimonials of someol the best known public men in the Union, who h?ve been inosc suooeafullr treated br him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. R E A D. t Frcm Professor Monkur, Baltimore \ "I have this a&y seen Mi s wue, her sight perrestored. I tm fapp* to express mi oonvio tion that br your akiil aiiii judgment she.haa been savru :rom the greatest deprivation tint eonld hare befallen her?' [Front the Hon. Senator Pug ft ] To Dr. vos Moschzisibb: I am sreeilv obliged i for the interest you have ina<"ife*ted in .iv o*?e ot Deair.esa, and the skill with which you- nav* treated my case, and 1 have do doubt that by careful observance of your direo'.iona, my hea'icg will be permanently restored. O. H.PUGH. [ Prom John tTLean, Jr., ton of tkt Hon. Iwigt of { . , the V. S. Supremi Court J It ie well kn >wn to my nnnarone frlenda that I have been deprived of my hearing for many years. I am happv to sUte tuat I nave, thanks 10 &r> Von j Mosohnsker. entirely recovered. My hearing is nowaa acute as ever. JOHN M'LKAN. Jr. For several tmfi I tuffered from deafness. Dr. Von MoioLzisker reetored my hearing. St. Loaii, Sept. 7,1858. JOSEPH YEATS. Dr. Von Mosehiisker mot't suooessfally operated on ray eyes, and Denefitted hit sight fxcMxlicgly. UKOROE H. CHENEY. St, Loais, 8?pt- 17,1808. J Letter from Rev. J. J. Mulle*.) , ok. Moichziskii?Dear Sir? Among thoM vho have been benefitted by j our skillful treatment, in diseases imHirini the sighi, it affords < me great pleasure to tad the testimonial of my < gratitude to the list of roar patient*. My sight , was so much impaired daring the last eighteen months that I could tot reoogniae the features of ? a ffisudstauding near me. 1 tender I on this ueknow lodgment of yosr eminent skill acn enoosss | in the treatme?t.ol your obliged an J grateful friend. J. J. ML'LLON, Keotor ft. Patriot'*. The original of the above, and handreda not* teetimontaie, oan be aeon at l)r. M.'a rooma. Patten ta wlahiof their family phyaioian to aeoompany them to witneaa operations or lor the parjoee of ooaasltatloD are at liberty to bring them. Medical men will, be at all timea welcomed to witnesa Dr. Von M 'a operation*, and examine enme of the loatrmnienti he haa introduced for the facilitation of Opthalitiio and Aural Snrjery. Arti hoi&i Ky*a Inaerted without oaaaiag any pain Offioe h.onn from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. aad Iron 9 to ' fcft lm 387 PENNSYLVANIA AVBJfUB. GEORGETOWN A.DVEBTM7F LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING 151 THE POST OFFICE, GEORGETOWN, D C , F*r the Muth cudieg Jaiiary 31, l*6i. C7" Per?oa??fpiyiiij for !?tt?ra in the following i?t will yie??e n? the* are adrortiMi!; ,hty may But receive them. LADIES' L *T. * ah ford Sopiiroeia Hill Miu M? ba VPatum Mr* Mary SnniM Mr* Mary P Howard Julia Ana Ptrnfiald Catfcanaa Hjrrr Mr* Luanda Hv cey Mra Uak?laPalm?r Ehia SirnM Mia* Marg't Hilton Mra A Rohan Min Bndpi Biraam Mra Capt HH.wkin* Caro ioa Raraa Caibarn.? Blacki.-an Kraocia Hmrlr CitkiriM Rotonaea Mra P J t fkmd Mra E Hot ma Mra? Rodrtck Ann Reeket Charlotte Hoi da Mr* Martha l?{ Mr* Anaada J Boll Mr* Mirnn E Jenku Adeline Siff??r Mr* Maria Brederick liuit Jebt Mu? S.r?h fki'tu Mim M E Brfiw Mim Ann 3 Julae Lue> Vi Kimm Mr* Mary C Jtm Mr* MA _ Jooee Clar^l ffta'tn* JIim Mary ~unen Mn Virfinia.W.?? Martha P 8umu Mra ?Clarke Mra Cath i Joan*on Mr* Jan* Siaaoa Rebecca J .'baicbtrlin Mi** MJonee MreCarohae Smith Mim Florida Zartong Mar; Aon Rirby MIm Lixn* 8h?w M>m J sua ^oxtcn* Mr* Mirr'tKrelty Mr* Julia A S.beth Miea J ~oonelly Mr* John Lrtle Mim Kir ma S Sayer Mr* H A Joolrdje (Jennie Llneh Mary A 2 Pntton Mm Ellen "rocker Amand > Loarry Mim ReheeaSmart Mim Emma "rocker Jer.nie E Light Mie Sarah Hebnf Mr* Carolina ^ouuier Mr* EUta Maitingly Ann M Sherborne Mim Era "aaj Mim Marf*t h?aui* M Terry Mr* Caroline 3m Mr* Juaeph Matbew* Mr* R T Piunia Conner Catherine Morao Mr* Patrick Titian Mr* H ".thili Mar* A McPooaldMr* Ml> Tamer Mrs M M [>-\vid?oc Mr* R O Meliin em Air* ? Tyler Mim Nancy l>ar Mra HelenVMauar Mim MirjATaylor Mr?VincentS t).ain* Mr* Uaorge Mill Mm Jint A Thom-? Laura Dale Mim Ro?* Murray Mr* lubel>W<tl<i< Mr* M A E*tell Mr* Tho* H iMartio Florence W il*oo Mr* A una L breach Mim Adel* Mailen Eluabeth S Wiieoo Mr* M H Fox Mim Elisabeth Marphy Catherine Waltera Mre J B Fay Mre Ellen Mendea Lidii Wilde Mim A J Fanlkaer MreHarryMorrie Mre Loire OWaenboru* MimEC r-. L. a t H * - L _ at a V v r artr.i^m mra ivt-.^fcovn i?ir?ou?.in iw .?in ? 'fioia becca Otborae M?rr H Youi g V iu Ltnll oodriek Mr* EUiTiO'Nfil Mr* JoiiaonaYoBcf Mr* E I) lotuity Mary 5 Phcr*?' Mi**Ai.u GENTLEMEN'S LIST. <um Wm GliftrLcke Matt Wn IcTtrmsj Wm Gam?on Michl Neicc T r" lleserdrrHA Grace Peter N'tnl IC Hreel Akin* Gs.rr .tt Ralph N*ildaeM Peur Beek Wm Ooauly Johu Nontinl T>io* B!i:uid Sural S Urieu y Robt Nocniol Jn Hut'on Siiril G>?au William* Nt v?ome John Butler Robt Gilte*m Mr Norm* Geo Barn* Patrick olunt Wr.-2 Danl B-?ll T AH Grav Wm Nicholson M?) AS-S BullerTho* Ha-Had John Oekn.e John f. Brady Pitrtek Hartford Archer Oldham Geo W Brook* P L Hivkia* BeuJ J Oa>u* Kichd-2 Burner Cipt 01 Hackney Carton Olirr Jo* D n. V O t_. . . a t I. . m < ? V .1 I D un? i/i ?i a nan ~ '? v z in v at Bert on Mr Hodge* Dr O'NmI Henry iio?th Juo W Herman Predk Gb.r&Johu B??ly luac Humph'ie* 0 C G'Donprhoe Joh Breraoer Jm A L Pierc* Chaa W B-ckie Joa Huichua.n, Jotin Payne Calwu-i Rochm John How* John A 1'ird Lh?4 Brittner Jno A Hoover John Purdy D K Bowo Jorritt Hanco.k John, Act Peter*on Denni* Bumeu W H AlJOtn 1'iwl Fred B 'Uk'A*ll L Hammock J B 2 P'irot Frincu Cun.'ti* Edwin Hiffenn John PiueHG-i BtrtholonJB Hock ell John Patrick J Beaimeb Capt Jno HiiiiIIm Jt* Firkfr Hirre Birlee Jacob Howard J** W Phillip P ik-2 Boawall Harry II nn.i John F PaftSJinl Burrneil Henry Hopkik* Ju* FhexiiBCH R . hv.v )r H C H < M R Phillip* Rami H Biunt HW-I H.rerty Th i.-? PiperT W B-ltJii Hrion Hurdl* W R Prua'brWni Deu*ierG?o Ktmintntii .(tEra Pi.mer Mil W R Bet be G A Hicka Stephen Pendletau Mr ?re*u.G*o Johnaou Ch >.. ? (iu.uu J .a B>ldwi'iE 8 Jbht acu Cyrui M Ctun .'oln burruUFtis D JaCktoo LI?ti<S Ki *iel Andrew E. Hotel Or M inn J'* Rieiy B-i Blair BT JneiJu W Roae t> pi B'ocktom B P Jokutou Roll Riek d E-ck A Jtrtti Robt B Rii.ker E B BejrdCS Jou?? Kicnard P It. HurH-9 Conway Bernards iu?Uftou * ttltj Robtuaon I'caekifck Cnrprnter B T-J Jeunl C?rt t> R RuntyHeryJ Coleine iJaul Jfmee W R*y;io JlHi ^or E!|O'j Ki'luifer Adaro Rfi.ib. Heurj-2 'rockerJ*e H Kirh) Uku KytuJohu Church Geo K Krllog H K Rugglea ? 8 Clickner G P Kn % H C R?i> Ju? A Lhomao Geo U.i?C S Rubric < G Cooi.u Joafpb Kirt vJ u Riiey Oweu Clark !iuc Keat.bieh John Patter K E Coyne John Kelly Joteph Reeg ui Simon Coburu J M KuUr U?-tC Read Wilttl H C&rren Jae K'teu John Sim "ohn Cox J B Kaiee .'ob i G Sh.w A P-9 Uiemei i* JDO / uu y% m VMH vnwrt Collin* Ja* Kinney Peter Stewart Re* A M-2 Coerrave Ja* H King Dr J 8 Sheiton C Edwd Chubb Joh.i-2 Keary Michl Bpxaldi'.r CUytoa-4 Cox John T Knuii Mr Stone C F-3 Curtua Michl-2 Ktntoer J C stimp*"r Ed F Cei ter Mordee?i-8 Kaoit*?ibanderMVBSui;di*r> H C-9 L'ujiDiiifhaai J T-i Kiiiiher Dau 'i Sidu Joeeph Carhlt Penick K??m* T A Bheirer '.apt G B Clark Geo C Kelly Wa P Snyder Geo H Clark Seth r Kali* Wm M Bct.raek Goatjv* Cook Stex M Leo Wm H Some Geo W CaetouTbo* Leo Chi* Bpclman franc:* A Cicwley Wm Leacb Col Saader* John Dan* Geo Loader Kenton Stnailwood Ja* A DunbirJH-8 Leach Ja* M Sile* Jacob Donnelly John Ludwick Lt Ja* B Smith John of R Dock*tad*r J t' Lyon?Micbl 8?11 J H Dirran John Lua* R Sanderaon Jo* DuftefJL Lynch 1 hot Sacd;r*Geo Dunnu John V Leaman Wm K Sbiptnm J oka J fl f Mnrria V. ltft.ll.-3 Nli?l Pflf r l'artrow Marcus Mcihir C H S:okea P^tk ihller C Mfchou* j Lornehua 8tettut Mar feu Ht'u >1 H Murpuy Dul Scot: Robt Dauit Nathaniel Muter Geo B S^stre S P-"2 D^wnaPeterJ McCarty Ao^lrew SiiUitiiu Thoe DourHe Robt A McNerhany Edwd SmnWa l>iak Robt McNtn Lt 6<o SehuluWniF IH.Ion Thoe McCaffirty E 8 Steelman Wro A-8 Dunn Wm-3 MeG rath John libtmuChaaW Dohert* Wm MeGarry Jeremiah Thompson Gto Etater'Eliaa G McCartr J-ia Tucker Geo Krakin Geo McKm Jaa-i Tnua Lt H B fcid'J? 8 C MeCanltff J?hn Tranaor A H Lengle Wm F MeGraw Johnny Termer Jaa Fiatier Geo W MePhenun Lt /A Tijlor John-l film John-2 McLaughlin Owen Thuinpeon Jitau H Fell Jacob Mctiuire Owen Tuna NiUe 2 Fried enberrer M MeNeff Patrick Thonna Warioftoa Falcon Micnl MeClay Uaml Van Kirk Wm Finarherty Owen McNamaxa W A Woodall A Frauctaco Peter J McCiure M Winn A B Flanagan Peter MrrwnaGeo Wohla ike Andrew P m r 1+11 mr\rs fiiankm Mnrrtn li*(l % fellh k Arm wr Pe* 1 noma! Mc*<l Philip Woo J T>r R C Kairchilda Timotkr Moraa Jehu WalkiasGeoS Pouda Eliiiu H Met John Weldon Dairtou E Pry Thm J Marshal Johaa P Wll?.>u C E Pall Wru Miller J>. Wn,l t LtOW ParrellWni Morrill Ja? Wortuo Ed?d Gaddeaa A \r k C? Hugh Wil!?u Hi j?-S Gem B uuei Millar J A Woodwird Gordon Danl B M itthrve !V1 J Wi.ik T W Cafi Horace E Martin riii'ip Wi g- iJicob Green Jamee M<(ruiler Kelt W Wl.<rwn JtiM-I Gibba Jareee Mortan Rott J Wciao John Galtf her Jno H Miller Robe Weeler Jacob Green Joeeph flSucbell ~-rf eou-2 M n.uiiuiiuet Ganleoe Jae M Merae Satnl 1* Ward Oleakatk* J Miller Diepheu We ileh P.ilk GobeanWm Mil!?Tho? W ilaou Thj? N Gartoa Johu Miller ThompMKi Wileon Wm H Gillelind Jae G MeauorW'H YuuufChaaC Gilbride John Morrie Alb?rt YeibotirC W MISCELrLANEOrS?"Herald;" "Ledrer;""M rch?nt: "151 Wtu Slj" "X. Z * IL/-All LiMtera (excepi noiaiera- l^eners-j munt,ia every lattanoe, be prepud. It HENRY ADUISON, Postmaater. UNION MEN OF GKORGETOWM.LL2 There via bo a Eieetine ol th? L'cioa Lr?tne, beorcetown, D. C., at Society Ha'l. on THUR9DA\ EVENING n?xt, tne 6?n in?tact, at 7>? o'oiock p. in The attsoaatce of every meinoer ia particularly 'equeated, a* buuneaa cf importance will oome before the meeting. W. H. TENNV, Preaident. ISAAC ENTW18L h. Sec. le 4-3t inft HERRINGS. 1UU RARKELS POTOMAC HLRRING8. in tore aad for sale low by GEORGE M. WORL & COCoramisaion Merchant*, ja a ll* Water at. Georgetown. D. C. 2JOOO BUSHEL^ JERj,EV POTATOES. Feaci Blow and Bnok-rye fotatoe?,ia ta;a, to te sold with or without the bigs. In autre and for tale by JOHN J BEA.LL. ja 31 St* No-**9 Water street, Georgetown. gUCKBKIN G J, O V b 8! Ramaburg &. Ebert, 105 High Strut, GEOtLUETOWN, D, C. The only nia&ufaotorers of Genuine JJUCK8K1N ?L<OVfc8, MILITARY GAUNT1.KTP, ani MITTENS in the biftnot. Officers' Ganntiets made to order, Bnokakio Drawera and Skirta. ja 18 EDUCATIONAL. 1Y1 R 8. B U F R WILl._ HK9i_MK HER i*oho?>i lor Knft?h ana J-renon monaay, January ?t!?, Nov York avenue, between lath and 'tth it?. ja I7a6t&:aw6t C| HE3ARAY INSTITUTE, 1 ?*T AND 13-29 ISPkCOE C*t.. PHILADKJ T HI a. Thia lnatuute, con.Jujted lor two j are pa?t .n the city of Philadelphia br Madams Cbsgakat and bar niece Madams D', upon 'be fame principle* as th* one in "tew York, eatab liihwl there in 1814, will reopen,after the Christmas b"liday?, on KouJay. Janaarv 6tn, with iu u?ua! ample and complete provision for tre education of Young Ladiea, un^er the direction of Manama D'HervilIy. Cironlara. and all re^niaite inforjr.a> ?- t. i?i? ?k? u..?au UOII, g?U UO UI7MIUVU VU Bfpuv^uvu tv *1.C T ibVI pa:. j* 7-lm SUPERIOR 8H1RT1NK COTTONS! O SHIRTING LINKNS! fln doiec fine and low-prioe Stitooed fcinen fhirt BoaoniH, Wrietbantia ud Col'ar*. just reoeivea, at the Iowmi prioe*. J VV COPLEY, jaSO 6t 3J3 Seventh it., above P:nx av. SMITH & BROTHER'S PALE OREAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, POSTER aid N1W YORK BROWN STOUT. 1B9 IKWVV vabuDiiAi E*mj A?no.nJVAii ALES in Brrad from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT mm HOPS, and highly eat??m*d by Iboee who kin used them. Parohaeera are rejected to eall and examine oar raperior etook, mured that they will find the BEST and PUREST irtielee. Wo have at all timea a large etook ready for delivery, ia whole, ha f and quarter oaaka, aaitoble for the TRADE. HOTELS.and FAMILY USE. whioh we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH A RROTHER, Brewer*, ua A. i A a (17^ ia*i. .* V/N-k nu. iiv? ivo ? iwv noii?u?k,nvv i via vuy. Order by Mfti or EifrM yromyUy uiaatoJ. C?K? TBKEE HOR8K8. COVERED WAGON, mishy.' iirj?|fe the owwr (late * utlir) kavin* bo AirtEer u*? for turn TOMIHBK IMWmH!???*>*rt.,S?pr,eW W?f ' J J" W*?W ^0fb * I ill SECOND EDITION. THREt O'CLOCK, f. M <juit JIIL.UAHi nui/uni. -?-??- - * the nta or ijcci. We bev<? reason to believe tbe ?Utr ?nt mode by i coneapondent of tbe HtrmU (Is that pop* of tte!? morelrg) cnnceralag the?abject matter of tbe mmigr sent bere a day or two alaoe from tbe rebel b^d quarter* under a lag of trooe. le be trne. 9m our telegraph from tbe Nortb to-4ay with reference to It. Mr Ha*na ?Tbe tpeeeb of Mr. Harris, of New York, delivered to-day la tbe ttoaato obaaaber, atrainxt tbe p-oolntioa for tbe expnWoa of Senator Bright, creat-d a profound seassttoa throughout tbe chamber. 11 was one of tbs moot forcible and atr ikl ng speech ti ever dell vered tboro. though a brief onr THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. THE FLAG OF THl'CE. PBTiADKLraiA., Feb 5 ? Tbe Herald's corraa pandrnt hit* tbe kbtl of true* brought an Impudent demand I oca JtW Davit'hat tbe Rebel bridge bnrnera under aentenee of death In Mla jurl stall be spared, declaring mat if executed Col Corcoran and otbera be Id aa borages far Rebels, will be Lung in retaliation Tbe Herald* correspondent also aara an answer baa been returned, but be is requested uot to aanounoe the resuit. CONGR BSSTONAL. AXVYlltii CO^nRF?*_Sfcaa< fteeaiea. Wxdmxsday, February 5 Prsatk ?Mr Feas?n4e?i reported, from tbe T" the? Ww Pnlnt AmXmmv annual sppr* prlation bill Bill passed, withont sirifnd meat. Mr Pumner offered a rrar'ntion calling en the President for, the recest correspondence of this Government relative to the p-es-rtativu of American citiiens at toe Court or France Passed The bill to define the psy and e-aoluments of the officers of tbe srm). was di?cuss*d by Mesara. WUaon and Gr 1 rm-i for tt, and Mr Bbernen against It, until the e*plratl?n of tb? morning hour, when? The resolution for the eirpnla<?n of tb? Hon. Jt?ae D Bright, a Sena'or from Indiana, was *g*tn tek?*n up. and wan advocated by Mr Anthony and oppnsed by Mr. Harris until our report went to preaa. Hocse.?A Joint resolution of tbe Iowa Legit ia'-ire in relation to tbe ?*aUbllabm-nt of an Arsenal at Rock Ialand. we? presented lad referred A resolution inatructing the Military Oofwontt'ee t? Kijti're into th? ejped'enry of ?uihi*rinng tbe Secretary '?f War to pay ?( the own- of Col. CUv'a regiment of L*rcerainIuwa. w*a adopted. The Rou-e reaoived itself In'a the Committee of the Wbole Mallory in tue chair) upon tb > rreaa iry note hilt, Mr Critftrldhaving the floor l*A TK LOCAL NEWS Caging the Gang ?l.Mt night and thla morning thr patrolmen of tbe Fourth Wyd vrere busily etr ployed in easing a crowd of 'p'cka," wbo fe-ve been operating In thla city for weeka past, and who, though tiiey have be??n nnd^r aureel!tanr*. were able to conceal their operations until last night Their p?nersl meet'ng place wo a boo* tbe rea taurant o1 P Dl?jrf?!t ?r, opposite *h- N t'^nal Uo'ei. where they hart opportunities of operating and scattering the'r gains The proprietor trieJl bard to get rid of them, but failed until last night, when a working man named Decker, wbo was lying a?leep in the bar-room, bud his pocket picked of S16 When the man awoke hla money wu (iDr, and the proprietor of the houae and his friends undertook to have the money restored. Harr>' H&alup, Jrhn Da'lv. Henry Clark, all New York boys. and two aoidlera who were prenent, were arrested and taken to the station-bouae The examination resulted In exposing the feet that a large gang of thieves has been concentrated In square B. between Four-^nd-a-hslf and Sixth streets, on the Avenue. The soldier* were dismissed honorably. and Haslnp, Dally, and Clark held to undergo m"re vi^oroos examination, connected with other matter*. A cine was got to the >ocaiity of Harry'a depository, and a warrant was iaued for a general ae&rch of certain bouses In square B, for his property and toola, and for any of his comrades who may be there conoealed. The further hearing will be had when the officers make a return of the search warrant. Cxxtral GCAKDHocax Casna?Bifft Juatte? Thompson?R. VV Ludlow, larceny; jail for s hearing. Thoa. J. Robbins, arrested under ras p'.cious circumstance* He was taken to the guard bouteand starched, and an assortment of keys, ?-* J _l .W. / .J v i - _sl ?nrivui biiu iu iuuuu on LIB pcnun, iu of wbicb were confiscated Among tbe tools was a thin brnii false burner, :nade to fit over any ordinary gas-burner and emit onlv gas tufflcient to give & very dim light, and shided at that; also * nail lock-pick , constructed for ore In very small trunk or valise locks There being no evidenoe of n positive operation by blm, be was retailed will a view to bis commitment to tbe workhouse. N. H Moore, drunk; turned over to tbe mllltnry. L. Egan, do. C. Gladanon, drunk and disorderly; fine S3 91. P. W Horner, drunk; turned to tbe military. Henry Hal!son and Titos Jobsson, larceny of scarfs and comforts; held for trial Promotions in ths First D. C RwwnT.Tbe numerous friends ( f tbe following oAcers of tbe 1st D C Reglmeut will be prattled to bear of their promotion, and tbe more so because they are satisfactory to tbe regiment, and merited: Capt C. J. Morrison to be major; 1st Lieut J. Coieman to be captain, vice Morrison, promoted; 1st Lieut P L Rodler to be captain, vlceDegges, resigned: 'id Lieut C VV. s?ne\vood to be 1st lieutenant, vice Rodier. promoted; 2d Lieut. R. N. B&rnaclo to be 1st lieutenant, vice Coleman, promoted; l*t Sergeant J M. Attweii to be a 2d lieutenant, vice SLerwood, promoted; 1st Sergeant E Carroll do , vice Barnaclo, promoted. Fourth Ward ? r at'ox CA?%*?Btfort Justice Walter ? Hut?b ttilbright, O. H umpbrevs, T. Hurley, and T Riley; turn-d over lotfce military. \Vm. A. Church, profanity; fired M. James Anderaon, suiplsion of roolwry; dismissed John Keartan.stealingacap; dismissed Harry Haalop, stealing 119 from J??s Decker; Jail for further hearing, J. T. Mitchell, fighting; locked ap for two houra Cbarlea Ford, do ; do. Kir bard Tilman. malicious mischief; dismissed YV. A. Church, indecent exposure; fined tl. Richard Rivers, suspecud of bcm? & companion of Has li:p, dismissed John Spahr, do ; do. John Daily. do ; jail for a hearing Henry Clark, do ; held for consideration. Jno Ragan,improper language In the trial room; dismissed. Criminal Cofrt.?This morring. the case of Fr?u* l^athr^n, Indicted for stealing a coat and 96 Treasury note fr*?m Wm Kincade, vrai tried, bat the jury had aot rttjmed Into court wher our report closed John Weiati, h.dleted for stealing a coat from Henrv Mouax. waa put on trial, and afler the trsthuonv closed, and the Jury had been instructed by tbe C?urt In the law of ir.ssnity aa a defense, at tbe suggestion of Mr Noma, counsel for dofenae, tint gentleman proceeded to sddress tbe jury. Fo* Taiix ?Vraterdtv, Mr Martin MrKeoe, of NY, waa arrested by officer Reese upon a charge of obtaining goods to tbe amount of HX from Johnson fc Nagle by false p?*'ences Tbe warrant was re'urned before Jostle Johnson, when it was rukd for trial to tr.orrow, Mr. McKoon giving ball in tbe turn of SCOU, Hon. J. B Has kins becoming bis security. Police.?The Third Ward pitroim^a r^po ted this morning G?- rge Christy f * profsihy; ft ed ftl 5t> by luatice rtompson G-orije 'i rim.url, (eoi'd) drivings cart on tbe psvement; di>tuisaed by Justice Barnaclo 8 'A Orle ?n arre*t>d by tbe Poartb ?Vsrd patrol for es?auU snd battery, ??* mmmt to <ai! f* ponrt bt J JoLnson. The Circuit Court. aft-r a short session this meriting, adjourned uutil Wednesday next LOVLLU COLI Et* * CO.. WHOLESALE GROCERS, % w 86 SUMt, Nov York, ud 316 K Strost, WMhiBfton, D. C.t _ ( DMT Wlliard's Hot*!.) Having ?UrUda brauu. of car M*w York Mtat. J "* 1 ?hm?Lt to tiiia oity.vo invito eutUn, and tfoiW Kurt*, to umme oar ?to?k vhiefc i? veil a?oort?4^^^^^^^ ooxyriaed of goods of Cbo boat quality. Wo o.dera for aajt&Ui la oat U20. tad rxecoto Um r^nytT. ? *a?tf I)RQF. ALtXAM)t4i\0:.0Wg||. F tlAltlXT ASD CvMrOBtR, m ttr rm?ralr?^aMt viifoMp a cla-t lor tbcfteM & w9 ana singing. by bis t ?L|I) i?i * ?tm , in ITT^^ W'r?UUw. AM AZ '. ,. . WWW WW riK'.s'^.'vv ii'Ji MUM ODtM ie 0?t?4 twn??. All t*H0 ***> dm-e'to join vhiroc?f?e will mm *t ?>* * Krr?1d^iU No S?3 6i*tto ?Cto?, ** ? K S 4ad Ho'wiw?* on*; *?d 5icf<5?,?' a? .?.^a . * , r i

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