Newspaper of Evening Star, February 10, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 10, 1862 Page 2
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1 HE EVENING START WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY FEBRTARY 10, li?. ItTTUtu'''. I v* * i** 'i prlntod on the fMtMt peer* in cm troth of U? It more, lta edition l? terj,c> a* to require U U> be pnt to pre*# at an early boor; JUrtrtuemtMtt, therefore, should toe ant in before 12 o'clock otherwise they may IT^r ?aI irtwm nnlil IS* Anrr - ? J HV-AI ???* | "ff* Fiur?r~i tt tbc Tf.rlotn military camps asd po*?tlo?8 vrl!l confer a fliwr by keeping na posted *? t? nicTemrnta ard affairs in tkelr vicinities. tE^Owlnf? to lllnem In the family, the ntt^il reception at the Presidential Mansion will hft omitted on ToeMlay. Spirit ( the Miraini Press. The I*telligtnt?r thinks the Tax bill ahould have preceded the Treaaury note bill, In order paiaage through Congress, and that the Interest on all United States stocks should be payable at nom' ana aoroaa in coin, ana in coin oniy, even If f?r other purposes it should be deemed constitutional and found expedient to declare these notes a legal tender. The Repwhlirrm treats upon the stone blockade. Thb Fiihcb CoraT Prkmzstation CJUBSTioa. The French court presentation question, recently agitated in fashionable circles and In the newspapers, is viewed in Washington as a matter unworthy of aerious consideration, and certainly poaseaalng no political significance. The request (hat the quality of the Americans desirous of being presented to the Emperor should be stated -was in accordance with the usage of the Imperial > ^iibaVaI/1 anrl I a nsvt a m a ?Ana?/i nan/?A naitt . uw uviu i UUV4 ! uv?j an u v/wuoc\|?rcuW| a lit ? -feature in crurt etiquette. PATMK3T or IXTKEZSTOH GoVEHSMKXT BONDSThe motion of Mr. Stevens, made on Friday, relative to tbe payment of Interest in coin, wu to rorreet the House journal, and did not, it it said, affect tbe bill which bad already passed the House, and been sent to tbe Senate. The bill, as passed, made no special provision for the payment of interest, bat left it to be paid In coin as heretofore. To remove all doubt the Senate will probably provide expressly for such payment. ET" Mrs Gordon, the wife of the condemned slaver, In New York, appeared amonj the merchants on Vbange, last week, and solicited funds I * v t a a. s.f a iv* * ? - ? - o rnaoie usr 10 yhii ?? anaingioH in oenair 01 her husband. She still entertains hopes of obtaining a commutation of the sentence from the Executive. Puiosu.-W. H. Rusaell, LL. D ., was In Toronto on Saturday la*t, en route for Montreal and Quebec, lie intends to return to Washington. Mrs. Fanny Keir.ble, who la now In Philadelphia, la soon coming to Washington. Bettir ?The President's son, William, who baa been ill for some days past, is much better fo-day. Hla yennger son, Thaddeus, we hear, Is also tick of ftver, arising from a cold. TP"Thirty miles of submarine telegraph wire was sent from New York on Saturday for the use of Gen. Wool at Fortress Monroe. From Fortress >1?nroe From (As Burnsi'U Expedition?A Fiekt Progrtssing at Roanoke Island ?Rebels Report*? Important from tkt South?Railroad Bndge Destroyed?Exchange of Prisoners, jrt. Fobtkkss Monro*. Feb. 8.?A flag of truce, from Craney Island, to-day, brought over several ladle*, to go North. A ftw Southern papers were received. The Norfolk Dat Book ha* the fo'lowing: 'A messenger arrived to-day (Fridav) from Roanoke Islannd. and reports that fonr Federal teamera we?e off tLmt I'land that night, and that a larga number of ve*ses were twelve miles below the IsUod. An attack is expected at this point. <ien Wise is in better health A lady passenger by the flag of truce repeats that Gen. Huger to-day Informed her that he had received a dispatch from Roanoke Island to the effect that the Federal forces had advanced to Roanoke liland nnd been twice repulsed. The attack commenced at 7 o'clock yesterday morning, and the fight was still going on when the | latest news was received Tk. P J?% v? n.l 1 m uc vuanraiuii vkuci itrw i/liraui I'lTfll1 pondent denies the report of the burning of the teamer Calhoun. w A dispatch fr^im Clarksville. Tenn ,?av*:?Fort I Henry has fallen Into the hand* of tbe enemy and ] car force* are retreating to Fort Donelson. ' Fed^ eral gunboats are at Danrvllle. and tbe Tennessee railroad bridge at thit place has he?n destroyed by tb? Yankee*. Twenty thousand Federals formed the attacking column AJbvphis, Feb 7 ?Fort Henry wat captured by the Federals yesterday, after two hours' fighting. Xiw Ori.sass, Feb 7.?Four hundred and ninety two prisoners left here yesterday for North CirolJna, to be e?chang?-d. An order wan Issued from he-adqnarterii yesterday for tbe Tenth New York Regiment, now at tschedto the garrison of the fort, to remove to ('amp Hairil*"n as soon as the weather will permit. In order to make room for the companies of artillery recently arrived here. Th* Mkbriyaca Failcek?The Norfolk Day Hook of Friday last contains* long ?rtlcle, making a doleful lament over the failure of the steamshlpof-war Merrimar, as improvid by the Confederate*, who have devoted many montha in endeavoring to render ber impregnable, bv which means tbey hoped to ra's? the blockade of Norfolk. We copy so much of the Day Book'aarticle aa indicate bow the ship was spoiled : 'The calculation in the displacement of the ship wa? erroneous, and. If we are correctly Informed, me error was occasioned bv the incessant alterations iiiade bv tbe Bureau of Construction in Richmond. We make thla statement in justice to Mr. Portet whose calculation was made f>r a different suit of armor from that which was finally ordered for the ship, and after the experiments made by tbe Ordnance Board at the fortifications on Jamestown Island The error, which we believe to be of considerably more than two hundred tun*, was discovered when tbe ship was floated, and to that fact is to be attributed her detention in dock Tbe chief ubiect, however, of regret occurred in this connection, for when the ship was shoved up again it appears that she caught upon tbe blocks end received a considerable strain. In consequence of this, some parts of her machinery have been taV?n nut; a quantity of dead wood will have to be Introduced to prevent the tendency to 4hog,' thus unexpectedly developed. " It would be vain to deny that this is a aerloua Injury to the ahip Bnt we are bappy toatate that a careful survey abowa tbit it ! by no mean* irreparable. ??Iu tbe beginning we were not of thoee wbo thought the ablp able to get tnto tk* moat at Old Point, and. stenmlrz n.ajrstirally around and around, reduce that fortre?s In a day's bombardment. Nor have we believed that tbe could achieve half tbe results that popular has In x'lvaoee attributed to tbe Iron-clad monster. In the beginning we anticipated trouble from %er vast proportion* and prodigious lewrth Herirreat <t taught of water will prevent hef active operation#." Gb:i. BtTLia's Expbuitiok ?The Beaton paper* of Friday evenlrg give tbe following aceonnt of the movements of Gen. Butler'* expedition. Three large abipt are loading >t Long Wharf for Gen Butler * division?the Western Empire, Ocean Pearl and E. Wilder Farley. Tbe firstnamed of tbese veraeU began to take In freight to-day, and among tbe articles shipped vera*i rifle cartridges from tbe Wate;town Ar esal. "Gen. Butler has now iKw ? _ ?. ? W.VV 1MV> V ir^iUlCHW in tbe New Holland States nearly ready to move, making in IbV whole dlvlalon about 10,000 in? n It ia aurir'?*d bv tome peraona. from the Banker of 6a*>rl?-a tn tbia forc^that Texu will be viat*ed by tb* expealtion. "Yesterday tb? abip Uadannted. Capt Elliott, aeiled for t?hip Iaiand, having oa board ISO borara for a battery cf artillery, with a Urge amount of a tore* Tbe ateaa^r*, laden principally with cannon for tbe light batteries Accompanying tbe expedition and ordnance store*, cleared yesterday There la a regliuentat Augusta. Maine, and another at Vermont, awaiting orders to join tbe expedition " UoriKSMrtT Tblzgiaph Li*t? ? n J Hambright. wlM ban been employed for ao*nf time on tb? work of coortFtirilnjf Government t.J?%;raph llae*, write* ai follow* ?> W* have completed aereral of these Hum. The three Uat are very important One from Hajferstown to Hancock, connecting with Koninay; one to WUllatnaport; and now we are on one from Wilmington to Fortrra* Monro*. We have now about twenty-tire mllea <?r cable to lay, which will U? completed In a few lay*, and tbeu you can bear from ua. After w? yot Into Virginia we found the road blockaded with old rebel battrrlea and tree* throw a aetoae. A'e flud many aeceaaioulsU along the road We ? ?.b . -? * A a? a - * * M* .? ?>n>w uuuTuiaii oy (M reoeisteuing n? wroaif, aud that they will cut the line. Thev don't like to ?ootbe poire planted upon their old bottrrlrs: but we tell tbetn It Is no um mkiug, tor 'Vaei* 9w? ? bound to go through.' " ??? ii i -* OFR WILITART B1DCKT. | irMTASCI OV TBI CMAMBS AOAIWST GIKIKA' < PT OKZ. The following Is the substance of the charges under which Brig. Gen. Charles P. Stone was arrested yesterday morning at 3. m , (by a guard under the immediate command of Brig. General 1 Sykes, of the Provost Marshal's force,) and sent to Fort Lafayette by the afternoon train: 1. For misbehavior at the battle of Ball's Bluff. 2. For holding correspondence with the enemy - - - -a it. V.MU tl.11). Ol,, IT wtiorc ailU I1UCC luc uakUD vi i??n uiuuj auu receiving visits from rebel officers In hi* camp. , 3. For treacherously suffering the enemy to balld a fort or strong work aince the battle of Ball's Bluff, under hts guns, without molestation. 4. For treacherous design to expose bis force to capture and destruction by the enemy, under pretense of orders for a movement from the Commanding General, which had not been given. A coort matial will be speedily ordered We have to add that deep excitement exists In military circle* here concerning t\is arrett, Gen. 9tone being among the rao?t popular officers of the service, with whom hla reputation as a soldier and offlcer baa been certainly aa high as that of My of his compeers His friends believe that these charges are simply the climax of the recent controversy concerning the battle of Ball's Bluff, and emanate from irresponsible and unconfronted witnesses before a secret Congressional committee, at whose bebest his arras* is thought to have been ordered. We have no knowledge as to the authorship of the charges, or the character of the testimony on which they are based, and therefore have no opinion of them to express. The court-martial to try them will doubtless speedily sift them to the bottom, punishing the accused as signally as he will deserve, if found guilty, or branding bis accusers as false ones, to be otherwise summarily punished by the public at large, as they will deserve to be punished, if their grave charges be found to be but another device of personal malice and political-abolitionism combined P. 8. Just ere going to press, we have satisfied ours* If that the charges against Gen. Stone do not om anuta ? ? .? ~ ^ ? ??? 1 ' ciuauBic iiviu ui tuwr mruui,a <x V/Oii^reiKinn9l committee, but are the reiult of the conviction* of General McClellan. after h careful survey of all the fscto involved, that It is due equally to the public interest and the accused himself, that the various accusations against him should be formally investigated by a court martial. Should that tribunal acquit him honorably, we scarcely need add, none will be more rejoiced than the Commander-in-Chief. AN rSIRCTH, WITH A PCHPOSK. We have hi^hand reliable authority for contradicting the ftory of the New York Tribune, that General McClellan haa been auperseded aa the General! n-chlef of the whole army of the United State*. Hia relations to the aervice remain and are to continue preciaely auch aa they have been ever since the retirement of General Scott from active aervlee, auch aa General Scott'a were previoualy. The greater vigor and letter ystem of Secretary Stanton's administration of the War Department enables it to relieve Gen. McClelian's immediate staff of some of the routine details of the business appertaining to bis position of General-inChief of the whole army, and upon the fact that his s'ttr has been slightly so relieved the Tribvnt't y ? a in. ? ? ? - jai!*rnuoa-wun-B-purpose-Der.ina-jt, u bassd. That purpose Is evidently to create confusion and generate hesitation, wsnt of conflAeace and embarrassment* that may possibly derange Gen. McClellau's plans of the campaign, which are now being so rapidly successfully worked out In various quarters of the country. The Tribune's hostility to the success of those plan* is based on Its avowed preference for the success of the rebellion over tit* rrttomllon o( ikr I'nlon It edited before that began, which Is the end and aim of ?.l 1 Can t-? " u ucii iiiiu.n imiiiaiy cuuioinauous. COVXmDORI fODTK'S MOVEMENT*. After disabling the bridge of the Memphis and Claiksville Railroad, twelve miles above Fort Heniy, (on the day after the battle at the latter point.) Commodore Foote (according to dispatches received at the Navy Department) descended the river and proceeded to Cairo, leaving Fort Henry In pcMcseion of Gen. Grant's forces Our belief ! that he lim already left Cairo with his fleet of gunboat* and transport**, bearing more trocp* for a trip up the Cumberland river to Fort Donaldson, which rebel stronghold will doubtless very shortly be attacked In strong force navt yakp. The Resolute and the Leslie came up from the flotilla last evening, but bring no news of Interest. Our pickets were see i on the bills near the White House, and It is stated tbat our lines now extend to Accotink church Practice Srlng is still carried on at the yard, and some new ?U-pounder rifled guns have recently been tried. abkkstkd for treason. The Episcopal minister (Rev. steward) in Alexandria, who refuses to pray for the President as it is in tbe regular forms.was yesterday arrested for treason. SKMIKH or k PXSEKTKB. Private Railton B stalker, of Company A. Jflth New York volunteers, wan convirfod on a charge of desertion, by a court martial. January IS, and hla sentence hr.i ju?t been promulgated. He la to be dishonorably discharged from the service of the United Htates, and then committed to the U. 8 penitentiary in the District of Columbia, at hard labor, for the term of two yeara and six months. SEWS FROn THE SOUTH. The Rtchmand Kxnminerhasan editorial growl at the hesitancy of htiropean Powers In not re. cognizing tbe rebel confederacy, it says:?"It mult be confessed that foreign governments have bown a tame pirit in their treatment of the American wnr. They have allowed themselves to be defied by the \ ankee government with an Insolence and arrogance which could hardly have been expected in such haughty Powers." The writer then go<* on to speak of the Illegal federal blockade of the Southern porta, tbua preventing the f*?uth from obtaining supplies of arms, while the North is permitted to draw unlimited quantities from Europe. Heaays"Give us thesame supply of theseuinnitlons with oar eaemv and we Will engage lu throe months to change tne whole aspect of the war; Instead of standing on the defensive we should carry the war into Africa." Tbe same paper Las a lone article on the nrn. Soaed direct tax of onr Government. It tblnka In lia measure tbe North la about to be put to the , teat It ?ay? : " It la a tax which the enemy cannot pay. The people would not, If they could. Tbe collection of it la a double impossibility." The aubject of enrolling free negroes Into the military service of Virginia came up in tbe Hnuae of Delegate* In that State on tbe4tb Inst. Various proposlt'ous were made a* the term of aervice to oe exacted, and tbe manner In which tbe enrollment should be performed. In tbe course of the debate on this subject, Mr. Rives said: " If It were In bis power, be would convert them all | (free negroes) Into slaves to-morrow " There uppe&ra to he a di viaion of opinion among j tbe rebels In n?ijard to the responatbillty of their defeat at Mill Spring. Uen Crittenden, tbe chief in tbat bifalr, la severely crltlclaed by aome of the pAtuI .. ? <?! f(t;i? , lit .luuiuiB rairioi nyi: "HO was not only drunk, but bad l*-eu bought by federal yold A correspondent of the Memphis Avalanche writes : "I ndeed vou can scarcely pass aloug the excited crowds upon th? streets- for Nashville has a goodly attendance on her streets at present?without hearing the commanding ofltcer characterized as a 'drunkard.' 'notorious sot,' sold our brnv?- ??idlers for V4v,U00,' 'death is too good for him,' and mure of a worse tenor " At the last accounts he was, with his demoralized rebel soldiers, at Oslnewboro' Tenn , one hundred miles from the late battlt-lltld of Mill Spring, a..d twenty miles aouth of the Teni.sasee border Msjor General Gideon J Pillow has again assumed his war "tains" by withdrawing his resignation. is. 1 Th?* reb?*ia a/r erecting more fortification* near i Norfolk. They advertlae in th? Norfolk Day . Book for 100 laborer* to work thereon. Tbey are 1 not particular whether the applicant* we " freemen or aiavet." rfigr- NOTICE.-A. aeetiiu of tha Hotel aaU i ' Meataarant KOepsra will bo held on WED- i February ia. at 3 p. ra .at theTwo** ef \ K j . TELEGRAPHIC. i STewt from the Burniide Expedition. | rHE FIGHT AT ROANOKE ISLAND STILL GOING ON. m SEVERAL OF THE CONH'OERATE OUNBOATS SUNK. THE REBEL AUTHORITIES REFUSE TO DIVULGE PARTICULARS OF LATER NEWS. - Ualtixork, Feb. 10 ?Ths Old Point boat hu mired and brings (be following new* : Foktrkss Monroe, Feb. 9?A communication wa* received from the rebel authorities this forenoon by a flag of truce In relation to the commissioner* appointed to rltlt our prisoner* at the South. The purport of the despatch ha* not yet been made public, but it ll supposed to be decisive. A boat was ordered to carry a despatch In return, but the order was aubaeqnently countermanded. The flag of truce brought the news that the engagement at Roanoke Island still continue* at the date of the last dispatch at dark last night (Frlday), the flgbt was still going on. The Federals had sunk one or two Confederate gunboats. Some later news has been received at Norfolk but It was not communicated to our boat. The Kastern State returned to Hattera* to-dav She took out a large inall and accumulation ef expreM matter here. The steamer Argo, Captain Davidson.of Cotton, arrived thia afternoon. She ia to run between Washington and Budd'a Ferry. [<Vot?.?The fact that General Huger. after permitting the newa that a battle wax being fought at Roanoke Island on Friday, and that aomeof the rebel tleet of gunboata had been aunk In It, to go to Fortreas Monroe, refused to permit Information of the tenor of hla die patches concerning 1 subsequently received, looks very much as though those lait dispatches conveyed, intelligence that Burnilde end Goldsboroogh had been victorioui.?Kd. Star J OE> STONE Klf ROUTE FOR FOHT LAFAYETTE. Philadelphia, Feb. 10 ? (??neral Stone passed through this city in the midnight train, In custody, en route for Fort Lafayette. Ys?THE SINGING CLASS AT WESLEY LL5 Cb^pe:. corner Sth ami C . i< imnHnn*.! ever* TUESDAY EVENING," at' 'i'o'clock'. Success guarantied to a.ttor tive learners. Terms, SI 50 for sixteen lesons. fa lo 2f* ry*?ROCKVl LLK AND WASHINGTON IL5 TI%KNP1KE ROAD COMPANY. February 8, IRO.?A dividend of four per cent, has been declared on the capital stock of this Company, pavahle to stockholders oil demand at the Rank of Washington. S. B. iiOARMAN, fa 10-1 w Secretary. rfg^SABBATH SCHOOL FE9TIVAL.-The i L? FouLdr? M. E. Sabbath School will hold a Festival at Franklin Hall, corner ol !Hh and 1) streets, to commence TUESDAY, 11th inst., and to continue during the week. A fnll brass hand will be in attendanre. A pleasant time in anticipated. Admission 15 cents. fel0-6t* (V^F-ELLEN BEARD HANSAN, OF ILL., will lecture on "Dress P.eform? Its Py*iiloflcal and M^ral Bfarinjs"?at the Hall ol the Young Men's Christian Association. She comes ammg us well recommended and will undoubtedly rffk itlatinik tr% har *??K!* ? * 1' ?? - * 1 * ?v u?i BUfjovv. mi ore IDVIIW, AHinil ion free. fe 10 TS-WASHINGTON LECTURE ASSOCIA TION. The Thirteenth Lecture will be delivered by R. T. TKALL, M. D., At the Smithsonian Institution, On WEDNESDAY EVENING. February 12, Subject?Tub Tkck Hkaling Akt. Doors open st 7; Lecture at 8 o'clock. Admittance 25 cents. It nre* VVASHINGTON 8CIENTIF1C ASSOUJf C1ATION.?A retuiar ineetint for the election of pe; inanentofficers, for theenmin* rear, will be held at the rooms of the Youcx Men a Christian Arsociation, Pecrsylvania avenne, between Sixth and ^evenfli streets, on TUESDA Y EVENING, the );th inetact, at 7 o'clock p. in. The attendance of all the menit>ers is desired, as well mm m.f.-- J -? ... ?. witiA-us ?:iu Biranjcnrs wno take an interest in the above society, which will embrace resident and nonresident member*. Weekly meetings will hereafter bo held, and papers read on fcientifio subject*. feh 10 2t* fv??SMliHRONlAN LECTURES.?On IJL9 MONDAY EVENING. February 10. 1862. Dr. Hati* will lecture on "The Esquimaux," and will illustrate the subieot with a variety of ?p?o> meet oT ololhinf, implement*, natural history, Ac. Admittance fr??. Lecture will commence at 8 o'olook. (e 7 3t YC?A HALE FOR THE BENEFIT OF ST. L_? Matthew's Free Schools will be held in the basement of the Church. Fifteenth and H ?trret?, durinr the present week. Music, Refreshments, Useful ar.d Fanoy Articles, and other attractions for visitors. le B 3t 'V*??CITY HALL, February 3, 1862.?The AslL* namn;?i?i ?*? ' ? - -?;i f v*vw ?uv Aiiiiiuai rn s*ssment for 1862. will Tneet in their room, City Hall, a* a Board of Appeal, from the 10th to trie ;6th of this month, inolusive, to hear complaints and to make inch correction* a? they mar deem necessary. GEORGE COI.LARD. let) 4 2awt'i Secreiary. Y^g^A FAIR, for the benefit of St. Vincent's j Female Orphan Asvlnm, will be opened on TflrRSDAY.S'tfi lust. st tiie Asylum, corner G and H'th streets. \ variety of useful and fancy articles will be offered for sale. Tb *re will be alnnch room where a'l kinds of refreshment will be nerved, lea Cream and Uoufeotionery, in their varieties. ja 29 tf | fit" THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Will h? holileu every day this week it' the LntheranChurch, (Rev. J. G. Butier'a.) at the corner of 11|U m ? A II -A mil auu n eirocta, conilTicnoing at <>i o'clock pro,, and eontirued hot one hour. ja 10 SHEPHERD'S PLAIDS, for Dressesand Suits. Cloak". Shawls, fine Silks, and fine Dress Goods, at reduce! rates. tJ-.K stock of Mourning Goods, in all fabrics, is now full and complete. PERRY * BRO., fe 10 6t Pa. averue Mil Ninth stre?t WHAR DWARF! HARDWARE! E Have just received a large addition to our stock of? Genuine Griffin's Horie Nails, Carnage Springs, Carnage Axles, ko? to. CAMPBELL k. SON, 351 Ponn svann*. fa 10 6t* Opposite Metropolitan Hotel T DISSOLUTION. 1 HE Copartner ibip heretofore ei is ling between Horatio Moran aid J. P. Hilton, a* the firm of Mobin A HiltoAi u tliia day dissolved by mitual consent. All persona havicg olain.s againkt the laid firm will pleaae present the in to b. Moran, for set lenient, and all persons indebted to the firm wll pleaae rail and aettle with the save, who will remain a few dava at the old p'acoof businers, for the purpose of settling the affkirs of the firm, before ennaging in any other busiaesi; as all Hills iett unsettled bjr that time, wiil be plaocd in the hands of a proper officer for coil?ction HORATIO MORAN, Feb. 10,1862. JOH-X P. HILTON. N. B ?A first rate pair of scales lor weichirg < hayorcaal, forsale. Also, horse,oart, anaharntss. fe 10 3t* BNOT 1 URN8IDE8 EXPEDITION. D rrn ? * ? uu A l/Albl FOR HOOKER'S DIVISION. MATTAWOMAN CRKKK. oTI'du^.* ftronc Propeller, "C P AL.PH," will mak? a (Jail* ftp to . Mattawoma" Creek and baok. leav ( in* Carter's Wharf, foot of 13K at iitifci g saws ! l??,oN^?;.r?*?.C,M kvbev af ?- : freiclit taken low. and lara ntkinnnhi. u?. I 479 9th street, up stairs. Washington i An Onoibos will leave the oorner of 7th at. and ] Pa. ave., every rooming at 9K o'oiock.ior the boat, i Paaaecgere taken to the boat free of oharge Paaaage <1 Jo. fe 10 6f ! C* A CARD. ] V^LAfiETT k MAY Take great pleasure in aaDoaooing tc the Ladles of Washington and vieini- < ty that they will open on Moadar. February loth. '.>0.000 WORTH OF RICH < SILKS AND EVENING DRESd GOODS, 1 Consigned from one of the largest Silk Homes in ! New York, to be sold at an immense sacrifice on * the original oost of importation. They nana, as a j part or the stook? ( ciDOT Silk RaW Rioh Flg'd ud Striked 81.k* by the yard, ev*nmg color*. , , Moire Antique and Waterea 8ilk*. evening colon, 1 Plain Taii'ataa, in ail the evecng color*, < Rep Bilks. Elegant China Silk*. i grenadine Robe*, and Grenadinea by the yard, riuaeaand Ii**ue Robe*, evening oolors, ^u^l^w^dth,?npIdrIlb?na['or Chalh-Albanaisa, ( in all oolors, I <aoa and Tanetou Robe*, elegant goods. Say Barege Rebe*, fco., Ao. Also, a isrga a?aortineni of vary ohoioa ?tyle* nf I SPRING SILRS.hy theyaid: tne?e together with t the above good*, will be sold at aboat on* half the origiual oo?t, ?-'OR CASH. They remain oa i ???n.? ! uave nov the opportunity. ' 1, f claoett * may, < f? lo-8t #94 Ha.a*., bet.Mi and loth ata. |< - notice! ] LL Penpna having olaiwa again*! the Firat i Methodist ProteaUet Chnroh, < Na?y Yard.) are ftW Secretary Q aarterly (Werwe, , / * FULL PAR riCL'LARS OF THE LATE AF? FAIR AT HARBER'S FERRY. [Mall correspondence tt the Associated Preaa] C#M-WoM'd Murder bf the Confederates Under a fl?f of Trure?Prompt Ketaliatton by Colonel Geary?Tieo Confederates killed, otktr* woundtd, and one prisoner taken?Ttrtlre Buildings Burned. Ba*dy Hook, Feb 8th. 13w ? On Thursday Dtphf, abont 1 o'clock. Major Tyndale's Pickets, italic ned *n the ' laryland side of the Potomac opposite Harper's Ferry, and along the village of stand? Hook, were alarraM bra gunshot from the foot of Loudoun Hr'phts, jurf btlow the tm. Soackurt of the Shenandnab, followed by female shrieks of murder ?: d rrlts for help. Col. Gearv. Who was at tb* M?ior'? nnsrbM # I ? ?J? ? 1? Immfd ately ordered a corpt of ritlemen to con* eentrate opposite ti e point \?h*re tb* cries emanated. and Are cocttaHMlv on tbe level of the road at tbe font of tlie mountain, find on both tides of the bou?e wbere the crlea were beard The order wm obeyed, and when the mom broke It was learned tnat the bouse of tbe widow 9t1pea had been broken Into acd ransacked for salt, tea and sugar by a gang of eighteen or twenty men,

Supposed to belong to Capt Baylor's guerrillas, and also that tbe woman had been maltreated because a signal shot bad been tired by her son. About seven yesterday morning, a flag of truc? vvas uiij-iaycu in a ianains^-arcn in rallro&tf will, just above the recent Harper's Ferry bridge, where an angular flight of step* led from the town lde of the (tone emoankmeut, under the railroad track, to the river. The person waving the flag, and calling for a boat to come over, was the only one In sight, and be was ,:color<?d." A boat, with the ferryman, and a gentleman named George Robr, (a loval Virginian, whoae property had been destroyed lipran?? nf i,iillni?n dmmit ment?,) went over to respond to tbe summon* of humanity. As tbe boat n^ared tbe arch. Robr remarked to tbe ferryman that the man with the flag of truce was not a negro, but a white man painted; nevertheless It was decided to land and tee what was './anted The boat wai pushed stern foremost Into the arch?Robr being seated in tbe stern. By the dim light it was discovered that the stair way was thronged with men, and before the boat could be started forward a man (pronounced by the deceased to be Capt. Baylor) fired a mutket, the ball (n O -I-V ? ... 9 ngui uigu, pwing through the leg and coming out just above the knee. The wounded man, finding be bad been entrapped, flred bis mnsket into the recw, when a second ball struck him in the xhoulder, and passing downward, came out below the right breast When It bccame known on tbla s'.de that Rohr had been shot, our riflemen poured volley after volley into the landing arch, a d such places as the entmv might conceal themselves. The battery on the Maryland LeigbU opened on the houses in the rear, arid the pickets in Sandy Hook discovered a squ ldr^n of cavalry *nd footmen push up me Mjtnanrtoah road. In the direction of Charlestown. A squadron cf fooi soldiers were alio discovered on the Loudoun side of the Shen andoab, behind the abutment of the burnt bridge, but beyond the ranjjf* ' f our rides. The building! whicu had concealed the party of murderers from view, and shielded them from the ritlemen. had !on^ beei th?> rendeiYous, day and nli^ht, of the enemy's scouting parties, who were thus enabled to approach unseen and tlr? upon our pickets. Tbelr destruction had heretofore been contemplated, but desisted from out of consideration of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, who had a considerable Investment mrrpin i;ni. ueary, However, ordered their Immediate d<?8trnction by tire, and falling to ignite them by hells, Maj. Tyndale detached Lieut. Greenwalt, of comtnny F, <Ji-tb Pennsylvania, with ten men, to proceed to the other side and set fire to tbetn, which they speedily accomplished, bringing back several trophies dropped In hasty retreat by the niurdering party?among which was a spleudid Minie musket, leaded but not capped. The bouses fired were the Wager, Gait and Railroad Hotels, the Baltimore and Ohio railroad depot, the Winchester railroad depot, Welch's tore, the telegraph office,cndtbedwelling bor.set of Mrs. Wager, Mrs. Darin. Mr*. Kllen Chambers, Geo. Chambers and Wm. J Stevens, none of which were occupied. Ttie destruction of this block now gives our Ttlrlrpld nifin ? r 41 "* f j IU^U ?? vicw in me toenaildoali road from Charleatown, atid will enable our men to protect tbe village In daylight from any rlurdf stlne occupancy by* the enemy's furce*. a* well as give them ;i warm reception if they should attempt to advance in force by their favorite and hitherto protected and concealed route. The confligration was msgnllicent. the volume of smoke at d Came almost concealing tbe surrounding mountain heights and enveloping the doomtd town. Occasionally a concealed shell or gun would explode in the burning buildings, and slve a temporary relief to our cannoneers and riflemen by a hope that they were the gum of an approaching enemy. i iie once populous town of Harper'a Ferry now contains but seven families?all g04>d Unionists? numbering perhaps forty aouls ?ll told. Daring tbe shelling these, an has long been customary, bung out the white fla^s, and their domiclia were pw<itw<i by onr runnAtii^rc When your correspondent ascended the Maryland Heights in the afternoon, none of the Confederates were visible, excep' a squad of cavalry stre'ehed across tLe road at Smallwood'a woods, behind Bolivar; nor were more thsn a dozen cltliena aeen in tLe three village? of Harper's Ferry, Camptown. ai.d Bolivar for several houra. Squads of the enemy's cavalry were occasionally seen on the road near Charlestown, but their numbers did not indicate any important movement. At live p m., three of the enemy's cavalry came down the Charlestown road, and dismounting entered the Ferry. A few moments later one made h!a appearanre, with a llag of truce, oa a platform car, standing directly over tbe landing arch where Lis uasocUte* had committed murder in the morniiio t tii? * B, *?- ?>? ,<ui rmoirm neia sacred in war. evtn by the most barbarous, d?*bas?d nations of earth. Immediately 200 rucked Kntltlds covered his lorm, and two 12-pounders, loaded with Scrit/er's patent cartridges, (railroad spikes ?iid iron alu^s,) were trained to bear upon the same spot 'I he men were almost insane to revenge the death of their late, but were prevented by a gesture from Col. Geary. The bearer of the Hag came from Charlestown, and wa?i sent to request that the body of young Carlisle, a deceas?a Maryland volunteer in the disunion ranks, might be sent ov?r for inierment o-day. The Colonel responded that Maryland soil was no tit rest'.ng place for the bodies of traitors, and as the ll^g of truce had been violated in the morning, that (fame could not be played on him twice in one day The Hag responded that the act of the morning wes unauthorlred, and would be punished. Col. Geary responded that the Urst shi t was fired by the officer in command. and that he had no confidence In anv such assertion. " I will give you live minutes,raid the Colonel, "to get beyond the reach of my guns. 1 have no more to ray." The bearer of the Hag, and his companions, were suddenly on the Charlestown road, and promptly at the expire* tion of the five minutes, one of the 12-poundera Al ? J uia^uargeu us iron messengers in the line of tbelr retreat. It wa>? subsequently ascertained that tbe bearer* of the flag weie Baylor's men, that It vat Baylor who tired the first shot at Rohr, and tbe flag man teas disguised and painted as a negro, to decoy our boat into the trap. Some time ago Rohr was driven from Harpei'a Feny (where Le owned a handsome property and was carrying on a flourishing carriage manufacturing bu*iner<) on account of Lis fidelity to the Union. Hit property was destroyed and confiscated, and he, after securing tbe retreat of hla wife to this *ld?\ devoted his whole time to the Government in designating the secession!?ts from tbe Union people who sought to cross into Maryland. \ He was highly esteemed and honored by all ogr iifllcers His widow, who is uow destitute, ia a Pennsylvania lady, and deserves the consideration of the Government and Union people. Durine the mornins two nf ? ? ??"?? ?? killed outright by onr (bells, and others were grounded. Dorirgthe conflagration, a man, In citizen's iress, was set-n walking to and fro between the abutment of the Shenandoah bridge and near the bouse of tbe widow Stipes. After witnessing his motions for sometime, Ool Geary ordered a squad of his sharpshooters to try tbe range upon him? the distance being not less than 1.200 yards At the tint volley the fellow ran up the road and fell. He affected to ri?e and fall again. A cloud of rmnkf morn unfurl 1 v hlH him J ?* - j a.?i??HIIVUI TICW, aiiu. WQfn it rose, he vrti nowhere to be seen. Near where tie fell a flsMie In the rorks was discovered, and Doat with aix men crowed, and went up the road :t a double-quick. Arriving at the rock the man was discoved unbanned, aniioly ensconsed In the ock, and the squad, with their prisoner, returned to the boat at the same pace. On being Interrogated he stated he belonged to he Virginia mliltU at Leesburg, and name up to /isit an uncle. Col. Ueary believing him to be a ioy, thought he had better be turned over to Uncle Sam. He gave his same as Henry Demony. V deserter from Leeaburg, named Bamuel T. 3rlm, previously found his way to the river oppoilte Sandy Hook and wait ferried over. Yesterday morning a considerable body of foot ind mounted were discovered on the road at the sst ?me or i<eudonn Heights, bat they retreated without coming into range. ??^????????? gKjv x-v OYSTERSj-OYSTKRS.^^ (?yjf Great Boieatiiio linprove-^SvI^P sent IB i*rKAM!Nb and ? roasting oyster*. >y whioh the eatire flavor and use of the Oyste retained. The FE&RIi SALOON, a 13 Penn. avenue, op- , onte Wiliard*' Hotel, will open this evening, if n of the globe lights) vith its unproved manner >f steaming, neatness of fitting, and order of ear- > rioe. All desiring a luxury Till be rewarded by >t>Ung. Superior quality if Fresh Salt Oysters i UinifAtitlv nn hand rn ai-.a*]- D^*U Q??U-- --J m. ?W ? 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T?i m? of a*;* : Oaa-thtrd of tbo parehaa* ?mw to b* paid id e*?h, and the mt^H la thro* **aa IsatalmerU. at thro*. atx, ud aim* ?Mb Vlth isUrMt. to bo woe rod. To* term* o. ?a> matt bo complied with withia m* vwk aftor aaie, or tk? property iwt bo raeo d. liter ob? * Mkt' aotioa. at im nek aad ooatoftbo a rat parahAtar. SWHASgh. Traatra'a Georgetown Building A**ceiaUoa. J?a-t?w?? BAWAKD* B">C?KV,AaoU. Bp BAKNAH t> * BUCKEY. Anot.ooeera. TRUSTEES* BAuk!-Bt Tirtaa ot a deed of 1 frn # fr IIM Q HatXVsn* AmtmA fi?t?aai Kar S 1MB. and of r*oord. we will offer ? u3wi oa ?H lite da? of Fabraary. IMS. on the ?rtnl?N. at 4 o'Alook ?. in-, that pert of lot i?b? u??t; oaa, [?l.?ia jLaatty * Haokiaa' addition to Georgetown, bee inning for ita boaada oa U? aontt aid* of Proeaect atreet, in Georgetown. at a point diatact M foot, meat a red eaat, fn>m the weet ooraer >f aaid lot, aad rnraing tberee aoath and yara'lel with the VMt line <>f eain lot S3 fart, mora or leee to the Mao of Mra Maaher'a lot tboaoe oaat on tho Haa of aaid lot 86 feet. aad theace north SB faat. Mora or laaa, to Proapeot atreet; thence with Proepeot atrwt V> feet to tha tocmamg, with tho improremeata. oonaiating of a two-rtory frame hoaae. Term of aala: One t> ird of the pu rohaee loaoy to he paid in eaab; and the reaidaa ia three e?eai inatahaenta, at throe, aix aad nine aaontha, wiUi Inter eat. to be aeoareu. The terma of aa'e nsit be complied with within r>na week after aala, or the property may be reeoM It the exaeaee and nak of the parchaaar, afte? [>bo week a aotica. WALTER I*. COX. HUGH rAP6RToN. T. nateoa Georgetown Baild'g Aaeooia'a. ja 6 Sao rt BAWN aku A Bi CKKV. a eta ""bTbaRNAKD A BLCKK.V AaoUoaoera. Ut rieiiwa, D C, TIRI BTKK^ SALK.?:by Virtao of a deed of 1 iriwt frvm ?k"7 April r>, 1?T. uyj of record, vi W> it Motion, on Uf 11 Lb lay of February. M "^oo* jj- ,ln- ? .?* 0?rt of lot No *?- Holofid ftdoitioi ^ ^Vtowo;^o.n^.? for'z^rr ^in nin? it t h? northweet oornw ?/ Aotj "d ',?* nnr rheiJ* sonth, alone Nf s'nMi'rt 21' Lheree east*^ at n?ht a-ielee ? fortr i>x feet. thCcoe north forty. meat forty- :* Jeet. i." ? * ^C'nnln*. ??ththei>??rovem?iita, ensut. n? of two two 4wrT ira?e a(Terma of aa.3: One-third of the ?orehire moaer to be paid in cash, and tn? reeidue la three '<??j aata menf. at tnree.aix, aM Bine montbe.atth interest, to be secured. ... . The terms of sale mast be row*.**' " ?ne week >a e, or the prope-tT -way De reaoie, it toe mk a:.d oost ot the first pnrcha* * ^ r o0* reek a' notice. WALTER 8 COX, Ht?H CAPKRTON. Treated* Georgetown Reildinc A?eroia'ion. la 6 2?wts IUKNAKD A HC< KKV. A sets. Hy WALL * BARNARD, AecUone-ra. c ("iter juifiat ri.'T ana > iimi. f^KO :KKlfc8, LIQtORf, *C-. AT AUC*J TJOM, BKIi>S THI STOCK OF A gPTTE* CBAfte[50 Bceinim-Ud 'fi fchDAY MOKM.Mtj, Fabroar? 11, eammeneinr at lt? > e!ook. wo w*l? eel I kt onr AnoMoa h "om?, w abort reeerve, the Wet t?f Miaoeilane< u* Gooda, ooireriainc? B'rrela ofSujare ba?*of CcffM,g>oaodaad(Wi.. Whole and ?a!f boxea new cropKaidi.*. Exea of Cud ea. Pepper, MuaUrd, Saooea, rd'nea, Scotch Herrinj*. %roaaee of Matehee. Ptoxea ol Soap,? h?eae, l n?a Beef, Boxea of Aaaorted CMdiM, Ktvdlopea. Writing Paper, Berre! a of Potomao Snaa. boxea of Tobeooo, Caeca of OiLoiai>a*i Ham* and Shomdera, Baaketa of Champa* ie, barrela Maaia Wine, 1-8 and 1 4 caaka of XX Biacdy, Leger Frere, and Otard. Ba-re!a of Miller'*. Rre. Ward. Bourbon. acd Crow's Whiskers, * Barrels of Piks'a &:.d other brati^e hiak'y, Pipe* of Hrardy. MohaidGia. jamaioa SpuiU, 5 6&iloss ol veiy ?upeno* Brandy. 5"0 Window S?h, amtal !e for Hoi ders, Bcsaa of \VhiM?r, snertf Wig#, ttohaaidaw Sch-.aps. Brandies, Lar<e lot of Cigas. different Rrard*. B( xw of Tobaooo. Chewinc ar.d Smoking, With many other articles not here meatioMd ; all of wcich will be peremttoriij sold. Ternoa cash. Jet WALL A BARNARD, As<*s. By GRfcEN A WILLIAMS. Aaotionaers. UANDSOMK BUILDING LOT. PftONTINC 11 on Noars M t-i iiiwiih s x /nisarinti sliiit!, at ArcnoB.?On Tl>Sl>A?', Uiellta instant, we shall sell is front of the pren-1 tea. at 4 o'clock p. m.. half of lx>t No. f, ic Subdivision of I'qureNo.Mt, it being an undivided hall This property is very hacdsnaie:y a i turned. fronting ea Si street, between Sixth and Seventh strata. Terms cash. fa7 d GREEN k. WILLIAMS. Anata. 7 FUTUR E DAYS. Bt BARNARD A BUCKhV, Awtioaim, tt( rgtltjm, D. C. rpRUgTKKt*' 8AI.nrtae of a 4*mc of 1 truatfron, Win. W MoNMr.diUd April M. 1861, and of rAOord. ? will offer at Motion on the lltt day of Feb'uarr next at S alrloek p. m , on the proaueee, all that lot ol frond in 9o*rg?iown known aa the eaaterninor t /art of lot aavber oao band rod ai.d twenty- ight. (128.) in Bea ' addition to Georgetown, frontinc 14 leeton Danlarton atroot, ind f aok north, of the aarao width, !? mi, W!in ib? imprtrremi. n'?, eoasiati&f of ?two itory frams Hovm. Tarni of aaie: OM-th<rd of tk? Mr?h?n MMf Fo M Mid ib ?Mk; and th? residae at ttro* **?( inatalinenU. at three, ux Ud um monUe, v?U> interest. to be weired. WtfRAfift. Tmitwi 6*orgetowa Hu .d'f Aimii'c. ja6 lawu BARNARD * Bl'CKKY. Auk. Q7>THB ABOVE !>ALE 18 P08TP0NCD to ui? ISUj day of Mveh neit WALT'K S. <H>X, i Tr?iUi. fe*> 18 * vt? HUGH CAPERTOM.i I By (.KEEN A WILLIAMS, Aaotior Mra Excellent household and kitowIXFcUITIIIV ACCTIOW AM HdCII NR Rest.?Oa THtI?uAT, the 13 n mat. w an&ii >*ji eommraoiiu. I'o'awkt m ?* the roaido ?< it n. tf. Vunsdt, em the oornar o( Maw. iT'Mt ?rd ink ?rwt, a good MMrUuMt of Fn? SSStf *"* " Fine M*rbla-io? Ofck CoiUca CLaiubar fc?t. 1*1 arGla?a and T?b.?. x>wlat ala, Waah and ot - MW'1 ir^> r WW P?M, riiiWI ? B WW 111 B*:dlof, Eir ami omer Mattrneeee tension, Rooking aad o k?r Ch*u? kV iiKi? v fcJi?rt?i,VdnctiftD Md other Blind*, several fine Engravlcr*. C.' ok and Muit* *Mi', 3aiaa, tiiaeeaad crockery'War*and TaHeCet , R D( . Matting and Oilcloth, liQwag and u i ft# at Vndirom, gtove.. roari aad Ptadtr*, Wit* a fcoa a?a<>rtir?Lt o( Kitchen k^aieitee aad mar y other artic ? w? toh we deem aaaeoMaa ry to etomerate. Tern* oath The Hone ia alao tor reat; a haooec warn location LMi IB f OMl MAAif flUlBlf at ?Wa ?? ? #7 DilKR A PtT( FwT, ?} """? 11 iitk. "towM? j WHl H itrMU GkkK.N A WILLlAMt*. f?Wd llatARt-1 Uctiwwn. \f AR9HAL*9 8ALK.?la *l-tm of* writ of Ifl fieri (toiaa, moid from 'tM o ?rfe*? oCmm Lfcaeirout oo?rt of tti?> Diatriotof CoI?k>>h* lor tl.f witty of Wnkia|to>, and to mm diroeud, I nu umh to p?blio Mi*. for omA. > fro?? M it* Co?rt Hoi** door ofaaid ooo> ty, o? WKDNttrP alnScu'nortSf in tto Oily 5 WutmitM. u,*C\. Matter witA all u4 uuur tAa iwproveee (a :k?reoa, Misad ud tovwd npoa aa Um aroptotv of fwiDft. Barker, tad will beaoM tcaaka/yjort aia.a No. vn to Janaary tfrm tatt ,in favor nTi<>to I. ggg!i IT Cham. Rtiinwi. Lami ?? ? blacksmith* fooL*. Vicn. *c., at accwwb On W^uISfcttDAYTtk* ^hincUat, M 11 o'?;<ek i ul, 1 U* ikoft ?f J ok* E. PuMth >ora?f a< Smiimutt ud I *tr**u, v? aiuU. m4 A* following artio M. m . One B ukmiiU tfboi, L?n? W?i?lwrifkt Xbof, oa fTMad mi, Po?r Airiti, Konr Mavt, Vun, Lw* *ot BlMkmttk*a T?0)a, ?^5aVee2*er?2i?e vkMl> ** 40mm **""' 4 W1 LU AMB. A?la. BiQ "laAMW5""CKQ OTOKEB r_OYBTWL*! nSZoTt mum >uMi ncbtiM m o? dftn? MtiMi far ? I*M !'"tC? ?:,.,vr..u,.?* s^SsTfefc i2rtttw^SSrwt^Tto OrlriirSi^ U M^?! nftt-Mg u t p* ? r i wryt'; *4^,.

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