Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. The Sailr nd the Laugh V'hen my chest wu forty-elj{ht,? And mv w*,->t wmi thirty four, And my hare curved/rowi the straight, And mv vest enrved * : before, And My hoots were smooth as slnta And tr y calf w?ta perfectly styled. The* whene'er I chanced to pess, Mirthful maidens on mt amllcd Mow my waist la sixty-four.t And my chest Is f?rty-nine, And my bark rurvra ?* no more And c corporation'* mine, \nd a corn'* on rverytor, And to drnmatlck's shrunk my calf. I diacrrii. where'er I go, M<tidcn? smile ao mote?tliey laugh' * Inches ucd? r*tot>d. t Morrlnebea still understood ( PunrV* Pork't Bork, \-r> > lliw to Makr Cider. Aprles should not be permittod to rot before being u-'od for eider; indood, the best cider makers assort tho applos, so as to express the juice from none that aro in a decayed state Many cider mikers grind the pulp a long time before expressing the juice, and thus their cider is darker colored, and very inferior in quality. Within the last few years, ?-;nce the adoption of portable cider-mill, where Fmall portions of apple3 are ground and campressed at the time, so that bo necessity exists for their long exposure in the pomace state, the cider has been better than formerly. If a pian couia De devised to press oat tM juice tbe moment the apples are ground, the cider from them would be far superior to any other. Apple juice should run from tbe press into a covered vessel, whence it should be removed as "pidly as possible into barrels, filling them to t :e hues; these should be placcd in a cellar v here tne temperature would nut be more than seventy degrees, and where the changes would be very slight; with an even temperature the fermentation will progress with rapidity, and after it has entirely ceased the bung uiay bo driven in, and after a week the cider may be racked into clean barrels. If the first fermentation has been carried en without material change in temperature, no other will occur; if, however, the temperature has been variable, then a portion of the juice may have escaped the entire change, and a second fermentation will ensue. At the end of this second fermentation, the barrel should be bunded tightly and left closed until the following Spring, when the contents should be racked off into clean barrels, and it is then ready for I.-*; or sale. We believe that the fermentation cf cider should always occur in the barrel and never in the stomach of the person drinking it ?i?l other 5f aK/\n1-l nnt K? until the following year. Alcohol in any form should never be added to cider If the apple will not furnish sufficient ; icc: nrine matter to create cider, it had better '<e n.ale into vinegar, for the addition of branny,.whisky, or pure spirits, does away vith the finer flavor', and it is generally made at so early a stage that it arrests the proper :"ermentati<>n of the cider, and prevents its ; erfecting itself. Cider thoroughly fermented ui hout the addition of any foreign substances, ivill not require ?ning. as this pr< scss will causc : to part with all matter hel l in solution, rither bv precipiuti or by frothing over the > uiig. When. howevc. it is dc.-irod to fine cider, it may be done by the use of Russia Hn^hiis fi.-h sounds, or any of thoso materials ^nern'ly made u?o of for the fining of coffee This should be stirred through the majs, and then permitted t*.: abtide, carrying to tb^ bot. ?m all sedimentary matter, and attaching it to the barrel. Th? mnu ' ,3to clean barrel? and v.ill remain clear if nroperly made?Wt>rting Furmir. II we Fields for Bee Pasti kage. ? Tho rapidity with which bees will build comb and gather honey, under favorable circumstances, i< so extraordinary as to be almost in?rediblc. Mr. Brink gays he has known a strong swarm to fill its hive with comb in seventy-two hours; and that colonies expelled in August, put into empty hives and transported to the heaths, would fill tho hive with new comb and gather from thirty to ; riy pounds of bwney, in the brief season for work in which they could lar?or. In the spring of 1*53. one of hi3 neighb 'is carried nis stocks, whoso stares were nearly exhausted to a distant rape field then in blossom The bets labored so succcsifully m?i auer ( iew aayi hi3 neighbor called on him for advice, saying that the liquid honey w u running in streami from the hive.-. On ruination, it appeared that all the combs wore tiled t-> overflowing. in conscquencc of ia? cuperabundanse of nectar.?Bee Journal. lZ7"The London correspondent of the N V. Timet relates that when Lord ratrnerston went to tae meeti.of the Privy Council, which met to oas.d< r 'Le Trent ? flair, Li* tirst remark, ou laying down his hat, was?"1 den't know whether tat- k.i^iish pecple are f;oin? to stand thle American bus rn-ssor not; but 1 m d?d IX I do." V~f~At Sicnora Mario's lecture in Liverpool, Mr Peter btewirt, shipowner, who presided, announcei that !t w. s his intention to give XjU) to the soidlcr who should first plant the Italian tandard on the walls of the capitol at Rome. A \I vvr>& v a sin a P 1 *? . .... ? A U' iiUUllVIIiC Journal aays: "The Indiana Tenth Raiment met the Mlsaisaipp: Tigers at Mill spring, and sjuwtd them that they remembered liuena Visu ?* [ZJT Tue entire coat or the school system of Maine, last year, was STls 15_? of which autn ?n SIU wa* p^ld for private tuition The whole namber of scholars in the State is 249,000. U~j*Tnc name of Gen. Schotpff is pronounced a? if written Sktfff, the sound of tue p belu^ Kiwi. f!"7"A free nigh! school for newsboys ha? been rataoliahed in Beaton. !T7* Laura Kcen??, the fdinoua New York actress, tadvisg of consumption. ' COIN WANTED! Tue 11 if neat Pries paid for GOLD AND SILVER! Srscis Fck Sax* in Sum- to Suit. LEWIS JOllNSOl fc CO., BANKERS* TlC.N.IiTLVANlA AVKntTX. j&?2 if Corner Tenth street. WHISKY! WHISKY! WHISKY! S N. PIKE A CO. v*? barrels M AUNUL1A, vn - XXX, im * Miller'* RYE MONONGAHELA, >00 " Fine OLD KYK. sno M Pin*OLD BOURBON. J uit received v. Ciaciunat' pricee. MILE DUPRK, TvJO Pei.u 'ji vania avenue. \rr A'?o, Agent for S. N. PIKE'S ARMY O ?KI)i.\L. fe 1-lr |MPORTANT TO LADIES. !-"? 8u-)?onoer? have opened the etore No. 16 * ia< *et Sf&ce. t'a a v.. bet. 8th and ?th sts.< as a iint ut Lace and Fancy Dress Cap Depot, conintint r*rt of Pou t d'Atencoa. Applique, Meckieu aid . e.iciecise* Laces, uov> m Collar*, Sleeves, xodkerchi^fs. Cape*. F ouacin*, Caps, Capff, ( ifluie?. at- wuio up foods of the finest taalitT, a-u at New York prices. COHEN A DUBfeKLDORP, from New York. N. B.?AM sort? of Lace* washed, mended, and <i.?ne vf e^ual to caw,at short notioo. de&2m* d ^AMP STOVES! I CAMP STOVES!! CAMP STOVES"! n. a ce ti . c* on asnd, which will be raid low. H. I. GREGORY. )Hl6 Pa.a?*iiUO {JOAL OIL-COAL OILr-COAL OIL! COAL AND ETHhRlAL OIL At Rbdvcbd Pricks! 8. W. O'LAUGHLEN'S Coal and E the rial Otl Manufactory, t'oiaer New Jera:y av. and E st. i a 13-lib* { ;eorge m. wokl * co.t * * Importer* and Dealers in WJNK&. LtOUOHS.CHiA RS.itc^j And fihN?KAL CO?iMI*8lON MERCHANTS An assortment of Merchandize of every description aoastaut.f en hand. GEORGE Al. \\ OR L, Sc. CO.. 73 Wat-r sheet. Georgetown. jall-lro* B> the Roy Ferry. Bt'RXSIDE'S > Patent Portable ftloutte. l*.iW^.ur ca?#?. U*e atlAlitiuB Ol Matlm uul m*r? 10 tins lueloi ia??aiioa A Houm c?n Le a;.t by this Investor without can*, tor?w?, or tH'OMI,- * ii?rn? ud 8Ukb!<?? built in th? ?&me w*y. It ' bewf ar<1 Mea <lown ipjnr.T u> Orlsrs (.An b? ;?ft with SAMUEL WISE. Buiid'r, ^*No. 846 E itrMt, nw Th'-:ee:;w , j* U-la WiihiaitoB. D. C. HKOR i HKI0TMA? FKRfBNW!,,, \\rkKm;Hi KKr. HANUKEKCHIEKS, HANDSKRCiili.t- ^!?Al. 'ru, ?took bow unj? Isd. for l*d:*3 ftnd tcct'amoa?jaU U?* ta?r?r .m ?-> " - ,V'. T*" 1 ?f*U *??< -?? y1 SICK AND WUUtlUKD SULDIIRS IN HOSriTAL. Pvtitskfi ia conformity with i4? tuoluiim if Ik* Stuat* ef July 10, 1801. A* Stmimarjr Norpitnl, (itorgtlown, J** 31. M U. 8 Infantry 134 9th Penn. Volunteers . I ?fh do do 3 |'2th do do 1 >.>d do Artillery.... 1 ?6th do do...... 1 id do do a '27th do do 3 ith do do ] kith do do 1 5thVe rniontVoluritcers I fith d? do I 1st do Cavalry... 1 YM do do 1 1st KUodc Island Art. > 57th do do......12 1th do * do.. 1 71st do do 2 r?th N HampshlreVol. 6 1st do Reserve.... 1 3d New York Vol... 1 3d do do.**... 1 17th do do.... 2 I lth do do 2 -Jlst do do.... I 1st do Rifles ...... 3 do do.... 1 11th do Cavalry .... *2 7th do do... l ut no Artillery... 1 36th do do.... I 5th Wlarouain Vol.... 2 lid do do.... 2 6th do do.... 3 t?th do do.... t Cameron Rifle* ...... 1 oth do do.... 'i McClellau'a Dragoon*. 4 fi'-d do do.... 1 itlj Irish Itrigad? 1 filth do do.... 4!2d I) C. Volnnteera.. 3 eoth do do....10 7th Maine Volunteera. ft 'id New York Cavalry, 2 U.S. Signal Corps.... 2 1th do do.... 1 Sth do do.... 1 Total............127 lit do Artillery 3 At General Hospital, Union Hotel, torntr Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Jan 31. tat New Vork Artillery 2 Kane'a Rifles 10 5th do do.... 1 id Wlsconaln Vol 3 13thNew York Vol... "2 5th do do 3 Nth do do.... I 2d Mlehlgan Vol 6 17th do do.... 9 4th do do '2 t^th do do.... 2 2d Maine Volunteera.. 2 19th dc do.... *2 7th do do...... 3 2oth do do.... l 2d Vermont Volunteera 3 29th do do.... I 3d do do 1 31?t do do.... 1 5th do do 1 J3d do do.... 2 tat California Vol. ... 1 miu uu uu..., 11 nan i> v avany 4 nd do do.... 4 Mott'a Battery... 1 H?h do do.... 2 MrMan'i Battery 1 15th do do.... 2 2d Cameron Dragoons. 2 >Otb do do.... 2 id Cameron Rifles.... 2 54tb do dn.... 2 1st Maryland Vol 10 55<h do do,... 1 1st Rhode Island Art . 1 "jfith do do.... *2 >?h Massachusetts Bat. 2 SStb do do.... :j 9th do Vol. 1 WtL do do.... 2 Stockton's Rifles 4 tMib do do.... 2 Steinfleld'a Rifles .... 1 With do do.... 1 Stnri>is Rtlie* I *6th do dn 3 De Kalb 10 Mst do do.... 1 Garibaldi Guards..... 2 Hunt's N. Y. Artillery 1 2d U. S. Infantry 1 1st Excelsior Brigade. 2 3d do do 2 -id do do.... 1 5d do Artillery 1 id do do.... 6 5th do do 1 Itb do do.... 1 lOthdo Infantry 1 5th do do.... 4 _'d do Artillery 1 1st New Jerat-y Vol... 1 4tb do do 2 5th do do.... 1 Hb do do.... 1 Total 157 At Hotpuml at Columbian ColUgt, Washington, Jan. 31. 1st II. S. Cavalry 4 l>e Kalb N. V. Vol ... 1 id do do 4 McClellan's Dragoons ?> 1th do do 1 Cameron Dragoons... 2 5th do do 1 lat New Jersey Cavalry 1 (ith do do 3 Ctb do Vol.... 1 3d do Infantry.... 1 1st Tenn.Artillery.... 2 >rl Msinp Vr.lnntp^M . lil?* Af\ O ?(ta do do...... Ij4th do do...... 1 Uth do do 21 r?th do do 1 M Vermont Volunteers 111st do Volunteer?. 1 Uh do di.... 9 2d do do 1 5lh do do.... 1 3d do do 4 10th Massachusetts Vol 1 5th do do...... 1 lit Rhode Island Art. 1 13th do do 1 1th do Vol. 3 *27th do do *2 1st New York Artillery 1 .V2d do do 7 Rocket Battalion 1 57th do do 1 1st New York Cavalry. 1 SKith do do 1 2d do do.... 3 1st California Vol 1 Hh do do.... 15 ^th Illinois Cavalry... '2 Harris Cavalry 1 v;d Wisconsin Vol... "2 17th New York Vol... '2 5th <tO do.... 1 22d do do.... *2 1st Minnesota Vol 1 Jttth do do.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 5 37 th do do.... 1 3d do do '2 llth do do.... 1 4th do do...... 2 56th do do.... 5 9th do do *2 62d do do.... 1 Stockton's Mich. Vol. I (ilth do do.... 1 1st 1) C. Volunteers.. 1 77th do do.... 8 J'2d Excelsior Brigade. 1 Total.... ...151 At Utntml Hospital, (Circli,) Washington, Jan. 31. iat U- S. Cavalry .... 5 2d New York Vol ... 1 24 do do........ 1*2 24th do do.... 1 4th do do 4 filth do do.... 1 Ola do do 4 2d I'enn. Volunteers. 1 2d do Artillery.... 1 45th do do 1 4>h do do........ 1 40th do do 2 5th do do 3 yjtli do do 2 1st do l&fantry 1 5th N. Hampshire Vol. *1 2d do do 10 id Vermont Volunteer! I Id do do... 11 4 th do do 1 Itn do do 1 7th Maine Vol uit'ir*. I 6th do do 11 let Michigan Vol I ?th do do 2 Cameron Dragoons .. I 10th do do 4 Engineer*.... I 1st 1). C. Voluntreri .. 1 ? 2d New York Cavalry. 1 Total V) .1? St. E''znbtlk Eastern Rmr. i, Jan. 31. 4thExceMor Brigade. 3 id New York Vol ... 1 2d do no.... 1 I'M du do.... -j 1st do do ... 1 27th do do.... 1 Md Penn. Volunteer! .11 IKh do d".... 1 fctt? New York Vol... 1 -th do do.... 1 2Mh do do,... 1 :fctb do do.... l Cameron Rifles. 2 1st NY. FireZcuaves 3 35thPeon.Volunteers. 1 1st Mats Volunteers.. 1 5taVermontVoluntcers 5 15th do do 1 Brtckel's Art. Batt. .. I llth do do ] 59th New York Vol... 1 2<ith do do 2 22d do do.... 1 2d Rhode Island Vol. 1 36tb Penn. Volunteers. 2 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 1st do Reserve.... 1 Ut Minnesota Vol.... 1 59th do Volunteers. 1 |3d Jonnectlcut Vol... I Lxcelsior Artillery Vol & 1st Michigan Vol..... 1 52d Tenn. Volunteers. 3 9th Virgiuia Vol 1 4l*t New York Vol... 2 1st California Vol.... 2 15th Penn Volunteers. 1 1st New Jersey Vol... l 2d New York Cavalry. 2 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 8th do do.... 1 2d Maine Volunteers . I 5"th do Vol 1 3d Penn Cavalry 1 filth do do 16 1st Cavalry 1 ft'h N. Hampshire Vol 3 2d Penn. Dragoon*(a) 1 79lh New York Vol... 3 14th do do.... 3 Total 110 69th do do.... 2 (a) One officer Sick remaining t* tk? Hospital for Ervptivt Diseases, at Kalorama, Jan. 31. 1st U. S. Cavalry 1 2Md MassacbuaeU Vol. 1 1st New York Artillery 1 27th Penn. Volunteers. 1 id U. t?. Artillery .... ! 44th New York Vol.. a 2d New York Cavalry. 1 52d Penn Volunteers. 4 2d U S. Infantry 3 50th New York Vol ...10 1th do Cavalry 2 77th do do 3 4th do Infantry 1 01st do do 2 5th do Cavalry 3 Rocket Rsttaiion 6 Wh do do 2 New York Vol. Art... 1 }d New Jersey Vol... 1 German Artillery 1 oth Maine Volunteers. 1 *"5tb Penn. Volunteer!. 2 7th do do.... 1 <Jfth do do...... 2 bth Penn Cavalry.... 1 Artificers 1 4thVermontVolunteers 1 101th Penn VolurH?er? 7 4th Rhode Isla -dVol. 1 Col'dserv:tatooificeri 2 11th Maine Volunteer 2 ? 10th New Jersey Vol.. 1 Total 76 19th Indiana Vol 3 At Gtntral Hospital, AUiandria, Jan 31. 2d US. Infantry.... 1 6Ut New York Vol... 1 3d do do 1 63d do do.... 1 11V. A ,, An ? a*.u -?- " 1,u **u* % vrnu UU UU. ?? o fcth do do 2 69th do do.... l Ut do Cavalry 1 ut New York Artillery 1 4th do do 1 lit do Cayalry. 1 5th do do 2 3d Penn. Volunteers. 1 6th do do 1 5th do do...... 2 2d do Artillery.... 4 7th do do 2 5th do do 3 11th do do 2 id Maine Volunteers. 2 28!h do do .... 1 3d do do 4 29th do do 1 4th do do l aaa do do B 5th do do 1 33d do do 1 6th N. Hampshire Vol.11 35th do do 1 2d Massachusetts Vol.13 40th do do 1 9th do do.. 1 15th do do 3 12th do do.. 7 46th do do 3 1st do Art. 2 52d do do 1 4th KLode Island Art.. 7 534 do do '21 1st do Hat.. 2 734 do do i Orb do Art.. 2 -3d do do 1 4th Connecticut Vol.. 1 85th do do 1 5th do do...10 88th do do...... 4 5th Vermont Vol 7 flQd do do 33 1st New Jersey Vol.... 1 tfVth do do 3 UU UU UU..M 9 IUOIU UU UU,alll,il 5th do do.... 3 54th do Fire Zouaves 1 1st do Cavalryl9 1st do Dragoons... 3 3th New York Vol... 1 11th do do 8 9th do do.... & 1st do Artillery.... 1 16th do do....32 2d Michigan Vol.....1*2 i'tii do do.... 12 3d do do 4 18th do do.... 1 5th do do 9 19th do do.... 3 27th Indiana Vol y S2d do do,... 3 1st Wisconsin Vol.... 1 25th do do.7.. 4 3d do do 6 2?th do do.... 4 5th do do..... 5 27th do do....23?th do do 7 #th do do.... I 8th Illinois Cavalry...94 ?th do do.... 2 1st Minnesota Vol..... 1 32d do do.... 3 Lincoln Cavalry...... l S? do.... 1 Cameron Dragoons... I 37tu do do.... 1 Cameron Rites 1 ."Mh do do.... 3 Quartermaster's em 3.9th do do.... 1 ployees............. 3 Ift*U do do.... 5 Citizens.... a 440 do do.... 1 ) 54th. do do.... 1 Total............514 #7tfc do do.... 5 I ?rJ a sTt At Indian* Hospital (Patent Ofiei), Washington, U.C., Jan. 31. 19th ladlana Vol 1 at Michigan Cavalry. 4 1st ilerdan8harp?'rs..1!? Sturtifel'H Artillery... 1 ;!d do do 18 53d I'rnn. Voluntecrt. 1 1st New Vork Artillery 7 6th do Cavalry.... 1 7th. do Cavalry. 8 ? 9th do do... & Total ...MS At fifth Distrtet School Hons* Hospital, Branch of UtMtal Hospital on E strut, Jam 31. Jd U. Cavalry 1 Ohio Cavalry, (unat). 1 6th do do 1 ith Khode Island Vol. 1 ft.'d New Vork Vol... 'J U. ? ArtiUcry .... 1 79th do do.... 1 ? Cameron Dragoons... I Total 9 |[7* Washington p?i>cra please copy and tend bllla to the War Department. fe 6?3t furni'turk r pt iriri.' nriTiTP t.-1 vtl FUKNI1UKEm \V. B. M OSKd, (of tholmnol Peckhat.-i. Philad'a.) Manulactmei and W Iw'esale and Retail Pener m Cane ?eat '"hair*. Cottage, Parlor and Dining room Fumituro?Thorn's Building) JSevemh street, above 1) Every variety of UPHOLSTER IN U promptly ana neatli executed Store opou day and evening for the ~ocorr>inoda tion ot the puMic. Purchasers will study their interest tooall before looking elsewhere. ia 21 3in* CUTLERS, ATTENTION!! J00 PARRELS GINGER S N A T S, pkimk cjuaxitv, For sale in *u?ntitips to suit the traJe, at low figure*. JOHNSON &. NAGLE. I'a. avenuo, Washington, L>. C., ia 21 10 Royal ft, Alexandria, Vs. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL M E RC 11 A N T TAILOR Asd Dkimrd in SWORDS, SASHES. BELTS, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, OLOVES,&0. And every variety of HEADY MADE CLOTHINU, At rpacnsabi.e Pricks, WALL, STEPHENS &. CO., 34-2 Pennsylvania avecue, between jill [Intel, tc Repnh.l 9th and loth sts. ACZZ) S. WEKTHEIMHK 3c. CO , 4 (?A troU No. 462 axv 464 Skventh St., tUt ffppcsite iht Poft (face, OHer their stjck of WINKS, BRANDIES, GINS, ("ORLXALS.etc..also t.ieir lareo usaortment of SEUAKS, TOBACCO, FANCY GOODS, etc., for sale at W lio!rsaie Prtcon. They t^en constancy on hand line PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALE. in k?cs and bottles, lor har* or family uko TLo public in general are requested to nve them a cail and examine tiieir epiendid fctock of g,>oi!?, S. WERTHEIMER A. CO., 4 Gil and 464 Seventh street, de 21 -3m oppo. Past Office. Oysters! oysters! THE OVERLANOOYSTER EXPRESS v,w.ttraii t Still continue to reoefrve dat y those (ainou3 panted PATUXEN'F RIVER OYSTERS. Restaurant* ami private fsinili f ? J would do well to ca'.! ar.d try th^ui. Thoae oyateraare sold Jb hours after they coine from the water. IlF Office No. 4?* Market Space, below the Avenue House. jaB 3m CHEESE! CHEESE!! CHEKSE!!! LICJUORS, TOUAOCO, CIGARS, N l'TS, RAISINS. CRAOKKRS. All on hand and for sale cheap by K. B. HASTINGS A. CO., 323 D at.. faciiTK Fa. avenue, no 25 - l'hilharnioHic Hulldint. W FOR THE ARMY. E Have ju*t received, hy *teamer Araro, a larise assortment of macmuoent French Oraas Drums (Systems Greeotre;) French Bugles, lor infantry. cavalry, and artillery ; Martin Kroro'a Celebrated Clarionots and Flute* ; liiars instrument# ill all kinds. Alao, the fines' sua ity ol Venice Strings. Busson's Acoordeons and Flntina*. Together with a large assortment of latest French Music for Uai.ds. Music Store of W. if. METXEROTT, ja 16 Corner Pa. avenue and 11th at. r? n. i v a. t b. r? n i v A T E r?m v ate DR. LA J30NTA Cure* all Venerial I>iseasrs permanently and uiekly, withouttlie useof disgusting or poisonous drugs oj any kind. No dieting or mtorlerence with buairiees. Consultation* lree. It is naying suite enough m t's favor, when I say that mv practice is that which is ;i; uso in ail the New York city hcsoitalj. New York City Coile&e and Hospital Testimonials furnished. Ladies with Whiten and l>in<?aj??* ol the Womb cured and awed a consumptive's crave by my treatment. There ia nothing efftmivt or disatrttablc ill any part of the trea'ment. A li cures warranted, nr money refund;*!. viuiumii-wu' hi wiitiii*! wii:i ipiurn sump, piomPtiT attended to. Medicines for travelers and others picked, with fuii instructions for use, and warrantea. Office? Room No. * VViui ins .on Bidding, Penn. avenue ami Seventh St., Washington, D. C. feb 1-ln* H1LADLLPIUA PROVISION STORE, 119 I'gfUrTLVA.ITA AVRNVB, Btlytttn lc)th an.4 Wk its. The undersigned, having located himself as above, taken this method ol informing tne oilneus of the First Ward that lie i<aa opened a first cla*s Provision Store. conriuoi"d similar to those for irhiolt Philadelphia infamous. Ile^ecau hf i>-un-i at ad Imifs % iar;<> avsd fresh supply of POULTRY, 6AM K, v KKF, MUTTON. fto, FRUITS and VEGETABLES in season. Particular attertion is called to hib stock and prices of BUTTER. CHEESE, Ao. Philadelphia Print Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to give the strictest attention to the wants of his customers, and to kocp every article in his line of the t>s?t quaiitr, and sell at the lowest market prices, he Lopes to meat a share of public patronage. Families will be waited upon daily for orders, if required. no 16 THOMAS R. WILSON. ( : WATCHES. VIOLD AND SILVER ENGLISH, SWISS AND AMERICAN. 1 have now on hand . large stock of &!! the most celebrated Watches, that I am aellins at the very lowest prioea tuat good and reliable tune keepers can be asfnrdod at; and every description of fire JKVvKLllV on hand;all new atties received aa soon as manufactured, and oiiered at the lowest rates. Silver ware manufactured in iny cwu shop. Ail kinds ol MILITARY GOODS on haud.suoh as Revolvers, Swords, Sashes, Belts, Bowie Knives. Pocket Compasset, to., 4o, Also strong Array Trunks and Bed Combined: and many other things naelul and ornamental at 33* Pennsylvania avenue. n-?3> tf H. A. H(Kil). QQQ JOHNSON & NAGLE, QUO fclO*7 IMP jRTKES OF id 0?7 WINES, L1QUOKS. H 4 VAXA CIGAKS, FIXE GROChMES, kc? No, 3*9 Pa. avenue, between 9:h and loth streets, Washington, D. C. No. 10 Royal at, near King, Alexan<tria, Va, So'.e Agents for the SPARKLING HOCK aad MOSELLE WINES of the Itookheim Joint Stock Co., in Hookheim on ths Rhine. Constantly on hand their celebrated Sparkling Hock and Moselle Cabinet I Vines. Connoisseurs are respeotfti iy invited to give us a call. i* a SOMETHING NEW-S VPERIOR HULLED & CORN.?TheauDa-uber, tisviiit cot the agency to aapply Washington * Georgetown with thu ilelioata preparation of Corn, would respectfully uk of his friend*, and the public at large, to give it a trial. Alao, Popped Cum, plain and sugared. WM, BRA DLY, Agent, Pa. avanue, between 18th and 19th sts. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monuments, Tal>!o Tops, Ac. A l.irge aa&oriiuectaiwaya on hand. oo 19 Sm Abalmoeal skirts. NEW aud choice assortment of select colors ai d patterns, many styles, not found elsewhere. In addition- a fine and ample stock of all kindi of Foreign and Domastio Dry Goods in all the departments of lannly wants. An m?peotion of atock incurs uo obligation to purchase. One price only, marked in plain figures; hence, no purchaser is deceived. PERRY ft BRO., ja7-tr Penn. avenue and Ninth at. LADIES'. GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILDREN S fu RMHHINO GOODS, UNDERGARMENTS. GLOVES. HOSIERY. HANDFwSlFfflMWWLlira

CRAVATS, THOMPSON, u'n<[er'Brown's, da? K. A. Late k. Co.'s Marhle Hall "- ? jr. Army gloves; army 6loves'! At the Slove Dmm of ^SlW5EBA?t, COLUMBIA MARKET, ~ " Vv Pa. (MUM, comtr Thirtuntk it. The anbaoriber woald *ott respectfully inform tiie 01 tiMm of Waaainctoa that ha hai returned to his old suarter, where he intends ke?pmc a "hrstrate market in ail ita l>ranohea, aa in timea rone, he will be happy to greet hi> old fnenus ana soatoners. N. B ?Goods sent free of charge to any pixt of 1 tJ 4o?iiT" a MALLARD. if 4* * JiiA iir/ fj 0 DBflTlSTBY. D. L. LHVKT^fytf?,r&cb of tbe MUI?m*nt No. 13 WaverTr Plao*, N?v Yorkl.^ab wooM call the attention to thom who need his ??r?!cM. that in addition U? hii**1''* ? ureal iacilities in operative Itontistr?, ho is ia possession of a new and important invention for the uisertiou ol Artiicial the principle of Jlmo*pktnt rri.ttkri, eutireli different from the old inode, and secured by letters I'atent grantee April bth. I8W. This invention it of the greatest value, there Ihmpc let. ,?late used to eoverthe roof of the mouth, aud with aa increased amount of suction. The puMic are invited to oa I an<4 examine specimens and ceitibrales from some of the most prominent and soientiiio KeoUemen, No. 4*1 Tenth street west, near Fa. ave. ja 14-eolm* 1)R. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Bitwim 9ru AND IOTII STS. a 4 eoam |\EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ? ' or ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1 bOSM TEETH, WlTHOfT MBTAL i'LATB OE CLA*r?. DR. B. D sTeESMOND. 10 B'0?4wa?, IV?w Tori 'WO P$nmylr*ni* i? *nu4, bttwtsn \dik m4 IS<4 sis., WntkvmHcn, Calla the attention of the paMio to the lollowinj ?dof hia improved *T8tem : I. Tit* Teeth of hia manufacture vi^nflKS nerer oorode nor ohanfe color by any^M,,fc** acids. beinr three fourths lixhtet than an; other. 8. No teeth or rwta neea be extracted, aa the artifioial ocas oan be maerted over them. t. The roota will be made inoffensive, an never o ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent one* can be made immediately, thereby preaervinc the natural nxpreaaion of the face, whioh under the oid ay atern ta frequently diafitnred. ?. Tina work haa been fully tented over five yetra by many oi the brat ohenuata and phyaioiana of thia oountry. II, v?^ ? I.. ? - ? .. ?? nitv u?vu 0 wuttv UliUOtll UU11VV met*! filhci, with which the moit sensitive teeth can be filled without pain, and oaa build np & perfect, sound tooth on any side roots, winch will last throurh lifetime. The best of references riven?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Doreinus, Professor of Chemistry, N. V.; Hon. Judge Wajr.e, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousands of uthers. Cal! and examine for yourself. no 8 Im GASFITT1NG, kcT AWM V, DOVE * CO. Kft Now prepare,* to execite any rdtrs witt W;h?|i tii"T ni*T b? favored in the fiWMBiN*. CAS OR STEAM FiTVIH# BVSlNESSt rrr Storo on Ith street, a few' doors north ?f Pa. ?YM.ue, whsro may be foind a complete assortment sf CH A ^HKLif.Rf and ?U*r AS.STEAMami TTAJI-.K K1XTMKKB. lir-1* We AS F1I7VRES. E Have m store, and are dn.j receirinx, WAS HJTORES of entirely New Patterns and Desifin tnd Finish, inferior in style to anything heretofore 2"ei'?d in this mar tet. we invite citiiers seiiera! ty to sail and examine our stoek of 6as ana Water Fix'ires, fee'.inc confident thatvo hare the teat elected slock in Washington. A.11 Work m the above Tine intrasted to ear car* Till be ?r?!nft!y attended to. MYERS * MoVHAN. soar l-U 378 D street. FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. FOR BALK BT J. P. HARTHOLOW, Sole Agent, Hardware & Agricultural Warehouse) S5S Seventh Street, littwttn Pennsylvania avenue and ikt Canal, opposite east end of Centre Market. ja 14 ti LOVfcLL. COLLKS A CO.. WHOLESALE GROCERS, * > Front ctreet, New York, and 31ti E etrrot, Washington, D. C-. (near Wlllardm' Hotel.I Having et&rted & t ranch of our New Vork eital?Uahnieiit in thia city, wo invite bmltrs. Utoetrs, Restamrnntimrs. and Hotel K<er<rs, to call and fx Mr in? our stock, which is well aasoited and comprued of gooda of the beat quality. We take orders for ar.y thing in our line, and execute them promptly. ja *3 tf NOTICE. gMWHIM "ADAMS' KXPKfcSS COflPAfIT" Th?a Company offers to th* ^n!>!ic ** Unequalled Advantages" for the Safe ana Quick PispatcJi of lleav* Freights, Faoaates, ValnaMea, Money, fco. ecu., to al! parta ol the united States. LxpreKsen to and fioui the North and Weet depart from aiiti arrive in Washington twioe daily, AM I'w.r.cX.lM I - ?... -? --J 4 a ' J 14A, IVOBWO ? V Iff ^UOIfcV Ul tiltnhlt Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiera carried at "oil HAL'" our usual ratoe. Aii Goods tor the so-cailed "Confederate Statee" and all Articles " Contraiiand of Wat" will t>e Rirofti). Our Expresses leave Now York at 1,?, and I P. M arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and i.39 Expresses leave Philadelphia at ?J0 A.M. an<< 11 I'. M.. arriving in Washington at t to p. M, and A.M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4-20 A. M. and I P. M.. ai riving in Washington at 6 A. M- and i->< P. M. Expresses for all aointa North and We?t latve Washington 7.3n A. M.and2.?> p. M.dai'v. fpeciJiT Contracts for targe quantities of i {flight can l>e made on asp ication to this i Mice. Ail Goods called for and delivered free of hika chargea. E. W. PARSONS, Snp't Adams' Express Companr. Washington, August a. 1861. au ?-tf SOMETHING NEW! F\(aJGiutvit Discovkxy oiK?|faJ the Ass! \lw At 491 C street, opposite the Tktnter. OYSTERS STEAMEI> la the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a roast) in two minuteIke time on record. Call and see. The undersigned respeotfuily rnlorma his friends in the lnstrict, am! visitors to the city, that he has rehtted his old and wxll-k.hown establishment in A mntf hnrnn a I* nifttinar pietc arrangements to furnish OYSTERS in any sty1* and in any quantity. 400 to 5W gallons shucked poruey. * CM) to 3,00U oans of Spioed and Fresh fut up <!aiiy?cans hermetically ce&ied. Furnished in the shell by the bushel or barrel. Persons wishine to hare Oysters furnished regularly through tne vinter, at Baltimore prices, w.tuout fear of failure, should call and make arrangements at once. Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me, as 1 furnish an artiole equal to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, at pnoeijactaslow. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines, Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, Ao. Ac.. Ao. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sauces, Brandy Peaches, Ac. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Freeh Lobsters, Cod. Halibut, Ao. In fact, every thing for sale ia the Northern markets always on hand, at reasonable prioes. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without charge to any part of the Distnot* in season, if the money is sent with the ordor. My establishment is open from 5 a. m. to IS at night, every day, except Sunday, when 1 close at 1( o'clook a. m. ja2 tt T. M. HARVET. WALL. STKl'HKIVB * UU., 34'i PB!t1Wn.TAItIA AVBNVS, AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNiSHINtt 0OODS, ac 6 if (Intel. A Repnb.l |JOO?S AMD TO 8fI* *** W? n naw rasnafaetancxall kinds af BOOTS kKd SHOES, and oo-stantTy rsoeincc a^^^ iiM'T of eaatsrn mads work of STSryds-lKX aeration, mart* earresaiy to ordsr, ana willvHy te?at>liatamaodlowArjMiofltkas>Mbeeiiv ML aeratoiora oharied in uia tiij hi mack lajarisr artts.aa. Heraona in want ?rt 8mIi and Skaas at sastsnt ar alty mads work, will alwajaftads josd aaasrtiasa is ??ra and at the ! a wast irises. Cits as asau. ~Ak?&a?&L WK Have ?SZ& SSSO^lI, - V. larcfl assortmeot of BOYB' SPRING CLOTHING, erabraoinf ail styles of Iow-priood, modi Km, and nee qualities, wluofa w aro tolling at vary low price* for out m Xt HntoUisocow aad Roo?bUaa*.> ROUGHS, COLD8, HOAR8KNB88. *0. COMPOUND SYRUP OF OUM ARABIC, Thu pieasant and popular ConghRomody hM boon so long known and extenaivo)y asod that moat persons hare beoome familiar with its axMordlBarroaoaer. It oaa bo had at all tfcopnnoip 1 drag stores, at? and 10 ooaU a bottla, ^TTt^TlON.SmTLKR* OFFICERS AND A l?rgo stook of CAMP STOVES, maaafacturod a:ul for aalo at 391 franoylvania avoaao, soar *' a. 4. eaxeoAY. K ri?o no*** tfiao^.v&t.., i BPft. JOIRSTOH, ilflNOKI LOCI BOiriVil, flu tfuMvnU U* MM Cariana wwl ante XfKtu+i Ktmm4f M I*? Wmld, rOB ALL P1SKABKS OF lMFBf DKflOE. mr jvo delicacy hkwent. APPLY IMMEDlAmLY. 4 warranted, or lfo c/1aege, in trom one to two vats. WiUim af M luk, Birmaraa. 4fmlm af iha IM fi tad lltMo -wwnn DaotifM, Impauntf, ?aautl LHhUnj, Rikwhw, bypft, I ?ip?i, CmMm af Mm*, U? Spina, Pupm.i? af tha Inn, 1M4>y, 1 TltBkii?|(, Oimm ' hftl m, Dunn af M aad, Tkmu Ncm a* lk?, Aficum W tha kwft, ?iw ' ut ' B*v?i> Htm Tarn Ma Paiiiin anataf frvaa Mlkuj BaKtta af Yaaib?ihaaa Oraadfal and Ueeveetiae Ptaau?ii which randai Marrtaf a inpaaaiMa, uri <ww| hath Bad7 and Mind. * yovnu mem EapaaUllr vha ha?a hacwaa tha vtetina af Miwry TIM, that draadfaj and daatitcura hahat vhaah a?aTty awaapa la an anomaly gra?a ihaaaaada al Taarf Maa af (ha Mat aiakad lalaata and hnltiart IxUllaci. wha might etherwwe h?a aauaacad Uatananf Saaaiaa with (ha ihaa?ara af a la- I Biaaa ar vat ad ia acaia?r lha bra| lyaa, aa; aail vMh I Hatdama. mauri ave. mint ruio*i,ar Vaanf Maa aaaUaptaHai Mar* "*? . hamj^awara^a/ phraical vatkoaaa, at(taia dahiihf, *h* placaa tkMBMtir andar Ik* (in *f D?. }. m*j ratlft- < Ml; chhi in hi* bow aa a f antlasaa u4 iwHuiji Ml; apan hit skill aa a phyaician. OFFICE N? 7 SOOTH FREDERICK ST. laftkand sidarainf fraoi B>iun>?ra auaai, a raw 4aa*a fiaa tha earnar. F ail nai ta akairn nana a ad Lam bat. kauara Ml ba paid and Mntaio a atarrf. DR JOHNSTON, Manbar af IM lml Callaja af Saraaaoa. U4?, rnfr ata frara ana af tha niaai ammant Cellafaa in tka Ballad Btaiaa, and tha PHtir pan af whaaa lift h.a haaa aeaal la Ua haapiula af Londan. Paria, PhiUdalphia aad alaawbara, , kai afactad aama af tha meal tilAbukiu aaraa (bit wava knawn; many troablad with nnainf la Ua baad and an whan aaiaap; fraai narroaar aaa, Vaiu alarm ad ai < taddtn aaanda, baahfainaaa with fraqaaat k .aahia*, attaadad aamau.uaa with dan&ftmant af nund, vara tar ad '?t dlatalj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. fM?l Man and alhtra wha kara in)arad thaaaalraa k? a aartaw practic* mdaifad in whan alaaa?a habit fracaaoil. laarnad frara aril campnuana, ar at acbaal, tha a facts af wtucb ax* nightly (all a ran whaa aaiaap, aad if antirad, raodara marnafa lrapoaaiMa, and daavara bath auad aad bad*, ahesid apply immadiaialy. Tbaaa ara aon,* ni tha pad and malanebaly ifatutrtdwad br aarf? habit* af roath, ?i? i Waaknaaa af tha Back aad PilpiUttM af ma iiiut, Djip?p?v, K)r>Mt imu- I hilny, Dtranftmant af tba Difaatiaa fnilwi, Saoaral DabuitJ, S?mptoma ?f Coraarartian, Ac. faarfal tftcti aa tba ariad ara ai*ah ta 1 ka draadad?Loaa of Mamary, Cocfaaiao af Maaa, Pfwa? a? fpttiu, ?ti1 t'orabodtoga, Avartwi a* Sactaty, Salf-Dta- i trail. Lo<? af Saiitada, Timidity, tic., ara aaraa af iba artla | tadacad. Niaroi'f Di*ilitt ?Thaaaaoda aaa nav )?df? vhatla tba eaaaa af tbair da dicing baaJtb, loaina Mail aifaa, tana j tcf waak, pala, oarvaaa and idhciiuI, ba?inf a aufilil appaataoca ahaat tba ayaa, caaf b at aymptana af waaiay- j DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. , Whan tba mwaaidad and irppradant votary af plaaaara bla . ha haa imbwbad Ota aaada af Una paw fa 1 d>aaaaa, it taa aflaa happana that au ill-tiroad aanaa of ahama aa draad af diaea?ary daura him from applying la tboaa vha, fraaa adacauao aaf laAsuti'itt, cmi liana bafnaud hina. la falla lata tba haiiaa of ifr.arant and daaif ninf prataodara, arha, tacapahla 1 af carina, ilch hia paear.iary aabatanca. kaaa ton tni.aj aatilh a/tar month, ar aa lao( aa la a aiaallaat faa can ha ah- j tainad, and in daapaur taava htn with nanad haalth ta air* ' avar ait jraUinf diaappatuunant; ar by tba aaa of that daaaly aaiaac?Warcara?haatan tha uutfimuMl mt iku ' iamkla ditaaaa, ??ch * Af #c:.?n?af ih? liir?Vtir?t,lui, t tin, Ac., pr?fT*Min( with frifhtfal rapidity, uil daalk pan a I panad ta hi* craadfal ?afartnfi k? aaadinf Mai tfcai ?- I dlitiTtrK. c?*ntrr fran *k?t Wait na iravalarrittru. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANI9 WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By Lfai* (ft 1,1 aud tn.a?rual raaady v*?.kr.a*? af tk? tifui art ?p??<iny chi< ar.a fw ?:pi ttiuril. Tk?udi af u? mi uac?a?? iri <ii?' viae *ti kad l?*t ail fcapa,ka?a kai? tmraadtalal? ralta?ad. All lmpa'iaaaia va Majrtif*. Pkyalkal ar Maaui Dtaaaaltlkaiiari. I??aa af Paaaraaura Pavar, Barvaaa ImtakUlta. TramkUnf and Wukitu ai IlUUUM af Ik a aaat fMffU I klad apakdtly tmiad. ENDORSEMENT OF 1HE PRESS. , Tib Mint TkariiKO! farad at Uta InaUtauan wttkla ik laat aa*ar taan yaara, and tba naretraat imparurt arrival aparauaoa par'anaad kr Dr. Jahnatan, auaaatd ky &a J tapartara af ika papan and nan; Mill mimm, aaueaa a) vkitk kava appaarad agaiu acd aguio tmii ika r akUa, kaa daa kia atandlog aa k fkQtlaamL af tknitti and n?i<Mltty. la a aaStiant puum la Ua aMatad. nur ll-lf T n ITIit -HTVT A _ Protected by Royal J.eittrs Patent tf England, and secured by the Seals of tat Ecole de Pkarmacie dt Paris, and tki Imperial College oj Mtdicine, Vienna. TRIESEMAR No. 1 Is the effectual remedy for Relaxation, t*rnmatohkhcea and EXHAUSTION OB TBI SlITBM. , ,, Completely and entirely eradicate! all traoea of those disorders, for which Copaiva and Cubebe have xenerally been thought an antidote, to tha ruin of the health of a vast portion of the popu.nuob. i TRIESEMAR No. 3. 1 Is the jjreat and tare remedy of tbe cm'.isad world for all impurities of the system, as well ae saoond ary symptoms, obviating the destructtv* n?e of Meroury, as well as other deleterious mcradients, and which all tne i*ai nap\r.;!a is the world oannoi remove. Tbibsb*ak .Not, j.Si and 3 are alike daI voiu of tAsiA or ftinaii* of til nsesesiinr ? unities. The? m t!i& ionn of & !oii&c?. iqa? Jut on the toilet t&t 6 without their being eus * fol.i m tin caaee at $3 each, or foar Jca^i IB I one for 99, act! in 0/7 caeca, thai unci #?. aa &dniini?ter?d ?.y Vat*eao. LAliemand. Robx-Ac.. Ac. Wholesale and retail by DR. H. A. BARROW, 104 Dleecker ajtreet, (4 do,ir? from MaoDo?ual Btreet), New York. Immediately on receipt of remittanoe, Dr. Harrow will forward Trt^emar to any ?art ??t me world, eeonrelv 1 packed .and a&'dresaed acoortlin* to the instruction* < of the writer. Published also by DR. BARROW, that popular at:d beautifully illustrated medical work, Hainan Fra> Price 25 cents. Triesemar and Book can M obtained by spemai authority from 8. C. FORD, Washington, D. 0. deU-lm I r, KA* PERKINS' . ' CBLBBRATID ( Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by 25 EXTRACT | CONNOISSEURS B| of a Lo?or fro? < ta be the II MtdU^ < Ml A* M M ONLY GOOD^* T."Hu7rZ^ 1 SAUCE." at Woroaatar. j and applicable to gjgg i*, L VlD u fSSSHS?: r?M that their Saaua EVERY icgg** 1B hi h,y , _ m India, and is, ib VARILTY 38spjft?f my opinion, th? mott J 'M palatable. aa vail u OK D1BH LjHtitmortwholtmw r ulDU- ^PSPs^? that r. made." The above SAUCE la not only the bk*t and moat Pofvlab coitdim int known.bat the moat if?cm tea4, aa a few dropa in S<mr, Gravy, or with l\tk. hot and cold Joint!, Buf 6aau, ?., impart i an ex<niaite seat, which uMprincipUd Sauoe man- I nfacturera have in vain endeavored to taiualt. On the Brtairast, Ltmcktom, Lhmtur, or Swppai TabU, a cruet ooutainins w LEA * PERR1N8' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" i? indispensable. To appreciate the trctlltni tmediiUs of this d*lietotu preparation it is only necessary to purchase a small bottle of the tenvi*4, of a respoctahle grocer or do* or. an many Hoitl awl htstaurant proprietors seldom place the Purt Sauce before their guests, hut substitute a genuine BottU hi led witfe a jpwrtmu mixture. For sale by Grocers and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Sfumrt and 14tk strut, JVnt York, Sole Wholesale Agonta for the United State*. A Stock always in store.?Aleo order* raoMved for direct shipments from England. IET??Hf? CossMr/<ui mmd ItiistiMi-m sep >-ly.eo JUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. 8. HORINE8 superior OLD RYE WHISKY, eight years old, warranted. Also, prime Monongahela Wkiekies for sale at 333 Pa. arenae, by de 4 SUwtf BROWNING A KEATING. i? _ cash notice. . ? uwwwp??ra?iwiii to pay rnk for ra vtwl ? goods we firtMMi we are hrili uoe oar baeinaea to Oaaa expiaslesly, for the preaent. We h&ve iq store a veir largeaaaorteMOt of KEAOYjMAlW CLOTHING for Mea and 398 Pa. avenue. between Hh aad lMk at.. to* (latelTA Reeah.) W^m mVKUNS TRUNKS. L Offer for de the larceet aeeortaeat e SKA VELIN8 TRUNKS to be foaadiaflMM Mis oitr. eomyriiM beet Sole Leather^H|fl tfoes, Oarpet Bare, icj wU?h we are aov aelUai at very lev prieee, *Mnymz*j2s* Hi VERY Dwonrtion^ofJOB ?P*lNinH? T+- 1 * aired br any bodj?oitiseaa, omi fiutdsunM. HmT and navy offlWa, Batten, ta. MMilM it the STAR OFFICE, is eatuketory atria, at low rfttM for Ouh. ? 4-tf oaKwiifipE vhiea ve innteall eaah pan aaaara to examine befcreinekiM theu-eeWegw. . H (Intelligencer tad Eeyablyaac.) ^ 1 AJJ? ^ PGHTAJ.JL W? hurejaat rMWTMt nnlrof Uiiwn AM, waioh w roooiBiw?if to be of*, Terr ?prior ?aalS2aa2SS^s^25F no T 6?ir^toir?. b61^A?fAad#&A mm., ?*> Pa. ? ??>. miltt *. OWaSo^ rosewood caicsums On? 1 -oot&velSr roo?4 mtmt HallotffVNI & ikriiPiuMforvm. ^ ? mm For mob Mtty Unpflt U?? M?ii?8tow of fc'o ' * * ' TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. FASSENGKR TRAINS (to mmd Afim MONDAY, i, IKi. PtNIMU TBAIIH mwUR WISHINOTON AND BALTIMORE Will raiM follow* t Eu itoUt TV??i Jrrtti mt mm4 Dtrmn from VMMMNK Dmtif 4mMM ik? ?*M*. mm4tw mt For riitt^tolMia aad Nrv York l^ar?VVa*k IMlMtlMliN. II* A >.UllMr . For ttftlU?or*?Lmv? W Mkiatiot tl kjNMd r.4" A M. ud I rc Mil 4 w r m. For Anatpolti Ml*1 \M.aa4?<"r For Pliil?dolpliift M W; it. P?r >wrMlwri u< Ik* Nortk u4 WoM.latvo W Mhinctoa MiMii. mm! ? ? or M? r MFor F rodoriok Mlvia. m< Mi r m. aSSe? J N#v Vorfc r. pviMfettUI p. n."sa!assJrr irtwaK* Qou m Ba tmo: a. T his u Um Ncratai wnmioi fur AncMoin. Nov Yort Mail TraiB-leaoo Wuh^ttot at U L arrtTO at Baltimore IU) r. Pkiladoipbta kP r. Nov \m* I* r. n. Pkiia^t'^iaTnn ioavoo WitktatiM at I w r m. revoking Baltimoreat491 p ,aa4Pkiiade?pkia Mil1 r n. Aftoroooa Acewriiuai )?to Wirtin|Ur Utr n.amv# at Haitian** at In, No ooo Dtxiona at Baltimore. Tkis the aftoraooa eoannuon for Annapolis. KToaiif Ex?i?i toave Waahinalot t p. . trriTt af Baltimore tt p. PfcuaoeipBia MA) P.M.; Nov York 4 a v.: Ham?bnr? 1 H Ob Sudan eav* Waikiaitw at 3 ?e and t p. a. jalr. TnO ft P. m. tr?;t. from Waah,njtor. eoaaoeti tkroagk to Nov York or?ry dap danac Uo veefc trains motino south. Ltara Nov York at t a. Philadelphia llJ" a.; batimore 4 ? p. . Arrive at WaMuactot .s ^L^are Nov Yorfe at p. ? Philadelphia >?ja p a-, Baltimore 4J? a. *. Arnv* at W aaku?toa i.r ^Loavo Nov York at It p. ?; PM a^f ahia l.r a. m.; BalUaor?7J6 a. , Arr.oe at WaefciactoI.J6 a. . Looal Aoooirnj<xlatiot T i u leave Ha.Hmora It a and 4 31 P. . fc ft Ukiutoa. ?rrl*a * th?r* ?l tl a.m.and c?s p. m. On Bondaya at tJ ud 7* a. m. oaly fraa Bain aora. No Aua?o!ii or Fr*dar>ok oeaacxioa* oa ^BEdaya. _ Paaeetfer Tnuna laavin* Waahinrton at 7.?> * K. and ? M p. ., and BaJti more at TM a.. u aa<! ? si p. , mafc* jirael wiwetiwi for Auayolu at t>.* laaotaoa. Th *.?" am, and 3M r u ooaneot at Relav for Frederick, Haceratown, i?.,4c., exo*?t Sunday*. Traiaa leave Annapo'n for Baltimore and Waabarton at *JV a. u. and 3 ? r. 1'fcaeet.f er Tratna l*aviag Waahin?ton at &M a. 11 a. M-. ar>d t p. aad Baltimore at ?.* and r.35 a. m . will atep mtiya* inmpwu JumeH/m. Way Paaeancar* naat talc* th* iutaiaiWatiM IVafej aaJpTraina will leave Waahinfton aed Raltiroore rrmmptlt ape* r?W ??? , axoeptmc that th* 4.jr a *,7 85 a M. anfltM) p M t aiaa will waitf" minatea ifn*o**aarr, to aeon the paa*?Ljr*ra and ma a from th* haal For Biok aad Woanded Bolaiera?A apaeial ear, atth an attendant, with bode, will ieava Waehiacton twioe a week for Philadelphia direct at 11 a m. For th* aooommodation of aick and woeaood wldiera. W. P. f.MlTH. fte 4 Mfceter of TranaportaUon, Bait iat>?j THE [lset Penniylvania Central Bailroad, (with iUoonneotioiu) IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! TEtn DAILY TEA!** F*OM PHILADELPHIA TO FlTTfrBUROH: Tw> o! them miking CLOSB roSNSCTlORi AT BAAAUaUAS with trauta on tba NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, And forminc TUB GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE rftoit WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all points in the West, Noith-wmt add 8ovth-wui. I^TFor Tbrotik Tiektti.tff'T tt the OfeM ( the Northern Centra; Ktii Road Company, Calvert Station, Baltimore. Splendid Sleeping Cart on oil JViehl Train* Smoling Saloon Cart on mil Traww. FROM WASHINGTON. Paaeengera wi 1 take the b a. m. and S p. m. train*, errinnc in Baltimore at lJt< a. m. a?<l 6 41 p. mi., where oloee oonneetioni are iraae with train on the NorthernCentraJ R. K.,aodarrive m Barn* burn at 1 p. in. and 1.45 a m-. there connecting *:tL the trains on tk* Pennsylvania Centra Railroad (or all pert* ol the wnl FREIGHTS. By thin route, freighta of all descriptions oan e forwarded to and from any point on tiie Rai roads >fOhio, Kentucky, Indiana. Illinois. Wisconsin, Iowa, or Mtaaonri, by ha\.ro+4 Hitki The Pecnsyivauia Central Kai "au alsooonneota U Pittaburf wiih Steamer*, t<> whioli >,,? ?a oan \m forwarded to any port on the Ohio, Mu'tuucuiu, Kentuckr. Tennessee. CnieMrland, I a.. A saasippi, YViaconsin, Missouri, Kanaaa. Arkansas, Md Red R ivera; and at Cleveland, Handnsky and Chica?o with steamers to ai> Northwmara i.akr* MerchAr.U and ebippera entruatiac U( tranapor Laiion of their Freight to tine Comeaej, e*n rely with oonfuienoe on its *?eedy t<an*t. THER&muP FREtGHTto aiH fro? any point in the Weet, by the Fennaylram* Centra) R*ilro*d. art at ali (t?M? at farmrmbU at art :kart(d by otktr JiailrooA Compamui. C7* Be eartioeiar to mark KcU?m m via P*nk.* a l lT R." MAURAW & KOON9, Freight Agenta, No. Norib etreet, Aim ore. ENOCH LEWIS,?**'! ?iieennt*t, Alteon*. P*. L- L. HOUPT, ?ea'l Ticket Ag't. P?iil*d*l?hi*. H. H HOUSTON, ?eo'l Freight A*eat,Pb *delphia. Tjt-dly I^ORTHER.N CENTRAL RAILWAY. Tk* Skorttit, QmtcJUit amd ?**t Jlmut/ttm B*?? WEST. NORTHLAND NORTHWEST. SRfPmuB WINTER SCHEDULE claiwi ov tim*. O* *ad after 8UNDA?7?tJi November. P*eeenier Trains will arrive and depart ma C*. vert station *a follows: ? ? T*ainr Noktb Lbavb fifcg &!? ,... I'arkUiL A o<. mtnodaUor 4 p. m. Pittsburg ?nd H&maburg Express SJB p. a _ TBAIBS BOBTB AB*1VB nwriwn AoeommMUios at ft. m. Bufialo Expreee 8 an ?. m. ntuhari and Hameburi Liprtu 3 p. at. The Iks. train iruni Wadiiiftoi oonaeqta with the IJP a. ai. tiaie froai U^timor*for W Weet and for Buffalo. Klrrura. Rocbeeter, Du. tirk,CanadaifaasDd Niagara Fa..t. aad for New or* oity. Tin Si a. at. Wain from Waehiciton ooaaeete with tne S a* m- tram from Baltiwor* U? W*L Northed Northweet and Klmiraaad BafihJo aiid The s f. m. train from Waahinctoa ooa?to with the UO p. m. train from Baltimore far Pittarurg, Harnebart anc the Weft and ia a direct aonnaeUod for Lebanon. Kaetoa Alientown aad New \ orh via Cehtral Raiirotd of Naw Jereey. Try thia route lor New fat. jnggl Th*oQly train arnviac ia Baltimore on Bandar ie the MB a m. train. JA&C CLARhK. io Bjy jmaalwwit T__ HOTICK TO TRA^JtLKJlB. m JH5 foatiuuir' ecemJ hanng wimed the wamw belaw Waehtacton. _M ? ^ BaMaiore. and O.c ratal irMnaA?4kK? Mocroa) ta be rmmnt onaM wmW"* Mfp.rtay, tj? |B|h iaaQl. ttmBae of ei? ein Vtf M. H. TALLS. Nrt. m tonuMi m n?[lri???yi5. m j&&'^jSt?s^iims SSXrfSSif^lS^Z. ? - iJncs ? {LTbm>|ium %

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