Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1862 Page 1
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- v - * * ? 1 "? ? . M ^ # V ' 1 wtKttKtBtKttKKttKBSBBSSSSS^^^^^^^^S^sss^fS^^^Ssss^sssss^ssssisssssssssssssssssi^issssssssSBSBt ' ? , ~I . " JpH^Br " % T , . ? + f ????I __ * * ygfe- XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C . FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1862. N?. 2,797. THE EVENING STAR ta rUBLtSUBD BVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR ICILDINQI, 9m*tt tf mimi mmd EUmti it. ST W. D. WALLAGH. ripera served la packages by carrier! it M i year, or 37 eenta per month. To mall aubeerlbera U? price U S3 JO a year, m mdmamtt; SU for ?Lz oaHu; SI lor three oaoaUia; ud for lea ttu throe Boattu at the. rate of 13 centa a week, hut |le coplee, o*i e?HT; la w.appera, two rim. izr Acv?RTii**?.tT? abould be ant to the Ace before 12 o'clock a.; otherwtae they may act appear until the next day. A PASTOR'S ELECT. BT VIRGINIA r. TOWKIBMD. "Now tell me about it, Weldon. I am so anxious to hear the whole story, and it'a such a oiee evening for it too. It is sooh a luxury to be all alone with 70a that the rain sounds really musical as it drops against the panes." She had pushed a low ottoman to his feet, >>nd throwing herself on this, lifted her sweet free, set in its frame-work of brown soft hair, brother's. " So you have at last caught me. and intend tnrning my confewar?do yon, little sis?" tmilingly responded the young clergyman, as te turned hit eyes from the anthracite blase, where th*y had been dreamily fastened for the ! last half hour, and a beautiful, almost dreamy tenderness seemed to drift into them as they rested on his sister. " Yes; to think you are really engaged Wei* don1 W hat would your parishioners say if they knew it, particularly tne younger portion ?f them? I am somewhat apprehensive their dsfly bequests of bouquets and fruits would b? sensibly diminished. But about the lady?ii she beautiful, Weldon?" 4A woman's first query!" and again that rich smile went like sunlight over the grave but handsome features of the young " I am not certain, Hattie, whether an artist would tbink tier 8*. iier features are not entirely regular, and her cheeks are less rosy than jour own; but the emotions of her deep, gentle, loving nature look oat of her deep blue eyes, and there is a sweet heart chirography in the smiles that sparkl* at times -ver her small and rather pensive month." ' You are drawing a charming Raphael piature, brother mine. She is young, of course ?" 4% Hardly twenty-one." " And?no, I need not ask if her mind is well cultivated, for I know your opinions respecting women too well to doubt this. But is she intellectual?in short, a hook mrm " Well, something of one. The formation of her head indicates a superior mental organition, but all the faculties are well balanced." j " AnI?le4 me see?is she wealthy?" 44 Onlj in the possession of those great jewels ^hich are above all price." 44 But her family?who are they k' I never saw but one member of it, and be was a beggar." 4-Weldon!" The little fingers that had been playfully braiding themselves with those of the young man's were suddenly withdrawn; the quick blood flashed into the questioner's cheeks, and a look of mingled ast?nishment and displeasure filled her brown eyes as she breathlessly ejaculated? " Weldon. yon are not in earnest?" " Yes, I am Hattie. You know I would not jest on such a subject." " Cut you took me so greatly by surprise. And?and"? The little red lips trembled a moment, and then the tears brimmed over the brown lashes, and journeyed slawly down the cheeks. ' And troubled you, too, Hattie??' interrogated the young man, as he leaned forward and caressingly smoothed down the bright hair of his sister. " Don't look so sorrowful, 4arluig, as though some great evil had chanced me. But listen to what I shall tell yoa, and then see if your own true and noble heart, unbiased by social distinctions and prejudices, does not commend my election. Will you do this Hattie, if not for my sake, for His who paid that the poor and the rich were alike in His sight'" Sweet Hattie Marshall! Her one great foible ' was her pride for her kaadaoaae, aoble-hearted brother: it was hardly a weakness ; for he was all that God had left to her of the household over whom the spring daisies had long spread their golden covering : and for a mement she "nail looked with the world'a ?v? uimn >15 K*. tnthal to the sister of a mendicant. But ber brother's words bad silenced the pride-whispers in ber heart, for Hattie Marshall had learned of Him who tu meek and humble in spirit. ' I will do as you ask. Weldon. Forgive me if I have done wrong," she whispered, drawing up closer to her brother, and laying ber head in its old resting plaee against his heart; for very tenderly did brother and sister love each other. Weldon Marshall drew hia arm around his sifter's waist, and then, when the rain moaned and the wind muttered around the windows, and the anthracite fire mingled its ruddy slow with the silver astral light, and Ailed the^parannage sitting-room with a dreamy crimson tight, he told a story of the past, and his eyes jjrew darker, and his low earnest tones full of pathetic eloquence as he told it. It is eight years next month, ilattie, and I k was in New York, engaged in my collegiate stadias. Yon see it was three years after our mother's death, and you were at that time with ancle Harvard, attending school. It was a cold, wild, disagreeable night?and I remember standing at the window of ray snag sanctum, and looking out ruefully into the darkness, for I had an engagement to meet several of my fellow-students that evening in a distant portion of the city. 41 Dear me, how the wind blows!" I soliloquized, with a very feminine shrug of the etHMildere. ae I drew the curtain closer. "I've half a mind to throw myself on the lonnvn wnich looks so proYokiagly comfortable ISii evening. and not attempt an encounter with the elements. It's absurd to think tbey'F expect me such a night as this. In short, I won't tempt an influenza by showing my face outside the doer," was the conclusion nt laj monologue. I remember that I wheeled up (he sofa in comfortable proximity to the fire, located the lamp so that its rajs fell softly upon the volume I intended to eommunicate w"h, and that I > had setttod myself for a long quiet winter's eveningBat it would not de. My eyes wandered listlessly along the passages; they eould not engage my attention. A strange in accountable feeling of restlessness and anxiety aeemed to possess me. At last I resolutely elosed the book, and a few minutes later I was in Broad i^ll^ 1 * ??- " - - wmj. neauii/ pauunog my iouj in yielding to a feeling I ovoid net reaiat. Ah me! looking back through the eight yeara that lie between that weary night and the preaent, how elearty can I discover the sreat Father'* love in it all! " What i* it yoa want here, little boy?"?I see him now jut as though I had eeen him this morning, and tha light from the tall window is falling on kirn jaat aa it fall then, revealing his ragged dreea and pal*, pinched feat area, and the eold rain is dr ppicg off hia thick brown curia, jnat aa it did then It ia a strange, mournful picture?the dark ground in the background, and the little ragged boy, and the brilliant light*, and the graat ?t?rj, with all aorti of rare confections, in front. No wonder ?t tnnnhmd mv hitPt Th* Knv mm T laid my band gently on his shoulder, and look? io| up with his wild, eagar, bright ?ju into my faoo? "Oh, fir!" he said, after moment's earneit t perusal of my faatarea " I was thinking if I only oonld carry o?e of thoM cake* home to Ellen; the U very sick, and?and (the little fellow' lipcqairerod) we haven't hnd anything to eat for two dart. I did not ipeak another word; bat I ?aught L.U iL. .UIJ ?_ J ?M-J VI? uvm m uiv viuiu, sou puuru ouu uwr mo luuj the (tor*. " Hand me dove a plate of tfcoaa oak?s," I cried to the astonished clerk, wbo turned with more than ordinary alacrity I* falfil my revest I drew the bey into (mall fitting1 room at on* end of the establishment. ** Now t theae as fast aa yoa can, and then toll me who Ellen ia." His hungry look, the (tranfe aridity with wmch he (rasped the food. almost wrong tears ... much; and she's been growing worse all the time." " And there is nobody to take care of bar now. bat you, my little fellow." " Nobody but me?the money mother left is all gone, you ? ?, sir, and though I sometimes earn a sixpence bv selling papers or oleaniog sidewalks, I couldn't leave Nelly for the last week, she grew ao much worse. 0, sir, how good these taste! I can't thank you, but I want to." Well, yon needn't, my boy, I want no other thanks than your enjoyment of tbem " " But mayn't I take the rest home to Nelly? She 11 be frightened. I'm gone so long. 0, sir, if you'd only go with me!" I'll com? and see you and Nelly to-mor row, l said, V if you'll tell me where you lire, aqd sow while you are eating the remainder of your cakes. I'll get something that Nelly will like better." I procured a basket, which I saw well stocked with a variety of fruits and eonfeotions most likely to tempt the appetite of an invalid, and adding to these all the money I had with me, I returned to the child. " Go home to Nelly with these as fast as you can," I said, " and tell her that I will oome to see her to-morrow morning. Now, be a man, my little boy, and take good care of sister Ellen till then." " And all theae for her?" said the child, as his large wondering eye* roamed over the basket. '-And she has been moaning in her sleep after an orange the whole week. Oh, sir, we will pray God to bleee you for all this; and he will, for mother used to say he would hold those in everlasting remembrance who forget not the widow and the orphan;" and tears of mingled gratitude and delight were showering flnwn 11 t + la 1a?'o fa?* -- ? ?uw tvuvn o nave o? w? pai icu. The next morning, Hattie, I received that letter which summoned me to my father's djing bedside. I had, of course, no time to fulfil my engagement with the little orphans, in whom I had become so greatly interested; indeed, the mourful circumstances which drew me once more to the home of my chilhood banished them from my mind. If you will look down to that time, my little sister, you will remember that April was weaving her green carpet over the meadows before we parted, and I returned to the city to complete my studies, and then to enter that service in which, before my father's dying bed, 1 had solemnly pledged to spend all the life that God should grant me. I had forgotten the name of the boy's residence, but I know that I made several attempts to discover it after my return to the city, all of which proved ineffectual. It Wftfl tVim anna** nf a ? .. ? .MV v? ? i/n^uw v*iu luc canjr May-time, and even in the great city looking fairer for the sunshine that plaited the housetope with gold, and swept in gold flakes and dimples along the pavemeifts up which I was passing with some fellow students to supper. ' Now, Marshall, remember to call for us in time, for the lecture commences at seven, and it will certainly be crowded," called out one of my companions, as we reachcd the corner where oar paths diverged. I bowed my assent and adieu, and was hurrying forward, when mv eoat was suddenly grasped, and an eager but timid voice said, "Please, sir, is your name Marshall V | TO BK COHTISDED.] Great Results Dtlrrmiird by Small Events. The historic page is filled with examples showing the effect of what men call accidents, in giving character and direction to human destiny. Daring the eighty years' war, which resulted in the triumphant establishment of the "United Netherlands," the oity of Antwerp was besieged by the Spaniards under the command of the colebrated Prince of Parma. The possession of that city waa the turning peint in the war as far as the southern provinces (now Belgium) weye concerned Parma bad nearly f;ained possession by constructing, at vast outay, a bridge across the river Scheldt. To blow up that bridge was the aim of tha Protestant forces within the beleaguered eitj Accordingly two fire-shipe? loaded with all manner of combustibles and terrible explosives?were floated down toward the bridge during the darkness of the night. As soon as the "hell-burners," as the Dutchmen styled them, blew the bridge to atoms, a rocket was to be sent up, and thaheavv-armed Dutch fleet lying below were to force their way through, and bring relief and triumph into Antwerp. Had that signal beet made the city wouid have been delivered?the Spaniaras driven out of the Low Countries? firty years of bloodv war would have been prevented? and probably all Belgium would have been to this day a part of Protestant Holland. The weary patriots on the wharves of Antwerp heard the tremendous explosion of the fireships. and anxiously watched for the rising of the appointed rocket. But alas! as Motley tella as in his brilliant narrative of the scene?" that rocket never rose!" And after the lapse of three centuries, it is difficult to restrain the bitter indignation which follows every mention of that stupid Dutch Admiral who failed to mako the simple signal at the critical moment. The history of the Crimean war furnishes a kindred instance of vast results all depending on a trivial incident The night before he battle of Iakerman, the Russians stealthily moved out of Sebutopol to take the allies by surprise. The gates were oun, and the Russians were in a most critical condition. Had tha allies discovered the movement in time, they might have easily driven back the a?mii. ants through the open gates and oaptured Sebastopol in a single nigbt. An English sentinel heard the rumble of the Rusaian cannon wheels as they moved slowly, bat mistook them for market wagons bringing provisions into tbe oity. Accordingly he save no alarm. Had that sentinel bnt opened his lipc, months of bloody war would have been averted, and thousands ef precious lives have been saved. So Providenoe binges mighty events on pivots exceedingly small. Had Columbus not seen the ligbt in a fisherman's boat on a certain night, his mutinous crew might have forced him back to Spain, and the great secret for which ha cam* ? ieer?t a till for age*. Waterloo and the over (brow of Napoleon all turned on the coming up #f Blocher at given hoar. A little more expedition on the part of our loyal troop* would have carried tnem to Manauu on Saturday inatead of Sunday. Johnston's reinforcements would have been too late. The oonfliet of Bull'! Bon might have bad a differ* ent termination, and the history of the next ten years have read perkajs very differently. But alas! our rockt did not go up. Tnaowme Down ra? Olovb ? In a wealthy fcmllyof Vienna, the husband made his wife a IVew Year's gift of a dozen pairs of gleves. Indignant at soeb stinginess, the lady, as soon an ubi iuk'i mei wu turned, flung the gloves Into tbe Are. Explanation ensued at tbe able, and what was tbe Irascible lady's astonishment on learning tbat eacb pair of gloves waa wrapped up la a bank Bote for 10U florins. tO*A deputation from tbe depertmenta of Qm Mean and tbe Vaane, watted lately on tbe Trine* Imperial to eO?r Elm boaboa* and oomlta, for whleb tboae departments are famous. Tbe persons who brought tbe offering were exceedingly wall received by tbe prinoe; and tbey ventured to a* what tbey sboold my respecting tbe sweet, meats to tbe parties repmoeatod, '-Tell them," aid tbe prlace," tbatlamborblddea teeat any " 117"Tbe Southern papers my tbe blockade U utterly defective, and yet lad K se ha-d to get flannel tbat tbey have to call oa tbe women to contribute tboir old skirts for am la making fixed ammunition Why not Import flannels tf tbr blockade le ao loom! U^TkerltMrii we poor mrtmo. Tber I boot tvtrythlag but tho bird* Thmtbe Doke of I M?ffonU palt cbaffooT mall abet into Look I TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Important from Mnirt-Offftt ( the Spanith Army at the ftativnal Bridge . Has Fra>ci?co, Feb. 4 ?The steamer Golden ^ Ago baa arrived from Panama, bringing #80,000 m In treasure from Manzauello. Ill The steamer St. Louis, from San Francisco, ar- pr rived at IWauzanello, Mexico, on the 28th of Jan- j" uary. She has ft,400,001) In treasure, to go, vL? "J Panama, to New York r The *t?amer Panama arrived bcre yesterday ft* from Mazatian, bringing ?75,000 in treasure. . si A courier arrived at Acapulco previous to the 26th ultimo, with intelligence of the defeat of the 10 Spanish army. In a severe battle at the National Bridge, aear Vera Cruz. The battle lasted live noun. Intelligence from Western Mexico reprttents a general termination of internal dissensions among the people, and a union of all parties to resist the foreign invasion. The Uispersisa ! Humphrey Marshall's 1 q| Ia>disvill?, Feb. 5 ?Col. Garfield 1s at Paints- oi vllle, with sufficient force to preserve order The th Virginia and South Carolina regiments that were lo under Marshall went back to Virginia Marshall {?' and the rest of his rebel forces went to Found ^ Gfp, where he disbanded them. tj, A rumor prevails that a party of rebel cavalry, s< supposed to be of Gen Morgan's force, were sur- ei prised last night between Lebanon and Green w River, and forty of them killed There was no n( Federal loas. 18 Later?It is rumored that Morgan has been tc captured. m 1E Army Movements in Missouri?Generals Kiftl aad Asbnth's ?" ?h? ni March. Rolla, Feb fi ?The remainder of (ieu. Sigel's division started west on Sunday. Gen Asboth's division started aeveral days since. The roads have somewhat improved and the Union refugees are returning to their house* It is rumored that Rains has been captured by Gen. Lane's forcas, but discredited. n Much delay Is expected in marching from Le- J banon. 18 The latest news from Price states that he is < l^ht n miles this side of Springfield, and that he intends o' to fight J9 Sailing ( the Enrspa* f Boston, Feb. 5?The steamer kurma noon, with 12 pasaengera and >3,500 specie. w official. !a ? Treasury department, 0< february 4, 1%2. tc holders or thi bonds of the United Statca payable in three yean from date, the Coupons of 1 aeml-annual intcreat thereon being due on the oi 19th instant, are hereby notified that provialon 1* ^ made for the payment in coin of ailauch Coupon*, agreeably to their tenor, at the office of th? aaI >{?? ?# Tin ~ m 4U- * T ? ? * * " - ' - elOHifii t iwinuiw UI IUO UU11CCI 9U168 in V&6 City of New York. ? | All such Coupons must be presented at that office, accompanied with schedule* showing the n number and amount of cach Coupon, together -I with the aggregate sum of cach parcel, three full 5! business days for examination and verification be- is I fore payment. fe 5-tl9th ?1 Treasury department, u February 4, 1??2. ^ Notice is mrrbby gives of the readiness of pi this Department to redeem the Treasury notes *w payable in one year from date, authorized by the to act of Congress approved December ?Jd, lu57, and jjj the Treasury notes payable In sixty days from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved ?| >m u--k iw1 ?u maitUj ?W?. W Interest on Treaaury notes of the above issues will cease on the 7th day of April next by term* of those acts respectively. fe 5-tap7 Department of state, Washington, January'-!5, 1hj2. j The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturday!, J commencing with Saturday, the first of next in month. ?' jan*7-tf WILLIAM II. SEWARD. T ? th WAR DEPARTMENT, h< January 21, lfcflJ. Order id, That the War Department will be jj{ r lniM) tllmm?aV> \A7 c%A t\omA ??* , . *t vuiiwuajo) i uuiouayn anu Frldaya against all otfcsr business but that wblcb ?{ relates to active military operations In tbs flsld. w Saturday* will be devoted to the bualncu of | Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja'22-tf Secretary of War. HORSE BLANKETS F AND BUFFALO ROBES, p. All stjlee and prices, at it J. B. PUDNEY'S, N 324 Pa. ave , roum, H 35ft D street. ai Rvbber coats, ponchos, leggins, J| ?/< n... -? ?~-r w?wi o vyoyo, at |g J B. PUPNEVS, V? 3U1 Pa. ?ve.^l)fi'k room. or 35ft D gtreet. tr Heavy regulation blankets, ale oheup, by J. B. FUDNEY. o S24 P?.a*e., h%ck room, o' 3.03 i) street. aJ PA NEW THING. ATENT ConiprM?ahl? Cot, can he folded up in'o a ipao? Si inohM Ion* 1>t 6 wide, an ingenious contrivance, for sale by J. B. PUDNEY. 324 Pa. ava.. back room, ja21tr or 335 O street. n Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY v WILL fOIWAID SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR ? FAMILIES, At any place on the line* of their Express, ~ At a oharge of twenty-five cents for any turn not di exoeeaing fitly dollars, and a proportionate additional oharce to plaoes reao..ed 01 by oonneoung Expresses. at The money, whether Gold or Trtasury Not a, hoaid be onolose*! in an envelope and securely

eealed, and have the fall address,(including town. Post Offioe, and State; and in oiU*m, the street and J number.) of the person to whom to be sent, and ? Jtc? amount legibly marked thereon. Envelopes for this purpose may be had at our offices. To facilitate prompt delivery, the charge for rettanoe should be prs said. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. WtkiMtton, Jan. 9,1162. ja?-lm Soldiers' Pay! THE HAKNDEN EXPRESS COMPANY ? Will remit aum of FlbTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, Piom Soldi i*? to tu^k Fahiumi At & charge of ^ TWENTY FIVE CENTS. ? The money should be pliteed in nc ' ENVELOPE Md Monraty seeled.: ^ The fnll eddreee, _ (ituiudxnt Poit OJU*, Statt; also, strut mud mh*4#r. m larri eity,) oI the person to vhom to be em*, 9: MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE . ENVELOPE. j HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED m that m | EXPRESS FURNISHES THE M08T RELIABLE ? MEANS j , | Bni mnr nr??c ? ? irl TO E BKNP THEIR MONEY HOME. ENVELOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FUR- tta NI8HED ON APPLICATION TO t* OUR OFFICE. H>? ? tM a. i5A8MITH' J Si at, ewS^fcoTbLloWpSuTre., A {?' ' : w-hiB??oB<i?.o, A ffHS?3wi? tarraw1' ts ' AUCTION SALES. lij BARNARD A UUCKhY, Auctioneer, (iemrttoum, 1J. C, ^RUfcTKES' 8A1.K.?By virtne of a deed of > Vast from Win. W. MciNeer, doted April M, St. and of reoord. we will offer at auction on the tk day of Febrnary next at 3 oVlocfc p. in , on the eaiiees, ail that lot of ground in Georgetown lownastl.e easternmo?t part of lot number one indred aod twenty-*!*lit. (128 ) in Bea'.l'saddition tie?r*etown,frontinr M le*t on Punt^rton street, id rnnniuc liaek north, of the same width, IS!" ft, with the improvements, consisting of a two orr fram* hnus*. rertns of tale: One-third of Die purchase money x( paid in cash; and the residue at thr<?e e^nnt Btalments. at three, sii and nine monthSt with teresi, to be seoureO. WALTER 9. COX. _ HU?H ('APKRTON. Trustees Seortetuwn tfmld'r Aasocia'n. i&6 2awt* HARVARD ft Itt'CKKV, Anrt?. liy BARNARD ft KUCKKY, Auctioneers. iicorm.own, I), t. PRl'STKES' 8AL&? By virtue of a de?4 of I trast from J?sw I hiek.natfM Ma* 2">. IW %i?l " - va. we will r fT?r a', auction, or thelitn dij February, at S,t4 o'clock p m.uuthe premise#, lat lot of ground in Georgetown, hoonded as lot ws.viz : Beginning at ihe end of twntj-six leet jasured ea*t, on the south lino of \V>?t ?treet. om the southeast intersection of Westand North reels, and running thecco easterly, by and viti e south line of West street, twenty leet, th?noe ?ntnardlT, and parallel with said North street, ghty-six f-et, thsnoo westwardly, and parallel ith said West street, twenty fe?t, and thenoe >rth eighty six feet, to the beginning, with the npro > ementa. Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase monet i be paid in cash, and the residue in three equal sta!meats, at three, six, and mn? months. with iterest, to do secured. Th* terms of BA.IA mimt he rnmnliArl ?ilh vithin is wwk after sale, or the property ma? be retold, ter one weeks' notice, at ihe riak aad cost of the rat purchaser. WALTER 8 COX. Hl'GH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown fcuilding Association. iafr-2*wt* DARNARI)* HlTCKEY.AuoU. By BARNARD A BUCKEY, Auctioneers. (rtorgttoim, D C. HRUSTEES' SALE.-By nrtue of a deed of L trust from B. Hutchins, dated September 22, 56. and of record, we will offer ?t auction on the tn da? ol February. 1862. on the premises, at 4 clock p. m., that part of lot number nicety one, i,)in Beatty A Hawkins'addition to Georgetown, winning for its bounds on the south side of Prosset street, in Georgetown, at a point distant 65 et, measured cast, from the west oorner of said 1. and runninr south and ear&lel with the tsr lino ofraid lot 53 feet, more or 1ms. to theline ; Mrs Masher's lot thence east on the line of ud Iot25 feet, and thence north 53 feet, more or an, to Prospect street; thence with Prospect street feet to tha beginning, with the improvement!, insisting of a two-storv frame house. Terms of sale: One tiiird of the purohaae money > be paid in cash; and the residue in three equal three, six and cino months, with iterest, to be seourec. The terms of sale must be complied with within ne woek after sale, or the property may be resofd t the expense aud risk of the purchaser, after ae week's notice. WALTER 3. COX, u (Tr u PiUL'OTniu nuun v<nrian.i vni Trustee* Georgetown Build'c Aasooia'a. ja 6 2awta BARNARD A BCCKEY, Auota. By BARNARD A. BUCKKY. Auctioneer!. Irecrneioum, D. C. PRUSTKE8' SALE.?By virtue of & deed of L tru?t from Henry Dade, dated April 2S 1867, id of reoord. we will offer at anotion, on the 11th if of February, at 3)t o'olook p. m., on the (rentes, part of lot No. eighty, in Holmead'a addition ?Georgetown,hounded as follow*, viz: Beginng at the northwest corner of said lot. and ran Mg thence south, along North street, forty feet, lenoe eaMtaud at rigl t angles with North street, TtT therce north forty feet, and theboe est f. -*? s:s lee', to the Keginninc, with the i in -ovenieuU, consisting of two two story frame >use?. Terms of aaie : < >ne-t lurd of the puroliaae money i he paid in oash.and tlie residue in three equal atalineut*, at tnree.six,and nine raoutha, ./ith 'erest, to be seourrd. The terms of eale must be complied with within le week afrer sate, or the property may be reaold, the ruk and ooat of the first purchaser, after one eoka' notioe. WALTKR S COX, HiiaH niPi'iitiiM Trustee's Georgetown Bniidmc Association. iasaawts Barnard & buckky.auou. By WALL 4. BARNARD, Auctioneers. [TRUSTEES' SALE ?Br virtu# of a deed of I tru?t from Charles Williams, dated April a, 56, and of record, we will offer at auction, on ilURSDAY, the 13th day ol F?bruary, at 4 olock p. m . on th* premues, that lot o: ground i Washington known and defcorn>ed as t he northnpartoflotNo tw?uty-six, (26,) in seuare No. je hundred, (Kin,) fronting fortj-euut foet on wentieth street. aud fifty feet on M street, with e improvements, oousistiuc of a two atory frame >tsc. Terms of sale: One tiiird of the purchase money > be paid in cash, the residue in three eiual in almeuts, at three, six, and nine months after kte, with interest, to b-j seoured. The terms of sale must be complied with within je week after sale.oi th*? property may be resold. ; the risk ai.d oost of the bist purchaser, aftor one eeks' notice. WALTER 8. COX. HUGH CAl'KRTON, Trustee's Georgetown Build'g Association. |>ra>tu Br WALL It BARNARD, Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE ? By virtue 01 a deed of L trust from N \V. Wa'ker, dated February 33, 55, and of rooord, we will offer at auotion, on KlDAY, the Uth day of February, at 4 o'olook m , on the premises that lot of ground in Wasbgton known and described a*, lot D, in aeuare o. 424 beginning for tU bounds on Eighth street, feet from the northwest corner of said squire, ad running tnenee south with the line of Eighth rcet 16 feet; thecoe east 63 feet 8 incites to ft 3feet ley; thenoe north with the linn of said alley 16 et: th?noe west 63 leet 8 inches to the beginning, ith the improvements. Terms of eale: One thirdo! the purohaa* money > be paid in oaa'i; and the residue in three equal three, six ana nine months, with itorest, to bo ?eoured. The term* of sa e muBt be complied with within ae w*ek arter tale, otlierw.te the property may i resold at the risk and cost cl the first purchaser. Iter tine week'a notice WALTER S. COX.. HUGH capkrton, Trustees Georgetown Uuild'c Associa'n. ia7 2awts wall A BARNaRH, Aucti, By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. P RUST EES' SALE-By virtue of a deed of L tru*tfrom Cyntlna B. .Yason and othera, dated larch IS, i8s7. and of record, we wi 1 oler at auoon.on SATURDAY, the 15th day of Fetruau, . 4 o'clock p. m.. on the premises, that lot of ground i Wasiuaston known as !ot No. eighteen, (18,?in luareNo. seventy three, (73,) with the lniprovoenU. Terms of sale: One third of the purchase money > he paid in oaan; and the re*i<ine id thr?? mu*i 1 sta'.ments, at three*, six and nine monttn alter tte, with interest, to b? secured. The torm* ot tale mu?t be complied with vithin is ?Mk after tale, or the property may be resold the risk and cost of the firat surohaser WALTER ?. COX. HUGH OAPERTON, Trustees Georgetown Build's Asfcoeia'n. ja7 2awts WALL. & BARNARD. AioU. FRANKLIN fc CO , OP TICI A NS , 14 Penn'aav.t(north aide,) bet. 12th and lJth its. BYEM?WS?SB;?-~?. raAmi^Ci All XJ r ICjLaU t* liA5J5LI*i v , COMPASSES, Ao., tit* beet tufthtiea, oonstantlv on hand. f? 4-tr pO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S GBNUINB HAIR JDYB, The Beat in the World. k? Only Rtliablt mnd HurmUts Hair Dy* Knew*, >ld by nil Drvtrifts; aleo, at BmiTON'i Patent MLediome Store.cp. Patent Office, oor. F A 7th, " 'Lflfii snJS&s^asL 10tori?81 liarolarac<5W V Broadway) N. T. Li ? 1*99,) sajKjsssvsgw&sssass Bp wedi to Tranaeort Merohandiae, Hunk Notaa, eoukJawal**, JU~to aOi rvt? of the MiddU, m Mmlmmdj*i Wutmn Statu IM PniiU, toneounc with the moat roe tonal ble fiyrww roaihoatthe oountry, ire are enabled to onr tfuaUsd fmcxlitut to ail who a?y favor aa with wrr" *3aSK3"*' a a 1-1 "urd * door bajow Pa^areoie^ DAMfl' KXPRK88 COMPANY. NOTICE or Mil JTdL. WASHINGTON, D. C., JANl'ARY, IM8. REMOVAL. f A. BIXIXUEK &. CO. BAVt Jkl U na O v U D 70 *il9 FCNMVLViNIA AVtNOE, orroaiTi WILL A EDS' HOTEL. W? tavite tLt attention of our filenda *ud troon to the Card below : No. *19 PM^TtTA^lA..AT?*r*, I (Ofponn winarns tiOItl,)) The Subscriber*. having opened a Branch E?biblifthment In this Citv a few month* since, and feeling encouraged Dy the llbersd jiatM>n?i'* ready received from t<a friends aud the lovers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other articles in their line, have determined pon a continuance and extension of their bus! new. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and districts.) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac , Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complaints, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINhS, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Price#. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac., Ac. The Stock was particularly selected to suit the wants of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateurs, Ac. They are Invited to visit the establishment, which la under the direction of Mr. Jos. P. Wilson. Owing to the fact that they Import most of the articles direct, and to their many business facilities, they are enabled to offer their stock Goods at very low prices. Your obedient servants, A. BiniNGtR k. CO., mporttrs of Foreign Witus, Liquors, fc. Ja 11-tf NKW VORK AJ?D \Va8HIH6T01I. ARMY EXPRESS C9.MPA.fl. NEW ARRANGEMENT! i ALL KAIL FROM NEW YORK. 41 HOI HS. This Company is prepared to forward all kinds of goods to and from? NEW YORK?Office 351 Bioalway. BOSTON?Office, 7 Congress stieet, and 2 Congress Square, PHILADELPHIA?Office, 337 Chestnut street, BALTIMORE?Offioe,Camden Station, WASHINGTON-Offioe, 398 Pennsflvania a*., ALEXANDRIA-Offioe, 106 King street, ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE. NEWPORT NEWS, PORT ROYAL, And th? SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS, AT FAIR KATES' jaW lm* LOVELY, COLL.E8 It CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Sweet, New York, and 316 K Streev Washington. D. C.? (near Willard's Hotel.) Hftviug lifted a ir&ncfc of our New York eat&t - lishment in this city, vro innl? Sutlers. Groctrt, Rutouruutntrs. and Hotel Kursrs, to call and examine our stock which 1a well assorted and conapr^ed of goods of the best tuality. We take orders for anything in our line, a::J execute them promptly. ja a tf pARAFFINE CANDLES! MEUCClS FATE NT r AR AFFIXE CANDLES! & 4 m factored by the Niw Yobx CaiNdli Co. tor alio in quantities to auitpureha rs.byth* Manufacturers'' Agents, JOHNSON * NAGLE, Penn. avenue, Washington D. C. ja 21 10 Roy*], near King at., Alexandria, Va. Dayton's Bakery. IBM NEW YORK. BRANCH, No. 466 Eleventh ?tbetween O and H, WASHINGTON. D. C. da YTONTS flu nic * UY8TKR ukaukbho, M 8P0N6E BUTTER CRACKER8, M BOSTON CRACKERS, " WATER CRACKERS. M SODA CRACKERS, ? GRAHAM CRACKERS, * LEMON BISCUIT. * OlebmKxTMtNCE PIES. HoUl- keopara, Head a of PMriliM, and Sntiare are icriUd to try oar exoallent MINCE PIES. TESTIMONIAL. Gamp Scott, Sept. 1,1*U. 1 If*. Dattam? Kit! All of kotk - * frintM, kan ate (Mr of tow Plea. I nb ooeooioaUoealy ?ta?e UuU bo nan ia on the nek liat iron partakia?<or them. To UU the trath, *i arc haart-aiok baoaaae wa ou'l got aoottf h of than. They are the only real ioxary we hare had aisoe we left hone. W. F.Diaim', M.D ,Surgeon. fnr Dieooaat to the Trade. J. L. DAYTON, i ia 114ai ?> ElieiaU at. Waakiartoa. D C : THI W11KLY STAB. TU UMl'al Family u4 Maw lunila gtmtm rvuty t liiw?n n*< a FrMijamlii. full?OmA, *m~rU*lf, 1m I?MII, suffte ?opr pw ui m Hn eo^la ? ? * VM iwf * wm?? ^ ? Vwwty-Sve ttylw????m?m????? B H 11 liTVlaMy eoataiaa U? " Woafclagtaa Mm1 U?1 kaa made 1%* Dmitp gmmi*c Stm elioatata M (omllj tbroogbeat tfec ooutry. CT?ln?le copies (la wrapper*) eu be fftared at the counter. Immediately altar Um Im of tbe paper Prloe?THJiEK CENT* HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " umHL r conchhthatkd ? Compound Fluid Extract Bachu, a Pcrit**4 SfftJU kiwuif For Diiimii U (? of ft unt'B in ** ? ? ?* - ? ? Ob-lUUIift ? ?* I I'.Ti C. IP, dhAVf.Li Ul DKUrhiCAh 8W KILLINGS. Tun Medicine inero^o* lU* y>wt of DiimUw, ' ?ild <W01te? til* !-" ^??UTlT MUOB. ? ? whtohthe WiTtlT el ccrllWl Ifrnfltinw , % >d ?" rxv4tct*i. v\..ari. *m " t* t:e> rMio?d, ?. weii U r*ljl A.N1 IUHK4TIOII. llELMbOLD S KXTMACT BUCHU For W?m> >.? ?* Arittzz *>' ni??i??ii? ?>'!* )i.(fiaor*t">n or A^nee. A'ttnrifd vitkthi Sympirmt: Intfit^wttton to Kxertaon. Loe? of Povr, Loaa sM Menaorr. D3>ouij ot Hreatigm, VV?k Nttm, Tr?aibaa|, Horror of ItiMMP. WaksfviiMM, of Viai?U| fain m the Mock, Univorta I.a?*itude of th? M?ten V** * ?!?. Hut t!ai.d>. plashing of the Dodr* l>ryn?e? of t^HWt, K.rur'i"?>a on the Face, tALLlb CiiBMtJUMI. Tnese rymstmns. II avowed To go on, wbtob this i&ediouM invariably rdBoree. soon foUows 1MFOTRNCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, M cmt if which tht Patimt may Erpu*. Who can nay ttiat they are not frequently followed y Uidfe "nEVUL DiiKAils," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mmj are itM rrf the o?uee <>{ their aufleriac, BUT NO!tB WILL CONPBSt. THi". RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tki Mdantko'.y Dtatkt fry Cc**?M?pfM?. IU1 AMFLB WPT*li*P TO THB TBCTB OF TBB UOBITMR. ihe vnnsmmiABr1"" Mniree the aid of medicine to etrenftben and lr.Tigf.rale the Sfrtaa hioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU Mrart *> I* d*t TBULWILLCOST1KCB TBB MOCT .BPT1CAX. FEMA LBS- FEMA LE8- FEMA LBS, /\( n <\ n am a? ? > a* * * KjLtU un IUL ho, PinttLiVi. m \rmr.i', v* CONTEMPLATING MAKR1A0K. In Manv Aftttxont Peculiar i* Ftmnlti the Extract Uucnu is qdmu& l?d by My other remedy, u in Chioroeie or Retetitioa, lrr> Knianty Pftiafu-uaea, or Suppren?ao of OuihiMri KrMnatione. Ulcerated or Sohirrou* state of the Ut?ru?, Leuoorrhea or Whites, Sterility, and for all eomp&i&tt incident to the mi. whether arieiac from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or la the DECLIXE OR CHANGE OF LIFE ' BUM STMFTOMS ABOVE. NO FAMILY bHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Tnkt no ?nort Balsam, Mtrcvrf. or Vnpitaimmt mtaicxnt jor unpi?tut au iMkftftM D\ ******. HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU aw SECRET UIIEAIES In alt their Siacea. At utile Kumt LaUio or bo otMi* in l>iet; No imobtmih* And M ATHWi. it eauaea a fre?u'nt desire and givoa strencU to Innate, thereby Removing obstruction*, 'reverting and Curing St net urea of tbe Urethra, Allaying fain and lnflammattOB, eo freqaent in the class of diseases. and exp?.LULf mil PniMni, IH.'t+ttd, and worn out Mailer. thopsawr* trpox THonaanoc WHO HAVE BESS THE VJC11M8 Of QUACKS, and vhahav* paid Awry/m to be oared ib a abort time, have found titer were deceived, and that Ut "poison" kaa. hr the ase of "powrful attnafiali been died or in U?a sjstetn, to break oat la aaac 1 graveled form, anu A ^ i>liA4 U A' i *i? MAUHJ4U JB, HELM BOND'S EXTRACT BVCBV all affection* ?0" dueaaea o 1 the URINARY OK6ARI, whether earning in MAU OR riHJLLIt from whatiT?r -aD?e rnrtrstiin and uo matter of ai<? LOPie ITAMINQ DisataMoUiMS Ortfcua r??Dlretlie ud oi ? Ihnnic. HELM BOLD 8 hXTHACl BUCHV k? THE 6RKAT DIURETIC, |pd it certain to have tb? aeairad efleet IB D wtui t? t* rr""" -rtndtd. H.ii MOIT natrc^aiiLa amv *?L.IAKUI CHARACTB* wh.Jacoomy&iiT tt>? nflriiciiMt. CERT!ricf ."-? *?p cure*. From i to c ymn' nudiac with Nibm inowa to ""lJblNCE AM) FA ML MPHYSICIANS" PLEASE -NOTICE." W1 VUI "fff I5CRKT ' OP "IIIUDIISTI." II ELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU wor-|K)??d of Buobn, and J uaffr Barries, eaieelad vrth *. oat car* by a eviapetant dracgiat. PREPARED I If TACUQ, BY H. T. HELMBOLD, Practical and Analytiaai Ctietriet, and Soto ManE?L*?0L1>? 0KSU1N1PREPARATION 8. AFFIDAVIT. Personal j a|p?areil oefore ne. an Atdartaaa of the city of Pai:v*, H. T. JlkLM?<>Lb. wao being duly nrcrn, doth ray.hU prrp*'%t.r>a? oon tarn eo 'ivootio, no or otner injativue drug*. but ar? rely r?r?ar>lfv. ^TT. MKLMMOLDt Sworn and eubMribed Wiiure a*e, Ui?iS uoay of Novmbox, IBM. W M. P. Hi Bbliljl), Alderman, Ninth rU. abor* Race, phi_a. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FHOM a A M IX) 8 P. M. Frlct tl f*t btttli, n tlx tor f . D*.iT?r?d to arfdrM, maraiy rva ddrwa Irttora tor Uftrwiliw u m H. V. HELMBOLl>, OUHU| Xtopet, 104 801th TwUi aC, Mov Ci?#?ghi ffc|? BEWAftg OF COtWT?fti'?l?a AND VXTRltiCIFLED D+ALKUS who endeavor to du>oae "of own' " ttir irtieiN ? Ua n?iMo- -iimim j Htlmbold i Ftifmmitcn , " " MBtrtt Bm m, U W (I Bold by P. B. Wilfl, X. O. SOMA*. J*U Wnxr. B. C. Pou, B, B. Emnmi, B. C StAjeft, D. M. (Xau, Kuwni ft unmu. L MajaIi Wukiagtoa u4 Imi lid 11? IAND ALL DMW9?rsn iriirWNXU, ASK rom BJfLMBOLD'b cixivo ouua. wmmt MHiHw- * ?**??. r Uf? AT01P IJiFOfIT10F ft XIVIUI i?i .1 ,. on florilMI AtllW '" ? IHM I- 0 **

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