Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1862 Page 1
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w * ^ ^j jN ||^ ^jP i^ &| ^ ^ ^ ^ ^S ? V?fe. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C . THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1862. N?. 2,796. \ THE KVDiNINii STAR | ? I / rjrrv- PUBLISHED BYBRT AFTERNOON,1 (SUNDAY EXOEPTKDJ AT THjK STAR Bt'ILUaoX, ?n*t* ?/ TiwirlfHM www Md Ei4+*?4 it. T W- L>. WALLAOH. riper* eerved la package* toy carrier* at 94 a r**r. >>r 17 cento per mon'b. To mail anbecrltoeta *V prlc<> la S3.90 a year, m* *d??ae*,- S3 for atx catbv 91 for ttuee montha; and for leea tkaa tkrr? monltoe at Ike rale of 11 cento a week. Sla 1 r* **, nsi ci*t; In wrappera, two cahtt. LT A DraaTtaawarrra aboaVd be aent to Ike ?*? before U o'clock m ; otherwlae they may ^ act r.ppr?r nntiutfcc next day. A WAIL FRO* THE SOUTU. . Howell Cobb, R. Toombs, M. J. Crawford, E and Tbos. R. R. Cobb have published an address to the people of Georgia, in which they enumerate the progress of the rebellion, and j call attentionlo the following points : h Firet The moderation of our own Govern- A moot and the fanatical raadae-s of oar enemies t< have di*p*rwd all differences of opinion among J, enr people, and united them forever in the war ^ of independence. In a few border States a I ^ waring opposition is giving waj before the ?tem logic of daily developing facts. The jv . ?? _ _* ? ** - * world nisiory aoes not give a parallel instance c of a revelation bated apon such unanimity c among the people. o Second. Our enemy baaexbibited an energy, a perseverance and an amount of reaoaroes ' which we had hardly expected, and a disre- | par i of constitntion and laws which we can tl hardly credit. The result of both, however, is fc, that power whiob is the characteristic clement pf dr?p?t!sw, and renders it *a formidable to T its enemie* as it is destructive to its subject#. J* * Third. An immense army haa been organ- c ized f * our destruction, which ia being aiacip- ^ lined to tbe untbirking stlidity of regulars & With the exclusive possession of the seas, our w enemy is enabled to throw upon the shores of every State the nucleus of an army. And the v threat ia made, and doubtless the attemnt will * fullow in early spring, to crush us with a el giant's grasp, by a simultaneous movement along our entire borders. ^ Fourth. With whatever alacrity onr people may rush to arms, and with whatever energy T our government may use its resources, we ean- ? r. 't expect to eope with our enemy either in tl numbers, equipments, or munitions of war. -To V provide against these odds, we must look to desperate courage, unflinching daring, and uni- V versal self-sacrifice ? Fifth. The prespeet of foreign interference is. at least, a remote one, and should not be relied on. If it comes, let it be only auxiliary to " oar own preparations for freedom. To oar God f( and ourselves alone we should look. These are stern facts, perhaps some of them are unpalatable. But we are deceived in you il . if you would have us to conceal them in order ai to deceive you. The only question for us and ?< for you is, as a nation and individually, what V 1 J - ? UT. iiaf o no 10 uu : n e aa -wer : * First. As a nation we should be united, for* bearing to one another, frowning apon all ftc- ' tious opposition and censorious criticirni3, and ? giving a trustful and generous confidence to (1 those selected a* our leaders in the camp and * the council chamber. tt Second. We should excite every nerve and *? strain every muscle of the body politic to v mamtaiu oar financial and militarj healthful- M n<*.n, and, by rapid aggressive action, make ? oar enemies feel at their own firesides the hor- /, rors of a war brought on by themselves. U The address theu proceeds to recommend tl other measures ot defense, and says : c Lat every woman have a terch. every child c a firebrand; let the loved homae of our v luth be made uhu, and the fields of our heritage be made desolate; let blackness and ruin mark T'jur departing step*, if depart you must, and let a desert more terrible than Sahara welcome the vandals; let every city be leveled by the flame, and every village be lost in aahes. EB-I5LHTM*>T. All the Southern papers which have recently come to hand abound in appeals to the volunteers. both editorially and in the shape of communications, to re-enlist promptly A correspondent of the New Orleans Delta writes follows: ? " We hear frequent complaint* fr>m the army on the Potomac, that furloughs are now denied all soldie s, unitss on the condition of their re-enlistment, and art thus used cls a system of compulsion over the men. The project of retaining in service for a certain f . i _ * u. # ?? - ? .. ? - - term tne ouia 01 id? army aireaay in tne field, 1 discharging a portion of each company, and ' exempting them from compalMry military F dutj for a limited time, and with a proper re- , J;ard to the necessities of the men and their ? amilies. and applying the compulsory system to eitiseos remaining at home, requiring terms of servica from them aqoal to the segregate 1 time of tba volunteers, u recommended as a *1 plan cembining the advantages of efficiency, J uniformity, and an equal distribution of burt> ..m tk.t _.v - ? i. u ?i-* UCU9. Ik ic tain vuov CUVU a |/iau WUUIQ BlllBIJ fi '.be volunteers in the field; it would avoid the t, charges of injustice, inequality, Ac.; would t iDfliet no peculiar hardships on any class, and o would have the advantage of keeping always a certain number of tried troops in the field, assuring the uc;nterrupted and efficient organ- r iiaiion- of the army, ai d giving it additional jj strength.' . J Patriotism Uxdbb DirriccLT?3,?A Chi- ' eago paper tells this story : ' Solomon Sturgis, Esj., of Chicago, left for c Cairo on Friday, with his steam-tug. the Mulf<>rd, to report as a volunteer to Flag-officer 1 F ?ote. l.sst August Mr. Sturgis, bearing from c headquarters at St. Louis that the government ? would require dozen steam-tugs for scrvice ? on tne Alisoiisippt, boeama the sole owner of the Mulford, valued at $5,000. After being F thoroughly repaired and strengthened she was y taken to St. Louis by way of the Illinois Canal ? and river, at an additional cost of $2,500. No I government agent at St. Louis was aatherised to purchasa the tug, but promise was made i that Fremont would be eommunicatad with i on the subject. Mr. Sturgis returned home, " and in ten days learned the boat had been 4 taken possesion ol by order of the Protosi Marshal. and was being used as a guard-beat r i as q?ii uti ui (as ioz was mat sua aa<l ' been lied ui? at the landing, neglected, and hi i rank. Mr. Sturgis then communicated to Secretary Wells; he was referred by that funeto SeqgaUry Cameron, then to Qaartfrmuter Meigt; and by that official to General Halleck. In the meantime the tag h* i been raised by the St. Louis Wharf-Mas?n and sold for |(Wft, and a few days sence Mr Sturgis was informed he could redeem her for $1,400. He went to St. Loais, redeemed the boat, cut the Gordian knot of red-tapehm, and u now on his way to Cairo, on the Mnlford, with the intention of reporting to Flag?lieer Foote as a volunteer." Mb. BbWABD abd TBB pBBSIDBWfv?It la currently reported that Mr. Bmrd hu soccv time since written ? letter positively declining f to permit the use of his Dime u a candidate for the Presidency. He is understood to have f emphatically disclaimed all ambition to fill any position more exalted than which he now occupies, and to express a desire to continue , in public life so long only as the ooantry may he encaged in the struggle for the existeaoe of a the Government. The distinguished writer t also tahes occasion to severely reprimand the t gentlemen who bad presune4 to use his name i a connection with the Presidency, for expTeae- I ieg a wish to enter apea the eaavass of the ' merits of any individual at a time whea the * country needs the anitad and unselfish labors of all bar sons. The letter, as I have said, 0 was written some weeks ago, and addressed, I J believe, to B F Troxell, aa officer of the ' William H. Seward Clah, of Philadelphia." ? W<xmJL Car. N. Y. Timdj. y 7""- P Theatrical Mabelaoi ? On Saturday, oaite ft throM of peraona were attracted to ChriatChuren by themerry chimeeofthebolle, r which Indicated that aociethiaf other than the uMtl religion* worship vM a bo at to take place. t Toe theatrical profeamee w&j largely rape- ? eated.and in dae time two pertcna made their appearance before the altar, Id pledge U> each u other their liree and their happineaa. Xhote o: pirtiea were Mr.. C. M. Bishop, principal comedian at the Holiday street theater, and Miat ai Josephine Parker, of the aame establishment. d r? eereooaj aeoordiof (0 tile ntM of the Hpiaeopal Church tu performed; if tor which, F the happy pair reoaiyad the oonfratotatioas M of their fttoajg and departed ?Balto. So*. ^ CT A eiew Frenchmaa U fad?Tortn* to pe iiwHAwrKanoyden. ic*i "V. Pphimi Cotr*r, February 3.? C. M. Hawley, laq , of Illinois, and Theodore J. Widvey, Esq , f Wiaconain, were admitted attorney* and councilor* of this Court. No* 91 and W. John S. Lawrence, appellant, va. ohn Denbreens et al , claimanta, tcc , and John . Lawrence, appellant, vs John Denbreena et al. .ppeal from the Circuit Couit of the United State* >r the Southern District of New York. Mr. uatlce Clifford delivered the opinion of the ourt, affirming the decree of the said Circuit lourt la the Iretcaae with coata, and In the aecond rith coats and lntereat. No. I'ift Schat Chamberlain, appellant, y*. lewcomb Cleveland. Appeal from the District ourt of the United States for the District of Wis01.sin Mr. Justloe Grler delivered the opinion f the Court, dtsmlaaing this cause, with coata. No Jonathan Crews et al., appellants, vs. Icnry L. Burcham et al. Appeal from the CIrult Court of the United States for the Northern Mstrlct of Illinois. Mr. Justice Nelson delivered be opinion of the Court, affirming the decree ol lid Circuit Court In thla cause, with costs. M ? At rmm i 4-m. ? .... - - no o-t. i oe uimaen ana AmDoy Kailroad and 'ransportatlon Company, claimant#, Ac , appeltnta, vs Patrick J\ Brady. Appeal from tbe ireu it Court of the United Statea for the Houthrn District of New York. Mr. Justice Wayne elivered tbe opinion of tbe Court, affirming tbe ecree of tbe aald Circuit Court in tbl> cause, rlth coats and interest. No 141. Win. S. Johnston, plaintiff* <n error, s- Wm. Joneset al Tbe armament of this cause ms commenced by R r. Wills for tbe plaintiff la rror. February 4.? I. Lawrence Smith, Esq , of New ork, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of lis Court. No, 121 Wm.S Johnston, plalntifl in error, I. Wm. Jonesetal. Tbe argument of this cause ras continued by Mr Fuller and Mr. Carlisle for ie defendants in error, and concluded by Mr. VIUs for tbe plalntiffin error. February 5?Matthew H. Carpenter, Esq , cf Wisconsin, was admitted an attorney and connfllor of this Court. No 1*29 John Maguire, plaintiff in error, vs lary L Tyler et al The argument of this cause ra* commenced by Mr. Ewing for tbe plalntifl i error, and continued by Mr Hill for tbe de:ndints in error. UjTThe newt fr?m i*ou*h America. California, ?? Isthmus, etc., by the Nortben Light, preser-'* ame features of interest The rebel* are reported ? be "pushing their interests" in the South 'atfflc, in a variety of ways,?but especially, in rrltlng communications, for the journal* Th Manama Herald, publlabea Jeif Davis * last i s?v;e, but abst&lns frora comment. In Peru, jwevt-ji, the enemy li evidently not in favor tor > w Minister. Mr. Christopher Robinson ape*ra have received as cordial reception there s could possibly be desired. The civic and milltry authorities turned out on theoccaalon, to da obor to him.?though a correspondent of the 'anama Star attributes a sinister motive for so ungual a d splay,?not tb-it they love the United (ales more, but that they love Spain less. There rould seem to be a fear, that if tSpain Is successii In Aexico, she will turn her attention to the tUe Mexico* on the South Pacific, and awailow hem all up in detail,?and hence the deal v to oucilitate the United Statea, the only Power that an keep Spain in check What thkSoldikks think or McClellan ? n conversation, a day or two atnce, with an in tlliirent armjr chanplafn of very atrong anti-alt very Toclivitiea, that gentleman expreaaed hia belief Sat the courae of aome Northern Joarnala in cenuiiig, or rather anapptng at, Gen. McClallan, ad been attended with mlachievoua conaequeuea. The army, be obaeryed, had the utmost condence in and love for their young commander, my comments reflecting upon him only excited eellnga of hatred and diaguat. It la well known hat l)v t?A*Va k-J ?- - ? uc uau uiauc every prepsri" Ion for an edvance, when be wax prostrated by ickuess At tlhls time the condition of the roads enderaa movement impossible.?N. Y. Com. Sihopla* Ciaccmstarcs?While proVlng ome guns which had been tent to Fort Indepenence for that purpose by the South Boston Iron Jompaay, It was discovered that one of them ad been spiked Two men were sent down on ruesday to drill out the obstruction, and aftei wo hours' labor the gun waa again fit for use. t la 1 mposslble to discover when or bv whom the aiarbief was perpetrated, but It is supposed thai t was done on Foster's wharf, where the gum rere left a short time last week, previous to being eat to the fort?South Boston Register, ljf. UJ^On the skating pond at the BoU de Bonogje a certain space Is reserved for the Emperor, he only people Infringing on It being young Ingllshmen One English youth of seventeen, he only unlucky one of a party which escaped ftsr evadi>g the police for some time, wai Uliaht an/1 i in TVia ? -* uMwt j iupi j?vucu wc utucii CBCBpOQ tecau?? the crowd of*nrd to ^tve them egress, mt the last one uu juat too late to embrace the ipportonity of escape. JJ^The British Ambassador at Paris lives in a nagnlflceat hotel, which is superbly furnlihed nd decorated at the public expense In order thai >e may suitably rep'esent bis nation. Ills salary i 930 000 a year, besides an annual allowance ol !5,000 for warming aad lighting the Embasxv, nd a Liberal allowance for plate, servants and Iker extras. Cy The snow Is about two and a half feet deep n the Interior of Maitsachusetts. In towns on the Jonnectcut river traveling Is very difficult except n the orlnrl nal ?naii??nn #K? ? ? > ?- -? ??? nouthThe snow Is covered with a frozen surf&cc if sufficient thlcknsss to bear ox teams. 1X7" Sixty-four thousand four hundred of tbc >resent population of Canada are native* of th? nlted State*. The Canadlaaa would find this an lacemforiable element In case of a brush with the jnlted States. l?7"Tbe St. Joseph correspondent of UtcLouia '1 Lie Journal atatea that that flourlahlnjf city rhteb, before the civil war commenced In Mia ourl, bad 13,0U0 Inhabitants, haa now dwindled town to four or 1? thnnaarui The Twelfth and Sixteenth Indiana regi nnti of infhotry, whose terms of enlistment wll] xpire in Mav. have obtained permission to re rganixe for the war. fO"The government of Prussia has granted ;ar 1 9churz, who is a political exile from thai ountry, special permission to visit his natlvi sod. 1X7" It ts said that Mr. Peabody, the London anker, was quite successful In stock operations >ased upon the result of the Mason and Blldell ff&lr?as much so as the Paris Rothschilds. Iff It is stated that probably a hundred thou*md dollar* worth of powder has been fired froa be rebel batteries oa the Potomac, without ln< uring any one of the passing vessel* irr The Confederate government has killed md packed is Tennessee no less than 400,000 hog* >k>id these hog* it will net about twenty-foui nlllions of pounds of bacon. IDTThe quantity of manufactured tobacco lna torted Into Knglaad last year was about fou; mndred thousand oounds leu than * jrerlousyear. ICTA bill is before the Legl slsture of Tsxai Dikw| it a sufficient cause for divorce If the tmband of the petitioner Is In Lincoln's amy 01 nry lETIt require* about 900 men to each of the 4xty regiment* 0f Illinois troops to fill then up o the Maximum standard, making 1,800 reeruiti A ?lf H MS. The preaent Duke of Wellington will intent it tad enjoy the title W Prince of Waterloo, rhich Belgium pn to the Iron Duke. Bo tbe lelginn Cnamber bare decided. IO" Durinf the month of January there waa otaed et thePhiladelphia Mint970,000gold coiai nd 1,159,300 ellrer colaa, tad 1,300,001) centa ef Ertai Talne of $554,500. tCTTen new eratera have appeared ea Ml. reeuvloa during the preaent eruption. Kaglith hoto^raphera ace at work taking phothograpaa ol be mountain la ita excited aUte. fTT The Qoreromeot la extending 'Joe Delaware ad Maryland Railroad ftom SaUabury, Md., to Ibertyatoae, Va. |?T A Parla tribunal ha* decided that photo;iapfc( are net work* of art, aad, eonaeqdtntly, re not aintoctod ba law t?TTbe 47th regiment, ia Canada, drill an low afaoea, and hare attained a creditable decree rperfection la thlanawbraaehaf military taction ipr Tha antlra debt of the State of Indiana movnw la eleven million four hundred thoaaand ollara., rr7"^?J BaU*ekbai?l*ad?-Go*. Claiborne . Jackaon'a bemp plantation, tn Valine county llaaourl, fqr conlaeattaa. invTwo tbowod Enfltah troopa are 'new on ^waytoL^daa.oV S.^eiA^yfisr*^ UT' I * * TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LITER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF STEAMER NOVA SCOT1AN. i Tlif Ltidtn TimriVppMMaiy Interference in Atteriran Affair*?France and the Stiac Blockade?The Privateer Sumter?A B?aton Brif Burned* Po*ti,ai*?< Feb. 5 ?The steamer Nova Scotlan has arrived with Liverpool dates to the 24th ult. The steamers Etna ana Norwegian had arrived i out. The London Timet, In an editorial, opposes any interference by England in American affairs. The brig West Indian had arrived at L verpool with a cargo of turpentine from Charleston. Tne London Globe arguea that the maritime powers cannot be expected to respect the South ern DiocEaac, unless really effective. The text of Karl RusseU's letter to the Liverpool Ship Owner*' Association baa been published. He says tbat England noMUed Lord Lyons wheo the stone fleet was preparing tbat such a blockade > would seem to imply despair of a restoration of the Union, and could Oftiy W adopted as a measure of revenge. As the project has born carried Into effect at Charleston, Lord Lyons would be Instructed to make further representation with a view to prevent similar acts. It is stated also that the French Minister at i Washington has been furnished with the disapprobation of the French Government, and would join Lord Lyons in the protest It la represented that the initiative in proclaiming the blockade ineffectual would be taken by Frauce. The brig Neapolitan, from Messianafor Boston, i was burned at sea by the privateer Sumter. It is f rnin A lflrlftr* thai a nrnl..unn/Min/lo I v... .a I|^lw>t> iuw? u |/ivivil^u*vnuiiv wu beard o&' that coast, ana a vrssel was subsequently sighted believed to be the Sumter, which It was supposed bad sunk ber adversary Six of tbe Sumter screw deserted at Cadiz, and made their submission to the American consul. The captain of the Sumter claimed them as deserters, but the >pauiards declined to uive them - op. THK LATEST The London Times' city article says: An uneasy feeling prevail* that an'avoidance i f complications In connection with American politics cannot be permanently anticipated The' belief gains ground In an Intervention by the French government respecting tbe blockade. Mr. Massey, a member of Parliament, in a speech to his constituent*, advocated European Interference to close the struggle between tbe North and South, by recognizing the rebel states and breaking the blockade. His speech had attracted attention. The Times says: "Let France interfere if she likea. England's line of policy la to suffer a littie longer, and let the events work themselves out. 1 It will not be long. It may, indeed, be doubtful 1 whether our Interference would not ratber retard than hasten the desired event, of opened ports and a large supyly of cotton. Let a*, then, pursue an honest policy of standing quite aloof." Th9 Manchester Guardian argues in a somewhat similar star in, and ?ays "it is a question whether tbe prevailing distress is not as much at1 trlbutable to over-production as to a mere dearth of cotton " The Times publishes a letter calling attention to the fart that the U ti. gunboat Tuncarora has infringed the rules of neutrality, and calling on tbe government no longer to tolerate such a fla| grant disregard of neutral rights. it is represented In England that Charleston is weu defended, aud that between tbat city and Savannah Gen, Lee had 40,000 troop*. M. Fould'a budget haabeen publiahed, causing great excitement on the bourae, and a decline in #he funda. There waa aome recovery at the cloae. The London Timea ron?ratulatea Europe that ' the military force of France bida fair to ahrink to reasonable limit*. The French government journal* continue to 1 make the moat of the Charleston blockade. The Sumter reached Gibraltar on the 19th of January, and on her paaaage thither burnt an American bark and captured a brig. The latter, however, waa relmjux) The brie West Indian arrived at Liverpool, I from Charleston, on the 24th of December, with a cargo of spirits turpentine. The captain represents the blockade as Ineffectual, and says that the stone blockade Instead of stopping the en1 trance to the port, will eventually deepen the t shallow channels, and the citizens of Charleston i have very little uneasiness on the subject. t*everal wreck" are reported with loss of life It is expected tbat all the colliers recently burled by the coal mine accident have perished, - as six days elapsed without any being rescued. IRISH ISTKLLIGKNCI. A deputation of gentlemen from the counties Fligo, Roscommon and Galway, headed by the O'Couner Don, waited on the Lord Lieutenant to k present petitions on the subject of the prevailing distress In these counties, and desiring that tbe government should adopt measures of relief. H is Excellency stated the subject should receive tbe attention it deserved but that the government had Information that the distress was likely to prove less formidable than was apprehended. In reply to tbe Benlcia Boy's 81 "00 challenge ' to fight any man In the world, a gallant Tlpperarv : boy, Lonergan, wrrtcs to the Tlpporary Free Press, and oflera "to measure arms with him." The terms were Canada or Ireland and $500 expenses. Five thousand dollars have been subscribed to, ward the Egllngton Wtlmonial fund. , Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, is being t thoroughly renovated, through the munificence of Mr. Guinness. ( The Right Rev Dr. Keane, Bishop of Cork, has forwarded to the Rector of the Catholic Uui, versity of Ireland nearly ?15,000, as the contribution of his diocese towards the support of that In1 stltution. r- ? Commercial. The rale* of cotton at Liverpool hi four days precedlua the sailing of the Nova Scollan amounted to 17,000 bales. Prices were irregular and had i a downward tendency LivtrjHfl, Saturday, Jau 25 ?The sales of cot^ ton for the week amount to 24,000 bales, at a decline of The sales of Friday were 6,000 bales, the market closing steady I Ura'i/4kat>* *?? -1 t vv 'U?*UU* u??c v uvwnvraru iCllULUt y . ProvUions are steady Consols closed at 927?&93 for money. 1 laHrtutiroa tbr Writ?idTiiec of Gen. i Grant A|aia?t Kbrl Henry?A Fight Ex. pected. , Cairo, Feb 5 ?The forcc under Gen Great arrived at the landing six mile* from Fort Henry ' vesterday afternoon. The gunboats Essex ana 8t. Louis made a reconnwissance of the rebel works to- the purpose of landing the forces. They ' went within half a mile of Fort Henrv, throwing 1 several shells Inside the entrenchments. The enemy returned the fire and one shot struck the Ena, coinm through the corner of Capt Pori ter's cabin,out doing no other damage Therange of the rebel guns being ascertained, a place was ~ti i lot luuag, waicA was accomplished yesterday afterneon.

The fore* of the enemv la supposed to be 15,000 men. A dispatch dated to-day saya that General i Grant's force la within four miles of Fort Heary, and a fight was expected to-day. | * . Frsna New Mutts. Kansas Citt, Feb 4 ?The Santa Fe mail, with date* to the 20th of January, haa arrived. The Indiana are more troublesome than ever, ' .killing the Mexicans and driving off their stock, ' Fix dead bodies were taroaght to Albuquerque I |llt w<y.V All W .JTi I ?1 ? ' _____ ? w?, M,? mm; UVUIVU IUOU UO III IOG , Held, leaving the old and feeble to protect their tonii There has been no adraaceof the United States i troop* southward, aid there are no aigna of the Tenas coming np the Pecos. l "!! TravelereLeetlatheMountains. St. Louis, Feb. 5.?A dlapetrh from Salt l<ake . says that two Frenehmeo, named Silver and Leo. lae, started sometime aiooe for Roek*a Ridge, to m w W lad River Mountains, but were overtaken > by a storm and loe* their way. After wandering . twenty-two days they found the telegraph poles, where they remain*d till picked up by the stage, la an exhausted condition, having eaten their dog and portion of one horse end a beaver hat. to aetata life. ' The War 4a Missouri. St Letne. P?b. 4.?All the troops along the line of the Pacific Railroad, west of Jeflferson Cltg, are uader marching orders. The Nebraska iw RCEiunii ia m|across the conntry to Kpnw>. A wimber or raglmeats are going south to ^in Gen. Davta, and Brig. Gen. Steele's brigade coming down the feed te be forwarded to Kentucky. Gen. Pope will remain and make bis , , headquarter* at Jefferoon City. .... Biectlea nt Lancaster, Pa. La nc as van, Feb. 4?Geo. Sanderson, Union democrat, was re-elected mayor to-day, ever Dr. Cmstdy, the Cltlzeos' Union candidate, by 84 majority. The contort wm *ery warm. AUCTION SALES. Br BARNARD St BliCKhV, Auctioneer*, GungtiotBH, 1), C. T'RU&TEES' 8AT.K.-By virlB? of a deed of I trust from Wm. W. MoNw, dated Afnl 14. 1861, and of record, v* will offer at auction on the 1 ltii day of February next,at s o'clock p. m . on the aremieea, all that lot of rround in Oeor*?own known aa the easternmo>t part of lot uunit)if one hundred and twenty-ei?ht,<li?.) ja Uedll'iaddition to Georgetown,fronting Mieet on Duntarton street, and runeing back north, of the aame width, ISM feet, with the improvement*, consisting of a two tory frame house. Term* of eate: Oae-third of the porohaae money to be paid in oaah ; and the residue at three equal i natal meat*, at three, six and nine montha, with interest, to be secured. _ WALTER S. COX, _ HI'fjH CAPERTUN. Trustee* Georgetown Build'r Aasocia'n. ja6 2awts BARNARD A BUCKEY, AacU. Br BARNARD & BUCKEY, Aaotionoer*. Georgetown, D. C. TR TSTEE8' SALE.?Uy virtue of a deed of truat from Jess* Cluck, 'Isle.: Var 30.18A6. and of record, wo will offer at auction, on the 11th day of February, at s\ o'clock p m., on the premises, that latof ground iu Georgetown, boanded a? fellows. Viz: Beginning at ?i>?4 ul*w??ty-mx feet measured eatt. ^on the ronth I'M of Wear street, from the southeast inte'aection of West and Nort'i streets, and runsine theccs easterly, by aod with the south lise of West street, twenty feet, thence uoutnarrtly. and parallel with said North street, eighty six f*?t. tfc?noe westward!', and parallel with said Weft street, twenty feet, and thence north eighty six feet, ,~v the besinaiEi, with the improvements. Terms of sale : One-third of the purchase raone* to be pxid in cash, and the residue in three equal instalments, at three, aix, and nine months, with interest, to be secured. The terms o sale must be complied with within one ww>k after sale, or the property may be resold, alter one * eeks' noucs, at die risk acd cost of the nrat WALTER S COX, HUGH CAPKRTOW, Trint^A^ (lAAr^AtdVTi finilHinr Aitr.niK.tion. j* 6-2awt? B A K MAR!) A H'TCK KY.Aucts. By BARNARD ?. BUCKKV. Auot.oneers. Geortitoicn, V C. 'PRUSTEES' SAL.E.?By virtue of a deed of -I trust from B. Hutchms, dated $e?te?nber 22, 1866, and of reaord. ve will offer ?t amotion on the lltn d%* of February, 1862. on the premises, at 4 o'<j!o?k p m ., that pnrt of lot number nitety-cn , (91,>in beatty & Hawkins'addition to Georgetown, bog inning for its bounds on the south side of i'ros?i?ct streft, in Gt?orget<iwn, at a point distant 65 <?et, measured oast, from the west oorner of said lot, and runnicg thence *outh and parallel with the war line ?f taid lot 53 fe?t, more or less. to theiine of Mrs Moaher'a lot thence east or the '.me oI sad rot 25 feet and thence north 53 feet, more or es?, t > f rospeot street; thence with Proapeot street 26 feet to the beginning, with the improvements, consisting of a two-story frame house. Terms of Bale: One ttird of the purchase money to be paid in caeh; and the residue in three equal instalment*, at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be seonreo. Tne term* of sale mu?t be oomplied with within one week after sale, or the property may be resold at th? expense and ri6k of the purchaser, after one weekfs notice. w* r.TBB ? rov himTh caperton, Trustee* Georgetown Build'c \s?ooia'o. j%6 2awta BARNARD Sc. Bl'CKKY, Anof. Br BARNARD A Bl'CKKY, Auotioneera. Ire'ritetottm, D C. TRUSTEES' SALE.?By virtue ol a deed of tmstfrcm Henrr Dade, dated April 25, 1857, and of record, we wii! offer at auction, on the lltii d&r of F ebruary. at 3>? o'olock p. m.. on the premise!, part of lot No. eighty, in tiolmeari'a addition t<> beorgetown, t-ounded a? follows, viz: Beginning at the northwest corner of sa.d lot. and ran ning thenoe south, along North street, forty feet, thenoe cast anu at right ar.gies with North street, forty e<x feet, thence north forty feet, and the&oe west forty-six feet, to the beginning, with the improvements. ocnsi?ting of two- two atorr frame feOOH*. Ttrnn of Mie: One-third of the purchase money to be paid in cash, and the residue in three equal instalment*. at tnree.six, and nine months, with intercut, to he secured. The terms of sals muet be complied with within one week after sale, or the property may be resold, at the risk and oost of the first pmohaaer, after one weeks' notice. WALTER S COX, HUGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Building Association, iao 2awts Barnard a bcckky. abcu. fty WALLA BARN/RD,Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE-By virtue of a deed of trust from Charie? Williams, dated Afrit 23, 1*66, a: d of reoord, w? will offer at auotion, on THtRtSOAY. the 13th d*y of February, at i o'clock p. m .onth* premises, that lot o? gronnd in Washington known and descrihea as the northern D?.rt of lot No in Nn one hundred, (lifl,) fr ntict iorty-eight feet on Twentifth st-eet, und fcfty foot on AI ntreet, with the improvements, oonsistn s if a two story frame hoi Be. Term* of ff-1* : One third of the purchase money to tie paid in ouh, the residue in three e?nal in stalments, at three, nx, and nine months after date, witii interest, to be secured The terms uf sa'e be oom plied with within one week after sale, or the property may be resold, at the risk and oost of the fiiet (<uraLaser, after one weeks' notioe. WAl.TKR S. COX. HUGH CAPERToN, Tmstee's Georgetown Hai.d'g Aesociation. ja7-8awU - By VVAL.L. ft. HAKiNAKU, Auctioneer!. Trustees' salk-bj virtu* 01 & deed of trust from N NV. Walker, dated February 23, 18&5, ami or recor> , we uflfer at auction, on FKlDAV.tbfl 14th day of February, at 4 o'clock p. in , on tfie premise*, that lot of g round in Washington known and doPori!>M a? lot 1), insauare No.424 beginning for ita on Eighth i-lreet, S3 feet from the northwest corner of <said p^ukre, aud running thenee south with the line of Eighth street 16 feet; tlienoe east h3 foet 8 to a Sfeot alley; thence north with the line of said alley 16 feet; thence west 63 feet 8 inches to the beginning, with the improvements. Terms of salo: One third of the purchase money to he paid in oash;and tht residua in three equal instalments, at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be secured. The terms of sale must be complied with within one week after sale, otherwua the property may be resold at the risk and cost of the first purcha&er, after one week's notice WALTER 8 COX, HUGH CAPKRTON, Trustee* Georgetown Build's Aesooia'u. j*7 2awts WALL ft BAR.NaRD, AucU. Br WALL ft BARNARD, Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE-Br viitue of a deed of 1. trust from Crnthia B. Muon and others, dated Maroh 13,1857. and of record, we wr.l otter at auction,on SATURDAY, the 15th dar of Fel ruarr, at 4 o'clock p. in.- on the premised, that lot of proijra lu Waiiiinnton known as lot No. eiKhteen,(18,)in square No. seventr-three. (73,1 with the improvements. Terms of sale: One third of the purchase money to tie paid in oami; acd the residue in three e?nal instalments,at thro*, m* and nice muntns aitar date, with interest, to be secured. The terms of ?a*e muit be complied with within one week alter tale, or the property may be retold at the riak and cost of the fa rut purchaser. WALTER *. COX. HUGH OAPERTON, Trustees Georgetown Buiid'gAseooia'n. ja7 2awu WALL & BARNARD. A?oU. rgi() irv ripmnubu a iun < itdpda 1 . . BATCUELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE, The Beat in the World. Tk4 Only RtliabU and HarmUst Hair Dyt Knami. Sold by all Drntguu; Bkss iron's Patent Meaioine Store, c p. Patent Office, oor. P 4 7th. Gibbs's Hair 8tore, Si' 'ecn'a avenue, where can have U?##!ie<l,if desired. ? FMtory?81 Bama* et. (late fife Broadway >N. Y. oe >-ly Dr. DUPONT'8 sugar-coated feMALE REGULATING PILLS Read the following nneohoited enooau Hf> umf: B7 "i o&nnot ooimnend them too highly." H "They Me the beat heraale Pilla extant." "I have used them with oomplete auooesa." , "W ould not be without them upon any conaideratiac." 310 Cbesnnt street. Phi lade; phta, and in Wwhi niton by 8.0. FOKD.oorner 11th street ana Pa. *Ll?r. toInform tended their Express to Washington. and are now prepared to Tranaport Merohaodise, Bau No^ee, specie. Jewelry, io.^to ail pate of the M+dilt, knti and and We*t*m Stmt a ani Qmmmitm. Connootinc with the most raspcaaiMs K*f **ae thronghout the ooantry, we are enabled to ?f ar mi?*Utd ftxlititt to all who nay fever as with their patronage. For terms aud further lnforma Uob apply u, K.TC SMITH .Agent. m Third at.,3d door below Ha. aveaye,^ i* * ?n ^ v% aafciagw, V ifr** ^DAMS' EXPRKWacOMrANY. NOTICE OFJIMMOTAL. WASHINGTON, D. C-, JAAVA&T, IMS. i * REMOVAL. i A. BIIVIX&ER & CO. ATI n e m: oved i TO 219 PENNSYLVANIA AVE NIC, i I OFPO?!TB ? I W1LLAROB' HOTEL. We Invite the attention of our frienda and tron to the Card below : No. 21ft i*KJfNSTLVAN 1A AVKNVI, > 1 (of posit* WiUnrtVt Houl,) J The Subscribers, having opened a Branch La- i tabllshment in thla City a few months slnee, and ^ feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from its frienda end the lovers of pure and genuine i WINES, LIQUORS, ...J l. .1.. ii. . i ? at a? * ? ? - ?uiu uwcr arucio in lufir line, nave determined I pon a continuance and extension of their busl ntas. TLeir assortment embrace*? I KINK COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age. brands, and districts ) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM. GINS, Ac , , Also, several valuable Toalcs, Fitters, pnd Stomachics, which are remcdie* for bowel complaints, fever and ague. headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRV A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINE9. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Prlcer J FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING * TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, I VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, ic , kc. The Stock was particularly elected to suit the wants of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateurs, Ac. They are lnviud to visit the establishment, which Is under the direction of Mr. Jos. I'. Wilsos. 3 Owing to the fact thai they Import moat of the articles direct, and to their many business facilities, they are enabled to offer their slock Goods at very low prices. Your obedient servants, 1 A. B(N1*GER ?c CO., | * mporttr* of Foreign Liquors fc. 1 ]a 11-tf New York aitd Wasbirsto;!. ( j A wm mm mr wr? V nti *>c c #1 rv u n a w Att.Tii t Ai nty^ ? ti.ii v.11 NEW ARRANGEMENT! i t ?. ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK i 41 HOURS. This Company is prepared to forward all kindi of goods to and from? NEW YORK-Offioe 32 Broadway. BOSTON?Offioo, 7 Cengrasj street, and 2 Congress Square, I PHILADELPHIA?OiSos, 337 Chestnut street, BALTIMORE?Offiae,Camden Ftntion, , WASHINGTON-OfEce, 3??* PenrsTlvaria av., a I L' V a VI I tu I a _ft?aa in( U... .?.*?? AUTiA a.H7Uia?i/uiur, i u? rurrv, ANNAPOLIS. FORTRESS MONROE, 1 NEWPORT NEWS. PORT ROYAL, And the J SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS, ' AT FAIR KATES! ja27 lm* LOVELL, COLLES A CO., I WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Street, New York, &iid 316 JE Street, Washington, D. C., (near Willard'a Hotel.) Harms sUrted a branoh of our N?v York eetahliahment in thia city,-ore iimte Sullen, Grocer t, Rtstaurantcurs, and Hotel Super?, to oall and examine onr stock vhioh ta w*ll aaaortsd and oompnaed of gooda of the best quality. Wo take ordera for anything in our line, and exeoute then promptly. ja 38-tf pARAFFINE j CANDLES! MBUCC1S PATENT FAM.AFF1NE \ . 1 CANDLES ! M&ncfictured by the N?w VO?K Pajlattink CARDLB CC. < For isls in quantities to anit purcha era, by lie Manufacturer*' Agents, JOHNSON * NA6LK, at>9 Fftnn avenne, WMbiaxton D. C. j? 21 10 Rojftl, eo&: Km{ it., Alexmndn*. V*. Dayton's Bakery. raox NEW YORK. BRANCH, No. 4M Eleventh St., btiwen G and if, J WAS HUSTON. D. C. DAYTON'S PIC NIC A OYSTER CR ACRFRS, M SPONGE BUTTER CRACRERS, ** BOSTON CRACKERS, < " WATER CRACKERS, ' SODA CRACIKRS, - GRAHAM CRACKER?, - LEMON BISCUIT. " Celebrated MINCE PIES. Hotel-keepers, Hetdi of Families, and hetlers are innted to try our expelleet MINCE PIES. ^ TESTIMONIAL. I Oamp Scon, 8*pt. 1.1MB. I Mb. Datto??Sw : All of as, both oOeere aad privates, hare ate freely of your Plea. I can ocnscieotioasly state that no man U on the uok list i: 'Q partakinc*of them. To tall the truth, we are uwriN* UVUSIH wo om i |tl WMIB Ol Ultra. Thej ara the only real laxary v? Lav# baJ ?i?oe we left home. W. F. l>?MMtM?.MJ>..ltar(raD. ?? # IET OMOout to tk* Trade. J. L. DAYTON, J iaU-l? UiC.W^biaxtoa.U.0. de 4 Kawtf Ml Pa. itwih, aear ?:ti> at. ' ... ? # TUB WEKKLY STAB. fkti nmi*z* ma? ih *m imiati? mibciiit gtmkm tcw?t k utannag ?a> la( ?<a b? f?iml ! nr fc ? FrMay ?or*l**. ktfllc **pti ? kit# oopttf > ? > ? ?> ? mm* >>m>m i w v69 t ? Tweaty ite ccfim. ? ?? b b ftat baa icadr TV? Dmitf Stm olmMi mm gwunuy HUMf^SI (11 OOUIf. pop1 (lr wrappan) en b? ffcored at tfci? eonnter, immediately attar tt* law of the paprr PH'?e-THIIKE CEJfTS. HELMBOLD'S GBNU1NE PREPARATION. ? HIMHLY CONCENTRATED Compound Fluid Extract Baehu, A /MtMN mmd Sp?c?jU Ktwuif Ca. n ?i-. I VI VI IBV BLADDER, KIDNJS '9. ORAVEL,U? D*Of9ICAL ?WELLING*. lui Medicine incrMMa the MW*r of Diteegoa, ltd the n<ntBi!*T? into mIut eoboa. >T which tfee w? tikt <>a r/tuicon depoamoae . uid &.1 gxn*tdka.l uvuk.i* ots >xe iea?oe<i, u wel! u rus AND inn.* ojat.'OH. " " * i v HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU Bkr ? . Inamg ir<?a ii?**u7 ?tf Dwtftkot, L*r!? IcdiM. ur A ??e trt '4 rlr FMtwiHf Sfmfitmt: Indiepoutioc to llxert.oc, Lowof Powar, Lonof MfmOTT, Difltou.'ty of Brastbiag, IVsab Nacre*. Trwabtioc, Horror of D 1 -is*. Wakefuluw*, [>'.m>iw? of Viwor, Pais in th? Back, Ut vtf& 1 !v??iiod* ol lue Muscular 0T*t?f&, ri of Kanda, t iuk'ii&f of tt* Bc^t, Drj-if'-B ofth*5*k!B. Kmpfi-nt on th? Fac?, riLUD covrrniKci. T ?:*e ayuip: ujfe. 11 a-o?oa to to on, wuioa Uua nedimne tnvarmNy rertioTFt. *oon fo:lowa [mpotenct. fatuity, epileptic pit?, to oim ?/ tehuk tkt Patimu wtty Erptr$. Who can ?**?? * t?^j a'* rot needy folowr4 by ta<)?? "ckvcl Ditkaib?,m * 1n8anity and con8u mption." Midi are a." af U? atneo' U??ir raffariac* BUT HONS W1U COIiriU. FHK RECORDS or TRK INSANE ASYLUMS And tkt Mtia-nckoly Deztkt by ConrmmHHitm, l?AS txrt* Wlf'IM TO TBI T*PT1? K>r TBM iMMIM. IBi. CONSTITUTION ONCE AFPBCTED VI :<i'U ?iL>< ? v: i ii ' i? ? *r ^ *? 11 ii vi\ vja.i ; V/ ? r a. a ^ Lrr, eto:rea Cue aid of suiihcmc u. atreagthea nad Iutij< raio Uie Xyttcn tach Hfcl.MBOLD'i* EXTRACT RITCHt *;iAL WILL COJITTSCl TH? HKEPTlCALg FEMALES- FEMALUS- *b MALES, JL1) UK VOUN?. KiNGl.L. MAKKlfcD. OR COMLMl'LATlNti MARK1AGE. Im Almy Affuiiont Peculiar to Ftm*lu h* Extract Biicl>u is uce?u&il*d by any other remsij, a.8 in Ch'oiosia or Ket*r.a<M>, Irrvfitanty PnJ?;iieM, or SupprMMaa ui OtuluMr; Lrui&tion*. Ulcerate-l or ^chirrun* *t?ta of (he L't?n>. I.AdAnrrhcn or Wlntoi Siwihtt. too (or *J1 K>uV&i:)ta~ iaoi<iMt ?" tae'*??. whether arista% ion Indiscretion. Habits of DiaaipaLoa, or ia the DECLINE OK CHANGE OF LIFE t en erMPTOMs abovs. JO FAMILY SHOULD BB WITHOUT IT. VtLk* no mor* Eattom, AfercMry. or UupUntmmi Midi tin* for Unjluuaitt mnd Dangirom Dtna*u. 11ELNBOLD 8 EXTRAC'/ BUCHU *CVKM SECRET D1?EA?II a ail tlwtr Staacw; At utu? Lif?LM ?itue or no in Diet; Ike lbooBveuaao* And no AXfctut*. itoansM a frequent desire an*: aires strength to Jribate, thereby nemo ring i?baUi>oti?i.s, ^revetting acd Curmj Mriotores of the U ret lira, Al a?ing fan. ud iBfaiumttoa, *o rMnint IB th* aliaa t\f diand Itmm ol) Potsontms, Dittattd, and wen out MaTTtr. - THOUSAND* VTOX THOCiAJfDf WHO HATE BEEN THE WIC71M8 OF QUACKS, ind who liftpa.1 \mrvjt4& to becured in ft short .ins, I.ivto found th< j wero deceived, ftnd thftt tit* 'P0t*0!?" hwr. I f the >1 "povn'fui ditriMnii ou unfed up ift Ui? cjtwn., to txaftk out la ftSM , ;r?Tftted iorci.ftid PEKHAFS AFTER MARRIAGE, eMHEL^t?UuD>8 EXTRACT BVCHV ui ftdeotion* ?a<- Uitoftaea o 1 the IK'K&HY L KG A .11, irhethsr ?a MALK OR FEHALK. torn vtetavsr -?c ?? r?rtr*tiDi and no nfttttr of ttJ < LONG BTANUIde. }iNUM>! tun O-iftrr r*?vtr#toe ftid at ft Dlrirric. HhLMBOLD S EITKAC1 BUCHU M VfLK SKKAf DICROTIC, Hid -t UMrUm ?o h?T? U? dMirad fleet la y.tJlttifor *kic? it is tecomtiundtd. ITIDBSCB 07 TBB HOST EB*TOUSlBU* ABD B?1.XASLB CEABACTCn rlltaeeoBiytiry the nsMicin?i?. CERTIFICATE* OF Ot'KKW. Fi nn 8 to 0 J?U* aUiMUSC with Nun" k.-.owr. to SCIENCE AN9 F A MB. *i 3$MI ll it* 9t -*r . a JM&ilft* i *)! ? J*.*4%. *PHYSICIANS- PLEASE mNOTItmm wb iiu "no awmwr" or -irckbdibrti " HFI.MH<U.n'9 KTTli tr r w?*r??l? * ec-mpoeed of tiBoha, Ca*eb? ud Jut*per Bernee, leieete-i "with (rMl care bi a oompMaat d racciat. prepared is vacuo, by If. T. HELMUOLD, pracfcoal and AnalrtioaJ Chemist, and Sole Mu nfactarer of B?LMi>OLI>'S UBLN DINS PKKPARATI0H3. affidavit. fertuilailr wear*1 ^efo/e me. an Alderman el the oityof Philadelphia, U. T. Hklxboli>, vno muw daiy worn, doth ear. kit preparations oocao naroouo, no mercart.or outer injartoae lrugt, htttare purely \efdUble. B. T. UELMKOLO. fwort and aubeerihed before ine ;u.*<- cdaj of November, 1864. WM. P. HIBBLkF, Alderman, Ninth at.. atov? Rae*. Pl.i a. physicians ix attmmitaimcb from 8 a m to 9 p m Priee SI par aottte, wiUmi ?*. Dm*ered u> an? addreea, eeeareiy fit*" u m tbeervafcan. Addf CM iHMn fm tafomatooi la *oO*r t? H. T. t4 KLMBOI 1>. Ck??:ui Oefot, 1M BmU T?tt at., toic# Car?i? i r u. ? UK WARS OF GVVMMAHUlt AJfP VNFlUNCirLSl) rbo endeavor lb (iikm "?t V*?-1 ow* "other*' art Mm t. tie rtpstaUo-* - >aiu<M 4 H*lmb'ld 1 Giomm PrtjmrtUf * , ,r t*?+* Mat , M ^ irMi^? in, ? A AM ??,?' Sold br ?. B. Win, Z. 0. ujiui, J?wm Han. 8. C. Pots, 8. B. Iinnmnj, B. C (un, D. B. Oim, Ktwwwu. A lansmJ. L Kuoit Wtriu&tftoa aatfImiiiibi, xrro XLX DKweviiTs xninrflKi. u wi* : v i ^ v 1 ASS FOA JULILBOiii'fc. TAXI BO OTSB*. MB AVOID kl Jwtih ?i al Cfi<MAiiM?iM, s IHTJ > w h?*r? * -mm

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