Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWST , i. ? - - - ? Nottc*.?After biting for Atny years printed Mir? lltts TtT Mtfti remaining uncled for In th? ftV. t>?*re tit tt>I? elty. (tinder the law aitHor|7injr their publication la tlw se&kpaper having be forges* rlr?vlfet*jh Vtithln tne usual delivery '.tt ?4?,) the proprietor of the Star has at hsftffOi felt compelled to deeiiM their further Intrr^oa, btcaaw of the great apace they have rone to occupy, and of the fhet that for month* past he ha* been forced to lay oitt An each occasion, when printing the Matt, advertisements the m*ertlotJ of which would isve paid at least double aa mtxa u ti* law allowed him for the IB addition to this positive pecuniary loaa by their Insertion since those lists cave come to be. ns large aa the New York dty letter llaU, they bare entirely??r? the day Mi which they were p*lnt*d-defc*ted his purpose of making the Star t>w*\* ft nfw? being its well-known I pet Xlltf. i AnnixiHTs To-Nish*. Thiat**.? Benefit of John E. Owens, tnd his iut sDpearmix-e as "John Unit," In the comedy of " &elf." Entertainment concluding with the furce of " Young Vmerle*''?Owens as ?'#obn raaoe* Pooiey " Ch*istt's ?An immenke bill of songs, dances, snd bnrleacoe. concluding with " The Doublebedded Room"?Christy as "Dulcimer Swypes." To-morrow night, first appearance of the 41 Zouaves," and benefit of Hayes and Nell. Caitiiiiit HallWashington at Valley Forge," "The Sailor's Return," and a grand hill of Hongs, ballads, apd comicalities .\latinee to^norTOY afternoon, for ladies ana children, With this distribution or gifts? among them a beautiful t;lk dress Ki5o's Axphthiatie ?Tom King,Scott, Kinrsde M'lle H#1a<m finti all tK? a(K*r fn new and brilliant bill of equestrian and acrobatic performance*. Go and aee the grand " Zouave Bait." Smithsonian ?Lecture by J. u. Holland, Fvsq , before the Washington Lecture Association, upon 44 Working and Shirking." Mectcal Lsctcrx, at the Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, bv Dr. Trail, of New v?rk, upon " Hygiene " The lectures of Dr Trail are exciting treat Interest in this community. and 'here will be aisrge attendance, doubtless Seats free. Orphans' Fai*. at the St Vincent's Female Orphau Asvlum, comer of G and Tenth streets Ice crenm, confectionery, fancy articles, A.c. Fair for the beneht of St. Matthew'a Free Schools, in the church at the corner of Fifteenth and H streets. Music, refreshments, useful and fancy articles, etc. T*mperancb Hall, E street, between Ninth una imu iuwh ?ursna wirw oi vror t'. t. Barnes Academy o? Mpsic ?Free concert al 3 o'clock Attractive music, excellent refreshment* Ac.,Ac. Hall open all day See announcement elsewhere of new feshires of attraction at this establishment Da Trall's Lsctcri?Last night, Dr Trail lectured at the rooms of the Young Men's Christies Association upon hygienic medication. Before entering upon his lecture, the Doctor related >ome of his r>r?feMional experience, and alluded to the circumstances which lad him to visit Wasbactor., where he said ?cidlers were dying of ret* Is once In awhile, of dlaease occasionally, and of doctors and dru?s very frequently. There are but t .ro systems of medicine?one ten years, and the other 3 ono years old. The former Is the drug system, the fatter the fcyg<enic The drug sys*eu? attempts to cure disease with that which would make a well person slek, while hygiene only administers that which is used by every person In health. Nature has provided no remedies 1UI u scasr, ? uiaraK la ID? preservation 01 itle. not the result of a violation of the lawa of life Dteas* is a proem of purification. la fever the patient nceda food just as much as when well, but the digestive organs cannot dispose of It properly, as they busily engaged In purifying the system. The functions of the system are simply nutrition and purification, and there are but two viva by which disease is engendered?one by *aking impurities Into the system, the other by 'heir collection inside through the failure of the Tjtni to perform their proper functions Thus, when the lungs cease to operate properly, they beocme diseased, and consumption follows. Drown ng and suffocation in deep wells is not caused by the inhalation of water or poiaonoua gas, but la <-auaed by the spasmodic closing of the glottis, which shuts In the poison carried off at every breath. If one-sixth of the skin lsburned or scalded so as to prevent that portion from discharging the impurities of the system through its pore*. Immediate death is inevitable. The operation of eme'lca not their effect upon the poisonous matter in th# atr rr? -? r* X Krat tK? I? .-i??i 0 * *? ?^ VU> ?UV O^MUUUiV ICIObliUd UI IUC vile doae by that organ. When poUonoua matter cloga the ayatem, we ahould not admfnlater rMaoncua drag* to expel It. bat ahonld aasiat nature In clearing it out through the proper chan*.iela Typhoid pneumonia la not dangeroua If it la left alone, and the organa of purification put in proper order. That la only the purifying proceaa, the danger being in the groaaneaa and debility of the system Nursing, and that alone, la the entire art of cure. Hence the ad vantage ot homeopathy. The doaea adminla'ered In tnat practice are ao amell and lnalgnlficant thct thev do not injure the ayatem, while the confidence placed In the efficacy of medicine give* reat to the mind of the p ?tlent, a great dealderatnm In the treatment of dlaeaae, and nature, unobatructed by druga, oon clears out the cyatem. His ayatem of cure only required a proper management of diet, ven < ?iaw< ii auu Kuipciaiuir, wua pTIICCl rCTI l/TBeaee being a f roceas of purification, a regulation of that process la all that is necessary If tbe impurities all try to escape at one point, that organ Is destroyed, ar in Asiatic cholera and consumption Psln is but the over-taxing of a portion of the organs In dlscha-^ing poinonous matter, but if all the orgsns are balanced, and discbarge their proper quantity of Impurity, sickness at rnce ceases ana health is restored This evening Dr. Trail proposed to explain his rules for determining the nature of diseases, and his system of cure. tatar or Faascts P*tit ro* Mcrdkb ? Before the Criminal Court ?This morning the rase of Francis Petit, indicted for the murder of William Matooey, (a free negro,) was taken np. Th#> homie'd? n??nrf#H In ? ???? will do doubt be recollected by war readers. It is charged that Francis Petit was on a long boat in the canal at the foot of Fifteenth street, when the colored boy Win Mauoney. who was about 12or 13 years old, a*ked him for "a chew of tobacco " Some words passed, when Petit took a gun and fired. Inflicting gun-sbot wounds on Mshoaev in the stomach and breast, which are said to have caused his deatb Nrwri. DaTldge and Bradley, jr., appeared for the defence. The following iury was chosen?all from the regular panelHenrv B Walker, Patrick Crowley, John Scrivener, Lewis Wright, Henry MarMa, John W Hansom, Joseph Poliansbee, James H. Durham, Henry C Kletber, John W Rlden or, Joan f'.e, Tnos O. Clayton. District Attorney Carrlngton then made bis opening statement to the Jury, after which Mr. Bm41ey made hie opening statement for the defence, ktating that ne expected to pro re tbat his -Went did not know that the gun was loaded, but only used it by way of menace. Aaaisx of Mb. Jbheihs.?Mr Henry Jenkins, of this eity, who has been within the Confederate lines for some time, returned to this city a few days since, having come from Norfolk to Baltimore under a flag of truce, fcr the purpose cf visiting hi* children here, who had been represented to Mr. J. as suffering for the necessaries of life On hia arrival ia this place, Mr. Jaakins reported hlmaelf to Gen. Montgomery, and stated the circumstance* under which he vMttd hia -vm?v ?' u ?cu i>viu veil m. u oracr a* etr.pttag him from arrest, ricrpt for mladeaoeanor or offences agAlnat civil !?w Notwltbatanding tbia, last night Mr Jenhina waa arrested and takes to the Provost Marshal* office, wbera be waa detained all nlybt, and waa tbia morning, with two other peraona, carried to Washington ? AUxamdrta L o'jml St ten. AanatTiu to* Dislotaltt ?Last evening, a young man, named PrancU M Wheatlev,waa arreated by Officer Jamas W.Allen and Mr George F Hotehkias, for uttering disloyal acnMmenw, and language favorable to aec*ah, pnbl'cly, la a restaurant in thia city Several witaeaaea testified agalnal him before Justice Johnaon. by whom he waa committed to the custody of the military guard%t tbe ceatral station, subject to military orders. Hr ia a native of thia city, the son of a respectable citizen of the Fifth Ward,who waa Tery mucb ejfited by the arrest of hia *on on such a r barge The evidence ia very strong against him Csstbal Goaao Hccsa C^aaa?b*for? JuttU* T-. _ . , lot, n IUIIII..? "I I? ? J ner, James Jamison, drunk, turned over to the military John Drv ik, drank; tl 94 Geo P ?b?fer, drunk end disorderly; #1 94 Lawrence West, colored, cturfed with steeling ?10, retained for judgment Henry Alien, arrested as s dreerter. and tamed over to the Chief of Police of Elmlrs. N. Y. He ted enlisted In the Home Guard here, bat owed his service In n different regiment On. Tneix's Lacrvnn To-mon??8es announcement elwwbere of the ft*e lecture of Dr Trail, of New York. Dr. Trail is an educated mu>, sod Is tbos able to treat his subject in n manner to Interest (be most Intelligent minds Dr Trail will l?rturi on mr^nln# n*xt boforo (be ?? Washington lecture Assoc* aige," at tbe ?mlth?oaUn Instt tutloa. h?m to Deat* -Lut Tuesday sight a soldi^ tr*tea to death la the stave paa la Aiex**rta TbU has boaa iMd lor a vaard-hoose war, bat Is la naay respects totally aalt to ssrapaaey at any lndirfdusi md thosa s stateotdrunkenaessoften safer m ??????? Smithsojiur L*ctc**?Ob Wei jesday ewnine, Dr. Haves delivered nls second,lecture at 1 tfc&Bihlttnon/.an Institution. -.pea ??Arctic Explorations.'f PreVlojit to the lecture, Prof. Henry, Secretary Of the Institution, made a few highly ' interesting observationsappropriate to the subject, i and especially with regard to the scientific Importance of toe voyage of Dr. Hayes When the expedition was fitted out It was strenuously objected to on the ground that It would develop nothing new, and would prove an exposure of human life to Bo purpose. The result proved faf the reverse, and gave to science the benefit Of Dr. Hafefc' observations *itb the pendulum^ (by i woicn me relative rorce or gravity wu determined,) and on the tides, of the atmosphere, direction of the wind, temperature, kc With regard tothe latter, a new theory wa? established, relative to the Intoence of 'be moon upon It. At fall moon It Was found the cold was most Intense This phenomenon was mo;- ,insular from the fact tjja\ ;ae mdot, wllii other planets, Truect the lieat of the sun| but it Watiubse^aentlv demonstrated that the reflected heat settee W dissipate the vapors and cloud* of the atmosphere, thereby permitting the warmth of the earth to tscend. Thekheervatlbna of Wane, MeCltntock, and Hayes were being worked out and discussed minutely here In America, but In England nothing but the popular expositions had ever been elven put, *o tbit tfce Vn?Vjd ?? ?> will er<oy th? distinction of presenting to the scientific world the moat elaborate and reliable charts and descriptions of tbe Polar regions. Dr. Hayes, after bnefiy reviewing bis previous lecture, took aphis narrative where tbe party were about to leave their winter quarters. Want of space will not sdmtt of giving more than a very brief outline of his absorbing Lecture. Tbe sun row to theqi on the 10th of February, and they tfcefre soon, ready for * trip over the Ice. On the l?th of March, Br Hayes, accompanied by two persons with sledges and dogs, set out on an expedition northward. They took with them 100 pounds of provisions, consisting of defalcated beef and potatoes, and a supply of necessaries, which. Including extra clothing, lamb, bufiaio robes, A.c., did not exceed twenty-five pounds Traveling over the Ice aa rapidly aa possible, and upon one occasion breaking through Into the aea with the thermometer at thirty degrees below zero, tbev reached the old winter quarters of Dr. Kane. Nothing was found of the wreck of the Advance save a piece of board, and a hugs Iceberg rested where the vessel's ruined hulk had been left. The pyramid erected over the grave of some of Dr. Kane's party had been destroyed, and the records burled there," carried off by the Esquimaux In search of plunder Upon returning to his veasel Dr Hayes found all / fnr Si itAft an/1 Ipuvino thsro nossniis In charge of the schooner, with eleven companions, left their winter quarters on the 4th of April, 1661, in the midst of gaiety and lively mirth Two of the party managed the sledges, and the remaining ten dragged the boat upon a sled. Their colors was a white flag with a crimson star in the center, and the motto ' Flud a way, or make a W?." They also took with them a small national flag which had accompanied a southern exploring party to the most extremt point of discovery, and which, in visiting the northern regions, had floated over more territory than any other flag In existence This is now in tbe possession of Mr. Henry Grinnell. In tbe first nine hours they traveled 22 miles, but afterwards they met with so many obstacles >um tury viiiciiiuti uiu nut citccu umi a mile 1 day. Each day was divided Into eight hours tor traveling, ten hours for sleep, and the remainder of the time spent at their meals, lunches, Ac. At night, their house was prepared by digging a pit in the snow four feet deep and eighteen by seven feet square, across which two poles were placed, and on the*e the sled Over this was spread a canvas covering, and the whole buried to the depth of two or three feet with snow. India rubber cloth, buffalo robes and blankets were spread upon the floor, upon wbtch the party stretched themselves, each man's feet lying alongside his neighbor's head. These houses would soon become warm and comfortable, sometimes attaining a degree of temperature as algh as 34 deg above zero, wane it via many degree* below outside. The atmosphere never became Impure In these houses, as all impurities are absorbed by the snow, and the air constantly kept fresh and wholesome After traveling three weeks lathis manner, it was found impossible for the whole party to proceed further, and all were sent back save three persons,who pushed on with Dr Hayes. In fourteen days only forty miles were made, so bad was the traveling, and It finally became necessary to carry on half their provisions, Ac., to a point on their route on one day, build their hou?e, and the next day return for the remainder, and after spendiug the seoond night at the snme place, proceed again in a similar tedious and wearisome manner. When 400 miles from the ship the strongert man of the party gave out, and as the dogs were *lan hM*Amlnar t\f littlo hm U' other person were compelled to harness themselves to ths sledges. After traveling 80 miles In this manner. Dr. Hayes, with only a single companion, and four days rations, pushed on, leaving the disabled man in charge of an attendant Sixty miles from the invalid and hU companion, and with but a single day's ration, Dr. Hayes and hla comrade turned tack upon their homeward journey; but their ctoga had become so exhausted that they were compelled to walk the entire distance. By this trip the most northern land on the globe ever discovered was found and explored, together with TOO miles of xhore line, over which the Stars and Stripes then for the first time waved The point thus attained was 63 deg and 40 mln. north latitude, the highest ever before attained being that of Dr. Kane, 78 deg. and 37 mln north latitude. Following back upon their old route, the party finally reacned their vessel with but seven do^s left, of a pack of fourteen, and having trav eiea, in sixty aays, over i,?w miles Two weeks were (pent at Port Hope making observations and collecting apecimens; and after vainlv striving to pass Cape Isabella on another tour of exploration, the season having become advanced the expedition turned their faces homeward On their route back thev surveyed Jones'Sound and the north shoreline of Baffin's Bay for a distance of 1,300 miles. In Baffin'** Bay they fell in w th a sail, but could get no news whatever from America; and at the station In Greenland the only reply thev got to their eager Inquiries wan, "The South States go away from the North Statin, and plenty of fight." Tne papers there brought news of the Inauguration of President Lincoln, but nothing of war. Hastening on their homeward route, in the midst of a severe gale they descried a vessel, but after running across her bows It was found that they A (ia? t?.?Wa V.abmI M-.Ul vvutu uw> liisav iucmo?>f n u??iu. Hl?IJil Ilg UpUH a piece of cumn tbe question "Is there war?" the repiv was given In the name manner. 'Yes," and tbe v? seels parted. Running lnt j Halifax for repair*, the newi of the war burst upon tbem at once in all ita magnitude, and after a abort delay, tbe good schooner United made the barbor of Boston, her old home, on tbe 23d of October, 1361, after an adventurous cruise of over fifteen months. The lecturer felt special satisfaction with the result of his geographical observations and survey* of Urlnuell's land, the most northern discovery, and named in honor of Mr. Grlnnell, whose asalstanc had proved of tmcb signal service to tbe expedition CaiMlMal OnciiT ?Yeaterdav. Beniamln Frank. Lin Johnson (colored) wa* convicted in the two casea of Urcenv for which he was tried?In connection with the robbery of letters belonging to the 1st Long Island Regiment He has now, therefore, been found guilty In three several cases of larceny. Patrick Cady, indicted for an aaaault and battery on Wm Harmon, was acquitted Mark Evans, tried tor the larceny of thirteen dollars from John Adams, was acquitted. Adjourned Small Notis in Washington ?The bill intrnrfnrMi la th? uM^r<(a? K.. if. and referred to the committee on &e District of Columbia, relative to the laaue of until note* authorizes the Corporation of Washington to laaue and relaaue note* of a le*a denomination than Ave dollar* to an amount not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars, payable at par to ttot creditors of the Corporation and redeemable in current note* at par In Washington, or In Treasury note* of the United Statea, whenever pres-nted In aums of Ave dollars or more; the notes alao to be received at par for all taxea and other duea. Bzmioc* Accidsm. ?Wednesday afternoon, a man named John Horgan waa driving a Government wagon on H street, near the national printing office, when he was suddenly thrown from his seat and fell in the road. One ot the hind WhMli DIMed AW hlfl hfldv. iniurini/ Hinr? I* U feared, seriously. The roada are in no condition now fot teat driving, and any who attempt It risk their ll*ee and llmba, aa well as the penalty of the law In inch caeca Am Ambucak PaiHA Donna.? A pleasant feature of the la?t Wednesday reception of Mrs General McC lellan waa the advent of an American can la Vice of flne musical powers, Miss Kate Dean, native ?f Ithaca, New York, ihe haa studied seven years under Bag loll and other Italian masters, and now appears with a finely-cultivated, sweet voice of mocn eompoas Tax Kaias DLsaeWednaodaj sight a coloeed UIU, aww kmwu, WMI wiMrwrU WW tattoo for lodging. He candidly eoatmed that be WW tick with aina.l-poa, and, being homeleee, had bean wandering a boat the rtmli. The patrolman Bent feliu to a place where be would come ta contact with no one, and jrwterdajr morning got a permit for his adoalaeloa to the snall-pox 6cra**? Cow, February No 14? John ?id iirr*, pitinun m error, t? saary l>. Tyler r? al. The argument of Uils caote wu continued by Mr Hilt for tbe deftoduU In error, tad concluded by Mr. Ewlag for t*e plaintiff In error j CAtaTute Wxaron ?James Edlln wee arrested yesterday. by PalraUnaa Parker, lor carrying , coaeeeled deadly weapons, tad ww faed VttS ( by Jo*lee Barnaelo A SoLOtvs Shot.?Last night two soldiers of the 7th Near York cavalry, went to the houso of eMUlam PulUvan. on R street north, between Ighth and Itlntn, ar.3 knocked at the door. The door was opened by a m?n, and "oth the oldters entered and took seats on a lounge near the door. The man asked what they wanted, nd they replied they wanted to star over night. The man said they roald not, and ordered them oat. Tbree other'men and some women came Into the room, and the order to the soldiers to withdraw wu Repeated several timet. They ^ere about leading. #hen 1 ?tout dark cofflpl^ct- I ed man came In from an oppo?ite footh ana risked, "Aint yon going*" and drew a pistol and fired, the ball taking effect In the body of Timothy Sweeny. He was removed to the regimental hospital at Tamp Htonemaq, where the wound waa examined by Burgeon Chas L. Hubbtll, of the 7th cavalry. The ball entered In front about two inch** fr6m lb* MVel, passing through the stomach and liver, and wa? e*tracte4 behind. The v^ltneaae* were brought be/ore Justice T'u>mps*n at U o'cloci, to-day, and the above statement is iiibai&ctlelly M given by John M. Howder, who was with Sweeney at the time. Surgeon Hubbell, who examined the Wound, ?tat?d ihit h; it mortal, though there la a bare possibility of recovety fwe?rey wm told that tVifc? u/nnnH urn mnpfal ?nH hftlncr lAnaltlif inade a dying declaration, which was committed vo wfitlng; SndJn order to make it legal evidence before a court, Justice ThSirpson postponed the examination till 2% o'clock, in artier get the declaration of Sweeney under oath. County Patrolman Johuson came to the city last night and obtained the aid of Roundsman Curtis and several of the Third Ward patrolmen, and went to Sullivan's and brought away Wm. Sullivan and Maty StllllVan, Hofatl? Trunnell and Mrs. Trunnell, who were found in the hotlse. TV.? I mm 41- - kuc; aic iiuw iu uuiiuii ui auuiun uiaa iibiucu Hrown, wly> wu tcere at the time of the firing, but e?cap*u arrest Howdgr saw the prisoners, bat say* no one of them Is tae paft7 *bat fired the hot. Robbbrt and Akrkst ?On Wedneaday morning, about half paat two o'clock, the clothing tore of J. II. dmlth, on Seventh street near F, was entered by robber* and goods amounting In value to about $*200 were stolen, consisting of coats, pants, vests, and other goods usually found in a clothing store. One of the parties (both of whom are very respectably connected) to the robbery-, William Hcndlcy, began to reflect upon what he had done, and went to his brother and revealed the whole thing, and told where to recover the goods The re?ult was that patrolmen Donn and Handley, of the Fourth Ward police, arrested Edward Magee and carried him before Justlcc D"nn, by whom he was committed to jail. The goods were recovered, a portion from the residence of Magee, and a part In an old stage coach at the corner of Eighth and H streets. They got Into the store bv taking a stepladder and scaling a high wall In the rear of the building, and after three attempts succeeded in forcing the back door. They armed themselves to resist any Interference, and locked the i selves in They then proceeded to pile Dp the goodsihey designed to carry away. About SI,000 worth was piled up In the floor, when they were frightened by some noise, and went away with the goods which have since been recovered. Magee wu acquitted on Tuesday, In tbe Criminal Court, on charge of robbing a man of 8190, and this offense was committed the next morning. Properly Cared For.?Vesterday. a mulatto girl of tbe fancy claw, creat?-d quite an excitement in tbe neighborhood of C and Thirteenth streets, bv her outrageous behavior in the street. She was drunk, disorderly, profane, nnd indecent, and was very unmanageable. She sa*d she was brought to this city front the North, but bad no* been properly cared for by the party who brought her here Justice Clark gave ner a commitment totheworkhouse for 90days She would not give her name, and was returns! by the Sergeant as Mary lJrunk, on his report. Pettt Thieves ?This morning a man in uni form boldly took down a pair of boots hanging In front of Mr. Wm Griflin's ?tore, on tbe Avenue, and made off with them. A dav or two since a similar looking person enternd Mr Hoover's cltar store, on the Avenue, and secreted a box or cigars on bis person, and got off safely with it. ?tore keepers should be ontbelr guard " Bpi Ritr alism ."?"And the light shlneth in darknets, aud tbe darkness comprebendeth it not " J. B Couklln, tbe great test medium, Is In Washington by spirit directions All wishing to telegraph to their spirit friends and receive truthful communications of the past, present and future, are invited to call at No 411 Thirteenth street, back of W1 Hards' Hotel Be ye not ignorant of the truth, but rigidly investigate the powers which control all nature. It Limb' Lime!!?Our friend Wm H.Godey, hss just opened a kiln of best quality wooabnrnt lime. Call at the kilns on Rock creek, near Georgetown. fe 7 2t Washington, Feb 4. 18(12 ?To the Editor of tk* Evming Siar?Sir : I seethnt In the report of the Investigating Committee of the Houseof Representatives, of which Hon John F. Potter was chairman, my name is published as one of the ui?iuTut cmpn'jcco "i luc uuTvruiuriii, UIl ?oe testlmrny ?f Wm. Rutherford, Chas. Culvert, John B Hine?,Geo. T. McGlue,and Wm Worth. Will you do me the favor to publish this, mv solemn denial of the charge brought against me? 1 am now, as 1 have ever been, a Union man, and have by no word or act justified or encouraged the secession movement. The testimony brought against me consists mostly of impressions, to which of course no answer can be given, except to asseverate that even If they were honestly formed, they are entirely erroneous, having no foundation whatever in anything I ever said of did. 9o far as the testimony purports to give facts?any pretended conversation of mine?I pronounce it to be unqualifiedly false in every essential particular, and in other respects so entirely distorted as in no way to convey my origlual meaning. Respectfully youra, f Wm. H. Walxkr. The miasma and foul vapora generated by the hot tun will be far more deadly to our volunteer* tb%n the enemy's bayonets. In the Indian and Crimean Campaigns Holloway's Pills were used in enormous qua a titles They kept the troops in perfect health. Only 25 cents per box. Soldiers, upply yourselves^ '217. Ixstantambocs cure of Corns. Bunions, Callosities. Inverted Nails, Warts, and all dlae=sen of the feet. Mr. Demond, Surgeon Chiropodist, is enabled, bv a peculiar process, to eradicate the moot palnlui excrescences In a few minutes,without the least pain or th? slightest Inconvenience to the patient Consulting hours from nine a. in. to five p. n.. at bis office, 353 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel. Best reference given in this city. feb 3-lni Corns, Bunions, Calosltles, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, and all diseases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and sixth streets. Room 7?up stairs. Office hours from 12 m to 6 p. m. Orders to call at residences promptly attended to. jan 16-Ira* Familibs wh > have never used Boston crackers ir# InvltMi tn tm (hnw day by J. L. Dayton. 8old by all respectable grocers. ja 28-tf Take no hour cnflkasant and unsafe Medicines ?For anpleasant and dangerous diseases, use Helmbold'sExtract Buchu, which Las received the endorsement of tbe most prominent physicians In tbe United (States Is now offered to afflicted humanity as a certain cure for the following diseases and abuse of tbe urinary or sexual organs : General debility,mental and physical depression, Imbecility, determination of blood to the head, confused ideas, hysteria, general irritability, restlessness and sleeplessness at night, Toss of appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dyspepsia, emaciation, low spirits, disorganization or paralysis of

tbe organs of generation, palpitation of the heart, ana. 10 raci, an me coucomitanta of a nervous and debilitated itate of the ayatem To inaure the genuine cat this out. Aak for Helmbold'a. Take no other. Curea guaranteed. See advertisement in another column. feb 4-tf India Russia boons. India rubber Sheets for proteotlng children's bed*, that no family should be without, 75 eenta each. Rubber_Blanket?, for soldiers, % 1.25 each Rubber PoneUoa and Blanketa aomblncd, $2 50 each. India Robber OoaU, white or black, ?2.50 each. India Rubber Lagglna SI per pair. And all klixiB of Rubber Goods, including Rubber Boot* and Shoes, Rubber Stopper* for bot Uea, Door Mats, Under Bbeetlnga for beds In alcknesa, 4c , 4c , at manufacturer'* prloea, at H . A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. a*., between Ninth and Tenth streets. jin 1-tf LANDt Mj of Washington, D. C. OUUi ^"^ysjrt^TarssRSi/a ip^.^SHE-ai$ U1* o'clock, from bia l&U r*al4?ooa, tf trMt'Tb*-' twMn 19th a&d tiflj. etirstiiwABSLsssfwa: ^ fcad jfirt?jds^ r^utoted to ^tend / jriinn ii i iF'f gg? wants, - { WANTED-At th* Rt?*m Laandry. Vt twotood WAgHERH. -If (X7ANTE0 TO RENT-A FURN!9tiEp " HOUSE, in a can'ral location, from 10 to 15 rooma Add7e? gtcx 11 Star 11fto*. lt? WANTED?Two ipoci fai W-AJTER9. A?fly immediately toT. POTENT?!*!, 879 Penn. &Ttan9< hetwra n loth and 11th ?t?. If WANTKO-ll SITUATION, by a toed girl. *? ' * do oookinr, warhinr and ironic* in a smalt famiir. Can La lean oa K street, botwetn *to and 5th. No. 6w?. If WANTED-0y * tToman, a SITUATION to do plam ?ewini or to nurta a baby. ?an lire *cod wferencer Addr?<w SARAH CARLVLC, ai r. mmanan a, mo. r. airee!, corner ryorfdnth. | lt? WANTED? in a drug and prescription etore, & "" competent ASSISTANT. Must bring good recommendations ft* to eharaater and gratifications. Ad*ree?, wi'h real name and referenoea, ' Pharmag*attat.f> Waahington P O. fe 7 3'* WANTED?By a young man of good addreaa. a SITUATION a* clerlt; i? willing to m?ke himaell generauf B^ial. Addr?*a"H. Y.,' *far Offioe. . ft* A YOUNG MAN. of good buaicess experience, wiehra t"? obtain employment in a atore aa olerk. The boat of r?ooinu>endationa given if required. Addrew"M.l. l..'TS?ar gfl-V It* VIZ ANTED?*By ? reapeotable young clrli a * PLACE to operate on the Sewinc Machine, by the oij cr *eek Pleaee oall at 321 F Btreet, between loth ana 11th U* WANTED?A GIRL to astis! In sooting in a small cofff e aaloon. To one that 18 willing to learn and work, a steady situation, by applying at 413 Penn. avenue, this afternoon. It* 1J|7ANTED?At the Billiard Saloon corner of ? Penn. Svdctf* aad 11th street, two or three BOYS, colored. Best wattes gi?sn. Those &o qgamted with the business preferred. fe 7 3t WANTED?A oolored WOM A.N, on* who nn" derstAads cooking. Good wages given Apply at C. KLOTZ. 9th at., between Avenue and D street. _ ft 7 3t* < WANTED?A genteel and intelligent jottot J LADY, who can sing and play tbe plan? I moderately, to travel with a gentleman and assist I in ik picnwxn aru kciucci wupawi u. nuurrn " HartweH," StaMJffioe. fe 7 6t* WANTED-A BAKEHOUSE, with cmi ordinary a>za uvea and one or two rooms *ttach*d, for whioh a liberal lontwill he paid, in the vioinity l?twt<en fttli and 11th a's , extending > aok aa far aa Fat. Addreaa " Morrisaon," Star Offne, lor two daya. fe7-2t* ITTRNISHED ROOMS WANTED?Either r with or without private table?by a *ent!?ftran and ;&<iy A parlor and bedroom nioely farniabed will t>e required f^r the '* ?*, and a bedroom for the Kentiemau Unquestionable rtfdrecoan nivt,r> if rf*uir<?rf. Addreaa J. W, S.% Bo* 124 Poat Offije. fe 7 3t* A PROTESTANT MAN AND WIFE Wishes Sitiations-the man as ct aohman or Waiter; the woman as se*mstre?s, take oare ofchildrflu or would do oha^barworK, has no incumbrance, would go to any part of th? oountry; has good reference. Csli or address "T. H. H . 'Sillrit, betwaen H'h and 15th s?s . Tribune OHoe. It* WANTED?A colored WOMAN as chambermaid?one who thoroughly understands her busines* and oan bring references. Apply o" Fonrth and D sts . opposite City Hall. fe P 2t WANTED-Two good WHEELWRIGHTS. None but good hands need ap?y, on Seventh *tr*#t. between M and N. f?6 n* PHH.1P KH ^T. A SECOND HAND SEWING MACHINE wanted, of the latest improvement. *n.l must be *n go' d order and im) at i bargain. Also, wa-.tod to hire a young Woman who understands sowing on it. App>. by note or in person. #t the oifae ol R. H. LLOYD Sc. CO., Attorney" fur Claims, Pensions, and Bounty, corner of ^e cnth and E streets, second floor, from 10toSo'o1?ck daily. fe 6 3t* 'FWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS Wtift s'tnaI tlon* in a retpecUb!* private fami.y?ono a? good cook, washer and -ffoner; atd the other** r od teinpstresf. who nnderstac 1b making children's oiothes. and is willme to do ebimberwork and a*sist with w%shin* a-d ironing- Won'd Ilk* to obtain situations i n one family ; if cot, will take th^m if pirate. Good referino"* o*n be fad frou. last employers. Addrras'X LV'Star Office (e 6 2.* HOUSE WANTED?a "malt House or j>*rt of a house in a good loonli'y?by a tma l family. Address, by post. HANSOIN AMU" te5 3t* ii r a mti'ii a ]n?. unnal-brcui/i) <_ >v first-olaas hotei. Nona need apply utile** thoroughly qualified. Address' Hotel,-' ?t*r Offioe. fr6it WANTED-Books to post and accounts to adjust, by a praotioa! Bookkeeper of :oi.g experience Ample referenoe given. Adrlrrs* "Aooonniant," Box No. US Pest tfffioe, Wasiiinetnn, D C. feS 1 w* WANTED-A good BARKEEPER ; one who understand* hi* business an t cai brine rood reference* miT bear of a good situation by addressing Box 330 Post Ollioe, stating ate* ea!ary expected, ko. fe Ht E|7 ANTED TO R E N T-A Pew in the 'V CHURCH OF THE EPIPHANY. Addr?*s Box 13 Star Offioa. jaSl UfANTK.n-8iit!?r??n1 tr. kn Ik.t they can bay C\MP STOVES ami TIN WARE oheap of H. J. GREGORY, 3U1 Pmn avenue. ja!6 WANTi'.D.?We are now bnyine SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BED DING, for trhioh we are payint the hifhecx cash price*. Families declining housekeeping, or having ' ?urp!ss of furniture, mil find it to their advantage to {ire us & nail. BONTZ & GRIFFITH, Je 13-tf No. 3B9 nh at., heiw. I and K at*. BOY WANTED (a genteel Colored Boy from 15 to 30 years of age) as bouee rervent, and to drive a oarriare occasionally. App'y at thisoflioe or at 123 Washington street, Georgetown. m 3 3t6J WANTED TO KNOW-Somethinc of a large dun HORSE-with black tail an<T mane, attached to a spring *?oi, painted, with some soap boxes left in it on Fridar, th? 2?t* ultimo The driver, being intoxicated at the time, oould not give any oorreot aooount. Anr information left at ihe Star Office, bo they oaa be found, will be liberaliy rewarded. fe3 erst* WANTED?Every person to know tnat I am in the market, ready to par cash for ail articles iu toe housefumishiog line. Those leaving the city, or having a surplus, will do well to oall. R. BUCH LY, 4a? Seventh st., between 6 ana H sts., (east side,) Dealer in New and second-hand Furniture. no 16 LOST AND FOUtfi). FOUND-Onthe 4th inst.a POCKET BOOK containing money and receipts, which the own er can nave dy applying a: w. in. sttus I KK Sl OO.'S Store, No. 39 opposite Center market, between 7th and 8th sts. fe 7-2t FOUND?On Toe?d*y, tue 4thinstant,* POCKET BOOK, containing a small amount of ironey and papers marked "Edward Foster, N. Y " The owner can have th? above by applying at 392 Penn, av. fe7 2t? STOLEN.?From the Post Offioe, Febrnarr 6th, a light sorrel HOKSE. white faoe.and srv fjur white feat; branded U. S., (feintiy) on jUSfk right fore-ihoulder. A liberal reward will"-"be given for information leading to his reoovrry, on applying at this office. fe 7-2t* 1YJOTICE.?1The person who took a pony bnilt iron grey HOK8R, saddle, Ac., from gy the oomer at Willards'. on the evening r-.t th nf P?Krmr. will an.. At. - by returning the Mm? to th<" Park! Hote., Ttn atreet. J. B. MoINTYRE, feT at* Captain 4th U. a. C&r&lry LOST?On Monday, 3d icatant. a. CAR PET BAG, between Seventeenth atreet and 'Jepot. A suitable reward will b? tail on leavfna the aaroe and oontente at Mr. SMITH'S Stafclee, Nineteenth et fe 8-3'.* | OST-?Wa? hired on the 4th iuatact, by a boy la earned W. H. Church, one rca" Jf\__ HORSfc. with saddle and bridle, about 15 jL^ZTk li&nd* huh; white faoe, two f iaaa eyes; iwo?v^-v vliite hind fnet;thiok tail. The caid boy was arrested by the Guard,and the hor?e wae left in unarge oi a ooy at me itepuoiioau on?oo. For aay information concerting the horse, a liberal reward will to paid by K. CRUIT * RON, Bridge at, Georgetown. fe6 3t* C'STRAY?g'rayod. the latter part of last month, JLi from the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry c\ Kegiment, a light bay HuKSK. about lands high; branded with letter 11 (.arge^ZX sixe,' upon nu neck, under the mane: same letter of f mall size upon eaoh hoof; also the initials IJ. 8 upon his left shou der; had a tore wart upon his light nostril. A li eral reward wilt be given on his rrii<rn, cr for information to hi* reoovery, | br Captain B. LOCKWOUl), Company H,6th Fa. Cavalry Regiment, eooauipeJ on 14th street, near the Columbia Ccllere. fe 6-2t* CM'UND?On Friday, in a store, a small mm of * MuMEYi whiohtheowne/ c-onhave by oa'.Ung at 264 F street, between 12th and 13th,and proving the same. fe 6 3t* MPAKEN CP A8TKAY?On February 3d, a I small bav HORBEand ROCK A W A Y. cv Theowueria reqaeated tooome forward, TZA prove property, psy oharces &nd take him "Zi away. F 'r JAB. W. RlMPNEV? fa 6 8t* Livery Stable. LOST?On the evening of the 4th instant, two ( CHECKS drawn ^onJU. B. Treasury, one in ?VI UMI. ! <" ouwhui ixarwi IUO uwr in fk*o< of Cftft 0. w. Oruranioud or boarer, o&ob for #188 60. All peraonr are hereby notified from DKOtutiBi the 4m?,umn?DlbM b*?a atopied. A Tiber*! reward will boJTf an for their return to Star Oaoe. or to Coat. 'jKUMMOND, Annaeolia J nnotion, Baltimore. Md. feft St* CHaWFORU,commonlyoa ed Tonay.He mft l* f fee 16 or 7 inohes huh; very bl&ok; ahort hair; crave oonnten^ice when tpoken to. wi?u a Kjif ia one 01 mi ?yorowi, ooo* ?ionNj b* a kick of akorM. Mftrocly p?ro?pi,bIo; Mt in .November last I vUiglTa #1? to hav? Cga""""k0"U".'- r. | ?*T.-A laKAL KINO, ul ? FOX-BKAD u rtKAL,, att&ou?4 to anas, vitaooroa^hasMt. rawardwiil b? f ivaa to vhoavar rataraa tha artiOlM to liiis oiM. da 8-U FOR SAIiE AND RENT. frOR RENT-With or without Board, at S?. r 430 T*?:(:h m?! aid*. h?tw?a 'J and H ftreeu.aooirinodiGiF FRONT FOOM.iMODd rtory. naw'y and neMlr 'urn ahed Tb? looitioa n oiiftof the rto?t deatrabie iu theoity. Noohiidren in the bolite. _ jasi-lw TWO PLEASANT FIRM SUED ROOMSParlor wd Chamber Miached, with or vilhuat B^af^atS? Bridge atreat, 6eortat/?w. fe7 ? FOR RENT?3 larce ITRM^HEl) ROOM?, ootumvaioatiHi; central looation Apply at thii office. . f?l-St GM'RNIBHED OR I NFl'RNIHRt-'D ROOMS 1 for T*ut on Maa?aoh??otta avcC-e. between 121 h and 13th atreeU, south aide, 2 tfoora f'eti 12th atre*t. fa 7 ?* LX)R WALK.-A amatl atoolr of FANCY aid r DRY G? >C<>S, with the privilege ">ton*1 ofthe beet at mil a ia the otty for bnainea#: ~%rt ouiarly the Faiicy Dry Gftoda. or Shoe or Ciothina beairie**. Urthe good will end fixture* of th' stcre will be eold at * i'eir compensation; treat low) by caliinj at 375 ltd atreet, r.?ar tho Northern Market, immediate'?. fe 7 St EXTRAORDINARY CHANCK-STOiJi: and Erf tlXTU&HS FOR SALE.?A tHore in tho Eoat approved hnaia?ea locality, mooding Fixture* ara bat a amail atoct nf La-Mo#' Dre?t Trimminca. Embroiaerie* in* Mil mery Good a, will be offered at a rrv?! sacrifice and posaeaaiua riven forthwith. Thia ta a chance of the rareet oooarrence, atd al! appiioatiora ? ? made at No. 19 I .a. ivecue. [i?tTB*Ii ?.! : yrg ti? j zw FOR RKNT?Two ^intuit ROOMS, neatly furniahe4,tn a reaidenc? in Georgetown. with >><?a 4. To a permanent lm anl terms will be moderate. Apply stlil West at, Georjetown. _ de 17 tf I OFT TO RENT, aeoond floor. *16 E afreet, Li near \V121a-da' Hotel. 22 by 110 feet. Inquire in the atore Ja18 FOR SALE?The new three-e'ory FRAMF. BUILDING, ?i ustsd en the eorner of Utli and o atreeta north Tma is one of the vf-? beat t waicOfci Ftanda in Waalungton oity, Tbe hoe?e is roomy and nonvemenl. the atore room scltaMe tor the tale ol any kind of merchandise. 1 ma property woo d be diapneeJ of on the moat reasonable terma, 9i exchanged for property roarer Ha are; the propflev wtahing to r?tire from bnaineea. A?y fa format) oil Ca>. bfobtaiogl on the promt aee,from the protirtetTeaa, Mr?. 1- H? W\N?? Aitn. r^rfh 0 atreet. betwern 2d and M stf. ThU propi.*** ? *? 1 wortfc the Attention of those W:lhi3i to inV??t money to advantae* The owner beicc Jnabif to fdDO'd y>? tbr*e iion?e? which were on th??e !oto, ana P*etro-ed by fire .aet Jure, is compelled to ml'thb pr^frtrty. Mieuire of Mrs. HAWMN'GB. fSre? dooi* t.hX ?1 the premises. fe l-4t*S.M,WAr. ARiRR CHANCE.?The proprietor of the City Hotel, (ths on y htii cat* Hotel now open m Alevandiia. Va..( it desit'ctfs to retire frurr hueineccs. icn will n?ll,for a fair Crie*. the FURMTLRK. KlXTUREo ana liOOD Vflt.h of the house. i..t l?j?? will terminate pn the 1 at of January, 18hd. >u". the p op?rty oan no floabt be leased for a muolt .cu<er ten at a moderate r?ut, J'his Hote! is no* a- i i*. ar.a hat f?<r many >ear? one, a large and proiitan'e business. The de?ire of the undarai;ced to retire from pubic bu?in*ss is the oiiij inducement lo ?eil, a* .eouu d do: nope to argute in odo more profitable. For term^ and partiou ar* apply to J AS A. ENGLISH,who m autt?dnr*<l to negotiate, or to th? ardersfenH. 1a 13-tf sam'i, hkflkhowkr. GEOKG ETO W N AD V KKT'MTH gUCKSKIN G LO V F S I Ram^burg &. Eberl, 105 HIGH Street (* FGiitf E TO IVy, D. C. The jn'y mannfaol&rer* of Genuine EC0h?RlN GLOVES, MILITARY lAt'N TLt:T?. ar.4 Ml f I'FNS in lii Di-iriot. Offioer*' ?*? tc ,H*r. Bnokskm Drawer* ao.rte. t? EJpJC ACTIONAL, Chegaray :-^tiru ie. 1 ?'27 *sc 15*^9 SpRCCE?T.. FlIlUDSLPHTI. This Institute, outdated for two y are putiv I th: cit' ?r !* !. \iAT.,MK at>?? ! ari h?r me"?? j*l.v: .x?. D'BKav..t7v 'Us ; s&m' principles ** th- on* iu New ?? &* liauntl Here inl8U, ?i'-l r?opt>u.ifUV*k Chri?unsa' h'Widajr , oa Monday. January 6tN, witu i** Mil ainpi- and orrcplete provision for t> e educ%t onol Young Ladi**, uncer tfc" direction of MVum D'Hervili*. Cirou,ara. and a:l requicits information, can do obt&inad on application to the Principal. ja?-lio THE EAR EYK AND EAR. No. aar Pennsylvania avenue, orrobiT* WILLAR1) 3 HOTEL.. Oculist RUd Aurfst. DR. F. a von m'j'.i II.'!*RER, From Cantor. Plao-% N'eir York. *.*? Armed in tte c.tT and opened his offise* at aar Pennsylvania avenue, where he can be 0'tHult.n on Maladies of the L'vr i VII L' 1 u reuniting medical ai>l asriica! treatment. Dr. Voir Moschziiekr i? tho ." S* - aad ictroduor into the inedioal practice of the ETHERTAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate cases of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. He is also author of the letters snblithed in tte New York tod Philadelphia papers treating ou the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCANNON, fe. Dr. Von M. has lortue t jarteen re&ra devoted his ppeoia! attertini to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And pos?es?*a ihs teatimoniata of some ot the . ?at known public men in the Union, who h?ve been meat ancceafully treats J bf him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT * HEARING. n a A ii. I From Pruftaor Nonicur, JSaltimorr 1 "1 have this day teenMiss Wue, her tight perfeotiy restored. I am t 4pp? to express my oonvie tion that by your ski'l and jo igmmt she has been aaved from the createet deprivation that eouid hare befallen her?' (From the Hon, Senator PugA ] , To Da. vow Moecnzisiaa : I am creaUv obliged for the interest you bare manifested in mv oaae of Deafness, and the skill with whioh you have treated my ease, and 1 have no doubt that by careful observance of your direotions, my hearict will be permanently restored. G. 11. FUGH. f From John ST Lean, Jr., ton of ik* Hon. Judge tj the V. S. Supreme Court ] It la well known to my numerous friends that I h*. v p hwn HrtBMVArl rtf mw Kmpipv frtr man* 1 am happv to state teat I nave, flanks to i)r. Van Moscbxuker. entirel? recovered. Mr hear or it aovuauuteu?v?r. JOUN M'LKAN. Jr. For several rears I itilfored from deaiaeaa. 1)r Von Moec'.zifikai restored my St. Lou>?,Srpi.T,l*j8. JOSEPH YEATS. Dr. VonMoechi^kcr moat aucoeaafolly opemUd on myeyee.&sd t euehttod eight excordirciy. GEORGE H. CHENEY. St. L'-'Oia, Srpt. 17, 1808. [Letter from Bet. J. J. Muilon.) Dr. Vo*. Mo-cuz.sur?Dear Sir ?Amor* thoae who bave neen benefitted br yourafrillful treatment,in diseases impairing the eight, italf<.>ris me great pleasure to add the teeamobi&l of m? gratitude to the liat <>? your pitieut/. My aigbt wai ao rnuoh uuaued daring the last eighteen month* that 1 oculd not recoguiis the featiiraaof a friend ctandicg near me. I tender ion thia acknowledgment of your eminent aki t ana tucox* in the treatment ol your obliged and gratefu friend. J. J. MULLON, Keotor tt. Pair ck'a. The Ori*lual of the above, and hniuliMta mm* teituuou&ia, caa be scan at i)r. M.'e rooms. Petieota witiling their family pbyroian to eeoompmy them t > witneaa oparatioua or for the panose of ooaaultatioti eraathbarty to Urin* taea. Medio*] men will be at all time* walooaad to Witoeaa Dr. Von M 'a opereuona, end examine some of the instrument* ha he* ictroUuoea for the facilitation of Opthelmlo and Aural surgery. Arti tioia Kyra inserted without oaounc a ay pain to the paUfni.. Ottos hoars from 9 a. m. to I p. ia. aad iron S to 'febi lm aar Pennsylvania avenue. SMITH * BROTH' R*J? P A I^E_ CREAM A L E, a U r aetlUtl A MB UK ALE, PORTER in NEW FORK BROWN STOUT The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Breved from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT ail) HOPS, and kuHly eeteeaed by thoee who have need them. Porahaeere are re?aeeted to call and examine oar eajenor etoek, aeearad that they will find Ute BEST and PUREST artieiea. We kaee at alt Uiaee a large etoek ready for delivery, la whria. ka_f aod ??arter oeeke. taitabie Ibr the TRADE, HOTELS, and PAJRILY TSE. Vkieh *? off* oo tbe MOST rAVOEAULK TULMB. SMITH ft R&OTHEft. Biwtn, No.lM * IN WMtUU?C,r<?v York Ct%. Stti" "" " Ko~ I SECOND EDITION. THRU Ttoct, P. H. Officii! itMUl *f th? Strrca^lir ?f F?rt Henrr, vim Titity CuiN and Sevriteti flart&F*. Th?> Battle Brlwrfa the F?rt aa4 CatM state* OaakaaU. t ommadare Fmu Haada Over III* Fart mm4 Friaoners (UrlaJla| General LUH Ttlsbmaa aa4 fctaff) to tke Arm J. i oe r*avy veparuDeai, M iv* p. a. received the following blgbly Important dt?natch . r* * r.S Fi*? 9rtuti? CinctmATi, > Off Fort Henry, Ttntut** Sim, fti I, IMt { Hea. Gideon Wiliii, Soc'y Navy : TLe gunboata under my com?4?Bwm. Commander Portw, Carondelet, Com'r Walter ; Cincinnati, Ccmmudci SUnabel, St LmU, Lt Cun'dg Paulding, Coneatoga, Lt Compandor Ptaelpa; Taylor, Lieut Com'dg Gwina. tad Lexington, Lieut. Com'dg Shirk-after a error* and rapid fire of one boor and a quarter, bar* cap tured ; ort Henry. ana cave taken otom u*ra rilghtnan and tie staff and W men aa prlaanara The aurreader to the ^unboata wu unconditional. as wf kept an open fire upon thorn until tieir flag wu struck, h half an hour after tho aurrender I banded the fort and prtaonen oror to Gen Grant, commanding the army, on hta arrival at the fort ia force The Gwti had a ahot In her bollera, and after flghi.1ng mo?t effectually for two thirds of tbo act'jo, was obliged to drop down the river, aa I hear thai aeveral of her crew were scalded to death, including the two pilota She, with tfce other gunboata, eSrera and men. fought with the greatest gallantry. The Cincinnati received 31 ahota, and had om roan Kiuea ana eig&> wipuouw-iwu mwuvu?iy The fort with twenty fuat and aerentMti mot tars, wu drfendrd by Geo. wltfc tb? most determined gallantry I will write >a toon at poaalble. I have *rnt Lieut Commanding Pbllftea an! tbree gunboat* aPer tbe rebel gunboats A R Poor*. Flag cAocr XoTt ?Tbe rebels bad a sustaining tirr* at <oroc 15.00C -as believed bare tbla moralnf) fco* Pert Henrr to sustain it. Tbat tb'.s foroe ba? o^tber baen routed br G?b Ors^t (who vrt* cooperating with Cocnmodor* Foott's gunbo&tt) or Ingloriejsly Had bofcre Greni's arrry, leering U. * Vrt to its fcte, 1* plain ! Umu 'Lt t*rl icst o stood r?a<ly and abla '? m i oe'vetbe fort sad pneo.-.ers rran ?e ri*nmodo*a I balf an hour alVr tbe latter ~ad taken them. See etsewbarr, la to-day's Star, many inter eating particulars concerning Fort Hoary, and tbe great importance of taking It, kc?under the h^ad of " Tut M<jvkmbht cr rsa Tin rtis?aa Kim." A FIGHT THIS MOR.IINe OTCJl IHX R1VCR Gen Wm. P. ("Baldf") Smith teiegrapba cday that hit scooting part'.ea?a portion of one ?f his regiments now engaged on picket doty la hi* Immediate front ara engaged with mm porttoa of the enemy (probably also scouting partiea? Ed. Sta.*) near Flint 11111. He say* of the affair. "A part of my scout has returned with tv? prisoners belonging to the lat Caralry, and ooo citizen. The remainder of tbe regiment la m i;ogea new r um mu wun toe enemy. utpsia Carrie reporta thai b? needs bo udHuw. TW cavalry dismounted and assaulted a bona* aad took the prisoners On" rtour captains liweoaled and one man thus far. P. S. Another detachment has returned with four prisoners belonglog to the let North Carolina regiment, three of them being noa-oommlaeloaad officers. We hare thus far captured all bnrees aud e'-ght Colt's rifles. 1 will send the prtaeMr* on as soon as possible." THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. The War m Keataeky* i at jiiiac* on rori ntury?uen. trram mrwl to Pad it rah /or Additional Tr?pt?Tkt JilMi Strongly Retm/orctd?Bemnrt^ard tatd M ft* i* rommi*d. Chicago, 111., Feb. 6 ?a apeclal dlapatrh t* the Jourral, dated Tenoeuee river, Ju.i, mm* jya thft tfcs Flrat and Second Brigade* of Gee. McClrrnand'a dlvialon, 8 OUt *irou? encamped yrfterdav four miles beljw Fort Henry . Three of our gunboata made a reconnolaaanee op to the bead of Panther I aland During a briak fire between the gunboata and the fort the rebela uaad fivei>una, only one of them, ?rlted M-pwiMir, reaching the boata. General Grant returned to Paducah laat emit| to bring op General Smith 'a brigade, aeeen thoueand atrong. General McClernand w?. Ml la command The country la the vicinity of Fort Henry im being thoroughly reconnoitred Bma gnnboata. under command of Com Foote, are la tbe stream and ready (or actioa. It It it-ported that the rebelahave beea strongly reinforced, and rumor alao puta General Baamra gard In command of the fort. Our troopa are la tbe most confident aplrlta Fram BhUi-The Better Kxpedltiaa. Boston, Feb 0.?Great activity prevail* la fiat ting off tbe Butler expedition. The veaaela load lag or loaded with troop* aad stores oonetato of tba ships Undaunted, North Amerloaa, Idaho Ocean Pearl, Wilder, Farley, aad Waatara Em pi re, in addition to aeveral ateamera. Tbe Maiaa FourWnth ftwimant. First Main* hkttjrt fir cond Vermont battery, Fourth Missscbaeette battery, of the New England division, ate ail betnf embarked to day Probably all the above veeeeis will sail daring the present week. G?a?nl Butler's division will consist of sboot 10.400 moo. CONGRESSIONAL. UTTDtk CONGRESS?Ceroid Sesstea. Fain at, February 7. SajcAia?Mr Doollttle presaaW resolutions of tbe Wisconsin State benste, praying for the abolition of the franking privilege; referred. To* Election Committee mad* s fsvorable report in the case of Mr Stark, Senator elect from Oregon, which was laid over Air Harlan reported from lb* Public Loads a K4!i In um tka rk urvty tnd uli of the puoilc laada; oialtlrf Mr. Hale reported from tbe Nut-1 Committer joint reaolutloaa of tb\ak? to CtBMicn Dr p*at, and tboae under btm, for tb* lit victory rt Port h oy?i; p wed Tb? taoaar bill for tbe eonatroctioa at twaatr Iroj-ritrf eur.boa'a, bavta^ boea takeu i;,*u totted d by tdau<n a clauae appropriating toe million* of dollar* to tbat *od. B'ti ptow u awaM. Mr. Mate** reporto>tbe employmtatatbrafcm br tb* Nary i>epartment far tt?* parcbaaa ef rmaria having bet a taken op. Mr H. addreaaed tbe Sen it* at length if at oat tbe rood set of tba Soeretary of the Nary la tb* matter reported om. Hocaa.?A roiolattta reported by Mr Yaa Wyck from tbe Committee ru Coataar* rr^aaatlac Secretary af War to fo.nlab a automaat af aiTamoaafa paid to eaeb af tbe ratlroada far lb* iruiporaiM 01 im m? mmm ?ni uboudu moats unpaid. ?? a4>pio4 Mr. Van Wye* *UJ r*-.jrte4 U m tboaaao Coamit'o? reMluttofl lent uctln* lb* *ceiotary oI War to doellac making nay JnrtUor urmai* to tbt portion latmMoi to tW ownornfclp of tto> ihtaxr Caullae, aal (or onrtaln t\%m MlkMM ?Gen. Fros&oaV aa4aatborltlac tboalwttlw p?nponaU for all eootracia k+rmtm aai* *v too nrntal dopaifwHi

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