Newspaper of Evening Star, February 5, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 5, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. A Appeal far At# to (he StxUal. bt A n*ip?. ( mxtant of the raeetlnouae which aweepa And duata. or ! auppoaed to ! and makea flera, And litea the gaa. and aumtlmea learea a acrew Ink, In which case it ?mells orful?worae than lampHe; And wrlnga the Bel and tolra It when men diet to the grief of surviving pardenera, and aweepa pathfa. ADu ior iDf nrTiMfi ?'** ?IW yet nuuuui, Wfch them that tblnka deer, let em try It; tiettln up be4 star-lite In all wethers and Ktndltn Hers when the wether la aa cold As zero, and like aa not green wood for klndlers; I wouldn't be hired to do It for noaome? Hato sextant! there are 1 kermodity Wlch'a more than gold, wlch doant coat nothin. Worth more than anything except the Sole of Man I mean pewer Are, aextant, I mean pewer Are ' 0 It la plenty out o dores, ao plenty It doant no What on alrth to dew with itself, but fly* about Scatterin leaves and bloln of mena hatts, In ahortlta jest "fee aa are" out dorea, But o aextant. In our ehurch tta scarce aa piety, scarce aa bank bylla wen aglnta beg for mlahuna, Wlch aome say la purty often (taint nothin to me, wat 1 glv aint nothin to nobody) but o aextent V abet 500 men, wlmmin and children, Hpeshally the latter, up In a tite place, Some has bad bretbs, none alnt too aweete, Some la fevery, aome la scroflua, some haa bad teath. And aome naint noie, and some alnt over clean; But every 1 on them breethes In A out and out A in. Say 50 times p. minlt, or 1 million and a half bretha a our, -Now how long will a church full of are last at that rate, 1 Ilk V Ml Mtv 15 minlti unit thmn ta In Via ASA * Why then they muat brethe It all over agin, And then agin, and ao on, till eacb haa took It down Att least 10 times and let It npagln and watamore, The same Individual doant have the privilege of brethln bla own and no one elae; Eacb one moat take whatever cornea to him; O aextant doant you no ou- lunga are belluaea, To bio the flei of life and keep It from . goin out; and how can bell use* bio without wind. And alnt wind are' I put it to your conahens. Are la the same to ua aa milk to babies, Or water la to flsl1, or penduluma to clox, Or roots and alrba unto an Injun Doctor, Or little pllla unto an omepatb, Or boys to girls. Are Is for us to brethe. What signifies who preeches if I cant brethe * Wats Pol* Wats Pollus, to sinners who are ded? Ded for want of breth; why aextant, when we dye Jta only cos we cant breth any more?that's all. And now, o arxtant, let me beg of you 2 let a little are In our church, (Pewer are la aertin proper for the pewa) .And do It week dava and Sundays tew? It alnt much trouble?only make a bole And tlie ar? will cum in itseft; <It luva to come in were it can get warm.) And o how it will rouze the people up, And aperlt up the preacher, and stop garps, And yorns and flggita aa effectual Aa winds on the dry fioana the ProSt tells of. Thb Movimknt fro* Cairo.?The active preparation! now being made at Cairo indicate thai an early advance of our troops will take place from that point In the Cairo district there arc now about 40.000 troops, and the number is inrreaaing two or three thousand every day. A large column Is being concentrated at Smithland, at the mouth of the Cumberland river, but for what reason cannot b? conjectured, except it be for the purpose of making a movement up the Cumberland river. One of the principal drawbacks that formerly retarded an advance from Cairo, was the scarcity of competent men to work j the gunboat* and mortar fleet But we are glad tt learn Com Foote is increasing his force every day bv competent men, and before long his required complement will be filled. A large nu?ber of motors to be used on the fleet are now at Cairo, aad 11,400 thirteen-lnch mortar shells are on their way to the same point. The fleet will be under the command of Com Foote The mortar fleet will be commanded by Capt Constable, who was attached to a similar expedition in the British service during the Crimean war It is probable that Uen Halleck will command the troops, and be seconded bv GeuaraU r.r?n? McClernand, Fame, and others. |?^The N. V. Commercial deprecate* Jim l**nc peripatetic stump braxglni; eoout bit great Southern Expedition and manufacture ef Presidential sentiment, and expresses satisfaction at the coolness with which Hunter stopped the frontiersman's bombast The Commercial thinks It is time the Chinese mode ef fighting, by attempting to frighten the foe with hideous aragons, were put an end to forever. CT" There are in Massachusetts slity-ei^ht chair factories, forty-three pall and tub factories, twentyeight pianoforte factories, 150 carriage and car factories, 1,394 saw mills, and >2 wooden ware factories, not Included in the above, besides 415 team and other mills, not otherwise enumerated The amount cf capital Inverted is about f2,500,(100. trrof the Boston boot and shoe market the Reporter says a few buyers from Western cities b&ve made their appearance, but as yet no movements towards purchasing goods are noticed. During the montn of February there will be some demand. The total shipments of bootsand shoes - toy rail and sea for the week were 6,012 cases (JT" An eminent banker in New York, wrote to his agent in London to invest Sti0,(J00 for him In State se<-'iritles, but he failed to crass the first t. and hit agent bought for bim an Interest In a slate quarry In Wales The agent was stupid, but he obeyed orders literally. IC^Tbe farmers of Salem county, N. J., recently sent to the New York markets In one day 40,000 pounds of poultry. The lot consisted of 1,739 geese, 900 turkeys. 600 ducks and 3,500 pounds of chickens, making in the aggregate the above total. JET The celebrated piano maker, Broad wood, who died recently In London, left a fortune amounting to ?350.000, ail made from piano making WHISKY! WHISKYWHISKY ? 8 N. PIKE A CO. 510 barrel M AGNOLiA, 300 " XXX too " Muter'* RYE MONONGAHELA, ?<? " Fine OLI) RYE. MO " Fine OLD BOURBON. Juat received at Cincinnati prices. EMILE DUPRE. 320 Pennaylvania aveaue. Cy A'eo, Agent for 8. N. PiKE'tf ARMY CGkPiAL. fe 1-ly OOTATOES, CHEESE. BUTTER,ONIONS. I HAMS, Ao. 500 baahela prime White Meroer Potatoes, 3TO boxes Eastern Cutting and English Dairy IS* kegs ud firkias Goshen and Gladea Butter, St* oaaks superior bugar-oured Hams, SO barrs,a Onions, soo " aupe'ior Rye Flour, 3,ooo " Family, kx'ra and superfine Flour. In etore aau for aale low by D.L. M0RRI80N k. CO.. fel ?* Corner of 12th and B sta. JMPORTANT TO LADIES. The subeenbera have opened the atore No. 16 aT? bet.8thand9theta,.Mafiret olaM Laoeand tancy Dreei Cap Depot, oonaiatioc ?? f*** ot Pomt d'Alenoon. Apptaue. MeoklenanS V a.oneienn?. Laoea, auol> M (JoKaS, Sleeve?, Hacakereiuefa, Cape*, Flouncing, Caps, Caps, Sffi'&iv, n?d8 up ll00d, of Ue finMt ?a&litr, ana at N?* York price*. " COHEN A DUS8ELDORP. Mr. ... from New York. Jl. B.?Ail aorta of Lacea waabad. mended, and done ap equal to new,at abort notice. de36 2m* CAMP STOVES! " v> CAMP 8TOVESI! ? t. j , CAMP STOVESH! A large atock or. hasd, whioh will be aold low. HTJ. GREGORY, '*18 3)11 Pa.a?en?e. KITTfcNHOUSE, PANT It CO., B A N K B n St 332 PiniiiTLTAiiii Av?.. (iwar Brown's Hottl.) Issue DRAFTS oa all part* of the United States, in sqdis to suit CiI oers and Solaiers. Also, Drafts oo London. Ireland, Hoot.ana, Wales, and all parts i>f the C?nt neat of Europe. ia8-ln> ^OAL OIL?COAL OIL-COAL OIL! COAL AND ETHP.RIAL OIL At Rkvccsd Prices! 8. W. 'iXAUGHLKN'S Coal and Etkerxal Oil Manufactory, Pcrner New Jersey av. and Est. jaUym^ / 1EORGE M. WORL 4: CO., % VI Importers and Dealers in WlXJiS. LIQUOHS.CJOARS.Ue.j Aad Gh.NtRAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS An assortment of Merchandise of every d^soripI Uon oucstan t y on hand. fl I ' GEORGE M. WORL * CO.. 74 W ater street. G&orgetown. Bt the Rope Farry. iiaxsiDE'i Patent Portable House. The inventor calls the attention of Sutlers and ? inert to this nsefnl invention A Huna??? ( ill by tUit iuvector without uu'ia,' torewa, or croovM. B*rsM ud SUMw built in the atme w*t. It vithoat injury to hOrd?r? ou bo left with , 3AMUEL W1?F. Bailor. No. 346 K <ir*et, MMkr fhir^oatL, Ull lm W??hip?tt,n. D C BLJ TEA! BLACK TEA! ? efaM'e etiEisrd B ut T*% u??o been received tonUy. A eo.ohoioo Gryen Tj*. KIN? It BURCHKLL, Ji I Cor?*f 1Kb ttreot nnd Vermont ?t. I PRIVATE. PRIVATE PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Juree All Venerial Dimum permanently and amokly, without the dmof diafaating or poiaoaoaa drug? of any kind. No dieting or inu>-i?reno? with boaineaa. Conaaltation* free. It it saying amte ecoach in it* favor, when 1 ?ay that mr practice 1 a that which is in uie in all the New York eitj hospitals. . New York City college and Hoipital Testimoniala tarnished. Ladies with Whites and Diseases of the Womb cured and saved a consumptive's grfcTe by my treatment. Tbere is nothing ofensit-t or disatruable in any part of the treatment. All cures warranted, or money refunded. Communications in writing, with return stamp, promptly attended to. Medicines for travelers and others packed, with full instructions for use. and wan-anteo. Offioa? Koos?No.8 Washington Building, Ponn. avenue and Seventh at., Washington, 1). C. feb 1-1 m* Horse blankets and buffalo robes. All styles aad prioes, at J. b. PUDNEY'8, 334 Pa. ave . haca room, 35> D street. DUBBER COATS. PONCHOS. LEGGIN8, XV Blankets, Cap Covers and Caps, at J. B. PUDNEY'S, 334 Pa av<\, ba^k room, a. vi Heavy regulation blankets, ale oheap, by J. B. PUDNEY. 3114 Ps.avr., t>v>kroom, _ or 3aa D street. PA NBW THING. ATENT Compresaable Cot, can t>e folded up into a epaoe 34 incites long by 6 wide, an ingenious contrivance, for sale by J. b. PUDNEY. 394 Pa. ave.. baok room, ja21 tr or D street. Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FOR WAIT) SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any place on the lines of their Express, Ataoharxe of twentr-five oents for any sum not exoeedmg filty dollars, and a proportionate additional charge to places reached by connecting Expresses. JThe^ money, whether Gold or Trtasury Notts, ouumu uo cuyiuacu 111 au cnffiopa BQG Beoureiy sealed. and have the full address,(including town, Post Office, and State; and :n citien, the street ana number,) of the person to whom to be sent, and the amount leefbly marked thereon. Envelope* for this purpose mar be had at our offioes. To facilitate prompt delivery, the oharte for remittance snould be pre paid. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington, Jan. 9,1862. ja9-lm Soldiers' Pay! THl'. HARNDEN EXPREBS COMPANY Will remit sunna of FlbTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, Fkom Soldi er b to thbix Familiu, At a oharceof TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money should be pi&oed in an ENVELOPE and securely sealed. The full address, {including rost Ofitt, Stale; alto, strut and namher, in a iargt city,) of the person to whom to be sent, MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS DEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT TH* EXPRESS FtRN1SHES THK MOST RELIABLE MEANS FOR SOLDIEHS TO SEN1> THEIR MONEV HOME. EN VEI.OPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FURNISnED ON APPLICATION TO OL'R OFFICE, E. 3. SMITH, Agent Harnden Exprean, id ?t., second door below Pa. art., ja9-lm Washincton, D. C. FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. i IMSSS liSSpi^ FOE SALS BY J. P. BARTHOLOW, Sol* Agent, Hardware k Agricultural Warehouse) 539 Seventh Street, Bttieun P*nn<v Uinta avenue and thi Canal, opposite east end of Centre Market. ja 14-ti W NOTICE. , E Would respectfully iniorm persons indebted to ns their accounts must be p&id. We woutd say to parties vho ve with particularly to remember this, that the indulgence granted was not with the view of presenting the aooonnt, but to give time to reouperate. ITr Plaaaa rAmamKar nail iKa atisfactorily endorsed notes, at short date. Apol og;?? no longer answer. ~IL/~Those disregarding this notioe oan look for the proper officers to wait on them. Very respect lully, T. J. A W. M. GALT. 3S2 Pa. av., bet.llth and lith ?ts.. ja20-eo2w opposite Star Office. RANKING HOUSE OF D SWEENY A HUYCk. No. 617 Skvinth Strut. Drafts on hiiropeana on the prlnoipal oitios in the Union, in sums to sait, famished Dy us on reasonable terms to oitisen* and soldiers. ^k>in, Treasury Notee, anl Currenoy bought and Deposit aooounU opened with oustomers, either in Coin, Treasury Notes, or Currenoy. ja y-eolm SWEKNY A HUYCK. tpiNE BLUE CLOTHS r_ . AND CASSIMERES, For Army men. PERRY A BRO.. jaSl 8t Pa. avenge and Ninth street. MOURNING DRESS GOODS, and SHAWLS, a new supply opened to-day. One price omy, marked in plain figures. .P'f whole soale of prioes reduced to the cash standard vaiuo. PERRY A BROTHER, J* 31 6t Pa. avenue and Ninth street, / V ISAAC HERZBERG. /(v X A The Only 1.1061.60.! pawnbroker. b 41 #10.0fl0 to be loanwl on Gold and Silver Watohes, Jewelry, Guns and Pistols, Silver Ware, ana Wearing Apparel?at the old stand, No. S?I C t?et. bfiok of the National Hotel, between 4H .... -w UB H -?m~ JVTOW 18 YOUR TIME TO BUY OVERi i ooata, Facta and Vests, at New York prions, at SMITH'S, No. 460 8eventh street, opposite Post Offioe. ja lb-dim Tm O OFFICERS, SUFLERS, *0.?For sale, at a moderate prioe, a New York beilt four wheeled light covered WAGON, with handsome leather oushions, Ao., having been used three times, oost #183 Also, a New York made set of Double Harness, with plated fillings, which has never been used at all. Also, a set of plain Single Harness, quite new. Apply at 487 Seventeenth street, corner of 1, for address of stable and I room. de M D EAD1.NQ ALE AND LAOER BIER DEPOT IV of the celebrated brewery ofJtr. hex. to be had in la/seand small quantities. Also, Pioklee, Catsup. P afied Onions, Pepper Saaoe, Vinegar, and Soar Krout, by the barrel. gs';on,or iu jars, at CHARLES MADES' Kestaurant, de3-'.m* oorner Pa. axenueand Third at. OUTTER! 1 BUTTER!!" O BUTTER II! loo kegs choiee Goshet butter, jest reoeived and for sals cheap by _ F. B HABT1NG * CO. bo ?-tf D st. ^oins Pa UPHAM'S HAIR DYE .'?TO COLOR BLACK OR BROW J!!-Only 38 oents a bo*. Three boxes for one dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair oan be chacied in a few aaoonda to a jet black or brown, by asing Upham's Liquid Hair Pre, the best and oheapest ia the world. produomg, the moment it is applied, a noh i.afnral appearance. Each Box of UPHAM'S HAIR DYE is warranted to oontajn as muoh 4atr dy* as others sell for am* &Mmr\ Sold br S. C. UPHAM. 310 O tags nsf street, Phila-. deiphia, and *. CALVERTFORD, corner lift street and Pa. ave.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK A Co.. Druggists. sepfr-eoly liiauisui UIOI roqmreu. II IB M ,.#h Speoifio of auitT-five jeara atanc and wiil not harm the most de cmt? oorx-^^Mr^ titnuon. It oontaina no mimrah. Prioe ft. Bold by 3. C. UP (1AM, 310 chaanut street, PhiUulelpi.;a,ana in Waaninjtor. bv 8. C. FORI), oa cm uth atr?*t and Pa *?*.; id Alexandria, by JlKNRV COOK ft CO., Dr?f giata. ?o 98 eoly ALt. MEM DISCHARGED FROMbKRVICE oaa get fitted ont ta a uoe rait of Clothe* at ????&" tmes&v&rt imsF /S FURNITURE ' f* FURNITURE' UL SMbi FURNITURE! JW\ (of the ftrn of Mwit Beckham.'Thilad'a,) Uuibotnm and Wholesale and Retail Oeajer in Cane-?eat Chair*. Cottace, Parlor and Pima* room Furniture?Thorn'iBBilding, 005 8erenu> WeV? ariety of UPHOLSTERING promptly I ana neatly executes. r ??r?y Store open day and evening for the acoonmodation of the pnblio. , Purchasers will study their interest to call before looking elsewbera. ja 2i-3m* 4^ U T L K R S , ATTENTION!! 800 BARRELS GINGER SNA PS , Pxixs Quality, For tale in quantities to suit the trade, at low figure*. JOHNSON A NAGLE. U69 Fa. avenue, Washington, D. C., ja 21 10 Royal it., Alexandria, Va. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dkaliss in SWORDS, BASHES, BELTS, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, G LOVES, Ao. And every variety of KRADY MADE CLOTHING, At Riasonablx Prices. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3'Jtf Pennsylvania avenue, between J* '' Lintel. ft Ropub.l 9th and lOtft sts. Highest price paid IN SOLD U-S. TREASURY NOTSS of the different issues, and Northern Currenoy. Exohange on the priooipal cities North payable in sold or onrrenoT sold to suit purchasers. RITTENHOUSL:, KANT A CO., . Bankers, No, 352 Penn. avenue, ja a-lm near Drown's Hotel. 4.R2 m 8- W3RTHBIMKR ft CO., ,\n\ No. 46a and 464 srvknth s$t., Opposite the Post (Iffit*, rnE ni5? of V1^8' ?RANDIE8, GINS. V.V. ?to.%ftlso their isrcs Assortment 01 p^?s-,te.x?na goo&^ ^smssms. z bars or tamily use The public in general are re ?Ei.Te*til6m, a 0411 an<* famine their splendid stock of goods. 8. WERTIIEIMER ft CO., a* oi ?_ 464 Seventh street, de 21-8m oppo. Post Office. Oysters! Oysters! the overland oyster express u..? 4 ? company f*tuxenvb^i?oy8ter8?mx''^ Those oysters are sold 36 hours after they come from the water. Offioe No. 48 Market Space, below tlte Arenne House. ja8-3m CHEESE: CHEESE"! CHEK8E:: WQUORS, TOBACCO, CIGARS, NTTS, raisins, crackers. All on band and for pale oh?ap by F. B. HASTINGS A CO., no25-tf Philharmonic BullviiDf. W B. STRONG. TRUNKS. HARNESSCirMILITARY GOODS, Pbnmstlvania Avvnck, Sm?U suit, bttvun 12(4 and 1S<A struts. ,Ha.rne" an<1 Military Esuipmenti repaired atahortest notice. ae lm* WL ? FOR the army. J* E Hare just received, hy steamer Arago, a large assortment of m**ainoent Frenoh Brass Drums (8ystem* Gregotre;) Frenoh Bugles, lor an<* ^tiUery ; Martin Krere'a Celebrated Clarionets and Flute# ; Brass Instru"lull kinds. Also, the finest ^ua ity of VenT^?r??hP,*ii.i?yii"on a Aocordeons and Flutinas. Together with a large assortment of latest Frenoh Muaio for Bands. Musio Store of ? w e. METZKROTT, J* 16 Corner Pa avenue and llth at. T?v .the billiard hall. HE Undersigned, having purchased from measrs. Man- A Fisher the Billara Hall at the oor XV US * <7UU. nxiuvc auu B.iOVriUIl *11 061, ADd reD I - I ted the same entirely with new clotha, Ml!a, fto., ! Invitee hie friends and the publto g eneralU to give him a call. ja2 eoim JOHN W. EARP. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, A 119 Pennsylvania Avbnv*. Bttttetn \9tk and 20(4 ?ts. The undersigned, harinc located himself an above, takes thin method orinformins the oitiieus of the First Ward that he has opened a firat-olaaa Provision Store, conducted similar to those for irhjoh Philadelphia is famous. 41 Here oan be tout.-i at ail times a large aid fresh m. &. ^arUouiar attention is Mlled to his stook and pnoes of BUTTER, CHEESE. Ac. Philadelphia Print Batter. Soahen and Western Reserve, Being determined to give me strictest attention to the wants of his customers, and to keep every artiole in his line of tHe best tnality, and sell at the lowest market pnoes, he hopes to merit a share of public patronage. Families will be waited upon daily for orders, If required, no 1? THOMAS R. WILSON. Gold and ^f^^fJ^isH, swiss I have now on hanS'a^i&rge atock of all the most , A AI shrsts/^ * 1,4 4 11 ...vv.tatvu ?? ?*VUV?) kUttt ? mil OIUO| ftl in? very lowest prioea tnat food and reliable time keepers can be afforded at; and every description of fine JKWKLRY on hand;al! new styles reoeived as soon as mannfaotared, and offered at the lowest 1 rates. Silver ware manufactured in my own shop. All kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand.suoh j r\ Revolvers, Swords. Sashes, Belts, Bowie mves. Pocket Compasses, k,c., fee. Also strong j Armr Trunks and Bed Combined: and many other things useful and ornamental at 33? Pennsy!vania ! STeaue. no>> tf H. A. HOOPOuQ JOHNSON & NAGLG, QUO ?0*7 IMPORTias o? AlO?7 WINKS, LIQUORS, HAVANA CIGARS, FINS OROChRIES, *e.t j No. a?9 Fa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, . Washington, D. O. No. 10 Royal st, near King, Alexandria, Va. I Sole Agents for the SPARKLING HOCK and , MOSELLK WINKS of the Hockheim Joint 8took Co., in Hcekheim on the Rhine. Constantly on hand their oelebrated Sparkling Hock and MoteUe Cabinet Wines. Connoisseurs are reuectfu ly invited to give us a oil. jas SOMETHING NEW?5 UFERIOR HULLED CORN.?The auban iber, bavins cot the &genoy to aapply Waahington & Georgetown with thia delioate preparation of Corn, would respectfully ask of hia friend*, and the publio at large, to give it a trial. Alao, Popped Com, plain and sugared. WM. BRADLY. Agent, Pa. avenne, between 18th and l?h eta. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantlee, Monuments, Table Topa, Ac. A large aaaorunent alwaya on hand. oo 19-3m BALMORAL 8K1RT8. NEW andohoioe aaaortment of select oolora aod patterna, many atylee, not fonnd elaewhere. In addition- a fine and ample atock of all kindi of Foreign and Domeatio Dry Gooda in all the department* of family wanta. An m?peotion of atook incura ne obligation to

pareaaM. One price only, marked in plain figures; hence, no purohaaer ia deceived. PERRY A BRO., ja7-tr Penn. avenue and Ninth at. LADIES'. GENTLEMEN'S AN D CHILDREN'S FURNISHING GOODS. UNDERGARMENTS. GLOVES, HOSIERY. HANDKKRCHIRPH. ?r!ARP<l Tifu OD lJNEircdLX*-?C|im^3'i, Vo" ""= <** E. A. LSS^gfrABmL'l. A*"* 6LOVES! ~ A.U,.81o?D.JK,t?rARMV ?">VBSS ^hSftnaSLSSh. AITENTI?N,8yii.E||,OEFlCERSAH, d*u-? H. J. QRECOBV f.JOLD AND UNCUKKKNT MONK V~i>Tjin ft ? ?=.3?siBi??S?. J**''" noar flrown'i Hotel pfllf?' 1? of Ladies and Mmot' Ja7 ao Proa, avenue, b^tween*^an J*lu?gt?, H. JkBftJMnBWAUkMnatfEKl. A. E. A. * ?% -Sai'BSFg^Si, de? Under Brown'e Row. pOLUMBIA MARKET, Viw . .. Pa. ??*?*, com* TJurttmuk tt. The mbeerlber woald moet reep??tfui: j laiom the atUseaa of WaeuiriKton that he hae returcod to hie old enarter, where he inteudt keeping a firetrate market in all lU brancuee, M in timee gone. He will be happy to gre*thi* ola friends and ob?t'uner" NTb^-Goods sent free of charge to aaj part of ' a MALLARD.' i A t I PENTIST&Y. :z ;,?^srffirlr^ru^T'.^w crest ftci ltiea m operative Dent atry, he is is po?aeeaion of a new and important invention for themaertion of Artiloial Tfth. on the priLoiple of Atm0*rkrr'c pr***?ra, entirety dlUerent from the o id mode, and aeoured by lettera Patent irutM Aprii 6th, 1856. Thia invention is of the greatf*t valne, there b?in? lea a pUte naed to ooverthe roof of the mouth, and with an moreaaed amount of notion. The puMio are invited to ca 1 and examine apeoimena and oertificatea from acme of the moat prominent and aoientifie gentlemen, No. 481 Tenth atreet weat, near Pa. are. Ja M-eotm* OR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DBNTI8T, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Biiwna 9th aim 10th 8ts. Ja4 eotm J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1 BONE ?? V n m a Q O 1 n, W ithott Mm: **uti om Clasm. DR. 8. B Siof^MOND. 910 Bromd*mv, A'ni York? JbO Penntvlvmni* it mm, bttwm IStk amd ISia til , Wa*km*ttm, Calla the attention of the public to the tollowiag advantages of hi* improYod aratem : 1. The Teeth of his mamuiioture wi MM never oorode nor change oolor by my^*"-* acids, being three fourths Iiihtef than any other. t. No teeth or roots need be extracted, as the artifcci&l ones oan be inserted oyer them. S. The roots wili l-e made inoffensive, an never o aotie. 4. No temporary teeth are nee-lad, as permanent ones oan be made imn.Miataly, thereby preserving the natural expression of the froe. vhioh under tj? old system Is frequently disfigured. f. This work haa been fully tested over Iva years by many of the first ohemista and physiaians or this has also Invented a white undestrnotive metal fillini, with whioh the moat sensitive teeth cau be nllea without pain, and can build up a feot, sound tooth on any side roots, whioh will last through lifetime. _The best of referonoes given?to Dr. V. Molt: l?r. I Doremua, Proffeaaor orChemiatry, N. Y,; Hon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Waahimlon, and thonaanda of other*. Call and examine for yoareelf. no t ton GAS FITTING, kc. A .. WM *. DOVE * CO. Jlb&E Nov prepared to execate any erdera with vainh the* may be favored in the rfcVMBiNt, as^r^pteam FirriN* irr Store cn ?th atreet, afsV doora north at Pa, kvenie. where may be foand a ooir.plete aaaortraeat fCHANDELIEks and ether ?AS, STEAM and WATER FIX TUSKS. <a T> WO A 8 F1XTIIES, E Hare in atore, and are dai.y reoemnc, 9 AS FJlTUKifff of entirely New Patterns aid Dea.gna ana Finish, anterior in atyle to anything hereto ore efl'er??d in tnia market. We invite oitiieca Eoneral ly to aall and examine our atook of 6aa anc Water Fix ?rea, feeling confident that we have tae tut M.eeted atook in W&ahincton. Ail Work in the above lice intimated to egr tare Will be promptly attended to, MYERS * Mo#RAN. arI K 376 D atreat, LOVELL, COLLES& CO.i " WHOLESALE GROCERS, S6 Front atreet, New York, and 316 G street, Waahinfton, 1). C., (near Willarda' Hotel.) Having atarted a branch of our New York eaiablishment in thia citjr, we invite Sutlrrs. Urottrs, R'ftawantiiers. and Hotel Keeper*, to oall and examine our stock, which ia well aaaorted and comprised of gooda of the beat quality. We take ordera for anr thing in our line, and execute them promptly- js23tf NOTICE. ** ADAMS' EXPREM COMPANY " This Oorapany offera to the public" Unequalled Advantages1' for ttie Safe ana Quick Dispatch of Heavy Freights, Paocaceis Vaiuables, Money, Ao. Ac., to all parta of the United States. Expresses to and from the North and West <!e part from an.! arrive in Washington twioe rfaily, All Kxaresses&'e i- ^liarce of mmj ttUnbit Messenger*. All Packages for The Soldier a earned at "ok* HaI<?" our uaual r?te?. Ail Goods for tii" ao-oalleu "Confederate H*?es" and all Ariiole* " Coctratxin' of War" will t* BtFUSMD. Our Expresse* leave New York \t 1.1, and I*. M.. arrivins in Waihiuston at 9 A. M. and fjl P.M. *?xptess?s leave Philadelphia at *JA A. M and 11 rrinnc In Washington at ft tn P. M. ana Expresses leave Baltimore at 4-2" A. M. and I P. JdLj^arriving in Washington at 6 A. M- and MO Expresses for aM point* North and West leave Waahmiton at 7jn A. M. and 2 jf> P. M. datlv. Special ContraoU for la;ge quantities of Frelcht oan be made on app.ioation to thia <?fnoe. All Good a oaJledfor and delivered frm of Ulw oharjea. E. W, PA Snpt Adams' Express Corrpaar. Washington, August a. 1W1. an lEtf SOMETHING NEW ! /^\ ^N^/GEXATM^D^coyKT orCU^j At 9S1 C strut, orrcnit *NT tk? TktaJm. OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far auperior to a rout) in i*?o mtmuus, ik*/*suit lima cm rtcord. Call and aee. The nndersigned respectfully iniorma hia friend* in the lhatnat, and visitors to the oity, that he has refitted hia old and wiil-ihown xstablishk b.'tt in a moat thoronih manner, and h&i m^l* ?m. plete arrangements to farnish OVSTEfta in any trie and in any quantity. 400 to 600 gallons shaoked per day. 2.W0 to 3,000 oana of Sptoed and Fresh ant up (tailr?can a hermetically sealed. Furnished in the shell by the bnahel or barrel. Persons wiahtnc to have Oyatera furnished regularly thronch the winter, at Baltimore prioee, without fear of failure, ahould call and make arrangements at onoe. Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me, aa I famish an artiole esuai to the oelebr&tovl Baltimore establishment*, at pnoea juat aa low. TO 9UTLER8, Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, 4e. <ko.,?ko. Also, Ptokles, Catsup. Sajoes, Brandy Peaches, &o. Also, Game and Fresh Fish, Turtle*, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod. Halibut, *e. In foot, every thing for sale in the Northern markets always on hand, at re&sonat>,e prioes. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered witaout oharge to any part of the Dlatnot, In season, if the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from f a. m. to 13 at night, every day, exoept Sunday, when 1 close at in o'oiook a. m. )a 2 tf T. M. HAEVET. j^IREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND CEOK6ETOWM. vmpitaL imoN. Q#U? MTMT 0 fir Ml ?U a?., mnt ?mU ?/ VlltHWIM, ss:?^/pWMtor"?T Dmmiit fao. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfarn, Samuel Crowley. William Wilton, Riohard Jonas, John D. Barolay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwe:!, Ti.ot. Parker, ft ?nard Barry. BV B. French, Dr. C. W. Dan*. No oharco for Policiaa. ? JAMES ADAMS. PrMldMI. A??t 8. Davis. Secretary. am Mola WALL, STEPHENS k, CO.. v v saa l'lmwiiTtitiA Aran**, "1 SlJAMit# H&iStH * * AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, iND E5IS%TAB^/rl5gVoNo8^TLEaet-if (lntal. A Repub.) L. Towkks. J. M. Towns, J. B. Towns. L. TOWERS A CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Conur Louisiana mmm and Sixth it. The attention of the business oommonity ia raapeoUullT invited to the New Book and Job Printing Eatabliahment, whioh haa been fitted a* with new malarial, in the moat complete manner, is now prepared to execute, in a satisfactory style, ovary B<>oie,Bpeeohee. PamphleU, Card a, Circulars, Sntere' Blanks, fco.,4o. The attention of member* of Concrete it ep?oiftliy requested for our facilities for printing Spoechee, m we hare the Imrtttt steam power in the oitT. doT-laweai DOOTI AMD ?*gK8 *0 BVIT VU tapply of nwii mm work ?r ererv^da-BHI E&HimHn BOYS' CLOTH1N*. B Hare reoeired vithjjt tha laat day or tvaa larce assortment of BOVW Srftufo CLO?HINS, embracing all styletof lov-piioed,mediam, and fine toalibes, which ve are saluac t vary " ZKHFAfiffii. I mn nntellicw>o?f * ROUGHS. COLD|yHOjUl8?NK86. *?. COMPOUND SYRUP 0? BUM ARABIC. . Md populw Couch R?medj hu been to long known*cd extaoiivfij giod th*t mo?t Bun. iVMSNR, AlIiHVlt Bmt aiii^atw?iifti>i>i, md ?al| FOR ALL OBKiBBOP 1MPRVDBIfOK. LET MO FALSE DELICACY PRETEMT. APPLY lMmBU?LY. A 9 9 RE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. VubMrf a? SMk, Imam, tfirti ft * KM up i*4 IkUir ^niinan DMwfW, Ml tHMUty, W?Hill 111, Dy*y*p?v, I nnn, cmtmkm W Id***, U? tptnu, r&tytekuas ?r ttwIlMrv tIKiu TnaMli|i, DimoM* wt li|kt M M4m?, Pliim ?f ? Mi, ThrMt, Mom m kin. ifKIMM ?f ft>* 1 ?r- Bum id m l>?ili ttmTimMt Piwiiii uWuIm mi W? BaMta af Tath Am DrwMl u4 Dnrntdn PM ifeaa wtuck rutoMumn Iwm^u(?mn(M adj ud Mind. ' " ' roiwe jtnr ipilliTlj ?k? kin Ntwii tt* rtettM af hliuii VIM that dnadfhl iW k.Mt wUtk axttaaU? T.vaap I* u aaumaly P*ti uwMudi ?T Yaarf Mm af tka m iiaKad UllU iil kfllliaat lataUact, *W aifkt Mtwil. M?a wtrue?4 liauouf fcMM with tka riadaaa a( *U * ??? ?* >i?N tall ?ic MARRIAGE. Mm MlMMkiu Mil riaga, Haf iTW afphraical fMtaw, arguta AkUii; dafatiaitfaa, *c, apaadilv carad. a Tk.jkndiMiracdar tka mm rf Or. J. Mf tattfl I* old* to ku kiMr u a fiotliau u4 MeSAsefl' ??7 *pa? t* .kin a. t rtrwto ? . * SODTH FREDERICK. ST. toft baad aid* jatof from BahuD*raatra*caf*? tantM fail a* la aWarra M, u4 .nkn kin Ml ll M and muJi a Man*. , , D?. JOHNSTON, z~zij:,JK'?^rsr&stzi as tatai, and iki ftaatar pan at vtvaaa Ufa ku baa* k atar knawb; aaay tfaablad with nwiu la * kaad aa< Mia vku aalaap; trtat "-"tim iiat aiirmad a ddaa aaandi, baaknlaaa* with frtqaaai klta&cc imallii ssiit" w > surs * TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Jmuf M?o aud atktra vka M*a uikarad tkaaMl*** k? { airiuii practic* u>dalf*d ia wkan alaoa a bakit tracaaa?i laarnad frair ?*U * rmriniana. av at ackaal tha ***&u J vfclcb ara alfhtJy A h arao *l*o aalaap, aa'd If mc carad randan ruarntf* Impoaaibla, aad d assart kach aknd ui fcadr. abaaid appl, SidiinlV T **' Ybta* ara aaisa of U>a aad aad mUnrkati afaala arodaaai JT aarij habila af job Lb, ?u : wiuSS.'" kinba, Paina la ifaa Raad, Dtraoaaa af B\xfct, L?aa af Mmim Pa war, Palpitation af u>a Haur-. UnMm btlilT, Daraafamau af lha Difaaava faocuaoa, otrs. Debility, Bympiocna W Cwmbkim, Ac ?TTi? faarfal tfttu an tba tH V h drtadad?Laaa of Mamary, CwMm af ld?i, Da praaaiai r pin'J, Eril FoMbodicfi, inniK af Satiatf, ialf1M? uut, Low / Mtiadt, Timidity, ate., ui mm af ib* a*Ui rSiiToci DniLiTT.-nNtufatu (ha (> ?f thair daclitur.f haattb, loair.* tfcair nfw, k?wa bif waab, pal*, D?r?o?u ud amaciatad, baring a aiafBiaj i^ptiruct tbavt Lfa* ayaa, caafb ar tympuaaa af laaw^ DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wkm lb* Kitraidtd tod Uipndant 1MU7plNKH hii bt feat itnb-.bad ih* aaada of thta paiofBl dlaaaaa, it laa aftai bappara that an ill-'j -i?d aanaa oribama ar draad of diaaaran datara bim frara apply inf ta thoa* ?ba, froa adacaliac >? raapacubUity, can akaea bafnaad bin. la Ulla lata U< budi of ifDoxaat and daaifoiaf pra'.aDdare, vba, tacapabil a." carirr, llcb bia pacsniary aabaiajtca, baa* Mia tnliof aaaotb ertr laaatb, ar ? laof > tna anUlaat fa* ui ba abuioad, and in daapair laa*a Mia vuh ntaad baalu ta alft arat an r mg diaappakrunantj ar by tba aaa af (bat daadli pwaac?Martary?baaui. lha eaoatuauaoal a) iiMwi ai ibfi urribla diaaaaa, aacn u Af acuaoa af tba lair.nnu, tin, Ac., prafrauiof will frif btfai raptdity, ulldaaib pau ?art?' ? draadfal ttfiriup by aaoduif Wat a ibat ? f .. . jr .fia tbaat bunt n UtTilw tMam. DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORG AX It WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY Iy tbia j^r*V ra?adj vaaksaaaaf (k? arfaai mmw <r?>uu; %mtwm *1. u imj T '.^1 WIIPI TMWUI OT IM mi Dtrmi ud d?H.iu:?d, vka bad laat all Mf*,ktn bin innnidUlilj r?b???d. All ltrptdlmiou i? Ife.-rlift, rkyaisaj m VeataJ DtMUi UwtlMi.lNi '* N*n, lirtM lmubflhT rtMt'.inf and Wtakatt* ar fcnwlw of the BWt faarf*. klsd (Vtd. ENDORSEMENT OE I HE FREES. T* Nt?( Taociairoi c.artd at tMa intutaOac vKkll It* lit ????n??n iiut, ud tba Dintmi IwfUiil 9mnd aal aparauao* yirmnid kt Or. JAbum, ?ibhn4 ?t ki HHMii af tkt papan tad nan; athav mtwu, eatieaa valtk kt'i asptarad agaio aad afali > ? ? tha Mklta, to' Mil k:i iiudii| u a pul'ist a* ikitaui aad immA Mllty. la a aflaitai faataats* ta * aMatad. nu li-l/ TRIZJSZ1MJLX1.. Protected by Royal Letters Patent af England and ttcurtd by tk* Seals of tko Ecolt do Pknrmaru, do Paris, and tko J m? trial College oj Medicine, Vienna. TR1E8KMAR No. 1 is the effectual remedy for Kblax*tioi*< HmMAT"BHH(EA and KxHACSTION OX THI BTfTftM. TRIK8KMAR No. tf. Completely and entirely eradiostM all traoes ol those disorders, for wliioh Copaiva and Cubetu have senerally been thoncht an antidote, to tbi ruin of the health of a vast portion of the poynlatooa. TR1LSBMAK No 9. la the great and sure remedy of the omliaad wor,< for all impurities of the system, as well as saoond ary symptoms, i' viai:r.; tlie destructive use o Mercury. as well as other deletarioae ingredients and whioh a 1 the 9arsapari!!a il the world oaaaoi remove. Tmiuik Nos. 1,2 and S are alike de. oia ?i tuu or smell. and of all bmmUdi snalitiee. They vein tiie form oi a <ani*,VMiMi lie on the toilet tftbie without their aee bein? suspected. J*old in tin cases ftt #3 each, or fovr |> otM 11 one for ?9, and in #27 cum, thru saving |t.u administered by VMjtiu, LMiemard. Roux,he. Ao. Wholesale *nd retail by DR. H. A. BARROW. 194 Bieeoker atreet, t4 doors from MaeDougai street). New York. Immediately on re eeipt of remittanoe, Dr. Harrow will forward Tneeemar to any sart of the world, eeovely packed A^d addreseed aooordinc to the mstrnoUoci of the writer. Published also by DR BARROW, that popuiai and beautifully illustrated medioai work, Hsmat Frailty. Pnoe ? oeota. Tneeemar aad Book eas be obtained by special authority from 8. C. FORD, Washington. D. C. delS-ta CBLBULiTBS Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by ^5 EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS R ofaLe?erfro?h "ONLY ?OOD SB To Hit BrtUm SAUCE." at Worcester. tndap,!?oab)eto jggg every Sr;:-;' j VARIETY |||p| mTop.mon"S^? ijpij palauble, u veil u OP DISH. HLV^ moit wholesome ^E5Ps*?c. that n mate" The above SAUCE u not only the un and moat TorvLXM. eojisiMKNT known, bat the most Et**om itml, aa a lev drops in Soup, Ormvy, or with ?*k, hot and oold Jimus, Buf Stsab, 0**u, ?., impart an exquisite seat, which ?aprfeeapM Sauoe manuf&oturors have ia vain endeavored to ?*w?i>. On the Brtmkfmtt, Lmmtktom. Dmmtr, or Bmppm m>U, a oruet oontaiwng " LEA * FKRRIN8' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia indiapenaable. To appreoiata the tretllmi ?italUitt of thia dUlttiotu prep&ratioc it im only immmvj to r?kt" a small bottle of the gmwm*, of a i eepeetable grooer or dea er, aa mu; Hotti and lUttmmmmt froprietors eeldom plaoe the Pur* Sanoe before thou gueeta, bat substitute a genuine BottU filled witi a tpy- rit mixture. For by 6rooera aad Frmterera every where. JOHN DUNCAN fc SOWS, Dnim Sf era mmd 14tk ttrmt, Ntw York* Sole Wholeeale Agents for the United States. A Stock always in stora.?Also orders reoatTat for direot shipments from Bngtasd. UTBunti nf Ccmamftiti mmd lai<iai>eii.Jl ae??-ly.eo JJSK7# VeW BE3& SifcHSMRSSWK^ir ?- - ? ? m AbAiinvi lo Hf OMh foi vrarr arbeMoi (cxxlavc pnrohaM. Vf ?f foroot to rodooo oar bounoaa to CHi xolomlToly, for tk< ft <i?ur. 4 twib-i ^ T|LAVJgUg JlgNlB. % jv?# >orr.*n?mi beat 9o)t Leotherfl Lodiar tud Pookin* Trwil*, Vo-^^ liooa, Ofuryet Boca, *o^ wSloh w or* now aoIUnj itTtrrloT pnoe* ?u irm^ac^tfftr^SpSSSf** .... w. ..v>iK>wHMwr;mi?,?l IOJI mt? for Cmk. ? *??f M'**?Skik^WfVJfl B?PK7 ALf. W? htn]?it mmii> imir ( a*?Mnw Am wlu?hw r*oonpModtob*ofa*?ry n??rtor ity. Ptrtoni within* to porqh&M. oy m>mg m JgeKWOOD OB'OIMJNJ ~'- ^"W p -""?? "' liters &??-'*** Jw I m TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. 9 PASSENOER TRAINS On mmd Afm MOM DA T. Wn*r,?,m P&MBIKn TUIM HTwn* WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE i wiunsuiMiev?; Siz D+Ur Trmmt imw ii mmd Dayn f**m Wmskmtrm Dm'r ***** tkt wtk, * a*4 tw m i?imi. > . F^r Pkii*d#I>bU icd Nnr Y?it-U?? Wnk . laftoBftt flOA h. II ?0a w.aud 6N r h. t For ?Mti?r> Lwto (V?aftiaftoa it ?Jlu4 r 7.?iM,iadit(iwdi?ra. h ForAiu^KiMU iad(?r r For Phiisdeiyhie M xoo r m. k For BamaO?r? udtki Nvrlfc Md i k More in* AoooaupodAtioB (*w Wukiiftot T4* A.m. ArriT*at hit;iwir?l* a h. No iwi none M Btitiaor*. Tkio la tfco Moraiag ?o?xion . for Annapoiit. , NttVirt M*?I Tma?IHM WnkiiirtM at U A. arriT* M Bklttnorc lLtt r. IL; Pkfiida.aaia > UlT.u.: Now VorkWF.w. r rhilo^f>4i* Tpaib Iobtw Wnkiulai its or r u. rotofcis* BaJUntor* a:? SO r M(Mrfl?l>ilB<alptin It 10 F M. , AftorcooB Aoootr racnauo*- tavo Wb?IiIb*V*b I iKm.imn at Ba t n>on> at iru. No ooaDoxtooa at BaltiBK>ra This la tba afUraooa oon MMfcr Ar.iifo ii Itci.ii > ??ii laa^b. WMMactoa t p. m. I Am re at EUemora USf. *_ PkHZteiMua MAI ! ? *or* 4 * .j}~ mabbr* 1 a. m. ' Ob gaadbya Iobto Waahinatoc at 100 and Sr.a "& * r. m. traja frow WaaUaflN otaaMta I tkroacfe to Now York ovorj da* darva* tfco waofc. imini TT>ftlnt>n I nr } r'Se?T9 Nov York mttr.u* Pfell*dft.?ki* irj? p J iu B*iO?*r? ?j| a. k, amwtt WukufUic rw York t* 11 r. . PkUf^l?M t Jn , a. > ; B*JU ?or?7.? a,*. ArrivoM fTMkiactoo | lit A. . I Local Aooommodatton frsJM iM*t Btltiaor* r Hit U.. tad 4 31 p. m , lor WmIiWim. rriv* . tb*r? ?? II a. U. ?JMC?sp. u. I On Bv&davs at ?J?aixJ 7J6 a. m. only froa Baltimore. No AMtyoln or Frodoriok ooutxiou ol ? Sundays. PuMDftr Tmuu iMTins Waafciaftaa at 1M *.aad4<?p. K^aad BaituaoroanJba. Mi? 1 p. H . make <J'root oonreetiont tor Aanapou* at U>? innotioc. The 7 4" am, Mid SOI p oonntot at 1 lot? for Frederick, Hacorstova, *?., fee., exM#t : eard&r* Traiaa I ear a Acna^oia ft* Baltimore aad Waaii la* ton at Up a . m. and 3 ?> r- u. r*amg9T Traana laaviac WMhinttoa at M* a. * ! 11 a. 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Rood Con 1 paty, Objvert Htauon. Baltimore. 1 Splendid Sleeping Cart on mil Nitkt Trains | Snoln.g Saloon Cart on mil Trmint _ FROM WASHINGTON, r Paeeen<er? m.i tate theCa. m.aa4 ?> p. m. trau^, oirinnn in Baltimore at7.?e. m. bo<1 ???. m . whore eio?e ecaneoha? are aHf with tnfti on l the ISoruternCoBtre R. R.,aad arrive ta UBnf I barf at l p. m. aod l.?6 a m., there eoaneebai w th the train* on the Penney 1 tbhib Ceo be Railroad for all parte of the wmL 0_ ^ bj w> iuuu, awm 01 au umh iiiinH mm ? t forwarded to tad from u; point oa ua Railroad* i of Ohio, (wttoky, laiianki liliaoi*. winoani. la*?, or NiMoan, by Rmtlromd dtrect. r Tfce P?mj 1 rnnia Centrai Railroad ai?o oouttU i at Fittobnrc with Steamer*. hr whTot (xxxlitu k? forwmrdod to in; port on um Okio.llMkiatiB, entaatr. Tnmhm. CamfcertMM. Iluaoia.Mm ""ttt' m *?--nr f*- , fcr.d R ed R lrora. fcLd * ?.' Cti<**o with itmntra to ail IfuitkwaMra LAka*. 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