Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. fFom Tb* Stab. THF. DYIJCI BABE t fRAM st1tt. Tbe babe ) lying quirt now; *tep aof'.y to Its cot; Vr ? f #o paiu-prinU on lta brow; lUrtstlru head more* not. A d*'n'v. rippling music-trill w [uui i uniM'-Loi|i rvunu, Hfr very breath seema "landing still, As though to catch the nound A bapry smile breaks o'er her face She fcnoweth every tone; The music gushes from that place Which soon shall be her own. Her eyelids fall upon her ( hcek, Her cbeek is growing whi'e; Her sight is shadowy and weak, And yet 'tis wondrous bright; fhe sees what yon cannot see Yon who around ber stand; She sees a pathway flowery, Out In thq shadowed land But wake her not; 'twere better so; She lieth ueacefully: ller little life doth outward flow Swee? to eternity. The shadows round her heart uufurl. To let her spirit roam; The darling little baby girl Has smilingly gone home ! Smooth not the face, but let the amile Upon her lipa remain; Bs patient?In a little while You'll greet that smile again ' DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. RtorrnoK or Sala*ie?.? Editor Suit: It haw been Intimated that Congress, during; Its present session, will make a reduction of 25 per cent, in the salaries of Government officers. There is not, 1 will venture to say, a loyal clerk in the U. 8. *?-rvlce who would not willingly acquiesce in <tuy pecuniary sacrifice if in so doing he could aid the Administration In their expensive task of *uppre?sin? the present rebellion. It would be well, however, for our Senators and Representa tives to inquire, first of all, whether or not per sons In Government employment are overpaid; for to reduce their salaries presupposes that they rocelve more than their services are worth Is that really the fact' Are they indeed overpaid? In modifying the wag?s of the servants of the people, it wouia De dui proper mat some regard should be had to the coat of living in the locali ties where they reside In the adjustment of Government salaries that consideration baa hith erto had ita influence, and especially so In flxlng the compensation of officers performing duty in California, which waa made In some degree pro portionate to the heavy expenses of living In that section. Now. if the pay of official* la to be reduced, 1 s-ibmit that Congress should carefully take Into arcennt tb? comparative cost of living In the va rious localities where persons In the service of the Government reside. It would be manifestly unjust to make as great a reduction in the salaries of clerks in Washington as In those of officers re iaiug in rnueaeipniB, .\ew \ ore, uincinnau or Chicago In Waihlngton house rents, boarding and provisions of every kind, in ordinary time*, are higher by 25 per cent thtn in the cities I have named; and they have Increased here very mate rially since the advent hither of a large army, with tta attendant train of speculators and con tractors, who have rented every vacant bouse In the city at fabulous prices, and have converted )nto store* all the private dwellings in the most f>opulot?? business thoroughfares, and thereby ?resting a greater demand for houses, as well as for all the elements of living, and consequently an augmentation in the current price of each. In point of fact, it is, I think, no exaggeration to *av that hutisekceplug and boarding expenses In tbta ritv t<>-day are u# great as they were in Cali fornia during the !fiusb times" in the land of "old Where Is there a city in the Union, except Washington, where wood costs from ten to twelve dollars a cord, coal eight to teu dollars a ton, beef t:> cents a pound, and the plainest house* flt for the of thr n!*inr?? nunnlo a* #*% ?? hundred dollars a year' la it not a notorious fact ibat while In every other city rents and the price of provisions have decreased since the breaking ?mt of the rebellion, in Washington they have in ?r eased, and Is It not the experience of every clerk here that tbe salary which formerly only paid his expenses, is now Inadequate for that purpose' If Congress could reduce boui>e renta and the Trice of provisions in proportion to the proposed reduction of the salaries of (jiivcrnmciit officials in Washington, then there would besome justice In the contemplated retrenchments, and uo clerk would vriouftly suffer in the excision of a part of his yearly Income. Tueae considerations arc respectfully submitted, through tbe medium of your valuable journal, to tbe attention of our Senators and Reprcienta t:ves A ULiu. Croats cr ora Taoors ?A snow ball light took place on tbe morning of tbe 4th, between tbe 31st and JSd N Y. regiments, on a flat, open plain lying between the regiments. The 31st was commanded by f.t. Col Brown, tbe 32d by Col. Mathewson The tight opened with skir mishing. and a band to hand struggle took place te hold possession of the bridge Tbe reserves from both fores were called Into tbe action. Ma neuvering on tbe flankaof the Sd was attempted, apccuiij (cpuucu by ?uc ;?a. a gran a aexn ouatrstlon waa iten made by the right and center of the Slat to capture the bridge. The 3lat came tolheacratcb gallantly led by the Intrepid Brown, but were aa gallantly met and driven back by Capt Rowe'a company of aharpabootera. and Lt. Oal. Brown, of the 31at. made prlaoner. A flank moveimnt waa then made by the entire force of the3lat to recover the Lt. Colonel, but In thla they wre checkmated by Major Lemon, of the ;:d Another cheer from the 3lat, and on they < ame, with tboushts of certain victoiy. A gen i*l engagement then took place, In which the '2d drove the 31?t into their own camp, where the gay Major of the 3*2d was made prisoner, but was re?curd by his own regiment In a hand to band struggle. A flaj* of tri-cs was then sent from the list, and recall aounded. Cheer* from the 3"Jd and vice vtrsa followed, and thua cuded one of the most brilliant and terrible anow ball battlta that ever took place. The Held and ataff cfllcera of Soth force# were mounted, sur geons with stretchers and ambulances were in attendance, ammunition waa brought up from the rear by army wagons, and two large fields of snow were scraped clean. Dsaths or Soldibis ?The following deaths among the soldiers have occurred since our last xeport: D. H. Chamberlain, company K, 5th United Mates cavalry, at eruptive Hospital. Lemuel white, company 1,10th New Jersey volunteers, at Eruptive Hospital Private Sawyer, company F,*M Maine volun teers, at camp Alden Clark, company E. 10th New Jersey vol unteers, at Warren Hospital A. Simmonds, company L, 9th New York cav alry , at camp John P. Smith, company G, 32d Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp. Adam Shields, company A, 1st United States cavalry, at Columbian Hospital. S?MI>t kNMMiom.. I ? - I cavalry. James L" Russell, company I, Ith Pennaylvanla cavalry, at Columbian Collage. Jauie* B McConib, romp any ?, 56th New York volunteers, at camp. Alonxo Wilson, company ?, 56th New York yoluatears, at camp. Edward Muller, company C,e7ih New York volunteers, at camp. fi. JelVey, company I,Sth Ntw York cavalry at Columbian College. John Ball, company C, 1st Michigan cavalry, at cainp. Dsath fio* J*urrocATio.v?The Virginia Chronicle of yesterday ?ays: All DnforlniL'ttj) ann\Aon* 1?* ","u* * ? i?. Ward's 3?th New York regiment, by which <vie Midler lost his life Two member* of company 1, who had been acting aa cooks In the regiment, were lu the babltof taking a pan of hot coals over night into the tent where they slept Last night the tentbeing closed .ight, the snow having filled up all the chinks there was no opportunity for the ^as to escape The consequeuee was, that one of 'be ineu, Jobu Scott, was found suffocated to <teath, and the other John McNeill, almost In sensible, Scott had enlisted in New York, This afternoon, at 3 o'clock, hia remains were burled wlthmillt-ry honors on a suitable spot near the regiment. This is the firs* death that has oc curred in the regiment since July last. t-ocaTH Waid Staiioji Caias ?Btf*re Jus hce Walter ?John FUbertv, drunk; sent bone. Mr* Mulqulnn, ti^hting, lordM.M, Sarah A. Davail, colored, drunk; tl 50. Patrick Kelly, disorderly; 92 Patrick Touaey, do.; 96. Heurv Clark, do , dismissed. Chan. Poster, deserter, t .rued over to the Provost Guard Patrick Bran i:aB, drunk: dismissed John Campbell, arretted cu a heuch warrant; jail. Russia is drawing supplies of cotton fruni Khiva and Bokhara, and the cultivation of the tuple In those countries haa been very largely '-(tended The value of that sold recently at the fair of Norgorod was estimated at 1150,(MM Jiy Theed. the sculptor, look a cast of the face of the Prtnce Consort alter his death The (^ueeu wanted only a cast of the band to be taken. and l was aome time before she would consent to have the cast of the face made. [p? A man is now lying at the Bremer connty (lows) jail, for throwing his wife's newly born blld into the hog pen and allowing It to be de voured by the hogs, be denying his own paternity of the child iLr An unsuccessful attempt to rob the Chica go Post OOce was msde last week. A burglar tried to pxck the lock of the cashier's room, to eb? V acpoaiia or KimfN and specie J-O. * 'J-. u; . .4 icf a no womon molpikks ir irmo. - *rr, Tyrv m tenfotmUf wtUk Ui hmMim 1/ I4? SwU ?/" It, Ml. Seminary Jtisfitmi, Utmg$t?w%) Jam at. M II H. Infrntry 13 mb do do 3 -?'d do Artillery.... 1 3d do do 3 4th do do 1 5thVermontVolnnte?n 1 th P?in. Volnnleert U'tb do do ffilh do do 27th do do...... 36th do do t?th do do lit do Cavalry... 1 l*t Rhode Uland Art. 2 tth do do.. 1 fitb N HampshlreVol. 6 M New York Vol... 1 17th do do.... 2 Slat do do.... 1 *i& do do.... 1 27th do do.... 1 3Ath do do.... 1 4:Jd do do.... 9 45th do do.... 4 50th do do.... 2 fi\!d do do.... 1 Mth do do.... 4 -9th do do.... lJ 2d New York Cavalry. 2 1th do do.... 1 Hth do do.... 1 1st do Artillery 3 52d do do , l 57th do do is "l?t do do U Ut do Reserve.... 1 3d do do??M> 1 11th do do 2 tat do Rifles. 3 11th do Cavalry .... 2 lit do Artillery... 4 5th Wisconsin Vol.... 2 ?th do do.... 3 Cameron Rifles. 1 McClellan's Dragoons. 4 5th Iriih Brigade 1 M D C. Volunteers.. 3 Tth Maine Volunteers. 6 U. S. Signal Corps ... 2 Total 137 At Gnural Ho'jntal, Union Hottl, corner Bridgt and Washington str'tts, (rtorgttom, Jan. 31. IstNew York Artillery 2 5th do do... . i 13th New York Vol. . 2 14th do do... . 1 17th do do.. . 9 ISth do do.. . 2 19th do do.. . 2 2l)th do do.. . 1 ><rth tin Hn.. . i Kane* Rifles 10 2d Wisconsin Vol 3 5th do do 3 2d Michigan Vol 6 4th do do 2 'id Maine Volunteers., a 7th do do...... 3 2d Vermont Volunteers 3 M An do 1 31st do do.... 1 5th do do 1 :?d do do.... 2 1st California Vol. ... 1 35th do do.... 1 Harris' Light Cavalry 4 Motts Battery 1 4:)d do do.... 4 44th do do.... 2 McMan'a Battery 1 43th do do.... 2 2d Cameron Dragoons. 2 5Wh do do.... 2 2d Cameron Rifles.... 2 54th du do.... a 1st Maryland Vol 10 5.")th do do.... l 1st Rhode Island Art. 1 jrtth do do.... 2 5th Massachusetts Bat. 2 5*th do do.... 3 ftth do Vol. 1 59'h do do.... 2 Stockton's Rifles 4 filth do dr.... 2 Stelnfleld's Rifles .... 1 69th do do.... 1 De Kalb 10 8?th do do.... 3 (Mat do do.... 1 Garibaldi Guards .... 2 Hunt s m y Artillery 1 Ut Excelilor Brigade. '2 2d do do.... 1 3d do do.... 6 1th do do.... 1 5th do do.... 4 1st New Jeraey Vol... 1 5th do do.... 1 9th do do.... 1 2d U. 5*. infantry 1 3d do do 2 3d do Artillery 1 5th do do........ 1 10thdo Infantry I 2d do Artillery 1 4th do do 2 Total 157 At Hoifitnl at Columbian Colltt*. Washington, Jan. 31. 1st 11. S. Cavalry .... 4 2d do do 4 4 th do do 1 5th do do 1 fith do do 3 3d do Infantry.... 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 7th do do 1 Uth do do 2! 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 4th do do.... 9 5th do do.... 1 DeKalbN. Y.Vol... 1 McClellan** Dragoon*. < Cameron Dragoon*... 2 l*t New Jeraey Cavalry 1 6th do Vol.... 1 l?t Penn.Artillery.... 2 jtit do Cavalry 2 4th do do 1 6th do do 1 l?t do Volunteer*. 1 id do do I :ui do do 4 10th MaaearhuaetUVol 1 5th do lit Rhode lilaod Art. 1 13th do 4th do Vol. 3 27th do 1st New York Artillery 1 52d do do . 7 Rocket Battalion 1 57th do let New York Cavalry. 1 9?th do 2d do do.... 3 eth do do.... II 8th Illinois Cavalry.. . 2 Harrla Cavalry 1 2d Wlaconaln Vol.. . 2 l?th New York Vol... ? 5th do do... . 1 22d do do.... a :)6th do do.... i 2d Michigan Vol.... 37th do do.. . . i 3d do 14th do do.... i 4th do 5*th do do.... r> 8th do do . 2 ft'id do do.... 1 Stockton's Mich. Vol . 1 ft4th do do.... i 1st D C. Volunteer* . 1 77th do do.... s . 2d Exceltlor Brigade. 1 Total. 151 At Utntrnl Hospital, (CireU,) Washington, Jan.31. 1st U:S. Cavalry 5|2d New York Vol ... 1 2d do 4 th do ftth do 'id do 1th do 3th do 1st do 2d do 3d do 4th do Ath do 8th do 10th do 1st D. C 2d New do do do. Artillery.. do do Infantry... do do do do do do . Volunteer?.. 1 York Cavalry. 1 21th do do.... 1 filth do do.... 1 3d Fenn. Volunteers. 1 45th do do 1 4!rth do do 2 09th do do 11 3th N. Hampshire Vol. 3 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 4th do do 1 7th Maine Volunteers. 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 Cameron Dragoons .. 1 Engineers 1 Total. .93 di ji ?>uucfi* nospimt, ?.asitrn nrancny Jan. 31. 4th Excelsior Brigade. 3 '2d do do.... 1 1st do do ... 1 53d Penn. Volunteer* .11 8th New York Vol... 1 -Nth do do,... 1 Cameron Rifles 2 35th l enn. Volunteers. 1 SthVermontVolunteer* 5 Brickel'a Art. Batt. .. 1 59th New York Vol... 1 22d do do.... 1 3flth Penn.Volunteer*. 2 let do Reserve.... 1 59th do Volunteer* 3d New York Vol ... 1 Md 27th 18th ?>th 38th do do do do do do.... 2 do.... do.... do.... do.... Excelsior Artillery Vol 8 5*2d Penn. Volunteer*. 3 4lat New York Vol... 2 45th Penn. Volunteers. 1 2d New York Cavalry. 2 8th do do.... 1 57th do Vol 1 64th do do 16 ftth V \T?I O 1st N Y. Fire Zouaves 1st Maas. Volunteers.. 15th do do 11th do do...... 20th do do 2d Rhode Island Vol. 2d Wisconsin Vol.... lat Minnesota Vol.... Ij3d Connecticut Vol... lat Michigan Vol 9th Virginia Vol lat California Vol.... lat New Jeraey Vol... 2d Vermont Volunteers 2d Maine Volunteera . 3d Penn. Cavalry 1st Cavalry ? n TOthNew York Vol... 3 14th do do.... 3 69th do do.... i (a) One officer <u mm. x/roguuns (a ) I Total no Sick rtmatning t? I At Hospital for Eruptwt Disease*, at Kalorama, Jan. 31. 1st U. 8 Cavalry 1 lit New York Artillery 1 2dU.8. Artillery.... 1 2d New York Cavalry. 1 'id U. 8. lnfantrv ..... 3 2id Maaaachuaeta Vol. 1 37th Penn. Volunteera. 1 44th New York Vol .. 3 52d Penn Volunteera. 4 Srtth Now Vnrk Vnl in 4th do Cavalrv 2 4th do Infantry 1 Sth do Cavalry 3 6th do do........ 2 3d New Jersey Vol... 1 Sth Maine Volunteer!. 1 7th do do.... 1 8th Penn. Cavalry.... 1 4thVermontVolunteera 1 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 11th Maine Volunteers 2 HMh New Jersey Vol.. 1 19th Indiana Vol 3 77th do " do..."."*3 Slat do do...... 2 Rockct Battalion 6 New York Vol Art... 1 German Artillery 1 85th Penn. Volunteers. 2 96th do do 2 Artificers 1 104th Penn. Volunteers 7 Col'dserv'ta to officers 2 Total 70 At Grntrml Hospital, AUx&ndrxa, Jan 31. 2d U. 8. Infantry.. . 1 01st New York Vol... 1 3d do S3d do do.... I 4th do 00th do do.... 0 8th do 09th do do.... 1 la' do Cavalrv 1 lat MmVmV 1 4th do do........ 1 5th do do... 3 8th do do 1 5th do %d do Artillery.... 4 7th do 5th do do 3 11th do 'id Maine Volunteer!. 2 36th do 3d do do 4 -29th do 4th do do 1 Md do 5th do do 1 33d do 0th N. Hampshire Vol.11 35th do id Muhchusetts Vol.13 40th do 9th do do.. 1 45th do 13th do do.. 7 46th do 1st do Art. 3 93d do 4th Rhode Island Art.. 7 53d do lit do Hat.. 3 73d do Sth do Art.. 3 83d do 4th Connecticut Vel.. 1 &5.h do 5th do do...10 66th do 5th Vermont Vol 7 93d do lat New Jersey Vol.... 1 99th do "" " 105th do lit do Cavalry. 1 3d Penn. Volunteer!. l do 3 do.... 9 4th do 5th do 1st do Cavalryl9 sth New York Vol... I do.... 2j?4Ui do let do 9th 16th irth 18th 19th MA do do do do do fin do.... & do....33 do....13 do.... 1 do.... 3 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do.. do.. ... 3 .... 3 1 ... 8 ... 1 ... 1 ... 1 .... 3 .... 3 .... 1 ....31 .... 1 ... 1 .... 1 ... 4 ...33 > *< 3 ....11 Kite Zouaves 1 Dragoons... 3 Uth do do.M... 8 1st do Artillery.... 1 3d Michigan Vol 13 3d do - do 4 Sth do do...... 8 37th Indiana Vol 0 lilt W ia^nnaf n VaI 1 do do do do do do do do do do do

do do do do... do... do... do... do... do... do... do... do... do... . 4 . 4 .23 . 1 . S . 3 1 I . 3 . 1 . 5 . 1 . 1 . 5 id do do 6 5th do do 5 tb do do 7 8tk IiUooia Cavalry...M lat MlnnaooU Vol i Lincoln Cavalry i Caaeroo DragooM... l ramm.n Rita i (duutcnauter >a em ptoyeca Cltlzena a Jum. .*14 [I Tndimm Faitnt DJUt), Washington, Mh Indiana Vol V* ?i B?fdan8hirn'n..l( d 4o do 16 tltrw York Artlll'jrr f tb do Cavalry. 2 th do do... 5 l?t Michigan Cavalry. 4 Btarnfel'a Artillery... 1 53d Peon. Volunteers. 1 6th do Cavalry.... 1 ll Fifth, District Srhoei Hoys* Ho'ptlal, Branch of OiMr?l Host .tal on E strut, Jan. 31. d U. 8 Cavalry 1 th do do 1 fid New York Vol... 2 9th do do.... I Cameron Dragoons... 1 Ohio Cavalry, (nnat). 1 Jth Rhode Inland Vol. 1 3d U. 8. Artillery .... 1 Total 9 ID* Waahlngton papcra please oopv aM eend ?10a to the War Department. fe #?3t Z FURNITURE! FURNITURE! VL FURNITURE! ]9\ \V. B. MOSES, (of th? firm of Mo?m * Pookham, Philad'a.) Manufacturer and WhAleealeand Retail Dealer in / lie am uuwiii vmi*!"! inrior ?nu lHniDf oom Furniture?The rn'a Building, 409 Seventh itreet, above D. Every variety of UPHOLSTERING promptly ma neatly exoonted. Store open day and evening for the aocommada ion of the publio. , . Purohaeera will atudy their intereat to oall before poking eleewhere. Ja asm* g U T L E R 8 . ATTENTION!! 'J00 BARRELS GINGER SNAPS, PtiMS Quality, For aale in ?uantitiea to auit the tmde, at lov fignrea. J0HN80NA NAGLE. Pa. avenne, Waahington, D. C., ja ^1 10 Royal at, Alexandria, Va. ar?all A ww mi) Biepuvus M??, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dkalirs i* SWORDS, SASHES. BELTS, EPAULETS. SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, Ao. knd every variety ol READY MADE CLOTHINV. At Rvaronablk Pricks, WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. Pennsylvania avenue, between j% 11 [Intel. A Repnb.l 9th and 10th ?t?. 8. 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HOOP. noQ JOHNSON A NAGLE, OftQ fioi/ mroanas op AOiF WINES, LIQUORS, H 4TANA C1UAKS, FINE UROCMRJES, 4-e., Mo. ??9 Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth streets, Washington, D. C. No. 10 Royal st, near King, Alexandria, Va. Sole Arent* for tho KPABKI.ino u<?r-?r M08KLLK WlfiWoYHie'tfockheTm Joint Btook Co.. in Hookhsim on the KMne. Constantly on hand their calibrated Spar I ling Hock and Moselle Cabinet W1/141. Connoisseurs are respeotfu ly invited to give as iQAtl. j>? KOMKTHINO NiiW?S bPERIOR HULLSD O COR N.?The suSsr 1 iber, havinn gottheagenoy to npply Washington e. Oeorjetown with this lelioate preparation of Com. would respectfully uk of his friends, and the pablio at largf, to give A",>' Pa. avenue, between 14th and 19th sta, N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles. Moaa nents, Table Tops, *0. A large assortment ai way on hand. ool9Sm S&fctf So?; of Foreign asd Domestio Dry Goods ia all the depart, meats of family wants. Ad u?t?etion of stook uturi no obligation to '<On?tprioo only, marked in plain fif aroa; hanoa, no iinhiMr is dscaiTed. J*7-tr PERKY Jfc BRO.w Pann. *v?nae tad Ninth at. #L da M K. A. Lake A?MV 6LOVE8! At thaOlora ARMY GLOVES I! pOLUMBIA <ARK*t, \y P*. hwim, torn* T%irltmtk U. U. us tn* to?*Sm"retar^dS his old annrtsr, wk*ralia intend ? ka?M| a Irst S? t fr*e of ohare a to uy part aX C. MALLARD, f DENTIHTKY. D. I^LEVKTT.KZtfftTibiieh of the eetfth meet No ltt VV%v?f ,T Km, 'In V it" Ml i won Id o?ll the atterr.on to thoM who msimMSSJ need his aerviooa. that in Addition to ti?^ "tu creot moilitiea in operative I>?cu?try, bo U in fewMMon of ? new nnd important nvention for Ui?> in??rtion of Artiioiftl Teeth, oo Uin principle of At**?*rk'Tit rr't'ttr*. entirely different firm the old mode, nod secured by letters l*?Unt irnritei April 6tb. !R6fl. This invention la of the crenteat vftlne. there t*ing lea* plftte used to oorer the rr>of of the month and with u mnrwiftl of Kuotion. The puMio are invited to oa I and ex amine speoimens and certificates from come of the moat prominent and scientific gentlemen, No. 4*1 Testa street wwt, near Pa. ave. ja 14-eolm*_ OR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Brrwm 9th a?d 10th Bts. Ja<eo2m J^EW AN1) IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHE0FLAST1 BONE TEETH, Withovt Mital Plat* or Claim. DR. B. B sleKBMQND. 10 Brom4wy, Ntw York-960 Ftn*r?lr*Mi* Am *mm, b$tdim lSi4 and 13tk Hi , Waskmtttm, tells the attention of the public to the lollovinc advantages of hie improved system: 1. The Te*th of his manuteoture wii MM nerer oorode nor change oolor by any'***** acids, being three fourths lighter than mt other. 2. No teeth or roota need be extracted, as the artificial ones oan be inserted over them. S. The roota will be made moffeaaive, an never o ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent ones oan be made immediately, thereby preserr1 eg the nMural expression of the face. whioh sudsr the old system Is frequently disfigured. i. This work has been fu.Iy tested over five yean by many of the first ohemists and physicians of this oountrr. Dr. B. has also invented a white sndestrsotive metal filllnc, with whioh the most sensitive teeth oan be filled without pain, and oan baild tip a per fect, sound tooth on any side roots, whioh will last through lifetime. The best of references given?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. nnrAinns PrAMaenr r\? M ^ " A VI ill I ? IJUUl Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Waahing ton, and thonsands of other*. Call and examine for yourself. no 8 6m GAS FITTING, Ac. Awm V. DOVE * CO. K.E Now prepared to exeoita any erdsrs with Wnjeh they ma* be farced in tha M..MB1N., .AB^^EAM FITOH. H7* Store on ?th street, a few doors nortk ?( Pa. arensa, where may be fosnd a oonaXe assorted! fraftgWkfeft' *u'r 8T1?.Aff ffl W?A8 FIXIVHES > E Hare in store, and are dai.y rocaiTirj, WAS FllTCK SS of entirely New Patterns and Designs sea Finish, superior is style to fnything heretofore effer<<d in this market. We invite oitiser.s general ly to sail and examine our a took of Sas and Water Fix'?res, feeling confident that we have the lad Miecwd a look in Wwhicrton. All Work io the at-ore Tine mtnuterf to omr Mr* will bo prompt y attended to. . . ? MYEK8 * Mc?HAN. *rMl 37 0 D atreot, FAIRBANKS STANDARD SCALES. FOR KALI BY J. V. IIARTHOLUW, Sola Agent, Hardware k Agricultural Warehouse, 5? Seventh Street, Bttteun I'innsylvama nvnttt and tkt Camml, opposite east end of Centre Market. j? Uti LUVELL. COLLK8* CO.. WHOLESALE GROCERS, P6 Front street, New York. sua jiu r, aireei, ? nanmgion, 17, U., (near Willarde' Hotel.) Having started a branch of our New York estab lishment in this city, we invite Sutltr/. tiroeert, R'H&uiant'ur), and Hotel Karen, to call ud ex amine our stosk, wluoli is well assorted and comprised of goods of the best quality. We take orders for any thine in our line, and execute them promptly. jaSStf NOTICE. "ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPAMT" A7,hia Company offers to the jublio" Unequalled vantages1' for the Safe ana Quiok Dispatoh of eavy Freights, Packages, Valuables, Money, Ac. Ac., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and from the North and West de part from and arrive In Washington twioe daily. All Expresses are i? oharge of tzptrUmctd mnd rtltabli Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers oarried at "orb Hals" onr usual rates. All Goods for the so-oal!ed "Confederate States' and all Articles '* Contraband of Wax" will be Our'Ex'preaaea leave New York at 1.1, ud I P. M.j^arriviag in Washington at S A. M. and iN Expreaaea leave Philadelphia at ?J0 A.M. and 11 arriving in Waahington at MO P. M.^ad ' Expreaaea leave Baltimore at 4.J0 A. M. and I P. M.. arriving in Waahington at 6 A. M. and ijo Kxpre??ea for all pointa North and Weat leave Waaninrton at 7J0 A. M. and 2J0 p. M. daily. Special Contraota for targe quantitiea of Freight oan be made on aap.ioation to thia MfBoe. All Oooda called for and delivered Jtm of hair ehargea. K. W. PAR soils, Sop't Adama' Expreaa Com pan*. Waahington, Angnat a. 1861. an M-u As SOMETHING NEW ! mVA fai|6iiiTi?T Digcoviar ormvt faJ THl A?i: At 391 C strut, orrotitt I4? ?4?alar. OYSTERS STEAMED In the Snell ana Thoroughly Cooked (far iuktioi to a routi in ( ? ihimKii, U< /?i?xl tmi on reeerrf. Call and Me. The underaigned respectfully informa hit friends in the District, and viaitora to the city, that he haa refitted hia old and well-known kktailiihkint Mttarranfementa to furnish OYSTERS id any style and in any quantity. too to 500 gallona ahuoked per day. 3.000 to 3,000 oana of Bpvoed and Freah r ut up daily?oana hermetically aealed. Furniahed n the ahell by the bnahel or barret. Peraona wiahinc to have Oyatora furniahed rec* larly throath the winter, at Baltimore prioea, without fear of failure, ahonld eall and make ar rantementa at onoe. Freight, time, and money aaved by purchasing of me. a* I furmah an artiela eaaal to the celebrated Baltimore eatabliahmenta, at prices jiataa low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clams, Strawberriee, Tomatoes, Piga' Feet, Tripe, Ao. Ao.,Ao. Alao, Pioklea, Catsup, gajces, Brandy Peaches, Ao. Alao, Game and Freah Fish. Tur tles, Terrapins, Fresh Lobatera, Cod. Halibut,fro. In nut. iTAPT thinv fnr baU iti ? kete always on hanif, at reasonable prices. Hotels Hd families supplied with Oysters, de livered without charge to any Part of the Diatriot. in seaeon. if the money is sent with the order. My eetablishment is open from 6 a. m. to It at nicht. every day, exoept Sunday, when 1 oloee at ino'olooka. m. Ja? tf T. M. HARVKT. WALL, 8TEPHBNS A CO.. " S9)i PimwvLTaifiA Atsktb, "'HUMUMUUhtf" AND READY MADE CLOTHIERS, goon AMD J&lss. B"1V W mUre? aor fW of aMMra made work of ererr d*-MH imfMiu made expressly to order, aixJ will fn be eoli at a mmk lower pnee than has D?en* WfL hereto tore carted la Qua Mty fer ui lxrerisr fsrtuoa ta ?ut of BmH and Bk?aa af Main n attr nuu work. V*" iwilaiiiotiMitrtiM [NO. abreoiBC *11 of lov-priood, madias ud ?n? ?u&litie?, waion v? ire mUim ? * Btel)ic*BA?r and Raavblioan.) 0 (1st 0OU6H8, COLDS, HOAR SEN E88, ko. COMPOUND sm?Roham IRJLB1C. Thu vlMuuit &ad popular Cou|B My hat btaa toloag known aqd w^tanaiTOly ?wd that aod with its eitraordl at at) I ^TTKNTION, B^r^K^ OPPlCBKS AND iftiiMoia LO? rini, FOR ALL DI8KABB8 OF IMPS VDKftCK. LET MO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMfcDUmLY. A 9WRE WARRANTED, OR NO CMAMOE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WHhMi af 'X la<k, krttim, ilttllMi W U? IM Ml Detain;, LtuM, 'MM Uw ?y?u, PiiHiibi utiHn, TtM*iw. Vraakluf., OinaM iljk|h?i OmMmm* Pimm* ?f Jm m4, Tkraal, Km m Iktn, Kieiiooi W U>< Lm?, Tl? it* ar Bvvala?tli?M T?mM? l>wrde*e uittaifrM Mt *n ^5V? * *=* Dr~4f?1 ?< DmcAwE IW fed* idMht ta?FM*k4.,.?4 4mmt Mt T YOIWG MEN BapMi&lly ?W k??i tw? tiu ncuv ! Mtan TkM, that toMrffU u4 iimetin Mbft vMck ummUynZfl m u mumi? n" *?*?? ?f Ta?> Mm w tk. mm uUti ial?M ui knlltuu tattllMl, *k< aiffct wtwHii k*?? otnae*4 U?f omf huui with |M Uiriin ?f !*. VnViitYiim**4 ** ,at'c' u* u*ta* 'r**' "** ?" MARRIAGE. ?*!? ruHUi, m r?Mf Mm NMMplllkj Hw VtM BUM* klBMlf udu lh? MM ?f D(. J. Ml MlUt OFFICE N* 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. UfthuXllUtMMffoM ktaMNWMI.ifra tenftM Ik* MTMr. fill Mt t? *kMr*? mm* ii< autn Likin Mt k? ptid Md M*U1B Ml). ^ w , mDR. JOHNSTON, >~+* ? ? * >'?WI UWJIfll IB IM VBItM lotti, ud tka ntidi part rf vWt lifa ku bate (pact tm Ika MwitaJa af Laadaa, hni, Ftnladalptua ul iluvMrt, lu ifiuid m) ?f ika mh aafialwaf MtN that *in a?ar koawo; MDJ traaklad viU tufuf ta A* kaad u4 tan what u)??p; rriu tininin, >>im alaraad at Mddto iMih. baakfSlnaaa vMl fractal Mwkiaf, ?uaadad MibnM vita dirufNuai af aud, vara iittd > ? iUWA*' T4X* PARTICULAR NOTICE. Yaanf Mao and Man *b? kari lajnd cbwMl'H ky a nam practtc* todalfad in whao iImi?a habit (TMMMt; laaroad (ram ?vtl eatapaaiaoa, m at Mfcaki, lit* ilicu at vfcicfi art ntffcUy (kit * wbaa aalaap, and if Mt eared, ratdara aankfa taipoaatbU, aad daauaya M Biad aad kady, ahoald apply im?adiatal?. Thaaa u< aoisa of tha ud aad bnrkaly iffieu mditid ky aarlr babita af yoatii, rii: Waakoaaa af Lb a lu) and Uab*, Paina ia ika Raid. Dunoaaa af Bight, taaa af Mikmi Pawar, Palpitatian af tea Naart, Dyapapay. Rantd Imta kilny, Oaranfamaot af tha Dtfaatiaa Vacctiaoa, Saaaral Dabiltty, Byniptoma of Ganaarupuan, Ac. MIKTALLT ? T%a faartal affaeu an tha mtmd mc* h draadad?Lea* af Mimtr;, CwfWM af Id ttt, Dapraaaiaa af Sfxnu, Enl Korabodinga, Attnm a< IMily, tiU-Dlt trast, Lo*? *f laluad*, Tunidi:?, ait, are mm af tba (Till fait id. Kutobi DiiiLitr.-nNMii ?u u*|?4(i vkub the wMi af their declining health, loainf their rifar, kicta iof weak, pale, niriflu and inuittM, tan>( a infilu app?araaca tk?(l lb* i;u, caafta *r aynptaa* af liaiwy DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When lb* mnaaidad aod ircpradeni Teury af piaaeare iada tea ku imhibed the aaadi of tbi* palnfal dieaaae, K taa afua happaae tbat an ill-timed aanee ofebtme ar draad af d?ea*ery datara bus freaa applying la tba** wba, Itim a<?nltw u4 reap ecubihty, can ikia bafrtaod bun. Be tall* 1st* lb* batida of ipwaiii and daaifninf preuadere, vba, locafabi* f eirui. Ileb bia paeaniary atbaucc*, k**( ma iniisf month after naatb, ar aa leaf aa tna emalleai fee ean ba ab tained, and is daapair leave hun with rained baa lib ta ewrb ?*? eia jrallinf itaappoliimasi^ar by tha ana af that deadlv paeaaa?Mercery?feaaten lb* cauautbtiaaal lymptaa* af tbie l*mbl* di***aa, *acb aa Afaeuao* af lb* Bain. niaai, lead, kin, kc., prawreeeinf with friffhtfbl raptdtty, ull dealb pat* * p*n*d la bia araadfal aaf enng e by aacilnf bis I a that Ma dia levered caantrr (ran vbaaa baarce aa tf*r*lar ratama DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGAN 19 WEAKNESS AND IMFOTENCY By ible pat I aad unaartaat raaaady weaknaaaaf tb* artaai ara epaedlly eared and fall r\gn MWMd. ftaaaaati af tba bhi aarraaa aad debilmtad, wba bad laat all hape, bare baaa Inraadiaiaiy relieved. All ixpadUnaau w tnlaft, W;diil a* Maau) Dtaaaal lfaaiiaoa, kaea af Paair*aUT? Pavu, Harraaa Irritability. TMBMUlf iat WdkMM M liuata ?r lk? MM fM.HU Mad ir?MU; ??r*d. ENDORSEMENT OF J HE FRXF8. TBI Mint rioriiKDt ?jar*d at Uu lonitMMB vttfcla ik* lut HM1UH mn, and ika mninu iitpwucl ?r|1 Ml *ftraUMU p?rt*rra*d k? D*. Jafeaataa, llaiwU kj & riNnin tf Ut ptM" mu; MbM HtMu, act* af lilt kin ipii ud iftli karat* tk* pakiia, k* :d*i kn ttasdiDf u a gaatlaimo af eteraaur and mp<dl M1U;, h a iitai?at pamui w Iki alltuL Mar tl-ly TRZB0ZIMAR. ri elected by Royal Letters Patent of England, and secured by Ik* Seals of tk* Ecol* d* Pkar ma ne do Paris, and tk* Imperial College of Mtdietnt, Vienna. TR1ESLMAR No. 1 la the effectual rrmcdy for KilazaTION? 8ri? *tu?rhij5a ana r.xE ac?t:ok o? TBI BTITBH. Completely and entirely eradicate* ail traoesof those disorders, for winch Copaiva and Cubebs h?ve generally been thought u ar'idote, to the ruin 01 the health of a van portion of the pepula toon. _ TRIE8EMAR No. 3. I a the treat and sure remedy of the omliied world brail impurities of the system, as well m eeoood Kry symptoms, obviating the deatruotove nee of leroury, an weU a* other deleterious ingredients, and whtoh all tne ?ari>apar.lla in the world cannot remove. Tkieakmak .Nob. 1.2 and 3 Are alike de void of taste or ameli. and of all nauseating aaali tiee. They are in the form of a I Jaenge, and may lie on the toilat tabie without their nae betnc *ne peoted. Bold in tin oases at ?3 each. or fonr #9 oasee in one for #9, and in 0/r oasee. thus savin* # . as administered by Vaipeau, LA emaod, Roax,*0.. Ac. Wholesale and retail by DTT H. A. BAR KOW. 194 Bieecker street, <? door* from Mao Doucal street*. New York. Immediately on re of remittanoe, Dr. Baikow will forward Triesemar to any sart of tne world, securely packed.and addressed aooording to the instructions of the writer. Published also by DR BARROW, that popilar and beautifully illustrated medioai work. Human Frailty. Pnoe 3d oenta. Tneeemar and Bonk pan be obtained by speoial authority from S. C. FOR I), Washington, I>. C. del2-lm LEA * PERftlNI* CIUU1T1D Worcestersblre Sauce. rron?BD?ed by CONNOI89EUR8 to bo the "OMLY GOOD SAUCE." ?cd tpplioable to EVERY EXTRACT of ft Lottor from ? Mtdicml GmuUmmm at Madru IV Hit Brlkm At Worcester. - roll SoV^" thattbwr Smmc* llhiTv MtMlltd VARIETY Pflgafc S^th. *niM?a. &Uhte, at veil u OF DIBH. HB^SHtbe moat whoieaome 5??? U> ?t >H made." The a bore SAUCE u not only the iut and moat popvlak comdimktt kno wn, but U moat Bamom U*l, aa a lev droM in Soup, Gravy, or with HU. hot and cold Joints, Buf Siaak. 6?m, #r., impart an exqniaite seat, which tmrrincxfUd Sanoe man ufacture have in Tain endeavored to miiaia On the Brtakfft. 1 T*bl?, a cruet containing ** LEA fc PERKINS* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" M ifidurua ble. To appreciate the tzttllml ituUitits of this d*U ciotu preparation it ia only neoeesary to purchase a smtll bottle of the twin, of a respeetable gro eer or dea er, ae many Hottl and MUs$mmrmmt pro prietors eeldom place the Putt Sauoe before their guests, but substitute a gennine BoiiU filled with a irwrinu mixture. For sale by Orooers and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN * SONS, V*um SfMri mmd 14tk ttrui. Nt? Ymk. Sole Wholeeale Agents for the United Statee. A 8took always m store.?Also orders reoeired for direct shipments from England. it r nr Voymttr/tUi mmd Imitrntiami.-Tn >-1y.?o JUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. 8. HORIME1? superior OLD RYE WHISKY, oithtTeara old, warranted. Alto. prime Monomahela WL? kiM for Ml* at 353 Pa. avenue, by de 4 ttawtf BROWNING k KEATING. In Co?fWiBi1 y?o?r<haTl^KW pay M?kfr rrery artoole of [oodiMHMMniWi are forood to reduce oar bo-iaeoe to Oaek ?aphMte?ty,mr tM gawar&tirsfa t-oye' wear, which are eellicc at a rcuoh lower rate *"s^TPa. illMlWMIl Vlfi ftM lvlll H te? <lDtoT4 R?*.> thta oity_. oomvneiBS P*et Sole Leather LMiar m?a ud PMkinc Tmnrs, lI?M, Ofr??t Hm?, ka? vSWh ar? bov Milnu j??gj ""Sm. MM W?2J H&5 ran -rr- In?iTr ill null nimlimii tnl bwbia mfckiag IMt ftieotacm*. ... art t^ooi jmfa tin aboriM KSteS?He: no 7 IN. . 8*.8fcEJ?& i8 JJS4K5fi. OW?K Owrocti?? tour OSKWOOD four rouiid CHlOKKftlN0 Hast TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. PABBB9QKK TRACTS Om mU S Hm MOttDA Y. WASHINGTON AND BALTIMOB E WlNtUM Wlwi: lie IWul? JV?tou intw ?? ?W Dtpmrt frwm WmtSmttmt, Dmty imrim tk? wmk, mmd UN m hwmdapx. For V*rt-L?*t WiU mmtmm ktlMi . IIM > tm i? > - _ L?*?*iMtot, d iMud 7.|P A k. ud *1(1 Md 4Mr llt7?iH.ud4HrR. ImuiMi k. r* n4 the North a?d Wm, a ud4?>?ri.w r a. Wu. M 7 a a. ud (K p K I1UIMI K. k?*ve ui**?,iad Mr a. KB M OfJim WO HTM. INlI imiiiiu 1.11 JEtjMjrassssnSr Sf.^te-ssai f'^AnnM^I ^ ? *' " eoiMiii M? P.?w New Vork 1* p. . Pkila-** phi* Trmia Im*n Witkiiftoii it|*r .rooohlif Baltimore at? ? p M.aadrkiMotfkia MNri. Aftsnooc A OOOWO dOllOP? k>w WMkmlAr et4rM.arriv? at Ba'ttroo--* at p m. No ooo MXiouit Baltimoro. Thia i? tk? vtoriocu oca doiioii for Anaapoiia. n ?i toiMi >Mf* Wukmjio* ? p. . Amwif moawri MS p. m.; TfciiaiialakM w>Ai p. N?t York 4 a. Htrrmn 1 a* ?. On Sundaya Inn Waahincton Ml * ud ? p. . it & P. u. train from WukiittM eeeeeeti tkroagk to Now York orory day danac Um wook. L??T! JZXStSIL'S' ba.tmoro 4 p. k. Arrive uWaiSI?g*oL?>> T'Smt9 Now York fttlp. I; rkitedaioku IMi p ? Baitunor* iM a. u. imw M wiuiaftoi Now York at 11 r. Pfriladolokie %jn a-h.; BalttaoreusA.B. An-teaM Waaklactoi L*oai AooomvMMtfttioB T-aiqi Inn Btitioor* at I4.B. tad 4 31 r- , for Wuli Lftot, arrlv* tk?r* ? Ili.a.udUSr.H. On hsi)4|i <it (jn tM 7-? a. . only from folti nor?. No AbeapoIu or FrtdcrMt ommiiom p> NBdijn PliMMK Tr*JH? lMTinc WaahinitoB at ?4? * K.ud4(?r. ? and Ba t m- Mlli. ADd (-31 p. H , mate (tir?ni ?oBD*<etio?is for Atnt^.nMU? Junction. TIm7#? aM, w4 r m eoenoota* feiAT for Frwfonek, Hi(?ritiwi, ??.,<t?.. ixc?ft and aye. Ttiim lea*eAnna?olnforBalU?ar*aad WmI inrtoflat t? a.a.uc 3 nr.*. rubier Ttuoi tanoi Waahingtoa at 6jM *. m., tl a. an 1 ft r. u.. and Baltimore at uo acd 7J6 A. M., Will Mavmrniymt J%miiw WwTmubiwi must ttk? U* ixmw^inwi will iMTt WukiDitoe ud Baitiaior* rrtmptit wn ear* imu, axoeptinc tbal tk? U? a *,7? a m. and 4 M r m trama will wait tr mi nat#? if nvooaaar?, to nmi* the piumi^ri bud Mail* front i|i? Kui For tttek a?d Wotadod So Id Mr*?A imit1 oar. witii an aUondant. with b*da, will lwr? WmIim ton twioe a work for Philadelphia a root at II a m, for the aoooir.modation of ?>ck ut voit?*<i o dim. W. P, AMI I H. hi Maxtor of Traaeyoratiop. Bait 1068] THE (IMS PenniylTania Central Railroad, (with ita oonaoctioaa) IS A FIRST CLASS ROl'TIi TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! th>It daily T?AIW? rKOM PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBl RUH : Two of tbov nuU idc CLOSE COWffBCTIOIN at abbubcko with trams on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, mod fonnnu THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE n on WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to All pottfta in Dm Win. Nokth-wbbt ado BotTH-wur. ITT For Through Tiokvta, apply ?t tba Offcoa of the Northern CaatraJ K aj Rood Com pact, Calvert Station, Baltimore. 4>"; 'tndid Sleeping Can on all Nieht Train* 6.(" /i -ii ?f? ? u?m/? i nf umuuTi KyiiJ* vn iui Aral U9. FROM WASHINGTON. Paaaancara will Uke tha 6 a. m. and b p. a Inmi, ar riTin* in Butimore at 7JO a. m. tad 6 tf p. m.. where eloae sonnMtiou ara mvie with tnum on 111* Northern Centra. R. R.,lMimn la Harris bore mX 1 p. r?. and 1.45 a m., there oouMttu with the trama on th? Pn:.? Crania Cwtrt! Railroad for ali parta of tha vwt. _ _ FREIGHTS. ? Br Una roata, freighta of all donations ?at ba forwarded to and from ut point on the f ail roada of Ohio, Kaataoky. Indiana, llunria, Wtaooaaia. I ova, or M laaonri. by Ka%lro?d direct. ThePaona? raniacaotraJ Railroadalaaoonaeeta at Pittabnrg with Steamers. by whiah ti?vi *ao b? fnrwardad to any port on the Oh.o, Matkiaa am. Rant nek*. Tenneaaae. Caabarlanri, luiaoia. Miaa laaipai, Wiaeonain, Miaaoari, Kanaaa. Arkaaaaa. and Red R i vara: and at ClevaiaM, Itedaaky and Cd>(A(o with ataamera to ali North mat. i d Lahaa. Narohanta and akippara eutruatinc tke transpor tation of iheir Fraijht tothia Company, aaa rail Kint in tha Waat, by tha Per. nay 1 ran la Centra utroad, ara at all Itmtj a* fm+mr*bU *J an charted bf otktr hat It 0*4 Can aaui ITT" Be particular to mark paokacaa "via Pawn. Cutiu IT R." MAUlvA^ 4 K(?ONS, Frauht Aienu. No, M North atreet, ilk t mere. ENOCH LEWlg, ?eo'i Sapannt't, Altooaa, Pa. {j. L.. HOtJPT. (m'i Ticket A.f'i. Philadelphia. " V . WBK I r IH4? ^OKTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. 77m Skortut, Qmidmat *nd Bui MtmU/rtm B+lH WE8T, NORTHMAND*NORTHW!S*T. WINTER SCHSDCLE Chimi or Tms. On ud *fUr SUNDaV.MU NovMbtr, P>wn K*r Train will arnv* ana depart from CaJvart Station w fol ow> : fTuini Noith Leavi Jj ?t * ? *. m. tiff* .. KiP'P?l? p. IK. arkton Aoooramodaiion 4J. m. IttobKrg and H?rri?b?rj CxptN ijr p. m. _ ^ _ Tkaih* Koct* Auiri Parkton AooonnotetioBitUn. Bilklo r? ? *" cfirftyS! H*,rub>r* : f m. The 6 km. train from WukiMtoa eoaiMit yS&T'fi vurfcis^r.'^i* ^ o?i cfty*^"1* 'HWt WIS. and for New The II a. m. train from Waahiaftea mibwu tram from Bt t niot* to W ** North a?d N orthweet tt-d Klnura u4 BiMo ami *00 heater. . Thej p. m. train from Waahiactoa oodmcU with theUfte. m. train from CEmort j?r mur-org, Harriaburt and the Wert and 1a a direet oodm toon for Lebanon. Kaatoa AIJ?wtova awl Nev ?*A Si'* H ? N~ Je^r Try Cir'The only trun Ihviu BtlUatri'n lajSe J t m. trvr.. for H*rrutmri,TnttabvrgTCkf omo tnd tbf Waft Ti*? only tr%m itrm>| IB B^tlMOr? on Bute? U tha *jo a. n. uvi. JA8 C CUIIB, BQ? ly iinnMwfat M. N. CiUI, FfM*k Q TOP1AM1 MM f * M M 1 W M TM9MK tuwrm*!. *??< <.w .

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