Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Tiuni ?John E Owch u u Fright" In " Crimea Crimea," " Solon Sklvlc" la the " Vmkff Tetnutw," and ?* John Judm Pooler" ? Young A merle*." Cbbiktt's?First appearance of the "Irish Zouaves,' Capt Neil, and benefit of Haya and Nell, with a huge programme crammed with "onga, ballads, flate and violin aoloa, dances, bur. lerq'iea, Ac., Ac., concluding with a capital af lerpiece. Cimum Hall ?L* Ptatoe Blanche" by ?h- l.eoni and Canterbury compute*, and an at tractive bill of music, dances, burlesque, ju? Kllng and alack rope performances. Fir*appear ance of SI* Raflhele Aboeco on Monday. Kiss's Aural-ma*ran ?A novel programme rf wjuoatrian and other performances. Including ' Don Joan," " Classic Statuary Horseback," the Zotiavp Halt," and the burlesque dance, " Ala Cabsslfr." Mipical Lkcttei, at the hall of tha \t>nna Men's Christian Asaoclatlon. by Dr. Tr^n Unoh the "Health acd Diseases of Women. M ' Oarnans1 Fan, for the benefit r\ ?. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum, corner of' 0 ana xenth tree*. Au entertainment exc^^iy sKreeabla. Fat? In the church at * *_ nf H f0t lhe 'jf^lt of nt Mltthcv'i r rw- ^cnoon Acadmt of Mw f open all day, with excellent refrwhoj elections from /*? lrW ow?c^ ?brac'.n^ o'clock. ?<?t popular operas, at 4 H*ABI58 tw th* Cas* o? thjc tkt p. " * ?* tjmotht Swusn-DxttkHrtt 0/ JV ,foai Arruttd ?Yesterdsy morning justice ?? .npwto. with Sergeant Getting*, of the Third , ard patrol, M P , proceeded to the hospital of - ? 7th New York ca?alry regiment to hear from Timothy Sweeney hla dying declaration of the Ihcts connected with the snooting of blm the night preTlont at the hoane of Wm Sullivin, on ?um, w r.igmn. i ney rouna Sweeney la bed. comfortable as he could be In his condition, <tnd surrounded by sympathizing comrade*. He was perfectly sane and composed, nod made the following declaration to the Justice under oath : I, Timothy Sweeney, make this statement, be lieving that I am about to die and cannot recover. John Howder and I went into the house; the man and woman ordered us oat t told them they need not be la a hurry, we were going. The man * KM for the back room. I tried to get on t of Ute door when I saw him start for the back room. As 1 was getting out of the door he shot me. I saw three men, all in that room; two of these inen came down stairs after I went in. I was facing the roan who shot me; was a pretty big m-n, tall and broad, and I believe dark com plexion; t Lack hair 1 think; can't ear whether be bad whiskers or not. It was not the same man 1 Urat saw In the room when we went in. This man who shot me told me to get out of the door, And 1 told him I would if be would take his ?lme; 1 would go in a few minutes. He backed up and drew a pistol. As I saw blm draw it I made foe thed?or I was sideways like in getting ont. Did not notice the kind of pistol. He shot once, and then sgain after I got out. 1 sat down when I flrat went Id. All three men and a woman "ere In the room when this man shot. One of th?aetm*n wan small sized. Taken by me this 7th day ef February, 1P62, at Camp Stoneman, Washington, D C. T. E. Ellsworth, Captain Co. O, 7th N. Y. V. C. At half past two, Justice Thompson returned to the guardhouse and -eaumed the Investigation of the evidence; and the inmates of the house who were under srreat were taken to the trial room They were Wm- Sullivan. Elizabeth A. Sullivan, Otharlne Trunnell, and Horatio Trnnnell. The witnesses appeared and were examined in the following order. Hinnrn fVDirytr, sworn.?Said two soldiers ram<? io me aoor ana xnocxea. Mr. Trunnell opened it and they came Id. Trunnell asked vhat they wanted Tbey replied that they wanted to come in. Mri. Sullivan then aa!d she did not ke?*p a afore, and wanted them to go out. After ome word* between Mra S. and them about their leaving, one of the soldi era?the shortest one? drtw a knife on Mra. S. I heard her hallo inardfr' 1 heard the piatol fired Wai in the front room when it was flred, but don't know who fired it. Sullivan and Mra. Sullivan, and Trunnell and Mra. Trunnell, were there (It ia due to pay that lb la witnena ta very much afflicted in her eye*, and would hardly be able to diatin> ?u!sh pereona twelve feet off, by candle-light.? j vim ox . nawraer, gi nan. * . cavalry, WlllSed that swfpny and hlmaelf were together and went to thia house. They knocked; a gentleman opened the door, they entered and tat down on a lounge The man aaked what they wanted Thev repl' ,<? that they wanted to atay oyer night. The ' remarked. "You can't atay over right , IKam Mr ttiilllwan 4 n anH Via Wa/' - tance from the ho- * nr^ical aid. an** _ ? thev had got aome dla He then arranged to get - j- |, , 4 uw m? ubyc me psriieiarrniM. y_ jt? l?le? of tbe mm who flred la very ?? a " Vpwed to suddenly, perpetra'ed the act, ana ji^ppeafe^ a0 quickly, but tbinCa be shortish man, pretty stout; tblnka be bad ^ -itkera, but la not certain. Sullivan la not ' be man who fired. la reply to the magistrate witness aald : " We went there to atay over night. There waa. I think, only one woman' there when we went In?the woman O'Dwyer. No knife waa drawn; no violence naed toward the Inmates 1 did not aee the pistol till the flash: It waa flred twice, 1 think, am not positive. 1 think the man bad ou soldier's panta." Horatio Trunn'll waa put on bla oath, and tes tified that be waa In the bouse when the aoldier knocked at the door; he opened It, and they skoved him slide and walked In and aat down. He told them to go out, and they refused. Mrs. ^ulllTsn then came in raving mad, and they re fused to leave for ber. Mr. Bui 11 van came in and ;iH>a onf up, wno stood and laid be would not so oat till be pot ready. Just then a man came In and fired He waa a large man Witneaaa^w him two honra before for the flrat time, but would know blm If be aaw him again. He it a large, dark complected, broad ahouldered, flit cheated; hid a rap on The piatol was a all-shooter?a n>vy pstol The man left in twominu'ea. He cime in from the back room. Wltneaa never aaw the knife drawn, though It might have been,and be not it Here the Justice waa told that Mr Brown, who ?h? police were looking for, wu present He waa railed by the magistrate, and took bis aeat with Cboa*? ODd-r arrest J ok* M Holder waa recalled, and aaked If Brown waa tbers at the time of the firing How der eyed him from bead to foot, and remarked, '-th? countenance la familiar; bo* I would not be willing to ?wear positively that thla man waa there." Himora O' Dttyr. recalled ?Said Brown waa not there. She said in r?i>W (a ih? In ??(/ ? tw.? be knew a man named Lickttt, but he waa not Mmm. Horanc Truntull Bald he knew Luckett, and he wa? not there. Brown la not the m n who tred; wltneaa knows him Cmtkwimt Trm?mtU, sworn?Said abe heard acme one rap attbedoor, and Sullivan went down tatra. She beard them talk about going out Sbe went down and aaw a man standing in the middle of the door with a blue coat on. She heard tie Irlng; but don't know by wnom, as Mra. Sal. llvan fainted, and had several convulsions and wltneaa staid by her. The man went oat the back door Wltneaa aaw the pistol 1b his hand aa he passed her; It waa a six-barrel revolver Never mw the man before nor since Boon aa the pistol was Ired the aoUUers went out. Mary Sullivan, (slater-la-law of the prisoner,) swor Bald the lumatea of the house, abe with them, were all up stairs when tbe soldiers came to the bouae. Wltneaa heard Mra. Sullivan scream, *nd went down Mra 8 fainted Howder, the wltneaa, had drawn a knife on Mrs. 8. Wltneaa waa a>tr* be waa the oae, aa be has a aklnned noae. [To explala the discrepancy between thla state ment si-d if on oca 0'Dyer?8, the J us t ice called the sergeant of the compear, who said that Howder waa a mack taller man than SwaonyJ u i/wf r was rwwini, ?m iwca l{(lin Ukil the ihoricit mtn hid tb6 knife. JITaey SuU\r**, resumed, and Instated that 11 owder wns the mio. Mri. SmiitraM testifled that her family and Truaaell and hta wife bad gooe up atatra to so to bed, w be a the knock waa bea/d at tbe door, ttal llean waa lying atck oa tbe floor, aad Tranncil wtai down to tbe door. He opened It, and tbe soldiers poshed bin aside and walked in. Wit nraa told them tt waa ao tarern, ud they could not stay there. Tbe shortest man drew a knife, and aald to witness> "I'll sleep with yoa to night, o? do murder !" Witness screamed murder, aad the men came down stairs. Witness beard tbe pistol, bat recollects ao more?she fainted W It ness came down with Truaaell, aad wbea the knife wss drawn be raa out of the room. Tnmmtll, recalled.?Said Brown waa not in tbe Hmmdtr, recalled?&ald he was not positive, cm 101 ki ne mew Drown uicre After bearlaf ail the teetlmonv, Juatlce Tbomp aoa deetded that It waa notauftciant to juatify i be commitment of either of the peraeaa (a coa todyfer trial at court, and ordered their dleeharge I'miKTiTIOH irtu la MA MA HoariTAL.? The patlenta aad curaee of tlkia hoapltal, gratefol for the hladnaea aad phiteathropy man If eatod by Mta. J T. Falee, whoae attention aad devotion to the aiek told:era eader treetmeot there has been ao roaataat, preeanted thfca lady with a beautiful ** of allTer apooaa, coat lag upwarda of thirty three doUara, on the 5th laat. Mra Falea, far hae been untiring and unremitting la c*re ?f aad goodoeaa to the aleft of tfcta aad 0(her heepitaia, enduring aay aad ail aaerlieeo to r*he the nlmra of our amy comfortable Da Tkall's LacTftfta?Last evenlrg 0r .Trail Kve snoth*? lector? at the kail of tbe Young sa's Christian Association, upon " Hygienic" ?fniT? ? Drop Medication." T^e VKt^re princi pally coosisted of an elaboration of tbe theories advanced tbe evening previous, and published In yesterday's Stmr. The various types of Ikver? lnflsmmatory. typhus snd typhoid?it was held were different because of tne several condition! of tbe system, and according to the degree of vi tality sad vtgor of tbe constitution, inflamma tory fever Is csused by the vigor of a strong, healthy system la throwing off fonl secretions through the skin, and Is beneficial In proportion to the degree of Its Intensity. If Vely violent the Rent Is relieved sooner, and the body restored lealtb. Typhus tever sets In when the nystem. from weakness aad an unusual smount of lmru rlUes, is unable to throw off the latter, and tbe uommotloa rages Internally, destroying the vital au maiviaus; sunering from great de bility becomes unable to throw off even a slight annual of gross matter, and this wastes away the animal life bv the slow proem of typhoid fever, when a greater amount of Tiros would have pro duced a different form of disease and more Imme diate death. Tbe nature of pneumonia, measles, small pox and other diseases was similarly ex plained, together with tbe operation of hygienic treatment. ~ Water being the greater cooling and Warming clement, ss well as a superior purifier, and ersy In Its application, internally or exter nally, the temperature and circulation of tbe sys tem IS balanced, and the operations of tbe several organs regulated to a proper performance of their respective functions, resulting in an easy, speedy and sife restoration to physical purity and health. AbrivaloV Sicxssio* Prisohms?Yesterday aftornoon there passed down Bridge ?t , George town, and across Rock creek into Pa. avenue, an open army wagon, with thirteen prisoners seated therein. Tbe team was surrounded bv a iruard of twenty or thirty dragoon* with drawn swords. The wagon was without a cover, and the prison er* were tea ted upon the bottom. As the horses trotted over the stony streeta, "seceth" had a good shaking up; but they seemed to be in pretty good humor, and bore their " up* and downs" philo sophically. They belonged to the 1st North Car olina and Stewart's Virginia cavalry, and were captured by the Cameron Dragoons in a recon nolsaance yesterday. They were a motley crowd, and seemed to be poorly clad. St. Alotsios Church?The Rev. Dr. McCaf frey, of Emmlttaburg, Is announced to pre?ch in this church to-morrow, and the great reputation of the orator gives reason to expect a most eloquent sermon The choir, led by Mrs. Young, la ad mittedly^ we believe, the best in the city, and win no aouoi pui iorin au iu powers We rec ommend all who can to go ana contribute liber ally to the praiseworthy object of the appeal to their charity?the clothing and education of the children of the poor. We understand that the President and heads of departments have been in vited and are expected to oe present. Dr. Trall's lecture at the Smithsonian Insti tute, on Wednesday evening next, ander the aus pices of the Washington Lecture Association, will undoubtedly be one of the most important and practical of the course. His lectures are always well calculated to Interest and entertain as well as instruct his hearers. ^ Thi Washington Gy mnasic* ? See adver iiDciiicui enrvucrt! tii mia Nctucni institution. Under Its present good management the gymna stnm|baa a large membership, and is performing a most useful mission In the community. Pbk fourth raq k for interesting deferred local article*. A Cabs ?Washington. Feb. 7, 1962 ?Editor of Evening Star;?Sir: In a communication In your Issue of tbe4th lnst., over signature of ?,\Vm. H. Walker," I notice my name mentioned, In connection with tuose of other persons who ap peared as witnesses before the Hon John F Pot ter's Investigating committee, as testifying to the disloyalty of said Walker. Now, as this commu nication is designed to throw doubt upon my ve racity, I have simply to state?1st That I was snbpa?naed to testify, and therefore did not go be fore the committee voluntarily or with Ill-feeling iowara Mr. w alker; 2d. That I wu put upon my oath, and must therefore, of necessity, answer truly according to the beat of my knowledge and belief; 3d Tha.fc the official report of my anawera to tbe questto-jR propounded haa not yet appeared, and I cannot affirm or deny tbe truthfulness of mere vagr.e newapaper report*; and, 4th. That If my answers have been misunderstood or misin terpret*^ 1 am not responsible. When I see the offlci'.i report of the committee, I doubt not that I sh^All be able to clear myself completely from snv Insinuation that may be made against my "Veracity. (It*) Charles Calvert. The Inuii Herb Doctor, From Canaa*, will describe diseases and tell his patients (he nature of their complaints or Ill ness, without receiving any Informa tion from them. No ckmrg* fmr Consultation or Adtict. OCR motto. We use such Balms as have no strife With Nature or tbe Laws of Life : With Blood oar bands we never stain N? poison men to ease their pain. Oar Father?whom all goodness fills, rrovldi-t tbe means to cure all ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, W^U used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, CnlTd from the dewy Lea? Thesr. th?se shall sneak with touching r>?w*r or cban^t and bealth to the. Room No. 11, Washington Bulldlng^enn av. enue, corner of 7tb street. feb 9 tf Ttlbb'b Comtousd Srmcr Gcm Arabic?We take great pleasure in recommending tbe above favorite remedy for Coughs, Colda, and all afT-c tiona of the Throat and Lungs An attache of this office bad a severe cough for several weeks, and after trying every likely thing, wlthont any relief, was perfectly cured by a single bottle We are not surprised that It Is so largely patronized by our soldiers in camp.?fall. Clipper. Lixi. Li**:!.?Our friend Win.H.Gcdey, has just opened a kiln of best quality wood burnt lime. Call at tbe kilns on Rock creek, near Georgetown. fe 7 2t i n niAVXA uu ivui vapvii ^? unairu u y iuc hot iud will be far more deadly to oar volunteer* than tbe enemy's bayoneta. la tbe Indian and Crimean Campaigns Hoiloway'a Pilla were used In enormous quaxtltles Tbey kept the troops in perfect bealtb. Only 25 centa per box. Soldiers, apply yourselves 217. InsTANTANBous cure of Coras, Bunions, Cal losities, Inverted Nalla. Warts, and all diseases of tbe feet. Mr. Demond, Surgeon Chiropodist, is enabled, bv a peculiar procesa, to eradicate tbe most painful excrescences In a few minutes,with out tbe leaat pala or the alightest Inconvenience to tbe patient Consulting hours from nine a. m to five p. m. at his office, 3S3 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel. Best reference given in this city. feb 3-1 m Conns. Bunions, Calosltie*, Bad Nalla, En larged Joints, and all d'seases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. W,blte, Surgeon Chlropo diat, 420 Pennsylvania avenue, between Four and-a-half and sixth street* Room 7?up stairs. umce Dour* rroru 12 m to o p. m. order* to call at residences promptly attended to. Jaa 16-lm* Plra^akt Fcenhksd Rooms, with fuel and gu, with or without board, at 415 E street, be tween Eighth and Ninth streets. Table boarders can be accommodated.. Jan 15-lm* Task no itoaa vsflzasaht ard vnuxrm Med icines ?For unpleasant sod dangerous diseases, use Helmbold's Extract Bucbn. which baa receiv ed tbe endorsement of the moot prominent physi cian* la tbe United States Is now offered to afflicted humanity as a certain cure for the following dis eases and sbuse of tbe urinary or sexual organs: General debllltT, mental and physical depression, imbuclllty, determination of blood to the head, confused ideas, hysteria, general Irritability, rest' lessnessand sleeplessness st night, loss of appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dyspepsia, emacia tion, low spirits, disorganization or per?lya!a of the organa of generation, palpitation of tbe heart, and. In fbct, all the concomitants of a nervous and debilitated state of the system To lnsore the genuine eat this out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take ao other. Cures guaranteed. Bee advertisement in another column febl-tf 1 mi a. Russia boons. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should be without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blaaheta, for soldiers, S 1*4 each. Rubber PoMhee and Blankets combined, 92m each. ladla Rubber Oeats, white or blach, ft JOeech. Mia Rubber Logins SI per pelr. And all hluAtefRobber Gooda, Including Rub ber Boots and Bheee, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Deer Mats, Under Sheetings for beds la slahneee, kc , Ac., at manufacturer'sprices,at H. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. a*., between Ninth and Tenth streets. Jan 1-tf BLAKR1KD IMkifi !)vviTiuaS5a H' friMMU* II' til* liMlly' U* UtSDd i an&'P stw>8r,T6ay& tail. ? ,,. vlted toftttend ntr fuMi. from tt? rMMMM of ttSM^RSiKtWWJ?:*?" WANTS. W4 P-nn It w ANTEn.-A lady wishes to obtain a SITU " ATION &? hnasekeejer in tome ?aiall (?? ' ly. Inqaire at 8t. Patriot's Chnroh. feist* A SITUATION WANTED, by a yonr?t man. u bar keeper. and willm* to make him*Hf generally astfol, with the be?t cf reference from his lavt place, if required. Address * M U. M 8tar Office. It* WANTED?Three nnfurmthed ROOM3, wi?h cut board. Location bet*een 13th and 19th ?tr<W* p'^ferred. Mate t?rra?; a-Jdre^s "C. P. T , "Box 6JS, City Post Offish fe B-8t? V%/ANTED? A white OlRL for *en?ra! housa f f wnrkr in m. ftmilv nf thraa nitA fViat ABn bIajiA at home preferred; jorxi wag'ej to a competent p?r??n. Apply 9' 0 Pecn avenue. H* WANTKfr-AGIRLto wait on the table and " do chamberwork. Unexceptionable refer ence* required. Call at 319 9th alreet, between L and M. fe X 3!' WANTKP?One COOK, one OYHT E K SHUCKER. and tliree WAITERS; alio, five Women f.?r honsswork. inquire at 570 Fa avenue, corner 1st st. fe 8 gt* * A WIDOW LADY, A STRANGER, UN protected. wishes to form the acquaintance of a party that can help her to a Furnished House, for whioh she wi" cive anip>e Moarity, Address MRy. F H. NEWTON. Post Office. H* %*/ ANTED?In a drug and pre*onpt]on store, a vv oompetert ASSISTANT. Must bring good recommendations aa to character and qualifica tions. Address, wuh real name and refererces, PharmadMitiet." Washington P O. fe 7 3'.* VUANTED? At the Billiard Saloon corner of - reuu. avclun &nu inn uroei, iw" or wroc BOY!*, oolored. Beat TifM given, Th?ae ao quainted with the banneaa preferred. fe 7 St IXTANTED? A oolored WOM AN. on* who un m derafaida nocking. Good wages given Ap ply at C. KLUTZ,9th at., between Avenne and D atreet. fe7 St* WANTED?A genteel and intelligent young LADY, who can sin? and play the piano moderately, to travel with a gentleman and aaeitt in a pleasant ard centeel occupatacn. Arfdreaa ' Hartwell." Star PlUos. fe7 6t* \AJ ANTED?A BAKEHOUSE, with an ordma " ry aize o\en and one or two room* at'ach'd, fcr which a liberal rent will 1 e paid, in the vicinity r>?tween 8th and nth ata , extending ta?k aa far aa Fat. Addreaa "Morruaon," Stsr Office, for two da* a. ?** ?? HURNISHED ROOMS WANTED?Either r with or without private table?br a gentleman and lady A pailor&nd bedroom nioely famished will be required for the at'y.anda bedroom for tbe gentleman. Unquestionable referenoe* jive* if required. Address J. W. S., Box 124 i'ost Office, ft 7 St* A SECOND HAND SERVING MACHINE wanted, of the latest improvement. ?nd matt be order and sold at a_bartain. Also, WUWV47U IU uuca luuui wuu uuu?[?uinna sewing on it. Apply. by note or in person, at the n*o? of R. B. LLOYD ft CO., Attorneys for Claims, Pensions, and Bounty, corner of Seventh and C streets, second Coor, from 10 to 3 o'clock daily. fe6 3t* 1I7ANTED-A lower HOUSEKEEPER in & " first-olass hotel. Nms need a?*ly ur.loct thoroughly qualified. Address ' -Hotel,-' Star Of fice. fe 5 4t VI7 ANTED?Books to post and aooonnts to ad * ? just, by a praotioal Bookkeeper of lone expe rience Ample referenoe given. Address "Ao counlant," Bex No. 23 Post OAoe, Washington, D C. le5 lw? CHURCH OF THE iiPlPH ANY. Addre?? Box 13 Star OlBoa. ja31 |1/ANTED-Sutler* and Soldiers to know that they can bny C\MP STOVES and TIN WARE cheap of H. J. GREGORY, 3wl P*nn avenoe. ja 16 LOST AND FQCJNdT" tfOUND?A POCKET BOOK containing a oon l eiderable amoant of money. The owner can have it by proving propertr. Cull at JOHN 8 SHK ODER'S Lancaster County Protisi n S'ore, oorner 13th and wtg. fe 8 3t? T/KEN UP EfeTRAY.?Thie morning, at the depot,a email blaok MULE. The*^ owner can have him bv provinr property Saying ch&rrei. aud tikiog him awav VM ipply to SMITH BROS., oorner Sd^^gZu and Pennsylvania are, It* ^STRAYED?From No. 3or K street. a BAY ?3 MAKE, abont Mhand* high; whitegy, pots on both ?id*s of the bel'y; white rose. T-JPi Vv eat away on Friday afternoon about six o'clock. Ion dollar* reward will be paid on her retnm tojhe above named place. It* IT'OUND?On to-day (Saturday, February 8.) on V north A street, between lit and 2a streets, a mall SUM OF MONEY in a email leather ban or purse, which the owner can have hy describing property and Faying for thi* advertisement. In quire of K. W.CLARK, No. S3 north A streit, Cayitol Hill. fe 8 st* ?>k>n REWARD.?Lost this mominr.on train ?>" between Slvlensburg and Wsaninfton. a Hunk- 111 l( Kit I I - W K..1. 1 - ? m f i j , / uuumiu'il -3 lrj. Four ?2" notes, bank of Baltimore: on* $10 note on Kensington bank. Philadelphia; one ,?5 not?, hank of Commerce, Baltimore; And four 91 note- ? one on Cit'zen's bank. Uatimore Ihefir.der will receive the abnre reward t>y returning book ana content* to WM. F. BAYLY, No. 27? Fa. avenae. ' H* HEWARD-I.CMT OR 8TOLF.N.-A DIAMOND BwEAST PI N, about the size of half a dollar, on Tuesday, 4th Feb. The Fin had a tare* diamond in center, and three o'aa ter? aronnd it; setting finished in oak enamel, in shape of Maltese Cross; ohain and pin attached, tin twisted, and a diamond set in it. If returned to MISS MARY TURNER,27 Pa. avenue, or to MR. A. R. At<LEN, at Justice Donn'a Office, raward will be paid, and no questions asked. _fe 8 3:* I CMiUND?On the 4th inst,a POCKET BOOK r containing money and receipts, which tbe own- , er oan have by applying at \Y. M. SHUSTER A CO.'S Store, No. 38 opposite Center market, be tween 7th and 8th sts. fo7-2t FOUND?On Tuesday, the 4thinstant,a POCK ET BOOK, oontaininc a ?mall amount of money and papers marked "Edward Foster, N. Y " The owner can have tha above by applyinr at 39 J Penn. av. fe 7 2t' STOLEN.?From the Poet Offioe, Fcbroart oth, light rorrel HOKSE. white face, and Jtv f?ur white f?et; branded U. 8., (feint'y)on right foro thou der. A liberal reward will be given for information leading to his recovery, uu oppijjiiK tit fcui? uuiur. 10 7 *1' NOTICE?The person who took a pony built iron grey HORSE, t&ddle, Ac., from gy the corner at Willards*. on th? evening X-5T* of the 6th of February, will oonfsr a f*vor^-*-* by returning the same to meat the 1'arkl Hote,, h street. J. ~ " fe7 2t* Caotain 7th street _ J. B. MoINTYRE, 4'h U. S. Cavalry LOST?On Monday, 3d instant, a CARPET BAG, between Seventeenth street and Depot. A suitable reward will b? raid on tearing the same

and oontenu at Mr. SMITH'S Stables, Nir eteenth t fe 6 3'.' rOST.?Was hired on the 4th instant, by a boy j named W. H Churoh, one roa" gy HORSE, with saddle and bridle, about ISTL-2D hands high; white face; two glass eyes; Iwo^^ white hind feet; thick tail. The said boy was ar rested by the Guard, an 1 trie hor?* was left in charge of a boy at the Repuolioan offoe. For aay information oonoerning the horse, a liberal reward will be paid by K. CRU1T * SON, Bridge st, Georgetown. fe6 3t* DAN AWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, II near Bladensburr, BUY ANTONEY CRAWFORU, oominonly oalled Toney. He 0m istfeet 5 or 7 ioohee high; very blaok; short hair; grave oountonance when spoken to, with a soar m one of his eyebrows. ooo& 1 aioned by a kick of a horie, "scarcely peroeptible; left in.November last. I will five i 100 to have him brought home to me. m. jag F. MAGRUPER ?CA REWARD?For the apprehension (and delivery to me at B)a*leusburg, Md., or ?*onr?d in iail ao thzu I get turn) of NE- Bl i.KO BYLVkttTKR, late the property of N Mn&oiel Suit, deceased,of Prinoe'a Md 1 will give the above reward do matter * where taken, gvlveater is of oopper ooin|>>exion; of thin atatnre: about 5 feet 9 or 10 luohea high. He ia well known in Washington oity, and it no doubt lurking thereabout or ita vicinity, or in the neigh borhood of Governor'a Bridre. Anne Arundel ooun ty.MdT N. C. STEPHEN. Exeeutor of Nathaniel Suit, deo*ae*d. [Upper Marlboro' Gasetteand Prinoe Georgian p*per inaert weekly for 4 weeka } fe l-3w* ?7H REWARD.?Ran away on 1 <61 Uad, NEGRO BOY madiboN BOOTH, commonly called Diok. a Tueed&r, Jan. . ___ __ADISON ^ , called Diok. about 6 HT feet high; SO rear a old; had on when he left (ft white cloth panta, ttopM jackets; he oar Jk ned off witn him a large grey horae, about kacds high; years old; very high mounted, me above reward will be given for the return of man a ud horae, or $60 for tne man and f 20 for the horae, in either eaae to be secured ao that i ge- them afain. GEORGE W. GARDINER, Near Piaoatawar, jaH-tw* Prinoe George's oounty, Md. f OBT.-A SEAL KING, and a FOX-HEAD Li BKAL,?ttactie4toariag,withoorno?liana*t. gGOT??22'~ w "~*,r I ."P-tr*?? 'fiSv.!? a ?,?*t. LOVELL, COLLK8 * CO.. WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Frost fltrMt, N?w York, ud 31# K Btroat, WiehiegtOB, D. C., (B?*r Willattf'i HotoL) Htviai Btartod a bnaok of our Nov York ?W lliluMBt ib this oity.we lavit* BmtUrt, Orttmt, JuiMrMMri, ud Haul Ktptrt, to ml) aid ?nn? our iwh VMM I* fNl HWtUd tad ooatyriaed of goods of th? boot ??ality. We tako j order* for tajthiac in oar liw, and nwiti thus ! jromjt'y. iaS-tf I I FOB SAhE A$W BENT. pOR RENT?With or wrthont Board. at ft*. r 400 Twelfth street, ???t aid a- botwee? G ?n<l H atroeta.fteommodioaa FRONT ROOJf, a#?c-ixl tof<\ miIt &nd c&tt? farniahecf The 'oofttaon is one of tlie moat deniable m the etty. No ebiidroa in tho hon<e. JftSl-lw CrOR'RKNT?ParWof U.e House sontheM* aor " ri?Mlth icd M a:a. It ia ? vary daairftble lo oality for & store. Inquire on the premieee. ft IK* f^OR SALE?Several ?ood BUILDING LOTS JL of around, well locsfd in thie city. Alto, ft FARMm Wiacooain of 120 sores of good f trivia t ftnd well timbered I Mid, near the Mia*i?aia?i river; nil of wh'oh may be bought "t ft nio''STftte?rio'. Imoireof Mra. MARY A. W. C. VAN NESS, No. *r>4 north M atreet, between 12th ftnd 11th. ia? ?t* Two PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS Parlor and Chamber attached, with or without Board, at 37 Bridge a?reflt, Georgetown t>7?* FOR RENT?a lar*e FURNISHED ROOMS, R. oomniunioating; central location Apply * this offiae. fe7-8t _ ffURNIBHBD OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS a for rent on Maase.ohaa?tta avenue, between 12t h and lJtft i treets, acnth aide, 2 door a from 12th atre*t. fr7 at* ITOR SALE.?A amall stock of FANOV and r I)R Y G<>OD3, with the srivilrire of oae of the beat stands in 'he city for baaineas: part cnlarly the Facoy Dry Gnoda. or Shoe or Clothing fcaai ne?e. Or the good will and fixture* of the atore will be gold at * (air compensation; (rent low) by calling at 373 7th street, near the Northers Market, immediately. fe 7 St r^XTRAOHDINARY CH ANCE?flrO-R-E and Ci FIXTURhS FOR SAL^-A Store in th* most atproved busiueea loca . :y, ino'ndicg Fix tare* and Lut a amall atock of Lauea' Dress Trim mint*. Embroideries and Millinery Goods, will be Differed at a great aacnfice and poaaeasion gives orthvitb. This is a chance of the rarest occur rence, and all applioationa be made at No. 18 La. avenue, between Bth and 9th at? j t. V8-2w* r OFT TO RENT, iWBd Door. S16 E afreet, Li noar Wlllarda* Hotel, 22 by HO feet. Inquire in tlie gtorw jalS A RARE nifA^CE.?The proprietor of the City Hotel, (the Only irat-cifss Hotel low open in Alexandria. Va?) is desirous to retire from buainesa. and will aell.for A fair anee. the FURNITURE. FIXTURES and GOOD Wll.L of the house. H;a lease will terminate on the lat of January, 1963, bat the property oan so douM be leased for a ranch longer term at a moli-rs c rent. This Hotel ia now dome, ana haa for many y#ara done, a larje and profitable busmeee. The deeue of the ULderstpned to retire from publio bu*in*aa ia the only inducement to aell, as heoonld not hope to >b one more profitable. For terms and particu are apply to J AS A ENGLISH,who ia an thoriaed to n^eotiate.or to the underairned. ial5-tf SAM'L HEFLEBOWER. ttEORttFTOWN A DVRRT'MTH ;v-g?UNION men of georgetown. llJs An adjourned meeting of the Union men of Georgetown, win be held on TUESDAY EVEN ING ne*r, the lltn instant, at 7lf o'clook, at 80 ci'tT Hall. * 11 oiiisena eppoaaea 10 the caa??leaa rebellion, and in favor converting onr deluded fa'low oourtrymen to the ad' antagea and bles'lnga of the Union, are invited to attend. fe 8-? 1 POTATOES. ImuU Bjshe!aoi prime Buck Eye and Peaoh Blow Potatoea in atore and for *ale by JOHN J BEALL, fe 8-St* No. S7 Water street, Georgetown. CA ORANGES. LEMON'S, *C. OU BOXES Pri-ne O angee atd Lexona, l.otto Jba New HAMS, to ca?ka OURRaN IS. fi?i fano? boxes Prime FIGS, 1,0^ Iba New LARD. For aale by W. H. TENNEV. !> 8 3 Georgetown. B UCKSK1N GLOVES! Ramsburg & Ebert, 105 High Strut, GEORGETOWN, D, C. The only manufacturers of Gennioe BUCKSKIN SLOVES, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, and ITTENS in the Distnot. Officers' Gauntlets made to order, Baokskin Drawers and Shirta. ja 18 mrvrrri * mTr\*r a r JuJJ U UA1fLLi. Chegaray institute, 1527 and 1529 Spruce St.. Philadelphia. This Institute, deducted for two year* past in the oityof Philadelphia by Madams Chisakat and ber nieoe Madams D'Hkhvillt, upon the cams principles an ths on? in New York, estab lished there in 1314, wili reopen, after the Christm&s holidays, on Monday. January 6th, with its usual ample and complete provision for the education of Young Ladies, under the direction of Madame D'Hervilly. Cirouiars. and ail requiait* informa tion, can be obtained on application to the Princi pal. j*7-lm EYE AND EAR. No. aar pennpyslvania avenue, orrosiTB willard d hotel. ariillat nnd Anrl?l. CR. F. A. VU5I MOSC HZISKER, From Clinton Place, New York. Km arrived in the city and opened hie offices at 2'iT PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where be can he consulted on Maladiea of the EYE AND EAR retiring nodical and farcical treatment Dr. Von Mohchzibk** ia the inventor aad intro duc?r into the medioal praotioe of the ETHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obatinate oaaea of DEAFNESS AMD NOISES IN THE HEAD. He ia alao author of the letter* published in the New York and Philadelphia papera treating oa the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAN NON, fe. Dr. Von M. haa lor tne paat fourteen rears devoted hia special attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And poaaeaaea the teetimoniala of aome ot the beet known publio men in the Union, who h?ve been moat auooeafully treated br him for the RESTORATION OF SIQHY f HEARING. R E A D. [FYcm Professor Monkur, Baltimore 1 "I have this flay seen Miaa Wwe, her aifht per fectly reatored. 1 am ) appv to exprdea my ooaVio tion that by your akill and judgment ahe haa been saved from the greatest deprivation that oonld hare befallen her?' f From the Hon. Senator PugA ] To Da. Von MoacHzistsa: I an greatly obliged for the interest you have manifest* 1 in my case of Deafcois.and ths akill withwnioh you have treated my case, and I have no doubt that by careful ob aervanoe of your direoliona, my hearing will be permanently reetor*), ?. H. PUGH. (From John ea?, Jr., son of Iks Horn. Judge of tke U.S. Supreme Court J Itlr WAll Irnnvn tn m n 11 marnna fri + nAm ?Ka? f have been deprived of my heariug for inaur yeare. I ana happy to itate tnat 1 nave, thank* to Dr. Von Moeobiiaker. entirely recover'd My hearmr ie sotutuuteumr. JOHN M'LEAN. Jr. For aeveral vearr I auffered from deafaeaa. Dr. Von Moeebziaker restored air hearing. tit Louie, dept. 7,18j8. JOSEPH YEATB. Dr. Von Moaohz taker raoit nooeeafully operated ..?. -ttuuvaancf' 81, Lou is. Sept 17,3858. _ fL?l??r/rem Rev. J. J. Mullon,] Dr. Von. Mutcaz:?u-Dear Sir:?Among tuoea who have been benefitted by your akiUfal treatment, in dteaaaea i maairing the eight, it afforria me great pleasure to tad the teatimoaial of my gratitude to the liat of your patient/. My eight wa; ao much impaired during the laat eighteen montha tnat 1 couid not raoognias the feat are* of a friend standing near me. 1 tender vol this acknowledgment of yonr eminent skill and eaooeea w m>? ueiuneni 01 loir ODUCM ud (rtUM frtlM, ?L J. J. MULLON, Hector ft. Patno**. The original or the aoove, ud hundreds mort tMUmonlala, ou be imi it Dr. M.'a rooms. Patients wiahing their family phyaioian to ae company then to witneaa operationa or lor tiM pnraoee oi ooaault%Uou are at liberty to brine thena. Medio&l men will be at all Umea wo oomed to VltseM Dr. Von M 'a operationa, and examine some of the matrumsnta he nas mtroduood for the facilitation of Opina. roic and Surgery. to^be paua5. ioMrt*d wltboat MOslix any pain nourafrom9a. ao. tolp. m. and from S to fcbl lm 39T PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUK. IMPORTANT TO FAXILIX8, RESTAt RA!?TS, HOTELS, SUTLERS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TICKER'S CHF.AF WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE. 393 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 384 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES. Having btem pmckmstd / Bankrupt M'rcJkinH and ethers. TUCKERS TUCKER'S Groceries, Liq uor?. Wine?, Cigars, &c FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA8, FINE. U NION CIGARS. C RACKKRS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AiSINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES ' READ OUR PRICES' Extra Brown Sugar 9 cents per pound White Sugar 12 crnts per pound Fine Green Tea SO centa per pound Fair Black Tea SO centa per pound Extra Coffee 90 centa per pound Good Coffee 16 cents per pound Wax Candle* 35 cents per pound lumBgB u cents per pound CoJflsb 6 cents per pound Imported Cigars 50 cents per 1U0 Havana Cigars f 1 to f3 per 100 Almonds 12 cents per poond Salt '20 cents a bag Good Butter 16 cents per pound Extra Butter 20 cents per pound Fine Wines SI per bottle Whiskey 23 to 50 cents per bottle All other kinds of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and see for yourself. TUCKER'S, 325 Pennsylvania Avenue WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 325 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3*5 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THK USUAL TRICKS, Having bttn purchased of Lattkrupt Merchant.' and otktrt. Stuart' Refined Si gar* from 9 to 1J cU pe 44 Good Green Tea M Extra Pine Black Tea... ..75 4* II Good Coffee ? Every thing else In proportion. Ha ME MS MH, TUCKER'S, 3J5 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER S, 3S5 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Wmhimtor. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAUR ANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS. AND OTHERS WILLIAM TKKEK S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 384 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having ban pwtkaitd tf Bankrwpt Merchants and atktrs. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S WHOLESALE AMD UTA.1L Groceries, Liquors, Cigars, Wines.fcc FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. U NION CIGARS C RACKERS, BOSTON K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. n AisirtD, m&L&oA. " n u READ OUR PRICES'. * * READ OUR PRICES: L I WILLIAM TUCKER'S ? C??iiP GJJOC-EieK WAREHOUSE, c lit PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ? 304 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. M * ii GOOD WITTS TOBACCO. H. H. WATTB'8 VOLUKTKEK TOBACCO. ? m ?? ? GROCERIES AT EALP THE USUAL PRICES, Ifrnwi kc? pnrdMud / J?Amjir Mmek**ts c mmdttktrt. \ c REMEMBER, 1 TUCKER'ft, 323 PENNSYLVANIA AVEMLE TUCKER'S,38ftPENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ' I ftta 7-ftut SECOND EDITION. TIlllEE O'CLOCK, f. M. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. FURTHER FftOttCElV. ^HERMAN'S El rEDintn. Viw Voit Frb f ?Bv Ufirrlnlof thiMnli Savtrnth we learn that the eipedltlaa am the tavannah rlrer ku been greatly nip'irf It :onai*ted cnly cf a few small guabaata and a brigade of two tbouaand men Ther reeoaaolt trvd to give the men ex ere lor. A portion of tbe boats bad entered Savannah river by a small cre?-k, but found tbe river ob rtru. ted, and could not proceed. Thar dlae*v prcl tLe enemy' fleet and flred at them aa they pia*ed,but could not aecertaln any damage doer I*be main part ef tbe expedition returned Wh?a be Savannah left, a number of cannon were aelag tent through the crtek, It la sot known for rbat purpoee Com Duprntwlllla future prohibit all com nunlcatlon between Port Royal >*nd tbe NVtk, u correapondenta have mater ially aided in foiling nany of bla plana. No tteamer or calling vassals grill be allowed to leave until bla plans are par fee ted Many of tbe erew of the Savannah are sick with the acurvy. LATB LOCAL A'fiW8 Trb Mranaa C&si or Yurnur?Si for* ik* Criminal Co*?ri?Yeaierdav, In the caae ot Franrii Pe it 1nA1rt?ut f r tka mmmmS.. ? t w? jolored b'y, tVm Mahnney, !h?* following wlt n? rn were called for tbe prosecution . Oka* S Erkleff, nworn -Tn'Hed that the prisoner acknowledged ac id^n'ally booting tbo colored boy, and came to tbe luaglstrato's o?< o to surrender himself Mtckatl O'Dsy. a boy abont 12 or 13 vnri old, testified that tbe decea*. d went on th* boat and 3?k'd the priso er for '* cbiw af tobacco " Tbo prisoner ordered t lm off Mahonv then weat off tbe boat i-nne distance, and tL n started to return to 't, wben tbe prisoner yme up out of tbe cabin tnd fired at b!m Tl -p. sonrr tben turnod tr tb* colored man on bnard tbe boot, and asked hlni who had loaded tbe gun. The colored man said he didn't know Tbe following witnesses were then called lor 1' fense . Eli** finmtl'y tent flt d (hat the gun belonged :o him, and was discharged on theevening beforo the bom'eide On tbe morning of tbe homicide, it an early bour,wnne*s siw -cme rolored womsa taking wood away frt-m tbe wharf. Wttacns or lered them to pet down the w-.-od, sod to frightoo tbem took tbe gun and ? ? it a: tuena, know ing it had heen fired tbe evening before. Tho wltn-as testified to the orderly sr.d qulot character t>f tbe prisoner, who waa at the time of tfct homi cide In witness's employ Wm C. Atkey, Henry F Duty, W?n H Ms >??, and John Vnd rvood la'ter a former ion t;ee Of the nrir* In Mrlnr? Willl? ???? v - > testified to having kaown tbe prisoner fcloc# his lUldhood, In bis former place of residence (O:co quan.Va ), and that be wu a quirt, orderly, and inoffensive man, and waa never before the courts 11 a prisoner, to tbelr knowledge. Tbis closed the evidence. Tbe cue wu submitted to ths Jary without ar gument, and without leaving tbelr box tbey returned a verdict of " not guilty/' Scpb*** Cocar, Feb-uary 7 ?B. K Millar. Ksq., of Wisconsin, wa*admitted aa attorney and ;ounsellor of this Court. No 290 Alexander C Xlrkpatrck el al , plala tiffs lt? error, va Isaac V Pratt In error to tbe Circuit Court of tbe I nlted States for tbe Northern District of Illlnola On motion of Mr Fuller, his writ of error waa docketed and dismissed, srlth coata. No. 77. Henry B. Cromwell, clalic\nt, frs., ap pellant, vs Stephen Larrabee ?t al Appeal from the Circuit Court of tbe United States for tbe Southern District of New York. Tbe matter* In ;ontroversy in thla cause having been agreed and lettled, It waa on stipulation of the respective parties, dismissed at the cost of tbe appellaats. No 221. Melvin L Gray, plaintiff in error, vs i. D. Wyman et al. In error to tbe Circuit Court >f the United State* for tbe Northern District of California The matters in controversy in this auee having been agreed and nettled, 4t was, on itlpulation of the respective parties, dismissed mch party to pay lta own costs In this Court. No 144 JoslahA Nooman, appellant, vs John B Lee. The motion to dismlaa thia ram* w?? ?rgued hv Mr D~ollttle la support thereof, and ?y Mr Glllet tr? opposition (hereto. No. 187 Peier Conway et al , upp^llan'p, lames Taylor's executor* et ai. Th? argument of his cause was commenciHl bv Mr 8tanb .ry for ;he appellants, and continued by Mr Ste*eoson for the appellees vdjourned to Monday. Police ? F. VV. Sellhausen was arrested bf :1tv policeman Hurdle for keeping his store ope* md selline on Sunday; a d wm fined 910 94 by luitlce Thompson. The Fourth Ward Patrolmen reported this nomine?Charles Klotx. f?? filing llqnor to sol llers; security for hearing?before Jostles Wal er Thos. O'Donnell. assault and battery upon Thoi. Gibson; be'.d to bail in S3U0 for court, by lustice Walt r. Wm. Perkins and George Gor ton, charged with riot; arrested upon a booch warrant and committed to jail. Dr G. Hough, .rrested upon a charts of larcenjr; was held to ecurity by Justice Johnson, for a further bearing >efore Justice Donn Anna Light, Kate Light, lames Seybol', James Matthews, and Bridget ledln. were arresttd for the larceny if a pocket wok and money from a soldier named James VMel*, and were taken before Justice Barnarlo Phey were all occupsntv of a house In tns alley etween 1 and K and Third ?nd K?nnii vhere the Midler was robbed A una of money quai to tbe soldier's loss, within a few cents, ras found uj>oa one of tbe Light's, but tbe poek t book was not found, and tbe soldier was ui? rllilnfc to swear to tbe iL.t,ney as his. Tbe cue ras dismissed. A DASGZKor* IlNsltMl ?The credulous bould be warned against the demands of UtUo heat wto Is now going ttie rounds of Wasblag on She Is a neat looking girl, about thirteen tars old, very pretty, with excellent manners, nd Is the most plausible child imaginable She as tbe tact not te beg for herself, but tells the aost pitable talc of a -poor woman, deserted bv er husband, five children In r?k;s, and she cec ned to bed In tbe last stages of consumption.'' ic., 4c ,and u>llsit sil In such a simple ray that It Is Impossible to believe that It Is e cmx, aud that such a family Is an Insertion of erown Imagination. She has received aid In very form, but always urges money and cIoUmaa elng tmnuditttlf wanted So mauy have been oapoaed upon tb&t It la but due to thia deserving oor that a atop should be put to her deception ivery bouse where ahe baa visited in this "errand f mercy" baa suffered more or leas la ihe way of ilsslng silver, um I re lias, overshoes, or In foot bythlng abe can lay her bauds upon during her Railroad Connection with Vim'nis ?A ouble-track road la being rapidly laid from the Washington depot to the uong Bridge,and when ompleted trains can run each way at tbe same me The track acrosa the Long Br dge baa boon lid, and everything Is nearly In readiness to open ill connection by rail through this ri:y to oar imp* In Virginia, whether on tbe Loodonn or range roads, and swiichea will be li d affording cceaa to rampa not Immediately on tba roada. The paasengor travel over the railroad north - rard la quite beavy, averaging perbapa 1,000 dally rh wav Ctr Ikw fr>.m thM> Ln + ? 1 rc through passengers to New York and Phil* elphla. Six trains now leave tike Washington atlon each day. Fovbth Wut Static.! Ca*** ? Btfort Justtet VilttT?Sarah Da?, colored, profanity, dted f I lonora Moriaritv.drunk ?nd disorderly, do HI 68. lary Hay, lighting; do Anna Brown,a soldier, rank and disorderly; went Into a barber's aa >oo on Seventh street. and becanae the barber sfuaed to ?h?Tj him while drur,k, cha?cd htm ut of hta own catabllahmewt. He wit* turned over > the military Jm. Lyoaa, anapected of atoaUaf cow; diamlaaed Thus s*mltn and Jaa. Kelly, jIdler*, drunk; turned to the military John *aaghran. aleeplnf-la the street; dtnmtaaed. CsNTKAL OttHotn C***?? Ffftrt Jmttirt 'kompton ? W 1th a aingle exception all the caaea rere turned over to the military. Jaa Welah. atrlek Gala bet, Jehn McGowa and Michael > Brlen, drank and dteorderty oidlera turned var to the military. JeUa Morgan, druak, dla il*Nl Attimtior 1* calM to the annaunt enaewt etee rherecf Prof. C. F Barn*'( aolree at Temperance tall, E street, between Ninth and Tenth street*, ext Friday night. CaiMiKAL Cor IT -To-day, Win J once (ant red) waa convicted of the larceny of a IndniMi d a a beet, the property ef Ambrose Career SURKMJWI Patent Portable Hin, The InTMtor calla tiie tUaotioa of ftatten *a4 tt*ri to this Burial inni'ioa A RoimcuW lit by this lavsntor vithoat Mill, mmvs, ?t Barnes a*4 fttablM baijt is U? v*v. It tabs put ay and tafcaa (Uwu ?ith??*t laiary u> Order can ba left with pAHlfcl. mfc, tf? .*?. No 34 6 b iw?U > tU'tmSk. nu ll W M i'.tUm. P. I A UMKN DU?CUA*efcd>F*oai&?rVlv;K ea L g?t ftKai ottut ix>a sun t4 Clot< .r? U sfez Efcoa ^Hrwss?

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