Newspaper of Evening Star, 8 Şubat 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 8 Şubat 1862 Page 1
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WASHINGTON, D C. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8. 1862 N?. 2,798. THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) - AT THE STAR BUIUHMI, IwMr / fiMUflfMi* +Hmm? mmd EUmmtk H Bt W. D. WALLAGH. rapera Rtwi l> paeta^a by oarrtara M Ml tw, or 37 centi par moatt. to Mil Mtaorlkcn Uf pflea ta S3 80 a year, *m ritwii; H for Ml ^ntfce; >1 for Uuw atoatba; u4 for 1m thu Bit#* BMiha Bt the rate at p aeal WMk. 81a gle ooplca, o?a cajrr; la wiappan, two com. Ace before 18 o'clock otherwise they may ot appear natll the next day. A PASTOR'S ELECT. [CORTIWtTBD.J I turned and looked at the speaker. It was m little girt, apparently about ten years of age, her long curls falling in a bright, tangled mass about her small, sorrowful-looking face, while her large blue eyee were fastened with a kind of panting eagerness upon my own. Yes, that Is my Dime. And what do you want with me, my little girlV I queried, greatly surprised at this singular encounter. " O. sir, ao you remember a little boy whom you met one evening last winter, who teid you he had a sister Nelly, and " The mystery was at once cleared up. *' Yes, yes, I remember it all," I interrupted. ? A *t/4 vau mm Vallw T '' anJ T vey?>l the child with enhanced interest. Her ragged KurmenU, tar pale face, bore very legible bi?tory?a history of sharp poverty and bitter suffering. 14 O, I am so glad?so rery glad, air!" and the light that broke into her careworn features was beautiful to behold 4> I was almost sure it must be you when the gentleman called jour name, and you look just as Willie .?aid you did. O. sir, I hare looked and watched, and waited for you so many days, that I had almost given up hoping." 44 Poor child! I nave been out of town, or I would have come to you aa I promised. But where is Willie now? and what do you want with me'" I was well nigh ashamed after the latter question was asked, her poreciy answered it to plainly. 0. sir, Willie is sick, Very sick; and his isce ioo*s s<r wnite and strange lately, I fear lie is goin^ home to mother sometimes. You see I get tatter after 70a sent me the oakes and ornttgfes. and Willie bought me some medi cine witb the money you gave us. and we paid the rent six months, so the woman let us stay th're. Bat one day, a month ago, Willie was Out all day in the cold rain selling paper*, and he's been growing worse and worse, and he's ao altered you'd nardly know him. But he wanted to see you so badly, and he talks about it all the time in his sleep, and for the last two or three days he's grown almost wild about it. and so I've been out keeping watch for you all day; and I couldn't bear to go home at night, for Willie would spring up in the bed and ery out so loud, " Nelly, have you seen him ?" and when I >hnnk would lin rlnwn with euch a look that I would go off in one corner and crj all alone, it made my heart ache so to Fee it. Bat now Willie will be so glad ! 0, please, sir, won't you go and see him ?" I see. H attic that yeur eyes are growing moist with tcare, and if you could have heard the simple touching pathos with which that fair child told her sad story, you would have answered as I did. ' Yes, Nelly, I will go now." * *> ' Willie, Willie, I've brought him! I've brought him!" The little hand which guided me so carefully ap the dilapidated stairs was withdrawn as the little girl broke into that old attio chamber, ler eager and joyous tone^ making the bare wails ring again? " I've brought him ! I've brought him The dying daylight looked with a sweet, ?<>lemn smile into the room, whose entire des titution one glance revealed to me. I had not lime for another, for a child's head was lifted from a miserable mattress in one corner. I came forward, a pair ef attenuated arms was a j a ..J 4l l. : rtrwicucu uub, iuu iuuw largo, ouroiDR ojc* were fastened a moment on my face, u though Jife and death rested upon their testimony. " Yet. yea, I knew yon would come at last, ' *nd the little cold arms were wrapped around my neck. " 0, I hare watched and prayed, and hoped so long*, and it seemed to me as if you would never come; but I knew jou would to-day, for last night mamma came to me, looking so beautiful, with the flowers woven all around her head, and a white robe flowing down to her feet, and she smiled so sweetlj and said: " 1 My little Willi*, he will come to you to morrow. and his eoming will be a signal, for then T. too. shall come for Ton." My tears were filling fast on the boy's brown curls, but a sharp pang reached my heart as he ?poke these woras. ' No, do. Willie, you were only dreaming," 1 said, as I lifted upVa heed and looked at hira anxiously. One glance into the rigid face told me enough?the mother had indeed oome for her child. " Bend down, quick," murmured the boy's white lips. " Nelly will be alone when I leave her; for there's nobody to teke care of her, you see. and I want to give her to yeu. You are kind and good?I know yoa will take care of her, aad never let hor suffer; and mamma will look down from her home in Heaven and bless you for it all; and may be we shall er me some time to take joa to as. Yoa will promise me this, won't yoa ??quick, for I can't see yoa end his glazing eyes wandered over my face. " Yes, Willie, I promise it to God, to yoar mother in Hearen, and to yoa," I answered solemnly. " Nelly, you have heard what he seid?he will take eare of you. Kiss me once more, little sister. There, there, mother has come for m? Good bye!" i ue iiiuc ?viu uugio 9uu|m iur our aanai and drew them together?a smile wandered over the stark, rigid face, and the last light of that May-day looked into that bar* attic,where the beautiful child waa lying on the oold mat treaa. "0, air, ia he dead ?" questioned the little girl, with her large. pathetic ejea wandering frost the dead face to nay own. My looks aaswered her, for my lips oould n0t" ?i" - "Willie, Willie, comeback, comeback to mi'" she cried oat in a voice whose exceed ing anguish will haant my memory, will haunt my heart till it haa grown oold aa the one thai then lay beaeath ma, and little Elian Eram lay aa seneeleM aa bar brother in my arms. Two days later, in a pleasant part of thi cemetery, the May violets war* turned aside and a child'a coffin laic, beneath them For nine spring tides have they laid their crimsoned mantle over hia bright head, and the shadow of a marble monument haa fallen softly over them. Upon thia ia acolptared a beautiful ohild, and an angel with outanread wings ia bending orer him, and pointing up ward Underneath ii grareo, "His mother came for him at twilight." It waj with ma subject of much perplexity where to plaee the lovely child, whom I always felt that Providence had especially intrusted to my care, I wai all ahe had on earth to lore, and aa time brought ita soothing halm to her heart, the whole affection of her deep warm nature was poured on me, and even then with the exception of yourself, ahe lay cloeer within the foldings of my heart. For % Uttle while I placed her in the country, among simple people,whoee curiosity would be readily appeased; for I waa exceedingly desi rous that the world should never become cog nuant ox ue pari x usa oorae id ner uie-Bis tory I read well her sensitive nature, ud I knew there might come a time in her litter life when it would cause her mach annoyance and mortification if the world know our eooret. Por thin reason, sweetest and dearest of Me ters, I did not oommuniontn to yon till I had obtained her permission, which I sought in my lut interview with her. I oould, of eouree, have received this at any timo, had I ehoeen to seek it; hut I thought it would bo unfair to obtain bar consent In this matter before her mature judgment had ratified iL After muoh deliberation. I reeelred to oon fide Elian's history to Mrs. Whittleaby, the lady with whom I boarded, and in whom I placed entire Confidence She listened with intense interest, and bar womanly ijmpnthias vara at onoe enlisted in ixhalf of ay protege. Bosidee this, she was a widow and <m:ilea?; and though by no meam wealthy, bar circumstances were mch thai aba could summed Ellen with everything neces sary to her well-being and bappioe*.* She proposed to adopt her in the place of the children Hod had taken from her; and to this proposition I joyfully assented, for there the religieus, social and home atmosphere would be ell that I wished to be aboot my Ellen. I was anxious, too, that she should no longer be dependent upon me, for I thought even a time might come when I should ask her a ques tion, whose answer I would have in no wise resisted by her gratitude for the nast. You have often, little sister, heara me speak of Ellen Evans, Mrs. Whittlesey's adopted daughter; but you little dreamed that I had s great personal interest ia all that pertained to hetr. Uer character and person have developed with inore than all that rare loveliness which her childhood promised. The sister that 1 shall bring you, Hattie, is an elegant, accom plished, talented woman; and more than all that?and the young clergyman's eyee grew lustrous with the almost holy light that beemed oat from their darkness?my Ellen has the or nament of a meek and quiet spirit, which ii above all price. And now, my Hattie, you have heard her history, will you not welcome her to your heartr I guessed well the pang which the knowl edge of my engagement would give you; for as brother and sister have seldom loved do we love each other, and I know it must seem like bringing another to take your place. But my Ellen is very gentle, and she will never come between us. She knows, too, the story of our orphaned youth, and of our affection for each other; and even now her heart goes out with great love after you. " Tell her all," she said to me in that last interview, "and tell her that wunoui ner consent x aare not oecome youi wife." When I return to her, and her ques tioning eye* ask me if I have obtained it, oil I toll her jou are ready to love and to wel come her to our home ? And Hattie Marshall lifted her brown, tear filled eyes to her brother's fa?e, and answered, "Tell her, Weldon, that my heart is waiting to welcome her to a vacant place?and it ii the one Ay veur suit FROM THE REBELLIOUS STATES. The following items are from the Memphis Appeal of the 1st: MISKIKSirn VOLUNTEERS The Panola Stir states that the Missiauppi Legislature has passed an act to raise 10,00(1 volunteers for the defense of the State, \nd il a sufficient number do not volunteer, then thej are to be drafted. Also, that the Senate ol that State had pasted a bill calling a conven tion ef the people of that State. TEXAS 1NKANTRY Col. Maxey's regiment ef Texas infantrj reached Little Rock on Saturday last, en rout< for Columbus. The Jourual says the " regi ment is a fine looking body of men, well armed and clothed, and full of teal and enthusiasm. Wo unto the Yankees who may be so unfortu nate as to meet with these brave and dashing fellows." EXCITEMENT AT SAVANNAH. The Augusta Constitutionalist of Tuesday aavs a oriYate disnateh raani vm! from H??nniV that morning, stated that three of the enemy'i vessels were in the river below the city, and great excitement inconsequence in Savannah rftoV REDIVIVL'8. The Nashville Union aays Gen. Pi'low had withdrawn his resignation, having been ad' vised of a change of circumstanoec at Colum bus. He would at oace enter the service agaii under Gen Beaoregard. * STASD riBM AT COLCKBCS. A long article is taken from the NewOrleam Delta, snowing that the safety of the wholi South depends on the result of the battle a Coiumbos. It says that place once taken then can be no effectual resistance at ether points. ?!*VKLOr*8. The Memphis Appeal recommends, on ac count of the great scarcity of envelopes, turn ing old ones wrong side out, and using them after pasting them together again. DRAFTING. An article from the Knoxville Register mji all the soldiers found retreating from the lat< battle through the country are at once arrested and will be drafted into regiments. ANOTHER SAVANNAH RUMOR. The Savannah Republican, of the 30th, sai< a fleet of steamers went down the river am back, and were unmolested by the Yanke< fleet. Seventeen Federal vessels were seen ii the Sound, and heavy firing had been hcari . there. THE Bl'RNSIDE EXPEDITION LEFT RATTERA8 [From tbe Norfolk Day Book, Feb. 4 ] A letter war received in this city on Satur , day from Elisabeth City, in which it waa state< that on Friday one of the steamers left Roan ok* Island for the purpoee of reconnoitering and on her return reported that the entir Burnside fleet had left Hatteraa. We have to remark that this may becorreot Possibly Burnside, on viewing his cripple< armada, may have wisely concluded that h< could not effect his purpose with his vessels ii so Ma a conaiuon, ana relinquishing bis origi nal project, he may have set sail, with the in tenbon of siding some other expedition?pos ' sihly that sgainst Savannah. ? WAR MATTERS. , {From the Richmond Dispatch, Feb 4 J We have nothing new to report this morninj i in the aitaation of affairs. The ezeeaaive ba< ; weather, and the consequent oondition of thi roads, has oaosed a temporary eeaaation of ac l tive operations, and we look for nothing of ai exciting nature so long aa this state of thing continues The vaunted Bur aside expedition ?.? a dead loci somewhere on the >lstorm\ ; coast," and all the deep laid schemes of thi t enemy hid fair to result in nothing of practi i cal importance. MOTBVKKTf or QKM. BKACRS4ARD ? [From tbe Richmond Dtapatch, Feb 4 ] Much havin* been said nMntlvin tk* nam papers about &? movements of this officer, i m proper that the public should be made awar< of the fact that he left Manassas on Fridaj last, at midnight, bja special train for Lynch burg, on hi* way to the new post of duty U which he haa been assigned. Whether that b< Kentucky, New Orleans or elsewhere, he wil doubtless be heard from in due time. [From tbeftawllng Green Courier.] The announcement that Beauregard was as signed to Kentucky has caused a thrill of de light and enthusiasm throughout the South Under the lead of this great general our braTi mm wil! be prepared to perform deeds o alor worthy of their holy cause 'impobtaut ass loi* at ion" m th* kiiii WFrom the Richmond Examiner, Feb 4.) n barn intelligence of an important rests 1 nation in tk* nrtng; bat u it m not likelj thnt it will bo aooepted, nnd m it U andontooc tbnt it ?H aont hi for peraonal reaaoni thai may be aooommodated, and abort all, aa wo d< not think it prvdent to rater to any important change in ear military oommanda, we deelim ' to publish the tatement of facta whieh hart oome to oer poeaeaaion irrGee Scott la going in the Richmond aloop-ef-war, to Key weat, for the beaeltof Ui health. A few frtenda and hla physician wll cconpuj mm - UjTA fciawr aaawd Hit? baa wMirirt hi growlag eeflt* la ilUaota. and be thinks It eai be frown to the extent of thirty bwhets to the acn of ground successfully. JET Soy* tho Commercial Bolletla : " Varieti ia the spice of I lie, hat tho witty of the torli haagtvea 1Mb to nice, one merchant hsvtog real I ted, oa the rteo of pepper aleae, ||7 Mr. Peabody, the Londea beaker, la abonl to give 9900 000 to psubtisb a free homo far tha desUUite la Loadoa?eo Thariow Weed wrltea . ITy There are ooe haaiwl thnaeand iaboron ilLyeae. Praace, out of employmeat TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. PARTICULARS OF THE SURRENDER OF FORT HENRY. Particalars of (he Fight?Iwi Rebtl Gsa? orals a ad three ether Officers, with 10Q Privates, Made Priieaert?The N?ayhli aad Ohle Rallread Bridge Taken Passes slea ef. Caiho, Feb. 7.?Foft Henry, on the Tennessee river, surrendered yesterdayat two o'clock, aftei a determined resistance. The light lasted on< hour and twenty minutes, and was conducted or our part by the gunboats Cincinnati, Essex and St. Louis. The Clnelanatl fired 135 rounds and received 34 shots from the rebel guns, bat had only one man killed. The St. Louis fired 111 round* and received no damage. Tbe Essex was disabled at the tenth round bj a ball atrlklng her boiler. By this occurrence sh< had 33 men Killed, being scalded to death wltl tbe hot water and escaping steam. Capt. Porter wax also badly scalded, but no dangerousl) so. Two rebel generate, one colonel and two cap tains, and one hundred privates were taken prisoners. Tbe fort mounted seventeen guns Our land forces did not reacn the scene of ac tion for two hours after the surrender - The Memphis and Ohio railroad bridge, fifteen miles above the fort, has been taken poasesalon oj by our troops. INTEKKSTINO PAETICCLAES OF THE FIGHT. Cincinnati, Feb. 7.?The Gazette and Com mercial Cairo correspondents give the following Interesting account of the bombardment and cap ture of Fort Henrv: Yesterday, at 12 o'clock 30 minutes p. m., the gunboats Cincinnati, St. Louis, Carondelet and Esnex, the Tyler, Conestogaand Lexington bring ing up tbe rear, advanced boldly against the rebel works, going to tbe right of Painter Creek Island, Immediately above which, on the eaat side of th? river, stands the fortifications. Keeping out ol range till at bead of the island and within a mile of the enemy, and then passing the island in full vlpw nf rphpl mini wo atpftHllv nrlvnnrpH every man being at quarters. Every ear was strained lo catch the flag offlcer'i lgnal gun for the commencement of the action. Our line of battle was on the left, the St Louis next the Carondelet, next the Cincinnati, (for th< ; time being the flag-ship, and having on board i flag-ofllcer Foote.) and next the Essex We advanced inline?the Cincinnati a boati length ahead?whsn, at 1*2 30, the Cincinnat! opened the ball, and Immediately the three ac companylng boats followed the example, and th? , enemy, no ways backward, gave an admlrabh response. The tight raged furiously for half an hour, bu we steadily advanced toward the enemy, receiving I the returning storms of shot and shell, when, get I ling within jUO yarns or (be enemy's works, wi - came to a stand, and poured Into them right an< 1 left. ^ la the meantime the Kssex had been disablec t and drifted away from the scene of action, leav lng the Cincinnati, Carondelet and St. Louli alone engaged. At precisely forty minutes past one o'clock th< enemy struck their colors, and such cheetlng anc aueh wild excitement as seized the throats, arms ' and caps of the four or five hundred sailors of tb? gunboats ran't be imagined, much leudescribcd i After the surrender?which was made to Com Foote by Gen. Tilghman, who defended his for In the most determined manner?we found tha , the rebel Infantry encamped outside of the fort > numbering four or live thousand men, had cu and run, leaving only an artillery company it command of the fort. ' The fort mounted seventeen guns, mostly 32am i 31 pounders?one being a magnificent 10-inch Co < liimbiad. | Our shots dismounted two guns, driving th< nemy through the embrasures. One of thei r'.fled 32-pounders burst during the engagement wonnaing me gunner* 1 Tbe rebel* captured claim to have had but 11 effective gun*, worked by 54 men?tbe number all told, of the prisoners taken. They lost flvi , killed and ten wounded. Tbe Infantry left everything behind them li their flight, and a vast deal of their plunder bai fallen into our hands, Including a large and valu i able quantity of ordnance stores i General Tilghman appeared disheartened. H< t thinks the capture of tbe fort Is one of the mo? B damaging blows of the war. In surrendering ti Com Footehe remarked: '?i am glad tosurreude to so gallant an officer " Com. Foote replied, "You'do perfectly right sir, In surrendering, but you should have blowi - my boats out of water before I should have sur t rendered to you." In tbe engagement the Cincinnati was in thi lead, and flying tbe flag officer's pennant, wblcl was the chief mark. Flag officer Foote and Capt I Sem le crowded her defiantly into tbe teeth o 8 the enemy's guns. She got thirty-one shots, sonii , going completely through her. The Ksaex was badly crippled when about hal Imrougo me ngni, ana crowding aieaauy the enemy,? ball went into her port tide througl a forward port, then tnrough the heavy bulkhead and going squarely through one of her boileri the escaping s.eam scalding and killing severs i r her crew. 1 Capt. l'orter and his aid, S. P. Britten, jr., an< Paymaster Lewis, were standing In the dlrec line of the ball's passage? Brltton being In th center of the group, the shot struck him on th top of his head, scattering his brains In ever - direction, x'he escaping steam went into th 1 pilot house and instantly killed Ford and Bride . the pilot*. Many of the soldiers, at the rush c steam, jumped overboard and were drowned, g The Cincinnati had only one man killed an< six wounded. The Essex bad six seamen killed, two otBcei ; and seventeen men wounded and five missing. m ucic wcio iiu i Muaitica vu iuc Ol. UUUI* U * Carondelet, though the shot and shell fell upo i them like rain. The 8t Louis was commanded by Captal . Leonard Paulding, who stood "pon the gunbot

. and fo-ight his guns to the last. Not a ma flinched, and with cheer u|on cheer sent shot an shell among the enemy. Impertaat (rem Harper's Ferry, z Tbbachbby or Comvbdkkatbs ? Rbtaliatio 1 or tbi Fbdbbali-Tsi Wholb Lowbk Pai a or Habfbb's Fbbbt in Aihbs. Sandt Hook, Feb. 7.?This forenoon Captal 2 Baylor and three of his rebel soldiers conceal? themselves behind a stone wall, just above Hai per's Ferry bridge. One man, either black c * painted, by displaying a flag of truce, Induced f loyal Virginian from this side to go over, bt a when he was nearly acroes Baylor and two othsi * treacherously flred upon him, killing him instant ly. Our battery on the hi jots at once reaente the act by ahellfng the buildings where the rebel were suppoaed to be secreted, and aubaequentl aome of oar men croased the river and set Are t * twelve houses, Including the "Wager" and an t other hotel, tbe railroad buildings, 4fcc. The whol ? lower part of the town la now in aahes. r The greatest necessity existed for burning thes . buildings, as they have been a hiding-place fc , rebel riflemen, who have been annoying ou troops for weeks past. The number of rebel , present Is not known, but many were seen t 1 mount their horses and leave the outaklrts of th iown t>y toe unsr lest own road. ThU afternoon a rebel flag of truce, in the hand of three of Baylor's men, came to the ferry, bu they were warned off by Col. Geary. A large mounted rebel picket baa been station* all the afternoon near. The War in Miseenrt. II*. rftlCB BEING OmiVKN TO IXTBSMltlBS. Rolla. Mo , Feb. fl.?[Special to the Mlasoui Democrat ]?A messenger from Lebanon, wh left there at 11 o'clock yesterday morning, report that the enemy's pickets are within thirty miles c that place, and that the several pickets were li hailing distance. Firing had taken place betweei them, bat was subsequently suspended as If b' mutual contact The seport was also current at Lebanon ha Qeeeml Price had made an Ineffectual attempt by three different routes, to move off his bstuaga tint hllad t? Wl? " ??- ? ** KU? ||n. no uuui secured hto men that the only alt?natlvs left wa to Ight or surrender. Major W right's bettalllon wu twelve ml lei wart la possession of a flouring mill. The messenger paased General Slgel's body guard near the Gasconade, and also General As }*>}h > * **,T"^crU*t r,w thirteen Mile this tide of Lebanon. A batch of prisoners bad beea captured, lnclud lag e Captain Mansfleld. The troope from 8* d2t* had not arrived at LebenoaVhTa the m? seager started. Maw Hampshire UaleaCeavaatiea. CoMcoas, N. H . Feb 6 ?The Uaioa Coaven tlon rnmnoMi / t?i?n ilmH 0 ,_i .w ?v of the Republican and Democratic Convention* met here to-day, and nominated Paul J. Wheeler G???w,ai?d Joaephua Baldwin of NaAjUL tor Railroad Coomlarioner. The at. Iluai. From Gen. Banka's Cimaaad FttDKXicK. Feb. 7.?The latest Intelligence I beve been able to obtain from the Virginia aide la via Hancock, on Wednesday. A squad of rebel cavalry dally make their appearance on a ' dlitant bill, apparently to obaerve our move ' menta k At Harper's Ferry It waa reported that Jackaon had not yet gone to Richmond, bnt waa supposed to be at Halltown, where hla men were making i preparations to resist the Imaginary advance of r General Banks'* division. Bodies of Confed > e rates were alao at Charlestown and Martins 1 T. Tueadav a amall body of the enemy weir [ dispersed near Bolivar by a few well-directed I sheila from our battery on Maryland Heights ) One of the shells exploded In an unoccupied d walling. ' r Several companies of Lamon'a Virginia regi ? ment have arrived here from Hancock to join tne i Maryland reel menta Gen. Cooper, In command of tne Marvlsnd. briradr. it is helleved will take the field in a few days. Rebel Hintr* ts Zolllcstfer Lovisvills, Feb. 6 ?The Nashville Courier of the 3d contains the following : "Ov order of the Provisional ?overament of Kentucky, the name of Wolfe couaty has been changed to ZoUlcoffer cowiHy. The county of ZaUiceAet w?u nate In the records of Kentucky the 1mm* efone whose fame belongs to struggling freemen every where." OFFICIAL. IREASURY DEPARTMENT, Holdiks of Bonds of the United States dated August 19, 1861, and payable three years from date, are hereby notitled that provision is made for the payment of the Coupons of semi-annual In terest which became due on the 19tb Instant, In coin, agreeably to their tenor by the Treasurer of the United States at Washington, or by either of th? Assistant Treasurers at New York, Boston, and Philadelohia. February 4, lBffi. All such Coupon*, together with schedule* ; showing the number and amount of each Coupon [ and the aggregate sum of each parcel, must be presented for examination and verification at least 1 threa full business days before payment. [ 8. P. CHASE, ? fe 5-tlWh Secretary of the Treasury. Treasury department, fkb&rAKY 4, 19ft!. ' Notice hereby given of the readiness of this Department to redeem tbe Treasury notes 1 payable In one year from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved December 23d, 1857, and 1 the Treasury notes payable In sixty days from * date, authorized by tbe act of Congress approved 2d March, 1861. s Interest on Treasury notes of the above issues 1 will cease on the 7th day of April next by terms j of tbose acts respectively. feS-tap? YXCDiDTUrMT AG1 tt'PiTU 1) Washington, January 25, The Secretary of State will hereafter receive j Member* of Congress on bud new on Saturdays, , commencing with Saturday, the first of next Ordkrrd, That the War Department will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operations In ths field. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. month. WILLIAM H. seward, 1 jan 27-tf AR DEPARTMENT. January 21, 1H62. Ja 22-tf edwin M. STANTON, Secretary of War. Horse blankets and All stjlea and prioes, at iND BUFFALO ROBES, If, &t J. B. pudney'S, QOi L>. .... k..? I ?. a*f ? IHftUA IUUUlt 355 d street. Rubber coats, ponchos, leggins, Blankets, Cap Covers and Caps, at J. b. putney's. 334 pa ave., ba-k room, or 355 d street. H eavy regulation blankets, sale cheap, by J. b. pijdney. 324 p?.ave., back room, o- 355 d street. Pa new thing. atent Compressable Cot, oan be folded ap into a spsoe 24 inches locr by 6 vide, an ingenious eontriranoe, for sale by J. B. pudney. 324 Pa, ave.. back room, ja 21-tr or 355 O street. Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWAID SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIE8, At any place on the lines of their Express, At a charge of twenty five cent* for any ?um not exceeding fifty dollars, and a proportionate additional oharge to plaoes roaoned by connecting Expresses. The money, whether Gold or Trtasury Notts, should be enolosed in an envelope and seourely sealed, and have the fall address,(including town. Post Oftce, and Bute; and in oitiee, the street and number,) of the person to whom to be sect, and tne amoant legibly marked thereon. Envelope* for this purpose may be had at our offioes. To faonitate prwnpt delivery, the charge for iw ""TdaTi'sExpress company. Watki?Kton, Jan. 9,1862. ja?-lm Soldiers' Fay! THE HARM DEN EXPRESS company Will remit ami of FltTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, Fbom Soldiers to thii* Familim, At a charge of TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money should be plaoed la an ENVELOPE and securely sealed. The full addrees, (tncludtmt Post Oft*, Stmt*; mitt, ttrttt ami num ber. ** Imttt eitfj of the person to whom to be sent, MUST BE legibly marked ON thb envelope. has been demonstrated that thb EXPRESS furnishes the most reliable mkanh FOR SOLDIBRS TO 8END THEIR MONK V HOME. ENVELOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FUR NISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E.S. SMITH. Agent Harnden Ezpreat, Sd >t., eoond door bolov Pa. it?? i*9 ? WMkiBtton. P. Q. FRANKLIN A CO., JltiL Jft5isviaa wk~ iAdiM o&d oftvt ti t ' uwiirotl. rtetoTT-81 B*roter?.f3i W Bro*dw?j) N. Y. OPTICIANS, 44 Peon'* ?tm (north aid*,) bat.lfth and lath *U. 1MAK1^K8AND F1KLI of tha b?t . < ?pO MILITARY OFF1CK&S AND UTflKU. BATCHMLOJf8 GENUINE HAIR MYM* Th? Bmt la the World. Ik4 Only EUMkU amd HmrmUut Hmtr Dm Kmtmm. WASHINGTON, D. C , JAUl'AR Y, 1962. REMOVAL. A. BHVINGER & CO. a ati RBMOVSD TO 219 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orroKTB W1LLARDS' HOTEL. We lnvita tha itUnllM nt <nr Maxia trons to the Card below: No. 319 TeNNSTLVAIHA AVINCK, ) ( ppositt WiUard't Hottl,) J The Subscribers, having opened a Breach Es tablishment In this City a few months since, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage al ready received from lis friends and the loyers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other articles In their line, have determined pon a continuance and extension of their bust ness. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and districts.) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM. GINS. Ac . *aw, KfUBi ?*iU?U!C 1 I'Ultf, OiiKTV, ftilU Stomachic*, which arc remedies for bowel complalnta, ferer and agne, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SUERRV & TORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGARS, Of all Varieties and Price*. FINE NAVV AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES,SAUCES,CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stock was particularly aclected to suit the wants of Hotel-Keepers, Sutlers, Restaurateurs, Ac. They are invifed to visit the establishment, which la under the direction of Mr. Jos. P. Wilsoh. Owing to the faet that they Import moat of the articles direct, and to their many business facili ties, they are enabled to offer their stock Goods at ery low prices. Your obedient servants, A. BININGEIl A- CO., mporters of Foreign Wines, Liquors, fc. J* 11-tf NSW VoRK *1*1) W*8HIBGTO!f. ARM ? EXPRESS C ?31P AH ?. NEW ARRANGEMENT! ALL RAIL FROM NEW YORK 41 HOURS. This Corspany 11 prepared to forirard all kinds of foods to and from? NEW YORK?O#oe 32 Broaiway, BOSTON?Olfioe, 7 Congress street, and 9 Con gress Square, PHILADELPHIA-Offioe, 33T Chestnut street, BALTIMORE?Oflioe, Camden station, WASHINSTON-Offioe, 3?* Pennsylvania ar., ALEXANDRIA-Office, 103 Kick street, ANNAPOLIS, FORTRESS MONROE, NEWPORT NEWS, PORT ROYAL, And the SOUTHERN BLOCKADING SQUADRONS, AT FAIR KATES! ja27 lm* LOVELL, COLLES A CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, ?6 Front Street, New York, and 316 E Street, Washington, D. C? (near Willard's Hotel.) Having started a branch of onr New York estab lishment in tkia city, we invite Sntltrt, Groctrt, Rutavraniturs, and Hoitl Rupert, to oal! and examine onr a took which is well assorted ani oomprised of gooda of the beat quality. We take orders for anything 1a oar line, and execute them promptly. ja a tf pARAFFlNE CANDLES! MEUCCl'S PA TENT PARAFFlNE CANDLES ! Manufactured by the N?w Voax Paaarrm* Camu* Co. For aale in quantities to taitptuoha ers, by the juanujacturert Agenit, JOHNSON * NAOLE, 869 Peon. avenue, Washington 1). C. ja 21 10 Roykl, Utr Kiac al? Alexandria, Vft. Dayton's Bakerj. VBOM NEW YORK. BRANCH, No. 4M Eleventh St., htwmm G and H, WASHINGTON. P. O. DAYTON'S PIG NIC * OYSTER CRACRKRS, ** SPONGK BUTTBR CRACKERS, M BOSTON CRACKERS, " WATER CRACKERS, M SODA CRACKERS, " 6AAHAM CRACKERS, - LEMON BISCUIT. Celebrated MINCE PIES. HoW tw??n, Headi of Panuliea, tad batlera ar? imteil tn trw Mr ituIImI M I NOR PI EH TESTIMONIAL. Camt Bcott. 8#Ft. S. 1K1. Mi. Dattow?S?r: All of u, both efttm and rirtlM. bar* at* frMly of rear Pie*. I ou bob eeientiouly itkti that no mas it ob the nok list iron ptrakiartof than. To Ull the truth, we are hewt-eiok bMUM we mm't iet enotgh of then They are the oaly real luxury we h&re had aiao* we left home. W. F. Dimmiiw, MJ)., Birgooa. IIT" Dtwout to the Trad*. , J. L. DAYTON, >all-lm **?l-.,?.renthet-. WM umtoe.P.C. 'ssrmmtr THE WUKLY STAB. :*t iku on n FrUij Bcnlac Blaffta toff* ? * II UH hH made TV? DmO? o RounUj UmxkHl Uw ID"Single copies (1b caret at the counter, ImmedUteiy of (he piper. Prloe?THREE CENTS. HBLMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. M HMHHLY CONCENTRATED" \ Compound Fluid Kx tract Biohi, A Pe.'Utr$ mud Sftrijlt Rtmtadf For Dimum of tb? BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GKAVEL*"* DROP SICAL SWELL1N68. Ttw? Mcdioino Lnor?ee Ue pot? of DigeoUoo, ud a?citee the twoiBBtr into bedtty ooUob. by vhicta Ue watbet ok cucmvi i>?> a?iU? , and i' qitxatvlal uuuuam ire rod mm, M well M pai!t and IXTLAJtMATION HKLMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV Fw WwfejiMMa Aj hi fit from >vi?mhi, H?* ;ts ?f DiMiptboi, E&rW Ir:di?oreti?u or A*um, Attmdtd with tk* Fwii?wtmg Spmpitmit Indisposition to Exertiun, Lom of | Lom of Menorr, D.fflcu lj of F VVaek Nwvm, T Horror of D'pcw*. Wi . Dunnou of Vimod, Pub in th* U?clt( Un;vi-r>? Lassitudeof U(Musii!ir StMl Hot Hand*. Flushini of tfeoBatr, Dryness of Uie !*k<o, F.upturn* on tb? Fwm pallid covstkmamck. Tbo*e ajmptcm, it a u?nt'(?V|o on. vkMl Uua mvir?! it ruirvM, aocs foiowa IMPOTENCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, Jm <m* 0/ \tknh tk* Fatrmit may ?jyi*i w o o&u tj that th?y are not fra?aeatly foi* lOWtnl bj thue "MlVtL DIIUIII." INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." MU) are iim frf tne e?u??f tne.r raflartac, bcx monk will conr*??. THU RBCOKDSopTHK INSANE ASYLUMS And tk* Mtlanchely Dtatki 6? BKAK AMFLB WITM*? to ths TRUTH Of TBI UtDTIOE THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. *uir6t the aid of medio:n* to atretic then and Ir. vigorate the byatea tich HLLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU tnvmrimUt dot T11AL WILL COMViUCI TBI HOT UBTTICAL. FEMALES- FEMALES? FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, OE CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many Afntxont Ptculfr le FtwuUst the Extract Bucliu in uaeeuaUed t>j any other rM H. in Chioroeia <>r Retention, lrr**?nanty Painful ae**, or 8uppre?at<?c of OvatoiMry Etu nations. Ulcerated or Sehirrona st&te of the UM ru?, Leuoorrhea or Whites. Sterility. and for *11 complaint* moident U> the mb, w net her arising from Indiscretion, HaNiU of Diaaipation, or ia the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF Lift! e? cTMrroxs abovi. HO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. T?h? no mo* 1 Batmm, Mtrcwrj or ftylnnM, Mtdtnn* /or Unjleartuit and llM|?rnu JJatans . U H/WHnm's KTTK Al"r UiWUll CIUS SECRET 1>I?E^^S in ail their Stages; At Uttie Lifmi Little or no change in Diet; No inoonvauenoe And no Azrotwi. ltcanaea a freta'tit detire and gives eueogth t? Urisate, thereby RenDving ObaUuoUona. Preventing and Curing Stricture* of the Vrethra, Allaying fun wd fre^nrat in the olaaa of dieeaaea, aud expe iiag nil fMinwti, and worn mi Mnttn. TUOCSASD* cpom thoc?*>d? WHO HATE BEEN THE V1C1JMS OF QUACKS, and who hare paid ktat y fttt to be eired m a chart time, hare found th*y w<re deceived, and that the "roieos ' baa. by the ua?of**?et??r/Mi utmiadi been drie^ up in the ayatatn, to break oil maaag grarated form, and FERHAF8 AFTER MARRIAHM. Vie H ELMBUuD'B EXTRACT BVCBV aii affections anu ui tKl^ART UfitiATII, whether entfrnt in 91ALK OR FKHUiK, from whatsrer -a a re mfinaUnc *?d * I a>?? long iTA.iDine. DiMAseej! taeae Ortacf r*elire the aid of a Di nam. HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCUV te> THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it uePTtain to have the ceeired effeol la Diteatee/or wkick it is rtcommtndid. btidbbcb or raa aoir aaspoatiaui an aa m*!s caxaAcraa wiiijaceompacy the raodioinee. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From 8 to 0 yeare* etandiaf rlth Names known to SCIENCE AND FAMU "PHYSICIANS" PL E ASM - NOTICE." wa kau "ao lacaav" or ' laaaaoiaars.*' HKLMflULU'8 EXTRACT BUCHU > oompoeed of bacha, Cut?ba end Jam per Bern?, elected with fT?at aare by a competent UrucciaL. PREPARED IN VACUO, HI 1ft. T. HBLNBOLD. Practical and Aaaiytieau Chemiau ud Soto Maa ulacUror of HXLMBOLD'S QKXUISE P&EPABATI0B8. AFFIDAVIT. fenoatU; iihmM otfon m. m A.lri?i ? of Ue ?r tkn*c*> ftu*. h. T. ii*iai?oLL. wu being am!y nrcn, dofk u;. ki* prepjbretiu:.* *ob Uib w> other lnjuriosa uruji, but4i* rwrty *i<|>li. thror tad nboenbed aiV'of November, 18M WW. P. h.nhUU, Aldermen, Ninth Raer, I'Ui. mYsiciAMs in attkhoahcm FROM S A. M TO * F. U. Prlee SI per feetUe, e> iU ler *. Delivered to fcnr?04r?n. eeoreli r?ci?s. torn oboomt tarn. Addreaa letters for l&JorMfcbei ui oee&de ea B. T. HELM BOLD, CUmUC, De?ot. 1? Sonth Teeth at., beiov CfcM-vuu flu* HEW ARK Or COUNTBli' Kl'lf AJW) WMF HI NCI FLED DM 4 AAA* who mimw to *! "of IM ' e*l' ^ other* artiolM on tbt up*t*ua? - j Hiiv&oid i Simmh Pnpmwn , ?? ? ?(itm Jbu . 8oM by 8, B. Wim, X. D. 9IUUI, J?n Wan, S. a Frn, & B. Lirwinu, S. O Mint, IX B. OU1I, iDVBt * llH?If *. Mams, WMfeasm uitMrfdm, IAND ALM9M. W9HIBYB MTMMTWMlMMM, hi avoidammoii il kMMMfc

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