Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1862 Page 2
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V,IUF. EVENING STAR. % * M ' WASHINGTON CITY: MTBRDAY FEBRUARY ?, IH<. Spirit t( the Miroiai Prm. The IfUWiftncfr l?U farther respecting the antiquity of "atone blockades" and tae honorable place they hoid la the annals of the Royal Nary. The Republican expresses Mtlaftciion that the President haa exercised iMs executive clemency in tae nau?r 01 uoraon, tLe surer, ana ?ay? : Sla?e trader*, foreign or domeatle, are not, Jinywhere, very rtsptetabl* men, bat In point of inorala we roald never tee injr difference between the man who aold a alare. or be wbo bought one " OFR miTART BUDGET* latest rbom xoxmrv. According to telegraphic advices to Head quar ters here. Gen. Lander having been reinforced and applied to that end, marched on the day before veaterday it the bead of between 7,000 and 8,000 troops upon the enemy at Roraney. Tbelr force there mi aboat equal to his. They declined fighting, however, and vamoa d acroia tne river, destroying the flne wire bridge there, in their rear. Gen. Lander la in possession of the town, and they have ran off from the vicinity, probably li? the direction of Wincheater. THI tmm OVIK THE RIVER YESTERDAY. We have the following additional particulars of the handsome little dash of our cavalry yesterday, resulting ia the capture of thirteen of the enemy: At 4 o'clock yesterday morning, Col. Fried man's cavalry, the Cameron Dragoons, number ing K)0 men, weit out in the direction of Fairfax Court House, for the purpose of capturing the se esslon pickets. They swept the country from Fairfax Court House to Hunter's Mills, perhaps a distance of five miles, going within half a mile of German town, which Is several miles beyond the Court House. They drovs In all thesecfulon pickets, thirteen excepted, who belonged to the First North Caro lina and Stewart's Virginia Cavalry. These they captuied, and last evening they were brought to Washington. They were found in a log house, and *>n being surprised fired upon our ecout* One rebel was killed, and Cant \VIl?rtn nt tfc? ron Dragoons, was wounded In the neck. A erge&nt was a Lao wounded. The commacd was under Major Moss, of the Cameron Dragoons, though the portion of the regiment particularly engaged was led by Capt. Carrie, Gen ttmith'a Aaslatant Adjutant General. He surprised the enemy's pickets at about day break, driving them back to Abraham Horn beck's house, where their reserves (picket) c?n slstlng of two companies of cavalry, numbering between forty and fifty men each, were found. Moat of them took to the surrounding woods, from Whence thrv k#nl nn ? HrfaV -- ? party advancing upon the house, from which many shots were alio fired ere the door* were burst in and the rebels sheltered In them were compelled to surrender. When that occurred?alter having fired about 300shots in all without hitting a Union soldier? the rebels in the woods mounted and fled in the direction cf Germantown, closely pursued by our attacking party. Their horses being fresh and ours jaded, however, enabled them to make good their escape. Capt. Robert d'Orleans, (the Due de Chartres,) of General McCMlan's staff', fort mately reached General Smith's headquarters about 3 a. m , and proceeded with Captain Carile upon the expedi tion We learn that be was in tbe foremost cf the fray from its commencement to Its end, and dis tinguished himself by the enthuKlastlc and im petuous courage with which his example ani mated the troops engaged, In the discharge o their duty. rbey, too, (be Cameron Dragoons, deserve great pralae, for they proved themselves in all respects reliable aoldiera. We bad one captain wounded in the neck, and a sergeant wounded In tbe leg. One of tbe enemy was left dead in tbe bouse, and among tbe pris oners was one wounded in tbe bead. At a later hour Major Mow, with the portion of the regiment with bim, made a dash into tbe vil lage of Fairfax Court House, and captured tbree prisoners, and a wagon load of provisions d'awn by a capital tea in of four horses. The men be longed to Field's regiment of Virginia cavalry. Laat evening d I? patches were received at Head qu-rlers here from Gen. Halleck, (at 8t. Louia,) stating that after tbe reduction of Fort Henry, oar forces immediately proceeded up tbe river, in the direction of the railroad bridge, aizteen mlleadis tant On tbe way tbey had also reduced a battery or batteries of the enemy, situated on tbe other bank of tbe river. Up to 1 p. m to-day news tbat our troops or gunboats bad retched and taken possession of tbe railroad bridge (over tbe Tenneaaee river) had not reached the Headquarters here, though no doubt is entertained tbat that was accomplished a few honrs after the batteries mentioned above wrcrv rrauc?l. The fact that the enemy's force of four or ttvr thousand, In position to aid the fort, (Henry.) fled without firing a gun, losing nearly all their tore*, Ac., *atisfl-s all that they would not attempt to make a stand at the bridge, if aught might be accomplished by so doing. By seizing the bridge, our troops and river fleet have doubtless cut the direct communication by rail between Bo?llng Green and Columbus and Memphis, the preservation of which was of much Importance to the rebels in their present trait. They have another (round-about) connection by rail between those points, via Nashville. Our belief however is that Commodore Foote will be likely shortly to break that line up, also, by again ateaming out Into the Ohio and up the Cumber land to NaabvlUe. SAVT TA*D^ Saft arrival of tk* ntw tteam gunboat Pinoia. Tbe floe United State* sru iboat Plrola. just fin ished by Mr. J. J. Abrama, of Baltimore, left that city yesterday morning, and rime around into tbe Potomac. 8be came paat tLe rebel batteries (accompanied by tbe Reaolute) this morning, be tween 1 and *2 o'clock .without being fired at, and arrived at tbe yard at an early hour. t*be will here take on her armament and store*. r?he is in charge of Lieut Commanding Pierre Crosby, and is a fine specimen of naval architecture. She ia a screw steamer, about Itt feet In length and 57 feet beam, drawing light about 10 feet 3 Inches. Tbe engines (two) are bevutlftilly finished, are About SUO horse power, and were built by C. Rceder, of Baltimore. The Jacob Bell came up to tbe yard yesterday. The Porters are a naval as well as a patri otic family. Besides Lieut. David D. Porter, in command of the mcrtar fleet fltted and fitting out at New York, there ar? in the Navy B. H Por ter, acting midshipman, splinted from New Ysrk. Nst ?th IsSS T V - 9 - ?J ?m - mm i vi ?vi} uinaici ) op pointed from Tennessee, May <?th, UJ'2; VVm.C. B 8 i'orler, Lleuteuaut, appelated from District of Columbia; .March 25lh, 1?49; and Wm D Por ter, commander. appointed from Maaaacbuaetta, Jaa. 1st. IpsO On of the last named command ad the Ea*ex gunboat on tbe Tenneaaef, and vraa among those badlv tcalded by tbe unfortunate ex plosion of tbe boiler of that vewel. Tbe advance op tbe Tennessee river to Fort Henry and aome tulles hi? her la very daring, a* tbe Rebels are reported to have on oar richt at Columbus and HUkmM ?? ?? ?-* ^ w,ww uivh, ana >t Bowling Green at Uwt M,000 more We rouit ) ot, then fore, expect this position at Stewart'* Crossing to be held, unies* our troops are Im mediately reinforced,?but if the movement be oily a da?h. the dash destroy* the railroad, and li therefore of immense advantage to as, In any rnatomplated attack on Howling Green TBI KUIL COMMAX?** AT V0BT HEXKT. Gen Llcyd Tllgbman, the commander of the lArt le a native of Maryland, and a graduate of Went Point Be served a short time la the U. 8. hi my, aad then resigned hi* commission and de voted himself to civil engineering, in which oa pocity he was formerly engaged on ths t*usque hum (dow the Northern Ceatral) railroad. He 1? well known In Baltimore, but for several yeara hat redded In Tenneaaee and Kentucky, and oa the breaking ont of the war was made an offloer of the Confederate army. com. a. h. root*, ?. a. *. This gallant officer, who had command of the gunboat expedition so brilliantly succMtfnl In the capture of Fort Henry, Is a son of ex-Gov. Foote, of Connecticut, and has seen maay years of active service. He was in command of the United state* force* In Cbina it we auac* on ine Hong Forta, and rendered Rreat service to the country on that occaalon. His experience in river warfare has been turned to good account in the preaent ?ucceasful engagement. OMX or THK RRJCLT# Tbe Cairo correspondent of a St. Louis paper wrote of tbe expedition againat Fort Henry: " Tbe battle will be a thorough teat to the new gunboata, telling in what thev are deficient and exactly what they can accompliab. If aucceaaful, the demoralizing effect to the rebela at Columbu* will be great, who will ?ee a aimilar reduction of their own batterlea poaslble, while the Tenneaaee river will be acceaMble for Union fieeta to enter the very heart of the aeceaaion territories." AFFAIR * CP RIVER Hancock,Md .Feb 4,19?Editor Star: The occupation of tbia point by General Willlam'a brigade baa resulted in the evacuation of Bath, and the district lmme ilately aouth of the river hereahnntl. hv J *rk?nn'? fnrr* whirh kia m>auJ at W I nchester and U riserat which latter place a large force, (calcuiateaat eight to ten thousand,)aa well as Confederate artillery, (over 40 piece*,) are filaced. Aa the roada in every direction are In an mpasaable condition, owing to the preaent anow ana frequent ralna of laat fortnight, no move can be made at preaent. Detached pnrfiea hare, how ever, been sent serosa the river the last week, who found Bath deserted of troops Two guns have been brought back as the only rebel arma left behind. Thia town la remarkably quiet, with ao large a body of troopa occupying It. Tbe complaints made of tbe damage to property had their origin in the sudden and irregular p.^saeaaion of the homes and property of indlvidunla made by th? Union troops who crossed over from Virginia about four weeka since. thk caxw or thk axacostia. V. 9. Stkam** Anaco<tia, Feb. 5th, 1862 ? x?'?iiut otor ?rirate |;itc place m ID6 column* of your much read paper to tue following: The men composing this vessel's crew have been on various vessels composing the flotilla for a period extending from May up to the pres ent time, and during that time have not had leave of absence. During the time of being on board this vessel, we have on several occasions been actively engaged with the enemy. Now, sir, it seems very hard, upon the arrival of the steamer at the yard for two or three days, we should beaston shed by seeing two sentries placed on the wharf during the day with orders to allow nobody but officers to pass; and at nightfall a fur ther order to Are at any person gcing from the vessel to the shore (officers of course excepted); we could hardly be worse served were we scce?h Itself. This is not as It should be, surely while risking life and limb some little consideration should be paid to our feelings, as there are men on board whose homes are in Washington, and who have wives and families Trusting that you will Insert this, as It may do some good in some manner by thus giving it pub licity, I bave the honor to be On* or tour Rkidkrh. }?7" Owing to Illness in the family, the usual receptions at the Presidential Mansion will be omitted to-day and Tuesday next. The invalid there iathe President's son, William, the sprightly little fellow so well known to hundreds who fre quency enter the Mansion. COSGKESSIONA L. XXWIlth CONGRESS?Second Session. Senate?Yesterday, after our report closed? The anuual civil appropriation bill, and a bill authorizing the immediate issue of ten millions of dollars !n*Treasury demand notes were passed Mr. Johnson read a copy of the dispatch from Tennessee, relative to the capture of Fort ilenry, and the Senate adjourned till Monday. Hocsk?After our report closed? Mr. Van Wyck addressed the Houae at length upon the report of the rommltw nn and tbe subject wm postponed until next Tuesday week. Mr' Sedg^wick read to the House the dlspptch from the West, announcing the capture of Fort Henry,and the House adjourned till Monday. DETAILS OF LATE SOUTHERN NEWS By the boat from Old Point, yesterday morn ing, we received the following through tbe As sociated Press, taken from Richmond papers o* the ith Inst. from southern PAPERS Memphis, Feb 5 ?Three Federal gunboats ap peared on the Tennessee river yesterday. They opensd fire on Fort Henry, and the latter respond pH Th?PA urm nn A ? *? ?* .. ?? V4vuc iv iur ion. 1 D6 Federal! are landing troop# two mile* from the fort, and an attack is expected. The Confederates are In full force on the Tennessee river, and no damage from the Federals Is apprehended. An order was Issued from the War Department on the 4th ordering all military commanders to Impress all the saltpeter found In their districts, except such as In the hands of original manufac turers and govsrnment agents and contractors, paying therefor 40 cents per pound, and no more. The order Is issued in consequence of the monop oly of speculators. and the exorbitant rates charged the government. The Richmond Dispatch says the Missouri dif ficulty has been *atlsfactorllv arranged. General Price will doubtless be commissioned a Major General, and the Missouri troops be received into the Confederate service as twelve months' volun teer* The legislature of Virginia yesterday (says the Dispatch of the 5th) went Into secret session, for the purpose of considering an Important commu nication from the Governor upon t subject In re gard to which It Is understood the Stab? and Con federate authorities are entirely agreed. Its pur port will not transpire at present. * roopr ai r*orioi* were oeing rapidly sent South as far at Mobile. Drafting for the rebel army will commence on the lit of March. Bishop Aines andEx-tiov. Fisli will not be per mitted to visit Richmond. Augusta, Feb. 5 ?A letter from Savannah says heavy firing was heard bere in the direction of N?w River, on the South Carolina side, on Mon day morning, lasting four hours. A Confederate officer at Savannah says one of our batterie* on New River has been attacked, and one Federal gunboat at least destroyed. The Charleston Mercury says tbe firing was at Red Bluff, and that tbe enemy destroyed the bouses in the neighborhood Gen. Price Is at Richmond after a Major-Gene ship and for supplies. Old Point, Feb. 6 ?Richmond papers of yea terday contain tbe following Items: Gen. Crittenden, of the Confederate army, was i nno* vine, sunTing aevereiy rrom wounds hs received at the battle of Somerset or Mill Springs. He was thought to be In a critical condition. A serious disturbance broke out lu Richmond on Tuesday night last, which for a time threat ened disastrous consequences to life and property. It Is said to have first commenced in a drunken brawl. At this a crowd collected, and soon grew to formidable proportions, i'hree or four persons are said to have been killed, of which were some of the police. Houses, stores, Ac., were broken open and ran sacked, and it seemed impossible to check the violent proceedings until late the following morn ing, wnen many engaged In the mob retired of their own accord The Dispatch, speaking of this afl'dir, calls It a disgrace to the city and shame ful in the extreme. It calls for the city to be in stantly placed under martial law Toe citizens (women especially) were greatly alarmed. Quite a number of troops have been leaving Norfolk for the Southern coast. A regiment of luuiiuT mi on weanesaay, and a compcuy of cavalry on Thursday, bound it was ipi>osea, to Roanoke Island. The N>w Brunswick, of |the Burnslde expedl ditlon, supposed to have been lost, Is safe, some vessels of the expedition, of minor importance, have not yet been heard from, though they we be lieved safe Only three, the Zouave, the Poca hontas , and the New York, are thus far positive ly known to have been lost. A large number of the new rifles and other armaments on the New York have been recovered, and considerable stores from the other vessels sunk. Roanoke 11 la ad. It was rumored, was to have been attacked on tne 5th Inst, with a strong foice. The Stibkihg Niws fbom Muico?A steam er, up from Acapulco. at San Franrlsr.o hrln<?? us intelligence, which, if true, will be likely to make the European power* think of something elae than interfering with oar war with Jen. Dsv,?, snd breaking up the Charleston blockade. As this sto.y eon, a desperate battle (lasting four hours) baa Been fought, just outalde of Vera Cruz, reuniting la the defeatof the Spaniards. At last dates, the preliminaries of some such battle were already apparent, in a series of desultory skirmishes ou the outskirts of Vera Crux, without any advantage to the Invaders. One of their skirmishes took place on the 4th. A Spanish regiment (number not stated) started from the city for the purpose of reconnol taring the MedllUn Road, but did not advance a mile ere they were driven back, as from every rock, tree, and bash came aa Inimical shot. Between ChJqulhulte sad Puebla there were large forces of Mexicans. Formerly anemias, bat now consolidating and 1 rilling rea Msers, under Gen. U rags, to light the xmmoo enemy. TELEGRAPHIC. Latest from the Burnside Expedition. BURNSIDE BAILED PROM HATTERA8 INLET, TO ATTACK THE ROANOKE ISLAND FORTIFICATIONS. LATEST FROM DUPONT AND SHER. MAN'S OPERATIONS AGAINST SAVANNAH Baltimokb, Feb. 8, (from Fortress Monroe, Feb 7 )?The steamer Eutern States arrived hert this morning, having left Hatteraa yesterday. She brings important news?that General Barn* side's fleet left their anchorage In the Inlet on Wednesday morning, for the north., Ttie gunboats started first, and the transports carrying the troop* shortly afterwards. Their destination was Roanoke Island. When the Eastern States left, news of tbe arrival of the fleet nt Roanoke Island was expected there, (at Hat> terms Inlet.) Three or flsur regiments ware left at the Inlet. The Eastern States will return to Hatteras to. morrow morning. [SCCOKS DISPATCH ) Baltixobb, Feb. 8, (from Fortress Monroe Feb. 7.)?'The Savannah Republican of Thursday say*: -- me gims reveaied yemerany no new incre ments among the Federal ve?ela lying in the cut north of the river, beyond an addition to the number. Some Imagine they have moved nearer to the river, but we could diacover no material change In their poaition. " Persona fomlllar with the water courses in that vicinity say they have not yet reached Wall's Cut, but are lying in the river just beyond. " Ttat does not communicate with the main channel. Yet vessels occupying that position can readily command the main passage. 11 It has been atated by persons who ought to know, that the portions of Mud river which lead to Wall's Cut, Into Savannah river, go dry at three-quartera ebb tide, and lhat if the Yankee gunboats ahould pull up all the obstructlona thev would not be able to come through. " Nothing new from other pointaon thecoast." IYw^NOTIOE ?A meetinj of the "Hotel and Jk.3 Restaurant Keepers" who signed the me morial to toen'l P>>rt?r, Provost Martini, will be held ?t Franklin Ha 1. on 9ATURDA\ . February 8th, at 4 p.m. Punctual attendance is retue*ted. If WM. 8. SIMPSON, Prea. Y^f?TEMPERANCE MEETING.?The rejd iI9 lar monthly meeting of the Catholio Bene fioial Total Abstinence Association, of the O. C., will be helu at their hall, oorrer of loth and F its., ou SUNDAY EVENING.the 9th instant. The meetia* will be after Vessere. A full attendance of the members is requested,as important business w II be transacted. It* J. J. KANE. See. ry^?3MITH80NI AN I.ECTURE8.-On ?L3 MONDAY EVENING, February 10. 1862. Dr. Hatbs will lecture on "The E?qHtm&ux,"ar.d will illustrate the subject with a variety of speci mens of olothins, implements, naUnal history, <ko. Admittance free. Lecture will commence at 8 o'clock. fe 7 St Y*F?A SALE FOR THE BENEFIT OF ST. 1U3 Matthew's Free Schools will be h?ld in the basement of the Church. Fifteenth and H street*, during the present we?k. Music, Refreshments, Useful acd Fancy Artioles, and other attractions lor visitors. _ ST. ALOY8WS CHURCH.?The Rev, Dr. McCArrasT. Presidentof Mount St. Mary's " reach in St. Al X f. the 3th of OCT College, Emmittsburg Md . will j> oysius Churoh on SUNDAY NE February. The collection wi'l be devoted to the education ard clothing of poor children under the auspices of the Young Catfiolio.i' Friend Society, fe 1,6,7 8 Tftif*,A FAIR, for the benefit of St. Vincent's lis? Female Orphan Asylum, will be opened on THURSDAY, 30tn inst. at the Asylum, corner G and loth streets, a variety of useful and fancy articles will be offered for tale. There will be a lanch room where a'l kinds of refreshments will be served. Ice Cream and Con feotionery, in their varieties. ja 29 tf ||1' THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Will IL5 be holden every day this week in the Lother anChurch, (Rev. J. G- Hutier's,) at the corner of 11th and H streets, commencing at 4ft o'clock p id., and continued hut one hour.0 ja 30 FOR SA.LF-A seooBd-hand SUTLER'S TENT. 24 by 1*, complete atd in good condi tion, bavirc only been usea t*i weeks. Inquire at GEO WILLNER'S, 464 N i nth st. fe Hit* F EDUCATIONAL. RENCH LESSONS, at moderate terms, of fered by a yonog gentleman of good family and education, who same into this couutry ?o volunteer for the war. Address ' Dutie." Star On ae. it* 7OR SALE.?Two very fine raddle HORSES, r (young,) suitable for officers or oar- Jfv riagepurposes. Call at the oorner of 4XT?m in1 K street, Itland. v fe8-3f JAMES KELl<Y. T NOTICE! O THE RESIDENTS OF THE FIFTH WARD -Order* for Night Work left at the fol lowing places, viz : W. H. Brashear*'. Penn. av , between 2d and 3d lU ; Station House, Capitol Hill; Z. William*, Balding'* Wharl. [t^ A NOTICE. l.L Persona having claim* ac*in?t the Fir*t Methodist Protestant Church, (Na?y Yard,) are requested to present them to the ucdnrsigned, on, or Defore Wednesday, February, )2th init K. B. FERGUSON, fe 8 3L* Secretary Quarterly Conferecoe. OYSTERS-OYSTERS, \jJJf Grp&teoientifio improve-^EiMy ment in STEAMING and ? ROASTING OYSTERS*. by which the entire flavor and sue of the Oyeter is reta<ned. The PKaRL SALOON, S13 Fenn. avenue, op posite Wiliardt Hotel, will open this evening, ( ten of the (lobe lights) with its improved roanrer of steam;nr, neatness of fitting, and order of ser vice. All desiring a luxury, will le rewa'ded by oVling. Superior quality of Fresh Suit Oysters constantly on hand to supply Hotels. Sutlers and Families, in shell, kej.or can Families'orders delivered on short notioe. Choice Clears at rea sonable rates. 1*8 lm* HOfK wines. From tkt Houst of Mtttrt. Ilenkell $ Company, Mayance Just reoeivtd a large lot of HOCK WINES, vintage of 1867, the b wt now in the country?oon si sting of? DF.IDESH RIMER. HOCHHKIMER,-Still and Sparkling. LIEBFRAUMILCH. 8 RUDKSHEIMKR. MOSEL MUSCATEL,-Still and ^parklim MARCOBKUNNER. ep?ran*f. JOHANNI-BtRGKR. rn ^ SMITH & HART, Branoh ofP. Tierntn A fon, Baltimore. ? 411 Seventh stre't, next to the offioe of the f?8 3t National Inflligenoer. Washington. I 'I1* ?Jw VlI1PALL?I> FOR PACKAGES. ? -- <uuu uuiuor OX Pa. avenue and Ninth street : M. Cahn, J. McNuity. John Snyder. F. Thnaber, P. F Wilson. Chaplain Mattock, R. F. Marler. Luke Burk. 8tn 111, W. H. McCoraba. W. A. Cumminga, Geo Kiobarda, A. B Corey, Murdoch A Copelsnd, Sharpahootera. lat re*. 1.. Crauie. Milline. 6 Kioharda, A. A. Cummmga. fas ROOM TO KENT, auitc/jle for aatlera' aupplr atore. Apply to K A J. MYERS, Importers of Watohea, 10 W&ahington Building. ntALKRrt IN WATCHES Would do well to LP oailand examine the a took of 8 A J. MYERS, which they are aelling 2n per oent. lover than any other fcoeae in the oity, 10 Washington Build ing. B. F. Bruih, J. H. Stakera, ?oor?e Krioker, . M. Wheeler, W. Leitner, Capt. Wiocenbottom, lat reg. Chtaaeura, Col. Ca?*enar, lat Mich. regimsnt, Co!. l-'arnaworth, 3th III. eavalry, * W.Tompkina, Berdan'a W ATCh MAKERS Will sav? time and trouble ?v b* calling ?n 8. k J. MVF.R8 to purchase Watch Material*, Watch Glasses, Tools, and Jeweller*' Jobbing Materials. 10 Washington luildiag. SA J. MYERS, hiving nnderntaod that eev eral trave ing p?<uara having represented that they are ooanecud with their house, and selling ?.n inferior artiole, they take this measure m in orming the trade that ther are in bo way con nected with any house or agents in this city. jrr Branob of Boston Houaf?10 WatninKton Bm'diag. Washington leg 'I1MN to~beloaned on ?old and Silver W OJ Jewelry, ?uns and Pistols. Sliver Ware, ana Set QAMPBTOV^ BTOVE8'! CAMP STOVESH! A large atookon hand, wh^h wi^i bejw^ low. is. 16 ' 0OAL OIL?COAL OIL?GOAL OIL! COAL AND ETHERIAL OIL Coal and Btkmttd Ou Mrnmufkmr^, CorMr Nit J*tmt n.ud Kit jalS-Ia* ^AUi. A. L*k? * it* IBPSf a?.V?

N'8, H ? ART OFF WAR BARgN l" JOMINI. Translated by Ca|t Msodell and liint. Craigbtll, ^T. Army. GKN.CAeKY** INFANTRY TACTICS, Thui VcLCMta All Military Books for rale %t North^ro erioes. ? _ HUDSON T\VLOR, Booksellerand S'at-.o^er, 334 Pmn. m. fe7-frw [ fntcl . Resnb. A Chmn . 8w] BO QU E T ?! BOQUtTSH B O Ul J? T 82! CLLMKNISON* HANFT. FLORAL DEPOT, CoftffXK i'A. AV AND 3d *T., SOCTH SIBB, Ortr Made? Hot*'., M?nufa<"crers of al> kinds of FANCY BOQwF.TvS BASKETS. VASES AND WREATHS OF FLOWERS. K7* Ha Is PvtirB And Weddings cupplierl with the beat quality ,at ths i horte&t n< tioe, and itt the loTMt pnoM. Boqnera sect to al parts of the city and Georgetown. fe 7-1 w NA T1 O N A L ST K AM LAUNDRY, Pknn Av . South S:pr. Between 13th and 1SH st.eeis, Washington. W A S H I N G F/?rthe . . Army, Hotels, Families, and Individuals. Ae we h?ei. *ry faoiiity for doing up tone Ten Thousand Piec'? Daily, our pafooa may depend upon having got*. uineup in the brut style and retamed promptly vhen promised. Goods called forand delivered. t? moderate fe7-6t* HEATLEY'S DYEING ESTABLISH , TAEE NOTICE. Finding it impossible to give striet attention to the Washington branch or my business, I in tend closing it on Tliuriday. th* IStn of Febru ary. All persons having work there will p'?aae 0*11 &: d take it away. on or neiore inat aau>, ohim wtae, they will b? obliged to cait at my old atand is Georgetown, where I am now permanently located: where 1 an&U be pleased to reoeive their orders in future, wmoh I p edge myself to exeonta with promptness and dispatch. _ y wf H. WHFATLEY. fe r5t_No. 49 Jeffersonst., Georgetown, D.C._ CM ALL POXSmall Pot. Effectually Curtd O and Abolifhid.'?Tue subscriber oarne to Wash icgton three weets aro, and, to his astonishment and .-efret,foand the P<>x prevailing throagh out the oity and its vicinity It* *" ala/m;Eg extent, pemg eognit&nt of the Uci thit i?? disease ia not in the least abated, he felt it hi* uP'or to hia country aad fellow men to re rain litre, in c *' to cure,destroy and expei that loatiiaom*disease i/?m yonr miitt. and a so prevont its farther spread. ii inis aise&ce is not speedily cneeited, bat al lowed to inorease aa it haa done dm in* the few Mat months, whit will twome of tec army and cnifre' ? before spring t There is but answer to thla queation. and that is self evident to eaerj one. Tne aubacnbsr Ruarauteea that all persona suf I'erinc fr< m this d saase, who mat be attended by him, will tot be marked or pitted in the ffcoe All o'her diaeases are treated with r^nal care and ?no oesa, without the ute of calomel or bluepillt (mer onry.? Cases of typhoid fever, When treated at an state, turtd tn 43 kours. All parsons who wi(: call at his otfhe, No. ISth ctreet. between L and M.oan examine hi* Teatimoniala, wmoh are of the higheat charaoter, and which. he doubts not. will prove to be entirely satisfactory. C. J. VON CORT. M. D., Formerlv Praot ca! Pby*ician and tiurteon ;n Mil itary Hospitals in Kuroee, ant for the paatfO rears a well known praoticuncr in the oit? of New York. fe7tt* \y ASHINGTONG V.VNA-1UM, ? ? /Kt?r? st.,it'ar fewrr Mnrktt. This establishment is now open from 6 a. m. to 8 p. m Ote of the ctfiocrs in attendar ce from I to 5 acd from 6to 8 o'cioc*. Person* lf&oirf? & sedenta ry life wouil do well ;o join immediately. 01 a month. 02.50 three months fe 6 3t* HOUSEKEEPERS' WANTS. TABLE Linens.Towels and Napkins a fall assort meat. Dojiies, SheetiLgs, Puiow Cotton*. Linens, Blankets. Comforts. Counterpanes, fco. The whole at onr proverbially low prices marked in plain fig ures. An inspection of stock implies no obliga tion to purchase. PERKY ft BRO., le ? 6t Penn. avenue and 9th street. fclUTLKRS AND OTHERS SHOULD SUB 55 SCR I HE lO THOMPSON'S BANK NOTE KEPORTER?Weekly. $2.50 per year; serai monthly. $1.60; monthly, 75 cents; with two copies of descriptive list free to all who pay in advanoe. Orders promptly executed by enclosing the money in a note a'dressed to WARREN CHOATE, 332 Pa. avenue fe 7-6t* STITCHED IN CONTRAST COLORS, Ladies omt Pa-u Kid Cloves. Also, plain Kid ti loves, all colors ani sixes, very best quality. In addition, our usual full asd complete stock of Dr j Goods, in all the departments of family wants, for the preseut and approach!a* Boston. PERRY A ORO.. fe 7-6t Fa avenue and Ninth street. JAV COOKE Sc. CO., BANKERS, No. 434 Fifteenth Street, opposite Treasury Buildings. Washington. In connection with our Philadelphia House we have opened at No. 4S'i Fifteenth street, an offioe for the transac'iou of a general Exch\nge, Collec ting and Batkinit Kusicess. We bur and t>eli Coin, Uncurrent Woner. Stooka and Bonds, (on oommusi iu,) 1Jraits onAmerioan and European cities, receive Dapr.aits, and make Collections upon ah accessible points fe4 lm JAV QQQKE A CO. SA. J. MYSRS, 10 Washington Building, p'.nn. Ar>nut A large stock of American Watohe* for sale, at wnoiesiiie, ry A J. MYiiRS. American Clooks ?' who '.esale by S. ft J.MYERS. Watch Materials at wb?.lesa'e by S ft J. MVKR8, Plated f'haina at wholetale by S. ft J MVERrt Watch Work done for the trade only, by a praotl oal workman, at S. A J. MYERS*. Steel and Gilt Keys at wtolocale by S. ft J. MYERS. TT7* All wholesale dealers in Watches and Jew elry would do well tr> oali at 8. ft J. MYKKS' be fore some on Eaator purchasing elsewhere. jaao-lm* LADIES' RHADY MADE I'NDERCLOTH IN6, NEW FANCY aND MILLINERY GOOD?, REAL LACES. EMBROIDERIES, Ac., Ac.?I take pleasur* in informing the iadies that 1 have jnst reoeiv^d from the north a large Block of superior quality LADIES' RKADY MADE UNDER-CLoTHIN??, such Chemise, Night Dresaea. Skirts, Ladies' Drawers, Ac , fto.. whioh I desire the ladies to inspeot, as they were imported before goods got so high, and are there fore very cheap indeed. No. 18-MRS R. G. ETCHISON. No. 13. I'BNNA.. AVBNri, Between 3th and 9th Streets. II. ij. rintioc HUD" u>ornsr lei-lrr J ATTENTION! UST Reo?i?fd a large assortment of New B>atfters, Comlortablei, Blankets, Bedsteads. attresses, and Carpets. Persons wianlng to bur are requested to examine my stock betore pnr charing, as 1 am determined cot to be undersold. R. BUCHLY. 438 7th street, betwesn 6 an*l H. 1W 1-1 m* e*ft side. I CARRIAGES. Have now on hand a large and fineaatoitmrnt of CARRIAGES, superior to any ia the, market, whioh 1 am prepared t<> sel S low for cash. Persona in want of good-! work, will do well to oall and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. All retain neatly done, and orders promptly at tededfo. I have Mso one very fine olose Pannel Carriage, which originally oost 91 326. but litt'e. used, ana win uv ?uiu iu?,m mo owner nas no further DM for It. ANDKKW J.JUVGK, ja 31 -lm Corner 14th atd K. streets. MR. PERDRIAT, Surgeon Chiropodist, from Pan*, begs to inform yon that he oan effeoiual It remove Corns and Bunions, without pain, so that the ?hoe oau be worn immediately after the operation, without inoonvenietce. Also removes Warts and other superfluous flesh from the hands, so that they will a?pear small and delicate. No. 13 4S street, near City Hall. Charges moderate. Refer* to the duetors of Washington gener alfT leS'-lm* ENT8' BILK CRAVATS and NECKTIES, Or Gents' Bilk Pooket Handkerchiela, 6 ants' Linen Cambria Handkero&iefs, Rents' Glovfs, Gents' Umbrellas, Gents' Undershirts and Drawers, Fine Cloths, Vesting*, and assimerea, for cents, Cotton shirtings of the best graces, Linen ?birt>ngs of the best grades imported. All of the above at our proverbially low pnoM? ma ked in plain ligures. An i EBpec tion of stock solicited ; it incurs ne obligation to purchase. PKREV A BROTHER,, i on" ovhup ana l^lDUl w. P ? R II A M ' 8 SECOND GRAND EXCURSION TO NEW YORK AND BOSTON! From Baltimore to New York and Return $9 From Baltimore to Boaton kid Retnrn 3 13.10 TiokeU for sale at Mr. Perham'e Offioe In the National Botel. vhere fail partioalare may be had. Two through trains tiaiij, leaving Washington ate a. mandSf m. Ticket* good to return on or b?lore May lit. jasi l?r VALENTINES! VALENTINES! valentines: 1*62. A Large assortment of SENTIMENTAL AND COMIC VALENTINES, From the beet houses, for sale, wholesale and re tail, at the loveet oaan prioes. A very libeS die oount to the Trade and Sutlers-at the {vatioaal .VU..WI., ytiu. r. KiuncTBini JalP-?w* Wo. 8T8 Pa. ar.. WaaUagton. iV NOTICE to WATCH MAKKRB. EH ? * J- MVERS H&tidc omtd a branoti of their Beaton Ho I9o 10 Washington Building, corner ofra.iw. ' 7th atreet, invitfl the attention of Watoh ? Makers. Jewellers, fNlifx-e, *o , Ac . to their large tuck of Gold and Silver W ate i?ea, Wateh MaterV 2a, Watoh Maker*' Tools, Glaeeee, silk <? sards. Leather tiuaras, Sectaries, besidaaa variety of goods too nmemie to ae&tiou la ordinary adver "" "llTBBkr No Goods at retail. Watch work d*M lor tte mm# a*T?^ ?TTT f oo|?, Mat post tiM on &?li amotion with any other boa? 10 yii > tut j. *?wuu, rfoowi AMUSEMENTS. THKATfcR?MR. JOHN K. OWKNSiaTkrM *PiM?rSaturday. Kwmti. WllT^ perlcrmed tho f?roe ef**Df?J? of Drw*f?l Frickt. Nr. J,*. umi; t*?HB Prlckt. Mta* Sbmo Dfn.n fter vkioii tk? drun* of -Tb? YiakMTMaiW-Soin thiMr- 0?m To oonclmU witfc**YoMr EnclMd Joh? Jmh Pooloy, Mr. Ov?as. oaNondaT *<Tk? ViottM. w ASHINfiTON AcSSsMY OF MUSI& rts??. Avwn, (S4>rin flinij No, , ^ txcrm Hk aid 10t4 rtr ^ nbnteinf a*!ecti one from th? beat oiMM mute, and the moit popular operae?rendered ib better rtjje than at any other Ameriean cosoert aaloon. The rscitf-end the pnbho ere frtely innted, withou' ehargt Tor entrance,?-may retr apon tee ing every comfort th*y deeire. 1b addition to toe finest tnatio in Washington, tbey vih obtain, on cell, from the attentive attendant*, decidedly the beet Rrfreshmenta for eaie in toe Federal Metrop olis t'ffieera constantly in Mtoadaass to keep goo j order. Conoert ooauaeuciBg at 4 p. ml UENKV ROSENTHAL. fcb7 im Proprietor. tflNG'S NATIONAL AWPHITHB*TK*. IV Paxil. At. aan E St., Near WtlUrd*. T. Kin# , Sole leasee and Manager ?-.^iisr.rr.-^:4SaSK5 THIS EVENING. To Hare yoe eeea old DAN GARDINER In bia greet tferleeane Dance. A J.? Cabusiw Ann ScaiAMOVca! The Beaatiftil M'iie H KuOIStw Every Kseaing 2 KINCADE. the 1009amm*r?*a!t SluT^ The Great Zouave Halt M nit be aeen to he appreciated. DON JOAN Ever? Night uatil farther notiee. New Novsltim in Pbipakatioh Seal* Prtc4f?OrohMtvr Chair* IS omts; DrM 81 role M omu; Children order 10 r?*ra of ic* to reis Cirole SS oenU; Vootal R 35 oeota; Co4 or?d Gallery 25 cent*: Colored Boxea ? oecU. Door a open at 7 o'ciwl; performaaoM will ?on? menoe at 8 preciaaiy. fe 7 CANTERBURY HALL LotritiaNt Avetii, HtltMtn Ma HIT t tit. Immnit Hooomi of the LKON1 PANTOMIME COMPANY! i.EOM PANTOMIME COMPANY ! PEOPZ* TURNED AWAY EVERY SIOHT! QV ERF LOWING HOl'BEB. The Laurh&hle ciJSiio'Vluitooilire oailed Ue SAILOR'S RETURN f SAILOR'S RETURN! MR. ROBERT SUTkKR Will Mf??ru Hams VaiiWUIIiMX. Extrara'Sfit of the ComM IsMrtav'** LE TOt'R OV MAISON : lb TOUR Dt> ma180n ! a National and Hutorioal Tableau, WASHINGTON AT VALLEY F0J16 E : 8 i L A 8 BALDWIN, Tkt Btst Jut tier in tk W mid! WILLIS ARMSTRONG, Clown. Paktomimist, are KtSioPiah. miss aSelVa'Wellb. The Beautilal Sonjtatreae, in Skmtixintal and VakKCx Sons a ! - a. J. TALBOTT. The Ethiopian Comedian, aaaiated by Dick Pauik, Miaa Kxka Mini, Mi?s Vkknon. M'llb Fiam La Pollk, and Lirix* Ella. One Week Longer. WARD on hia CoftDi Volawti! Em Sl*ck-ror4 Perform* mi Attieric*! Notvithatanriing the larje Company now at the I'ury* inor" wiii IET $0 ADVAXCB IN PRICES. Afternoon Performanoe, tor Ladito and Children, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, with q nanti ties of presents-one a superb #28 Silk UrMt. The dress can be aeen in the window of Meaara. Perry A ttro. AH r ir dreaaea are bought from thia hone?. Doora own, afternoon, at 2 o'olook. Admission: Ladies,20 oenta; children. 10 oenta Doors oper.eveninis. at 6^ o'clock. h t QDD FELLOWS' HALL. Seventh Strut, George Christy* Minstrels AFPEAR NIGHTLY at ODD FELLOWS' HALL. And continu* every evening until fmthtr notict. NEW SCENERY has been added to the ?ta<e, and every arraage ment made for tbe proper production of GEORGE CHRIST'S CELEBRATED FARCES. BL'RLETTAS. *o. Ac. Ac. Admiaaion 25 oenta; Ore heater cbairr, 90 cent*. Doora open at quarter to 7: oominetoe at a Barter to s john p. smith; Baaineae Agent PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Guide to Patents, Catalogue of Curiosities and Govern mert Garden*, at the stand in Patent 0?ee. K?'f Antiqua'ian Books; GovernmeM Books; Do-o men's furnished: Railroad Reports; Miutarv Re ports; Knrnt Patent Offioe Reports; Cheap Books furnished 1o Pedia-s; Military TriatsTmilitary Laws; Army Regu ations; Panorama of the Coast rhowing over 2.WW miles; man7 taonsaad Cheap Books. Recoheot oheap rent. Large sales, low prioes. Up stairs, over Bank of Wa?hinrton. ja29-lm* ALFRED HlfSiTER. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. l\IONU MENTALS IN THE FIELD AGAIN : 1*1 The members of the MonnmentalClab g% take great pleasure in announcing to their JH many f iends, and the p jblic general!*, that Wt\ they wi'l give their Tenth Anneal Ball atMAB Temperanoe Hall. MONUAY EVENING, FetTy 24. Tickets CI, admitting a gentleman anl ladies. By order of the Committee. It* The third grand soiree Will be given at TEMPRHASCE HALL, fit R street, between 9th and loth, ill On FRIDAY E\EN,N<*. Feb'y 14 SH Danoing will commenoe at 8X o'olook The best music will be in attecdanoe. Ticket! St. fe8-Iw* Prof C F BARNES, Manage*. B NOTICE V Another request of their many lady friends, the members of the H LAFAYETTE CLUB Jgf Dixoa KivicK m?ir 1STH GRAND BALL Ql At TEMPERANCE HALL, On ISth February, IMS A full BnvM and Strinj Baud u engaged for the night. ickeu #1,admitting ageEtletn an and lad tee For yartiouiar? am fatare adveroe?eat. 11* HO! FOR THE HIAWATHA?-! oi the Hiavatha G.ub uke treat in annoonoincto their friend* U?e r t GRAND COTILi ON PARTY, at lin Hall, oorner of Ninth and D, T1 _ DAY EVENING. February ?tt, 1?2. Ticket* one dollar. See fatare advertieemrnt. fe 1 8 St* _lRTiNG AND SKIRTING COTTONS, a'l cambers of the beet brand* trocuoed ia the SB. Union or Earofa. PEKRY k. BRO . fe 7 6t Penn. avenue aad 3th etreet. I7>OR HALE AT A SACRIFICE.?Oee Spring 1 WAGON, two HORSES acd a aai*v of double Harneai. Saitable for a Sutler HwA or Hx?ra?s. Apply immediately at FLi.M 1N6 k FOV'M Htablta. C atmot. hatwun AV.rn.mA tith ?treat. Hi H* SPRING SUPPLIES.?Oar mil avale atoek of ail Dry Gcoda adapted for ear j Spring wvnta. One prioe only, marked in plain Scare* PERRY A BOTHER, Pa. arwu aad Ninth atreet. fe7 6t of all oo ora aad taalitiee, eqaal in make ami hniah to the beet custom work. WALL, STEPHENS k, CO, Merekant TaiTora and Clothera, 398 Pa. are., bet. Kk aad lOtk ate. Ja a-tfai (Intel. ARe?.) PORTABLE WOODEN TENTS! The under auned haa for eaie and will make to order Portable Wooden Tenta, of any repaired aiae.atavery lowpnoe Tb*eetentaeaa be pat at or taken down la a few miaatee.aadoaa be Been at the corner of FourteeDtn awl 6 ata. jaa im* JOHN A. JORDAN. DROP. ALEXANDER WO LOW SKI. HMW Wo. KH> nTItTg^ jTuffk. i?? 1. W.COLLSY. 1 AUCTIOF 8ALK8. hrrukt datm ?T WALL 4 BAlNAtD. AmIwimi CWwifMt ti* A. It A*??4 MrtM at p?r A BO* KM) ?OONU, VIIA <? ofNiNmMXiOonM.fnp* Barrels of M(*i. WkolttailM Mm hv noflMa. SsfSvESh. Wfcrfl ?^OOT#B IfV''1^*? BTO?BW c HMOMIi Kxm of ?m?, CMN*. uiwa * *>!, XM of A?N*r?M C ao<*iM. Mi rmr? m>. KrvSopaa Wrlti of Papor, UarrolB mi IMHlMg U&f m1 pAtABAA bold #f TfilWl Cm?b oTciboibca i Ami ud fW*i4w?, KKMl r>f CbAMpAr**, barr#>B W?lto Wiw, l tcMkiof XX ViMdr.Utt' Fnn, aad kMt*l Mtll?r?a. By*, Ward, Boarboe. aM Crow'i Wtiitm, Bwrtiaol i'.kt't a?d o.hf r k.aada Wkukrj. rtpMtt Bras-df, He! *rd (,.b. j tmnri *?, iu. a loas of vorf Saporior Brandy. W indow scuta hi* for Hbi tore. KM of Whlii*), SMTtt WlM, tM 5 6a Ic Box* of Whi?<w7 ?Mrr? Wi'm,' MkMidtai S*cht.ap? K'sndlWa, Un? lot of Curs . d i0>r*nt Bru4i. Hoxm of TobMte. Ctowiac aa<l BboAjbc. With Mtt othar artio'a* aot bora maabon of TMek trill be para?r?ori!T aoid. ftl" WALL & BARNARD, Am1* UOBOd , Ail Br BBEBN * WILLIAMS, Ai ANMOMG BU1LDIN0 LOT. FRONTING on Nortb M Et.,inwu|i hi* maBaWTn tun,ir acctioi -6u TphMiAy, tktiiu , v* >ra:, Mil in f.-OLt of the ara?i?oa, at 4 vaatall Mil ib f oLt of the ?r?wi?OB, at ? mil of Lot No. t, ib par?-ivip< ?, c( o.?4t, it hoi?c M kit Tk*? *party la vrj kudfoat'T sitaatad. froattac on [ ?traM, b?tvMc Sixtfc and Seventh itrMta. T erm? oaah. # 7-4 6RKEN * WILLIAMS, Aaeta Br 6REKN A W1LLIAMB, Aootiooooro Wheelwright AND BLACKSMITH '' Poor*. Billowi. ahvilo, Lamb* l*t or FLtciiaini TooLi.Ticn.4c., at Arcnoo ? ( il W KJ> KSDA Y, the it<h iuuli, it 11 o'okok ?. m.,*t tti??bo>? of John K.I>*T?Mfci oorcor of u< K atioofa, wo ahAll ml lite following ortioioo. vlg < ';.e B acktro'Ui t?bop. i )c? Who*:bright Biicp, oa grootd rout, oor Acriia. oar Boi ova, Viooa. jot of Nov ud 8ci a> Iron, SoarliM, -<M? iot BlaokaalUTa Tool a. With May otkor iruclN which wo doom ?aa?r aa&ry to oaoBoroto. GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aoota. BOARDING. DOARDIOne or" two noatl; (nauMd l) Rnrtr* ttr^r/i <?? h? nhUin*^ ai Ma I M4 atraat. oatwaao ltth mmi TStk iti?u. at ? I f?f month for two paraoaa ; Uom nvil .n? to pa' I MklllSH*-* DOt M?'r A foo4 COOK ao4 I CHAM riKRM\! l? wanted. with ^roHf rtoois ?wd?tion?. to whoai tha hifhaat pnoaa will bf> gtv?- fot at ChQ TSli^ OYBTk R8! OVBTER*:^J|y An Of?*#r Shipping Company hu baan formao for ?h? porf^aa of i?n aahinttoa aid iU leinity w?th Orawra. .Vl.frwiatt 01 iw ffow N to 1? f*:?oa. je? *ay, ? *? b* "??uai Oyatar* in ik?. aaat m fen or a .<** 'of? oUromlM to b jabela aan be tM on oh '*L1 "?Wo*; tor a laaa enMitity oa)I at f>f> B-.6t9 ?"*r*?V ?*orf*t?>WB, D. C. Tha OratOr* ahippad K **' <*>?**" T ?a?a frrri. irno{mor?i",tlu Mi othara Um aac r* had id tba Diatnat Tne Oyafc ?ra ojoaad <ha atmr da* they * * ukoi from ?u,# ?ra aant to fh* th# ?aaif All orgara direotad to \t^LLIAM HANCE. a tL*?0'Md.. mtcacar for Company, will ha pre .atlaedad to. '}(! INCH HEAVY SAIL, DUCK. OO 28 lLoh Cotton Duck, lWg Blaacbrd aod Brown i*he*tin(. Towela. Napkina. Table Linaaa, Bad Comfort*. Blaakata. rUnneia, Shawl*, CMkmtnt, Ca!iroe*. Clock*. Gloveaand 8aiia<w, And other kind or Urj Goods, on u* at tke Wweet price#, br W M. R. RILEY ft BRO.. No. 36 Cantral Biorwe. Between 7th Mid tth atresia. (* 3 1 ot oppo. C?ttw Mart el. NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE TO BUTLERS. TO BUTLERS. SPICED MOLASSES CAKES SPICED MOLASSES CAKES SPTCED SUGAR CAKES SriCED SUGAR CAKES. In conarq aeooe of the *rea'. 4ii? ail for oar No Hum 6later Cake Ba*ar Cake, we bare a* aoicted W. H. HAM7LTON * CO.. 4T9 Ninta Btieer, aa prinoipa A cant for tiiair trom waoa the? can be bought at five dollara ft7 barre,. SNAPS, JUMKLES, nuLAiwb? ruvnu I IN QUANTITIES, IN QUANTIT1K?, Irt Qt'ANTITl K8 BOSTON CBACKERS, PrMh exe-j day?warm from the owe nalrr de licioaa food? Ttu Ctntf Per Ptumi. DAYTON'S CELEBRATED MINCE PIES. Hotel-keeper*, Brad* of Families, and Setlai* are invited to try ear excellent Micoe Pin Our MINCE PIES need only to ha triad to be appreciated ; pnoe f to and IS per haadxel. JAMES L. DAYTON, Bakery?446 Eleventh fttreet, fet>3 between 8 aad H dozen to* in i aeaal enoe for naaefaotnre. At K. A. Lake ? Co/a Marble Hi. Bimu, de?> Under Brown's Hotel, ruder FJi LOVfcLL, OOLLK8 A CO* WHOLESALE GROCERS, 96 Front Street, New York, aad SIC E Street, Washington. D. C., IM? Wiliarde' Hotel.) Hit?( started a branch of oar Nov York astafc iishment in this eitr. we invite Sutlers, Ortmt. and Inmn, to sail and examine onr (took, wkioii is well aeeorted aad oompnsed of foods of the beet ?aality. We take orders for any thing in oar tine, aad exeeato then prompt j. jaS-tf boatfctand aitias im nson rea la Com, Tnuvt Not* or Oir'?Mf. j?10~?ol? ?WRRNY 4 huvci. smith * BROTHER's PALE O R E A M A L K, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, portkk ub NEW yoek bbowh ftout. Th* ?boT? celebrated american ales Brnd fro? Um choicest BAH ley MALT ?A HOPS, Mi kifkly tUtimti fey ibom vko h?re umA tbeeu PiraktMn ro OwNi to wll ud imum ?v Hftrtw loot, lamd ttet they vill isd tbo BEST Mi PUREST Tturtf Wi h>w ?t *11 tuw? * >ftrn 1?> fMiy for do for tfa* TB_A.DK, HOTELS, ud PAM1KY U6I, vklak vi oftr 01 tkt MOST PATORABLE SMITH * EEOTHEB. Bihwi. No. 1?S * 110 WWW ?L.Nrw Yorfc City g^brl^ar T? ' A"D iBIlRKANIf. rr CHAMP ASNB * win*. wm mtwni ttniav

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