Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1862 Page 3
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a ~ LOCAL NEWS. ~i Notic*.?After kirlng for but years printed ] the lists ot letter* r^malnlag uncalled tot la the ' rest ottr? of thlf city, (tinder the law authorI'h.: tUtr publication in the newspaper having the iarprat circulation within the usual delivery , of the office,) the proprietor of the Star has at t length felt compelled to decline their farther < insertion, because of the great space they hsee ( rome to occupy, and of the fact that for months past he his been forced to lay over on each . tH-rasion, when printing the lists, advertisements , the insertion of which would have paid at least . <innbl<* as mnch as the law allowed him for the , letter list. ' In r.drtlMon 10 una positive pecuniary ion oy tbelr Insertion alnce tbooe lt?ta bave rnme to be aa tare* 81 the New York city letter llate, they rtirfly?on tbe day on which they were j rir.ted-defeated hla pnrpoaeof making the Star atwav* * new*p*p*r?newa being ita well-known apeetaltty. AxcaiMKNTa To-Nikht. Theater ? Positively the laat uightof the attractive comedy of '-^elf''?Owena as "John Unit " To-morrow evening, benefit of John E Owena. Chb!?t*"? ?An original programme of cboruse*, acne a, ballada, dan^ea, burleaque and cornir?;iti?a, concluding with the capital afterpiece, ' The Double-bedded Room." CiSTtuoiT Hall ?Butler, Baldwin, Armstrong, Talbot, Ward, Parker, Mad'lle L.a Folle, Mines Wella. Mile* Vernon and Little Ella. In a aovr! programme, crammed with fun and comic. i Kjic.'* AxrHiTHiATK ?Benefit of Cbaa. Scott, i s?i?d firat night of Tom King a* clown and ' ctaa- ' sic statuary horseback," with M'lle He'olae, Kin- < cdde the somersault man, the "Zouave Halt," 4c. 1 OtrHAas' Fail, for the benefit of St. Vlncent'a Female Orphan Aaylum, corner of Tenth and G Mree's. An agreeable entertainment, replete with genuine pleaaure. Medical LicTcag,by Dr. Trail, of New York, , At tbe rooms of tba Voung Men's Christian Association, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. Acapkmt of Music?Hall open all day. Free ^oncrrt at 3 o'clock. Mfktifo n* the Hotel ajib Rhth-e?mt Kkftkks ?Yesterday afternoon, the hotel and TesUurant keepers held another meeting at Franklin Hail relative to the action of the military an-iboritiesin requiring them to close their bars at Jin esrlf hour of the evening The meeting was ullrrt to order by the Chair, (Mr I.orach,) when a motion was mad<- hy Mr. Birch that all persons nctritlien* of Washington bt requested to withdraw. The Chair thought something more was neces**ry. and moved to amend so as to exclude all hotel ard restaurant keepers who had opened their establishments since the outbreak of the war only for a brief season. Those who had been U re a considerable length of time, or Intended tn remain after the present prosperous season was over, were welcome They were just the men wanted, but those who had established themselves solely to speculate dutlna the war must ataud aloof. The motion was acreedtc, as amended, and tbe committee appointed to wait upon the Mayor repr Vd that they had called upon htm, according to instruction#, and were moat kindly received, erery facility for prosecuting their object having t>~ers ?it' nded to th^m The Mayor had accompanied them to the Provost Marshal's office, and urged their claims upon the military authorities. Tbe Provoat Marshal bad not given t'ueiu a definite au.swer to their request to keep open until 12 o'clock at night, an formerly, but referred them to Judge Key. Gen. Porter was apparently sati&tted with the hones'y of their intention*, and wou.d. no donbt, extend to them every facility compatible with tbe public welfare. To-day (Thursday) the committee would call on Judge Key in relation to the matter, and It was be sievttt a ikibuc answer wouia on spet-aily cbtiloed. Tfce fallowing communication from the Mayor W3? r?d; Matcr'i Offics, Washington, Feb. 5,1S*;2. Vr-ntUmtm: 1 acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 3d inst, complaining of the restraint put upon your business by military authority iu this city, and asking me to Hay whether? 'First, The Mayor of Washington is still in the fall exercise of his authority in municipal and civil matters, as in f inner times ? ' Second, Are the municipal laws and ordinance still in power, or have tbey been superseded by military authority, and if so, when has th-s been done J" no law of tbls corporation and none of Cong'f-aa except the act of the 6th of Augoat, 1901. entitled "An act to create a Metropolitan Police for the District of Columbia," t*sbeen passed ia any manner restricting, the full exerclae of his power* by the Mayor of tbia city In municipal and civil matters within a year past, nor am I awnre that any authority has Improperly interfered with the exercise of them. Tbere are undoubtedly in the police law referred to, provisions inconsistent with the pow?r and authority of tbe Mayor previous to Its passage The municipal laws and ordinances of this corporation are still In force, nor have, or can they or any of tbem be superseded by military authority. except 1b one exigency, the declaration by tbe Government of martial or military law Whilst tbe laws and ordlnarces of this corporation are still In force, and so long as a large military force are In and about tbe city it may be ne cessary la pirtVular cun that the military power should in aonrie measure intervene to control those wibordlaate to It, but that this should Involve the receasity of Interference with your own or the vl?.bla and privileges of other cltlzena, 1 am at a !o?i to conceive, and for all special Injuries, the destruction of property, the restraint of personal liberty. and every violation of the rlghta of a clt liter? committed oy any person whether claiming t?? act under civil or military authority, which cannot be justified und?raome law, the person so injured h<<s hit remedy by action against those Inflicting it. This, however, is your own private matter, and with which I, as Mayor, have no right to interfere. Very respectfully, Rich amd Wallach, Mayor. The chair thought the pledge of the committee not to sell liquor to soldiers, and to assist In the detection of the guilty, a good plan,and believed It would have great weight with the authorities There were a great manv persons who laughed at tbei> effort* and refused to join with them At the Kirfcwood House they were laughed at. and told that they (the hotel barkeepert) would tell to otters as much aa they pirawrl This wk a great undertaking, but he believed tbat when it wan found thev were dome rlvht th? wnnlH ha protected. A pledge that If they were permitted io keep their bars open until twelve o clock at night, as formerly, that they would not sell to any officer or private, and would inform of any person no dning. waa numerously signed, and a commute*-, consisting of Messrs 8prtngman and West, appointed to wait upon all the hotel and restaurant Keepers, with the pledge, and with laatru< tlona o ?k e (be mnw'i of all psrtlea refusing to sign it. whteh were also to be handed over to the Pro??d Husbil Mu:h complaint waa made of the difficulty In determining who were soldtera. aa many of them were going about town in half citizen's dress, while a great number of civilians wore military cap*, jackets, he. Officers found but little difficulty in procuring liquor, and had frequently 'UTT?iT:i:^ wbcu ICIUKU, UUl pUVIIfl must be deprived entirely. Hence tbe hotels were evading tbe law and reaping a rich harvest, while less pretentious eaUbllshmeats were restricted to the ?ery letter of the law. Home were eveu compelled to employ a person to keep drunken ent4t?rs from entering their establishments, as tbev had been told If a drunken soldier was sren to come out of their premises, though they had not sold him a drop of liquor, they were liaote to kave their stock emptied by tbe Provoet Guard fre meeting Anally organized Itself iato a soeitty, electing W S Simpson president, Cbas Kloti secretary, and Chas K Ionian treasurer. and adjourned until nest Wednesday unless sooner called together Cm hi hal Cocat?Yesterday, la tbe caae of Frauk Latbrap. Indicted for stealing a caat and a *6 1 reasury note from William Klncade, the Jary hrougat la a verdict "not guilty by reason of Insanity tltMUMM e?HUe4 i*e act charged, lwu?b not now IMM " la ibscaae of JoLn Welsh, indicted for the larceny of so overcoat from Henry Morn, ht? counsel, Mr. Norria, argued for hla acquittal on the plea oT Inaanl'y, bat the jary brought in a verdict of guilty, and ne waa sentenced to one yew and three mootba imprisonment In tbo penitentiary J antes chaney, allaa T. Brown. Indicted for the larceav of a plane, a blanket, k.c., from the Government, waa acquitted. Benjamin Franklin Johnson, (col'd,) the man who la charged with the robbery of letters belonging to aoldiera of the lat Long Island regiment, wan arraigned la two oases connected therewith. He has already been convicted In one aoch r ue The Jury waa awont and the court ad- | ourned. Di. Tiau.?A* the hour appointed for the ascend lector* of Dt Tmil on "Th# True or Hegleule Medical Byatem." at (be Yoaog Mao's Christian Aaaoclatlon Kooms, last 'Tenlnjf, mm fwrn?y or tweaty Ave persons only wero present. 1 be lecturer briefly ?U ted to bio audionee that la rooa-q ueoce of mot baTlag got bis bills la tine lor circulation, (be iKi?4?aai waa aot so largeaa be dealred, and aa be bimaelf was worn down for want of ?lrep, bo propoaod, with their eoiumnt, Unt be n> Jooy pa.dl for admission be refaaded to t&etn. or ibey tike a ticket oi adaalaatoo for tbla (Tbanday) evi-alng, wbea the lecture would he given without fail Moat of tboao present acreded to the latter propoaltlon. Dr Trail now annoan cea tbat tbe lector* to-night a ad the saoreedlM Ucturea of tbe ooataa will be Jrss. As ,te la tH of latereat, aad tha loot u rer laudlM it la aa able Banner, we flipeot to aea a K">4 attendaaoe Washikoto* Bu<im Railso&d? Addition*! Passtnger Acommodatxim ?In consequence of . lie great tncreaae of travel between Waahtngton 1 tnd the northern and weatern citlea. the Baltimore md Ohio Railroad Company on Monday put an* >tb?r train on the Waahtngton branch road. Thla iddltion was rendered neceaaary not only by the * crowded condition of the afternoon expreaa, pea- I wnger and mall tralna between New York and hla city, but by the late arrival of paaaensera dally 1 rom the weat and northweat over the Northern 0 Central road. i: The new train from Baltimore will leave Baltl- t nore at 7 85 p.m., and will tbna be enabled to } Jrlng to this city and Intermediate polnta the paa- 1 leogera and mall which ranch Baltimore by the Northern Central road at6.30 p m. The new train to Baltimore will leave thla city i it 4 p. m taking the through and way paaaen- t ^era, and accommodating the Annapolii and all * ocal travel j Tbe additional train neneaaitatea no change in ibe morning trains from Baltimore, but the time it starting of tbe late afternoon train has been changed from 5 to 4 35 p m., and will tike the ocal travel, aa well as that from Baltimore to An- < lapolla. and that of the main stem aa far aa Sandy ' Hook, Md. The 3pm train from Washington will connect irith the Frederick train at the Relay, and with the Philadelphia train at Baltimore The i p in. train from this crty will carry no local travel, but will be devoted exclusively to J tbe great through mails and the important official ind business travel between the metropolis and the North and East. There are now six daily flrat-clasa trains between Baltimore and this city. In former years four regular trains were generally found sufficient to accommodate all tbe travel at the busiest seaion. The company has been compelled, for months oait. to run arterial and nni*?a tralna fnr the accommodation of delayed travel, coming troopa, 4.c. Robbery.?Night before last, two gentlemen, Messrs J. B and M A Morrli,of Pennsylvania, were robbed at the Planter'* Hotel, Seventh itreet, south of the Avenue, of >100, together with leverml valuable papers Their room was occupied by two or three other persons, one of whom also suffered loss, but as the door had no fattening, and was found standing open In the morn lug, K la thought the money was takeu bv parties ouUlde. The' officers were apprised of the robbery, and the suspected partiesarrestrd, but without affording any clue as to the Identity cf the thieves. A Targe portion of the money had been enirustea to ibe iMMM by soldiers, to be distributed amoa^ their families. and tt Is believed thai a scheme of robbery bad been deliberately concocted by persons acquainted with the circumstances. The Fine Arts?Messrs Vitl Bro s sale of object* of art Is postponed on account of the weather until Saturday morning, 8th Inst., at 11 o'clock a. m. It la really a beautlfi ' collection, < and well worthy tne attention of tbe citizens of Washington and vicinity, aa tbe goods will be sold without reserve, and tre now open for exam- , i nation , Central Ucard House Casn?Before Jv. lue I Thompson.?Cornelius Bookman and Wm Wal- I lace, drunk; turned over to the military. Elizabeth Burch, drunk and disorderly, workhouse 90 days. John McDermott, drunk in the Center Market place; line and cost 91 94 Seven lodgers | were accommodated. Removal or Invalids ?Three car loads of invalid soldiers left Washington yesterday for Philadelphia, having been removed from the hospitals about the rltv and sent north where tfaey will enjoy better facilities for improving their health Lime! Lixk!!? Our friend Wm.H.Godev, has jost opened a kiln of best quality woodburnt lime. Call at the kilns near Georgetown, or cfflce on canal at foot of Bth street Washikotor, Feb 4. 196i?To the Editor of the Evening Star?Sir : I ste that In the re po t of the Investigating Committee of the House of Rep resentatives, of which Hon John F. Potter wax chairman, mv name I* published as one of the disloyal employees of the Government, on the testim nv of W m. Rutherford, Chaa Calvert, John B Hines, Geo. T McGlae, and Wm. North Wtil you do me the favor to publish this, mv solemn denial of the charge brought against me' 1 am now. as 1 have ever been, a Union man, and have by no word or act justified or encouraged the sn;es?ion movement. The ttstlmony brought against me consists mostly of impressions, to which of course no answer can be given, except to asseverate that even If they were honestly formed, they are entirely erroneous, having no loondation whatever in anything I ever said or did. So far as the teatlmony purports to ptve facti?and pretended conversation of"mine?1'pronounce It to be unqualifiedly false in every essential particular, and in other respects entirely distorted as In no way to convey my original meaning. Respectfully yours, t W* H. Walker. A Prisbntation ? Wa*HI5otoii, D C , J?n. 30, 1862 Dr. Oeorg* Gros*?D?ar Sir: Being one of a committee for hundreds of other Richmond prisoners, allow me tbe pleasure of presenting you your wit likenm, with the following inscription:? ' Prof. George Gross, M D. Presented by the Federal prisoners, for hi* hospitable and skillful treatment to them in Richmond, Vs , in o?i, ?wuibu wr ueaire saouia oe placed in IQe Rotunda of tbe U S Capitol Pleaae acccpt of It aa a token of tbe high regard we have for you and your ay item of medical practice; and for your many kind and humane acta, aa well aa your very careful, thorough and skillful treatment, vVU so cheerfully ana voluntarily bestowed upon ua, la a time of our greatest need; and w are satisfied you saved many valuable lives, and prevented much Buffering of many othera, and we regard you ai one of the benefactors of your age; and from your being a graduate of the eld' and Bcfanic practice, we think tbe Government would derive great benefit by introducing your aystem of 5<ixattr? Mtdxtt^on Into tbe army of tne U. 8. We most cheerffily congratulate 70U upon your escape from our enemies, after so many trials, privations, exposures, dangers and abuaea, aa you received at their handa. And you have our beat wlahea for your future prosperity and happlneaa. J W. Brownies. Dr. Groea replied In some very feeling and appropriate remarks, but we only have space for the fol'owlng extract: Aa this important aubject Is now before Congresa, and agitating the public mind, I would auggest that the Allopatha, Hoixeropaths, Eclec net, Hvarnpaica, ana rnysio-Medirals each be requeated to give a lecture before all tbe officera of oar Government in Washington, and tbe pubHe, upon their reaper. 11 ve principle* and practice, and In eipoaltion of all others, that they may decide upon tbe merits of each. f Thk xia?xa and foul vapors generated by tbe hot sun will be far more deadly to our volunteer* thsn the enemy's bayonets In tbe Indian and Crimean Campalgna Holloway'a Pllla were uaed In enormous qusAtltiea. They kept the troops In perfect health Only 25 cents per box. soldiers, ?POly yourselves. 217. Instantaneous curc of Corns, Bunions. Cat. loettiia, Inverted Naila. Warta. and all diseases of tbe feet Mr Demond, Surgeon Chiropodist, Is enabled, b? a peculiar process, to eradicate the mo*i painfulexcrescences In a (cw minute*.without the least pain or th? slightest Inconvenience to the patient Consulting hours from nine a m. to five p ir.. at hlsoflce, 363 Pennsylvania avenus, opposite Browns' Hotel. Best reference glvea in this city. feb3-lai Corns, Bunions, Calositie*, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all diseases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, Pennsylvania avenue, between Four n#f mnA SiDaaim ** ? ? ? ?- I^vtv I?up OUU 1 . Offlcf boar* from 13 n. toAn m. Orders to rail it reeldencea promptly attended to. Jan 16-lm* TaKK wo MOftl UMrkKASANT amd unsafe MlDiciKBa ?For unpleasant and dangeroua diaeases, uae Hclmbold'a Extract Bucbu, which has received the endorsement of the moat prominent physicians in tbe United States la now offered to sfllcted humanity aa a certain cure for the followlug dlseaaea and abuse of the urinary or sexual organs: General debility, mental and physical deprrsaion, imbecility, determination of Dlood to the head, confused ideas, hysteria, general Irritability, restlessness and bleepleesnesa at night, loss of appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dyspepsia,emaciation, low spirits, disorganisation or paralysis of the organs of generation, palpitation of the heart, snd, in tact, all the concomitants of a nervous and debilitated atate of the system To insure the genuine cut this out. Ash for Helmbold's. Take no other. Cures guaranteed, bee advertisement In eiudkaf AAlneaa a AS India Reran boons. India rubber Sheet* for protecting children'* bed*, that bo family should he without, 7ft cents ^Rubber Blank eta, for Midlers, (I 2ft each. Rubber Poaches and Blankets combined, tS.50 each.' India RubberOoats, white or black, $3 JO each. , India Rubber Lsgglns f 1 per pair. And all kinds stf Robber Goods, Including Rubber Boots and ttoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds in stekneas, Ac . Ac, at mnnlhctiuars prices,at H. A. Ball's 1 India Rubber Warehouse, 3U6 Pa. ar.. between Ninth and Teat* streets. Janl-tf DIKD. Ia ob Wadaaaday, A?hlaataat, JOHN ThUMAS HACKLY. la Uf 16th ;?r of hia ac?. 1 Hia fanaral will take plaoe from tha raaidanoa of hia father, oa S#coad ilrwt east, No. 4 at 2 o'oloak, twtt hw fnaoda and tha acauainUoooa of ttafiuuiy ara lamtad to attaaa, vitboat farther . Boti aa. ~ * i Oa the 5th faataat,at?*? *-CHARLEf K, i Mof Ja?aaTl??maa,<aou>rad,> la the lath ya*j ^ Hia faaarai will taha glaaa to-morrow (Friday) ?VM1B? at t o'clook, from the reeidenoe of km fctjier, No. 343 Niv York avenue, batwaaa 4th AMUSEMENTS. L17ABH1NGTON THEATER. 7 ] lessee and Man?t?r-? Mr. H. Bland. THIS SVEHISG. 'irs? Mr for nan o? in fosr years of the brilliant, \ ntelleotaal fcsdclorioas Attiwiwd Comedy, (by . "Irs ^ i-Iney P. Bateman.j entitled 9 SELF! ? rhioh hesexoited throothout the prinoipa! oities y it the Union a furore of Admiration, curtly &tte*t ng iUrcficel me'it,and resembling a satire opoq b he prevailing frlli*s or oar own time, more thai i h- aoonstomed role r>f European ohara^ers and noidents frequently presented in a New P ?y. ^ Tkt DtUin$*iiked Com'Aim, b MR. JOHN K OWKN8, i< rhose masterly rendition of the peouijar and in- . erestuic oharaoter of Joum Usit ha? exoit?d the 1 iraiae or the cntioa and I'uMto dun,it the aooleaaful performance of tlua Great Tr&naonpt of "aahionahie I if*, it engaced mi<! will appear on THIS KVENTNG, February 6, In kit Original Ckaraettr, 1 Doora open at7; commence at8. It* 0 CANTERBURY HALL 5 Lohisiaxi Avksue, Buwten 4K and 6tk Slrteit. I mmens* yueeera of the LEONIPANTOMIMECOMPANV! LBONl PANTOMIME COMPANY! PEOPLE TURNED AWAY EVERY NIGHT! OVERFLOWING HOUSES. Tonight, The Laughable Comic Paritnmiir e called the SAILOR'S RETURN! SAILOR'S RETURN! In vhioh MR. ROBERT BUTLER Will appear aa Hans vamikhikkken Extravagant Su^oeaa of the Comio Interlude, i.p toitd nn MtiBAMi a le tour iiu maisoN i w ] A National and Hittonoal Tableau, 1 WASHINGTON AT VALLEY FORGE ' 1 HII.AR BALDWIN, ? Th* Best Juggler t? tk* W or Id f I WILLIS ARMSTRONG, Clown, Pantomimist, and Ethiopian. To nieht, MISS AM K LI A WELLS. 1 he Beautiful Songstr???, in Skntimental and Yankkk <*O.NG5 ! A. J. TALBOTT. i The Ethmpiftn Corn?di%n, a?siftfld by ? Dick Parkir, Miss Immi Milks, J mi^s vbrhon, : M'lls Frank La Follk, and Little Ella. One Week Longer. WARD on his Cordk Volantk! Btit Slutlt tort it Ainnttn. ' * Notwithstanding th? lane Company now at the Canterbury. there will te . ID" NO ADVANCE LN PRICES. -QI Afternoon Performance, tor fadies at.d Children, ! ivory WEDNE&OAY and SATURDAY, with ! Quantities of presentu -one a superli 923 Silk Dress. 'he dress oin he seen in the window of Messrs. Perry A 14ro. All our drosses are bought from tins kouse. Doors open, afternoon, at 2 o'olook. Admission: Ladi*s, 2? cents, ohildrer, 1? oents. Doors open,evenings, at o'olook. fe ? < ODD FELLOWS' HALL. J Skvknth ?tkxet. 1 George Clirlsty'H MlnNtreh Ai'FEAK NlliHTLY at ODD FELLOWS' IIALL. , And continue tvtry evening until furtktr notice. NEW SCENERY has bee" vlded to the sta?e, and ere-y arrangement made for the proper production of 1 GEORGE CHRISTY'8 CELEBRATED FAKCES, BL'RLETTAS, ho Slo. See. Admission 25 oert* ; Orohester chairs,3o oerta. l>oor? open at quarter tc 7: oommer.oe at quarter to 8 JOHN P 8MIIH. fe 3 Bminea* Agent. i KINO'S NATIONAL AMPHITHE* TKR. P*N!f. Av. amd E St., Ntar Willardt'. \ T. Kin* _ ........Soio Lessee and Manager C.Soott. ? Associate Manager F. Whittaker-..? ? ?Equeetrian Manager THIS EVENING, First Appe*:a<io* of JOHN VV*. LANUIS, Tkt (rrffit Ethiopian flovm ' The Funniest Man Alive. In connection with M'LLE HKLOISE. First night of the J^eant^fol Pantomime entitled uun juiim Seal* of Prut*?Orohester Chairs 76 oenta; Dress Sircle *> oents: Children under in years of nice to ress Circle 25 oenta; Social Ranee is cen's; Colored Gallery 25 cents; Colored Boxes 50 cents. Door* open at. 7 o'clook; performances will cimmenoe at B precisely. fe3 PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIFS-Guide to Patents, Catalogue of Curiosities and Government Garden*, at the stand in Patent lifliao; Kara Antiquanan B<oks ; Gove-nraert Books; Documents firm shed; Railroad Reports; Miiitarr Re ports; Hornt Pat'nt Office Reports; Cheap H? oks i rurnished to Pedla-s; Military 1 rials; Military i Laws; Army Recu ations; Panorama or the Coast showing over 2, (wo miies; many thousand Cheap Books. Reooiieot cheap rent. Large sales, low prioes Up stairs, ov3r Bank cf Wa*h acton, ja29-lm* ALFRED HUNTER. U' THE " A8HINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Phhh. Ayawui, (Sodth 8idi.) No. 889, Of A nmri 10*4 ?fi Every evening a remarkably fino Free Conctrt, embraoing eeleotions from the beet olassio muaio, and the moat popular operaa?rendered in better stile than at any other Amerioan oonoert saloon. The guests?and the publio are freely invited, J without oharge for entranoe,?may rely upon ha* ing every comfort they desire. In addition to the finest rausio in Washington, they will obtain, on oall, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the beet Refreshment* for sale in the I r^ierai "letrop- ' on. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja6-lm Proprietor. ^^^^i BALLS, PARTIES, &c. The second grand soiree win he ; given at Temperance Hal), E street, bo- m tween9thand 10th,on FRIDAY EVENING. ; Februarr,7th panoing will commence at' o r oo* ncaeu, aami'i re a genr em%n andHn ladies. #1. Prof. C. F. UAH NFS, ~~ fe 1 I w* Manager. ' FOX EXCELSIOR CRACKERS-A frech i suprlr of Fox's Celebrated Excelsior Crack- t era just reoeived. W? oan supply (Sealers ?t the lowest rat**. KING A BURCHELL, ja 3 Corner Vermont av. and 15th street. f TREAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand rush lor i "I 7th street, to see the new stock of Clothing, , juet reoeired at SMITH'S. No. 460 7th street. < delt-lm (Rep.) j WASHINGTON STEAM BAKERY j ?? 34T C Strut, Between 4H and 6th StreeU. The attention of dealacs is requested to our large took of FRESH CRACKERS AND CAKES, Anions mo vancnoB may d? namea : I WATKR CRACKERS. SUGAR CRACKERS. SODA CRACKER?, BUTTER CRACKERS, EDINBUR6 CRACKERS , GROUND CRACKERS, GINGER CAKES, , SUGAR CAKES, , ALMOND NUTS, < GINGER NUT5, RAISIN CAKES. ! Buying exclusively for oes)i, and possessiag the < advantage* of ateam rower and the mott approved ! machinery, we are able to nil at the lowest man- j 11 factoring pnoea. I tZT" Wholesale Dealers, Sutlers and othera buying roods at the North, may save the expense of freight and seoure fresh work, by giving na a oall. jag gw.if |\RY GOODS POR THE FOLKS AT HOME, U Military men, Soldiers, Strangers, au<l So- I jonrnere, needing any kind of Fanoy or Staple Dry Goods to aend hoipe, are soiioited to innaeot our loot, now rail and complete, id *11 the depait meat* of oarrent wants. i Aninspection of stock incur# no obligation to i IVOHMi One prioe only, marked in plain fitutes, henoe no i pnrohaaeru Jaooived. All parcels for ooaveyanoe by exprcee or ol-er modee, properly packed free of ciutfie. PERRY A BRO., . _ Penn. avenue and Ninth street. 1* 31-lot "Perry Bajtdiag." ] BALMORAL SKIRTS A* 99.50. ! "S2Mfij|JEs?-ci JP&&W'' Clouds Out Chut. WM. R. RILRY & BRO., _ "No. J6 Central Store*. mtde? by one of the beet oama?e manufacturera in i rp|5 J 1 SUTLERS l AND Mbuk*. restaurants, j mrnrtrit' * "HAMPA6NE }

lbr?tooh?Mby WINE? WM. COKWIN BUROY, No. MT PeojuylvBiuA avenue, t i*7 ntrmno* on Sixth ft- t [RISH LINENS' _i>m *?* j > 14-11* '^Iby&asCI-. Ic # / 4?L- ,1 _ WANTS. _ JL' ANTED?A young MAN m **cond oook in a I * hotel in tiua city. Cill No. #5* Penna*lv%- I iajivenue. It* i\f ANTED? By a young man of good addre??. a < ?* SITUATIONM olerk ; i* willing to make , imaelf generally aeefal. Addr?ia"tf. Y ," H ar Xfloo. It* 1 IVANTf-D-A oolored WOMAN aa oh ami**- i ' ' maid?ens who thorrnehly usderatanda her f ntinea? an J can bring references. Apply oorner fourthJ?fd_Dat? . oppoaite City Hall. {? 6 2t A NV ONE IN WANT OF A SHALL POX ; Tk. NIJUSKcta h^arof a gentleman of exp*rieroe ] j arcire*?icg ?V. ? RANGKR, throntr. Wash- ' ntto-i CHy Post Pffise. it* * LV ANTED?Two g od WHEELWRIGHTS. " None but good hands nee>l ap; yf on btvintii j tr??t, between M and N. ; f" ft it* PHI! IP KRAFT. < LI EixRY F1SHRU, (COL'D) LATK WARD 1 Im Room Waiter on hoard the IT. K frirnte Mm- | Ionian. t,ff?r? hi* services ai steward, or Hutl?r. >r Waiter to any private family or army officers' ; rifRg. The best of rrterenoct. Address H. P.. at 'tar Office. It* j * iiA^ii M5W!N(J MACHINE t r*. wanted, of the latest improvement. ?nd rra?t 1 >e in cood order and in.d at a bargain. Alio, ? ranted to hire a yoOEc Woman who undcrst-'.nda 1 ewiug on it. App>. by note or in perarn, at ths i of R. B. LLOYD a CO., Attorney* for I Claims, PenaioDRi and Bounty, oomor of bevnth knd E etreeta, eeoond 9oor, from 10 to 3 o'ct'>ck la It. fe 6 3t* j rWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS Wish situa- : tlona in a rerpeatab'o pnvatp f&mii*?otik as 1 :o<xl cook, washer and ironer; and the other as | :ood sempstress, who understands makiug on!!- 1 Iren'a o!oth?a,and ia willing to do charaberwo k iud assist with washing and ironing. Would like o obtain aituationa i n one family ; if not, will take hem separate. Good references can ba had from . &st employers. Addrfas"X U," Star Cffioa. fe 6 2f HOUSE WANTED?A small House or part of a house in a good locality?by a sma l family. Vddreaa. by poat. HANSON AMK-* te 5 31* ANTED-A WOMAN to oook. waah. and " iron. Liberal whips given. Apply iniinetiiitely at R. COHEN'S Boot and Shoe Store, 3'29 Ja. avenue, between 6th aod 7th sts. fe 5 S.^_ 1 WANTED-A lower HOUSEKEEPKK ia a first-o'aas Hotel. None need apply nnleaa horoughly qualified. Addreaa' Hotel,' Star Ofice. fe 5 It WANTED?Books to poet and acccucta t<> adjust, by a practical Bookkeeper of ion* expeience Ampie reference given. Addr>as "Ac (OunlACt " Hox No. 1!5 I'OKt I,'ftlro. Wajihinrtjin. P c. fas 1 w* WANTKI>-A Rood BARKEEPER ; ono who I understands his t>usine?a aa 1 oa j brine too<i efereneeR mar hear of a pood situation by ad- 1 Jres^inc Box 330 I'ust Office, Bta'icg age. m ?r j >xpeote?1, Ao. fe i 31 IVANTKD?Two FARM HAN09.(unmarried '* mon ;) inast hritiK gocd reo3inir.3niiatioa? as to cha'actor and quaiificat.ou. AppIj to JOHN M LL? YD. sonth AI street. o*ar 4>a, or lo D\N I EL ROWLAND, juttioeof the Peace, No 433 K street north. fe 4 :):* 1 WANTED TO KEN T?A Pew in the I CHURCH OF THE EHI'HaNV. Ad Box 13 Htar Oflloe. ja3l YV ANTED? SrWi ?00 worth of iadi?e' and per.tie"r men's Ca^T OFF CLO i'HING. for -whirh sash wili l>e raid their full vaiue. Send jout s?'i cants, or, if tou wish to be oailed upci, ?etd a note t Rtating hoar and p!ao*)t''? Kroin l^.W-ish inctun t>uiluint, comer Seventh aueei aud Petm??lvania aveuu*. jaSt-lw* J. A \V. ANDE^ON. WANTED?Supers mjiI Soldiers to know that thecal. bay C\JV1P STOVES a. d TIN WARE cheap of H J. GREGORY, 331 f,rcn ivenuo. ja 16 WANi'hD.-VVf are now .>uj;rt SnO<*N!? H AND FURNITURB,STOVi.iai-J HHU 1)ING, for wbion *c are payiae the Insheet caah prices. Famines deoli&iafc boanekoepi^j. ohaving a eurplu? of furniture, wih find it to adrai tate to j ive us a oal!. BONTZ & GRIFFITH, j* i<-tf No. 3t>9 ?th st.? betw. I an R rt?. XK7 ANTED?Every person to k&ow that 1 am 'c the markft, ready to pay casn for aflkftrtiaies In the housefumtsbing line. Those leXVuu trie mty, or having a surplus, will do wel' to ca! . R. BUCHliY, 43!* Seventh ?t.,between G v.d H (east side,) Dealer in New an'l becond-haad KurDJtare. no 16 LOST AM> JiOuMi. | OST?A POCKET BOOK, obtaining one 82) Li Treasury note. Th* finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at 533 7th ?t, up stair*. It* LV>3 1?un VIODU&T, 3<1 inaiaiK. a LAKiXl BAG, between Seventeenth strest and Depot. A suitable reward will be taiJ on leavine the ?an e snd contents at Mr. SMITH'S StaoleB, Ni'e'eerth it fe 6 31* IOBT?On the ereniur of the 5th instant, at j Uhristy'a Minstrels, or on 7th street or Penn. ivoiiuo. or in tuo National Hotel, a WaLLKT aontaiaing 925 or ?30 The oarncr's name was piainly marked in it and the finder wi! be liberally rewarded by sendtue it to him at Alexandria, b? express, or leavin* it at the National Hotel. fog-It* I OBI'.?Was hired on the 4th instant, bv a hot I * named \V. H. Church, on# roa" c\ HORSK. with saddle and bridle, about 15 hands huh; white faoe; two glass eyes; two*^0srtute hind feet; thick tail. The said bo; was ar rested by the Gcard.and the horse vrss left in charge of a boy at the Repn&lican office. For asr information concerning the horsa. a liberal reward will be paid by R. CRU1T A SON, Bridgest, lieorgetown. fe B St* EST RAY?Strayed, the latter part of last month, from tne 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry c\ Regiwent, aiijhtbay BoRfE. about 15TJLA lands high; branded with letter H (arge^^-^ nze) upon ' is neck, under the mane ; same letter of small sue upon each hoof; also the initials U. 8. upon his left shou der; had a sore wart upon his right nostril. A li:#eral rewiiH w(I. be given on hi? return, cr for information leading to his recovery, bv Captain B. LOvKWOUD, rom&any H,6Ut Pa. ['avalry Regiment, euoainpeJ oa J4 h street, near the Columbia College. feft-2t*_ FOUND?On Friday, in a store, a email sum of MMNKY, which tiieowneroan have by oalling it ?94 K street, net ween U'.b and I3tn,nnd provicg tiie tamo. fa S 3t* A LIBERAL PEWAKD.?Stolen on the night of tne 4t.i instant, one lay WARK.t\ with a white sp?t on the foreheac! and tne jL22BI 1 right fore foot w. ite. $5 reward wi'.l laid by the owner for the recovory of the sane. A. P. MARCOMIEK, fj 5 St* 2^1 II St., liei. 17Ui a'-id lath sts. J^AKEN LP ASTKAY-On February 3d, a ] email bay*. , rheowr.eris requested t<> come forward, prove property, pay ohargss and take U: m iwst. JAS. W. RlMPNKY'ii fo 5 St* Livery fetible. LOST?On the evening of the 4th instant, two CHECKS drawn o:i U. b. Treasury,one iu !aror of Capt Ire<* Abbott or l>earer. the oth^r n fa^or of capt li. W. trruinmocd or bearer, each ' [or 9282 50. All persons are hereby notified from negotiating the ?ame,as payment has l*en stopeed. A liberal reward will be given for thair return to *tar Office. or to Capt. GRUMMOND, Arnapolis Junotion, Baltimore. Md. f?5 at' IOeT-On last Sunday, tn going to Rev. O-. j H'lmeari's Church, <Is:and,> a gold and jet 111! ll'l'i I. T A I . < _.1l?l * Fivitwijiii . n ui/vir?i ionciiu win ro iivcn nu : its return B>?- Officio. fe 4-3t* ] 109T?StrWjrt from the owner,on Sunday uigiit, J At the offter of Montgomery and cv Brail street, Georgetown, a dark aorrell j_?7T? HORSE, about 12 years old. The hader/vii will be liberally rewarded if the horse ta returned to the owner. G. HEAKLBUS. f* 4-3t* ] & eREWARD?For the apjpreheniuon (and 1 delivery to me at Bladeaaburg. Md., r>r secured in jail so thai I get him* of N?- fff | 5RO SYLVESTER, late th* property of Nathaniel Suit,deoeased.of PnnoeGeorge's Md 1 will jive the above reward iio matter TJI where taken. Silvester i* of copper oomplexton: if thin stature: about 5 feet 9 or in inches high. He is well known in Washington city, and is no doubt lurking thereabout or its vicinity, or in the neighborhood of Governor's Bridie. Anne Arunde couaty, Md. N.C.STEPHEN, Executor of Nathaniel Suit, deo?&s*d. [Uppei Marlboro' Gazetteand PrinoeGeorgiau paper insert weekly for 4 week* 1 fe 1 iw* C< ? /\ RliVVAR n.?Ran *? ? on Ium.h, J?m I NKG RO BUY"' MADISON ' \m BOOTH, commonly eallod about 6 feet high; 2" T?ers old; li&d <>n when he left jpl whiteeloth pants, teopea jackets; he oar Jk tied off with him a lars e grcv horse, kbimt 16 bands high; 8 years old, very iu?it mcnnted i ue kbove reward will he given for tfte return of itan fcnd horse, or 950 for the man and #'?M for the borne, in either case to ba secured so that i ge> them kgain. 6EOR6I5 W. ttAKDl.Nhh, i Near Pisoataway, i ja?i-2w' Prince George's county, Mti. RAN AWAY FROM TUfi 8UB3CKJBER, near B'.adsnsburr, B?>Y ANTONFY CKA WFORU, ooininonly called Toney. He isf f?et5or7inoheshigh; very blsok; sh'jrt n hair; grave oouLtenauce when tpoken to. J1 ( with a soar la one of his eyhroTrc, oooa ZJL* , lioaed by a kiok of ahorse, soaroely peroeptTTIe; ' left ln.Ncveinber last. 1 will give $100 to have film brought home to me. _ , . j*83 f. magkupk1. ] LOST.-A SEAL UNO, toil a FOX-BEAD , BKAL, attacr.ed to arise, with oorae*han set. 1 95 reward will be givea to whoever returns the . articles to thie oftoa. <UVU < I OoT?On Friday last, in i?tunj oat of a oar- < u riace at Wilfarde^ Hotel, a lady's GOLD watuh. a liberal toward wijQ be eaidforita tarn to WILLIAM H. FANNING, Polios Offlm. WUlarde' IP gupMionSBnnmcji^jo^! , 1 fiO dosen fine and >ow-?riee ?titohed Liaen Shirt Sosoms, Wristband* and Collar", jaet received, at he lowest jrioes. J. W. COLLEY, jalQW g?8 Sereath st., above Penn. ar. ritEL WiVSi SSiSSIf. Xg* am# &?8??r EraSJaB be owiier (late a sutler (having no further use for Mm. To mn tt ibu wuiiiu^tcii it., Uaortt- i own. H?l/ l 2BLLIN9 OFF I i ? 8KLL1NG OFF! .Great bafratai in all Wtnur 8bawls. Cloak*, ^anoy Caumrt, Marino, and Winter Dnm " *"' *T9ti$CLKY. Jaao ei ?8S Srranth at., above PMo.av, FOB SALS Ai<3 BENT. ir"OR RkNT~Wlir?r Wl'B'.t (i-iAr I. It Hfc ! r 4SO Twelfth ttr*=e*. NMt atile. hetvtifD t? M* i atreela.acim (-RON T RO??M. KVoatl itor?, newlr and neat> lorat?t?ed The location la : >neof the mew: deairabie in the eitj. No ohiioren n the home. jaSI-lw FOR RENT-A comfortable TURN IS BSD BED ROOM. 'hrff.? moderate Ap?> It 179 *000nd ktreet, bevwe\r H aud C, oce block rom Peer., av. fe 5-W FURNieHU) k?'OMS. WITH BOARD, at r t 173 1 atrett. ravem SHh and Slat au. f?4 3?* [ t l?()R RPVT?fir* hri V rnrt&ininf A *. F rooina, tiiuatod od t* str??t north. t**twe#r 4th t UJ<J 5th staets *?t, Inquira for TXIOH. HOU- ? . 1TGE. co-prr ?!h aati ^ tU. f" <-3t* # [i'OR RENT?A mail HOUSK fnNd ,mtli i 1 6ii ft., suitable ior a ft ia. A Furcin! e1 ( {?orrt for rent; a Cellar for rrnt; a Stable f >r r^nt; j tl?tn*es ami Lot# fer Mi?, or rent, or l^ase^nrna ^ lonabi* termB. lrqnire of JOHN ? ADAMS. *eai E?tate Agm.t, ?!?Tn?r o! f?th and L ?ta. north. fo 4 3 * C PXTR AOBDINARV CHANOK -*TOKE an<i 1 Vj FIXTURES FOR t>ALE.?A fHora in >h? noet approved huEiLesa t >ca!itr, inc Hoc F:x- ? ures ana ^ut a mall ?U.>vlf <?f La isa* UreraTrim- <3 n'Dte, Kmlrt<t<1erie? nod Millinery Good?, will be '{fared at a kto\ eaoniee aud n ?iven jrthwith. This is a etar. e i?f the latest orcnr- r ODoa, a :d al! ?r?lir?atioo? H* made at No. It? !.a. v tveraa, hetwff?n an _? ; ) ya-2w* t A RARE CHANCK TO ANY ONE W1SHI iuz to engage xn tiif? Grocary hu, a.i u.J ind *9,1 estArtliffced ar.r.of ?' years ttani uc, lev doing a go >d bn?:ntrs; the p-taeut ovsfrs rishin* tocneau i in !iu t cr liUtiijea*. For fjr*n?r jaruou ars ca 1 at No. 11* H:gU Ureet, Geeree- I tnwn. IV P. V vtnr-n? r ? , fe 1 OoItt' ' * J F^OR KENT?Two pla&aant ROOKS, BPatlj i furruBh?i,ic a Grist-c ats reaiJAues in ? eorf*- r lowc. w.ts L-oa d. To & {.crir.anrrt to-ju t tcrma t trill he inori?rat . A[; 151 \v e*? it,?eL>rfe- i town. de 17 u , Loft to rent, imies floor. 116 k ?trect, "i near YVillards* liote . 22 by ltofeet. Iti?nir*in the ?t rri ja13 t A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of the ) City botoi, Mlij oa'r fi rat c am Hotel ti* ' t>p*n in Alexannua Vv.> ta desiroua to roti'e < [rorn busoeM. ar'i wiil *ell,for a fair prio<?, tae < FURMITRE, FIXTI r KS acrt GOOD WIl.L , of the hout*. Hisiea*a wi". terminate on the lat , r>f Jan nary. bu: ?* .? p op?rtT nnto dooU least*" fo: a muoti lorper terir at a moderate rent. Tbi* Hote, t* now a inrsoc has for yean ' ton*, a tar*e and prootan : bii?irers. The oeeire r>f the undr-raifcned ?e rrtira '"rotn public bu?:n?*fe tiiA fc?"? ?? - H ti/kt }-r*?A U) ?i.?ace tn ute r . ra p.-ohuvM" jv: ??'ma ?ad rvticu araapp]* to JAtj A i:.\0 1 ISH.wtio i? aulonzmi to i. hOt.iie. or to th* crdt< ttKiml. i&IS-tl* SAM'L KR. GBORGETC V/N AI>VKHT?MTfe Y^g*tTMON MKN OF OW.?K?KT?WN.jl < There ?.ii be a rr.e??t! t of lh? L'm< "< rrfitu'*, fteorgetown. I) t* , at Society Ha.i. i>u TBDftSDAY EVENING n at. fee 6U ,n?t\Li, it l}i o'clo-k r- nt Theattvin o? I ever? 11 Winter ii pfcrt.^u.&r.y ?equette.1, a? l>u?ir.esa i f importance w. I o in* l>?fc t>i i:t ;i W. il TKNNV. |'re?i?l???t. mic ENTWHSLK, g U C K 8 K I N ejkO e ! RaniKhiiir? It Fh#r< 105 High feTKKsr, GEOKlfETOWN, I). C. The only m*r:nfac??'t?r* of Genuine BUCKSKIN j 1 6LOVhto, MILITARY UAl'NTLt'ls, awl ! I MITTKNB in the l>i, ir ot. ( Othuerc' Ganutieu rnvi: to order. j , l?uc*?Ki'" brake's aa" Shirts. J% 18 e pt ! gatk >n a l7~ \I K 8. BITP R~WiLl- RT^ VL Hti" ' 1*1 fehor' frr ? -g:-?h TrenoH J?u- t 'i? jrfcJth, New Yorit averu.. fcet^-^a 13'ti uia '4th t1 st# j% >7 j 1 C^HEG * fM V INSTITUTE. S 13U7 Al?0 1 <5'?!9 SPBITCE J?T Pn'!. A EKLPHt A. This Fruiti'ota, ooncu^'eo ivr p*st in the city or Ptuiadolphia oj Mai>a*k Lhkgakay &n<1 he' fciece Mahamk D'l?fhv;. ly. ipou -he name priuejgie? a? th* on? in '> ->* Vorir, ' ft&o lithefl ther? id1?W. wi<l reo*f"<,r..ftcr?neChna?ini? j holidays. on Monday, Jai, u*rr 6M1, with its o?na ? anipl" ao?l cr>n.p:ete f>rovi?io'i IV t'.e ???c*.t:on of |1 Vf iiC5 Ladies, nn>ler lh<* direct'"- of .MviaTie i)'Herviily. Circulars, and ai iequ!S'.t# iri'>rnia tioa, can be obt&jued or. spp.:cM.i>u :o the Fnncipa . j\7-lm Kgf ; THE EAH EYE AND EAR. No. siBT PENNSYSL.VANIA AVENUE, oprosiT* WII.LARO'd HOTEL. Oculist and Anr1?tt. 1>R. F. A VON >1G9( HZiSKER, From Clinton Plies, New Y-ti. has arrived in tie nit? ?rd opened hie office# at PENNSYLVANIA A V KIXUK. < where he ou b* or>B3n'.t!K! on Maladies of the 1 EYE AND EAR re?uinn< meUca! a:.<i ^arjScal treatment. Dr. Voa M08chzi<kfr is t'<e vector aad Intro dncer into the medic*' practios of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the tr?atin*r.t cf obstinate oas'? of . DEAFNESS AMD NOISES IN THE HEAD. , Ha is also author or Ujeieifra published in the t New York and PfcilMitlphia papers 1 treatinj o-i the p eveatlon cf c DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OF CAN- l NON, ft. Dr. Von M. has lortne ?*..t f urte?r yoars <lerote^ ' his special attention to the f TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND FAR, And possesses the testimonials of sciue ot the nest known public men in the Union who h*ve been most succMfull? treate-1 by nun for the ] RESTORATION OF SIGHT If HEARING, j READ. [ Frtm Professor Motikvr, Baltimore 1 "I have tins day seen Mt<a Wise, bar sight per- ( fectly restored. 1 am lapp? to express my ooiivio Uon ihat by junrttki i ai.d jndgm.nt uhe hu been ( saved from the treated Deprivation that ootid liaie refalleu her?' [ From the Hon. Senator Fug a J To Da. Yos Mo^chzimkr: I am ireaiiv obiijed lor tbe interest you rave iuarije*ted in nay ca?e of Deafness, and theskilt with which you have treated my case, aud I have :.o doubt tbat by careful ob ssrvauce of your directions, my ha&riuwtll be p-rnianently restored. O fi PL'Gd. [ From Jvkn Af' Lei*. Jr., son of tk* Horn. J win of the V. S. Supuirtt Court J It i> well km wn to my numerous friends that I have been deprived cf my hsarincfor many yea *. I am happv to state I nave, thanks to Dr. Von Mosctizisker. entirely recovered. My hearing t* dow as aauce as ever. JOHN M'L.?AN. Jr. For several Tram t sufferer from deafnaaa. llr Vou Motchzisker roatnred iuy hoA'iujc. i>l Louw, b?pt.7, iaj>. Joseph YtATg. Dr. Von Moachziaker moat anoceaaf'illy operated 011 myeyee.aud bccefitW n>r <eht exoeeuirrly. GhOktiE H. OHt-NtY. St. Louie, Sept. it, 1MB. I Letter from Ktv. J J Mu'lon ] Dr. Von. MotcHZ.?kE-iMb Sir ? a more thoae who lave l-etn t*>nefit;ed by yourakiltful tr ;atmer.t, in diaeattct impairing the ai;o|, it adorns me Rreat pleatare to add the testimonial of my gratitude to the list ot juur patients. Mvaight J *?) ao much impaired curing the last eighteen months mat i could cot reeugcixs the feataroc of ; a'friend atandiEg naer me. ] tender jou tti.a , acknowledgment of your c-micont ski I and auco^ca in the treatment os your obliged and gratafai f.iend. ? J. J. MULLON, KeoU?r M. Pi rick'a. Tfce original of tae au>v?. aud bard eds more testimonials, can be M.en at Dr. W.'? rooms. I Patients wishing their family ehydioiaa to ac- i oomfany them to witbeaa operations or for tiie purpose of oonaultauon are at liberty to bring t <cia i Medical men wilt be at ail umea welcoMi.-4 to j . vitr>Ma Or Von M > fiMrmtioni^ nod At&iBin* : lome of the instrument* ne has .utro.luoefl for (be , f&citalicu of Opthairoie and Aura: Surgery. | . Arti ftolai Ejm ineerted witfcost oansiag any pain j to the patent. Orftoe hoars from 9 a. m. to 2 p. m. and iron 3 to | t i p. m. ? rebl lm 32t pennsylvania a v en ie. 1 SMITH A BROTHi.Iit' * PALE CREAM ALE, ] SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER a*d NEW YORK BROWN STOUT j The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BAR- ' LEY MALT and HOPS, aad highly esteem** by * hose who have used them. Pure hat rr? are re- l nested to eall aad examine oar eaperior stock, ! J usared that they will fiud the BE8T and P171 EST i ? utioleo. UflklMlllllhiUi U?.a ainiik .>..1. f.. I * ivorr.inwliols. uaf M<J ?a&rt?r c&aki.MiiUUe i For the TRADE, HOTELS.and FAMILY USE. i rtucU w offar o? Ue MOST FAVOfABLE 4 rBEMS. SMITH * RKOTHEA, Braver* No. IAS A 160 W?st 13th St., New York Litj , Ortea toy SUi or Kura promptly mooui*., SECOND EDITION. IHKhL 0'<14>l*. r. M. ccyGRsssiorrAL 1XTVIIU CO!<r,RE?-?fc>i< Imin. TirntDAT. Frbroerf 6. f*r?tAT* ?Many memorials were preeented ltd efcrred?amonxr ttraa being one for endowment ^ 1 ^ . < I . a I. UUkl 9j a nni oi una ,wi * y kbuw >u mivui* an. from the Legialature of that *utr, one for h- reduction cf the pav of Custom Houae officials n **pw York; severs' for tomlag the war Into an MltlM war; alxu-en for the employment of bo ueopathlc Burgeons In the army: and om from ioal a praying Cobrm to leaWtha nag re qoes ion alone and attend to the hualoe*s of Uta ond TMr. Grimes Introduced a b(U authorizing the Corporation of Washington city to issue small totes for a carrenev Referred. The bill to define the pay of certain arrr v fficers was takeu up; when Mr Sherman ad tressed the Senate at length against It. Horsa ?TL* House resolved itself IntoCMB* nittee of the Wboi? (Mr Mall err la the chair) ipnn the Treasury NoU Bill, Mr. Kellogg of 111 * living the floor. LA TE LOCAL NEWS. r uxthii m k*k:>? ? i meraiv, nmouj u ,unt. Titus Johnson. Michael Ferrall, and Hen y Uallson, who were arrested by Patrolman ticl>< vitt upoa a charge of stealing a bardie of rentlemen's sctrfs from H K'ng, bad a further rearing befor? Justice Thompson. It appears hat on the f?b irritant, thw foor ion, who b?ong to tb? 2d D C regiment Home Geardi, irere on their *?v from KM?er'? bakerr. on I'enth street, to the^r company quarters, and put ng the store of Mr King, onlenth street, on* of hem wat seen U> take the package. This per*on identified hs Hill-on hunt, when he discovered the robbery, told Haliaon that be was in;rip wrong, and nbouid n >t do it. Tbs others *rer? in no way tin plicated and Lant, Johnson, ind Ferrall were bono-hblv dismissed, aad the ffl^ers of the com par v testified that Lust's charicier for housstv waa Irreproachable. Haliaon * aa fully committed to jail for trial at court Fosbth Ward Statu*! Casks?Befort Jutnt* Waller ? Samuel While,drunk and disorderly; tismlwl Oen ij? U-'rovaa, for selling liquor n q-iantiMes t*?a than a pint without a license. Inert 9**0 5e> Th -mas Bolan drunk and dlajrrteriy; lined S3 91 T J Hennessey, de ; do. |l> Kdward N ina, profanity; dismissed. lohn Herman, co! d, suspicion of stealing, ?VsTi'.Med Patrick Oorini?y, drunk, *od fcurrabin * for Jefl Davis; tt fd S2 Cornelias 8c?lJlngcr, itunk nud disorderly; disirisst-d Mark Stott. !o ; do Francisco Sacchl, dn.; fined 92 Thia last Individual, in b1? drunken tantrvtrs used bis bead as a battering ram against tbe show window if a store near Third I'ret on the svenue This [Tiomin^ bis face and bead were very much cot ind bruised. Robbut?Yesterday a ycurg man named Matthew Dowling was arrest-d by Officer D A. He.rower, npon s suspicion of tbe larcenr of ?160 In p>!?l sad Tmiory notes Tbe eur was tried b- justice Johnson when It appeared that Mr. Moses A Morris, of fen us* lean! a. bad been en br ik-ru ?.iu icii an um. nr amriv im wooie, >>V 10 d fri in the 69.b Pen:i?yl vnuU rwliuMt Mr. Murr'? and the prisoner hotb flopped la the uOUl n Seventh ?traet. uesr Center Market, kept by Mr. Robty Tb?r?? ?-s no evidence to "? nect D^wl.i'g *ttu ilk Urc< ny. and be proved ab exceCeutcLaracter before tiie raaglst'ate. The erne ittatf<*t Uiu. <*'** Oar n; the etm muttlon It w?a asserted Uiat two otter lar*-e\,'s of niinltcr ainounU bad oeeu per palmed at that bouse aunug the day. Police.?Tb Tourth tVard patrolmen re-^orU \ the following cases yesterday, tried by Justice Bar^seio : ?Sam'l O^helii. r peddl'.ig; i.::4 Rio 91 Wm T Webo, tbrowinr store*; rt's missed. Wm Starlalr.d*.; do M Neam*vpr drlviBfc on the p-^v^iaeiit, fl ' d SI 94 J??o? !? rum. do; do *2 56 Jot.a WIIms. druuk and disorderly; turned over to tb? military. Jsnoea Tcomaon, .uiorca, i<x killing bit cbiid. waa arreattd and committed to Jail for further bearing Tried by Juatice niter Mi'-hati K *en?a, uaplcton of larceny; dismissed Jacob Klfc-b^v, pasai ng a broken bank note on Kmian Howard. Tbe note was redeemed with good money, an! the case dlamiaavd Charge or RobbilKT ?Lut night patrolman McDevltt arresieu Alary Burke, In a bouae on Ninth street, kept by a woman named Wolfe, u-hfbe name bu aeveral time* appeared In the docket* of tbe magistrates at the Central Guardhouse within a short time She la charged bjr another female resident of that tenement, named Mary Leanbart, with xeallag a turn of money in Treasury notes and specie, amounting to aoout 520. The case waa taken before Justice Tbomp ?"?, wuu, wau o view iu a luuiua^a iuwrnij{ition of tfc" cas*-. comm! tted the accused to jail ta default of ball for a farther beating. A Guild Killed by its Fatsk ?Yesterday liternoon the neighborhood of Laud Third sta. north, was very much excited by the announcement that a colored man named ias. Thompson bid shot and killed his chl'.d. a boy cf five year* ?f age The case remains to be Investigated, and 11 yet we have only beard what purports to be Thompson's own account, which is that he waa loading a pistol in the boose, and waa aboat ndlustlng the cap, when his child stepped before him and the hatcmer slipped from bis Anger and iischarged the load, the Mil entering the child's breast, causing instant death. Dismi???d ? After further bearing to-day, before Justice Thompson, Mary Burke, who waa :ommltt?d to jail for further hearing on auapicion >f Urceay, was dismissed?the evidence being nsul&cient to setd to coart. Cauti.TaL Cor&T.?To-day, the trial of B. F. Fobnaon, colored, la still progressing. Q7* Much speculation exists relative to the (initiation of Gen Scott, who la ebout to nil from Si?-w York Id the C. 8 *ioop-cf-war Richmond, it ia alleged by many that the Richmond will onvey tbe General to Verm Cms, oa a diplomatic nlMlon to Mexico, while the naval authorities a 4 Brooklyn laaiat that hla d<sU nation la Key West, or the benefit of hla health U7""Superintendent Kennedy, of the Census Bureau, hu bad prepared a valuable table of the wpulatloa of tne United States and Territories rom 1790 to 1860, respectively w'th the rate Oi ncreaee and decrease; also 4he representation for be Thirty-eighth Congress, and the loss au4 gala >f members to the several state*. IO" Preparations are staking for the execution f Nathaniel Gordon, captain of thealaver Erie, ra Friday. No reprieve has yet been granted *y he Preeldetit, and should none be rocetved the xecution will take place withiu the walls of the ;<*y Prison, at ten o'clock, on Friday morning . Mc persons will be allowed to witaeaa the exetuion except tbe representatives of the Freaa, depity raarsbala and a few privileged persona Got Ion is a native of Portland, Maine, and is about hirty-tigkt year* of age. He has a young wife ind boy four years old. LOVfc.L.1*. COLI.*,o k. CO.. WHOLESALE GKOCE&S, H6 Front Street, New York, and 316 K Street, Waahiaftea, D. C., ( nettr Willaid'a Hotel.) Having tattod & braceii of our Not York eatai iikmnt in thia city, we write bu:Urt, Qrtmt, RrTTttwrnnittft. and Ho'ei Kttpert, to oall and !>xamine our ttook wmah 11 wail atoortad and ?!Tip:ii?d of goo&a of tfce boa!?ua^Sj. Wo uko a.-dera for anytturi is oar iiM, aud axacate ttam >rmup*. y. WBtf PROF. ALLXANDfcH WO'.OWBKi ha > 1st ado comp(jssk, By ("S*!*! KtlMl Vtll orfi)? clt >1 lor th? Fiauo kna S.Ljint, by M? now and i mpitiad neUtoa. Is tola war, a? opr.rtaaJtrrf rfl rill ba axUodai tw ail who detire t? ao-* * * * lairo a tuow ladie of Vocal and lnUr amenta' nasifl, ow tb? ?<> ( Ii^?ral lei tna. Ail tkoaa wfco La:'? t-ijoiii Jin C' ar?e wiu a??iy at oi.o? at us rorJSwo. No 1*1 fcixtti rtreet, botwoon K it root and New York ftvome. . Hoar* of re eptioa batweau S and Ito'otook ft m., tnTuoadayt. l auredaya, aad &ataroa;a. liSlm grr r~own UKOWNING A kKAi >??. di??<t?. i. SHAWLS ANDC'VAK* .Mu? ilfM *wA 3 oitiw tt*xrf?r?i ?Ty!-? \t nr( r < uu. r?n?<iy t?UMlincM. t-t. R ? A **0J? P??r arc* w S.atfc 1 LJOLUIKf* J U"*'4' i'r.Kr:,VliI) FHU.M 15 K ioMut>o4 M j '?? U.-;. : f in? ! ? < f ?r? ?faiii4 tfooiU %t sMll U'., .'Nu 460 VrMU K. ipioiUt Port ?Miw?. a N< 11;. ?>? fd??t ________ llkfi ^ MALAGA tf K API f ll'vl Lbt%. uT&a UkMi UM#ori*ua?. Mrt ?f ? ~ ?KL1_. hi *v pmarUUHiM?irwflli!t

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