Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1862 Page 2
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0 w TtfE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY FEBRUARY 6, 1W3. Spirit of the M?rain| Prm. Tbe tnt'Al\gtn*tr reviews the cases in which Kuglani has resorted to a ' stone blockade " The Htpublican urges emancipation as the only possible method of penetrating tbe Interior of tbe IWilM. Th? Entertainment at the White House Last Iflght. Jupiter Plnviua, who haa reigned (and rainid) ao Imperiously for ao many weeka, despite the prayera and anathemas of military men, and forward-movement-folk generally, kindly conaented o < indicate for a brief aeaaon?there being a lady in the case?and on laat night permitted the visitors to the White House to repair thereunder genial akles and lighted by a bright moon. The cards of Invitation were lettered thus : ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Io Tas pasaieknt aud Mas. Lincoln, | o request the honor of ? company on Wednesday evening, | Feb. Sth, at 9 o'clock. * 2 e oooooooooooooocoooooooooooooooooeoooooo These were received at the door by the janitors; and partira minus the precious blta of paateboard "who had left their cards at home" or were "sure It would be all right," were rigor ousiy exciuaea or cept a gooa woue in prooaUon. By ten o'clock tbe arrival* were thick and faat, and from that hour until midnight the Eaat Room presented a brilliant spectacle indeed. ; The President and Mrs. Lincoln occupied the center of the room, no formal presentations being made to them, but the guests on arriving advancing to pay their respects to each. In other part* of tbe room and In the adjoining rooms various celebrities held court also, their various localities being designated by the crowds that eddied round them. Gen. McClellan, whether stationary or promenading with Mrs. McClellan or Miss Marcy, was thus lionized. Tall, Englishy Senator Sumner had bis circle, and Gen. Fremont and "Jessie,'' on their appearanc? in the rooms, were immediately surrounded by their admirers. Sturdy, soldierly looking McDowell, conversing In English and French with equal facility, was not ojily the object of respectful attention from his fellow countrymen (woo oeiieve in mm despite Bull Ran), bat was made much of by the Diplomats and foreign element of the gathering generally. The Oval Room (sometimes known as the Lov. er'a Retreat) teemed to be the favorite gathering place of the diplomats. White neck-cloth'd kindly Lord Lyon*, dashing M Mercler, urbane N. Stoeckel, and other representatives of leading nations, together with those of lesser powers, were congregated here, (the fairer sex of the same na. tionalltles In due proportion;) and the patter of language* that fell upon the ear in approaching this room was slightly " mixed Babelonian to a degree. Hereabouts was Mr. N. P. Willis, In full force, saying witty things and graceful things in equal proportion, and clad in a dress coat whose awiui wnuMie wivn tuc uns wu surety intended to entrap mil unhesitating followers of his In inat. tors of coatume. Secretary Seward, wbite-neck-cloth'd like his late eii-a-riJ in matters diplomatic, seemed In extra good humor, and nothing could be gathered from thellneaof hia face Indicative of any pcrtentoua aigna in the foreign heavena. Ser.ator Chaw, too, bore the look of an official quite able to ahoulder th? cares and responstbllitiea of even hia oneroua position, and to provide the requisite two millions per diem for a season longer. Secretaries Stanton. Welle* and Smith were there ; and more M. C.'s thau we can here enumerate, Including a full representation of the border-State delegations, the venerable Crltten den, Maynard of Tennessee, Kennedy and Pearce of Maryland, Garret Da via, Salisbury, and othera. 4uu^va 'f ?juC| viiuuiu ouu uncr, OI IDC Mlprecne Court, were preaent; and amongst the military men the following: Brigadiera General (commanding diviaiona; Helntzleman, Fitz John Pnrter, Blenker. Hancock, Hooper, McDowell. Keyea. Stone, and W. F. Smith, and Brigadier* General Marcy, (Chief of the Staff of the Army of the Potomac,) Van Renaellaer, Andrew Porter, (Provoat Marahal,) Doubleday, and Caaey. Also, Captalna L. P and P. d' Orleana, (of General McClellan'a Buff.) and Prince Salm Salm, (of General Blenker'a Staff;) Captain Dahlgren, Gen. Shields, and manyothera; In fact the roomawere brilliant with uniforma, making a fair aet off to the gay plumage of the ladlea. Gov. Wickliffe, of Ky ; Mr. Frederick Seward. A Mutant Secretary of State; Mr Clark Mills, the sculptor, and his lady; Mr. Robert Lincoln, exMayor Berret, Mr. Geo. Aahmun, of Maaa ; were there; and as the visitors moved through the rooms the eye was continually resting upon tome person of note in various walks of life. At eleven o'clock, the President taking the daughter of Senator Browning, of Illinois, upon bis arm, entered upon the promenade, and Mrs Lincoln followed with Senator B. A sense of duty to lady readers admonishes us to mention that Mrs Lincoln was tastefully, elegantly dressed (according to the verdict of lady authorities present, and who are sure to be rigid enough critics in such matters) In white satin, with black lace flounces, perhaps half a yard or more in wiaio, me nounces reatooned up with while and black ribbon. She wore pearl ornament*. and a handaoue Parisian head-dress with banc be* of crape myrtle, ic,ud with bouquet to match Having passed through the rooma In promenade, the Prealdent led off in the direction of the upper-room, and the gueata following were atrenck with admiration by the acene preaented. The celebrated caterer, Malllard, of New Yerk, who baa bees bare in peraoa for tome daya, with hia heed waller, Charles Hartmyer, and othera of hta force?waltera, cook*, artists In coafection* ery?had evidently exerted hlmaelf togive Waablog ton a taste of hla quality, and the tahlea were 1 loaded with the product* of his geniua. The upper waa. In man* rear??rta ih? i??-' > # r ??, ?v M?vd? aupau affair of Ibe kind v* er teen here. . At the west end of the table was a war device, helmet (sugar) supported by figures and with waving pi u airs of spun sugar; next came a tasteful basket; next a hermitage, followed by a temple surmounted by the Goddess of Liberty; then Chinese pagodas, Roman temples, cornucopias, foun tains with spray of spun sugar and surmounted bv stars; and then the good American frigate ?'Union," with guns, sails, flags, smoke stark and all, complete in sugar, and the whole supported by star and stripe-draped cherubs. Fort Pickens loomed up In sugar on a side table, surmounted, however, by something more eatable thaa barbette guns, la the shape of deliclously prepared birda, aud similar "chiekeu Alios There were pates topped by birds, sitting (apparently) on their nests, and there were bM-hlves, the perfection of imitative art, with life-like bees swarmiug about the entrances, but whUb bviug unroofed were found loaded with Charlotte Russe, instead cf honey. There wsa a superb pale de foi grm?inviting the respectful attention of gourmands, snd other delicacies and luxuries la such profusion that the Joint atUck of the tnousand or more guests failed to deplete the array. Champagne and other coatlv wines and ltquora flawed freely in hospitable emulation with the enticing blandishments of the edible*. The immense J span ;se punch-bowl ef White fiouM had stu ?* ?1 ? mm an DUl IB another room earlier in the night, and tanked by aadwlchcs, biscuits, cheese, Ac , had served It* part la the boepltall ties of the Executive Mansion. Among the ingredients of this big bowl of punch ware some twenty bottles of champagne, with arrack and mm Id proportions to furnish a substantial foundation. By the time the elegant supper had been 41*. < "seed, and all Its myriad luxuries duiy noted sad teated, Uie matt flours had coote, aad it was , perhaps three o'clock before the guests bad aaid the parting goodnight to their entertainers. The beauty aad quiet good taste of the ft oral , decoraiioas of the rosai were remarked?thoaa of , iheBiue Jteeaa particularly, (be cIihWIih of < which were gracefully festooned with flower* tad the air fragrant with their aroma. Pome of the flower* were from Bueat's establishment in Philadelphia, and tome from New York, but for the most part they were from the White Hou?e conservatories. Very many of the youthful portion of the gathering were anxious to test the capabilities of the great East-room a* a ball-room, to the music of the superb Marine Band, but the President and Mr*. Lincoln, seemed to think that though there may be "a time for dancing,'1 this period of national tribulation is not tkt time, at any rate there was no dancing, and those who have designated the party as a ball, have of course used a misnomer. ? The entertainment. In the completeness of Its arrangements, the distinguished character of the guests assembled, and the enjoyment afforded to those present by the avoidance (through the limit as to numbers) of the jam, heat and confusion of a crowd, will rank, we take It, as by far the most brilliant and successful aflfclr of the kind ever experienced here. During the evening the Marine Band, in fail fftfoo nn/lo? Pri\t nprfnrm#?H In mirahla style indeed, the following music: President's March, by Seals. Overture?Massanlello. Quartette?11 Polluto. Terzetto?Un Bal Maschero. Coro and Sestetto?Lucia di Lammeriuoor Pot Pourri?II Trovatore. Brindlsl and Duetteno, from La Traviata. Coro and Terzetto, from Joan of Arc. Quartette and Tarentella?II Vespero Siciliano. Mrs. Lincoln's PoLka, by Prof. Scala. Between eleven and twelve o'clock the busy representative* 01 tue press present might &av? been seen gathered about the center table in the Presidents antc-room, (uaed lait night as the gentlemeu'sdressing-rcom,) preparing dispatches, which presently were flashed over the wires to papers hundreds of miles away, giving full particulars of the entertainment. The marble representations of two Southern statesmen of the past, Rutledge and Forsyth, looked down from their niches iu the room, aa if In no little wonderment at the hurried doings of the press-gang, then and there at work. OCR MILITARY BI DGET. CIRCULAR TO ALL OFFU KR? OF THE QUARTKkMASTER'S DErARTMKNT. Qunrtcrtnaster UtntrnVi Office, Jnn *29, I860. It appears that a memorandum of rate* of transportation by railroad sent to some of the principal quartermasters, intended by the War Department to be used as a guide in settling accounts, as a limit beyond which no payments would be allowed in anyase, ha* been by some officers misunderstood, and considered as flxing a government tariff of rates to be paid in all cases. You are therefore advised that it is the duty of every quartermaster, as of every officer of the government, iu making contracts for servicer or materials, and in making purchase*, to make them at the lowest attainable rales, in no ease should government pay a higher rale than an individual or a corporation for the sunc service or the lame material. Any quartermaster wbo allow* through freights to be charged as local freights, at higher rates than are ordinarily paid on goods sent over long distances, violates his duty. The rates of transportation for passengers specified In the tariff above referred to, were at the time of its preparation understood to bo one-third below the ordinary rate* upon railroads in the Middle States. On the western railroads freight and passenger charges are generally at lower rates than in the Middle States; and that which would be a fair compensation to a railroad in the mountains of the east, would be a very high rate over the easy grades of the cheaply constructed railroads of the prairie country. In addition to the regulations for the Quartermaster's Department, the attention of the newly appointed Quartermasters is especially called to article XL1, page 147, of the Revised Regulations of the Army, in regard to public property, money, and acconnta. Many of the regulations In this article are literal transcripts from the laws of Congress. Paragraph 1044, in regard to giving public notice of all purchases and contracts urKoro *r? lmmo/i (> ?" 1 --J ^hv>v ?? uwi ?ci j i* uuk ici^uiicu uy a public exigency, 1? in the words of the law. A careful adherence to these regulations will guide th? public officer and protect the treasury agatns* Imposition. M. C. Males, Quartermaster General. SAVT YARD. The King Philip went down to the flotilla yesterday and returned in the afternoon. Affairs are unchanged on the lower Potomac. Heavy firing was going on from Cockpit Point, auppoaed to be directed at an oyster sloop which wan passing, and which ran into Mattawoman creek. The repairs to the tug Powell have been finlih?H sinri ran* Pharloa Mikhail ? ??v , ?r.. tuKvuvu icoiciuay IUUK that boat down to the flotilla for the uae of Coin. Wyman. CONGRESSIONAL. IXIVIlth COHGRESS?Sec?nd SeaaUn. StXATK?Yeaterdav. after our reoort tImaH? The resolution of Mr. Carlile, relative to taxation, Introduced cn the 13th ult , was adopted. The subject of Mr Bright'a expulsion waa taken up and discussed by Messrs. Anthony, Harris, Davis, Foster. Bayard, Bright, Ten Evck. Cowan. McDougal and W illey, and the resolution expelling Mr. Bright adopted by the following vote : Yeas?Messrs. Anthony, Browning, Chandler. Clark. Coliamer, Davis, Dixon, Doolittle, Fessende" Foot, Foster,Grlmea, Hale, Harlan. Henderson, Howard, Howe, Johnson, King, Lane of Indiana, McDougal, Morrill, Poiueroy, Sherman, Simmons, Sumner,Trumbull, Wade. Wilkinson, Wilmot, Wilson of Massachusetts, and Wilson of Missouri?32. Nays?Messrs Bayard, C&rlile, Cowan, Harris, Kennedy, Latham, Nesmith, Pearce, Powell, Rice, Saulsbury, Ten Eyck, Thomson and WUley?14. Adjourned. Hoc**?After our report cloaed? The Treasury Note Bill wu discussed in committee of tbe whole, and without finally disposing of the aubject, the Hornte adjourned. [p* The frigate Sabine, In New York harbor, having beeu thoroughly overhauled, repaired, and filled up with store* and provisions, hauled Into the atream yesterday, mid la expected to tail a* oca as she has taken her powder on board. A formidable rifted gun, mounted on the topgallaut forecastle, hat been added to her armament, which :rtw consists of 51 guna. a not he* Valuable Map.?From J.T. Lloyd, 161 Broadway, N. Y., we have au excellent map of Kentucky, (compiled from actual survey*) another of the valuable and cheap Military Map*, issued by this euterprialng publisher. Jp-Three more vessels belonging to Captain Porter's mortar fleet were put Into commission yesterday. Seventeen vessels of the fleet are now In cominlaalon, leaving only three at the yard, and these are nearly ready for itea. Filled ?Wt learn that all the new clerkship* la the Post Office Department, both for males and females, have been filled. Pkr?onal.?Yesterday, Mrs. General U sines left Washington for the South via Baltimore, Forties* Monroe umI H?? ?/? ? ? ? w--1-" Fimahcial.?The York Pott of last evening My*: Government atocka are firmer The alxes of 1S?1 are % per cent, higher; the reglatered .told at 8? X, the coupon* at 69 The aeven-thirty per cent. Treaaury no tea are a shade better to-dav, 'Ja2 jj per cent, dlacount. Gold remain* dull at 103^ and will probably continue without change until the policy of Congreaa on the finance* la determined. There la a very *mali demand for export, but apeculator* aeem to regard it aa aaafe and profitable venture at9^ percent, premium. Tfce money market, if anything, la hardening, and on call loam are not ao eaai ly afiected at 6 per cent , aa during laat week. The baaka are lend ...? .... .ptwir tun arr evmenuy wrengttienlng themaelvce against the em birrs*, meat of the goveranient finances. The Impression seems to be r^yJffJ?e 1,J^Rt h.1^er rmte* toT money will fc.low theeilsittng difficulties of the market. 14 ?n !*?1!*on closed slsndy bat qnlet at lUsIM* priori pally at the inside a<nre The bank* have not aa yet taken any concerted action relative to therecejrUoa of Demand Tnm*'' Tbey *eem to be bridging over mat. lers by taking moderate amount* on deposit. a number of the lane institutions which reject them entirely. We bear of sales uoong^Ue bpfcera at one-tenth of one per cent. . tt . 5 fft > 1 TELEQRA I?HIC. FROM FORTRESS MOMROC. i Bxltimob*. Feb. 6, (from Fortress Monroe Feb. 5 )?Tbe United States traniport Constitution, which sailed yesterday forenoon for Ship Island, spoke the gunboat Miami about 40 miles north of Hatteras, last night, in & sinking condition, and unab'e to make steam enough to carry her Into port. The Constitution arrived here at one o'clock this afternoon, with the Miami in tow. She will take In a small quantity of coal, and will probably sail again In the morning. The French staamer Catlnet sailed this forenoon f?r Havana. The French flag ship Pomone is still here. It is probabla that tbe French fleet In our waters will be represented here for some time, one or two of the vessels composing it being always in nort. Another steamer is daily expected The Rebel fleet In Elizabeth river has been moving about considerable all day. During the forenoon heavy firing was going on at Sewali'a Point, and this afternoon a tug was seen (teaming around, and at on* time (owing something (supposed to be the floating battery) to the Point. Frain Bsstsn. Boston, Feb. 4 ?The funeral of AdjutantGeneral George F Hodges, of the Maaachuaetts Eighteenth Regiment, took place at Roxbury today. The gunboat Inn and Huron sailed to-day; the former for Ship Island and the latter for Kev Wist. The barque Neapolitan, which was burnt by the pirate Sumter on her passage from Cadiz to Gibraltar, was owned In Kingstown, Massachusetts, and Insured in Boston. The Maine Fourteenth Regiment, Colonel Wlckersham, arrived to-night from Augusta, Maine, and weretemporarilyquartered in Faneuil Hail. They are attached to General Butler's Expedition. C orcoran Demonstration at Boston. Boston, Feb. 5 ?There waa an immense Corcoran demonstration at Faneuil Hall this evening. Major Wightman presided. Bnecchro were made bv thn Mayor. Rptii*min Hallettt. Judge Russell. Hon. John C. Tucker, and others, the general tenor of which was, that the Government would not be ncceMarlly recognizing the Rebels by performing an art of charity, luch ai an exchange of prisoners would be. About four thousand person* were present, and much enthusiasm was manifested during the proceedings. Two Notorious Spik* Cattcrer ?fitters, Maps; if c ., Found ?Captain J S tiearheart and First Lieut. H.J. Hotopp of Co 1), Eighth Illinois Cavalry, and 34 picked meu, started from this city at '2 a m , on a scoutlug expedition. Thev went to Fairfax C. H ., and, whilst in that neighborhood, captured a man named Kcacb, a notorious secessionist and *nv Thi? Rmrii done more than any one man to convcy news to the rebels from our camps. Another man, named Tremble, was also arrested, likewise a "secesh." They were taken to General Helntzl< man's head quarters. bein<; blindfolded on reaching our pickets A few nilnuUs before arriving tbero Capt. Delanv's company of "Secesh" cavalry had ju*t Quitted the place. 'I bey were arm^d with ouble-barreled shotguns, loaded with three slujds and a bullet. 'I'he information Capt. G.obtained from an authentic source. He pursued, but was unable to overtake them Letters were found, written from this city, bearing date January 20th, together with mpps and niani of mmn anH far**w no??4hU ?i?.. ? I r ?? iur ">|' tain iaaatiatied that a ayatematic correspondence ia kept up between the rebeleand tbla city. They should be traced up, if poaaible The campaof the enemy were vialbie, and inu*lc dlatinctly heard.? Virginia Chroniclt. SALE FOR THK BENEFIT OF PT k_3 Matthew'* Free Schools will l>o h? l<i in tue haaement of the Church. Fifteehth aad II dnrinc the present we'k. Muaic, hefrashnt^cU, Uaeful atd F&noj Artjolea, and other attractions lor Tiaitora. io G 3t_ PERSEVERANCE FIRE CO . No. 5 I The r**ula.r montkiv mAafin? wiii ?? u?i.< - ? the Kn*ine How oa THOUltA?."tiweth'Tn.t" at haif-put 7 o olock in the evening. Punctual at' tendanoe u repeated. uuciuai atf? V5t. GEORGE A. DARLING. >jaietant8ec>. frtfA FAIR, for the benefit of St. Vinoent'a WuRSUAv'a!tr(f^n?A,?,.um' Wl!: ha "n . \* at toe Asylum, corner G ""'Ul "d '? ?' Jssu&^tftrjsrss.- ijirtt,;: feotiooery, in their variety. " a if nrW-ST ALOY8IU8 CHURCH?The Kev. Dr M?C"rMT. Preaident of Mount *t Man'a ___ wv*? - M t iji\ a ? mo 3 ill UI February. The collection will be devoted to the education ard o'otbing of poor chi'dren. under the aaapioes of the Young Catholics' Friend Society. fe 1.6.7 8 |>H" THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Will iL C be holden every day this week in the LutheranChnroh, (Rev. J. G. Butler's.) a? the oorner of Uth and H streets, commencing at 4K o'clock p in., and continued but one hour. ja 20 For sale40 Head of m#iM FAT CATTLE. jKLF Inquire of R. D. HALL, one mile from&MAaB Bel??vil!e. fe 6 2t* WASHINGTON GYMNASIUM. ? v Kintk *t., ntar Centtr Mnrkit. This establishment is now opei from 6 a. m. to 8 p m Oce of the olfioers in attendance from l to S and from 6 to 8 o'-sloo*. Persons leading a sedentary life would do we l ;o join immediately, si a month, 02.50 three month*. fe 6 3t* Madame s. can be consulted upon all Affairs of Life; never known to fsii. Ca;l m * Wrt OAkk ? c?i ^ w. * C ? gfc't imar u. I? 5 2t* T NOTICE9 O ALL WHOM 1 r MAY CONCER N !-All per?on? are hereby notified that va will pay no bills or amounts oontractod by J D Wooley, gut ler of the 57th Regiment New Y?rk Volunteer! or any person assuming to act for him. .. BARNES * CO., 'e 481 Nmth St.. w aahington, D, C. JAY COOKE A CO., BANKERS, ! Nc. 4o2 Fifteenth Street, opposite Treasury Buildings, Washington. In oonneohon with our Philadelphia House we ka/?Wn6d at No. 4 Ait Fifteenth Street, an* ffioS t?5,0D u a f ?neral Exchange, ColiooHcgand Backing Business. W A fin* anH -. P?.. II a. .. _ n. aitu ku uuiu, I nuurrcni mouev. StOCta and Honda, (on oommisaion,) Draft* on American and F.nropean oitiea, receive Depoaita, and make Colieotiona upon all accessible points to l-lm JAY jlUOKK A CO. FRANKLIN fc CO., OPTICIANS, SA4 Penn'aav.,! north aide,) let. 12th and 11th als. EYEGLASSES. ~~ MARINE AND FIELD GLASSES. COM PASSES, *?., of the b?at qualities, constant,? ou hand. f? 4 tr T^O QUARTERMASTERS. 14 11: tii v iunnDT * n? ........i i ivl I VIVAAil li ARMY HKKAI), The new AK.RATKD HRIiAD is pronounced by Medical ami {Scientific Men the euirttt and healthiest ever made. We propone to rnmtsh it in quantities to our soldiers, or we wilt arrange to take flour a; d deliver Bread, fresh, ?iue aud sweet, ever? day?a pound of br?ad for every pound of flour. Tms prooesa of making Hread has the sauotion of the highest authorities, and is approved by the Vanitarv Commission and by all the readmit phystoians of this city as we;l as by Msjor 6onera' Ou. whose soldiers have been for some time suppled with it from our Bakery in Baltimore. Add'*-* REQUA k CO., 34 4H street. Washington. ?I_2j5 or Bex 804 Pogt Offioe. ma&ftste?aa srCsf? finish to tho bait on a torn vork. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., Mwohant Tailor* And CLother*. !>?-?,i "? pr.;a:r,.y,"a * - S * J. MYGR8, ~ KJ? 10 WasHHieTOM BIULDIBG, A large stoek of A^riwTwatohee for aale. wkoieeeie, by9. A J. WYER8. Am?rie*o Clook* at who ?sale bj 3. & J. MYERS* Watch Ma'.eriala at wholesale hr 8 A J. MYKKS. P'.atedr:bains at wholesale by 8. A J MY?R* VV. ?M? V K S'8f.' "?U" Steel anf Gilt Reyj^at^wholesale by S. A J. ET AH wHoteeale deeiers in Watotee and Jewelry would do well to 0*11 at 8. A J. MYERS' bofore joty on Eaat or ynrokaeing elsewhere. ho., to?I take ylctnrt in inliirnfsf^^i^N **rT# jn?t reo?iTf<l from the north & i&rre ens ssftjasir ?"!? ?"?' ?No.la_.MKS R. G. ETCHI8GN. .No, ID. ' n.B.1jssnStsCF4^ #

j liri AN# WOPUDBD SOLDIBRt IN HOSPITAL. Fmblukid m conformity with Ik* / iht 6<m<i tf July 10, 1961. At Simitmrf Metfitni, Qtorftteim, Jmm 31. M U. 8. Infantry 13 9th Peon Volunteer* . 1 8th do do 3 12th do do 1 3d do Artillery.... 1 Wth do do 1 3d do do 3 27th do do 3 4th do do 1 Sttk do do 1 SthVermoDtVolunteers 1 38th do do...... 1 lit do Cavalry... l|52d do do...... 1 1st Rhode Island Art. 2 57th do do 13 4th do do., l 71st do do 2 6th N HampshireVol. 6 1st do Reserve.... 1 3d New York Vol... l 3d do 17th do do.... 2 llth do do 2 21st do do.... 1 lit do Rifles ...... 3 22d do do.... 1 llth do Cavalry ...* 3 37th do do,... 1 1st do Artillery... 4 36th do do.... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol.... 2 43d do do.... 2 6th do do.... 3 45th do do.... 4 Cameron Rifles 1 50th do do.... 3 McCleilan'sDragoons. 4 63d do do.... 1 5th Irish Brigade 1 64th do do.... 4 3d D C. Volunteers.. 3 69th do do....10 7th Msine Volunteers. 6 3d New York Cavalry. 2 U.S. Signal Corps.... 2 4th do do.... 1 3th do do.... 1 Total 127 1st do Artillery 3| At Gtntral Hospital, Union Haiti, torntr Bridgt and Washington struts, Gttrgsto<n, Jan. 31. lltNfwYnrkArtlllorv 9lV>n?'t RIOm 10 5th do do.... l 2d Wisconsin Vol 3 13th New York Vol... 2 5th do do 3 11th do do.... l 2d Michigan Vol 8 l?th do do.... 9 4th do do 2 l^th do do.... 2 id Maine Volunteers . 2 19th * do do.... 2 7th do do 3 20th do do.... 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 3 29th do do.... I 3d do do 1 31st do do.... 1 5th do do 1 33d do do.... 2 1st California Vol..... 1 35th do do.... 1 Harris'Light Cavalry 4 43d do do.... 4 Mott's Battery 1 44th do do.... 2 McMan's Battery 1 45th do do.... 2 2d Cameron Dragoons. 2 .xrch ao rto.... 'J 'M Cameron Kifles.... 2 54th do do.... 2 1st Maryland Vol 10 55th do do.... 1 1st Rhode ltland Art. 1 Mith do do.... 2 5th Massachusetts Bat. 2 SHtta do do.... n 0th db Vol.1 50th do do.... 2 Stockton'* Rifles 4 filth do do.... 2 Stelnfield's Rifles .... 1 'i'.Uh do do.... 1 9turt>is Rifles 1 <-?th do do.... 3 De Kalb 10 01st do do.... 1 Garibaldi Guards .... 2 Hunt s N V Artillery 1 2d U. 8. Infantry 1 l?t Excelsior Brigade. 2 Jd do do 2 !id do do.... 1 Id do Artillery I 3d do do.... 6 5th do do 1 1th do do.... 1 10th do 1 ifantry 1 5th do do.... 4 2d do Artillery I 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 1th do do... 2 5th do do 1 9th do do.... 1| Total 1ST At Hospital at Columbian CoUtg*, Washington, Jan. 31. 1st l< . S. Cavalry 4 > K alb N Y Vol ... I 2d do do 4 McClellan'i Dragoona 1th do do I Cameron Dragoon*... 2 5th do do 1 l*t New Jersey Cavalry 1 nth do do 3 Mb do Vol.... 1 3d do Infantry.... I lit Tenn Artillery.... 2 2d Maine Volunteer*.. l|l*t do Cavalry .... 2 7th do do...... 1 tth do do 1 tltb do do 21 ?th do do...... 1 2d Vermont Volunteer! 1 lit do Volunteer*. I 4th do do.... 9 2d do do I 5th do do.... 1 3d do do...... 4 I lfilh M hii**>tf?V nl 1 Hr? An 1 lat Rhode Island Art. I 13th do do...... 1 4th do Vol. 3 27th do do 2 l?tNew York Artillery 1 52d do do 7 Rocket Battalion 1 57th do do 1 Ut New York Cavalry. 1 9?th do do 1 *2d do do.... 3 lat California Vol 1 8th do do....IS 8th IlllnoiaCavalry... 2 I Harris Cavalry 1 2d Wlaronaln Vol... 2 17th New York Vol... 2 5th do do.... 1 22d do do.... 2 lat Minnesota Vol 1 38th do do.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 5 37th do do.... 1 3d do do 2 11th do do.... 1 4th do do 2 54th do do.... 5 9th do do 2 ?2d do do.... 1 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 1 61th do do.... 1 1st D C. Volunteers .. 1 77th do do.... 8 ? 2d Excelalor Brigade. 1 Total 154 At Qttural Hospital, (Cxrci*,) Washington, Jam. 31. lat U 8. Cavalry 5|2d New York Vol?.. 1 2d do do 12 94th do do.... 1 4th do do 4 61th do do.... 1 6ta do do 4 2d Penn. Volunteers . I 2d do Artillery.... 1 45th do do 1 4th do do 1 49th do do 2 5th do do 3 99th do do 2 l*t do Infantry 1 5th N. Hampshire Vol. 3 2d do do 10 2d Vermont Volunteer! 1 3d do do 11 4th do do 1 4th do do 4 7th Maine Volunteers. 1 0th do do... 11 l?t Michigan Vol 1 8th do do 2 Cameron Dragoons... 1 10th do do 4 Engineers..... 1 l?t D. C Volunteer* .. 1 ? 2d New York Cavalry . 1 ToUl 93 At St. Elixabttk Hospital, Eastern Branch, Jan. 31. 4th Excelsior Brigade. 3 3d New York Vol... 1 2d do do.... 1 42d do do.... 2 1st do do ... 1 27th do do.... i 53d Penn Volunteert .11 13th do do 1 8th New York Vol... 1 8th do do.... l 29th do do.... 1 38th do do.... 1 Cameron Rifle* 2 1st N. Y. FlreZcuaves 3 35th Penn. Volunteers. 1 1st Mass. Volunteer*.. 1 5thVermontVolunteer* 5 15th do do 4 Brlckel's Art. Batt. .. 1 11th do do l 59th New York Vol... 120th do do 8 22d do do.... 1 24 Rhode Inland Voi. 1 36thPenn.Volunteer!. 8 2d Wisconsin Vol.... l 1st do Reaerve.... 1 1ft Minneaota Vol.... 1 59th do Volunteera. l|3d Connecticut Vol... l E*cel?ior Artillery Vol 8 lat Michigan Vol ] 52d Penn. Volunteera. 3 9th Virginia Vol 1 41st New York Vol... 2 lat California Vol.... a 45th Penn Volunteera. 1 lat New Jeraey Vol... l 2d New York Cavalry. 2 2d VeimontVolonteera 1 6th do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteera . 1 57th do Vol 1 3d Penn. Cavalry 1 ffltb do do Iff lat Cavalry . i 6th N. Hampahtre Vol 3 *M Penn. dragoons (a) 1 "9th New York Vol... 3 14th do do.... 3 Total 110 6'Jth do do.... 2 (a) One offlcer SteM rtmainmg im tk$ Hotjiul for Ermptivt Dxstaftt, at Kalorama, Jan. 31. 1st U.S. Cavalry 1 22d Maasachuaeta Vol. 1 latNewYork Artillery 1 87th Penn. Volnnteen. 1 ?<1 U. K Artillery.... 1 44th New York Vol.. 3 2d New York Cavalry. 1 52d Penu. Volunteer*. 4 2d U 8. Infantry 3 56th New York Vol ...10 tth do Cavalry 'i 77th do do 3 1th do infantry 1 61st do do 2 5th do Cavalry 3 Rocket Battalion 6 6th do do 2 New York Vol Art... 1 :id New Jer*cy Vol... 1 German Artillery I 5th Maine Volunteer*. 1 85th Pe?n. Volunteer*. S ?th An An 1 OBtk An a. - ?>tb I'emi. Cavalry.... 1 Artfflcers 1 4tbVe rmont Volunt^rs 1 104th Penn Volunteers 7 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 Col d serv 'U to officers 2 lltb Maine Volunteers 2 ? 10;h New Jersey Vol.. I Total....,........76 llHh Indiana Vol. 3 ?1? At (iiMrsi HotfUai, iUxssdrts, Jmm. 31. 2d V ? Infhntry.... 1 fflst New York Vol... I Jd do do I ?3d do do.... 1 4th do do 2 Mtb do do.... ? 8th do do 2 ftvtth do do..i. 1 1st do Cavalry 1 1st New York Artillery 1 4th do do 1 1st do C?v?lry. 1 An An >li1< ' '? ? ? rt IIH. f uiuniovi A fith do do........ 1 5 th do do...... 2 'id do Artillery.... 4 7th do do....?. 2 5th do do 3 nth do do 2 <fd Maine Volunteers. 9 20th do do. .... 1 3d do do 4 29th do do 1 4th do do 1 32d do do....4. 8 5th do do...... l 33d do do..*... | 35th do do 1 'id Maaaachuartta Vol.13 40th do do. l n?k a iriL -M _ . nu uu uu.i i uw ao ao....lii 3 12th do do.. 7 46th do 4o..~?T 3 Ut do : Art. 3 5*1 do do...... I 4 th Rhode Island Art.. 7 63d da do......31 lit do iiat.. 3 73d do de^..,. 1 5th do Art.. I 83d do do...... i 4th UoQueetttvt Vol.. 1 84th do do...... I sth do do..aae8udo do....Id Sth Vennoat Vol...... 7 93d do do..M..33 1st New Jeney VoL... 1 99th do 1 do...... 3 4th do do.... 0 106 th do do..,...U Sth do do.... 3 Mth do KiNZtWfHl 1st do CavalrrMM do Dnjraoaa... 3 Sth New York Vol... 1 lith do do. Oth do do ... 6 1* do Atttllory.... I 1Mb do dot....}* dd Mlohlgaa Vol IS 17th do do....13 3d do do 4 18th do la..M 1 jth do do 8 19th do do.... 3 17th lodlaaa Vol ttd do do..,'. 3 lit WUowmU Vol.... I 89th do do.... 4 3d do da ? 36th do do.... 4 Sth do do S *'?" ou ao ta om QO OO 7 88th do do.... 1 8th Illinois Cavalry...94 8Mb do do.... 8 lit Minnesota Vol..... 1 38d do do..#. 3 Lincoln Cavalry 1 33d do do.... 1 Cameron Dragoons... 1 37ln do do.... ) Cameron Rifles 1 98th do do.... 3 Quartermaster's em do do.... 1 ployees. do do.... 8 CitiS6M ............. . | 44U> do do.... 1 ? 352 t fc:;i ** ? At Mn Harpitml (Patent OfIm), WaiUmftm, D. d.t Jam. 3L lfttk IsdlsM Vai *8 lat MIcbloaCaTklfyTl 1st BerdaaBkara*n..lft dturnfol'a Artillery... 1 Id do la 18 sM Prat Voliitnn. 1 lot New York Arttllory 7 ?th do Caralry.... 1 7tta do Ccvftlry. t ? 9th do do... ft Total 8ft it Fifth District Bthaal Htm** H?ry\tml, Brmmth if Gtrural Hp*r%Mml on E rtrttt, Jam SI. td l' !* C?T\lry. 1 Ohio Cavalry, (anat). 1 ft-h do do 1 5th Rhode Uland Vol. 1 Sd New York Vol... ft 3d U. 8. Artillery 1 mil no ao.... 11 ? Cameron Dragoona... l| Total * fET" Waafalnrton paper* pieaae ?op? ud hM blfla to the War Department fe ft?31 ^ annapolis a /?\ ssluj company. OY8TER9! OYSTERS An Orator Shipping ConifU; kM bem formed for the purpose of eapyiying VS uhiiitoa and ita vicitiiy with Oysters. Ail persona whiohnse from 10to 100ta Ions pe'day.oaa be supplied Ojitm in shall sent in bacs or a oar load oi from lgo to ISO bushels oan be bad on one day'a notloe; for a lea* quantity oail at 64 Bridie* street, Georgetown, D. 0. The Oysters shipped by this eompany isaa fresh, if not morajo, than any others that oaa be had in the Diitrict The Orators are opensd <he same day they are taken Iron the water, and are eent to the Distnot the same night All orders aireotod to WILLIAM HANCL. Annapolis, Md. intriiar 1t,r I'nmur.. ?<11 tw. ? MS. Q? INCH HEAVY SAIL DUCK, Of J 23 moh Cotton Duok. 10* Bleaobed &D't Brown Sheeting, Town. Napkins, Table Linen*, Bed Comf. ru, Blanket*. Flannels, 8hawia, C&ahmeree, Ualicoea. Cloaks. Gloves and Sas^enders, And other kind of Dry Good a. on sale at the loweet prioee, br WM. R. RILBV A BRO.. No. 36 Central Siore*. Between 7th and 8th streets. fe 3-1 ot offo. Ceeter Market. m? i i\>r< NOTICE NOTICE TO (SUTLERS. TO SUTLERS. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES. STICED MOLASSES CAKES. STICED SUGAR CAKES STICED SUGAR CAKES. In consfqnmioe of the great de m?n<l for oar Mo laaaes Ginger Cake and Bicar Cake, we have appointed W. il. HAMILTON A CO. 4T9 Nintn Street, aa punoipa' Agent for their aale, from whom the? can bi bought at & ve dollars per barrel. SNAPS. Jl'MBLES, M0LAS8E4 POUND CAKE. ' IN QUANTITIES. IN QUANTITIES. 1ft QUANTITIES bOSTON~CR ACKERS. F'esh evei j day?warm from the oven make deliciona food Tin Cents Pet Pound. DAYTON'S CELEBRATED MISCE PIES. Hotel-keepers, Heada of Faauliea, and Sutler* are invited to try onr exoellent Mitoe Plea. Our MINCE PIES need only to be tried to be appreciated , prioe $10 and #12 eer hundrel. JAMES L. DAYTON. Bakery?456 Eleventh atrMt, feb 3 Wwim O and H J ATTENTION! U8T Received a large aaso-tment of New reamers. Comfortable*, Blanket*. Bedstead*. .Mattre**n*. and Carpets. Person* wisninc to bar are requeeted to examiae my *toek before sur chasm*, as 1 am determined cot to be uDderaold. R. BUCBLY, 428 7th etreet, between O and H. fb 1-lm* ea*t side. ^CHEELA FISCHER.-S01RBB ORCHK8~ TKA ?Messrs. fobeel k. Fischer re peotfuUT inform the admirers of soodf^^^^H Mu?ic, that they are prr pa-ed to attend* * * * to the oondnotinK of Mosioal Performances at Private Reoeptions and S<uree?, with any camber of the West performer* of the oity. and bee leave to assore t*ieir patrons that they will prodaoe the best election* of Quadrille Muuc from approved oomposers, and will, at intervals, perform Conoerted Music from the most admired Opera*, and other v-.-fuwwvm r^. 0, g n? oj re;eri?no^f G&.C given if required. Ord< ra left with Mr. SoheSTwill "Mure1"""" 8 " ""-.fry N?4,?W/..%W,?^T^Vd3ra5 one who deairea to kM? an orderly, <met eiutec'* I'011**; W the wnt tine oLaiming from the cit) mthorltiea prot^cnot, from suoroftohnent aaon hit IS" Tli?U- OD?er *U^ WuS'iWSf thiaoily, would .reejeotfnnj repreeect that andar military .aw ha la eireimaoribad in Ida baaiaaea, and doea nqtdaairato vio.ateaay order of tha miliStary autbonUaa.he reaaectfally reaaeata that ao ofoar or aoidier of the 11it#d State* army will aatar la fcouse for the aurpoae ofobtaitiLi refr*?hm?nta or u?uora. aa he will sot Mil to them.'Hmu'int rnroJ? citizens will bt atcommodaiuL charlkbkloman, fa 1-lw No. 309 7th at., between 1) and B. 1 CARRIAGE?. Hare now on hand a large and fine aaaortment of CARRIAGES,aupenor to any in tha^^HA, market, which 1 am prepared to ?I' low for caah. Periona in want of good*-=-*? work, wiU do well to oail and eaamina my atook before pnrohaaint e'eewhare. All repaira n?atly done, and order* promptly attended to. I have alio one very fise oloae Pannel Camifi, whioh oriKinally oo?t fl 3?, but littie need,and will be aold low, M the owner haa no farther nee for It. iMiuyui t iftuf" j?3t-lm Corner l<rh fcrd E atresia. operation, viihont iBeonwniwro*. Alao reraoYee " f** *pd othir en peril none fleeh from tbe h*adi ?*i J&* they will &cpa&r a mail and delieal*. No! ^4?iS, ?*'' Cit? Hall. ChifiM mooarttii ^LT"Kefara to tlx doctora of Wuiinitot ^eners:sasRi?*mb,"'H"""""h' GenU' Ombre Um, Geate'Underahirte and Dravera. h mei Clotiia. Veaticra. and ? un m*rM f/? - ? - Cotton rhirtinca of the boat irUM, Linen Hhirtinga of the best gradea iaajortod. All of the %t<ova at our proverbially low pnow* marked in plun figures. An inapoetion of atook aolicited ; it ineara no obligation to purohaaa. PERRY ft. RROTlfER, ifcgltr Peao ar?naeand Ntath at. P ti K HAM'S SECOND GRAND EXCCKIIOH NEW YORK AND B08T0N f From Baltimoreto Nev York aad Betarn f ? From Baltimore to Boaton &bd Retnrn 113.10 I Ticket* for tale at Mr. Parhaa's Ottoe ta Uta National Hot*), where full particular* m; (x> had, ja si* wt-COOd r*t1lr110B or betor* Mar l*t. VALENxmis: ^^^ENTINEB : I A large tHortaiMl a( Bt!STIMtNT 1L, AND COMIC VALENTINES, riom the ha?i ho usee, for sale, -rhnlrwlr and ratal), at theI loweat oa.c ?riaaa. A wr/UheraTilT count to the Trm/i? aiuf tlTl.-lz., BobkVtorS; * >%3P-?w* Wo. 8T? Pa. ?tm w?hiniton. JV NOTICE TO WATCH MAKERS. Jv Oi 8. A J. MYKR8 S?? and 7th street, imnU Om MUbUoi of WtM tli, Watoh AU*??Tool?. Sum*, ttiff Gtards. food* loo iintroui to MMtioc id ordinary advcr tuemnti, which they will kovMt mm section w\th any other bom? laufifwSr. ia?-l?* 18 ADVANCING TO OOU0H CANDY. | OOUGH8.COLiM^ffi%, 1NFLUKNZ4 ^ ^sSS^^WkKLU ordot Marrlfcd tad 7U atrMt; ZD.eiLMAM,?Bd*rnUteTorrrhw* ?ga?Eet O^it^Cenu'fcTrtWpOKTABLE WOODEN TENTS: JO*N A. JORDAN. rriciiL. rpRKASURY DEPARTMENT. 1 FnitilT 4, l**5 Holdup or rai Bohm of tha t'alH 9uie* payaata la tkiw yaara Na 4ta, tha Coapoaa of i aal laml latarcat ftirno Mac Aw n tte I I*.fc laataat, are fcwrty aotilod that prorlalaa ta nUe toe tha paymaat la oala of all aach Cnapota, egreeehly to Ihctr lanor. at IW nftrt af tha AaaUtant TiaMtwar of ta? Uaitrd Mate* la tha city af New York. All aack Coapoaa nut ba peieaeled at that of ftoa. aoaoaanaaia4 with aakaialf a??iu ? ? matter ltd unostt of ?ck Cnpoa, l?(?Utr with tte ig|rc|tK mm of otrb per col, three fu II ' bwliw day* for tnalMttn u4 eer.fixation be for* paymeat. ft fr-U9tb TKEASURY DEPAKTMSMT, V Pmrar 4, 1WI Notice is hbbbbt oivbw of tte rood.:.res <t tbta Deportment to n4om tte Troooory n<x?a payable 1b ooe year from date, authorised by tte act of C oaf rest approved December tM, 1857. and IK> Ttumrv Mica navthla In aiwtw riam ham date, authorised by the act o( Coifrw approved M March, 1811. interest on Traaaurv notes of the above Issues wUl ems on the 7th day of April aat by terms of thess acts rropocflvaly * 5 Uf? DiriintRT or Brtri, > WaifeMftea, Jmmmmrf X. 1Mat \ i Sir : The President of the United States being eatlafled that the roUewli| lutraettoM coatra vcm no law la feree la this District, and that they can be executed without awaiting for lrg s latloa by Congrea?, I am directed by him to coa < r v them to you: Aa Marshal of the District of Columbia you will not receive In to custody aay persons claimed to be held to service or labor wUhia the District or elsewhere, aad not charged with aay crime or * misdemeanor, unless upon arrest or commit enrle* or tabor; and you will n?< retain any auch fugitives la cnrtody beyond a period of thirty days from their arrest and commitment, unless by special order of competent civil au thorlty You will forthwith cauac publication to be made vi ? uiiki , aivu m? mb* npinuuii ? wrm o?Yi thrrtfrom you will apply Uw earne to all per*?ra an claimed to be beld lo mrlcf or labor, and mw la your < uotody. Thla order baa ao rotation to any arrrata n.adc by mill ary authority. I am, air, yonr obodleat aervant, jac 31-lw WILLIAM. H SEWARD Department of state, WaaHinoTOM, January ii, let: The Secretary of State wtU hereafter rncclvo Member* of Congreaa on boaln?wa on Saturday*, commencing with Saturday, the trot of neat month A t>n Wll I litf > traiian # ? - mm. trbw Any WAK DEPARTMENT, JAJfCAftT SI, 1862. f Ounu. That tba War Department will be cloeed Tueedaya, Wednesdays, Tbaraday* and Friday* agalaat all otber bualaeM bat (bat wblcb relate* to active military operation* la tfe* laid Saturday! will be devoted to the boa 1mm of Senator* and Representative* Monday* to tbe business of the Public EDWIN M. STANTON, ja 22 tf Secretary of War AUCTION SALES. QTFor otkfr Aurtwn *w Artt mc THIS AFTERNOON 4 TO-MORROW Ry WALL A BARNARD. Aaotionw. (Vmt Stnrtk *uU Pa. mm. mmd fltmtA stremI. I^LOTHINO-PP^ITIVE^ALKOr RKADt V/ M4M Cloth :w?-Or. FRIDAY MOB n ING. 7tb mutant, at 10 o'oloek.tfce balance <. ! a tock of a Marohaot Tailor, aonaiatim of? Bapvnor* Beaver ?aok Coata, Extra aup?nor B ack O > * Coau. Do do ?lo F rook Coata, Toiianatla, CtiiiMrt, Ac.. Also.? few piaoea of Cuuner* It WALL A BARNARD Auc ?. , I ? Bt J. C. McGLlRK A CO? AaobaMtn. SU ALE OP VALUABLE OBJECTS OP ART, compritrnj C*md v mm. Urww. Orat1| ClMka. firotBM, ?e? rwiatly i?jortaC f on KaroM br Mmn. Vtb Bros. (iaa VitoVitiA ^oTf/u??n5jrw\?N8:isj^7r. k at ll o'oiook, ot the aaaoad floor oi oar Avuiod Tha aoUootioa will bo arruitd for azuainatipa on WadBMd&y. tba 6th inaL, wi!. ?18aparb aad oiotant Agate and Bardiglio \ mm, Cntli. I'TK*. Ao ? Large brocse Caa4e ebnu. au . lgkta, Baporb FroMh gilt Cloek, vU CaadoiobrM to Large Biaauaft Pig?re?, reprM eat lag Loaia XIV, aad Madame baniwa, tM iarfMt mm brut ChoiM KrSuiufyuaT flaifa ?H?i?? n+m* Rmmwi, LadiM' Work Oilii. OolOfxt^Lo ftm. Tko wfaoi* lavoioe i? of MIM'I. VlM IfM.OWC dirooi lMortUita. ud ooa?n??? tkoftMstooiMtion efo^.QU or ftrt ovor offered at pabuo Hit. kt-* i.e. MoGLIBE A CO.. AMU. C7-THE ABOVE H*LB I8UNATOIDAbiriKMtpooad antii SATL'BDA Y MOBMNG. Ftbturi ?U, nm lot- ud ikM. fa 6 Tc. MoCUlfcKfc CO., AboU. By BONTZ A GRIFFITH.AMUonwrt. 00*ITIVD PALE OF SHAWL* AND KAN i K K c* Goom.?Ob KBIDAY MtiBNlNG. Fob. ^ 7tk.M 1? o'clook, is front of th? Aicuo* Boon*, vo hfcii Mii ? lot of Gent*' Ch?vi?. to oiom <x c iifindt. The ?bore will bo sold vithoat rM? d to ooct. Btlt MMlUTI witkoat rwir^ Ifl f &T ***** BONTZ k 6KIFF1TH. Aacu J FUTURE DATS. " Br i c. MoSUIKK * CO.. ANboMM. npK U8TKB*S SALS QP NKAT TWO-VTOR V A Fuai Dviuim Boiiim Tbhth Tatar oWoefc, ? tte aremeee. by nrtee ef dwc ' ( tm?t, dated October BU, Itm. w4 du y reee 4a: ,t> Liber J. A. 8 No. **, folioa si. 4&, o*>eof ihe i?r>C reoorta tor Waafcjnftaa soaety, D. C .1 ateJI ? Um title to part* <7 Lota uakMd n uT?, m DtTtdwi'a ?nb d timob of i^Hn nuaibered jw. froaUnc ]&f??t1 iMkoa Taatb itrm we??.beteeer N tDd O street* aorU. raaaiiiihao* 19 feet w? a Tpraaa: Oae tli'd eaah. the 'em*id<iw tartiaad twelve aottki, with tntoreet, eeeared by a 4e*d < tttmwU* J.C.MoGrTKfa * Co .Ainu. T = t UOR8B8 WWLR. On?tintly cm tend?LovlJauL inniH, Mar U* C?If Mfkt 4om bov is ?U>r?. *11 Mylas. m tboct fat f t?? |(W pnoo for uw ? ? tP94??mL ot <hu ova uiftstirt. At THOMPSON**, At R. A. Ltfc* * Co.'t MarM* HailB?m<. < ? Up*t Brow?'? Hot* LOVELL, OOLLE8 4 CO? WHOLESALE GROCERS, M Front StrMlv New Tort, m? >1? k *rmu wmukiw. d.c^ (DMr Willartt' HUM.* HtmiiikrM?ki?wk*fovNw Yarfewtebhrtiam ti Iku Mti, v* lifiH fcUm, JUitwrMiMrt, Mi IfaMi Immm, to Mil I WiM Mr a toot. vktok la wall lwwt?4 u4 | mcmwA of fooca of UtbMt tuH.t*. Wt iaa naiBi. *m-ti ^ DIITTEI D AM0 B?6& A MA tW> mM Ai. ? ^?? ka Una >>i - I ua? ing Battar. ! > I? .tof. i&l br p. B. IHTTEO W. i> ?-t* W?. 4 ?4 fct?li at, a?w Pa. ??._ CMiMf Mm, jo Uat w om la waat offtoii M.&*U 4a4 (W?u bnJWtMMM u Ua uVm, VW all k2rV%SilS MMmikt at Nortbara pnoaa. Ja IMIa DUTTBft. BLTTBB, BUTTBBJ-W# ara D now iM?<Tiac by nyrtn fttwa Na? Tar*. Ad rare nn?urv LrrwcD rajiBu uA/uaniT M?\M m. M. BJtOWNIN# * KJUT1N*. PlMiFlfiiil betweet t?umm . Hfc tai TU HI D1LHOHL mn? K|B1^ mS. ?SU ? h.-?.A (.WUIVi

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